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File: 7c5c615842f18e6⋯.jpg (38.35 KB, 925x434, 925:434, makegames.jpg)

File: 9ad032dda28d244⋯.jpg (569.55 KB, 1276x717, 1276:717, silly_mockup.jpg)


Hey, anon. Despite the fact that I have practically retired as an artist, I've decided to try and launch a new loli-themed game project with the help of this community and, most importantly, my artist friend Heikatsu ( https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=14871523 ) who is currently learning Ren'Py with a little bit of support from me.

One of my personal goals with Unteralterbach was to get the western loli community to start making games of their own, but so far, not much has happened in that regard. So I want to get involved a bit more. If nothing comes of it, then so be it. No pressure. But I think it's still worth giving it a try. I will also support this project with some code and art of my own.

The goal is to gather some creative people (idea guys, writers, artists, coders) on this board, and make a loli-themed visual novel using the Ren'Py engine. Something for Heikatsu (and others) to put their game-making skills to the test, but on a small scale in a hazard-free environment. The game should be kept short (I'd imagine roughly 1 hour) and manageable to minimize the risk of failure and not make it too intimidating for anyone involved. After all, the development should be fun first and foremost. We're all doing this in our free time.

If all goes well, this could be the first entry in a series of little story-focused adventure games, like an anthology of loli-themed short stories, each one with a setting and characters of its own.


Some of my personal ideas for game scenarios include:

- kids at a modern-day urban elementary school solving crimes

- life in ancient Rome (lewd child prostitutes and slaves from all across the world)

- retelling of a classic Lovecraft short story, but with lolis (ancient beasts, tentacles)

- 18th century USA (racist white lolis + slutty black lolis)

(I'm especially fond of the Lovecraft one.)


Might I suggest something like, keep in mind this is just off the top of my head and it's pretty rough, "A dad adopts a slutty 8-year-old (somewhere between 5 or 6-14) and, after she seduces him, promises to help 'train' the other girls in his apartment/neighborhood into his harem." Then, like, training each girl into whatever you want like maybe one of them is a bit more of a shy Christian virgin who secretly likes spankings or another is a masochistic whore who wants to be bound and gagged or one of them that only wants anal, just something like that and building your own custom harem and working girls into whatever fetishes you [the player] want.

Maybe toss in some furry/demon chicks or something, depending on what kind of game you want it to be but for the sake of argument I'm going to pretend that it's just a typical Visual Novel/Dating Sim type thing with no fantasy/sci-fi twists thrown in for fetish bait (though, maybe have a girl who's into furry stuff? IDK)


File: 2f3b2baab316188⋯.webm (217.8 KB, 1272x714, 212:119, egypt3.webm)

Some ideas of mine:

- kindergarten themed game

- A quiz game similar to Quiz Nanairo Dreams or Kosodate Quiz only with lolis.

- History related time travel game maybe



the first and third ones definitely intrigue me. BTW, are we talkin' bois here (boy with an I; like, crossdressing/beshi shotas and/or traps) or is that too Boku no Pico? I'm gonna fight for it if that's not what we're doing but I just wanted to know where we stand generally on the idea or its instrumentation therein?




Options 2 and 4 (lolis in story). With lots of good old white, or roman, supremacy. Mainly because how rare are those scenarios. Schools are overused for porns and monster girls are too frequent right now.



im a fan of 1 and 4, I can imagine the 4th one having two diverging storylines, a 'black' ending and a 'white' ending and maybe a secret 'mixed' ending when certain conditions are met.

as for the first, a KG teacher and his 8 kids have to figure out various crimes and such 8 crimes for 8 girls and when you solve each crime you get to bang a girl.



>One of my personal goals with Unteralterbach was to get the western loli community to start making games of their own, but so far, not much has happened in that regard. So I want to get involved a bit more. If nothing comes of it, then so be it.

There is a recent western loli VN that is made by born-to-die a few months back if that counts. Rough around the edges but its pretty enjoyable.




I love the last idea of history hopping around. It would give you options as an artist to vary up characters a lot. As well as let you throw in gags related to the historical period/event taking place.

Assuming you were wanting to go that angle. I Figure if nothing else just the sheer variety of designs you could do for the girls/boys/bois would make the last option a treasure trove of options.

Though that could backfire and become too many options to pick from. Still, that one sounds pretty fun. And I'd say pick the one ultimately that you think you'd be able to enjoy working on a bunch. Since long term project burnout is a real problem for artists."



Well if we're taking a sort of episodic approach (basically focusing on releasing a chunk of the game at a time so we don't get burnt out trying to finish a full title) then time travel could be a great way of doing this. Each episode could be in different time period to keep things interesting. Also we could do the Bill and Ted thing of having the protagonist bringing the lolis he befriends with him to the new time periods for the amusing results.

>prudish victorian-era loli travels with you ancient egypt

>becomes incredibly embarrassed at having to wear just a loincloth in order to blend in


Is this real life?


Given what you like to draw i'd love to see you do kindergarten themed game. God damn i'd love to.


File: 05b1ab660accc24⋯.jpg (55.16 KB, 454x600, 227:300, 6ce.jpg)

File: eb704e28dad6241⋯.png (531.02 KB, 454x761, 454:761, negroegg.png)

File: 46da926db7ed568⋯.jpg (192.06 KB, 1600x1122, 800:561, martense family member.jpg)


>Fuchur is back and wants to make a VN

>with Heikatsu

It's time.


> retelling of a classic Lovecraft short story, but with lolis (ancient beasts, tentacles)

I like this idea. Which stories are you thinking of?

Have you considered some of his more obscure stories like those from the dream cycle or some of the his stories that aren't directly mythos? The Mound and The Lurking Fear would have great potential to use in a loli Lovecraft game. Maybe The Rats in the Walls too.


>- kindergarten themed game




I fucking love this tho are you going to at least use that doc mod for a pic? it was really good :(

Seems like such a waste.


Hey Fuchur & Heikatsu! I'm a longtime fan and this proposal has my full support. I'll be thinking about ways I could potentially contribute.



Is this just to pitch ideas or are we gonna use Ren'Py or something to actually make these games? I don't know much about visual novels myself but I know a lot of people say Ren'Py is a great program.



Ren'Py is easy as hell to use. You can pretty much get your whole entire story down before doing any cosmetic changes.


The second project would be pretty different from UAB. I thought that the another project, despite it was posted on a page with real kids, would have any future. They posted here 'cause they thought they would found some talent here.


I've been meaning to give ren'py a go. I'm not an artist, but I can code and write well enough. I'll see what I can make.



I've been trying to build out my one idea a bit more, and I'd love to compare notes...and also get a title.


this is great i would love to contribute



I've just been rewriting Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth into a loli parody. Instead of fishmen, its little girls. I've written up to the part where the Waite's fishwife escapes and kills their daughter. I downloaded Inkscape, gonna make some filler art.



If anyone would like to check it out. It has no art or sounds. But I would appreciate to hear what you think, and if certain jokes should be changed.

I'm going to try and make some art.. but if someone who can actually draw wants to add to it, I'd happily accept anything.


File: e8d56a2f385f57c⋯.jpg (701.91 KB, 1688x2400, 211:300, 373457.jpg)

How about loliguro scene by Wabaki



I appreciate the enthusiasm but

>you're a sexy kid

Somehow doubt that Fuchur and Heikatsu are the types to like RPing as a loli.



I love 2 and 4!

I'm not sure how far you guys are but my idea mite be a little limited.

What if some how a guy from are world got a TV remote possibly a cameo of the devil from Unteralterbach, he gose to into the TV but he cant go back until he fucks loli from diffrent TV shows, Movies, even also throw in loli mascots from commercials as well.

He has to try to Lure them away from their parents and other that are a problem with

your gole on sex, can use different items form different TV shows to ether lure loli to you or lure threats away.

Ones he fucks the lolis he gets a TV guideand a channel, Can also have a joke on him not knowing what it is since these things are so obsolete, then you can have a list of channels and shows but the ones you have not done yet are glitched out so you cant read them.

You can also him the main villains beign the loli law, that are cop lolis maby even have a more dangerous villon know as pedo Nazi lolis with a pedo bear head with a NO symbol over it, maybe at one point have and very hard task on trying to seducing and grooming them on changing their ways.

Getting the wrong answer ones is instant death maybe have it has a child challenge mode or have a hidden list on them that helps you out somewhere in the game.


>>9432 that was post to be for this >>9390


Just throwing something at the wall here...

A "Sherman and Mr. Peabody" type thing were a loli/shota couple from the future have a time machine, and go back in time to have sex adventures with various historical figures. but the historical figures are also aged down but still in their historical context. E.g. loli John of Arc is still a loli warrior.



I'm personally aiming for a short game with less focus on character development and simulation and statistics, and more on light-hearted adventuring with occasional lewd imagery.



Honestly, that doesn't sound like something Heikatsu or me would want to get involved with.


I fully agree with your views on options 2 and 4.

However, regarding the Lovecraft proposal, I hadn't even considered monster girls for this. I was more thinking of the typical white male intellectual lovecraftian hero character having an 1930s-style adventure similar to The Shadow over Innsmouth or The Rats in the Walls, but with a loli companion, and perhaps loli cultists. (Mind you I am entirely unfamiliar with current fetish fads or what is or isn't considered overused, since I practically don't read image boards or forums at all. I like to keep an open mind in that regard.)


Yes, that all sounds very good to me.

Perhaps I should prepare some kind of online poll to get some votes as soon as we have enough concrete ideas.


I've been meaning to play this. Gonna give it a try tonight.


>long term project burnout is a real problem for artists

It's a problem for everyone involved. I see writers and coders abandoning projects all the time. So if we decided to go with a time traveling theme, perhaps we should have one time period per game episode, just as >>9401 suggested.


I am familiar with the majority of Lovecraft's stories, and I'm particularly fond of some of the lesser known ones that aren't necessarily part of the Cthulhu Mythos. A mildly humorous take on some of Lovecraft's themes full of blatant racism, demonic conspiracies and pseudo science could be tremendously fun to produce, at least to me.


That project is on hold until I have figured out how to proceed.


>are we gonna use Ren'Py or something to actually make these games

Yes, that's what we came here for.

>a lot of people say Ren'Py is a great program

Let me demonstrate:

scene bedroom

show sarah angry

show lydia happy

s "I am so angry."

l "I on the other hand am happy today."

p "That's good to know."

That is working Ren'Py code. So yes, it is easy.


Make sure to post a demo file if you want feedback. Sounds interesting.


>You are a sexy kid

Not unless it's a project in which neither Heikatsu nor me are involved.


I'm sorry, I cannot make any sense of your post.


Yeah, let's keep the idea of meeting young versions of female historical figures in mind. That could be good.



Most of it was post to be on what could happen in the game i really don't understand how it could be more clear...



>aiming for a short game with less focus on character development and simulation

I get that, kinda feel like I should retool my suggestions accordingly in the near future.

>Honestly, that doesn't sound like something Heikatsu or me would want to get involved with.

Yeah, it was kinda a long shot, but I'm not gonna fight for it or anything. You could have the option to PLAY as a shota, though.

>That is working Ren'Py code. So yes, it is easy.

Wow! That's it? Well, now I just need some artistic talent and/or artists and I'm all set.

>Make sure to post a demo file if you want feedback.

I have actually been expanding on my initial pitch but I'm just missing a title. Feels like it might be too ambitious though but I can share the notes I have (it's kinda long though)



>With lots of good old white, or roman, supremacy.

Yes, that is Ideal. It should be common theme in a historical game, gotta have that, and cute brown slave girls. Possible locations: Ancient Rome,1800 American south, Egypt, Any other historical location ideas / events are appreciated.


>I love the last idea of history hopping around. It would give you options as an artist to vary up characters a lot. As well as let you throw in gags related to the historical period/event taking place.

Yes, thats the appeal of it, lots of lewd ancient lolis, time travel would be a wonderful way to explore that.

>Though that could backfire and become too many options to pick from. Still, that one sounds pretty fun. And I'd say pick the one ultimately that you think you'd be able to enjoy working on a bunch. Since long term project burnout is a real problem for artists."

Thats true, The projects really should not be very large at all, Avoiding burn-out is a prime goal for me. So ideally too many story branches and characters would not be great idea. As much as I would enjoy a historical time traveling epic theres a possibility that it may be too large to tackle just yet, possibly as an episodic series, maybe.


>Well if we're taking a sort of episodic approach (basically focusing on releasing a chunk of the game at a time so we don't get burnt out trying to finish a full title) then time travel could be a great way of doing this.

This I think is a pretty good idea. Whatever we go with should be small enough to be achievable. Episodic games focusing on different time periods is a nice way to split it up.

>Also we could do the Bill and Ted thing of having the protagonist bringing the lolis he befriends with him to the new time periods for the amusing results.

Hehe, That could be interesting definitely.


>Is this real life?


>Given what you like to draw i'd love to see you do kindergarten themed game. God damn i'd love to.

Thanks, gotta love kindergarten uniforms. Seems nice for a short game but the general idea is vague, any suggestions are welcome.


>Hey Fuchur & Heikatsu! I'm a longtime fan and this proposal has my full support. I'll be thinking about ways I could potentially contribute.

Thank you, I appreciate that. Suggestions or ideas are welcome.


>You are a sexy kid working in a brothel

>>9430 is right, Sorry but its not something I'm interested in. The enthusiasm is appreciated though.


>I'm not sure how far you guys are

not far at all, just throwing around ideas at this stage.


Guess it'll be a good idea to start posting under a name.

What is the stance on having multiple artists by the way? Are we trying to go for a style consistency are would we be happy to lighten the load by having multiple artists contributing sprites, consistency be damned? (Monster Girl Quest springs to mind as an example of a VN that did this)


I'm both a writer and an artist. Better writer than an artist. And have an interest in history. May be willing to contribute, if there's a need.


File: 080d15d9f1f2577⋯.jpg (61 KB, 576x560, 36:35, th.jpg)






i guess you have a game base already

had a idea on makeing it a crossover game involving you as a player going to other cartoons fucking lolis buy a magic tv remote.

i could've sworn it was spelled rite, must be a grammar thing again..

Well Nazi lolis or lolis cops can still be part if it is a history game if you don't like or get the tv part.

There symbol can be this


I have a few questions to add (I'm not sure if some of these were already answered):

a) did we say multiple species like elves, demons, angels, aliens, furries, what have you/mixed in with normal human girls--yay or nay?

b) is there a way to set age-ranges (Ages X-Y; Y probably <18) or is there just going to be more of a "Encounter any/every girl over the age of X"?

c) how deep into other fetishes are we going? Or is the wildest we get here just being anal?

d) are some lolis going to be more aggressive and dominant and some more passive and submissive? Might be a nice way to mix it up so that the girls feel more personally distinctive.



The "Magic TV" thing feels too Channel Chasers but I like where you're going with that. Is this just like a Lolis' Greatest Hits rundown (Gwen Tennyson, Jade Chan, Wonderloli, Penny Gadget, Riley Anderson, all the, let's face it, overrated lolis; not bad, just overexposed) or is it just a free for all?


>>9451 Kinda, here's the original >>9432

Mostly the idea is about going threw tv shows trying to get loli away from people and fucking them and picking up show items to help unlocking the next channel and watching out for the loli law.

You can also throw in loli commercial mascots as some kinda mini games in between the shows.


I'd also like some guidelines. What fetishes are off the table, and if any subject is too taboo?

If we do the time traveling bit, can I write about real events being altered? I'd like to write about time traveling back to July 1942, Anne Frank's attic. Two routes, accept a 'bribe' to keep quiet, and get 'rewarded' for turning her in. Is that going to piss anyone of you off?



If we're going to have cringy edgy /pol/ shit I'm not going to be interested in the project in any way.


File: bb8b5cfec47d8f5⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 2840x4036, 710:1009, 1521441098746.jpg)


>Thanks, gotta love kindergarten uniforms. Seems nice for a short game but the general idea is vague, any suggestions are welcome

Uniforms are cute, girls that wear them are even cuter. I think something simple like a protag (or a group of people) having access to a kindergarten and for a day they're just having fun with a selection of lolis, maybe some mini-games of gathering items to coerce lolis into doing what you want. Perhaps something like the younger(the sexier :3) the loli is the harder it would be to unlock all the scenes for her. I'm thinking of Exotic Condencer, maybe a bit more consensual and light-hearted if you guys aren't into typical molestation that he likes to put into his games.


Maybe one date can be somehting on that guy getting caught at the air port with all that loli porn.

I think that how the loli law started tho i can be wrong, i just feel if we going threw history fucking lolis we really should have one date stopping the history of the loli law.



or maybe just CP in general since you know it's just a game.. and i'm guessing this is going to be in the real world?


A loli VN involving a sports olympics. A children Olympics that is. Could involve lolis with different interest that plays basketball, soccer, track, gymnastics, ballerina, football, etc. With so many kids involved, the law has to be very strict on protecting from deviant sexual predators and such.



*strict security


Here's a big question: Futa? Probably not but I still wanted to toss that out.


Iron Age peasant village is attacked by barbarians who kill the men and boys, and start raping the women. A loli runs off to recruit the aid of a nearby 'wizard.' You, rather than a wizard, are in fact a time traveler with advanced technology and seeming to have super powers. You dispose of the barbarians, and now there's a village of women and lolis for you to look after, and now they're depending on you for all possible manly needs. Possible story continuations include dealing with Ceaser and his approaching legions. Usurping the Roman empire, and all it's various citizens and slaves. Expanding the Roman Empire to conquer the world and all its peoples.



>Crusades. With the influence of the MC the knights really go Holy War and not only Jerusalem and Turkey back but also reach Mecca and put it down. Problem is the male islamists are mostly out and left behind a lot of slaves and lolis, some are resentful and some are thankful.

>Great navigations. In South/Meso America the village chiefs and kings have a harem of wives and kill the men who don't want to die lonely. The conquistadores and indians who aren't eager to be fed as virgins to Gods and cannibals kill the selfish people and now there is a surplus women.


>Good white slavers save black lolis from bad white slavers.

>German soldiers rescue commie lolies from starvation.

>Modern guy goes to some lost culture and has to adapt with all the sexual freedom.

Overall don't be afraid to be silly


No problem with time traveling shenanigans. Porn loli games are supposed to be about relaxing, silliness and fantasy.

As for unPC things, well, if 4cuck and mainstream media can post blacked and jewed stuff everywhere, we may be allowed to make bleached and colonized works.

Off the table fetishes: NTR, scat, pegging, heavy femdom. A little of light femdom can be acceptable. The pairs disputing to be the dom, with victories and defeats for each side, is very fun.

Also the MC being a total Chad or a total bitch is annoying.



Can we also add in watersports, gore/violence, piss, farts, and I don't know our stance on zoo (not furries, like human on animal) but we should put a pin in that? Personally, I'd throw in caning and maybe rape (I know that there ARE some girls who do get off and having some guy force themselves on her, some chicks do like it rough but I feel that taking the high road with this would mean taking it off the table altogether); like you said, they're about relaxing and I'm willing to bet this is more of a dating sim style hentai game, not Hatred meets Forced Entry.



>high road

Ew, what a gross choice of words when discussing loli porn.



I meant avoiding the topic altogether; if you really want to fight for the right to have your fucked up loli-rape fetish in this game, I'm not the person you should be debating.


File: c5913e008026a8e⋯.png (278.72 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1444165037688.png)


Well there is another option. Could work really well with the Lovecraftian thing. I'm thinking a loli Wilbur Whateley type hybrid would be a really interesting character.

>It was partly human, beyond a doubt, with very manlike hands and head, and the goatish, chinless face had the stamp of the Whateleys upon it. But the torso and lower parts of the body were teratologically fabulous, so that only generous clothing could ever have enabled it to walk on earth unchallenged or uneradicated.

>Above the waist it was semi-anthropomorphic; though its chest...had the leathery, reticulated hide of a crocodile or alligator. The back was piebald with yellow and black, and dimly suggested the squamous covering of certain snakes. Below the waist, though, it was the worst; for here all human resemblance left off and sheer phantasy began. The skin was thickly covered with coarse black fur, and from the abdomen a score of long greenish-grey tentacles with red sucking mouths protruded limply.

>Their arrangement was odd, and seemed to follow the symmetries of some cosmic geometry unknown to earth or the solar system. On each of the hips, deep set in a kind of pinkish, ciliated orbit, was what seemed to be a rudimentary eye; whilst in lieu of a tail there depended a kind of trunk or feeler with purple annular markings, and with many evidences of being an undeveloped mouth or throat. The limbs, save for their black fur, roughly resembled the hind legs of prehistoric earth's giant saurians, and terminated in ridgy-veined pads that were neither hooves nor claws.



> I'm thinking a loli Wilbur Whateley type hybrid would be a really interesting character.

I mean with some modification to make her a little more on the cute side of course.



>fucked up

I don't want to fight anything, i admire loli artists and game creators for anything they do since they channel their sexual urges into something cool and productive unlike me. I just don't like your choice of words since they show complete lack of self-awareness and, which is much worse, complete lack of taste.



I...I don't hate it. Personally, I'm not too into Lovecraft (let alone in porn, but that's besides the point) but the idea of a cosmic horror loli hentai seems like a niche that's strikingly bizarre but intriguing, much like the creatures of the Cthulu Mythos itself but I'm pretty sure that such a thing could equally cause lesser men to go irreversibly insane with eldritch madness.


Just throwing thoughts out there, but if this becomes a decision between doing lovecraft or time travel I don't see why we couldn't do both.

Seems to me like it would be pretty plausible that the main reason for the protagonist visiting all these different time periods would because he is investigating some otherworldly horror who has been at the heart of many supernatural incidents that have happened throughout human history. Hell it would even make sense that he could end up getting involved in loads of lolis if said otherworldly horror might be loli-related in some way.



Agreed completely in relation to gore/violence and farts, they are also turn-offs.The first is sad and horrible and the second is disgusting. Watersports is also not good.

As for rape and the like. I am for rough play or rape play, but not for actual rape and all the horrible things associated. Introducing a loli to sex fine, but no real life drama and consequences. Lolis are a escape from the real world.


I am more interested in a hystorical lolis plot since I am already familiarized with monster lolis.

Still, whatever is the decision the makers made, try to do the game with a focused theme. If you try to please everyone the thing will either never be finished or it will be a crammed plot that will satisfy no one.



>If you try to please everyone the thing will either never be finished or it will be a crammed plot that will satisfy no one.

Yeah I appreciate that. Come to think about it I would rather we stuck with one or the other.



>I am for rough play or rape play, but not for actual rape and all the horrible things associated.

Thank you, that's what I was trying to say. I mean, this is fun sexual loli dating sim, not a snuff film. I mean, having a rough play option should be there, but the main thing.



>kids at a modern-day urban elementary school solving crimes

Some Case Closed shit, except probably not murders. Sounds great.

>retelling of a classic Lovecraft short story, but with lolis (ancient beasts, tentacles)

I'm not one tentacles, but it sounds interesting, even not as a porn game

>History related time travel (Ancient Egypt, 18th century USA, Ancient Rome, etc.)

This sounds great. Lolis through the ages across the world.

>kindergarten themed game

If you play as the teacher, than yes.



>kids at a modern-day urban elementary school solving crimes.

Are we talking like Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys type of mysteries, or like Encyclopedia Brown? Or am I way off-base on this?


I wrote a common route for a 1800s america time travel story. I've never written sex scenes before, so if you want to check it out, let me know what you think. If its not garbage, I'll do the routes.

Win - https://mega.nz/#!K7ojxIIJ!Kh1eKf3PWwu014MK6x4K5_ot5omRJNN8CPOxMSgMIpQ

Mac - https://mega.nz/#!Lyp0ATZA!3SVa4fNhXVSF7yulqHwq-UUi1rbCe9PnXemzLtLENMI


Would anyone be opposed to posting my notes on my own visual novel concept? I elaborated on it quite a bit more (mechanics wise, but everything else is pretty up in the air) and I’d like to know if there’s anything that’d be impossible or difficult to implement.




Cthulhu-Anon, are you going to post your notes, rough draft, script, or what have you? Your proposal for a lolicious rejigging/remake of 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth' is my favorite idea/project proposal here and I'd argue the best in the thread. Certainly better than the proposal about blackmailing Anne Frank in Nazi-occupied France, adding or playing as shota/boys, playing as loli, adding gross fetishes like guro/gore, etc.



>adding or playing as shota/boys, playing as loli

Just to clarify, I was never saying we SHOULD, I was asking if we COULD. Besides, what’s wrong with Loli/Shota stuff?



Are you familiar with the work of artists that started this thread? They're clearly into classic lolicon where adult man has sex with small children, no shotas, no "i'm a loli", no little girl that behaves like an adult woman\dom.



I'm not into boys or other penises in general. Every heard of "chicks and dicks"? Well, I'm into chicks, not dicks. Probably because I'm male. This isn't a shōtacon board, it's a board dedicated to lolicon. I'm not here for shōta (if you want that, try 7chan's shōtacon section or better yet https://shotachan.net/ ). And to clarify, my liking loli/girls does not mean I'm anti-gay or anti-trans or whatever. All it means is that I love girls, they are who I am most attracted to. And I'll restate my question, are you going to post your notes/script/draft or whatever it is you have?

I'm also not into underage boys fucking loli, because I'm not a boy myself anymore. And also, because I think height difference is sexy. I love the idea of having a significantly shorter partner that I can pick up and carry around. Also makes for some interesting sex acrobatics/contortions.


Thank you and well said, my fellow lolicon.



>no little girl that behaves like an adult woman

That's exactly what their art is like. And not even real women. Little girls acting like phony adult porn stars.



Not interested in your analysis. Quit trying to derail the thread because you don't like this or that or whatever the issue is.



Nonono, you're confused. When you see lolis in UAB being horny and sexual it doesn't mean they behave like adults\porn stars. It's you projecting real world onto them because it's hard to imagine them existing IRL. What it is is just a typical lolicon fantasy of envisioning a world where little girls are as sexual as you are, and not only that but they're also choosing to have sex with adults instead of boys their age. All the while, they still exhibit signs of playfulness and carelessness associated with young kids. Honestly, seeing someone who's into lolicon not comprehend such a simple fantasy is kind of strange. But we do digress...



>they're not realistic in any way but they're still acting like kids

lol, no.



No. - a simple but adequate response to everything you've posted here.



>-History related time travel game maybe

This sounds great if you two decide against the Cthulhu Mythos setting. Another idea would be a loli rewrite of 'In the Mouth of Madness'.


File: 3de5cbfb816e500⋯.jpg (46.17 KB, 550x481, 550:481, 3de5cbfb816e500857869f7ee3….jpg)



I'm just testing the waters and seeing where the boundaries are drawn. Just wanted to make sure that we're all on the same page with this, and not trying to trigger anybody.


File: a882aa77b2d7c95⋯.png (74.28 KB, 375x392, 375:392, ab9UcGa.png)

Screw it, I'm just posting my notes anyway. It's a bit rough and I can take out or add in just about anything, so let me know if this seems too ambitious: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10GwxICzDixEhcCK6oYn25WABcGj1zUCHS4LRP5Jmi5o/edit?usp=sharing



That is my type of loli. Children in personality who like sex and there is no bad consequences about it. The other type I like are the ones who start naive about sex then love it when they learn about it, whithout sad consequences.

If we strive for "realism" in a loli porn game we will only have a sad fapping,at best. Heck, even porn between adults has a lot of fantasy.


File: efbd6bf23bd1ecb⋯.jpg (140.07 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 7ab3cf1f29e2fa0533bcb5e507….jpg)

I'd love any loli game. But just as much as the sex scenes I loved the wonderful dialog and the great pacing of UAB.

I really don't like all these hentai stories where they begin to fuck on page 2. If it's not exceptionally well drawn: Why should I care that these two characters have sex now? May be hot the first time, but not after having seen hundreds of similar effortless fuck stories.

And way too many writers completely fail to capture the essence of the way kids talk and feel. It's way too often that the lolis feel like younger version of slutty American porn stars. The way the lolis were written in UAB was just perfect.

My personal dream idea would be a VN about a guy with a photo studio for child models. Over time, he convinces his sexy loli models to carry out lewder and lewder acts.



>One of my personal goals with Unteralterbach was to get the western loli community to start making games of their own, but so far, not much has happened in that regard. So I want to get involved a bit more.

I doubt "just" making another Renpy VN will kick of something like a whole Western loli game developer "community". The whole loli genre is niche, the makers and consumers have forever been a small group and then its still outlawed and ostracized everywhere in the West to some extend. Its hard to believe a game with production quality like UAB even exists.

Procurement of art assets will remain a bottleneck. Lets be honest unless you are another Fuchur or a Heikatsu, why would people care about your doodlegirl in scene uglybedroom?

Sure it will motivate some people but probably not even as much as UAB already did and that produced little results. We probably neeed something like the RPG maker or Source Filmmaker of loli games which makes it simpler to produce at least something of moderate quality, if you want quantity.


File: 0f748c61fde9033⋯.png (2.68 MB, 2106x3000, 351:500, 013.png)


Oh God, lewd child models are the best.


File: efbca9dbfc8815f⋯.png (562.67 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 7a227c30d20794c8d5b660f2cb….png)


I dunno. I think it's much hotter when they begin innocent and get corrupted over the course of the story. And child modelling is the perfect setup for such a corruption of the innocent.

I have a lot of money in the bank. I'd definitely support a loli game that makes reasonable progress and suits my taste financially if that would help and be possible.


File: 47062e5e0be66c4⋯.gif (495.48 KB, 250x212, 125:106, tumblr_nok2lqv6EI1uug09ro1….gif)

>I think it's much hotter when they begin innocent and get corrupted over the course of the story.


File: 561a2b1bc3b6eca⋯.jpg (272.54 KB, 1204x1754, 602:877, UABlaurab.jpg)

Hey Fuchur, Long-time fan, great to see you back in the community and making a game.

I won't drown you with ideas, but I will say that seeing you active again definitely makes me want to recommit to my own VN aspirations. I've long wanted to see more loli-themed projects, though with the recent patreon issues I've been wondering how to do it.

I'm capable of writing/coding, but I dont have any art skills. Do you know any good places to find artists I could commission to help work on such a project? I'd be willing to pay reasonable prices, but I dont think I could formally employ them in even a part-time sense.

Anyway enough self-shilling, really great to see you/Hei doing this. Make something short, sweet and complete. I don't mind what, just fire the community up again,


File: 387a06960451126⋯.png (957.52 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, tumblr_p6gml6xPpe1x6o70wo1….png)

File: 30690ed8bd0f7ab⋯.png (835.41 KB, 1280x984, 160:123, tumblr_p4m5xd4zWw1x6o70wo2….png)

File: 95b7e97094a15ac⋯.png (466.23 KB, 950x1150, 19:23, tumblr_p4adbsnGac1x6o70wo1….png)






Fuchur & Heikatsu (the dynamic duo of lolicon?) are not going to do shōtacon or add that as an option. So if you post a design document or proposal for a 'Loli Harem' game that includes it, expect those parts to get nixed or ignored. If you like boys, though, all hope is not lost. I personally think Miguel Rivera (from Coco) is beautiful, especially in his Día de los Muertos body paint. What do you think about cuntboys or yoniboys? That is, boys with a vajayjay (vagina, vulva, yoni, pussy, kitty, cunny, whatever you decidedly call it). I think Miguel would be sexy with a kitty. So you could turn your suggestions for boys into girls this way. ;-)



I'd like to point out that (first of all, I'm happy that you read my document and hope you're interested) there's a few faults with this:

1) I'm not gay. I am, officially, a demiromantic flaming heterosexual (though I'd be lying if I didn't admit to OCCASIONALLY jacking off to a trap or sissy once every now and then). Point stands.

2) I realize that they aren't planning on having shotas (in any form) in their game; I was merely testing the limits to see what would be allowed or not (also, I'd like to add choking and anything dubbed "Edgeplay" up for debate since I don't think we want to go that far with this game but it's not MY decision so...up to you) and pitched a few concepts. Nothing landed, I get the message, I'm not gonna fight to include something that isn't even my project.

3) Seeing as how you've read (or at least skimmed) the document I have, you'd know that--while boys are included to be added to the harem, either as boys turned to girls or just as boys--they are OPTIONAL, and you can recruit them to ALSO have sex with the other girls, as well as adult men (primarily the girls' fathers/other equivalent male figures). In fact, the mechanics for boys are much more streamlined if you choose NOT to have sex with them.

4) The only reason I included a Gay/Bi path (even though it's basically identical, but just Rule63's the selection you have, and makes a few minor changes outside of that) is for the sake of diversity, and nothing more. The main game itself (as outlined in the document provided) is from the Hetero/Primary path, and that's where 90% of the work is going to go.

Hope this will clear the air a bit. I would like to contribute to pitching ideas to this, but first it'd help to know where the boundaries are and what is/isn't going to fly.



Also, in answer to that last question (BTW, yeah I like Miguel as a character, but sexually I'm more into Riley from Inside Out...and slightly disappointed by her lack of porn), never really encountered much of what you're describing since I'm more familiar with the concept in reverse (futanari, I think?) but I wouldn't be opposed to it. Yeah, that would be an excellent idea (bit tricky to implement in my own game but I could think of something). I'll gladly second that notion!



He is Fuchur.


Getting back on track, I know one of the inital suggestions was slave lolis, so is that only Black slaves, or does that cover Asian and Indian (Native American Indian, just to avoid confusion) slaves too? Cuz I wouldn't be against pounding some sexy Native tribesman loli.



Maybe some more?

>African slave

>Arab slave

>Hindi slave

>Japanese slave

>Native American slave

And to make it rounded out

>Red-headed, green eyes Euro slave


File: c52606a0c8e0b71⋯.jpg (18.72 KB, 400x399, 400:399, 3192728.jpg)


>Japanese slave

>Native American slave



File: 835ae9382e22173⋯.jpg (32.81 KB, 480x400, 6:5, orly.jpg)


File: 9d268416d79239f⋯.png (709.45 KB, 957x1518, 29:46, HIYpv2V.png)

File: 9613df62e196ca1⋯.jpg (320.25 KB, 1063x1098, 1063:1098, AnnemarieAnal.jpg)

File: 5723511eccff835⋯.png (223.75 KB, 601x500, 601:500, 0256bba4c802e03e22c9d032a1….png)

File: 553b831558e9dd8⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1060x1014, 530:507, 70e70ef19e48bc2792794617be….png)

File: 83939b468ea4e96⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 3507x2480, 3507:2480, LazyTown Stephanie_Meanswe….jpg)


Should we say, he is 'the Füchur'? Or is it Füchür?

Anyway, question about this game project. Will it include anal sex/anal play/anal worship? Thinking about Annemarie Reiter's dilated anus (from the newspaper clippings in UAB when you have the so-called 'child abuse' set to invisible) gives me a stiffy and drives me crazy. Can I get an amen from another loli-ass lover? <3


I really have to wonder what Deutsch chan was like while the development of UAB was underway; was it worse than this?

This thread is simply pitiful; people seemed to have no control over themselves to beg and feels like they need to inject personality to their own posts even though most are anon anyway.



Most of them are just over excited for the game and when the dick is hard it takes blood from the brain. After people calm down and ponder better the quality of the posts should rise.



Misread your post. No need to meme at me. Rude. :'^(



So, I finally made a poll where I compiled the most promising proposals from this thread.

Anyone interested may vote for their favorite game setting now.


For further info on the available settings give this document a read.




Ohh I want the 18th century one a lot



>Japanese slaves

As in geisha girls? Where they considered slaves or just prostitutes?

Either way, I'm good. But I also think Chinese girls should have a role too since they've been in slave labor for centuries. Even in the wild west.



I still reckon an episodic time travel story with a time period per episode approach is probably going to be the best bet. That gives us a lot of freedom on what we can do with the story.

On a side note I'm a fan of the idea of the protagonist stumbling upon a time machine instead of having built one. Especially since that allows the possibility that the protagonist isn't necessarily in complete control of the time machine's functionalities. Also it would probably help immensely if the time machine's design had a sort of TARDIS approach, or at least something that could plausibly transport as many people as the plot requires, while also plausibly being somewhere a character could stay for a long period of time (in case we wanted to put a character on the bench so to speak).

About the few of the other ideas:

>Kindergarten/Elementary School:

Got a suggestion for a variation of this idea. But what about a Girl's Summer Camp? I can imagine a lot of fun being had with the idea of the protagonist being charge of looking after a bunch of girls in the woods. While they do things like swimming in the lake or sleeping in their cabins. With possible mysterious goings on that become apparent as the plot develops (I'm a sucker for that sort of shit). Of course this might invite comparisons to be made to that one other chan-made VN set in a summer camp.

>Medieval Fantasy

If we go this route it's probably worth bringing up that one idea we had awhile back on /loli/ that I really liked which was the idea of a VN about the protagonist and a bunch of girls playing DnD. The idea was that the girls would have very lewd imaginations which would cause the campaign to often get derailed as the girls would have their characters get up to all sorts of shit. We had shit load of discussion about it but ultimately it went nowhere which was a shame.




Hard choices. The school concept would lead to some fun shenanigans and some nice toddler loli lewds. The Lovecraft and Historical concept are a little more interesting and haven't been done before.



Seeing the ideas after clicking the time travel option made me stop with the amount of good ones. Too bad we have only a few devs.


File: 2e7849610c5309a⋯.jpg (95.9 KB, 647x1000, 647:1000, AoDposter.jpg)

As I was watching Civvie 11's review of Blood II: The Chosen, he references how much Blood II copied Army of Darkness. Indeed, Duke Nukem 3D did the same thing.

Civvie's review can be found here, in three parts -

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_cHAtwr8_U

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjAYgEWDO5Y

Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DbDa2Vk1Bs

It suddenly dawned on me. How about a remake of Army of Darkness? Albeit, a visual novel remake of Army of Darkness, but this time with loli as love interests rather than women. This could satisfy the interest in time travel and history (or pseudohistory). The main character could either be an Ash Williams who has developed a lolita complex (lolicon) or an original parody of Ashley "Ash" Williams.

The series could be episodic, as mentioned before, and be a time travelling horror comedy series with loli aplenty.

Alternatively, it could be a prequel to the Evil Dead series focusing on the adventures of Professor Raymond Knowby as he travels into the past and discovers the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (bringing the Cthulhu Mythos into orbit and integrating it). And it just so happens that Professor Knowby is a lolicon.

There's Cthulhu Mythos, Evil Dead, comedy, horror, time travel, history (especially medieval), etc.



I feel like it's an interesting idea, if a bit difficult to implement, and combining my love of fighting zombies, fucking lolis, and time travel all into one is certainly something that I've never seen before. Might want to unpack that one a bit more though I'm interested in the concept.



I'm happy you are interested in this proposal. As for 'fucking loli', you and I both share that in common. Fuchur mentioned his interest in Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, Heikatsu mentioned a time travel game. Both of them provided mockups of time travel, one of which references a Professor Pédeau (which could be Professor Knowby). Army of Darkness brings them both together. And the benefit is, the story is already there. There's already an Army of Darkness script to work from and modify as needed. And Ash J. Williams was the original Duke Nukem (both Duke and Caleb borrow their best lines and characteristics from Ash). And an Ash who loves loli like us would be awesome. All the adult females from Army of Darkness can be replaced by loli and new loli can be introduced as desired. It wouldn't be a word-for-word remake or redux, it would be open ended and adventurous. Imagine, if you can, a better Army of Darkness. That's what I'm proposing here. And what could make it better? Loli.



Could possibly add a point-n-click shooter similar to the final boss fight in UAB? Only with zombies and ghouls.


File: 57d6ab19873e235⋯.jpg (105.86 KB, 807x990, 269:330, great_race_of_yith_by_douz….jpg)

File: 9a2711bd0f3ca15⋯.jpg (98.01 KB, 591x509, 591:509, Hound of tindalos.jpg)


>Fuchur mentioned his interest in Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, Heikatsu mentioned a time travel game.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Look no farther than Uninvited for an example of what you are talking about.




Don't know about that. I would prefer an original work than a parody, rewrite of an original work.

Unteralterbach is not known as "parody of x" or as "rewriting of x". It is knonw as Unteralterbach.


How about time traveling school kids? A perverted magic school bus type deal. They can visit ancient Rome and 18th century America. Hell they could mess something up and wind up in a warped World where Lovecraftian horrors exist. Release episodes for each scenario so it's not so long or rushed.



Does anyone know how to write an episode?



UAB is a spoof and a parody of politics and internet culture.

And Unter-Alter-Bach isn't a great title. All it means is Under Age Creek. Not very cool or original. But it fits the satirical tone it was aiming for. It's not promoting "child abuse" (I'm not calling it that) and is not an "abuse simulator", it's a parody.

Same with the alternate title - Neider Alter Bach. Which simply means Down Age Creek.



"Unteralter" is Krautchan slang for "kid" and is often used in a sexual context. "Bach" is a common suffix for names of rural villages. That's how the name came to be.

>the alternate title - Neider Alter Bach

AFAIK an alternative title never existed. And the correct spelling is "nieder." (Neider means envier.) "Niederalter" doesn't make any sense in any context.

All that aside, neither Heikatsu nor me are planning to make a sequel to Unteralterbach. It's going to be a tiny experiment of a game to help Heikatsu expand his Ren'Py knowledge.

That is, unless a second group of developers forms on this board to make another game, a bigger one.

I am currently collecting reference imagery of 1920s North America, because the Lovecraftian proposal is winning the poll (which I am more than happy about).



It wasn't my vote, but at least it has a historical flavor. And since you, one of the devs, wanted to do this one it is ok. The worse it can happen is if the final result is one that you don't wish to do.


which Lovecraft book should be used as a basis? or is the Arkham horror table top game also a good start?


what make you so special that other anons should care about your vote? why announce it?



There was a poll? Where?

The title NiederAlterBach is mentioned in UAB's ending. When the girls bring forth manuscripts from the 14th century, it is mentioned that the town is called Unteralterbach also known as Niederalterbach. It's canon in so far as it's part of the actual game.

A second group of developers forming on this board or Endchan or some other similar image board is very unlikely. Especially given the discord and disagreements in this thread alone. You will have a much better chance of forming a group of developers at either

All The Fallen: https://allthefallen.ninja/


Shotachan: https://shotachan.net/

Despite the name, Shotachan has a large and active Shota x Loli community. It isn't all yaoi.

There are dedicated programmers and designers in these loli communities that just need direction and collaboration.

In any case, thanks for clarifying that this is going to be a 'tiny experiment'. Hopefully Ren'Py 7's release is just around the corner, after years of delay.




So it is going to be meme tentacle lovecraftian plot or more like a parody of it?

>(ancient beasts, tentacles)



Lovecrat's stories have nothing to do with sexuality, or even the female gender. It's all as asexual as he was. Also there are very few tentacles. So just memes, basically.



The whole Cosmic Horror genre itself is built around people encountering otherworldly monsters beyond rationalization, measure or human comprehension to the extent that just SEEING them causes someone to go irreversibly insane (and that's if you're LUCKY, with the best case scenario just being that you break even...barely). While the concept definitely is interesting, splicing in lolis and trying to turn it into hentai is, at best, an uphill battle or at worst completely missing the point.

I'm not knocking the idea but I feel like there needs to be more details (this is just a thought, feel free to use it or ignore it: having these otherworldly hellbeasts disguised as lolis; not all of them through the whole game but more like an idiot trap that instantly kills you if you try to fuck them--yeah, it's kindof a dick move but it'd fit into the established canon at least).


File: 359328328964706⋯.jpg (132.61 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, great_ones.jpg)


It is possible to have cosmic horror waifus or even have the supposed monsters not be hostile or even friendly.



Fair point.


File: 6f515ea265220b6⋯.png (101.79 KB, 353x382, 353:382, 19faa2344ea4246a150846e68f….png)

So what are the objectives? The end goal of the game?

Is the main character accidentally came across a time machine and is just trying to get home?

Is he going to the past for a purpose? If so, what is that purpose?

What time period is he from? The future, our current time, or from the past?


File: 1df970522a98b1f⋯.jpg (93.58 KB, 614x620, 307:310, lcraft_concerned.jpg)


>which Lovecraft book

It's not going to be a parody of any specific story, but rather something original featuring themes from Lovecraft's stories. (I wouldn't want to call it a parody at all. I'm not looking to ridicule Lovecraft.)


I don't keep up with internet youth culture, so I'm not familiar with the current definition of the word meme. I briefly described the general concept in the reply above.


We're in the process of figuring all of that out now.

Heikatsu has decided to go with the time traveling theme. That means two games are now being made instead of just one.

We already have several pieces of concept art done and are currently writing first drafts of our two scripts. It's all looking very promising so far (and in parts positively hilarious). The thread and also the poll did a good job of getting us started and finding a general direction. So now we're entering serious mode, which means we won't be around much anymore. (We wouldn't want to risk a too-many-cooks situation at this point.)

We might post some art at some point in the future, but probably not within the next week.

So, thanks anon. We're off to work.

If there happen to be any more game devs present, feel free to take over this thread.


File: 5883d4eadf204e2⋯.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, 1:1, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7….jpg)



Please no 3DPD!


File: b9006eee603c00b⋯.png (247.05 KB, 650x890, 65:89, b4daf61053cbbd5847e48edb35….png)


Sorry, is this better?


File: 0b5504d2bd72c7d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 2103x3015, 701:1005, 025.png)

Will there be a loli with big tits? (Probably not)

pic spoiled for abominations.




Classic Lovecraft like your proposal is unseen nowadays in porn, and also in other genres. Very interesting proposal.

>We got both classic Lovecraft and time travel.

Yes! Good luck!



I see that black loli there, you can't hide her from me.

I am going to be patient for these projects of your's and Heikatsu's but I can't wait for em, the excitement is so hard to suppress.

Hopefully we get a closer look at our dark lolis design soon™



Saya no Uta?


File: 4e6913de437d14e⋯.png (2.88 MB, 1271x1721, 1271:1721, Drill_Mandrillus_leucophae….png)

File: fa198ee09882bdc⋯.jpg (110.91 KB, 704x1000, 88:125, Yaddithian.jpg)

I've been making a list of races/beings that would make good lolis or other characters in a Lovecraft game.

>lesser Yog-Sothoth spawn cf. Wilbur Whateley from The Dunwich Horror see >>9468

>Marsh family member, deep one hybrid

>Martense family descendant (young simians are much cuter than the adults typically)

>ghoul hybrid cf. Richard Upton Pickman from Pickman's Model

>Yig hybrid

>snake cultist cf. Marceline from Medusa's Coil (might work well for that black loli that Fuchur mentioned)

>Yithian (possessed human)

>K'nyanian (would make a great slutty character given how debauched and libertine their culture)

>Yaddithian (maybe to much of a stretch)

I've also wondered how a radially symmetrical loli might look like. Think something like an elder thing but much more human.


>Game development starts now!

>That means two games are now being made instead of just one.

This is truly great news.





Holy FUCK, i havent been browsing delicious for the past few days and this hit me all at once, im shaking with excitement

Fuchur, Heikatsu, I am willing to help out any way I am able! I sent heikatsu a message over pixiv to see if theres any way i can get into better contact with you guys. I'm still in my formative stages concerning my art, writing, and game dev skills, but I would kill to have the chance to work with you guys and learn as much as I can from you!



It passed through my head, Saya no Uta. I am thinking more in the terms of the main monster not being straight there since the beginning and more like a presence, a menace, something that is lurking, waiting and you won't grasp till the end.

As said in >>9442, the lolis would be companions or cultists hinting to an investigative game where you face the minions of the main menace. Quite different of straight up meeting and slaying/fucking/dating monster girls.

I wasn't keen on the Lovecraft theme until he told that.


Perhaps some subtle nods to the "Ask Lovecraft" Youtube series would be amusing.


I'm a programmer. I made a loli sound novel here https://raspberri.itch.io/nina-home-alone and I want to make more loli games, but I don't have an artist or know how to get in touch with one. I'm very experienced in Renpy, VN Maker, and Unity.


Why do these threads become active and then just die?



See >>9732

We have begun the waiting phase now.




To be honest even if some other game devs were to start their own project it would probably be a good idea for them to start their own thread than continue using this one. Too many people new to this thread would get confused and think the discussion is still about Fuchur and Heikatsu's projects.



I'm sure Fuchur/Heikatsu will continue to use this thread to update us on the game's development progress.

Although there were quite lot of ideas thrown around here from the get go. They or anons can still use the leftovers to start something new.


To those who've read this: >>9509

Is there anything that I should be noted as "too complicated", "not possible", or "outright pointless" for any possible reasons?

>I only ask because I don't know if this particular topic is appropriate to be asking about around other Ren'Py/VND forums without sparking controversy and getting banned (since, y'know, with loli and hentai usually only ONE of those is enough to spark outrage)



None of this seems overly complicated but you should have a chart of how a normal day can be split up and scheduled.

Do you want this to be a text game? Or something with visuals?



I was planning on having limited character portraits (just a simple image of the girl, maybe changing the clothes/lack thereof appropriately). I'm mostly using "Babysitting Cream" as a template to work off. Just imagine that game but with more than one girl at a time.



In that case it all sounds possible to do in renpy. How many days do you ultimately want the story to last?



Oh I don't have a set track for this; the game just goes on until you either hit game over or collect all the girls. The first week (give or take) mostly serves as a tutorial

>Day 0- the premise, which was outlined at the beginning

>Day 1- learning how to play with your new daughter

>Day 2- option to recruit one of three girls to start with

>Day 3- much of the same (if you haven't already seduced the girl on the first day), plus getting acclimated to how the online shop works/porn sites to gain additional fetishes

>Day 4- getting Amy to pick up a new fetish/bending your new girl's sexuality

>That's all I got so far, but stuff like Sleepovers and new (optional) targets like Babysitters or getting boys to fuck the girls would probably be introduced in the following week.

>Once the core mechanics are laid out, I figure it's mostly going to fall into a pattern of 'Amy meets new girl(s)/Invite her over/Seduce her into sex/Add new girl to Harem to do with as you wish/lather, rinse, repeat'

I'm still working on building up from there but I don't want it to be too complex since I'm still learning Ren'Py coding and stuff and I'd need some visual assets to work with as well, but I feel the mechanics should be dealt with before getting into the visuals so I can have a functional proof of concept past the prologue.


Aside from coding (pretty much going off YouTube and forums to get the basic gist of what I'm doing), I'm just gonna run through the big stuff (not counting art assets):

>Money System (how to make money, considering that every in-game month takes $500 for Rent and Bills, how easy it is to get money, and I figure you start with, let's say, $15k; I mean, I did have ideas stored away for things like selling pics and even full pornos online or even literal prostitution/stripping but I feel like these might be pushing too close to reality)

>Building Loyalty (the most fundamental lynchpin of the game and I haven't fleshed it out yet, but I've been wondering if you wouldn't be able to use the store to just buy stuff to raise Loyalty by X points automatically; I figured one way could be heightening their Loyalty by giving into their turn-ons)

>Other Girls (pretty much have very little outside of the first couple girls, so I wanted to fill the rest in with expy characters; yeah, there's a couple obvious choices but most of the current selection is particularly biased)

>Sidenote to this one: Randomized Girls (I mean, every 6-8 Girls, the game will probably roll a 6-sided die to determine a girl's race, just so we can get a mix of black lolis, asian lolis, maybe some Native Indian/Polynesian lolis so it's not just white girls, but I also want to roll the stats as well but I can't decide if they should be in order or if the numbers for the corresponding stats should be randomized too--so long as Tightness is always 3 or more)

>Amber Strikes (This is kindof a big deal when dealing with multiple girls and keeping their Loyalty from dipping to 0, but I have to figure out if/how you can reduce your Strikes or even prevent Strikes)

>Animal Girls/Furries (I kinda skirted around the Tentacle thing by literally giving you a Book of Spells to summon a tentacle demon, but that was the exception since I don't want a lot of magic stuff but I want to find a way to add in animal girls--cats, dogs, bunnies, wolves, foxes, deer, etc.--but I'm drawing a blank).

Any Suggestions/Solutions are appreciated, and just understand that this is still very rough and I'm trying to work out how to build up from here. As for the gameplay and stuff, I want to go with something like Babysitting Cream (if anyone's played that) but with more than one girl.


This is kinda what I'm looking for to randomly create new girls:

Name- (Random)

Age- (5/12)(11/20); first number is for the Elementary School kids, second is for the Babysitters, who can be anywhere between Elementary Graduates and College Freshmen

Sex- (Straight- 0, Bisexual- 1, Lesbian- 2, Bicurious- 3)

Race (roll every 8 Girls)- (White- 1, Black- 2, Asian- 3, Native Indian- 4, Middle Eastern- 5, Islander- 6)

Stats- Tightness, Depth, Vitality, Obedience, Gossip, Horniness (1-10; Tightness can NEVER be below 3)

Turn-ons/Fetishes- (Random; up to 4)

>I assigned the numbers to be translated by the system into these stats.

>Visual references would probably be easier to create by just using the Character Creation at the beginning to design Amy, and hitting the Random button; at least, that's my thought process.

>The reason for these are just to fill out the roster since only having the Major girls (the ones you start with like Charity, the ones you learn new Fetishes from like Dylan, and the Babysitters) would be a pretty small list and it'd be easier than finding a whole team of artists to design an extra 60-70+ girls that aren't as significant or important.

>Furthermore, I don't know if I want the Expy girls mixed in the OC's or put in place some type of sidequest to unlock them as optional harem add-ons.



This is what the Randomized system should look like

>Name- Joyce

>Age- 13 (Babysitter)

>Sex- 0

>Stats- 4/5/6/1/5/10


>Name- Jenna

>Age- 5

>Sex- 2

>Stats- 5/4/10/8/7/1


>Name- Erin

>Age- 11

>Sex- 3

>Stats- 5/6/5/4/9/4


>Name- Tina

>Age- 12

>Sex- 1

>Stats- 7/5/8/5/1/4


>Name- Sibyl

>Age- 9

>Sex- 2

>Stats- 5/3/2/9/2/8


>Name- Faye

>Age- 8

>Sex- 3

>Stats- 10/7/6/5/10/9


>I left Fetishes blank on all of them because I haven't decided how many of them there are yet.


File: a95672ebf2f0720⋯.gif (57.02 KB, 330x300, 11:10, tumblr_me2v5k232H1qjcxf1o1….gif)

File: fd80f9a0f7017b7⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 500x514, 250:257, tumblr_ns0o1hGyCS1smmps3o1….gif)

File: 3bbabaf7e61ca16⋯.gif (282.21 KB, 400x240, 5:3, tumblr_p048lcL3AE1rbiqvpo1….gif)

File: c6e5f61ebea33e4⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 307x307, 1:1, tumblr_p66j92D3IR1twovpgo3….gif)


May I ask to see the poll results? I voted (for the Lovecraftian option) but even after voting it did not display the current results of the poll. Here's to hoping you haven't abandoned the thread. And yes, I'd prefer you work on your Lovecraftian Loli game and Heikatsu work on his Time Travel game, but assuming it's not too much trouble, I'm interested in the results of the poll.






Interesting. I'm building a very similar game but in mush broader scope an in Javascript + Twine because it is entirely text. If I had an artist I could do it in Renpy. I use Python and Javascript for my day job, so I could help you with any programming questions you have.



That's very helpful and really I'm just looking for some art assets (I figure the backgrounds should be low priority as either stock photos or just using generic pictures to represent the four rooms in the apartment, and maybe 10 locations outside tops). We should probably compare notes via Skype (or PM or email of the social media site of your choice). I'm also trying to come up with an official title; I just put down Daddy Harem Simulator as a placeholder to be changed later.


I'd just like to add that I posted my graph on GDrive here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dz6QOHlwrwxk2SG6AQebcO1a12AAw9WGAce6Q-6Lif8/edit?usp=sharing

>It includes a full stat chart for all the girls, a list of items you can buy at shops (primarily the online shops, but there's also at least one private shop and the Book of Rituals you can buy at the end of a sidequest)

>There's an (incomplete) list of fetishes in the game and how they're each used.

>It also includes a full set of stats for all the currently available girls (the ones in bold are Critical Characters, which have some story/gameplay significance like learning a new fetish or something, whereas the rest are randomly generated); all the Expy girls are mostly selected by me, and I don't want to have too many especially when most of them are kinda obscure.

>Lastly is the Slave list (for shotas/cuntboy Sissies), since every boy in the game <13 can either be brought in (to invite over for group fucking) or turned into a girl; there's an item that does the same thing in reverse but it's only temporary whereas the boys' transformation is irreversible. There's only 1 Critical boy, and Peter only exists to set up the mechanic and bring in more boys and even HE'S optional.

>I also still need to work out the sex stats for boys, but I figure there'd only be about 4 to the girls' 6. Still a WIP and I'm kinda just building as I go.



A don't use much social media. We could exchange on pixiv probably.

When using stock backgrounds I find putting them though a filter (like olify) helps to mesh it with the game.



>exchange on Pixiv probably

Cool, username?

>When using stock backgrounds I find putting them through a filter (like olify) helps to mesh it with the game.

Good note, thnx.



username is razu




Why so many characters?



My guess is to please everyone and not anyone.

The downside of crowd sourcing for ideas.



I wanted a lot of variety; the boldface characters (not counting the Expy chart below) are characters that are deemed “Critical” (characters important to gameplay for one reason or another, and therefore have a set design and stats). Everyone else (including all the non-Expy boys, except Peter) can just be seen as examples of randomly generated characters (just to show a wide range of stats; haven’t figured out Turn-Ons yet though).

Most of the Expy Girls list was compiled through personal bias or intentionally selecting characters with very little porn, as well as tossing in obligatory lolis I’d NEVER get away with excluding like Mabel Pines or Jade Chan; had to fudge the numbers a bit to fit in Star Butterfly, but I don’t want to add in too many Expies since they’re only here to pad out the roster.

>I also tried adding things like a slightly faster Loyalty escalation, taking to new Fetishes easier, and things to make them more valuable since 80-90% of them wouldn’t be instantly recognizable.



You should think about how to get it done too.

Design a lot of shit is easy.

Cut it down to a feasible(yet not empty) state is a lot harder.



I figured designing the (Other) Critical characters first would make the most sense, then the Expy girls (given the obscurity of most of them, I'm willing to bet that I can play it a lot more fast and loose keeping the designs just far enough from the original like I plan on doing with Jade and Mabel), and I had this idea about a character creation system for both the main character and for the game to use for the randomly generated characters.

They're just going to be still pictures, with maybe four or five facial expressions; it's not like I'm talking about having fully articulated and animated 3D models or something.

>If you've played Babysitting Cream (the game I want to emulate; in gameplay terms, not a big fan of the artwork personally), there's a couple shots of the actual sex going on (like Cream giving a blowjob or something) but most of it is just in text.

>I'm kinda new to this but I figure that I could just have the designs for the girls themselves, their outer clothes (couple dozen fetish outfits on top of that), and maybe cycle through a couple different patterns/designs of underwear for everyone. Should be a lot easier than designing a few hundred individual characters.


File: cde22a36c89301d⋯.png (110.85 KB, 476x1100, 119:275, cake_girl.png)

File: 3c8b3564f5ef2e5⋯.png (111.31 KB, 476x1100, 119:275, cake_boy.png)

>draw a girl

>call it a boy

How about this idea:

For some reason you have twins at your house, (maybe you are tasked with babysitting).

You are kinda trying to fuck them, but you never know which one is which unless something something.

Anybody want to expand this idea?

I want to make a game, but I'm brainfarting too much.



What is this from?



I think it's a concept animation from Heikatsu to, re: time travel/historical concept. Going to a time when chattel slavery and state-approved slavery was in vogue (slavery not only still exists, but in terms of numbers, is worse than it ever has been). Also going back to a time when concepts like 'pedophilia', 'hebephilia' and 'ephebophilia' did not exist and sex/sexuality were not considered a subset of morality or anything to do with morality. That was suppose to be the appeal of this time travel concept.

But it's my understanding that Fuchur is now developing his own Lovecraftian game and Heikatsu is developing his own time-travel game.



Firstly I want to say its great to see you alive Fuchur. And you Heikatsu, keep up the excellent work! You both are amazing!

Just a thought I wanted to share: what if the game started with time travel in the first half. But then in the second half, time is somewhat fractured and bamn, Lovecraft! Popular lolis throughout history team up to save time and humanity!? Maybe exhausting various popular creatures in certain *ahem* ways. (Really crazy suggestion. What if when one monster is subdued, they turn into a monster girl equivalent? You could set a couple up like boss battles. You wouldn't have to shoot for a crazy number of characters either. Like 3 human girls, and 3 monster girls...) I don't know, but I really think there would be a way to branch both ideas together. Either way, its so cool to see you both working so hard. Whatever gets made in the end, I know I'll love it! You both inspire me!



It's better to get two games instead of one. So hopefully that is what is happening. And I don't want any time-travel in my Lovecraft game anyway.



I wish we could see the poll results, damnit.




They're already going with the Lovecraftian theme so what's the point.



Heikatsu is going with the 'historical' theme. Or so I thought.

And the point is interest. Did the Lovecraftian thing win by majority or plurality? It's like the only online poll I've participated in where you don't get to view the results after voting. But if it's too much to ask, then forget I asked. Geez.




It was their favourite one from the start it seems and it was leading at least at that point.


Fuchur + Heikatsu,

I don't know if you are still monitoring this thread anymore or if you even still visit /delicious/. But I thought you may be pleased to know that Ren'Py 7.0 has been prereleased. See here for the details: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=49794

Now you can develop your respective games using the very, very long awaited Reny'Py 7 engine. As not much goes on loli-world, given the anti-social nature of lolicons, the anti-lolicon nature of societies, and how muted and isolated everything has become and is becoming - I sincerely hope Fuchur's Lovecraftian loli game gets made. It's the only thing I look forward to these days.



I too, very much look forward to it. UAB was great for me since it made me feel like I wasn't alone in my feelings towards lgs, and of course on conscious level you know that already without any games or other related media, but it still felt nice. I guess it was a bit like temporarily having a pedo friend with whom you can joke around about being this way. I bet psychiatrists would say that this sort of enabling is very harmful, but I think it's very therapeutic and calming.



I like your response. It's encouraging and frank. I don't have any friends. Like at all. Nor do I have any familial connections other than a very negative relationship with my mother. As well, tomorrow I'm turning 31 which means I'll be past a man's prime (30) and it's all downhill from there. As I see it, the only life purpose I have anymore is to make friends. So I suppose I'll spend my remaining days attempting to do just that. My Lolita-complex or pedophilia is not something that I feel any guilt over, as I don't think there's anything wrong with loving little girls. And if you were to ask me, I'd say there's nothing more beautiful than a young girl. The only people I would consider true friends would be either fellow lolicons/pedophiles/girllovers like myself or people who upon knowing that fact about me would still yet accept me (knowing I'm no monster but a rather submissive person by nature). The problem is how distrusting lolicons/pedos are (completely logical given the world we live in) and how reclusive and non-social or anti-social they are. Someday soon I plan on creating an account on All The Fallen (the only loli forum I know of by name) and trying to make friends there. But I'm apparently one of the very few (minority of a minority of a minority, etc.) that isn't self-hating over the fact that I find girls insanely attractive.

I agree with your analysis of UAB. That's how I felt about it too. And yeah, I'm sure psychiatrists would consider it 'enabling' and discoursing with me to be 'enabling' to. But I don't put my faith in them, they are there to reinforce established power structures and norms and to pick up a paycheck just like everyone else.

And how unlucky for me to bring up the Ren'Py 7 news now. I can't even access the Ren'Py site or Lemma Soft forums at the moment. Both sites give me a 'The site can't be reached, the site refused to connect' error. Weird.



Even though it's offtopic you typed such a heartfelt post I have to wish you a happy birthday, Mr. Josh Loves Loli Anuses.


well this was another shot in the dick from fuchur



Some guy pretending to be fuchur



And pretending to be Heikatsu as well? I had considered that the "Fuchur" here was a fake. Because there was another thread from last year (not here, I don't think) where Fuchur said he was interested in a UAB sequel but didn't have the time for it and didn't have time to do any art projects whatsoever so forget it. But here he supposedly says he has no interest in a UAB 2. On the other hand, if they are impersonators, where did the artwork from this post >>9389

and this one >>9392

and this one >>9732

come from? A UAB sequel doesn't make any sense considering the Marshal Kim Jong-Un ending of UAB (Israeli space cannons and Neo-Nazi flying saucers included). The ending was totally ridiculous but fit the fact that UAB is a comedy. Definitely doesn't need a sequel with Bernie Bernd joining the NSDAP in outer space to fight intergalactic Jewry and Bolshevism (or whatever nonsense).

I hope this was the real Fuchur, because a second Western loli visual novel game is needed more than anything else. And a Stephen King-esque New England hamlet setting with Lovecraft and horror comedy would be, hm, well . . . . . . absolutely lolicious!



It's just a mockup, anyone could have drawn that.



>What is ctrl+f

>How do i type delivery into search bar



What are you getting at?



He's saying Fuchur was around the drawthreads here in the past and has delivered a few pics.



before or after his last post here?



So if someone comes here once, that means nobody could ever pretend to be him?


It's not like he is using a tripcode.


The project is real. Have spoken to Heikatsu about it on Discord.

What is the point of this silly argument?

In time there will be more updates and eventually the finished product if all goes well.



>What is the point of this silly argument?

I wasn't arguing and I didn't see anyone else argue. There's legitimate concern that the whole thing was fake. Nothing silly about it, this is a day and an age where people are or should be concerned about being lied to or fake people (I'm tempted to point out a fake SOB like the current President of the United States to give a perfect example).

>The project is real.

Either you mean the projects, plural, are real or I don't know what's going on here. My understanding, based on what limited public info there is here, is that Heikatsu wants to learn the Python programming language. And the best way to learn is by doing. Ren'Py is a game engine based on Python and Fuchur (the real one) has experience in this area. So Heikatsu is supposedly developing a historical fiction loli game. Fuchur is supposedly also developing a 1920ies period piece Lovecraft horror-comedy loli game. Hopefully both are using Ren'Py 7 for these games. Plural.

I'm not stating this as fact, how the hell would I know. But that's what is either evident or implied in this thread.

>In time there will be more updates . . . if all goes well.

The issue isn't me being impatient. Games take a long time to develop. I'm more than willing to wait however long. There's a retro-style game called Eastward that I'm looking forward to. See here: lumpkwww.allgamesdelta.net/2018/04/chucklefish-and-pixpil-announce.html

No release date, which is fine. I'd rather development take an awfully long time so that the project can reach its full potential and be the best experience it can possibly be. Same can be said here. But nobody was complaining about a release date. The concern was whether this thread was legitimate or not, given the opacity of it all. And the fact that humans are lying assholes (very tempted to point to the power elite as prime example).


I'd be very interested in helping with the script for this if that was ever needed.


I'm I right to assume the Fuchur is the creator of unteralterbach?

If so, that game is a masterpiece. Very inspiring. I have a few questions that have prevented me, a experienced game programmer, to create my own "cake" themed game. First and most importantly is, how would one go to create and distribute such a game anonymously?


How was the artist for unteralterbach?



The only perfect example here is how ridiculous you are. This is /delicious/ not /leftypol/



Why do you keep bringing up Ren'Py 7?

There is not such version... Yet.



So not digging Nazi UFOs makes someone a "leftist"? Your a brainless fucktard.

I suppose Kim Jong-un is hanging out over in the "far right" with your Uncle Adolf, right?


>Why do you keep bringing up Ren'Py 7? There is no such version.

Your wrong. Ren'Py 7 is available right now at wwwpewnpy.org

I brought it up because it's news and it's the biggest news RE: Ren'Py engine in a decade or more. If you had bothered to actually read anything I wrote you wouldn't be falling asleep at the keyboard muttering something about "no such version", "stop talking about Ren'Py 7".

Great job, fuckwits.



And of course this site can't hyperlink anything or complete simplistic tasks. The site I was trying to hyperlink but can't is www[dot]renpy[dot]org. Gotta love when the simplistic thing like hyperlinks is made impossible.


File: bfcef6b6283b61a⋯.jpg (76.4 KB, 686x582, 343:291, f4d304174963bd352ea88d2426….jpg)



Do you link?

It say Ren'Py 7 is an "unstable" prerelease for testing. They even advise not to release games with it.



Fuchur! I thought you quit.



>Why do you keep bringing up Ren'Py 7?

>There is not such version... Yet.

There is Ren'Py 7. In an earlier post I said it was 'pre-released'. Obviously you don't/can't read as your too busy trolling.

And you and the other clown are wrong on both counts. Claiming there is no Ren'Py 7.


Anybody else making anything?



I'm trying to make a game, I have a whole script written, but my lack of artistic skill is preventing me from doing the graphism. I mean, what is a visual game without graphism?



Just make it a text adventure then.



Tell me about your game and if I like it I may share my stick figures with you.



Summer in the countryside.

You play as a young boy that came to spend the holidays at your cousins's place.

Now what to do during the summer... well there's an old abandonned mansion not too far... the adults forbid you to go near it, but you, your cousins and some of their friends decide to go anyway.

From there you have a set numbers of days to explore the mansion, unlocking the rooms and unveiling it's misteries.

Each day you dispatch the kids between the different rooms. Of course, when a boy and a girl share a room, they'll get closer...



Is there a cute femboy alongside your friends?




Are you sure your a writer?



I'm mainly a developper and english is not my native language. Of course I would have it proofread anyway.


Sort of. The story I wrote is layered, meaning that once you reach somepoints, any new game you start will add new characters to your team. The "girly boy" is in the last set of characters to join.



I’ve bouncing on my one project back and forth, but I’m still figuring out the mechanics and stuff. I’m a writer but I’ve never tried writing a game before so this is unfamiliar territory for me.



Is there a cuddable cute femboy in your game?



While there are options to induct boys (as either partners or victims) and you can buy a special item that allows you to permanently turn boys into girls. So, I’d say yes.




Tell me more about your ideas?



I'm actually curious about this post... Would people be interested in text adventures? It's not a road I've explored yet...


File: f1b8fc01a64cbdf⋯.png (115.89 KB, 400x935, 80:187, Anna.png)


I read the OC character thread and tried to emilate Hollylabelle's style to try to illustrate my script...

Well, looks like I'm not good enough yet...



I dunno why but for some reason I though of this as a point and click adventure game like Broken Sword or something.



I would be interested at least.



More like Maniac Mansion since the scope of the game is a mansion but I see what you mean.


File: 426a24139da6ab5⋯.png (124.87 KB, 476x998, 238:499, p1.png)

Looking for writer to make short loli-VN.

Short means 2-3 characters, 3-5 CGs.

Text must be formated into script style.

>Name1: some text

>Name2: some other text

You can use your existing story, if you are willing to edit to to suit VN format.

I want to practice drawing, might as well make it into a game.

I'm fine with noncon or shota stuff, any age too.

Join discord if you want to collaborate:




That's one cute girl, I hope someone get some nice idea for you to draw.

(as for myself, I'm the guy working on the mansion thing mentionned a few posts earlier. I started working on it on my own and will illustrate it myself, since it'll need definetly more than 3-5 CGs, and it's a good opportunity to learn how to draw better lolis)

BTW, you say 3-5 CGs... total, or by character? Because it'll make a huge difference for those interested.



>3-5 CGs... total, or by character?


Obviously if it's a finished story and it has 6 scenes for example, and I like it - I will still do them.

I just don't really want to make huge project.


Has Fuchur ever answered why he quit? I'd pay out the ass for a proper UAB2. I'm sure others would as well.



I would.


So I have been playing with a couple of ideas.

1). You are in a room with a loli, the basics are similar to the "whack the..." With really only one scene with objects or things that will triggar diffrent events. This is an Idea I built for lols in batch command back in middleschool and been sitting on my PC for a while but I dont have the art skill to bring it to A VN type thing.

2). A slightly more wholesome VN about a Shota who trying to recover from his abusive Biological father while he is in the care of a gay couple who own a games shop. I would think most of the CG would be more flashbacks. Odds are this would much longer then most ideas(Might have to episode it)



>Shota trying to recover from his abusive Biological father

>while he is in the care of a gay couple


>while your ass is being drilled by two dicks

Do it!



I mean I can keep that as a nightmare, I am going to have to outline and see how I write the charatures before I do it. you never know maybe it will help he recover from 10 years of rape with wholesome fucking



>his new gay parents secretly give him sleeping pills every day

>then fuck his tiny ass while he's unconsciousness

>kid thinks it's a nightmare

>one day he finds out it's a reality

>insert something extreme here.



Maybe, might make it 2 VN an clean one with the original plot and a Fuck heavy verson where its fesish fuilded cock sockry



>clean one


For who?



for me mostly, and steam....Plus the few friends I have IRL who arnt into loli but like the charature




Yeah, better make one about the rape.



SFW VN's are a waste of time.



Hey if you don’t like it you don’t have to play it simple as that =_= i have seen a few good SFW VN.

In other points The Gay couple, at least one of them anyway, can’t get sexually aroused anymore and neather of them are into kids.

I been toying with the main Shota pimping himself out, so odds are again most of the harder sex stuff is going to come from that or flashbacks, with a few scenes. Other then that odds are sex wise it is going to be very light.

I am currently in very early storyboarding and Brainstorming for this idea.



Make an open google doc, and let us help you brainstorming that gay idea of yours.



Maybe....might make it a form and have people drop ideas in







If you dont like it then dont use it i am not making my design notes public so someone can vandalize them i am not 100% dumb >>15825



Wow, what a fag... oh wait...



So, according to you, @Gamer is either a bundle of sticks or a cigarette. Or you don't know what the word 'fag' means. Try to make some goddamn sense instead of going around calling people a pile of sticks.



your so funny lel xD




Damn right, I am a pile of gay sticks used to start a fire, the fire of this VN.



>Or you don't know what the word 'fag' means

fag (n.2)

shortening of faggot (n.2) "male homosexual," by 1921.


"male homosexual," 1914, American English slang, probably from earlier contemptuous term for "woman" (1590s), especially an old and unpleasant one, in reference to faggot (n.1) "bundle of sticks," as something awkward that has to be carried (compare baggage "worthless woman," 1590s). It may also be reinforced by Yiddish faygele "homosexual" (n.), literally "little bird." It also may have roots in British public school slang noun fag "a junior who does certain duties for a senior" (1785), with suggestions of "catamite," from fag (v.). This also spun off a verb (see fag (v.2).



That isn't what fag or faggot means. The etymology of the word refers either to a bundle of sticks or it was also used as slang (much later) to refer to cigarettes (which were also referred to as 'nigger hair', among other nicknames). Fag or faggot has nothing to do with homosexuality, however much you might wish it. And for fuck's sake, do something with your life. Good grief, the trolls here are the sorriest bunch of fuckers. What's really sad is how smart or intelligent they seem to believe they are.



Honestly I dont care one way or another, It’s there if people want to drop ideas, I would always like some ideas and things, Yes there will be sex in it, granted it’s going to be a small amount, Yes it’s shota focused on a child coming to terms with his sexual and gender identity, Yes there will be a few Cake charatures inthere but odds are sex with them is Eather really short or nonexistent. Yes there is a gay couple, No they are not going to fuck the main character.



>trolls here are the sorriest bunch of fuckers. What's really sad is how smart or intelligent they seem to believe they are.

Kek. Said by a stupid pedo.



Do you often argue with etymology pulled straight out of dictionary?



>Babysitting Cream

I haven't heard that name in long time... a long time.

Has it been over 10 years yet?



>monster girls are too frequent right now.

Shouldn't matter. Execution over subject matter.



I'm glad to see there's someone else out there who has genuinely broken their conditioning and isn't stuck in the trap of self-loathing and justification that so many of us fall into in the absence of social support.


Found this on /v/ before it went to shit.

So reading OP and a few post, Fuchur isn't the main artist but is helping another with this project?

I haven't read the whole thread yet so excuse my retarded ass. I'm just now getting the details.




If Fuchur is reading this, which he isn't, I'd pay 200 EUR / month for UAB2 development updates.



>If Fuchur is reading this, which he isn't

Actually, Fuchur come hanging around this board quite frequently. (at least in Lilo thread he he was last seen) There's a good chance that he will read that. Buuttt, I don't think he will take your offer. He never take any offer relating to UAB2, which shows that he may have lost interest in that project entirely.



Kek, I checked that thread and the last thing Fuchur posted was about siding with a furry artist that used real little girl pics to draw cub porn commission. Pretty based.



Well, that proves that he is the real Fuchur, not some impostor. Right?



Well, for sure. However who on Earth would want to pretend to be Fuchur, he's a very obscure name all things considered. I do wonder though if he thinks of those people as wrongly accused of being pedos, or thinks it's cool that they're are pedos like himself.



>Shit talking pedos on a lolicon board

>Trying to talk as if detached and objective about so-called "pedos"

God, you're just dumb.


If the actual co-developer behind Bernie Bernd & the Mystery of Underagecreek, Fuchur/Anne Frank or whatever nom de plume he uses now, was one and the same guy posting under that name here, then he already said in this very thread has no interest in developing a UAB 2. And I wouldn't expect anything to come of the Lovecraftian Loli mini-project either. The good news is, there are active and prolific artists who are actually creating things that deserve your attention. Some of them, such as Padoga, actually come here.


Keep in mind that UAB lampoons "pedophilia" (speficially, girl love), not promotes it. Satirizing something isn't the same as promotion. Surely, if I made fun of Der Donald (President Trump), you wouldn't automatically assume I'm a Trumpist/Trumpkin. You don't even date any of the girls in UAB, it's not even at the very least a dating simulator. You don't form relationships with them, you don't marry them. It's pure parody, much of it lost to those unfamiliar with German pop culture.



Wait, what about the ending? Specifically the part where Bernd fights off the forces of Satan with loli power, the little girls that exclaim that they want to be sodomized and the epilogue where Unteralterbach becomes some sort of pedo paradise?

There isn't any implied sarcasm, either, it straight forwardly presents sex as a sane way of interacting with children.


File: 3c448fe73d059ca⋯.gif (95.32 KB, 120x115, 24:23, steam.gif)


>Hey if you don’t like it you don’t have to play it

Hey if I don't like it, I don't have to make it.



He rustled because /delicious/ keep bashing his kind. So he went full denial-mode and magically forgot UAB's main plot.



Think about the plot points you just wrote out and how ridiculous they are. And you didn't even mention how Bernd finds a Nazi UFO or receives a phone call talking about planet Aldebaran being attacked by an Israeli weapon of mass destruction and how Marshal Kim Jong-Un is the leader of the Lolicon movement and will fight off the Judeo-Bolshevik anti-lolis. Dude, it's all a joke. The ending references the neo-völkisch religion of Tempelhofgesellschaft, which was/is a neo-Nazi religion with the kind of mythology and mysticism that the real Führer absolutely hated.

You are asking whether any of it should be taken seriously. The absurdity of it all clues us into the fact that it's satire. The game satirizes Tempelhofgesellschaft and perhaps also the utterly retarded Nazi UFO books written by Ernst Zündel and others.



Sure, Unteralterbach satirizes religion (the ball of Metatron), politicians, nazis, and other random things that were popular on Krautchan, but it never really ever satirizes pedophilia. It mostly just goes after people who are against the idea and does so by calling them hypocrites who secretly want to fuck kids themselves.

It's as much a satire of pedophilia as Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems is a satire of heliocentrism. It's clearly an endorsement and you would have to be blind to think otherwise.



It's clear to me that you have an agenda here, an anti-pedo one (whether that blanket precludes lolicons I can only guess) and you need to justify your interpretation of a comedic game. Your position is untenable though, the game is not a pedophile simulator or child abuse simulator. And you are being completely, utterly dishonest and disingenuous in claiming the game never satirizes pedophilia. The game does satirize pedophilia and internet pedo "communities". A huge chunk of the game's writing is devoted to Bernd's experience on various image boards and the writing satirizes and stereotypes pedophiles. As well, pedophilia is demonized and condemned throughout much of the story, even by Bernd himself until after his encounter with the von Schlechtenthal twins.

And the game is not child pornography or pedophilia. It's a slice of Western lolicon. No children were harmed in the production of this visual novel.

And I will remind you again, being a pedosexual or pedophile (whether girl lover, boy lover, or broadly child lover) is not in and of itself illegal. As to the legal status of lolicon and whether it is interpreted as being free speech, that varies by nation and I don't know the legal status in the U.S. (which is a federation of highly conflicting, contradictory and overlapping jurisdictions).

If you consider the game as "promotion of child abuse", don't play it. No one is forcing you to. I think you're totally wrong, but so what? And it really begs the question as to why you are even here.

If you say UAB promotes pedophilia, I could make an argument that the Grand Theft Auto franchise promotes mass murder. And you might say it's a false equivalence because GTA doesn't force you to murder people (and you'd be wrong since murder is central to many of the game missions across each title) and I will tell you that there are anti-pedo routes to take in UAB. There's no single story route and you are free to take an anti-pedo stance, fuck some adults and get one of the endings to the game.



>It's clear to me that you have an agenda here, an anti-pedo

I don't see how pointing out something is pro-pedophilia makes me anti-pedophilia.

>The game does satirize pedophilia and internet pedo "communities".

Do you mean the cops, who are basically your friends, or the pizza guy, who is completely reasonable and also your friend, or the child pornographers, who turn out to be innocent children themselves and also your friends.

>As well, pedophilia is demonized and condemned throughout much of the story

By political strawmen.

>Your position is untenable though, the game is not a pedophile simulator or child abuse simulator

You said:

>Keep in mind that UAB lampoons "pedophilia" (speficially, girl love), not promotes it. Satirizing something isn't the same as promotion

Which I disagreed with. The fact that Unteralterbach isn't a simulator is irrelevant.

>If you consider the game as "promotion of child abuse", don't play it. No one is forcing you to.

I actually really like Unteralterbach. I just also am not completely devoid of self-awareness.

>And I will remind you again, being a pedosexual or pedophile (whether girl lover, boy lover, or broadly child lover) is not in and of itself illegal

Which is why it's OK for pedophiles to make pro-pedophilia games?

>If you say UAB promotes pedophilia, I could make an argument that the Grand Theft Auto franchise promotes mass murder

GTA punishes you when you commit mass murder by increasing your wanted level. Unteralterbach rewards you by making the final battle easier the more kids you rape.


File: aae3cb46997e3b5⋯.jpeg (390.01 KB, 1280x945, 256:189, 870ab9c46c1a3f3e.jpeg)


Hey, I just want to interject for a moment in this autismo debate, in UAB you have consensual sex with little girls, no rape ;) Well, not as part of the main plot anyways.



Rape in the statutory sense.



>GTA punishes you

No it doesn't. The GTA series literally requires the player to commit murder throughout many missions and the act of murder is central to the plot of each game. Hell, Vice City is all about eventually building yourself up enough to lay siege to mob boss Sonny Forelli's estate and eventually murder Sonny himself to end the story. Wanted levels play no part in this. And I frequently see those who are A-okay with absolutely any degree of violence take refuge in the lame excuse that "Well, GTA punishes you because wanted levels". Violence is the core of the GTA experience and it's why the people that love the GTA series (I personally think they are shit games) play it. It's for the violence and because GTA is a mafioso simulator. You get to experience being a mobster and ignoring or breaking the laws/rules. It's power fantasy.

>By political strawmen.

That I would argue is art imitating life. Anti-pedos are political strawmen. So that much is accurate.

>The fact that Unteralterbach isn't a simulator is irrelevant.

No it's not irrelevent. It's absolutely relevent to avoid confusing lolicon with pedophilia and make the two out to be the exact same thing. They are not the same thing at all. I've already seen here and elsewhere that plenty of lolicons are also anti-pedo. Lolicons are (forgive me for trying to force a one-size-fits-all definition) people attracted to fictional drawn characters that have body types and form factors similar to young human females (as we know them). Pedophiles, while some are lolicons and can find solace in lolicon, others are not lolicons. But pedophiles are people attracted to real, flesh and blood people who happen to be children. One is fantasy, one is flesh. Your attempt to demonize UAB is what will ultimately lead to lolicon being banned, even in its home country of Japan. It's the failure to distinguish fantasy from fact, and ultimately the failure to make any distinction between lolicon and pedophilia. In the same way, you are self-assured that pedophilia and rape/molestation are exactly the same thing.

>Which is why it's OK for pedophiles to make pro-pedophilia games?

UAB isn't pro-pedophilia, it's pro-lolicon. And we don't know if Fuchur is a pedophile. We don't know anything about the man. And you seem to love the idea that only anti-pedo agitprop should be allowed to exist. As long as it's an anti-pedo game, you're okay with it?

Making the distinction between lolicon and girl-love (or pedosexuality) is a really basic distinction to make. They are not one and the same. And UAB is a lolicon visual novel. It's not a child rape simulator.

Not only that, magick exists in the form of witchcraft in the UAB story. And this magick is used to physically incapacitate or control men. It's used by the girls themselves to control Bernd and force him to have sex with them. Bernd's first sexual encounter is in the forest, where a group of school girls are cosplaying as fairies. They use the Schlechtenthal twin's witchcraft to incapacitate and rape Bernd. The Schlechtenthal twins themselves do the same. Bernd wasn't even on a quest to "rape" children. He falls victim to the same witchcraft that some of the other men in UAB (like Henrike's dad) has.

I can't for the life of me explain why you are here. But UAB is lolicon, it isn't CP.


File: a791ff0f0b26953⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 1000x7011, 1000:7011, unteralterbach.jpg)


>No it doesn't. The GTA series literally requires the player to commit murder throughout many missions and the act of murder is central to the plot of each game

In the story line missions, you inevitably get betrayed by whatever crime boss you were helping, showing you that crime doesn't pay in the long run. I'm not saying Rockstar does a good job at it, but the attempt is there at least.

>That I would argue is art imitating life. Anti-pedos are political strawmen. So that much is accurate

If everyone who is against pedophilia was as incompetent as the characters in Unteralterbach, it would be legal.

>But pedophiles are people attracted to real, flesh and blood people who happen to be children. One is fantasy, one is flesh

You can fantasize about real people, too. Heck, most of the characters are, in fact, real flesh and blood people.

>As long as it's an anti-pedo game, you're okay with it?

I'm OK with pro-pedophilia games. That was a rhetorical question.

>Bernd wasn't even on a quest to "rape" children. He falls victim to the same witchcraft that some of the other men in UAB (like Henrike's dad) has.

Bernd actively sets out to rape children after meeting the demon girl.



>Unteralterbach rewards you by making the final battle easier the more kids you rape

Except you never once rape any single one of them by any logical standard. The two cases (Laura and Laura, respectively) in which you do commit actual rape are BAD ENDs.



I hate pedophiles but I disagree with you saying that Bernd raped those UAB kids. It's not rape if consensual.



That's a strange opinion. How can you hate them like a typical SJW cuck but at the same time not buy into the whole AoC shit that is constantly pushed down everyone's throats? They sound like incompatible ideas to me.



>like a typical SJW cuck

Hey I'm defending you right now. Be grateful, you kook. You're a man looking at the world through a keyhole. You spent your whole life trying to widen that keyhole. To see more, to know more; and now, on hearing that it can be widened in ways you can't imagine... you reject the possibility.



I can't believe that Trollbo guy actually exists. Why isn't his hairdo illegal?



UAB is the purest embodiment of the true spirit of Rule 34.



I'd still view it as rape because they are underage and can't legally give consent. Thankfully, masturbation does not require the consent of the person you are masturbating about.



The conflation of "legal" consent and logical consent has destroyed the very concept of consent, as they always intended it to do when they initially made the conflation.



>can't legally give consent

Legally. But OK, let's assume that they really are too dumb to understand what they fuck they are consenting to. Not just in a legal sense, but also in fucking reality. And let's imagine that Bernd didn't actually physically fuck them, and just did lots of lewd foreplay shit with them instead.

What exactly is the "damage" in that situation and why is Bernd being dehumanized and chased by an angry mob that wants his head? The worst thing he did is POSSIBLY making the lolis feel slightly embarrassed/awkward in the future when they look back on it and think "damn, I was too young to understand what I was doing and was convinced by Bernd to do lewd stuff. He saw me naked, how embarrassing. I wish I hadnt done that with him". That's it. A bit of embarrassment. Is that really such a big fucking deal? Why do all the villagers lose their fucking minds and want to throw him to the pigs for "destroying the loli's life" and "scarring her for life"?

It's pure insanity, IMO.



Meant to quote >>17600




If you want to function in society, you have to follow laws you don't agree with. That's just how life is.

>And let's imagine that Bernd didn't actually physically fuck them, and just did lots of lewd foreplay shit with them instead.

Lewd acts with a minor is also a crime, so I don't see why that's any different.

>What exactly is the "damage" in that situation and why is Bernd being dehumanized and chased by an angry mob that wants his head?

In real life, you would have to go to jail, pay a fine, and register as a sex offender. In the game, being fed to the pigs was either a metaphor or an exaggeration of mob mentality.



My god, I wish I could go back in time and consensually lick Mara's cunny until she consensually orgasms. Why do they have to age, smh.



All you are doing is listing all the legal consequences without actually giving a reason for why those consequences have to exist.



It's been about three months. I wonder how long Fuchur and Heikatsu's short projects will take? Any chance of either spiraling wildy in scope unintentionally?



Even in a democracy, each individual person has very little control over what is and isn't legal. It ultimately doesn't matter if you agree with a law, you still need to follow them.



Would it be okay with you if I were to lick Mara's feet while you lick her vulva/vagina? Then maybe if you don't make her cum, we could switch up and I could lick her cunny too?


>I hate pedophiles . . .

Well, then I assume you're pleased that I'm the only pedophile here (to my knowledge). Probably less pleased that I haven't died in a fashion similar to what is portrayed in the Saw or Hostel films.


Did you mean 'wildly out of scope'? As in, growing larger than expected? I'm wondering if we will hear about these projects ever again. And some of the lolicons here remain unconvinced that this was even the real Fuchur.


>you still need to follow them.

Not true. And furthermore poverty produces crime. When people can't afford or access things, they will obtain them illegally on the black market or through digital means on the internet. The perfect example of a country where crime and corruption are rampant is the People's Republic of China. Until recently, there was a ban on gaming consoles, so people purchased them on the black market. Most films are banned in the PRC, similarly people purchase pirated copies on the black market. Prostitution is banned, yet police are paid off to ignore brothels. The list goes on and on and on. Law can't dictate reality and actually has very little to do with reality.

Another example is that universal healthcare is enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Yet, in practice the Russian government does not provide its citizens with universal healthcare and in fact continues to privatize the healthcare sector and make budget cuts to state run hospitals.

There are countless examples where law does not reflect reality on the ground level.




What are you talking about? Nobody is talking about "doing" anything in the real world.

The discussion is about the morality of these laws. Do they have a logical reason to exist or are they immoral restrictions on human nature that ultimately make humanity as a whole miserable for no reason?



Morality doesn't matter. Legality is all that's important.



Wrong and couldn't be further from reality. Every nation and government in the world has contradictory laws and every government breaks its own laws. To give an example, the law doesn't actually dictate what the U.S. government does. What was it former NSA (National Security Advisor) said, do you remember? He said "The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a bit longer."

Law is not some static thing. It's not divine, it isn't delivered from the heavens. It isn't a god or some other kind of deity.



At this point I have to assume you are trolling. Good one.


I think you guys are getting WAY off topic.



It's a good attitude to take if you want to avoid prison and BO has a point, the specifics of either morality or legality aren't on topic.



I don't think so. Discussing legality and law is an important aspect when planning and building a loli game.


But uh. Sure, its getting a little bit off topic, at least at the point where some kikes start bashing Fuchur for choosing Aisya over Anne Frank. I guess they want some attention too even though no one care about them.



Because legality totally stopped UAB and other loli games from being made, right?



Oh this is necromancy, but nice!





>Not killing girls and raping boys

Immersion ruined.



daw I wanted to look at your image, but it 404'ed



The idiotic mods here deleted my post. A post which was on topic - it was a proposal for a loli themed game in a thread filled with such proposals - and was in no way against any rule or against the law. I can only guess as to the ridiculous pretext used to remove my post. But meh, fuck it.



It was a botnet that deleted it. It trashed two other posts as well. Could be someone was using the same VPN as you to spam everywhere.

>Created a new 1-hour ban on all boards for ...InSAWEK (###) with reason: Spam (automated ban, see /botmod/ for more information)


File: 70fdf7f9858f85e⋯.jpg (92.93 KB, 1224x791, 1224:791, concepts001.jpg)

File: c07a6d7df7146bb⋯.jpg (822.15 KB, 3465x2120, 693:424, holly000.jpg)

File: e4a50e1b7d65833⋯.jpg (443.33 KB, 2189x1432, 2189:1432, vicky000.jpg)

File: 4d681608426cc12⋯.jpg (547.79 KB, 2454x1659, 818:553, claudetteleclair000.jpg)

I would love it if remus was able eventually to make this into a game.



You're not alone.

Captcha: bj find



>30yo hag face on a 10yo body

please, no.



What is this?



Looks like concept art for a loli character intended for the Venture Bros. series. Or a proposal for a loli game set in the 1960ies.



There was a long discussion and brainstorming session for a noire-themed loli game. Those are a few sketches that RemusLupin/ BBW came up with for some characters.



>Period Piece loli

Please my penis just fucking exploded, stop.


File: 62ea037c6153494⋯.png (55.99 KB, 491x585, 491:585, 1536615145734.png)


> And we don't know if Fuchur is a pedophile.



They're not the same. That's like saying someone who likes Easter Chocolate Eggs must necessarily like actual chicken eggs. Drawings are idealistic and therefore much more attractive than the real thing, and its not just humans that are subject to that effect. There was a study with birds, given colourful fake eggs and real eggs to care for, they let the real eggs rot, preferring to give all their attention to the good looking fake ones.

tldr; 3dpd



>idealized pedophilia is still not pedophilia

this is how stupid you sound



Okay, let me break this down for you because you're clearly retarded. Drawings aren't real. Fapping to a drawing doesn't make you into the real thing. Therefore if you like pictures of drawn ANYTHING, it does not mean you will like the real world counter part. If for some reason you fap to Guro it doesn't mean that you are looking for real world horrible car wrecks to jizz all over. If you like drawings of bestiality it doesn't mean you want your girlfriend spitroasted by horses. If you like lolis, it does not mean you want to hang out at playgrounds with chloroform. Chill.


File: 106c757b53f3645⋯.png (5.11 KB, 255x198, 85:66, images.png)


>someone made drawings of a man killing people, he must be a psycho killer irl

This is how fucktard you sound.


File: 9cee94910e686d6⋯.jpg (21.59 KB, 600x450, 4:3, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


Clearly I remember picking on the boy. Seemed a harmless little fuck. Ooh, but we unleashed a lion; gnashed his teeth and bit the recess lady's breast.


File: 74003ce60007d67⋯.png (34.36 KB, 683x195, 683:195, atfingeneral.png)


Not that anon, but people who draw a ton of guro and sadistic stuff probably do have a few screws loose. As for lolicons being pedos, use this survey on ATF to reach your own conclusions. sorry for responding to off topic bait mod




Screws loose, fine, the implication is that someone would actually routinely do what they draw though. That's why the retard up top was saying that lolicon is the same as pedo shit. So in this case the guy you're replying to is saying that the same logic extrapolates that guro artists must therefore be psychotic serial killers.



For some reason moralfags and SJWtards don't know the difference between allegory and apology. According to them, telling a cruel joke is the same of being in favor of thoses cruelties.



Nice strawmen, boys.


File: 9c9a18d7dfcc4b7⋯.gif (4.42 MB, 427x320, 427:320, hip hop loli.gif)

As far as I'm concerned, people who insist that an attraction to lolicon is not a sign of pedophilic urges are desperately seeking to elevate themselves above pedophiles because they have internalized seventy years of anti-pedophile propaganda and are consumed by self-loathing like those queers on VirPed. The reality, as far as I see it, is that it is much the same. Not that enjoying lolicon means you want to rape kids, but that you find yourself attracted to the beauty, sensuality, and purity of youth, much like any other pedophile. Maybe it's just a way to tell yourself "I'm no sick fuck who wants to look at CP". Maybe you genuinely are not attracted to meat children. That's fine. The world takes all kinds, and has a place for everyone, provided you harm none who are not attempting to harm you. Take it from somebody who was faced with the uncomfortable choice between breaking his conditioning or committing suicide; do not lie to yourself. Lie to the world as much as you feel you need to to keep yourself safe, but lying to yourself breeds repression and resentment, and those emotions have an unfortunate tendency to lead to uncontrolled outbursts.

Then again, what the fuck do I know; I'm jsut a baby.



I get where you're coming from, I do, but I still have to disagree. I'm not lying to myself when I say that real kids are fucking disgusting on multiple levels and that's well before you try to involve them in anything sexual. I like petites, flat chested girls and short girls, all regardless of age, the natural combination of all of these features is very much loli territory, but kids repulse me. I think there should be a distinguishing terminology available to say 'hey...no, the real deal doesn't do it for me, but those lines on that paper are very appealing.'



You do have some correct points (there is a guy in this board who proudly calls himself a pedo after all) however, brain is more complex than that. Who knows, maybe most lolicons are just a bunch of fucked up NEET who want to put their 3D dicks into non-existing 2D pussies simply because loli is detached from this cruel reality? Yeah, brains are weird, especially brains of weird people.




Pedos are so fucking mentally ill, it's not even funny. Get over it, you fags.



Listen princess, if you wanna have a conversation fine, have a conversation. Remember, you sought out this little den of depravity on your own, you came here, you see the same shit we do.



I never said I wasn't one.

I'm not the one in denial.



>kids repulse me

I'm afraid I cannot understand. I get that they can be dirty, stinky, disorganized and cruel, but that's part of the charm. It is complete and open honesty, before they learn to lie. They can also be kind and open, free and beautiful. I worry about people who say they despise children. I worry that it is an expression of resentment towards children, and that said resentment can end up expressing itself in sadism. However, I do not know you, and I have no room to judge you. There but for the grace of God go I, after all.


I thought this was a video game dev thread....



Babby's first thread derailment? Ellipses only have three dots, btw.



Don't worry, this guy's just in the proverbial pedo closet so he's pretending he's in the opposite direction: a child hater




Firstly, I never said I hate kids. I think they're hideous and gross, but I'm not a psychopath, and I'm not needlessly mean to young relatives or to kids in general. However I definitely don't want one of my own for a number of reasons.


File: 3707f96d50321c2⋯.png (500.35 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 3707f96d50321c2b17b5f2212e….png)



Francisco de Goya painted Saturn eating his son, under your brilliant logic he was a real cannibal.


It doesn't matter how many dimensions the little girls you're attracted to occupy. You should just be happy that both sides like the same thing, as in, sexy children. You should be riling up against those hag lovers, people who like oppai lolis, teenage lolis, lolibabas etc. Now those people truly have shit taste.



No this is pedophilia vs pedophobia meme

>fuchur would be proud




Is he dead again?



>I think they're hideous and gross,

Yeah you sound like a nutter



If he jerked off while painting it, I'd say yeah he was.



Fuchur is a coward, despite his game, he won't address the subject of being a pedophile openly.



More likely being afraid the law fucks him up.


Loli art like Fuchur's is not a privilege, it's a gift. And you use it for the good of mankind.

Or you would if you weren't emo and constantly "quitting" every five seconds.


I was thinking about making an Earthbound-based loli game. In this game four cute little girls have to fight against a powerful and bigger intergalactic antipedo organization. I was thinking not only to make a simple RPG game with sex scenes, I want to make an unforgettable and epic experience. I have some skills on drawing, composing music and programming. Even I feel I could animate some scenes.

Some ideas for my game:

- Parallel worlds (like Zelda ALTTP).

- Eastern Anime style.

- Maybe the main characters based on real girls... well, you know...

- Based of any country of northern Europe.

- Include the best of Mother series (huge map and space freedom from Mother 1, scenario diversity from Mother 2, etc.).

Well, it's not like I'll go to obtain some economic profit from this game. But this idea is hitting my mind constantly.



This sounds amazing. Even better than a visual novel or VA-11 HALL-A-esque game. The Mother series are some of my favorite video games of all time, I would argue some of the best overall of any genre or platform.

My criticisms of Mother 2 (Earthbound) were pretty well covered by AVGN here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ5nX0FTH6Q

It sounds like your project could be a lewd lolified Mother 4. And there's really nothing more I could ask out of life.


Well i was hype for like 10 mins.


File: 4b238322ee77e26⋯.png (328.82 KB, 1024x619, 1024:619, map-editor-1024x619.png)



You can try using this engine for your game. It's really something used for Zelda clones but it allows custom sprites.


First, I want to design the four chosen little girls. You'll see very soon the first little girl with a new thread. Second, I have to write the the script of my game, it will decide what kind of engine or software I have to use.


I'm for now impressed with Solarus, but i need to check if Solarus can support animated distortions and semi-transparencies (for backgrounds), animations, parallax, or any interesting effects. If so, I will use Solarus. Also, is important to use a software compatible with GNU/Linux, Windows and OS X. The game engine is not very important for now. Probably when I complete some game elements I'll take the best choice, time will tell...


Why so dead?

Post your projects/ideas!


File: 1707d63194ff265⋯.gif (45 KB, 220x254, 110:127, 1526201138839.gif)

>furchur is dead again







pfft when was he alive


This is Heikatsu's game. Fuchur was just helping him get his footing.



Lilo and stitch training game where you play as stitch. You fuck lilo, that red head girl, nani, and the lifeguard. You can fuck combos of the girls lilo/nani, lilo/mertle, nani/lifeguard. Grow a second dick and then fuck them with 2 dicks cause thats a thing people give stitch.




>ugly blue dog

>ugly mongoloid "girl"

This is scat-tier combo.



trash taste



I'm also for the Lovecraftian one. I'm actually working on a Lovecraftian game with lolicon in my free time right now.



Please elaborate, you have my attention.



It's basically a game with four acts consisting of four storylines that carry over from one act to the next. You can play any of the episodes in any order, but have to play all episodes in an act to move on to the next one.


A ten-year homicide detective is haunted by nightmares after witnessing the crime scene of a vicious child murder. When the dreams become more vivid, evidence and investigators start disappearing, and a trail of clues link the killing to an unsolved case involving a series of ritual murders, it becomes apparent that there's more to what's going on than meets the eye. But what?


Haunted since childhood by visions and hallucinations of a demonic clown, a tormented teenage boy gives in to the voices in his head. The world owes him for all its out him through, and he plans to take his payment in blood. But as he steps into his school, loaded gun in hand, he finds that the events that brought him to this point might not have been coincidence.


After being released after two years in an ex-gay camp - and three subsequent years in a mental institution - a young woman is still in therapy, grieving over the suicide of her former girlfriend. As she recounts the events that led to her institutionalization, gruesome secrets are revealed... and what died in the past may not remain buried.


A young man's sick obsession with a young girl in his neighborhood - though not welcomed by her family - is kept mostly in check. When her death from a terminal illness drives him to near-insanity, a beautiful and mysterious woman promises that she can revive the girl and bring him true happiness - for a price. In his grief, he follows her instructions and steals the girl's corpse, leaving the world he never truly felt a part of forever behind...

It only gets more fucked up from there. It needs to do to you what Dooms 2: Seas of Blood did to me when I was 12 (and in fact, its style is a pastiche of that game).

I'm also the one doing The Loli Diaries (there's a thread on /loli/), but this one will be out first - the Lovecraftian game's demo is almost ready to be released. A proper thread will be created on /loli/ when that happens.



Sounds interesting, I'd give it a go.



>Despite the fact that I have practically retired as an artist

You could have at least posted the /co/ requests you never finished before "retiring" again.


Anybody made anything?



Fuck, has it really been two months since I last worked on my games?

Yeah, I'll get on it. Sorry, I've been drunk and/or high since halfway through December. I guess my Christmas vacation needs to be about over.



I'm waiting for my artist to draw the few last scenes and I still got a few dialogs to write, but my own game is almost completed too.

Probably will be done by the end of february if everything goes well.

It's not gonna be anything revolutionary but at least it'll be a start



I've just about given up on my idea: lack of artist, lack of interest, maybe the scope was too ambitious or something, either way I have an idea on paper that I can come back to any time. I just can't find anyone willing to help me with this.



Which game is yours?


Which is your idea?


I know this is more for video games, but I didn’t know wherelse to ask this: does anyone know any XXX RPG’s that allow lolis? Doesn’t have to be catered exclusive to lolis; just the option for it.



That would be this one: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10GwxICzDixEhcCK6oYn25WABcGj1zUCHS4LRP5Jmi5o

I’d still consider it a work in progress, but the title “Daddy Harem Simulator” is just a placeholder. The biggest things keeping me back are how I don’t know how to code in Python, no art assets, and, while I have a good idea about the overlay, there’s a good number of core mechanics I haven’t figured out yet.

>The Amber Strike system (and how to remove Strikes)

>Triggering the Incest fetish (certain fetishes in general like Tentacles and Furry, for example, needed to really bend over backwards to fit in)

>Raising Loyalty (biggest part of the game; I have a few concepts, but nothing too solid so far)

>Earning extra cash (one idea I wrote down was selling porn, but I thought that might be “too real”)


<Farmer Robinson (which adds Beastiality, Furry, an exclusive store, and a chance to fuck the farmer’s daughter Polly Sue anytime.

<Meeting/Seducing goth chicks to get access to a BDSM store and ritual supplies to summon a tentacle Demon

<Adding Boys to your harem (either as additional slaves or inviting them over to have sex with the other girls)

<Sidequest that unlocks Girls based on Strawberry Shortcake, Princess Camille, Alice (Disney Alice in Wonderland), and many more—this extends to boys too, after they’ve been unlocked.

<City locations (clothing stores, pharmacy, sex shop, park, nude beach, aformentioned farm)

I figure the ideas might be a little too ambitious, but I’m talking about future updates. The initial version will be lucky to have half of this, and probably only feature a few dozen or so girls, babysitters, and either introduce boys immediately or in a future update that expands the concepts.



Any notes, feedback, or anything is always appreciated and don’t hesitate to pitch a better title. I’m not married to any of these concepts, but try to understand that this won’t all be in the game right out of the gate.



I feel like expanding on some of the fetishes would be kinda nice. Especially since you suggest things like filming them to make money you know. I mean, the weirder and rarer a thing, the more its worth to someone freaky right?



>how to code in python

Planning to use Ren'py, I guess? I can assist on that point

>no art asset

that is the problem. if you want lot of girls, AND if those girls have lot of fetishs, it means a HUGE amount of assets. The kind of amount that is impossible to put out by a single artist.

And that's not only the art, if each girl has it's own story, that's also a huge, huge lot of writing...



>>The Amber Strike system (and how to remove Strikes)

corrupt cops / politicians by bribing them or offer them favors to remove strikes

>>Triggering the Incest fetish (certain fetishes in general like Tentacles and Furry, for example, needed to really bend over backwards to fit in)

raising girls loyalty could result in them agreeing to try new things out of loyalty for you, with a small chance to triggering the fetish based on their personality

>>Raising Loyalty (biggest part of the game; I have a few concepts, but nothing too solid so far)

Gifts, interacting with them, answering specific requests they have

>>Earning extra cash (one idea I wrote down was selling porn, but I thought that might be “too real”)

obvious one: prostitution



I will gladly continue discussion on this game (be it elaborating on the work, or added technical assistance) on my Discord (Ryder the Trossel King#3841) or any PM or open chat site of your choice.


>Bribing corrupt cops

That's a great idea, and I'll have to include that one in my overview document

>Raising Loyalty through Gifts, interacting with them, answering specific requests they have

That was the same idea I thought of: interacting with them (or having your daughter interact with them), using the Tender Lovemaking option to coerce them into sex, or exploiting specific fetishes.

>obvious one: prostitution

I never said that I WOULDN'T use the girls to sell porn (though it does require going to the Sex Shop downtown and buying an Onion Router to access the Dark Web first), but I just thought it'd be "too realistic". It's not that I haven't thought about the prostitution angle but I figure it'd have to have girls with super high Loyalty/low Gossip, or a certain pull with the police to prevent Amber Strikes.


Again, I would love the help (if you have Discord, we can chat there--or any private chat of your choosing like Pixiv PM, Skype chat, etc.)

As for the other inquiry, I do have a few girls locked in, aside from Amy (which is her default name; you're given the option to name her anything): the 3 you can choose from at the start (a repressed Christian girl with a spanking fetish, a slutty goth girl into BDSM, and a shy, quiet girl who doesn't know anything about sex; the openly slutty one, the repressed one who doesn't understand her urges, and the one who doesn't know what sex is at all), a few girls like Polly Sue and Carly Morgan (both of whom are attached to sidequests), and then the starting boy named Peter. Outside of them, the rest are just RNG to pad out your harem.

The "Wonderkids" (which are homages to random girls like the Power Pack kids, Riley Andersen from Inside Out, Sofia and Amber from Sofia the First, and also a bunch of others I wanted to toss in; yes, if you did the sidequest with Peter, you can invite over boys too, like Franklin Richards, Miguel from Coco, and Dipper Pines).



For some reason, discord doesn't find you. Can you try adding me? BadMan#5123








Yeah, it's hard to tell one Anon from another; that's why I started going by JollyDodger so I could keep up with my DT requests.



I assumed you were just a fan of Nuts and Bolts.


File: 7e9916a0f5d377e⋯.gif (859.98 KB, 600x313, 600:313, 1543310631-Karen279.gif)


>Earning extra cash (one idea I wrote down was selling porn, but I thought that might be “too real”)

I would say go for it, after all Furchurs game wasn't that too far from reality in some instances. Infact the being more shockingly close to reality than one expects would make it so much more impressive


File: ec1c955ae35d354⋯.jpg (25.41 KB, 346x390, 173:195, 72d10b91ebe7503e3c9f368030….jpg)

I wasn't aware that Fuchur had produced anymore art. However, while searching for UAB art, I found a listing for this on Rule34Hentai. The full resolution is listed as 887x1000, however it's been removed from Rule34Hentai and I was only able to salvage this cached thumbnail. The picture title is "Fuchur Roskva Thor Valhalla". I haven't seen it posted anywhere nor anyone even so much as mention it. This little thumbnail may be the last we ever see of Fuchur. Bon voyage, dude.



When times get tough; recreate it.


File: 4efa0cb2043917f⋯.jpg (549.78 KB, 887x1000, 887:1000, 139596 - Fuchur Roskva Tho….jpg)

File: 7f00f9d6d730491⋯.jpg (559.68 KB, 887x1000, 887:1000, 139597 - Fuchur Roskva Tho….jpg)

File: 9c854b2fb80f85b⋯.jpg (558.71 KB, 887x1000, 887:1000, 139598 - Fuchur Roskva Tho….jpg)


remember this moment. when you see the opportuinty, do the same for some other anon



Yeah, you're right. I'm choosing to remain on the fence about the stuff like adding a Rape fetish and keeping out really disgusting or graphic fetishes: no gothic hardcore, no shit, no enema porn, no snuff; this ain't fucking 8mm.



You say no gothic hardcore, are you saying you won't have a goth girl at all?



Not true at all; there's a whole SIDEQUEST that involves a girl named Dylan (not the same Dylan from Golan Insatiable, but she's a moody goth girl who's into bondage)--who's one of the first three girls you get the option to recruit.

Dylan has an older sister named Ravyn (yes with a Y), who's got a whole coven [that's what a group of goth chicks is called--a coven of goths] of other goths with names like Obsidian and Demona.

You can actually have sex with Ravyn if you've recruited her little sister and she'll give you a link to an online S&M store and sell you a book to summon a tentacle demon.



Nice. I approve of such notions.



The Book itself is sold to you for $100, and the stuff needed for the ritual costs $85—which are consumed every time the ritual is performed...once every other [in-game] week.



You might consider including a succubi girl since you're already including demonic summoning.




Are you going to call the book something cool like `necronomicon` or something tenclemonster related like `nauticalnomicon



Here's the (somewhat) incomplete graph for my game; I had to change the title to something else but I hope to add more to this.



>List of Purchasable Items (and their shops)

<still figuring out money in the game, but let me know if the prices seem to high/low

>List of available Fetishes

<I might add to this later, but the initial beta will likely only have about 10 or less to begin

>List of Girls

<the boldface ones are permanent, and anything above 12 is a Babysitter; the Expy Girls are listed separately

>List of Boys (including Expies)

<Another big thing I'm still trying to figure out are the Boys' stats (when they're part of the harem--either as boys or girls--they just copy the Girls' stats; I'm talking about when you invite them over to fuck the other girls)

<<Having sex with the Boys (either as Boys or turning them into Girls) is under a different tab but there's stats for all of those as well, if you decide to go that route with any of them (Girls can be turned into boys, but it's only temporary; for boys, it's permanent)



Keep in mind, all of this is not final, and I may change anything at any time prior to the final build.

>The crossed-out Expy Girls are the ones I COULD cut, not WILL cut; 50 seems like a lot of work, but 35-40 seems a little better.

>The entire point was choosing relatively underrated/obscure lolis rather than more recognizable girls, but they do serve in-game function as they level-up and take to fetishes much faster.


File: bbffa5724833023⋯.jpg (315.97 KB, 1300x782, 650:391, mako.jpg)

So I installed this VN kind of game Kouen Itazura Simulator ver. Mako (https://vndb.org/v17284), but I have a problem.

The game starts without problems with japanese locale on my Windows 7 installation, but ingame everything works except the CG images/background are not shown, they appear just white. If I run this game inside a virtual machine of an old Windows XP installation, it works fine, but it runs really slow because there is no hardware acceleration happening for this. Anybody here knows what the actual problem is? I already searched for answers, but didn't find any.

You can see the title screen of the game, the white background should contain an image.


File: 2d9fd517463f9ce⋯.jpg (734.72 KB, 958x1000, 479:500, da0e5eeb92b0d144f7eb4e241e….jpg)


Thank you for sharing.

I've found yet another Fuchur work that I've never heard anyone talk about or post anywhere. This one features Empress Moon Child from the Neverending Story.


Man, any news on Fuchur\Heikatsu game? Recently noticed that Fuchur deleted his pixiv, but also there's new hat-kid animation on rule34.hentai from Fuchur.



That hat-kid vid isn't by fuchur



Really? I'm almost positive that image is older than 8chan.



Its ancient.



>I've never heard anyone talk about or post anywhere

Fresh to the internet, are you?



I know that anon used to post in the cartoon 3d thread, but he's not fuchur. >>12921



maybe because it leans towards the realistic side of things? and is based on a real little girl

that can be very dodgy


File: 807f0d6d8967687⋯.png (46.33 KB, 463x340, 463:340, Judith Barsi suck-starting….png)






>that fucking image

Holy shit anon.



Why, what about it?



If you go by the filename, that's supposed to be Judith Barsi sucking a shotgun.

She was a successful child actress who appeared in movies such as the Land Before Time until her life was cut short when her father attacked her with a shotgun at age ten.

That's kind of messed up /co/, even for a site like this one.



>even for a site like this one.

if you can't deal with black humor on imageboards, then maybe reddit is more fitting for you.



Reddit is the site that had a board dedicated to "images of dead jailbait."




You mean 'Tumblr'?



You could cut yourself on all that edge.


File: b14b9f634baf61b⋯.jpg (330.77 KB, 1612x892, 403:223, sdfghj (1).jpg)

File: b38c18f5c7d61f9⋯.jpg (166.01 KB, 1280x717, 1280:717, sdfghj (2).jpg)

File: d4cceee99e716c1⋯.jpg (275.41 KB, 1616x906, 808:453, sdfghj (3).jpg)

game is as dead as this one



I don't know about that. Heikatsu hasn't been posting many drawings recently. Maybe he's hard at work on it.

Does anyone know how long it took Fuchur to make UAB?



Don't have a direct answer to your question but I just wanted to say if instead of a locale emulator you just live with changing your computer's settings to jp, you will not get these kinds of problems.


Possible ages of characters are:

- Infant (under the age of 1)

- Toddler (within the age span of 1-3 years)

- Child (within the ages of 4-10)

- Pre-Adolescent (within the ages of 11-15 years)

- Adolescent (between the ages of 16-19)

- Young Adult (in the age range of 20 to 39)

- Middle Aged (between the ages of 40 to 59)


- Old Age (over the age of 60).

World is one where males don't exist and have never existed, all species that would otherwise have two sexes are female only.

All reproduction within these species occurs via genital-genital sex that can leave one, both, or neither of the partners pregnant with a girl that had half of each of the partner's DNA (meaning the internal conception process more or less follows the same rules as the heterosexual version, the mother's cell is fertilized by the cell of her partner that made it into her via sex).

Furthermore, all species that are asexual (reproduce by division) present and identify as being female.

The female residents of this world are all genetically perfect, meaning that they all have optimal genetics for all possible areas of human capability and do not have any negative traits (even recessive ones).

They are all unknowingly descended from genetically-designed, mass-produced clones that seeded the planet and mutated into their individual differences and different racial categories over many, many generations.

These races include those that resemble the races of earth, and also includes those races found in mythology, horror, science fiction, or fantasy. No Races are able to interbreed with one another,

They thus have no natural aversion to incest, and there are no negative effects to inbreeding upon the child, and this is due to there being no negative recessive traits that can emerge upon inbreeding.

They all have the perfect personality traits that make their psychology into a mix of male and female traits, that create the perfect female (basically females with traits of male sexuality, male political/philosophical outlook, male cognitive capabilities, etc. but still identifying and presenting as females that are sexually attractive from a male perspective).

They are also all 100% heterosexual-presenting homosexuals, and attracted to the females in the same manner as 100% heterosexual males are.

They also have no aversion to nepiophilia, pedophilia, hebephilia, etc. and this is no issue since all since they are all born with their adult sexuality and capacity for sexual pleasure (basically the little girls that we have on this board), they only thing they get out of puberty is their sexual fertility.

They also have no aversion to zoophilia, and all of the other species find them to be just as attractive as members of their own kind, remember that all members of these other species are female as well.

Their mental traits give them a natural tendency towards a political perspective that is similar to being somewhere between /pol/ and /liberty/ in outlook, with all the best policies from each for their world, this includes obvious exceptions due to the differences in the world they inhabit, such as their attitudes towards sex, and immigration not necessarily being a matter of race (as there are no inferior traits and race-mixing is not a possibility).




The game is called "Lily's Life", and you play as a girl named Lily who was born into this world, and can explore it as well, you customize her, her mothers and sisters, even her friends.

Of these, you select race (this includes fantasy races in addition to the human races, the two combine into one, (so you could be a white elf, a black dwarf), however, the fantasy races cannot reproduce with one another, and neither can the human races, so there are no mulattos or half-elves (this is to make things regarding races easier to manage), this also means that your mothers and sisters will be of the exact same race as you.

This is a world that has all sorts of places and is populated with all sorts of things, with everything being made by a community, there is no set "genre", and content can range across a variety of types of speculative fiction.

mythology, horror, science-fiction, fantasy, superheroes, etc.

the important thing here is the system for combat and sex:

Sex is performed similarly to a combination of the system in "Lilith's throne" and the system used in turn-based RPG's.

0. There are two designations involved in sex, your party vs. everyone else, you control the actions of yourself and your party members during their turns.

The following three steps can be done in any order.

1. You select either a part of the your active character's body or an object that they possess to choose what you "attack" with.

2. You select someone else to choose who to "target", this can be a member of the other party, or a member of your own.

3. Then you determine how to "attack" them by selecting either a part of their body or an object that they have equipped.

4. The combination of these results in a sex act, they get their turns to do the same as well. 5. The results of the sex act are determined by comparisons between the selected "attack" vs. selected "target", both of which are modified by character stats, environmental conditions, and status effects, all of which are applied before comparison.

6. genital-to-genital sex with someone of the same race while both of them are over the age of 10 can result in either partners or both partners becoming pregnant.

7. The occurrence of pregnancy is determined by two stats: potency (the ability to impregnate others) and fertility (the ability to become pregnant).

8. Comparing potency vs. partner's fertility determines if she gets pregnant, and she does the same to see if her partner becomes pregnant.

9. Humanoid characters who are 10 or younger cannot get pregnant, but can still have sex.

10. The exact nature of how the process occurs is left unspecified, as the existence of this mechanic should satisfy the yurifans who like lesbians having babies.

Combat works by a similar system:

0. Everything is done by comparing stats with the enemy, including turns, action successes, and action effects, things like environmental conditions and status effects modify stats before comparison.

0. The enemies that spawn are always balanced so that you can defeat them but they can also defeat you, enemies that are too weak or too strong will not appear.

1. Both you and your enemies can fight as a party, you control your party members during their turns.

2. combat takes place by you choosing a part of your body or object to attack with, selecting an enemy to attack, and selecting a part of their bodies or an object they have equipped to target.

3. the effects of the attack are determined by comparing the attack to the target, and factoring in character stats, environmental circumstances, and status effects before the comparison is made.

you can also interact with the environment outside of sex or combat, everything outside of combat or sex is the same as well, with action results being determined by action vs. difficulty after modifiers.



>World is one where males don't exist and have never existed

A feminist dream


OK, a few things about this but I wanna say that I like the idea, and it's certainly an interesting world here: a world where only women exist and are capable of asexual reproduction. However, I should say a few points i noticed right away (you don't have to take my advice, but at least hear me out).

>The character ages all being sorted out like this is very handy, and the excising of incest and all aversion to underage sex is a good start.

<I just feel that all the options are a bit too specific, and I can't foresee much need to go past 40

>You seem to include a lot of worldbuilding details here, and the idea of different races is nice (the zoophilia thing leads me to believe that furries are also folded into this for diversity)

<While you list a lot of details, I don't see much here about gameplay (though I assume there's more of a focus on telling a story than completing some quests). Is it just played with standard D6's or is there some system you're using?

<Furthermore, the mentions of "perfect traits" and name-dropping how the women have male perspective seems a bit...troublesome, but I did notice a few things like "no inferior traits" that seem like a positive thing.

>My big issue here is the fact that, because it's Girls Only, that kinda limits players to playing ONLY female characters [yeah, the title being '/ll/ the game' is a big tip-off] and it might drive off players looking to play Y- The Last Man [Y- The Last Man is a comic about a post-apocalyptic world where all men, except for the sole male left in the world, died] even though, from what I read, this isn't post-apocalyptic but there could be a few GM's wanting a "one lucky man repopulates the human race" story.



>admission that males are superior in most functions outside of sex

>/pol/ and /liberty/ inspired political preferences

>no racemixing and a nationalist attitude towards immigration

yeah, I'm sure feminists would just love the world I created explicitly for the sexual gratification of males.


I like your criticisms, but let me fill you in on a few things.

1. that's natural for any porn game coming out of this site

2. ok, we can work to adjust them, I selected those as the age groups due to them being used to define various age-related paraphilias, and/or medical definitions of age groups.

3. gameplay comes next, what I listed was a preface of the concept. you can find gameplay stuff here: >>39804

4. agreed, I had trouble figuring out how to put it, my writing is more for inspiration and basic concept than anything more authoritative, the way most female characters act in fiction is not realistic to real-world females, this is much more applicable in the depiction of female sexuality, often writers swap in a male-styled sexuality and direct it at males, but some keep it directed at females, I'm just explicitly stating it.

5. I want it female-only to avoid scaring off the yurifriends that hate het, besides, lesbian-centric porn games are a rarity right now.

The title isn't /ll/ the game, the title is yet to be determined, but I'm thinking "lily's life".

I don't have a story or complete setting yet, I was thinking of just allowing everything and anything to be inserted into the world as production goes on, I want this to be like a whiteboard or an easel rather than a complete work of art: a universal system where whole new settings can be created, like d20, gurps, or storyteller.

the only things held in common among all creations is the female-only restriction, im doing this for the lesbo lovers who don't want to see their pure yuriworld corrupted with het.

besides, there are a ton of het-centric games out there, and many more are likely to be created in this thread alone.

the other thing is that lesbian loli sex is much more plausible than het loli sex, a child's vag or ass is not going to be able to take in an adult's peen, like, at all. the hips haven't widened enough.

so seeing a little girl getting railed by a man's dick has always been a little weird for me, though this isn't the case if she's over 10, and then she's likely begun to enter puberty and estrogen is doing it's thing, I'm into girls, and not that interested in tweens or teens.

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