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File: e459f5cac4b8912⋯.jpg (111.93 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, doctor_who_2005.11x01.720p….jpg)


The Funeral edition

fell off a crane: >>110468



RIP Grace



File: 7d505f961ff80d1⋯.png (270.15 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 7d505f961ff80d181cdfbd1b2c….png)


just finished watching the episode

what's the consensus?

I actually like the slower paced serious drama feel


Yaz asking Jodie to remove her clothes was based


File: bbc5ffb23feba95⋯.jpg (60.61 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, doctor_who_2005.11x01.720p….jpg)

"Graham, we had three glorious years.

What are you complaining about?"

I'm complaining because I wanted more.

He's us, /who/. He's us.*



i agree with most of the criticisms here but still came away pretty excited for the rest of the series


File: 04e105809579dc1⋯.gif (474.45 KB, 500x275, 20:11, 12rain.gif)


File: 6e2f58e7d55fcc4⋯.jpg (55.21 KB, 738x710, 369:355, NPC opinion.JPG)


i asked neo if that was the spoiler like 2 months ago and I was told it was something different, then i found out it was grahams dead kid but turns out that was a fucking meme

im honestly pretty pissed off about it, graham recovering from having lost his only child while reconciling his relationship with ryan would have been fucking kino.

One of the only things i was praising chib for and IT DIDNT EVEN FUCKING HAPPEN



Great line


the monster was dumb

the character interactions were endearing

jodie is fun

the speech about starting over was way too on the nose

the cliffhanger was dumb because we immediately know it has no consequences

I'm verged by the next time trailer just being a list of guest stars, it's such superficial populist pandering to even focus on such a thing

new theme sounds like an amateur """remix""" made by a twelve year old by just sticking a drum track on top of the original theme



>neo's megaspoiler was fake

oh no no no no no no no no no



im not even mad, i guessed the mega spoiler wrong but turns out i was right the whole time.



>the monster was dumb

by which I mean he spoke in dumb edgy one liners and was generally uninteresting

The concept of aliens hunting earth for trophies was fine, the execution was unintentionally comedic

it's easily the best chibnall episode but that's not a high bar at all


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


if you took the drums out of the new theme it would actually be good



>it's easily the best chibnall episode

I don't know, I'd rather put on Dinosaurs on a Spaceship than slog through it again.


File: c3b536c0c830651⋯.png (675.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

>tfw listening to heaven sent soundtrack



For me it's easily the worst



Ignore this upload, it's terrible and omits the ending. Lookingm for a better one now.



what didn't you like about it? I haven't gone through threads to read people's complaints

dinosaurs on a spaceship was comical trash and I would be happy never watching it again



It was the best chibnall DW episode but some of his TW stuff is better.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Okay this is the best upload of the theme but it cuts out the start of the middle 8 to avoid Jodie's voice clip.




i'd rather do that too but i would also rather watch dinos than the eleventh hour or deep breath. doctor premieres are just too much effort to be properly comfy


Guys, where was Sia?



Dinosaurs on a Spaceship makes very few pretentions to taking itself seriously, it's pure froth. TWWFTE is a drab block of uninspired characterisation, a half assed plot stretched out to an hour, littered with instantly forgettable setpieces and cynical attempts to reprise the "humanity" of RTD's run without any of the wit or anger, an embarrassing grab at pathos in the last 10 minutes executed with all the deftness of an anvil, music spadging its underwear over the Doctor far more obnoxiously than Gold ever did, one-note performances and direction resulting in a tonal mess, and dialogue that sounds like it's from a first draft. I dislike it a lot, more because it's so powerfully mediocre in the way I've seen from so many worthless Hollywood movies and TV than because it's necessarily truly shit.

Give me 11 riding a triceratops any fucking day.


I have to part ways with you there, I think Eleventh Hour does a particularly good job of balancing the new Doctor introduction with being a romp.



>no sia

>no dead kid

>no bradders lines

>no tardis

>no intro


I'm not saying it in the sense that 11th hour is bad in anyway, just that I cant find myself putting it on randomly unless i intend to watch all of s5 again


>"I never go anywhere that's just initials"





What did Chib mean by this?


>intentionally mispronounces the alien's name for comic effect

>uses 'blue' as an insult

the Doctor is a racist now


>people are praising the theme for being "faithful" when it's literally just the original theme with some more instruments overlaid



>intentionally mispronounces the alien's name for comic effect

I defy anyone to tell me they can't imagine that exact gag happening in the MCU with any of their interchangeable protagonists and antagonists



Derbyshire's theme is one of about 3 good ones in the entire franchise, so going back to it can never be mistake.



going back to it but overlaying shitty repetitive drums is a huge mistake



13: "I'm sorry you all had to see this." "I'll cover the body." "Thanks, Grace"

12: "Top layer if you want to say a few words."


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


just kill me lads

just let it end


>good omens

finally i have something to watch on prime



What's the third good one? Horror of Glam Rock?


File: 60cc76ae5c673a9⋯.gif (1008.96 KB, 245x200, 49:40, Fuck is going on.gif)


Holy shit you're fucking right. Truly we are paying the kino tax now


Knife crime serious issues episode would have been legit. I'd have respected Chibnall for at least trying






did seem like she was about to say 'although…' before interrupting herself

weird anyway


clearly isn't



Can you fucking imagine if Capaldi's last year on the show was handled by Chibnall?



I reckon Cap could have made it semi-bareable



Capaldi is here right now.



he's taken the original recording, added additional ambience, bass beat and a drum track



look skelly we all already know you have the musical perception of a potato you don't need to make this any harder than it is


File: 4ca1b5199bd2ee8⋯.png (382.3 KB, 495x494, 495:494, 12desolation.png)



I am open to having my opinion changed if you actually offered an alternative description of what he's done





it's a big rework it's not like he's just overlaid effects on it


No one will ever convince me that Frank Skinner wasn't actually Not_Frank_Skinner



the "big rework" still surmounts to adding additional instrumentation, using the original recording as the base. They have literally described it just like that.

>It has been arranged this year by Segun Akinola, our new composer, taking the original recordings made by Delia Derbyshire and the Radiophonic Workshop in 1963, and refashioning them for today.

I'm not suggesting he just added a reverb filter or something like that which constitutes "overlaying effects", but it's still fundamentally a shallow remix rather than an original arrangement.


fun fact: capaldi originally intended to say "Doctor Who, I let you go."


File: 46d354500a14274⋯.png (198.39 KB, 746x510, 373:255, crybabby.png)


Stop this anon I'm legitimately getting sad


If the new theme didn't have the drums I would probably be on board with it, but the drums completely ruin the atmosphere that all of the other instruments attempt to build up


How do we get boardies to leave 4chan /who/?





Was anyone else actively bored by the time it got to the climax and they were waiting for the crane to swing around? Like most of the ep I feel like better direction could have made it actually tense and exciting.




i suppose that's just where we disagree then, i don't think it needs to be an original arrangement if it sounds interesting. it's not 'literally just the original theme with some more instruments overlaid' - it just uses elements of the original theme and makes a really different impression.



My main issue with it is that it starts with this really powerful pounding kick drum… which only happens once, leaving the rest of the theme lacking it. Whenever I listen to it I keep expecting the kick to reappear at the start of every bar but it just doesn't.



the "elements" of the original theme you refer to is explicitly extensive samples of the melody. All of the other instruments work to elevate that melody, rather than offer anything new. Or at least they -try- to elevate it, the drums are just distracting.

>Taking the original recordings made by Delia Derbyshire and the Radiophonic Workshop in 1963, and refashioning them for today

is frankly a perfect description of the theme. It doesn't attempt to do anything more than take the original theme and make it sound more palatable for the current year.

The drums were a misguided decision to make the theme sound more exciting and action-y, but it overpowers the style of ambience that everything else adheres to. The bass beat that he added should have been enough to drive the beat, the drums are completely unnecessary and completely ruin it.



Someone mentioned the episode felt like 30 minutes of actual plot spread out over an hour



I bet you disliked deep breath


They should go back to multiple episodes per story so more depth of detail and development can be made during the run of a story.

The setting has a lot of potential to be great but it's held back, in this anon's humble opinion, by a short runtime and bad writers. Since the latter isn't going to change any time soon, they should at least try out the former.

If each story went over multiple episodes, then the show could be something akin to Game of Thrones or Battlestar Galactica, since it would have the time to properly delve into the plots instead of giving us a bite sized snapshot of a self contained story, primarily designed to hold the attention of children.


Ruminating on something. The episode goes to lengths to trumpet how great Doctor Who is - even playing the theme mid episode - while also feeling actively ashamed of Doctor Who and apologetic for it. The reluctance to just own the fact it's a screwdriver, even after a whole cringey montage spent building it followed by solving the entire plot with it. The patronising talking-to-audience in 13's speeches. The lightning-fast transition out of the sci-fi plot as soon as Grace's death has been contrived; a rushed death scene complete with Marion-Cotillard-in-TDKR head slump, and then within what feels like seconds - before this horrific tragedy can even sink in - we're hit with Ryan's youtube reveal (Chibnall's one moment of trying to feel clever, I'd say he blows the load way too quickly) followed by his depressed eulogising of her, and it's like we've not only snapped into a completely different show but have all forgotten the previous one, or are collectively acting as though it did not happen.

This whiplash really undermines everything that follows it, although to be honest killing off a major character you've just introduced with 8 minutes left of the episode was always unlikely to come off very well. Chibnall is so desperate to get away from the Doctor Who-ey stuff he knows is crap and back to the stuff he thinks he's good at, that he ends up making both worse


Honestly, why did the Nan have to die? It felt cheap and it completely halted the momentum of the story. I was having some fun, liked the crane jump, liked the le ebin "I am the Doctor" speech and was into most of the where it was going.

But then, OUT OF NOWHERE, the story gives this super-heavy moment, only gives it 5 minutes of attention and then clumsly goes into COSTUMES, SET UP, NEXT EPISODE AAAAAH

but the Nan actually didn't die right?

Also, the did the sonic-build montage felt really off for anyone else? Jarring cut, off music, I dunno, was weird.

Jodie looking really concentrated and then revealing it was spoons the whole time was funny tho


File: c12d6681a1f746d⋯.mp4 (7.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, doctor who s12 theme.mp4)

S12 theme leaked



Deep Breath's climax involves the Doctor having a thematically layered conversation with the antagonist, which resolves in ambiguity about whether the latter chose suicide or the former homicide. It's about one million times more interesting than anything that happens on the crane in the new ep.


Didn't the doctor explicitly tell graham and nan not to come back because it wasn't safe?

Wasn't nan's death completely unnecessary because the doctor had already fixed the problem and the tentacle monster was harmless on its own? It never even killed anyone. They don't bring any of this up at all, nan dies thinking she saved people but all she did was kill herself with a misguided attempt to help

>the doctor tapped on a phone screen a few times and converted it to an alien scanner



someone post the google images intro


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I'd rather they go for multiple stories per episode



fucking based



but didn't you like how the climax involved a thematically layered conversation with the antagonist about how doctor who is a show about change and that's a good thing?


imagine if moff gave 12 a speech in deep breath that apologized for making the doctor an oogleh old man and begging people to give him a chance



you mean 11's phone call?



yeah Deep Breath is maybe the wrong episode to do this with. Although the differences in Moffat and Chibnall's approaches is instructive. Deep Breath presents the Doctor as a broken man who's more alien than he was before, and Clara as struggling to cope with the change. Chibnall doesn't have any of this basis so just shoehorns lines about change and evolution into the episode


File: aea9a9da97295bf⋯.jpg (47.27 KB, 540x382, 270:191, trumpet.jpg)


Yeah Jessica Jones is pretty ballin but the second season is… eh. Though, Tennant's been in a lot of 'eh' stuff as of late. Good Omens is going to be his next big thing for sure haha. Michael Sheen was also such a perfect choice for Aziraphale I love him oh my goodness.



That was more for accepting the change FROM 11 because of how beloved he was to normies (and clara) this is starting from a clean slate and then putting doubts in peoples minds about the character


File: 4e76d40292b46a2⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, suicidal Capaldi 2.png)


Source? I mean I believe that and it would have made that scene even more kino



nah im joking but in hindsight it would have made more sense



They should have credited Bradley as Dr. Who in the TUaT credits

and they also should just start calling the character Dr. Who can you imagine how kino it would be if when Jodie was trying to remember her name she goes "I'm trying to remember who I am… who I am… who! I'm Doctor Who!"



>"I'm trying to remember who I am… who I am… who! I'm Doctor Who!"

>tfw moff would have done this no questions asked


what is going on

help me






File: 0e2376318774451⋯.png (493.4 KB, 1280x736, 40:23, vlcsnap-00008.png)

chibnall law and order

TOS law and order

I am ded???


File: db7ff87d20b6f6f⋯.png (341.14 KB, 720x418, 360:209, vlcsnap-00001.png)

lets watch holby

at least it got cohesive stuff



God I miss Moffat already


File: 2428e6c1275469d⋯.png (335.23 KB, 1920x1090, 192:109, vlcsnap-00006.png)



Sad really, isn't it? RTD and Moffat spend all their time making nice things, and Chibnall comes along and breaks them


File: 34795c6063c6c70⋯.png (498.56 KB, 1280x736, 40:23, vlcsnap-00009.png)

chris noth is the doctor




>RTD and Moffat spend all their time making nice things

You're half right there anon



File: 7202a0237332a43⋯.png (855.84 KB, 1920x1090, 192:109, vlcsnap-00003.png)


I cant grasp

what has happenendd


File: f37b04f6c005ad9⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1090, 192:109, vlcsnap-00007.png)

10 independent movies

makes it seriables like 1963


you can jump in at any point



File: 1ff25a985448aab⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1080x912, 45:38, adfdfa.png)

have a funeral

make it quick

even fucking torchwood could handle proper funerals

hel pme



Because that worked so well in series 7. Honestly I think if nuwho sticked to the format from series 9 of 4 two part stories, a stand alone episode and a three part finale and the episodes being pure kino it would be perfect


Gallifrey_Immigrant > Chibnall



they are floating in space,

perfect place to jump in



series 9 so perfect


no joke

what timeline is this/???



ikr, honestly the best series throughout all of Doctor Who (on tv anyway, some of the 8 stuff comes close), I honestly do not understand how normies don't like it. Like, most normie fans actively hate it which is just baffling to me, I love the Last Jedi but I understand why so many people dislike it, but with S9 other than Clala coming back (which isn't a deal breaker for me) I really don't see what's not utterly perfect about it



Because boring old man Capaldi is boring and OLD!



Actively dislike Capaldi is one thing, I mean you're wrong, but it's still your opinion, but what I can't stand is the

>Capaldi was great, but the writing sucked!

meme. You just don't like 12 and are kidding yourself, admit it

>I love 12 I just hate the way he was written and all of his episodes



Clara breakin down into suicidal and almost perfect doctor even if his failabilities

he would gamble his life, so did she, but too soon



Capaldi was great

Moffs misteps were part of his charm



this, her downfall was becoming the Doctor, and the Doctor always finds a way out of dying even if it's bullshit @Wedding of River Song @Time of the Doctor


also this, so much this. The Moff is kino, and even when he's not kino, he's kino. It's obvious how much of a fan he is and how much love he puts in to his scripts. and it's obvious he has a fantasy of being dominated by a strong woman and puts that in to several of his scripts too


File: 38d890750bbd529⋯.png (81.75 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 250px-114Tangela.png)



based tangela


File: 713559d4cf4bc6f⋯.jpg (101.15 KB, 980x980, 1:1, Polly.jpg)

Ignore Chibnall Who, Polly is cute



I can and will complay that moff missed tons of oportunities

like Missy as full season companion or Nethersphe as plot for a whole episode



what was that today



yes she is, and nice voice


File: 4ed0a61faa8dd8c⋯.mp4 (713.32 KB, 320x400, 4:5, 40835419_268268493801865_5….mp4)

at least we got middle 8



More Missy in S10 would have been nice but it probably would have overshadowed Bill and Nardie. In an ideal world we would've gotten series 10 in 2016 which would have a different arc and finale and then a Moffat S11 in 2017 which was like our S10 but with more Missy


ryan is a racial purist



this, she did literally the exact same thing the doc would, except she's human, she cannot regenerate and it killed her.



>and it's obvious he has a fantasy of being dominated by a strong woman and puts that in to several of his scripts too

that's the most kino part


where was the knife crime?


chibnall thinks calling the episode "the woman who fell to earth" and not having it be a reference to the doctor is clever.


The writing was ok, but directing was… okay too, sadly.

There's a bunch of stuff I like but it's clearly less thought out than Rose and Eleventh Hour. And Christmas Invasion, and Smith and Jones…

The strongest and arguably the most meaningful part of the episode is Ryan's stuff but this whole storyline is ruined by how Grace's death is handled. I don't mind how it's written but god tonally something was off. It just didnt work for me as intended, and I suspect it was director's fault. All elements leading up to it are pretty great, bike ride, Grace's perforemance, even the twist itself is cool, it's just her death which feels poorly done.

I don't think all of directing was bad, I liked how train scene is shot, crane scene was fine too, maybe a bit slow, but Jamie Childs is no Graeme Harper. Teal-orange colour palette felt appropriate for ep too.

Jodie was pretty great, but I usually dislike post-regen wackiness and some of it felt very unfunny. Some of the more serious stuff worked better, imo. I liked that scene where she talks about family. It's hard to judge companions at this point because the most developed are Grace and Ryan and the rest are just sketched, but I liked character interacions and I think ensemble cast can do wonders.

As for the actual plot, it's ok. Surprisingly low stakes, compared to other opening episodes. Just one hunter dude who wants to kill a loser, that was nice for a change, but I'm not convinced that it worked as intended. Carl was funny. Tzim-Sha or whatever reminds me of korakin from class or something BF would do and they did and didnt impress me, wouldnt say hes outright shit though, there were seeds of good villain in there.

I loved guest stars trailer in the end. I think it did a great job with hinting next stories without giving details of the plot. I know like 4 or 5 of them, but it felt nice to know that there's a lot of cool-looking characters to advertise.




oh, i didn't get that the title was about Nan


Also Tim Shaw gag was funny.


I think it is pretty clever, nice double meaning


boiled egg sandwiches lol!!!



It WAS pretty clever desu


File: 4303a6d773cb9c9⋯.gif (521.4 KB, 245x198, 245:198, Le owl.gif)

>waiting for Neo's hot take on the episode like


rees what did sandi think




yeah i didnt realise until someone in the 4ch thread pointed it out but i hate chib so im going to pretend it's dumb


always ask a bus driver XD



>Patrons have my review. The rest of you get to wait til morning.



What was the point of the beta male doing affirmations? They portray it in a way that’s borderline comedic to highlight how pathetic he is, then 13 uses it to encourage him, then 13 tells him off for pushing whatshisface off the crane and we never see him again



classic chibnall "real human believable character"


You're the Dale Lechts?


How have normies reacted to the episode?

Is chibs the saviour of doctor who like they hoped, or do they feel cheated because they got a slow paced serious drama instead of RTD style soap opera camp?



second one from what i've seen. The reaction from normies to deep breath was leaps and bounds ahead


File: c3c62c6aa0b29c6⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1162x1338, 581:669, doctor who barbie.png)

this is a thing


First of all the positive; I was one of the doubters about #DoctorWho casting a woman lead but was pleasently surprised by #JodieWhittaker But not the show itself. #DoctorWhoPremiere was lamest debut story since show came back - felt more like I was watching CBBC at times!


I'd rather watch a biography with a darlick voiceover than watch this show. I don't care if the show promotes a gay or bi Dr. like Christopher Eccleston was. A female #DoctorWho is like having a female Mr. T. It just doesn't fit.


And now I'm up thinking how that Sheffield steel is going to be affected to by the Trump tariffs. #DoctorWho


File: ef1cc46058e8c05⋯.jpg (107.64 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mpv-shot0012.jpg)




anyone else have a feeling from the start that the most amazing woman he was talking about WASNT the doctor?



no, it caught me off guard desu

I wasn’t expecting subversion



I figured it out as soon as it went back to the vlog after she had died, but not at the start of the episode


My guess for Ghost Monument plot:

Art Malik plays the leader of the tribe on planet desolation, hes putting together a team to gather Ghost Monument (which is TARDIS). Dr Who is joined by Angstrom and Epzo but one of them (or both) betray dr who so everyone gets in trouble with the remnants, which are desert natives.


“Yas to my friends” was just an awkward piece of dialogue designed to let Jodie say “I’m calling you yas because we’re friends”



This is a better toy than the official toy


One thing I noticed about this ep is that the Doctor didn't recognize the race of Szim-sha like previous Doctors would have, and the Szim-sha never had a "OH CRAP IT'S THE DOCTOR" moment. Was a different touch, for an opener.


"Go to hell" was just an awkward piece of dialogue designed to let Peter say "You asked me what we're going to do. I told you. We're going to hell."



>all the video recommendations are about “blogging” because everyone in charge is so out of touch they don’t know video blogs are called “vlogging”

>a YouTube video with 19 views having 13 of those viewers engaging with the like/dislike buttons

how do you do fellow kids?



That wasn’t awkward though, its double meaning suited the moment



"Go to hell" sounds like a command. If he wanted to say that they were going to find Danny there are many other ways to say it that won't lead to confusion.



bait but it was said to shock the audience.



12 is known for being abrasive and commanding, even when not trying to be

It was completely in character and justified


remember how the dude set up all the cameras before teeth man hatched? did the gang of friends just not notice the gopro(s)?



Yaz is known for sharing information about herself, even when in a dangerous situation.

It was completely in character and justified.



yaz is known for saying things with the sole purpose of setting up a line for another character?



She’s not known for anything yet



They caught on fire which means they burnt to ash and weren’t noticeable

What happened to the employee, did he not see the tardis crew come back in the coming days to work on that teleport? They even established in the episode that he was meant to come back on Monday


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



“Go to hell” was subversion

“Yas to my friends” was superficial cause and effect


Just finished the episode, what is /who/'s general thoughts on it? Theme/soundtrack, writing, direction ect…

The dialogue was atrocious as to be expected though.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I didn’t dislike it, but virtually every complaint I’ve seen has been valid


The zygon speech, although not groundbreaking in any way, is the perfect level of insight for doctor who and I wouldnt change it at all.


The best scenes in doctor who have had no background music



She's a companion, so yes.


lucky that 13 was able to find a perfectly color coordinated outfit in an op shop



Who the fuck were the two people who disliked the vlog about his mother's death anyway? Because they'd fit right in on /who/, whoever they were.



She was in the shop for a while, so she had time to choose stuff.



Neo and Nilso


It could have been worse I guess.


File: 4e8d403c8e8ed3e⋯.webm (2 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Cliffhanger in 60's.webm)


Might've missed something, was there any line of dialogue which justified letting the guy with dyspraxia climb a tall, tall crane?



yaz asks him if he's comfortable doing it and ryan says he has to do it.


“The Ghost Monument” will be the TARDIS; having crashed on this desert planet many many many years ago, with warring factions trying to open it.


File: 936f432124a3283⋯.jpg (148.63 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, mpv-shot0009.jpg)

>Ryan Sinclair, don't you dare!

>Yasmin Khan, I don't give a darn!

>Graham O'Brien, grandfather of Ryan!

>Doctor Who, what's it to you?!

Who writes this shit?



yeah i'm thinking this. And the doctor might be treated as a god or something when she opens it


File: f8d636ce97fed16⋯.png (541.08 KB, 941x477, 941:477, lee mack.png)

best part desu


File: a0928998053fa74⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 2217x1672, 2217:1672, chib joker.jpg)




We live in a very realistic interpretation of modern society.



At first I though they skipped the middle eight but then that sweet relief as I heard it.


File: cecde959d161a22⋯.jpg (118.95 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, Dgr678MWsAAu1Lr.jpg)

*creates best theme heard in 30 years*


File: 57b0e7fbf7f0ef9⋯.jpg (51.12 KB, 662x500, 331:250, 2jfr6t.jpg)


>Tim Shaw

Did he fucking implement bathos


Do you think they'll somehow bring back Grace this series?


File: 97e3ca043a8ea79⋯.jpg (446.47 KB, 563x640, 563:640, DW-MOVIE-makeup-563x640.jpg)


Why not



Yeah I really feel like they will, even if it's only for an episode to get graham closure. Something about the way they showed her really made me think they wouldn't just throw away the character after one episode


kek based


File: fd1185b7e772b57⋯.jpg (119.41 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, mpv-shot0014.jpg)

>Wew … deep breath.

What are Doctor introductions I'd rather watch


viewing figures when? 7mil?


should I to whovians this series, /who/?



You can tune in to any episode this season for your first time, she won't be mentioned ever again



>more hyped for Whovians than Doctor Who

This says a lot about our fandom


File: 4fea706477da5fb⋯.png (17.87 KB, 575x83, 575:83, ClipboardImage.png)

congrats TOS, i think you were the closest



Deep Breath and Last Christmas are the only Capaldi episodes to get higher ratings. Moffags BTFO





Deep Breath was a minus 2 million viewers from Time of the Doctor. Woman Who Fell To Earth is a plus 0.2



>plus 0.2





Keep in mind that Christmas specials get a bonus. If we compare to the last season finale Deep Breath is a plus 1.7 and TWWFTE is a plus 2.8



These are just overnights. No Capaldi episode got that high. Deep Breath got 6.79m


I don’t know what to think of the new episode because neo hasn’t told me yet



Good joke




>Lots of planets have a north!

>I thought I was from the north 'til I met you.


File: 492e60caad12f94⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 500x281, 500:281, brutal savage rekt.gif)


>If this is what they wanted the BBC could have had Toby Whithouse for far cheaper



I know



Oh that's nice that Sandy thought it was a decent start. Also 116 is quite high considering which stories she put below that.

Fully agreed about women clothes line, I forgot that it happened but it belongs to kino part of the ep for sure.


The biggest disappointment in the new episode is undoubtedly the new theme



does this count as propaganda?

>look at these randoms on twitter, this is how we want you to think (and that's a good thing)



I'm happy that it's based on original theme, considering they are kind of replicating 1963 feel with multiple companions, cliffhangers straight to next ep with no breaks, historicals etc

Thinking about it now, it's very odd trying to combine both Netflix/CW feel and 1963 feel.



>everything I disagree with is propaganda!



How is reporting on events happening in the real world propaganda? They're saying that the majority of people on social media seem to be enjoying the episode.


They even include tweets that are critical of the episode




They selected particular tweets that fit into the narrative they wanted to create (which also happens to benefit a product that the network is responsible for)



It feels like a superficial attempt at nostalgia bait, especially given that one strevens interview where he mentioned they want to capture nostalgia the same way that stranger things does



>fit into the narrative

What are you talking about? Quit acting like everything you don't like is propaganda. You sound like you have a tinfoil around your head.



"I'm sorry but tennant will always be the doctor to me" hardly counts as criticism.

All of the """negative""" tweets they picked don't include any mention of what they actually disliked about the episode - They chose to leave any tweets like that out.



If you search doctor who into twitter you're mostly going to see positive responses. If it was overwhelmingly negative and they did this I might agree with you



If anything, it sounds like you don't like things aren't fitting into your narrative.


Jodie's pants not being the correct length is kinda cute now that we know she got them at a second hand store



News articles are designed to tell a story based on the facts they choose to present.

Most of the time it correlates with truth, and the facts come before the story is formed rather than it being a purely artificial narrative. But that doesn't mean there isn't a selection process involved with which pieces of information are best to present to reinforce the story they want to tell.



Can you point to many tweets with several thousand likes that are calling the episode shit to dispute the article?



I do not have a narrative, I just actively dislike masturbatory "twitter reacts to x and that's a good thing" articles passing off as """""news"""""


Everyone ready for the "If you didn't like this episode for any reason no matter how small you're a fucking racist nazi misogynist bigot?" brigade on Twitter?



>I do not have a narrative

Bullshit. If you didn't, this wouldn't matter to you.



I am not saying it's incorrect, I am saying the article doesn't need to exist. Its only purpose is telling people what to think, and that is not what news sites should be used for.



It's just a more modern version of asking random people on the street for their opinion. You're not supposed to take it as serious political journalism



Just as ready as the "If you like Doctor Who, you're a SJW/lefty/commie/nigger!" brigade.



>implying anyone calls anyone a nigger on twitter anymore

This isn't 2011 anymore, anon



>Its only purpose is telling people what to think

No. It's not. It's telling people what other people think. Only easily impressionable children would read opinion pieces and suddenly share that opinion just from reading them.




>Only easily impressionable children would read opinion pieces and suddenly share that opinion just from reading them.

Where do you think the majority of the population get their opinions from? Do you think they actually do extensive research into a topic before forming an opinion?



everyone is an npc but me



yeah you're right, it's almost as if everyone has the same pre-formed opinion almost like a computer code, if only there was a word for that…



they've already existed for years though




I am not interested in resorting to dismissive memes



Because your coding doesn't allow for it?



Shut up, loony. If you're so mad about propaganda, maybe the deep state can have a visit at your place?







I doubt that they rely heavily on nostalgia, considering the audience they are aiming for.

I'd love it to go full season 1 honestly. Very excited for historicals this year.


BBC presents: Top 10 opinions about Series 11's first episode from twitter YOU should have (and why that's a good thing)!



>verging this hard

Is everything propaganda to you?



Nowhere does it say you should have the same opinions, it just presents the tweets that back up its statement that fans are enjoying the episode


I very much enjoyed this story. I found it to be interesting, and Jodie was really good. It's been too long since Doctor Who has been this accessible.



Careful now. PropagandaAnon will say you're part of some conspiracy to force people to like Doctor Who.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




You haven't read Sandifer's review? We're all positive on the episode now



I agree with you. Doctor Who is really good now, and I'm glad that I didn't have to watch the last few series.



shut up aaalex you whore



Did you actually dislike it?



I am propaganda anon and I liked the episode


BREAKING NEWS: person on twitter has an opinion



The statement doesn't need to be made. People having opinions about a thing is not news.


Reminder that any dislike of this new episode will not be tolerated from everyone. This is a Jodie Whittakre Zone now




stunted dialogue, boring plot, completely humourless. the absolute nadir was 13's speech on the crane



>completely humourless

jodie gave an inherently comedic performance, even though she wasn't saying jokes

I say that in a positive way



It's an opinion article not world news. Not every news article is of the same value but there's clearly a market for people to read these or else they wouldn't make them in this capitalist society


File: b9c06167b8cdb56⋯.png (1.3 MB, 900x506, 450:253, united.png)


I knew something would unite us one day.



i still dislike you.


Read the first two books in Faction Paradox. Book of the War and Town Will Never Let Us Go. Both were good, but can't imagine any casual wanting to get into the series after reading these books. One's an encyclopedia, and the other doesn't even have the Faction in it and is just Loz ranting about 9/11.



Again, have you tried giving Sandifer's review a read?



Not that anon, but Sandy's brain has rotted over the past years and she isn't worth reading. Waiting for Downtime to write up their review.




I would argue This Town is a good introduction since we rarely see the War from the perspective of the Great Houses and Enemy but from the lesser species so to have an entire novel with characters that aren't even involved in the War but feel the effects of it works extremely well.


File: 90b39a898e924ee⋯.png (253.42 KB, 422x497, 422:497, eeaea58dd4873eaef0d138f2d3….png)


love you too


when those guest star names popped up i genuinely burst out laughing, i have no fucking idea who any of them are, other than cumming and epzo



They're just a load of bong actors, only ones I'm hyped for are Angstrom and Lee Mack's character.



Trev is cringe and bluepilled but his Writing is good



I guess, but by focusing so little on the Faction, it makes you wonder why Tiffany Korta wasn't the lead of the book series instead. It's like if Woman Who Fell to Earth focused entirely on the non-Doctor characters and 13 only showed up for a couple seconds.



"Sorry, sorry! I didn't mean to be grumpy with my response so I'm going to prostrate myself and show how sorry I am for having a dissenting opinion!!!"


I physically cannot wait for Neo to swoop in and deliver his scathing verdict and watch /who/ suddenly switch over to disliking it because Neo told them to



Why did we decide Neo was a person to listen to in the first place? Just because he occasionally typed pretty?



Imagine being a british normie of Indian descent, watching shows with british Indian cast, and one day your favorite star (who looks like you, appeals only to you) gets a chance to be in Dr Who. I love this trailer for that, showing diversity and variety of characters, so everyone gets someone to cling on to.

There was Brett Goldstein, who played main role in Adult Life Skills with Jodie, I grinned when I saw him. And lots of people probably did too, it's nice imo



>there's clearly a market for people to read these

You're right, and that's the worst thing about all of this


frick you i liked it

jodie is fun and endearing




Lee Mack, Alan Cumming, a bunch of Indians, and those 2 people /who/ keep memeing about. Great line up



Here's a spoiler for you anon - he absolutely hated it, so get ready for everyone deciding that they hated it despite saying they liked it before he made his opinion known


I love seeing this one Cletus get endlessly verged that other people enjoy Neo's posts on /doctorwho/. I suppose you'd rather we listen to Nilso instead?


AAAlex is here and he's pissed



It was probably the most offensive part of the episode

flashing names like that just to get the attention of the masses who only have a superficial interest in the show and are actually drawn to guest actors like that



neo hates TUAT as well but I am still confident in the fact that I enjoyed it



My meta take is that the TARDIS landing in the town is the Faction Paradox series crash landing into its own series outside of Doctor Who. If you want a more Faction-y book the next one, Of the City of the Saved, has an EDA character as well as a bunch of actual Faction members that wear the masks and have loas



>superficial interest

What do you mean by this?


i don't have an opinion of the episode until rove and the whovians have told me what to think


File: 8eef9b809b5210e⋯.jpg (140.08 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 8ee.jpg)

Neo here. I thought it was fantastic, boy was I wrong about Chibnall and Series 11. Jodie Whittaker IS the Doctor!


Reminder that Nilso desperately wanted the 13th Doctor to be a man - Kris Marshall - and watched 6 series of Death in Paradise to prepare for his casting. He probably would've convinced himself to love this episode like Immigrant does if it had been Marshall.



It's like if RTD started NuWho off with a story that featured no Doctor or TARDIS, and was just Rose ranting about modern culture while a guy who pretended to be the Doctor showed up. Could be kino, but definitely not something you can show as someone's first episode. Though >>111487 has a point.



the people who aren't particularly invested in the show and don't watch every episode, but might occasionally think "oh doctor who's on tonight isn't it? may as well watch that"


Don't blame me!, I voted for Kris!



Death in Paradise was in my "To Watch" pile so the events were entirely a coincidence. You must have missed my post in the stream yesterday about how this would have been a shit episode regardless as to who was The Doctor



Is this a bad thing?



I wish I could miss all your posts in the stream, Nilso.



How would you be able to see my praising of Epzo if you blocked me?



You may praise Epzo but you're an Angstrom within.


The Angstrom Within


Honestly I don't like that sandy review too much, she gives to much credit to the episode for "not trying to be a classic" but I honestly feel like this is a cop out, In my opinion this episode HAD to be a classic, it had to blast away all the naysayers of both chibnall and jodie and make them eat their words, sure theres value in making a "solid" standard episode of doctor who after this massive change, but wheres the ambition?





>"I don't like that sandy review too much"

Fucking nazi.



>series 11 is safer than a Briggs Finish run of 4DAs

>Sandy still somehow goes "Hey, it wasn't trying to be a classic".



>Fucking nazi.

when the world comes knocking

fuck the world fuck this body

know it won't be long be now

feel my nerves wet my brow

mood in my tomb red moon heavy

sling jaw shot out the window and yell





>Cornell wants to break free from tie-in work and be known for stuff other than Doctor Who

>gets mad when people don't know he wrote for Doctor Who



my fucking sides



Paul Cornell has never seen an episode of Who in his life, let alone worked on it. Who does he think he's fooling?



It's a necessary evil for trying to appeal to that demographic. The side effect is that people who are already going to watch just saw a list of names they don't give a fuck about, and didn't get a 'next time' trailer unless they looked at the doctor who youtube channel afterwards



I suspect that we would either have that or nothing. Spoilerphobia isnt over, it's only just starting.


Checking Cornell's twitter account and he's followed by George RR Martin. GRRM only follows 84 people so it's not an Obama situation



Because Cornell wrote for Wild Cards.



I've said it early but I seriously feel like chibnall is suffering from the same mindset that the creators of kino childrens shows have, that is to, despite being in charge of a great series, feel the urge to prove your show to the masses, wanking off a bunch of actors does nothing more than look like you're showing off "Doctor who is grown up now!!!!!, we're just like every other new BBC show now!!!!!"


File: edbe55a679b6d50⋯.png (7.8 KB, 621x101, 621:101, Screenshot_2018-10-08 The ….png)

Likewise, Kate, likewise.



wow fucking based


>This Third Doctor comic will be the last Doctor Who work I'll ever write

>No wait, the Twice Upon a Time novelization will be the last

>Or maybe this First Doctor comic

Maybe Cornell should just quit resisting and write the shitton of Doctor Who audios and comics he's obviously craving to do. He can't keep pretending he's anything other than a Doctor Who writer. Especially since Wizard Police got cancelled by his publisher.



>kino childrens shows

such as?


I was expecting a mediocre story with endearing character interactions and that's exactly what I got



When is Kate gonna write another book or an audio? She wrote for that one Benny Summerfield book a couple years ago, so she and Big Finish have already done stuff together.



Biggest one I can think of is ATLA, Korra was clearly an attempt at "aging up" the show and it completely missed the point of what made the original great, despite being written by the same people



He's ashamed that the stuff he came up with for tv who after Human Nature wasn't good enough to be made so he's trying to distance himself to save face but he likes Doctor Who too much to leave forever.



did korra have a lot of guest stars?



Korra was a problem, but when did Bryke ever try to prove that show to the masses?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

does anyone watch greg live streams anymore? they're so frequent and too much of a time sink



I wasn't saying they did the same thing, the guest stars themselves have nothing to do with what im talking about.


The addition of more and more adult themes (cheating etc.) very much had hints that Bryke was ashamed that his most successful work was a kids show, as if that has some sort of lesser authenticity than a more gritty mature show, because of this he shoved these mature themes in instead of actually expanding on the interesting ideas korra presented, I also think the whole roaring 20s thing was him trying to appeal to a completely different audience but that's up for debate.



wait i should correct, not "cheating" per se but more relationship dynamics on the whole being out in the open and forced for plot, rather than naturally developing over time.


>drunk black man tossing his salad at an alien

What did Chibnall mean by this?



Stop applying American politics to it. It's just Chibnall mocking northerners



halal snack packs are inherently political

putting salad on an HSP is cultural appropriation


Wow. What a return to form after TWaT.


>the goggles everyone was pointing out matt wore as well were just in some random workshop and not the tardis


I was gonna write a couple paragraphs on why the opener was kinda underwhelming, but it can be perfectly summed up in one sentence:

Jodie was good but the writing was crap


neos at work crying right now and his students dont know why


So the aliens were totally the Rutans and the Sontarans in the first draft, but Chibs decided to edge them up into different aliens? Because it felt like that.


Rose - 9.9m

The Christmas Invasion - 9.4m

The Eleventh Hour - 8.0m

Deep Breath - 6.8m

The Woman Who Fell to Earth - 8.2m



how will moffags ever recover?



The two good ones are also the two lowest viewed ones.



the best one out of these got the highest rating :^)


Bodyguard got huge ratings for the BBC, but everyone I know, most of whom are TV buffs, didn't know the show even existed until last week.



it's some cruel twist of fate that us, the moff chads, spent countless threads defending the moff against claims of capaldi being good but having bad writing. Only to have the exact same situation presented to us.


>S10 makes a big deal about the deadliness of the vacuum of space

just ignore it, really



File: 112f065da1c36de⋯.jpg (69.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

File: 9a49f948cc5b65c⋯.jpg (105.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

angstrom is clearly the cooler of the two


imagine picking the angstrom side and then seeing epzo and realizing you've made a huge mistake


RTD and Moffat:

>look at these intriguing moments from the next episode!


>look at the names of actors who are playing characters!



Are we gonna pretend RTD never made a big deal over Catherine Tate and Kylie Minogue showing up in his Christmas Specials?



That was limited to external promotional meterial, not the broadcast show




"I had cancer" bit is bad.



pfft yes it was so tacked on, like how can we make the viewer have MORE sympathy for him



im gonna be so mad if it comes back as a plot point, like the doctor can cure him whenever she wants but lord knows she wont



Like when Evelyn had a heart condition that was slowly killing her, but never told Six even though he could have easily taken her to a future hospital in the year 5 billion?


Grace's death was not necessary



Why couldn't she have been the Jackie Tyler of the Chibs era? The lovable grandma that the crew could always go back home to whenever they're done fighting aliens?






In universe it wasn’t even, either

She didn’t need to zap the tentacle ball, it accomplished nothing


Chibnall cried at NYCC. You wouldn't get this weakness from RTD and Moffat.


>Chibnall doesn't know what Looms are.

>Briggs mentions that he has no idea if Chibnall has listened to any audios

>Chibnall wrote Kate Stewart with no idea that Downtime existed

Wilderness Era BTFO



>crying is weakness

Miss me with that toxic masculinity, sweetie



>Chibnall probably has no idea that Loz even exists



Crying is for womenfolk. He may have cast a femoid as the Doctor but he's not one himself.


imagine not being able to talk to your friends about how you're feeling because you're scared they'll make fun of you for crying



Based as usual



Then get better friends.



Bold of you to assume somebody on /who/ is capable of making new friends



Good that we are in present time and you have the priviledge to mope

150 years ago you would be dead


File: 284c45865b5d610⋯.jpg (59.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bells_detail_5.jpg)

File: 2a777dcc6b6c40e⋯.png (419.39 KB, 1024x517, 1024:517, salad.png)

I'm putting together a team


Unironically, from the episode 2 trailer, Epzo seems boring as hell while Angstrom seems entertaining. Angstrom will go down as the more memorable character, I guarantee you.



Same here, it got me good.


ahhh angstrom is irish


File: c12d6681a1f746d⋯.mp4 (7.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, doctor who s12 theme.mp4)

thoughts on the new theme?


File: f7e7c76d17a6a20⋯.jpg (370.59 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Do_BRa0X4AEY_0a.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

based epzo



you already posted this in this very thread >>111270






Based. I bet Angstrom's a tory.



but nobody gave it a (you) so it doesn't count


Capaldi's era theme is better in an artistic sense, because at least it tried to do something

it's like death grips - it might sound shit but at least it's trying something experimental


File: 818eaaddc45d35a⋯.png (12 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, reddit!.png)



ignore that @



Jodie, why the show is so shit?


File: f97cfb19b25113b⋯.jpg (104.22 KB, 1199x753, 1199:753, Do-laxuX4AAZAgB.jpg)



I'm thinking RTD kino is back. Moffags on suicide watch when they can no longer go "B-b-but people don't watch tv anymore"



>RTD kino

>when RTD isn't even around anymore



The Eleventh Hour got 8.3m overnight not 7.7m



Same spectacles, same spectacles.


File: f8b0c75f5364802⋯.png (154.83 KB, 575x396, 575:396, ClipboardImage.png)




is Cry better than DW11?


File: 69e5d53fea56a5b⋯.jpg (38.07 KB, 500x680, 25:34, 12D4982JE28923JJD983.jpg)



not sure.

have any /who/res watched it?



>insert here: black people steal bikes joke


13 is just billie piper doing an impression of christopher eccleston



not necessary



if anyone wants to make that racist joke they can insert a bullet into their fucking skull


File: c2fb120ffb473d8⋯.png (108.63 KB, 500x675, 20:27, anonymous-id-7rbk1gs-11-17….png)



are you proud of that one judy?



haha epic

now do us a favour and white genocide yourself



how did he manage the Kate Stewart thing? Did he just happen to pick the name Kate?


I love how far that episode was from children throwing bombs and the Doctor talking shtie about Voga.


Why does k9 break the first rule of robotics so often?



because the rules of robotics are a meme



The rule applies to humans, not sentient aliens



Are you sure? I thought the 8.3m was +7 figures


What would you say are Literally Tumblr: The Doctor Who Story, Literally Reddit: the Doctor Who Story, and Literally /who/: the Doctor Who story? I'd go with, in that order, The Girl in the Fireplace, The Night of the Doctor, and Doctor Who Unbound: Deadline.


Someone post the missy gif from WE&T where she is sighing. This was me during the crane speech.



8m overnight on BBC One

0.3m overnight on BBC HD

10.08m final


Is it me or that fucking change speech on the crane felt completely forced and out of place? It made no sense in context.



Wow, what an edgy joke! Oh my I bet your Primary School teacher wouldn't like that one!


>rove and the whovians debating "you had no right to do that"






13 is a pussy, 12 pushed the Half Face Man to his death and even if he didn't convinced him to kill himself.



Agreed. It wasn't a great story, but it entertained me for an hour and that's all I was expecting/hoping.



>explode 5 bombs inside a guy

>get triggered when he gets shoved off a crane


Jodie had to tell him that what he did was wrong because it was obvious that he needs to be talked to and told what to do



Because Doctor Who isn't an Asimov story. I don't know why people think those rules are universal across fiction.



just nerds trying to flex their epic sci fi knowledge



Script editor from Red Dwarf and the IT crowd has his own take on the episode, initially praise, but if you read on he's pretty critical too. It's cool to see someone in the industry talking about this stuff


my theory is neo's genuinely shook by how bad the woman who fell to earth was and can't bring himself to come to /who/ for now. in which case i say… b-b-b-based!


he could also be working late tonight



>She’s also the Doctor who berates a man for killing the alien that tired to kill him.

>She calls people friends right away. Announces her intent. Values name over rank.

>This Doctor is at her best in those moments. Lots of promise here.

How is any of that not just obnoxious behaviour?



Not sure I agree with twitter man over there, but they are at least 3 dimensional things, which I think is what he's trying to get at? not sure. It is kind of obnoxious though


>floating in the middle of space

>hair violently flapping around, unrelated to the direction of movement

why didn't they just have the fan on a lower speed?



it triggered me that when they teleport her hair is already up in the air


Which Doctor would play the best off an american companion?




Depends who the American companion is. If it's a ditz like Peri, then you want an abrasive Doctor who will bully them.

Actually, the 7th Doctor would probably go quite well, since he has that whole 1950's Americana thing going on. Team him up with an early 20th century mobster, or a greaser kid.


Do you guys think we'll see Grace again? Maybe Graham will get to spend one last day with her, in the past



Force ghost!


would ya be my new best friends :DDDDDDD?!?!?!



I dont know what that means. I'm just talking about a grieving husband finding himself in a time machine next episode, there's one obvious place to go



retreading fathers day sound like a thing chibnall would do



13 could have told the tooth fairy that the dna bomb was in him now, but instead she goaded him into pulling the trigger, and then told him once he was already gonna die. That's fucked up. At least 12 seemed to feel bad about what he did in Deep Breath.



She was specifically billed as a multi-episode character, so.






interesting. Did not know that.


Imagine being the doctor after 12, and throwing out all that morality stuff. 10 did the "no second chances" thing, she barely gave the guy a first chance


will 13 be even more of a hypocrite than 10?






The masses demand it.


I found it funny that 13 was standing at the back of the funeral, and didn't even dress up for it. Dress properly, and sit down, you're not special. Somebody died you fuckin poser. Also was she wearing Capaldi's clothes for like a week? funerals dont tend to happen the next morning


File: 3494c85e794653f⋯.webm (3.93 MB, 960x540, 16:9, flare.webm)

Lads, I just rewatched The Eleventh Hour. It's painfully good. I started to well up at bits I've never had an emotional reaction to before. When kid Amy talks about how her mum would put faces on the apples. Even at the climax when everyone across the world is implementing the Doctor's 0-virus. And this is the first time I've really noticed how fucking gorgeous and artistic the glow and lens flare in pic related are, it is such a well-directed story on virtually every front. (I did notice that weird looped-and-reversed shot during the Atraxi confrontation for the first time, too, but I'll chalk it up as one of Doctor Who's many quirks.)

It's funny, it's sweet, it's dynamic, it's uplifting. Matt gives an instantly likeable performance that shifts through multiple gears throughout the ep. And all the elements of the story that are shameless escapism or hero-fetishism are forgivable, because it's just the first step in Moffat slowly unpacking all of those as his run progresses.

And it has a pointed message in its own right, about the transformative power of imagination. The Atraxi are giant eyeballs who can only see in literal terms, a surveillance state. The power of Prisoner Zero, the Doctor and ultimately Amy is in the realm of dreams and the psyche. Amy's willingness to break out of a culturally imposed mode of belief, and instead believe what's happening before her eyes, is what motivates her to help the Doctor. The day is saved, in a call-forward to The Big Bang, by Amy remembering what she saw in the spare room thanks to the influence of the Doctor on her unconscious mind.

By the end the TARDIS, and by extension the show, really do feel magical. Like there are infinite pleasures inside. Indirectly, it's a reminder that your imagination can take you anywhere. Watching it reminded me that I want to tell stories.



The Doctor has showered twice in 50 years.



Moffat at his purest, before he succumbed to the BBC and Tumblr's bullying. The Moffat era was pretty good, but it could have been gold.



Thoughts on the porn jokes?


the tentacle monster is just a rehash of the atraxi, they're both floaty spheres



Every single way in which Moffat was "bullied by Tumblr" objectively improved his writing.

Notably, the one time he tried to stick it to Tumblr and angrily demonstrate that he wasn't a misogynist, it was an absolute shitshow (Widow Wardrobe).

But when he took the message on board, and started to rethink how he was presenting the relationships between men and women on the show, we got 12 and Clara which was a masterpiece and probably his most fleshed out work on the show ever.



I can't remember wardrobe, what did he do in that which was meant to be sticking it to tumblr?




The pivotal plot point of that episode is how "WOMEN R STRONG LOL (BCUZ OF THEIR WOMBS)!"



Tumblr demands it.



how is that sticking it to tumblr, and not just a superficial misguided attempt at agreeing with them?







I think he means Moffat was overcompensating to make Tumblr stop calling him names, which you should never do, because they will never stop, and will only drag you down with them.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



"Stick it to" is too harsh a wording, but he was clearly attempting to prove his critics wrong, without actually changing anything about what he was doing.



the two themes are just different enough that blending them together causes uncomfortable chord clashing occasionally


what if i told you doctor who descending into populist mediocricy was the result of tory austerity leaving the bbc underfunded, no longer able to pursue art over profits. classic who thrived under labour prime ministers harold wilson and james callaghan, while it suffered and ultimately died under thatcher's conservative hell

there is only one man who can save doctor who now: jeremy corbyn









who filled out the bingo card?


File: ea4df27dd26ebaf⋯.jpg (283.49 KB, 1125x1161, 125:129, ea4.jpg)




nilso took his flag off for THIS lol: >>111662



The BBC should get over themselves and run adverts or an opt-in subscription service like everyone else.

Better yet, The BBC should die, and sell it's few worthwhile properties to people who aren't criminals, traitors to the nation, and shit at producing television on top of it all.


File: 71f1fbc6962e2e5⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1000x1230, 100:123, s11Bing copy.png)


what did we get this week?



Yes, Nilly, that's right, the socialist movement that is actually upset about the problems the government has been causing is comprised completely of mindless NPCs. You're the real woke one.



You're such a free thinker when you defend the status quo.



They should sell doctor who to the ABC so we can ruin it for a laugh


The NPC meme is dumb because it implies there is anybody with free will


File: 26ee42a6fe1cd3b⋯.png (385.36 KB, 944x435, 944:435, ClipboardImage.png)

Leaked voiceover from 'The Ghost Monument'

Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is. I mean you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space. It's said that if you hold a lung full of air you can survive in the total vacuum of space for about thirty seconds.

But with space being really big and all, the chances of being picked up within that time are 2 to the power of 2076775949 to 1 against… which, by a staggering coincidence, is also the telephone number of the Sheffield flat where Yasmin once went to a fancy dress party and met a very nice girl whom she totally failed to get off with.



>character dies (non-recurring though)

>companion has secret revealed (ryan's disability)

>bad cgi (regen on couch)

>pro lgbt (a few actually)

>countdown (bombs in neck)



>Not really recurring, but main character died

>Pop culture references eg Youtube

>Graham's secret got revealed (cancer)

>Doctor gave a speech

>Reference to regenerating from Capaldi

>Graham had romance with Grace and they were technically both in the 'team'

That's about it I think.



You care until it's something a brown person did.


The NPC meme is dumb because it implies there is anybody with free will>>111671

>>pro lgbt (a few actually)

what was that?

>>countdown (bombs in neck)

the bombs pointedly did not have a timer involved, they never knew when they would go off and it was ultimately just a trigger rather than a timer



its a fucking vacuum, you'd be sucked dry in less than 10 seconds, what're they on about?




Of course she's gay


File: d82fadabdce5d6c⋯.jpg (209.41 KB, 720x720, 1:1, gay silence.jpg)

>it was boring and too slow!



>The NPC meme is dumb because it implies there is anybody with free will




I hope she reminds us so we don't forget


Remember all that emphasis on the threat posed by the DNA bombs that could go off at any minute, and it turns out the Doctor just sonicked them all away off-screen?



but she did it so it could be used as a twist so it's clever!



>doctor going "new is scary"

>thin white guy "im am special, wanted, etc"

>"im bugged, no OFFENDED!"


het mascoids won't care about yazmin being lesbian because she's attractive




<you having a problem with any of this



She's not attractive though.


That whitey in the crane reminded me of Nilso.



>a very nice girl whom she totally failed to get off with.

I understand mere tribbing will only get you so far.



i personally dont have a problem with any of it, but when its been done to death wherever you look, and then chibs gets in on it, then its does start to get a little annoying, yes.


File: a90d9f0d4155fe4⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1000x1230, 100:123, s11Bing0.png)

does capaldi's existence count as a moff era event?



He made me think of how Cats is going to try and turn him into a Nilso attack



silly, that WAS Nilso



>people are actually taking this post as fact




thank you for thinking about me <3



The trouble with tribbing



id count it, yeah



She talked about the TARDIS dematerialising so yes.



There's a matted fur joke in here somewhere, I just can't find it.


File: 0748d66cac25159⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1000x1230, 100:123, s11Bing0.png)

1 episode in and this is where we're at


File: ec07ab1b5914bc8⋯.png (121.67 KB, 577x307, 577:307, 1.PNG)

hoping s11 gets a kino underwater story


do you ship raz?



No. I ship Graz.


>the only young white male characters were pathetic betas

what did chibnall mean by this?




Writers always self insert



>what did all Western media made in the past decade mean by this?




but good bias



white males need positive representation too, anon



They meant it's time for you to give up, whitey. Just kill yourself because the white genocide is real, it's happening now, and it won't stop until humanity's mayo runs dry.



Not if we're going to stop them from breeding, which must happen, in the name of progress.


so, 6/10



I felt 7/10 after a first viewing but you’re probably right



The ruling class wants an easy to control population, and they're hoping to achieve this by mixing everyone together, and removing all common cultural values, so that the people will never be able to unite.


Doctor who has turned into a forgettable popcorn movie

That’s what Chibnall meant by getting out the Sunday night popcorn




If everyone is racemixed that would create common cultural values


i kinda want some payoff for a one-time villain, like a follow-up in the later episodes, saying what happened afterwards, if we dont, it just feels un-consequential



How do they even calculate this?



yeah, i'm thinking justsomeanon is cancelled


File: 4acc8ceb6c14ec1⋯.png (8.06 KB, 1131x88, 1131:88, 3.PNG)


that's not me dipshit


Something about Chibnall's supporting characters and sense of humour is… uncanny. It makes me dizzy.




No, it would just create endless variety, and endless fracture points.

The people are thinking of rising up? Time to set the white(er) people against the black(er) people, the Christians against the Muslims against the Sikhs against the Jews. The gays against the straights, and so on and so forth.


The notion that different races have inherent moral differences is fundamentally flawed

Culture is not dictated by race



Prove that.



double cringe seeing as one of those posts is actually me ;)



but you cant deny correlation



UK ratings househoulds have special TV remotes where they have to say who's watching what.



oh sorry it reminded me of your typing style. you are uncancelled


>writes nothing but anti-white posts

>is white himself



You can’t prove a negative

You’re the one making a positive claim, the burden of proof lies on you to prove that biological race dictates moral values



i know right, it's so fucking based


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



So it’s just a rough approximation that shouldn’t be treated as a fact




People have known that for all of human history. You say it's not true. Prove it.



people knew for all of human history that the earth was flat. prove it's not.



so are you going to practise on yourself what you preach to others?



he's right, it's not true, but there still is correlation between the two.



>People have known that for all of human history.

Prove this.



I think the flat earthers have a point, tbqh




after watching the woman who fell to earth that does sound like a very good idea



dont, anon. you should go meet a flat-earther, they're not so bright.



Appeal to “common knowledge” is not an argument



I've seen as much science proving it untrue as I have proving it true. People just default to assuming it not true, because the dogma of the age demands that they must.




all ratings are



Until it's the common knowledge that like everyone is like the same, racism is like stupid bruv.



hey cletus, dogma balls



Dog my balls?


even the parts I thought were going to be good were disappointing …


File: 79a24937934a2b8⋯.png (330.38 KB, 1024x524, 256:131, uq8l0affnxq11.png)

this but unironically but a little ironically too


Epzoids are flat earthers



That’s not common knowledge, it’s common opinion. Don’t conflate issues.



So it has less basis in truth than common knowledge.



Opinions do not exist in the realm of true and false. That’s why they are called opinions and not facts.



Yes. The opinion that people are all the same is backed up by nothing.


next white people meetup, im gonna sneak spice into the potato salad.



>>companion has secret revealed (ryan's disability)

it was on the press release, not a secret



It's good with chives, tbqh



Define “the same”



Graham’s cancer



that counts as a spice to you mayoids? lol



Equally predisposed to enjoying potato salad




Where does the meme that whypipo don’t like spicy food come from?



by far the best scene in that entire movie


File: cecde959d161a22⋯.jpg (118.95 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, Dgr678MWsAAu1Lr.jpg)

>dun dun dun dun

>dun dun dun dun

>dun dun dun [rest]

What did the madman mean by this?


I'm white-ish and I like peppers


People who eat potato salad deserve the noose desu




They lost the right to be called people a long time ago.



I didn't say it was a spice. It's obviously a herb.



People who've never eaten English mustard.


File: 760c41db2a0ec1d⋯.jpg (37.81 KB, 800x538, 400:269, best girl.jpg)

best girl



It's common knowledge.


oh he's put his flag back on



too scared to make a drastic change


I'm gay.



Everyone does. It's a stupid meme.



i'd like to eat nilsos english mustard, consensually, if you know what i mean



>The music??? Transcendent.

More like transcended melody to become unnoticeable ambience



There's a jar in the fridge.



File: 3d745dc6ad24bbd⋯.gif (45.14 KB, 400x550, 8:11, kamelion.gif)

yfw Ravenous-2 is superior than s11


File: 585b58d58c0375c⋯.jpg (58.25 KB, 600x386, 300:193, 1491230760-d5d3caae5aa82d8….jpg)



why does nilso keep a jar of his own cum in the fridge?


File: 84f00e8b28a70ec⋯.jpg (77.64 KB, 694x448, 347:224, 1axhef.jpg)


Did Jodie live in that dude's shop for a week wearing Capal's attire?



kills the sperm faster, makes it less sour



I just cant work out what she did in that time



>Overlays more instruments onto the original theme recording instead of making something fully new

>adds a repetitive drum beat to destroy the spooky ambience

What did he mean by this?



>that dude's shop

refresh my memory



>a week

how'd you get that idea?



to get a funeral together in the UK







BF are gonna insert a zarbi story in there where 13 teams up with Mickey Smith but not Martha Jones


What did Yasmin and Ryan do at the Peaks for so long? Yaz touches the Hershey's kiss, then the next time we see them it's night time and she looks frightened.



lmao, redeemed, the guy died so, it was abandoned?



The workshop employee was meant to come back in on Monday, he would have found everything there and done something




it was a crime scene, the body would have to have an authopsy

I don't know much time from death to grave it taks in UK, but imUS it takes about a week


>when you waffle on about food because your people don't have anything else to actually be proud of

Never could stand the French.


What is the best form and way to eat garlic bread?


what's /who/ snacking on?



I think so

but I think police would make part of his death investigation

unless UNIT did the clean up



nilso's pussy


Ryan is just uhhh….. hnnnng.







While watching Peter Kay DVDs



id be glad to see unit in s11



Sometimes when the sonic got destroyed the tardis would pop up a new copy

Sometimes it would give a new design

How did it decide?



I meant how it's cooked/prepared but that's fine



Didn’t mean to quote



>eating snacks

What are you, a fat fuck?


Do you think it is believable to build a sonic screwdriver with earthly materials?



Nah but I don't care



or just a starving husk



That's not what happened.



She took bits from the alien transport pod



she did grab some alien tech from the pod.




Rate the thing about teeth on the alien's face




Thought it was laughable when I saw it, now I just appreciate the interesting visual. 7/10, one of the more memorable things about the episode.



Depends if we're talking a thing that subtly manipulates things with sonic waves, or a tech magic wand.



Tiny bit sexy.



i thought it was gravel when it leaked.



The fact of being multi purpose



Looks dumb until they explain each one represents a kill, still looks dumb but at least it gives the villain an ounce of threat.



shouldn't he have more alien teeth, they mostly looked human


tim shaw's crooked teeth



Perfect example of something tossed in arbitrarily to fill in a "scary quirk" field, rather than something that enhances the story and belongs there.



next: aliens that live inside your cavities




For real though, it reminded me of the Shadowkin, with the SJA tier costume, and added edginess. However, it represented one of the best examples of an alien seeming to actually come from another culture with it's own values. (I also loved that Jodie identified the spaghetti monster as a bunch of individual worms bound together by something, and that it was unusual even to her). The teeth thing was really weird to be honest, and I hope Chibnall isn't afraid to do weird shit. RTD and Moff were bonkers at times, unironically. I worry Chibnall will be pedestrian, and think that a pregnant man is a new and revolutionary thing, rather than being the kind of writer to put a skin trampoline lady in his second episode. This gives me hope he'll do some weird stuff



Used to listen to Tim Shaw on Kerrang.



britain is destroyed



>(I also loved that Jodie identified the spaghetti monster as a bunch of individual worms bound together by something, and that it was unusual even to her)

but we have things like that on earth, siphonophores. i honestly thought she was gonna compare it to one, would have been a nice nerd doctor moment




oh cool, sounds interesting. Also v weird.


Is Chris Noth going to be most famous American in WHO ever?



Eric Roberts





Someone ask her about Epzo



I'm honestly struggling to think of someone more famous



he is famous by proxy

Noth was in Sex in The City and L&O



She answered like two questions, both of which were shit questions



Which one was embarassingly bad?


File: 6b6ef1f8f9f2562⋯.png (261.51 KB, 345x412, 345:412, ClipboardImage.png)


ask a bus driver haha

I have cancer.



Alex Kingston was in ER, but she is UK born



ask Rosa Parks bus driver



Salad lad




kek. Rosa Parks decides not to move, and some white supremacist fucko yells at her. Bradley Walsh turns around from the drivers seat. "Is there a problem?"

Old white man saves the day



give her time to be fair, they often take a while. Michelle Gomez answered my question once, long after I had gotten bored and done something else



And then he commandeers the bus.


Chris Noth = 20million

Eric Roberts = 8million


File: b5c64b214d8dbb7⋯.jpg (8.47 KB, 220x229, 220:229, download.jpg)

>8.2 million viewers

how does he keep getting away with it?



they injected lots of money in the promotion


The rest of the season better get viewers too. I hope it's not just "ooh the doctor has tits, lets check it out"



New female Doctor. Sunday slot.

Wait until the middle-late part of the series before declaring it a success, S10 lost a lot of viewers around the monks arc.


Most people when referring to Doctor Who General refer to the wiki set up by /who/ rather than /who/ itself.



It'll definitely drop viewers. Question is how much.



I wonder if people really liked


Jodie is a bad actress


Okay, that was a completely average Doctor Who episodes with far more companions than it knew what to do with. Change a couple of scenes and you couldn't even tell that it's supposed to be a new Doctor's introduction.


Jodie is a good actress, but the writing is abysmal



Oh I know it will, but I hope it can keep enough. People have seen it now, we can't blame promotion.



I hope the opposite is true and everyone realises how boring it was.


It's embarrassing that Chibnall has the nerve to call himself a writer.


>that awkward cringy cliffhanger that just lingers on nothing for like 20 seconds


It's embarrassing that this one has the nerve to still be alive.




File: b35291a77f0e237⋯.webm (971.17 KB, 852x480, 71:40, the nerve.webm)




AI is released tomorrow.

>it's probably gonna be higher than anything Capaldi got



what the fuck



It might even be as high as Voyage of the Damned!


File: bd870568d012aaf⋯.webm (3.65 MB, 720x404, 180:101, sweet mother.webm)


Neo left us



Oh god, I saw that thread too. That really was garbage.



I'm drinking tea at the moment


it has never been more clear: doctor poo


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





Ah yes, the mood I'm permanently in.


File: 514424edda8f6d4⋯.jpg (47.36 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, doctor_who_2005.11x01.720p….jpg)

Sweet mother of Gallifrey!




more like sweet mommy of Gallifrey haha


File: 7ca6664ce7648f5⋯.webm (521.56 KB, 960x480, 2:1, wheeeeeeee.webm)




I bet she'll just avoid the question, that coward.



1:16 is what I assume is 13's motif


13 is a futa



making her the only doctor to have a penis



Someone reccomend me a comedy series


Yo, /u/spez, you gonna do anything about this or…


>which Doctor do you want to do a multi-Doctor special with?

>"Doc Brown!"



File: 17b8513a22058c2⋯.jpeg (63.7 KB, 640x1138, 320:569, image.jpeg)

>being this casual



It's Always Sunny



Strangely enough I asked because I just finished It's Always Sunny for the second time and figured it was time to try something different. Thanks though.



>/u/spez is r/the_donald's puppet




I have no allegiances here. Cornell's gushing is always gross, and the same goes for every other member of the "used to be involved with Doctor Who" circle who has to force a smile to maintain their semblance of a career and fanbase.



Oh, I wasn't stating an opinion on the episode, my thought it was funny that they accused Paul Fucking Cornell of neve having watched Doctor Who before




The Inbetweeners





t. Loz

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