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175021  No.2258[Reply]

Where do I address the transcript request form to get my DigiPen transcript?

175021  No.2259


175021  No.2260

87096a  No.2269[Reply]

I would just like to say that if you are on a game team and you're the one who was asked to gather audio assets for the game and you are not in a sound major, you're the worst team member on the team. This is only not true if there's someone on your team even more worthless who can't even be counted on to get audio assets.

87096a  No.2270

This is a weird, oddly-specific statement.

87096a  No.2271

Did someone ask you to get sound assets, OP?

87096a  No.2273

I've been on teams where this happened but it's usually freshman and maybe sophomore year where you get team mates like that. Basically it comes down to "what's an easy job we can give this guy to make him work but won't allow him to fuck up the project"

File: 1433538970616.jpg (11.76 KB, 116x145, 4:5, tumblr_m6s190cwlC1qgudu2.jpg)

05e049  No.2244[Reply]

my favorite thing about digipen students is that none of them ever shut up

i mean, everyone's allowed to have opinions, but I could have expressed your opinion in a single sentence, we don't need a freaking novella

05e049  No.2249

Tell me more.

466e36  No.2138[Reply]

Do I still have to balance my job's programming work with making a board game with a combat system and my graphics homework?

466e36  No.2144

absolutely. good thing you forgot how to fall asleep

466e36  No.2146


Don't you fucking joke about that; I have work tomorrow and can't sleep at all.

466e36  No.2235


Insomnia. Good. You'll need a lot of that where you're going.

File: 1424130992198.png (83.59 KB, 400x400, 1:1, b1e511e53161fb612a5bf00430….png)

593b29  No.370[Reply]

I'm not a DigiPen student, but I feel like in an alternate reality (where I tried harder in high school), I probably could have been. For a long time, I was a pretty firm believer in DigiPen. I just thought that it was the "legit" and "professional" gamedev school. I think I mainly got this impression from two things:
>game websites like Kotaku that kept putting it on "best vidya college" lists
>Narbacular Drop

Frankly, it's disgusting how much of what DigiPen gets away with is allowed by their media and industry ties. If game journalism really wanted to tackle issues in the industry, it sounds like DigiPen would be a fucking great target. It seems like a scam on the level of Phoenix University, and an insane grind as well.

But anyway, what convinced you guys to attend? Where did you hear about DigiPen, and what told you it was good?
14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

593b29  No.2059

I read about it when I was like 8 in Nintendo Power and it was my dream to come to this place.
Boom dream fulfilled I'm leaving.

593b29  No.2065

Dude me too, I even attended ProjectFUN in high school in 2007 and was pumped to attend, now that I have, man f this place the dream is dead I'm out

593b29  No.2111


>I was never a student, but let me tell you all about your school by reciting the most popular opinion from these boards

Not getting enough attention irl?

593b29  No.2117


You could always let the worse threads die instead of reviving them.

593b29  No.2234

You should take this thread over to /gamergatehq/ they'd eat this shit up

File: 1429393917780.png (102.56 KB, 1032x774, 4:3, Not_the_pooper_desu_by_Teh….png)

409015  No.2048[Reply]

Why the fuck is there a board for DigiPen and why am I not surprised by how terrible it is? I have a feeling most of you will sit behind your anonymity and use it as a shield. desu desu desu desu desu desu me too
6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

409015  No.2077


He must've got the weeaboo prerequisite waived

409015  No.2080


fuck you you're a faggot

409015  No.2220


>using a chan

>not knowing what desu is

how new can you be?

409015  No.2221


fuck, meant to reply to >>2052

409015  No.2232

>desu desu desu

that crack is great, huh?

86cf99  No.2185[Reply]

(Or learn on your own time while enrolled)

For the Holcomb boardstravaganza GAT classes, it seems like you're assumed to be proficient with some sort of image software, despite never being given a class for it.

BFAs don't seem to know how to save files consistently for use as game assets, which is because they won't officially work on a game project at a game school until junior year, and their professors don't give a shit about preparing them for it.

Rtises go into Gam200 with only a sorry C engine with alpha engines bullshit, and are expected to have worked on it over the summer or shit it out immediately so their non-programming designers can actually start working (zero prototypes aside)

10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

86cf99  No.2218


BFA graduate here. Can confirm. I taught myself about exporting 2d and 3d assets and animations, and was somewhat sought after on teams because of that alone. The amount of "how do I do <very simple photoshop/autodesk maya action>" I heard is staggering. I honestly did more teaching than the fucking teachers, sometimes.

86cf99  No.2224


BFA's like you are a godsend.

I had a BSGD on my team who wrote our asset importer, and our BFA refused to learn it, flat out saying that if he couldn't understand what to do with it without reading instructions he wouldn't bother, and then insisted that the Bsgd import all of his assets. Guess who got fired?

86cf99  No.2225


I'm just gonna join this little feel good circle-jerk we're having, and say that I fuckin appreciated the programmers who write good importing code and shit too. I don't understand it and I'm sure it's difficult, but it sure is nice when programmers put in that extra time to make an artist's job more about doing art and less about debugging. So thanks to you guys too.

I just wish more students would have a similar mentality. I've known people to not understand computers much at all, like hardware, networking software, or even just using art programs. And in his free time he made no effort to learn more about them, then he complains and asks for help when he doesn't understand something. That shit is ANNOYING, nobody be that guy.

86cf99  No.2226


It's weird how quite a few people don't act like a team at DigiPen and instead treat each others work as untouchable. After my team got in the habit of regularly reviewing each other's code we all improved and were able to work more productively, and managed to make the task of adding animations in relatively easy for our artist (yes, that means we actually had to talk to our artist to understand how he worked)

86cf99  No.2227

THANK YOU. This is what made me leave my team and drop out a month early instead of just finishing the semester.

My team would take any criticism of their work as a personal affront. I mean, I get it – you only have so long to work on the game in between classes and studying and homework – but come on. The thing I spent the majority of first semester working on didn't work out so great later on, so we had to recode it as a team, and it only improved the final product. I wasn't mad; I just want the game to be good. It seemed like everyone else just wanted to be told that their work was awesome and that they were awesome for doing it.

fb5318  No.2112[Reply]

How are you gonna all celebrate, I plan on drinking heavily before passing out while watching adult swim. What about you guys?

How do you plan on celebrating the end of the school year?

fb5318  No.2114

File: 1429767939545.jpg (41.83 KB, 495x636, 165:212, 1429767505563.jpg)

fb5318  No.2115


Looks like you beat OP to it

fb5318  No.2165

File: 1431018700932.jpg (56.09 KB, 574x704, 287:352, FB_IMG_1431018569212.jpg)

I'm taking up arts and crafts.

fb5318  No.2166


Finally doing something with your beer from the last semester?

I'm celebrating the end of my misery at DigiPen with a party with my closer friends, followed by wild sex with an old fwb.

fb5318  No.2169


get a we vibe or hitachi for the wildness. much fun.

740cfc  No.2053[Reply]

I sincerely hope this is just my fucked up copy of Zero but I am getting fucking sick of re-importing files constantly because Zero can't manage things well and doesn't have a refresh option for sprites and textures. Literally every time I import a new texture it breaks all my particle emitters that use a previous texture. I'm guessing it has an array of textures and adding new ones fucks up where the old ones are found. HOWEVER I am using the SpriteSource.Find function so this should not happen. Worst part is I can't update to a new build because they took out Python. 10/10 good plan.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

740cfc  No.2062

You don't have to reimport anything. Particle emitters and sprite sheets get fucked up when new sprites are added, but closing and opening the editor will fix it all the time. I know it isn't ideal, but zero engine is shit. Working on a two person team and using it was a nightmare.

740cfc  No.2129

Honestly I don't understand why DigiPen doesn't teach Unity in GAM, It's way more practical and actually used in the real world.

740cfc  No.2130


They want to ensure that your first projects are guaranteed to be owned by the school without any ambiguity, so by using a proprietary engine you can't say that you made a similar game in unity or whatever. It's bullshit but it's DigiPen's reasoning

740cfc  No.2132


No, it's for the students who program to show off that they've coded on a project. That is all. For 300 you're allowed to use any engine you want if it's 1 RTIS at most. 400 free to do whatever the fuck you want and the standard is dropped since you're more focused on getting a job more so than make a new game.

The school is all about the RTIS degree and has been for 20 years everything else is there to supplement programmers on game.

740cfc  No.2133


Because only Zero shows that you coded on a project?

815835  No.2118[Reply]

peace out drop outs glhf getting a job. enjoy the money, free time, and normal human contact for those of us that continue to choose their abstinence for *maybe* some better odds

sincerely yours,

who gives a shit

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

815835  No.2123


Does for me, my girlfriend and I are going to go to Europe to celebrate my getting my dream job.

815835  No.2124


Congrats, fuckface! (no but seriously congrats)

815835  No.2125


Thanks, assmunch.

All jokes aside, I hope everyone here does find what they're looking for. DigiPen wasn't right for me but maybe it is for you. But only stay of you're happy with it; the school is too fucked up to be unsure about forever.

815835  No.2126


Nowadays working at Walmart is a dream job for somebody.

815835  No.2127


Hey Claude, how's it going? Apologies in advance; you might not be able to afford all of the new model airplanes you want next year because I dropped out.

Here's to hoping you sucker enough incoming freshman game design students to make up for it!


92045a  No.1869[Reply]

Story time.
Tell me YOUR shitty room mate stories.

Freshman year, instead of getting into Digipen housing I take a gander at the room mate/apartment housing site.

Find a place.
Fucking ShadowBrook. Don't know it at the time but the place is a mass of mold and crap with a fuckton of children that like to scream at all hours.

Decide to take a look. Price is all-right. Own bedroom. Own bathroom. Basement level, but it looks ok.

Meet roommate. ( We are both female.) We will call her E. E's parents own the apartment.

E is a classic digipenner. Overweight, smells, never washes hair. Wears same outfit every day. Dirty pokemon shirt. Baggy shorts. Never seen without baseball cap.

E's parents pay for her everything. She has a new car, gets a grand a month for 'spending money', all tuition paid for out of pocket.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
49 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

92045a  No.2090

File: 1429578342424.jpg (161.16 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, image.jpg)


Ok whatever

My current girlfriend can take him.

Back when my ex and I were dating, I had him come over and meet my family. Apparently my 17 year old mentally ill brother made quite the impression on him.

He thought I was cheating on him with my agoraphobic brother.

92045a  No.2098

File: 1429595081991.jpg (12.72 KB, 200x215, 40:43, 1429422316880.jpg)

92045a  No.2107


Hottest dude: that guy with the huge dick and the great hair

Hottest girl: that chick with the huge tits and the great hair

92045a  No.2131


I dunno, the girl with average size tits, immaculate hair, and a firm ass seems like a better choice. But yeah, that guy is the hottest in the school.

92045a  No.3072


The fat chick that's half-deaf?

File: 1429568391739.png (35.11 KB, 731x589, 731:589, exitsurvey.png)

8645d9  No.2088[Reply]

Well, it's better than nothing.

8645d9  No.2089

nice diploma

8645d9  No.2091

Worth it for transferring out?

8645d9  No.2092


If by "transferring out" you mean "transferring into employment" then yes absolutely.

8645d9  No.2093


I got one of these too! Worth more than a degree.

Also in the same boat as you, transferred right into employment.

8645d9  No.2099


Transferring to another school

70e861  No.1828[Reply]

I'm an RTIS junior who has never knowingly interacted with a BFA or BAGD, so I have absolutely no perspective on the art side of this school. What sort of entry-level jobs do BAGDs find? Surely there aren't many companies interested in pure designers? Do they get hired as artists as well?
36 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

70e861  No.2012

Dropout rate discussion aside (plenty of people seemed to have covered that), the people who claim to have succeeded in spite of DP are idiots. Its human nature to take credit for our successes and blame others for our failures.

Digipen is supposed to be hard. The industry is hard. And for its faults, its no different than any other school-some classes are shitty. Some professors are shitty. You're gonna run into the same problem whether you go to Harvard or a community college.

The project-centric curriculum is absolutely responsible for graduates getting jobs. You think the average programmer coming out of a regular CS school can write a graphics engine from scratch? You think the average applicant for an entry designer job has ever done anything more elaborate than a half-assed mod?

For game design in particular, there are almost no hard facts to teach. It's a new artistic medium. Virtually every book written on it is garbage and professors can at best pass on guidelines and advice. The only way to learn it is to DO it. And do it a lot.

And that's why GDs are generally so shitty. Because most of them want their hand held and to go home at 3 like they're still in highschool.


70e861  No.2016

>For game design in particular, there are almost no hard facts to teach. It's a new artistic medium. Virtually every book written on it is garbage and professors can at best pass on guidelines and advice. The only way to learn it is to DO it. And do it a lot.

>And that's why GDs are generally so shitty. Because most of them want their hand held and to go home at 3 like they're still in highschool.


Yes yes but I can practice game design on my own with Unity for free without having to pay DigiPen. I could quite honestly summarize every useful, non-bullshit, non-ripped-from-someone-else's-YouTube-video game design thing I've learned at DigiPen into a short maybe 80-page PDF. And half of that shit only applies to traditional tabletop games, not video games at all.

I paid money for an education dammit, I don't want to be told, "But really, man, what is there to teach? Game design is like so broad, bro! Just design stuff all the time, man, and you'll be a better designer. But please keep giving me money every year so I can keep reinventing my acronymed 'theory of all game design' framework every year, also I haven't worked on a game in like a decade. Also let me tell you for the fortieth time about the one thing we actually are pretty sure about in game design, the Intensity Curve. It's all-important! Worship the curve! Endure yet another lecture about it, despite the fact that you're in your fourth semester in the game design program and have already heard all this same shit before! Multiple times!"



I was making games on my own before DigiPen and I'll be making games on my own afterwards. I definitely had some valuable experiences while I was there, but almost none from the game design program. It can take its pretentious bullshit and die in a fire for all I care.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

70e861  No.2042

File: 1429379918151.jpg (85.84 KB, 1151x653, 1151:653, largemarge.jpg)

Dis nigga gets it.

People need to be aware that you're paying a premium on your degree because of where you're going, yet you're getting shit professors who have no idea how to teach this brand new degree program.

>And that's why GDs are generally so shitty. Because most of them want their hand held and to go home at 3 like they're still in highschool.

>And that's why GDs are generally so shitty. Because most of them want their hand held and to go home at 3 like they're still in highschool.YOU ARE EXPLORERS OF A NEW MOTHERFUCKING FRONTIER. ACT LIKE IT.

This sounds like you shouldn't even go to DP in the first place. You go to college to have the professor TEACH you lessons for you to apply. If they're not teaching, you may as well stay home and just do Lynda.com and figure everything out on your own.

You also sound like a lot of the brainwashed nerds who gets in their head that you should do it all on your own AND pay DP because that's what they want you to think. Morrison - "Guys you have to be able to do things on your own. Figure things out on your own. You're designers now…" His excuse for being a shitty lazy professor with no knowledge other than making X-Wing games and suggesting to not use bats in Eregon, what a designer.

tl;dr You go to college to have professionals teach you, not so you can hear professors vague ramblings and you go learn on your own.

70e861  No.2047

Hey, give him some credit. He designed that Star Trek game that nobody remembers. Oh wait.

70e861  No.2083

File: 1429547357130.jpg (31.92 KB, 377x466, 377:466, wolvcomp2.JPG)


>Digipen is supposed to be hard.

I've heard this shit since day 1 at Digipen and the only reason it's SUPPOSE to be hard is because no one has a fucking clue how to teach. It's not because learning to program is hard or that designing is hard it's the expectation from professors.

The professors talk all cryptic and vague about what they're "teaching" so that you can figure it out and "learn." What a load of horse shit. It's this way because they don't what the hell they're talking about. The professors in the GD program, get ready for some earth shattering reality nerds, the don't know anything, they're not good at what they do and they all just sit around figuring what to talk about in the next class. If they were any good at what they do…they'd be doing that. You really think Morrison would rather teach stinky annoying nerds for a living or would he rather be making games for a living? He can't because he's bad at being a designer, same with the rest of his crew of flunkys.

Pondsmith, though a jackass, he COULD ACTUALLY MAKE GAMES. He was very intelligent, but unfortunately he was a piss poor professor, so they canned him.

So is DP hard? Yeah. Is it hard for the right reasons? No. It's difficult because the faculty is unable to do a better job at teaching and utilizing feedback from students.

813492  No.2071[Reply]

Who's not coming back for the 2016 school year? Mention your degree and year if you can, I'd love to get a wider perspective there.

I'm a junior bsgd leaving for medical reasons.

813492  No.2072

To clarify, people should post what grade they are in in the 2014-2015 school year, and not what you would be next year.

That said, sophomore BSCSGD checking in.

813492  No.2073

(As in, I'm dropping out because I'm fed up with the school's bullshit and out of money.)

f95f7f  No.1978[Reply]

So gates and shadowbrook are both pretty disgusting in terms of mold growth. Does anyone have any recommendations or do I just have to go get more fucking dehumidifiers?

f95f7f  No.1987

How far away are you willing to move? I lived in Kirkland first year and it was just fine

f95f7f  No.1992

Veloce or Avalon are both very good, but slightly higher priced and harder to get into.

f95f7f  No.1997

Welcome to the goddam pacific northwest. Mold grows on everything that is stationary more than 72 hours.

f95f7f  No.1998

Trailwood is right by SB and doesn't have a mold problem, at least not in my place.

f95f7f  No.2060

The Summit's on the top of the hill. I've had two apartments there and the only mold issues I've had were my own fault

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