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File: 1427061012891.jpg (414.19 KB, 2048x1153, 2048:1153, digicar.jpg)

c90fd7  No.1122[Reply]

Figured out why cafeteria prices are so high!

c90fd7  No.1123

Why the hell would the school sponsor a NASCAR driver?

c90fd7  No.1127

DigiPen makes a lot of its income from contracting out the R&D department. One of their biggest clients is a Formula1 team. Don't quote me, but I think it's the Lotus team.

d327d8  No.982[Reply]

4% and a fucking pax offer.
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d327d8  No.1096

Wait, you are telling me favoritism is at play when choosing who goes to PAX and which games get more attention than others? No way! /sarcasm

d327d8  No.1106

It's almost as if giving people you like preference over the most qualified individuals is industry standard!

d327d8  No.1107

Well also you get paid for your work in the real world, so your equivalence is pretty false. This is a school, not a job. Good job of being brainwashed though.

d327d8  No.1108

I dunno, it's pretty true that it's more about your connections than your skill level(though the latter IS important).

d327d8  No.1125

Did I say anything about that excusing it? The industry as a whole has serious issues, and is unwilling to bring in new individuals that doesn't fit it's definition of "valuable" employees. DigiPen is a pretty prime example of chasing out individuals that don't fit into a very narrow definition of that.

dd7391  No.888[Reply]

I'll go first

Thou shalt not criticize thy programmers art unless thou can make better art than thy programmer.

Someone else go.
9 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

dd7391  No.1104

Thou shalt not skip playtesting thy game.

dd7391  No.1111

File: 1426999663384.png (99.44 KB, 606x529, 606:529, ClipboardImage.png)

Let's drop the old english.

Don't be a dick to your teammates.
Don't be afraid to pivot on your original ideas.
Don't make games that look great but play like balls.
Don't start with just a mechanic, or with just a story - consider both as equally as you can.
Don't take what other people tell you as the "one true way" or anything like that.
Don't be afraid to ask for help if it means you or your game will be better for it.
Always consider the ROI on losing sleep. Chances are it's not worth it.
Don't take this time for granted. "Real life" is much harder than this.
If your playtesters all think that the same thing needs to be changed, then they're probably right.
Don't be afraid to kill your "babies" in exchange for making something better.

I'll say more later.

dd7391  No.1113


you are right, rephrase these in old English or make a new thread.

dd7391  No.1118

No. New Commandment:
Thou shalt only use Olde English when writing thine commandments.

dd7391  No.1120

File: 1427026246184.jpg (13.92 KB, 340x375, 68:75, oe_800_40oz__large.jpg)

Thou shalt consider Olde English as a solution to dealing with frustrations with DigiPen.

File: 1427004569632.png (541.81 KB, 3075x1541, 3075:1541, OcculusMeatSpin.PNG)

de948e  No.1112[Reply]

Digipen can make your dreams come true if you just believe.

de948e  No.1114

I am trying to figure out why you made this thread.

de948e  No.1117

Protip, Sage goes in every field.

de948e  No.1129

This thread sucks.

de948e  No.1137

at least it pushed one of the shittier threads off the front page.

de948e  No.1144

idk, this thread is pretty fucking garbage

File: 1426645611617.jpg (17.02 KB, 320x180, 16:9, podium.jpg)

b71070  No.1015[Reply]

Hey guys, now that this board is being linked to on peoples' Facebooks and stuff, along with us just hitting >>1000 today, I figured that now would be as good of a time as any to restate the purpose of this board.

This board was created due to student frustrations with the way the Redmond campus of DigiPen Institute of Technology is run. However, I hope I have made it very clear that, outside of rule violations ( http://8ch.net/digipen/rules.html ), I have not done any tone-policing or editing or deleting of any threads or posts, whether I agree with them or not. This is meant to be a platform for open, anonymous discussion of any DigiPen campus, DigiPen as a whole, and the various day-to-day problems that students at the school run into.

Rule violations will not be tolerated, but anything else is fair game. 8chan is not a person, and /digipen/ is not a person. It is tempting to think of them as people, because everyone is anonymous and you can't necessarily discern who is who (especially since the Unique ID system falls apart because many people post from within DigiPen, and 8chan identifies them as "the same person"). Keep in mind that people here have many different beliefs and backgrounds. Just a simple glance at the "secret bathroom" thread should be enough to prove that.

So now I'm going to open this to any questions or concerns that anyone has about the board or whatever. I'm open to hearing what anyone has to say.

Or you can just call me a faggot or whatever I guess.

b71070  No.1017

File: 1426647179659.jpg (124.68 KB, 561x449, 561:449, Untitled-2.jpg)

>goes to digimouthbia

jk, thanks for this cesspool to rinse my tryhard off after a long day of anal rape

b71070  No.1018

For whatever it's worth, thanks for a place to vent after the bullshit this school puts us through.

And thanks to whatever god or gods exist that I'm not a BFA.

b71070  No.1029

Thank you for this place. Sometimes I wish it was a bit less toxic, but the anonymity really helps bring up harsh complaints without the fear of backlash.
Also, I want to say that I appreciate you removing names from posts without actually removing posts.

b71070  No.1087

I'm still waiting for 8chan to turn into the host of a number of college imageboards. The potential for lulz and shit talk is too much to pass up.

b71070  No.1092

I feel personally that it wouldn't work as well for other schools. A board for a university would have many more posters, and be hard to police. Also, you'd probably mostly just get the nerds at a university posting on 8chan, but DigiPen has a larger nerd percentage than everywhere else so it's not a big deal here. Finally, I don't think most schools have the same deep-rooted issues that ours does.
Post last edited at

File: 1426711479251.png (16.36 KB, 216x76, 54:19, Untitled.png)

1d9ac4  No.1042[Reply]

Does anyone now what that is there for?

1d9ac4  No.1044

IT uses it to track the general usage of the printers. It's more of a statistical thing than anything else according to them. Though they've said that they use it to check for abuse, but I've never heard anyone say they've been tagged for it.

I think it's probably also there as a psychological deterrent for overusing resources, but that's just opinion.

1d9ac4  No.1045

It's a high score for GAT classes - whoever has the largest number at the end of the month wins ice cream.

..actually, that'd be pretty nice.

1d9ac4  No.1046

I remember Duba having somthing like -2000 or something back in cs100

1d9ac4  No.1050

I heard that when Claude goes to hand you your diploma at the graduation ceremony, when he hands you your diploma he grips it firmly without letting go and whispers into your ear….

"You owe us 5000 dP Gold points still…"

0337bc  No.1022[Reply]

Goodness gracious! WHY why are we expected to produce industry-ready products during our time in this school if we are not even taught how to? The point is to PRACTICE making video games, not to make a AAA title! So fed up with that attitude toward student work! You have made a game? Great! It works? Awesome! It even has decent design?! WOW, just for that you already should get an "A+", not a freaking "F".

0337bc  No.1024

What games are you talking about? I've never seen what I see as "acceptable" get below a C, and that's because if you look at the rubric, everything that they want you to do(except the unspoken and not understood stuff that magically gets teams like Atmos doted upon) is listed in clear detail.

0337bc  No.1025

Can you explain to me sir what "Smooth Fills" means because I'm a BSGD and I don't have a fucking clue.

0337bc  No.1026

To quote Ellinger "It's ON my website" (Probably)

And really, just say that you have it and you'll get it in the grading process. Because nobody else knows what the fuck Ellinger's talking about.

358657  No.5[Reply]

I'm drunk and pissed at DigiPen.

Let's face it, you probably are too.

Let's talk about the bullshit and corruption at what should be the greatest school of all time but is actually a flaming pile of fucking garbage, together.

Note that I have no clue how to post as board owner or anything so fuck it.

also I wanted /dp/ but that's some porn thing apparently
17 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

358657  No.994

"Socially retarded" is accurate. I've seen people physically brace themselves to be passed pieces of paper during class.

Portnow is an egotistic jackass, and while he has some decent insights into design, 1) is no longer at the school AFAIK 2) only worked on CoD and Farmville and 3) is a terrible professor who doesn't ever. grade. anything. I'm sure some of the GDs who came after or before me can elaborate more than I can though. (I managed to be in a bubble where I only interacted with him in the GAT120 classes I sat in on)

358657  No.1020

You'd be surprised. Think about what Digipen is and why people would come here. Anybody else would think twice about coming to a private video game school. I wouldn't say everyone is socially retarded, but there is quite a bit. As far as I can tell, it's usually a designer.

My favorite were the kids that wore ponyshit everyday during my freshman year. Most dropped out since.

358657  No.1023

And the ones that didn't just stopped wearing ponyshit all the time.

358657  No.1035

That isn't true. There is at least one student who still does this and he's a third year.

358657  No.1037

My mistake, though in hindsight I guess I know who you're talking about. Maybe I've just tuned out the brony crap.

File: 1424899529836.jpg (43.7 KB, 286x429, 2:3, 1406118311658.jpg)

a278bc  No.657[Reply]

You are all trash to me until someone finishes super space ____.

It has been two years and there has been no console release. I don't care about your shitty excuses.

"not my game"
"those guys have jobs already"
"I don't even know what you're talking about."

I hold your entire institution and all you whiny trash babies in it responsible for this travesty.
13 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a278bc  No.713

There are a few folks who are here on 3 classes per semester due to money issues and pushing on 6-7 years.

a278bc  No.715

Nigga if you still there you doin it wrong.

a278bc  No.717

File: 1425019957345.jpg (73.58 KB, 315x404, 315:404, homer.jpg)

Sorry I forgot to the mention, the kid who made Super Space____ comes from a wealthy family. These are things I know from my time at the unholy site of Digipen. Sorry to crush the spirit of this thread with my opinion, I hope you guys can still get out of bed in the morning.

a278bc  No.996

File: 1426626818484.jpg (34.97 KB, 500x639, 500:639, 1412470074226.jpg)

OP here back to harass you henpecking fucks.

Gimmee an internal email and I'll tell them in great detail why stormfront thinks it would be a good idea for them to allow their students easy transitions into console development.

This nigga right here only lost to ftl and still ain't bothered to do a port. Your control scheme is dead fucking simple, you could port it to the wiiU even. The wii fucking U.

You can release to the wiiU in fucking html5, I don't care what kind of horrible gamemaker-looking monstrosity they have you using out there. You have all your assets, it should not take you more than a month to finish a port if you can program like at all. The fuck you been doing nigga?

a278bc  No.1012

File: 1426635696382.jpg (29.27 KB, 300x450, 2:3, HaroldComputer.jpg)

You're 100% right. /thread

9fbe14  No.918[Reply]

I had to leave before it started because of health problems. What did it consist of?
21 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9fbe14  No.972

I gave a small quip and some kid called me out, another wanted an explanation and I backed my shit up.

You're right though, this thread shouldn't of had to have as much explaining. It's like a joke you have to explain, at that point you may as well give up.

9fbe14  No.973

>but not on the same degree as what was being implied with commentary about SVU
The SVU thing was a large stretch if you read the whole thing. SO LET IT BE KNOWN TO ALL HE READ THIS THREAD FROM HERE ON OUT!

"I simply think DP is up to something more than providing an education. They have a hidden agenda and it's not in the students best interest."

I just wanted to point out the 2 SVU episodes involving school cover ups, they are based on actual events, though loosely, but these events do happen. It's not like it's entirely impossible for DP to be crooked.

9fbe14  No.974

At this point I'm going to assume you're either an idiot or you're deliberately trying to make this entire board look like idiots by posting inane drivel instead of having actual valid criticisms of the school.

9fbe14  No.976

Still gonna sue em?

9fbe14  No.992

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

This school isn't EVIL, (well, I don't know about Claude) it's just horribly incompetent at times.

328a3c  No.869[Reply]

BSGD Here. Unfortunately it seems I have a dentist appointment right during the GD Town Hall meeting. I was thinking that this is our chance to speak up, so I'm making this thread so everyone can for coherent thoughts so we can actually bring up issues at the meeting. Feel free to contribute, and let me know how the meeting goes! Also, we should probably have separate threads for the other degrees

328a3c  No.957

Wow this thread went well. Maybe of you guys had actually written anything here we might have gotten more response from the higher ups, especially after the BFA shitstorm.

328a3c  No.958


>>918 is another thread with the same premise (to the point where I thought it was you reposting), but don't expect wonders from it either

328a3c  No.964

Was not OP, but my point was that since this thread was written before the one asking "What'd I miss?" and was meant to PLAN for the townhall, it's not exactly a repost so much as an attempt to get everyone united in what we wanted to talk to the design heads about, but OP said he wasn't planning on attending.

d8935b  No.732[Reply]

Anything worthwhile happening at the LAN party this semester? Last one was kinda shit IMO.
11 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d8935b  No.949

Thanks, Claude, nice try to get us to drop out. I'm not falling for it!

d8935b  No.950


Dawg, shits 5 dollars for pizza or some shit. You can show up for free. I don't care if you drop out, I'm just trying to hook you up. But hey, be a douche, miss out on prizes. More for the rest of us.

d8935b  No.952

.. But Claude fucking hate the lab parties..

d8935b  No.959

Sarcasm, y'all! The LAN parties have been pretty cool in the past (except last spring, which didn't have enough food).

d8935b  No.1072

Holy shit those prizes.

281863  No.936[Reply]

Incoming BFA student for 2015- 2016
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

281863  No.939

Look at the post from the town meeting if you're curious.

281863  No.942

Don't tell incomings to quit right off the bat, just educate them on what they are getting themselves into and let them decide

281863  No.943

More "hurrdurr don't make me feel bad about my money and time and effort invested in the school, it's not so bad" bullshit. Keep it coming. Keep defending your shitpile of a school. Keep deluding yourself into thinking you're happy. I'll be over here on the other side of dropping the fuck out and I'll be actually happy.

281863  No.951

Alright. Here's my ignorant view of the BFA program as a RTIS

>I'm too stressed out

>I have to spend all my free time to catch up
>I can't get a job
>Boxes, boxes, and boxes
>Work on game projects and get no credit

In reality the only thing that matters when you graduate is that last part assuming you wanna work for video games. Which is pretty sad, but that's what people want to see when they hire. They want to see your work and Digipen doesn't do a good enough job for BFAs to support that if they're going for a job in the video game industry. Why spend $13600/semester that increases $200-600 a year for this?

281863  No.953

Okay, incoming legit realtalk. No fucking jokes.

This school will, with about 90% certainty, make you very unhappy for 4+ years (or until you dropout). You will be very stressed out, you might contemplate suicide once or more times, and depending on how you handle stress you'll probably cry or punch a wall or just start drinking.

That being said, you might end up with a degree and maybe some average art skills that can possibly get you a job within a few months after graduating if you're lucky and VERY hard working. You won't get a job right away unless you're lucky, have connections, and work your ass off.

Also if you need loans to pay for more than half of your tuition, this was a bad idea.

Good luck.

File: 1425921471231.webm (1.63 MB, 480x360, 4:3, gnu.webm)

623d58  No.867[Reply]

Freetard RTIS Freshman here.
Has anyone gotten Zero to work on GANOO/LOONIX or am I going to have to dualboot if I want to use anything other than the school computers for Zero. I really would rather not install proprietary software but I feel like I might have no choice.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

623d58  No.875

>not using glorious windows
Just accept it and bend over for Microsoft. I for one accept my overlord that created Visual Studio. Otherwise enjoy running things under WINE and I'm almost sure it's 100% windows despite never using Zero.

623d58  No.880

I tried running it in WINE but it crashes alot. Pretty sure the guys in the Zero office have gotren like 10 crash reports from me. It really sucks because I don't want to install M$ Winblows.

623d58  No.905

Pretty sure you can get a copy of Windows for free for being a student here.

623d58  No.908

Yeah through dreamspark. OP also better start loving Microsoft considering he'll most likely be using Visual Studio when he graduates otherwise goodbye job opportunities.

623d58  No.948

As far as I know Zero does build on Linux, or at least Zilch does. So if you beg the Zero guys they might produce you a build.

But you should grow up and realize that the real world requires you to use proprietary software sometimes. Particularly the video game industry. You're not building an executable for a Nintendo or Microsoft device without proprietary software, at least not something you can sell with their sanction.

a905fd  No.851[Reply]

I don't think I can say much negative about the RTIS program myself, but I'm sure someone in Portegys's(or however the fuck it's spelled) classes has been stewing on why this program's fucked up.


GAT classes. You get taught to work with abstract elements and terminology that changes every fucking semester, don't get any solid skills outside of "throw shit against the wall, figure out what sticks and why"


The degree gets treated like shit; Ellinger himself says that BSGDs aren't as good of designers as his precious badgers. It's the worst of both worlds, though - its first half is pretty much RTIS classes with enough GAT to make the BSGDs feel like they're "designing." At least with "Computer Science" in the full degree title they're hireable as devs, since neither they nor the BAGDs are getting entry-level design jobs.


Oh dear GOD the fucking art department policy. If you fail one assignment, you fail the class. You get to resubmit, sure, but look at the fucking workload and you'll realize that if you don't pass an assignment on the first go, you're going to get fucking swamped. I live with a couple BFA's who are up until 2-3 every night just working. Not to mention that this vidya game school doesn't seem to want their artists WORKING ON VIDEO GAMES FOR CREDIT until Junior year?


Has anyone even SEEN a CE student lately? I think they're an endangered species.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

a905fd  No.859

>All three are really untested degrees, so I doubt there's much to go on.
Well, the main difference between RTIS and the normal CS degree is mostly graphics. "Untested" is a stretch for this considering it's more or less the same as RTIS with a different field in mind. Instead of creating different tracks/paths of the degree "We'll make a new one!"

Plus BSCS was created, not because of the students, but rather Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc wanting more students, but graphics+other shit was useless.

a905fd  No.860

Seems to me the BSCS degree is another move by DigiPen to create this image for itself that it is a normal college, which I personally find preposterous.

a905fd  No.861

Absolutely. They're all "our BSCE and/or BSCS have the greatest graduation-to-getting-a-job rates of any degree program!"

Well no fucking shit. Add a business major and the same fucking thing'll happen. Generalized degree programs are always going to do better than pigeonholed ones like "Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Game Design".

But this is not why we came to this school. We didn't come to this school for a good general CS education, we came here for a CS education centered around the games industry. If I wanted a good CS degree, I would've stayed home and gone to school at one of the top 10 tech schools in the country.

a905fd  No.862


Abso-fuckin-lutely. I'm in GAT210 now, and it's godddamn painful. We've all had moments where we let a dumb thing slip in, and all of our games were horseshit for the pure strategy week, but ffs people, don't make me playtest and write on your obviously shitty game that you've never actually given a fuck about.

Holcomb will spend most of the lecture talking about how __ is bad and why it's bad and how to avoid it, yet somehow people STILL put that exact shit in their games and are totally surprised when I point this out within a minute of sitting down.

a905fd  No.931

Fuck it, BFAs win.

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