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9f86a3 No.48

Due to the site crashing and matters concerning Tulio Baars, there hasn't been any song analyses in a while. This time for once I offer our readers the chance to vote for the next analysis. Only top quality death and black metal will be accepted so choose wisely

6422fd No.51

Slayer - At Dawn They Sleep

ec6f32 No.52

Ya gotta do I am the Black Wizards one day man it's a classic track and everyone knows it

cc97eb No.53

Immortal Blashryk Mighty Ravendark

cc97eb No.67

Satyricon Walk The Path of Sorrow

e376eb No.69

Satyricon is shemale music!

6972d1 No.72

Derketa - In Death We Meet

a6f77e No.83

Katy Perry ft. Juicy J - Dark Horse

09a4ca No.109

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Cartilage - Why Do I Watch The Dawn?

c024f6 No.111


fucking this.

0b396a No.125

Dismember - In Death's Sleep

9f86a3 No.131

I just did a Dismember one. I have chosen and you are going to like this one

2014ad No.139

Maybe Lugburz or Land of the Dead

(Both by Summoning)

053dc0 No.143

Vlad Tepes - Drink The Poetry of the Celtic Disciple

a6f77e No.147


No one wants to even to listen to the pain on the ears that is the LLNs "music" let alone read a song analysis.

053dc0 No.148


Too lo-fi for you? Poor little thing. Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk might be just what you're looking for.

a6f77e No.150


1. Anthems blows most black metal out of the water. I doubt any of those people riff on that level.

2. LLN has no musical merit whatsoever. On top of sounds like a bunch of monkeys beating a trash can you can't understand any of what they're playing.

I wouldn't doubt you like them anyway since all mexicans like inaudible war metal that's trash too.

249de8 No.152


>Anthems blows

Stopped reading there. You're right. What a gay album.

a6f77e No.153

Vlad Tepes wish they had even 1/10 of Emperors skills.

6422fd No.155

I request The Ugliness Inside by Mutiilation from the Destroy Your Life For Satan EP as it is the finest example of black metal songwriting I have ever encountered.


75d4c0 No.241


Emperor wish they had even 1/100th of Vlad Tepes's spirit.

75d4c0 No.242

Man, whoever doesn't like VT "Drink the Poetry" is a fucking fag, learn some real music

85b6a2 No.244

In the Nightside Eclipse > black metal

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