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9ee072 No.2464

if there's one thing i can't fucking stand

it's how people who were once your friends abandon you when you drop out

just a few months ago we were laughing and working together, and now even though i'm still in redmond, it's like we're a million miles away

i understand that you probably need to do this to keep yourself sane. you have to believe that i'm subhuman garbage and that is why i dropped out; it's not digipen's fault, it's just that i'm the one who was too weak

but we're still friends on facebook and every time i see all of you getting together and having a fun time, it kills me a little bit inside

as i sit here at my computer in my apartment, alone, trying to figure out what the fuck to do next in my life

anyone else drop out and notice this fucking bullshit

9ee072 No.2465

like, when you guys were planning your get-together, did my name even come up at all? did someone say "we should invite anon" "ehh… but it's *anon* tho…"

or do you not even fucking speak my name anymore because that's how much you've forgotten me in just a few short months

digipen already ruined my life by betraying my expectations, why do you fuckers have to drive the knife in further

9ee072 No.2466


9ee072 No.2467


9ee072 No.2468

Or they're just sick of you and your bullshit complaining all day.

Also sage

9ee072 No.2469


what the hell is even the point of saging on this board


if you're going to sage at least learn how


i haven't been in contact with said people all summer because i wasn't in projectfun and i'm not on their game team next year (both because i dropped out, obviously). i thought we were better friends but nope, turns out that every friend i made at digipen with the exception of like two people has chosen the digipen herd mentality over their friendship with someone struggling with a difficult life situation. you learn who your true friends are when you're dealing with tough shit in your life. good friends stick with you and help you through bad times, even when they're facing difficult times at school themselves. bad friends look at your struggles as weakness and distance themselves from you because they need to be tough and not drop out themselves.

however i'm the personality type where like, i have about a half-dozen or so REALLY good friends, and the dozens of "extended friends." so when you lose the majority of your really good friends to something like this, and those friends were your gateway to the extended friends (get-togethers, friday night parties, etc.), it really fucking hurts. i went from hanging out with people every day and every weekend to seeing one of my two remaining friends about once every couple weeks, and that was after they came back from visiting home over the summer

i'm just venting about my issues and hoping to raise awareness about this kind of attitude, because digipen instills it into you without you noticing. freshman year is all happy-go-lucky funtimes, making new friends, nerding out about video games and magic cards and pokemon. sophomore year is where things start to get rough, and where digipen revealed itself to me as being a shit-ass school for learning game design. when i spent a class period having a teacher regurgitate concepts he saw in a youtube video (that he cited), and i did the math and figured out how much i was paying for this shit… i couldn't keep doing it.

that doesn't mean i'm a bad game designer, a bad programmer, or, more importantly, a bad person. yet digipen teaches you to think of dropouts as inferior scum because they're the culled weak and you're the surviving strong.

notice this fucking shit you people who choose to stay at digipen. yes, some dropouts are shitty people that can't handle not living at their parents' house playing games all day. this doesn't mean that everyone who drops out is like this, and this doesn't mean that you have to treat people who you were EXTREMELY GOOD FRIENDS WITH like complete garbage.

maybe it's just affecting me extra hard because i don't make friends easily, and when i started to meet people around halfway through first semester and just kept on meeting more and more cool people and befriending them, it was like a dream come true for me. finally, i was at a place where other people recognized my talent and skills and personality and could accept me for who i was and not just think of me as a weird dumb nerd. to lose almost all of these friendships was absolutely devastating and i would not wish it upon anyone.

but by all means just type sage you fucking morons.

9ee072 No.2470


shit nigga, do you honestly expect me to read all that?

9ee072 No.2471


i ain't the boss of you bro, do what you want with your time. if you want to read this thread and the posts i made in it, go ahead, if you don't… don't? i guess?

tl;dr no(?)

9ee072 No.2472


I'm a dropout who is still in contact with my DP friends. Usually they're just too busy to keep on touch unless you are physically there. Or you made mediocre friends. Honestly I don't know what you're like OP since all I know is how pissed you are at people you mistook for close friends.

I agree that there is a stigma against socializing with dropouts if you're still enrolled but it's really not personal in light of two factors. Firstly is the god awful workload. Secondly, keep in mind how hard it is for you to make friends. Some of these weirdos are just as bad at retaining friendships (if not worse).

Tl;Dr probably not your fault op, but getting crabby on /DigiPen/ isn't going to give you much closure either.

9ee072 No.2473



9ee072 No.2474


People at DP in general are kind of shitty. It's not to do with you dropping out, it's that they don't physically see you on a regular basis anymore. If you live "off campus" (as in not Gates, Shadowbrook, or one of the surrounding complexes) during freshman year, you're lucky to ever get an invite in the first place.

Then, the first sign of personal problems, most people will bail on you (unless it's problems with people they know, then they will take sides).

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