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56af51  No.1215[Reply]

Let's make an update that breaks the code for half the games, and push it a week before Beta and 3 weeks before final! What could possibly go wrong?

Seriously, what the FUCK, Zero Team?
Everyone doing GAM150 right now, do not update your shit.
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56af51  No.1340

"teaching" is not an excuse to force people to use the piece of shit that zero and zilch are. They aren't a more valuable learning tool than literally anything else out there and more often than not they stand in the way of learning. For example, if you are a designer in a GAT class you should be learning, working on and being graded on your DESIGN skills, it's a DESIGN class after all, but right now its more an alpha test zero and the non-existent and wrong documentation class, which is bullshit and something designers should be fighting for. They are being robbed of what, $25k with the classes that force them to use zero? Not even DigiPen teams are willing to hire the designers DigiPen is putting out right now, that should be a big red flag.

And yes, your Unity and Unreal skills can, have, and will continue to land people jobs everywhere, even over a 4.0 DigiPen grad if that person only knows zero and zilch, because employees that don't need to be trained and can be productive right away are always preferred, specially on short term positions.

DigiPen is a SCHOOL, they need to TEACH you what you need to know to go through it and be successful afterwards, instead of hindering and crippling you by forcing shit like zero and zilch down your throat because they need alpha and beta testers for it. You shouldn't, ever, need to go through entire summers of independent learning just to be able to get through DigiPen or be on a game team, if you do, DigiPen has failed to provide you with what they promised: The basic learning.

56af51  No.1342

nice get dude

56af51  No.1346


Shrug, get enough people in your program to petition to allow for Unity use earlier on. It's really the only way to get what you want.

56af51  No.1347

You don't even need to say this.Space.GameSession.Whaterver.
You can simply say this.GameSession.

Also, two words: Static. Variables.
They are a thing now.

56af51  No.1357


Hey, look at that. Good job dude.

(And yeah, statics yo.)

5e78ac  No.1288[Reply]

Hey, I'm a sophomore bsgd considering leaving the school and getting a cs degree elsewhere. Rtises and bsgds, why have you stuck around?

5e78ac  No.1289

Sophomore BSGD here, I'm doing the same thing, but going for a job straight-up instead of another degree. No time or money for that shit, DigiPen took all of it.

5e78ac  No.1290

Fair enough. I figure that I can push back my loans by enrolling in community college, so I'm not to concerned about money in the short term and still have a degree to show for it.

5e78ac  No.1305

I like the pain

5e78ac  No.1343

Lemme be real with you OP, this thread got me thinking. What was the value of DP for me this past year? What was I getting out of my tuition?

The answer: more than I thought
For all the shitting on digipen for "only giving us basic cs classes and some teamwork skills", I actively tried to pursue as many avenues for knowledge as I could and I have learned a ton now that I look back on it. If I were some fuck who went to class, submitted assignments, and did nothing else with my time I would probably feel like Digipen is over-priced, and im not denying it is, but I think i got my money's worth.

Learned godly CS with mead
Made a GAM, learned some things along the way
Made a few interesting things in GAT
Learned some shit from Chris Peters that I wish I learned earlier
Accepted Ellinger's "game design" as ONLY a cool way to look at what your players might be interested in about your game
Gone to fascinating lectures from companies like Valve, Facebook, and Amazon
Learned a bunch about project mgmt from producer club
Learned a bunch from Game Engine Architecture Club videos
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

5e78ac  No.1351

Appreciate the sentiment. I want to put it out there that I'm not saying I got nothing out of the school. I'm just extremely unhappy here, not for lack of trying. Overall, the school just doesn't feel right for me.

That in mind, I do want to pursue a career in the industry, and I'm aware it'll be harder without the DigiPen degree, but I don't think even with the work over these 2 years equates to what I've spent on this school.

File: 1427447765784.jpg (108.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, mean-people-suck-nice--lar….jpg)

358bc5  No.1261[Reply]

Hey guys, (Girls if any) [Maybe Trans, or Kitchen Drones]

I'm sure a lot of us are not only nerds, or maybe not at all. We know how real world works, not just the anime and videogames Pangea.

I've met remarkable people in this Beta college, and we have been partying and gone clubbing together.
Some of us, make a normal non-Digilife: We workout, play sports and have either dates or an off-site campus GF.
And we manage to pass, get nice grades and make something with our lives besides being all-day-long in front of a screen.

Does anyone else run into the issue, where people give you bad looks because of being fit?
Or maybe because they know you like to drink / smoke some weed?
Or because you actually shower and use colony/deodorant on the mornings?
Or because you are able to speak about sports, girls, politics and so on with anybody?

Sounds so retarded, but I believe the average Non-Typical-Digipen student gets actually BULLIED in this place.
Ofc, I find it funny, as I have a more interesting life than them from my point of view.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
17 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

358bc5  No.1331

>Here's a list of reasons I'm super cool
>ppl don't like me being super cool I bet they're just jealous beta loser scoopers :(
Holy shit, OP, maybe you're just abrasive, quit trying to pin your problems on every other human being.

Consider it training for the real world. In a large city you can get straight up sucker punched for talking to a person. Strangers are strange, yo.

358bc5  No.1334

spoiler alert: if you're the one starting bullshit conversations with random people, you're the one with autism. it's you.

358bc5  No.1336

Not sure if you're being serious or not. Suffice to say, people with down syndrome have a particular look about them…and no, I don't find them particularly attractive.

I'm saying that there are very few good looking guys at this school either. However, I don't swing that way, and have always had a hard time telling if a guy is attractive. Many times I've referred to a guy as "goofy looking" only to have female friends tell me how hot he is, or refer to a guy as handsome for them to respond and call him unattractive.

358bc5  No.1338


i know it's hard for you to believe, but some of us aren't so socially crippled we're afraid of talking to new people

I've met some of my best friends because I said some stupid random thing to the guy next to me and he went with it

keep being one of the few people here that's friendly and silly

358bc5  No.1341

Spoiler alert, some people are more social than you and will actually start conversations from time to time. I hope that your beautiful isolated world doesn't come crashing down from this SHOCKING revelation, but quite a few people enjoy a good conversation once in a while.

Man the fuck up and stop trying to defend YOUR inability to talk to people as autism on the part of the person who had the misfortune of talking to you.

File: 1426307920841.jpg (7.11 KB, 225x224, 225:224, url.jpg)

9a9304  No.925[Reply]

So, how about that BFA town hall meeting?
For anyone who wasn't there, at least four people burst into tears and more than 60% of the BFA's are suicidal or depressed because of Digipen. Administration and faculty have some shit to fix and some useless psychologists to fire.
21 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

9a9304  No.1318

File: 1427668776574.jpg (96.51 KB, 500x396, 125:99, sausagethief.jpg)

Even when taking a BFA class? If so that's fucked up and makes even less sense. And now that I think about it I recall having an art class with Chuck Wood in my second year that graded everyone (20/80 bagd/bfa split) by that policy, but it was a weird class. I think it might have even been obsolete from the program by the time I took it.

9a9304  No.1321

Well if they made the BAGD program as hard as the BFA they would lose a lot of profits

9a9304  No.1322

If they made the BAGD program as hard as the BFA program, we'd have a lot less annoying students.

9a9304  No.1323

>>1322 implying they care about that

9a9304  No.1330

I'm implying I care about that.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a376ef  No.968[Reply]

Anyone got any stories about working in teams (blah blah confines of the rules, don't identify your teammates that stuff)?
13 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

a376ef  No.1219

Not a team story but the douche I had to room with because of DigiPen housing is a fucking Nazi about his desk. I set an empty glass I found on the floor on it and he threw a fit. Crying and everything.

a376ef  No.1234

Haha, if you want to talk about shitty roommate stories, I can tell you about the guy that literally shit on everything and I had to live with him.

a376ef  No.1237

I had a roommate who didn't flush toilet paper. He put it in the trash can, and never took out the goddamn trash.

a376ef  No.1242

Yo my DigiPen housing roommate first semester used to get wasted drunk almost every night and masturbate in our shared room when he thought I was asleep, and then we started second semester and he overslept and missed class, but he had shaved his pubes in the shower (presumably drunkenly) the previous night and not even washed them down the drain, so I started my second semester off by taking a hasty shower in a shower full of pubes, then running to class (don't have a car). Thankfully he dropped out a couple weeks into second semester and I got the room to myself for the rest of the semester, but Jesus, he was a complete sack of shit and I'm glad he's gone.

a376ef  No.1244

Fucking tell us the story already you cock tease.

My contribution I guess: First year, I had some BFA faggot roommate who was scrawny and introverted as FUCK. He was incredibly non-confrontational and super passive-aggressive, the usual shit. Except he'd never take out the recycling (each roommate did a chore, that was his) so by the end of the year we had actually filled out our apartment deck with cans and boxes and shit (he drank a fucking lot of soda).

Furthermore, he left halfeaten food all over the place, and when someone else put the food on his desk to get it out of our way, he flipped out and emailed his mom saying we were bullying him. More fun shit: he stole rent money from us, tried to get his lawyer mom to kick us out of the apartment (they failed, idiots), and slept on the couch under a blanket that sometimes had pizza slices on it.

Also one of my other roommates in Junior year tried to jerk off when I was in the room one morning. All it took was a "Dude, come on, fuckin stop" but shit, really? Fucking digipenners, get your shit together.

b3a741  No.995[Reply]

Hi guys,

I'm a perspective student who'd really like to get into game design but in reading through this thread it seems like a lot of the designers aren't well liked.

Is there a big reason for the hate? Are all design students at the school bad/hard to deal with? Or is it only just some giving the rest bad names?
15 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

b3a741  No.1126

Again, it sounds like you're just generalizing. Most of the oldest students at DigiPen that I know are either BAGD's or BFA's.

b3a741  No.1159

>says someone is generalizing.
>is generalizing himself.

Come on man.

BAGD are incredibly common. Of course some are old.

Doesn't change the fact that most are 18.

b3a741  No.1183

Is there anywhere to view the enrollment statistics, or are both generalizations anecdotal? I'm doubting both sides of the story but don't know of any resources to confirm either one.

b3a741  No.1202

What I said wasn't a generalization. I don't think you know what that word means. I didn't say "all BAGD's are older", I said that most of the older students THAT I KNOW are BAGD's or BFA's. In fact, the only students THAT I KNOW (the age of at least) who are over the age of 29 are either BFA's or BAGD's.

http://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/?q=DigiPen&s=all&id=443410 has the information, but it's not tracked on a degree program basis. 77% of the school is "college aged"…under the age of 25. According to my friend here, that means that 77% of the school is BAGD :-P

b3a741  No.1240

Hmm.. tough to gauge, then. If you assume a homogenous spread, then you'd get the generalization that BAGDs are younger. That said, it's probably the sampling of people you hang with - I tend to spend more time with people my age or slightly older, but I've met people on the more extreme end here. Having met both, I can't say that I know for sure, but am inclined to think that a majority of BAGDs are "college aged."

64e7ba  No.1156[Reply]

I get it, a lot of BAGDs are rich, social retards, with zero levels of introspection. I'm not any of those things for one, and I'm not intellectually retarded either. I know you guys need BAGDs who can code and I need help as to where I can start! (I want to be an indie so obviously coding is a given).

I'm actually going to a community college for a year to get some classes dealt with because Jesus fucking Christ DigiPen is expensive, so even then I have tons of time to learn more things I need to know to become a decent BAGD.
4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

64e7ba  No.1175

I come to the conclusion that there has to be like maybe 1% of all digipen students working at an actual established game studio. So where did the other 99% go to school?

64e7ba  No.1194

Other 99% of the industry? Or other 99% of the student body?

64e7ba  No.1195

More or less, yeah this guy is right. BAGD is a bullshit degree and you shouldn't go after it. Doesn't mean you can't get a job, it just means you're working harder to obtain a job considering your degree is extremely limited in a flooded market. A market where people that have no education are hired, because they made something that was successful. Top it off a designer is everyone on the team.

It's like going to a beauty school to learn where your garbage man gets hired instead of you with your degree. BAGD is bad.. or rather risky investment of 4 years. 2 years? I may argue otherwise.

A lot of the degrees are new so information isn't public yet. You can always request the information since it must be public since the school gets funding from the government.

Though where people work? Who knows. If I had to pull a number out my ass of those who do get jobs I'd say probably 1/3~half of the students work in the video game industry.

64e7ba  No.1204

>I come to the conclusion that there has to be like maybe 1% of all digipen students working at an actual established game studio. So where did the other 99% go to school?

I'll clear this up. I meant the 1% is every digipen student ever, past and present. The 99% is everyone else who didn't go to Digipen is working at a game studio.

Put it this way, what are the odds you're going to be working with someone that also attended DP?

Lastly, don't use 1% and 99% as evidence, it's just numbers I'm throwing based on how I feel. I could easily say 10% and 90%. It's whatever.

64e7ba  No.1239

I wasn't using it as evidence. I assumed that you were using hyperbole, and was just confused on your wording. Industry composition is a mix of a few things. For instance, check the Princeton Review on game design schools, and you'll see there are quite a few places to go at this point for game-related education. Other than that you could probably make a safe bet on MIT, any college with a decent non-game CS program, and probably a few Communications majors, since again, this is a relatively new industry and credentials are not quite as important as DigiPen claims they are.

File: 1427397542681.jpg (28.84 KB, 967x725, 967:725, tmp_31427-1427153534875170….jpg)

48b5aa  No.1224[Reply]

>beans in chili
Absolutely disgusting.

48b5aa  No.1228

I'm generally not a fan of chili, but isn't that the point to have beans in it?

48b5aa  No.1233

Oh no, my vegan tendencies are offended!

48b5aa  No.1250

Chili purists will tell you that beans don't belong in Chile, neither does rice or corn. Ask any Texan, beans don't belong in chile.

File: 1427237828224.jpg (39.45 KB, 581x337, 581:337, princeton-review-logo.jpg)

805676  No.1185[Reply]

>"Congratulations Dragons! We kicked butt on the Princeton Review so It is time for a reward we say! What kind of reward? Free Entree tomorrow! It will be beef with roasted potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding (aka Popovers!). It will be delicious, but alas there will be only 400 servings!"

Obviously Princeton didn't look into BFA morale for their review. But hey, at least the first 400 people to get to the cafeteria in a school of ~1000 students get FREE FOOD.

805676  No.1190

Golly gee they sure did a thorough job on their investigation

805676  No.1211

Speaking of which, did anybody else take the opportunity to shit on the school for the surveys yesterday? I did. It felt fucking therapeutic even if it won't amount to jack shit.

4aa8b8  No.1109[Reply]

What's good at the LAN party this time?

4aa8b8  No.1115


4aa8b8  No.1121

I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

4aa8b8  No.1124

It was actually pretty fun, but there was never any food when I went to the cafeteria, which kinda pissed me off.

4aa8b8  No.1128

Well then you fucked up and didn't go down to get food on the hour, when it's supposed to be there. I went down at midnight and just waltzed through and got like five slices of pizza.

4aa8b8  No.1203

>Well then you fucked up and didn't go down to get food on the hour
I got in line for pizza at 10pm when it was supposed to be there and by the time I got through they had two slices of Hawaiian Pizza and the rest was Cheese, which was also almost gone.

5f442f  No.1172[Reply]

Please fucking shower. The stench at the lan party made me want to stick used toilet paper up my nostrils for relief.

5f442f  No.1191

well why didn't you, mister smarty pants? huh??

5f442f  No.1192

Obviously the smell had driven all rational thought from his mind.

5f442f  No.1196


5f442f  No.1200


5f442f  No.1201


52af19  No.1180[Reply]


File: 1426834026811.png (15.95 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, TehrelMascont.png)

cf4445  No.1082[Reply]

C+C appreciated

The points on it represent the different degrees. Except I'm not good at Photoshop and had to redraw it.

cf4445  No.1083

I call it "The Fightin' Diagram"

On the far right point is the CE students, middle right is RTIS, Two points at the bottom are the SD students, the far left are the BFAs, and the two points in the center are BAGD and BSGD respectively.

cf4445  No.1085

File: 1426839273596.jpg (26.49 KB, 250x296, 125:148, hDNknXb.jpg)

You did it, a post so damn stupid I have no way to respond.

cf4445  No.1178

This is more representative of digipen than a dragon: it's almost as autistic as the students! I like it, OP. All you need now is a BFA rendering.

86d44c  No.1150[Reply]

Dear Dragons:

ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges) has scheduled an on-site evaluation for March 24-25. This is a regular review of all the operations at DigiPen, and takes place once every five years. The ACCSC on-site evaluators may visit your class to survey students, ask questions or observe.

Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Meighan McKelvey
Sr. VP, Administration
DigiPen Institute of Technology

86d44c  No.1184

In all seriousness, plz dont fuck this up; I'm transferring and would like to try and keep my math credits if at all possible. :P

86d44c  No.1189

Seriously? Your thread title can be translated as: "Don't say what you think to the evaluators."

File: 1427076400707.png (202.25 KB, 884x449, 884:449, producer.png)

fa5290  No.1130[Reply]

I have only been here for three years and seriously, why are there so many people who want to be producers? How did this get popular?
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

fa5290  No.1140

Well then you had a pretty awesome first semester. I was on a team with someone who ended up being a prominent member of the student body eventually, but was a total "ideas man" first semester. I ended up quitting the team and never looked back. Glad you were able to avoid such a situation.

fa5290  No.1145

>First semester
what you on m8

fa5290  No.1146

Again, it's not me who has this mentality, it's at least three people I've known and lived with that do. Of them, one is a prominent member of the student body, one is a poor designer, and one dropped the fuck out.

fa5290  No.1148

I see what you guys are saying but I honestly just don't like it. The school used to be about small teams making cool shit.

Now we have teams that are large so they can justify a producer (and I am sure there is some art bullshit in there too.) there are too many people here that just aren't producer material, and the few that are don't have the experience to be a producer.

A dude that dropped out who became a producer at the start of the year even did a guest lecture thing for a COM class and even he said its a bad idea to try and become a producer with only DigiPen under a persons belt.

fa5290  No.1149

Calling Digipen team producers producers is an insult to real producers.

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