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57d741  No.4070[Reply]


I know 8ch is banned on campus because the professors are salty, but for the love of god take care of yourself and don't fall for the incredibly stupid and harmful culture of spending 14h a day at school. I ended up graduating in 5 years and a half and I literally felt nothing at graduation. I didn't even go to the ceremony because I was too jaded to even give them another dollar for the stupid hat and cape. It's ok to want to go to digipen and to want to make games, but you have to find a way to do it on your own terms. Take less classes or something!! Join clubs!!

b4d5d1  No.4071

this. I graduated and ended up at studio that doesnt require you to crunch. But I'm still a broken fucked up person because I let that school consume 4 years of my life.

Dont make my mistake

Dont end up like me

File: 69dc05cc74fa7ef⋯.jpg (38.42 KB, 640x350, 64:35, crippling jojopression.jpg)

a27e7f  No.4056[Reply]

just got a 63 on my first GAT 210 project because I put down Winter Semester instead of Spring Semester

should i kill myself/drop out now?

b74749  No.4057

no. unless you want to make board games for a living, otherwise just pass.

d115cb  No.4059

You make it through, op?

52ce61  No.4060


Yeah, actually. Thank god that goofy bearded fuck is lenient on project D lmao

f46e34  No.4068


+3 points, good intensity curve.

fb2d0b  No.4069

posting your exact grade identifies you to the instructor

be careful with your PII kids

107688  No.4061[Reply]

My wife and I are looking for 1-2 people to join us in our apartment at Avalon Rockmeadow in Bothell in August. It's a 3bed/3bath 3-floor apartment with a 1-car garage and a parking spot in front, and two bedrooms are already claimed. It's a bit of a ways from campus (about a 20-minute drive, or 1.5 hours on the bus), but much more affordable than almost anything near campus – a little under $900 a month for your own room (all bills included, rent, utilities, and internet), or $450 if you share a room. We have a sweet ball python that mostly stays in his tank in our room, and the apartment itself is nice as fuck. Pets welcome with an additional fee.

89c0a0  No.4064

why in your right mind would you let someone from this board into your home

dac835  No.4065

I know an invitation from a serial killer when I see one.

53827d  No.4066

This board still gives me strength when I am weak.

File: 4c2e344bb910a9f⋯.gif (857.69 KB, 240x228, 20:19, 1485579178961.gif)

ee8535  No.3973[Reply]

the professors don't make video games and haven't in years. everything they teach about game design is based on the experiences they had years ago, often decades ago. they haven't made games since. video games have changed a lot since the original Xbox days (or earlier!!), both in terms of design and production.

before you enroll at DigiPen, it seems like video game Hogwarts; this magical place where the thing you've always wanted to do—express yourself creatively by creating interesting and engaging interactive entertainment—is not only taught, but is lived and breathed by everyone in the building, constantly, 24/7. well, that's not entirely untrue, but it would be like if the professors at Hogwarts taught you to cast spells and make potions and shit, not by demonstrating how to do it in front of you and the rest of the class, but by proselytizing these theories they've formed about just exactly how one really casts a spell, man, based on their experience casting spells ten years ago, when in reality they haven't picked up a wand since.

Zero is a fantastic product, and honestly one of the best things DigiPen has to offer. it is very easy to make simple games in Zero, and quickly iterate on ideas. imagine how much better DigiPen would be if the professors actually used Zero to make simple games every semester:

- they could keep a journal of what they worked on each session, and then briefly relate to the class interesting challenges they overcame and problems they solved

- they could improve Zero even further by being able to give allegedly-professional feedback to the Zero team, based on any frustrations they had using Zero, etc.

- they would be forced to realize that most of the shit they espouse as being "what game design is really about" is pretty much useless in a practical setting

- they would be forced to re-evaluate their rubrics based on personal experience, instead of tweaking things here and there over the years and judging their efforts based on metrics like how many people fail, how many people complain, how many people drop out, etc. if something in a rubric is unreasonable, they would immediately realize it is unreasonable, because they would have to do it themselves.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
5 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ee8535  No.3983


if I had a ton of money lying around, waiting to burn, AND DigiPen let me keep the credits I've already done (dropped out years ago), I would definitely be down to try again with my newfound perspective on the whole thing. it really is one of the best ways to get a job in the video game industry. despite plenty of programming and game development experience (mostly outside of DigiPen), I can't land a gamedev job to save my life due to lacking a degree and/or prior professional gamedev experience.

I almost landed a job at a local studio but I fucked up. my resume truthfully says I attended DigiPen for two years. in the interview (which otherwise went amazingly), the interviewer said I'd be working with other DigiPen alumni—and I had to be autistic enough to correct him instead of just rolling with it. never heard back after that, ggwp

ee8535  No.3986

I like this thread a lot. My biggest problem is that I have a hard time passing my GAT classes. So far I have gotten excellent grades in all of my CS and other classes, but I only ever barely pass (or fail) GAT. Despite this, I think I am a much better designer than I am programmer, and am having a massive success as the only designer on my current gam project. Any tips?

ee8535  No.3987


part if the GAT classes is learning how to please someone higher up even if you know what you're doing is bullshit.

Go in with that attitude and you'll pass.

80f14a  No.3996

Thank you so much OP. I'm not a gamedev (doing the BSCSDAT) so I think I won't have to slog through as much BS, but I'll remember that the only thing that matters is my degree and my connections.

92075d  No.4058

Time to Necro…

90% agree with you; super-solid advice.

The bits I would contest are that it can certainly be before Junior year that you make your portfolio-worthy game; you need to just understand you have limited time, and ask yourself where you need to devote it. Failing other classes? Probably best to devote the time to pass them. Passing them with low grades? Time to decide whether high grades in the class or a better game are more important.

That's not a rhetorical statement, by the way. There are many roads to success–some very successful grads were completely unnoticed at DigiPen. How you stand out is up to you; it can be because of a kick-ass game, but it could also be because you're a great programmer, or you focused on a unique project.

Speaking of projects, that's the other bit that I disagree with, though maybe I'm misunderstanding. You should absolutely share your passion with people. The important detail here is that sharing is a 2-way street. Being eager to learn about way to make things better, being excited to help others learn, these are all symptoms of passion. If all you want to talk about is how great your thing is, you're not passionate about some subject–you're passionate about your thing, and that's far less appealing for anyone but you to participate in.

File: 1445902316292.jpeg (6.63 KB, 336x128, 21:8, images.jpeg)

9ec989  No.3039[Reply]

Literally just watching Extra Credits in GAM 100 lecture

kill me now

24 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9ec989  No.3846


Jesus Christ. His LinkedIn doesn't even list DigiPen… maybe they found out he was a complete fraud and fired him, and thus he doesn't want to list them as a previous employer lest someone contact them for a reference?



always seemed shady, but now in this light just seems like a straight-up scam

If this is all true and gets out, could this hurt DigiPen in any way? I mean, when I enrolled, Portnow not only taught my class, but he was also my academic advisor (which he didn't do jack shit for, not even once).

If DigiPen hired a complete fraud and is now trying to sweep it under the rug, without compensating students or publicly apologizing, surely that's bad, right?

9ec989  No.3847


also, what brought you here, Finland?

9ec989  No.3848

File: 1462346244315.png (463.18 KB, 1011x687, 337:229, Call_of_Duty_Devils_Brigad….png)

Figured it out, guys.

First of all, when you google "James Portnow call of duty", you get this for the first result: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o1ZBtS8ZKImDzRUONiV3UAGbIqulgXBQ0W15Do8D61Q/edit#gid=0

ok, but let's dig deeper

by which I mean, look like five google results down the list:

http://archive.is/0qPFS (archive link in case someone sees this and edits Portnow out of the article)


>VandenBerghe hired designers he felt fit Underground Development's revitalized culture. Non-bootlickers, as he put it - people perhaps smarter than him. Kyle Brink came on as Lead Designer. James Schomer and D. Aarron Steelman served as designers. James Portnow handled sound and a variety of other duties.

So, maybe Portnow did work on a Call of Duty game after all… but, he's the only one listed in that paragraph without being credited as a designer, but as being in charge of "sound and a variety of other duties"


okay, so what's Call of Duty: Devil's Brigade? let's google that now


oh it was a cancelled video game; awesome (pic related)

So, there you go, folks: James Portnow has "worked on the Call of Duty series" by doing the sound and other various minor tasks for a Call of Duty title that was cancelled. He is not some expert paragon of gaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

516a18  No.4020

Bump, fuck Portnow

bd15f5  No.4055


What do you mean you don't want to pay 75$ for an AAA game? 90$ is nothing for an AAA game. 110$ is a steal for recent AAA releases I tell you, they should charge you 150$!

File: 1441407592747.png (225.41 KB, 300x100, 3:1, revolver_claudecelot.png)

b073d7  No.2517[Reply]

Now that the fall semester has begun and people are going to start posting here again, I thought I'd remind you guys that we're always accepting new banner submissions, pretty much regardless of how terrible they are. Post your 300x100 images here.

Post last edited at

b073d7  No.2519

File: 1441419213708.gif (15.39 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Holcomb.gif)

Excuse my shitty photoshop; I'm a BSGD so I haven't taken any art classes yet.

b073d7  No.2521


Fits perfectly. Unfortunately, 8chan has temporarily disabled banner editing! I'll add this one and any others that get posted here as soon as that changes.

Keep posting them though!

Post last edited at

b073d7  No.2525

File: 1441492613525.png (62.33 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banner.png)

Heres one I made in about 10 minutes, if someone wants to steal my idea and make a higher quality one be my guest.

b073d7  No.2535

File: 1441739462669.png (42.42 KB, 300x100, 3:1, DanDP.png)

Dan was a joke character from Street Fighter series and I feel the students are the joke characters of the games industry

2b0c85  No.4036

File: 12c6d5d087aad97⋯.png (9.78 KB, 300x100, 3:1, critical thinking.png)

File: 8e3b7e45c9a45ad⋯.jpg (2.46 MB, 2273x3565, 2273:3565, Capture.jpg)

00b3a8  No.4006[Reply]

New here. Tell me why I should stay/ go.

17b5c6  No.4009

Don't bother if you still play videogames

a83512  No.4010

Ha your fucked for the next 4 years.

or rather not fucked.

112712  No.4014


f2bf42  No.4011[Reply]

Yearly reminder that digipen isn't that hard, and you're just a bad programmer/artist/designer/audio designer if you drop out.

Even if the professors are sometimes bad, this is the best place to learn how to make games. It's okay to be salty as fuck about that, but if you drop out don't blame it on the school. Just fucking talk to other people and learn stuff outside of class. Other than the shitposts, I see too many lazy shitbags posting here claiming that the school fucked them over, when in actuality you are just not good enough.

c4eaaf  No.4012

fake news

9d61c5  No.4013

Dropout who got an industry job. I blame the school for not offering legitimate support - teachers hiding behind locked doors during office hours (looking at you, Rhino, you fat fuck), the whole BFA townhall debacle a couple years ago, the "learn it outside of class" mentality you even mention, the fucking freaks who won't give you the time of day if you don't play whatever game they obsess over, academic advisors who don't even understand your goddamn degree program, I've got a good number of legitimate complaints about the education I received at an obscene tuition rate.

File: 1438184607751.png (236.17 KB, 1200x640, 15:8, levels of furfaggotry (as ….png)

568c60  No.2346[Reply]

Who else is a furry here :3

10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

568c60  No.2428

File: 1438749970000.jpg (304.41 KB, 2824x1277, 2824:1277, b8.jpg)

568c60  No.2434


That's not bait, that's a lure, you dumbass

568c60  No.2435


you just got metabaited, son

568c60  No.2439

File: 1438907993344.jpg (34.54 KB, 500x623, 500:623, monica.jpg)


this guy gets me

c6bde1  No.4008

Probably more than usual. Weebs too.

b5e3a4  No.4001[Reply]

What the fuck do I do for a solo senior CS project?

Apparently i don't have a "passion" for any particular part of CS so I'm fucked.

c458e0  No.4002

You've made it this far without "passion" for CS? You're fucked

456771  No.4004

make a program that generates animated ascii dick art

File: 11132566a358e42⋯.png (120.51 KB, 596x453, 596:453, ForeverAndEver.PNG)

583df2  No.3998[Reply]

Does anyone even come here anymore?

62be36  No.3999

I lurk

689d9b  No.4000

I check every week or so

>>3999 speaking of checks

1d7035  No.4003


cf04f7  No.3991[Reply]

Hey all,

I recently got accepted into the BSCSGD degree program and I'm debating whether or not to attend. I am going to explain my particular situation and maybe someone can give me some insight. I tried to make the points clear and concise:

I went to a private all-boys boarding school for HS. Stress isn't that difficult for me. I can handle it.

When I was in HS, I "ran" a game dev studio through a complete coincident of people I knew when I was like 12. I ended up with 1.2MM in funding and blew it by the time I was 17. I have made a ton of contacts, hired and fired lots of people, and have 1 small mobile game with my name on it as "co-designer". No one wants to hire me because I don't have a college degree and they think I'm an airhead when I tell them about my business. It was a flop; I know what I did wrong.

Due to stress in business, school, and family, I got kicked out of HS for some illicit activities (MJ), but I'm still graduating from the place. I just "withdrew early" on my transcripts. I learned a lot, and the diploma does mean something. My GPA was shit tho.

My goal is to learn as much as possible about programming and game dev so that I can contact people I've met in running my company and seek funding to start something new later on in life. Like everyone else, my goal is to be involved in the creation of the next big thing. Unique game mechanic, development executed flawlessly, and big names. I might have funding in the future if I can prove myself as a developer because that was the piece I was missing before.

I am good friends with the eldest son of Gabe Newell, and he is telling me I'm stupid to not go to Digipen, even though I've read some pretty negative reviews and he himself has never attended.

I might, if I work hard enough, be able to land a QA or Design job at a small studio, or an internship. It is unlikely, but I might already have an in with this industry.

I want to learn how to program well. I never really had the opportunPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

121a0c  No.3992

Nah. Do the community college route.

27d3a4  No.3993


f0144a  No.3994

Are the career fairs at this school any good in terms of numbers of employers attending?

4c596a  No.3988[Reply]

this board wont die what why

e95368  No.3989



fb5163  No.3990

File: cbdeb6112c19bc9⋯.jpg (12.5 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 1496842047508.jpg)

3a2fe8  No.3967[Reply]

Should I come to this place or nah?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

3a2fe8  No.3969

Only if you're absolutely convinced it's what you want. If you're even slightly hesitant, look for a cheaper option.

3a2fe8  No.3970


*And you're aware of the sort of people attracted to a "school for making games"

3a2fe8  No.3972


bumping this thread so (that thread) isn't at the top

3a2fe8  No.3981

Don't mind me I'm just posting my Skype username to find cool people


3a2fe8  No.3982


I think you're in the wrong place for that.

File: ae130dc3172bb73⋯.jpg (66.72 KB, 862x991, 862:991, FB_IMG_1488563422486.jpg)

7a81c6  No.3980[Reply]

How was it.

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