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File: 1444154573278.png (92.06 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, image.png)

5f43ca  No.2816[Reply]

What's up with this? I don't think I quite understand how they go about which websites to block

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5f43ca  No.2981


Admin had stated thats why the banhammer didnt come down on MGSV spoiler anon

5f43ca  No.3296

DP has web filter? Why? It's a college. They have adult students, not children.

5f43ca  No.3299


Yoshi porn guy, maybe?

5f43ca  No.3303


It could be little things like trying to encourage more productivity, but what I like to think is that they don't want the people on tour to be shown Edison and they see someone on an "inappropriate site", with the phrase applying to whatever they feel like applying it to.

5f43ca  No.3304


project fun makes for a good excuse to have the filters up

e6c9e9  No.3127[Reply]

When you receive an email about a free barbecue, but then you remember that you're from DigipenBilbao… Someone teach Meighan McKelvey how to send the fucking messages only to Redmond plz noob

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e6c9e9  No.3166



e6c9e9  No.3168


True that. I'd probably feel bad about waiting for it to clear up if it weren't so inevitable.

e6c9e9  No.3174


>Implying that unlike every fucking event it wouldn't be in the parking lot.

e6c9e9  No.3175

At least you have events lol

e6c9e9  No.3283

Oh god Meighan McKelvey could email me all day. She's the hottest ginger MILF admin type I've ever seen.

File: 1444891635534.gif (3.05 MB, 360x203, 360:203, dbfb9d10-5334-0133-ec31-0a….gif)

aea8fd  No.2942[Reply]

I hear so much shit talk about Ben Ellenger; GAT120 this and GAT2-whatever that, that I really want to take one of those classes to see if your all just whiney bitches or not. Like seriously i'm starting to think you all might be people who

A. Have to be right all the time and just hate it when people (in authority) disagree with you (design wise or in whatever)

B. Have a hard time standing up for your opinions

or C. Are just really shitty designers?

I'm really starting to wonder…

21 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

aea8fd  No.3208


Out of curiosity how/why could you waive 240? Cause if I don't ABSOLUTELY need to take it, I would rather just take another CS course

aea8fd  No.3272


It's actually pretty hard; since it's a filler class they try even harder to force you into it, and since Ellinger recently changed it it'll be even harder. You basically have to prove to someone of decent standing within the faculty that you can do ALL of the things that the class teaches. For GAT 240, passing GAT 250 and proving that you've spent more than 5 minutes in Excel used to be enough (if you talked to anyone other than Ellinger). You'd probably have to do much more now though.

Regardless, I'd either get on Morrison's (the GAT professor for just about everything beyond 240) and/or Schilling's good side and go ask them only once you're ready to prove that you already know everything in the class. The problem with Ellinger is, now that the class is his child and everyone's been throwing rocks at it, he's almost guaranteed to immediately get butthurt by the simple fact that you asked and refuse you outright. Take it to someone else or don't do it at all.

And chances are that you'll have to replace it with another GAT class (for degree purposes), so that other CS course is unlikely unless you make it one of your electives. Don't say that's your plan if they ask either, since most of the people who have the authority to determine if you can waive a class or not are in the GAT program and don't like it when students try to loophole their way out of their program (though trying to loophole into their classes is a completely different story).

aea8fd  No.3277


Thank you based sage

aea8fd  No.3278

File: 1447140813489.gif (483.38 KB, 141x141, 1:1, chowyunfat.gif)


This is maybe the best, most realistic, most helpful post I've seen on this board so far. 10/10

aea8fd  No.3279


you could try switching majors, the real degrees don't require GAT 240

File: 1431187916945.png (79.93 KB, 250x240, 25:24, tumblr_mvbglxC1v01qil80go8….png)

901441  No.2170[Reply]

What's the proper gesture when I see people crying in the hallways or bathroom?

Like, do I help them? Do they not want to be bugged?


5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

901441  No.2184


This. Making the gesture alone is greatly appreciated.

Honestly I hope that one of the tour groups passes a student crying in the halls.

901441  No.3243

Great - a bunch of weak emotional millenials are going to be the future of gaming. How often do people cry at digipen? Are they emotionally stable people? If not, why does everyone at digipen insist on being morally superior while at the same time being visibly fucked in the head?

901441  No.3250

File: 1447122123805.png (3.78 KB, 222x211, 222:211, 1276718757321.png)


>How often do people cry at digipen?

At least daily.

>Are they emotionally stable people?

No, for some reason the majority has some sort of social disorder. Typically asperger.

>If not, why does everyone at digipen insist on being morally superior while at the same time being visibly fucked in the head?

Video games attract the biggest PC crowd apparently. Good thing they're grown ups thinking on their own!

901441  No.3252


christ. I'm glad I didn't end up going there. I went in a few times with a friend who attended and saw some warning signs, especially when he started getting uppity about "my boob games" all the sudded (DOA 5 etc.) when he used to play along.

It really is sad you know? These people have more sway than they know and I don't think people with social/mental disorders should be in any position to preach to the masses about moralism.

Fuck, I need a drink.

901441  No.3257

File: 1447126462870.png (135.08 KB, 1032x1023, 344:341, 1276697940730.png)


I was joking about the daily cry, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if people went home and cried about something so childish.

The flavor of school depends what degree you're part of. By senior year a lot get weeded out. Guess social interaction on group project seems to get to them by the end of sophomore year.

File: 1446929303075.jpg (127.79 KB, 768x960, 4:5, badgers.jpg)

12a3e1  No.3176[Reply]

From a dutch game producer

File: 1446710220441.gif (11.35 KB, 373x367, 373:367, this is fine.gif)

8801a9  No.3123[Reply]

Spending my last few days before the upcoming apocalypse trying to get a handle on my work.

It's coming. I know it is. I can't imagine how dead empty the school is going to be that Tuesday.

I might just even skip some classes.

8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8801a9  No.3160

File: 1446795883121.jpg (12.66 KB, 300x400, 3:4, peter howard.jpg)


>"he's not excited for the 2015 Bethesda shallow sandbox experience therefore he must be baiting"

I even sorta like Skyerimjob, Oblivion, and F3 (after mods) but the defined voice acted protagonist and even less RPG mechanics just kills it

8801a9  No.3161


>tens of thousands of lines of dialogue

>crazy levels of weapon/armor customization

>Building and settlement system.

>everything good about fallout 3

>"Shallow experience"

Good god I hope you're not in a GD program.

8801a9  No.3162

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>tens of thousands of lines of dialogue




it doesn't matter how many spoken lines there are when this is the shit you get to choose from

>weapon/armor/settlement customization

looks fun

>everything good about fallout 3

either embed related or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvwlt4FqmS0

>shallow experience

have you played Fallout 2? Or at least New Vegas?

Also god no the GD program pumps out garbage worse than Bethesda, I'm straight CS.

8801a9  No.3169


Nah, Xenoblade Chronicles X. I loved the first game and this one really pushes the Wii U to it's absolute limit.



It definitely has it's moments where the graphics don't look so great - but hey Fallout 4 has more

8801a9  No.3173


Just because I know a game is coming out doesn't mean I'm hyped for it. I don't particularly care for Fallout, and I've been disappointed with Bethesda for quite awhile.

Was just trying to help those confused about OP.

File: 1443111073631.jpg (3.43 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, win.jpg)

1ff5c2  No.2722[Reply]

I win digipen

17 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1ff5c2  No.2756

that pot looks like shit, is it just shake?

1ff5c2  No.2760


Woah yeah.. It looks terrible. 0/10 would not smoke.

1ff5c2  No.2853

File: 1444364298503.jpg (25.81 KB, 299x200, 299:200, 1442962036719.jpg)


I'm guessing some OG oregano

1ff5c2  No.3120

my god OP is smoking dried up trim, gross

1ff5c2  No.3130


You'd think they could afford better weed after dropping out of digipen.

File: 1446668998985.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.3 KB, 931x524, 931:524, unnamed.jpg)

3e09f7  No.3114[Reply]

Dice rollRolled 6, 5 + 9 = 20 (2d6)

we did it

3e09f7  No.3115

No fan of claude, but seriously. Shitting on his picture then putting it on the Internet? Grow up.

3e09f7  No.3117


how about you fist yourself

(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST: I have enough trouble removing pictures of poop from spammers without you helping them, idiot)

3e09f7  No.3118

Emotional maturity of the typical DigiPen student in a single photo.

3e09f7  No.3122


>posts picture of claude with actual feces on it

> is told to grow up

> replies go fist yourself.

Yeah, that pretty much sums up the emotional maturity level of this damned school.

File: 1444895815815.gif (751.67 KB, 349x225, 349:225, 66A.gif)

a18e42  No.2946[Reply]

Anyone seeing the fallout from midterms yet?

This semester's crop of dropouts is looking rather bountiful.

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

a18e42  No.3029


AFAIK you're fine to bitch about professors but not students.

a18e42  No.3031


Ok then. I hate professor Klassen. Literally after every quiz (and the midterm) he tells people to drop the class if they didn't do well. I mean, isn't it literally his job to teach struggling students?

He also has this weird fixation with multiple choice questions. The only way to make that kind of quiz hard is to make trick questions, but when confronted about it he'll get really defensive. The class average on quiz 2 was 50% because of it. And he wouldn't need to use trick questions if he just let us give answers! He has even said he chooses some answers based on what people might be "tempted" to answer (which means he's trying to trick people who don't pay attention). If the quizzes were just open answer, I think everyone would've done better on that quiz.

And this isn't even a butthurt rant, I have a B in that class because the homework is really fun. I just think Klassen is kind of an asshole.

a18e42  No.3036

File: 1445843534276.jpg (21.74 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1314956230289.jpg)


The funny part is that you can't fail his classes as long as you show effort into everything.

>people passed his mat300 with a 50% average

a18e42  No.3068


>isn't it literally his job to teach struggling students?

No, maybe in elementary school its their job. Only shit teachers with little real content to impart slow down the course to help the LCD. It sucks when you get a low grade due to poor test design or dumb shit like graded attendance but if you're struggling, step up or drop out fool

a18e42  No.3085


If the student comes in during office hours, sure, it's the teacher's job.

assuming they're not afraid to interact with another human being one on one

File: 1446318389957.jpg (17.07 KB, 358x373, 358:373, 1446299379075.jpg)

0a0fab  No.3073[Reply]

Happy Halloween Digitards

0a0fab  No.3074

last-minute scary costume ideas:

- crippling self-doubt

- having to explain digipen's legitimacy to friends and family

- that nagging feeling that your degree program is useless

- a girl

0a0fab  No.3079


- crippling debt

0a0fab  No.3080


Been Ellingers ego (may need stilts to portray it at life size)

0a0fab  No.3081

clauds penis (just kidding we all know he has a 2 inch chode)

File: 1417250091275.jpg (56.17 KB, 621x960, 207:320, faucet.jpg)

47a863  No.72[Reply]

can we agree that this is the stupidest fucking team name of all time
>maybe le volvo will hire us lol
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

47a863  No.3033

Are we seriously bashing teams for their names? That seems a bit childish… Virtually every team name can be written off as either a joke or pretentious. And it tells you NOTHING about the actual team members, or the game they're making.

Also, if you made a game and then a fan sent you a board game based on said game, wouldn't you at the very least be flattered? Sometimes I just don't get the angry people on this board.

47a863  No.3034


>If you have issues with us, come up to Edison, row G by the windows, and bring it up directly.

Christ they're just talking shit about your name, grow up

It takes a real entitled bitch to actually come demand that you change it.

47a863  No.3035


I just realized this thread popped back up because the alum was wondering about new teams. I feel a little dumb. You should probably make a new thread

47a863  No.3037

File: 1445848870571.jpg (57.01 KB, 640x549, 640:549, 199c358f8af797573a7a99caba….jpg)

Really, have things gotten THIS slow around here?

47a863  No.3038


sadly, yes

File: 1445647628898.jpg (9.78 KB, 262x193, 262:193, download.jpg)

097444  No.3025[Reply]

The Rhino needs to be at my funeral, so he can let me down one more time.

097444  No.3026

File: 1445650899499.jpg (5.62 KB, 320x240, 4:3, RickRoll.jpg)


what happened? did he run around and desert you?

097444  No.3027

File: 1445655089964.jpg (32.56 KB, 223x310, 223:310, Image.jpg)

Some design students thought of Ben-Rhino as a bad professor of GAT 240 in denial. They hunted for him in the maze of R&D, often falling prey to his lecture on superhero physics.

097444  No.3028


Or his advice on weight lifting.

097444  No.3030


just fucking LOL @ listening to an obese guy with obvious gynocomastia for diet / exercise advice. lol @ thinking having a degree in kinesiology means anything. Just listen to his voice, clearly a high-E beta.

File: 1444773186870.jpg (14.06 KB, 600x250, 12:5, James-Portnow-Extra-Credit….jpg)

886568  No.2921[Reply]

Hey everyone. High school junior here. I used to play a lot of video games without really thinking about the mechanics of how they work. But after watching Extra Credits, I became really interested in the game design process and started playing them as a designer, instead of a player just like James recommends. What else can I do to get accepted into and prepare for the program?

8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

886568  No.2939


>Also just saying but as far as I remember, my first two years involved them mostly telling me that I'm not working hard enough to be a designer with relatively little of "you're awesome" from anyone but art and adjunct faculty.

Here's my perspective, as a BSGD who enrolled in 2013, and dropped out in 2015:

Average BAGD going into freshman year:

- came to DigiPen straight out of high school

- doesn't know how to program at all (maybe they took a web design class in high school)

- has never created nor contributed to any video game project

- thinks about game design while playing video games (at least sometimes)

- wants to make video games

- thinks programming is scary, which is why they picked BAGD and not BSGD

- enjoys traditional games, understands that you make traditional games in the BAGD program, but doesn't really care about designing traditional games that much, and really wants to get to the part where you design video games

- has a LOT of ideas for video games

- doesn't really know how the video games industry works

- assumes that there is industry demand for their field of study

Average BAGD going into sophomore year:

- listened in GAT class

- struggled through learning ActionScript or whatever (incredibly useful skill, now that browsers are dropping Flash support)

- know a bunch of terms and concepts put forth in GAT classes (many of which only apply to video games with stats-based systems, like RPGs, mobas, RTSes, etc.)

- were never taught jack shit about video game design outside of a few things in GAT120 that were taken from The Rhino's website and Extra Credits

- were never taught how to make mechanics in video games "feel good"

- donPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

886568  No.3011

It's unfortunate that this evaluation is fairly accurate for a large portion of students in the program. As a third year BAGD, I personally don't feel as entitled as this post describes those with my degree program, but I do know of plenty of students that do have this mindset for no good reason.

Above all else, I feel the single greatest mistake any student pursuing design can make is not valuing scripting highly. Plenty of BAGDs manage to get through freshman and sophomore without truly learning how to script, getting by on art or "level design" skills. Even if you don't learn C++, you won't get anywhere in the industry without the ability to create your own mechanics yourself. You can't go indi without the ability to use a prebuilt and you certainly can't get into AAA without the ability to prototype without getting the programmers to do it for you.

While Zilch itself isn't useful in the industry, being able to quickly learn a proprietary language is a useful skill and Zilch is fairly close to C# which is useful in Unity development at least. I agree that C++ is still the most useful language any designer can learn, and by paying attention while learning scripting concepts and syntax you can more easily learn it in the future should you opt not to while in school.

Hopefully this perspective helps your decision a bit more and good luck

886568  No.3019

File: 1445615021645.jpg (37.36 KB, 600x600, 1:1, BfBxn3ICUAAPaCn.jpg)

MFW people are still responding to this obvious bait thread.

886568  No.3023

File: 1445621355335.png (125.69 KB, 396x258, 66:43, alex.png)


I mean, nothing wrong with turning a bait thread into semi-legitimate discussion (or as close to semi-legitimate discussion as you'd expect from a chan board)

886568  No.3024

b281ef  No.2878[Reply]

How do BSCSGDs do in the industry? I always hear a ton about other degree programs but rarely see anything on BSGD.

1st semester at digipen.

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

b281ef  No.3001


Other than one little thing, I agree with you wholeheartedly


260 used to be an art class when Paul Clark taught it, but the dude was stoned out of his fucking gourd and the busybodies in his last class decided that getting an A in a shitty class was too easy for the next wave of sophomores/juniors' courseloads and whined to Student Affairs.

b281ef  No.3002


Ah, that makes sense. Though based on what I've seen the class now is nothing like it used to be (Rowan teaches it now, and there's about as much essay writing as there is drawing). At the very least it isn't an easy filler class; there's actually some reason for it, though art isn't that reason.

Regardless, it actually being a (real) art class at one point would've been lost to history if it weren't for the accreditation requirement. And the accreditation authorities stopped by last year, so they've already had the chance to change it to what it really is.

b281ef  No.3003


imo they're more or less something like 4.5 years of degrees which is probably due to gen ed courses. These degrees aren't designed with them entirely in mind i guess.


Most professors don't talk like it's the norm. They say it's okay to do so and don't be ashamed. Big difference. Which I agree, some people can't handle the responsibility of that 1 extra course a semester. Nobody should judge them, but keep in mind that you'll end up spending more money by doing so which is probably the only reason why I would judge you when this place is a flat rate system from 16-22 credits.

I obviously don't agree when a course breaks that 1 credit hour = 2 hours rule of thumb, because it's bullshit when you get something that requires 10+ hours and due within the week. Over multiple weeks? Well they did give you weeks to do it, are they at fault most people will do it over a couple days? I don't know.

>Good luck finding a game team of people who each put only 10 hours a week into their game and came out with something they were confident would pass

It's not hard to pass game. You'll piss off your teammates by not doing a 'lot' of work. Just follow the dumb requirements and have something remotely like a game. It doesn't matter how shitty and short your 'game' is, failing is hard if you put even in the minimal effort. Though, that is a C. Depends on how much you care about your GPA which almost nobody will give a shit about.

b281ef  No.3007


i dunno man. some of my teachers talked about them 4 year plan students like they were doing something different. though if they're understanding about it about it like you said i don't see why i'd mind.

but i can't agree with you at all for gam class. i have seen and been on some of those teams with that one guy who worked by the hours they needed to pass instead of the tasks they were given and the whole team got wrecked when that task was needed to get through the next milestone. too many teams run into problems and work on the edge despite guys who work overtime on it. i just can't see a whole team of that guy getting thru milestones and having a passing grade by the time turn in rolls around.

b281ef  No.3008


I don't know bad your team was then, but I can assure you spending the 5 hours lab and the 10 hours based off 5 credits is more than enough. Ben and Ellen will give you a C/B depending on the work done based off those hours alone. Which is minimal since you spent no time outside of that, I don't entirely agree with but you are making a game. Obviously minimal effort and then complaining about 'oh fuck [insert team] being teacher pets!' is silly.

It's not my fault you left something major up to him and he was a moron. It is easily doable if everyone just does their part. Including physics, if he just follows some guides and books then you'll have one working within one milestone based off 60 hours.

I'm just saying it's completely possible and has been done and if you think about it most teams would be just that. Except for some reason this doesn't work entirely due to some mysterious reason of 3 spikes of productivity instead of having it steady across the 14 weeks.

fc4a44  No.2979[Reply]

To the upperclass RTIS student who keeps making eye contact with me. You're 10/10 eye candy. Get at me.


13 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fc4a44  No.2997

This is a *great* thread.

fc4a44  No.2999

File: 1445292849272.png (51.17 KB, 835x795, 167:159, 1430945514673.png)



Remember where you are newfriends! This place is shitpost friendly.

fc4a44  No.3000

File: 1445301926344.jpg (15.41 KB, 248x200, 31:25, check em.jpg)


>shitpost friendly

here I go

fc4a44  No.3004

File: 1445321347762.gif (21.43 KB, 199x169, 199:169, check it.gif)


>tfw no trips

>only 4s

fc4a44  No.3005



I can't believe back to back trips happened in the thread where someone is vaguely trying to get laid. My dick is diamonds, but I'm also a little unhappy. I feel like that kind of power could have been put to better use.

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