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Remember journalists' screw ups. Because your trust should be earned.


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File: 1430846008935.jpg (21.48 KB, 441x331, 441:331, a_gjp.jpg)

e1e63c No.6




Some of the most incriminating stories uncovered this far about the secret mailing list of the game journalism elite

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Originally published as infograph on November 28, 2014 — is.gd/ggsecrets.

Republished as article on May 5th 2015, without large changes.

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e1e63c No.84

You forgot to add William Usher

Mod edit: William Usher has been added.

Post last edited at

e1e63c No.89


Yes Usher was the one who leaked to milo, AFAIK.

His name should be there with this observation

Also, in the list of journos I miss Adam Sessler and movieblob

e1e63c No.165

has he ever said he was? Blob should probably go in a "Critic" or "blogger" section

e1e63c No.211

A very good and very important article.

I'm a little bit confused about what the numbers in the right sidebar are supposed to mean. Are they the number of people from each organization that are members of that mailing list?

e1e63c No.537


That's correct. 16 Polygon employees were on the mailing list, 12 Kotaku employees, 16 Joystiq employees, etc.

e1e63c No.656

Daniel Feit is listed as an apparent GG Autoblocker user, yet I can still see his tweets.

e1e63c No.664

"Gonzalez’s claims of having forbidden Pinsof to run the story were proven to be fake, and he had also flip-flopped about Pinsof’s termination date"

link to picture is regarding the debunked claim but the link is on the phrase "flip-flopped about Pinsof’s termination date "

e1e63c No.665

I agree the numbers on the side are confusing. Needs some clarification. Maybe above the first set of pictures it should say # of confirmed employees on the mailing list or something like that

e1e63c No.692

That guy looks like a massive fuckboy

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