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File: 1438109368255.jpg (354.77 KB, 1010x1210, 101:121, Cloud_Comair.jpg)

277ad3  No.2336[Reply]

Cloud Comair

277ad3  No.2338

Make the sword his checkbook.

277ad3  No.2342


No, his wallet, and have it spilling out bills and coins

277ad3  No.2437

someone make a banner of this

File: 1438185223918.jpg (14.59 KB, 553x351, 553:351, surprise.jpg)

4de262  No.2348[Reply]

BAGD here should I switch to RTIS? From what I've gathered here that seems like a very good idea before I get locked in.

Also freshman advice thread.

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4de262  No.2398


>2. Can you communicate properly.

>It's understandable if you are a foreigner or have some sort of speech disability, but so many people here just don't know how to talk. You ask them a question and they just stammer out some answer.

Social awkwardness at a fucking nerd school? Imagine that!

4de262  No.2401


It's like dear god, is that how you talk to your parents? Like a stammering mess? Just speak in clear, coherent sentences.

If you can't do that you should probably be taking some sort of speech therapy because no one is going to hire you if you can't fucking communicate.

(Unless you're a foreigner or disabled, because not hiring them would be 'discriminatory')

4de262  No.2402


I mean, you do know, right, that social anxiety is a thing that exists? That people can speak with friends, acquaintances, and family just fine, but when speaking to service industry staff and strangers, it's like reading a speech in front of the class? Every time? It's not necessarily a mechanical speech issue, it can be a psychological one, and one that's not easily fixed. And you're not wrong, it can make all sorts of social actions very difficult, including getting a job. But it isn't necessarily something that we can control very easily.

4de262  No.2433


make it past sophomore year and we will call you brother, until then you must FIGHT (and be totally ignored as a degree program and shit on every goddamn day and no one will accept/understand your struggle)

source: bad shit going down

4de262  No.2446


DigiPen seems to hire a bunch of professors who can't communicate, though?

28d769  No.2191[Reply]

Now that I'v dropped out and gotten away from the BAGDs I used to work with, I need to confess: I'm not about making those fucking condescending arty poetic experience games. I only wanted to make fun games that didn't have to be groundbreaking. Fuck Ellinger, Morrison, and the rest of the autistic design department for their bias towards storytelling when the only storytelling experience I got was taking Joly's awful class as an elective.

Anyone else got confessions they want to get off their chest?

29 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

28d769  No.2412

File: 1438572529541.png (143.17 KB, 346x362, 173:181, cat.png)


what kind of shit have you guys had to put up with from the student body? I remember one salad bar guy telling me about this one guy who would scoop the hummus out with his hand or something. I never really thought people would be deliberately shitty to you guys and I'm curious if you want to elaborate some more.

28d769  No.2429


>Imposter Syndrome to the 100th degree.

right there with you bro

as for confessions:

- I'm not in a design degree but feel like I am a better game designer than most GD's I know

- I analyze people and learn what sentence I could say to them that would ruin their life

- I flip flop between genuinely/obsessively caring about myself/people/life/"like, The World, man" and complete apathy

- when I'm apathetic I contemplate suicide, not from depression or like as an out, but because I'm bored and curious

28d769  No.2430


>- I'm not in a design degree but feel like I am a better game designer than most GD's I know

You are, I guarantee it. Rant time!

Most BAGDs are completely garbage at everything they do, but make up for it with hard work. Because guess what? A ton of GAT (at least through semester 5 or so) is just doing work and following instructions. They draw upon video games that they like to play for immediate inspiration when they make their games, instead of coming up with something creative and new. They get by by following exactly what the professor says to do to, which usually involves hours upon hours of work.

Some of the more creative design students become bored with this crap very quickly, realize that DigiPen truly has very little in the design department to offer, and drop out immediately.

If you want to tell how good a BAGD is, just go to Ellinger's website and skim it for terminology. Don't read it too hard or it'll hurt your brain with its stupid. Memorize these dumb terms (but just the terms, not the definitions, again, your brain will hurt), and listen to see if designers you know use them casually in earnest in order to sound like they know things about game design that you don't. If they use "engaging" instead of "fun", or ever talk about "the intensity curve", or about how a game has "the aesthetic of discovery/expression/competition/etc."… you're probably talking to someone who knows fuck-all about game design but is a likely a very hard worker.

Also, incoming students: if you meet someone in one of the design degree programs who mentions that they really want to write stories for video games more than actually design them, they will definitely fall into that category.

Knowing how to design is not something that you can learn from books right now. Game design is not a very well-researched field yet, and it's largely bullshit at the moment. When you're designing a video game, you barely need to know any of the crap the GD program teaches you; you just need toPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

28d769  No.2431


Whoops, got cut off there. Anyways:

There's a good chance that those kinds of people have also thought about what makes the video games that they play actually fun. Again, not everyone thinks this way, but many do. They started noticing things like, what it is about Call of Duty's shooting that feels really, really good. They then realized that the fact that CoD runs at 60FPS on consoles and looks as good as it does is a massive technical marvel. They'll notice how when Mario jumps, you can hold the button down to jump higher. They'll also look into exactly how many sprites the NES could render at once, and how different developers got around this limit. They'll notice when a multiplayer-focused video game with a single-player campaign has the single-player campaign selected by default instead of the multiplayer mode. (That's bad design, see.) They'll also be looking up the documentation to create menu items on the user's screen in the mod tools for their favorite game.

And so on and so forth. So yeah, if you're a programmer who wants to program video games for a living, there is a good chance you're also probably good at doing design stuff for video games.

(Of course, there's also the chance that you're a John Carmack and just find enjoyment in pushing the technical boundaries of the technically-demanding nature of video games. I have so much respect for those people, they're crazy mad geniuses. Those of you at DigiPen: I want to hang out with you.)

28d769  No.2432


(Also, this isn't just a programmer thing; students of other degree programs can do this, too. Sometimes people just think about why they're having fun when they're having fun. We're weird, but that's just how it is.)

17699d  No.2377[Reply]

Everyone on stackoverflow is a motherfucking son of a bitch. they are so harsh and i wish i can mutilate them.

17699d  No.2379

Have you tried including boost?

adf9d5  No.2327[Reply]


adf9d5  No.2328


File: 1427429732440.jpg (7.82 KB, 259x194, 259:194, wat if I told you.jpg)

e59859  No.1249[Reply]

Lets talk foodstuffs! What things would you like to see more/less of? Which foods suck?
71 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e59859  No.2141

Oh yeah, I hope everybody who is leaving for the summer has a good break! To everybody staying for summer classes and/or Project Fun… rumor has it that this year's will be our largest yet!

It's gonna be a good day!

e59859  No.2316

Yo kitchen guys any good stories about project fun from your end of things? So many kids…

e59859  No.2324

File: 1437255926089.jpg (83.84 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1426140749876.jpg)


This will probably jinx it, but no, not really. This has been a remarkably smooth Project Fun. It's busy, and we're all working long hours, but no real issues yet. The kids have even all been relatively polite and well behaved. It feels really a lot more organized this year, from each group being on time, to the student staff directing traffic in the lines. (It's a thankless job, but we appreciate it, especially the constant chant of "No running!") The random issues we've had have all been totally unrelated. Things like the California drought causing some produce issues and some minor non work related injuries we've had to work around. This is the easiest PF we've had. (Sorry to disappoint with no drama.)

e59859  No.2326


I'm happy to hear that because god damn has it been a clusterfuck for the rest of the PFN staff.

e59859  No.2335


Any stories there?

5cd836  No.2317[Reply]

Hello, it's cold, dark, and lonely here. I don't know how I got here. I don't go to DigiPen and think I took a wrong turn at hiddenwiki. Anyway, it looks like that school sucks so SORRY everyone is going there

5cd836  No.2320

Wait, why is /digipen/ mentioned on hiddenwiki?

5cd836  No.2322

I just checked and it isn't, so how the hell did you get here, then?

Maybe I don't want to know.

5cd836  No.2323


I looked up hiddenwiki and I feel like such a normie. Dear god, how could I go to Digipen and not know of this?

5cd836  No.2325


It's better to not know. Knowing just takes you down the path of digging around the "dark net", which will eventually lead you to accidentally discovering Actual Child Pornography, panicking, wiping your hard drive, and restarting your modem and router several times.

File: 1437122020188.png (20.57 KB, 1220x309, 1220:309, arise_chickun.png)

9754d0  No.2318[Reply]

Ha ha, holy shit.Thoughts on "our glorious leader's" chicken sandwich?

9754d0  No.2319

All of this is made possible by Claude Comair. :))))).

9754d0  No.2321

Now it has a name!!!! (That I wrote!!!! :)))).)

File: 1425167343259.jpg (1.18 MB, 2432x4320, 76:135, IMG_20150228_154544060.jpg)

b7d361  No.774[Reply]

Good God this fucker's ugly
10 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b7d361  No.2274


What an amazingly content-filled post that was totally worth bumping a literally three-month-old thread.

b7d361  No.2275


Saw this Shrek cereal where Donkey resembled the Chris Comair statue and had to bump it. Didn't realize it was 3 months old. Not like anyone else is posting anything.

b7d361  No.2306

like, who thought this dragon was a good idea.


it's super dumb and terrible

b7d361  No.2310


Our Glorious Lebanese Leader. Didn't you see the overhyped rigged elections?

b7d361  No.2315


better content than your mom tbh

0f5004  No.2307[Reply]

i hate myself

0f5004  No.2308


0f5004  No.2309

I hate you too. Is this because of DigiPen?

File: 1433438254319.gif (1.98 MB, 321x223, 321:223, boxwalk.gif)

2197df  No.2237[Reply]

what the fuck is digipen?

is it just some shitty for-profit college based on game design or some shit?

2197df  No.2238

Yes. Next thread please.

2197df  No.2239

File: 1433453056740.jpg (29.86 KB, 500x491, 500:491, 1412308077474.jpg)

2197df  No.2253



this board is kinda amazing. hahaha. Oh man. Stay strong students! The future of vidya is partially on your backs. Also fuck digipen for being a shitty school

I came here by clicking random

2197df  No.2254

Sounds a lot like Games Academy in Berlin. There it's suck the right dicks or you'll end up making shitty mobile games.

File: 1429523467996.jpg (312.5 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 416979032-Alex_Grey_1.jpg)

9020ad  No.2081[Reply]

Let's talk drugs

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

9020ad  No.2097


Hah, fuck off. We have a sheet of 100 tabs… Come on you go to a fucking technology school, learn how to use the darknet.

9020ad  No.2101

Nah, all I need is Google.


Why nobody else can reverse image search, I dunno.

9020ad  No.2219

2 summers ago, I ate some shrooms and drew in the forest behind the school. It was pretty cool.

9020ad  No.2222

As someone who only smoked weed a handful of times before attending DigiPen and was taken by the novelty of being able to legally purchase it in Washington, let me tell you: purchasing a vaporizer is the best choice I've ever made in my life.

9020ad  No.2296

I swear this dude who wore tye dye shirts and rose colored glasses all the time would come in rolling on something all the time. He loved talking about the food when he's rolling.

File: 1434679413934.png (221.3 KB, 640x339, 640:339, 0618-640x339.png)

ec799f  No.2255[Reply]

ec799f  No.2256

>By learning how to simulate virtual worlds,

By attending DigiPen,

>you gain a better understanding of how the real world operates

you work your ass off to make the greatest video game possible despite not being taught how.


ec799f  No.2292

File: 1435819405004.jpg (232.26 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Lebanon.jpg)

Browsing imgur and was reminded of Glorious Leader

c00732  No.1431[Reply]

Think about it. Most of the shit you guys are posting just makes you look like fools in the eyes of an employer. I wouldn't want to hire any of these students. You guys are paying a shitload to attend this school, if you don't like it, go elsewhere. No one is twisting your arm telling you to attend DigiPen. Don't ruin the schools reputation, or yours for that matter. Be smart.
21 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

c00732  No.1604


>> Don't ruin the schools reputation, or yours for that matter. Be smart.

It's not bitching that is ruining the reputation, it's the poor management that is ruining it, in my opinion. Rubrics that change over halfway through the semester, awarding honors to a pretty but technically broken game like subray, the feeling that we need to make things artificially "hard" because we are known for being "hard" and stuff like that.

c00732  No.1629

Damn dude, congrats on that. I'm really happy to see other students getting insane offers as their first job. Funny enough I personally would be happy with 50k after taxes. Any tips you'd suggest to a current junior rtis that'll be job hunting next year? [spoiler]Unfortunately no internship ;_; maybe I should have tried harder.

c00732  No.1670

Not >>1566 but I've been out for a couple of years and had learned some stuff I wish DigiPen would have taught me about job stuff:

> Growing skills

Make sure you do stuff beyond what normal classes have you do. Look at jobs now, see which ones interest you, see what the requirements are, and focus on having the skills those jobs require.

>>Job fair

A lot less important than I would have thought, but some people did get jobs from it. Don't show off something everyone has done (I once saw someone showing off their CS 300 assignment; all it made me think was "this person hasn't done anything that would make me want to hire them over any other of the 150 RTIS grads")

> Resume

Recruiters will not take long to look at these, so make it short and sweet and easy to read. 1 PAGE ONLY! I really wanted to make mine 2 pages, I just felt there was a lot of stuff I wanted to show. That only hurts you; the recruiter is almost certainly not going to go beyond the 1st page. Tailor it per position.

> Cover letter

Don't just repeat your resume. Hit key points as to why you would be good for that specific position. Talk BRIEFLY about why you want to work at that company.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

c00732  No.2257

>You already invested a few years of your life in this place

>thousands of dollars in debt, at least 6 figures

>"You don't have to stay if you don't want to, you could just leave."

Oh brilliant idea, OP.

c00732  No.2262

>no one is twisting your arm telling you to attend DigiPen

My student loans are twisting my arm telling me that I can't change my mind anymore.

>Don't ruin the schools reputation

Why? So that other high school kids can be suckered in?

File: 1430381972501.mp4 (5.39 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, reallyportnow.mp4)

81c920  No.2157[Reply]

Remember Portnow and how pretentious and shitty he was, and how young and gullible and able to eat up his bullshit we were? Jesus Christ.

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

81c920  No.2168

I followed his instruction with some friends (curiosity) and the fucking place was closing. They let us go to the last room but whatever it was was turned off and put away so it just looked like a dusty dark basement. Waste of fucking time

81c920  No.2229


>I am too pleb to learn anything that isn't spoon fed to me

Portnow smacked down all the shit designers who tried to half-ass their way through GAT250-251

I sense butthurt flunkies

81c920  No.2231

Sophmore BSGD here, from what I saw in that video, he seems like a total douche.

81c920  No.2236


Junior bsgd here, he was awful. I've gotten good food for thought from extra credits so I was hopeful that the in-person lectures would be interesting. Word of advice, never look forward to a Gat class.

81c920  No.2248

Hay guiz is anyone else excited for the guest lecture by James Portnow?

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