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Under 17 U.S.C. §512(i)(1)(A), repeat infringers' access to the website will be terminated.

6d276c  No.1030

These are actionable DMCA takedown notices for the 8chan board >>>/tf/.

6d276c  No.1031

I noticed some of my copyrighted works has appeared on your website and would like it to be removed as soon as possible. I was hoping you could delete the post, but if that's not a service you offer then I apologize for taking up your time. What follows should be all the information required per a DMCA form:

1. My name is [redacted], and as the artist I own the copyright to the work in question. Though I post my work online under the name "blackshirtboy" and it is under this name that the work in question is signed.

2. The work in question is a comic that I have hosted on my own site: http://blackshirtboy.com/i.php?issue=36

3. Here is a link to the post which is infringing on my copyright:


4. I can be most easily contacted through this e-mail, though if it comes to that I can provide a phone number (and address) upon request.

5. As the copyright owner I know that the images in question has been posted without my consent.

6. All information provided in the above is accurate, and I make this complaint on behalf of myself as the copyright owner.


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