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6bc232  No.1965[Reply]

Hi, freshman BSGD here. I was wondering if anybody knew how to properly do an installer for Zero Engine projects for GAM150, I know we have to use something like Inno or InstallShield but it seems like such a daunting task so I was wondering if anybody could dumb it down?
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6bc232  No.1990

Just wait, buddy! Next year you'll have the exact same attitude, and then it'll be down to whether you choose to live with yourself and remain enrolled, or drop the fuck out because you realize you're becoming that monster yourself.

DigiPen is a dog-eat-dog school, and they fucking encourage it. You have to tell yourself that you're better than those that dropped out, because why else would they drop out other than inferiority?

So glad I escaped when I did.

6bc232  No.1991

I'm actually a junior, and I'm fucking fine with helping someone who is willing to ask for help, unlike the retards who spend all their time in Edison playing games.

6bc232  No.2021

Hi guys, OP dropout bait here. I managed to figure it out after looking at it a while longer and realizing you could actually view the script. But yeah, not too bad and sorry for the stupid question.

As for 1986 and 1990: I'm going to remain enrolled just to spite you.

6bc232  No.2037

The request to drop out was probably due to how fucking simple the question is, the fact you are a BSGD that apparently has no idea what they are doing, and the fact you are asking for help on… 8ch. You could stay in to spite me, but honestly you are pouring money down the drain unless they perfect brain transplants. BECOME THE MONSTER

6bc232  No.2038

Money is not an issue for me. I'm sorry to hear that sanity, happiness and people skills are issues for you :)

>>2037: The tinfoil is strong with this one.

File: 1429271332261.png (211.89 KB, 1449x739, 1449:739, vs2013.png)

467b86  No.2001[Reply]

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467b86  No.2023

File: 1429306575424.jpg (22.45 KB, 250x347, 250:347, 1381026997821.jpg)

>working 10am to midnight
lol. I'll admit I did that freshman year quite often, but as a Junior that never is something that I did rarely. Sure maybe 9am to 9pm since class schedules and I'm poor to own a car out here so I'm lazy to walk a few miles back to my apartment, but that's pretty much it. Otherwise it's always when I'm lazy and push off all assignments which coincides all to be due +- a day from each other.

If working so late is the only problem then consider taking an extra year to graduate. Keep in mind digipen's degrees are more or less a 5 year degree done in 4 years. Consider taking 1 or 2 classes less a semester and it'll work wonders of how easy the semester is. If you have the money then take some summer classes that isn't offered elsewhere or take classes at home for the summer of general education(ie math, art, physics, etc). I did a couple light(Light as in ~17 credits) semesters during those 'oh god this semester is gonna be the worst!' that everyone built up to think of it. You wanna know what's funny about that? I felt like I had no classes. Also stop stressing over game.

>definitely more risky

RTIS isn't risky at all. Though everything I said is biased towards my degree which I doubt you are RTIS. I'm chill as fuck now with my senior year to be left with silly electives.

Think of it this way at the very least, the amount of stress you've been through is nothing compared to most other colleges. I also hope you aren't a soph, because that'd really make me sad. It's unfortunate that people drop out once they're halfway done. Meet nice people and suddenly they up and leave :( Oh well

467b86  No.2025

Junior bsgd with no end in sight, actually.

467b86  No.2026

>If working so late is the only problem then consider taking an extra year to graduate. Keep in mind digipen's degrees are more or less a 5 year degree done in 4 years. Consider taking 1 or 2 classes less a semester and it'll work wonders of how easy the semester is. If you have the money then take some summer classes that isn't offered elsewhere or take classes at home for the summer of general education(ie math, art, physics, etc). I did a couple light(Light as in ~17 credits) semesters during those 'oh god this semester is gonna be the worst!' that everyone built up to think of it.
>having the privilege of of not having to worry about money

>Think of it this way at the very least, the amount of stress you've been through is nothing compared to most other colleges.

Fucking lol.

467b86  No.2027

It's not all wrong but I'm unhappy here even on only 12-15 credits per semester. It's not going to make the gat classes suck much less

And I've taken classes elsewhere, so I know that at least for me DigiPen is the cause of my unhappiness. Your mileage will vary because believe it or not you're not likely me, but in my admittedly limited experience the normal people schools are much less stressful.

467b86  No.2034

>Think of it this way at the very least, the amount of stress you've been through is nothing compared to most other colleges.
You just invalidated everything you said with that single statement.

bf7c85  No.2010[Reply]

Thanks to /DigiPen/ for everything, it was unbelievably helpful during some of my darkest times at this school. Today is my last game presentation as a student, and the end is in sight. Best wishes to everyone who stays, and good luck to my fellow dropouts.

bf7c85  No.2011

Amen Brother

bf7c85  No.2024

File: 1429306957122.jpg (80.12 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 6015067182_c0a6fd0e8f.jpg)

c51bf4  No.2013[Reply]

File: 1427095693351.png (223.97 KB, 325x323, 325:323, collegesenior.PNG)

e201c8  No.1141[Reply]

Why does everyone at this school go silent when you ask them to go out for a beer at the brewery across the street? I mean fuck, every nerd from my home town has a pint or shot every now and then. But Jesus, its like these nerds see you as slinging meth if you invite them to go out to a bar with you.

They look at you with a smug ass face and go "Oh, I don't drink." and back away as if I'm about to pull out a switch blade and mug them in an effort to feed my rampant alcohol addiction.

39 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e201c8  No.1243

pro chan tip: you can quote other people by putting >> in front of their number.

e201c8  No.1332

Better pro tip:
just click the numbers you morons.

e201c8  No.1352


Instructions unclear, >>1332
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

e201c8  No.2003

Cuz no one is 21

e201c8  No.2004

what the fuck are you talking about

File: 1428134919309.jpg (186.81 KB, 545x640, 109:128, omglol.jpg)

6f9bf9  No.1550[Reply]

I peruse digipen students tumblrs occasionally.
Found this gem today.

In all seriousness, if I were trying to get hired and had a blog, I would not put things like this out there.
Seems in bad taste.
153 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6f9bf9  No.1951

File: 1429139042061.jpg (9.58 KB, 435x87, 5:1, id.JPG)

Asked what? That was my first post in this entire thread. Click on the ID and you can see who is posting what. Judging by 57 replies I can only assume that is the Digipen ID for this thread or you're shitposting nonstop which I sincerely doubt.

Golden response. I state my view and get a reply of go kill yourself. I wasn't trying to pull the 'oh i grew up in a shitty place' card as the other person mentioned. I was simply saying that you have it nice. Nice as in people here aren't, at least from my public view, going around insulting you on a daily basis. You are making the assumption that everybody is. You are making the assumption that we all know that you're a 'girl'/'boy'. What happens if someone doesn't respect 'your' prounoun? You make a big fucking deal about it. I'm sorry that the English language definitions are that a boy is a young male and a girl is a young female. I'm sorry that I'm may call you the wrong version, but if I look at you and you look like a male/female? I'll call you as such. A lot of people here are tolerant of your lifestyle, but we're not all tolerant of the attitude some of you bring.

6f9bf9  No.1952

Not that guy, but that is the Digipen ID, and where did they tell you to kill yourself??

6f9bf9  No.1953

I'm taking the bait here but wow. Self-obsessed and righteous much? You do realize that metaphor means that he/she/whatever the fuck is saying that you're stubborn, not "go kill yourself".
Also the more you fight this the less willing people are to listen to you. But don't let me stop you, that's your 'right' I'm sure.

6f9bf9  No.1954

Also, protip: click "Options" in the upper-right corner of this page and enable "Color IDs". Bam, now that six-hex-digit ID is a hex color!

Also it shows that inside, we really are all People of Color.

6f9bf9  No.1957

I just wanted to chime in and say that I've had similar arguments with people about how "treating everyone with equal respect" and rewarding people for their hard work instead of their troubled upbringing makes me a "part of the problem." It's usually just people who want to feel like they're morally superior, or ACTUALLY doing something to help, even though they themselves are usually bigoted and never contribute anything more to the issue than social media soapboxing.

People who think that a meritocracy is bad can suck my fucking balls. They just want the bar lowered for themselves.

File: 1428892048206.jpg (3.69 MB, 4320x2432, 135:76, IMG_20150412_192610540.jpg)

84c8eb  No.1840[Reply]

Pro quality right there

501f01  No.1818[Reply]

Does anyone else have a favorite "farting chair" in Edison? Whenever I'm having a particularly gassy day, I like to pick out a specific one of those hard-plastic chairs that have the fabric bottom, and sit in it while I work. I fart in it over and over, and eventually it starts to absorb my odor. It's nice because the familiar smell makes me feel comfortable, like I'm in a cocoon of safety. I marked it with a little scratch on the back of the plastic so I always know which one it is, and can get it back later, without anyone else being able to spot it.

So, what kind of comfort zones do you guys put yourselfs into?

501f01  No.1819

ha ha ha. alright.

501f01  No.1820

I sit in the stairwell to Tesla and cry from time to time.

501f01  No.1834

File: 1428864185543.jpg (29.39 KB, 395x400, 79:80, wolvcomp1.JPG)

All of DP is my comfort zone. It's full of beta nerds so I can just go there and not worry about anything anyone says or does. I can just act like a bouse all day at DP anywhere and everywhere I go.

File: 1427876252036.png (127.73 KB, 446x451, 446:451, 1414715115959.png)

e943cd  No.1403[Reply]

So. Who's not looking forward to working ProjectFun this summer?
18 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

e943cd  No.1735

He discovered the code to Claude's secret Lebaneser Scrooge safe where he keeps all of his money and thousands of expensive model airplanes and had to be taken care of

e943cd  No.1766

Honestly, it's probably for the best that there's so much confidentiality. If he got fired because of something horrible I would probably rather not know.

e943cd  No.1798

There was a difference of oppinon on how class curriculums for project fun are going to be handled. Martin didn't do anything horrible, just a business decision based on the long term goals for the future of the program. No DigiDrama.

e943cd  No.1799

k thanks, Claude, also those red squiggles under words mean you misspelled them

e943cd  No.1832


c28258  No.1743[Reply]

Is there no place for people to film that doesn't block the ENTIRE FUCKING HALL? I hate walking in front of cameras when I've been on the receiving end of getting a film project fucked up in high school, but it's to the point where not a single day goes by where I don't have to pass through someone's shot.
18 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c28258  No.1816

I was a film student, and I still think you're a fucking retard if you decide to block the hallways with your garbage film cameras and then complain. You can record anywhere in the fucking city and you choose a busy hallway during school hours?

Either go elsewhere, or don't complain when people who have places to be get in the way of your camera. Nobody forced you to record here, so don't pretend like it's anyone's fault but your own if you decide to record in a place where everyone else has as much of a right to be as you do.

c28258  No.1821

Speaking as somebody who passed film easily, you can always change your script or make a sequence in one of the halls shorter. I know at least one film used the fact the halls are busy to their advantage.

c28258  No.1825

or you could not film during school hours. You might even try filming outside of the school. Crazy crazy ideas.
If your team refuses to meet elsewhere tell em their faggots and they need to grow the fuck up.

c28258  No.1826


c28258  No.1827

No, their faggots DO need to grow up.

d47542  No.1767[Reply]

Alright, it's that time of the semester. What's the best/worst of each of your classes?
14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

d47542  No.1812

Nobody was talking about CS350?

d47542  No.1813

CS391. It's exactly what DigiPen should strive for in all classes. Super useful information that I will use for the rest if my career.

GAM 300 series is probably my worst. It's like the instructors care in a personal level, but try setting up a meeting with any of them other than Rachel. Maybe they each need a TA assistant. Or more instructors per student. And what the fuck happened to Chris? Did GAM just give the fuck up on technology lectures?

d47542  No.1814

>>1805 Surely there is a better way to teach that then having us make board games out of pieces of garbage

d47542  No.1815

It's a thread talking about course evals and I'm pretty sure CS350 is a course last time I checked the catalog.

d47542  No.1822

What >>1812 was confused about was that you opened with "disagree, disagree, disagree" which was in reference to the feedback form, not to anything said in the thread.

File: 1428033803289.png (94.51 KB, 498x408, 83:68, dumb.png)

d7133c  No.1481[Reply]

lol @ people who take screenshots of /digipen/ posts out-of-context and post them on facebook (you know who you are)

keep drinking the kool-aid and paying your dues to Claude. don't interact with people anonymously, just stand up there on your high tower acting superior
14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

d7133c  No.1693

FB poster is a good guy. He is obviously just pointing out the extreme comparison.

d7133c  No.1701

Someone thinks a comparison to dictatorships where people were often killed for dissenting opinions is a bit extreme? No.

d7133c  No.1744

There was no out of context, the original comment was moronic to begin with.

FB poster is a friend of mine, and like many people at DigiPen, English isn't his first language. He doesn't always understand hyperbole. As I said above, it doesn't matter if he did or not. You're kind of a tool for making the comparison in the first place.

And seriously, complaining about people posting anonymous posts while posting his Facebook posts? My god, you really are a shitheel.

d7133c  No.1747

learn 2 sage bro

d7133c  No.1817

If it isn't his first language maybe he shouldn't complain about it as if he can understand it's subtleties. His acting like he is the next Dalai Lama for pointing out that Digipen isn't ACTUALLY a dictatorship country makes him fucking stupid and pretentious.

10/10 buttbuddy defence though, you really showed us not to mess with your friend

8cb141  No.1472[Reply]

This might seem childish, but the reason I'm leaving the school is because I no longer feel proud of my work here. I didn't come here to make anything revolutionary, but I wanted to make games I could write home about and say 'I made this'. I haven't felt that in GAM since my first semester, GAT since 210, and not at all in my cs courses.

24 days left.
21 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

8cb141  No.1753

I still love making games but I hate the ones that DigiPen makes me shit out with too little time to make a quality project.

8cb141  No.1757

That game team bullshit is why people are hired right out of this shithole without a problem. at least for RTIS students Reason why? It shows you can work with a team.

8cb141  No.1808

File: 1428720182213.jpg (196.97 KB, 1024x1372, 256:343, high teck prankster stallm….jpg)

That's bullshit plenty of my classmates from highschool have gotten great jobs from traditional CS schools, One's a software engineer at CAT, another is a Unix System Administrator for a Chicago based company, both went to University of Illinois. The worst part is the GAM class you are paying good money for doesn't teach you a damn thing, and doesn't transfer credit for anything.

8cb141  No.1809

>>1807 with Hanson if you take the effort to go and talk to him he is usually great at helping you and does genuinely seem to care. But you have to approach him.

8cb141  No.1810

I said without a problem. Don't get me wrong you can get a job with said knowledge anywhere. That fine arts degree? Sure it's a worthless degree, but if you apply yourself to show off what a great portfolio you have then you have a job. Same goes for CS related jobs except that portfolio is more or less the interview seeing if you know how to program. Having team experience shows that you're competent enough on a team project, assuming the work listed reflects that. Why and what caused the upperclassman that I've seen to drop out? I'm focusing more on those that got jobs, but it was they worked on their project. They contributed so much to the game and their work shows that.

If you haven't learned anything from the overpriced & not transferable game class then I'm sorry. We can look at the negatives, but the positives are immense. You've applied your knowledge to a project, worked with other people, (i hope) created something that is decent to put on your resume. I agree that it's expensive to take 5 credits to put in more than 5 credits worth, but in reality you don't need to. If your team works right then yeah you can make a game with 10 hours/week per teammate.

I will say this though, GAM can offer more in the lectures and far more professor feedback. It is not worth spending 5 credits worth for a class that is 'go make a game' with little help from the professors. It is however worth it to be able to work with people on a daily basis.

File: 1424334169894.jpg (46.13 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Positivity.jpg)

9b617e  No.414[Reply]

Alright, it'd fun to complain and get things off your chest, but there's a reason why everyone's still here. Let's hear all the things you love about this school!
18 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9b617e  No.1654

If I leave now I'll be the only one in my family to drop out of a college.

9b617e  No.1656

Oldest of five here, this is now the second time I've dropped out of college (though the first time hardly counted). Two siblings are still in school, about to graduate, and the youngest two are about to graduate high school and go to college. Both parents graduated college, and all four grandparents graduated college too.

I feel your pain.

9b617e  No.1790

This school pisses me off not because it's so shitty but because it could've been so fucking awesome. Look at it - a place where people passionate about making games could get started. And yet you get fucked over with workloads just meant to make sure that there are a lot of dropouts, professors like Doug who just don't give a shit about an individual's progress, mediocre unfinished design degrees because the school got bored with them, and a mentality that if you don't do well, it couldn't possibly be the school's fault.

9b617e  No.1794

My feelings exactly.

9b617e  No.1807

Meanwhile in the RTIS degree almost every professor is intrigued by your progress of learning as long as you're talking to the professor otherwise you're unknown to them. Even Volper loves to see people think and challenge his answer.

Also Boerkoel loves to see you progress. I don't know what you're getting at. Unless it's Hanson, Puskpak, Portegeys

8d406f  No.1787[Reply]

Why the hell is most of Edison devoted to a single fucking class? Shouldn't teamspace only be a thing for people who have survived sophomore year so we aren't shunting the BFAs into the art ghetto?

And while I'm at it, fuck those pretentious shitstains that always introduce themselves as "_ from Team _" like everyone has heard of their Gam150 team

8d406f  No.1788

Also while I'm grumbling, screw 8chans text formatting.

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