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File: 94f92356cbb76e4⋯.jpg (183.46 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1557525675648.jpg)



File: ed2187c95cefcf1⋯.jpg (76.46 KB, 600x805, 120:161, 1552377680382.jpg)


I'm new.

File: 0aafa5055ee73fd⋯.jpg (526.81 KB, 1680x2000, 21:25, GOLD_ALCHEMICAL.jpg)



File: 638e8e0dbcb0d58⋯.jpg (41.18 KB, 474x546, 79:91, 1554167941087.jpg)


So are you willing to talk now?

File: 2743447be6780b3⋯.jpg (13.61 MB, 5200x4642, 2600:2321, Kuonji.Alice.full.208560.jpg)


Decided to write a whole post as a cover for a comment.

Well, i once got slandered for claiming to be part of a group of reverse engineers. Today i'm pretty sure it was one of those moments when someone decided to engage an innocent fool into playing social ladder games. Those things are quite nauseating, but still, we are talking about humonkey dynamics, so i don't think there's a way to avoid such happenings.

The last major happening, the fact that i actually decided to record a meeting with the group that tries to manipulate others, backfired into those who wanted to manipulate me as a great source of research material; thankfully they've been further turned into formulas rather than maintain their status as theoretical beings… On the other hand, oh lalsh, they uh, sorta turned my own theoretical self into a formula, too.

I was once beaten on the streets, both for having gotten into trouble with a crazo displaying some rather disgusting gang member symbols (a rather large gang it was and is, by the way) while wearing skirts… I remember that my arm got dislocated… Went to a hospital… The driving itself was rather funny, given that the arm responsible for changing gears was busted, so i not only had to drive with a single arm but actually had to somehow change gears with the arm most distant from the stick… Driving was slow at best, but then again, considering that i managed to get there without hitting anything, i think this could only mean that i'm actually good at driving cars.

I remember feeling this sudden urge to cry, when i arrived at my destination… It was funny, in a way: i felt calm, apathetic within, but the body felt motivated to do it. While feeling completely alien to my body, i allowed it to do as it wished, especially because i wanted to see what would happen.

The body, well… Cried, desperately. I uh sat inside it and watched. It felt as though the crying, the wailing, was something meant as a request for help aimed at the whole species with whom it shared a common instinctive language. It wouldn't work then, it was past midnight and i was confined within a car, but still, within the my own body, iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Why was it groce? I think it should be mentioned that rather than explain something, that furless monkey, aware of what it would do, was doing its best to somehow hypnotise me into going monkey, rather than talk like a human being… I got something out of that, but that bastard would never be happy to realize its mask and modus operandi got shattered, that its power became shards of what it was in regards to this to this tactic of manipulation… And hauled along with it most emotions…

We are machines, created with carbon circuits, much like those drawings of circuit-like shapes assemblying into a tree, from some Nasu work that i can't recall the name of… But how come that thing of a furless monkey dared to disrespect another sentient being? Why do some dare to hurt another being in their search and addiction for power? Is it simply because one's life has become so meaningless that, well, anything goes?

As of late i've been stealing and doing as much mischief as possible inside the walls of this jail, much like Kohaku, another side of my being, was known to 'accidentaly' break things in the Tohno household while cleaning the place… I hear the voice of the local evil spirit, the one that urges me to go around performing such mischief… I can't help but ask myself, are all people so stuck, so imprisoned within their lives, that, well, anything goes? Like… "Hey, i just realized, why not kill the entire Tohno family? I mean, it's not like i have anything else to do…" …

Maybe i'm just lucky enough, because i do feel empty like a certain famous Kara, and the only thing that interests me is science and experimentation…

I think i did mention that once i actually masturbated because the landlady sorta tried to seduce me, with a (quite elegant railment, btw) beautiful long skirt pulled all the way up, to the point where i think i actually viewed a real-life pantyshot, and while i never intended to uh try to invite her to physical erotic play (given female pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 75471f59708cfd4⋯.jpg (314.94 KB, 857x1200, 857:1200, Alice_and_Caster_LE_ending.jpg)

I'm not sure i should be writing here, nor am i sure i should be writing anywhere else. I haven't felt like writing about the things i've concluded, as of late. Likely because i can't truly find anyone to connect, work together or create anything with. Most people, including the one i'm currrently tempted to wonder if a prankster or not, seem to feel an absurd amount of joy when creating a connection based of harming the other, in hope that such connections will allow control over someone else, much like the one who's trying to hurt has been hurt before, and theoretically mastered the ability of creating harm to another one. I'm not sure in whom to trust. Nor i believe i should take most people as less than wackos obsessed with wounding others; we're talking about humanity here, and you know, humanity has a problem with schadenfreude.

Being nice equals being too nice. Being a fool might make one into a commodity. Being aware and childish means i might be valuable. Being a pattern means being predictable, and certain patterns are far more noticeable than i'd wish they were.

Think i give up. I keep seeing ghosts with a third eye i can barely open or close, nor can i control… Kirakishou is a big problem, unfortunately. Oh well, sith happens.

At least i've got a light and a shadow, and thankfully, they're a pair. And those that hunt children down seem to abhor their own self so much that such self turns out to become an image, an image projected on anything similar to one's own inner core.

Oh well. I'm glad i'm a child, instead of something so mutilated it doesn't even realize how many of its limbs are missing.

Such is a living funeral, i guess.


File: e74477678045750⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 1200x659, 1200:659, Homulilly.full.2362541.jpg)

Been a while. I decided to cut off a few given contacts for the fact that not all attention is good. Most attention doesn't look like good at all.

I haven't really approached the subject of mysticism as of late; for some reason, it seems to sorta… Go bang, you know? To make people both shut up and take a stance of theoretical neutrality, where they aren't in risk of losing any status, of being judged and condemned… Where they might just stay in a comfortable situation, in a comfortable status. I guess i did that a lot back when i had people with whom to talk to.

In a way, i dunno why i'm afraid of being judged. I think i sorta realize a bit too late that most people who live their lives have done a lot of questionable things throughout their existences… It's not really a matter of being right, in a way, i guess it has more to do with the threat that another person might represent. You know, the way things sorta connect and chainlink…

I'm nearly falling asleep…

In the i guess that humans can't stand the vacuum, especially because they feel as though in need of filling it with something… Vacuum might be dangerous. Humans are dangerous. I was never afraid of being judged, but guess what? Here i am, because the vacuum was filled with someone else's anger… I dared to be myself, and all that hatred against lack of hiding turned real and here i am, stuck and unable to move.

Humans are frightening, but then again i wonder if i should care about feeling frightened…

In the end remaining in silence is more lucrative; people will project their own fantasies into that which remains silent, although they should, in theory, admit that they don't have the slightest idea about what truly lies in the void. I guess it's easy to assume that since society hasn't cast someone out, that person isn't bad… In the end, though, society isn't about being something, it's about hiding what you are and allowing projection to simply spread out…

The Child remains truePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: d7e51c9718b36b0⋯.jpg (1.96 MB, 1821x865, 1821:865, Homulilly.full.1703413-2.jpg)

It's dark in here. Thank losh… As time goes by, i'm getting to hate the light.

I've had a horrible experience regarding my life, all in all. Think i sorta wish i was an illiterate person, when things come to reading someone's facial expression. I think i sorta wish not to have realized just what i had realized then.

The girl wasn't pretty, but she wasn't ugly as well. She was normal, though… And i don't mean that in a good sense. She has those predatory eyes and smile, the kind that i hate. The kind that expresses the desire to be greater than the other person… An icon that someone will become bigger and greater than that person truly is… Greater than the other person.

It's not really something about survival per se. When someone's building it's own self, wan has to consider the way a palace is built. I have no idea why, although i assume that the reasons have to do with the ability to feel as though the other person is smaller than the one manipulating another to feel as though bigger than the one being turned smaller. Pleasure ensues.

If someone builds their functional identities, palaces, on a given function that will somehow provides a given feeling of domination, security, stability and superiority, i guess that person is "doomed" somewhat to feel as though constantly getting reminded of how great wan is, and therefore feel as though perpetually in pleasure… Perhaps in love with wan's own self. I'd dare say that's a trait of narcissism, a negative trait i might add, but still… Why not feel as though perpetually getting reminded about how pretty someone is?

I guess that ironically, there's a reason, clearly cut: those reminders take effort. Either someone looks for someone to constantly reaffirm, rebuild the palace, or the palace… Well, crumbles. Stability in a world wrought to crumble means that either the image gets constantly reworked, or it'll fade away into something different, because the image derived from the palace seems to come from a constant source of stimulus; someone's identity will change into something else unless the stimuli is provided. (cont)


Of course, this will create a sorta never-ending cycle of chasing something… If someone's looking for an identity based on passivity, on an essence that can't truly change due to any given reasons, say…

….an essence that imposes itself upon the being, rather than an attempt to somehow impose one's own self against that nature, in order to effectively build a palace, well, the person will live an artificial self, a self that isn't true.

Granted, assuming someone's constantly stimulated from the outside with a certain set of stimuli, a palace might as well get built upon the person, i think this might as well set an important thing, either the someone looks or the environment might provide enough artificial stimuli to effectively create a palace upon the person, one which the person will be forced to disassemble or at least allow to crumble in order to achieve a true self…

But still, i think this is the point, in the end… The girl was trying as much as she could to build that palace. I don't think this has to do with defending one's self from the environment, i think it has to do with a search for endogenic pleasure drugs in order to feel as though a queen or king… Well, in order to feel high. On natural things.

All in all i must as well ask myself where would such pattern arise from; perhaps it might come from mere stimulation according to culture, after all, somehow fooling someone has been a sort of behaviour that has been reinforced in all sorts of cartoons and social situations. It also might be something that shows up in natural environments, given that fooling someone else should, theoretically speaking, provide more resources for the one who's fooling the other.

Perhaps the thrill itself is addictive, i dunno. What i do know is that a given someone wasn't looking forward to helping me, all that person wanted was to create a function that would result in the release of dopamine (i believe that's the euphoria/feeling great endrug) in order to feel great. In order to feel euphoric as the queen of the night.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 0d9210037c75d53⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, Kanaria_Violin.png)





I'm not flooding my own board, damn you.


File: 13e9eb70e9886e0⋯.gif (539.05 KB, 500x475, 20:19, 1554691001128.gif)


Hello there person reading this t3xt. ^_^

7 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 487b5c69acc9fd9⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x1162, 600:581, Fate.EXTRA.full.2126213.jpg)


Don't worry, i'm not the impulsive kind, by nature… Now that i think about that, i wonder just how much effort, or contact with humans and their unstable emotional nature, would be required to get me into an emotional state, considering that the main characteristic of getting emotional is cutting down thought-review cycles in the processing brain unit… Anyways, i'm probably a rather cold person most of the time… It seems i become colder the more isolated i become, though… No wonder i hate contact with humanity…

The thing is, especially considering how many uh long-lasting effects an action such as killing my own self would have, i'm not doing it unless i'm fully cornered.

On the other hand, i think i'm nearly cornered to death, so that might happen soon… Besides, i feel the local ruler spirit… It doesn't want people to leave it behind… I have to get rid of that thing, though…

Since you're willing to talk to keep me busy, what are you experiences with psychoactive drugs? And could you tell me more about Mahou Tsukai no Yoru?

Also, i'm a resident of south murrica. You could try to gather the resources required to slay the dragon that's keeping me prisoner, though, especially because i have no idea about where you're from.


Ps.: Also, take your time to read the big parts, if you wish to read them. You should have no rush to write a reply to them.

Imagine you're reading a wikipedia article, if that helps.



I'm tired of you. You're likely yet another stupid troll. You have nothing to offer but cliche'd answers and retarded comments.

Think i'm done with you.


Also, fuck off.


File: df879ca2928a79d⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 1000x1414, 500:707, Homulilly.full.1785990.jpg)

>If you're hopping to gauge a reaction out of me you're more retarded than you write. I sacrificed a significant time of my day, out of the good of my heart to maybe at least keep you in good company and this is how you repay me?

>You hormone ridden fuckwit, don't ever thing for even a minute that you're worth the slightest of value you virgin. I'm actually delighted that this all ended sour since i was getting tired of consolidating you.

>Also don't you dare reply to this thread again.

>P.S. Your board name is the epitome of cliche, 'deadroses' you gotta be joking right? Considering we're talking about you it might be genuine. Adios gilipollas

I decided to highlight a few parts and leave most of them here. I can't truly say this… thing´s reaction was unexpected, but i guess this is how a troll reacts when uncovered before it is able to establish a personal connection based on flustered expectations and a few given candies.

The whole part about 'sacrificing' a part of its day sounds like a crazy narcissistic-like attempt to view itself as the center of the world and the most important thing ever to appear. A lot of self-worship in that. This is so sickening i don't even think i have the ability to comment on it right now.

The main thing is that, funny enough, that thing not only expected its plans to give it something, but i think it went as far as demanding payment.

And once the beautiful mask fell off… Well, it wasn't truly beautiful, anyway, all that sick person kept doing was keeping itself from answering anything i asked, perhaps in the hopes that with such actions, it would further increase a theoretical need of connection, communication with any human-like thing, but still… It did not turn into the deity it thought it would turn, a cloud of frustration with its icon as a being becoming the only salvation available…

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 47c0921fa1321de⋯.jpg (853.56 KB, 2000x1217, 2000:1217, Kuonji.Alice.full.436274.jpg)


Curse of Babylon

Strange phenomena where a normaloid human will basically talk anything that comes out of its head in a way that whatever's being linguistically expressed is mere background material providing berth for solely instinctive interaction, where a human will act in a rather impulsive but still illogical way, mostly saying a bunch of, to sum it up, meaningless and idiot phrases.

The most bizarre part is that it's quite common in manking for people to talk like that. The results could be summed into a network 'Ping? Pong!"-like interaction; most monkey-like humans don't feel at ease if not exchanging those same "ping? pong!" interactions; in a way i suppose that our current borg-like humonkey-manufacturing culture does try to condition the average humonkey into feeling under a big threat of rejection unless under the safety of receiving answers to its 'pinpong' requests.

"You're not yourself, you're a mere expression of the collective", it might be proposed, given that most humonkey interaction, today and since losh-knows-when, resumes itself to being… Empty and vain.

The Curse of Babylon was so named because Babylon, in the christian myth book (bible my unshaven buttocks, bible means book, stars damn it) refers to an attempt to create an universal language; i don't personally believe the universal language has actually been wiped out of existence by a mythical entity with powers beyond human comprehension (a.k.a. deity), but that actually it exists and still remains in use today, given that with proper use of grammar and a language, true communication might be achieved…

On the other hand, that same language gets used and abused by the humonkey crowd as ways to simulate consciousness, instead working as a background scenario for ways for pseudo-human creatures to enact their instinctive impulses, be them programmed or not.

The fact is, though, most conversation available today is mere small talk. Idiocracy and Crazocracy incoming…


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Please, continue. I am fond of your writing.


File: 0caef0226cd6961⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 4101x2889, 1367:963, Kuonji.Alice.full.208566.jpg)

3+0 Personality Theory

A theory mildly based on Freudian hearabouts, centered on modi operandi of the human mind, when it's processing ideas and feelings in order to generate behaviour. The theory basically revolvas around four states:


or the submissive type. Something that tries to be pleasant and displays itself as obedient and sociable.


or the beatrayer type, that, when provoked into action by unpleasant human interaction, will behave in a way as to display its true colors. Most people won't actually stop themselves from being what they truly are when they see no reason not to do it, and acting in a social environment will usually imply that the person has to stop oneself from doing one's one thing. The Devil has no problems in breaking any social rules.

It's also considered to be more true than the Angel.


The Deity is something of an unconscious part of the mind; it defines rules and the behaviour of things: 'i know something will happen if i do X, so i'll do it (or not)'. It refers to the idea of what the world truly is, something of a model to the world.


The utterly true self that's beyond any such masks and modi operadi. Becoming the true self is hard, especially because it involves getting rid of what society expects from someone. In order to be true to one's own and true self, one has to risk being that self… And ironically, being one's true self involves a lot of study, in order to effectively reverse what has been done do that self.

Those that don't study themselves are doomed to never be able to achieve unity with their true selves. Life's a sith.

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