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"/who/ Cares?" podcast on Series 11: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz80wZ00_JjSaS2ZRrno1Pg

File: 1411067669115.jpg (13.78 KB, 227x214, 227:214, Bf_logo_main.jpg)


Big Finish General


Based Big Finish.


What is everyone listening to at the moment?

The Silver Turk for me.


Working my way though Series 4 of the EDAs. Nearly there.

Did you listen to all the Charley/8 main range stuff before starting Silver Turk?


I've listened to S5 and then a friend bought Silver Turk for me as a gift and I'm a sucker for Cybermen.




oh shit I meant S5 of Eighth Doctor stuff as a whole, not just his EDA range




Any link to downloads?


File: 1411197467176.webm (3.64 MB, 889x500, 889:500, Domain-BF-Trailer.webm)

Domain of the Voord animated Cover trailer


File: 1411197911641.webm (3.5 MB, 889x500, 889:500, Zygon-BF-Trailer.webm)

Zygon Hunt Animated Cover trailer


The Key2Time trilogy was great and Amy and Zara are a qts



Haven't listened yet, but I want to.


File: 1411202747585.jpg (33.92 KB, 500x667, 500:667, tumblr_lxwucgvrUw1qcolpz.jpg)

So /bigfinish/, is Charlotte Pollard good?
The series, not the character.
The character is irrefutably good.


File: 1411204072747.jpg (1.42 MB, 1417x1417, 1:1, DWEA101_domainofthevoord_1….jpg)

Who's listened to Domain of the Voord? I only bought it out of curiosity the day it came out, to see how new stories without half the original cast would work. Turns out, it works very well


I've never bought a companion chronicle, but I'm tempted.


I've never bought a CC either, but this sounds better as it's a full cast audio rather than just 2 actors. And it's full length, around 2 hours. It has narration in it as well, so it's kind of like listening to a lost episode in a way


Still not sure how I feel about Doctor Who… without the Doctor.


Neither was I, but William Russell does a pretty good version of him. It's clearly not Hartnell, but not long into it you still get sucked in. The music helps as well, gives it the right feel of that era


That's comforting to hear. I might get one someday and try it out.


I couldn't recommend it enough, like I said, I was hesitant at first, then fell in love with it halfway through the first episode. I really can't wait for series 2 next year, as it's Troughton Time


If you are hesitant about CCs try Solitaire.

There's no narration, it's basically a full cast play but with only 2 actors (Charley, and the Toymaker).

It's GOAT. It's not rated 2nd highest CC on thetimescales for nothing, even if that place is full of autists.


I've heard quite a few people say it's good, I'll probably get it on payday, along with a few others. Gotta work out which ones


Get a Katy Manning one and tell me if I need it in my life

Here's hoping we get a third series of Early Adventures

Even if the Brig is dead

And Liz is dead

And Sarah Jane is dead

Is Yates alive? I should check before posting but I won't

Benton's alive, and Jo's alive, though

It'll…it'll work out, right guys?


Richard Franklin confirmed for raw and living


I was hoping for a 3rd Doctor series, but seeing that doesn't inspire much hope. Unless they bring in the guy they used in Light at the End. Or Sean Pertwee. I'm sure I read somewhere they straight up recast Ben in upcoming stories with him


File: 1411226862678.jpg (15.87 KB, 318x237, 106:79, st--5z44.jpg)

>Davison is going into E-Space in the upcoming audios



Was planning to start listening to audios, any good starting point?


How would that work out? Adric was always wanting to go back to E-Space, even at the beginning of Earthshock if I remember correctly. If he got there, he'd probably have left then and there… unless something stopped him from leaving. Could be interesting.
Of course, the audios could just be post-Adric or something, but I can't see them doing that after they've just got Waterhouse on board.

Storm Warning is the first Eighth Doctor one, and it's pretty good. You could start there and work your way through.


Thanks, will look do that


Turlough's in it, so I guess it's after Adric


Ah, that makes sense. Turlough's one of my favourite companions, looking forward to it.


File: 1411229037640.jpg (340.33 KB, 1410x1410, 1:1, benny-new-adventures-3d_co….jpg)

I've never heard anything with Benny in on her own, but have listened to Shadow of the Scourge and Dark Flame. Will I enjoy this, or do I need to get into her main series first?


The new set is a clean break from her series. You can start there.


You'll be fine starting off afresh. They avoid significantly linking it in to much previous continuity. It DOES tie in to the never-realised McCoy era idea that 7 was training Ace to be a Time Lord.


Good, as soon as it goes on offer in December I'm all over that shit. £35 seems a bit steep at the moment


I'm interested in buying this if it goes on sale.

I love based Seven.


Same here, for the same reason plus the fact that Benny Summerfield sounds great but I've never known where to start with her.


I'm positive it's gonna be part of the 12 Days of Christmas sale they put on at christmas time. I'm saving up some dosh so I don't miss out like I did during their last big sale


Hope that's true. Would love to buy this.


File: 1411242489155.jpg (193.37 KB, 484x480, 121:120, 1.jpg)


> Frankenstein delayed

Well, maybe releasing it in October was a better idea anyway.


I was wondering which one would be on offer after the episode, thanks for the heads up! Looking forward to listening to this one


File: 1411255065567.jpg (646.08 KB, 1417x1417, 1:1, 002_the_doctors_tale_cover.jpg)

I was going to pre-order this, but ran out of money. So this works out well for me, as the only new release I'm looking foward to next month is pic related


Listened to it last night, I thought it was ok. Jamie's impression of 2 was great as usual, and it was also good to hear a story with Polly and Ben in it. Also, it was my first CC, so I'll likely buy a few more now


File: 1411362575727.gif (556.67 KB, 454x254, 227:127, favoritedoctor.gif)

I really want more Eighth Doctor, but after 50, Big Finish starts to get fairly expensive. I looked ahead, and the EDA range has $8.99 per 60 minute episode, which seems sort of steep. Will they ever throw a sale where it's like "All Eighth Doctor stories are 50% off" or "Main Range 50-100 is now on sale!" sort of thing?

It could be really painful for my wallet to get more unless this happens.

I can of course continue but I'd have to slow my pace down. I never ever want to pirate from BF.


subscribers get more at big finish ;)

if you know what I mean


Get out of here, Briggs.


You could torrent all of the released BF stuff (including the EDA's) then buy the Dark Eyes sets as they come out.


File: 1411411098217.jpg (114.61 KB, 913x816, 913:816, BFSupreme.jpg)

Reminder that Big Finish is a larger part of Doctor Who than the BBC TV series.


They tend to have a big sale around Christmas, so potentially they could go down in price then


Finally listened to The Juggernauts today, and nearly half of Leviathan. Colin Baker is easily becoming my favorite audio Doctor. Are the rest of the Lost Stories any good in comparison to the main range stuff?


File: 1413773637901.jpg (120.33 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1.02 The Doctor's Tale.jpg)

Listened to this earlier today, thought it was a really great historical. Great but not quite as amazing as Domain of the Voord was, I'd say a solid 8/10.

Currently listening to Grand Theft Cosmos. It's pretty fun, I was mostly indifferent on the headhunter but I'm really loving the antics her and her sidekick are getting up to in this, hope to see more of them in the EDAs now.


How do they work the narration?

I'm really interested in how it works?


We always hear so much about the big favourite audios. The Chimes of Midnights, the Spare Parts of the audio world.

But what are those audios that you adore but you think not enough talk about/recommend

Underrated audios, go


Are we really gonna try and split off discussion from the general? It's hard enough to keep that going.
I say we leave this for a while.

Though seeing as I'm here, I think Scherzo is one of the greatest things I've ever experienced, but I've seen some people hate it.


I keep telling myself to listen to a companion chronicle type story someday.


we should probably stick to the general for now


I was suspicious of whether the format would work for me, but I was interested.

I listened to the Revenants, which came with the 50th book set, and it was really good.
The story telling, narration format was the cosiest thing ever. That was a really cool night, I hope to get to them at some point


Might a second thread work?

Everyone can still post there, but people can nip in and out making quick posts here. Could stimulate discussion alongside general board life


Scherzo was a mindfuck and a half
Though not as much as a Natural History of Fear.
That's the most I've ever been thrown by something, holy fuck


It's sort of like the Companion Chronicles with a bigger cast and nobody being spoken for by the narration. They have narrations and such like to set the scenes, but they tend to not be that frequent during actual dialogue exchanges and such.


File: 1414131548448.jpg (2.01 MB, 1689x1500, 563:500, de2.jpg)

Just finished Dark Eyes 2, it was absolutely brilliant. Waaay better than DE1 in my opinion.

I loved the clever way they went about having the first story actually be the last one for the Doctor.

White Room I think was my favourite, some great imagery and smart concepts in that one.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 1416233979128.jpg (125.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, its_here_get_HYPE.jpg)

IT'S HERE BOYS AND GIRLS! Dark Eyes 3 is here!!!


So, what audios have you seen?


Time to go dark for 4 hours


I'm in school, so I can't listen. Furthermore, I haven't even listened to Dark Eyes 1 or 2!






Then what audios have you heard?


Is.. is it good? I haven't listened yet.


File: 1416376886450.jpg (1.86 MB, 3647x1837, 3647:1837, 000_0067.JPG)

<<< What I own on CD

Auntie matter (saving him for when I run out of 8)

Nekromanteia - Wanted to see if it was really that bad…it was
Peri and the Piscon Paradox - Liked it so much I order the CD

Currently on run thru his monthly range
Whispers of Terror

The Fires of Vulcan
The Shadow of the Scourge
The Dark Flame
Project: Lazarus
UNIT: Dominion

Currently on run thru his monthly range (alternating with 6)
Storm Warning
Terror Firma

All of 8 Doctor adventures

The Four Doctors
Destiny Of The Doctor
I Davros


Dark Eyes 3? I've listened to the first two parts so far, and they're really good. Alex McQueen is great, especially in the first part


Wow, that 8th BF theme is fuggin epic.


Who's the better Master–McQueen or Gomez?


McQueen, hands down. He's brilliant all the way through, I hope he's going to be in a wide range of audios after this


MacQueen. Gomez is just John Simm with a vagina.


Just finished Spare Parts, I think I must be missing something.
Since it ended with all the Cybermen apparently being called off and society was healing and everything was gonna be okay? But that couldn't have actually happened because we all know those guys become the Cybermen, immutably? And what was all that about them using The Doctor's Time Lord physiology to help them out but then nevermind? I feel like I missed the entire point here. It falls so flat and is confusing as hell.


The Lead Cybermen Chen who was thought to have died during the climax was revealed to be alive and stuck on his final orders to Cyberconvert the population. The whole using the doctor's physiology is more of a personal insult to the doctor. He wanted the people of Mondas to stop the cybermen without his help but without the Doctors DNA the cybermen would not have been improved enough to survive.


File: 1416616007863.jpg (128.42 KB, 555x700, 111:140, iris_wildthyme_paul_hanley.jpg)

I just listened to the Wormery. Iris Wildthyme is awesome.


File: 1416622144502.jpg (155.04 KB, 684x600, 57:50, de4-slipcase_image_large.jpg)

Dark Eyes 4 Cover Art!

Good to see we're going bback to awesome, badass looking cover after the slight disappointment in DE3's cover.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
I'm just going to leave this here.


is that real? Where'd you find it?



dark eyes 3 was shit


Same here! Great fun.


Now I just finished listening to Starborn. Vicki is awesome. I like how the BF audios give a chance for us Nuwhovians to listen to the classic actors in a format that isn't as clunky as recons.


Yeah, at least Big Finish stories are designed to be audio-only. You're not missing any visuals because there never were any visuals to miss.


My imagination makes up the visuals! I'm unsure which audio to listen to next–maybe Colditz?


I liked Colditz, though opinions vary. Also it had the side-effect of me not being able to see David Tennant without thinking "psychotic Nazi" for a few days.
But yeah. Go for it, anon.


Alright, I will.


Just listened to Loups-Garoux. God damn that was a good audio. I love it when mythical creatures are done well, rather than glamourised – these were the most believable and most interesting werewolves I've ever heard from. 5 and Turlough fit the story perfectly, too. Turlough's great, and it's great to see him (or rather hear him) reaching a fuller potential than what we saw on screen. Also reminds me of how much it sucks that we haven't yet had a male companion in NuWho who isn't just attached to a female companion.


File: 1418047111740.jpg (2.45 KB, 93x125, 93:125, bonnie.jpg)

Anyone else listened to Fires Of Vulcan? I liked it. It's actually my first Mel story. She's rather nice!


Think I might listen to it right now, in fact. Mel's not as bad as some make her out to be (I like stories like Terror of the Vervoids and Paradise Towers) and her getting the Big Finish treatment sounds promising.


I finished The Marian Conspiracy last night. I don't know why this wasn't the first Sixth Doctor audio I listened to. It's great.


Go ahead. And yeah, Mel is a qt sweetie, and she works well with 7.


I'm listening to Colditz. Imagining David Tennant as an evil Nazi is awesome.


I couldn't watch anything involving 10 for a while afterwards because I couldn't stop seeing him as FELDWEBEL KURTZ!


Speaking of 7th Dr audios, 7 and Jo Grant will have an audio together. So wil 6, Jamie, and Zoe, and a final one with 5, Polly, and Ben (or Steven, can't remember which). GET HYPE


5, Steven and Vicki. Still, HYPE GOT


Just listened to "The Chimes Of Midnight." Awesome.


File: 1421613135974.jpg (161.97 KB, 675x600, 9:8, dwtnaobs-volume2-slipcase_….jpg)

Sexy new Bernice Summerfield cover


So, opinions on Mistfall? My copy arrived today, starting it now


I haven't heard it yet. I want to see Full Circle first.


I could collect BF cover art and put it on my wall–some of them are that pretty.


I haven't seen Full Circle either, there are lots of stories in every medium I haven't gotten around to

To be honest getting this 5 trilogy is mostly just a side effect of getting a subscription including both the recent 6/Peri trilogy and that neato upcoming 198/199/200 event thingy

That being said, it's pretty solid so far


Well if it's standalone, maybe I'll listen. I've actually been recently going through 5's TV stuff in order (research for a 5/Amy Pond fic I'm writing), and now I'm about to start Earthshock. Maybe I'll listen to Mistfall after that. Does Mistfall have Adric?


It doesn't seem like it outright requires having seen Full Circle since I'm following it just fine, but no, it's post-Earthshock with Turlough

I'll probably finish it later when I start building pla


Big Finish released the first ep of Gallifrey: Intervention Earth free on their podcast today.


Does anyone have a link to that Tumblr that had all those charts showing what you should watch/listen to before each BF audio?


Not sure exactly what you're referring to but I did a little search and this sounds like what you're talking about:


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I'll be singing
Sylv is the best.


Listened to The Chimes of Midnight for the first time and that was fantastic. Had me in tears by the end, dammit.

Now one part through Valhalla (which I'm listening to because favourite Doctor, written by Marc Platt and starring MICHELLE GOMEZ) and I like it so far. It's a weird old story, kinda blackly humourous, but it's not bad.


File: 1422911218879.jpg (141.39 KB, 539x960, 539:960, x8F62De.jpg)

Leaked 2018 Schedule from Peter Davisons Twitter.


The new Dalek Design - From 2018 onwards we may use the contemporary Dalek design on all promotional material and CD Covers. The new Cyberman Design - From 2018 onwards we may use the contemporary Cyberman design as they appear in the episode ‘Doomsday’ on all promotional material and CD Covers. THUNDERBIRDS - Despite how well communication was going in getting the rights to the Thunder- birds TV show, due to recent developments we will NOT be receiving such rights. Lisa Bowerman Retirement - Lisa has stated that she intends to retire in the year 2018, she will have one last full series of Seven episodes concluding with her meeting ‘Jenny’ the Doctors Daughter played by Georgia Moffet which will lead into - Jenny, The Doctors Daughter Series - Intended to replace the Benny Summerfield Se- ries, these stories will come at 13 a year and WILL ALL BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE IN PHYSICAL FORMAT. Jason Kane Series - Six Episodes, played by Stephen Fewell. Torchwood Character Series - Five episodes focusing on Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato all played by their respective actors. Torchwood Full Series - 13 Episodes set in the middle of Series 2, an episode will be both penned by Russel T Davies and Noel Clarke. With Andy Lane joining the writing team. Dark Horse Comics - We will enter a conversation to receive the rights to Dark Horse Comics. Robert Shearman Retirement - Robert will no longer be writing for us. The Krillitane War - Starring Anthony Head a six episode series depicting the Krillitane invading a new race unknown to listeners. Smith and Jones (Working Title) - Noel Clarke and Freema Agyman return to their roles of Mickey Smith and Martha Jones, now married as they independently work for UNIT. The 5th Doctor E-Space Trilogy - Peter Davison to appear in his role as the 5th Doctor in an exciting original trilogy. The 5th Doctor will also continue to do regular stories. Tom Baker Retirement - Tom Baker intends to retire in 2018 and will do one final batch of stories leading into him meeting The 10th Doctor played by David Tennant, this will help hook more classic listeners onto - MEETING All Plans to Initiate in 2018 The Tenth Doctor Stories - 13 Episodes a year, David Tennant in the role. A new companion. Set after Planet of the Dead. ALL STORIES WILL BE AVAILABLE IN PHYSICAL FORMAT AND PROMO- TION WILL BE INTENSE. THESE STORIES WILL BE AVAILABLE AT EVERY BBC/SCI-FI STORE. The Doctor Who Movie/The Enemy Within - We will now have the rights to this story. Paul Mcgann as the 8th Doctor to revisit his old friends from the story. Please Note: - The Events of Voyage of the Damned can not be referenced. - The 7th Doctor will continue to have regular stories. - The 8th Doctor will continue to have four stories a year. - The 6th Doctor will continue to have regular stories. - Any events that take after the Tenth Doctors regeneration can not be referenced. - Whether we will be receiving the rights to The War Doctor is still unclear but if we do we will make stories revolving around the character with Nicholas Briggs in the role.


File: 1422911597826.jpg (583.51 KB, 320x213, 320:213, vwMin[1].jpg)


I wish this had been real.



Dark Eyes 4 is coming! Sontarans! Master! Daleks! Eminence! GET HYYYPE!






>most of this came true



>Hype for dark eyes 4


>called big finish

>doesn't finish


File: d3699e6cbad4c13⋯.jpg (28.43 KB, 326x302, 163:151, dzmugb8asra21.jpg)

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