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Remember journalists' screw ups. Because your trust should be earned.
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File: 1430847262531.jpg (28.99 KB, 505x378, 505:378, a_unfair.jpg)

5b7a89 No.7




Some journalists give privileged access to the gaming industry based on friendship rather than on merits

Previous comment threads archive

None so far


Originally published as two infographs

November 1, 2014 — is.gd/ggkotaku

November 1, 2014 — is.gd/ggunfair

Republished as article on May 5th 2015, merging the two infographs and adding several CoIs — among others:

- Kuchera with Zoe Quinn and SportsFriends

- Grayson with Diedra Kiai, Porpentine, Nick Chester

- Kirk Hamilton with Fullbright

- Cara Ellison with Anna Anthrophy, Nina Freeman, Fullbright

And several more.

5b7a89 No.27

5b7a89 No.29


Just did.


5b7a89 No.130

Here's a new COI you can add:

Patrick Klepek failed to disclose a financial conflict of interest regarding his donations to Jenn Frank's Patreon.



Philippa Warr's CoI with Terry Cavanagh has been added:


Post last edited at

5b7a89 No.131

Added another COI regarding Chris Priestman's personal relationship with Robin Arnott. He wrote a total of seven articles about his games, while failing to disclose the COI in all seven articles:


>Chris Priestman published a total of 6 articles about the game Antichamber on 31 January 2013, all on the same day.[69][70][71][72][73][74] He failed to disclose a personal relationship with the developer of the game, Robin Arnott, in all six articles.[75] Another article was published about the game Soundself on 8 March 2013, in which Priestman also failed to disclose this conflict of interest.[76]

5b7a89 No.326


What's really funny is that Priestman himself realized that closeness between journalists and devs creates ethical problems:


5b7a89 No.369


On a second note, a Facebook friendship doesn't necessarily indicate an irl friendship, but publishing six articles about the same game on one day is a bit clickbaity.

5b7a89 No.370


Two Destructoid journalists gave positive review scores to Borderland DLC, without disclosing their personal and former professional relationship with the Anthony Burch, the writer of those games.

5b7a89 No.637

I found something interesting about Kirk Hamilton, I wasn't sure where to post this and eventually concluded that this is the most appropriate thraed:


>Ebert said he’d happily give a friend a negative review. So would I. But if a friend was accused of a crime, or of ripping off a game idea? I haven’t been at this THAT long, but long enough to know that eliminating potential conflicts of interest can make our jobs as reporters much easier.

If I understand him correctly, he seems to believe that it's ethical for a journalist to review games made by his friends, but not ethical for a journliast to report on news stories in which his friends are involved. Should this be added to Hamilton's deepfreeze entry as trivia so readers can better know his ethical standards?

5b7a89 No.698

File: 1459659401994.jpg (151 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 23fcb5a0bb1f9afdab2d07d32f….jpg)

Why Anna Why.

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