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File: 1445902316292.jpeg (6.63 KB, 336x128, 21:8, images.jpeg)

9ec989 No.3039

Literally just watching Extra Credits in GAM 100 lecture

kill me now

9ec989 No.3040

Don't worry, they're just teaching you that they run out of GAM lecture material partway through each course and that you really should just be doing homework instead.

Though if they do it again, you and your class should all just sign the attendance sheet and leave. There's a better way to teach that lesson than EC.

9ec989 No.3041

File: 1445905954072.jpg (8.54 KB, 222x216, 37:36, 1404693063087.jpg)

you're a lazy fuck

9ec989 No.3042

That's a lie we talked about the 7 minute episode for the rest of the class

9ec989 No.3043



Nice samefag bro

9ec989 No.3044

File: 1445910231236.jpg (12.33 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1415875534612.jpg)


Fite me irl bro.

9ec989 No.3048

Ben: "It's like having Portnow without having to pay him!"

9ec989 No.3049


that's a lie anon, we watched TWO 7 minute episodes of Extra Credits and then had the privilege of repeating exactly what was said in the videos word for word to the teacher!

9ec989 No.3056


yeah anon but the first one was before class started

9ec989 No.3082

weekly update - we went over compression, color spaces, paletted images, and just how many good stories jolly old uncle schilling has from his youthful days spent shredding out assembly code for the gameboy

9ec989 No.3083


Heh, I remember that lecture from a few years ago. Actually reminded me a little about some of the ROM hacking on older games I did before DigiPen. It actually wasn't that bad of a lecture, at least if you're comparing it to all the others.

9ec989 No.3084


That lecture was actually helpful for my game team since we were working on stylized art with a deliberately stunted color palette 3 years ago. Sure it's not an extremely useful lecture, but it's been there forever and I found it interesting.

9ec989 No.3089

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9ec989 No.3097


Schilling is not a great teacher, but man, I like hearing his stories. Dude should write a book or do a YouTube series or something. I love hearing old tales of development

9ec989 No.3570

Is it true that James Portnow is a professor at Digipen?

9ec989 No.3572


not anymore, and DigiPen is a tiny bit better for it, fuck that guy, he was fucking terrible

9ec989 No.3574



Do people really take extra credits seriously? None of them ever made a game and they all over-analyze pretty much everything in order to sound smart and pretentious. They pretty much only like what is popular and hate what is not popular or more niche.

9ec989 No.3579


they make a few interesting points every now and again

9ec989 No.3605


No, at least some of them have made games before. If you were ever in one of Portnow's classes, then you never heard the end of how he helped work on COD4. But game design is a very subjective field, and everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It's part of the underlying reason why the GD programs have the issues they do (or at least why people have problems with it).

9ec989 No.3644


Moral of the design classes - Think about what you're doing and make sure that players are enjoying your fucking game in playtests rather than pretending that you're a delicate genius whose game will make peoples eyes bleed rainbows when they play the 100% completed game at the end of the semester but they don't "get you" because you came to playtest club with a smiley face that platforms through an ugly placeholder world.

9ec989 No.3645


Wow, that was a long angry run-on sentence. Sorry about that. Sentiment stands.

9ec989 No.3675

>>3644 & >>3645

Eh, pretty much. At the very least it's all you need to do to pass (other than know time management, but that's a given).

Not that the instructors past GAT 211 are telling you that, since it really should be common sense.

Though to loop back to the discussion, it means that a lot of the GD instructors struggle to come up with anything of real value to actually teach, which kinda ruins the point of the classes (assuming you're "smart" enough to playtest and not slack off). Hence, EC as a "lecture" you paid for.

9ec989 No.3842


Game dev anon here

There's literally 0 proof Portnow has worked on either COD4 or Farmville as he claims. His name simply isn't in the credits, and if you work on a game, your name's in the credits, really fucking simple.

Portnow is simply a scammer, who wastes people's time trying to lecture about things he simply has no knowledge or experience in. He gets things wrong and misunderstands basic fucking concepts all the time, plus he's in the SJW nuthouse.

9ec989 No.3843


Nobody should.

James Portnow is the only one who claims to have worked in the "games industry" before, the rest are literally a voice actor and an artist.

There's 0 proof the guy's worked on a single game or that he's ever even owned a company until working as a "design consultant" (whatever the fuck that is) recently.

I mean, he claims to have been a CEO of a company called Divide By Zero Games, but a little digging shows that the CEO of a US company by that name is RIOT Games' Brackhar.

The company he claims to currently be employed with— Rainmaker Games, doesn't exist in any company listing, and is completely defunct. Even their page doesn't fucking work.

9ec989 No.3844


Industry people look at this board 0_0

9ec989 No.3846


Jesus Christ. His LinkedIn doesn't even list DigiPen… maybe they found out he was a complete fraud and fired him, and thus he doesn't want to list them as a previous employer lest someone contact them for a reference?



always seemed shady, but now in this light just seems like a straight-up scam

If this is all true and gets out, could this hurt DigiPen in any way? I mean, when I enrolled, Portnow not only taught my class, but he was also my academic advisor (which he didn't do jack shit for, not even once).

If DigiPen hired a complete fraud and is now trying to sweep it under the rug, without compensating students or publicly apologizing, surely that's bad, right?

9ec989 No.3847


also, what brought you here, Finland?

9ec989 No.3848

File: 1462346244315.png (463.18 KB, 1011x687, 337:229, Call_of_Duty_Devils_Brigad….png)

Figured it out, guys.

First of all, when you google "James Portnow call of duty", you get this for the first result: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o1ZBtS8ZKImDzRUONiV3UAGbIqulgXBQ0W15Do8D61Q/edit#gid=0

ok, but let's dig deeper

by which I mean, look like five google results down the list:

http://archive.is/0qPFS (archive link in case someone sees this and edits Portnow out of the article)


>VandenBerghe hired designers he felt fit Underground Development's revitalized culture. Non-bootlickers, as he put it - people perhaps smarter than him. Kyle Brink came on as Lead Designer. James Schomer and D. Aarron Steelman served as designers. James Portnow handled sound and a variety of other duties.

So, maybe Portnow did work on a Call of Duty game after all… but, he's the only one listed in that paragraph without being credited as a designer, but as being in charge of "sound and a variety of other duties"


okay, so what's Call of Duty: Devil's Brigade? let's google that now


oh it was a cancelled video game; awesome (pic related)

So, there you go, folks: James Portnow has "worked on the Call of Duty series" by doing the sound and other various minor tasks for a Call of Duty title that was cancelled. He is not some expert paragon of game design that everyone pretends he is.

Turns out, Extra Credits really is just as useful as overhearing freshman game design students loudly espousing opinions about Dark Souls in the cafeteria, after all!

Someone should really get Comair or Ellinger to make a statement about this. Also, you guys should probably spread this; seemingly nobody else online is questioning Portnow's credentials, everyone just thinks he's some cool and smart designer guy who worked on Call of Duty 4.

Also, if you can't trust DigiPen about Portnow, what can you trust them about?

516a18 No.4020

Bump, fuck Portnow

bd15f5 No.4055


What do you mean you don't want to pay 75$ for an AAA game? 90$ is nothing for an AAA game. 110$ is a steal for recent AAA releases I tell you, they should charge you 150$!

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