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cf04f7 No.3991

Hey all,

I recently got accepted into the BSCSGD degree program and I'm debating whether or not to attend. I am going to explain my particular situation and maybe someone can give me some insight. I tried to make the points clear and concise:

I went to a private all-boys boarding school for HS. Stress isn't that difficult for me. I can handle it.

When I was in HS, I "ran" a game dev studio through a complete coincident of people I knew when I was like 12. I ended up with 1.2MM in funding and blew it by the time I was 17. I have made a ton of contacts, hired and fired lots of people, and have 1 small mobile game with my name on it as "co-designer". No one wants to hire me because I don't have a college degree and they think I'm an airhead when I tell them about my business. It was a flop; I know what I did wrong.

Due to stress in business, school, and family, I got kicked out of HS for some illicit activities (MJ), but I'm still graduating from the place. I just "withdrew early" on my transcripts. I learned a lot, and the diploma does mean something. My GPA was shit tho.

My goal is to learn as much as possible about programming and game dev so that I can contact people I've met in running my company and seek funding to start something new later on in life. Like everyone else, my goal is to be involved in the creation of the next big thing. Unique game mechanic, development executed flawlessly, and big names. I might have funding in the future if I can prove myself as a developer because that was the piece I was missing before.

I am good friends with the eldest son of Gabe Newell, and he is telling me I'm stupid to not go to Digipen, even though I've read some pretty negative reviews and he himself has never attended.

I might, if I work hard enough, be able to land a QA or Design job at a small studio, or an internship. It is unlikely, but I might already have an in with this industry.

I want to learn how to program well. I never really had the opportunity in HS because I was so busy. I think Digipen is a good place to go for this… (?)

My roommate (a game industry professional) thinks I should just study comp sci and business admin at a community college and then transfer to a state school when I get the chance. I'm scared to do this because I'm afraid I will not get the knowledge I need to make games.

I would be paying for the whole education myself, no matter what I do.

Help? Thoughts? Advice? Digipen or nah?

121a0c No.3992

Nah. Do the community college route.

27d3a4 No.3993


f0144a No.3994

Are the career fairs at this school any good in terms of numbers of employers attending?

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