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"A future is not given to you. It is something you must take for yourself. "

File: 7fb377ecfded3a8⋯.png (321.71 KB, 896x504, 16:9, 79512a3d7724b211f94b846b24….png)


Ayo chummers, lets post /cyber/ vidya in THIS thread.


File: d7211249afd0ec0⋯.mp4 (117.77 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 4am_advice.mp4)


'ow bout I post my cyberdick in ur mum's punk ass m8


File: bd6a98ba7e903a1⋯.jpg (118.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1435629565410-4.jpg)

File: ff0ea0abb92c036⋯.png (4.85 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, w5XW4w.png)

>he doesn't use a hi-res OP image

OP, are you fucking kidding me?


cyberpunk bartender action



>pilot demands cold beer

>you can steal beer from a table but it would be warm

>no worries, go to the toilet and blast it with fireextinguisher

Someone sat down and coded that in.

for a month I thought 8chan fucked up tor node again, but posting works in another browser, wtf?


Also, Jock sexually identified as a helicopter before it was cool.



I replay this game about every other year and I didn't even know you could do that. I feel like every time I play I discover something new.

I wish they still made games like that.


If /cyber/ia were to make a video game (on indie budget), what would it look like? what would the story be? Game mechanics? Art-style?



Okay, I tried this and it didn't work, what the fuck?



I myself got it from it-he's anti-walkthrough: http://www.it-he.org/deus.php

But now there's now a note I didn't see before:

> In shame, I do hereby recant this manoeuver. I read about it on some other website, tried to make it work,

> but didn't have time to check it fully before 'going to press'.

> They say all legends have a grain of truth, though - if you can make it work, let me know how ;-)

Sorry, looks like I spread some misinformation without checking.

But try dicking with it around a bit more, if you have some time.



A damn find /Cyber/ game, good for a quick blat.


File: 3a46214cefec342⋯.jpg (20.87 KB, 480x559, 480:559, Born to wachaa.jpg)


2D/3D horror game with its setting being the outskirts of a mega-city that's crawling with mutants, thugs pumped with drugs, malfunctioning machines, mentally ill cyborgs and dirty security forces. You end up there because the corporation you work for found out you stealing company property which you were using to sell on the street. Your company sold hardware for augmentation upgrades and you decided being displeased by your wage income to steal and sell at cheaper prices as a means to live more comfortably. This goes on for awhile until the company's loss prevention team catches you in the act and incarcerate you. You are sent to meet your CEO which decide a worthy punishment for you is the decadent slums at the outskirts of the mega-city where you can suffer and die. While wondering around your character already feeling hopeless and alone, you find a dead man who holds a image that reads "paradise awaits in the wastelands". Your character sees this as a glimmer of hope and decides to head through the slum to make it to the wasteland. In terms of game mechanics, I'd have a mechanic where you can switch from side to overhead view on the fly to figure out your surroundings and traverse the slums. Stealth will be your main tool for getting around the slums as your enemies will be terrifying and strong. You'll have to search for supplies and even craft them just to keep yourself from dying either from bleeding, diseases and starvation. There would be areas where people do live and supplies can be traded for between levels, but even then those places can dangerous too. Art-style would be mix of dark, gritty to bright and colorful depending where in the slum you happen to be at. Needs to be a great transition between a scene of hedonists uninterested in anything but sex and drugs to a dark alley where a gang is ripping the augmentation out of some poor guys arm socket.



Working on a simple sidescroller where you play as a robot exterminator with a gun that shoots bullets that ricochets off walls, floors,ceilings and shields. Half the challenge is not shooting yourself to death. when the robots grab you they rip your limbs off


File: e7efd3212af09be⋯.jpg (140.02 KB, 848x1007, 16:19, a-mind-forever-voyagingbox….jpg)

I don't know if this counts as vidya, since there is no "video" part to it, it's more like literature, but *interactive*



Huh, professionally published text adventures, on Amiga? I thought people only played those on machines that had no graphics to speak of.


File: 3397ec61ce4e414⋯.png (66.99 KB, 385x367, 385:367, 2EVxWd7.png)


>Never having telnetted into an MUD to play a game.

I actually feel bad for you. Back in the late 90's that was actually a fun thing to do. Plus it taught you some basic networking skills.


File: aac621e03c4b2e7⋯.jpg (798.67 KB, 1000x3275, 40:131, cyberpunk 8chan.jpg)

Beep Boop.




Try playing hackmud



>Shadowrun isn't at the fucking top with all its' literature references

>Far Cry

>Watch Dogs

>No dreamweb

Sigh, what a list.


File: 823eef2ecf9a7cd⋯.jpg (64.61 KB, 634x415, 634:415, 1413845516524_wps_7_EXC_PR….jpg)


>Shadowrun isn't at the fucking top

It's not sorted with best at the top.


If you're saying Blood Dragon is bad then you haven't played it. It's the only thing Ubishit has put out in like the last 10 years that's actually good and fun.

>Watch Dogs

How is Watch Dogs not cyberpunk? It's a list of cyberpunk video games, it's not a ranked list, or a list that's only of good or bad. It's a list of cyberpunk vidya.

>No dreamweb

Then add it, although why you'd want to add such a low-rated game is beyond me. If you think you have such enlightened taste then please add to it so the list is better representing cyberpunk games of way back when, or at least make your own one.


File: ee0b591b2083c77⋯.jpg (3.07 MB, 1000x3275, 40:131, 1.jpg)


>It's a list of cyberpunk video games, it's not a ranked list, or a list that's only of good or bad.

>why you'd want to add such a low-rated game is beyond me

First in defence of dreamweb, the only set back is the dubbing.

Second my point was two utter shit pleb tier "gayming is for everyone" press x to win games made the list but not dreamweb.

>If you're saying Blood Dragon is bad then you haven't played it.

I don't care how good the story or the graphics were.

>How is Watch Dogs not cyberpunk?

Same goes for that pile of shit.

>Then add it

And so I did, enjoy.



>I don't care how good the story or the graphics were.

>Same goes for that pile of shit.

You're going to dismiss something as not belonging/for being on a cyberpunk video game that's sole purpose is to simply list cyberpunk games that exist without bothered to see if it belongs on a cyberpunk video game list to begin with?

I see your opinions are as backwards as your editing skills. If that's how you approach things then there's probably zero value in continue this chain of comments with you. Goodbye.



>calls UpLink shit

Shock off before I'll execute you by remote, user.



I never thought about MUDs as "professionally published". Weren't they purely amateur endeavor?

>friend tells me about a MUD he's playing

>looks interesting, I should join

>spend half a day reading rules on how to pick a name for character

>get derezzed for inapropriate name after 15 minutes of playing



Check out DragonRealms probably the biggest current MUD, and it's been pay-to-play since the beginning.



If you like hacking games, I put out a "state of development" demo of mine a couple days ago


There's a history of its progress here




m8 I already have it on Steam, just waiting on a release.



Did you play the demo? Is it shit/not shit?

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