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efcfaf No.177


781227 No.179

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The Flesh Ripping demo did a better job than Reek tbh; the novelty of "dude shitty production lmao" wears off after a about 10 or so listens and with that, Symphonies of Sickness is the peak Carcass record.

c148fe No.180


>Symphonies of Sickness is the peak Carcass record.

Of course, but dmu tries to go so hard against the grain of metal media and its praise of later albums that it went full retard and said Reek is their only truly good record and that SoS might as well be Skid Row. Because what, it has discernible melodies and the compositions actually stick with you when it's over? I recall the original opinion on ANUS being positive of Symphonies, and the song they chose to represent the band being "Crepitating Bowel Erosion." It remains the only interesting, fully replayable Carcass record.

Btw, how many metal bands title their solos (e.g. "rectal intubation with intolerable hot enema")? Probably a clever device Bill got from prog rock.

4e41a6 No.181


I thought Jeff named the solos?

Also sage for >namefagging

ee6ad7 No.182


Citation needed, faggot.

796b59 No.183


That demo sounds even worse than Reek. Are you fucking deaf?

834f23 No.185

9e2ab1 No.186


Nice, but this seriously doesn't sound any better. I can see the appeal in the buzzier sounding guitars, but Reek sounds more like a rushing tide of organic slop and thus is a better reflection of their artistic intent. Also, the drums and vocals are a lot clearer on Reek.

c148fe No.195


Look on the archive, dumbo

730140 No.208


tell your mom to look at the archive faggot

5f2f31 No.235


The archive does not say that, so it is you who must be the try hard retard. Work on your reading comprehension, you faggot.>>180

f8792b No.240




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