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File: 1458264408071.jpg (68.29 KB, 557x510, 557:510, IMG_20160317_182524.jpg)

1011be  No.3808[Reply]

Hey how's GDC this year.

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1011be  No.3820

Luckily, the industry is about to move past you gamergate types.

1011be  No.3821


It is?

Well, shit, where's it going?

1011be  No.3865


haha really? how the fuck did I miss this?

I get the feeling that this was about as meaningful as that guy who gives powerpoint presentations about how game designers are whiny scum and the only worthwhile programmers are the one who are willing to sacrifice any and all social life for the greater good of the game… or just be heavily autistic.

1011be  No.3866


She couldn't even use bullet points correctly

1011be  No.3874


You mean that guy who basically said:

>"Don't get into this industry with the idea of being a wage slave 9-5 because you'll hate it and make a shitty product"


File: 1453272933117.png (33.5 KB, 863x230, 863:230, Untitled-1.png)

534a1a  No.3613[Reply]

Oh look…… Only one person took the gender studies classes….. I wonder why?

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534a1a  No.3850


For starters, an MD is not considered part of the STEM field. Took me all of 10 seconds to figure that out, and I wasn't even looking for it.


> Because of the way the Census Bureau classifies jobs, doctors are not listed among STEM professionals.

Also, just so we are clear on your line of thinking. If I'm a RTIS major at DigiPen, I have more value to society than the current president of the United States, who has a BA degree in Poly Sci in addition to a JD, neither of which is part of STEM. Similarly, the last president had a BA in History, and a MBA. Hillary? Also a BA in Poly Sci and a JD. But hey, Trump has a degree in Economics, so I guess I know who has your vote!

But lets get out of politics (and law, since that's self evident). Career military? Nope, they certainly have no value. Firefighters? Someone should really tell them not to bother.

Also, newsflash, you jackass, but the person that's going to be interviewing you first? You know, that HR person? Most likely won't have a STEM major.

The argument that you are somehow more valuable simply because you are getting or have a degree in STEM is idiotic.

534a1a  No.3851


My guess would be that you're either an 18-20 year old highschool graduate that has erroneously developed the notion that you're an authority on anything

so you're saying they're a DigiPen student, then?

534a1a  No.3853

File: 1462606103290.jpg (85.54 KB, 420x358, 210:179, 1440783672654.jpg)

Is this what you guys do during the summer? revive old threads with arguments irrelevant to the original topic?

534a1a  No.3854

Drop out, gamergaters

534a1a  No.3856

File: 1462843460927.jpg (53.99 KB, 368x475, 368:475, IMG_20160329_130615.jpg)

File: 1462090997183.png (145.89 KB, 1184x898, 592:449, ClipboardImage.png)

2f3926  No.3840[Reply]

I had a few hours free while I travel, so I came up with a new course sequence/changes to the BAGD degree. I don't know the actual accreditation requirements for General Education, but they can be added in. It reduces the total course load and fills it with hard skills.

Important notes

- Each semester contains at least 1 GAT class with practical knowledge. These are mostly new courses in Level Design, Game Economies, Rapid Prototyping, etc.

- The last 3 semesters (4 if Economies is made elective) contain an addition GAT Elective. This can be used to allow students an area of focus.

- The last 4 semesters also include a general elective, where the students must take a class outside of the GAT sequence.

- GAT110 and 120 are combined into a single course, where the emphasis is on the current GAT 110 projects and giving designers standardized playtesting knowledge.

- GAT 250, 251, and 315 are removed due to the cut back on design theory. Replacing them with more practical knowledge classes.

- GAT 211 is made largely redundant. Re-organizing it is an option, but I would rather have Holcombe teach another class.

- GAT 212 and 330 are cut from the core sequence, but should remain as electives.

- Other cut classes include:

ART 102 & 126 - all important knowledge here can be included in a week or two of CG102

ENG 110 & 120 - both are a waste of time for anyone who attended an American High School. Replace these with a singular class on story telling and report writing.

FLM 151 - Should still be available as an elective.

ECN 100 - I've added a class on building a game economic to replace it.

PHY 115 - I struggled with this one, but ultimately decided I got nothing out of the class anyways.

Semester 1

GAM 100 Project Introduction

GAT 101 Game Modification and Playtesting Change to Game modifications and playtest sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

2f3926  No.3841

File: 1462133118266.jpg (51.24 KB, 600x592, 75:74, my-friend-has-autism.jpg)

2f3926  No.3845


Have you taken any college or specifically DigiPen before formulating this?

2f3926  No.3852


the answer is definitely "no", since they took ENG, etc. out of the course schedule.

2f3926  No.3855




I did not remove English from the sequence, just replaced composition with a more in depth course. It's actually similar to the move that Ellinger has already proposed.

2f3926  No.3886


Appreciate the effort, but you stepped on the gen ed landmines. DigiPen didn't actually take them out like Claude claims, and if you fuck with them you lose accreditation.

File: 1460181236564.jpg (648.23 KB, 1000x688, 125:86, college-graduation.jpg)

7b9c9d  No.3831[Reply]

Goodbye you fuckers

2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

7b9c9d  No.3835

File: 1460342692624.jpg (26.55 KB, 306x306, 1:1, 1420053874461.jpg)


fuck you cunt, I guess I'll see in you 16 days when grades posted.

7b9c9d  No.3836

File: 1461774419527.gif (754.45 KB, 500x375, 4:3, giphy.gif)


It's official you cunt, no more classes. I'm out of here

7b9c9d  No.3837

File: 1461813866457.jpg (105.53 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Groundskeeper-wille.jpg)



7b9c9d  No.3838

File: 1461868085475.gif (45.38 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 55.gif)


dont joke like that, im a free man now

7b9c9d  No.3839


God speed you fuck. Best of luck out there.

File: 1459318113793.png (20.83 KB, 199x773, 199:773, w0w.PNG)

4fed35  No.3828[Reply]

Someone's going HAM on the Overheard submission page. Thanks bby. <3

File: 1455844984975.gif (1.82 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 1391510233987.gif)

334e0b  No.3743[Reply]

So how was the diversity thing today?

Did anyone bring up how this school is sexist for not have enough women?

Did people ignore that this school isn't a 50-50 split of male and female when bitching about how cushy office jobs aren't a 50-50 split of male and female?

Did anyone question why, if you can supposedly get away with hiring women for less money, there are more men being employed?

Did anyone get triggered?

16 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

334e0b  No.3818


There's a certain person that is a GD, but is a terrible… TERRIBLE designer, but she gets internships. It's probably because she's a female and it's "cool" to hire women instead of a qualified applicant. She also screams about diversity all the time but will talk shit about Christianity and males. Sounds really hypocritical to me. Sad our society is at this point.

334e0b  No.3822


The few times I have to poop at school (three in three years) I have to use that bathroom because I just can't do it in a more open public bathroom. It was the disableds when I started and I think it basically still is as this point.

Fuck anyone who bitches about it. I can't physically use the restroom in an unsecured location (it's sort of a "I can't pee if someone's watching" thing)

334e0b  No.3826


You're lucky then, I find myself in there about once a month. Not that I mind, but I usually don't remember it's there unless all the other restrooms are full (which happens more in the beginning of the year before the freshman class is purged).

The only weird thing I've seen in there is one time when there was a sizable box of boxes of tampons opened up in there. I mean, easily over 1,000 tampons in the big box. Are there even that many women at the school?

334e0b  No.3827


Are there that many who would get triggered if they had to use the girl's room but haven't taken enough hormones to suppress their period

334e0b  No.3829


Grow the fuck up; you'll have to use public bathrooms for the rest of your life in the real world(tm)

File: 1453369213354.jpg (69.15 KB, 698x585, 698:585, sad_developer.jpg)

ea4550  No.3620[Reply]

So what does /digipen think about the career opportunities of independent development?

Personally I feel it's too financially risky to just jump into (especially without a capital base) but would like to try it out at some point alongside a stable job as a sort of hobby.

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

ea4550  No.3627

I'm all for it considering you're working with a smaller team that can easily talk to everyone which in turn can easily make a fun game. Problem is that isn't a stable paycheck and so you're better off working for a company and working on your own shit on the side, within your contract+state conditions. Washington is nice since what you make isn't own by the company you work for if you use no piece of software provided by them and not done during company hours.

Alternatively, you might hit the jackpot and make millions. Almost all of those did do something different to stand out.

ea4550  No.3629

I would love to start my own indie company after graduation but I'll likely want to work for a couple years first to make a safety net in case it fails.

ea4550  No.3642


B-b-but I used _shaders_

ea4550  No.3810



>Literally the only reason we ever heard of Hatred.

and blocklivesmatter

ea4550  No.3811


tbh I thought the mechanic in BlockLivesMatter where each face of the block was a different weapon, and how you moved the block determined which direction you fired and which weapon you used was a cool mechanic

File: 1457134511789.jpg (4.72 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20160304_142524.jpg)

f65c7c  No.3795[Reply]

what's this doing in redmond?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

f65c7c  No.3799


go to this website


f65c7c  No.3800


I fail to see how this is - OOOOOHHHHH

jesus christ I'm stupid

f65c7c  No.3802

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


its k

f65c7c  No.3806


for real though, is it any good? It seems decently priced

f65c7c  No.3807


If you can't handle the pen then it's a somewhat decent alternative

File: 1446540919893.jpg (62.27 KB, 510x510, 1:1, 78163925873.jpg)

a44483  No.3086[Reply]

No, not the image. I couldn't find a better one. I mean the paste below:


(the board didn't like .txt or .pdf. Oh well)

If you're a freshman / thought to look here before enrolling for some weird reason, it's worth a read.

Someone put it up on the public drive (again) and while it was written in 2008, a lot of it stills applies. Gives you an idea of how some people feel about the incoming students as well. It's suitably jaded (just like most people who've been here more than a year) but also honest.

This is a better home for it than the public drive though. It fits the mood at least.

20 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a44483  No.3135


They won't change anything about GAM, ever, because DigiPen likes GAM the way it is. It lets people who want to be super tryhard be super tryhard, and DigiPen loves to prop these kinds of people up as the gold standard of how teams should operate. DigiPen loves to put the games that these kinds of teams make up on the monitors and show them at PAX and stuff, because they're so flashy and cool-looking. If DigiPen wanted to improve itself at all, it would stop focusing on games like that, and work to improve things for everyone. Yes, you're always going to have incredibly smart people, people with prior programming skills, and so forth… so no matter how bad things are for everyone else, people are always gonna tryhard. But the tryhards shouldn't be the standard! Yet, at DigiPen, they are.

Again, even though I personally think the old Alpha Engine GAM 150 was better than the current version, it was obviously broken in several key ways (again, #ifdefs for Android support in the headers, despite everything else being broken). Yet, DigiPen has no incentive to improve Alpha Engine or the curriculum, because at the end of the day, no matter how poorly you teach something, some team is always going to have a super cool (compared to everyone else) game at the end. Ellinger and the other professors have no idea what it's actually like to go from learning C one semester to figuring out how to make a game engine, in your spare time, with nearly zero support from CS 230, the next semester.

The justifiably-cynical part of me says that they changed GAM 150 to use Zero only to improve the quality of GAM 150 games. People are dropping out sophomore year, Sem 3 and 4 (not counting summers)? No problem, let's just make it so the games that come out of Sem 2 are better, because after teams have already shipped their GAM 100 game, making another for GAM 150 should be relatively easy compared to writing an engine nearly from scratch in C. Sure, it'll make the jump from GAM 150 to GAM 200 harder, but anyone who struggles there was probably going to drop out anyways, right? :P

DigiPen should spend a lot of money (which, I know, they won'Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

a44483  No.3150


>Someone should make an infographic showing how much the curriculum changes year-to-year at DigiPen, compared to other degree programs at other schools. I think it would show just how little they know what they're doing.

Let's do it.

I'm a freshman though, sorry.

a44483  No.3291


Better yet, a changelog for each course.

a44483  No.3794


I've chatted with him a few times at parties. He acts pretty much the way he presents himself in this piece. If you're less experienced, he'll seem like an awesome guy teaching you all the secret stuff people like you haven't figured out yet. If you have enough experience though, you'll realize he's the dangerous sort of "teacher" that doesn't always know what he's talking about, but will gladly shit out opinions with such certainty that the less informed will mistake his conceit for wisdom.

6a23cf  No.3997


File: 1455346181151.png (42.43 KB, 460x354, 230:177, tVhAhDb.png)

6f7805  No.3701[Reply]

Fuck, I just had a conversation with a girl that sounded like a scene from the big bang theory due to not having spoken to an attractive women in years. I seriously sounded almost as autistic as a bagd.

25 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6f7805  No.3780


I feel bad for the people who're trying to get a BA in Game Design

The programmers can get work tons of places. The artists can get work anywhere that needs art if they're good enough. Game designers? They can get a job… designing games, I guess.

I feel like that market might already be over-saturated by other people who want to work for videogames.

6f7805  No.3783


That's why the school is pushing the BAID program I feel. Trying to get some of them to look in other fields and such. AFAIK there aren't that many design jobs in general, but there are more out there if you look beyond games.

It doesn't help that all most of them ever talk about is wanting to join some large & popular company like Blizzard or Monolith. There's probably just as many (of the limited) positions being offered by smaller companies, and I've already seen a few cases of people ending up with minimum wage jobs just because they don't want to settle for a smaller company. Whether it's that or because those individuals are just bad designers, I can't be certain.

6f7805  No.3789


Bit of both I imagine. There are a few BAGDs that are competent, but a staggering amount of them are still unable to grasp fundamental concepts of design.

The easiest way to weed out whether or not someone is worth their weight in a design capacity is to talk to them about things other than video games. If they're interested in, say, why a mug was made a certain way, or why the windows on the side of a car are the shape they are, then you've got someone fundamentally interested in the reason behind making anything.

All these kids that just wanna "make sick video games" are going to crash and burn regardless of degree program.

6f7805  No.3792


>Game designers? They can get a job… designing games, I guess.

As a BAGD, that is what I want. I know it's not the most glamorous of jobs and I'll never make as much as I could as an RTIS, but if I wanted to work as a computer programmer, I would have stayed in my home state and gone to one of the colleges there. I could have gotten a better degree from one of the top engineering schools in the nation for less money and stress. I know people who did this, and maintained relatively normal social lives in the process.

Instead, I made a conscious realization that I wanted to make video games, even if its not professionally, but preferably if it was. A degree from DigiPen seemed like the best path forward with that.

6f7805  No.3793


A fair decision, but I think you missed the point >>3780 was trying to make.

>I know it's not the most glamorous of jobs and I'll never make as much as…

It's not so much how much you make (most professional game designers make at least enough to live comfortably last I checked) or the prestige of it but rather the amount of job offers available to you. There's simply less out there for designers compared to programmers and computer graphics artists, even if you count the non-game industry positions. It's the reason why BAGDs have the hardest time getting a job after graduation compared to the other degree programs. I'm a BSGD myself, and I don't expect to be able to get a pure design job for quite a while (even though we take nearly identical design courses in amount and type). I'll probably be hired to do gameplay programming (things like software tools, AI, and engine subsystems), and failing that I plan on just going for a straight-up programming job somewhere; there's enough out there for me to find a few options once I look past games, especially since I have a lot of prior programming experience.

I'm not here to put you down; a BAGD is still more likely to get a proper career making games than not (at least since I last checked), but if things don't work out for whatever reason it's okay to look in places other than the big video game companies (something a fair number of BAGDs before you have been too prideful to accept). If you're a good designer with a heart for making games and a decent grasp on scripting & pre-built game engines, you should at the very least be able to make a decent indie title in your space time and be able to use that to get a leg-up on the other BAGDs competing for the same positions. But your game-designing job is not guaranteed and your competition is large (and growing), so be prepared to keeping working hard for your dream job, potentially even after you graduate.

880fba  No.3746[Reply]

And I don't even go here. Fucking fucking fuck fuck

9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

880fba  No.3769

>check top boards

>see this

>wonder what its about

So are you all those that attend this school? Or this is a particularly shitty school to shitpost about from afar?

880fba  No.3770


it's a great school imho, but it's hard, unforgiving, with a large amount of credits and specialized knowledge. you either git gud or fail out, and people from both demographics come here to shitpost and complain

880fba  No.3773



880fba  No.3781


The majority of the regular posters are current students (including those from the Singapore and Bilbao campuses) , but you also have alumni, drop-outs, and incoming students posting here every so often. Staff/faculty members drop by as well, but chances are that they lurk more often than they post.

As far as the school itself, it depends on who you ask and what they're doing there, but to generalize it's more work and more project focused (solo & teams) than most colleges. Otherwise it's not too much better or worse. People usually stop by to complain first and shitpost later, so your mental picture of the school is going to be worse than reality if your only source of info on the school is this board.

880fba  No.3782


this is especially true when you consider this is really the only place you can shit-talk the school when you're feeling pissy. I'm glad I'm attending it, but you sure wouldn't be able to tell from some of the shit I post here.

File: 1455812136070.png (235.57 KB, 580x290, 2:1, justdigipenthings.png)

3d2e51  No.3741[Reply]

I'll just leave this here

3d2e51  No.3752

You should have gotten a tissue for that. Your tears are gonna mess up your keyboard. The one you used to shitpost on 8chan instead of working on completing those soul-crushing deadlines you have.

f6ae05  No.3666[Reply]

Hi all, just want to know if it is just me or most networking service is not working at DigiPen now.


1. external repo cannot be pushed or pulled.

2. Spotify does not work

3. Slack does not work

f6ae05  No.3667

Can confirm. School fucked up. We need to complain to IT.

f6ae05  No.3733


nice trips

f6ae05  No.3740

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 1452676518583.png (41.03 KB, 177x179, 177:179, HE.png)

77bcb9  No.3600[Reply]


9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

77bcb9  No.3721

77bcb9  No.3725



77bcb9  No.3726



77bcb9  No.3729



77bcb9  No.3732



File: 1455141712463.jpg (251.32 KB, 983x1013, 983:1013, 420gb.jpg)

cd688a  No.3692[Reply]

>mfw taking COM150 with Sonia

we love you Sonia!

cd688a  No.3693

File: 1455141946143.jpg (163.04 KB, 546x960, 91:160, hiphop.jpg)



>Sonia appreciation thread

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