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f2bf42 No.4011

Yearly reminder that digipen isn't that hard, and you're just a bad programmer/artist/designer/audio designer if you drop out.

Even if the professors are sometimes bad, this is the best place to learn how to make games. It's okay to be salty as fuck about that, but if you drop out don't blame it on the school. Just fucking talk to other people and learn stuff outside of class. Other than the shitposts, I see too many lazy shitbags posting here claiming that the school fucked them over, when in actuality you are just not good enough.

c4eaaf No.4012

fake news

9d61c5 No.4013

Dropout who got an industry job. I blame the school for not offering legitimate support - teachers hiding behind locked doors during office hours (looking at you, Rhino, you fat fuck), the whole BFA townhall debacle a couple years ago, the "learn it outside of class" mentality you even mention, the fucking freaks who won't give you the time of day if you don't play whatever game they obsess over, academic advisors who don't even understand your goddamn degree program, I've got a good number of legitimate complaints about the education I received at an obscene tuition rate.

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