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talking mess about the best worst school around


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83cef6  No.3971[Reply]

83cef6  No.3978

i dont think this video was edited at all. i literally couldn't tell the difference between this video and the actual digipen experience

00290a  No.3956[Reply]

i posted this so the first thread people see when they come here isnt the thread below.

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00290a  No.3962

wow. when there isnt a bumch of camcerous threads people still come here.

thats nice

00290a  No.3963


Far as I can tell, most of the things people want to angrily shout into the night about this school have already been said here, so it's hard to bother to drown out shit like "I hate trans people"

00290a  No.3964


I don't get why it has to be so angry here all the time.

00290a  No.3965


Digipen students are emotionally stunted children who want to learn to make Vidya games. If they don't vent their anger here, they won't vent it anywhere.

00290a  No.3966


omg truth

ed992a  No.3958[Reply]

How many people had been to a college before DigiPen? I feel like I've missed out sometimes by coming here straight after high school.

532640  No.3953[Reply]

Why the fuck do we allow these bloated, mentally defective bags of shit in our school? They get shit grades, take up space, and never make anything of value. I can't stand seeing these subhuman creatures walking around our halls and getting preferential treatment just because they watched one too many sissy training videos on Tumblr, and honestly I'd just love to bash some of their fucking heads in if I ever got the chance.

532640  No.3954


Dave Davidsson

8chan Imageboard Industries

9001 Hotwheels Lane, the Philippines

Dear Anon:

This is to inform you of a product recall involving:

All batches of /pol/ issued 2014-2017, lot numbers 1488-1492

See enclosed label for ease of identifying recalled products.

This recall has been initiated due to a leak in Mixing Bath B, leading to contamination of the product. Consumption of this product may result in temporary intermittent explosive disorder, paranoia, sexual dysfunction, impotence, and excited delirium.

This product was shipped to you on the dates of 1/1/2014 to 1/13/2017.

Immediately examine your inventory and quarantine product subject to recall. In addition, if you have further distributed this product, please identify your customers and notify them at once of this product recall. Your notification to your customers may be enhanced by including a copy of this recall notification letter.

Your notification must include instructions on what customers should do with the recalled product.

This recall should be carried out to the poster level. Your assistance is appreciated and necessary to prevent poster illness and board contamination.

Please complete and return the enclosed form as soon as possible. If you have any questions, call Davidson Davis at (555-123-4567).

This recall is being made with the knowledge of the Boards and Posting Administration.

532640  No.3955

Because their money's as good as anyone else's to Claude. Don't like 'em? Do better than them. It's that fucking simple, you fuckwit.

eff06a  No.3943[Reply]

Any other dropouts around here? What do you do for a living/education these days? Did you stick with the game industry or go elsewhere?

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

eff06a  No.3951


Current BSCSGD reporting. most of the cohort has gone to rtis or dropped out, gg no re.

eff06a  No.3952


Figures, maybe if they acknowledged that they had two design degrees it wouldn't be so fucked.

eff06a  No.3961

When you've left DP but want to continue making games, how do you find competent teammates to work with? The only other dropouts I know left for different reasons than I did.

eff06a  No.3984


making games for fun, or as a profession? if the former, there's plenty of gamedev communities online, and you can find tons of local gamedev meetups if you still live in the area.

eff06a  No.3985


For fun mainly but to make something which might be sellable.

5a9a7d  No.3947[Reply]

Honestly, everyone here is being too much of a pussy. DigiPen isn't actually that hard, if you just actually do work instead of spending your time being a lazy ass on the 8chan. Grow the fuck up. This school isn't that bad.

5a9a7d  No.3948


Meh, most of the posts are complaining about the fucked up students and game design programs

5a9a7d  No.3949

Fuck off

File: 5d54c7664ec49c8⋯.png (85.7 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, digibanned.png)

8181b4  No.3914[Reply]

As far as I know the DigiPen reddit page isn't (I don't reddit, just going off of word of mouth). As far as I can tell the only real difference is that coming here without an ad-blocker can result in some potentially nsfw ads.

I ask because I miss the traffic this place used to get and if that was the only reason we got banned then there should be a way around it (no I'm not implying anything sketchy, I mean within the school's rules).

8181b4  No.3915

I thought it was all of 8chan

8181b4  No.3916


It was (sorry if I wasn't clear).

8181b4  No.3924


I thought this had been banned for a long time shortly after a tranny got triggered that I had it open on my computer

8181b4  No.3925


ooh ooh tell us the story anon. pretty please

8181b4  No.3942

Bump because spam bots

f0e419  No.3921[Reply]


f0e419  No.3922



f0e419  No.3923



44299e  No.3917[Reply]

How come every class room I sit down in the floor is fucking covered with chewed off fingernail clippings.

Either don't bite or swallow, because it's getting out of hand.

44299e  No.3918

>getting out of hand


44299e  No.3919

And it's not even midterms yet. This year's freshmen must be weak. Also I've never met anyone who ate their fingernails. Is that even a thing? Ok I'm sure someone does it, but I mean outside of having a mental disorder.

44299e  No.3920


I don't know, but it seems more likely than them getting up and properly disposing of them.

abdc86  No.3868[Reply]

What're some things you feel like everyone around you does/likes that you don't?

Big ones for me:

-Digipen pizza. Seriously, it's super greasy and when it's not fresh, it's so bland(except for the caprese pizza in my opinion)

-Linux. I just.. don't see the appeal in our industry when so much software is exclusively for Windows. Dual booting is cool, but why bother other than for CS180?

-Teamspaces for GAM projects prior to junior year. Your game isn't groundbreaking, it's another student game in a sea of student games. I'd rather have more open workspaces or get my team to work at my dining room table where we can have food and not worry about bugging other people working.

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

abdc86  No.3885


I don't really enjoy Melee at this point other than to see how many different ways people pronounce it.

Or if I'm playing with friends, but who in their right mind plays video games to have fun?

abdc86  No.3906


"Milly", as Holcomb says it

abdc86  No.3911


Best part of a Holcomb class(other than counting each time he forgets bscsgds exist) is listening to the pronunciations of "melee" that designers spew out:








All genuine attempts to pronounce melee last year, I shit you not.

abdc86  No.3912


Every one fucking knows its pronouced may-lay unless youre some autistic faggot

abdc86  No.3913


Remember that this is a GD class.

File: 1469656798783.jpg (148.38 KB, 450x456, 75:76, louis-ck-6545.jpg)

393860  No.3878[Reply]

Mine's professor Meed

393860  No.3879

File: 1469670430650.jpg (322.6 KB, 1125x675, 5:3, 5760.jpg)

Dubba is pretty good too

393860  No.3881


Elie is pretty legit

393860  No.3892

Rachel Rutherford

393860  No.3893

File: 1471363977344.png (1.07 MB, 620x620, 1:1, enhanced-604-1421423717-15.png)

393860  No.3910

File: 2a647ccb684a152⋯.jpg (91.59 KB, 960x540, 16:9, numa.jpg)

Anyone here taken a clod comb-air class?

26e5ff  No.3898[Reply]

Hey guys I'm an idiot and a freshman and am heavily considering dropping out of UCLA comp sci for the sake of going balls deep in game design at Digipen and destroying my life for 4 years. Pmuch im a masochist.

End game goal of being a gameplay/combat designer and animator, although I mostly have a filmic and programming background atm. What opinions/advice would you guys be willing to spare for me?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

26e5ff  No.3901


26e5ff  No.3902

Do it. You're not seriously going to listen to advice given to you on 8chan anyhow.

26e5ff  No.3903

Absolutely don't if you are planning on being a BAGD, Maybe it's ok if you come as a BSCSGD, but there's a 50% chance that if you take that path you will switch to RTIS (and the other 50% is that you will drop out)

26e5ff  No.3905

As a BAGD, don't do this…UNLESS you know for 100% a fact that you want to design games for a living, are ok with having a harder time finding jobs, and are interested in both level and mechanics design, NOT Narrative design. Oh, and are willing to learn at least a half dozen scripting languages including a basic understanding of C++.

The school has made some really good hires recently that make BAGD more worthwhile, but it's still not a smart call. A lot of companies don't hire designers, particularly ones straight out of college.

26e5ff  No.3907

I'm late to shit on the party, but why would you? UCLA has a good comp sci program. Digipen does, but that's purely for CSRTIS and soon to be the regular CS. To dump that for a design degree? I'm sorry, but you must be an idiot to do so.

>End game goal of being a gameplay/combat designer

A gameplay engineer can be both of that. Depending on the size of the studio, but you still hold some creative control alongside a real designer.

>animator, although I mostly have a filmic

If you also want to be an animator then that's purely for you to do so on your own free time for your games. Realistically for a student project that won't be a thing til JR/SR year, but don't expect your major to help you in any significant way.

3e36ff  No.3882[Reply]

Hello everyone,

I am super excited to be coming to DigiPen this fall. I identify as Vapogender, and I would like to know what sort of support there is for people like me. As most people in the computer science programs are cis-gendered privileged males, I hope that there is a good support system at a forward-thinking school like DigiPen.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there. :)

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

3e36ff  No.3891


All cis males have both cis privilege since we live in a heteronormative society and male privilege since we live in a patriarchal rape culture.

Educate yourself.

3e36ff  No.3894


Heteronormative means assuming that the majority of people are heterosexual, no? But statistically that's true.

3e36ff  No.3895


I know, its a real problem with our society.

3e36ff  No.3896


>I know, its a real problem with our society.

Being straight? I know that life would be easier without having to deal with them, but without women-folk, how are we going to make more boys?

3e36ff  No.3904


Sex change then artificial insemination.

File: 1458598982816.jpg (93.44 KB, 384x313, 384:313, whynotshrug.jpg)

0ff8f3  No.3823[Reply]

>ITT why you dropped out or plan to

I don't really hate the school, but I want to go somewhere that I can get a more well rounded education from. I applied here as a BAGD and ended up in CS after I learned how shit GD was but I don't really like programming more than any other type of class.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

0ff8f3  No.3830

I dropped out because I just.. didn't care anymore. Making games used to be fun for me, and DigiPen managed to suck that fun out of it, so I figured I shouldn't go into an industry I'd become ambivalent towards.

0ff8f3  No.3834


Judging by how exhausted my adjunct teachers were, the school probably did you a kindness

0ff8f3  No.3875

Home situation deteriorated pretty pretty badly, and after a really close family friend (read second mom), I couldn't handle the stress at DigiPen and family problems well, but watching that family friend die on the weekend before finals was the thing that pushed me overboard.

It wasn't a school for me to be honest; I realized I didn't like making games pretty quickly.

0ff8f3  No.3877


Programming is the fun part for me, and DigiPen has made it seem not as fun anymore. But I know the spark is still there. It's just that long-as-fuck projects can burn it down a bit. I know it'll be back shortly after I don't have any game project to throw all of my time into.

0ff8f3  No.3884


I'm self-disciplined enough that I could finish a project on my own, but having to create gradable design guidelines for projects definitely was a failed effort on the GAM professors' part.

a29fc8  No.3857[Reply]

Anyone have estimates on the number of freshman dropouts? It seems to be rather high this year, estimating a total graduation rate of 9.

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

a29fc8  No.3861


I'm reasonably certain that the BAGD's have the highest drop out rate, but its still pretty high for all the degree programs.

I'm fairly certain that DigiPen in general has somewhere between a 66% and 75% drop out rate…which is something that Claude used to celebrate in his orientation speeches. This includes legitimate drop outs, as well as people who get an industry jobs.

a29fc8  No.3862


You can find the statistics since it has to be made public, I forgot why, but I believe it's due to government funds. I'm too lazy to check, but I believe it's 60% drop out and something like 40% graduate on time.

a29fc8  No.3863


except you can't for BSGD, because not enough people have fucking graduated from that degree program

a29fc8  No.3864


How many BSGDs are left now?

a29fc8  No.3876


It's averaged around 16 before the class of 2016 (which is much larger than the previous classes). I'd be surprised if there's more than 30.

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