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File: a4f2701f9446df5⋯.png (19.84 KB, 128x121, 128:121, Debate.png)


DEA bot, the very bot, the very spaghetti code that I made myself. A highly customizable DEA cash system and a really easy way to set it up and get it running so you can host this bot yourself and customize all the settings you would possibly want. So first off, to be able to run this - unfortunately this is only going to be for Windows guide - you're going to need community 2017 of visual studios, and when you install it, you have to choose the dot net core; in the installer, there's going to be a bunch of choices of things that you can add to visual studios 2017. All you got to do is check dot net core. Once that's done, all you got to do is go on the official RealBlazeIt/DEA GitHub where there is the full source code of DEA, then you just go make sure you're on the master branch, because the development one is not always stable and some others won't even work. You download the master branch as a zip file. Now, once you download that you have to unzip it. You have the unzipped files here, which is the exact same thing as you had here. And after you have the visual studios 2017 community version - including dot net core - you can open up the solution file for DEA. Now, once you have this - quite running, quite good and gold, you might think, "ok that's all i got to do I just gotta fuckin press the run button and it should work." But if you try to press the run button and start it, well this is exactly what's going to happen. First, it's going to compile, it's going to work, it's going to load up. But then right away, it's going to say error while loading up credentials.json. You got to fix this and restart it. The file doesn't exist. You need to have the file in your source file. So let's go into source files. And here, you can see there's only the credentials example, but there isn't the credentials file itself. So what we're going to do is we're just going to rename this, we're going to remove the example part, then we'll enter that.

File: ba1aad12bedb3f5⋯.jpg (10.45 KB, 242x251, 242:251, bb2.jpg)


Hey Faggots,

My name is John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than "jack off to naked drawn Japanese people"? I also get straight A's, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

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File: 5403c5d8b40106c⋯.png (35.13 KB, 128x128, 1:1, OmegaMolt.png)


If you pay me $500 in bitcoin I'll sauce John's nudes

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