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File: b35291a77f0e237⋯.webm (971.17 KB, 852x480, 71:40, nerve.webm)


Nerve-y edition

Previous thread >>122206



found SuperGrantZilla's youtube account from a comment on a /who/tube video



>valski and matpat subscriptions.



>likes PragerU videos


his subs are the weirdest mix of literal kids channels and alt right shit


Have you guys had it occur to you that maybe Doctor Who isn't FOR you anymore? And your toxic masculinity is gatekeeping other people from joining the fandom?


Thanks Chibnall. Now a whole new generation of fans is going to happily refer to Yasmin, canonically as 'The Paki'.

There are kids watching this. They are going to quote that line. They are going to think that word is justified. It is going to appear on fan art, in fanfic, in reviews, on edits. It may feature on posters, it will be repeated endlessly.

Thanks for making it okay to call South Asians a racist slur. Thanks for making that word come from the lips of a South Asian character so when people complain they will use the 'empowering' 'reclaiming' defence.

I am so angry. I am so tired.

Chibnall's Doctor Who is openly hostile to Pakistanis, and in 2018 that's just not good enough.



Shut up, Nash.


>One of the many reasons why this wiki doesn't always 100% match /who/ is because /who/ changed a lot during the past year, more than anybody seems to acknowledge. The descrepencies between this wiki and /who/ are not, in fact, exclusively the Redditers' and Facebookers' fault, though they didn't help. When I first joined /who/, less than a year ago, lots of different people came with lots of different ideas. Since then, its userbase, opinions, and conversation topics seem to have been shrinking, and this wiki has lots of old articles that sometimes reflects what /who/ used to be like and what its users used to talk about. In all fairness, the change is not entirely anybody's fault. The Revived version of the show was on for twelve years, so it's no longer event television, so fewer people are invested in it. It was only a matter of time until /who/ began to weaken. To counter this problem, we should probably move it all to the forums or the Discord, which are both more easily accessible to new recruits, so that it would gain new blood and some fresh, inspired memes.



Isn't that an okay term in Australia used only in sports?



Doctor Who hasn't been for feminists since Clara left because she was the strongest woman in the show and 13 can't compete.


File: 15963f944dca2cd⋯.png (51.7 KB, 758x424, 379:212, 15963f944dca2cd013a334ff6e….png)

Legendary Moments of /who/



It's an okay term in Australia but only because Australia is a racist mayoid shithole country.



You just say that because she has big knockers.



I mean that it's used neutrally like Aussie.



It was his post about his rejected Moffat era Who scripts. I've rehosted it on my private blog.

I'm so tempted to be a little bitch and say "thanks for replying to my DMs btw" or "say hi to McIntee for me the next time you try to ruin his career"



are you quoting someone, or is this you?



Did Nash actually say that or are you just strawomanning?



Clara has pancakes though.


File: 93e91898b7739dd⋯.png (219.3 KB, 490x371, 70:53, 93e91898b7739dd51f91f91a53….png)

>tfw your post got mentioned on the podcast



Gonna need a redpill (if you can) on the McIntee thing


Spoiler alert:

the witch episode features the return of the carrionites. they even got the original actresses to return



Enjoy that piece of validation.



Are you implying there's something wrong with those pancakes



What did they mean by this?



I'm not attracted to women and neither are you.


Epzoids silent after less than a week since their episode. Absolutely BTFO



Ooh, which one was it?


They are quoting Claudia Boleyn but changing "bitch" (from The Witch's Familiar) to "Paki"


Private blog.








ah, didnt recognise it. Unlike the word bitch, paki is an actually offensive term that I hope kids dont end up repeating. (But I'm sure the india episode will never air after the scandal of all the kids saying nigger in the playground on Monday)



You are a gay man. You have always been a gay man.



How did he even see it, does he follow your tumblr?


File: faf0c433c7b02c1⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 91.39 KB, 220x212, 55:53, you mad.gif)



I will be reporting the BBC to the police if it airs.




Is this a Doctor Dances reference?


Rose, I-I'm trying to resonate concrete.



The best line.


Reminder Indians got Clone High cancelled because it portrayed Gandhi in a comical way so hopefully the same happens to Doctor Who


File: 23cd08aa18ddeb5⋯.jpg (61.4 KB, 640x960, 2:3, qSFlAe0_d.jpg)


The dissappointing pancakes are only there to distract you from the 10/10 buns.


It was the Spearhead from Space written in the style of The Ghost Monument post. Really enjoying the pod by the way, you don't shy away from shitting on Chibnall but it didn't devolve into complete apathy either, great stuff.


Told a normie about what's going to happen during the Rosa episode and they said it sounded really good and that they were looking forward to it



No, it got cancelled because it was a cartoon on MTV, a channel notorious for cancelling cartoons.



After McIntee criticized one of Cornell's books on RADW, Cornell started insinuating that McIntee was a fraud, then came out and outright stated that McIntee was lying about having contributed to Star Trek Voyager scripts (which McIntee proved to be an outright lie) as well as insinuating that McIntee had sexually asssaulted some people. To be fair it sounds like McIntee was a bit of a sloppy drunk at conventions in the 90s, and he really didn't know how to talk to women (probably autism or summat), but the smears were unearned and kinda obviously in revenge for the critical review. It spanned a few threads on RADW back in (I think) 1994 or 96, and it ended with McIntee quitting the internet.


Told a normie about what's going to happen during the Rosa episode and they said it sounded shit and asked why I'm still watching that stupid kids show.



Nah, thankfully not. It was my mistake to have doctornolonger indexed by google.



So you're going to bring up decades old beef that Cornell has probably forgotten about? I suppose you are a Lawrence Miles fan


File: 31b29eb728004dd⋯.png (830.47 KB, 760x659, 760:659, tfw shaggered.png)


Seems like Cornell's a bit of a prick then, doesn't it?



Hey Paul! Somewhat middling fan of yours!


deep deep lore:


tripadvisor review by gareth roberts and clayton hickman (username is the same as their shared youtube account)




That post of yours made me laugh, really made the new ep description seem even weirder in comparison. Glad you enjoyed and yeah, I think to have that much to say at all shows that people here really do care about the show one way or another. And I wouldn't call any /who/res Planet Mondas types because all of us here, even Nilso, really love some parts of NewWho.



interesting that "my partner" basically confirms gareth and clayton are in that kind of relationship and not just friends






lmao who has headcanonning them as platonic friends??



…you didn't know until just now?



Oh, of course not, I'd never actually do that. Our interaction so far has been positively civil, and I don't intend to ruin that. I just learned about the McIntee spat is all, so of course it'll come to mind when Cornell contacts me the next day.

If I was actually going to sass him, I'd just say something about his newest last final Dr Who project.


Oh, yeah, he also has a Tumblr. Didn't mean to imply it was a permanent quitting. Just notable because he had previously been a very active member of RADW.




i could've sworn one of them outright denied it on twitter - to my surprise - but i may have been misremembering



>Wherever I've been in the past there's always been at least something wrong - but not at Saltcote.

I'm gonna work that line into a story somehow.


File: 85aa061783fee49⋯.jpg (9.14 KB, 225x225, 1:1, download (1).jpg)

>Doctor Who: Time War - A Netflix Original Series. Created by Toby Whithouse. Premieres 2019.

Your reaction?



>Our interaction so far has been positively civil

Did he ever even respond to Human Nature related DMs



>his newest last final Dr Who project.

His latest newsletter says he's been doing the "this will be my last Doctor Who thing ever" spiel since Happy Endings in 1996.


Depends if he brings Mathieson back.


File: 25e07cfb7343bdd⋯.png (448.17 KB, 769x768, 769:768, AAAAAAAAAAAAA.png)



Every episode by Whithouse.



Press S to spit on Whithouse


File: 6a9282055848627⋯.png (122.92 KB, 200x237, 200:237, 456287.png)


>A Netflix Original Series


gareth lore:


he was jerked off to matthew waterhouse in dwm as a young lad


The Crew arrive at Paradise Towers, a resort planet that serves it's residents for years. Our unlikely heroes find themselves in the middle of a Kang civil war. More than meets the eye as something sinister lurks in the underbelly of the resort. And just who is Pex?



Can anyone post this centrefold?


Picture this: 2018, 2020, and 2022 are the 13/Chibnall years, but Chibnall doesn't want to do DW every year, so in 2019 and 2021 Whithouse runs Netflix Doctor Who spinoffs either with Paul McGann or an actor cast to play a young War Doctor. How do you react?




he's a bog cleaner again now



He's cleaning bogs alright



he must've been awake for 36 hours before making this tweet



His subscriptions list is certainly… something



>Chris Ray Gun

>Paul Joseph Watson

>Mark Dice

>The Autistic Brony



Picture this: Eccleston breaks into Big Finish, sobbing that he should have never let poor John Hurt fill his spot, and he's ready to do a hundred audios if need be. And Briggs conveniently has a folder full of Shearman/Hall scripts. How do you react?



Nope, not yet I sob.

So far, all of our interactions have been the result of him searching his name on Tumblr. Like when he semi aggressively corrected my speculations about the Benny rights.


Ooh, I'll have to go fetch that one from my spam folder.


File: f05aa8f95ca790a⋯.png (412.19 KB, 5000x5000, 1:1, thinking emoji.png)


Kek the wiki that TheBlackadder5 made just got closed by wikia




Fine, I hype.


He's like the reverse Moffat, cuddly on the outside and cunt on the inside.


Why would any doctor who writer go looking for fans talking about them? It will almost always involve people wishing they were dead



> semi aggressively corrected my speculations about the Benny rights.

you simply must link!


Briggs is a pedo and the Big Finish studios are next to a Primary School.



t. Loz




wait I misread you mean in DMs I assume, I thought of him publicly aggrievied at you on Tumblr and was amused, nevermind


Doing a Ghost Monument script re-write. Should I take out Yaz altogether or just tweak her lines?



Can you remove 13 while you're at it?



Make her complain about the sand in her boots


Remember that female writer who left doctor who because of nerds getting angry at her episodes? Imagine if that happened today


File: d0337aa71608097⋯.jpg (210.17 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1491777415596.jpg)


>rtd had to comfort helen raynor after she looked at gallifreybase discussion threads about daleks in manhattan/evolution of the daleks



>who left doctor who

But she didn't. She wrote the Sontaran 2-parter after getting yelled at.



Remove the entire main cast except for based Graham



I can't tell what emotion this is


File: c0aff5c8f6524bb⋯.jpg (80.32 KB, 576x768, 3:4, 3q1p2gd0yz711.jpg)

chibnall having a normal writing session


that time Cornell was gonna write for Series 8, but Moffat didn't have room for more scripts



I'd have killed whoever left that area in that state



RTD's writing desk: covered in cigarettes

Moff;s writing desk: next to his mum's deathbed



>Okay, I'm seriously considering creating an organization to ensure internet peace. Nothing major. No government petitions or anything. As the whole prohibition fiasco indicated, making more rules doesn't solve anything. However, being a good influence does. What my organization will do is infiltrate websites that practically spawn trolls as members and just try to encourage them to behave better, as well as attempt peaceful protesting and mature, "f*ck"-free complaints.

Legitimately what did he mean by this?


File: 2c90594c8f24e58⋯.jpg (8.13 KB, 207x244, 207:244, banterstops.jpg)


>Moff;s writing desk: next to his mum's deathbed



>What my organization will do is infiltrate websites that practically spawn trolls as members and just try to encourage them to behave better, as well as attempt peaceful protesting and mature, "f*ck"-free complaints.

lol i wonder if he was trying to do this to /who/ and the wiki


File: 3602fb370fdb7d0⋯.jpg (96.57 KB, 614x767, 614:767, 5kbs5vldevc01.jpg)

meanwhile, Vinay comfily writes on his laptop in bed



>not pictured: cigarettes or dying mum



based pajeet



legit from his twitter?


File: a989cc2825963c3⋯.jpg (80.66 KB, 614x768, 307:384, tqth6213x5201.jpg)

Mathieson's writing room



God, I'd hate to live near a busy road. The sound of cars constantly would be annoying



You get used to it, and it can be enjoyable to watch them go by sometimes. But I hear ya.


no, its new york lol




between War Games and Spearhead, 2nd did some odd jobs for the Time Lords

by then he got older

it is know as season 6b

there is a book about it

PROSE: World games



show yours



Try living near a fucking train station, shit's unbearable



Yeah I know



There's a train station within a few kilometres of my house I hear sometimes at night. You might get more trains going through your area


File: ee4289523b4af97⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1090, 192:109, vlcsnap-00002.png)


Kick Kino Away TM


File: 3ca7bce11ddba9c⋯.gif (418.66 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, twin-peaks-e1412698162766.gif)


File: c42431625a30f79⋯.jpg (91.95 KB, 576x768, 3:4, jzm17xwa7n511.jpg)

The Whithouse Workstation


>Back then, Tomorrow People made to ape Doctor Who

>Now, Doctor Who made to ape CW shows, one of which was Tomorrow People



Suppose it makes sense you get used to it. They left off explosives underground twice a day at 8:00 in the morning and night that cause the ground to shake but I rarely even notice it anymore



Hey, you should behave better, man.


File: bc8801e88ba1992⋯.png (895.52 KB, 796x574, 398:287, trasho.png)




?? Why do they do that?






Where do you fucking live? Iraq?



NightmareofEden reported it.

Source: It me



Iraqnids in the UK



Mining town in a white country



>You get used to it

This is only mostly the truth. I've lived on a busy road all of my life and didn't really notice until I moved away for a couple of years and then moved back.

Can't wait to move out again.



Now show Cats'


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 450029ede325aa0⋯.jpg (183.81 KB, 614x768, 307:384, cat1526772977015.jpg)



What's Judy's workstation?


File: c8b5a3ed0c34d9c⋯.jpg (108.71 KB, 1125x1114, 1125:1114, c8b[1].jpg)



a cardboard box in the middle of the street


File: 5b55310161d4535⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, butter 1510446814102.jpg)


File: cf4458f56e6c81b⋯.jpg (139.95 KB, 1328x747, 16:9, 1511302583513.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: df02a7a7b260f03⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1200x1645, 240:329, ClipboardImage.png)





Kate Orman next week on Sandifer's podcast.



We want to know who is in /who/ podcast



>n8 gets Daniel O'Mahony and Philip Pussy-Hallard on /who/ cares


Strong prediction: the parts of Rosa that are strictly historical and obviously written by Malorie Blackman will be roughly Vincent and the Doctor-tier. Everything concerning Krasko, the sci-fi plot, and the Doctor/companions will be The Ghost Monument tier.


nil is kil


Anyone up to stream some 11th doc?



Why defend her with no evidence?



Malorie Blackman is an acclaimed author, Chibnall is a hack who happens to know talented people.




by lefty outlets

her DW novella was weak af




Who are Owen and Ianto and why are they fucking?






Owen and Ianto fuck.


File: f6d50ef62339e61⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1280x854, 640:427, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4b58b659c478f8d⋯.png (1.37 MB, 800x1121, 800:1121, ClipboardImage.png)


Owen and Ianto fuck.



bunch of twats


And just who are Owen and Ianto?


File: 036fe04db364624⋯.jpg (41.03 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 8f8f7388ff42ecc4e56229c7d3….jpg)


I'll start a petition to get the Malorie cut of Rosa. It was so successful with the Snyder cut of JL ;_;


File: 2ac7076234ea91a⋯.png (117.34 KB, 268x268, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 6a0d4b1373ab8e4⋯.png (119.43 KB, 268x268, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



Give it time.


I'll start a petition to get the skelly cut of Rosa


I started a petition to get Morph back once, and it fucking worked!


I want the Whoflix cut of Rosa


File: c358fe3abd9c997⋯.png (1.41 MB, 800x1111, 800:1111, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 87cba7a66bf858a⋯.png (1.68 MB, 800x1110, 80:111, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 67eb2ed16b25074⋯.png (1.33 MB, 800x1111, 800:1111, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0a990d6b90b8c3a⋯.png (1009.8 KB, 800x1111, 800:1111, ClipboardImage.png)

If we got a Jameela Jamil Doctor, would you prefer traditional femme aesthetic, or biker aesthetic?


just listening to the podcast, my Smith and Jones post (why this? and why that? and what are those?) got mentioned, and I feel like a celebrity.




DOCTOR: Welcome guys! your first glimpse of histor-




Great post!


File: 99bf333b0a1c3b3⋯.jpg (470.46 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, SzfferBZQeY.jpg)



this would be kind of based tbqh


File: 82ef266635b75be⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.53 KB, 720x565, 144:113, 1540047737752.jpg)

There's only 2 men that can save Doctor Who.



Was this something he'd planned to do?



I hate James, soyboy



keep your prejudices to yourself


File: dad211d435d356c⋯.png (1.2 MB, 644x920, 7:10, ClipboardImage.png)

I'd like to see a Joan of Arc episode feat. the 13th doctor. Would be an obvious choice I guess, but so's Rosa Parks or Witches



I'd like an Ann Summers episode


File: 24b68ead049492e⋯.jpg (175.83 KB, 1458x981, 162:109, 1515889223178.jpg)





File: ee4289523b4af97⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1090, 192:109, ee4289523b4af97b2c03c5f6ae….png)


Kick Kino Away TM


I hope Chib writes an episode where 13 convinces the yucky males to let women vote. Stick an alien in there too. Chib can make it work



Spoiler alert:

The final scene of the finale is 13 telling the stenza leader that she already defeated them offscreen in episode 4





Spoiler alert:

Ryan defeats the Stenza leader using skills he learned playing Street Fighter. The leaders last words are "I was blocking that, nothing I could do"



Hope the babies don't have a time head or something


Imagine if neither the cybermen nor the master returned. Like, imagine Chibnall is simply too intimidated by how good the Series 10 finale was, he just doesn't ever bring them back, and neither does the next showrunner. Would that be a good thing?


File: 32295f83a6dca9b⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1024x1185, 1024:1185, jenna_coleman_6_by_themagi….png)



is this real?



File: 991c9477d0ec19a⋯.png (110.59 KB, 900x900, 1:1, slitheen_pony_by_puddle_ju….png)






ok, but is this real?


File: cd2c10fb7b83e19⋯.jpg (30.3 KB, 320x536, 40:67, nilso protege.jpg)



Family matters


File: 4698304dad70beb⋯.jpg (285.8 KB, 1024x1511, 1024:1511, jenna_bobblehead_coleman_b….jpg)



Will undoubtedly be the best thing airing on the BBC that Sunday.


File: c9d6ac47556ce1b⋯.jpg (163.76 KB, 1280x905, 256:181, 1520378280182.jpg)



I would love the Master to never return, I think the fruitful opportunities with that character have been explored and ended in the best, most conclusive possible note. Is there really any merit to bringing the character back, will anything really new be done with them? If it must happen, let it be a regeneration between Simm and Gomez, which Moff graciously made space for. There's a point at which characters really should be retired.

I don't mind the Cybermen coming back though because they're a loose concept for a villain, not a specific character, and I could see new stuff being done with them. Certainly give them a rest for some years though.


Is classic 4chan-esque edgy/uncensored humor and culture incompatible with /who/'s current trajectory and userbase? Discuss.



Fuck off Judy you twat.



No but people here would love to tell you that they are



I love how Moff set up the possibility for the Cibbeys to return. Implying that they're inevitable for any species and it makes total sense.

Barring a RTD esque reimagining for the Master I don't think we could have a satisfying Master story for a while. Give the character a long break.


File: a3f43eb4a72157a⋯.gif (2 MB, 245x207, 245:207, 1493687572916.gif)



Moff's take on the cybs was fantastic, very liberating and expanding and opening up their lore (both past and future) instead of closing it off or locking it up or anything. I love the parallel evolution idea, it makes so much sense and is such a graceful way to marry all their stories together.



I wish that weren't true.


File: ef76ad65d8f42f2⋯.gif (404.49 KB, 342x342, 1:1, 1501880736180.gif)


File: daf4846b6a76664⋯.png (346.91 KB, 613x641, 613:641, Screenshot (45).png)


File: aa569854e456541⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 318x400, 159:200, 1498258976779.gif)


I don't hate you Chibnall. I'm just so, so disappointmed in you. And I hate you.


File: 1c117b53f81302a⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 267x200, 267:200, 1494445275633.gif)


The Indian Element | Demons of the Punjab

A Man in Labour | The Blue House



I have train tracks about 40 yds from my window. The cuntducters take great glee in blasting thier horn as it goes by my place at any hour.


The Good Place is great.



Do you like trains?



Thomas is pretty cool, but not particularly.


File: ff5becf2f3a7e60⋯.jpg (302.58 KB, 1999x1999, 1:1, 1507921538792.jpg)



Hey, is that Tom York as the face?


Reminder McGann was the only biker doctor


File: 55420f892159fe8⋯.jpg (50.34 KB, 716x590, 358:295, DigqB0TVMAAhJ4G.jpg)




Fuck off faggot




File: 38ccc78f436fbc7⋯.jpg (82.7 KB, 901x1035, 901:1035, knobhead.jpg)

Is he the demon of the punjab?


File: 86950d3b4c7aaed⋯.png (97.32 KB, 408x128, 51:16, chibnall.png)



I'm indifferent. I really only watch for Sir Topham Hatt. I identify with him.


File: 5a0488d0d24fb7f⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 600x338, 300:169, gv69u9ucq0f01.gif)


>big emotions




>the demon of the punjab?

the loo witch


File: c0eeece88d47174⋯.jpeg (14.25 KB, 354x286, 177:143, 69f.jpeg)

Better written

Pillar of hope

Better written

Very cliched


I'd like to give a certain /who/re some "big emotions" if you know what i mean








I have no idea what the FUCK you mean, can you please explain!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


It was fun putting that together


File: 99f10378e9b2086⋯.jpg (106.61 KB, 1080x1242, 20:23, 1532465560083.jpg)

is he the demon of the punjab?



sodomizing nilso



Full /who/ sings soundtrack WHEN


I feel /who/rious, /who/rious, got a chance to start again.


File: a3104e2cbf8368a⋯.jpg (110.11 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1508096242868.jpg)



File: db99c538dde7afc⋯.jpg (24.97 KB, 567x399, 27:19, strained_wheezing.jpg)

Demon of the Punjab?


Hi, you guys seem really cool. What is the history of this board?



We used to be on BlackedForums but got kicked off it and moved here.


File: 8db52d0c97ec372⋯.jpg (52.26 KB, 448x482, 224:241, narco1422892448_1023436620.jpg)


File: f2634e2e8d8d8df⋯.png (711.12 KB, 1066x1102, 533:551, Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at ….png)



File: cdd083e8054277a⋯.jpg (105.95 KB, 642x859, 642:859, 1535511216140.jpg)



Imagine a historical episode written by RTD that isn't The Next Doctor



The Next Doctor is a pure historical tho, all of that happened for real irl



7/11 mine


I want Morphant to do what he does best.


File: 651c49a1da4ad25⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.99 KB, 768x511, 768:511, 651c49a1da4ad252b53e8b9013….jpg)



Tooth and Claw?



File: 86924c974a92bea⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.34 KB, 460x460, 1:1, zts.jpg)


File: 1e9a3a42ac5fbd4⋯.png (135.93 KB, 512x384, 4:3, bart.png)



What's it stand for?



Kill KindAnonymous


File: 837bc4d4d5868a1⋯.gif (126.34 KB, 481x481, 1:1, 1527813629219.gif)


File: 2177c375b75a0d7⋯.jpg (888.73 KB, 1002x1206, 167:201, whatmorecouldyouwant.jpg)





File: ab4ed69010006da⋯.jpg (215.66 KB, 580x435, 4:3, 1523138137788.jpg)


File: 8f9790e30a76532⋯.jpg (162.48 KB, 1494x999, 166:111, First-Doctor-Twice-Upon-A-….jpg)

post cosmic racists


File: b05907e00076cfe⋯.jpg (238.68 KB, 640x571, 640:571, h1509193821609.jpg)


Series 11 sucks, but it's Moffat's fault. Somehow.



I'd like to "feel" a certain /who/re's "really smooth leg"


File: 5d06bfb1e44b1c4⋯.jpg (53.55 KB, 289x431, 289:431, ure.JPG)


File: 8cd9d13f5fb1648⋯.jpg (19.36 KB, 220x298, 110:149, 220px-Steven_Moffat_by_Gag….jpg)



Hey now…that wasn't me, but I agree with the sentiment.



What. Do. You. Mean.


File: 2c5b4534345fd09⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 230 KB, 468x276, 39:23, ClipboardImage.png)

Spoiler alert:

The christmas special opens with the gang seeing a bunch of people in white pointy hoods, and Ryan gets scared. But it turns out to be an episode about catholicism in Spain


File: d5757b4c7dd3b27⋯.png (397.44 KB, 803x439, 803:439, screenshot_20181020_151713.png)




Still infuriating me years later.


you would NOT make an episode called lets kill theresa you would not make an episode called lets kill donald you would NOT make an episode called lets kill lincoln you would NOT make an episode called lets kill ghandi, so how the fuck was series 6 okay


File: d791a52ed369875⋯.jpg (51.31 KB, 512x621, 512:621, d791a52ed3698757d2387c754a….jpg)

i left /who/ for an hour, wtf happened?


>Nixon, Hitler, and Churchill all in the same series

>Moff gives them all the same personality and treats them equally

lol. just lol.


Do you condemn Nazism?





I think Moffat era was fucking horrible with Daleks and Cybermen. Talk about going back to the well.





I can't found the original yes papa eating sugar



File: 1000e53d8b5f5c7⋯.jpg (107.03 KB, 700x530, 70:53, twin3.jpg)

File: 5bf34981089c518⋯.jpg (57.71 KB, 976x549, 16:9, p01bm81y.jpg)

Same actor



Yes, however I find myself sympathetic only when J.J. Abrams is mentioned.


If you want a laugh, rewatch the spaceship crash scene near the start of Ghost Monument and notice how blatantly they lack the budget to pull it off.


If you want a laugh, rewatch…Ghost Monument



I thought they were kind of good at having Yasmin leave the back segment, to the front, followed by the doors close, and the back segment being ejected. It looks really good compared to 70s Who


File: 9129f72a3f03425⋯.png (573.3 KB, 1144x587, 1144:587, ooUntitled.png)


File: 563e5edb0679e38⋯.gif (573.14 KB, 320x200, 8:5, Blackadder-Confused-Look.gif)

>"Graham's character profile on the official BBC Doctor Who website, which this wiki does not consider a valid source, states that Graham originally moved to Sheffield from Essex."

>the official BBC Doctor Who website

>not a valid source


File: 489ad6e423a7cc1⋯.jpg (119.22 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, Doctor.Who.2005.S11E02.The….jpg)


I'm thinking more the moment they're actually about to hit the ground. Angstrom and co are blatantly just hurling themselves down the slope, it looks like a LARP. Then it cuts to black just before we actually get to see anything.

RTD would have done the moment of the crash, but with terrible CGI



why not?


The Daleks have always had mythic significance in the series. Moffat gave the Cybermen back theirs.



>RTD would have done the moment of the crash, but with terrible CGI

based Rusty



File: 8a65e03e93d5d41⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 2000x3552, 125:222, 1500694415007.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Have you logged into flag related recently?



The return of McGay



>Secondly, I was amazed by how much I (and I think everyone else to a certain extent) mis-remembered the Doctor. The S5 Doctor is very…testosterone-fueled. Of course the silly hyperactive kid stuff is still there, but he is also commandeering, pretty confident, and gets angry a lot. My girlfriend actually picked up on this before I did, informing me that he was hot because he seemed like a "powerful man."


File: 53894a21b0a7a8f⋯.png (79.81 KB, 147x232, 147:232, instelston.png)



> My girlfriend actually picked up on this before I did, informing me that he was hot because he seemed like a "powerful man."




Capaldi came over to him. You know. Because they're friends



Which other villains need the World Enough and Time treatment


hey morph if ur around we're in stream



The Morphant isn't here right now, you are stuck with me.



Sorry. I had to ban Morph from the stream after what he said.





File: 04b2f0c61165370⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, devastation.png)

>tfw the one part of series 11 you thought for sure you'd still love, Jodie Whittaker's performance, ended up being lackluster

And don't even give me that "she's good but the scripts are giving her nothing to", there's nothing above average about the performance she's giving it all, even Smith when he had to deal with abysmally shit scripts still gave fantastic performances and was enjoyable to watch all the way through. There's nothing about Jodie that makes me think "yeah, that's the Doctor" to me. She's bland as fuck. She's a diet Doctor Zero (low calorie edition). She's nothing. It's truly impressive how disappointing this series is turning out to be on all fronts.




>He also paid for the Season 12 boxset legitimately, full-price, instead of scamming and conning the BBC for free discs like some scabby little hermit

What did he mean by this



I agree. I don't really begrudge an actor not being able to form that much of this sort of character on their own, but the least Chibnall could do would be actually giving her something meaty to play. But if we're getting anything, it's just 10 without the nuance. We are literally trying to extrapolate some whole unique character out of "her apologies were a few words longer than 10's".



>She's nothing.

Epzo is that you?



George Baker bragged about getting the BBC to send him replacement discs for the Season 12 boxset even though he never bought it in the first place.



>We are literally trying to extrapolate some whole unique character out of "her apologies were a few words longer than 10's".

Hardly. When I originally made that comment, I made it within the context of a larger comment talking about how she essentially had no character, and how that was the one example I could find of something sort of individual to her. It wasn't some sort of tryhard "doing the writer's work for them" bollocks.


File: c08f0b4a00e44ed⋯.jpg (228.59 KB, 1436x639, 1436:639, Screenshot_20160902-110204.jpg)



? What are you talking about? That isn't some take unique to you, I mused over the same thing after seeing the episode and wasn't alone in going over it with other anons; it's even mulled over in the first podcast here. I can't even recall whatever post of yours you think I'm addressing.



So far the only performances that seem up to par for are Bradley Walsh (and Shaun Dooley and Susan Lynch in Ghost Monument). Jodie so far has been underwhelming. Mandip has had fuck all to work with (fingers crossed for Arachnids in the U.K and Demons of the Punjab). And Tosin is just plain awful, should not have been cast.


I've taken to describing Thirteen as 10.5. It's Season 4 pre-specials 10 with all the pathos removed. And in it's stead is Eleven style quirkiness.


Tosin did an excellent job in the Call of Duty Scene



Dooley didn't even seem to grasp the tone of the episode he was in (as much the script and director's fault as his, to be fair) - was he going for shlock or sincerity in his edginess? I agree that Lynch was good though. Walsh seems to be coasting to me, though he's been given such dour and repetitive fuck-all lines to do that it's hardly surprising. He did well enough with the funeral speech but any actor like him worth their salt could've. He's easily the "worst" but I'm honestly enjoying Tosin the most by far just because he's a bit sillier than the rest of them and seems more aware of what he is actually acting in. "Where's the reload" was such a glorious reprieve from the oppressive muted-ness of this series. With this series I'd be happy with pathos or shlock but eughr this bizarre stilted half-measure inbetween is not working for me, and Tim Shaw-esque bathos is really not a good look for a series so desperate to be taken seriously.

Good call on 10.5. I'm gonna laugh if Jodie spans showrunners and her next iteration sparkles with life and specificity.



i get sick of people asking for a darker edgier doctor but fuck do i wish she was just ever so slightly sinister


I wanted a mommy Doctor.


lads I just saw Chibnall dancing like Pennywise at the end of my street



like dis if you cri everitime.



Deal with him like the seppos dealt with clowns a year or two ago



I disagree. I think Jodie is magnificent in showing compassionate part of the Doctor.

"Left to rot… how completely obscene" in TWWFTE is perfect delivery, that scene where Ryan talks about his dad, lots of small other moments like when she notices Rahul's family photos.

In ghost monument, that scene where she gives up (I don't support giving up there) is played very well, genuine disappointment of how she didn't hold the promise to keep them alive is great.

I'm sure there's a lot more to come, she'll get more comfortable with her manner of playing and she'll distinguish more.

But even now she has something which is purely of her own.


Lads I just had dinner at Chibs house. Can't believe he threw that much chips in the bin


Well, I’ve completely fallen in Love withbthe Twelfth Doctor, thanks to Peter Capaldi who portrayed the grizzled Timelord amazingly. Now I’m wondering how one would go about acting like Doctor Funkenstein in daily life. How would you talk the talk, walk the walk, look, etc.?

Any help would be appreciated



tell me this is not real


File: ef00fe45506374d⋯.png (77.55 KB, 1202x381, 1202:381, GAMERSRISEUP.png)




I feel like this isn't real but uh mostly just copy the way he moves his hands and arms, he gesticulates kind of distinctly. Obviously just wear what he wears.



Thats some serious foreshadowing. Bravo Chibnall



>"Physician, heal thyself"

will we ever get more kino final words before a regeneration?



lads Chibnall just held me down and spat in my mouth while I screamed for help



No one wondered why he loves writing rape into his series. It all makes sense


File: ee13ec66364edfd⋯.jpg (303.72 KB, 1792x1042, 896:521, Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at ….jpg)



Oh, okay, sorry. I didn't think you were addressing a specific post but just when people talked about it in the thread from about a week ago. And I didn't know it was already mentioned in the podcast.



is this the demon of the punjab?



Guess 13's final words.


File: 4e99313db7d0ef2⋯.png (41.54 KB, 1192x324, 298:81, hmmm.png)

And just who is the Hungry Hoe?



Tim Shaw?



"I don't wanna go"


11x10 Ritual of the Stenza



So I am not the only one who feels she's female 10 eh?



It's the reason she became blonde, she misses Rose



"I HOPE this goes well!"



I wish I could skip Jodie's era and the next one



"It's about time!"



fuckitty bye


>"Hey Bill! I'm a woman now! Did you know being a woman is really hard?"

<"You're still white, aren't you?"



File: e31af886a8da7b8⋯.jpg (221.73 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, samrockwell.jpg)


>and the next one

why would you want to skip based Docwell



we all know next doc will be black



tall bald black woman


File: fb4d68b89541296⋯.png (1.06 MB, 800x800, 1:1, insignia.png)

This show has the nerve to still be alive!



You wouldn't want a human to live past 55 years. Why should a show?


File: 87b54f41a7a8f40⋯.png (296.18 KB, 350x442, 175:221, ClipboardImage.png)


finally an Irish Doctor



That'd be goat.


File: 3e73f7118465ac7⋯.jpg (43.31 KB, 980x490, 2:1, 14th.jpg)


File: ea4af84e6da3d70⋯.jpg (130.69 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, S10E11.jpg)

Stay strong, Atwellfags. Our day will come. 14 is ours, it's HER TURN


Atwell? Ok.



S11E1: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

S11E2: Ghost Monument

S11E3: Rosa

S11E4: Arachnids in the U.K

S11E5: The Tsuranga Conundrum

S11E6: Demons of the Punjab

S11E7: A Man in Labour

S11E8: The Witchfinders

S11E9: Ritual of the Stenza (1/2)

S11E10: Kronkopolis (2/2)


Don't tempt the BBC, you know they will do it.



Um, aren't you forgetting the long anticipated sequel to 2015's smash hit, Assault of the Benefactors? Really quite a treat that Chibnuck is revisiting that iconic episode.



>S11E6: Demons of the Punjab

>S11E7: A Man in Labour

>S11E8: The Witchfinders

>S11E9: Ritual of the Stenza (1/2)

>S11E10: Kronkopolis (2/2)

This sounds like the best second half to a series ever.


I could murder a kronk burger right now.


The thought of a JK/Chib episode satirising socialism and transgenderism through some sort of pregnant Corbyn analogue is peak S11



chip null


File: 9ad8158d50c2f00⋯.jpg (104.21 KB, 740x1109, 740:1109, 1518156995069.jpg)

Would it have been better than series 11?



It would've been more entertaining.



More entertaining



You know it wouldn't.



it would be more who


File: 54396173093755a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.26 MB, 4128x3088, 258:193, 54396173093755a0aecb72054e….jpg)

nsfw art



The first episode of the Foreman audio is more entertaining than either ep of S11 so far, so yes.



Nirvi episode 2 when?


File: 7fd44c97e2cdf55⋯.jpg (129 KB, 786x970, 393:485, 1501041149892.jpg)





t. Gally


I haven't seen her in anything beyond Preacher, but she does a texarcana accent well(no idea if that's what the character calls for). Good actress. Would excite me more than Jodie.


BBC can't afford Atwell.



>Yaz: Doctor, is she transgender?

>Thirteen: Err… he looks like a man in a dress! Good at spotting these things me. I once picked out a Slitheen in a New Year's Parade on Kabbosh!

>Yaz: Doctor, you really shouldn't say things like that! It's insensitive!

>Thirteen: Now that i'm a woman, I can say those things. It's a wonder I ever thought a man could understand what it's like!

Can you imagine the salt?


Neo to stream


So now that series 11 is confirmed shit, what is gonna ironically be our pillar of hope in these dark times? And don't say big finish Neo you fucking memer.



>what is gonna ironically be our pillar of hope in these dark times?

Not what, but who, and you're "addressing the cunt".



/ourguy/ Vinjay Patel will save Series 11


File: ef975107b28ca22⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1417x1417, 1:1, Death_of_hope.jpg)


There is no hope, least of all Big Finish.



Not if Chib and Childs have anything to say about it.


File: 758a016ad13600d⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1270x877, 1270:877, yasmin.png)


Isn't it obvious?



Why are Jodie and Bradley sort of concerned looking whilst Toisin is trying to look cool and the girl is distracted?



patel, mctighe, wilkinson and hime

i think there may be two non-chibnall episodes left that we know nothing about? ed hime's and pete mctighe's. assuming the tsuranga conundrum is the one with the pregnant man.



Secret s11 big baddie that eats people and blames it on his dyslexia.



>assuming the tsuranga conundrum is the one with the pregnant man.

It's the hospital ep so I'm sure it is.

We know literally 0 about Pete's episode.



If this story is set in the desert how come the Master is only superficially wearing a hat to combat this? Why wear a suit in the desert? Why not wear something more suitable?

Although the bigger question is much more pressing - Why does anyone enjoy Macqueen Master at all?



No direction in what theyre trying to communicate in the pics


I feel like we should by now be able to rifle through the guest star reel from ep 1 and whittle it down to the pics from episodes we don't know anything about (7, 8 and possibly 10).



I agree.



as if anyone cares enough to do so



Lee Mack is wearing contemporary clothes and he's not been mentioned to appear in Ep 4/5/6. He can't be in The Witch Finders, so that rules him out of Episode 8/9, so that leaves Lee Mack with a place in ep 7, 8, 9 or 10 (8 and 9 is determinant on where TWF is placed)



Mark Addy is from The Man in Labour.


Mark Addy is playing an older, weathered Jeremy Corbyn.



mark addy

lee mack maybe, unless he's in arachnids

phyllis logan



also julie hesmondhalgh?



He's already dishevelled and old enough


File: 34795c6063c6c70⋯.png (498.56 KB, 1280x736, 40:23, vlcsnap-00009.png)

What he is pregnant man


File: f05aa8f95ca790a⋯.png (412.19 KB, 5000x5000, 1:1, thinking emoji.png)



Eh, coming off of TUAT with Bill at peak thickness, everything just pales in comparison



He's the guy who experimented on spiders so they take over Sheffield.


What will your reaction be if Arachnids in the UK is a sequel to Planet of the Spiders


>Doc Who was actually post H.P Lovecraft fanfiction the entire time


File: 85d2c46dba1862f⋯.jpg (2.26 MB, 4300x2867, 4300:2867, 10.jpg)

File: 0a80e00562f863e⋯.jpg (2.26 MB, 4300x2867, 4300:2867, 7.jpg)

File: a73a52b09048ede⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 4300x2866, 2150:1433, 5.jpg)

These will be from episodes 7 and 8. I'm guessing we know nothing about the finale.



The enemy of that warehouse episode will be Amazon forcing their workers to suffer working in their warehouses

Looking forward to both stories - teal AND blue in the same episodes? What a treat!




Keep them cumming!





wtf I havent seen these before




So talking seriously

11x7 - ??? by Pete McTighe

11x8 - A Man in Labour (starring Mark Addy as Jeremy Corbyn) by Ed Hime (also lee mack and julie hesmondhalhg)

11x9 - The Witchfinder by Joy Wilkinson (there' s a chance that Logan Phyllis is in this ep imo)

11x10 - ??? by Chris Chibnall


great mods lmao


File: 82ddab415050b0c⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1870x918, 55:27, phyllis.png)

Or unless she's not from ep 9, this shot is most likely to be from the finale. So who could it be? Thoughts?



This is a truly damning comment




Could be Witchfinders if the "witches" have a ship? Or something else entirely.


Wait, no, then who's left for McTighe's ep? It must be Phyllis then, so no reveal for ep 10 yet.


S11E10 Assault of the Benefactors

Starring Sia, Maddie Ziegler and Matt LeBlanc


spam has been deleted, sorry for the delay


File: 87e99447c53caf1⋯.jpg (44.79 KB, 480x720, 2:3, Remnant.jpg)



Have a kronkburger. You're not yourself when you're hungry.


File: 7f9c7a7abc79b51⋯.jpeg (57.4 KB, 537x641, 537:641, beard moff.jpeg)



It only makes it hurt even more anon. Please stop posting him


File: 446dcd520838ae5⋯.jpg (8.88 KB, 219x213, 73:71, 1429975996009.jpg)


>Moffat will keep making TV shows after leaving Doctor Who


File: 1f87b5eada54e52⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 250x249, 250:249, 1498523942786.jpg)


>Neo still hasn't seen the Moffkino episodes of Sherlock

>he still has that to look forward to




I need to rewatch A Scandal In Belgravia soon to fill my moff needs. God that's an electrifying bit of TV.


File: 8a1fdf9afc60af6⋯.jpg (93.41 KB, 1140x798, 10:7, 1524910318956.jpg)


I know it's the height of Sherlock Holmes plebbery but I really like Hound of the Baskervilles


File: 52c4c2c555d9eee⋯.jpg (36.51 KB, 600x436, 150:109, 1478452991766.jpg)


File: 25332e6c8c50247⋯.png (34.74 KB, 609x486, 203:162, paint.png)


File: 131d1dec8f92a01⋯.jpg (64.34 KB, 800x533, 800:533, IMG_1122.jpg)






That's from the Alt Right Doctor who account before it went tits up.


Okay so I tried my best to use the guest stars to figure everything out. Everything up to Demons of the Punjab is confirmed, everything after is guesswork (but fairly confident on The Witchfinders and Night Shift). Voyage of the Druids is what i've named the dark lit episode that seems to be set in the bowels of a ship or maybe a factory. The Witchfinders is the witches/King James historical. Night Shift is what i've called the near future warehouse episode. The Child of Time is what i've called the finale that we seem to know nothing about, I suspect Chibnall is keeping it under wraps.

11x1 (The Woman Who Fell to Earth) (Guest starring Sharon D Clarke)

11x2 (Ghost Monument) (Guest starring Art Malik, Susan Lynch and Shaun Dooley)

11x3 (Rosa) (Guest starring Vinette Robinson and Josh Bowman)

11x4 (Arachnids in the U.K) (Guest starring Shobna Gulati and Chris Noth)

11x5 (The Tsuranga Conundrum) (Guest starring Brett Goldstein, Lois Chimimba, Suzanne Packer and Ben Bailey Smith)

11x6 (Demons of the Punjab) (Guest starring Amita Suman, Hamzah Cheetoah and Shane Zaza)

11x7 (Voyage of the Druids) (Guest starring Phyllis Logan and Mark Addy)

11x8 (The Witchfinders) (Guest starring Alan Cumming and Siobhan Finneran)

11x9 (Night Shift) (Guest starring Lee Mack and Julie Hesmondaugh)

11x10 (The Child of Time)

11x11 (Christmas Special)



Great work anon.


File: 9a0a565583c9bc8⋯.gif (3.66 MB, 412x232, 103:58, doctor who general.gif)

/who/ when someone is spamming their weird porn


What if it goes present-future-past, present-future-past?

in which case, Night Shift is ep7, Druids is ep8, and Witches is ep9?

Just a suggestion. It's not like Chibs would be that predictable…



How can you miss-remember that aspect of 11? I always thought 11's whole thing of being a tortured old soul that hides behind childishness the most defining and memorable thing about him. I always loved the scenes where he would snap and show his true colors


File: 604e1911dace301⋯.webm (2.99 MB, 720x404, 180:101, whatfight.webm)


…did you make the webms of this scene?



I see the logic here. There was no rhyme or reason to how I ordered them (except not having Witchfinders next to Demons of the Punjab because two historicals in a row is unlikely.)



wait what. I thought i was clever. that webm wasnt me…. I just got the idea because someone shared that weird porn, and people were posting MOD!!! MOD!!!



This is one of those things that makes me proud to be a /who/re. We're an absolute mess most of the time but we can still come together to make some dynamite OC. I remember fucking crying laughing first time anon posted that. Series 8 era /who/ was peak comfy



Anon made a series of them, in that fashion. A few from RoS some from Doomsday, and they were amazing. Made several versions of each, gif and webm.


I was just digging through 4plebs to find an image and we've had alot of fun on /who/.



>Anon made a series of them, in that fashion. A few from RoS some from Doomsday, and they were amazing. Made several versions of each, gif and webm.

where can i find them, the wiki?



Uh…I have no idea if they're in the wiki. They probably should be. The what fight/war ones might be in the wiki, as a post to the original thread. I might have posted the doomsday one, I'll slap 4plebs around to find it.


File: da2ac512501ac7d⋯.webm (2.96 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, mods.webm)

File: db8a88e2a28a3a4⋯.webm (838.68 KB, 720x404, 180:101, daynnight.webm)


Is it wrong of me for wanting Krasko, "the cosmic racist", to have more depth than being a white guy?. Apparently lots of people commenting at me (on YouTube) think otherwise.



Fuck Chibnall and fuck Blackman if that's what they end up going with. I'm thinking there has to be some twist in the tale or some hidden element to the story, unless they really think the white guilt hour is groundbreaking storytelling.



We don't really need to find out about his tortured soul and how sympathetic he is deep down. But what would be productive to find out is, what social forces led him into this belief system, and drove him to the point of going from racist to COSMIC racist?





File: 446c217b5f9b2e3⋯.jpg (735.05 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at ….jpg)



File: 82a94ab158947c2⋯.jpg (904.3 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at ….jpg)

clala a cute in this episode


File: 324cb4491d1b81b⋯.jpg (108.65 KB, 970x545, 194:109, 1512184103608.jpg)


>clala a cute



File: 8f2eda380250f87⋯.jpg (318.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1513892532769.jpg)



yeah, that's true

What do you think of his reply?

>Why? Bit too close to home is it?

>Why shouldn't Krasko be nothing more than a "cosmic racist"? The idea of a white supremacist with the ability to travel to the past is a horrifying one that would have terrible consequences. There's honestly nothing more you need to add to that. There's no pathos needed for a villain like that.


File: 51b89b3db2a7fbc⋯.jpg (151 KB, 992x1180, 248:295, REEEEEE.jpg)



do you have the one where he's reeegenerating?


File: 2cbe3f094e72d8a⋯.jpg (179.77 KB, 2000x1125, 16:9, 1518311927085.jpg)



File: 78a1a739001c434⋯.png (384.27 KB, 599x465, 599:465, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 6bd316f9f097900⋯.png (117.8 KB, 852x618, 142:103, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at ….png)

it was a different time



hurt doesn't care.



They're right that you don't really need to make it a sympathetic motivations thing, but this does lean too far into the (let's be honest, liberal) tendency to treat white supremacism like something that extends out of thin air, or "the darkness of the soul" or some shit, rather than a negative consequence of quantifiable forces atomising the population.



y i k e s


File: c84cdce773ac2ac⋯.png (307.31 KB, 637x358, 637:358, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 854aa2be0f74347⋯.png (164.68 KB, 650x328, 325:164, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 82befc32e8a91bb⋯.png (241.49 KB, 500x321, 500:321, ClipboardImage.png)

So 13 has a yellow light on her sonic? Where have we seen a yellow light before? The Master. Who else turned into a woman? The Master. 13 is the Master, and Graham is the Doctor confirmed.


Do you think the Troughton's 3 Year Rule was a good idea or not? Should Troughton have kept his mouth shut or was it sage advice?


>start watching Torchwood

>everyone is cursing and saying FUCK

>everyone is having sex

>everyone is shooting people with guns

>aliens are biting peoples throats and blood is going everywhere

>based chibnall wrote an episode about the "Sex Gas", an alien that uses orgasms as fuel, and his next episode is a sexy lady Cyberman

>based captain jack is sexually harassing all of his employees

Fuck yeah bros. god I wish I'd watched this back when I was 12. This is exactly the thing I'd think was awesome back then



it's honestly kino for edgy tweens



I didn’t like that one because it had a CGI monster. Even though it turned out to be a hallucination it’s still too fantasy for what I want from a grounded modern show



I want him to have more depth than an “I am dumb” political comic strawman

I don’t expect it



There is a difference between adding depth to a character and making a character sympathetic. You can have clear cut villains that are fleshed out.



The old 40's films are really good


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Really good usage of CSO / miniatures / camerawork in this clip



The height of plebbery was Series 4 and to a lesser extent Series 3, both masturbatory moffatshit




>thinking there will be any wrinkles or complexity to this story

It's gonna be Thin Ice levels of "durr I am a dumb racist durr"


That's why Torchwood is actually good even when it's shit, it's so memorable with it's killer fairies and sex gas.


File: e77ee76b78a557a⋯.webm (2.38 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, reeeegeneration.webm)


File: 5dcc3d100e11ecd⋯.jpeg (30.2 KB, 640x357, 640:357, 16058A36-4D6A-41F8-9078-1….jpeg)

Oh, hello, Anon. Here's a kino.

No, I'm withholding it. Look at me, "getting off”.




>It's gonna be Thin Ice levels of "durr I am a dumb racist durr"

Thin Ice wasn't making portentous gestures at handling a sensitive historical event, so a camp two-dimensional villain with some basic connection to the theme of the story (exploitation and inequality) was an appropriate choice.



It was more tolerable, “appropriate” is questionable since his racism wasn’t relevant to the plot outside of a cheap gag and a cheap way to make you dislike him


I, an Indian in the UK, can be a police officer now because of a black woman in America!


File: c9ed4f13108453b⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Doctor.Who.S10E13.png)

Why didn't they end the series right here? It would've been a perfect ending. Every proper time travel story always ends where it began, and this would've been perfect. The Doctor meets his beginning, and his end, and figures out the answer he's been looking for since the start. The Master is done, the Daleks are done, everything's over. A great finale for a long story.

If Chibnall is going to be as shit as he is now, I will tell myself that Doctor Who ended with Series 10, and now we're just watching a spinoff about his fucking grand-grand daughter or something. She plays that part perfectly well.



>13 is Susan




The doctor died in TDF and everything afterwards is just his final hallucinations



Witchfinders is already confirmed for episode 9.



Are all those episode names confirmed?



Nah, he just made them up for placeholders.


File: a4dcfd35b4df814⋯.jpg (147.45 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 36136680_264660377422884_1….jpg)



>his racism wasn’t relevant to the plot

well he did enslave an innocent being, so him being a racist to Bill fits to be fair


>Big Suze's actress is a royal



guys what if:

Heaven Sent -→ Twice Upon A Time



how would he get out of the dial and be dying in 1986's noth pole?



so maybe present-future-past, present-future-past is really happening



Being dismissive of other lives in general does often correlate with racism, that’s true.

It does act as character building to establish who he is and why we should dislike him, so to say that the episode shouldn’t have included it is a step too far. It’s just not a particularly groundbreaking or praiseworthy depiction of racism.



we enslave cows, are we racist too?



>It’s just not a particularly groundbreaking or praiseworthy depiction of racism.

yeah that's true. But I definitely don't mind the guy who has an alien as a slave being a dick to black people as a detail. He was a bit of a caricature though




Final series probably looks something like this then:

11x1 (The Woman Who Fell to Earth) (Written by Chris Chibnall, Directed by Jamie Childs) (Guest starring Sharon D Clarke)

11x2 (Ghost Monument) (Written by Chris Chibnall, Directed by Mark Tonderai) (Guest starring Art Malik, Susan Lynch and Shaun Dooley)

11x3 (Rosa) (Written by Malorie Blackman & Chris Chibnall, Directed by Jamie Childs) (Guest starring Vinette Robinson and Josh Bowman)

11x4 (Arachnids in the U.K) (Written by Chris Chibnall, Directed by Sallie Aprahamian) (Guest starring Shobna Gulati and Chris Noth)

11x5 (The Tsuranga Conundrum) (Written by Chris Chibnall, Directed by Jennifer Perrott) (Guest starring Brett Goldstein, Lois Chimimba, Suzanne Packer and Ben Bailey Smith)

11x6 (Demons of the Punjab) (Written by Vinay Patel, Directed by Jamie Childs) (Guest starring Amita Suman, Hamzah Cheetoah and Shane Zaza)

11x7 ("Present warehouse episode") (Written by Pete McTighe, Directed by Jennifer Perrott) (Guest starring Lee Mack and Julie Hesmondaugh)

11x8 ("Future Bobby episode") (Written by Ed Hime, Directed by Jamie Childs) (Guest starring Phyllis Logan and Mark Addy)

11x9 (The Witchfinders) (Written by Joy Wilkinson, Directed by Sallie Aprahamian) (Guest starring Alan Cumming and Siobhan Finneran)

11x10 ("Finale") (Written by Chris Chibnall, Directed by Jamie Childs)

11x11 (Christmas Special) (Written by Chris Chibnall (?), Directed by Wayne Yip)



it is called specieism



Compare it to human nature/family of blood - Martha experiences racism and discrimination due to the culture of the time, and through proving herself to the nurse with her competent medical knowledge she challenges the stereotypes on an intellectual level, rather than using comical violence to silence the incorrect beliefs.



>Why didn't they end the series right here?

But it did…



whatever, faggot


>This is why you’re wrong (human/family)

>Fuck off, wrongoid (thin ice)

Which method will Rosa use?


File: dd80772976b7ef1⋯.jpg (289.05 KB, 1388x858, 694:429, 1515419006742.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: f9d7b938dda95c7⋯.png (352.13 KB, 714x720, 119:120, mattdespair.png)

>11x10 ("Finale") (Written by Chris Chibnall, Directed by Jamie Childs)


>want to get into big finish

>they're expensive as hell

>need to really think long and hard about whether I go for the captain jack ones, start the 8th doctor adventures or wait for the Tennant ones

Goddamn I wish I was rich


File: 05e6d74ce3feb09⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1202x1080, 601:540, sad eleven.png)



feels bad man



1-50 are on spotify





File: a5aa97757f44521⋯.jpg (62.91 KB, 586x607, 586:607, a5aa97757f4452158e98a984dd….jpg)


File: 7046082a6ce780a⋯.jpg (535.35 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, GUAAAARD.jpg)




File: d59adcf4d15c8ff⋯.png (322.74 KB, 515x524, 515:524, 4fd5f1ef23b886e828a91ccf09….png)


>cousin stayed over for 2 weeks

>at some point he took a pale purple facecloth from the bathroom

>he just left

>saw the facecloth in his room, it’s covered in orange splotches

>didn’t get too close but it smelt a bit sour

Please fucking tell me he didn’t use it as a cumrag


File: 46585e2a00d9681⋯.png (381.85 KB, 596x569, 596:569, 9 11.png)

what did we do to deserve s11?



File: 3c23ad66d599a4a⋯.gif (2.75 MB, 540x220, 27:11, tumblr_ouc4xrQVDo1u4r6fqo1….gif)





What confuses me is how orange it was. It wasn’t like a dirty off-brown color, it was bright orange. Almost as if tan makeup had been wiped off, but he doesn’t use makeup

And he has two fucking tissue boxes in his room, one right next to his bed. Why would he use a cumrag?


File: a00781e650cfef1⋯.jpg (194.92 KB, 1507x818, 1507:818, ImIM1c1[1].jpg)



When does it stray from TV movie 8th doctor into Punished McGann? I've a hankering for the latter



War McGann comes later, but by then he is not doing his best




nothing dumb



t. american


RTD's a Radiohead man



Honestly, I feel that the transition is in the 8DAs with Lucie Miller and Dark Eyes 1



I like this, and I've come to terms with TUAT by now, though I still don't love it.


Moff's a prog man



I always knew he was based. Bet moffats a Coldplay cunt



tennant and jodie like coldplay

jodie was even influenced by a coldplay album cover when coming up with her doctor outfit





The new intro is a modern interpretation of the original theme and visuals, purely because chibs wants to evoke feelings of nostalgia just like stranger things



Doubt it, he seems like more of a harmless boomer when it comes to music, but that's just a guess.

The only thing you can really get from his writing is that he uses cheesy pop music to signal villainy (Lion Sleeps Tonight - Mr. Hyde, Hey Mickey - Missy, Staying Alive/I Want to Break Free - Moriarty) and that's always fun.



>jodie was even influenced by a coldplay album cover when coming up with her doctor outfit

Fucking sauce?



Tennant has a weird music taste, one of his desert island discs was Ruby by the kaiser chiefs

Based mid 00s taste tennant


when are we gonna have the first hip hop chad showrunner?



>Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

>Heston Blumenthal to cook, Will Champion (the drummer in Coldplay: I love Coldplay), my five lifers (best friends), Michelle Obama and Beyoncé.



Actually pretty good take even though I like how the intro looks. I'm reminded of that great tweet that said S11 is like if Verity Lambert made TV for Netflix.


I still unironically like the idea that it was a dream as the doctor was delirious in the final moments of TUAT. It makes a lot of sense to me.

>There's no real villain for once (wouldnt the doctor love that?)

>An afterlife, seems like wishful thinking from 12

>Misremembers his first incarnation a little

>Saves the soldier in a way that doesn't quite make sense - He skipped a few hours? what was the german soldier doing in that time?

>Allows him to come to terms with rusty's perception of him

>Allows him to come to terms with the whole "Doctor of war" thing

>Allows him to reconcile his past with his present, in Deep Breath he was worried there was "nothing of the original left"

and finally

>he just had a multi-master adventure with mondasian cybermen, so it makes sense he'd dream up a multi-doctor adventure, and have 1 come from right after meeting the mondasian cybermen.




Yeah, I really like the nostalgic angle they're going for, but it is very much just a cheap aesthetic choice to do that. Weirdly I think the current titles would have suited Capaldi much better



This is also a great take and fits naturally with the unique atmosphere of TUAT



Where were you the day you found out David and Jodie weren't patricians lads

>Matt Smith's favourite artists are Radiohead, Nas and Pink Floyd



File: 34b7908860dc3c6⋯.png (488.97 KB, 576x383, 576:383, ClipboardImage.png)



I'm getting flashbacks to that fanfilm where Nine wanted tickets to see Oasis or some shit


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





R&B stands for Rubbish & Bad





I told you all before the episode came out that Angstromchads would be vindicated


Goodmorning Cats






anyone who unironically sided with epzo after we saw the promo images from the episode was a lost cause desu, but at least most of them realised their mistake once the episode aired



What oldschool rappers you like?




from what i've heard of them i enjoy nas, tupac, ugk, 3 6 mafia, and i stan dipset



Ever heard of Royce Da 5'9


File: 14412f8bd6cfb43⋯.jpg (44.19 KB, 616x614, 308:307, Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at ….jpg)



File: b5654ea614edd6f⋯.jpg (33.7 KB, 615x409, 615:409, 7jodie-whittaker-531547332.jpg)



does 13 have a hairy pusy


File: 808af3a8a990ecc⋯.jpg (153.29 KB, 720x1026, 40:57, Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at ….jpg)

this episode is actually v comfy



Robbie Rotten


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: e611ffba523efc7⋯.jpg (463.3 KB, 1504x1142, 752:571, Day-of-the-Doctor-11th-10t….jpg)

Phineas and Ferb


Season 8 was good but the comedy episode by mark gatiss was bad



I disagree

it was funny

and the scene that was cut out of the broadcast helps a lot in making the climax feel more complete



u r right



Mark gatiss unironically has no bad episodes, just varying levels of daft ones


File: 49f7ae2267699b3⋯.jpg (27.18 KB, 600x563, 600:563, capaldrunk.jpg)


>Compared to some episodes where Doctor Who has only subtly touched on racism in period settings, “Rosa” does not shy away or sugarcoat its portrayal of the divide in 1955, with abhorrent acts on full display almost as soon as the gang steps out of the TARDIS. Ryan and Yaz are subjected to verbal and even physical abuse, that some may find tough to stomach.

>The episode also finds time for a pop tune at a key moving moment.

i want to get off mr chib's wild ride



don't know why that had a flag there



>Ryan and Yaz are subjected to verbal and even physical abuse, that some may find tough to stomach

Could be kino if they actually do something meaningful with it

>The episode also finds time for a pop tune at a key moving moment.

I hope it's mackelmore


File: 55c1ae5c9fe6aef⋯.jpg (158.36 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Hella comfy tbh.jpg)


Literally incapable of rating it appropriately since it's completely colored by the enormously comfy and positive vibes of leak/who/ from when I first watched it so I dont even bother trying to be critical with it and just enjoy it every time as I immerse myself in comfy memories


the writing was good but jodie was bad


File: 51b89b3db2a7fbc⋯.jpg (151 KB, 992x1180, 248:295, REEEEEE.jpg)


>>The episode also finds time for a pop tune at a key moving moment.




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>The episode also finds time for a pop tune at a key moving moment.



I just can't believe that they're trying to make the case that if it weren't for this one event, we'd still have racial segregation. Like, the black civil rights campaign would never have had some other catalyst. Really?


File: eb6a62bcdac46c1⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Ohhh.png)


>>The episode also finds time for a pop tune at a key moving moment.

>Macklemore or some shit is gonna start blaring during the broadcast of "Doctor Who and Rosa Parks vs. The Cosmic Racist"

>this is literally the timeline we're currently inhabiting

Jesus fucking christ lads you cannot make this shit up

This whole fucking series is the most wild ride and there is absolutely zero (0) fucking brakes



You're surprised that the message "one person can make a difference" is in Doctor Who?



>he thinks pop music started in the 2010s

It'll probably be a period song you dip









No, that's exactly my point.

Any one person could have done it.

Unless it's some kind of "fixed point in time" thing, which it obviously isn't, if they're saying it can be changed.


File: db34dee5278875a⋯.png (786.89 KB, 802x1080, 401:540, 20170703_220748.png)


>being even remotely optimistic about Chibshit

>not instantly assuming he's gonna assfuck every episode in the worst way possible

Anon, I…


>And while we’re on the subject of playing it safe, anyone else fascinated by the marketing’s emphasis on Macklemore? The white guy who raps about how racist it is that he gets picked for accolades over superior black artists. The straight guy wot done a rap about LGBTQ+ rights. In every respect, the cuddly avatar of repackaged, white-friendly hip-hop, forever apologetic for his own success and making faintly condescending, though sincere, gestures of goodwill to those marginalised by the industry that props him up. Of all the English-language pop music that’s out there, this is Doctor Who’s new cultural touchstone. I doubt any other could have been more appropriate.



if the insert song is fucking macklemore nothing will redeem the series for me, i will not acknowledge the ability of anyone in the cast or crew from that point forward.



Series 8 with Rory instead of Danny would literally be the most comfy series of television


File: 2177c375b75a0d7⋯.jpg (888.73 KB, 1002x1206, 167:201, whatmorecouldyouwant.jpg)



Wig man


yfw the pop song is "glorious" and it's used right at the moment when rosa refuses to move on the bus





Gosh, you're all such a bunch of negative nancies. Have a little faith, it's like you all want your favourite show to go down the toilet.



It already has, so we may as well make fun of it so at least we can get some enjoyment out of what it's become.


File: 5541e7b59304395⋯.jpg (47.11 KB, 602x480, 301:240, flo_klan1021_8col.jpg)

>DOCTOR: What are you doing?

>RYAN: Fighting back.

>DOCTOR: No. Guns, never use 'em.

>RYAN: They're lynching at us.

>DOCTOR: I know.

>RYAN: They're going to lynch us with their rope!

>GRAHAM: He's got a point, Doc.

>DOCTOR: Put the gun down, Ryan.

>RYAN: What's your better idea?

>DOCTOR: Out-think them.

>GRAHAM: You can't out-think Jim Crowe.

>DOCTOR: Been doing it all my life.

>RYAN: Uh-uh. Sorry. Call of Duty, man. I've trained for this.

>RYAN: Argh! Who's next? See, that's what I'm talking about! That's how you deal with things. Taking out the klansmen!

<The Klansmen get back up

>RYAN: No, no, no! Where's the reload? Where's the reload? Where's the reload!

<(Rock DJ by Robbie Williams begins to play)


File: 4b2cb8ec585a8f9⋯.jpg (169.13 KB, 467x734, 467:734, Kek.jpg)


Imagine if Ryan was killed

that would take balls that chinballs would not have



Why would Chibnall kill a character he put into the show for his nephew?


The irony of surviving to many aliens menaces

and have a companion dying of human prejudices



What year were people of color allowed to become police officers in the UK? Were there ever even laws preventing black people from having certain jobs in the UK? The wikipedia articles on racism in the UK and black people in the UK don't mention it, and they mention Nathaniel Wells as being the first black High Sheriff - in 1818. He even owned slaves himself. Black slavery definitely existed in the UK, but it wasn't limited to white people being oppressors of black people. I can't find anything about black people being restricted and limited to a life of slavery by virtue of their skin color, and there seems to be evidence to the contrary.

Does anyone have any knowledge or research in this area they can share?


File: e9939b16999d49b⋯.jpg (204.71 KB, 2560x1436, 640:359, Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at ….jpg)

>rewatching The Doctor Falls

>all I can think about is how we'll never get anything close to this level of kino ever again

l-lads ;~;



afaik there were never any laws that meant races had to be segregated, but there were cultural issues. There was definitely a point where you might find yourself applying for a job seeing a sentence like:

>No irish/coloured/jewish need apply

So there was never any kind of laws about it, but segregation effectively existed in the UK. Not to the extent of the USA though.



That's a fair point, people still had their own prejudices even if the law didn't dictate them.

Is there any way to academically analyse the trends of racism in employment though, short of somehow finding data on the racial make-up of the police force by year?



better than we'll be getting


File: 2d3621493446405⋯.jpg (130.25 KB, 444x500, 111:125, knock off karen gillian.JPG)


File: 3fa155c3a8d7dd7⋯.gif (368.64 KB, 288x218, 144:109, tardismindrobber.gif)



>How does this connect to the BBC’s desire to boost the popularity of the program? Easy. Moffat made the fatal mistake of wanting his viewers to engage closely with the content of the show; the problem with that is, if a viewer does so, they might decide they hate it (and if they don’t engage, they’ll be lost and hate it anyway). Chibnall Who has hit upon a foolproof remedy: make a show that the viewer can understand without following it. It is near-impossible for a show like this to offend or frustrate its intended audience. They can’t part ways with it, because it hasn’t asked them for any commitment to begin with.

>This phantom Doctor Who has its own, peculiar, oppressive power. If the content becomes largely irrelevant, then the act of “watching” the show becomes a ritual without a clear purpose beyond its own perpetuation. The BBC want people tweeting along during the episode, performing the affirmation and boosting its online presence, instead of having any direct confrontation with it – awareness fading in and out not unlike the Ghost Monument itself, keeping their experience of Doctor Who just abstract enough so that the séance can continue, en masse, all over the country and indeed the world.

i'd wondered whether all the "death" gloom and doom in WEAT/TDF was moffat trying to tell us something



The first black police officer was from the early 1800s in Britain, I posted his Wikipedia page a couple of threads back .



>somehow finding data on the racial make-up of the police force by year?

I suppose that would be the way to do it. I'm no expert or anything, but I can't think of another way to reasonably quantify it



I dont remember the episode where Amy got replaced with a lifelike sex doll



the day

WHO was killed





File: 83e41a4a21da19b⋯.png (50.96 KB, 500x429, 500:429, smug-matt.png)

>when gig uses multiple points that I brought up in the threads



>i'd wondered whether all the "death" gloom and doom in WEAT/TDF was moffat trying to tell us something

Honestly the fact that we finally got a resolution for the Master, and the fact that we got this looping back to the beginning with 1 returning, and Mondasian cybermen…. The Doctor's comment about whether he should die or not…. the "it's like a treadmill" comment….

It seems like a metaphor for the death of the show. Many shows go back to their beginning at the end. So did Doctor Who.

Okay, I'm exaggerating, it's only been 2 episodes, and the show might pick up after a season or 2…. Or even Post-Chibnall Who. But it does feel chillingly like Doctor Who is Dead


File: 0020d5e2fd265af⋯.jpg (109.16 KB, 800x979, 800:979, 1539735770734.jpg)

>yfw you remember moffat is gone


arthur darvill


File: e852ead3236bd47⋯.jpg (53.52 KB, 480x640, 3:4, knock off jodie.jpg)



Even as england is swamped by paki rape groomer gangs who have more rights than anyone else


File: 02a1a0d5866701f⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1093x707, 1093:707, 12 sit.png)

is this maximum sad time?



shut up faggot





File: d06df9785b72291⋯.png (595.79 KB, 640x480, 4:3, d06df9785b72291f6d3a39094c….png)

>2 episodes in and the novelty of having shit doctor who is already wearing off



File: 1beeaa92c23d241⋯.png (129.86 KB, 499x346, 499:346, saved-them-all-ha-ha-poste….png)



unironically this, a million plus children get raped and somehow upset feelings are a bigger deal


File: d4df86ff2721f25⋯.jpg (171.89 KB, 729x1096, 729:1096, 1521753992806.jpg)




a million plus children are not getting raped by "paki groomer gangs" in the uk you delusional slime mould



A million plus children in England? This isn't the BBC




1000 are enough



i wanna see this episode



Moving the goalposts from a million plus to a thousand?



1000 children raped? What is this? Westminster?



No, Nardole and Bill fading away so the Doctor's hugging nobody is peak sadness in TUAT


>it's a "some /who/res show opinions not completely inline wit the "personalities" opinions and the entire /who/ cabal gets verged to no end" episode

Believe it or not, little kids being groomed and raped en masse, even if it may not be millions, is a substantially bigger issue than some people being referred to as pakis




>Believe it or not

I dont believe it's happening though


Is rosa going to be a teal episode or an orange episode?




Handwave and minimise the issue all you want, it doesn't unmolest those children or keep any children safer in future. Hundreds of orwellian laws that encroach on people's freedom and none of it actually used on the real scum, what a joke it all is.


what does that even mean



It's going to be a Black & White episode


File: 5be54422ec32448⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.32 KB, 671x620, 671:620, eu1519579714611.jpg)



A gang literally got sent to 200 years prison collective for this yesterday you ignorant retard


File: 1642e93230c6c27⋯.png (50.43 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 1504082576117.png)


>"I dont believe it's happening though"

>hmmm what could this mean? I don't understand!



from the trailers, it seems like mostly orange, but with some teal thrown in occasionally



woke af



ok. I dont follow british news. What's the Doctor Who connection?



bbc hypocrite



Note that the prosecutor is someone of middle eastern descent too. Don't act like muslims are inherently the problem.

>"I don't think there is a link to their heritage because most people from their background don't commit these sort of acts.

>"The vast majority of people find their actions reprehensible, including the communities from which they originate."

inb4 taqiyya



We actually do have more than teal and orange this series. Warehouse ep. looks to be very purple and Tsuranga Conundrum is blindingly white.


Fuck off with this shit bait, not really a laughing matter now is it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Best theme arrangement coming through, only Australian boomers remember


File: 0a1e02254abca51⋯.jpg (10.06 KB, 360x289, 360:289, 1484700864889.jpg)

UK Regulator Finds Ethnic Minorities Over-Represented on TV, Demands More Diversity Anyway




why are you a eager to have an opinion on the state of the UK if you won't even so the most basic thing and follow the news? Do you just look for.opportunities to call people "Cletus" without even knowing the most widely available information about the situation because you're bored?


File: b27f76f877b47b9⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 2500x1667, 2500:1667, b27f76f877b47b9ceb43ff4451….jpg)


>Tsuranga Conundrum is blindingly white

it's a teal episode, everything is teal


Since we're going there regardless, let's share controversial opinions!




At least they don't pretend to be unbiased like CNN does, but that doesn't make them any better


File: 71530ee331fe6de⋯.jpg (55.14 KB, 960x673, 960:673, frobisher_consumes.jpg)


>I’m going to go on record and say I didn’t like the shape-shifting penguin. I didn’t like it.



>Is rosa going to be an orange episode?


>orange splotches



Oxygen is shit.


File: 4842859d80f9d80⋯.jpg (718.64 KB, 1530x2048, 765:1024, DlpntUDVsAE-VVE.jpg)



there are sources on the article anyway



this place has an ego problem



Lil B is terrible




The issue isn't that they lie, it's that they use heavy spin. Even the headline is designed to lead you into a certain opinion.



pyramid is the worst episode of the capaldi era


Stop, I'm spinning like a top


who love capaldi more… Neo? or lym?



Voyage of the Damned is the best Tennant episode.


>literally reading exposition off the ground

This is considered good writing by chibnall



Chibnall who is okay



This place should have ZERO janitors, the benefit of seeing IPs is too great and there is no need for Jannie's



Not even the board owner can see IPs.


File: 653dc498a6760bf⋯.jpg (37.95 KB, 630x472, 315:236, 1502158411586.jpg)



What fucks me off is that every show is a pick and mix of everything. Surely you can have diverse programming (shit like Atlanta, Cucumber, Queer as Folk etc.) without every show being as diverse as the next.


What other conclusion can you possibly draw? At this point they don't have to spin anything, they just relay what these people have said. The difference is they are used to getting away with it and their awful rhetoric not actually being heard by everyday people.


He overdosed on Big Finish.



this is a good thing. white people are disgusting and i want to see less of them on my tv screen


File: 09ba8ee18163f2c⋯.jpg (48.02 KB, 502x432, 251:216, 1501637520149.jpg)



bring back the ra if the british put up a hard border





File: 3ad4f0b492e1f69⋯.png (296.88 KB, 410x547, 410:547, 1427171796743.png)


File: 72276afe81c4ee5⋯.mp4 (569.27 KB, 480x268, 120:67, fast bottom.mp4)


You're not a top, you're a power bottom


>“the timeless child…abandoned and outcast”. Apparently this is something from the Doctor’s past that she’s forgotten. If you can envision any way in which this doesn’t turn out to be a shitshow, you’re better at this than I am. My guess is it’s some incredibly hackneyed guff about how the Doctor originally lost her family; some retcon about her being abandoned as a child; a cynical attempt to recapture the magic of Listen that will completely bellyflop, as the Doctor’s new friends reassure her that they’re her family now.

oh god they're actually going to do that aren't they

chibnall did say that it's a show about family


File: cd5a0e6ad62042b⋯.jpg (42.43 KB, 413x395, 413:395, 1491854220182.jpg)


like old Dracula movie, 2 scenes were recorded with different cast on the same location, one in English and one in Spanish

BBC should record an all white cast and one diverse one, after one season, cancel the one with less rating



We'll dance until we drop

But if I have my way



her sister



what's this quote from? Also this timeless child thing sounds like the Listen scene mixed with the hybrid arc.

except shit


File: 5b993e23d8c7d18⋯.jpg (40.04 KB, 447x508, 447:508, 1501728647761.jpg)


yfw it is Clara



I'll forgive it if it's Susan


File: 563ad69853b9224⋯.jpg (108.75 KB, 476x530, 238:265, YellowTerror.jpg)

>be ethnic minority

>mfw I see the fucking state of this thread



>Just a hint of "The Master Vainglorious"

I love it




The conclusion they are presenting is "and that's a bad thing".

>White people and heterosexuals are underrepresented in the British television industry, an Ofcom audit has found — but the watchdog still insists there is “much more to do on diversity”.

Brietbart is presenting the information with the preconceived assumption that the "correct" amount of representation is something that directly reflects the race/sexuality makeup of the population based on census data. That's far from universally agreed on.

Using the word "underrepresented" in particular is loaded and manipulative, and the intentions behind using it are clearly rooted in telling their audience what to think.


File: 58f1ac55df4fa2c⋯.jpg (29.42 KB, 490x333, 490:333, Projecting.jpg)



gig's blog



Projecting what, exactly?



oh cool. What a lad



shut the fuck up judy you illiterate prick. i wish your ancestors rotted in a soviet gulag



leftypol is full of racist MLs, ethnic minorities aren't welcome there



people on both sides of this vastly overestimate how much the majority actually gives a shit either way



File: d33701901e777c4⋯.png (255.71 KB, 914x600, 457:300, 1519909360530.png)


> that the "correct" amount of representation






If minorities need to be overrepresented in media for them to be normalised and treated as normal people by the majority, so be it



Explain what that means without using buzzwords


File: 24239dca9b1ba25⋯.png (131.96 KB, 916x605, 916:605, ddddw.png)




they set the goal, and the research showed they are over the mark


What's funny to me about Doctor Who is that they've managed to under-represent South Asians so much up until this point.



East asians are still even less represented than south asians



pic unrelated I assume? That only lists targets, not actual results.



You mean like Australians?



I'm watching Holby and the characters come and go often af, but its blatant how the the representant of X group leaves, next episode one of the same group will arrive



Marxist-Leninist has been a term in leftist discourse for a hundred years, if you're a politically incompetent sponge it's not my job to lecture you.


File: 6f790125f7e189f⋯.jpg (110.79 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1htr5w.jpg)



I want you to voice your beliefs in your own words instead of mindlessly quoting the phrases you heard from other people.



How many aussies are in the uk?



That's an example of hacky cynical representation, and does not invalidate the concept of representation as a whole.


File: 6c960e3e776fcd8⋯.png (317 KB, 640x430, 64:43, ClipboardImage.png)



me kinda



Marxist-Leninists are left wing people who follow the teachings of Marx and Lenin. If you had basic reading comprehension this would be self-evident, but I understand we have a lot of skellys and judys here.





the anon with an extreme aversion to "buzzwords" (read: any kind of political language he doesn't understand) is clearly just insecure about his lack of political knowledge


the EU is shit and the UK is right to leave



dual citizen


These diversity quotas are hilarious when you have shit like The Archers with multiple gay characters, black characters, an asian character, mixed race couples etc. These london bubble writers have not got a fucking clue.


Problem is most minorities don't integrate, they live separately. But instead of having minority shows, we get shows with tons of minorities in them, as if we all just live together like that.



The terms "marxist" and "leninist" are thrown around so often by people clinging for an adhom insult to dismiss someone's argument, that they have lost their original meaning in most discourse. You cannot fault me for asking for elaboration to clarify the intentions behind your remark.



>Problem is most minorities don't integrate

Do you have data backing up your claim that it's more than 50%?



>Problem is most minorities don't integrate, they live separately.

t. someone who doesn't live around minorities



The burden of proof is on you to prove they do integrate, is it not?





>multiple gay characters

Oh no, how horrible!



oh i thought you were hinting you were kinda



>Problem is most minorities don't integrate, they live separately.

maybe you're just a racist sack of shit and all minorities actively avoid you




i've never left god's chosen land, australia. no other citizenships either.


File: 67ba8229a17a1ef⋯.png (326.68 KB, 498x494, 249:247, ClipboardImage.png)



based kinda



>The burden of proof is on you to prove they do integrate, is it not?

you were the one who introduced a claim to the discussion, so the burden of proof is entirely on you. Don't give me the "you can't prove a negative" bullshit, because in this scenario a lack of integration is just as observable as integration itself. This shit's entirely on you to prove.



I'm not the one that said it, I'm a different anon just following along



Either way it's still on the anon who first brought up integration rates


"As a political discussion grows longer, the probability of a semantic argument approaches 1"



Devolving into semantics only happens when one side realises they can't back up something they said, so they try to derail in order to avoid responsibility



>Why should we continue to allow high immigration

>Because you can't prove they don't integrate



you're changing the subject again. Prove your claim about integration before moving onto anything else.


File: bab7a383460d6be⋯.jpg (6.76 KB, 210x240, 7:8, the-network.jpg)

It is pointless arguing with you.

You will be left, to your own devices.

Fuck it.


yay its dr who day



I literally forgot there was an episode today. Jesus Christ it's like the show is dead to me.



I've got the show down lore wise, it's mainly some of the logic in time travel which gets me, like how can the doctor not travel over events? Like how can he not go back and see Madame de pompadour in the time after they last met and she died






new thread cos I missed it while scrolling through all the racism debate

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