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File: 3e527f06137ecaf⋯.jpg (107.43 KB, 528x600, 22:25, girl playing game.jpg)


Got some thoughts for a game, story, anything with cake? Post em here! Refs too!


Lots of neat concepts from the OC thread. Can I repost them here, Lincoln?


File: 3629fb4d90208ba⋯.png (407.46 KB, 584x406, 292:203, kenobi and ashoka.png)

File: c69371b50970317⋯.jpg (298.46 KB, 800x600, 4:3, younglings.jpg)

So I had this idea for an MC based off Kenobi's mission to find younglings, but instead of it being Star Wars its one like ours when humanity has finally reached our first alien galaxy. Each with diverse environments and intelligent life.

Playing as the MC our job would be to find each of the alien species, get one of their young to come with you, then bring the highly impressionable youth back to the colony so they can be taught human speak & culture. All so they can be sent back to their planet and influence their kind.

The fun part would be the capturing of them. As part of his job's requirements he can not violently capture the alien youth. After failing to persuade verbally his first time he gets the idea to lure the young females through her species observabed mating rituals, adding some comedy and anxiety to the mix as he tries not getting killed in the process. So in-game, memorizing the rituals could be played with a memory game. Hope someone likes it.


File: 3274ae7c395e8a0⋯.jpg (1.92 MB, 1283x2536, 1283:2536, 20180210_135347.jpg)

I've had this one on my mind for years. How about a futuristic game where society has hit every bump of the slippery slope and has become desensitized to most sex culture. In the game you'd play as an assistant to a mad scientist funded by PORN CORP to find out what sex acts and genetic modifications to the human body would get people off and watching porn again.

Pic related. You get the idea. The cake would come from the assistant working in the Loli division while other assistants could work in the Milf, THICC, Furry, and other divisons of preference.


File: d40e02c89196445⋯.jpg (176.79 KB, 955x1000, 191:200, 50's tomboy.jpg)


Posted this in /loli/ a while back but the thread got deleted. Basically, 'Fight Club' but in the 1950s but with schoolgirls.

I also suggested a loli based 'Warriors' idea where the girls from said fight clubs go in the middle of the woods like the Warriors did in the movie's famous meetup to discuss stopping the schoolyard pastime from getting banned nationwide, but one of the rival clubs of our main characters sabotage the meeting by knocking out the best fighter in the school district, hitting her head with a rock putting her in a coma (SPOILERS: she wakes at end game clearing MC's names) and blaming it on the main girls who not only get chased by the other fight clubs but who must evade the cops, rapist thugs in the city, and the mobster daddy of the girl who got comatosed till they get home safely.

Basically the Warriors but with girls scared for their virginities.


File: 4aa2fb10e742243⋯.jpg (190.73 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 4aa2fb10e742243abe0fca3e9f….jpg)

File: f532ac5be2b571f⋯.jpg (231.33 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, f532ac5be2b571fba808e42b0b….jpg)

File: 822ce0c698f926e⋯.jpg (177.49 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 77ccbd549e830447074f37e959….jpg)

File: 8087356079f3c4d⋯.jpg (204.48 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 7b6fc6daaddeeb820e064a8d4d….jpg)

File: 38c25171ddccd60⋯.jpg (211.56 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 938b34ef2f40db09d05d193ccf….jpg)


Alot you can work with in this time period. Looking forward to whatever Remus is doing with these.


File: 50d8e391bf8ac44⋯.png (533.07 KB, 1160x1000, 29:25, 50d8e391bf8ac445117cc8a1d3….png)

File: 70fdf7f9858f85e⋯.jpg (92.93 KB, 1224x791, 1224:791, 9cde15aaeddecb8ae5ed1b4f74….jpg)

File: cefe094791af255⋯.png (504.75 KB, 1123x1000, 1123:1000, cefe094791af255699ceb6ac03….png)

File: 5ef5c6f0ab5cea5⋯.jpg (514.23 KB, 3465x2120, 693:424, c07a6d7df7146bb9f7474c4197….jpg)


Some concept art from his timetraveling detective idea.


File: 5213bffbae1af5e⋯.jpg (359.88 KB, 2454x1659, 818:553, 4d681608426cc126ab8a81e230….jpg)

File: 83cbb6e21363680⋯.png (423.78 KB, 996x1000, 249:250, 83cbb6e213636809c7eb1ab18f….png)

File: 85f2615f58620d2⋯.jpg (297.63 KB, 2189x1432, 2189:1432, e4a50e1b7d65833673e9a10b25….jpg)


Reposting from last thread but:

Setting is comfy house during apocalypse. Goal is to last as many days as possible. The loli twist being plenty of groups to encounter with them begging to be let in. Some having a young girl or the extremely rare 2, you always offer to accept only the girls to sustain the humanity someday. Fun part of the game being trying to keep both harem and the MC happy with while running the risk new girls could bring in diseases, drain your resources, steal for their group outside, ditch you, or die off themselves unless you kick them out.

Design options should range from blemishes, scars, and tattered clothes since in-game you could scavenge for better attire in the city to clean up and increase appeal. Perfume and cologne being good as gold.

Some girls should have physical challenges that could factor in how much resources they need or the likelihood of them dying. This being especially helpful to know at start if to leave them outside. What do you think?


Is this a thread for promoting our own ideas? Or just brainstorming with other people?


File: c80e1ba595865a3⋯.jpg (168.77 KB, 625x415, 125:83, why not.jpg)



Hey I like aliens as much as the next guy but after reading about sexual history in Polynesia I think the concept would be better applied to settlers in the pre-colonial islands. Theres just so much scenery and exploration to work with, not to mention the variety of lewd practices each island uniquely had regarding cake. Not only to use as a learning tool, but to make use of all those hawaiian girls I saw in the OC thread.



Aliens are awesome. Whats so special about Hawaiians?


File: 5a22ee764ff2a7a⋯.png (705.88 KB, 1161x986, 1161:986, 1518154220088.png)


Alot more than just surfing and pineapples


>While a female was still an infant, mother’s breast milk was squirted into her vagina, and the labia were pressed together. The mons was rubbed with kukui (candlenut) oil and pressed with the palm of the hand to flatten it making it less prominent. The molding continued until the labia did not separate

>Suggs cited many cases of full heterosexual intercourse in public between adults and prepubertal individuals in Polynesia. The crews of the visiting ships showed no compunction against the activities. Cunnilingus with young females was recorded without accompanying remarks that this kind of behavior was unusual or disapproved of for the participants. Occasions were recorded of elders assisting youngsters in having sex with other elders. Among the Marquesas Islanders in particular, Suggs reported, extramarital relations were frequent and often involved older males with young virginal females and older females with young virginal males

>Suggs elaborated on the early sexual experiences of pubertal males with married females in their 30s and 40s in the Marquesas Islands, who “take special pains to be pleasing and patient with them, a source of enjoyment for many Marquesan women. Amongali‘i, an experienced chiefess, usually a blood “aunt,” instructed and trained the young males. Similarly, young females were trained by their “aunt,” by another experienced woman, or by a tutukane.The training concerned not only what to expect and what to do but also how to increase or maximize pleasure. A young male was taught “timing” and how to please a female in order to help her attain orgasm. A young female was taught how to touch and caress a male and move her body to please them both. She was taught how to constrict and rhythmically contract her vaginal muscles. One adult female told of being instructed on how to get her vagina to “wink”


File: b39c9eac774f699⋯.png (320.65 KB, 893x961, 893:961, 1445489846946.png)

About two years ago I started, but did not finish, a story based on the fall of Rome and Odoacer having his way with the daughter of a Roman senator, maybe even the Emperor himself.

I based the loli on the one in this picture, with flowers in her blonde hair to symbolize sexual purity, but the Germanic warrior plucks her.

Would any of you guys like to see me finish it and post it here? I always did enjoy writing, especially erotica.



Sounds interesting. You never really see historical cake. Fire away



Well, OK.

I just started a story about a young human boy in a Dungeons and Dragons type universe who gets shoved out the door and forced on a long epic adventure. Each chapter he runs into a magical creature/monster/demihuman girl his own age, usually, and they have sex. Then they join his party and he acquires a harem. There's a loli centaur, kobold, dryad, etc. There's a higher purpose and agency to all of it, but that isn't revealed until later.


File: 9a659b8981f6e23⋯.jpg (274.4 KB, 600x567, 200:189, rapesabinecake.jpg)


>historical cake

Reminds me about a year ago I had an idea of a series of historical events, ancient to modern, with adults swapped out for loli and shota. Didn't get very far with it. Here's the Rape of the Sabine Women.


File: 1e34d4ee871fb73⋯.jpg (96.38 KB, 324x543, 108:181, 1e34d4ee871fb73a8a7f3b70fe….jpg)


Would love to see some refs for this. I could help find some if you like. Theres a thread in the catalog with a bunch like this too


File: 71b3444992919fe⋯.png (109.15 KB, 540x540, 1:1, centaurloli.png)


She'll be a bit older. Maybe tenish? She's a long way off from being introduced in the story. Here's a couple sketches I did with her.

I think the biggest hurdle to the stories success is going to be a format. Combination of illustrations and text. It will be pretty much straight up comic format for the action and sex scenes, and then the sections with dialogue or exposition will have one or two illustrations per page, among blocks of texts. I want the expository parts to sound a bit like when a dungeon master is describing the setting and situation to the players.



Interesting. Love her aggression opposed to those cutesy dootsy faux centaurs from that thread or Fantasia. Hope your other girls stay in character to their mythology too. Keep it up.



Yeah, I wanted her to be like classical centaurs. Very barbaric, crude, vulgar, vain, etc.


How about a black love comic strip about an ongoing relationship between a male fitness trainer and a nine year old girl?

I already got five pages done. Should I have an artist work on it?


File: 81fbbe8d3165a2f⋯.jpg (357.72 KB, 673x800, 673:800, 81fbbe8d3165a2fda679bba13f….jpg)

File: b5aaf004e023ef5⋯.jpg (188.79 KB, 580x806, 290:403, 65fda7ec453f140a77d4432d54….jpg)

File: 29747d3e04edbf0⋯.png (1.29 MB, 768x873, 256:291, 159203085761.png)

File: cd5a2686d6f64e8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 1499x1617, 1499:1617, 1516434769328.jpg)


Please do. As for me tell me what you think of this one. Could be for a game or comic:

A group of horror cliche college kids have their car break down during a road trip, right next to a creepy town possessed by a vengeful succubus. They dont know its possessed initially but after looking around they start to see the only people walking around are schoolgirls with haunting eyes.

After looking around seeing diaries and newspapers they start to find out a string of rapes and murders had been occurring around the school for years. No one was ever captured. And soon after learning this, they come to the realization the angry spirits have taken possession over their classmates, doing away with every possible culprit before it ever happens again. And after figuring it out, they decide to split into 2 groups to cover more ground, one trying to find the bodies of any non-schoolgirl while our MC's group investigates what the schoolgirls are doing. When the latter group follows some girls into the grocery store, they are violently stripped and sexually attacked by an increasingly naked swarm of the them. And after knocking them out with store items they run out to check if the other group is okay. Upon finding half of the other group they see one of them has given in to the lewd pack that attacked him, watching as he is gutted after cumming inside one of the sexually satisfied possessed. And after seeing this our MC's group hopes to find the other member before its too late. Shortly after, his group heads to the school. There finding all the town's missing people bound and gagged, being used one by one as sexual objects before being horrendously gored. And as the MC's group looks on helplessly, they see the friend they were looking for has just been dragged in.

The MC wonders what to do next.



I was always a sucker for horror games; and one similar to Children of the Corn does have some zing to it too.


File: 04f785ef596b8a6⋯.jpg (531.94 KB, 1373x1093, 1373:1093, 1468122713670.jpg)


Thanks. If you're into horror I actually had another idea where the world is ending and we see it from the perspective of boarding school kids. Would start out comfy waiting it out in their cramped but familiar settings until they're eventually overwhelmed by lack of supplies, smell, depravity, attacks, and the constant repairs needed to protect from whatever roams outside.

I figure the fun would be seeing just how sexually depraved an innocent group of walking hormones could become under such dire circumstances to keep themselves sane.

The game should always end in death since the fun would be just trying to see how far-gone the group becomes as they desperately manage another day.



That's more apocalyptic than horror. Sorry, not into those.



That sounds utterly depressing. I don’t think most people would want to play a game like that.


File: 10e6c05c970eafa⋯.jpg (35.68 KB, 485x748, 485:748, Cf6IzO7UAAAExej.jpg)



How about making the demons outside possessed girls?



Nah, the possession of innocent kids in >>6165 makes sense since given the context but in >>6177 not really since in most religions kids are innocent in a spiritual nature so their spirits couldn't be corrupted by demons. If anything it should just be adults they are hiding from. But yeah the game would be pretty bleak from a hopeful standpoint unless you're into seeing people break down.




I had an idea for a prologue or backstory:

In the distant, post-apocalyptic future humanity has evolved into two species, the barbaric, cannibalistic Mongrok who inhabit the vast radioactive wastelands and the technologically advanced, physically childlike Eroi who live in a gigantic tower city. When it looks like the Eroi are about to lose their final battle against the besieging Mongrok they send robotic probes into the past to change it and prevent the apocalypse.

In the present our neet hero has inherited his private eye grandfather’s apartment (not a moment too soon since his parents were just about to kick him out) and there he finds a box of evidence from an unsolved case dating back to when his grandpa was a young police detective in the 50’s. In the box are not only files on all the witnesses, suspects, etc. but als a strange rodlike object...



My interest is piqued but I'd hate to tell you "continue" since Remus has been at it for awhile and probably already has his story to stick with.



It's me.


File: 11e93765655c834⋯.jpg (496.73 KB, 664x1024, 83:128, lsxthrsIVy1qz5q5o.jpg)

What if yes?



Sweet, love your art dude. By all means continue. Story could rival UAB in terms of scale but with the multiple settings I just hope the pacing comes out nicely, especially with the timetravel and all.



Would make for a good comic. Especially in that artsyle.


File: 4c977119151804c⋯.png (49.29 KB, 500x275, 20:11, 4c977119151804c8ab75500a83….png)

Here's one that sorta stems from >>6165


A group of elementary school girls are on a trip to an all girls summer camp but misfortune occurs when the road goes off kilter and the bus careens into the woods. The bus driver is killed in the crash (R.I.P) and the girls are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

They eventually decide to follow the road but are met with misdirections and confusion as the murky woods become horrifying. They find themselves in an old abandon village where they take shelter. The stay, hoping someone will find them until one of the girls begins to show unusually habits.

This girl then speaks of visions and encourage the others to see these visions as a guide to enlightenment. Soon they form a pact that follow the wisdom of this vision and become a craving sex cult.

Of course there always has to be that one person in the group who's like "nah" and tries to escape and this is where shit hits the fan.



Kind of want to know what happens next since I'm a big fan of the occult and innawoods spooks but I guess surprises are good too.

What atmosphere would it have?



Thanks. I don’t plan to dwell too much on the future and present. The main setting is the 50’s and that alone is expansive and complex enough. I have tons of ideas for settings and events that I hope I can fit in and connect into a coherent story. I’m also still unsure about some important elements of the story like the role and capabilities of Holly the holographic loli and how our hero (I’m open to name suggestions) will fit into the community (basically the stereotypical 50’s suburb). Is he a new teacher at the local school? A journalist? An FBI agent? He has to have some plausible story as to where he comes from and why he’s going places, questioning people, etc. Right now I’m thinking of borrowing from Lolita and having him staying with a milf and her daughter as a boarder and being a teacher (art or maybe English). That would justify him talking to the local girls and their parents and would not arouse distrust or suspicion.

Holly could be invisible to everyone but him or visible to everybody and she’d pretend she’s his daughter. Or she could make herself visible and invisible at will.

The story revolves around finding a missing girl ( right now I think she’ll be the daughter of the officer in charge of the secret military base that’s performing experiments with the help of Nazi and Japanese scientists brought over after the war [and who also happen to have cute daughters]. What rank would he have to be? Her mother is a religious fundamentalist and her younger twin sisters are secretly into the occult [which brings us to things like holding a seance at a sleepover and secret rituals in the woods]).

There are also secret societies (think Eyes Wide Shut), monsters, pornographers, Russian spies, a corrupt police department trying to stop young grandpa from prying too much and more concerned with finding a patsy than solving the case.

I’m open to ideas and suggestions.



What you're doing is perfect. Some might say you have too many ideas at one time but when you get down to tallying plot points you'd be surprised how much you brush off with each draft. As your doing this its good to have an explanation for everything and connect established details like

>FBI agent

May not be relateable as a teacher or journalist since government agents have a stigma against them, being cold and calculated and all. But it would be cute to have a straight-man MC with a cutie like Holly. And as an FBI agent you can give the MC a reason for being in contact with missing girl's high-ranking father, not to mention his stereotypical shades FBI agents wear for obscurity being replaced with ones Holly gives to him for the ability to see her. All in all your story has lots of cool elements. Hope to play it someday.


File: b0dc6b34c73a6ae⋯.jpg (119.97 KB, 1024x818, 512:409, 1518401702506m.jpg)


Don't want to steal your FBI agent so if your game ever takes off hopefully you consider my idea for spinoff of an FBI agent tasked with finding out why the imaginations of young girls are suddenly coming to life, changing their environments to childish dreamscapes and bringing troublesome imaginary friends to being. Fun would be experiencing the diverse world of imagination when dealing with a variety of girls all with unique mental states.



I like the idea but where does the loli fucking come in?



Feel free to use it, I’m leaning more towards teacher anyway, and it’s not like there can’t be more than one FBI agent character anyway. I’d like to see your idea get made too, so go ahead.

If my mc is an art teacher he could get hired to paint a rich girl’s portrait for example (draw me like one of your French lolis scene?). That gives me an idea, mc could brag about having studied in France only to have French loli start talking to him in French and finding him out or at least getting suspicious.

Being an artist could be an actual skill mc has so he could really teach art and paint portraits without having to pretend or get help from Holly.


File: 6970074b6778398⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.29 KB, 1200x960, 5:4, Cb2P0_TWEAA2E-o.jpg)


Theres a reason I restricted the threat to being 'nationwide' only. You see I was always fascinated by the debate of 'american prudeness' that argues American tendency to act sexually repressive is actually the reason for hypersexual progressivism being the forefront social issue these days along with pornographic depravity being one-upped by the day. This is also apparrent in hentai from Japanese censorship and Russian policing of gay folk as queer porn in Russia-pop is circulating in protest. All this happening when most European countries are so open with sexuality they allow nude beaches of all ages and non-sexual nudity in their media.

To answer your question though, near the end of the game our MC comes to find it was the internationally beloved and social progressivist Justin Trudeau behind the chemical warfare. By abusing the American president's trust (allowing Canadian jets to clean up the air to "shut their stupid enviromentalists faces") Trudeau was able to release chemicals in the air which allowed for the brains of young girls to create physical matter, using their brains as the hyperactive generators that cannot be stopped without a serum. Trudeau explains to the MC that not only little girls have the capacity to create vast imaginary worlds, but they're also the most impressionable. When coming to this realization, Trudeau came up with the idea to give American girls these powers so that during the pandemic he may launch phase 2 of his plan, sabotaging American media with increasingly sexual content. Thus turning America into the sexually progressive dreamscape he and the LGBT community had always asked for.

So? What do you think? I know its a crazy fucking allegory but hey just putting it out there lol.




Damn, I can't find it. I must have deleted it.

Sorry guys. And I don't really feel like rewriting it.



Lol, oh well.



Neat. I like the phase 2 idea. I'm guessing that octopus form your first ref started out as something innocent before phase 2 happened making it sexualized?


File: 6c7281e75e391f5⋯.jpg (255.72 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 1518415027250m.jpg)

File: d093f2114582cef⋯.jpg (577.15 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 20180212_022539.jpg)


Right on the money. I also figured phase 2 would also alter environments made from the girls into something more sexual

Heres a lazy edit. Hope you get the gist so I dont explain in lewd detail


File: 2ba4e720ed3dd6a⋯.jpg (88.7 KB, 750x422, 375:211, chocolate factory.jpg)

Had this idea awhile back. This looks like a good thread to post it. Basically a loli-parody of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

>the mischievous golden ticket winners are now all lolis, much like in the original they all misbehave getting them kicked out of the tour one by one, however now their punishments take a sexual turn

>the oompa loompas are now lolis who take a twisted pleasure in punishing and teasing the rule breaking children

>Charlie remains a shota (I reckon it might be more fun that way, especially if he's written to be a bit naive), his grandpa is rewritten to be a pervert who's just enjoying the show

>not sure what to do with Willy Wonka, but I was thinking of having him be an older woman who also enjoys punishing the children (and rewarding Charlie when he wins)


File: e782780cde28c79⋯.jpg (199.06 KB, 1280x1422, 640:711, 2013_Limo_Kiss.jpg)

Being an /ll/fag is suffering due to the overall lack of new content being made of it. I always want to make an effort to writing stories of it but never find the time or will to commit to it.

I had the idea of a text game / story where a demon-loli has to go round disguising as a human-loli seducing older girls and women for the sole reason that it's not common and unexpected. I even had ideas for scenes where the loli disguises herself as a girl then seduces that girls mother, or pretends to be an adoring fan of a pop star and seduces them in their dressing room.

Possibilities are endless but not realistic to become a real project.


Game idea:

A little 9yo loli with a genius IQ goes to college. She has to solve weird hilarious mysteries all while fucking her way through a bunch of hot college guys and girls.

We can add a sense of the fantastical by making her a mutant or clone with an extremely long lifespan, such that at age 18 she appears to be 9. There can be other clones and weirdos at the college. Maybe it's in the future were all kinds of weird cyberpunk shit happens.

One of the challenges is to balance being a well-rounded, smart young adult with a body (and to some extent a mind) that wants to act like a kid. The balance you strike between these competing impulses determines the course of the game.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I thought about playing with Godot for months now and just recently they finally released Godot 3. I've never made a game ever in my life, but I hope to dedicate myself once I'm out of school. Uni is fucking murder.

I thought I share the engine with you guys who may be thinking about making their games.



An idea for a game I had: Harem Simulator!

A game where you can put together a harem of all the delicious girls you want, and even have them become however you want, by your actions/behaviors towards them, how you take them home with you, and so on.

You can also have any variety of girls be any variety of things, from a sex slave, to a maid, play mate, 'little sis', etc.


This may sound ridiculous but I always wanted a Surgeon Simulator-like game but with a loli laying in bed and you get to remove her clothes and grope her and basically do whatever.



Neat, ill check it out.


Lucky for you it actually exists. Honey Select. Was real popular on /loli/ last year. Dont know if the threads are still there though.


File: 1dc9de2b0470d02⋯.jpg (8.48 KB, 268x188, 67:47, kjjhkjh.jpg)

Personally I always dreamed of a game like Bully but with a much younger cast.

The game is about 10 year old identical twins, one boy, the other a girl. And you can swap between each of the two whenever you're not on a mission, much like GTAV. They’re new to this school and you have to make friends and stay out of trouble. You can punch and kick just like Bully but the missions themselves are more of trying to fit in rather than trying to be the anti-hero.

There is a group of girls, called the Clique, who are the meanies on campus and they like to test the new kids by humiliating them and egging them to do their tasks. The missions are mainly helping kids around school or doing things for the Clique.

-Panty Raid: Because it’s a boarding school, boys and girls sleep on campus and you can steal panties from the girls’ dorm. You can choose to keep them and/or sell them to the boys.

-The twins can cross-dress so you can have gay/trap/straight sex.

-Get hazed or do the hazing, all sexualized and more.

-Date the even younger kids and the much older teens from the secondary school not far off.

-Shoplift from adult stores. Because kids aren’t allowed, this makes for a great stealth game.

-Make and sell sex tapes. You have a phone and you can record your deeds anywhere on campus.

-Smoke pot with the cool kids… leads to better things.

-Pick on and demoralize the shy kids. You sadistic bastards.

-Use the bathroom like normal.

Those are just a few things I wanted to spill out.


I had at least two ideas, both set in the same universe (rather unimaginably titled, the Sexyverse, basically a world where all sex is legal and encouraged to the point NOT having/wanting sex is considered absurd; feel free to come up with a better name): one is a K-12 school where grades are based on sexual experience and activity (kindergarten getting to play with sex toys and fingering, and moving up to full-blown gangbangs...even in the hallway), and another is a (separate) reform school for girls to turn shy, passive virgins, aggressive anti-sexual cunts, and strictly straight/lesbian girls into omnisexual, cum-addicted obedient sex slaves.

Please feel free to use workshop either one of these; my idea was taking the second one and having a girl (and her older/younger sister) sent here by her/their parents to be more open about sex and nudity.



P.S. Yes, shota/trap sex is also a-okay, and considering how prevalent sex is and how more than 9 of every 10 cases are consentual, rape is considered extremely rare (outside of roleplay)



>identical twins,

>one boy, the other a girl

That’s not how identical twins work.



In fiction, there is.



Such twins would be assumed to be non-identical but happen to look alike. Which I imagine is what you were referring to.



Doing a bit of digging, there is polar body or semi-identical twinning, but it producing a living, viable twin is a thing that so far has not been found to happen. On the other hand this is fiction so whatthefuckever.

Also, I learned that Heteropaternal Superfecundation or twins with different fathers is a thing, so my mind is fucking blown for tonight.


File: 09713a542e20652⋯.jpg (406.82 KB, 1071x1500, 357:500, 91eEtP0sC4L._SL1500_.jpg)

How about an absurd loli game with the most loveable man in America? Call it 'Flirty Jobs'

Our hero Mike Rowe is about to get cancelled, so to save his show he and his filmcrew start recording girls working in the sweatiest professions after child-labor laws gets thrown out in nu-corporate America. Fucking in seweries, factories, farms, dirt, you name it. Whatever it takes to save his ratings and educate viewers on the blue-collar.


File: a9116fcab3989ee⋯.png (591.72 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 1517110339176.png)

I'm currently writing a story about an author moving to a more-or-less abandoned suburb development that only has a few houses built on a number of largish plots. The only other house being lived in in the neighborhood is that of a mother and daughter, the mother having to work most of the time and leaving the girl (who is one of those child geniuses who skipped a number of grades) alone most days.

So far only a few chapters in and the author and girl have started to bond some, with him inviting her to his house to swim in his pool and her being able to vent to him.

Next chapter will involve a blackout at the girl's house one night while her mother is working an overnight shift so the girl scurries over to the author's home until her mom can come pick her up.

I'm doing a very slow and romantic build up and have around 60 chapters concepted out and four or so written.


File: eebedd32a7f16b8⋯.jpg (2.37 MB, 1920x1329, 640:443, the-internet.jpg)

How about a loli game based on internet culture?

Every one of those embarrassing memes from the 00's to today personified by cake? Hell, pick any one and i can give you a sexy example


File: dc2ccbc89cec09c⋯.jpg (2.94 MB, 4096x2572, 1024:643, The-Birth-of-Venus-by-Sand….jpg)

File: a4a50456f8090e6⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1239x1749, 413:583, f33441efc264a8c35a67f6b53a….jpg)

File: 7c9ba1fe6d5d58f⋯.jpg (605.31 KB, 873x1094, 873:1094, f21f230d8647e38e8d9f5db4c3….jpg)

Or how about a game based on famous art? Not the kids in famous paintings themselves since there is so few to name, but all the grown female subjects in paintings that are actually world famous?

Story idea : It is the year 5555 and paintings are a thing of the past, with everything being digital. The 'Art World' museum has been hacked by a wellknown pedo critic turning the art subjects into little girls. His belief being that true beauty is only found in youth.

Its up to our drawfag MC to fix things. After getting hired by the museum to go through their system, our hero learns that whoever stored the paintings digitally went further beyond just uploading pictures to capture the true spirit and life of every painting.

The 'Art World' awaits our hero to explore it, with many famous spectacles and subjects to walk through and befriend. Now its up to our MC to "make a woman" out of the young painted girls to break the hackers code and turn them back to normal.



And I'm now concepting a story featuring an elf girl being reverse-isekaied and brought to the real world.


File: 3811c8164fab417⋯.png (14.4 KB, 240x191, 240:191, ct_screen.png)

I love this has a lot of horror fans in the board.

I'm one of those retro fans who personally liked the idea of a Clock Tower style horror survival. You play as a group of kids in an old orphanage that has a creature that roams around at night. One of the kids go missing and it's up to the others to find out what happened, believing the caretaker may have something to do with it. The kids are only allowed to roam the manor during the day, so running around at night is forbidden. During the nights, they search for clue, careful not to wake or disturb the monster out there.

The way the group plays is kind of like Friday the 13th NES game, with 6 counselors act as lives, except you have little girls. As such, each have different abilities per character. The foreign girl can read/translate notes that's written in her native language, others can swim while others cannot, or run faster whiles others not so fast, and some are masters in hide-n-seek thus allowing them to hide in places the other can't, etc.

As for the monster, well, it can be anything but I like the idea of a ghostly orphan girl who shape-shifts and does dirty deeds to the other kids. She can't be killed and your only option is to run. Players will have a fear meter so if they get to a certain point, they may visibly piss themselves on the spot.

The goal is to escape the manor, if all 6 girls are captured, it's game over.


File: 57e825b461a1c46⋯.jpg (155.98 KB, 400x580, 20:29, g199903.jpg)

File: 939a7f0dc58a927⋯.jpg (71.67 KB, 800x600, 4:3, gfs_118147_2_2.jpg)


You might want to check out Kaiki! Drill Otoko no Kyoufu, it's basically a vn-style h-game take on clock tower's premise and one of the three playable girls is a loli. Basically the girls have to run and hide whenever they hear the monster coming and if they get caught their clothes get torn up, once they're naked they need to find something else to wear or else their next encounter triggers a game over rape. There is an english translation for it.



Interesting, may have to check it out later.

Though after posting my idea, I'm actually thinking about writing up the story for the game and try to do something with it.


File: a95ddc517bffc61⋯.png (431.93 KB, 700x1242, 350:621, 1518988827352.png)


Hope theres a werewolf


File: 58cb6ad7fed00df⋯.jpg (218.23 KB, 1536x1144, 192:143, b20a858c200839c51e40f5d663….jpg)

A beach volley ball game, starring the cast of Unteralterbach.

You select two girls for your team and you compete against the cpu or other players, unlock more stages, outfits, and victory poses, etc. It should also have photo ops where you can take pictures of the girls with those new things you unlocked and make covers or calendars.


File: 6ce6c276199632b⋯.png (383.59 KB, 600x1058, 300:529, overwatch___tracer_by_mlet….png)

File: 70fc5805111e74f⋯.png (700.65 KB, 1024x1610, 512:805, overwatch_tracer_by_mowtei….png)


I guess while this thread's still here I might as well get this other /ll/ fic idea off my chest too, based around Tracer. It was kind of inspired by some other fics I read on similar themes.

Tracer, in the middle of a battle, tries to save a small girl / group of girls from an explosion, but in doing so damages her chrono accelerator thingy, catching herself and the girl(s) in a seemingly endless time-skip. They then proceed to do the usual survival stuff, keeping each other company, awaiting rescue whilst never proceeding in time or aging.

Eventually however, Tracer's desires for romantic female company grow desperate and she begins to grow attracted to the girl(s), masturbating frequently thinking of them, and when the girl(s) begin to grow curious of sex and love, Tracer can no longer withhold herself, and things turn lewd. The longer they stay in the time skip, the more the devolve in to mad sex 24/7 (Heh), with Tracer forgetting completely about Emily or being at all attracted to grown women, and then...poof. Time resumes, they're rescued by Winston or something, and now Tracer has to live on her life normally, but as a massive /ll/ fiend, unable to reverse the effect on her sexuality.

Very depraved, but like I said, I needed to get it off my chest.


File: a83fa697aa6c3a9⋯.png (354.01 KB, 610x323, 610:323, ClipboardImage.png)

Back in my LAH days, I posted an idea about a tabletop game but with loli. The story varies, the essentials are:

-Character sheet

-Two sets of decks.

Events Deck that are drawn based on the map.

Small Personal Deck for each player depending on the lolis class.

-A Map

-A some dices


A set number of girls from different regions of the world (or planets for sci-fi fans) are selected to compete for riches. The girls that qualified must range from the ages 8 - 12, must be virgins, and are magical girls (called Love Child).

These girls are prepped and cast into a map and must survive the dangers that's out there. The goal is to collect Heart Jems. These jems are already in the girls hearts, that's why they are called Love Child. The only way to claim these jems is through orgasms. Your character must force another to orgasm to extract the jem from their heart (See the short movie Star-Jewel). The last girl standing wins.

The rules where never laid out but it's essentially a Hunger Game-like D&D game where you have to avoid hazardous traps and monsters that want to rape you. Of course you also want to avoid the biggest threat which are other players.

The lore hasn't been established but the idea is there.



i really really like that idea anon, i second the last anon who mentioned historical cake being the most intriguing.



Thanks. Too bad no artist has appeared in a while. I guess the thread's ideas will live on in imagination.



Hey man, it was worth a try! Just want to thank everyone for their creativity before I ask mods to delete the thread. Board is kind of slow so its not like we can expect new ideas or artists. Would be dishonorabu to necrobump this forever.



>inb4 sued by tecmo for copying doa xbv

would be nice tho



Sounds like a great setting, and lots of great ideas for the story! I'm glad that you're still using many of the ideas brainstormed back on the old game thread from /loli/, especially the Holly character. I think having the ability to appear/ disappear would be fun, so she can pop up and offer advice to the MC (or even just to joke or make fun of him when things go sour). Perhaps she could eventually become a romantic partner for him if he manages to crack the case. In any event, she'd make for a fun sidekick to the MC.


I like the idea of the MC going undercover as an art teacher. It would be good for him to have a cover and some legitimate abilities of his own. Drawing/ painting lolis is an idea too good to pass up. He could also pose as a photographer to snap some modelling/ fashion shots (could include a femme fatale and/ or Betty Paige-type pinup loli here).

It would be cool if the MC teams up or otherwise encounters his grandfather in the past - an energetic young police detective trying to solve the mysterious crime. Beyond just cute girls, it would be a heartwarming addition to have a hero who ends up working alongside his own grandfather in the past - especially if the grandfather had recently passed away in the hero's present-day. I'm not sure if the MC ought to be a real detective of any sort (his ability to teach art class could just be an innate talent he has that makes an acceptable cover) or just a talented amateur.

As for an officer in charge of a top-secret military base, he surely would be a general of some rank. You could probably get away with having him be a young bird-colonel, for him to have a MILFy wife and young daughters (since a general would generally be too old to have young daughters unless he married a much younger woman). If he rose in rank during WWII, he could conceivably be a fairly young officer - say in his late 30s or early 40s. There's a better chance of that in, say, the Air Force which was a young branch of the military at the time. A lot of the earliest fighter pilots became important officers after their combat years.



Hadn't planned on it. But there's a wererat loli.


fucked-up yuri cake:

there is this pair of sisters, they live in a freakshow, they have sex with other little girls as a part of a show for money.

the sisters are conjoined, they are two heads on one body, about one shoulder-width apart, with one half of each sister's shoulder-bones fused together between them, their body's organs are best imagined as a situs inversus setup superimposed upon a situs solidus setup and all organs from the two being fused together, resulting in such abnormalities as two hearts.

the sisters have an additional set of arms below their normal set, these arms are completely functional and identical to the above set in every way, the sister's skeleton accommodates these extra limbs, between, the secondary set of arm is an additional set of breasts, also anatomically complete and identical to the above set.

the sister's have two anatomically complete, fully functional, long, strong, and prehensile tails, both originating from the tailbone, with one growing to the left, while the other grows to the right.

the sister's have webbing between each of the digits on their hands and feet, the webbing is like that of a bast's wing, and is flexible enough to not restrict the free movement of any of the fingers or toes, each finger and toes also end in claws instead of nails, these claws are retractable, however, when retracted, the fingers and toes will lack nails, their tips being on top like they are on the bottom.

the sister's mouths are like the mouths of a species that had evolved from humans and exclusively preyed upon humans, eating their flesh and drinking their blood, the mouths are those of cannibalistic carnivores and vampires, not omnivores, each mouth also contains two long, strong, prehensile tongues, which are rough due to being capable of lapping up blood.

the sister's each are missing noses and ears, with only two holes in place of each nose, and one hole in place of each ear, nonetheless, they can hear and smell just fine.

the sister's completely lack hair anywhere on their heads or bodies, they are incapable of producing hair of any kind.

the sister's heads each have one giant violet eye with red sclerae in the center of their forehead, the left-side sister has a giant left monoeye, and the right-side sister has a giant right monoeye.

the sister's have unusual coloration, everywhere else that would otherwise be pink or red in color on a caucasian girl, whether on the outside or inside of the body, is instead completely black, this extends not only to external features like lips and nipples, but also to internal organs and muscles, like the heart and tongue, this does not, however, extend to body fluids, like blood, which remain red, the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet are also completely black in coloration, aside from the above, the sister's are completely devoid of pigmentation, the rest of their skin is that of a complete albino.

each sister controls exactly half of their body, as well as everything on their side; two tongues, two arms, two breasts, one tail, and one leg, they share parts bisected down the center, such as their anus and clit,

the final mutation of these strange girls is that they are abnormally large, they are only 5 but expected to reach an adult height of approximately 15 feet, not only are they unusually large, but they are strong and intelligent as well.

the sister's are completely mute, but intelligent and able to communicate via signing and writing.

the sister's have picked up various tricks from living in the circus, such as illusion, contortion, and various other tricks, they wear masks and heavy cloaks to hide their form, the girls have a friend in a tiny yet completely proportional girl who is always in full body clown paint and wearing a wig and nose (as if they were a part of her body), she is a fellow lesbian loli erotic freak, to avoid being stepped on accidentally, she frequently rides around on the sister's shared shoulder (between the heads), they have sex with her a lot.

every night a special show goes on, where little girls are brought to the center of the ring and the sisters have sex with them, from using their tongues and tails as tentacles, to exploring their little bodies with their four arms, to tribadism and other lesbian acts, the young participant is usually very satisfied with the experience, toys are never used, nor are they required.

sometimes the tiny clown girl also joins in, making it a threeway.

the story is told from the perspective of the little volunteer.

the appeal comes from a dark sapphism, all participants are completely undeveloped little girls under 10 years of age, and having a monstrous little girl with a normal little girl is a fetish of mine.

please make any adjustments you wish, so long as the central concept is intact.


File: e45f375eeaa6ab1⋯.png (336.62 KB, 439x480, 439:480, e45f375eeaa6ab1637315b7ba0….png)


I'm trying my damn hardest to process this.





File: a50de63e16c1a3d⋯.gif (489.37 KB, 254x268, 127:134, 1468366513966.gif)

File: 7c45769246a0866⋯.jpg (69.53 KB, 800x678, 400:339, c29acf8f0c8ee50265cb1302fa….jpg)

Wordgirl and all the /delicious/ girls are sexy maids and you can order one for as cheap as 1 though 3 bucks


File: 6432f3597429e65⋯.jpg (82.73 KB, 900x702, 50:39, 1398207257699.jpg)


Can a drawfriend get on this and try and visualise whatever the fuck this guy is on about?


I have an idea. Why not actually make a game?


File: 2ef9713cf6fe296⋯.jpg (89.7 KB, 436x612, 109:153, Battledore-and-shuttlecock.jpg)



What about badminton or frisbee instead then?


So I was thinking about the old myth about virgins and unicorns and the sexual symbolism thereof.

Came up with an idea for a picture series of a loli maiden encountering a young unicorn colt. And they fuck. I've got a few things sketched out. No idea for a timeline. Everything's out of sequence.

Anyway, thoughts on the idea of a girl standing directly behind a colt, pulling it's balls back far enough that she could grind against them with her pussy? Anatomically it's a little weird, but I can't get the idea out of my head.



>Being an /ll/fag is suffering due to the overall lack of new content being made of it.

why is that?



No artists generally want to do /ll/ content for some reason despite the relatively large following it has. Artists like Fauno who have made the best /ll/ content gave up a while ago, so it's hard finding good fresh content.


File: 007d4df1fad3635⋯.png (109.17 KB, 637x784, 13:16, mousegirl.png)


concept doodle


Would I be able to post a few comic scripts?



If you want.

Still sort of like lit.


Okay, these are just some of my complete scripts; couple of them aren’t that long, and I have a whole list of stuff I never got to but this is what I have: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6mchskqf0udel3v/AABj_3iMKOCsVTP8fohAiDxBa?dl=0

>Keep in mind, these scripts were intended to be comics commissions by PAL but let me know if you’re interested.

>if you’ve got a better deal than $60 per (color) page, hit me up.

>Covers are all yours, titles are up for debate


File: 28ba129a5db17cb⋯.jpg (387.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, little-nightmares-02-08-17….jpg)

I had this one idea inspired by Little Nightmares where you play as an orphan who tries to escape after hearing the horror stories of the institute. She has to navigate the halls in silence or she risks being captured. If captured, she could be sent away in a solitary confinement (which she must escape from), however there will be time she will be punished for her attempts. Nuns will spank her with a ruler, janitor will molest her, watch dogs that guard the court yard do their horny thing, and bizarre creatures that roam the night will do nasty things to her.

During her escape, she will meet with a boy or a girl (maybe both) who help each other and eventually become love interest. Perhaps even the oldest kid who's probably in his early 20s, who is unwanted and stays as an employee, helps her.

It would very much be a puzzle platformer much to a metroidvania, because you have to find keys and shit and eventually escape to the outside.



I'd play that.



Metroidvania you say? Interesting, that sounds like something I could get behind, would there be a definite dark semi-gothic theme to it like say the castlevania games used to draw their inspiration from or more of an asiatic dark lore theme or something kinda like some of the elements in Little Nightmares?



I was thinking a Victorian era setting.



Still sounds like it could be sufficiently dark, and some Victorian themes could also be described as gothic.


File: 663af860dec5c48⋯.jpg (37.46 KB, 550x430, 55:43, DK4jvWoVwAACEui.jpg)

File: e4b119ed2fabb1b⋯.jpg (63.01 KB, 550x430, 55:43, DK4jxA2VwAIgHg2.jpg)

File: 5b2ce6fdf5eabca⋯.jpg (33.96 KB, 550x430, 55:43, DK4jyW1VAAAaLOu.jpg)

File: 2d3e4758129cb09⋯.png (22.35 KB, 134x114, 67:57, kate.png)

I'm surprised no one thought about a game the /delicious/'s own redheaded mascot.

I'm thinking a 2d action/puzzle/platformer.

She's fully dress (in her baking outfit), but each hit she losses her clothes (like Ghosts & Goblins) If she is hit as naked, she gets raped by the creature/boss that hit her.

She collects cakes and and saves other girls getting fucked in cages and condoms acts as an extra protection. Basically she blows the condom into a balloon and uses it like bubble kid.



Boring and too much work.



I disagree, its not boring.



I'm too good at games I'd never get any scenes



That's why H-Platformers are shit and shouldn't be made.


here's my pitch: /delicious/ gets together with /loli/, /tot/, /ll/, /ss/, and /shota/, and forms some sort of group (complete w/ it's own website), they use the site to find others who are willing to collaborate on various projects, they can be anything from text stories to full-on video games, they can be anywhere from hurtcore pornography (heard the term from 8chan, it refers to violent ryona/guro stuff like eroticized bondage, assault, rape, torture, mutilation, and murder, and potentially non-violent but still really fucked up guro-shit like cannibalism and necrophilia) to content that is fit for all audiences, that is to say, the whole gamut of content is fine.

You could create sections for specific interests and combinations of genders and age ranges: milfs/dilfs (45-65), adult women/men (26-44), young adult women/men (19-25), teen girls/boys (15-18), preteen girls/boys (10-14), child girls/boys (4-9), or toddler girls/boys (1-3).

I'd like a specific section for lesbian content between girls and women who aren't their biological mothers, it's quite hard to find.

of course, all these ideas are only intended for your inspiration, I'm sure you can do much better than I can, only use these as a baseline, and change whatever you want.



father+son ryona game when?



I really do like this idea, but I feel the WAY it's described might be a bit TOO ambitious. Plus, if I may pitch a suggestion, some of the sections could be fused together to avoid redundancy and cut down on options here: just Kids (<13), Teens (14~20), and Adult (21+) though that would depend on if we're talking CONTENT or AUDIENCE focus (i.e. Content WITH children, specifically hentai and stuff, vs. content FOR children; I feel that's a world of difference that would need to be made very clear). However, it would be a bit tricky and require a lot of cooperation on both parts.




Maybe it would be better if degenerate with the same fetishes will collab on their own shit?



Here a rephrasing for you:

- a website for aspiring creators of straight girl jailbait, lesbian girl jailbait, straight boy jailbait, gay boy jailbait, straight loli, lesbian loli, straight shota, gay shota, straight totloli, lesbian totloli, straight totshota, or gay totshota to collaborate on projects too great for a single person, also a place for them to post their finished/unfinished creations or advertise for them (website can make money like this, as well as by donations and other methods).

- boards included are /delicious/, /loli/, /ll/, /shota/, /ss/, and /tot/.

- website rules are the same as all of the rules of all these boards combined together, with additional rules defining toddlers as ages 1-3 for both girls and boys (average age of first non-toddle walking begins at age 4, also, anything under age 1 = baby, as they cannot toddle or walk at all), loli as girl aged 4-9 (average rage of female puberty onset begins at age 10, with average range of first menstruation at age 12), shota as boy aged 4-11 average range of male puberty onset begins at age 12 with average range of first ejaculation at age 14), jailbait girl as ages 10-17 (range of average age of peak sexual fertility in girls begins at age 18), and jailbait boy as ages 12-19 (range of average age of peak sexual fertility in boys begins at age 20).<- at least one of these must be included in a project for it to be acceptable.

- for ease of description standardization, the following other characters will be defined as well: pedo female as ages 18-44 (range of average age of menopause onset begins at 45), pedo male as 20-46 (range of average age of impotency begins at 47), MILF/DILF as age 45-54 ("old age" defined by the UN and WHO as beginning at 55), and GMILF/GDILF as age 55+.


nature of projects may be pornographic (softcore/hardcore/stresscore/hurtcore) or non-pornographic in nature, but all pornographic projects must be labelled "SFW", stresscore or hurtcore must have a warning labeling it as such, as not everyone appreciates loli/cake abuse (stresscore = psychological abuse, hurtcore = physical abuse), and non-pornographic projects must have an "SFW" label on them or they will be removed, alternatively we can create separate sections for NSFW, SFW, Stresscore, and Hurtcore projects.

- style may be anything: eastern, western, cgi, etc.

- projects may be anything from text stories or artworks to videos games and anime/cartoons/cgi-animations, even music and audio projects are good to go (like the sounds of a cake baking you a cake for your birthday - wearing nothing but an apron).

- projects will be labelled with the relevant defined labels, indicating the type of content (loli, ll, ss, shota, etc.), the participants age ranges (using the labels above - the names of which are subject to change, but not the ages they indicate), the level of pornographic content (SFW, NSFW, Stress, Hurt, etc.), the medium the project is done in (audio, image, text, statue, video, game, etc.), as well as any other sort of label you wish to add to it (humiliation, blackmail, rape, ryona, guro, etc. / orgy, bestiality, interracial, monster, tentacles, etc./ cuteness, friendship, family, adventure, comedy, slice of life, scfi fantasy, horror, romance, etc), this is so anyone who searches for these labels can find the works they like, and avoid the ones they don't.

- finally, i will restate it here: any project that contains one of the following will not be tolerated: feaces fetish, fart fetish, urine fetish, queef fetish, vomit fetish, belching fetish, spitting fetish, and inflation fetish. There is a limit to the disgusting content people will tolerate, and this stuff is even worse than gore, the fans of it tend to be very mentally unstable types of the kind that can ruin a good website, something even the worst snuff-a-holic can't hope to match, needless to say gorefans aren't SJWS, if anything, most of them are right wing or far right, but for some reason the attraction to bodily waste-disposal funtions is a fetish of the loud leftist feminist landwhales and antifa soycucks. (you've ruined things for me before, please don't do it again), I'll tolerate fans of monstergilrs and furries, they were pretty chill to me in the past, even though I usually disagreed with the latter. on just about anything. - ill let the furries stay b/c of this.

- no real life content - including fakes for both ethical and legal reasons, this extends to SFW content and Non-erotic, Non-Nude, Posing. The slippery slope is real in my experience, every time someone makes something, someone else wants to make something that goes a little further, unless the rules explicitly disallow it, I'm not taking a risk, I'm cutting it off right at the source (this isn't a website for IRL stuff anyway).


File: c486ab2169d843e⋯.jpg (487.8 KB, 932x1920, 233:480, Snapchat-1809050572.jpg)

I had this idea for a while.

> You are a PI who runs your own private firm. Your next case is a girls-only orphanage.

> all of the girls range from 2 to 15 and have some sort of strange ability.

> one of the middle girls has an aura that drives people's hormones up the wall.

> You need to investigate a missing girl

> the missing girl is being hidden in the basement of the house by one of the caretakers

> initiate a month of getting close to all of the girls

> lots of sex w/cakes

> can solve the case, or just fuck everybody.

> image not related



tl;dr please?



What's the gameplay?



Could you rework the roster a bit? Maybe 4-16 instead? Just a thought.



Here is another rephrasing for you:

- a website for aspiring creators of /delicious/, /loli/, /ll/, /shota/, /ss/, and /tot/ content to collaborate on projects too great for a single person.

- also a place for them to post their creations (completed or in-progress) or advertise for them (website can make money like this, as well as by donations and other methods).

- and also a place for people to make pitch ideas, make requests, or ask for commissions.

- website rules are the same as all of the rules that all the boards of /delicious/, /loli/, /ll/, /shota/, /ss/, and /tot/ share - with additional rules that ban content featuring fetishes or eroticism associated with spitting, burping, vomiting, queefing, urinating, farting, or defecating, all other fetishes welcome (including violent ones).

- rules would also define the various age ranges: toddler girls/boys (1-3), little girls (4-9), little boys (4-11), teen girls (10-17), teen boys (12-19), young woman/man (20-24), mature woman/man (25-44), and old woman/man (45+).

- stresscore/hurtcore (stuff involving mental or physical suffering) must be labelled with a warning and hidden so tat users don't see it unless they look for it, all works must be accurately labelled as to whether they are work-safe or not ("could you show this to your kids and not get in trouble?" is a good alternate question to ask for those NEETs out there as kid-safe and work-safe are pretty much the same).

- Style may be anything: eastern, western, CGI, etc.

- Projects may be done in any medium, even the creation of statues models, or sex toys are valid projects.

- For both ethical and legal reasons, no real life or illegal content, or nay content that is legal but involves real under-aged participants in it's production - this includes Fakes and Non-Nude Models.



I've seen this already somewhere...



yeah, i posted it in >>13224

but >>13232

was too lazy to read through it, so I made it ADHD compliant..



>a website for




because only 8chan pedos are capable of creating the content that 8chan pedos can enjoy, we know what we like, and we can make better stuff than anyone else, if we work together, we can make animations, games, comics, etc that would blow all other internet porn animators out of the water, and we'd be specialized into loli and shota to boot, I want 8chan to make it's own media, and to use this site as a means of collaborating on media of a larger scale.

If we are going to replace the mainstream media of the Jews, we might as well replace the mainstream porn of the Jews as well - that's a niche we can take advantage of to fill.

so, better quality content (it takes a team to create full-length, high-quality animations like studiofow and the like have made - and studiofow and the like do not make loli/shota content).

more content - which is already rare for those with our tastes (western cartoon loli/shota, let alone western cartoon porn in general).

a better community of creators to draw from, similarity breeds comradely, in essence this can serve as a hobbyist group in it's social aspect.

There are probably more reasons, but I can't think of them right now.



>we can make

Who "we"?

This whole website is almost dead.

You are delusional.



The website is more active than it's ever been and it's growing.


here's my pitch:

takes place in a futuristic far-future setting, in this setting, females have lost their rights, even animals and robots are above them, as females have been reduced to the legal status of inanimate objects.

When a girl is born, she is the property of her father, and all laws that apply to inanimate objects apply to her, if she is destroyed, it is a crime against whichever man owns her, same if she is stolen, or damaged, if she is raped, it is because she was used without the owner's consent, only the consent of her owner matters, her consent does not matter one way or the other.

this story follows a girl whose father had died before she was born, and her father had no one to inherit her from him, as a result, she was sent to a place for ownerless females, where she learns that if no one claims her, she will be destroyed, and so she begins on her quest to find the perfect master, one who is handsome, and smart, and strong, and kind, and rich, etc. and who is completely in love with her, and who she has fallen head over heels for as well, but she is willing to lower her standards if her due date gets close enough to justify it. (good thing she doesn't actually get a say in who buys her)

before her father died, he gave her one thing, a name, Molly. her name is her greatest treasure, and she will never part with it for anyone, she would rather die than do that.



And how would you play this?







>how about we make a site with tons of arbitrary rules I came up that happen to permit my obscure fetishes while banning everything beyond that where "we" creators can come together to make content! we could make something really big!



File: 98b74483fc4b60f⋯.jpg (518.52 KB, 1024x791, 1024:791, 1405054496786.jpg)

File: 1f05ad81cadb9d7⋯.jpg (404.53 KB, 1526x1181, 1526:1181, 322251 - Powerpuff_Girls P….jpg)

Elmyra Fudd gets a male babysitter.

Slapstick high impact sexual violence ensues.

The babysitter is the victim.

Remember that episode where Dexter disguises himself as a stuffed animal in DeeDee's room while the girls have a sleep over?

They pretend not to know that it's him, and tease him remorselessly.

Negaton Teenage Warhead sneaks into the boy's shower room and seduces Colossus...

In her fantasy, because he rejected her for the dozenth time.

The Powerpuff Girls donate their voodoo dolls to charity.

The new owner unwittingly forces them to commit lewd acts.

Dani Dennison from Hocus Pocus leaps on Max Dennison's bed and says 'Kiss me, I'm Ashley!' as per the movie, but Max goes all Pepe Le Pew on her, but she doesn't squirm away, and things get out of hand.



and just what are my specific fetishes?

exactly what part about my limitations were too strict?

if anything, they were a bit too lenient, most porn boards don't allow scat stuff or other /d/ shit like in inflation, but I can relinquish the inflation part if that's too strict for you.

and as for the age ranges, those are all based upon biological milestones, you know, the stuff that affects how they look, for a website from an age related board, I thought you'd think that was a necessity, having a definition for what the age categories would cover is essential, especially since this would cover projects from ALL FORMS of media, including text-stories and such.

maybe your problem is that i suggested how the site should be designed AT ALL, maybe your version of this project is a site with NO design, just a blank webpage.





File: eb7c29f749a583d⋯.jpg (257.1 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, 2047514 - It's_Punky_Brews….jpg)

File: 76c8176371b63c6⋯.jpg (1011.74 KB, 1200x1118, 600:559, 557187 - Arnold_Perlstein ….jpg)



I had thought of these scenarios (and several that don't involve cake) to be comics that I want to get commissioned when I'm not a poorfag.



It would be a bit like Unteralterbach in that there are many different paths you can take and the pleasure is found in the story.


Not a bad idea, scripting a 2 year old would be difficult anyway




>5 months later

>still no TL;DR

Anyone please?


File: ede5cf540064845⋯.jpg (550.42 KB, 922x1300, 461:650, 6cd107800424b8c1a021bba12f….jpg)

A game called Succbus princess 669.

Basically a typical porn platform and half VN, but instead of being raped,you rape your enemies and gain power, perks and locked content like art, outfits and extras.

I have most of the history and design down, I know how draw decently and have the basics on programming and animation, the only thing i'm lacking to starting working on this project is a head programmer to help me do a decent job since my abilities are too limited and someone to take care of the sound and music design, since I hate free music and sound in sex scenes are so important.

Actually I was thinking in start working on it this september, but I postpone to setember next year because I want to study way more to do a really high quality job at and see if I can find someone to help me with the code.

I have a ton of others ideas, my games, my comics, and all this garbage, but i'm yet too green to work on then in a more profund manner.



Loli demon MC running around and raping stuff?




Imagine glory kills from Doom 2016, but instead of gore you get some dick.



Post your animation examples.

Running, jumping, fucking?


Always wanted to make a black loli game. It’d be a mystery story set in a modern city. It wouldn’t be that serious, just a little girls ruined birthday party that was ruined

You wouldn’t be playing an adult though, just a shota, who can either be black, white, or Asian. The girls would be pretty varied, personality wise. There’d be a deaf karate loli, a bitchy religious girl, a slutty party girl, a bully, and twin lolis. Of course each girl would have her own ways for you to dick information out of her.

You’d be working with two others in the investigation, a dumb girl named Bunny, who you’d also be able to have sex with at any time. And the main detective, who’s basically just there to be mysterious and two steps ahead of you.



What's the gameplay though?





I’m thinking something like Phoenix Wright games, point and clicking to find evidence, interrogating suspects, light mini games, and vn elements.


File: d39a489fe4513e8⋯.gif (6.48 MB, 800x1037, 800:1037, mônica.gif)

File: 740a12f9cc3dc2c⋯.gif (2.45 MB, 373x524, 373:524, teste13.gif)


I don't have that many animations, and nothing really complex really, most of what I have is from some months back when I was studying more seriously the matter, that's one of the reasons why I chose to start working only next year, I still have some things to learn to do a half decent job in some places and do a proper planing to work with someone else. I'm terrible working with people because my uncommon work flow.


File: 876f9b7f258aecc⋯.gif (13.4 MB, 1000x1157, 1000:1157, Dragon loli animted.gif)


One of my favorites who is to big to post with the others.


I know there's stuff like this out there, but I'd love to see a more modern take/remake/omage to the old Princess Maker games, with full lewd/loli options. You get 1 Loli daughter, and customise/raise her to your heart's content. I know there's been similar non-lewd games, but i'd like to see someone embrace the naughty side of the old games, especially PM2.


I've always had an idea for a loli fighting type game. The goal of the game would be to humiliate and strip your opponent naked before they humiliate you. You would knock your opponent down and remove an article of clothing before they can recover.. The strip fights stared when a delinquent first arrived at school. She wanted nothing more than to inflict pain on others. She would beat up and strip the other students during recess and free time. After constant abuse, on of the others finally stood up for herself and gave the bully a taste of her own medicine. The game would be a 2d fighting game with a unique roster of lolis, each with a different fighting style and special moves.



Sounds like it could actually be kinda fun, although one of the biggest draws for fighting games is playing against friends and other players, but this would be pretty niche`. It would be pretty unlikely to have in person pals who would be cool with you beating and stripping little girls in a game so if you had a multiplayer option I feel it would be safe to say you could negate the need for an offline vs... but hell maybe a few guys out there have buddies who are into it too, beats me.



>fighting type game

good luck animating that


Can I rise her into a cute femboy?


Lilo and stitch training game where you play as stitch. You fuck lilo, that red head girl, nani, and the lifeguard. You can fuck combos of the girls lilo/nani, lilo/mertle, nani/lifeguard. Grow a second dick and then fuck them with 2 dicks cause thats a thing people give stitch.




>you play as stitch

What his dick looks like?

I'm guessing dog-like?



Just throw in Victoria from the series and you got a deal!



Sure that works perfect and it fits his role as the dog


Sure why not now all I need is to assemble a team that can make this crazy idea work!

Honestly though I feel like it would be easier than most things out there to make. Like if you think about it the writers wouldn't even have to think about stuff for stitch to say cause he doesn't really talk just gibberish. Then later you can have him stuttering out shit like "p-pussy" and the likes



>dog on loli

the dream

>he doesn't really talk

This is actually a problem, game will be empty without much conversations.

Or what are your plans on "gameplay"?



I don't think it would be too much of a problem if he didn't talk much or just talked gibberish. You ever play beast and the bitch by ALX? you play as a """dog""" and it works fine cause the girl does most of the talking while you do you're actions. Like even in the movies/show its not like stitch is saying anything for the most part its just lilo saying things to him and assuming things. So lets say the story in the game is that mertle says she knows more about sex than lilo. The dialoge could be something like

Lilo- "That mertle thinks shes so smart, she thinks she knows everything"

Stitch- "???"

L= "She says that babys come from butts but they don't"

or some shit I'm not a writer. The game play would just be like princess trainer over world thing and witch trainer build up into doing lewder things, no need to reinvent the wheel



>babys come from butts

>plus dog on loli



File: 5b1079641289f19⋯.png (331.5 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Real Bully.png)

File: 5f16c5ef760988a⋯.png (432.36 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Shining_Hope.png)


I decided to quickly make some concept art for 2 characters. It's not really good but I just though I should present something for this idea. If anyone likes the idea, feel free to do whatever you like with it


Any new ideas?


I got plenty of ideas, but none of them particularly fit with this thread...and I'm not going to waste anyone's time by loading down the thread with my own personal wank fantasies; most of them get pretty unsettling out of context.



Post the most detailed one.


I want to see a comic made about a girl who has an intense sexual attraction to every living thing around her, including every living thing around her from the time she was born (and possibly before), regardless of species (human and non-human), age, sex (male/masculine, female/feminine, both, and neither), relatedness (family, friends, etc.), consent (wiling, unwilling, underaged, dead), etc.

Her level of sexual desire and libido is supernaturally high, she is always horny, always thinking of sex.

She has almost every fetish (the only ones that she lacks are those that have to do with human waste: urine, queefing, feces, farting, vomit, belching, mucous, sneezing, earwax, sweat, saliva, body lint, etc. - and the associated fetishes, like diapers)

Some of her fetishes have supernatural properties, which typically serve as a naturally-occuring incentive for her to indulge in them:

Masochism: experiencing any amount of physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological suffering/deprivation causes her to also experience pleasure/happiness in the exact same amount (though shifted to fit with herself as closely as possible, for example, if she inflicts pain on the penis of a boy her age, she would feel pleasure in the same places on the part of her body that would have become a penis has she been a boy - XY instead of XX).

Sadism: inflicting others with any amount of physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological suffering/deprivation causes her to also experience the exact same amount of pleasure/happiness.

Submission: inflicting others with any amount of physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological pleasure/happiness causes her to also experience the exact same thing they experience (though shifted to fit with herself as closely as possible, for example, if she gives the penis of a boy her age a blowjob, she would feel the blowjob in the same places on the part of her body that would have become a penis has she been a boy - XY instead of XX).

Domination: when others inflict any amount of physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological pleasure/happiness upon her, the effect is doubled.

Necrophilia: everything that applies to living things also applies to formerly living things (and parts of them) as well, but any pleasure/happiness received from a corpse is doubled.

Cannibalism/Vampirism: consuming the tissues or fluids of the body of any humans (or non-humans that can reproduce with humans), causes her pleasure/happiness all over her body in proportion to how much of it is in her system at the time, for as long as it remains in her system.

Incest: Her level of attraction to any other being, and the level of pleasure/happiness she takes from another being is increased by the amount of genetic similarity to herself, if she has sex with her father/mother, brother/sister, or son/daughter, the increase is by 50%, because they all share 50% of their genes with her, but since humans are related to most other living things, she would get an increase from almost anyone or anything, however small it may be, though she shares 100% of her genes with herself, she gets no boost from masturbation, but would gain the boost from an identical twin or an identical clone.

Zoophilia: she is attracted to any being in the way beings of the same species, but the opposite sex would be to them if they were at their point of peak fertility, this includes having the same standards of attractiveness as they would. This also applies to humans, she is attracted to men in the same way a woman would be, and is attracted to women in the same way men would be, also, this attraction is at the baseline level of biology, free from environmental (eg cultural) influences. When it comes to species with no sex or both sexes, her attractions will match them, since the reversal of no sex is still no sex, and the reverse of both sexes is still both sexes. This aspect grants her additional pleasure/happiness from them, in accordance to the species in question.




She has the following superpowers:

Immortality: she will age to 5 years old and stop aging entirely, she is completely invulnerable to damage, including that done by poisons and disease to which she is immune (pain is another matter), and she can never get sick.

Peak human ability: All of her abilities (physical, mental, social, emotional, psychological, etc). are all at the peak of what is possible for a 5 year old humanoid girl, but not beyond it, this means she's tall for her age, athletic, a genius, highly charismatic, always calm and in a good mood, with no psychiatric disorders (aside from what is listed here) and the personality traits associated with being a /pol/ack NatSoc (but she isnt NatSoc, rather, she is completely /Liberty/ in political orientation, though she agree with the facts that /pol/ does).

This aspects of her does not cause her to take any traits associated with puberty.

Beauty/Cuteness/Sexiness: She and everything she says and does is at the maximum level of every form of attractiveness (Beauty, Cuteness, Sexiness, etc.) for a 5 year old human girl, she makes Chris Hanson want to break the law, she turns the "Forbbiden love" meme girl gay for her, she makes boys and girls feel like they are going into puberty early, what's more, this power works on non-humans as well, meaning they will also have intense attraction to her, similar to bestiality, the nature of their attraction will be the same as that of a male of their species to a supernaturally attractive female of their species during their mating period, if their species has males and females.

Empathic Contact Telepathy: when she touches anything skin-to-skin, she can know what they feel, physically and emotionally, typically what they feel is an uncomfortable amount of lust towards her, which she is more than willing to relieve.

Shared Dreaming: she can merge her dreams to the dreams of others, she will have complete control over them, unless the sleeper her learned to take some control over their dreams, in which case she has between almost complete control over the dream and no control over the dream, depending upon the strength of the dreamer, she can also merge multiple dreams together with each other or with her own, if she does not use this power, it will merge her dream with the dream of the nearest sleeper.

Magic: Her magic is powered by the pleasure/happiness she experiences, as well as her suffering/deprivation, both of which turn into mana as they fade away, typically, she only has enough mana to do simple small-scale tricks that don't even appear to be magic to outside observers, however, given enough mana, her magic can do anything that does not violate the previous rules (for example, she can change form, but she can only become a 5 year old girl who is at the peak level in all areas, and is supernaturally attractive).



There's actually one thing I had that's gotten pretty detailed, which is what I call "the Sexy-verse" (yeah, I know the title sucks, but it's a placeholder anyway): a world where STD's have long since gone extinct, where sexual taboos of any kind no longer exist (there's a few that are frowned upon...which is a little odd when you consider bestiality, pedophilia, and even inbreeding is okay, but it's not something you're meant to think about), sex is not only encouraged but expected, and...you can see the possibilities from there.

Girl Scouts basically whore themselves out to Boy Scouts and sell their bodies for cookies,

School grading is determined by sexual experience instead of age or knowledge,

Inbreeding is considered acceptable (in addition to the whole "all STD's are extinct" thing, there's also no genetic ruination that comes from incest),

so there's a lot of story possibilities that arise from there, mostly regarding reform schools that teach young girls to be as slutty as possible.



There's one particular story that I do have, but I'll just be changing around the characters' names (mostly):

Bisexually trained Girl Scout "Mary" meets a new girl in her troop named "Chastity" and they both become fast friends, but Mary is confused when Clara refuses sex with her to impress the Boy Scouts. The two of them do still surrender their bodies to the boys to do whatever they want, and afterward Chastity invites Mary over for a sleepover. Mary learns that Chastity's father is extremely religious and has taught her to believe that good, "Pure" Christian girls (pure in a different definition) only have sex with men and refuses to allow her to go naked in front of other girls. He still has a threesome with Mary and Chastity, but insists that Chastity and Mary not sleep in the same room together.

That Sunday, at church, Chastity gets brought into the office of the local priest, Father Felix, who strips her down naked and molests her. This is a regular weekly thing, sometimes more depending on how often Chastity's family attends church, but Father Felix keeps trying to fill her head with things like "A good Christian girl wouldn't resist the holy seed", "Your body desires for God's love inside you", and, after climaxing in her face (and not allowing her release, since he says the Bible says female orgasms and masturbating are forbidden), he tells her that he hopes to do more after the wedding. When Chastity asks her father, he says that he was excited to hear Father Felix, an honest, good, holy man, wanted to marry her and gave her hand to him. Chastity then tells Mary about this, after confessing her "sinful" love for Mary and having passionate lesbian sex in the bathroom during recess, and Mary comes up with a plan to get her father to instead give her to HER dad instead (which he goes for at first, considering how Mary's dad's dick is even bigger; Mary's father actually comes up with a plan to go along with the wedding, but switching the one marrying Chastity to Mary at the last minute).



I did condense this down a lot (like skipping over the actual sex scenes which would've probably been redundant anyway), but so far most of the meat of the story is still there, just not the details. From here, there's actually two endings: one is where Chastity, despite her protests and last minute pleading, is still brought to Father Felix to be married to him (Chastity's father even answering the "I do's" for her, and tells her "you're embarrassing yourself" when she tries to speak up), where he takes her anal virginity on the altar to symbolize his ownership of her and continues fucking her (and even impregnates her) through the honeymoon. From thereafter, he spanks or punishes her whenever she tries to get release of any kind, refuses to allow her fucking the altar-boys (which is how she got off before they were married), and basically goes as far as forcing her to blow him through entire sermons.

The other one plays out slightly differently before the wedding, but with Mary's dad at the altar instead. Chastity's father still answers "I do" for her but when Mary's father is about to say it, Mary says "I do", and the two of them are married instead. They have a honeymoon full of nothing but hot loli lesbian sex, and then Mary tells her that, since she was married to her dad already (this is one of those things considered "common": a little girl will marry her father/mother/sibling/whatever, which symbolizes their ownership of her as his/her/their sex slave, until they get ACTUAL married to a new Master/Mistress and are passed down to them) and since Chastity married her, then it means that BOTH girls are going to be sex slaves to Mary's father. Chastity is still a sex slave, but Mary's dad allows her far less restrictions, much less abuse and punishment, and starts training her to being bisexual.

Obviously, you can see why I didn't really want to share the details of this one because there's a lot of stories that go like this. More than once I've had children actually picked up in a van and fucked, but the kids want to be fucked. Other stuff is either related to the things I outlined earlier, or just stock porno setups but with little girls.




Tl;Dr: An immortal 5 year old girl wants (almost) all kinds of sex with everyone and everything all the time, takes pleasure from giving pleasure and pain, and from receiving pleasure and pain, and most prefers doing all four at the same time.

She prefers living things with genetic similarity to herself (intra-familial sex), living things with genetic dissimilarity to herself (inter-species sex), and formerly living things (necrophilia), she is also a cannibal and a vampire (because she gets off to it), and gets magic powers from having sex (which she promptly uses to get more sex).

She's otherwise perfect in every way, and is at the peak of attractiveness for a 5 year old, and a comic follows her adventures as she seduces, and screws her way through her world.



That’s still close to tl;dr.

Short(er) version: omnisexual little girl with magic powers. There, how’s that? Gets straight to the point, gets everyone’s attention, lets you know what the core idea is and can be built up from there.



Do you play as that girl?



and her powers include:

-feeling physical or mental pleasure when she receives suffering of the same type, feeling physical or mental pleasure when causing others suffering of the same type, feeling additional physical or mental pleasure pleasure when she receives pleasure of the same type, and feeling physical; or mental pleasure when she causes others pleasure of the same type.

- receiving additional physical or mental pleasure from partners with large amount of similar genes (like clones or her family), different genes (like other species, aliens, supernatural beings, etc.), partners who are very young in their species' lifespan (children, other immortals), of the same chromosomal sex to herself (other females), partners who are deceased (corpses, undead), complex, sapient, and animate yet non-organic partners (AI, robots, etc.), or partners that trigger fear or disgust (monsters, freaks, etc.).

- is immortal and invulnerable, trapped at her young physical age.

- and is a witch/psychic who fuels her power with sex.

And to add to it all (though I already did), she lives in a setting which is a combination of all archetypal/stereotypical genres of fiction, complete with all the tropes in their most typical of incarnations, and she simply walks into cliche situations and literally fucks everything up by turning it all into a kiddie porn starring herself, but also corrupting everyone and making them embrace fetishes (for example, if she were in the first star wars movie, luke and leia would be very into each other, even moreso having learned that they were fraternal twins).

Basically it's intent is to be a pervy porn-parody comedy of pretty much everything.

thnx, make it good


im pitching a comic, not a game, games tend to be a bit too ambitious and have a much lower chance of realization and some pervy comics on the webs.

but if a game is possible, go right ahead, also, make any changes you see as necessary.

I tried to keep it bare-bones, but words, words words, and all my ideas are stupid IMO, but hopefully they can inspire something better, so I wanted to share with you.



Are you an artist? Do you have a character design?



What do you think she should look like?

I'm thinking, a girl that could easily switch between multiple completely opposing roles, she can go between being an innocent cute moeblob, to a sexual pre-teen seductress (who can convert even the staunchest anti-pedo into a hardcore-pedo), to a slutty sado-masochistic succubus.

Shes basically the loli goddess of sex and lust, one that can put even Slannesh to shame.


She is a combination of an icelandic/irish west-european father (from whom she gets the color of her hair, eyes, and pale, freckled skin), and a japanese/korean east-asian mother, (from whom she gets her asian features, like the coloring of her lips and other more private areas).

She has long, straight, red hair.

She has shining, deep violet eyes.

She has skin that is completely white, but with many freckles that are completely black.

Her lips, nipples, and vagina are all completely black in color.

As if fitting for a girl her age, she's slender and completely flat, with no curves of any kind, she is also ideally athletic for a feminine body, giving her a gymnastic build, and she is very flexible (stretchy).

She has a long, strong, dexterous, and prehensile tongue, and straight white teeth that are slightly sharper than normal while still allowing her to give a very cute smile (a hint to her predatory nature).

She has features that mark a combination of the West European and East Asian races, Eurasian eyes, nose, lips, ears, facial structure, skeletal structure, etc. she's could pass for white in a majority white country, and could pass for azn in a majority azn country, she's like what manga-ka would imagine an anime character to look like in real life, a young hapa beauty.



To be honest it sounds a little overbaked. Like some overly complicated OC.



It's just a suggestion, and I suck at character design, so, like I said, what do you think she should look like?

I really don't care what she looks like, so long as the comic is made.

Especially given how she has the ability to change her form later on.



Were it up to me if she were around for thousands of years subverting and corrupting people, I'd make her look very plain and not stand out at all. Maybe even make her look a bit nerdy or homely. Freckles are good. Buck teeth. Glasses.



good call, nerdy/geeky chicks are hot, she could be 8chan's ideal little girl, it's "daughteru" embodied, we'll need an artist for it though, you up for it?



why not us then?

we set up a group or site that explicitly caters to this, and nothing else, all forms of media are welcome (except IRL stuff, obviously) still, animated, 2d, 3d, sound, noiseless, feature-length, shorts, comics, images, eastern-style, western-style, etc.

the only requirements and rules will be that:

1. the content be exclusively lesbian and solo girl, this extends to:

a.) beast, furry, monster, or monstergirl content (all animals or nonhumans involved in sexual activity must be female, as must any robots or artificial intelligences).

b.) the content outside of the depicted sexual activity (all female characters involved in the sexual activity must either be virgins or have only had sexual experiences with other females)

2. there must be at least one main character involved in the pornographic activity who appears to be between at least 4 years of age and at most 9 years of age (with an ideal age of either 6 or 7 years old).

3.) must not contain any content that involves waste products or functions (urine, feces, vomit, saliva, mucous, earwax, sweat, queefing, farting, burping, sneezing, etc. basically anything that fetishizes this stuff is turned down because it disgusts the majority of viewers and puts them off of their sex drive).

4.) porn that contains violent content such as "hurtcore" content and worse (such as ryona, guro, and any pother form of soul-crushing porn like that), will be allowed, but filtered out by default, as with sexual content, fetishized violent content must not involve males, it must either be between females, or by a female to themselves.

5.) non-pornographic content is allowed, and will not be filtered out by default, but will be able to be filtered out should the user wish to.



I'm could come up with a design but I won't be able to draw a comic. Just cause I'm way to busy with other projects. Some of the ideas intrigue me though, and I could see doing some one-off illustrations.Cutting straight to necrophilia is a ballsy move, especially considering some of the lightweights around here.



What do you think about the other idea here?


Been proposing it for a while.



Your complaints about fetishes you don't like makes it a big fat no.



Do you have a link to this group? Is it invitation only or can anybody come?



hasn't been made yet, I'll make a thread where we could continue discussing it on /ll/, as the board is undead (between dead, no posters, and alive, you can still post on it)



Just made the discussion thread:


My proposal for the group is to keep it open, but that it will become invite only if the need arises, and only for as long as it needs to remain so.


File: dfd78f6e4b0657e⋯.jpg (555.28 KB, 950x622, 475:311, Dora-The-Explorer-Full.jpg)

There was a time I wanted to make a point a click game similar to what you expect from shows like Dora the Explorer.

The little girl did an oopsies and scattered all of her big sister's sex toys all across town. Her big sister is coming home from Spring Break and it's up to the little girl to scout the toys and bring them back. Basically a little detective game.

You find clues and talk to other naive kids and possible adults with not so good intentions.

That was a long time ago. Now a days I'm not too driven to make something like it. I figure I share it though.



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