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File: 1430844519652.jpg (22.64 KB, 439x330, 439:330, a_doritos.jpg)

449817 No.3




The relationship on the brink of corruption between media and game industry exploded in the 2012 scandal

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Originally published as infograph on November 8, 2014 — is.gd/ggdoritos.

Republished as article on May 5th 2015, without large changes.

449817 No.176

I prefer to call this the Doritos & Mountain Dew scandal rather than Doritosgate. I don't think we'd want to refer to the Kane & Lynch scandal as Kanegate either.

Also, I think this article by the RPG Codex is worth noting since it has probably the strongest writeup on the subject: http://www.rpgcodex.net/content.php?id=8579

449817 No.197


This, stop pushing this -gate shit. It was dumb enough when Baldwin used it.

449817 No.204


Pretty much agree with this! Only use -gate for something massive.

449817 No.213


It makes finding discussion related to a scandal a lot easier than trying to describe the scandal in chatrooms and other chans in an attempt to be forwarded links to relevant places and articles.


The way I remember it, this was well before gamergate, and it was one of the biggest gaming related controversies at the time.

Sure, now that GamerGate has become something of a juggernaught, using the -gate suffix for something like this seems really minor, but it still made sense at the time to give this blatant marketing incident a name.

449817 No.420

Despite not being a journalist anymore, he's always going to be relevant thanks to DoritosGate.

Still, it's worth mentioning that he has lept to the defense of corrupt journalists after corrupt journalists fired him for pointing out corruption and ethical breaches, strange as that sounds.

Here's some tweet evidence that might warrant another paragraph in this article:







449817 No.429



I'm not going to tone police about the suffix, but I am going to say I am disappoint that the string "Dorito Pope" appears zero times on that page.

449817 No.651

I can't believe that Geoff Keighley doesn't have a deepfreeze entry, no way he hasn't done anything wrong.

449817 No.667


From what I can tell he's only guilty of corporate corruption, not any "Ethical Corruption"

He's a business man, not an ideologue

449817 No.675



449817 No.677


In the chatrooms I frequent we called it the Dewritos or sometimes Jewritos incident.

449817 No.682

File: 1441643377113.jpg (1.08 MB, 2136x3216, 89:134, cgl_aurora5.jpg)

In case you've missed it, major update to the article. Now covers all cases of publisher pressure.

Eerily, quoted Ben Kuchera and Totilo a couple of times as proper sources.

Also posted on KiA to a grand total of less than 200 upboats. Doesn't seem this specific article is very popular.

It's to my knowledge the most complete article available on the net about publisher pressure on journos, so ensure you make use of it when people bitch that GamerGate doesn't care about this stuff.

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