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File: 8da2b0a5e923838⋯.jpg (135.32 KB, 600x600, 1:1, onward to golgotha.jpg)

799ad9 No.100

I had never listened to this before discovering DMU. Sites like DMU are necessary to promote excellent metal. Without DMU, I would still be listening to mainstream crap like Opeth and Meshuggah.

e2dc8d No.105

File: dc56b21e52b01fb⋯.jpg (162.64 KB, 833x616, 119:88, metalmap.jpg)

I remember ANUS as a valuable resource. I spent hours upon hours poring over the recommended bands, starting with that interactive web chart. The lofi samples were mystifying, compelling me to seek out bands like Sacramentum, Gehenna, and Mutiilation. If I had one wish for DMU it would be a retooling of its format to being more of a resource and less a blog.

796fc3 No.106

DMU/ANUS/DLA was a great source for finding quality underground metal for many, myself included. This is why I've tended to rag on the editors for diluting the quality of the musical commentary/prioritizing faddish political bs over substance. It used to be so much more.

237697 No.190

Do tell.

237697 No.191


dcc21b No.233

daaf42 No.243

DLA was what got me into the best metal. After DMU became what it became, I lost interest. Most of what's been reviewed in the years since DMU took its current form has been shite. DLA is pure gold, all the way through. Glad that someone got a mirror up. Best articles, best reviews, best links - best site.

56e5d3 No.245

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