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File: 5c6338b0f8ac997⋯.jpg (20.07 KB, 400x302, 200:151, Darules.jpg)


Welcome to the board designed and dedicated for cake in mind. A.k.a Western Loli. Here in /delicious/, all Western loli will be voluntarily referred to as “cake” to help differentiate East and Western art-styles. So share your love and interest for cake. Have meaningful discussions and help build a healthy community. Also, this is a NSFW board.

Board Rules 0.7

Rules may change or readjust at any given moment. Major changes will be announced.

1: Global rules apply.

2: CP is strictly prohibited. Including traces/recreations of photographic depiction of real children. Serious topics of pedophilia is also prohibited.

3: Stylized 3D models of cartoon/comic/game characters are welcome. Realistic original 3DCG is prohibited.

4: Extreme fetishes such as gore, vore, snuff and scat must be contained in their respective threads and/or spoilered.

5: Source requests must be kept in the request threads >>51. Any request outside will be deleted.

6: No politics. Aesthetics are fine but take the hard talk to some other board.

Healthy Suggestions

1: Keep it quality. Too much shit-tier art could lead to a clean up.

2: Do try to stay on topic.

3: Lurk moar before creating a thread.

4: Delicious is western dedicated, loli is not forbidden. If you want nothing but loli, we recommend >>>/loli/.

5: Keep toddler, futa, furries, 3D, and other highly categorical posts in their own threads.

6: Please create threads for a series rather than a specific character.

7: Avoid dumping in OP. Only post one image when creating a thread.

8: Use "https" for security reasons. No "s" means you get lumpt.

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File: 2b4b24ba7a7583a⋯.gif (823.22 KB, 400x351, 400:351, shope does thing.gif)


Sorry to break it to you sweetie, but there is no rule against Canadian cartoons, this kind of elitism killed /loli/



Shut up Speedy



Except one look at the images in the attention hungry games thread looks like another SFW /co/ or something.

At least use fanart that has seductive tones or something.


File: ec421a033900327⋯.jpg (79.25 KB, 640x480, 4:3, hoyl bible.jpg)

>>7818 Would you mind please answer me >>7714 ?

My ban end a week ago.

Since then I been only waiting patiently for a week only to get your holy blessing to go back to posting.



Seeing how the Drawthread is going wonky with it's weird arguments, they won't bother you.

Go have fun, Vampyboy.



Speaking of drawthreads, can you delete all that stupid argument (and bantz in general). Not that I care but since we are allowed to make a request for one thread only at least keep it alive as long as you can.


File: 9b02c876b9bca02⋯.jpg (92.31 KB, 900x757, 900:757, yay.jpg)


Thanks a lot sir.



You're making a huge mistake. He's the last person you want posting on this board.



Better than salty /a/ weebs


File: d7c9ccdfa1a852c⋯.png (511.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, His Smile And Optimism is ….png)


Hey Lincoln can you do something with this shitposter >>8320 at the drawthread ?

Am asking this because I can't use system report anymore.

Please ban him, you already saw all the shitposting he did since the bullshit of cp trace, at least delete his shitposintg, because the only thing that he is doing is ruin that someone draw my requests. Each time that he reply to my posts saying their typical bullshit, the only thing that he is doing is Ward off drawfriend from my requests, and that's is a huge pile of shit.

This behaviour is a way to put on me a label, a stigma, this is as a nazi putting a david star on a hebrew.

Thanks to this asshole I already been suffering a lot,

do I need still suffering more without care that my ban finally is over?



Already with the playing victim and whining. He’s more trouble than he’s worth Lincoln. He’s going to ingore every rule you set up for the drawthread and then complain when people call him out on it.



No rule was violated. Just ignore him.



So it is okay for you to troll but not other people? You sound like Colby, to be honest


File: 491776a487bdfe2⋯.jpg (345.63 KB, 917x944, 917:944, 3116_50.JPG)


I always ignore him.

The problem is that the artists don't do it, and thanks to that nobody will want draw my requests only because he said the magic words: "abusefag" (he done a great work with their lies to a point that this is like the shadman meme. Do you remember how he lie to you with the bullshit of cp trace? well, he done exactly the same in other places but with drawfriends, and as usual, everybody fall on her lie)

Pic related can be translate to our context:

"Protect Yourselves, Don’t draw this"

He does this IN EVERY drawthread.

I can show you if you want.


File: 707c95d02ff85d8⋯.jpg (13.46 KB, 232x185, 232:185, 1394054358958.jpg)


Oh yeah, sure. ONE person is to blame for ALL of your problems. It's not like you went around to every drawthread you could spamming and being an avatarfag letting everyone catch on that you were behind it all. Also the artists you stalk to request personally love to talk to other artists and info of your actions spread very quickly.



Don't impersonate me again.


Damn man, you really can't go one day of freedom without already being all over me with this nonsense. Grow a spine and just accept there will be dicks in the world and move along. Wasting my breath


File: 4ace7ef15d66df2⋯.jpg (104.9 KB, 1145x546, 1145:546, autism speaks.jpg)

File: 98e0304d80185a1⋯.jpg (84.3 KB, 507x573, 169:191, fuck off.jpg)


Do you remember how was in the first drawthread?

He did exactly the same, and you did the right deleting his "alerts"(according to himself, he plays to be a cop to help artists to never draw any of my requests "accidentally", yes pal, we are talking about a deep autism). Why you can't do that now? why we can't go back to those days of happines and armony?

According to drawthread rules, drawthread is just to do these 3 things:

1. Requesting drawings

2. Delivery drawings

3. Constructive criticism is encouraged and have fun.

This >>8320 is not a drawing,

is not a delivery,

and is not a criticism neither,

is just shitposting to start flame and a way to waste of slot for a request/delivery.

On pic related you can see that his autistic behaviour always works.

That screenshot is from a render thread from /b/.

I can bring you the link if you want.

I even can show you how used be drawthreads on /b/: each drawthread spammed with 15 replies from this autsist kid saying exactly this same shitposting >>8320 (see second picture attached)

How many times will I need to tell you?:

When the troll speaketh a lie,

he speaketh of his own:

for he is a liar

Why you keep defending that moron who took you for a fool(because he did it when you fell on "his evidence": he emailed me a heavily censored image along side the request Abusefag posted. All the time he knew that my reference it was not a cp trace, he just wanted an an excuse to make that you ban me) when begun all this problems with the bullshit of cp trace?



Wow ... every time I see a post of abuse-fag I am uncomfortable and embarrassed but in the same time fascinated and curious ...


File: ce02252fd3c4b9c⋯.png (109.88 KB, 283x340, 283:340, clow.png)


>I am uncomfortable and embarrassed but in the same time fascinated and curious ...

That sounds like a dude having her first anal.



It's the same reason people are fascinated with Chris Chan. Autism of this caliber is like a car crash you can't look away from.


Do you have a single shred of evidence that this is the same person? I highly doubt it.



Sorry vampirefag. No matter how much you blaming and calling others "autist", the only autist I can see here is you. Stop bothering Lincoln.



Quick question:

Can we request loli futa and zoophile(like a loli getting knotted with a dog or having fun with an stallion) at drawthread?



fuck off


lincoln loud can you help me i forgot to put request in the subject place on my requests can you edit them have it in their please on Drawthread #5 thank you for reading this


oh and lincoln if we bump past requests to drawthread # 5 do thous ones count as one of the 6 requests that we can put in or are they not counted and we can still post 6 request along with bumping past ones





It counts



thank you for helping me out with the request problem i messed up their. ok that means i cant add any more requests then because i already have 6 in their thanks for the info



oh lincoln can you put that bumping requests form the past threads count as part of the 6 that is aloud in drawthread 5. so every one knows and dont mess up like i almost did. if i did not ask you first


File: 1ca1ea1cd84f768⋯.jpg (104.25 KB, 1280x694, 640:347, IiH1j9K.jpg)


Can you please answer>>8470 ?

I need know it, because I would like to request a loli getting knotted via anal with a dog and I would like to post reference picture of a woman getting knotted via anal with a dog as reference picture.



Nobody wants to do your requests, abusefag.


File: 9c9430a2cae332c⋯.png (35.09 KB, 445x143, 445:143, mercykilling.PNG)

It's over. F to pay respects.


File: f11f6293b77ce5b⋯.png (415.2 KB, 600x450, 4:3, f11f6293b77ce5b48abb52b1ec….png)





I made a banner of that. Let it cycle.


File: f2a2e9a3354d719⋯.png (106 KB, 653x584, 653:584, IMG_6372.PNG)



Can we request loli futa and zoophile(like a loli getting knotted with a dog or having fun with an stallion) at drawthread?



There's no rule against it.


File: 6a7b3a69188a32a⋯.png (417.74 KB, 865x527, 865:527, дональд дак чип и дейл мул….png)


Can we do no-porn requests on drawthreads? I would like to request normla stuff.


can we have an anchor post on drawthreads?


But can we post references? I am asking because I would like to do a request, but for that, I need to post a screenshot of a woman getting knotted via anal with a dog, since we can't post any drawing/scribble since that bullshit related with cp trace.


File: ddad55d86aa1efa⋯.png (147.14 KB, 236x338, 118:169, 1395546753268.png)


>abusefag is the one trying to push this so hard

Wow, who would've guessed.


File: 0bd9552270ca787⋯.jpg (115.38 KB, 730x668, 365:334, nofre quest.jpg)


>Do you have a single shred of evidence that this is the same person? I highly doubt it.

Well yes, in fact I can. Pic related was another sucefull lie from him only to get that an artist didn't delivery my request, always using the same behaviour of bullshit and lies. That screenshot was taken at another image board, I could give to you the link on archive of that post, but only if Lincoln.Loud let me do it, because I don't want be banned by "doing spam/advertising another image board" here.


You should check our actual drawthread. Is the same autistic behaviour only to get that no one draw my requests, always using the same tags and stigmas on each request he won't nobody draw, since he did an excellent job building a whole story of bullshits related with the nickname abusefag.

Lies are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.


>Also the artists you stalk to request personally love to talk to other artists and info of your actions spread very quickly.

Please post the screenshots and links where those artists claims those accusations that you are throwing here. Until then, everything that you are saying is just defamation without any support, as usual.



>still no evidence that it's one person

Get some IP logs. Until then, everything that you are saying is just defamation without any support, as usual.


File: f7324f5ad9c8523⋯.jpg (20.59 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 11849056_443255075860663_7….jpg)


>Get some IP logs

Nigga, you just went full retard


File: acb3b79f8942a74⋯.png (193.87 KB, 883x784, 883:784, New Canvas.png)


Alrighty, here's one. I could compile all the ones on Discord, but you're not worth my time.


File: 42828341097d671⋯.jpg (15.12 KB, 300x250, 6:5, DUkYaJ7WAAYqm2m.jpg)

Alrighty Then!

Abusefag, instead of contributing to the board, all you've done today was try to pick fights in various threads.





You must really enjoy getting aneurysms. And I'm someone who normally doesn't care when people spat over silly nonsense, but you seemed to be doing it on purpose.

As for your question >>9016

It's called "read the rules" then you'll know.

As for anon here.




I get it. It's fun, but you're feeding the flame.




The only thing that I am doing is clean my name. Sorry for that, if you want I stop that immediately.



You’ve said that multiple times already. It’s pretty clear you just like stirring shit and being the center of attention.



A last question: can we post real zoophile picture as references on drawthread?


To be honest, I don't understand why are saying that i am picking fights in various threads. Have you seen the drawthread?:





Why you didn't nothing about all this?

How do you call to all that?

Whoever, you are the boss.


Can I post here >>318 ? I would like to post a few of my drawings, but i don't want be banned again for "cp trace" acussations again.



Hey bud, are you just going to ignore the incriminating evidence against you? No defense whatsoever huh?



File: f670b838fbba2cd⋯.jpg (65.03 KB, 604x402, 302:201, Shrekretary.jpg)


A last single thing:

Can you please let me give my version of this >>9034 ?

I am asking your authoritation.

I would like to post the WHOLE text to the people can be able understand the WHOLE context of that, to realize that such talk on pixv isn't a "stalk" as that anon says. Regards.



Wait please and see >>9040

We must wait the signed authorization of Lincoln.Loud ## Board Owner to go on this.



>A last question: can we post real zoophile picture as references on drawthread?

<It's called "read the rules" then you'll know.

>I don't understand why are saying that i am picking fights in various threads. Have you seen the drawthread?

Good job ignoring them. Move along.

>Can I post here >>318 ? I would like to post a few of my drawings, but i don't want be banned again for "cp trace" acussations again.

Go ahead.





Hmm... this could be fun. How about this, I'll make you a thread just for your case. There you can have at it and you may debate/argue with anons all you want. No holds bar. Hmm?


File: 834767b78b29d8c⋯.png (391.3 KB, 558x498, 93:83, nigga u wat.png)


>I'll make you a thread just for your case. There you can have at it and you may debate/argue with anons all you want. No holds bar. Hmm?

You are the boss, if you want, do it. But to be honest, I prefer that you delete all the shitposintg of the troll that is ruining that someon draw my stuff :(





>Good job ignoring them. Move along.

I mean, why you only spot my errors?,

You didn't say nothing about the shitpositng on drawthread that don't contributing to the board on nothing. A dude are saying shit about my request and I am only asking that he quote the post from 3 threads ago.

The only thing that I am seeing is that you are being a bit impartial. on all this

>It's called "read the rules" then you'll know.

Didn't say nothing about we can't post real zoophile picture as references. So we can? must be spoiled?

>Can I post here >>318 ? I would like to post a few of my drawings, but i don't want be banned again for "cp trace" acussations again.

>Go ahead

I dunno dude, what garanties I have that don't happen again that "problem" that did make that I went to "obligatory vacations"?



>You are the boss, if you want, do it. But to be honest, I prefer that you delete all the shitposintg of the troll that is ruining that someon draw my stuff :(

Drawthreads are always hectic and admittedly, I let things get out of hand. In fact, I do need to clean that thread anyways. However this Metathread is often times filled with problem that surround you. But instead of banning you out of frustration, I would rather give you a platform so you can prove your innocence without me having to babysit. Other people need this thread. I'll delete the shitpost, but if you say you want to argue your case, I suggest >>9046

>I mean, why you only spot my errors?

Because you seem to make the most noise.

>Didn't say nothing about we can't post real zoophile picture as references. So we can? must be spoiled?

Yes, you may post zoophile ref. But because it classifies as extreme in most people's book, it must be spoilered.

>I dunno dude, what garanties I have that don't happen again that "problem" that did make that I went to "obligatory vacations"?

I can't guaranteed anything.



The one thing the owner of /loli/ did right was permanently ban this troublesome annoyance. Trying to argue with him is about effective as talking to a brick wall because his head is shoved so far up his own ass. For the good of the board, it would be best to get rid of him all together.


File: bae282c604d14be⋯.png (324.26 KB, 850x469, 850:469, der gud.png)

>He did wipe out all the slag from drawthread.

Lincoln der good.

I dunno if you did banning him forever as you should, otherwise, he will come back over and over, and seeing the dude who replied to you, I must say that he already come back to more shitpoting.


The troll cometh not, but that he may steal, and kill, and destroy.


Why in the hell are you shooting this board in the foot by not only allowing abusefag to be here but also make a fucking pay-per-view event out of it? This is terrible publicity.



You could ignore the fool like everyone else. No point in pissing yourself off.



Can we do no-porn requests on drawthreads? I would like to request normal stuff related with lolis



Pretty sure thats allowed.




How skewed, he basically said cartoons that are poorly drawn and barely look humanoid is the same as hardcore child fuck.

I bet he is a black cock aficionado, since he is a liberal.


File: 89f39cb6540eb84⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, wallet and lolis 1.png)

File: ef62fc88e24e0cf⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, wallet and lolis 2.png)



source on dat ruby?



I support vampire fag, he just wants us to free us from NEGRO DICK.



> black cock aficionado

There is nothing wrong with that



he's a faggot right? all faggots have low IQs. that's why they think men's asshole more sexy than women's pussy. and that's also why they think there is no difference between drawn porn and real porn.



>nigga actually think loli is used as a way to cope

Or I like loli because its my fucking jam. Faggot can fuck off. Not like he can do anything except rage on twitter.



its not wrong IF you have a functional pussy.



True, I like to watch females be black cock aficionado, but I'm not an aficionado myself.

I'm not some kind of gay faggot nigger-lover.


Hey Lincoln, that dude going on about pregnancy and childbirth in the drawthread is reaching abusefag levels of autism. You may want to nip it in the bud.


hey lincoln can you do something about the guy buging every artist to do pregnancy and childbirth it is getting to harassment levels it is going on in drawthread #5


File: fcf854ba31ff39e⋯.png (278.79 KB, 433x409, 433:409, 1475555567845.png)


Hey Lincoln, can you please finally ban this idiot >>9270 ?


File: 9aa9a1f7c07b023⋯.png (236.97 KB, 691x650, 691:650, anime girl with revolver.png)


Delete this other one too please >>9322


I am not >>9427




Those are not rule violations, so "No".

Now don't ever ask me to ban anyone again.



b-but he is ruining that anyone draw my stuff ;_;

Right today at another IB he did exactly the same and he got that a drawfriend stop working in a delivery to me.


File: a932639031d00f3⋯.jpg (44 KB, 634x437, 634:437, post-rape stress.jpg)


See >>9518

Until when you gonna see that him is just a compulsive shitposter?

Did you already forget that shit about cp trace?

To be honest, I just don't know what to feel when I remember that time when I was punished being innocent, meanwhile in the other hand this moron shitpost as fuck without any consecquence.

Because the autismo of this troll is a powerfull one,

but he don't has authority on this board.

Only say the word, and this troll will be destroyed.

For I also am a man under authority, having under myself employees:

and I say to this one, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it.

Whatever, if you don't want deal with this pariah,

that's your choice from your authority:

your board,

your rules.

You are the boss.

Have a nice day Lincoln.



Hey Lincoln why my request was deleted >>9513 but this shitposting still without be deleted >>9270 ?

I still having a free slot. 6 is the maximum number of request per user a thread. I only have 5/6 requests. As I told you, I am not >>9427 (you can check the IP, if you ask me, is just the troll shitposting as usual)



>why my request was deleted

Because it was a shota.


File: f200af6b947cdbc⋯.jpg (200.08 KB, 1230x680, 123:68, lack of dick and balls.jpg)


She was the female version of oskar von horrificus.

You can notice the difference looking her long hair, her girl eyelashes and by her lack of dick and balls.

And let me guess, you deleted only because you got again "an anonnymus report": >>9518 (both have the same IP)




Well excuuuuuse me for not knowing head-cannon. If you had ask for a rule 63, I would have left it alone. I just assume you got loli and shota terms confused.

>And let me guess, you deleted only because you got again "an anonnymus report"

Nope. No one reported that request. I took notice myself.



Ok, I pardon you. Can I now re-upload my request?

Abd can you pleasefinally delete this shitposting:







>Can I now re-upload my request?

You already did it before I could answer. Don't you see the problem? But eh.

>Abd can you pleasefinally delete this shitposting:




>> Ok, I pardon you

Wow wow I bet Lincoln couldn't not sleep after his mistake, thanks to god you forgiven him, Lincoln I hope you're really grateful for his generosity. The Lord abuse-fag have greatest heart on this earth. So much generosity ... I can't stop crying.



You need to get out of your house more if that shit bothers you this much.


File: 23ed2fb1911afa5⋯.jpg (37.92 KB, 600x443, 600:443, 23ed2fb1911afa56c85cef7179….jpg)


I wet my bed and sobbed for hours. It was a total nightmare.


File: bb694240786cfa0⋯.jpg (390.31 KB, 1715x3033, 1715:3033, loli crying.jpg)


Why you are doing this?

What do I need to you finally understand it?


"Beloved, believe not every Anons, but prove the Anons, whether they are from the truth: because many liars are gone out into the internet"

I already explain what is the real reason why that shitposter is all doing that: only to make that no one draw that stuff, as a stigma-label.

It's a kind of strategy that he uses, based on fallacies and idiocy of the masses. Let me put you on example that you can understand:

We are in US, in the year 1950's, cold war. Mr.Goldman is an asshole and he sees that his neighbor John as a little store. John need of customers to make work his store. Then, one day, Mr.Goldman began to say on the town that John is a communist and Mr.Goldman ask to the people stop going to buy to Jonh's store. The idiocy of the masses only needed to hear the word communist to start his hate against John and everything related to him, like his store. Without customers, quickly John's store is almost on bankrupt, and all thanks to a moron and a herd of brainless sheeps take as "the truth" the first rumour that they heard. This same "masses logic" apply too when someone IRL is labed with the stigma of "loli lover" (a.k.a by CNN as pedophile-children rapist): the top ad hominem today in America only after the stigma of be labed of "muslim terrorist".


Did you was able to identify the stigma-labelson Jonh's story?

What can do people's town to improve their "system of moral justice"?

Now write an essay about what John can do to defend himself against all the bullshits from Mr.Goldman.



I'm thinking of adding a new rule... a simple rule... something along the lines of:

Stop bothering me with your bullshit.


File: 2f5e2637a0e8abc⋯.png (578.05 KB, 578x831, 578:831, little_anna_crying_and_loo….png)


File: f2d2a9753573343⋯.jpg (84.56 KB, 850x552, 425:276, pepsi fucked.jpg)


Hey Lincoln there's any chance that we can have 2 drawthreads?:

one to requesting porn and other one to request normal stuff?

just asking.



There's no need. You can already make sfw request on the current drawthread.



Why did you deleted my comment?


File: 02e999a250d991e⋯.jpg (19.88 KB, 508x154, 254:77, Screenshot 2018-04-13.jpg)


I didn't.



you suck at creating drama. go away faggot




LYING KIKE STATUS: holocausted


File: 2a5b9800615870b⋯.jpg (16.84 KB, 227x214, 227:214, 1490585076225.jpg)

Happy >>10000 GET, /delicious/! Here's to 10000 more!



I for one welcome our 100000 year old vampire cunny overlords


Hey Lincoln, that discord promoting thread is getting really annoying (its literally an ad) and OP's resilience is on par with retards like Colby and Abusefag. Can you do something? I already hide that thread though. Why would anyone expose themselves fapping to loli in discord even though we have a perfect site to fap anonymously right here anyway?


File: f1cf9004de327cc⋯.jpg (66.67 KB, 639x788, 639:788, fHd4gAF.jpg)


even if I am not against people promoting their website here [and can respect that]. but that guy really want to take some permanent space on the frontpage with his clickbait shit and he does have abusefag IQ.



Hi only me I decided on Drawthread 6 to have a change of mind and change of request so I decided to delete the Gwen Wu threesome one seeing your right on >>10074 I felt the need to change request to obey orders that I don't wish to copy old requests, so I changed it to a different one if you like....


File: 3e23035bb3ee930⋯.jpg (173.75 KB, 740x740, 1:1, cheese cake.jpg)


I am talking about a post that I did in this thread with pic related.



It was already answered.




You look pathetic by now. You need to learn when to stop



"By now"

Huh ??? Only now ? I thought it was from the beginning


File: 4c681c97d0c6dff⋯.jpg (18.58 KB, 259x194, 259:194, police were wrong it was b….jpg)

bruh i came here cause i thought this was for cake recipes was not disappointing tho


Shut up, Colby



Do I need to I was asking why they never made it?



>waiting for Colby's 40 lines of autistic article in 3... 2... 1...



I got something to say mr....

I haven't had a single request every single thread and I hate that why people ignore me....

I only wanted to ask why on porn vids did they not do them other cartoon characters why is it not popular and why do you do this, (sigh) it was a question okay do I have to repeat again, look sometimes a single requester needs to do things for me sometimes in every thread but I haven't been reciving one lately, sorry board owner I just want to say I am sick of people calling me bad names on /Trash/ on 4chan that is, and sick of what's happened on /b/ on 4chan as well,

just because I want a request it's because I want them to have characters who have never been done before oh but that's right no one cares about that shit how silly me,

I'm done with this quote okay. so no more said sorry. >:(




Look I am sorry mr board owner can I call you, I just got this thing in my head that it's never been done before, I thought I felt the need to answer it, I am just stressed because I feel upset about how I have to put up with no one taking a single request for this drawthread 6, it's not actually fair because neither they did on some others, that's why I am feeling so upset and I am sorry it had to happen it's because I am tired and not in a very good mood at all, with waiting puts me on stress,

Sorry i caused you trouble, >>10205 please tell this anon with FBI thing to shut up about me I am not a bad person just because I request it's because I feel sometimes the need to have characters that where never done or cared about,

Look if I must change my ways at least let me do things my way, if no artist wants to request for me then I can do it my way then if no one wants to,

Just learn to tolerate me and get along please,


File: 257a6e3ca0b38d0⋯.jpg (31.59 KB, 495x196, 495:196, cawk.jpg)

File: 257c24b2d39e83f⋯.jpg (7.7 KB, 224x225, 224:225, 8c8d5f895e923f9d78aebe8952….jpg)


Right on the money and more.



He actually reported you... to yourself?



I would say he might have forced anonymous on, but I don't know of a way to hide the #Board Owner part.



Board Owner I am tried of everything please I want you to stop this madness on /delicious/ I have caused way too much trouble and I destroyed everything, please get rid of Encyclopedia Dramatica page of me I am sick of it and I am warning you if you don't delete it I will report you to the police, likely everyone I am in a bad mood today I am boiling with anger right now and I am getting sick of ED being on the Internet it's a cancer and needs to fucking die,

Let me have some space for a month I am getting agrivated as no one was taking a single request all because of my actions, I am depressed I think Board Owner I need to leave you alone and the rest for a month,

just do me a favour please delete ED and stop this cancer from spreading I am tired of it, and also I will promise to give you guys some space for a month I will give you guys space not disturb you and leave you be for now,

I just hope that was worth it,


File: 5325cc8090f45cf⋯.gif (654.93 KB, 460x426, 230:213, 1455888034588.gif)


>please get rid of Encyclopedia Dramatica page of me

...you do realize that this isn't Encyclopedia Dramatica right? Why are you asking people here to delete something on a completely different website?

>I will report you to the police


Oh, and thanks for mentioning your ED page. I went in expecting a short article and instead got some 20+ section behemoth of all kinds of creepy shit. That was a good laugh.

You have issues, and you need help. And considering what board we're on that's really saying something.



Alright but I have announced for a month now I will give this website a break to pass the time,



Why stop at a month? You already admit that you 'cause way too much trouble and destroy everything', what magic thing would happen during this month that would make things different at the end of it?


File: 3a9b76a0885b250⋯.jpg (29.57 KB, 407x407, 1:1, 3a9b76a0885b2504c9fc4e83a4….jpg)


>please get rid of Encyclopedia Dramatica page of me I am sick of it and I am warning you if you don't delete it I will report you to the police


File: afe9608ceb55aa0⋯.webm (965.53 KB, 492x360, 41:30, When security protocols s….webm)


Can you please answer me >>10384 ?

Can I re-post my comment?


Why you deleted too >>10666 ?




Either way, it didn't belong in the thread. I assumed you figured that out and moved it over to the other thread.



Lincoln why don't you ban this faggot too? I'm sure the whole world will appreciate it


hey lincoln was this you that posted that drawthread 7 is up or was this another person messing with us >>11010



No, but the thread is close to dying. I cleaned it so many times but the post counter still ticks. The real number is roughly at 580. The mass of bumps in that thread really put it out quick. Will update soon.

Whoever posted that was probably joking but it's really not too far off from the truth.


Lincoln, can you put a lock on >>4681? The thread ended a long time ago, but faggots keep dredging it up like it's going out of style.





File: bacf44c53f5d96d⋯.jpg (83.81 KB, 500x629, 500:629, autism.jpg)


What do you mean with "it didn't belong in the thread" ?


Why don't you ban this spammer?:



Do you really want turn /delicious/ into pic related?


File: 28224b00726db1a⋯.jpg (78.06 KB, 500x335, 100:67, 480a267d2c0c54b17a203feb01….jpg)


>What do you mean with "it didn't belong in the thread" ?

It belonged in >>9046

>Why don't you ban this spammer?


>Do you really want turn /delicious/ into pic related?

That's the point of an imageboard.


File: 6c5509cc972bcee⋯.gif (542.85 KB, 500x372, 125:93, blond anime girl crying.gif)


Really bruh, just see his shitposting in the drawthread that he is doing only to ruin that I get a delivery:

His shitposting:



And his last victim:


Why you keep allowing this? You know perfectly what he is doing.

This is not funny.


File: 747e2958024e834⋯.jpeg (10.78 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 6879c5f6453bff7f547c4e401….jpeg)


Why bother deleting something in a thread that just died.

>This is not funny.

Actually, it is.

Now stop bothering me.



Funny you say that, because he did it exaclty the same in the new thread >>11434



Nope, it's a completely different user.


File: e7a21d6d39fd28f⋯.jpg (42.26 KB, 538x960, 269:480, 1524837717373.jpg)


>Why bother deleting something in a thread that just died.

This is exacltly that I was talking about on >>10384

You were brutal against me for "breaking" the rules (cp trace shit that in fact was a bullshit), you even banned me for posting again even after I did explain everything >>2721

But in the other hand we can see this troll reposting exactly the same shit that you deleted >>9050 , therefore, he in a tacit way is saying to you:

"Fuck off, I don't give a shit to your authority. I'll do what I want"

But the funny is that you never ban him after do all this, and the funniest thing of all this is that you banned me time ago for posting again even after explain to you with links and screenshots that the subject of cp trace was just bullshit from this troll.

Really, sometimes I think that I really need to all explain this using puppets or doing a sesame street episode.



You were banned for ban evasion. It's like if you broke out of prison and than proved you were falsely arrested. You still would go back to prison for breaking out in the first place.



Do you realize that he is using proxy?

Without do mention that such thing is just shitposting, like bumping a thread.


File: 8b75fe43f9f3e06⋯.jpg (201.09 KB, 842x700, 421:350, You coin.jpg)


Lincoln even accept that I was innocent >>2750 therefore, what else did I need to wait for to back posting again? It's Not Rocket Science.

see >>3754



You were supposed to wait until the ban was lifted before posting again.


File: 97963e1c833ce10⋯.jpg (8.13 KB, 211x239, 211:239, download.jpg)


>It's like if you broke out of prison and than proved you were falsely arrested. You still would go back to prison for breaking out in the first place.



>You were brutal against me for "breaking" the rules (cp trace shit that in fact was a bullshit)

I HAVE to be brutal in regards to cp accusations. It IS against the law you know and not taking care of such case could put the board in jeopardy. The evidence seemed convincing, so I took action. (Hope you learned not to use traces of anything to get a request).

>But in the other hand we can see this troll reposting exactly the same shit

Anons talk shit all the time. It's to be expected. I don't like suppressing funny moments.

>you banned me time ago for posting again even after explain to you with links and screenshots that the subject of cp trace was just bullshit from this troll.

You got banned for a completely different reason. It had nothing to do with the cp trace accusation. You're the one that keeps bringing it up. Which is not very smart to do because people unaware of your situation will look at you the wrong way.

>I think that I really need to all explain this using puppets or doing a sesame street episode.

You do that. Make a video with puppets (sock puppets are cool too), post it on youtube and link it.

>Do you realize that he is using proxy?

After seeing the content each of the ID's posted , I really really doubt it.

>Lincoln even accept that I was innocent

You are innocent on the cp trace accusations. BUT that has nothing to do with this.

>what else did I need to wait for to back posting again?

Did I ban you yet? No? You're still posting, is that right? That means you're not banned.

What I'm waiting is for you to act mature. Long shot, I know. That means, grow a spine and not allow insults to phase you. People will get bored and will move on. But instead you come here crying and bringing up old cases (that I don't care about) and some magical troll stalker (that I don't care about).


I take it you don't understand what "similes" are?


File: 42598c72493de44⋯.jpg (136.81 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1516310824055.jpg)


>Anons talk shit all the time. It's to be expected. I don't like suppressing funny moments.

>After seeing the content each of the ID's posted , I really really doubt it.

>He literally just copy and paste "Fuck off abusefag"

>really bruh, it's not him! his Modus operandi isn't the same!


>You got banned for a completely different reason.

And that reason was me posting again after you agree that I was innocent fro cp trace?

>You are innocent on the cp trace accusations. BUT that has nothing to do with this.

Yes, does, because show us how you apply the "justice" here, and how you was brutal against me even after being innocent for that shit of cp trace.

>Did I ban you yet?

Translate error. I was talking about the time that I was posting again after the shit of cp trace.

>What I'm waiting is for you to act mature. Long shot, I know. That means, grow a spine and not allow insults to phase you.

Dude, have you been reading >>10416 ?

Stop pretending that I care about what says that retarded. Just watch the drawthread: how many times have you seen that I reply to his shitposting with the same retarded behaviour that he does? answer: never. Go ahead, and check




and you will see that nobody reply to his shitposting.

I already explain what is the real reason why that shitposter is doing all that: only to make that no one draw that stuff. Replying with "fuck off abusesag" to any request is something that he does to ruin that anyone draw my stuff:

I don't give a shit to his spam, the problem is that artists don't do it, and thanks to that nobody will want draw my requests only because he said the magic words: "abusefag" (he done a great work with their lies to a point that this is like the shadman meme. Do you remember how he lie to you with the bullshit of cp trace? well, he done exactly the same in other places but with drawfriends, and as usual, everybody fall on her lie)

Here you can see an example about how works this:




Really, if after watch all this you still saying that is just bullshit all this about the stigma-labels that I am telling you, really nigga, am gonna just to pretend that you are just trolling me because you think this is funny in a way. Really, stop doing this, the only thing that you are doing is undermine your reputation as BO.



I don't have time for this.

I don't need any distraction right now.

What I'm saying is keep your dribble in the thread I gave you.

Not here.


File: 3ed3be237799d89⋯.jpg (66.3 KB, 500x344, 125:86, 75ff447403cea255b50709a11c….jpg)


>Why bother deleting something in a thread that just died?

>Why bother punishing a thief who break-into my home yesterday?

Now you can see that your "reasoning" is based on fallacies?


I saw that you clean the new thread.

So I will need to do all this each time he spam his shitposting over and over?

Do you remember the awful way that mods in /loli/ used act against me?

What if you act in the right way and you act in the same exactly way against this shitposter?:

just delete the posts on sight and ban him permanently each time this shit happens until he run out of proxies? the only difference is that this time it will be done for a legit cause.

If you promises not ban me again for "Abusing the Report Feature" I will help you to clean the mess of this spammer, always reporting him only a single time per post.

I will be your eyes. I will be like as a visible and unverifiable power at same time.

Visible: this shitposter will constantly have before his eyes my requests from which he is spied upon.

Unverifiable: this retarded must never know whether he is being looked at at any one moment; but he must be sure that he may always be so.



>Why bother deleting something in a thread that just died?

>Why bother punishing a thief who break-into my home yesterday?

<Now you can see that your "reasoning" is based on fallacies?

It should be "Why bother punishing a thief who breaks-into my home that was set on fire"

No fallacies here. The thread is dead, thus it's pointless.

>I saw that you clean the new thread.

That's cause I want a new thread to be clean. It had nothing to do with you.

In fact, I need to ask:

Did you post that Cp via proxy?

You talk about proxies a lot, so you know how they're used.

You were very quick to report (unfortunately I was distraction by you're earlier post to take it down in haste).

Now you're offering to help with spammers.

Sounds suspicious.


Hi Lincoln, I posted a request in the drawthread 6 at the very end (>>11396) and I didn't notice this thread was dead, can I post it in the new drawthread please ?



It was near the end of it.

Yeah, go right ahead. I see no harm.



Thanks !


Lincoln can you do something about the annoying sageing? It hurts the board and alot of them are pointless.



>It hurts the board

I believe what you're trying to say is, they hurts you


Lincoln, may I suggest something? I know that it is very tempting to reply and responding to all of his autistic complains but I don't think that you should. Just relax and steer the boat peacefully while leaving the replying task to us trollers. We troll him for the sake of you and your board, you know? We promise to troll him to the depth of insanity and keep this board alive and well.


hey lincoln can you post on drawthread 6 that 7 is out like you did in the past threads so every one knows that 7 is out because i did not know it was out until i went to the Maine page and i know other people are the same way


Speedy05 has broken the rules he tried to take over someones request in Colour/Modify Thread Cake Taster which was the requester for >>9214 he stole the idea and tried to take over a request when he was told not to on >>11279 and >>11280 he is not allowed to take over someones request he has broken the rules ban the user for stealing the request he took without authorisation.


Out of curiosity, what would constitute a clean=up?



I think you may missed three points:

First off, Speedy05 was only trying to "improve" the request by not having it self centered around Colby's self inserted "Kappus" or whatever he named after. Don't get me wrong: I too like Millie and would like to see more artwork, but we all would rather have her with canon characters rather than OCs. That is where commissions comes to mind.

Secondly, Speedy did mentioned that he was going to colour it with that alteration, but claims to not have a tablet.

And thirdly, he was also talking to Vampirefag >>11274, who in his right, tries to plagiarize the commission by requesting to put Batoria's head on Susie's body.



No that was my request he did not ask me permission and he should have asked me permission and it wasn't granted so erase that

Also next time he asks me permission before taking over someones requests tell no one to request colour it or anything, just because I draw on pixiv okay I only draw OCs to be together with someone yeah so it's crap whatever,

Next time Speedy05 should ask before taking over someones request he didn't ask without authorisation and I have reported it countless times.



Let's read the rules from the coloring thread together, shall we?

├ Don't be greedy or spam. We'll know.

├ Leave a reference pic for shoppers to select colours from.

├ No screenshot edits. Go here instead >>891

└ Be patient and have fun.

There's literally no rule about doing counter edit requests anywhere in that thread alone.

And as another side note: >>10877



Whatever happened to the month long break you promised?



Sorry it's early okay but I will make it quick before I go,

I have decided as suggested I might draw some peoples requests they never achived and you can count on me to do them.

I will give you guys some more space just letting you know I will do whatever you say and I will see if I can draw some pics for artists they never got only good ones not harder ones I will list what I will draw at a later date.


This was bit to process.


>Speedy05 has broken the rules he tried to take over someones request in Colour/Modify Thread Cake Taster which was the requester for >>9214 he stole the idea and tried to take over a request when he was told not to on >>11279 and >>11280 he is not allowed to take over someones request he has broken the rules ban the user for stealing the request he took without authorisation.

There is no rule regarding supplementing another request for their own needs. It would be indeed a stupid rule to have. Unless it was ill intended, which I don't believe it is, ain't nothing going to happen. So learn to share, Colby.


>Out of curiosity, what would constitute a clean=up?

Mindless bumping (with no content)

long off-topic conversations (mostly drama)

Really really bad quality art

And spamming



Fuck off Colby. You and Speedy need to get a room. Your gay relationship are noisy.


Lincoln, can you spoiler that scat-furry comic in >>11720 pls?


I noticed that we have two comic threads.

>>4799 and >>11720

Is it possible to merge them?



It's not possible to merge.

Besides, the other thread seemed to have just drifted off.



I see. Too bad. It seems that the older thread have some good comics in it. I think OPs should check on the catalog first before creating a new thread.


hey lincoln their is a fight going on on drawthread 7 can you delete the fight and tell them to stop it is taking up space on their and people are bumping over their



Fuck you Colby. Fuck you, your demonic father and the witch who gave birth to you.


File: b4f84b630fdbccc⋯.jpg (81.91 KB, 640x610, 64:61, 1524737195678.jpg)


>That's cause I want a new thread to be clean. It had nothing to do with you.

Why you don't admit that I am right?


I did check the current thread and I notice that the artist from las thread finally delivery my request without care the shitposintg did the troll in the las thread only to ruin that I got my delivery. I was lucky this time to catch the attention of an artist that don't give a shit to retardeds like this autistic kid who shit on my stuff. Whatever, it's just a matter of time

before this troll try again to fool another artist. Why? because he saw that you never gonna ban him and delete his spam of shitposting, and it will be all your fault if for this shit an artist refuse to me a delivery. Really, stop preptending that you have no idea what the fuck is doing this fucking idiot each time that he reply to my requests always saying his autistic bullshit.

>Did you post that Cp via proxy?

Now what fucking excuse you are gonna use to ban me again?

Please read again >>2721 and keep away from me that fucking children molester shit.

Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember?

The only shit that I am doing in this place is requesting in drawthread and sometimes talk a bit in some threads.

>You were very quick to report (unfortunately I was distraction by you're earlier post to take it down in haste).

What in heaven's name are you talking about?

The last time that I did visit this board was 5 days ago when I posted 2 requests in drawthread, on May 2th. I was a bit busy IRL, I can't living with food stamps as YOU will understand. Would you mind give me a bit of context about what happened those 5 days?

Are you saying that I did report something? You are wrong, I DID REALLY LEARN THE LESSON the last time that I tried to make this a better place: I was banned by "Abusing the Report Feature", do you remember?

Since then I don't waste my time and energy anymore reporting the trash of the shitposters.


What If I only did use 5 of my 6 requests in the last thread? Can I use that request in the next thread to have a total of 7 request in the current thread?


File: 0ab7bd7716ccff3⋯.gif (83.19 KB, 379x387, 379:387, anime girl eating corn and….gif)

File: cc959ceb224aca4⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 320x240, 4:3, giphy.gif)

Legit question:

Lincoln, why you keep wasting your time "cleaning" over and over the shitposting in drawthread instead just ban them permanently on sight each time this shit happens until they run out of proxies?

Just look, "they" already began again their shit storm:





With this, "they" literally are saying:

"Fuck off Lincoln, I don't give a shit to your authority. I'll do what I want"

Just saying.


File: 5f892bfae6f3b7d⋯.jpg (363.97 KB, 1898x744, 949:372, dang.jpg)

Cleaned up the drawthread.

And the anon who made this post (pic related), you're a very naughty person.


The only way to insult my authority is by pestering me and pretending to be my buddy... ain't that right?



I don't think that banning them is the best idea. Facing authority challenges is usual occurrence when you are running an open imageboard like this. But I'm a bit curious why you only highlighted only the shitstormfags posts but not the ones who started the shitstorm in the first place.

BO, if you really do want to use the banhammer, I suggest an even better idea that you permaban the shitstormers on sight TOGETHER WITH colby, abusefag, etc (because they literally the root cause of most shitstorms).

Buuuuttt, if you do agree with me that it won't work, I suggest that you put a new, solid rule for future drawthreads to curb infighting by stopping and deleting the cause of it (for example, a repeating requests AND the resulting shitposts that come because of them, not just the shitposts. OR deleting a complex requests from someone who demand too much, it irritates everyone, like colby's request(example))

If you want to continue your springcleaning cycles, fine. Maybe my idea might not appeals to you. I'm just trying to help.



Holyshit. Seriously what's wrong with that guy? If I remember correctly, that bait post was replying to someone named frankie right? I thought that they are just trolling with that anon simply because that anon requested millie's porn. Those train of reports suggested that frankie was indeed colby? Wtf no amount of facepalm is enough for that.


File: 4f65aebaf691b15⋯.png (549.07 KB, 640x480, 4:3, My index finger seems like….png)


>ones who started the shitstorm in the first place

Do you mean that people who is requesting things that you dislike and who always ignore your childish trolling?

>I suggest an even better idea that you permaban the shitstormers on sight TOGETHER WITH colby, abusefag, etc (because they literally the root cause of most shitstorms).

Why something is telling me that you are the same retarded of this scrennshot >>12081 and that you are ban evading right now?


File: c9ea621986112a5⋯.png (278 KB, 1258x460, 629:230, screenshot-8ch.net 2018-05….png)


Would you mind tell me why did you delete my request in drawthread?



So you're posting anime reaction images now, abusefag?



>Would you mind tell me why did you delete my request in drawthread?

Because it was a double-wammy.

1 - The first was a bump.

2 - Not spoilering the bestiality.

Have a nice day.



>1 - The first was a bump.

What do you mean?

>2 - Not spoilering the bestiality.

So I can re-uploaded but this time spoilered?


Why did you delete too my other comment saying thanks?



>Holyshit. Seriously what's wrong with that guy?

>If I remember correctly, that bait post was replying to someone named frankie right?

>Those train of reports suggested that frankie was indeed colby?

You don't need to be an admin to tell it's colby.

Low quality bait still caught a net full tho.



Haha I guess so


I understand that you felt discontent that I didn't agree with your ways but where does that ridiculous accusation come from? You may accuse me of ban evading, but I can also accuse you of changing the topic, abusefag


File: 8d88fec52f70365⋯.png (61.01 KB, 207x195, 69:65, Angry cat.png)

File: e1aa36a81b92398⋯.png (93.21 KB, 1263x340, 1263:340, screenshot-8ch.net 2018-05….png)


Why did you delete again my request >>12102 ?

I did use spoiler this time and I still having 2/6 free slots to request.

Would you mind please explain me why you keep doing this?


File: 0fb2d8f7f1a03b9⋯.jpg (185.75 KB, 1716x720, 143:60, anal.jpg)


So I can't request this for being considered violent or what? then my other one with the horse is ok?



BO have full authority to remove any post. He did it obviously for a reason. Questioning his authority after posting >>12080 means that you are being a massive hypocrite


File: a04887d8d304af5⋯.png (74.82 KB, 224x283, 224:283, ClipboardImage.png)

Ok maybe a stupid question but, Can you do more than one Chain request on the request drawthreads?


File: d71f742dadd123a⋯.jpg (23.88 KB, 225x350, 9:14, b0600731941479c172f82398d9….jpg)


Yes. It's a little confusing but if you make a chain request, that post counts as one request.



Oh, thanks dude.

It is confusing.



The only thing that I am asking is know exaclty why was delteed my post. I have no idea what the heck he is trying to say with the word "bump" when I already tried to post my stuff spoilered and with sage.

I fucking hate when BO just ignores me.



bumping means you tried to bump an old request. Also sagers get no love.


File: 66e0a819cfd240b⋯.gif (1.24 MB, 500x370, 50:37, tumblr_nss1agTYAI1qj5n0uo1….gif)


The little problem is that ALL THEY WERE NEW REQUESTS!

Otherwise reply to that previous request that I am "bumping"



>Questioning his authority after posting >>12080 means that you are being a massive hypocrite

Having eyes, see ye not?

and having ears, hear ye not?

and do ye not remember?

Are you blind or just preteding be reatarded "Fur Teh Lulz" ?



Saging is bad.


File: 098f4aa3b3d0392⋯.jpg (61.65 KB, 749x799, 749:799, 1fe9caf773c310feddcb3455df….jpg)


>I already tried to post my stuff spoilered and with sage.

>and with sage


You deserve every ounce of hate you get.



>You deserve every ounce of hate you get.


Are you even trying?



Reply to that previous request that I am "bumping"



>2 - Not spoilering the bestiality.

So what are you waiting for to deleting >>12153 ?

Second picture is bestiality not spoilered.



You're aware it's the bumping, not the beast. Bumps always gets the boot.



>it's the bumping

Read >>12166

I still waiting to see that previous request that I supposed I was "bumping"


File: edda59aa71d6f95⋯.jpg (502.12 KB, 1049x1095, 1049:1095, 1436709277350-2.jpg)


Hey Lincoln can I start a thread where people who was molested in his childhood can share his sad story? I am asking your authoritation.



For what reason? Closure? Brohugging? Clusterfap?


File: db507f7253ba070⋯.jpg (27.34 KB, 500x318, 250:159, a9fce559a7008f929e8fc749bf….jpg)


Didn't know you were abused as a wee lad, abusefag. Says a lot about you. But the answer is no.

>Rule 2: -Serious topics of pedophilia is also prohibited.


>Why did you delete again my request?

You were still bumping, aka continuously pushing Ravena request. You got a delivery of her, now it's being greedy.

And you saged. Saging is bad, see?

The bestiality was the 3D horse, not 2D.


>For what reason? Closure? Brohugging? Clusterfap?

A victim card.


File: 0ec8c61e760b927⋯.jpg (154.78 KB, 1366x610, 683:305, 354566.jpg)


I wasn't molested.

I only wanted read sad stories of people who was molested on his childhood, I don't wanted make a thread were children molester share their crimes.

And stop calling me with that horrible nickname.


>You were still bumping, aka continuously pushing Ravena request. You got a delivery of her, now it's being greedy.

>You cannot requesting more than a time the same character in the same thread

Why the heck are you saying that as if I am the only doing more than a request of the same character in the thread?

Just see:









Betty Barrett







Therefore, your excuse about you deleting my request because I already requested her one time in the thread has no sense when we see all this other people doing it.

>inb4 you fool t-they are different requesters!1

What if we turn on again the ID post to see if this is true? Only a fool would need such thing to realize that I am right, just see Dendy requests for example: he used EXACTLY the same reference picture over and over, the only thing that change is the file name for obvious reasons


I thought that I could use my 6 requests in anyway that I want, if I want waste my 6 chances requesting my waifu I can't see any problem with that. You are acting as a communist, saying to people what they can do with his money: "you can buy only this quantity of this thing per day"

>And you saged. Saging is bad, see?

On that ime you said bump, therefore I thhougt you was refering(i have no idea how) that I did a kind of bump in the thread with my request, therefore,the opposite of bump is sage, that's why I did use sage in my request.


You still with answer why you deleted my comment saying thanks to the artist who delivery Ravena showing her crotch.

In that topic you have literally no excuse to backup your abject arbitrariness.

>The bestiality was the 3D horse, not 2D.

For fucking god sake, is just a fucking reference picture.

What the hell else can I use!?

I cannot use a real picutre, because is 4D, and following your logic that is even worst than 3D.

If I do I fucking reference picture again using crayons you will say that is fucking cp trace and you will use that excuse again to ban me again.


File: ee33d0a3cac41d5⋯.jpg (66.18 KB, 564x726, 94:121, John_McQuade_Charlie_Wild,….JPG)


>I delete your post because you posted as reference a bestiality 3D horse, not 2D.

And one more time, your justification has no sense when we see all this bestiality 3D horse(not 2D):






Source: >>1246

People don't need be a detective to figure out that your "reasons" has no any kind of logic support.


File: 4534a697cad859d⋯.jpg (27.84 KB, 600x400, 3:2, e3a2a9384aea8c4879a8bb9f58….jpg)


>no any kind of logic support.

Logic support: No one likes you.



>I only wanted read sad stories of people who was molested on his childhood

"I only wanted to masturbate to sad stories of people who was molested on his childhood because I'm a psychopath"



>I only wanted read sad stories of people who was molested on his childhood,

That's the saddest shit I've ever read from you abusefag.

>I don't wanted make a thread were children molester share their crimes.

He didn't say that. It means any topic of pedophifg9iu3j58u35rdfvyh8vgrv


Why am I trying to explain shit to this cancer?



Why you sound like a molestation victim?


I was just a bit curious to see the other side of the coin, because here you only can see how lolis enjoy sex, I just wanted to see how much of this is true.



Except this board is for loli/rule34. None of that bullshit. Pack your bags, you gotta go.



>I dislike black people, therefore, that give me the right to hang them

Go be retarded somewhere else.


File: d1daa1df08169b6⋯.jpeg (41.8 KB, 507x579, 169:193, 397F3DF5-AEF6-4F4B-A6E3-B….jpeg)


>Says a lot about you. But the answer is no.

Kek I love this board.



Ok, this is where I call bullshit, Abusefag. I VERY clearly remember you claiming that, as a kid, you were molested & raped on 4chan's drawthread. Now you're admitting to being a liar (anybody with half a brain could easily figure that out).


File: 6a425f53dfe8a6d⋯.gif (26.5 KB, 200x230, 20:23, image.gif)


>Hey Lincoln can I start a thread where people who was molested in his childhood can share his sad story? I am asking your authoritation.



>I wasn't molested.

I only wanted read sad stories of people who was molested on his childhood, I don't wanted make a thread were children molester share their crimes.<

How does that support what you mean you idiot?

You're a abusefag just admit it.

No one will be mad at you if you just admit it please.




Holy dear fuck, you fail so miserably at samefagging, Abusefag. Without the IDs in place, you think you can get away with it. It's impossible for you to hide under anon, given your telltale spotty English.


File: cfd167f32297fa8⋯.jpg (91.5 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1525801425872.jpg)

File: 036ff467140bd77⋯.png (12.5 KB, 1271x119, 1271:119, screenshot-8ch.net 2018-05….png)



You're infamous for switching IPs on the fly. You're fooling nobody.



I stopped drawing for the same reason, nobody liked me or helped me. Abusefag is being abused.


File: 1c0f78b69736ef3⋯.jpg (62.9 KB, 800x600, 4:3, a5f4f5800d71ec1627b2b216ab….jpg)


Seems like you have low self-esteem.


I wish you my best, and the only advice that I can give to you is that you stop care about what the heck a bunch of strangers on internet could think about you and your art.

Learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart.

Learn to difference between:

1. A constructive criticism


2. An autistic loser who only wants your (You)s



And give me a reason how your comment makes sense.

> First, Btw. To tell the truth I'm not that guy,

I don't like abuse.

<Second, Read before you think computerfag this is the reason why you make a comment when don't know who you're talking to. Bug off for once...




Are you being serious? I am really banned? (I am posting this from my workplace because and I was checking drawhread and I saw that message)

And I was not impersonating a hall monitor, I just was following your criterion >>12202

>The bestiality was the 3D horse, not 2D.

So you are gonna say that posting real children as does >>12320 is ok and he don't deserve a ban?


I didn't report nothing.




>Stop caring about what strangers think of you

KEK. If that were true, you wouldn't have spammed the report feature back in January, Abusefag. It seems you care A LOT about what other people think of you. Your obsession with 'the troll' practically drives you to insanity. You get so worked up over it, that you go out of your way to lie to other people's faces about your past & your reputation.



>Learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart.

>I mean I am SO HUMBLE you guys.

>Holy shit, has there ever been anyone as understated and modest as me?

>I mean goddamn, am literally the most soft-spoken human being.

>I'm basically Jesus.



Good. Let's hope it's permanent this time!



I am basically the Devil.



Absolutely NOT! Just look at the absurdly large appeal of his. Just look at ALL of the shit he slung in this thread alone. He's been like this for YEARS. Not ONCE, has he ever got the hint that his behavior is wrong. Not once did he ever learn his lesson from his numerous bannings. To him, we are all just expendable resources at best. He doesn't care about anybody or anything but himself & his disgusting obsession with those vampire characters. Every time he has gotten a delivery, his immediate reaction is to beg for more. He even has the audacity to insult a mod to his face. I say he's been giving 1 chance too many. There should be NO forgiveness for him. Not for a creature such as Abusefag.



You'll only end up having to ban him again. And again.



Oh for the love of God pls Lincoln. I can only say one word:



File: d749629b3796890⋯.gif (174.42 KB, 220x259, 220:259, image.gif)


No. He's an idiot and you'll have to ban him again and again.

>>What I am saying is he'll do the same shit.

>Don't do it Lincoln.




Reading all the posts here, in his personal containment thread and in drawthread, I summarized that abusefag is a delusional little piece of shit who thinks that the world only revolves around him. Lifting his ban can be the biggest mistake you'll ever do your whole life. So Lincoln, don't do it. No matter what you do, don't end this peaceful era prematurely.



Yo Lincoln. As you may know, I usually use discord as an alternative place to post my requests/commissions. Apparently, there's this new server that mainly acts like a drawthread. Of course, we allow /delicious/ content as well as all kinds. (only thing we won't stand is the obvious real life abuse/cp/gore) Of course, it's mostly artists lurking around at the moment (with very few requesters), but we plan to have a load of peeps/requesters within the next few weeks.

Would you think posting the server link in a seperate thread would be allowed on /delicious/? If not, at least it was worth a try.



Sounds like that would take traffic away from here.






Don't allow it Linc. I've seen what discord does to imageboards like this. Not only they taking away the traffic, discord splits apart people's opinion and make them fight each other. Just look at /hentaiporn/. A few months ago, people was happy sharing palcomix leaks with each other. But then a faggot proposed a discord Poverty server. Right after that, /hentaiporn/ broke up with groups fighting and arguing about discord. What's left of that board right now is people coming just to ask about discord invitations. No one shared any leaks anymore. Not to mention that discord might expose anon's real identity by asking email verifications.



>Ban on meta thread

It is not supposed that meta thread is a neutral zone?,

that even the little Stalin of Tewi know it.



Oh well. Forget what I said then. You do you. I'll just wait for drawthread deliveries as usual.



Still want to follow Tewi's law after what happened to /loli/? Are you retarded?



Piss off, Abusefag.

Stay salty.


You know what guys not going to brag but I am sick and tired of TwistedMisery picking on me,

Oh sure I annoyed him,

I want him to stop or we will take action, I am tired of him and he's giving me stress.

Also for notice I want him to stop,

Also with Discord I was on with Speedy05 and Troskc I think it's best I never do that Lincoln and Lola request ever again I have suffered very nasty stress while doing it, it was too hard and with that issue trying to be a great artist I want people to show me respect as an artist creates if I make future requests,

I will make future request deliveries for artists only easier ones but if they can trust me and show me request if..... rule34 accepts them,

But yes I am feeling rather sad as of late suffering a mindless stress the day I failed, I might probably not request here for a while until that's settled,









Greed is not good, do not listen to Geckos.



Oh and stupid TwistedMisery I am going to kill that bastard for what he did to me!!!! >:(


File: a91949ddd50d3a5⋯.jpg (20.4 KB, 480x456, 20:19, 6fef054f10dcfc6bc970cb2b48….jpg)



Sounds like you did it to yourself.



Worse case scenario you can always commission it.


I have a question, why is abuse banned when this rule exists

>4: Extreme fetishes such as gore, vore, snuff and scat must be contained in their respective threads and/or spoilered.

Does this means that it all has to be contained in a single thread and spoiled? What if I want to request some abuse?



>abuse banned

It was never banned here, retard

>has to be contained

Not really. Have you been lurking enough to ask this question?


A must. Not everyone fap to dead children.

>request some abuse

You can try, but don't count on it.

Btw, Linc. I noticed that some people suddenly came here and promote discord in these past few days. You might want to do something about them before they messed up this board like what happened to /hentaiporn/


Hi on this board,

I think post >>13105 is a troll threat, delete it board owner if you can, I think we are being bullied please erase it.



the reason being I don't want Millie in this drawthread and it's time we had a break from her for now since Drawthread 7,

I don't think it's necessary to have her on this board, and also I don't want the word of me being mentioned, I think it's a horrible troll whom is trying to piss me off, I just want to stop this war please.

Thanks regards CJ


Also >>1 okay just like to discuss something between us if that's fine just this once,

Lincoln Loud or Board Owner I have decided to take a long break from drawing and asking requests on Drawthread 8 and no I don't have plans to request anymore, I have told in >>13112 that I just try to not request anything from now on, when it's drawthread 9 I will be back trust me on that.

But on Drawthread 8 it's turning into a Millie controversy and I don't want it to happen on this thread because it's just getting too out of hand, I know artists want what they get but isn't it time we have a break from this character for once. :(

I do have to agree.





Piss off Colby. Not just Speedy.


Stop bothering BO with your autistic rants


File: 20302ca319e741a⋯.webm (201.73 KB, 1276x720, 319:180, Loli crying after realize….webm)

File: 99fe1fc19aa328c⋯.png (204.41 KB, 776x2355, 776:2355, BAN SUMMER 2018.png)


Hey Lincoln, has been already past half month(14 days) ago since you punch me on my face only for following your criterion and emotions that contradicts your own rules.

Are you ok now?

Your feelings and emotions are stable now?

Can we talk now about this nosense situation please?

I don't consider right that you ALWAYS discharge all your frustration on me. If you have problems IRL that's not excuse to discharge all your hate and frustration on me in this digital corner where you can abuse of "your Power".

Really, a true shame that you don't act in this brutal way against the real shitposters, child pornography posters, trolls an spammers that ruin this great place, really, that's the real tragedy here.



Don't bother trying to be a legalist. That shit doesn't works here.

I was banned only for informing to BO about 3D bestialism(something that brokes rules) on drawthread, and instead get a cookie I got a ban for that.


Don't bother neither on reporting. I got banned once for reporting a ban evader shitposter. My reward for trying to make this a best place was be banned for 3 months "for abusing report feature".




You're obsessive, dude. Move the fuck on with your life.



Great now you can trash talk on Lincoln besides Tewi :)

For someone who 'discharge all his hate and frustration on you", I think he was very patient and given to you a lot of chances, and you wasted your chances every time

Do you see the window next to you ? Jump through !



>contradicts your own rules

Citations needed faggot

>you ALWAYS discharge all your frustration on me

Are you on ice? That is the worst delusion ever

>against the real shitposters

Look into the mirror, you'll see the worst shitposter on the Internet

>ruin this great place

Yep, you almost ruined this place alright. Good thing Lincoln isn't as retarded as Tewi

>Don't bother trying to be a legalist. That shit doesn't works here.

Assuming your post as a hall monitor as soon as you found a new computer eh? Enjoy your second permaban, retard

>bestialism(something that brokes rules)

Stop imposing "your" own rule. You are not the BO, fuck off asshole

>My reward

Yep, enjoy your next beloved reward, eat shit abusefag



Do you not understand the concept of a ban? You are not supposed to be posting here. The image you posted shows that you have been informed of this, and it also shows the date at which you may begin posting again. I don't know how it can be made any clearer. The fact that you are posting right now demonstrates that you have no respect at all for the board. It's like getting imprisoned, picking the lock on your cell, then walking up to the warden and asking him for parole.


File: dc8b2f789ec49b9⋯.png (106.87 KB, 625x626, 625:626, dc8b2f789ec49b9622bf6dba25….png)


>Are you ok now?

>Your feelings and emotions are stable now?

Heh. Abusefag, your ban just subsided and this is how you reintroduce yourself? How grand of you.

>Can we talk now about this nosense situation please?

Okay, let me start.

You continue to insult my authority by suggesting I use capital punishment on users for something that barely scrapes the rules.

>"Why didn't you ban this guy?"

>"Why didn't you ban that guy?"

Ever thought maybe I hadn't noticed it yet or it wasn't a major thing?

Maybe I was afk.

I could have been to the bank.

Shopping for groceries.

Maybe I was busy fucking your mom.

You try to insult my intelligence with this old CP report, a report I (as a Board Owner) HAVE to take seriously because fucking CP

Need I remind you, CP accusations is FAR more serious than someone posting a 3D horse.

I've banned two other people on drawthreads for similar reasons. They used photographic references.

So what did they do?

They refuted it.

They kindly said it wasn't CP and provided sources.

They spoke the truth and I lifted the ban.

And they haven't pestered me since.

(You) on the other hand use that as some kind of victim card to wave around in my face.

>"BO is dumb because he let someone fool him."

Alright, enjoy yourself. You cocky fuck.

So... now you want to insult my mental stability?

>I was banned only for informing to BO about 3D bestialism(something that brokes rules)

It doesn't.

I would have spoiled it myself once I got to it eventually. You were on a vengeful hike to take down others who did similar mistakes.

So... I took down the boy scout (You) and decided not to spoil the image just to spite you further.

And let me remind you. AGAIN.

You're post was not deleted because of bestiality.

It was deleted because one of the request was a bump from an old thread.

And you had the nerve to repost it not long after. Like... seriously?

If something needed my addressing, use the report.

>"BUT OH, You said I couldn't use it"

I said to stop abusing it. Like this (pic related) >>12081

Thanks to Colby, I actually have a reference to point to.

But now let me conclude this once and for all. Here the real meat.

I tried to be open. I give everyone a chance, despite their reputation.

Ever noticed how I stopped calling you Vampirefag/Vampyboy and later began referring you to Abusefag like everyone else has? Why is that? That's because my patience with you has been waning. You can't let go of the past and move on. Even lifting your ban after you proven to me you did not post the CP trace, yet you continue to use that as a fall back to justify your obnoxious behavior.

My criteria changes because you (and a few others) do things so outlandish that I have no choice.

People don't like you.

Your waifu doesn't like you.

My boss at the FBI doesn't like you.

I don't like.

Your persistently annoying.

You snitch, snitch, snitch.

And your intelligence is far slower than you believe it is. Especially when your similes are hilariously garbage.

You're the type of autistic boy whom was born from your mother's asshole because her pussy was too busy.

Phew... I really needed to get that all out. So let the party begin.


Abusefag is banned forever. Fuck Em in the Ass and out his mouth. ♥


File: 46b60dbfb02f77d⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 236x333, 236:333, 3671bb7a66273ff127cb53bf71….jpg)


As they say:

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.


On the drawthreads I leave a request and naturally others leave some after I post mine, But it seems that the ones after me get delivered on whilst I'm passed over. Am I willingly being ignored or are the subsequent requests burying mine?

I'm not trying to bitch or anything I'm genuinely curious.



No one is obligated to fulfill anyone's request.

If an artfag finds the request interesting, they'll take it up.


Did a Craig of the Creek thread just vanish?



Never saw that thread


File: 8a40a06af694bdf⋯.png (276.08 KB, 800x627, 800:627, nigger refill.png)


>Heh. Abusefag, your ban just subsided and this is how you reintroduce yourself? How grand of you.

What are you talking about?

>You're post was not deleted because of bestiality.

>It was deleted because one of the request was a bump from an old thread.

Dude, until today I keep waiting that you reply to that "previous" request that I was "bumping" from and old thread, as I said time ago >>12166 >>12187 and you just ignores me as usual

But why?


Because is not an older request.

How I can know it?

Because knowing that you wanted any excuse to ban me(as you are doing right now) I did decide keep organized all my requests on worksheets in Excel(see pic related), in this way I could be able to:

1. Never requesting more than 6 requests per thread

2. Know perfectly what things I did already requested, to in this way there's no any chance that I "bump"(as youy are says) an old/previous request

3. With this system, it easier know when certain of my requests already pass for the "waiting time" to be requested again in drawthread: we can't post again old requests until has been already pass 10 drawthreads since you posted that request.

A shame that I am the only person who infact follow these rules.

>So... now you want to insult my mental stability?

I have seen in this board how people literally calls you idiot, nigger, and don't give a fuck to your autothority (see >>12080 ) and I never seen that you get mad for that(as you are acting against me right now)

And now you came here to complain about me, only because I said that you punish people based on your emotions? really?

I never said that you are crazy or something.

But for your reaction it looks like I did touch a nerve.


Insult me all you want. The only thing that you are doing is backup my statement about your emotions: 85% of time you punish people based only on you feelings.

This whole diatribe that you wrote is a perfect example of this.

I am doing my best to be a diplomatic user.

A shame that sometimes I feel that this is a unilateral act.

>People don't like you.

>Your waifu doesn't like you.

>My boss at the FBI doesn't like you.

>I don't like.

Breaking news: I don't care.

Really, why the hell I do should care about what "think" about me a bunch of stranges on internet?

Really dude, this is a legit question.

You sounds like a low-self esteem person by "thinking" on that way,

really, what's wrong with you?

really, you sounds like a teenage girl wanting to be accepted by all the jerks from high school:

"Uhh, I need to get the acceptance and aprovation of a bunch of strangers on internet"

"If I hate vampirefag, is because everybody was doing it, I just wanted to be popular"

"please guys, accept me, I want be part of the herd ;_; "

I am not here to make friends

I am not here looking for the acceptance of a "bunch"(is just the troll samefagging as usual) of stranges on internet

I am here in this loli board only to get drawings of lolis.

>b-but you has an awfull story!1

Read >>9046 Until today I still waiting all that "evidence" that support all the shit that this troll says about me >>13236 (you literally are doing all the dirty job for this asshole, you are playing his autsitc game)

Since begin I told you that he is a troll stalker,

and then today he literally admits that he is a troll stalker:

>I will continue to terrorize you whenever I found you in other boards :')

If with all this you keep saying that such thing doesn't exist, then I have no idea what think about you.

There is none so blind as those that cannot see.

And for last time, keep for yourself your insults, because the only thing that you are doing is showing your impartiality related to your feelings and emotions, because you keep saying that you are doing all this as a kind of automaton robocop:

I am just following da rules,

nothing personal kid.

Really, only a machine couldn't see all your frustration/rage/hate discharged on your post. One more time, if you have problems IRL that's not excuse to discharge all your frustation on me.




Fuck off abusefag. Everyone knows that you write post no.12080 and so many other posts that "challenging Lincoln's authority". Your writing, post style and rants are unmistakable wherever you go. I bet that if BO were to switch on the ID identifier, you'll be caught in your own game. (But you'll give off various "logical explanations" as usual anyway). Those posts suggest that you samefagging and creating a fake antagonist to fool BO and everyone else to think that you are a victim but anyone with more than two brain cells won't fall for such an obvious bait. Even I doubt that anyone would spend time stalking an idiot like you. After all, you are a spreading cancer that has infected most loli boards in 8ch. Of course from your cancerous eyes, these people who are annoyed by your omnipresence would appear like stalkers. You act like you are good buddies with everyone but all evidences proved that you are a delusional fuck who thinks that you are innocent and above the law.


File: eb98fcc46df60d8⋯.jpg (245.86 KB, 846x352, 423:176, ban.jpg)

File: 556def6569b0967⋯.png (476.85 KB, 1494x1599, 498:533, Com_Yin_01.png)


I know sharing my opinions might result as a unjustified (or justified, whichever you see it) ban for me, but I know how you feel. I've been in the same boat on 4chan's /trash/. Recently, I've recieved a perma-ban from the entire site on 4chan (not only on /trash/) due to my oversaturation of Yin porn. (even though it's labeled as "ban evasion") But that doesn't justify your actions on /delicious/.

First off, we can see right off the bat that you're using some sort of vpn to evade your life-long ban. Even though I've jokingly admitted to using Tor, I would never use it to ban evade. (which is oddly enough the reason behind my permaban on 4chan)

>Breaking news: I don't care.

Neither does the majority of /delicious/. I don't care about your request, but somehow I'm interested in the actual show itself. In fact, I might think about a School For Vampires idea in the future. Too bad you can't really find episodes on the web anymore.

>I am here in this loli board only to get drawings of lolis.

So do I, but if the request don't get fulfilled within a month or two, commission it. Believe it or not, I've struggled to get a Yin request done on /trash/ recently due to my controversy. But after setting up a paypal account, it's easy. As long as you don't overdo commissions, and have a steady bank balance, you'll get plenty of images done within your life span.

>Really, only a machine couldn't see all your frustration/rage/hate discharged on your post. One more time, if you have problems IRL that's not excuse to discharge all your frustation on me.

I can appreciate your concerns, and I wish I could help you overcome your frustrations. But unfortunately, that's the way the cookie crumbles. At the end of the day, it's up to Lincoln and Lincoln alone whenever you stay or go. You had your chance, and you blew it. Just like how I blew my chances on 4chan.

As for >>13236 and >>13282

I can understand that Abusefag/Vampirefag has a lot of controversy and is one of the community most hated personas, but saying stuff like "terrorize on other boards" isn't really a honourable solution. If anything, it makes School For Vampires requests look like a birthday party. I know I've said some awful things in the past (like the 2014 pastebin, to leaking stuff from Patreon), but even though I still make mistakes, I aim to better myself and others. If Abusefag doesn't want to commission someone, then that's his problem.

I think I've said my piece. Say all you want about me. I'll just stick to the drawthreads (just to post requests, and not reply) and discord. I guess I'll leave you all with this classic Ronan Keating song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8uD5mYnlLw


File: 67da437982f7f2e⋯.png (342.27 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180527-082413.png)


Unrelated, but you do realize you're still posting in 4chan's /trash/ despite your permanent ban?



Yeah, and I was meaning to apologize. But I usually post on 4chan whenever I visit my family members. And even then, that's like once per week.

I'll just leave it be for now.



So you're criticizing Abusefag while committing the same crime he currently is. Stay classy.



You do know that it is illegal to post loli on halfchan right?



Halfchan's /b/ board allows loli. If it doesn't, how come they get plenty of loli threads per day?


File: c3cb49875bf0ef5⋯.jpg (38.56 KB, 640x604, 160:151, 557f03cd2bd2580e8f727b176a….jpg)


>A shame that I am the only person who infact follow these rules.



>Permabanned from 4chan



Just here to announce some more flags. Most of which are sprites from games.

I plan to add more banners to the list too.

If anyone has suggestion, leaves them here.



Wow Lincoln these flags are creative, might use more of these next time.



I don't see new flags in my box?



You might have to clean your cache.


Well, with or without Vampfag this board is still shitty.



That's nice dear.



Because you are shitty



Are you going to do an open call for new banners? /rule34/ folks do that from time to time. They have some great and pretty funny banners as the result. Maybe you can make a thread for artists to submit banner proposals and let anon vote the best banners for you to feature. Like how you did before when you are looking for official /delicious/ mascot.

We could use more flags though. Like representatives for eastern animes, vintage toons, perhaps?



>Are you going to do an open call for new banners?

I actually planned to due so after my next wave of new banners later.

>We could use more flags though. Like representatives for eastern animes, vintage toons, perhaps?




>I am posting this from my workplace

I'm late on this, but doesn't this mean you now have abusefag's workplace IP address? You should release it.



Can't, that would be doxing and it goes against the rules on 8ch. He did leave his email somewhere though.


File: aea78685dd76e2e⋯.png (33.29 KB, 190x205, 38:41, 27.png)


Heh, you sounded like you want to do it if not because of the global rules.


Seems the cartoon vs Anime issue is here to stay.



Only because /a/ hasn't given up their campaign to destroy us like they did /loli/. Ignore their divide and conquer bullshit.



I don't think it is about that specifically it had more to do with Thundercats Roar.



That's not so much a "cartoons versus anime" thing as it is a "quality animation versus shit" thing. Now, I'm not saying people can't like it, but it's objectively shit. Like oppai loli.



That's the thing, people everywhere are calling anything that looks cartoony or goofy "Cal-arts"



Maybe because all the modern cartoons that popularize "goofy" styles were "coincidentally" made and drawn by Calarts alumni? Calarts deserve all the hate they receives for teaching shitty "art" to their students. Now they know that those "goofy" styles won't here to stay much longer. People have been arguing since last year that "stevenuniverse-adventuretime-gravityfalls-gumball styles are stagnating and need to stop but arrogant animators don't read between the lines so now they are under fire for not understanding market demands. Deep down, I am relieved that they make Thundercats Roar in that style and received this kind of harsh reaction very early. This incident might serve as a lesson for future animators, DO NOT draw shitty art, take art very seriously or go work with McDonalds instead, and DO NOT disrespect age-old toon franchises and their fanbases.



It's not about "cartoon vs anime" issue. It's about "quality art vs shitty art" this time. Anime can be shitty too. Watch Naruto, Doraemon, Atashinchi, and Crayon Shin-chan.


(SIGH) >>1

Goodbye Lincoln Loud I am leaving /Delicious/ I think I need to go my life is sad, I have done a crime committed to Twisted Misery the artist, I have ruined his life, I think it's best I retire from 8chan move on with my life, and I think I know Speedy05 will never understand so I declare I leave move on and Lincoln goodbye everyone nice having me, don't you swear or curse me I have had enough of /Delicious/ I have had enough of that life,

I am crying right now as I have let my gard down, I have let everyone down I am not deemed fit for this site, so I am sorry all of you, who will never understand my case who dosen't understand a damn I say and no one cares about me, goodbye and I must go retire from 8chan,


Goodbye Speedy05, until you can learn to trust me again, I will have to move on for now, Goodbye everyone, it's for the best, I can't believe I have been given bad disrespect over people, it's not the end on someplaces but for me it is here is the end of the line for me here on /Delicious/ and /Rule34/ I am sorry Speedy but it's time I retired I am not fit I am deemed unfit for this site, I belong with /Cop/ not here, goodbye Speedy until we meet again and forgive our crimes until you can forgive me again our paths will meet someday.

Goodbye everyone It's for the best.



Good riddance. Never return



If you GIVE disrespect, you GET disrespect. That's the way the world works.



So, the recycling thread didn't work?


A warning to Speedybot05

He is now banned from doing any Mighty B! or Pepper Ann or Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends requests for disonest disrespect towards Pixiv user Colby James on Pixiv for not listening to what he was trying to clue to him,

Speedy is hearby suspended from requesting Mighty B!, Pepper Ann, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends related works courtesy of pixiv he was also reported on pixiv for his many dishonest bullying abuse towards Colby,

The user is unfit for Paheal Rule34, and 8chan and discord and also pixiv, and several of the Pixiv followers are cross saying that 'what is the world comming to' and it's a bad site considering the amount of disrespect towards CJ he had given, Some say that if Speedy cannot show respect towards Colby on pixiv or his works then he should be removed from Rule34 on Paheal, Discord Drawserver, 8chan, Pixiv as he is deemed unfit to be an admin.

Regards Pixiv Staff.


File: 23c0a8ed25b7795⋯.jpg (48.38 KB, 800x610, 80:61, DWMH_SvVMAADU4M.jpg)


>I better check with Pixiv Admins to see if this post is legit dot dot dot



You already know this is more Colby bullshit.



It's quite obvious he knows.


File: b8f4e72a50219dc⋯.jpg (9.2 KB, 247x200, 247:200, watwatwat.jpg)


Wow is Colby actually this dumb? What is he? A manlet-child having too much formula milk for breakfast or something?

Someone need to archive and screenshot this and put inside his ED article.



I think he has legit brain issues.


Fixed the Healthy Suggestions list.

>8: Use "https" for security reasons. No "s" means you get lumpt.

Is now visible on the front page. I was wondering why no one noticed 8 before.


File: ddcb750cab3b73d⋯.jpg (69.87 KB, 404x495, 404:495, Phone Dial Tone Sound.jpg)


Can we talk now?



There's some disgruntlement over the view of toddlercon in the drawthread. Something about loli or toddler own boards or something I don't know. What do you think of this scrabble Lincoln?

















Is every community out there just prone to cannibalize themselves eventually?



I think they should get over it and move on with their lives. /tot/'s not my cup of tea either but I know there's room for leeway.

Could be I have really thick skin.


Who hosts the whole website? It says OpenIB owns it, but I recently got a 502 from Cloudflare.



You're far from home, aren't you?



Cloudflare only manages intercontinental web nodes connection in some countries (especially Asian countries, I heard). They doesn't own any website. If your data happens to stream through one of faulty cables that connect two of their nodes, you'll get that 502 error from Cloudflare.


does anyone know to disable that tryhard gif in the corner?




Herr Lauert is a forever reminder of our sorry lives. Embrace it.


File: 521534f4acad56d⋯.png (76.06 KB, 579x243, 193:81, Outdated.png)


Hey Lincoln. I noticed that you forgot to update the board's hotlinks. We are already fapping in Drawthread #9 and Drawthread #10 is coming soon.

Oh, and we also got a serious pedophile infestation going on. It's only a matter of time before things spiraling out of control. Some of us, me included, feels very uneasy about it. I don't want this board to go down like /loli/ did.




Link updated. An oversight on my part. Should be awhile to see the change.


hey lincoln can you stop the people that are talking shit about artist on drawthread 9 please before they piss off all the artist and make it where they wont draw here anymore please



True. Not just drawthread. Edit thread also. In fact, the flame started in the edit thread. Probably a retard went too far just because no one want to do his request.



I never made a request on either this board or /loli/. I just thought the edit looked comically bad and wanted to point that out. Apparently other people also thought it looked bad or were just trolling, because it sort of spiraled out of control after that point.



It doesn't change the fact that you started it. You were being rude to the guy and that fueled other trolls to do it.

This incident can serve as a lesson to you; if you see something that you don't like, keep it to yourself and move on. Don't be a smart-ass here. No one care about your opinions.

Because of you, probably some drawthread and edithread contributors left this board and God knows whether they will come back or not. I bet you are the only one who's being salty about that edit. Others think that edit is hot in its own way. It's called inverse trap or reverse trap, in case you haven't being educated about it yet.



Isn't the main purpose of an image board to discuss images?


File: 5cc22d9c9d6f967⋯.jpg (41.75 KB, 328x323, 328:323, 4567673321221321.jpg)


Can we talk now, please?

I'm sorry.



File: 9c7c728029f0497⋯.jpg (18.71 KB, 414x393, 138:131, 9c7c728029f049748d67189c2c….jpg)


No. You've been permanently banned. Now go away and never return.



How nice.

Hey Colby, I heard Krappus Dario likes to suck on Shaquille O Neal's big black basketballs now, is that true?


File: 5f14e8b639f7984⋯.jpg (33.62 KB, 474x472, 237:236, leave.jpg)


It's called a PERMABAN for a reason. It's permanent, which means there will never be a time at which you will be allowed to post here.



> muh safe space

Fuck off.

Never been rude to anyone, but don't want to bother about someone else feelings either.

You already have the rest of the internet "aggression free", why do you want to bring that shit here too?





your mom is gay. go suck on your mom's johnson and kys



My mom went to an art college, so naturally 80% of the student body were gay. But at least she knows how to draw properly, unlike some people.



>My mom went to an art college

well, that explains all the autism you got


File: 93279440024a7c9⋯.jpg (46.77 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Godzillaugh.jpg)




Go away abusefag. No one wants you anywhere near 8ch



What does art college have to do with autism?


Where's the animation of Bernd in the bottom right corner from?



It's from the pokemon battle scene with the forest fairies. It's one of his attacks, which is crying.


File: 9c60f2e7761da5d⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1893x2249, 1893:2249, 3e054c6b4e39c98bfb1be29f37….png)

File: e574010b503e08b⋯.png (3.12 MB, 2421x3033, 269:337, eb1ccd4edaeca450f6eb3e836c….png)

Does anyone know what the rose means? I swear I've seen it before. Tournament of Roses Parade? Social democracy maybe? lmao



Why don't you ask Hoshime yourself? We certainly don't have an answer for that.



not him, but do you know his blog or where his contact stuff is?



Hoshime is a she.

Sadpanda gallery






Sometimes, she appear in drawthread. So greet her if you find her. But apparently she has stopped drawing for a while.



why in the sadpanda link II only see a static picture?



>newfag trying to enter sadpanda for the first time

>found a static picture of sadpanda

Gee i wonder why



theres no need to be a dickhead.



Delete your cookies, log into e-hentai.org, then go to exhentai.



Deleting cookies isn't enough. You need to clean up caches, shut down adblock, and change the IP address too.



I never had to do anything other than delete cookies.


>people are talking about how hoshime is a chick


>decide to do some digging

>find out that not only is hoshime a woman, she's a 20ish y/o black woman

You think you know a guy. Sorry if this freaks you out hoshi but I just had to post it.



No, you're not sorry. You've NEVER been sorry for anything...until now. I bet you are SORRY you thought you could get away with your rotten behavior & foul attitude here. You had this permaban coming for a LONG time. And I, for one, am NOT sorry to see you gone. This place is better without you.

But I doubt you'll ever see the light.


lesbian kissing is allowed ?



Why would it not be?


Is cake from fine art allowed (for example stuff from painters like William-Adolphe Bouguereau)? Or is it too realistic?

I posted some old paintings in a thread about vintage cake, but I now see the thread is gone.


>>17145 Gone. This place was really meant for animated cartoons, comics, etc.

The fine art could be a little too much on the realistic side, especially since some did use real children as models.


File: f303b0e71f6df5e⋯.png (48.7 KB, 300x100, 3:1, cake.png)

Can we post banners here? What do you think of this one, too squished?



Kind of squished. Though I could probably play with it and make banner.

Have the source? I'm lazy


File: 1e80d728047517d⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1000x2242, 500:1121, 2615808 - Girl_Scout Girl_….jpg)


It was this pic by shadman.



>Despacito 2

Shad really know to tick off some people


File: dd5921c414486f6⋯.png (50.81 KB, 300x100, 3:1, cake2.png)


better version?



Came here to post this.


“2: CP is strictly prohibited. Including traces/recreations of photographic depiction of real children. Serious topics of pedophilia is also prohibited.”

Seems hypocriticial, isn’t it? There’s Cartoon/Animated CP everywhere and nobody is getting banned for it! But why?



Anon, CP is bad because real children are involved and they're being hurt. Imaginary cartoons isn't CP. This is not complicated. Are you smoking crack right now? Because I don't see why you're so confused otherwise.



Well, I thought it would be a form of child porn because of fictional children having sex, and sex is a type of pornography, isn’t it?



There is a clear difference between real and fictional.



have you thought about making a booru or some sort of archive to safe-keep the contents of this board, or to the very least the drawthreads?




Sometimes some dude uploads stuff to atfbooru.ninja, but it's pretty inconsistent. That would be good place to keep a backup of stuff.


hey lincoln can you help me out i meant to spell wrapping in here >>18690 but i guess the w was not working at the time.

and it came out spelling raping can you help me with that please







Shut your f***ing mouth!

I am getting real tired of your bullshit, the reason I retired from Delicious was because of all the disrepect of what the users did to be on Discord, I am not resuming any works on requests for anyone unless I get unbanned from discord and all can be settled like man to man, I will resume works on /Delicious/ and /Rule34/ when I am unbanned but if your not going to unban me then I will not do any works for you and all people who want requests won't get them.

I am angry at the moment, you shouldn't have disrespected me in the first place and Twisted Misery should never have done that thing on rule34 it was all his fault,


No it's not that's not how it works!


Nope not until I am unbanned from Discord then I can resume works if people show me respect,

You will get your artworks when people like Speedy05, etc show me a little bit of respect but if you don't unban me then I am not going to draw for you on here, then I will call internet staff to shut down Discord then I have all the rights...

I don't want anyone getting in my way at all, I am not drawing anything until everyone forgives me or treats me with respect. >:(


File: f7045259fe812de⋯.png (12.3 KB, 999x84, 333:28, rip.png)


Ah, Colby. Never change.

There are plenty of other servers that you could visit. You just need to find them. I would invite you to some, but that would involve me having to DM you the invites one by one. (plus a friend invite)

And I guess one of the other reasons why you were so-called "kicked out" was because Troskc wouldn't handle running the rule34 server anymore. He has other things to do like trying to become better at art himself. Speaking of which, I hear he's going to be out of town for the next few weeks. Something about doing a favour for money.

Worse case scenario, if a request of mine doesn't get fulfilled, I can just commission someone from pixiv, discord or rule34. For example, I know that there's very little chance of my Yin Yang Yo requests (aka >>18476) getting fulfilled. So I give it until the end of the thread for it to be done. If very little happens, I'd commission someone like takeshi1000. (a nsfw sketch for $15 sounds like a deal)

At the end of the day, we all get a little of disrespect/controversy. I myself had that disrespect when it comes to posting on 4chan's /trash/ board. It's all about either acknowledging (and hopefully ignoring) them, or moving on.



(continued from >>18794)

In fact, I just sent you some invites via Pixiv DM. All I can say is you're not banned from discord. You're just kicked out of a server that was deleted by Troskc.



>I don't want anyone getting in my way at all

>everyone forgives me or treats me with respect

fuck you and your mother then.

>I am not drawing anything

no one like your trashes anyway. stopping won't be enough. you should kill yourself, that should solve all the global problems. with your death, korea, syria, iran, israel and myanmar will finally have peace


This is only a suggestion for the colour thread: >>1046

I know this is going to give me a lot of flack, but consindering that Taylor is reposting his requests even after it gets deleted, it makes me wonder. How come we don't have a rule where you can only request a colouring of an uncoloured image once per thread? (or use the "6 posts per user" rule like you did with the drawthreads)


>muh discord drama

Anything with names always turns into gay internet nerd drama. ALWAYS. NO EXCEPTIONS. For fuck's sake why do you think we're on an anonymous imageboard in the first place? Fuckin A.



this, Discords are undiluted cancer on the best of days.


I'm, yet again, reminded why I stay far away from Discord.


File: 5cdd5e2965ce35f⋯.png (167.93 KB, 479x359, 479:359, 134311310879.png)

Anyone has any info about the legal status of lolicon across the world? I'm scared of violating local laws










Disgraceful all of you now shut up I am allowed to request what I like,

I did not order request >>19276 and >>19321 Speedy05 is right what he says. >>19327 (sigh) board owner if you understand I am not a threat and I hate Abusefag and also his obession for School for Vampires, look everyone I don't keep on requesting Mighty B! all the time and I am an artist I can draw you anything you want as long as you give me credit, I don't want to see another criticism like that again, I can do what I choose but I am not worse as Vampirefag in the 8chan, just to let you know I do art and I don't want to be a threat I want to be good, and also I do draw anything you desire I don't always request Mighty B! everytime, I do Pepper Ann as another idea, and yes I can be an OC obesser but it's of course not allowed on this thread I have to learn to deal with that, or choose whoever I choose in this thread for a user to do, I also of course have plans to have Hey Arnold requests, Loud House requests for future so I might think about that if all characters are canon, so >>19321 Speedy05 if your listening I am not a threat or worse I do want to give out ideas so I won't do Mighty B! all time, I will see what I can do weather Pepper Ann, Hey Arnold, or The Loud House, etc, just to show people that I am not a threat on /Delicious/.



Thank you, I should've known something like this existed.


is allowed kissing request ?



Not with that english?

But yes.



Hi Speedybot05

I have decided to have change from random anonymous because we don't want anymore mistakes whom the user claimed wasn't me,

Also I just want to say I will make some art for users if I desire or such and also I do wish to request anything I just want to say I decided to only put my name to have no more mistakes on here because people elsewhere have often mistaken me for someone else,

I do have plans to put more Mighty B! requests but won't do too much I plan to request more Portia and Gwen in future, and also other Cartoons I am looking at doing Codename: Kids Next Door another show I have been watching and I do plan eventually to as word has it to make our favourtie characters love or whatever I decide, I know I have fandom characters like Numbuh 6 Sergei Vadimovich and Numbuh 129 Adrian F. Van Diest. but however here on /Delicious/ the rules are the rules non of them are allowed so /Rule34/ 8chan and /Cop/ are only the best places to put them on I am afraid, so here I will only post requests of Canon only characters, I know I have to obey the rules here I will follow them and like I always do and will, I also will do Pepper Ann and no they're are no OCs in that I am afraid, and I will also plan to do other cartoon shows if I desire like Hey Arnold and no I don't plan to do Mighty B! all the time it could piss a number of artists off and I am trying to fight that, And I will also plan doing Loud House requests anytime soon as in the planning,

So I decided to change from Anonymous becasue someone claimed it was me when I wasn't that user who requested Marie when I did not, it's obvious people get confused with the wrong names these days.

That's about all I have to say I am afriad.



>decided to have change from random anonymous

stop. you can change your name how many times you want but the only thing that you really really need to change is your autism. and probably your grammar too.

>put more Mighty B! requests


>doing Codename: Kids Next Door

what? now you want to kill those kids in your fictional world war 3 too?

>I know I have to obey the rules here

good that you finally understand that the fucking world doesn't revolve around you

>I will follow them and like I always do

nope you never did. but this is a good start

>no I don't plan to do Mighty B! all the time

wtf? you just said a few dozen words before that you wont be doing that shit. wtf is wrong with your brain?

>plan doing Loud House requests

no thanks. i would rather fap to the original series.

>decided to change from Anonymous becasue someone claimed it was me

ummm pretty sure no sane people in this world would try to impersonate (You)


I noticed yesterday that >>>/3dloli/ is now a thing, so if you're looking for a place that allows original 3dcg then go support them too.


File: 165cfc2e1644e11⋯.jpg (71.68 KB, 337x337, 1:1, anditsgone.jpg)


File: 3a95a306db8a1e7⋯.png (132.17 KB, 284x334, 142:167, mischief_brews_by_makyui-d….png)


Well that didn't take long.



Where do I put the password for deleting a post?


I have a question. Am I allowed to post a oppai loli themed request wave in the drawthread? The reason why I'm wondering is because I saw a few oppai loli related requests in past drawthreads. (some of which are delivered)



No one was banned for ashyxiation.


I don't see why not. Go for it.


It should show up when you select delete post.



Not the OR guy but I'm having the same problem too when I want to delete my posts. The autopassword didn't work


File: 06f0cad5f9b1dda⋯.jpg (16.63 KB, 547x27, 547:27, pass.jpg)


I think the password automatically regenerates after each refresh/post. So, if you want to delete your mistakes, you have one of three options:

1. Copy the password before you post it.

2. Delete it asap before you refresh the page.

3. Create a password for your posts.


is anyone else getting some major lag? I don't know what it is, but for some reason this board's been really unresponsive and slow for me. I'm not getting this nearly as bad on other boards either.



Have you tried cleaning your cache?



helped a little, thanks



how did the owner of /loli/ archive the drawthreads, could you do the same here?



I can request a board backup.



Hey Lincoln, can I post this request again ? >>21382

When I requested it, it was the very of the thread.



Yeah, I forgot to mention that part. Go ahead.






Lincoln please delete >>22068 please on /Drawthread/ 13 I am getting sick and tired of it the entitled 'EUTHANASIA FOR COLBY JAMES NOW' Please fucking delete it that R Kelly S joke is getting too old and I am sick and fucking tired of that annoying cunt and his negative responsices please delete also




Please erase that troll and ban him we have to assume Black Sombreo was responsible for all this.

I was only making Loud House requests for everyone I did favoures for so please delete that troll who saying I must kill myself I am sick of it DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!


File: e8f8f24c7fb4f27⋯.png (64.31 KB, 1875x432, 625:144, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d160207ac6eef91⋯.png (7.26 KB, 276x138, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Nah... How about you embrace the humor that comes with the internet and chuckle a bit.

If not, then maybe I should ban you for abusing the report and threatening to kill me.

PS: Maybe I should ban Colby. He's not very nice.

Post last edited at



could've ban him a long time ago instead of letting him be a retard



What else do you do to lolcows? Milk it, right?



I'm sorry Lincoln

I am just upset because I didn't like to be reminded of my past and some idiot had to come on in ruin it all I wanted to forget it but he had to do it.


File: 4b7658e1b5b3033⋯.jpg (5.69 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 22gaou.jpg)




You realize that's the whole point of an ANONYMOUS imageboard, right? If you have no name and don't act in identifiable ways like making the exact same requests over and over, you have no past. If you do post the same way again and again, it is not your past, it is your present.



If you were sorry then you wouldn't have given me another slew of new reports.

I get the feeling you're not listening to my warning, Colby.



Can you just end his misery forever already? He can still visit and enjoy the board even after being banned. And his behavior won't bother you or other people ever again. Banning Colby is the best solution, a win-win situation. It's not like he is a contributing poster anyway.

And good job locking that lewd book art thread. Many feels like it is just a duplicate of other book art threads and that naziphobic faggot has been getting really annoying.


File: 43b08f5d6c272b0⋯.jpg (222.15 KB, 1283x1915, 1283:1915, this is (You) irl.jpg)



>it's superhard out here for a Nazi


File: 9b908b3a38ee94b⋯.jpeg (3.35 KB, 150x84, 25:14, images.jpeg)



Sorry for bothering you guys again, but an anon caled "A" is currently spamming the drawthread with petty insults. Should we ban him?



Nah, it's pretty funny.

Besides, I'm a little high atm.



No, not yet. Like Lincoln said, it's funny. Lets enjoy it while it lasts


I hope he aren't bothering you with spam reports like colby did


a question for mods. when you guys clean up a thread by deleting posts, does it restore the post counter and recovering more space for the thread to last longer?



Most times it does however too many post can break the counter.


Am I having a stroke or did something change about the board formatting?



You had a stroke.


The Alacrity daemon had fucked up a few threads recently, including my Hilda thread. How excatly does someone use the mod.php thing to revivie threads?



Fixed. You just follow the instructions on the 404 page. How silly of me.


File: 4ee60042d41656e⋯.jpg (11.08 KB, 219x265, 219:265, 4ee60042d41656edaecf5ce3c6….jpg)

Major Rule in the Works

This is a board for porn.

Anons instead choose to talk politics instead.

No one gives a shit. We just want porn.

While telling someone to take it to /pol/ or /leftypol/ would be a choice decision, it's not enough to stop someone from spewing shit after shit of political opinions.

We just want entertainment. We don't want politics in our movies, shows, games, comics, and most importantly, our porn. We want to escape that shit for once. Because this has been a continuous habit on the board that is often used to derail thread for whatever reason I am making a choice decision of my own to ban such topics.

New Rule

6: No politics. Aesthetics are fine but take the hard talk to some other board.

And for fucks sakes, stop taking the bait.



This is a major win for loli anarchy. Thanks BO

>stop taking the bait

little fishes love politibait



You should start banning people (probably weebs from /a/ or /loli/) who come here just to shout "you guys are pedophiles" too. Although it's just a recurring bad bait, some idiots will eventually take it and spark a massive flame war, which obviously going to kill a thread prematurely.


Why do you ban Tor users?



Actually, people who do that just samefag and argue with themselves. It's kind of funny.



Wow. That's pathetic. They must be getting desperate.



It was an on and off thing with me. They had a bad habit of spamming unknown links to spooky sites. You know the kind.

Personally I don't mind tor users, but there are some who just fuck it up for everyone and I have to do what I can to protect the board from getting nuked.


The Art critique thread has been pretty unhelpful for me, I was not helped once, I just got vague critics but never got shown how it should look like or some redlines except at >>19560 but even there he is very, very vague, people keep saying the pose is impossible and the perspective is wrong or that the Anatomy is Incorrect no matter what i modify since i dont know how it should look like.

I dont even want to draw anymore since I always get shat on, the worst thing is that I can't delete my posts because I dont know where to enter the pasword for deletion, and i dont even remember it anymore.

I want this pictures from that thread to be deleted:











Someone will just reupload it somewhere anyways. Why bother?


File: f85c760fa8d9f1b⋯.jpg (83.04 KB, 881x758, 881:758, 6a535da426a9e1ab0c1a114fca….jpg)


Permaban this guy so he stays committed!



I don't care as long as those pics get removed. I also make requests but they never draw them so to me is the same.


File: 78ed9e7340123a6⋯.jpg (109.94 KB, 867x1024, 867:1024, retarded on purpose.jpg)


>Expecting "America's-Got-Talent-quality criticism in a porno imageboards

>Still got some quality criticism but too stupid to understand what they meant




Yes, I AM stupid that's why I was asking for references and red lines, not vague "perspective and Anatomy are wrong" type of comments. I KNOW my drawings look bad, I just don't know HOW they should have looked.



Even if he got the criticism he wants, he'll still moan about how everyone trashes him.


So you're a masochist?



I give up, I just want to leave no trace.


File: 620b00e0568e87d⋯.png (2.04 KB, 77x56, 11:8, ClipboardImage.png)

Alright, knock it off you homos.


If you really want me to delete them, I will. BUT, next time you post your work, I'm not taking any request to tear them down. Either post them or don't.



Yes, please, I promise I won't draw anymore nor ask for anything else.


Lincoln, not sure where to or if I can ask this, but is there someone I could talk to about appealing a permaban? I said a stupid thing I probably shouldn’t have and now my PC ip is permabanned, and the form appeal was denied.

Just wondering if there’s any way I can ask a second chance off someone. Thanks for your time.



If the admin/mod reject your appeal, then the deal is sealed. Unless they have a contact info somewhere on their board for you to reach them, there really isn't anything you can do.


Any chance you can set the board bump limits lower? At 300+ posts the threads start to lag quite a bit when opening.



No. That's your localised problem. There's no need to drag the whole world down just to solve yours.



If I did, it would cut the drawthread and other high traffic threads short. Plus everyone seems comfortable with 600.

Are you using a low-end PC or something?


File: 796e58c0ebab5bb⋯.jpg (209.87 KB, 1250x720, 125:72, 9780316300841.jpg)

Can we request hurtcore/abuse in the drawthreads?



File: 83c58a3b02f1380⋯.jpg (56.58 KB, 460x460, 1:1, ecb975f080241ad5b724f71c20….jpg)

Server error may have cause some funny business.

If you posted something in the past 15 mins, it probably got rolledback.


Can we set up a systm of sister boards? For example if I want a "deliciouspol" resembling MLPOL to discuss stuff like >>>/pol/12371701 then I would not want to disrupt this board set up for image focus, but perhaps we should have something like >>>/deliciousdebate for that purpose of text-based posting of ideas?


File: 4b7aec8d581b256⋯.png (341.19 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 4b7aec8d581b2565e103286ef3….png)


Do it yourself.

We're here to fap. Ja


Is abusefag unbanned for some reason?



That was me. I was only imitating him for keks.



And you think it's a good idea to act like someone who's been permabanned. I don't think you've considered this course of action fully.


File: aaf01508abc6aab⋯.png (33.75 KB, 687x146, 687:146, Ra'ivavaens.png)

What is our rules policy on dick-girls (futanari) or elongated clitorises?



The same as other niche fetishes.


No keks




Since the demand was here, I created a board, but I will not run it, I want someone else to take it over.

URI: youngloli

Title: Young Lolis

Subtitle: Prepubescent Lolis (ages 3-10)

Username: CharlesDodgson

Password: LmlCr5NW5SZn

Shared secret: 31lEcLxYmzK4PRHt (for board recovery)

I also created /lez/, which I assumed would be a success, but it got defaced and ignored, so.



The demand was here because that's literally what this board already is. Besides the Star thread we very rarely have teens.


File: 447d777b4805706⋯.jpg (56.84 KB, 621x417, 207:139, 42214c16b70019e50df64e164e….jpg)


>I made a board goys

>I don't wanna run it tho

>So here's the password

Even Colby wasn't this stupid!!


hey lincoln can you stop the fighting going on please on the new drawthread.















Omitting your own posts from the list? How very 'mature'. Sorry kid. There is no /cake/ in snowflake. Go melt somewhere else. Don't disturb Lincoln while he busy fucking your mother.



12 years old is a woman's prime tbh.


To whomever it may concern, please add to the ban list (abusefag was posting under this IP).


It depends on how soon puberty hits, but I'd say 12 is a bit too early by average. 16-22 is a safer bet, and again, it is heavily different on a person to person basis. In some cases it can be even earlier - 12 is not impossible (I've seen it), but very rare.



How did you know that address is abusefag's?



He posted with it on another site I moderate.



What site?



I'd rather not mention it publicly. But let's just say that a lot of drawfags here used to visit it (some still do).




Loli only? no cartoon allowed?



Guy was using it to spam his noname chan board. It should be reported when seen.



Hey I know that post is old Speedy but that name "A" makes me laugh because you wouldn't have a account named "A" it's not possible on anysite to have a name like that, the name just sounds so funny I could laugh, but that's some months ago done and dusted forgotten end of story.



Oh so I am stupid no I am not!


does anyone have the /loli/ drawthreads archives?

and second(although i think it might start some shit and even get me banned, which if lincoln thinks he has to... godspeed mate, although i do not plan on bringing this topic again)

has anyone else noticed the rising amount of BLACKED(black male on white/asian lolis primarily, although there has been some with mexican, arab and indian lolis to(but fewer since there are not that many lolis from those partswe should remedy that)) on doujins and even drawthreads, even if the requester did not specify a black guy? (maybe is some sort of artist imposed "equality" for black lolis getting dicked by whites, niponese or others(mexicarabraziliokoreochindianativepolihawainuiturk)???)


Damn. These CP bots just come and go, and even though they're usually dealt with pretty quickly, I think we may need some extra portection to help tackle the growing CP problem.

My suggestion is to use tougher verification tools, like google's recaptcha.



That's not for this board to just decide, though I would prefer it not come to using recaptcha to post.



How do you know they are bots instead of some retards with balls?



All forms of art are allowed, cartoon and loli are both tolerated, I'm going to fuck back off to the board and start running it


File: 8ebf40992570f2c⋯.jpg (101.8 KB, 738x722, 369:361, 8ebf40992570f2cd99b9c3d669….jpg)


They were clearly bots. JazzEx, kb and ChrisHanson were purging them all across the site, not just here. They work fast too. Tackled them before I could.

But yeah, it was happening for a few days now.



I'm guessing the best we can do is report them as soon as we see them. I've been reporting them non-stop.


Enabled CAPTCHA for the time being.

I know, it sucks, but anything to slow down the bot spamming.



Cool. Hopefully it'll work out for all of us.



Are tor users still not allowed to post?



With cp bots on the loose, most likely no.


The CP bot is annoying but I gotta say, its pretty nice of him to crop the pictures so nobody gets CP in their history accidentally.



>him to crop the pictures

what pictures???



Hi board owner

I just would like to say this once and it's the only time I will do it, (I know I am ban evading or maybe not since it said won't expire) but I would like to apologise for my actions on board >>12659 which was Speedy05's,

In my defience of that board I'd like to say a few things on >>27845 when I lost my temper that day and a few things about NuMe on >>27850 first off if NuMe is listening,

>Look NuMe first off yes I am sorry I took your Work in Progress pic but I didn't know that actually belonged to you because you didn't use your username when the /Loli/ site still did western and eastern porn requests at the time then if you really drew it why didn't you mark your username as part of it, first off on rule34 I never uploaded it to paheal that would be Tyciol's fault cus he didn't know who it actually belonged to, I did try to delete it but however something went wrong on the account I was using that day which wouldn't let me mark it for deleation when I tried to, NuMe please don't sue me for anything I am not your enemy NuMe well maybe I did hurt people in the past but I can change,

And back to my previous questions look Lincoln Loud or mr board owner sorry I am maybe ban evading and this is the last time I will be doing this evading I only doing it this once to write apologies and also to say you didn't mark my expired date, I really want to be useful by handing out useful requests and such like Loud House and other stuff but yes I know I am in a bad mood since Rule34 on paheal took down some of my art belonging to my best mate Redhand62ink cuz they took one of his works down and a couple of Takeshi1000 works down and I know I am in a bad mood sometimes it's because I didn't want Rule34 to do it but they did and they just got away by doing it yes I can get cross sometimes but I just need to control my actions and yes I may never be allowed back and they will never be another rule34 paheal made like a new site again,

This is the last I will evade but hopefully I won't do that evading again and Lincoln sorry I am but I swear its not going to happen again mark my words. :)




Linc, I thought this idiot has been banned? Is he evading ban or has his ban expired?



Lincoln is there some way we can help shoulder this burden?

I used to lurk the draw threads more often to make sure everything got added to Paheal but lately have been busy and fallen behind and hoped that others do it. For the most part some have but I notice they sometimes skip images.

I fear by the time I get around to it, where I left off my check will be already deleted. I think it was back on 11 or 12 and it's up to 18 now.

I know that archive.org blocks us so we can use archive.is but I don't know if that only archives thumbnails or if it would actually archive the full quality versions of the image.

If someone could do a "download all images" function (I'm not sure how to run that script) and batch all full quality images from all draw threads on MEGA or similar, this would be useful in case we are limited to thumbnails on archive.is because we could match up the filenames with the archive.

This should probably be done in batches of 5 or 10. I can still see the 1st thread but I don't know for how long. The old drawthreads are locked and I would like to know if we can discuss with 8ch staff if there are ways to copy or move or mirror old locked threads perhaps to a different board like /ARCHdelicious/ perhaps


Hey OP and everyone else who wants a friend, I'll be willing to try to be your friend it will be a strict 1-on-1 friendship, I want the same thing as you, I do have a few expectations (it's most about the kind of friendship itself) though and I'm not sure if we can become friends, if you don't mind this don't hesitate to contact me, my email is yuu@firemail.cc

I'll explain to you how I feel about this in more detail when we have talked for a bit. I'm also curious if you have any expectations (just tell me per email). You surely not just want any friend if you could choose, you want some probably which you share hobbies with and which has a character similar to you, don't you? Maybe this doesn't sound like much, but I think it absolutely could meet that if you can meet mine and we could become good friends or whatever you had in mind when talking about friends. Email: yuu@firemail.cc

I really liked reading your post, please try this OP, if you're still there. I'll reply as soon as I can to emails (even if this post is old, I'll still read my emails for it, it isn't just a throwaway.)



File: 1823c69d1a6dbe6⋯.jpg (26.93 KB, 512x484, 128:121, 43b1007a1129ed7521cfa167e8….jpg)


We don't need friends.


File: f41358419144627⋯.png (64.69 KB, 625x626, 625:626, this is bait.png)



So how much do guys you get paid over there at the FBI HQ?


File: 6bf9c1b32b3e129⋯.png (142.9 KB, 287x304, 287:304, e9d3df59d55473cd4755b5ca9b….png)


>So how much do guys you get paid over there at the FBI HQ?

It's pretty good pay, honestly. Pensions could be better though.


File: 30e3a712676c28e⋯.jpg (224.2 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, NSA monitoring.jpg)


Enable user IDs (randomized per thread)

Lincoln would you be open to checking that box for https://sys.8ch.net/mod.php?/settings/delicious ? I think user IDs are valuable for us to easily check if the same person is saying things, or if an artist who doesn't sign a name delivers multiple times per thread. It gives us something to call them too.



counter argument: that would weaken the anonymity of the board, which I think is critical given the content. Sometimes an artist may want to post without being identified.

And anyone who wants to bypass IDs already knows how to do it, so this would only have negative benefits to normal users.


Another proposal

What if we split "Drawthreads" into "Drawthread request thread 1" and "Drawthread deliveries thread 1" and so forth once we reach a certain number? We've already exported a "work in progress" thread to cut down on clutter, but I believe that it would further cut down on clutter to separate the reqs and the dels.

In many cases, deliveries do not happen on the same thread anyway, they might be delivered in a subsequent thread which links back to it, leaving us with the same problem of not knowing which requests have deliveries. But at least with a "deliveries only" thread, it would be cleaner and easier to archive.

In subsequent "requests thread" we could link the numbers of all past requests (I think Lincoln tried doing that a few threads but probably too much work) with a parenthesis next to any which got deliveries which link to the delivery number.


>Sometimes an artist may want to post without being identified.

Random numbers don't do that, unless they post again in the same thread and do leave their name.

One concept we could enact is a different series of drawthreads: "Anonymous drawthreads" where an editor NEVER leaves their name, whereas named editing is the default assumption in the regular ones.

>anyone who wants to bypass IDs already knows how to do it

Not necessarily

>this would only have negative benefits to normal users.

No, knowing who is spamming the same requests, or talking to themself, or identifying artists who forget to sign, is very helpful to common users.


In the drawthread, is it allowed straight shota requests but with an older woman and not a loli?



Straight Shota with older female usually isn't allowed on /delicious/. /ll/ (loli with woman) is though.

If you want to request /ss/ with a milf, >>>/rule34/ or >>>/ss/ might be your best bet.



>No, knowing who is spamming the same requests, or talking to themself, or identifying artists who forget to sign, is very helpful to common users.

The fact that everyone is Anonymous except when they chose not to be, is one of the most welcome features of imageboards in my opinion. Please do not change that.

Yes, it means that one can essentially argue both sides with impunity, or spam the threads, but you can only keep that up for so long before it gets boring. If threads had a smaller post cap, this wouldn't be an issue, because spammed threads would disappear faster. Yes, that means that popular threads also disappear faster, but I consider that a natural cap on the lifetime of the threads. Imageboards are just not meant to have very long standing discussions like those - you need identifiable users for those, which is what you are proposing.



>but you can only keep that up for so long before it gets boring

Johnny Neptune and Aaron Lawson say otherwise.




Neptune is the schizo that shits up /n/ constantly and Aaron is the guy on /v/ that's tsundere for Mark. True autism never ceases and God forbid if you end up drawing attention of someone like Bui.


lincoln can you do something about this guy please >>31175


File: d08ffd14c3ad24f⋯.png (104.42 KB, 489x479, 489:479, d2fabd8460f195801ac0930ec3….png)

Few things I want to announces.

I'm thinking of doing a weekly sticky to give a lucky thread a weeks worth of attention. These threads are the ones sort of lost in /delicious/ inner floorboards with little to no activity. No solid plan yet on how to randomly select a thread but my best option is compose a list and make a public dice roll on this thread. Threads that will not get stickied are ones that frequent the front (and/or second) page on a daily basis, locked topics and/or maxed out (600 post).

In other news; Captcha is disabled for creating threads now that it seems the CP spammer got fucked by the FBI possibly after a few months investigating. lololol on https://8ch.net/transparency.html for October 2018





>a weekly sticky

This sounds like a good idea. After the influx of new and useless threads appearing lately, this will balance out the whole board and possibly attracting more visitors (and more free stuffs lol)

>CP spammer got fucked by the FBI

This is great news.


LL in the interest of promoting variety, do you think a theme for an upcoming drawthread could be rarity-based? Like "only request characters with rule 34 done on them less than 10 times" or similar? An easy check against paheal or rule34.xxx or gelbooru or similar should be done as a precaution.

It seems a lot of request threads get flooded with stuff for characters with hundreds to even THOUSANDS of lewds existing for them already. It really makes it hard to get attention to request for lesser-known mostly-ignored characters, which I think would be a lot more interesting to see from artists.



Excatly. Even though I don't mind a bit of Hilda, PPG and FOP smut here and there, it's nice to actually have some obscure character share the spotlight. Which is why I usually request obscure characters from various themes. (like my Peanuts theme, Wizard of Oz theme, Xmas theme, ect)



Restricting something with a theme will always result in the death of creativity. Let artists decide for themselves what they want to draw. You can't blame them for drawing popular characters because there is a demand for them. Drawing a fan favorite give points to their portfolio where they can use to find commissions and eventually, pocket money. Telling them what to do for free will drive them away. I have lurked long enough to understand this delicate balance.


If you want something, just request it. If you lucky, you'll get it. If you don't, just try again in the future. But make sure not to flood the thread like what autists has done in the past. I've seen plenty of obscure characters get the most awesome deliveries, most of the time from gods such as fuchur, lando, gara, etc.


The key that you are lacking is patience. The current system has been fine-tuned for 20 drawthreads already. It would be a bad idea to mess it up now. The next best thing you can do is create a separate, special-occasion drawthread where you can experiment with.



how about something like "if there is over 1000 images of the character, do not request them" as a theme? Surely that is not too dictatorial a concept for one thread?



How about we just stop worrying about how obscure a request is and carry on as we have been?



>The key that you are lacking is patience.

It's understandable when you have only one chance to get somethimg for certain characters whike others can be requested several times per thread AND already have a higher possibility of getting done.


File: 36777a938512122⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 72519692_p0.jpg)

Why was the CG loli thread deleted even though it featured only stylized girls who look less real than most SFM? Where is the line drawn between "realistic" and "stylistic"? Is this character really considered too "realistic" compared to say Sarah?



I can think of 3.

>not stylized enough.

>they're OCs. (not established characters, e.g Sarah)

>render is too realistic. Difficult to tell if it's 3D

Probably safe to say they weren't safe. Usually the site owners call and not BO's.



Sarah Miller, Clementine, Kate from Kate and Mim-Mim and any loli who's in the SFM (>>31837) /3D Cartoonish Cake thread (>>166) counts because of two outcomes:

A. SFM is basically video game porn of fictional characters

B. The lolis represented in the 3D cartoonish cake thread are from various CGI cartoons/films.

> Is this character really considered too "realistic" compared to say Sarah?

In a word, yes.

And like >>33006 had mentioned, the render is way too realistic for our standards, especially when it's OCs.



>Difficult to tell if it's 3D

You should go see a doctor



I disagree. It's stylized to the point that even a retard could instantly tell it's not real. How is it relevant whether its an OC or not? How does being an OC make it more acceptable? If this is banned, the SFM thread should be banned too. Full stop.



When it's based on a vidya or a cartoon, it gives the site the ability to definitively argue that it is not in any way based on a real child, no matter how realistic it gets. When it's OC, they do not have that ability.



If you actually use that single brain cell you have, you'll realize that game and cartoon characters are OC in some way too.


File: 0e91a37f725ddce⋯.jpg (23.83 KB, 665x574, 95:82, 0e91a37f725ddced4d88c3e4dc….jpg)


Well then maybe you should post them on this board as prior anon suggested. He post the same images too.



Oh wait...



>can't handle the truth

If you weren't such a petulant vagina you'd realize there is a demonstrable difference between a fictional character from published media that is immediately recognizable as invented, and a fictional character that only exists on this one guy's Pixiv page which could be based on a real model as far as the mods have any way of knowing.



>being a caveman facing a wall

What if, Star Butterfly, or Natalia Korda never been published? What if in an alternate reality, Daron Defcy is a porn writer, drawing a porno with Star Butterfly as her titular character. What do you call that?

Oh, if you don't understand why I call you a caveman? Read Plato's 'Alegory of the Cave' in Republic.


File: 272ab7720775116⋯.jpg (29.89 KB, 400x307, 400:307, ABadDayforSirHandel46.jpg)



We're not talking philosophy here, we're talking legal defensibility and the things that an understaffed crew must do to keep this place from getting shut down. If the people that have to make a judgement call cannot say with confidence that a 3dcg image is is based completely on an invented child, it goes, because it's their job to cover the board and the site's collective ass. You can beat your philosophical head against this practical wall all you like and it will not change a thing.


File: 638b87bbba50d4e⋯.jpg (29.78 KB, 400x307, 400:307, ABadDayforSirHandel46.jpg)


File: d6011a20c840fe4⋯.png (1.44 KB, 283x55, 283:55, Sherry Birkin Resident Evi….png)

So is Sherry 2019 going to be a problem like how Natalia is?



Then we should ban all kinds of lolicon, including this board, paheal, and thousands of other websites in this world. Will that makes you happy? Eat shit moralfag



>calling a lolicon a moralfag

I couldn't possibly give less of a shit about what anyone posts, I'm just capable of understanding that things that might get the board shut down are going to get deleted whether or not anyone flies into an autistic rage. What will make me happy is this board continuing to exist, getting pissed off that the people running are doing something they have to do to make sure that happens would be retarded.


If somebody reports the images and replies with a behind-the-scenes infographic every time she's posted just like they did for Natalia, yes.



>If somebody reports the images and replies with a behind-the-scenes infographic every time she's posted just like they did for Natalia, yes.

Well a decision needs to be made about it and not leave it in a grey area for the board.


Question. Can I request, in the drawthread, art based on a character from a live action show?

Particularly Selina Kyle from the Gotham show. I don't want a realistic depiction or tracing, just something inspired on how she looks on the show in whatever way the artists decide to draw her.

I ask because one of the board banners is that pink haired girl from Lazy Town.



I think it's fine. The actress is like 20 or something. So long as your requesting the character specifically. To be safe, go to paheal and nab some pics and use those as refs. That's how Stephanie request were allowed.



Who the fuck are you? Don't start policing the board on your own


Where do you think you are anon? This is a cake board. If you want +18 fictional character, go to /rule34/



dont you guys say all fictional characters are 18 or over



read the rules newfag. and this is not a board to discuss about law and moral shit


File: 4c07219ce068e4e⋯.jpg (36.93 KB, 400x310, 40:31, 4ecb5deff9ba0e873b6599184b….jpg)


Dude fuck off!

BO deleted your post how many times?

Learn to take a fucking hint.



I missed. What is it?



Some asshat autist asking the same question and smearing it in more than one thread.


Can we get a ban on >>33935? /v/'s trying to farm outrage by crossposting on different boards.



What's wrong with it?


Hey Lincoln, may I suggest that you ban all the ungrateful fucks that shitposting on request threads. They don't contributing anything, they littering threads with whinings and bitchings, and they clearly don't deserve to be here, let alone receive anything from this board.

And this is not a new problem either. They have been running rampart since 3-4 drawthreads ago and getting worse every edition. But you are surprisingly lenient towards them...



That's just abusefag. He doesn't know when to stop.

These three for example is him I think.





Hey Lincoln, i just found out that i mistake a response in the DT#21 >>34865 can you edit the 33689 for 33724? thank you in advance


hey i just filter some one by mistake is there any way posible to take the filter out?



On the top right corner of the page, click [Option], select the Filter tab, Clear All Filters.


File: a584d03198f88f0⋯.jpg (24.45 KB, 720x720, 1:1, g6jKK4V.jpg)


Yhank Tou boi


File: 3ef064f6459d9a0⋯.png (125.92 KB, 420x413, 60:59, 8e6.png)

Lincoln, you made my life easier



>it gives the site the ability to definitively argue that it is not in any way based on a real child,

except sarah's face model is literally based on a real child, but you know

who cares about silly facts like that



>who cares

The board mods, when you press the issue. See >>33148 about Natalia. The mods don't have some comprehensive self-updating list of which characters have underage face models and which don't.


Everybody might ought to archive stuff just in case there is a problem with the site going down suddenly in the next few days since /pol/ apparently just started the race war in New Zealand.



So is remake Sherry Birkin apparently.


File: 7774243d0dff887⋯.jpg (61.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 630dd1621a9c3ac51dcdd5772d….jpg)

New Zealand might block 8chan after the shooting the other day.

Will it also mean every Kiwi who visits 8ch will get a visit from The Man?

Could it mean Colby James (also a kiwi) is being tracked now.

Loli content is illegal on that little island; what's in store for him?





I have his last home address (most likely his mother's, and coincidentally close to Christchurch), should I report him to Interpol?


File: 263dae5899a66c3⋯.jpg (31.69 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 600px-KappusFace.jpg)


As much as I hate censorship, this whole ordeal is hilarious. New Zealand and their retarded big brother Ausfailia are blocking everything. Colby must be freaking out right now.


could you archive the drawthreads(both the pictures and the thread itself) in individual rar/7z like what they used to do in /loli/?



Not the admin/mod/whatever, i'm the person who used Minako's art on that RP site you chatted with before. Just hope all is going well on your end, Holly.


File: b33356c38ade8bf⋯.jpg (25.89 KB, 501x484, 501:484, DWSTba9VMAAVxTt.jpg)

Sorry to see you go.

If it makes you feel safer, I nuked your IP from the board. Anything else that may surface, I'll take care of it.

Just know you're always welcome here.

♥ bye bye.





As a suggestion, you should include Sofia The First in the title header. I also recommend adding >>>/trapshota/ in recommend board, because it is a similar theme board.


File: a721417303d81ff⋯.jpg (432.26 KB, 1200x1112, 150:139, 43543543444.jpg)

QUESTION is there any way to auto-load the images of a thread in the moment they're posted?





cuz fuck java



I don't see what's the point of having a giant red sage appear every time you don't want to bump a thread.



Good. That means that it's working.



You know this thread is pinned, right? Sage does nothing here.



Whaaaaaaaaaaaat??? How preposterous!

Next time you'll be telling me that the ch in 8ch is short for chan! Quit being ridiculous!



Then why do you keep doing it? Sage is a way to avoid bumping the thread, not an insult.



Not bumping a thread is an insult



If it's an insult, it's insulting yourself because you don't think your post is important to warrant bumping the thread. On 4chan I would use nokosage all the time to make it invisible, but that doesn't work here.


File: 1850529df19bcd7⋯.jpeg (17.03 KB, 270x320, 27:32, 921e3763-66d8-4a6f-be24-c….jpeg)

since article 13 passed and Britain passed the porn license bill, how many euro anons will we lose?



A lot, obviously. All of them won't be missed anyway.


Yo Lincoln, You think you remove this post over on the Fat/Chubby.



Thanks mate.




maybe reddit can answer



>how many euro anons will we lose?

Maybe Fuchur. Who knows how many more.


Hello, Lincoln, I'm working with a Comics and cartoons board and I'd like to get some advice about it, like how to male it work and progress, do you have a contact mail?



This seems like a trap.





Will you shut up about me I am sick and tired of people criticising me, I had nothing to do with this I never caused it nor was I involved I was shocked the day it occured and was at home,

I had nothing to do with it and can we all please shut up and just forget this and move on.



Fuchur isn't anon. He's pretty well-known. And he hasn't producing anything since a few months ago. But I'm pretty sure he is smart enough to work around the law


Ban evade alert! This faggot need to be given a permaban hammer asap



>Ban evade alert! This faggot need to be given a permaban hammer asap

And so I have

I probably shouldn't have come back but I did I only did this becasue I was cross over some idiots taking the blame on me it's not okay to blame me on >>36035 >>36074 and >>36221 I probably admit I shouldn't have done it guys.

I do want to come back and give out requests only if people can admit I never did steal NuMe's work he had accused me off. first off I never knew about his site nor was I aware of his creation that was in progress, second I didn't go on his site nor was I aware of it, the person who uploaded it to /loli/ was a troll who ruined my reputation and he suceeded in betraying my trust to NuMe which I lost completely until NuMe shows some respect and trust me again I have had to give him space and stay away from him until he does,

NuMe can't go accusing me for stealing a Work in Progress pic I didn't take from his site yes I saved it while uploaded to /loli/ but tyciol made the mistake to uplaod it to rule34 which he did, I am shattered broken and in tears,

I should never been banned it was wrong for NuMe to accuse me, okay then Lincoln Loud go ahead believe in that liar NuMe's words I don't give a damn NuMe lied to you go ahead believe what you ought to hear do it,

Just to let you know I am trying to be a good artist I do I do not want permaban but I am afraid it's going to happen.

I apologise for Ban Evasion but please Lincoln give me a ban upto 8 months I can change in these 8 months time enough to give you space I swear if that's what you want I want to change and I want to be a really good artist proove to you I am the best.

Please remember in the future to never talk back at me like that again I have marked reports on you before to stop accusing me so please start acting like it.



>I can change in these 8 months

I've known you for years but you never change. What makes you think 8 months will change you? Unless you want to spend 8 month in jail, I can report you to Christchurch Police Department.



You're banned right now and you're still posting, what good would another ban do you? Why would that ban magically work when this one isn't?


File: 5417656d9374bdc⋯.png (2.24 KB, 160x26, 80:13, shut_up_colby_james.png)



I don't understand 90% of this gibberish


I just posted 5 Simpsons related chain requests in a row in the latest drawthread (#23). However, as you've seen in previous drawthreads, that isn't usually the norm. I usually post my requests every 50/75 posts, but since I already had the Simpsons ideas prefixed plus Lisamania is still on until Sunday, I've decided to mix it up a little. I did asked the thread beforehand though, but since no one replied, I ended up posted 5 chain requests, and leave any future requests for drawthread #24. I did follow the requirements, and did not go over 6.

I wonder though, are we allowed to post 5 requests in a row every now and then, or would that lead to a warning/potential ban?



Nope, Speedy, you capped your own knees.

Have a nice day.



I see. Thanks for letting me know.


File: 20eb846a570c7cb⋯.jpg (8.13 KB, 314x301, 314:301, frank_what_is_this.jpg)


I don't understand.


File: 19f47f645c9cad2⋯.jpg (205.17 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 8aa257ae44303a76979f091c78….jpg)


Don't try to understand; keep your sanity.


File: 153e768044143a9⋯.jpg (59.71 KB, 328x399, 328:399, IMG_3620.JPG)


Thanos died saving the universe






Actually Thanos died trying to destroy the universe after realizing that killing half isnt enough it was Ironman and Black Widow that died saving the universe



That sounds really stupid.


3DCG is of questionable legality in many *states* in the US, even if you want to argue about 1st amendment, the point is that you would have to go to court and argue in favor of publishing painstakingly created 3D images of children having sex with horse or beheaded while being raped by monsters and things like that and there is literally no one with a public website willing to do this.

Thats why most reliable sources of this type of content have paywalls or indirect barriers to immediate access, or located outside of the US (ex Russia).

Exhentai and Lolicit both have, at least minimal, barriers that keep the average person from gaining access.

ATF is garbage and is 90% Illusion Honeyselect by weight, with the remainder being randomly reposted content from Lolicit or Rurikon or some assembled collection of the list of authors known to create this type of content.

Rule34, Paheal, etc. are 99.9% video game characters

Pixiv is really the only site that is publicly accessible (at least without jumping through hoops) that also has broad, new, 3DCG Loli content.

However, they periodically expunge content, ban creators, and create arbitrarily enforced policies of censorship. numerous known authors of 3DCG Loli content have been removed from Pixiv and/or forced to censors their content (example: Badonion)

Even Patreon has expunged a lot of creators, and for less (bestiality content is is against their rules now)

Ever since Rurikon.eu was shut down those people are extremely careful.


Do you have some kind of backup board in case 8chan kicks the bucket?



There are plenty, if you know where to look.


File: 2ef464d183153e0⋯.jpg (41.52 KB, 496x317, 496:317, 2ef464d183153e090c4e83d0e4….jpg)

Is bumping a request the equivalent to cutting in line?


File: fc66db8839ab2cd⋯.png (272.23 KB, 1287x571, 1287:571, Untitled.png)

File: 9b1db8a3271c52d⋯.png (12.96 KB, 694x171, 694:171, Unwd.png)

I may be controversal to some people, but even I think Colby is acting a bit strange recently. From pretending to be someone else, to spamming the prostitute thread with his own drawings, to even claiming that I've posted a pic of Millie x his oc when it's implied that she could be getting fucked by anyone. (Ben Higgenbottom, The Hippie from Mighty B!, a green anon, ect)


We all know that he likes to draw stuff/pair his male OCs to female characters, but to most people he can be a highly controversial figure. Say anything bad about him/try to commission canon Millie porn and he'll snap you like a twig. I would save the chat logs from Pixiv/discord, but I want to discuss what happened recently.

Now, I could understand that he wants to get better at drawing, but since he sometimes traces artwork and draw them in a odd-looking manner, it's considered to be cringe art to some people. But I gave him a benefit of a doubt, and try to give him tips by at least tracing something with a small body. He then claims that I was jealous of Millie despite the fact that I was only trying to outweigh the OC stuff with proper, canon r34

And so, I posted a colour request via the latest Color/Modify Thread. He didn't take it too well. https://8ch.net/rule34/res/2649.html#44723

Thankfully, a friend from pixiv is currently colouring the sketches, so expect something out of it in the next few days/weeks. If I was in the wrong, I apologise for my actions. But claiming that I'm jealous of Millie despite commissioning/requesting loads of other obscure lolis is outright appalling.


Speaking of cringe art, this is for that particular artist who's been around for years trying both western and eastern art while being an all-around friendly and creative dude:

Please, for your sake and others, take some lessons. Draw some inanimate objects,crack down on getting the feel of shape theory. When you've been around just as long or longer than other known artists in delicious doing art consistently, there is no reason that you should not be at the level to make money from commissions when you so choose.

You can do better for yourself, and this goes beyond making people happier with your deliveries. Art is a passion and a beautiful thing to pursue. If you love drawing so much then try to take steps towards pushing your abilities to the limit!



literally who?


Is Lincoln dead? Why colby is still around?



The Hunger Games host.






You mean the ghost host.



Don't know what you mean by that but whoever held and delivered for the first game has been around since the beginning and has not refined any since then. Practice makes perfect but that practice needs a direction, and it's a shame there is none since he clearly has the passion and potential.



Some shit are was posted, You think you can remove it Lic?





Pick one



>The fact that everyone is Anonymous except when they chose not to be, is one of the most welcome features of imageboards in my opinion. Please do not change that.

Enabling userIDs does not make the board non-anonymous, it simply assigns a randomly generated alphanumeric string to the poster so that you can tell if they made other posts in that thread. You will have different strings assigned in different threads, so it only allows inside-thread tracking, not cross-thread tracking.

Mister Loud...

I realize you are able to view samefags but since artists are not able to view that, I think that would be welcome information to them. This way, for example, they will know if someone claiming to be the requester gives feedback that it is actually the requester doing so, and not an impersonator.

Or, for example, even though 5 requests are allowed per person per drawthread, perhaps an artist seeing that a person has already had a request fulfilled might want to prioritize someone who hasn't had one fulfilled yet.

Or, as a third example, in the new "hunger games" series, the OP has expressed an interest in limiting things to 1 request per person per thread, so it would be easier for that to be fairly oversighted if we could click the ID code and see all posts made by them in the thread.

I don't think it's a threat to anonymity, it just helps resolve concerns/disputes about people getting undue representation. I say this as someone whose cumulative requests prompted this new rule which I don't think should be applied until HG3, but if it's going to be applied against obvious cases then it should be applied against less obvious ones too.

I realize that ID codes can be reset by changing IP address but at least we should make it harder to samefag, and make it easier to report to you for people who notice it.



Yeah, as an artist there have been numerous times I've not done requests because I suspected spammers.



spammers are unavoidable, but at least if we had IDs then someone going to the trouble of resetting their IP to get a new ID would at least be slowed down and showing true dedication, and it would cut down on the noobs able to do so.

If an artist is truly concerned about giving anonymous deliveries (not having deliveries connected to each other) they could reset IPs, but I don't think most care about that.



Speaking of spam, now there's this spammer going on about cows or milk.


File: 688d00d09ee890f⋯.png (779.85 KB, 1024x1115, 1024:1115, ld6kcugn0fn21.png)


File: 34c1b7c843c48fb⋯.png (23.11 KB, 530x122, 265:61, Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at ….png)

Tried to make a new thread about a specific show and got this error, are new threads really disabled for anons at the moment?

Don't really get the "caps only" thing



Let me see what's up.


Pulled our board from the hunger games played in >>>/sudo/, there really is no need for us to be there as we're a moderately popular board.

I'm assuming speedy posted it, but you'll only draw in the wrong crowd with your poor messaging.


Should be fine now.

Update: I forgot to mention the thread creation has captcha enabled. Was to slow the cow botting. Sorry for not bring that up.

Post last edited at


File: e6bace9d2cbceb2⋯.jpg (67.6 KB, 736x831, 736:831, bwef32rv2.jpg)

File: 513ab64c1c4c0c4⋯.png (3.11 KB, 500x77, 500:77, unoriginal.png)

Trying to upload something to the Vintage Cake thread but I'm getting this message. Never gotten this before. The board doesn't like what I post? :'^(



Trying to post in the MLP thread and I'm having the same problem.



Posting the thing too many times and robot9000 will automute.


Q for Lincoln.L:oud...

I used to be very dedicated to backing up drawthread deliveries on Paheal. When my right mouse key jammed, I switched to mousekeys on windows and kept doing it. I couldn't do that anymore once I switched over to a Linux system and fell very behind on my checking.

I was on Drawthread 13 so I have 11 more to check. I recently got a working mouse so with my right clicking for 'Copy Link Location' enabled again I can do it with competent speed... but there's so much to go through!

I was wondering, since I know other users have already backed up the majority of the art (I just like to double check, sometimes one will get missed or a backer might not like it and opts not to archive it) if there might be some ways of helping check which deliveries to drawthreads are already on paheal.

Like some means of tagging posts so that those which do have a paheal ID number associated with their backup is somehow displayed so I know to skip it. Otherwise, the only way I can check is by typing stuff like the artist name (when provided) or character name to narrow down and visually check if it's there or not.

That or, if I just try and submit everything it will usually detect dupes and tell me. But that's very time-consuming.

I'm thinking maybe the fastest way is I try to upload all deliveries and then go back and fill in data for ones which actually upload blank, unless you can think of a faster way?

I was thinking maybe a thread dedicated to "alt hosting for past deliveries" and we list all paheal ID numbers in order which were generated as a result of a request here.



Sorry. I wouldn't know. I normally allow the thread to go as is. If it makes it easier for you, use the links in the OP post for the latest drawthread so you don't have to swim through the catalogue. You can press Ctrl+F and type in "+delivery" or just "+del "to navigate to find each drawing. Though I will note, not all deliveries were tagged, so you may have to do some scrolling but it should help cover most of it.

Sorry if I'm not too helpful; I've been dealing with bot spam for a few days but I hope that helps.


Guys regarding toddlercon/babycon such as >>22404 even if this is presently allowed here I thought it might be interesting to think of an external posting site since places like paheal refuse to back it up. Does anyone know any similar booru-format type things where we can consolidate such deliveries' archival?

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