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File: 1430849128935.jpg (34.52 KB, 510x383, 510:383, a_monster.jpg)

d50e94 No.10




Media's dehumanizing portrayal of those calling them out for their corruption may be that corruption's most irrefutable proof

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Originally published as infograph on February 12, 2015 — is.gd/ggsilence.

Republished as article on May 5th 2015, with several significant rewrites.

d50e94 No.104

>"the sampled females chosen have all frequently attacked GamerGate, whereas the sampled males have all been relatively quiet"

Wouldn't "the sampled women/men" be better here?

>The data in the dox appeared fake, pointing, among other things, to a Hawaii phone number.

You are linking to "dox" here that is undeniably true and making an ass of yourself stating it wasn't.

In fact: http://twintechmotorcycles.com/ in New York belongs to a "Mike Valkenburg", which is undeniable her father: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/mike-valkenburg/b1/895/170

Similarly, what makes you think the "Tumblr hack" was not real? The imgur doesn't explain, just "suggests". If I remember right how it went down, it was someone posting a mail and saying everyone should forward a message to it, if they want it to appear on the Tumblr.

>"Quinn’s ex-fiancée released a blog about his life with her"

They were never engaged, he is her "ex-boyfriend".

>"involved journalists in friendly or financial ties Quinn"

You accidentally a word.

You should fact-check some of this stuff better and not rely so much on unprovable evidence and imgur's some guy made. It could also generally be worded more neutrally.

I also think the constant "GamerGate activist" or "gamer activist" sounds goofy and almost like parody.

>"game journalism’s bad reputation is so well-established that it was already considered cliché ten years ago"

You can also link this article from 1995: http://i.imgur.com/Ur6Ot.jpg

d50e94 No.109

>"Websites and videos actually discussing the scandal were silenced"

Some more examples/better images from back then:

The site GamesNosh who were one of the first to report about the entire Kotaku ordeal was taken Offline and according to them the Host asked them to remove the article, their article had also disappeared from N4G: http://i.imgur.com/RYl2uro.png

They even tried deleting traces of it and other information from Internet Archives, as if that would make everything go away: http://i.imgur.com/ww29ucl.png

TechRaptor according to them had their Subreddit banned and Reddit account deleted, they also had to deal with Hacking attempts and had to change hosts: http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2fcw3z/techraptor_subreddit_has_been_banned/ https://twitter.com/TechRaptr/status/509130046074650624 http://i.imgur.com/j44i1f4.png

Another site, GamerHeadlines also had to deal with Hack attempts against them and threats, according to them they had to contact the police: http://www.gamerheadlines.com/2014/08/the-kotaku-zoe-quinn-scandal-the-aftermath-and-thoughts/

>"And a very dim view I take. Since publishing the article and ‘going viral’, myself and my colleagues have been subject to threats, illegal attempts to obtain personal information, and illegal attempts to hack the editor account of the site. Nobody should have to receive a phone call from the police because somebody disagreed with an article you wrote on the internet, ever. Still in spite of this, we shall keep the article up and updated for as long as the situation remains relevant to the industry.

Moving on…

>"claiming that Quinn’s ex-boyfrend"

Identified as ex-boyfriend but misspelled.

>"the response by Grayson’s Editor-in-chief"

Kotaku's Editor-in-chief?

>"No one has ever been arrested or persecuted"

Do you mean prosecuted?

>"The media’s focus on a harassment narrative encouraged opportunistic parties to create numerous false flags"

From your gallery of false flags: http://imgur.com/a/cxHc9

Again it contains the previously mentioned "dox".

The one that says "Quinn attacking herself?" is definitely fake. It was done by an Anon on 4chan as a joke.

Here is said user stating as such: http://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2spy8x/remember_when_literally_who_harassed_herself/cnrvf2q

The last one about Brianna Wu you got off Encyclopedia Dramatica is fake, the supposedly deleted Tweet is even still there: https://twitter.com/spacekatgal/status/523113644205555712

Those are just the few I know of.

Again, don't trust random imgur's for accurate information if you are serious, they aren't evidence for much of anything.

This one on the other hand is interesting as it was cited in the New Yorker and by VICE even Copy/Pasting off of each other, see: http://i.imgur.com/AJsQ3gR.jpg http://imgur.com/a/C6UN1

>"even reporting the doxing to the police"

Doxing isn't a crime…

>"immediately blamed the activists"

You really need to stop using "activists", "blamed GamerGate" would be more appropriate.

>"due to their suspicious"

The image linked here at least is fake, see above.

>"Leaks seem to show that the press is aware"

Was this ever confirmed truthful? I remember some people saying the mail was made up.

>"narrative portraying GamerGate as misogynist harassers"

Afaik "misogynistic harassers"

d50e94 No.117

Good article. Just a quick typo check…

>Wu, uninvolved in GamerGate, inserted herself in the discussion by attacking gamer activists with vicious insults and an admitted sockpuppet accounts.

Should either drop the word "an" or the plural of "accounts" in that last part.

d50e94 No.118

>TYFC / $ 71,496

Are you sure this figure is correct? I don't know the full figure donated to them but I seem to remember that GG itself only donated a portion of the total.

Awesome fucking site, great job.

d50e94 No.226


if i remember correctly it was 10,000 to get a character [vivian james] made

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