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File: 1443863484267.jpg (7.98 KB, 329x153, 329:153, download.jpg)

bd6f1f  No.2781[Reply]

Dice rollRolled 6 (1d6)

anyone else play this?

i want to know what you guys thought about this, before some BAGDer comes in on monday and stirs up a circle jerk.

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bd6f1f  No.2788


Now I want to play it…

bd6f1f  No.2791


Without being spoilery, I will admit that at first, I could connect with the characters. But then I didn't like one of the characters for reasons that become evident.

I have to say though, this didn't connect with me at all. If anything, it made me want to make a game that's fun, and not walking. I'm not laughing it off as a pretentious etc etc 3deep5me game, I'm shrugging it off as an incomplete attempt overall. It's not that it tried too hard, it's that it tried the wrong things.

Spoilers in the black.

I didn't like that the game was basically the dev complimenting his own designs and his own work. It felt too self-aggrandizing, like they were trying to pump up their own "tortured genius". Look, I get it. It's tough being a creative when you don't have the drive to create, but as it's said, there are ups and downs in everyone's drive.

The only thing this game really made me understand is that I have to make fun games, not walking simulators.

I'm dead serious when I say this: All i really cared about was the dots, because at least the "fake" meaning behind the dots was something I could trust. But by the end i really disliked what the dude was trying to put forth, as a character: "You added the lampposts? that's like adjusting a painting post-mortem and saying you think you know better!" And then, moments later, I realized it was all fake masturbatory URT and let the credits finish.

I am sincerely glad I paid for UNDERTALE and not that.

Owney, I can fully acknowledge that for some people, it might have made them doubt everything about themselves, but honestly, I'm not feeling anything but a greater drive to make games fun, and not overwrought pieces ofart.

bd6f1f  No.2793


It sounds like you understand the metaphors and stuff in the game pretty well (or at least, you're on the same page as me), but you keep using "masturbatory" to describe it, and I think that's just because you don't identify with it. Read this blog post he wrote about his success with The Stanley Parable: http://www.galactic-cafe.com/2014/02/game-of-the-year/ , and if he seems interesting to you, check out the rest of his blog. I think the game is amazing because he's expressing his emotions through level design and narrative, instead of through film, paint, pen, or any other media where this is commonly accepted. It's like video game poetry, an interactive autobiography of emotions.

And for those who identify with the emotions of the creator's being conveyed through the work, it evokes emotions more strongly than it could in another medium, due to the inherently interactive nature of the game. Even though the game contains no real choices (dialogue trees all lead to the same endpoint… also you can read all the notes or not, I guess), the player experiences these feelings more intimately, because they have control over the experience. You can look and freely in almost all parts of the game… even the visually powerful final "ascension" sequence. Most games would script the camera to pan up artistically.

In my opinion, this makes The Beginner's Guide not even really a game at all, but that doesn't really matter to the discussion. It's an interactive expression of emotion and inner turmoil that will likely either resonate VERY strongly with you, or it won't. It's also interesting because it has this "meta" element to it too, and that stuff really appeals to me personally.

For these reasons, I entirely unironically think The Beginner's Guide really is an exceptional work of art, regardless of whether everyone identifies with it or not. I would love for this to be a new genre of "game": short, emoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Post last edited at

bd6f1f  No.2796


Hey chief. I just have some choice words for you.

Just kidding. I respect what you're saying, so my words aren't "choice", but they are, hopefully, well chosen.

I absolutely don't want to detract from your enjoyment of the game, so, I have no intention of trying to tell you anything like "no you're wrong stop liking it". I'll admit in fact that it did resonate with me at first, because genuinely, I'm in a bit of a creative slump at the moment too and, if people saw my output, they'd wonder if I was okay.

But… for me, once it was revealed how he modified the work, for some reason *that* was the final straw in my suspension of disbelief. It seemed like something that nobody would actually do. The shortcuts, the glitch removals, the narration I could handle, but for whatever reason, as soon as his lamppost thing was brought to light, I couldn't take it seriously anymore. I'm not sure why. It just seemed like a shitty thing for his character to do, and I think ultimately I ended up disliking the Davey character because of that and his weirdly obsessive demeanor.

After finishing the game, I did look at what he'd written about post-Stanley, and that person - the person who came through in his writing there, that fellow was a good guy. A bit overwhelmed and mixed up from TSP's success, but he meant well. "Davey" the character, I couldn't accept his actions. I can definitely identify with what he was conveying, but the layers of fiction were distracting and ultimately detracted from his message, in my view.

I guess I wished he'd been more personally confessional in the end - admitting the Coda ruse, admitting that it was all actually about him, somehow atoning for calling "Coda's" designs great and inspirational and intriguing when he was really just calling his *own* work great/inspirational/etc. And last but not least – I don't know. Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

bd6f1f  No.2977

I just played through it, just wanted to share some thoughts

coda is adoc backwards

File: 1445160454701.jpg (44.08 KB, 960x955, 192:191, Iq3yB8B.jpg)

417660  No.2976[Reply]

So now that the senior projects have been posted in the halls, which one looks the least awful?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2149f2  No.2973[Reply]


2149f2  No.3006

Thanks! Probably saved me a GAT250 lecture next semester.

File: 1445011709403.gif (4.11 MB, 400x200, 2:1, giphy.gif)

56fbfc  No.2962[Reply]

just LOL buddy boyos

56fbfc  No.2963

File: 1445014132004.jpg (44.06 KB, 736x607, 736:607, FB_IMG_1435961670025.jpg)

You still gotta sign the attendance sheet boyo

56fbfc  No.2966


this. It's really dumb that we even have attendance sheets… Today, one pof the professors forgot to send it out and it took us 10 minutes AFTER class had ended to get everyone signed. So stupid… If someone doesn't go to class they'll probably fail anyway, and a quick email will give you an excused absence 100% of the time.

56fbfc  No.2967


It's for legal reasons. The state can.. revoke their accreditation or something if not enough people attend, and they're obligated to fail any student that doesn't attend enough.

File: 1438153041845.gif (968.41 KB, 500x200, 5:2, tumblr_inline_n49ts3bW1N1q….gif)

27f9b9  No.2340[Reply]

Female here. 21. Fourth year.

How come every mother fucking male I take to bed in this stinking school breaks down and starts sobbing the morning after that they want to go out and have a relationship.

This has happened way too many times.

Granted, i'm not opposed to dating, but honestly, I'm busy with schoolwork and I want to focus on that, not cultivating a 'thing'.

Every. single. time. Despite me telling them it's just a hookup. A friends with bennies. Nothing emotional, just a roll in the hay, I inevitably get that sobby, red-faced kid on my doorstep clutching flowers telling me how he wants me to stay at his parents house over the summer with him. ( This actually happened. )

So what the fuck, men? Why can't I have a good hookup, and not have this happen.

I tell em, and they don't listen.

Advice? Have you done this? Has it happened to you?

Maybe I'm just really good at picking the insecure virgins, but to my knowledge, I don't think I've popped any cherries … so what gives.

Here is hoping this year is better.

56 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

27f9b9  No.2953


1) Acquire t-shirt cannon

2) Load with love balloons

3) ???

4) Profit

No but seriously, I'm glad you guys exist. I'd suggest having a condom dispenser in the student store if I didn't think for a second that it would invite the draconian administration that runs our school to try to capitalize on safe sex and negate what you're doing. I guess bathroom dispensers would be nice. A stock at the ASC, and the Dragon Lair seems like a thing real colleges would do.

27f9b9  No.2955




Thanks for all of the suggestions, we appreciate the feedback, and please feel free to keep it coming.

We've actually discussed many of these before. We like most of them. We currently are sure we can get them inside of the Dragon's Den, but we'd prefer to get them just outside, just so you don't have to go walk in with your staff advisors and grab one. We're investigating that, as well as bathroom dispensers. There are concerns about Project Fun/Wanic kids, and their parents, so we'll have to talk with some people. We're also still working on the actual order, but we're getting more information relating to that tomorrow hopefully.

We hadn't considered the ASC, I'll be sure to bring it up as a possibility.

We probably won't put one in the store, we don't want students to have to pay for them at the school itself (But I'm not entirely sure how the bathroom dispensers would work, it's still early in investigating that.), but ultimately we have no involvement with them, or at least only as much as any other students.

We love the Condom Fairy idea, but it might not be feasible. I'll bring it up to group after we actually make the order.

T-shirt cannons are actually absurdly expensive.

But I know at least one student affairs person has looked at it and wants it desperately.

27f9b9  No.2958


I've actually made a t-shirt cannon, and if you know what you're doing it's not too bad cost-wise. A compressor, some wide diameter piping, and cheap pneumatic parts are all you need, and the only really pricey part is the compressor, which you can still get for <50. You can do the whole thing for under $100 pretty easily.

27f9b9  No.2959

also, you could do a shitty spring loaded system much cheaper, but really pneumatics are the way to go.

also, 8chan, before any of you ask, I am fully aware of the irony in going on a mechanical engineering tangent in a thread about sex. i chose one over the other as a teenager so i'm gonna get some use out of it dammit

27f9b9  No.2961


You know, fair enough, but they weren't really looking to build one. If you think you could make an adequate one, tell Michelle, she just might take you up on it. They just want to shoot t-shirts man, in really crazy ways,

Like a gattling gun: http://www.tshirtgun.com/gatlinggun_tshirt.html

File: 1443682101337.jpg (63.52 KB, 780x470, 78:47, monsterundermybed.jpg)

5c0084  No.2768[Reply]

>ITT your experience so far

Freshman here, I found this board a bit before first semester started and the hate towards BAGD convinced me to switch (initially to BSCSGD now just BSCS). My dormies are badgers and god damn everything I hear about GAT classes sounds awful and the majority of badgers I meet are useless narcissistic "idea guys" with absolutely no skill or hope for the future. If every single one dropped out I would only feel happy for their sake. Apparently even Portnow told them that their life as a "game designer" will probably be shit when he came to speak. Also really liking the CS teachers, I can't imagine only learning scripting languages and having almost no actual knowledge of computers or art. And holy shit hearing other students talk about memes is unbearable (how has this John Cena shit not gotten old yet?)

Anyways the sound design program actually looks pretty good too, taking an intro to sound class and I like it a lot.

I'd say the biggest problems with this school are definitely the BAGD program, lack of business major/minor, and reddit autists it attracts.

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

5c0084  No.2864


DigiPen lies about cutting out the GenEds. They need you to take English for accreditation purposes. Hush and eat your broccoli.

5c0084  No.2867


You really think you were going to get a Bachelors without a few English credits in some form?

Also, how could DigiPen lie about cutting General Education classes? Do people really not look at the course schedule at all?

5c0084  No.2890


Judging from some of the absolute shit writing I saw when I took that class, you would be surprised how many people /really/ need it.

5c0084  No.2941

>the sound design program actually looks pretty good too, taking an intro to sound class and I like it a lot.

Yeah, the sound designers and their program are usually pretty cool (though a lot of people have trouble understanding the material ~ hence why there aren't more sound designers). Since you're RTIS you'd do well to get to know them. They end up learning a lot of technical things regarding sound as well, and having an understanding of it (even second-hand) will give you knowledge a fair amount of non-sound designers don't have.

5c0084  No.2954


can confirm

File: 1443303359587.jpg (176.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1441166822921.jpg)

a5493b  No.2741[Reply]

Ahh digipen… another year… another game project… another dream between friends.

And team on ones…

I swear to christ, if I hear "Your game could be the next Discord!" I'm going to fucking lose my shit.

a5493b  No.2745

>your game could be the next Discord!

So you're going to secretly pay us?

a5493b  No.2861


Dischord wasn't even good.

a5493b  No.2909


Doesn't mean that the teachers didn't nut all over it.

Subray also wasn't anything spectacular, keep in mind.

a5493b  No.2934


Don't be silly, everyone knows games are just heaps of polish and narrative placed on top of random chunks of code. That's why they're calling them "poetic experiences" these days. If you were at today's GAM lecture you'd know this already!

44039d  No.2882[Reply]

Read the title, especially pointed towards those poor souls in the digipen housing crap lol

12 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

44039d  No.2911


>I didn't come here straight out of high school

Biggest fucking protip that everyone should know before enrolling. Imagine how much better the school would be if you had to be at least 21 to attend or something, holy shit.


I started DigiPen at 22, my first roommate in DigiPen housing was also 22, and a total sack of shit regardless.

He would play Assassin's Creed IV while drinking rum and wearing sunglasses (??????) at midnight.

One time he was drunk and kept playing with a knife to the point where another roommate had to seriously tell him to stop because it was freaking him out.

He spent all of his money on Kraken rum and, from what I could tell, subsisted solely on that and instant mashed potatoes.

Every night, he would get super drunk, lie on his back in bed at night with his laptop on his fat belly, and just browse the internet for hours at a time… or so I thought at first! I always slept with my back to him because the dim light of the laptop would keep me up, a little bit. I often have trouble falling asleep immediately upon lying down in bed, and I learned pretty early on that this fucking assclown would wait about five minutes after I got in bed, assume I was asleep, and begin blatantly masturbating. I'm assuming this happened about every single night, because I caught him so many damn times.

I began my second semester by waking up for the first day of our shared early class (while he slept in) by stepping into the shower, only to find it covered in pubes, because apparently he decided to shave his dick the previous night, and, presumably due to how drunk he was (or maybe just because he was such a horrible person), he left his goddamn pubes there, in the shower.

But that's not even the worst of it.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

44039d  No.2912


I hope you realize there's a big company called Microsoft around here. They sell a bunch of used furniture for extremely cheap. You'd buy something like that in your living room, minus the carpet and electronics, probably $150. Sure it's used, but so would be the crap inside that place.

As for 100down, who gives a shit? You can get 20 down pretty much everywhere here for like $50.

I just don't see how it's $850 and why anyone would pay that when it's not required for first years.


I think getting a third of your degree at a CC should be some unwritten rule. Holy hell, just spend the $100/credit a community college instead of bitching and moaning nonstop here "Oh god I gotta do english/math homework! I just wanna work on game!"

Age is just whatever. I didn't come here straight out of highschool, but half the people I hang out with are. It's just they're more likely to drop out since they don't realize how expensive coming here is and that they made a huge mistake of going into [insert degree].

44039d  No.2913


Real talk. How would someone go about buying furniture from MSoft? Because that sounds like a solid deal.

44039d  No.2914

My friends had a horribly smelly roommate who would almost never go to school, spending all of his CS classes making ASCII art and would take his free time to ride his bike, in the rain, with his laptop on the handlebars.

That being said, I was fortunate enough to have a pretty good housing situation last year despite being fresh out of high school, although everyone was messy because apparently digipen means people forget hygiene. Towards the end we got a new roommate, who was a total anti-SJW cuck who wouldn't shut up about "poor men" and "muh anxiety"

44039d  No.2917


Well, asci art is pretty darn fun.

8b92ad  No.2879[Reply]

If it's not obvious by my question, I'm a freshman. About what percentage of digipen students regularly post on here?

8b92ad  No.2880

How the balls would we know?

8b92ad  No.2881

It's a slow-ass board so I doubt very many

You have the ones who'll burst into treats at the name of 8chan and then you've got the people who don't give a shit

And then there's a small amount of petty, angry fuckers who post here.

8b92ad  No.2883

It's a safe bet to say that the board is active with current and forner students.

8b92ad  No.2901

Hard to gauge; a lot of people post from DigiPen/multiple computers so you can't go by number of IDs. I'd guess maybe 10-20 angry students and about as many alums/survivors?

File: 1430340508144.jpg (25.33 KB, 538x399, 538:399, 28518739.jpg)

7a5f52  No.2149[Reply]

Daily reminder that you're the one failing, not Digipen.

Daily reminder that the reason you suck so much is because you spend your time on here meming instead of studying.

Daily reminder that you blame your shortcomings on the school because you're weak.

>thinking that you'd be able to get into one of the most competitive industries on the planet playing league 4 hours a day and half assing your shit


2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

7a5f52  No.2154


is that Lebanese pussy as greasy as the Digipen pizza, or greasier?

7a5f52  No.2155


What do you think the pizza is made out of?

7a5f52  No.2898

File: 1444697106437.gif (25.9 KB, 217x199, 217:199, 1404693137950.gif)

7a5f52  No.2899



7a5f52  No.2918


File: 1444545951334.png (10.13 KB, 289x200, 289:200, ijustreallylikedicks.png)

13dc91  No.2865[Reply]

Over the past few weeks I've seen this one ( or who knows, maybe it's a few, they all kinda blur together in a mesh of badly dyed hair and 'steam punk giraffe' t-shirts after a while… ) freshman girl with [redacted].

Ok, whatever, maybe shes just having a weird day.

A few days later, spot her again with [redacted] and [redacted].

Few days after that, shes wearing [redacted] and [redacted].

> Overhear her talking to her friends " When the Blizzard meeting, I want to go and show them my stuff."

I'm all for self expression, but shit like this gives us a bad name. Seriously? Walk up to an industry professional with clown makeup and [redacted] on expecting to be taken seriously?

I'm betting she won't be back next semester, in any case.

Whats some of the worst fashion you've seen at DP.

10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

13dc91  No.2877


Oh man, could you imagine if the person who did own this board not only still went but got found out by the admins/students?

13dc91  No.2887

I am the guy who [redacted]

(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST: Come on, think about this for, like, five seconds. You can't call YOURSELF out either, because this is an ANONYMOUS MESSAGE BOARD, so ANYONE could pretend to be ANYONE.)
Post last edited at

13dc91  No.2888


Not sure if trolling or…

Either way, inb4 B&.

13dc91  No.2891


im not trolling, its actually me.

13dc91  No.2929

You know, just from the context I can already tell that the previous guy who got ban-hammered was not only not trolling - I intimately know the guy. That's right guy, I'm that one guy who knows you more than anyone else at the school - I know where you live :O

File: 1435125655279.jpg (82.96 KB, 919x960, 919:960, 1431497239622.jpg)

f4d931  No.2261[Reply]

DigiPeeps say weird stuff. As do ProjectFun kids. So tell me about it here.



1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

f4d931  No.2264

I overhear people reenacting episodes of Seinfeld verbatim. Pity that wouldn't be as funny if you weren't there

f4d931  No.2461

Where is this stuff being used/posted?

f4d931  No.2462


The facebook page "Overheard at DigiPen"

f4d931  No.2491

please give me new shit to post, i know there's some dumb students at this school.

f4d931  No.2862

Bumping. The last few weeks have been wonderful, so let's keep it going.

98b3b3  No.2540[Reply]

What do you guys do when you don't fucking feel like playing video games in Edison/cafeteria? What is there to do in Redmond?

20 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

98b3b3  No.2648


That's racist

98b3b3  No.2680


There's 5 good restaurants in RTC, none of which are asian.

There's a fucking awesome pastry shop right by the movie theater.

There's a great breakfast-all-day place in the library area.

and that's just the beginning. Redmond is more than the qfc areas and the shitty pizza place by the school.

98b3b3  No.2730


I liked the pizza place by the school, but after the second time they completely screwed up my order I started going elsewhere.

98b3b3  No.2786

Do get-togethers with folks and watch a movie at bella botega if there's anything good out.

There's a kayak rental around 90th st where you can walk it down to Sammamish river (1-2 blocks away) but that's a more summer-ey thing

98b3b3  No.2859

File: 1444435958951.gif (500.17 KB, 300x268, 75:67, racist.gif)

3ea45f  No.2792[Reply]

can we talk about how terrible this class is and how most of the class is about to fail project 2 because the rubric starts you off at like -760%

can we also talk about how we all need to be at the next design council/town hall so shit actually gets done. as much as complaining to 8chan is cool this class seriously needs to get fixed

23 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3ea45f  No.2843

File: 1444266525251.png (2.52 KB, 90x143, 90:143, Culex_Sprite_-_Super_Mario….png)


"Perhaps in another time, another game project, we may have been mortal enemies…" :P

3ea45f  No.2845



See, this is what I'm talking about – it's fine to recognize being let down by a professor, it's fine to feel like the program is tedious or insulting, but here's the thing. None of that factors into how I'm feeling about you two. It is *because* you left the program, *because* you decided to throw in the towel instead of pushing through it. Do you think the best path in life will ever be the easiest? I've had to go through so much shit over the last 8 years to get to where I am, but I know I'm a better person for having gone through with it to this point. Nothing worth doing is easy except for sex and sleep, so don't think that you've made the correct decision by leaving. . I've been in your shoes. It's why I'm at Digipen instead of a different school. Because I didn't have the balls to follow through, and I've regretted it ever since. No, you haven't ruined your lives, no, you haven't messed up… But I'm personally disappointed, not that it matters, because I know that you could have done better

But who the hell am I, ultimately? I hope you guys/gals/fishpeople have found happiness wherever you are now. Srsly.

3ea45f  No.2847


Because we decided to throw in the towel? I respect that you feel that you're superior because you're slogging through DigiPen, but it seems to me that you're staying as a way to punish yourself for not staying at wherever your previous school is. (I knew someone while I was at DigiPen who lost a loved one and then left their first college, so if it's you, I think you're aware of who I am and we can talk with our cards on the table elsewhere)

DigiPen was pushing me to the point of hating everything I held dear before attending. No school should ever be capable of doing that. I'm personally disappointed that you'd ever consider trying to judge someone for taking a different path than yourself. You have my respect for sticking with it, but your condescension is not welcome.

>I know that you could have done better

Maybe for you 'doing better' does mean finishing a degree, but for myself, 'doing better' means for starters putting my mental well-being and physical health first. By shifting around on the spectrum from a game dev student to a hobbyist game dev and a student in a different major, I can make games I care about unfettered by GAT assignments which had become more detriment than benefit to learning design, and also get a more well-rounded education. Sure, I'm not likely to be creating the next super-successful indie game or whatever, but truth be told, I'm alright with that.

3ea45f  No.2855


Admittedly, I'm sorry for the condescension. That was a bit harsh of me. I know DigiPen is tough - and if it pushes you into self-hatred and the hatred of what you're learning, it's not worth staying at. Obviously, I wish you were still around, but you do seem happier where you are now.

That said, if you end up acting like this clown >>2722 then I have no sympathy for you! I mean damn at least you tried, that guy can't even get passable weed.

3ea45f  No.2857




Pick one. For some reason everyone is ignorant of time management and due to that you start having due dates being piled up which in turn stresses you out. Which also in turn if you're stupid, you sacrifice sleep to do everything. Of course I can't say the same for BFAs and it does include small caveats of some courses that demand more than 5 hours of your life for an assignment. But again, if you do it early with a few hours here and a few hours there nothing becomes complicated. Oh what if you don't understand something? Go to your professor's office hours! It ends up being a one on one session since nobody utilizes it. You can't do that if you wait til the last minute to do the assignment.

Now keep in mind, I am not saying some courses are not worth your money or time. I'm just simply saying the work isn't consuming your life if you manage your time well.

30381a  No.2767[Reply]

What does everyone think about them changing the team space policy so that breaking the rules results in a fine?

14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

30381a  No.2840


wait what really

30381a  No.2844


Why does this surprise you?

30381a  No.2848


That's Claude's office. I think your directions are mixed up; the MFAs and Zero guys are on the 3rd floor, though I don't know if they've relocated since you've been at the school though.

30381a  No.2852


Many campuses have on-site lawyers and any that don't retain services with a law office. That said, it'd be a bit surprising to have them on campus at a school as small as DigiPen and not have them teach law.

30381a  No.2856


LIke the guy said, we don't know if we still have a lawyer on campus, regardless, it does make sense to have one on campus/retainer, remember that we have an entire R&D department.

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