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File: 061655b0b6832c8⋯.jpg (967.96 KB, 1932x2576, 3:4, f04df046-9e8e-4b37-84e0-a2….jpg)

a20832  No.209[Reply]

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File: 91a2932b4c8fcb7⋯.jpg (322.46 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, e3f95ddb-01ba-4c06-9c72-9b….jpg)

33c8b9  No.208[Reply]

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File: 166189ffb25cf4e⋯.png (68.34 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, dbv_logo7CLIMAX_DEVELOPMEN….png)

dea606  No.54[Reply]

Post anything relating to DBC development here. Lets start with chanting Auron's name in an attempt to summon him

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ab0f1e  No.184

Actually will probably make another character, and i am just getting unreasonably frustrated. Appreciate the effort that is being into the game.

cbec82  No.199

I think Icer should be buffed. Also Namekians should be nerfed.

2df0a5  No.200


Found a bug with the namek style in the namek tree (which I shouldnt have either actually.) If I take namek style, then refund it, I get 8 sp to spend on martial arts stuff for free. It is very much repeatable.

Blueprints make anti viruses and injections free, which means infinite steroids and anti virus mike.

Ki blade instant nukes ki but before mastery now, making it untrainable.

Androids can still take steroids, although it states that they cant.

Gravity can be instant mastered by sparring in it


Im going to have to start writing this stuff down when I find it, Ive been lazy.

cbec82  No.205

Training sucks.

6064ad  No.206


I had an idea to keep the spirit of training, but make it a little less tedious. Have it so, rather than only getting gains if you've moved since the last swing, have it that your gains diminish for each swing you don't move for, eventually hitting 0. That way, you would be rewarded with maximal gains if you attend to it constantly, but would still get gain if you occasionally check in (like maybe once every 5 or 10 minutes). We could do something similar for meditate too, by expanding out the range at which you get gains and making it lower at those ranges (with it hitting 0 at the end of the bar). Seems like a happy medium to what we had and what we have now.

ad0493  No.105[Reply]

Any feature requests for climax? Get detailed here! I might come by time from time to comment on their viability, give feedback and more.

(It's okay to post unrealistic features. Some features already in the game satisfy them somewhat even if they weren't fully realized.)

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546253  No.191

Anyone have any idea what they were doing when the serb crashed? I rolled us back to yesterday's version and the game still crashed, so I think it's something we just hadn't been doing before this wipe or something.

67c2ef  No.192


I was an albino, but otherwise meditating and gunfire wasnt too weird. Uh, I took viruses like always, and I got DT, but otherwise I dunno

546253  No.193

Alright, the only thing I've seen that could potentially cause a problem is the logout loop in the restart proc, dream daemon tells me it's an infinite loop. While it hasn't fugged my test serb, I could see it possibly being an issue on the live thing where there are more clients to cycle through. I'm a little wary of changing anything to do with reboots myself, though, so I'm going to wait for King.

546253  No.194


Aight boys, the loop wasn't terribly hard to fix (just had to move a sleep) but from reading about similar issues, it seems like icon corruption could be an issue here. I remember Lute saying his icon wouldn't work, and I'm wondering if something happened there. Still an issue that is probably beyond me, but I'll look and see if I can find something.

546253  No.195

Repost from /v/:

Aight dudes, I got impatient and decided I was sick of needing someone else to restart the server for me. So I got us a VPS for the game. The address to the new serb is byond:// Now the server will auto restart if it detects the game isn't running. Log on and have fun!

File: bfd5625ee515127⋯.png (367.72 KB, 460x469, 460:469, a9KWEwL_460s.png)

657069  No.111[Reply]

Post rank requests, rank specific bugs, or whatever else.

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3dda70  No.174

What is this mutany leader rank?

And yes, I did not misspell it. It's how it's written.

Is it supposed to be mutant leader?

9b66fa  No.185

Now that we've wiped again (thank god the reincarnation bug is fixed) it's time for rank assignment, again. If you want a rank, just leave a message here or tell me (Nevistus) in game. As long as you somewhat fit the role, you'll probably get it.


That's the leader of the saibamen, they supposedly rebelled from the saiyan empire.

20f491  No.186


Can Freya be either Turtle or Crane? Shes an android but being the smartest woman in the world id like her to be a professional martial artist. "Train and study! Healthy mind, healthy body!"

20f491  No.187


Better make it crane, shes going to be a minor villain nuisance type for a bit

4b4f17  No.189

Rokain for Earth Guardian. A vampire looking to prevent outside interference and maintain the order of the planet for his own peace of mind and ability to feed undisturbed. Selfish motives, and good guy actions.

File: f8bdb6d0536dc8b⋯.jpg (309.58 KB, 736x1153, 736:1153, Kign.jpg)

c38f26  No.163[Reply]

Did King die on the way back to his home planet?

d371f2  No.164


Seems so anon, I'm worrying the nigga got killed in a damn car crash or something. Hopefully it's just that his internet or something is out and he's fine but the more he's MIA the more I doubt it.

File: e2b621944c3f6c5⋯.jpg (148.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3460642-dragonballsuperbro….jpg)

d4cf64  No.79[Reply]


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ab684f  No.94

File: 7ba9968450576d4⋯.jpg (57.9 KB, 1024x544, 32:17, DeathofKnux.jpg)

>crashed again

>host isn't responding

ab684f  No.95

File: 4ea3b5577789e95⋯.jpg (17.86 KB, 480x360, 4:3, AndroidMeta.jpg)

And we're back, again

ab684f  No.96


Green server is now up

48555a  No.97


King here, gonna keep hammering those bugs.

358867  No.106

File: 02e750b6d68142c⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cityofheroes_2019-04-20_03….png)

File: c16b22363dd729e⋯.jpg (24.17 KB, 303x184, 303:184, This is going in my cringe….jpg)

a8af8c  No.104[Reply]

Guys I saved this from last wipe, I caught iro in the act. Post your Z A N Y ERP moments too!

c996a9  No.16[Reply]

Ayy dudes, here's a thread where we can plan out characters for next wipe and try and have some coherent plot, rather than hoping everyone will fall into place with each other. I'll start with my plans:

I'm gonna be the LSSJ, and my plan is to play as a sort of mercenary who is looking for the ULTIMATE SWORD. He'll be interested in swords and melee combat, and will generally exist to give people more muscle. His allegiances will depend on who wants to interact with him, and who ends up being friendly toward him, so he'll be pretty flexible in fitting into other plot.

Post your plans here and we can try to coordinate ideas, especially for villains who need more teamwork.

2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

eec16d  No.74

I kinda want to remake a character as a remnant of a time long forgotten as a optional boss fight against gis lingering will.

Now I'll try to convince a admin to give god ki and all forms at early wipe.

1cf8a6  No.75


>Now I'll try to convince a admin to give god ki and all forms at early wipe.

Impossible. All semblance of balance is ded then. The GUC would scale to the BP of your guy, skyrocketing the effectiveness of cybernetics. Youre better off asking for GoD or a custom role with a lot of static

3a348f  No.77


>Not making a alt and activate Lingering Will when we get close enough.

e7255c  No.102

Going to be a villain at somepoint, maybe even a hench of some degree.

Millet of the Burning Sands. Spirit Doll. Going to have an army of Saiba reskinned to be empty spirit dolls. Would love for some light RP as I get things ready for myself.

If anyone wants to go villain and start some shit, feel free to rope me in, Im massively interested in getting into trouble.

As far as concrete stuff for Burning Sands, all I have is that its a shithole that hit a drought that never ended. Inquisitors started burning/killing/hunting witches/wizards for supposedly cursing the land. Eventually it became utterly uninhabitable and those with the means turned themselves into spirit dolls to escape it. There is no curse, there is no magical cure, there is no way to fix Burning Sands short of Kai intervention or massive geo-engineering because spoilers, its just a doomed planet. No ryhme or reason.

Millet took passage on a Tuffle refugee ship and decided to stop on Earth until she can figure out a plan to fix Burning Sands.

Current Arc Ideas are as follows.

>Someone is siphoning the earths oceans, and the world is very slowly desertifying.

>Millet is planning on luring and abducting a demon/kai in order to hold them ransom for a cure to the drought.

>Millet sells her soul or the tricks others into selling theirs in exchange for information to save Burning Sands

>Literally just killing people and turning them into thralls to make a think tank to solve the problem

>Strip mining planets for a tech solution

>Being a shifty cunt

Also, I used to run Quinoa, Couscous, Etc. Im back baybee. For however long that lasts

987ac4  No.103


>a villain with an actually unique backstory and motives that isnt ERP bait or “Im bad you die now”

Gods be praised

76f5a2  No.73[Reply]

You've reached Yang's mailbox, please leave a message after the beep. Bee*beep*

9da1b2  No.76


659605  No.78


File: 695a3ee03758a8b⋯.gif (470.88 KB, 441x329, 63:47, 36BEE2C9-0BB8-4A08-BBA1-4F….gif)

3a9a57  No.18[Reply]

Hey all, use this thread for claiming roles/ranks for future wipes. That way everything is neatly organized and avoids confusion next wipe

39 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1c023b  No.67


Skill here. I already have a few reservations marked down. Combined with what we have here, this is what I have at the moment:


Half-Saiyan: Dran11, Skillface

Majin: Weedmaster420

Legend: Goratrixx


Supreme Kai: (Possibly Nev?)

Elder: Ltmarks

Earth Guardian: GreasedMidget

Saiyan Elite: IroquoisRedgrave

Daimao: Korthe

Demon Master: ShimapanHero

Gora's got priority on Legend since he reserved it as early as the middle of last wipe.

6b0d44  No.68


hoovy here gimme korin :^)

22a389  No.70

ScaramoucheMan here, could I be an Icer in the next wipe?

1c023b  No.71



Added both to the list.

Also we have a clarification on Esteemed Research / Mad Scientist roles as far as Int mods go:

Races with .5x or higher gets 1.1x/1.25x, below that it just bumps them to .8x/.9x, and Legend/Majin would get .5/.55x, if they were ever eligible for the roles somehow.

b962ec  No.72

Due to the recent changes in claiming ranks via applications, the "First come first served' basis is now thrown out the window. Here are the basics of what you will be asked in a rank app:

-What role are you applying for and what is the character behind it?

-What are your plans for this role? (What arcs or potential plot are you thinking of?)

-How are you going to use your role so its conducive to RP? (What impact do you intend for your character to have on server RP?)

The latter two are less important for the Teacher ranks and Skill Masters. Bigger roles like Legendary Saiyans, Kami/Guru, Galactic Emperor, all AL ranks, etc should have something more in depth for the last two questions.

Here's an example of how a good application would look like:

-Role: Supreme Kai. My character is a disgruntled Kai upset with the state of the universe and hopes to do what he can to better it. Opinionated and stuck-up but proclaims a love for justice, although this may be biased due to his (((kaik))) status.

-Plans: Subtly influence mortals while keeping knowledge of his existence to a minimum. If demons constantly interfere with him, its Holy Wars time. Teach Mystic to a select few stand-out heroes. If most of the universe is fucked or full-blown evil, its time for an extinction event.

-RP: Covert as possible in the mortal realm; act as a whisper in the wind, that voice in your head, etc, but ensure his influence is expansive. Reward good goys and bully demon fags. Can go nuclear if pushed far enough

Apps for next wipe will open after SSJ2 hits.

File: e8715f345bd6e6f⋯.png (1.34 MB, 852x1136, 3:4, 193D9BD4-D139-417B-B0C4-B8….png)

8099be  No.55[Reply]

As of this post, Dragon Ball /v/‘s one year anniversary is just under a month away!

With Christmas, the New Year, and our anniversary just around the corner, its a great time to recruit new players to the game and have some server festivities. Use this thread to discuss your thoughts on /dbv/ over the past year and what the future has in store. Additionally, I’ve wanted to have an event of some sort to celebrate the occassion, and I want to hear what ideas or suggestions you have. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an in-game event mind you, just something fun we can do to celebrate.

04b29e  No.56


b70366  No.57

File: 74b86849a960ec6⋯.png (61.51 KB, 736x736, 1:1, lmao.png)

File: 2e08e80800dafa2⋯.png (48.11 KB, 819x460, 819:460, thegreatvorefagwar of 1989.png)

96c7e9  No.40[Reply]

the worst lost of the vorefag war of 89 was Sgt.John Wicke.

if he had not fallen i bet the furries would be dead all of em.

File: e72e29e9e288198⋯.jpg (55.77 KB, 822x960, 137:160, Dr Eggman.jpg)

c5b86d  No.14[Reply]

Some of you are alright, don't be around the furries tomorrow

File: ba6608200097c90⋯.png (331.7 KB, 640x480, 4:3, KingKaiFourKails.png)

385bf9  No.1[Reply]

Kais were here. Ningen are queer.

3 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8be739  No.5


07e0a8  No.9


benis pls com bak

385bf9  No.11


Benis is dead m8. Too good for this world

4a324c  No.12

File: 532ae9dd9a75372⋯.png (1.06 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Shitty_Strombol_I'll_make_….png)



734900  No.13

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Tfw you make Vivec ashamed of his cock for once

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