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File: 1442099864136.png (438.19 KB, 632x797, 632:797, power.png)

9fe2ea  No.2598[Reply]

How is this year going for everyone

freshman here and given what I saw on this board going into it I am pleasantly surprised by how much I like it here, especially the teachers and almost every non-BAGD student.

But fuck badgers though god damn they are annoying. 2 of my dormies are badgers and I don't mind one but the other embodies everything I can hate in a person: she is SJW, lazy, ignorant, full of herself, and all she does is complain about everything except herself. Also she's a full on biowarefag. I know its mean to want people to fail but I really hope her laziness gets the best of her so she has to drop out. I actually applied as a BAGD then switched to BSCSGD after coming to this board and now I'm just BSCS after seeing that I'd be critically analysing gone homo. Very happy with that decision.

What are some good clubs here? I just started in a 5E group (1 DM 3 players right now) in tabletop club and game design club was 10x better than the GAT class I went to before withdrawing. Also making a Dota club even though there's a MOBA club so I can get twice as many –pizzas– social experiences. If they let me I'd also be interested in making a Mead Appreciation club (if there isn't one already).

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9fe2ea  No.2636

>the only reason they are doing gone homo is to push "progressive" identity politics in the classroom.

You're trying too hard. I'm not a fan of Gone Home (because a lot of media these days gets a free pass for including sexual minorities, but that's a topic for another day), but there is no conspiracy to introduce you to what you call "progressive" identity politics in your classes. Maybe you need to go back to rural Missouri or whatever backwoods bumfuck nowhere place you're from if you're not comfortable dealing with people who are different than you.

9fe2ea  No.2639




Such vile hatred directed at people you think are vile haters

Do you see some sort of connection? Or is it ok because you think they deserve it?

9fe2ea  No.2642


Wow stop treating people with wrong opinions like people, shitlord.

9fe2ea  No.2645

File: 1442430048731.jpg (27.56 KB, 480x442, 240:221, niggahombre.jpg)


Um the EARLY GAT classes with Pondsmith had you take a quiz every Friday on a book about the history of board games you had to study.

You learned about nothing but historical board games and never ever ever played games. Senet was very important to my future career in games…

9fe2ea  No.2646


I was more thinking the first GAT120, where Portnow was teaching

File: 1441962548486.png (147.94 KB, 568x852, 2:3, lmao so diverse.png)

767b6b  No.2561[Reply]

it's always good to know that our Diversity Club is in the hands of such open-minded, fair, equal, and tolerant folks. y'know, the kind of folks who unashamedly reblog shit like this on their very-public tumblr and assume it won't come back to bite them later.

and people wonder why others are against "diversity clubs" and "social justice".

21 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

767b6b  No.2634


absolutely, but a world where certain groups get to make fun of certain other groups but if you make fun of certain OTHER groups you're a racist/sexist/*ist fuck is a pretty shit world too. like, what happens if we actually reach racial and sexual equality? do black girls still get to say "*sigh* fuckin white boys amirite"?

what if we were allowed to make fun of anyone for any reason but we just moved away from the generalizing about groups of people based on their inherent qualities like race and sex and gender identity and so forth?

nah that's probably asking a bit too much lol look at this fuckin white boy spouting his privilege smh

767b6b  No.2635

I think it's hilarious that the diversity club can't automatically condemn this shit and need to have a trial over it. Lol, the "club" (more like a gang imo) is such a joke.

767b6b  No.2638


But it's alright to complain about white cishet males because they've always had privilege unlike the rest of humanity

767b6b  No.2643


And if you think that is racist and sexist, you're just a lousy no good mra/oppressor/rightwing/gamergater/libertarian/republican

767b6b  No.2644

i absolutely love how "gamergater" has become this catch-all "you don't agree with me & are a terrible person" label. man i wish i was fucking stupid enough to lump everyone who disagrees with my worldview together under one umbrella. that would sure make my life a lot easier

File: 1441342136268.png (42.15 KB, 577x847, 577:847, healthy.png)

20420f  No.2512[Reply]

DigiPen Institute of Technology: a healthy learning environment

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

20420f  No.2547


Either this person's fishing for sympathy, which is likely, or they're too emotionally weak to be here and should leave now. They can still get half their tuition back now

20420f  No.2588


they'll rinse out.

20420f  No.2623

Hey don't give them too much crap, they're doing the same thing we do, except on twitter

20420f  No.2627


this is true, and to be fair they can't escape their twitter handle, so making a post like that is indeed either very brave, or very attention whorey.

on the other hand though, I mean come on, be an adult and bitch about it anonymously like us. I'm not being sarcastic here, I genuinely don't think a post like that should ever be associated with your name, or an internet handle that can be traced to you

20420f  No.2632


>be an adult, make sure you don't get caught.

Amen brutha!

46dcdb  No.2551[Reply]


*slurp* *suck* *lick* *sluuuuuuuuurp* *fart*

3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

46dcdb  No.2581


Shit. Fucked up the strikethrough.

46dcdb  No.2587

ooh yeah work the shaft babe work the fuckin' shaft

(also Girl I See Right Through You is *shiiit*)

46dcdb  No.2596

Sounds like a bunch of bads are just mad they'll never make anything worth sharing on imgur

46dcdb  No.2597


laffo. two of my games are on that list, asswipe.

46dcdb  No.2602

Eh, he shared the games he likes…and he's the kind of guy that spends several hours a day on imgur…it shouldn't really be any surprise that people there like the same shit as him.

File: 1441166252430.jpg (529.42 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, tmp_3260-laugh-3-174185218….jpg)

898c16  No.2493[Reply]


15 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

898c16  No.2520

My understanding is that GAT120 students can now choose the games the get to research.

When I was in GAT110, we also had to write a weekly paper, a "design journal" (aka waste of time) on whatever game we wanted.

I don't think the school chose Gone Home, I think those students did…and it very easily could have been something they already knew very well and just wanted to bs the paper. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

898c16  No.2522


Senior here, taking GAT120 due to reasons. Nobody's asked me what I want to write papers about and as far as I can tell the games are teacher assigned.

898c16  No.2591

Gone Home is shit. Dear Esther is shit. 99 out of 100 poetic experiences are SHIT.

Make games. Stop making not-games.

"Buh buh buh they're games" shut the fuck up they're lousy interactive novels, linear as fuck, admit it or get the hell out of here.

898c16  No.2592


Of course you don't have the guts to go and challenge Ellinger to his face on that.

898c16  No.2593


That'd be a waste of my time. Stubborn rhino.

File: 1441739562161.png (83.49 KB, 400x250, 8:5, WUCUM.png)

f6b25e  No.2536[Reply]

Ok so my birthday is coming up and I want to a nice wacom, but I don't know a lot about them. Give me some recommendations for a nice high quality wacom or whatever.

f6b25e  No.2538

A recommendation for your high quality wacom? Don't be the douche who carries it everywhere and never stops talking about it, then gets defensive when people are curious.

f6b25e  No.2542

File: 1441818246806.jpg (151.51 KB, 464x422, 232:211, DCG.jpg)


Finally some good advice. I don't even go to DP anymore, but I do enjoy listening to people complain about the school. It's literally the worst place I'd ever been in my whole life and I've been to Mexico, Guantanamo bay etc…

5ab35d  No.2488[Reply]

Anyone looking forward to / dreading any classes this semester?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

5ab35d  No.2490


Sorry to hear that, 211 was great when Peters was teaching it.

5ab35d  No.2533

COM150, that shit subject will just take valuable time I could be using to work on actual important(CS,MAT…) assignments.

5ab35d  No.2534


You are exactly the kind of person COM150 is aimed at.

5ab35d  No.2544


It'll be good for your GPA. Now hush and eat your broccoli.

5ab35d  No.2594


Now that I've had a few more classes it actually doesn't seem too bad, the teacher is a pretty cool dude.

On an unrelated note, I find myself really looking forward to CS391 lectures each friday.

File: 1441514643947.png (7.59 KB, 761x123, 761:123, Untitled.png)

3b88f7  No.2527[Reply]


venom snake isnt big boss. hes the medic from ground zeroes. ground zeroes is a flashback of the medic reliving big boss's experience through hypnotherapy

the character creation at the beginning is what the medic actually looked like. look at snakes reflection in the helicopter or the helicopter photos in first person to see.

the real big boss is making outer heaven and setting up metal gear 1. you see him in the intro, hes ishmael.

strangelove is otacons mother. huey killed her b/c he wanted to use otacon to pilot metal gear

the skulls are infected with a parasite that kills people who speak english.

quiet doesnt talk because of that but at the end of her story she does and dies. no you dont get to fuck her sorry thirsty nerds

eli is liquid snake. this ones fucking obvious come on

the game ends with venom snake becoming fake big boss of outer heaven. kaz works with him to overthrow real big boss because real bb basically cheated on kaz. ocelot is still gay for bb so obv they work to kill venom snake in mg1

Post last edited at

3b88f7  No.2528

OP is a gigantic sack of shit and spoiled Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in its entirety in the above post. I would just delete this post as being off-topic but I thought I'd spoiler-tag it instead because the image is kind of funny. I'd ban the fucker on principle but I'm pretty sure it was posted from within DigiPen, so banning that IP would ban everyone who posts from school.

I was literally in bed about to go to sleep and I thought, "hey maybe someone posted something today that I missed, and if they did, hopefully I won't have to delete it." Next thing I know I'm throwing my phone across the room and scrambling over to my computer to spoiler tag this post.

Great job, anon. I hope you audibly shit yourself at your next presentation, and it runs down your leg and onto the floor.

3b88f7  No.2529


Can this become the "stop playing X Game and work on yours" thread?

3b88f7  No.2530


Wouldn't that just make it posts about League of Legends, like, exclusively?

3b88f7  No.2531

File: 1441642388920.jpeg (521.83 KB, 677x1203, 677:1203, Sep 2, 2015 09:29:17 PM.jpeg)


Spoiler alert: you lose half your matches because you are playing on Diginet. Get back to work on your own damn game

ad6309  No.2492[Reply]

If you think there's something fucked up about DigiPen, here's a link to the ACCSC's standards of accreditation.


Linking this because people should know that DigiPen was renewed for the next 5 years unconditionally, so nobody's going to be checking in and saving you.

ad6309  No.2500

^ The above statement should be directed at returning sophomores and not freshmen, btw. As freshmen you're too busy gobbling Claude's cock. It's not until one or two semesters in that you realize you don't like it.

ad6309  No.2503


I thought that it went without saying that this board was mostly for people who realized that Glorious Leader isn't infallible.

d67de4  No.2480[Reply]

I've graduated this hellhole and the board almost never updates anyhow. It's like I'm torturing myself.

d67de4  No.2482

Get the fuck out of here and appreciate your freedom god dammit

d67de4  No.2483

Graduated, dropped out, or transferred? :P

d67de4  No.2484


Graduated, but just barely.

9ee072  No.2464[Reply]

if there's one thing i can't fucking stand

it's how people who were once your friends abandon you when you drop out

just a few months ago we were laughing and working together, and now even though i'm still in redmond, it's like we're a million miles away

i understand that you probably need to do this to keep yourself sane. you have to believe that i'm subhuman garbage and that is why i dropped out; it's not digipen's fault, it's just that i'm the one who was too weak

but we're still friends on facebook and every time i see all of you getting together and having a fun time, it kills me a little bit inside

as i sit here at my computer in my apartment, alone, trying to figure out what the fuck to do next in my life

anyone else drop out and notice this fucking bullshit

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

9ee072  No.2470


shit nigga, do you honestly expect me to read all that?

9ee072  No.2471


i ain't the boss of you bro, do what you want with your time. if you want to read this thread and the posts i made in it, go ahead, if you don't… don't? i guess?

tl;dr no(?)

9ee072  No.2472


I'm a dropout who is still in contact with my DP friends. Usually they're just too busy to keep on touch unless you are physically there. Or you made mediocre friends. Honestly I don't know what you're like OP since all I know is how pissed you are at people you mistook for close friends.

I agree that there is a stigma against socializing with dropouts if you're still enrolled but it's really not personal in light of two factors. Firstly is the god awful workload. Secondly, keep in mind how hard it is for you to make friends. Some of these weirdos are just as bad at retaining friendships (if not worse).

Tl;Dr probably not your fault op, but getting crabby on /DigiPen/ isn't going to give you much closure either.

9ee072  No.2473



9ee072  No.2474


People at DP in general are kind of shitty. It's not to do with you dropping out, it's that they don't physically see you on a regular basis anymore. If you live "off campus" (as in not Gates, Shadowbrook, or one of the surrounding complexes) during freshman year, you're lucky to ever get an invite in the first place.

Then, the first sign of personal problems, most people will bail on you (unless it's problems with people they know, then they will take sides).

bd5339  No.2454[Reply]

Does anyone else think that Ellen Beeman looks like a Rachel and Rachel Rutherford looks like an Ellen?

bd5339  No.2455


bd5339  No.2456

File: 1440037959469.png (107.55 KB, 187x222, 187:222, dannyd.png)

Rachel's the one that looks a bit like Danny DeVito.

bd5339  No.2458


Can't unsee

bd5339  No.2459


I am very high right now but i see Danny DeVito in both of them :X

File: 1439932082675.jpg (37.26 KB, 365x450, 73:90, 02 - zcGtCQt.jpg)

181ab6  No.2450[Reply]

Today, after months of jumping through hoops to go to another school, I was unceremoniously dropped because of my college GPA for my last semester of DigiPen(NOT my cumulative, mind you).

Advice to anyone at DigiPen or anyone in high school considering it: If you aren't sure, GET THE FUCK AWAY BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. It's like covering your academic records in fucking glitter.

181ab6  No.2451

That isn't to say that if you're super autistic passionate about video games that DigiPen might not be the right school for you. But if you have any second thoughts, I really do recommend acting on them.

181ab6  No.2452

Plus one for the advice that if you aren't sure, DO NOT attend. I'm going into my third year now so I've already seen the freshman drop out wave twice, and yes it's brutal. Unlike other colleges, if you don't like your degree, you don't really have anywhere to go. In a regular university, you have tons of other options to switch to. If you aren't 100% sure this is what you want, and I mean 100%, go to a regular university, take your general eds, and then decide for certain. Otherwise you drop out, get no degree, have a harder time getting into a different university, and STILL OWE DIGIPEN MONEY. I personally have a friend who dropped out after one semester and is still paying off his debt.

I would not come to DigiPen for anything except the RTIS degree (maybe the music degrees, but I don't know enough about them to say anything certain). I know there's a new CS degree, but honestly my take is that if that's what you want, just go to a traditional university, pay less money, and probably have a much better overall experience. The other degrees are bad. Look at the job placement rate for the BAGD degree. 50%. Do you really want to gamble over 100k on a 50% chance of getting a job after graduation?

Do I regret coming to DigiPen? Maybe a bit. But, I'm an RTIS student, which is by far the least mismanaged degree in the school. Compared to my first college, the experience is much less pleasant. People are stressed out all the time, it's harder to socialize, you'll see yourself get more and more jaded as the stress mounts and the semester drags on. Some people sacrifice their health for this shit. You feel scared to criticize the school; no university should make you feel that way. The degree is overpriced and only remotely worth it if you can secure some scholarships or grants.

There are good things about the school. Teachers such as Mead and Hanson are excellent, and will give you a great intro to CS education. Constantly working on team projects ensures you will learn how to deal with team issues, source control, and how to cope with (and avoid building) the shitty pile of hacks your first couple game engines will probably devolve to. I've become a much better programmer, but I'm sure if me and a few other people spent a couple years building engines atPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

181ab6  No.2453

ce3b31  No.2332[Reply]

Typical highschool student who wants to get into the game dev industry here. What do you guys think of this article? Is DigiPen still not worth the money for all the things (clubs, forming teams, one-on-one time with industry professionals and your team, and help getting connections with employers) he mentions? (for an RTIS degree) http://allenchou.net/2015/07/digipen-the-game-school-i-went-to/

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

ce3b31  No.2420


>>Working 20 hour days for weeks on end is not uncommon, and there have been times when I've gone several days without sleeping.

>You're bad at life if you can't manage to get that 20 hours down to 6 or 8.

Do you mean while at school? And if so, by "bad at life" do you mean "not crazy rich?" Because man, I probably wouldn't have dropped out if I could take it slow and graduate in like six years or something. Two years in, I realized I would be here for at *least* another three, and I was already out of money, so I decided to call it quits. The default course schedule (for BSCSGD at least) is fucking stupid and unreasonable. But maybe that's just because I was a BSCSGD who was a core programmer on the team and not just some designery type who could only write Zilch?

ce3b31  No.2424


I didn't have money. Still don't.

However, if it takes you 20 hours to do something should/could be done in 8 you need to rethink your strategy.

A lot of students would ask the question, "How long is a reasonable amount of time to do the assignment"? That's because want to know if they're doing something wrong.

ce3b31  No.2425


You're not wrong, but I don't think you know what the BSCSGD program has you do, at least in the first two years. Basically take all the BSCSRTIS stuff, get rid of programming the car with asm, and the graphics stuff sophomore year, but keep all the math and other CS stuff. You are still expected to be a programmer in GAM. (Not a problem, because I love programming.) Then toss in the time-consuming GAT shit, the exact same stuff that the BAGDs are doing. You're judged on the GAT stuff just as equally as if you were a BAGD.

So yeah, basically you get the worst of both worlds, and nobody gives a fuck because you're not Ellinger's favorite pet degree program, you're just the weird bastard child that DigiPen still keeps on life support for no discernable fucking reason. I mean, it's a great idea for a degree program; I love programming, and I love game design. I wanted to learn "real programming" (which I already knew, but still), not fucking ActionScript and Zilch. But I also wanted to learn about how to make fun video games. Turns out DigiPen doesn't know shit about the latter anyways, but even if they did, BSCSGDs get fucked in the ass more than any other degree program except BFA. But at least the school pretends to care about that degree program.

ce3b31  No.2427


DP sucks, they should be sued.

ce3b31  No.2448


The depressing part is that I went into BSCSGD for the exact reasons you did, but after my third year of assfucking with no end in sight, I transferred my ass out of there. I'm one of the lucky ones, though - it turns out I'm going to graduate in only 2-3 years with a business degree since I breezed through my calc courses, had all my gen eds covered in high school. But still, that's going to be 5 or 6 years for a 4-year degree, plus mucking about in an aborted program.

My biggest gripe was that some of the GAT professors (LOOKING AT YOU HOLCOMB AND MORRISON) didn't even know that there were two design degrees at the school or what was expected of those BSGDs in the other half of their classes.

61a316  No.2436[Reply]

Yesterday, Claude finally moved all his R/C planes out of his office. He needed a moving van to do that. Also, he didn't do it: he had the security guard take care of it. I heard that they're going to be able to make 3 offices out of the space that used to be taken by the planes.

There's not much point to this post, Claude can do what he want with the space in the building, but I just find the whole thing really weird and a little offputting.

61a316  No.2438

It's offputting because you don't know where he's putting them now, what he plans to do with them now.

Perhaps he's finally constructed enough shitty R/C planes to rain cheap plastic hellfire on all those he deems unworthy. Or perhaps his benevolence has taken the better of him, and his fleet of mid-life crisis play things will be utilized in a convoluted mission to airdrop his World Famous Chicken Sandwiches on third world countries.

Or perhaps they'll be mothballed in a garage somewhere, who fuckin knows thats the fun

61a316  No.2444


Rammed firmly up the bagds' asses for the new entry level Gat classes

61a316  No.2447


This is the most underrated pun I've ever seen.

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