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80518c  No.1783[Reply]

Poop poop poop pooper(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

80518c  No.1785

Thread not shitty enough

c37745  No.1388[Reply]

Obviously there is a significant gender balance issue at digipen. How do you guys deal with it? Everyone either already has a boyfriend or is not interested in dating.

Where do you go to get out and meet women?

Or are we all autistic nerds with no social life.
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c37745  No.1773

word up sempai, just this week Mead for the first time that I can remember acknowledged our degree in class. "BS…uh…G..D, or whatever it is"

truely a proud day for us all

c37745  No.1774

4/6/2015 - Never forget

c37745  No.1778

Based Mead, he knows what's up. RTIS is truly the master race degree until next year when normal BSCS degree takes over. I sincerely hope he teaches the multi thread class and not Volper.

c37745  No.1781


Volper is likely going to teach that class. I am sorry.

c37745  No.2113

I am the not-crazy anon that replied. Sorry, I am just bad at checking my non-digipen emails. But promise, will check my mail once a day now :P. Now, hope your finals went well. Oh and I thought I lost this thread >.>

File: 1425009630720.gif (20.15 KB, 199x149, 199:149, 1287949879242.gif)

48f785  No.694[Reply]

Professor ranking thread. Best to worst (broken up by tier):

God Tier:

Top Tier:
>Peters (Honorable mention: fuckin' AJ)

Mid Tier:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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48f785  No.1676

From what I've seen in that class, most of the students have fine -ideas- the problem is implementation. And neither Morrison or the TAs have any idea how to help with that.

48f785  No.1682


I will like to give some credit to some amazing teachers I have had over the last 2 years. (they might even read this board, who knows)
They make this degree worth it. I wish some teachers were more like them (Att. Portegys/Tony)


is THE BEST. We all know that. Thanks to him I can consider myself somewhat of a decent/average programmer.


is Bede. Easy class and he teaches you all the content in an interesting and funny way with his lovely accent. One of the best Math teachers I will probably ever have.


he is the most comprehensive teacher I have met in my life. His late policies for cs200 and cs250 have been the best one's I have ever had on my life. Also, he gives you the .pdf with the solutions to every lab, which makes it incredibly easy to study for midterm/final, on top of giving you a nice practice example.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

48f785  No.1685

Maybe we need a publicly modifiable Google form or something so that the tier list can be constantly updated.

My main suggestion if we were to do that would to make god tier require a certain amount of nominations, same for below shit tier.

48f785  No.1717

Duba's not on the list because as a second year BSGD I'd never had him. Well not after CS101 where he seemed like a total bro. However, I'm not familiar enough to comment.

Where would -YOU- put him?

48f785  No.1740

I'd put him at mid tier

File: 1420763019568.gif (150.19 KB, 500x381, 500:381, J5tdjon[1].gif)

a3ac1f  No.128[Reply]

8chan's back!

Let's celebrate with this absolute gem of a reddit thread:

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

a3ac1f  No.135

I love how faggots are pointing out it's his porn account.

Stupid fucks giving a shit about the wrong things.

a3ac1f  No.140

This thread keeps getting better.

a3ac1f  No.141

Holy shit, I can't believe there's a board on 8chan dedicated to DigiPen

Holy shit, I can't believe I was ever going to apply to this place

a3ac1f  No.1727

Fucking pretentious art fags

a3ac1f  No.1728


754706  No.1691[Reply]

Everyone always says 8==D, but what if 8!=D?

754706  No.1694

File: 1428354193501.png (Spoiler Image, 607.2 KB, 1853x924, 1853:924, 1413382994397.png)

benis :DDD

754706  No.1699

a part of me really wants to put the 8==D conditional in one of my programming assignments for shits and giggles.

754706  No.1700

Hehe.. BANG operator..

File: 1427844741849.jpg (19.1 KB, 178x240, 89:120, dpfc.jpg)

9e34db  No.1395[Reply]

and there is no dp professor fight club Feel free to use the soap, though.
11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

9e34db  No.1530


Technically, you also had access to real blood. But people at Digipen aren't like that.

9e34db  No.1534

I actually don't have blood. Thanks to DigiPen it's mostly caffeine.

9e34db  No.1688

Week 177 results: Parry v. Kmiec

Parry in 3:22 by submission: Omoplata Both contestants suffered substantial injuries that will keep them sidelined for a few weeks:
Parry: Bilateral L5-S1 spondylolysis (lower lumbar fractures)
Kmiec: Torn rotator cuff, multiple metacarpal fractures

9e34db  No.1689

>>1688 what's next weeks lineup?

9e34db  No.1692

178: Hanson (4-2-1) v. Moehrle (17-0)

Hanson is going to have a tough one here. Vegas has Moehrle as a 20:1 favorite, and given the line of corpses Master Moehrle has left in his wake Peters, Martins, Woods, JeffJeff, a gofundme for the general pool of his defeated is really called for.

Nominations are being taken for week 179.

97a95a  No.1677[Reply]

While most college people that I know get the major Christian holidays off(incl Easter monday), the school doesn't seem to acknowledge it. On the other hand, we got Our Glorious Leader's birthday off. What does that say that we get Claude's birthday off but not a major religious holiday?

97a95a  No.1679

It says the school is run by a pretentious asshole.

97a95a  No.1680

Most Christian schools get Friday and Monday off. West coast public schools do not. I don't know of any private west coast that have Monday off unless they're explicitly religious.
I think we should all get our birthdays off. Once we have enough classmates, we can stop showing up for school entirely!
Seriously, what is up with that?
We should demand an SJW day off instead.

97a95a  No.1684

Wow, WOW! Claude's the best! …..
or else

File: 1428197606081.png (832.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Koth.png)

7fd259  No.1634[Reply]

Can we stop with the goddamn social media screencaps from people reacting to the board? It doesn't take much to find out who posted what if you're decently connected on whatever social network, and it's kind of lending towards talking shit about specific current DigiPen students.
13 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7fd259  No.1657


Is it really that bad though? Is it bad for people on this board to react to somebody posting on facebook? If you're going to be stupid enough to make a social media post for all of your friends to see, some of which use this board, and act surprised when people start calling you out or sending you private messages, then you deserve it. Twitter blowups work the same way and, in some sense, how people are handling this is an excellent exercise in social media management. If you're posting on an anonymous board and bitching about things, well have fun with that. It is unlikely to ever be under scrutiny by the public anytime soon because of the general nature of an anonymous board. On the flip side however if you're a named individual who is actively linking to and publicly denouncing this group, what does that say about you and your use of social media as well as your vulnerabilities?

To social media users: On this board, each and every one of us is a faceless entity. When you're on social media, by making posts like some of these screenshotters, that person has just put themselves on a pedestal for everyone to either praise or shame, and it seems like public shaming has been the popular item on the menu as of late. Recently, I saw a student break down in the cafeteria because of making a facebook post about this group, talking shit, and then getting bombarded with hate mail afterwards. That is their fault, not ours. They've singled themselves out and now people are giving some of them a hard time and those people might be board users or not. Everybody could learn a thing or two from Adam Orth and his infamous fuck-up. This is like that but on a much smaller scale but we're also a much smaller school. You guys do the math. It's basically like playing with fire.

7fd259  No.1658

I had to make an addendum. Don't be that guy that actually tries to harass people because of stupid stuff like this. That's never a good idea.

7fd259  No.1661

They're already choosing to publicize it. Get over it.

7fd259  No.1666

File: 1428222259408.png (770.48 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, neverleaving.png)

Yeah, but if we're constantly going "Look at this brown-nosing piece of shit," it won't be long before every legitimate complaint shared here gets ignored because it's the board where people go to anonymously mock non-anonymous students.

That said, I'm just one person and I don't have much stake in this game, other than hoping that DigiPen loses its accreditation so that I can get a refund since I'm leaving for a normie college. Do what you will.

7fd259  No.1673

As if people can't the difference between valid complaints and shit posting.

Shit posting will always be a thing. People do it to burn off stress and is harmless. Welcome to the Internet.

File: 1427876960122.png (9.08 KB, 600x500, 6:5, 1414743054855.png)

d2d477  No.1404[Reply]

My digisenses tell me a thing is incoming. Could be incoming, anyway. If it is, I hope that it doesn't produce DigiDrama™, but, you never know.
14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

d2d477  No.1526


d2d477  No.1528

>W upside down is M
>M stands for Martin
>OP saw it coming.

d2d477  No.1529

>W…M… MW…
>Call of Duty 4 predicted Martin leaving

d2d477  No.1543

ITT: autistic fuck thinks he's clever.

sad to hear about martin tho. he's a bro.

d2d477  No.1545

Maybe it's set to Wumbo?

3118e6  No.1514[Reply]

Seeing as opinions are fairly spread as to which teachers are actually worthwhile, aside from based Mead, I ask /digipen/ this: Name the two teachers you most dislike and provide why. Or for all you positives out there name your favorite and why, then get their dick out of your mouth.

3118e6  No.1517

3118e6  No.1533


8de475  No.1424[Reply]

Any good roommate stories from housing people?

I had three morons to deal with, a dude who wouldn't stop jacking off while I was trying to sleep, an idiot who thought running his laptop through the dryer would be a good way to dry it, and a prissy overpriveliged dude who thought everything had to accommodate him because of his rich parents. (I wasn't much better, all this stress plus DigiPen plus a death in my family left me with a short fuse)

One of my favorite stories about these idiots is that jackoff loved to cook awful burgers. He submerged then in oil in the frying pan, and then seared the outside, leaving the inside completely raw. One time he was cooking and noticed smoke coming out of the pan. Logically, he concluded that water put out fire, so he put the getting pan under the sink. I looked up from the couch when I noticed an orange glow from the kitchen, to see jack off staring dumbfounded at a 6 foot column of flames. Nobody was hurt, but prissy starts screaming and whining, I explain to jackoff that we have a fire extinguisher, and then go to bed after double checking my smoke detector in case he tried to cook again that night.
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

8de475  No.1430

File: 1427957039979.jpg (2.56 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, the-starry-night-1889(1).jpg)

Another lackluster story about Prissy Dude: One time for an assignment, Jackoff had to write about why video games were a form of art. He yells that he doesn't care and wishes he could just write "Video games are not art" and submit it. Prissy hears this, and misinterprets it as Jackoff not thinking it's art. Prissy goes off on a tangent about what beauty is, and whether a painting was art, and why. Jackoff is getting annoyed by Prissy yakking on and on, and tells him to get to the point. Prissy then defines beauty as "something you can fornicate with" (Yes, seriously. He was that prissy). Jackoff doesn't have "fornicate" in his mental dictionary, so Prissy winds up having to explain that his simplified definition of beauty is something you'd fuck. (Oh yeah, Starry Night, I'd sure tap that)

After a whole thing of "art isn't something you can quantify", I jokingly pull up a clip from Futurama where Zoidberg calls out "One art please!" And this pushes Prissy over the edge.

He dashes at me, and is about to beat my ass with the fucking chair he was sitting on, before he manages to calm the fuck down. Fucking maladjusted snob. Prissy was pretty strong, so I'm grateful that he actually managed to get a hold of himself.

8de475  No.1442

>Jackoff doesn't have "fornicate" in his mental dictionary
How ironic.
You could probably describe that moment alone as art.

8de475  No.1443

I like how this thread is better than the "complain about teammates" thread because pretty much all of the jackasses in these tales dropped out nearly immediately

8de475  No.1446

One of the three roommates in my stories is still around, though I probably shouldn't say more.

8de475  No.1457

Oh Jesus. I enjoyed living with my roommates for the year I did, but there's some stories there.

One of my roommates hid in our closet because he got upset when my brother (who was visiting) beat him at Call of Duty.

File: 1423897733793.png (59.7 KB, 454x200, 227:100, Triad.png)

59e330  No.267[Reply]

ITT: The Triad. Thoughts? Opinions?

Criticisms of my shitty picture mock up?
20 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

59e330  No.1374

>>Networked character sheet for d&d
>>Data collection
>>Heuristic based cheat detection
>>Web based apps/interfaced
What the fuck even is DigiPen anymore. When do we learn how to make video games.

59e330  No.1376

BSCS isn't video games.. at a video game school. Trying to be a real school here

59e330  No.1379

we'll never be a real school.

59e330  No.1380

Nope, never. But they have to do the CS degree for the accreditation.

>Networked D&D character sheet

Are they going to actually finish Project Morningstar? Last I heard Trapdoor was running a kickstarter for the project Wizards already paid them to, so obviously there's money in getting paid multiple times for the same damn job.

59e330  No.1456

Rachel's team on ones are the only worthwhile aspect of the triad, and of course your mileage may vary on that one.

Beeman is genuinely helpful when she gives full attention to a project but otherwise doesn't really help.

Peters was the most helpful, but he's gone now..

The rhino is useless and self obsessed. He keeps pushing his music terminology applied to games. More concerned with the taxonomy of design than actually designing a worthwhile game

File: 1426741907951.jpg (40.33 KB, 500x375, 4:3, WindowsRepair.jpg)

d75dce  No.1047[Reply]

Professors have recently discovered the board.
43 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d75dce  No.1385

no idea what you're even talking about but also what is "our age"? 18? 24? 35?

d75dce  No.1386

My point was that you really shouldn't be grossed out by someone who has already had sex.

"Our Age" referring to 18+.

d75dce  No.1387

do you even know the definition of the term "sloppy seconds/thirds/fourths/fifths"? Hint: it's not about having sex with a non-virgin. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=sloppy+seconds

d75dce  No.1390

File: 1427836059357.jpg (43.45 KB, 412x418, 206:209, 1416538164615.jpg)


Yeah… I think you're a bit off there, friendo.

Though maybe it's just an unfamiliar subject matter?

d75dce  No.1391

Yup; unfamiliar subject matter. My mistake.

File: 1423961546911-0.jpg (178.37 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, dpah0.jpg)

File: 1423961546911-1.jpg (197.36 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, dpah1.jpg)

File: 1423961546911-2.jpg (233.62 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, dpah2.jpg)

File: 1423961546911-3.jpg (198.88 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, dpah3.jpg)

File: 1423961546911-4.jpg (197.79 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, dpah4.jpg)

5cbabf  No.322[Reply]

If I finished making this and put a copy in the rec room, how long do you think it would be before it was confiscated?
33 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5cbabf  No.814

It doesn't matter. All of them.

5cbabf  No.852

Today's lunch special - ___ covered in macaroni and cheese

5cbabf  No.1214

OP here, apologies if the cards in the current PDFs aren't quite up to snuff, especially the black cards. More suggestions = more cards! And yes there are many suggestions here that I still need to go through and phrase well.

Also I'll add "blank cards" to the PDFs in the next release.

5cbabf  No.1235

806, stupid fucking hats in general is pretty fucking stupid. I've even seen one person wear one of those SS hats and had to knock it off his head. Seriously, some people show up to school like their parents have dressed them their whole lives and this is their first go at it.

5cbabf  No.1389

File: 1427834528089.jpg (1.43 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_20150331_134158.jpg)

OP here, cleaning up stuff to move apartments, came upon a limited-edition early alpha DPAH card.

728edb  No.1348[Reply]

This morning I came to school and found that i couldn't connect to the internet through the ethernet cable. I went to IT, and it turns out they blocked me for pirating a movie. This would normally be ok, I mean, I did it so I deserve it, but the problem is that I did it last year and was just now blocked. I haven't done anything wrong in such a long time it kind of felt arbitrary that they would keep me from working right when I was about to do my pre-grade.
Just ranting a bit, I guess this can be an IT rage/story thread. IT is welcome to join in, I think you guys are doing great work except for this incident
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

728edb  No.1361

>at school
You retarded? Anyhow, IT is slow as shit for everything so I'm not even surprise it took that long, but to slap you on the wrist despite what it says in the conduct book? Whoa somebody is being nice.

728edb  No.1362

>>1348 You're dumb

728edb  No.1363


You are a dumbass. Are you seriously so god damn thick that you don't understand? Yeah sure whatever it took some time, but are you seriously that fucking stupid that you thought the amount of time would make it okay?

728edb  No.1368

ITT: op bitches that IT was nice and didn't go Claude on his ass. Seriously, if you go to Pokemon club and talk to the alumni who show up they'll tell you about people expelled for less

728edb  No.1383

IT is hit or miss depending on who you're dealing with. There are the two dudes in the back by the window that are friendly and seriously know their shit, and they've helped me and a bunch of other people I know out.

Then there are also the fucking morons that can't fix a goddamn paper jam in the printer. (seriously) IT was like "nope no can do", so one of my friends just said "fuck it" and fixed it in 5 minutes himself.

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