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File: daa23823beb9898⋯.png (229.73 KB, 475x600, 19:24, deliciouserotica.png)


Hello and welcome to Delicious Erotica, a thread for all stories of dirty and delicious cake. If you're not a writer yourself but have come across good stories outside 8ch, feel free to share them here. Just apply some of the formats below.

Remember, both Global and Board rules still apply.


- These are the recommended formats to use when posting stories here on /delicious/.

├ First; Title your story with (==Red Text==)

├ Second; Summarize your stories with Green text.

├ And Third; Tag your story with Pink text.

├ Warn readers if your story has gore, vore, scat, etc.

├ We allow straight and lesbian Cake.

├ Post a pic to give readers a visual representation. 2D or 3D only. No photos.

├ If stories are outside of 8ch, post links, but remember to tag and summarize them. Also leave passwords to locked stories.

├ Spell-check, because everyone hates reading a mess.

├ Add +BETA in the subject title if you need beta readers (i.e, anons) to check your story. Expect criticism.

├ If you hit your character limit, we recommend posting your story on FanFiction, AdultFanfiction, Ghostbin, or Pastebin.

└ Have fun and enjoy.




Late Night Swim

>On a hot summer night, mom invites her daughter for a little swim under the stars and maybe show her a few tricks.

<Lesbian, Milf, Incest, Mom and Daughter


Once upon a fucking night, blah blah blah, you get the idea...

Post last edited at




>alex and her father try to wind down christmas with a bedtime story.

<loli(of course), incest


>Old ass piece I'd written, but I can't stand seeing a blank erotica thread.


If anyone cares, there are some excellent stories on ASSTR. The main collection of cake themed stories on the site is called Loliwood, but as it has loli in the name google has delisted it. A workaround exists:




Loliwood has been dead for years now.



Loliwood might be dead, but there are a bunch of collections and author sites that are still quite active.

>One of the main guys behind Loliwood.


>Mix of loli and shota stuff (both straight and gay)


>Mainly BDSM shit and cringy poems/song lyrics


>Seem to "play it safe" with tweenage/early teen stuff.


Has some other fetishes in it as well.


Pure yuri loli.




Loliwood is back:


Also, Renpet is the best loli author.




thanks for noticing. our next story update coming this week.


File: 767a3392e872616⋯.jpeg (139.18 KB, 510x594, 85:99, 410f546c442300aca2e09a8f1….jpeg)

Not OP, Moved from >>6096




Poster here.

Bored af and home sick from work, might try to re-write this story since I deleted the original sadly.

Gimme a few days, I'm a slow writer.


Post last edited at



Hey, I'm actually the OP and thanks for relocating my post.

I was gonna go that but you did it for me! Cool.



Is asstr down again?


File: 532b3a1deeca9cc⋯.jpg (63.99 KB, 946x467, 946:467, asstr.jpg)


It's not down, it's just their certificate expired. You can still visit the site if you want with Internet Explorer.


Can I make a story request for someone to write it for me?

I had an idea involving the Dragonborn from Skyrim, a homeless loli, and lots of mead.


I'm writing a smut fairy tale based off the Little Mermaid and I'm trying to mimic the writing style of those times they were written. It's not finished, but I want to know what you guys think so far.


Deep in the distant sea, a vassal of water so blue, so dense, and so full of life. A mermaid charmed her youngest of daughters, Ada, a story of a mermaid, a little mermaid. One who sought a prince at the price of losing her voice and bare pain in her feet and legs just to be with him. Yes, feet. Something only humans have. Something the little mermaid traded her tail for. This was not all she sacrificed. Her life expectancy has dwindled to the likes of a human. Mermen and mermaids lived roughly three hundred years, but have no soul to continue afterward. Souls were reserved for humans and gifted to them in exchange for their short lifetime. A mermaids hope for a soul can only be granted to them if a human prince loves her more so than his mother and his father and a priest to wed them as husband and wife. A nil proposition many have tried and many have failed. Including the little mermaid. She would not wed her beloved prince, for he did not know she was the one who saved him and she did not tell him for she cannot speak. Accepting her fate, she died at sunrise.

Though the mother told this tale to her youngest kin, she couldn’t fare breaking her poor heart with a bleak ending. She recant the finale of the prince coming to his senses and marrying the little mermaid and she lived on with him happily ever after.

The daughter smiled, wondering if she too could find a prince to marry. She had plenty of time to prepare, after all she was only a child.

One afternoon, on the eve of her sister’s fifteenth birthday, she was told once they’ve become of age, they too can surface the water and admire the world above the sea. Many have returned with great detail of the trees that swayed, the clouds that float, and the human children would play.

Ada had very much hopes of going above to admire and to be awed, but she was forbidden for she was far too young. Her sister hugged poor little Ada and promised to spoil her with everything she sees. This sooth the ill in her heart for the time being.

The following day, Ada watched her sister drift away to the surface far above. She waited and waited until the sea darken and her sister returned with a smile she never seen her have before. As promised, she told Ada everything she saw. The ships that sail across the water, the forceful rivers that led to the green forest, the mountains with white tops, the sky so endless that change hue as time pass. The cities that gleamed like stars at night and the songs the birds sing. But it was the humans that was most interesting to both she and Ada. She describe how she watched the children play by the riverbank, humans that go to church, and even a man and his lovely maiden passionately mating in secluded trees.

Ada was excited but most envious of her sister for she too wanted nothing more than to witness the world above. Her sister saw the sorrow in Ada’s eyes and promised to take her to the surface so long as did not tell anyone.

The sea bleaked as the family of mermaids slept in soft weeds. Ada and her sister advances quietly above to the surface world. This would be a rare feat. Nine year old Ada will be the youngest of her kind to see the human world.

It was as beautiful as her sister described. Even with the sky so dark, she could see the people in the glowing towns on land.

The sisters swam closer to see clearly the roads people walked and the homes they lived in. And through the river and the springs to awe at the trees and the mountains. Ada loved this world. More so than her own.



I'll admit, I'm that 1 out of a million people how still hasn't play Skyrim.


I've posted my work on /loli/, now I'll post here:

"Purple Haze, Up My Ass!"

A 9yo girl describes her first time with an older boy.



"Blue Boy And Me"

A little girl narrates her love affair with an imaginary friend who turns real.



"Day Of The Diaper"

Left home alone for several hours, 10yo Lilly finally gets to enjoy her diaper fetish. But not all goes according to plan...




File: e9d5c8128764cc1⋯.jpg (445.41 KB, 989x1280, 989:1280, anonympc-magicmarker1.jpg)

Among my many stories on http://www.asstr.org/~AnonyMPC/ one of my more popular ones is a story called Magic Marker (inspired by this pic by Danaume), about two siblings who find a magic marker that really is magic- writing a word on someone makes it true.

Well, if you've read the story before, or havne't and find it interesting, I've now released Book Two.





>Alternate world where sex and snuff is commonplace

<pedo, snuff, incest, beast, free use, abuse, scat etc.

I am a snuff, free use, mysogyny, pedo writer. This is the fictional world of SnuffWorld:


I would like to write you a story based in SnuffWorld.

Maybe you want me to alter a scene from your favourite TV Show?

Maybe you have a scenario in mind?

Maybe you want me to rewrite another story you like, but base it in SnuffWorld?

Maybe you'd like a celebrity to star in SnuffWorld's version of Hookup Hotshot?

Give me a snuffworld scenario and I'll write it for you!


File: 3035ce2dada159f⋯.jpg (257.38 KB, 900x1073, 900:1073, 60085798_p1_master1200.jpg)

Anyone know of any decent /ll/ stories?




I'm bored, anyone have any writing requests?



General prompts or are specific fandoms allowed too?



eh, you can hit me with whatever, but I won't do any of the fandoms I don't know.



Might be too gay but how about the other wrestlers of Earth Rumble 6 taking advantage of Toph's blindness and jerk off to her in the locker room while she's present?




I'll see what I can do



oh, right, what are their names?




Xin Fu (manager and former champion)

Aang (current champion)

The Blind Bandit (former champion)

The Boulder

The Big Bad Hippo

Fire Nation Man

The Gopher

The Gecko





Not much, but I'm really only goin for shits and giggles. Anyone else want anything?


File: c60444eda462dec⋯.png (3.69 MB, 2270x1640, 227:164, bouldertophD.png)


damn dude, that was seriously good for a short little drabble. Here's a little reward, an old commission I had made a long while ago that I rarely see posted and is sort of relevant.



nice, man



Still up for requests? I was curious if you could write a Legend of Korra one, where Jinora is spying on Mako and Bolin as they're living on Air Temple Island during season 1, with the two bathing in the men's bath.



I don't really know that much about korra, or avatar, but I'll give it a go.




Again, it's pretty short, but I don't really know the cannon too well.



Ah, could you give a gist of what shows or properties you know?

Either way, for not knowing the canon well it worked pretty good I'll say. She's a romantic in the show, reading romantic books and she ships the main character and such so thought that would be fun to explore.

Thanks again, both stories have been great!




I'm familiar with a bunch of stuff like ruby gloom and gravity falls, and early fairly odd parents and simpsons and the like, but I know I couldn't come up with a complete list, either.



Ooh, Gravity Falls eh?

I would kill for some Robbie x Mabel stuff!



Ah. Now that sounds fun, I'll be back.




I think it turned out well. Fun to write.



Hey, sorry for the late reply, was playing Overwatch. Real nice there, wasn't expecting something with so much layer to it, being a sequel to the series and much more heartful than I expected. Well done for scratching a shipping itch that is very rarely acknowledged!



Thanks, it was fun to imagine how it could've happened and how it would've been like.


File: 1c1ace974dd9c51⋯.jpg (485.55 KB, 1096x1242, 548:621, 005_RobbieMabel.jpg)


For you.

And if there's still time, since I saw you liked early Fairly Oddparents, any chance for a lewd version of the episode where Timmy wishes for Vicky to be younger than him?



Also, do you have a tumblr or an account of some sort where you upload your writing?



The madman



I heard that loliwood is dangerous because they are supposed to have links with darknet websites.



we do not, though I am not sure how such ties would make us dangerous.


A sweet story a lot of you will probably enjoy:




The story’s so adorable, but I hate stories like this that take FOREVER to get to the sex. A couple scenes here and there, maybe some suggestive stuff with the cute neighbor girl, but I’m on Chapter 16 and barely anything has physically happened.

Yeah, it’s well written and all but I was just hoping for smut that cuts right to the chase.


Did anyone save anything from /r/AgeplayStories before it got shut down? Specifically Brianna_Dewar's stuff?

I know I know, Reddit reeeeeeee, but that subreddit was pretty good. And it was shut down without warning by Reddit admins so no one knew to save anything. But stories by user Brianna Dewar were my favorite. She was creating a literary universe, like Marvel with their movies. Each story took place in an alternate dimension and there was lots of incest, Loli, Shota, beastiality, etc. She took requests too which was amazing so each story felt like it was specifically tailored for you.



That sounds awesome!



I looked up the name and found the user and her reddit. I still don't know how to reddit.



Yeah I found her Reddit too but unfortunately her posts were deleted along with the Subreddit. Hopefully someone somewhere saved at least a couple of them.

The Loli dating app story and the 6 straight shotas gangbang a nigress story I really want to read again



Is it possible to recover stuff from cache files? An age ol' trick.


Probably but I'm not a computer guy so I wouldn't know. Or maybe using the way back machine to see who the mods were and maybe they'd know where to find them again



Have you messaged her and ask?


reddit.com/r/TabooErotica fill 'er up


File: 989b0ebc04ddf2a⋯.jpg (41.88 KB, 468x624, 3:4, DUfEm5vU8AAc3Dj.jpg)

Curious. Not cause I'm a writer, wink

What kind of stories do you enjoy in smut? Like, give me a list of fetishes you like or don't like. Just trying to see what the market here is like.



uh, ok if you really want a list.

cake (of course), mind break, slavery, a darker tone, snuff (on occasion), mind control, corruption, rape, blackmail... you get the idea.

Kinda meh on vanilla and cocktease nonsense, but that's the nature of the medium.


File: 08f643c69971a27⋯.jpg (26.58 KB, 327x277, 327:277, Creepy Pasta - Find Me.jpg)

I thought about writing a creepy erotica about the Black Eye Children. Something along the lines of being stalked by a girl with black eyes and after a week or so trying to run, he finally comes to the realization that her presence means he's going to die soon. So the MC figures he lets her in and at least goes out with a bang.



Mind control, time stop, and oblivious gokkun stuff. Time stop stories involving cake are almost nonexistent.


File: d93137bc87c8708⋯.png (124.14 KB, 258x722, 129:361, Princess_Calla.png)

Is there a place I can upload stories to?



File: f9ca3a08fd0f291⋯.jpg (28.11 KB, 400x814, 200:407, Calla.jpg)


In this thread or should I make my own?



You put everything in pastebin, and then post link here.


File: f816a060c7b7fe3⋯.png (31.29 KB, 283x257, 283:257, NEW Avy.png)

A to V

>An author moves to a largely abandoned subdivision and meets a smart young girl.

<consensual, creampie, Mg, masturbation, romance, safe sex, slow, risky sex


Hopefully the link and such works.


File: 6a0809434c06989⋯.png (43.61 KB, 245x520, 49:104, NEW 09.png)


Oh, and it should be noted this is the start of a long story. I have an outline for it up to chapter 35 so far. Sex won't even happen until around chapter 10 (unless I change the outline like I have recently to slim it down from 50 to 35 chapters).



>Sex won't even happen until around chapter 10

So... what will happen until chapter 10?



>Is there a place I can upload stories to?



File: 250c4b72807a49d⋯.png (29.89 KB, 245x520, 49:104, NEW 07.png)


Mostly build up, the two getting to know each other better and finally Vicki telling Alistair she is crushing on him. Then things happen in chapters 9 and 10 that lead where Vicki has her first time with Alistair.



How long until her poophole is destroyed?


File: 77187726928aa32⋯.png (46.44 KB, 245x520, 49:104, NEW 06.png)


Um... Probably never? I'm personally not that big on too much anal stuff. I'll look at my outline and see if I can't manage to fit it in but don't hold your breath.


Any spanish speaker folk that knows a good website for uploating loli erotica?


Anyone with any requests? I have a busy Summer but might be able to crank out a few loli/shota stories for Pastebin.



Do I have a list for you! I’ve got a couple fanfic requests that I never got filled, so could I leave them with you?



A story where single mom rises her son as a girl and sells his ass from time to time for some money to survive.



Since nothing here says Fanfiction is off the table, here’s some of the requests I’ve had rattling around (just series, tags, synopsis and stuff; titles are up to you).

>Some of the tags can be negotiable if the premise is malleable enough, but I’m never asking/expecting for a story that’s including, but not limited to: shit, piss, edgeplay, blood (not counting a broken hymen or something, and no further), snuff, rape (to a severe extent, at least), body modification, vore, amputation, or anything dubbed racist, homophobic, etc. I’m not turning around this either.

>the length/number of chapters is up to you, but every story here must be at least 3-5k words and contain both full-frontal nudity and—if there’s a male involved—penetration, not just oral. So, doesn’t have to be full-blown XXXX, but it’s gotta hit a lot harder than softcore.

>if there’s any requests here that say “sky’s the limit” or “do whatever from there”, please remember the aforementioned blacklist.

>any references, character details, fan wiki links, and anything that could improve the writing quality/authenticity is available (to the best of my ability) upon inquiry.

1) Littlest Pet Shop

(Blythe/Biskit Twins)(Tags: F/F, F/F/F, Slave, Spanking, Punishment, Toys, Dom, possible Beast; this last one is optional but if you can fit it in somewhere, great, but otherwise it’s fine to ignore it)

"Blythe is made a sex slave to Whitney and Britany Biskit (or, as she has to refer to it "girlfriend", to hide their training). However, she soon starts to fall in love with the idea of submitting to her mistresses."

2) Miles From Tomorrowland

(Callisto Family Orgy)(Tags: M/F, F/F, M/F/F, Spanking, Orgy, Incest, Father/Daighter, Mother/Son, Mother/Daughter, just go nuts)

While exploring an uncharted region of the galaxy, Miles and his family are accidentally exposed to a bizarre new space virus. The effects don’t target Y-Chromosomes, meaning Miles and his dad are immune but Miles’s sister Loretta and his mother became insatiably, uncontrollable horny.

3) Care Bears Films

>Since this is for 3 different, loosely related, stories, I’ll just say multiple choice for these since the plot is fairly barebones. Tags list for each:

A) (Kim/Jason, Kim/Nicholas; Kim/Jason/Nicholas up for debate)(Tags: incest, M/F, blowjob, creampie, don’t be afraid to go a little far with this)

“Kim loves her little brother, but that doesn’t mean that Nicholas doesn’t deserve a reward for his amazing magic act.”

B) (Christy/Dark Heart, Christy/Dawn/entire camp)(Tags: forced, slutification, some bondage, orgy, M/F, mindbreak, all holes filled; wouldn’t be opposed to Dawn/Christy sex scene)

“When Dark Heart comes to collect his favor from her, it comes at a far steeper price...and she may not go home the same as when she left.”

C) (Alice/Wizard, Alice/Princess/Wizard)(Tags: slave, M/F, M/M/F, forced, spanking, forced F/F; extra credit: pregnancy, breastfeeding)

“In this Bad Ending to Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland, the Wizard of Wonderland has succeeded in taking over all of Wonderland and has made the Princess and Alice, the girl brought here intended to pose as the Princess, into his royal consorts to give birth to his heir and entertain him anyway he chooses.”

4) Oliver & Company

(Jenny/Max, OC)(Tags: M/F, negotiable)

"Jenny Foxworth falls for a cute new boy at school, and he seems to feel the same way about her. But his interests seem a bit more...selective—but she'd do anything for her dream boyfriend." (This another one where I'm saying go as far as you want with this; sky's the limit, so go wild)

5) PAW Patrol

(Ryder/Skye)(Tags: M/F, Heat, Beast)

"Skye has just entered her first heat and none of the other pups seem interested. Desperate, she turns to Ryder for help, who's not any more enthusiastic about it as her. But, friends are always there to help friends, right?" (Bonus points if you add an extra chapter with Katie, Ryder's friend/love interest, having sex with him)

>This isn’t all of them, and I can provide additional details but I just felt these were the most important to pitch.


File: fef516b289b6ed4⋯.gif (198.26 KB, 638x475, 638:475, 10.gif)

File: df8ac79ad15abaf⋯.jpg (162.73 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 058.jpg)


A man using time stop powers to mess with lolis/shotas.


I'm currently writing a Robotboy panty fetish erotica, that features an OC villain dude that spies on little girl's worn underpants and wants to find a way to capture them all in Tommy Turnball's school.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.


File: 4fbb0e24662e19f⋯.png (30.46 KB, 1111x519, 1111:519, Screen Shot Nimin rule34.png)

Hello guys. I'm trying to revive Nimin Fantasy flash game and added some rule34 loli materials in it. Currently, we have Twincest, Thunderkittens, Cream the Rabbit, and some others. Any suggestions? Scenes that you want to read? If you can write a scene in detail and post here, it would help the project a lot. Oh, I'm not Xadera or Fenoxo. I'm just a random anon who acquired Flash Pro and extracted the gamefile from Nimin Fetish Fantasy ver.0.975.

A very old flash game indeed. So old, only oldfags know about it. But it has a lot of potentials.



That’s literally my dream fetish; seriously, I use that when I lucid dream.



I got a whole list of Lolis you could throw in, if you’d be interested. This project intrigues me.



Add a twist:

When he captures his first girl, it's actually a trap.



Just thow in some ideas would be sufficient enough. English is not my first language so expect massive amount of grammatical errors. But if you can supply a complete storyline, that would help a lot. I also need help with the codings too because obviously I don't speak JavaScriptese.


List of fuckable loli/shota in the original game

1. Lila (Xadera's OC, a catgirl)

2. Malon's children (Xadera's OC, a cowgirl)

3. Weird girl in the Cave (Xadera's OC, futa loli of unknown species)

4. An unfinished horseboy (trying to activate him but his codes are complicated)

List of new loli/shota OCs added

1. Egglaying Lizan girl (Oviasis)

2. Takeru (giant boy)

3. Ray (teenage wolf cuntboy)

4. Colt (minotaur boy)

List of rule34 loli characters added

1. Helga Pataki (From Hey Arnold, changed to a horsegirl)

2. Pinecest twins (From Gravity Falls)

3. Futa Timmantha (From Godparents)

4. Cream the Rabbit (from Sonic)

5. WilyKitKat (from Thundercats)

6. Cassie (from Dragontales)

7. Futa Riley (from Inside Out)

8. Bonnie (from Pokemon XY)


1. Shizuka (from Doraemon)

2. Star Butterfly (from SvtFoE)

3. Lilo Pelekai (from Lilo & Stitch)

4. The Tennysons (from Ben10)

5. Loudcest (from the Loud House)

6. Lisa Simpson (from the Simpsons)

7. Rugrats (from All Grown Up)

8. Dora Marquez (from the Explorer)

9. Strawberry Shortcake (from the titular show)

10 Isabella and the Fireside Girls (from Phineas Ferb)

You might as well saying that currently I'm just throwing everything into the hotpot.


For newfags who never played this game, be mindful that this game features a lot of extreme fetishes (luckily, NO scat, gore, piss, death, mutilation, anything related to disgusting use of bodily fluids or waste whatsoever). But everything else is questionable. Such as rapid pregnancy, birth, (gestation only happens in a few days) preteen pregnancy, teen pregnancy, animal pregnancy, egglaying, extreme penetration, milking, cuckoldery, light slavery, unbirthing, NTR, incest, twincest, futanari, cuntboy, toddlercon, babycon, rape, machine rape, curses, age regression/progression, ageplay, inflation, hypersize bodyparts, public nudity, exhibitionism, adultery, prostitution, femdom, wild bestiality, domestic bestiality, sex change, furry, orgasm denial, contraceptives, magic, science, etc.



sounds pretty vanilla to me



It is. The originals was like that too and I want to keep it that way, palatable to most people. It has a lot of niche fetishes but not everything will be put inside.



Going over your list here, I see a lot of great choices (and even a couple I wish I could’ve put in my game; this does sound like a similar, much more in-depth version of the game I wanted to design). I do have a few questions. Namely, that you listed “Loudcest” (meaning the Loudcest kids? Or did you mean the Loud siblings, including Lincoln and even Lily), and you also listed Strawberry Shortcake (there’s, like, 7 different redesigns, counting the original from the 80’s; which one do you mean? Personally, I kinda liked the 2003 incarnation the best but the newest one just looks weird), and you also listed the AGU-era Rugrats cast, which I’m lead to assume means all of them.

If you have a link to the most recent version of this game or any kind of notes or something, that’d be super helpful.




This is the original's latest stable version before Xadera's disappearance.

Loudcest means the Loud siblings which also include Lincoln but Lily will be added if there is a demand for babycon. Their parents will be mentioned but may not participate in their orgy. For Strawberry Shortcake, yes I will use 2003 but I doubt it will affect anything because it is a fully text game without any graphics or pictures. For the Rugrats, only the core main characters will be added. I might turn them into furries because there are too many human characters already. Nimin is supposed to be a land of many sentient species co-exist together. But Xadera never finished its main story and lore so I planning to add my own.






For some reason, they added lumpkeye in front of the link. Copy the link below and open it in different tab/browser. Its a flash game so you might get a notification asking to allow flash to run



As for my list, I didn’t want more Expy girls than the OC’s (the rest of the roster filled in by RGC’s—or randomly generated characters—since I felt it’d be easier than getting art assets for more than a hundred girls when only about 20 of them matter; not counting the girls listed below, most of which might be a bit obscure). Finally, I kinda put in some ground rules:

>Western works only; no anime stuff (I only have so many anime lolis to pick from, but I’ll list those off too)

>adhering to game rules, Age 5-13 only (primarily Primary/Elementary school age to late middle school); canon/present-day ages only, meaning that I couldn’t use Anna & Elsa (even though I really fought to include them, their present ages were far too high to qualify) but I fudged the numbers to squeeze in Star Butterfly—not proud of myself about it.

>No animal girls/furries (bit challenging but a couple of them I did cheat and made them humans)

>One last thing: with and far between exception, they had to be “obscure enough” (using Rule34 as a baseline, if they had less than 300-400 pics, that’s considered passable enough), though I included a couple more “mainstream” choices just for variety/knowing I couldn’t get away with ignoring them.

The list (girls first):

>Alice (Disney’s Alice in Wonderland)

>Alice (Care Bears in Wonderland)

>Amber (Sofia the First)

>Andrea Sussman (Krypto the Superdog)

>Amber Dearly (101 Dalmatians: The Series)

>Blythe Baxter (Littlest Pet Shop 2012)

>Betty Barrett (Atomic Betty)

>Bright Eyes (Pound Puppies & The Legend of Big Paw)

>Princess Camille (Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland)

>Cecelia Nuthatch (We’re Back! A Dinosaurs’ Story)

>Chelsea Roberts (Barbie & Her Sisters)

>Christy (Care Bears Movie II- A New Generation)

>Daphne Blake (Pup Named Scooby-Doo; technically not breaking “only canon ages” rule because A Pup Named Scooby-Doo was a prequel series with everyone as children, so therefore THIS Daphne is still the same age she was in the spin-off’s canon)

>Princess Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron)

>Everest (Paw Patrol)

>Felicia (Ballerina/Leap!)

>Grace Goldwyn (Prep & Landing 2)

>Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10)

>Holly Hobbie (Holly Hobbie & Friends)

>Holly Connor (Pound Puppies)

>Jenny Foxworth (Oliver & Company)

>Julie “Lightspeed” Powers (Power Pack)

>Jade Chan (Jackie Chan Adventures; mostly here out of obligation—personally, Jade’s porn presence has always felt a little overrated to me)

>Katie “Energizer” Powers (Power Pack)

>Katie Carew (Katie Kazoo Switcheroo)

>Kim Cherrywood (The Care Bears Movie)

>Lilo (Lilo & Stitch; another obligation, but this was by personal choice as well)

>Tillie (The Tale of Tillie’s Dragon)

>Mandy (Rescue Rangers)

>Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)

>Anne-Marie (All Dogs go to Heaven)

>Marilyn Piquel (Bonkers)

>Millie Burtonburger (Kid vs. Kat)

>Mimi Mortin (What About Mimi?)

>Molly Williams (My Little Pony)

>Nose Marie (Pound Puppies & the Legend of Big Paw)

>Olivia Flaversham (The Great Mouse Detective)

>Penny (Bolt)

>Penny Peterson (Mr. Peabody & Sherman)

>Penny (The Rescuers)

>Pistol Pete (Goof Troop)

>Riley Andersen (Inside Out)

>Robyn Starling (Tom & Jerry: The Movie)

>Rosie (Balto)

>Sabrina Spellman (Sabrina: The Animated Series)

>Skye (Paw Patrol)

>Sofia Balthazar (Sofia the First)

>Sophiana (Christmas is Here Again)

>Strawberry Shortcake (Same ‘03)

>Princess Star Butterfly (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)

>Vanellope Von Schwartz (Wreck-it Ralph)

>Wendy Darling (Peter Pan; last minute addition)

Now, in the spirit of inclusion, for the boys I added (keep in mind, in the game, boys can either be sex slaves, Cuntboys, or even be recruited in to fuck the girls as well, so—in addition to the conditions above—I selected these according to how well they’d apply to all three categories):

>Alex “Zero-G” Powers (Power Pack)

>Ben Tennyson (Ben 10)

>Cody (The Rescuers Down Under)

>Cooler (Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw)

>Franklin Richards (Power Pack)

>Jack “Matter Master” Powers (Power Pack)

>Jason (The Care Bears Movie)

>John Darling (Disney’s Peter Pan)

>Miguel Rivera (Coco; suggested by someone while I was gathering info for popular shotas)

>Mason “Dipper” Pines (Gravity Falls)

>Nemo (Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland)

>Oliver Foxworth (Oliver & Company)

>Peter Pan (Disney movie of the same name)

>Pinocchio (Disney movie of the same name)

>Ryder (Paw Patrol)

>Taron (The Black Cauldron)

>Peter (The Care Bears Nutcracker)

>Michael Darling (Disney’s Peter Pan)

>Prince James (Sofia the First)

>Danny Williams (My Little Pony)


(I didn’t really have much for the boys, btw)

Finally, the list of characters I wanted to/could’ve included but left out for one reason or another (the animal characters could be made anthro or humanoid, but that’s just not the type of game I’m building; feel free to pick out anything here that might catch your attention):

>(Loli) Anna & Elsa

>Violet Beauregard and/or Veruca Salt (Tom & Jerry Willy Wonka, though designed after the 2005 versions)

>Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura)

>The Powerpuff Girls (from PPGZ, though the original girls with humanized designs could work fine)

>Shiro (No Game No Life)

>Maylu & Yai (Megaman NT Warrior)

>Pretty much most of the female Mamodos/underage Partners (Zatch Bell; particularly Kolulu, Tia, Laila, Elly, Penny, among others)

>Runo, Alice, and/or Julie (Bakugan)

>Molly Hale (Pokémon 3- The Movie)

>All of Ash’s female companions—including Mallow and Lillie from the current Sun/Moon anime (Pokémon)

>All the Digimon Girls (Kari—definitely Adventure 1 but Adventure 2 would still fit criteria—Sora, Mimi, Rika, Jeri, Christi, Angie, Nene, Zoey, etc.)

>Rita (Jungledyret Hugo)

>Young Nami (One Piece Movie 12- Film Z; also the young Nami from the flashbacks of her with Bellemere in the Arlong Arc)

>Sugar (One Piece)

>Charmie (Black Clover)

>The Loud Sisters (assuming the ones that fall within the stated guidelines above, along with any Loudcest children with the same applicable)

>Rebecca Hawkins (Yu-Gi-Oh! OG)

>Darby (My Friends Tigger & Pooh)

>Any of my OC’s (both created for fanworks and original content; it’d just seem too self-indulgent)

>Kitty Pryde (X-Men Evolution; same reason I couldn’t include Gwen Stacy/Mary Jane Watson from Spectacular Spider-Man)

>Riley Daring (The Replacements)

>Christine (Buster & Chauncey’s Silent Night)

>Missy & Chloe Carmichael (Fairly OddParents)

>The (respective) Main Cast of both W.I.T.C.H. & Winx Club

>Brandy Harrington (Brandy & Mr. Whiskers)

>All the Sailor Scouts, but especially Chibi Moon

>Laura (Hamtaro)

>Brenda (Smurfs)

>The Cutie Mark Crusaders (MLP G4; doesn’t have to be EQG style)

>Following off that last one, there’s literally almost no filly/child characters from Friendship is Magic who couldn’t be included so this spot is reserved for all of them

>Leena/Nina (Nutri-Ventures)

>Trixie (Magic Trixie Pilot from Oh Yeah! Cartoons)

>Haley Long (American Dragon- Jake Long)

>Robin McHale, Alex Dawson, and Vanessa Carter (Camp Candy)

>Princess Calla (Gummi Bears)

>Lucy Mann (Ben 10)

>Brianna Buttowski (Kick Buttowski- Suburban Daredevil)

>Kendall Perkins, also from the aforementioned series

This isn’t all of them, but just the most important ones that I left out.



Would you also include in Lola Mbola? She's from Robotboy.



Here's the full list of all the characters I have in my game, and all the characters I WANTED to have but didn't include:





It's a pretty interesting game, especially with everything you've told me, but I'm not super into text based games. I'll totally play it though because I'm intrigued.


Is it possible to post swf flash here?



This is for literature, not swf.



A swf full of literature



Thanks for the link to Renpet, I've been reading his stories over the past month or so and he does a good job establishing an emotional connection and making it cute and loving and then lewd at the appropriate times. Plots and dialogue are easy to follow too and sometimes quite engaging. Definitely a bunch of heavily recurring themes and subject matter throughout all his work though and he basically writes all sex scenes pretty much the same, sometimes there's an interesting sci-fi sort of twist on the premise but by the time I've read half of em I'll feel I've had basically read them all. Still well worthwhile.

This guy is damn great if you're just wanting a quick lewd fix though, he claims to be a professional author and I believe him. Stories are relatively short and pure porn but they're so detailed and escalate so lewdly, edging to them is a fucking delight




Anything new?


Looking for a story I read a couple of months ago on one of these types of threads.

I was about a man visiting a woman and her two kids(nieces?) in Florida(?) and inviting her to move up there with them in to his nice cabin. I remember him taking them furniture shopping and the lady being a good cook.

That's the beginning of the story.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.



Sounds like Renpet's "Defining Moments"


File: ec048ec7d2d786b⋯.swf (698.48 KB, Xadera Delicious Fantasy v….swf)


Whoops wrong file.

So, it is possible to load swf files here





What is it?

Another botnet?


File: f5f9b2dda75e845⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2004879 - Biskit_Twins Bly….png)

Here's a list of my fanfiction requests; character and content tags only, included with a plot synopsis to act as a guideline. I'd ask that you please not try to stray too far from this guideline. Titles are all up to you.

1) Littlest Pet Shop

(Blythe/Biskit Twins)(Tags: F/F, F/F/F, Slave, Spanking, Punishment, Toys, Dom, possible Beast)

"Blythe is made a sex slave to Whitney and Britany Biskit (or, as she has to refer to it "girlfriend", to hide their training). However, she soon starts to fall in love with the idea of submitting to her mistresses."

Honestly, this one is fairly straightforward: you could give a catalyst to this if you wanted (or infer something; doesn't have to be too specific), but the important thing is Blythe being trained as a sex slave for the Biskit twins to pay off a debt and has to cover it up to her dad and friends by saying that they're her girlfriends (something I had for this was most of the conditioning being convincing her that she's a lesbian slut). Eventually, whether Stockholm Syndrome or the conditioning and training starting to break her, she actually falls in love with the idea of having her new mistresses commanding her and wants to make them happy.


Forgot I posted this list so I'm just gonna bump my list: >>11929



Enjoyed this, it's super lewd!



I just noticed that Renpet added two new stories last month, his first since October. Both are still pretty adherent to his typical formula but they're nice


File: 2eb06bc4f80152b⋯.jpg (156.35 KB, 869x1235, 869:1235, c002.jpg)

Since the /Loli/ is practically dead, this is the next best place.

All I ever ask is just a decent erotic fic that involves Ilulu/Iruru from Dragon Maid's, getting fucked and pleasured, giving and receiving. This oppai loli dragon is criminally underrated.


File: 3108fdb92db28db⋯.jpg (4.3 MB, 2412x3975, 804:1325, Yersinia.jpg)

Hello, people. How are you doing? I'm a spanish writer that want to start learning some English by reading some books or English writers that usually write lolis having sex, fights and comedy so I can pratice with their knowloge and vocabulary. Do you have any pdf or anything like that c: ?


File: 6e7dac33080fc29⋯.gif (554.4 KB, 268x175, 268:175, tumblr_on38zmbh5W1vr8b3ko6….gif)

Hello. I would just like everybody to know that I am working on a story based on a wonderful idea I had: "what if Lolita were adapted to film yet again and what if the director was insistent on authenticity"? Ll almost done with the first draft.

My other work:




>last update was in 2016



Yeah sorry, I write under three different pseudonyms. I kind of spread myself thin. Haven't really cared about this one until I had my idea. Consider it my grand return or something.


File: ddf6831068848b4⋯.jpg (213.82 KB, 820x975, 164:195, 1534020523554.jpg)

I was looking to possibly commission someone for a few smut stories, and I wasn't sure if here was an appropriate place to ask around. Not really sure what the price range for this kinda thing would be, but if anyone's interested, I'd love to get in contact with you.



The only reason I'm posting this is because misery loves company.



Do I really need to read Jenny's Couch Book 1, 2 and 3 to understand 4th?

How's your writing changed since 2009? (last update of the first book).

My only nitpick - there's no introduction or summary to the books. So I don't really know what I'm looking at.


ASSTR is seems to give a blank page unless you go into FTP these days, is there a trick?



Yes, its a trick and a defensive measure. Because sometimes sjw snowflakes would ddos ASSTR. They claimed that ASSTR is hosting "thinly veiled CP" stories and articles.


Does anyone know where I can find a couple Megadeth stories? I’m looking for his Diamond Pokemon story (it’s the one where Dawn fucks her way across the entire Sinnoh region), and Tales From the Galleria Mall (a 6Teen fanfic where Wyatt fucks Caitlyn and Jen has to blow her boss for a promotion). I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for them and I can’t find them anywhere.



Oh wow, these are great! Anyone here ever tried to contact the author?



Is there a way to access the old interface these days? or is is it just stumble through the FTP?



>They claimed that ASSTR is hosting "thinly veiled CP" stories and articles.

Well it is. It's one of the only places I can share my writings.


Anyone has some good Ben 10 stories?



what is ftp?



I've talked with NidoranDuran and he says he lost the file to Tales.



That sucks. What about Diamond Pokemon?



This is why I save every story I read or plan to read. Just in case.

I've even found myself barely saving stories even the author deleted themselves in a nick of time.


Oh shit! THIS!! I love the black eye children creepy pastas. Never thought about them in a erotic fic before. oof



Jesus Christ.


Asstr is back, yay.

Anyone know of a story about a girl being trained from earliest memories as a slave for her family?


File: eea83972518a993⋯.png (224.26 KB, 349x558, 349:558, 472-ll234.png)

File: cda64010e89397d⋯.png (245.76 KB, 347x547, 347:547, clipboard.png)

File: 2a01491040ad50d⋯.png (232.85 KB, 347x566, 347:566, liverpook library press.png)

File: 24e4b156fbf95c2⋯.jpg (50.96 KB, 422x680, 211:340, llp-237-1.jpg)

File: fad190530d578dd⋯.jpg (53.97 KB, 410x680, 41:68, llp-494-1.jpg)

I don't know if these are just illustrations or a mix of both that and stories but I only just discovered them and doing more digging I wasn't able to find scans of the content of these.

These books are ancient (1960-70) and it's difficult to justify the prices ($20-$90) without knowing its content.

Anyone else know of these? There are like a ton of them.



This is REAL?!?! If so, we've GOT to get scans somewhere.


File: fe151bfb4a56cf4⋯.jpg (76.19 KB, 416x660, 104:165, Daughter's Hot Mouth Book ….jpg)


Oh, child, yes, they are real. Had quite a few of those old adult paperbacks back in the day.

This one is the best.



I have this in epub format. Where can I post it?



Right here seems about right—or, maybe, Gorgeous Illustrations or something.




Maybe you'll like this one.




Why did he ever delete a lot of his stuff anyway?


You're doing god's work, anon. Might as well ask, but do you know if a digimon season 3 story he wrote is anywhere? The raven and the rose I believe it was called.

Post last edited at



Don't know why the site added lumpk in front of cartoon.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600091729



Careful when you crack one of these open. You might get cum powder in the air.


The board supports PDFs. Just convert it with Calibre and post it. Make sure it's under 16mb though.


File: a687c93adefa89f⋯.pdf (468.6 KB, DaughtersHotMouthBook2Murk….pdf)



>The board supports PDFs

(I'm a dumbass. Thanks!


File: f28336192cef5fd⋯.jpg (5.42 KB, 200x211, 200:211, 853129b0663c6ed7f4b5c1a146….jpg)


I can dig this.




... this is awful. Are any of the others better written?


Well, an anon over at /loli/ told me to join in here, so I guess I'll drop by and say hello. Although I wrote several things over there, I'll only be posting three of them here, as the rest either require the context of the thread, or aren't that interesting (to me, anyways).

As a preface, I'm aware of most mistakes I've made in them (fucking forgot to title the protag in one of them, as an example), and some paragraphs could do with some rewriting/rephrasing and whatnot, but hey, I still found it great fun to write.


Hey now, I was active in the thread back then, and didn't see you request anything like that. Would have to watch Dragon Maid first before I could write that, so I'll have to pass :D


File: 99361f126e7859f⋯.jpg (137.15 KB, 1365x1008, 65:48, b1964bdfb05a7bf448d3a6140a….jpg)

Little Liz

>A hard working anon comes home to his sister and his girlfriend.

<straight, wholesome, mating press, loli



File: 15256f870b3f493⋯.jpg (344.07 KB, 864x875, 864:875, 0cc5d2319797a7dc165c1a69b8….jpg)

Liz on Top

>Liz and Victor are having fun, when Chris wants to join in

<straight, loli




>An anon is blackmailed by curious twin kids, but everything comes out alright

<straight, masturbation, sex toy, loli, shota


Alas, didn't have a pic for this one when I posted it, and can't think of one off the top of my head



As a side note, something I asked on the other board, does anyone have a clue what artist it is? Sankaku doesn't know it, and I don't have an account for Gel- or Danbooru, so can't even check if they have it posted there




Gee, I just saw that posted ...someplace else.


Any good furry cub pastebins? Most of the other furry boards aren't too hot on cub content, so there's not much of a community to share stories like these.


File: 8a43586c2a49edf⋯.jpg (24.54 KB, 500x397, 500:397, 411uHV w2kL.jpg)

Anyone know a good online plot generator to inspire story ideas? Or maybe how to make one?


Not into furries myself but it sucks cubs are near absent from the fiction world. I wouldn't mind reading a few.



Hmm? What do you mean?



Do you have anything specific in mind, or should I surprise you? Not like I'm a massive furry or anything, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I browse E621 with some regularity


File: c95c1142312f6f3⋯.png (610.46 KB, 750x756, 125:126, cc2c7b7c91499fc93cbfe96b2d….png)

File: 00edce8788419e1⋯.png (370.14 KB, 878x659, 878:659, 2018-05-30-mother-knows-be….png)


Anything involving fox cubs. I love Kitsune Youkai's comics featuring these two siblings. In the comic their babysitter accidentally shows them what sex is when they find some condoms she was carrying and ask her too many questions. Ends up with the fox boy knotting his sister. I'd love to have a story showing them exploring their new relashionship some more.

The other thing I've wanted to see (to the point of trying to write it myself) is a fanfic featuring Draig and Craig, from the Housepets webcomic. They're originally demigods who toy with mortals lives, and they're eventually punished by being put into mortal bodies. But, they start over right from the beginning. So even though they remember some of their former (superpowered) lives, they're still trapped in cub bodies.

This just pushes all of my buttons. I can just imagine them saying something along the lines of “We can't even have super demi-god orgies of the astral pleasure dimension! Being mortal is boring. ... Want to try how mortal sex is?” And then they have awkward cub sex. Possibly involving magic shenanigans.




GeorgeGlass is one of my favorite lewd writers. Most of his work is non-anthro but some of his original stuff (especially the older stories) happen to feature cubs:






Dude, I LOVE GeorgeGlass; his stuff is fucking awesome! I'd also check out Mint (the guy who wrote The Great Experiment, Toying With Darkness, and I know he had another story too but I don't remember what it was called) but it seems like none of his stuff is on AFF anymore :(



Nice. Thanks for these.



Ooh I got an idea, I'm not much of an author but it's fun to write.

Something like after wilykit and wilykat stole their new clothes they bathe together before putting on their new clothes, and probably bang at some point. I'm drunk right now but I'll make it sound less stupid when I work on it.



Ah, I recognize the artist, but don't think I ever read the piece. Looked it up on E621, gonna go through it at some point before writing, even if the ideas I have are (as of now) entirely unrelated to it. Alas, a bit of real life stuff happened, so writing is postponed at least till the weekend, and even then, we'll see.

Never actually knew the plot of Housepets!, but I'm gonna leave that one to you. As amusing as supers living non-super lives is as a concept, not gonna read a full webcomic just to get a grip of the characters, etc.



One of the best, mabye the best, starting posting her stuff up again.



File: f5b36a785d98c7b⋯.jpg (40.21 KB, 373x388, 373:388, 1540186853799.jpg)

Anyone do commissions here? Got some ideas I'd like to discuss in private if someone's interested in writing for a bit of cash.



I'd been down for writing whatever.

So you like have a discord or what?



Is it a hat kid commission? I'd be curious to know.




Sorry for the late response, was stuck watching spooky movies with a few friends. I have a discord, but I'd prefer email if at all possible. Also, while that isn't the biggest on my list of stuff I want done, hat kid is certainly someone I want something written for.



I would prefer to contact you on discord if that's alright with you.




Again, sorry for the slow response, my net's been a little fucky the past couple of days.



It's fine, I sent a friend request.



Right, with that mess out of the way, got around to reading the comic. Always loved "exploration"/"good first experience" types of themes for this type of content, and it was something like what I had in mind anyways.

That said, wouldn't mind writing a story about those two, so I guess you're in luck. I might not perfectly capture how you imagine them, but I'll do my best. Not sure when I'll be done, but at least I've got some time now.


Any one know of any authors similar to Corn53 or Netman169?



Favorite smut authors by far. If you feel like you need a vacation i highly recommend Netman169's JuraSex Park series. Corn53's stuff is all pretty much general corruption stories but they always get my rocks off. I would love to know of any similar authors or if anyone knows of any other stories that take place at a sex resort? Netman still writes over at Mr Double but I have No Idea what happened to Corn53.


File: 742fcadf51d5057⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1400x788, 350:197, ClipboardImage.png)

Wrote this in jaiden's voice:


Then rewrote it in my own style:



File: 0333c77e0c1c8a0⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1400x788, 350:197, ClipboardImage.png)


Also wrote this as a sequel:


Still hoping to see more loli jaiden, especially in these sort of thumbnail styles.



Don't know about boards, but the sites for cub stories are inkbunny.net and sofurry.com



I think this is gonna lean more into /shota/ territory but, would you mind writing something with Jaiden and the Smooth Kid from her "Childhood Stories" video?



Didn't have a chance to mention before DT15 went dark, but this was also very well done. Having her sober and more aware of what was going on and how it made her feel was very nice, and you're really getting her 'voice' well.



Yeah, but those are for full on stories. I like the semi-casual nature of sharing stories via pastebin. Because there's less pressure or expectation people are more likely to share their material (usually). But finding a community with the right combination of fetishes to match my own is tricky.



And there we go. Took way longer than I intended, and become a bit shorter, but I am actually decently happy with the result. I quite quickly realized that I should probably have changed the topic to bee about their second meeting with Twilight, but at that point, I was already comitted, and I didn't feel like starting over from scratch. Still, enjoy!

Kit and Cat, Sitting in a Tree...

>Kit and Cat reaches a new point in their relationship.

<cub, vanilla, knotting, established characters



With that out of the way,


I've actually always wanted to write a sex resort type story, if you're still interested. Got anything specific in mind? A character, a locale, a setting, a fetish...?


are there any good lilo and stitch stories? or how bout some pinecest stories?



I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that I wrote the shota thing, and I was reading an awesome bit of erotica at the time called lost girls... so that was good for me.

The bad news is, since I was reading lost girls, I think the voice didn't come out quite as clearly. Probably going to write a second draft another time.

But here's the first



Thanks. It's pretty fun. If I could get more of these I'd jump on them, but even if I can't, they're still nice experiments.



Sweet work man!

Do you think you could do another situation where they end up doing it while hiding somewhere in the ice rink (maybe with Jaiden getting a bit turned on to the idea of geting caught) on the second draft?



Sweet, thanks so much for that!



I wrote a short Lilo & Stitch piece, but it contains some slight transformation. TF is a big turn on for me, and I imagined prolonged sex with Stitch causes Lilo to gain some alien anatomy. So... I can still post it, but it might weird people out.



I think ive might've read that on sofurry



Possible it was another one like it, but not mine. I haven't even posted mine on Pastebin yet.

I also wrote one around the same time with Penny turning into a dog after having sex with Bolt.



whats Pastebin



I'd love to read that Penny one!



As a TF fan who also likes loli, I'd seriously love to read that. That and the Stitch one too.

I've been looking for a lot of TF works that feature underaged characters, but unfortunately it's such a niche thing.



...I take it you're not gonna post it? Cause I'd like to read it.


File: e7e5951aadbd016⋯.png (172.52 KB, 494x433, 494:433, 4ab5335a73a80886b8cdad05cf….png)

When original stories use generic names for their characters.

It's almost like there was no effort put into it.




These are great

now all you need are a Jaiden sound-alike and an editor/animator and the money will come flooding in



I've considered the idea, but I ain't got the cash to make it. Wouldn't know how to monetize it either.



Sorry, busy with school. Upon fishing the story out I realized it was only half finished and a bit disjointed, so I wanted to patch it up before posting. And it's taking longer than I thought it would.

Also, I realize everyone who's posted stories here have done so on guest-pastebin accounts. Which would make it hard for me to edit the story later on if I want to post it half-finished. Does Pastebin have hard rules on loli content? Do I risk trouble if I post my stories to my main account?


A free text-hosting service, kind of like GitHub. People use it to share shortstories.


What "unconventional" names do you recommend? Over the top fantasy names like Mavekith?



so is it a organized site of id it a pain in the ass to look for "mature" fanfics?



If you're worried, you can make a different account.



Well if you're going to write a resort story on my suggestion and you want some of my in put can i give you a list of turn offs rather than turn ons. I mosly like my stroke stories to be happy so please no pain or snuff light coercion is fun but anything with hard NC content makes me sad. No scat. Light ws is not my thing but it doesn't ruin a story for me ether.



Sounds like we're much the same then. Since you didn't answer, I've started on other stuff, but I'll get back around to you eventually.


Anyone know of "Create Your Own Adventure" story with lolis/cake?

I think that's a pretty under rated genre of stories.



The two most convenient interactive fetish sites I know are 'Choose Your Own Change', and the 'BEArchive Addventure'.

Both are focused on transformation, but you'll find a decent share of underaged stuff if you look hard enough (CYOC's much easier since they have an actual search function).



Every time this thread gets bumped I'm reminded I still need to finish that wilykit story I started.

I quit my old job and had to find a new one the week I said I'd start writing it, I've been busy as fuck.

Enough about me nobody cares, the story is almost finished I just have to figure out the ending, revise and polish it. Things should be slowing down soon so I hope I can work on it some within the next few weeks.



Gonna' throw in the towel, could never come up with a satisfying (for me, anyways) modern-era styled resort story focused on cake. Did get a lot of neat ideas from trying to set up scenarios though.


(==Sharing is Caring==)

>Lotta and Gerald share another man together.

<Bisexual, Rimming, Anal, Cum Swapping, Shota and Loli with older male.




Is this nigger or original Gerald tho?



I don't know you tell me.

"Gerald’s nipples where a lighter shade of brown."



Haven't read it, asked first.

It's shit then.



Oh well your lost, More chocolate Shota for everyone else.


(==Top Tier==)

>Audrey loses a bet with Melvin.

<Rimming, Ball sucking, Cum Eating.





Hey I've been playing this game for a couple hours now and despite it being several weeks of in game time and constantly choosing the option that supposedly shortens the gestation period Mabel still hasn't given birth , am I doing something wrong?



>Frufru get's a visor in the nighttime.

<Belly Bungle, Cum Inflation.




Same. Maybe it's incomplete? I think the data is missing



Where can I follow the development of this project?



Yeah, not what I was expecting but it’s pretty good.






>Loli cum inflation

Bless you, good sir



Ah no problem man.



Any pregnancy/breeding stories?



When you say "pregnancy/breeding stories" do you mean just getting the girl pregnant while she gets raped by someone or do you mean something else?


For some reason im only interested in reading and writing incest loli erotica. Bro sis, uncle niece, mainly father daughter. Any other anons like this? I have very good story in the works but wanna see if I can set up an aliased patreon or something first, maybe find a way to attach a btc hash and release it in chapters.



HSK girls getting pregnant by rape or regular sex. For example, the girls fucking with a very well endowed shota character, each inflated with excessive cum, then a few months later, they give birth to twins, triplets or quads. Soon after, they repeat the cycle. Something like that?


File: a00fa9ba3b7b6e0⋯.jpg (66.6 KB, 600x400, 3:2, DN8tqylVwAECWDp.jpg)

Anyone know a story that's not too sexual but more of the line of a love story. Don't mind some erotica in it, just curious to read some actual attempts of a romance novel with some emotional roller coasters.



Read this and a couple more of your stories (including the latest really good one The Problem With Kayla) and they're really good. You clearly have a vivid imagination from the level of description and although things tend to progress to be kinkier/more fetishy than what I generally seek out it's all portrayed so erotically (and with such joy from the participants) that it can't help but get off to it


This >>8567

one's clearly the work of an amateur writer but it works for the perspective, that being of an older teenage boy falling in love with a loli. Lots of cute moments and build up with just traces of lewd.



Currently right now "Darkman" is the closest thing I have to something like that. If I do decided to make a story like that then it'll be with an adult.



For you and also everyone, Family Changing Room was one of my very first experiences with erotica on Perverts R' Us way, way back in the day... and the author continued it on Nifty after years of silence.

It is VERY emotionally up and down, honestly more so than any other story I've read, and the sex absolutely takes a back seat. If it even gets in the car at all.

So - not for everyone. But for those who can appreciate what its doing, a masterpiece.



(==Watch This==)

>The Bow catches Lucretia masturbating to Dot and Chevron having sex.

<Yuri, Futa, Cum Eating, Face Fucking.






Hey, are you still open for suggestions? I have another Jaiden story idea. I posted the idea on a Jaiden thread on 4chan. If you want i can link that for you. (It's not loli though, and i suggest watching the video it is based on)



Yea, been around there a bit, but for some reason there's been a bit of a problem with posting- some glitch or something making the capcha not respond, works here for some reason though.

Working on the idea but it's not coming as smooth as I'd like, plus I'm a touch busy until friday. Keep the thread up until then, and I'll see if I can post something around then. Worst case; I'll put it here no matter what state it's in.



Thanks a lot man. Looking forward to it.


File: f5ca9c2c2777a5b⋯.swf (749.22 KB, 742429_Xadera_nimin_fetish….swf)


quick fix



Are you the actual creator of Nimin? If so, good job, and glad to see your still on it. I used to play it a few years ago. It's one of the rare furry games that's not afraid to include cub content.



No, im not him. I just add more loli stuffs into that old game. If you remember the original, the only loli you can fuck was Lila, and even she is a furry cub, not a true loli in a sense. I added a few more others.



aeclassics.net has a lot of these as pdfs for sale for a whole lot cheaper than $20



Hey why did you make the human girls into furrys when there's already humans in the game?



Is there a way we could knock up Mabel instead of this giant?



Got too many human lolis already so wanna balance out with other race... Wait, there's no furry transformation for NPC lolis in that game, which girl are you referring to?


You just need to fuck her before the giant does. Don't interact with the giant too much, or at least, don't visit the orphanage after 17hrs or before 7am. Your interaction points with him affect Mabel too. The higher your interaction points with Takeru, the more likely that Mabel will meet him at night. Once Mabel is pregnant, you just have to wait for her to give birth






Hey so just to let you guys know, I edited some of my stories and fixed some errors, Added somethings, Etc as well as changed all of the names of my stories.

So to sum up each one.

(==The Darkman Beigns==)

>Frufru get's a vistor in the middle on the night.

<Belly Bungle, Cum Inflation


(==I"m good at this game==)

>Audrey loses a bet with Melvin.

<Rimming, Ball Sucking, Cum Eating, Face Sitting, Pussy Eating.


(==Lesbian Lovers X2==)

>The Bow catches Lucretia masturbating to Dot and Chevron having Sex.

<Yuri, Futa, Cum Eating, Face Fucking, Pregnancy.


(==Lovely Couple==)

>Lotta and Gerald get into a threesome with a man they meet online.

<Bisexual, Threesome, Anal, Pussy Fucking, Cum Swapping, Shota and Loli with an older male.




You don't need the ( ) in the red text

Red Text



Alright thanks, I'll fix it later.






Hey so just to let you guys know, I edited some of my stories and fixed some errors, Added somethings, Etc as well as changed all of the names of my stories.

So to sum up each one.

The Darkman Beigns

>Frufru get's a vistor in the middle on the night.

<Belly Bungle, Cum Inflation


I"m good at this game

>Audrey loses a bet with Melvin.

<Rimming, Ball Sucking, Cum Eating, Face Sitting, Pussy Eating.


Lesbian Lovers X2

>The Bow catches Lucretia masturbating to Dot and Chevron having Sex.

<Yuri, Futa, Cum Eating, Face Fucking, Pregnancy.


Lovely Couple

>Lotta and Gerald get into a threesome with a man they meet online.

<Bisexual, Threesome, Anal, Pussy Fucking, Cum Swapping, Shota and Loli with an older male.




Well several of the girls from the orphanage like Helga are canonically human so I'm wondering why you sacrificed R34 appeal for furry.

Also any chance of a save editing guide?



Actually that Helga was supposed to be OC, until I remembered that a girl from Hey Arnold got that name too. I slipped Arnold's Helga slight references AFTER I remember that character. (If you realize, Arnold's references only happen in the town but none in the orphanage). But there's too much to change so I have to leave it like that.

Currently the game is full of incomplete data, editing the save incorrectly will crash the game, along with the Flash. But we'll see what I can do about that


I suggest that you play normally for now, and if you encounter an unfavorable scene, just reload the save file. All encounters have time pattern in it, you can expect what will happen during morning, midday, evening, and night. I lessened the game's reliance on RNG.



Any chance of adding more Shota and Loli content outside of the orphanage?



Base data for new characters already in place. That's why I recommended not editing with the save data.


Currently I'm re-calibrating many rng events so that they are tied to specific timezone, fixing some bugs, rewriting some scenes and adding more interaction among orphanage kids.

Timmy will be able to interact with Ray because of their similar condition.

Helga will have a nasty encounter with Takeru, and lovely encounter with WilyKat.

Dipper MIGHT be able to interact with Colt the Mino (homoshota) in reference to a Gravity Falls episode.

Once I'm done with the orphanage, I'll move on to loli shota contents across Nimin landscape. Planning to add Dora the Explorer, random encounter in the wilderness (because, exploring lol) and you might have to battle The Swiper as an enemy.

The version that you are playing is actually a beta version so that I can test through some events without problems, for example; weight restriction are lifted, time is twisted, teleportation, free items, etc. Once all major things are in place, all mechanics will be restored normally like in the original game.


You can help me write a scene for me to add in the game. Leave the coding to me. In truth, I'm running out of ideas (which explains numerous repetitive writings in different scenes). Also, my english is super bad so any suggestion and fix is deeply appreciated.





I've been loving this project but it seriously needs a discord or something>>33220

Fair enough




The top one's broken.



> removed by one of the Pastebin staff.

son of a whore.


There we go. Glad I saved a physical copy.



So, i know you're done with Jaiden stories, and really don't want to sound annoying, but would you be ok with making another "loli animator" request? If you're still open for requests, of course.



Loli animator?



Yeah, about a storytime animator called AmyRightMeow. She recently did a video about a "friend" she had sometime in her childhood. I've been thinking of some lewd alternate endings to it (kinda like the shota fic you made about Jaiden).

Link to the video:

https://m. youtube .com/watch?v=v0YeRze6CBY



But, for confirmation, are you still actually open for requests? (Sorry, had to edit some stuff)




hmmmm... I like the design, the possibilities are many, and the voice is copyable...well, I'll at least hear ya out, no promises tho.



Thanks dude. I'll write down the ideas i had later. Pretty late where i am right now.



definitley do something dark with the bully if you can. Loooove the dark



Eeehhh, really not a fan of dark stuff. Sorry.



meh, whatev, hit me with whatever later



Alright, so, i've been thinking about some scenarios but i'm having a bit of trouble on planning how they could all fot in a story. The main one is an alternate ending where Megan actually goes as Amy's pair to Euro-Disney (although she's visibly regretting that decision). Since they're sharing a room, Amy gets woken up at night by Megan having fun with herself. She asks what she's doing, Megan gets scared for a second but slyly says it's something girls do to feel good. She ends up teaching Amy how to do it in a mutual masturbation scene (where Amy is kind of embarassed/uncomfortable but puts up with it in hopes of improving her relation with Megan). After they're done, Megan offers to teach her something that feels even better. Amy proceeds to have her nipples and pussy licked, to having her face ridden to pay back the favor and then they finish things up for the with some tribbing.




After that, if it doesn't get to long/tiring to you, i though Amy could kind of go through some other times they've had sex. This is where the other minor scenarios come in. The first one i tought of was Megan pulling Amy out of class/recess to have fun in the janitor's closet while trying to stay really quiet, and the second would be Megan inviting Amy to meet on a nearby forest opening during the weekend where they can be as loud as they want (i wouldn't mind the adition of toys in this one). Regardless if those are added or not, the story should end with Amy catching Megan and Hannah having sex, which unfortunately i can't think of a good scenario for, and since she thought what she was doing with Megan was special she ends up heartbroken to keep the original theme of the video.




I really hope i'm not pushing things too far or abusing your availableness with these ideas.



So, what do you think? Manageable?



I've got quite a few stories of my own (quite a few of them involving training young girl/s into cum-addicted sluts and sex slaves), so could I maybe give you a list of a few of my personal favorites and just let you go from there?



No commitments on finishing it, but I am poking around with the idea.



Well, I have been lookin for some well written dark lewds. Sure, hit me w/ what you got.



Is there a place I could send you the few examples? Like, maybe Discord or Pixiv or whatever? I just don’t want to fill the whole thread with tons of my ideas, but I’d be more than happy to give you my personal top 5/10.



Oh ideas! oh.. uh, nah, thought you meant you'd written some and could just drop some links or something.

If you want, just drop your top 3 or something here.



I do have a few stories as well, but these are mostly just the plot synopsis for each one. The actual stories I have either suck or aren't finished. I hope that's not a problem but I can easily send you something. I've just never had to write down my wank fantasies.



All of them are set in the same meta continuity and even share a few of the same characters, but they don't have any kind of order to the stories so they're all basically unrelated one-shots. I can send you the plot descriptions and you can see what to do from there.



Ehhh, I'm mostly just poking around with stuff between commissions, so I'm not gonna do anything with em, but you could drop em here and see if some other writer will have a go.



I was hoping for something a little more promising, but whatever. I hope you'll at least look over these synopses, let me know what you think of them, and I hope that I can collab with someone here [even if it's not you] to fill out the meat of these stories. https://pastebin.com/3aN3ah9J

None of them have titles, and I'm obviously not pretending that these are written for any audience except myself but I'm hoping that there's something here that could appeal to anyone.



's set to private, no one can see it.



It was supposed to be "Only Members can see it" Try the link now.


Does anyone here take commissions?


Here's my asstr folder:


Mostly dom/sub pedo stories, usually Mdom + loli, but shota and Fdom are also common. Adults are usually dominant, children usually submissive. Some stories are textbook rape, including very dark hellish scenarios, others are consensual but based on incentives and deals, often in a high-concept sci-fi or fantasy setting. Some example stories:

The Cunt Copier

>A time traveller from the future uses his advanced technology to duplicate young girls from the present. He enslaves the copied preteens for his sexual amusement.

<ped, Mg(6-12), Mb, MF, bg, ScFi, md, ds, bd, ws, va, slavery,

humil, weird, sad, tor


My current favorite. Even though it's technically a slavery story, it's based on a weird kind of mutually beneficial deal (the copied kids are offered a "bonus life" in exchange for the sex, but they can choose to reject it).

A Libertarian Utopia

>3 different stories sharing one universe where child prostitution is legal and private property is absolutely enforced.

<Mf, Mg, inc, ped, teen, prost, ds, md, ScFi, cons, bd, humil, and more




Nate the Super Teen Molester

>A teenage boy finds out that he has superpowers. Like a proper superhero, he uses them to molest young girls, including his own 12-year-old sister.

<Mg(12), Mgg, ped, teen, nc, inc, md, mc, humil, ScFi, va, prost, sad, tor, long


This one involves time manipulation and mind control. Could be interesting to >>11151



I'm not the person you're replying to, and I've never collaborated on a story before, but I'd be interested in giving it a shot!



Feel free to look through the stories I got in that list, or pitch me your own, and we can discuss from there via Discord/your preferred private chat of choice. Just so it’s not flooding the server with our private discussion; my Discord: Zander the Trossel King#3841



I wouldn't do these as requests (little too complex and specific, and definitely something I'd want to get right) but I would do them as commissions. Though, I'd just recommend >>34739 this 'un otherwise since I'm kinda busy with other work for a while



I'm a little disappointed, but I'm curious about your commission rates. First I wanna know what your rates are and, if it's within my budget, I'll hand one of them off to you and go from that.



Normally they're a cent per word, but since I super want to write a loli slave fic (and would really like that to be at the top of my gallery); half off for the first one. Most of these would fall within or close to 10k, save for betty and charlie which I think I could get done within 5.

Contact me with the one you'd like to start with and we'll work out the details;




Any status update worth mentioning?



Ehhh, poking around with it, but the week's been kind of a busy mess



Hope you get a time off soon then.



Any progress so far?



Y'kno, after nearly a month of not doing anything with it, I think I can safely call it canceled. Just no spark to it for me, and I got a mess of commission work I'm supposed to be getting at, not to mention school work. If someone wants to take it this was what I had;

So I got on the bus, and sit next to megan, and she gives me a weird sideways glance and growls one thing.

“Anna’s sick.”

I have no idea what she’s talking about, olittle realizing that she’d wanted to replace me. Oblivious little 9 year old that I was, and I simply nodded my head. I didn’t actually know at the time that she was looking to replace me and head. tThat… that should’ve been my last alarm bell. But, no, we went out to euro disney side by side on the bus, we saw all kinds of stuff and had a time and a half while we were there. Except that meghan kept giving me this same glare every time she’d notice I was there. It was like being on the road with a sign on your face, swearing the other person out. Every time she’d pay attention to me it’d just piss her off.

For the most part, I tried to minimize contact with her. Not an easy thing to do when you’re bunkmates. Usually most nights would be a simple;


And she’d growl at me.

That was until the night of the third or early into the fourth day of the trip. Like really early. I’d been woken up so I didn’t really know the time and it was really dark, but what I did know was the squeaking noise that woke me up was coming from right above me. I didn’t really know what it was, my sleep deprived mind started with rat before I’d given a thought to the idea of bed springs. But if it was bed springs than what was megan doing awake?

I got up slow, poking my head over the side of the rail. I did not know what masturbating was at the time, and to this day, I still think megan must’ve had a screw loose or something, because the whole thing seemed way too early for either of us. But there she was, rubbing herself with an oddly annoyed look on her face.

I’m not really sure how long I was watching her do that. Or if she noticed I was there by my breathing, or if her eyes adjusted to the dark, or if she just had a thought to drag me into it, but after a couple of minutes she just stops.



“Are you watching me?”



“What are you doing?”

Things escalated quickly from there. She invited me to her bed to show me what ‘girls did for fun at night’.

I leaned back against her chest, and she showed me how to touch myself, by using her own fingers. I remember gasping and whimpering at the feeling of her digits rooting around in there. I kept thinking to myself how much I hoped she’d washed her hands. The whole thing was just uncomfortable more than anything but… it was Meghan and I was still, really trying to make a good impression and everything.

She started off slow, that much I’ll give her. Toyed around with the lips first, trying to get a 9 year old as wet as she could. That wasn’t really going to go far, and I think she realized this after a while. That or she just found it annoying how I kept saying that it felt weird, but it really did. After a while, awkward as that was, she started to sort of rock her finger back and forth a little more, playing a little deeper inside and I swear she must’ve accidentally come across a switch or something, cause with one wrong and slightly faster jab of her finger, it all suddenly crashed into me in one go.

I was on cloud nine all of a sudden, floatin on ecstacy and spasming in pleasure as I fell back to the earth on a cloud of crazy good.

I think she knew she’d tweaked the right point, and was really enjoying my reaction (unfortunately?) so she decided to ramp things up a little. She let me fall back onto the bed, and started licking my nipples. Even today, that’s never really hit me as hard as it did other people, but I was still recovering from an orgasm so I was shaking either way. Her fingers were still playing with my lips a little, but it was less trying to give me an orgasm playing and more prepping for something bigger. Her mouth moved from left to right, and I twitched on the bed in awkward ecstasy. Then she started to move down.

I’m not sure how many of you have gotten eaten out by someone of the same sex, but I’m here to say ‘the rumours are true… kinda’. It was mind blowing. I felt like I was on cloud nine the whole time. Every muscle twitch Meghan made with her tongue I could feel through me, and I’ve never gotten licked down there as well as by Meghan… buuuut, from a scientific perspective, I also haven’t gotten eaten out that many times. Call it a confirmation bias or something.



I'll admit i'm a bit bummed about this (since it was one of my biggest fics ideas yet), but i understand. This request was kinda pushing it in terms of time consumption and i should have expected you'd be busy with other stuff. Still, thanks a lot for considering it and i hope you can sort your other works out.



By the way, if anyone decides to pick up on this, i'm ok with it being on a third-person perspective, if that makes the writing easier.


File: 42820d8664cb5ca⋯.swf (771 KB, Xadera_nimin_fetish_fantas….swf)


Nimin Fetish Fantasy

>You play as a mysterious traveler searching for a meaning of live by traveling across the mythical land of Nimin. You may encounter people you can share your love with, and villains you can smash and trash. You make your own story.

<pretty much every single porn tags in existence, except gore, scat, and urination.

├ A visual representation? Rule34 is enough.

├ Character limit? Pfttt... swf have no such things silly boi.

└ Have fun and enjoy. Criticism is extremely welcome.

Slightly updated version than this >>32769

For the last time, I'm not Xadera



Now, I have started writing a plot about Star Butterfly. The synopsis is like this;

>Star Butterfly accidentally scissored a portal to Nimin and meet the Player. She thinks Nimin and Player are interesting so she starts visiting Nimin regularly. Then Mewberty happened and she got pregnant during the incident. Star Butterfly decided to stay in Nimin for a while until she give birth.

<The story will take place in Softlik and she will stay in your place. I'm trying to find a way how to incorporate her story into regular Softlik event codes. Too much lines so its a bit confusing. It will take a while to finish.

<Star will have nothing to do with the Orphanage.



I also have planning for Lilo and Stitch.

>The Player encountered a beach house close to Siz Calit. 3 people lives there; a young adult named Nani, and her younger sister Lilo. They also own a strange blue koala-dog. Then the other guy is even stranger, an obese indigo space creature with two pairs of eyes, named Jumba. It seems that Jumba is plotting something...

<The story will feature nude surfing, body and genetic experimentations (not sure if that's a fetish), android-robot waifu, egg laying, and cloning.

Will start writing this after I done with Star Butterfly. Dora the Explorer will have to wait because her story and codes are much more complicated.



Will we be able to knock up star as well?



That's the reason why she stays in Nimin. You'll knock her up during her mewberty so she had to run away from echo creek until she give birth



>scissored a portal

This gives me ideas... Summoning an avatar of the boundaries between universes, space, and time, and then fucking until she opens a gateway to where you want to go ideas, to be precise.



The Nate story was great.



Thanks! I'm glad someone liked it.



I'm a huge fan and it's great to see you're still active and posting.



Thanks! :-)



Just noticed this now has a sequel currently being serialized, still slow-going and more on the cute/romantic side than pure porn but there’s been a fappable event and I think it’ll get to real fucking eventually (probably when it gets to summer break)



May I request something on here regarding story ideas?



You can always try. No one knows if they'll like the idea untill you present it




Still waiting on someone who picks this one up


File: 86d19963d8b127c⋯.jpg (113.51 KB, 900x680, 45:34, kisspng-madeline-and-the-g….jpg)


I'm wondering if anybody would be interested in writing a TF story with Madeline transforming into a lamia after stumbling upon a spellbook and unwittingly casting the TF spell on herself


I remember reading a story about 6 months ago that involved a lot of hardcore stuff.

Honestly it seemed similiar to


but it's not the same.

It was about a retired army guy(?) living in a world where girls were absolute property.

The premise was something along that girls where easy to create, trained from a young age and everything you did to them was legal because they had 'an easy suicide button'.

Basically they had the choice to die when they wanted to.

One of the scenes was him getting tired of one of the girls and drowning them.

I also vaguely remember a scene where he had girls lined up to a carriage like horses and he used them to go to a store?

If anyone knows this story I"d love to read it again, regret not saving it.




Thanks a lot!


Harvey Street V-Day


>Lotta see's Frufru in the middle of the park decides to walk her home.

<Yuri, Kissing.




Thanks for sharing this one, good find.



... anyone?


If you want some really explicit pure smut that really plays up the pedo aspect (but still without any violence or fetishes more extreme than pee) this guy's stuff is good




>I also have planning for Lilo and Stitch.

I fully support this endeavor!

Will it just be Lilo, or will you also have Stitch as a character you can sex up?




So, any updates about your situation? If you are more available or not, that is. If you aren't, let me know.



Lotta's Sleepover!

>Lotta decides to have a sleepover at Lucretia's house and they end up having some "fun" with each other.

<Yuri, Pussy Eating, Nipple Rubbing.

This is based on a Role Play I did with Burnt Popcorn so he gets credit for this as well, Enjoy!


Remote Control Love Slave


>Synopsis: A well to do man sends his step daughter off to a clinic for some extreme modifications, turning her into a remote control sex slave. Her mother is led to believe she was sent to a girls school to learn manners and discipline

<Story Codes: M/f F/f exhib incest mod teen BDSM slavery high school real reluctant humiliation serious

I didn't write this, but it's very good. Not for the faint of heart though.


Yeah, I don’t have an exact name for the meta verse of these random stories so I figure just sticking with Fearless Fantasies (or using a template like “[Title]: From the World Without Sexual Taboos”; still working that out.

Anyway, here’s a new one I had in my head:

Maddie and Benny-

[Trigger Warnings: incest, shota-sissy, bit of piss-drinking, Yaoi, brainwashing, bottling girlcum]

When Nora married her new husband, she was hoping to find a good stepfather for her young children Maddie (9) and Benny (6) after she has to take on a second job and spending less time with them at home. Before meeting their new stepfather, Maddie and Benny have been raised by their birth parents (later just their mother when their father left) that they only needed to have sex once a week, but their new stepfather seemed to have other ideas. Not only would he be able to work from home and spend all his time with the kids but he also had a very special talent for...hypnosis. Within his first week, he’s able to hypnotize both Maddie and Benny into becoming his willing, pleading sex servants, convincing Maddie to treat him as her boyfriend and share the master bed, leave her psychologically incapable of un/dressing herself (allowing her to be dressed how her stepfather sees fit), and getting Benny’s 6yo cock locked up in a tiny little cage (after his constant erections from Maddie’s underwear) and forcing him to beg desperately to be his own sister’s piss trough.

Now, the two who were previously relatively isolated from sex are receiving near-constant groping and fingering, forbidden from wearing a thread of clothing in their own house, Benny going to school in his sister’s hand-me-downs and used as a sexual plaything by every boy in school, and Maddie is eventually impregnated by her daddy after more than a month of all-night incestuous sex that she BEGS for from her Daddy. After 3 months, Maddie is now going to school naked to fully expose her pregnant belly (even getting bumped up a grade for refusing all the sexual advances), Benny is now the football team’s fucktoy and coming to school in even girlier outfits, and they still come straight home to their daddy begging to give him a blowjob and fight over his groping hands.


Are there any good places to post my stories besides Pastebin? Because apparently sex stories aren't "allowed" on Fanfiction.net despite the fact that their all over the site.




Thanks, I already posy my first story on there.


I'm gonna be posting the rest of my stories on there later.


File: d9b30a4d85b5d71⋯.png (1.02 MB, 814x654, 407:327, brown caveloli.png)

Is there one where a guy turn back into a kid and fuck some of his little friends? I've been looking for a story of this type for some time with no avail. I remember reading one about a guy who gets transported into a child's body in the 60's after a car accident, and that's about it.



If it's actually fanfiction, archiveofourown. Be warned that the local culture is pretty tumblrey. If it's original fiction, asstr. Their infrastructure is stone are though, AIUI.

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