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talking mess about the best worst school around
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File: 1441342136268.png (42.15 KB, 577x847, 577:847, healthy.png)

20420f No.2512

DigiPen Institute of Technology: a healthy learning environment

20420f No.2513

also inb4 one of the people in the OP image talk nonspecifically about how mean anons on the internet are once they find this

you posted it publicly on twitter, idiots

20420f No.2515

I echo their sentiments exactly.

20420f No.2516

Thought about this a lot more, and now I realize how hilarious it is that people were refuting Stockholm Syndrome being a thing at DigiPen in previous threads. This just proves it! At a normal college, juniors and seniors who love their school to the point of participating in activism for it (being at pax booths, being in student council, running clubs, etc.) DON'T tweet about how they feel depressed as fuck already, four days into the semester! THAT IS NOT A NORMAL THING.

20420f No.2518


Someone was denying DigiPen Stockholm Syndrome?

20420f No.2523


I don't get how people are breaking down four days into the semester, at that point classes are still going over syllabuses which while agonizing and boring as shit aren't exactly "intensive". DigiPen will grind you down and I'd expect this two weeks in, but 4 days in? Really?

20420f No.2524


They're just being whiny.

20420f No.2526


Depends on the people and the degree. BFA's have already probably been assigned 20-25 hours homework for the week

20420f No.2532


Welcome to DigiPen, where that's the lightest load you'll get until at least Junior year!

20420f No.2547


Either this person's fishing for sympathy, which is likely, or they're too emotionally weak to be here and should leave now. They can still get half their tuition back now

20420f No.2588


they'll rinse out.

20420f No.2623

Hey don't give them too much crap, they're doing the same thing we do, except on twitter

20420f No.2627


this is true, and to be fair they can't escape their twitter handle, so making a post like that is indeed either very brave, or very attention whorey.

on the other hand though, I mean come on, be an adult and bitch about it anonymously like us. I'm not being sarcastic here, I genuinely don't think a post like that should ever be associated with your name, or an internet handle that can be traced to you

20420f No.2632


>be an adult, make sure you don't get caught.

Amen brutha!

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