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"/who/ Cares?" podcast on Series 11: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz80wZ00_JjSaS2ZRrno1Pg

File: bca13323f0122b0⋯.jpg (133.52 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, doctor.who.2005.s11e03.108….jpg)


White Guilt Edition

erased: >>124446



>the white character being LITERALLY foregrounded in the climactic scene of an episode ostensibly about Rosa Parks

You cannot make this shit up.


Remind me why we needed this story at all


File: 9437fac427113e4⋯.png (15.79 KB, 665x85, 133:17, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 2177c375b75a0d7⋯.jpg (888.73 KB, 1002x1206, 167:201, whatmorecouldyouwant.jpg)



File: 8ee591081f47310⋯.jpg (192.83 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at ….jpg)


was not the image I attached but okay


File: 5cb7f99d1fa632f⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 584x103, 584:103, kvjfgufuyfkuuy.JPG)


File: 1e7a5e29b9d65f9⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, monkagiga.png)

How did he know lads?


File: 59502bac31f9d36⋯.png (10.86 KB, 512x89, 512:89, ClipboardImage.png)

based and briggspilled


File: d95f254296c0485⋯.jpg (266.08 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, 1518565948806.jpg)


File: 7b7d3541bc20887⋯.jpeg (46.78 KB, 640x310, 64:31, 0097A538-5EBB-49FF-9389-C….jpeg)



He was River Song's cellmate








File: ff70eff74377868⋯.jpeg (163.86 KB, 640x680, 16:17, 298E714A-7505-41E0-B644-F….jpeg)


I'm not surprised by Chibnall fucking the episode up but I genuinely am stunned he managed to make the climax of the episode about the plight of two white characters's struggle to stay quiet and act as implicit racists in the big Rosa Parks moment the episode makes so much fuss over as an event so pivotal to the civil rights movement its effects reached over to the 79th century. I thought Chibnall would probably fuck it up but even I didn't think he'd somehow make the episode about white guilt instead of black pride.



Fucking hell. BFags truly worship the Briggs.



he is the timeless child


File: 9c72d9737eb601b⋯.webm (419.19 KB, 960x480, 2:1, parks rosa parks.webm)

>Jodie in this shot



Neo, who was that "cracked old Caledonian" quote from?



Steven Moffat I believe.



He looks like a toy for children.


"What the fuck, Doc? Why aren't you helping me? I'm going to get arrested. I thought you were my friend."



>a forced SJW agenda episode

>when I informed myself about Rosa Parks last week

the fuck







jodies acting in this entire scene… left a lot to be desired



They really need to stop with this "let's cut to each of the main casts' reactions"




It's representative of how whites are meant to feel watching this rubbish, heads bowed in contrition, whipping themselves for not helping black people enough. Bravo Chibnall for communicating this both within and outside the narrative.



literally anime exposition tier



Ah, thank you. I thought as much, but I just wanted confirmation to be sure. It's a nice quote.



The Doctor gives Graham the "shock of his life"

Is the woman he's trusted for three weeks really a hero? Is she even his friend?


File: cda97f9e0760ded⋯.png (53.72 KB, 608x468, 152:117, 4d5ffb8f44b5c943d514f28015….png)

Is it going to be kino (or shitkino)?



>Written by Chris Chibnall

Shit. But we are inching closer to the kino.



"Doctor, why are you pointing at the nearest tree?"


Ep6 is gonna be like manna from the heavens





File: 3da66c9e7e0e2f1⋯.webm (368.52 KB, 960x480, 2:1, dontthreatenme.webm)

Another amazing line delivery from JW.



/who/ is gonna be so crushed if it ends up being shit


File: 2b5156b6b75de87⋯.jpg (14.52 KB, 326x326, 1:1, distressed communist.jpg)

post yfw ep6 is shit



h-he's fast!


I strongly dislike the Thirteenth Doctor and find it hard to reach and cling to any of her redeeming elements.



so this is the fabled big finish college drama student performance ive heard so much about



there's something off in the way that she says this, as if there's a line afterwards that's missing


File: bd2f693b27ed6a9⋯.jpg (146.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at ….jpg)

Bradders was great at least



the thing that's off is her acting ability



Yeah that is seriously gonna fuck me up if it is. I'm genuinely hopeful for it. It's not cowritten and Vinay is pure heaven. If it's shit then fuck, complete DOA for this whole era, what hope can there be.

That said we'll get a Talalay ep next year presumably so that'll look nice and have better performances than usual at least. I hope it's not a Chib scripted ep, but he really really likes her so it probably will be.


File: beb27531c318415⋯.jpg (45.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, don't.jpg)



>we'll get a Talalay ep next year presumably

I mean, she could always turn it down after seeing what a trainwreck this era is.


who will be the first mainstream voice to dissent about the series quality? seriously feels like we're upside down world.



She didn't turn down Iron Fist or whatever she just did for Netflix


File: 328feaa0f773929⋯.png (256.18 KB, 403x346, 403:346, 5441db90a5e90a9419edc607c3….png)


Implying anyone on BBC payroll is going to chat shit about their most marketed show of the year



well Iron Fist just got cancelled so


File: 16e86a38e192300⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, stevee.png)



NYT was redpilled about the premiere but I genuinely think we're gonna be on our own here for 2 years or so.By the third series Jodie will be entrenched enough people will be more comfortable to crit.


File: 3e3bc6e1181a795⋯.jpeg (222.01 KB, 640x754, 320:377, C92EE18F-AA5E-423A-9EFC-2….jpeg)



Jared Taylor


Why does The Celestial Toymaker get such a bad wrap from people? I never understood the hate it got.



Why do you think people dislike it?



Doctor Who was a fucking mistake.



Well of course YOU wouldn't.




I legit don't get it, please explain to me in non-snarky posts. I saw Part 4 a few times a couple of years ago on the Lost in Time DVD.


File: 9b7e92ec15cadad⋯.webm (4.65 MB, 960x480, 2:1, sexualtension.webm)

Anyone else find this scene kind of….you know…


>1x5 (The Tsuranga Conundrum) (Guest starring Brett Goldstein, Lois Chimimba, Suzanne Packer and Ben Bailey Smith)

>1x6 (Demons of the Punjab) (Guest starring Amita Suman, Hamzah Cheetoah and Shane Zaza)

>1x7 (Untitled Future Episode) (Guest starring Phyllis Logan)

>1x8 (Untitled Contemporary/Near Future Episode) (Guest starring Lee Mack and Julie Hesmondaugh)

>1x9 (The Witchfinders) (Guest starring Alan Cumming and Siobhan Finneran)

>1x10 (Untitled Final Episode)

I have a feeling Series 11 will be like Series 7 with all the kino in the latter half



This is quite the the thread to defend the Celestial Toymaker in.



>yeah.. there it is, kicking in.. tied to your brain chemistry

monka FUCKING s




Uh, why do you think I'm defending The Celestial Toymaker?



If you think any of these episodes bar Punjab and maybe Witchfinders will be kino, I don't know what to say to you


Is Rosa up on Mega or google video yet? Thanks.



>it's a character is framed hard right/hard left shot

fucking hell



Check this out, it addresses both the narrative and the politics http://www.eruditorumpress.com/blog/the-most-totally-closed-mind-the-celestial-toymaker/



yeah posted a mega link last thread



This is unironically Jodie's best scene so far, both in terms of her Doctor's character and her acting. Neo pointed out that one might view 13 as an adrenaline junkie as a natural progression of what 12/Clara were.



>Sometimes this process masks a hidden gem. Nobody quite knew how good The Massacre was for a very long time, because on paper it didn't look like much. Here, however, that process led us to assume that this story was brilliant. After all - a nightmarish realm of toys ruled over by an insane demigod that forces the Doctor and his companions to play a bunch of nefarious games with odd titles like the Trilogic Game. That sounds great. Clearly a departure for Doctor Who into something new and exciting, and an ambitious idea that introduced new kinds of threats for the Doctor.

>Then people actually saw the thing. And that's the problem. Because in practice, this story is a complete trainwreck. The pacing is excruciating. Even if you make the standard accommodations of remembering that it's not supposed to be watched in one shot, it's tough to get over the fact that there is no emotional content to this story. It's just the Doctor playing the Trilogic Game for four episodes while Steven and Dodo meander through a series of arbitrary deadly challenges. The reason it's four episodes long is… that's how long it is. It could have been one. It could have been three hundred. It doesn't matter, because the plot does not build at all, at any point, anywhere in the entire episode. They just eventually run out of games and go free.

Good stuff, thanks Neo


>"she changed the universe"

>opens door

>it's a rock

what did they mean by this?



Longer you live, the harder it is to feel a high. Would be a cool direction to take 13, they're really not going on the "super old" angle but "is kinda offputting in what she does for her kicks" would be an interesting take Jodie would probably do well.


No worries. All politics aside the serial is just an absolute shambles structurally, a complete mess.



Krasko/Thirteen femdom erotica when?


I have high hopes for The Tsuranga Conundrum, Demons of the Punjab, The Witchfinders and the Lee Mack episode. The Mark Addy / Phyllis Logan episode will be pure shit I reckon. Final episode will be fun just to see what Chibnall does.



I expected a futuristic city full of diverse people and rulers. But no… a rock.


someone posted a review of The Ghost Monument that deconstructed why the Chibnall-era has been so apathy-inducing a few threads ago, does anyone remember what it was?




It's a shame because the concept does sound pretty good from the outside but from the inside it's pretty eh. I remember thinking episode 4 was alright at the time, I'll have to give it a re-watch at some point.

I remember seeing that Sandifer put it on her Top 10 Worst Stories - do you know where it was placed?




I think that, based on what the creators have said in response to this article, there actually was no connection between the "Celestial" in Celestial Toymaker and the use of "celestial" to refer to Oriental people. I have no defense for the plot criticisms, though.


File: cb4146f6cf1f680⋯.jpg (157.69 KB, 1696x944, 106:59, Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at ….jpg)


>Rosa (2018) written by Malorie Blackman & Chris Chibnall


File: 5d761ff7a0b1652⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1000x1100, 10:11, thelivesofkrasko.png)


1. Lockdown by Joseph Lidster

In the year 5113, imprisoned in the Stormcage Facility, Krasko must contend with his new cellmate - a member of the Bruthareen.

2. Race Against Time by Matt Fitton

When Krasko teleports to the ancient Kingdom of Kush, he discovers a black civilization with technology far beyond it's time. Will he be able to stop their plans for supremacy?

3. Primordial by James Goss

Transported to the dawn of time, Krasko seeks to change the course of human evolution before life has even begun. But what nightmares lurk in the seas of prehistory?

4. Five Minute Job by Guy Adams

Just weeks before his imprisonment, Krasko undertakes an easy score - but that's just the start of it. For once, the master criminal might just be out of his depth.



yes! thank you



I didn't even know there was a link.


Based, you beat me to it


Apologise to Tennant.



>I think that, based on what the creators have said in response to this article, there actually was no connection between the "Celestial" in Celestial Toymaker and the use of "celestial" to refer to Oriental people

They do not get to decide that.


Bottom of the list.


File: 89182e7d89ce7af⋯.jpg (80.68 KB, 782x719, 782:719, DoctorWho-112_2565.jpg)

>not even The Twin Dilemma or The Celestial Toymaker left me feeling this empty and hollow and beaten as this did. This is the worst I’ve ever felt after an episode of Doctor Who





Holy fucking shit


File: e19a321fabdcbdd⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, closeup.png)

Jodie is good with closeup shots.



In relation to TGM or Rosa?



Holy shit





Incredible post



BF would unironically make this and completely miss the point that he's supposed to be an evil racist.



I love that you even got the small detail of Fitton having the suspiciously unwoke one. You should tweet this.



They kinda…do? They know their intent. If you want to go into accidental subtext, fine, but I think even that got scratched out when it was looked into.



Blocked by her on Twitter so I couldn't see for myself.



Their intent doesn't matter.



Yeah remember that time in season 1 where captain jack called mickey "monkey" by mistake and shot the Indian woman in the Torchwood premiere?



The Toymaker is literally referred to as The Mandarin, so I'm pretty sure there's a link there.



It's not on Twitter, it's from the review that's not out to the public yet.




I don't see the Mega link? And I'd really want a google video link. Those tend to work good without eating up data.



she deserves it for thinking the first 2 episode were good


a FUCKING rock



Can you lay off it a bit Kinda, she just found out her government is going to try and legislate her out of existence.


Who exactly is Sandifer to criticize the politics in an episode written by a black woman?


>she changed the universe because she had an asteroid named after her




Quite a lot of classic serials have that problem, to be fair. Especially when they would regularly go on for seven episodes. I think it was Enemy of the World where the scripts came up an episode short, so they just threw an episode in the middle where the characters chase each other around a bit, and then end up back where they began.



i thought she was british


>Yeah…There it is, kicking in, tied to your brain chemistry…!



*and Chris Chibnall


im gonna do one of those online name an asteroid things and call it "not rosa parks" to cancel out this wretched piece of fiction



fucking based



>Friend of mine. Let's call him Vincent, that was his name after all. Regular guy, girlfriend, likes his sport, likes a beer. He starts acting a little strange, a little distracted. Suddenly he disappears for a couple of months. He comes back, and we've got to start calling him Vanessa. Since then I've always been a little nervous when a friend behaves out of character. I'm sorry, we haven't been introduced. Jack Harkness

based Jack



She's an American that lives in Ithaca but does write enough about the UK I can see the confusion, I'm pretty sure I thought she was English when I first started reading her too.



we've left the femdom companion era and entered the masochist femdoc era



You'd be surprised, tbf


a fucking rock


>But the episode stands up to this line of critique far better than it might have. Of particular and satisfying note is the way in which it furiously rejects a white savior narrative. There is no scene where Rosa gratefully thanks the Doctor for showing her how to stand up for herself. More to the point, in the episode’s most fascinating sequence, the Doctor and company are forced to engage in active complicity with racist discrimination in order to accomplish their goals. Rosa’s arrest is portrayed as something awful and unpleasant to witness, not as an act of glorious heroism. That’s smart, and puts this several cuts above most of its genre. I’ve seen people on Twitter say this should be taught in schools, and yeah, actually, it wouldn’t be bad for that.


>that bit where Thirteen sucks Krasko's cock and he can't do anything about it


Why did they keep playing the promotheus theme in rosa?



cringe and bluepilled


wtf was that shitty song they played at the end of the episode?


Honestly the episode wasn't terrible, the interactions between Graham and the Doctor are still the best moments though,

I hope the new character isn't related to Jack in anyway honestly and I hope soon they get more into the scifi like shit


File: 0ccf54724bc41ef⋯.jpg (57.53 KB, 640x480, 4:3, CAPIVARA.JPG)


File: bf08237b489ee59⋯.jpg (134.91 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, rosa1.jpg)

Screenshot from Chibnall's writer's cut.


How cool would it be if Captain Jack returned and renewed interest led to a Torchwood Series 5? (also making 90% of Big Finish Torchwood audios non-canon).



>teaching racial politics in school

Literally why the younger generations are going mental.



Not very.


Everything about the last 5 minutes felt like it became an educational show again


This week's Sandifer review is very specific and intimate and I'm not sure if I understand it right



I've been chewing over it too, I actually disagree with most of the take on the actual specifics of the ep, but think how she frames the whole thing at the end makes loads of sense. That last paragraph is really depressing.


more doctor "who the bloody hell keeps watching this rubbish !"



This is pure bullshit, and hopefully just a case of being too forgiving to the episode to balance out the bleakness of the review's conclusion.

It's no different from any other time-travel historical where the characters have to be complicit in awful acts so "history can stay on course". The story doesn't interrogate the morality of the characters' actions, because it can't even comprehend a level of logic on which there could ever be another option! They HAVE to sit there and watch so that black people can have rights later! It might not be portrayed as an act of glorious heroism, but it's portrayed as completely necessary, and the episode is more interested in how much of a hardship it is for them than in the actual ethics of the situation. Because it's operating from a perception of history and these events that is totally broken in ways that are unbelievably fucked.



>making 90% of Big Finish Torchwood audios non-canon

already true


File: 947f03f3678af17⋯.jpg (100.1 KB, 768x574, 384:287, 14584652-low_res-doctor-wh….jpg)

Cosmic racists. I know how they look, I know how they think. I was one, for Christ's sake! So to stop me, I regenerated in to another body. I killed the cosmic racist in me. Now I do the same for society.



dat neck


How long is it going to take Chibnall to write a villain who isn’t fucking boring?



How so?


>explaining the faults with rosa to a friend who hasn't watched the show in a few years

>"wow, this sounds even worse than moffat"

oh no no no no no no no…..



>the episode is more interested in how much of a hardship it is for them than in the actual ethics of the situation.

this is absolutely an important distinction. I think it's important to criticise something for what it's doing, not what it's not doing. Murder on the Orient Express isn't a bad novel because it doesn't have enough spaceships, and The War of the Worlds isn't a bad novel because it's obvious whodunnit. The episode isnt about the ethics, it's about what it would be like to have to do this shit. I'll admit my heart sank when Graham realised he had to stay on the bus and be one of the white people responsible for pushing Rosa to the back. I'd hate to be in that position, even if it was for the greater good.



It's Big Finish (I dont mean it, I just like making fun of BF)



>I'll admit my heart sank when Graham realised he had to stay on the bus and be one of the white people responsible for pushing Rosa to the back. I'd hate to be in that position, even if it was for the greater good.

The episode was called Rosa. It was about Rosa Parks. Do you think white guilt was really the appropriate note to play as the climax?


The fact Chibnall made an episode where his lead characters acting like racists was "for the greater good" does my head in. Fuck this moron of a showrunner.



Villains are not pillars of light in dark times.



Maybe I just had my expectations lowered for Chibnall, idk



No. He's just an idiot.


File: 172628959ed60d2⋯.png (364.17 KB, 483x326, 483:326, cyberwoman.png)

>introduces black female character only to kill her off in the most ham-fisted way possible

>pivotal point in rosa parks episode is about the white characters

>responsible for pic related

is… is chibnall racist?



sorry anon i deleted the original post, i realised i made a typo



yes because he's finishing last



he recognized the vworp sound when he shot it?


File: 35af9044dacff6f⋯.jpg (216.28 KB, 656x676, 164:169, hurrrrrr.jpg)

Can't you just like pay 50 bucks to name random space rocks after you, how is a fucking rock any indication of Rosa Parks' impact in history. Fuck I'm verged



What's the matter with being racey?




File: 97fc56b9c4abcdc⋯.jpg (95.81 KB, 605x593, 605:593, 97fc56b9c4abcdc98577a61c92….jpg)

I give up the series


>The reality is this: whatever minor criticisms I can level against "Rosa" can't outweigh the value of Doctor Who telling an honest, earnest history of black struggle - which is personal, social, global… and unfinished.

>2018 is not the year to attack this.



Fucking hell


File: 836cbe3de7effbe⋯.png (139.44 KB, 394x360, 197:180, 1502756865462.png)





Are TARDISes a common thing in Chibnall Who? Will we meet other renegade time lords just hanging about?


File: f17d9efe68df800⋯.png (322.22 KB, 441x423, 49:47, moffbeard.png)


>>2018 is not the year to attack this.

Jesus christ this is literally saying don't even try to criticize this episode or you're halting racial progress or some shit

You can't make this shit up


File: 51b89b3db2a7fbc⋯.jpg (151 KB, 992x1180, 248:295, REEEEEE.jpg)


>n honest, earnest history of black struggle


>>2018 is not the year to attack this.



File: 898895bf1a943eb⋯.jpg (14.4 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 41wtRqod0DL._SL500_AC_SS35….jpg)


File: 88be7a4764e298a⋯.png (116.43 KB, 645x729, 215:243, slojak2.png)




For all we know the episode was 100% accurate.


File: 6430cf1a8777a9d⋯.jpg (60.88 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, IMG_20180522_092312.jpg)

File: 9c23218377fd5fd⋯.jpg (66.49 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, IMG_20180522_092316.jpg)


>>2018 is not the year to attack this.



That's the kind of direction things should be taking now that Gallifrey is back, but I'd be pretty surprised if they break nu-Who status quo that hard.




The episode implied the fortuitousness of Rosa Park's protest was so great that its effects reached into the 79th century; that luck and coincidence were more important to kickstarting the civil rights movement than any actual sustained effort or intelligence on the activist's part. It used the butterfly effect to diminish and patronise the work of the activists to make it seem as if one specific scenario had to be upheld for all the strides that came later. The episode had an Indian policewoman praise Rosa Parks for paving the way for her to police. The episode literally focused Rosa Parks' actual protest on the white main character's inner pain as they pretended to be racists to uphold sci-fi nonsense.



It should have just been dropped. The bit at the end where 13 lectures 2 people of colour about Rosa Park's legacy was actually okay without the fucking rock



I'd genuinely enjoy other Time Lords in the show, or a return to Gallifrey for reasons more casual than "trying to bring dead companion back to life and also overthrow the government." That's not a criticism on the premise of Hell Bent, for the record. I'd just like to see more of Gallifrey in the new series, especially with the special effects budget that chibwho has.


At least I can look forward to Vento Aureo every week now instead of Doctor Who


Chibnall never explained how Rosa Parks turned into that asteroid. Was it a shimmer? Is she immortal? Does she need to breathe? This is what I love about Chibnall's vision, before we were just presented with answers but Chibnall actually makes us ask questions about the show and ourselves. It really is miles above something like Listen (duhhhh da monstah is invisible) or World Enough and Time (duhhhh da metal men is scawwwy)



>chibnall trying to act as if rosa parks was in any way relevant to uk race relations


File: f114c4726d0de91⋯.jpg (183.13 KB, 1229x1063, 1229:1063, tosinkillme.jpg)

2018 is EXACTLY the year we should be taking issue with these sanitised, defanged, teleological, establishment-excusing, bootlicking depictions of struggle and history being fed to us like sludge. 2018 is EXACTLY the year we should be demanding more than the bare minimum out of Doctor Who if it dares to put its bloated, useless, disgusting fucking appendages near real, sensitive topics, things that actually happened. 2018 is NOT the year to fall over gushing about media that openly erases black activism and organising, in favour of white guilt and fetishisation of the status quo, just because it presents things in a soupy manner with manipulative pop music.

You can be happy that the show even bothered, I guess, but that does not mean patting Chibnall on the fucking back and shelving all criticism.


Is each story in the River Song boxsets standalone? As in, if I wanted to just listen to the last one in the set without listening to the others, could I?



Are you really complaining it wasn't preachy enough?




no, they have a flimsy arc

even in the more prone to be standalone they get 1 comment or 2 about the arc


File: 401d77d06c66cb2⋯.jpg (2.72 KB, 112x112, 1:1, 1422204551987.jpg)

I just want goofy aliens and time travel

why we not get this



I always liked the episodes where the Timelords would call on the Doctor to do some job or other. I'd like to see that again.



sorry pal we've got to make hackneyed political equations instead



You'll get them, and they'll still be shit. That's not enough.



>he wants to listen to river song stories

It's too late for you


Ingiga's Not Here - Here's Why That's A Bad Thing



desu I’m pretty hyped for the Eric Roberts Master audio



Ah, okay. I was going to listen to them all eventually but I wasn't sure if there was much connection. Thanks.


Still crying. What a beautiful episode.



This, Rosa turning into an asteroid…fucking got me, I was weeping like a baby.


Can't believe 13 let Ryan get lynched in order to make history progress normally, ChibWho is really boundary breaking




A daring synthesis



that would be kino


I find myself wishing for a Peter Harness showrunner.



Roberts is returning in the River Song audio series m8


"Yaz, wait here with Rosa. Ryan, go tear some posters down. Us whiteys will do the important stuff."



Now that’s taking it a bit far


>terrorist on the way home from the mosque

we still dont know what she meant by this.



Spoiler alert:

Yasmin tells her great great grandmother she's a lesbian, and she gets stoned to death by her ancestors



I know, I said, yes, I am hyped too

I wish he gets more



she does it to her mother and gets the same result in present times


File: b969d5f346fdc0d⋯.webm (2.4 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 1518892238122.webm)

this is the beggining of the episode

we thought it was the end



hmm, I wonder what it could be



she's getting called a terrorist when she's going home back from mosque.


File: ef00fe45506374d⋯.png (77.55 KB, 1202x381, 1202:381, GAMERSRISEUP.png)

I can't believe Ryan got lynched for being a gamer



Expectations: Subverted



no her mum blows up the london underground. Graham, upset at being the only one left wants to meet his ancestors. Being an O'Brien, The Doctor drops him off in Ireland in 1850 and then just fucks off, leaving him to starve


>it’s a giant spiders episode

wow great idea chris super original


File: 34795c6063c6c70⋯.png (498.56 KB, 1280x736, 40:23, vlcsnap-00009.png)


I am kinda worried that Noth dies too soon



Could this, dare I say it, be the Valeyard?



Do you think bringing Grace back to life will be a plot point?



>Chad Boyle called Manisha a Paki and called her friend Ace a "Paki-lover".

Chad strikes again



>13: Hang on, haven't I done this before? It's not every day that someone like me can say this but I'm pretty sure that I've had more than my fair share of giant killer spiders in the course of my life. Do you think we can sort this out with a can of insecticide, or do we really have to charge in there and hope for the best when we can just get rid of them with a swift and precise shoe-lobbing?


File: 6746f1120c2b84c⋯.png (298.22 KB, 720x418, 360:209, vlcsnap-00013.png)

Real Spoilers here

McGann became the villain of Holby, he killed a colleague doctor to hide his fake studies



Metabilis 3



He also caused that person to end up in locked-in syndrome



>mcgann is now a fake doctor in two franchises

Being Paul is suffering


File: fce82209222e3f1⋯.jpg (9.2 KB, 188x255, 188:255, fce82209222e3f10d8af99cec8….jpg)

About to watch rosa

haven't read anything about it yet

should be fun!



are you keeping up?



one of many



No, I happened to have the TV on in the kitchen and that episode was on




Oh nononononononono


Cant believe we heard the terms negro and paki in the space of an hour and it wasn't nilso



He was an Doctor in the Movie Paper Mask

that is the exactly same plot of Jodie's series: Trust Me



Jodie lied about qualifications and got chucked in at the deep-end and faced the consequences. McGann lied about medical technology and left someone brain-dead and locked in their own body w/out being able to talk then "mercykilled" them. Bit of a difference.



that's what my dad says too




I was talking about Paper Mask, not Holby



wtf thats vna dark



Nilso is a secret Holbier


What material will Briggs plunder from for audios in 2019?



I don’t remember that part of the TV Movie




Hey, if there's nothing better on…



12th Doctor Chonicles with Toby Hadoke as Nardole



im not judging you kek. There's nothing wrong with the odd soap



Grace did declare McCoy dead and deadlocked him in the freezer



Holby do impress me how anyone can become evil out of the blue but had telltales you were ignoring



>I doubt the 3 of you have friends of colour or would date someone of colour so enough of the feigned self righteousness. I'm Asian and even across Twitter I can smell the stench of fake pc bullshit.

>I doubt many of them are in mixed relationships, nor have many ethnic friends so don't pretend to "care" or be "moved" by vapid pc shit when in reality you'll walk on by when it happens in REAL LIFE.

Look at this butthurt, somebody got turned down by the white girls at school lol


File: 0d69cfb7a227675⋯.jpg (600.89 KB, 1500x1144, 375:286, 1514760009507.jpg)



He sounds kind of redpilled though, this is exactly the sort of TV that's primed to make white people feel better without pushing them to change how they think about anything at all.



cure for white guilty sells


Will they make Rosa action figures?



Why not just find a couple of rocks in the dirt outside.


File: d9c57d704f170c7⋯.gif (6.47 MB, 507x297, 169:99, workbench.gif)

i miss this set


File: 22d5d3e1c44618e⋯.gif (3.86 MB, 469x261, 469:261, slightly awkward.gif)



Which ep?



He's whining because even though white people care about minorities, they don't necessarily want to date them, befriend them or give them anything. There is literally nothing wrong with that but it completely grinds their gears because even in a time this overwhelmingly accepting of them they still can't get ahead.


File: 747e418a375e6db⋯.gif (83.88 KB, 540x275, 108:55, deleted scene 1.gif)

File: 2ff82ca4546e028⋯.gif (67.33 KB, 540x275, 108:55, deleted scene 2.gif)

File: 77bf9869d6a95fc⋯.gif (83.06 KB, 540x275, 108:55, deleted scene 3.gif)

File: aef703f9913bf13⋯.gif (68.09 KB, 540x276, 45:23, deleted scene 4.gif)



It's a deleted scene. Either from the Caretaker or Flatline, but I cant remember which one


File: 5ae3e1ccceeb444⋯.gif (4.75 MB, 700x346, 350:173, this is gonna be fun.gif)


okay actually starting for real now

this is gonna be fun!


File: b3be81c4bc049b5⋯.jpg (54.6 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mpv-shot0013.jpg)

did they literally give the bus driver a hat to make him look like a nazi, or did bus drivers back then actually wear those?

holy fucking shit



i want to watch holby just for mcgann, but i don't care for the rest of it. i wish someone would put together a list of episodes and note down which parts to skip. i'd do it myself if i had been keeping up with it at all


File: 6165e27d12d2575⋯.jpg (37.12 KB, 864x776, 108:97, all-ss-reg.JPG)



Are we the baddies /who/?


File: 233454f62846db5⋯.png (76.67 KB, 789x950, 789:950, exploitable.png)


File: 3da66c9e7e0e2f1⋯.webm (368.52 KB, 960x480, 2:1, dontthreatenme.webm)

Kinó performance. 13 one-hander a la Heaven Sent when?


File: f516001070aec40⋯.png (499.32 KB, 789x950, 789:950, rosakronk.png)



Based as usual


>the pop song is literally telling Rosa to rise up


File: 3ec5a23082a9b2e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 283.03 KB, 1055x1500, 211:300, Better than Series 11.jpg)

2nd anniversary of everyone's favourite show.

Say something nice about it.






Absolutely loved "Rosa". So well acted. Genuine shivers as Rosa was led off the bus, and how utterly ingenious of the writers to make Graham the white man whose presence on the bus compelled Rosa to make a stand by refusing to stand. Grace would have been proud of him.



dont sit down, Rosa. Stand up. and go to the back of the bus


This may be the worst episode of the entirety of the revival (fuck off love and monsters is good), but I only truly became angry at it when it played the stupid rise up song again instead of the theme song over the credits. That was just fucking aggravating

>Chris Noth gets eaten by giant spider



File: dfa370f9e57b091⋯.jpg (147.4 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mpv-shot0019.jpg)

>making "whites only" glow so you really can't miss it

>even though it makes no sense for it to be so illuminated in the middle of the day



honestly the ghost monument was the worst episode of new who and i mean that sincerely. at least Rosa was actually about something



b a f f l i n g l y b a d


Reminder a black woman had to be moved from her seat in an airplane just yesterday because a racist didn't want to sit next to her.



File: 40ecb482b59bcea⋯.png (419.35 KB, 789x950, 789:950, rosasniper.png)


Nightvisiting and Detained were okay episodes. April was cute.


nothing Doctor Who did inspired Rosa to have the will to sit for her rights yet Rosa gave them that glance

silly silly story



She was looking at Ryan.



nothing's fucking changed. I cant believe they gave into the racist guy. That's a PR nightmare, surely?




I found some of the jokes more hit than miss.

Josh Bowman and Vinette Robinson gave great performances.

You can tell where Malorie Blackman was writing.


The Doctor is still bland as fuck.

The Companions are still basically nothing.

The messages were so poorly delivered that it hurt the points they were trying to make.

The moment in the motel with the officer broke the pacing.

>A fucking rock

Under basic inspection, Krasko's plan makes little to no sense.

The song at the end.

You can tell where Chris Chibnall was writing.


Anyone think the Ryan sending Krasko (I laughed every time that name was uttered) back in time was a bit conflicting with their earlier moral lesson



Dude probably got eaten by dinosaurs


Did Jodie mishear Krasko's real name like Tim Shaw?



It wasn't a gun! It was a time displacement ray. It just looked like a gun, and fired like a gun, and probably killed the guy. That's all.



>Under basic inspection, Krasko's plan makes little to no sense.

Why couldn't krasko just send rosa back in time? i assume the specific reason he had that weapon instead of an actual gun or whatever was because he wouldn't technically be hurting anyone. He shot at the doctor as well.

So why the hell didn't he just send rosa back to the Stone Age or something? And why wasn't he after MLK instead, really. The million pound question is, was Krasko retarded for not having a good plan, or was Chibs retarded for not being able to write a good plan?


Overnights when?


File: 2a1543f8502c084⋯.jpg (61.51 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mpv-shot0022.jpg)

why is the camera so close?


File: 99d5c1e01852a94⋯.gif (2.96 MB, 640x480, 4:3, dancing frog.gif)

why didn't krasko just wreck all the bus engines


The celebrity historical is a morally bankrupt genre.



t. Loz


Give me a better idea for a black historical than Rosa.



File: 4693d533649cbef⋯.jpg (51.84 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mpv-shot0023.jpg)


did the director think this was clever?


Really nice of the BBC to let this fan series fill the gaps between Moffat leaving and the new showrunner arriving.

When does the new series start again?



Maybe if they did something about their personalities…



The Doctor and co. meet Mansa Musa. The reason he was giving away gold was to prepare people for a Cyberman invasion.


9's third outing- The Unquiet Kino

10's third outing- Tooth and Kino

11's third outing- Victory of the Shitleks

12's third outing- Robot of Shitwood

13's third outing- JUST


To be fair Chibnall could have an episode where it just shows a mayonnaise jar on screen for 50 minutes and people would love it, because they still hate Moffat that much.



2021. not too long



Do a story set during the bus boycotts which highlights the ways the activists were helping each other get around and communicating information. The plot can be anything, you can throw in an alien if you want, just as long as it isn't about protecting the arc of history or swooning over famous people.



robots of sherwood was good, not great, but not shite either.


We don't serve Nilsos



takes me back to 2010


Chibnall only did three series of Broadchurch. Perhaps he'll want to bow out after that on Who?



File: d2e82a40b6b2969⋯.jpg (307.05 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 4fe1770a5d1a5afb9a449b86b1….jpg)

How long does it take for a google drive version to come out?



Why do you think that?



except the difference is that S5 was actually fun and exciting and S11 has been as dull as bricks thrown at a civil rights movement

but it's still getting universal praise from normies


>watch one of the absolute worst episodes I've ever seen


>go on Twitter, people are saying it's the best episode ever done

>go on critics reviews, POWERFUL, DOESN'T PULL PUNCHES

WHAT THE FUCK. we actually need Krasko to go back and stop chibnall from making this



i dont know, I just have this weird gut feeling he'll do 2 seasons


File: 1208637fa01742a⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 601:508, 2f7.jpg)


It'll be fine anon



Mayoid angry that other people are enjoying a doctor who episode. Must be a moffag



8ch…… are we the baddies?



The worst part for me was there were scenes I actually liked in this episode and I feel like Chibnall got Blackman to write scenes like that to give him an excuse to write clickbait garbage like Rosa, knowing that the not-we would eat this shit up.



I'm an RTD patrician, you chibcuck.


File: ecb0a648ff0ff26⋯.jpg (56.68 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, doctor.who.2005.s11e03.108….jpg)



The problem is that social commentary = glowing praise, regardless of the actual writing quality.

And thus Chibnall can be in the job for as long as he wants.

Someone needs to show him how RTD handled Martha in Human Nature/Family of Blood


>Amazing what you can learn from a coloured

How did Chibnall get away with that line?


File: 633a0667b5011de⋯.png (440.31 KB, 808x805, 808:805, 8a00fbaa6232572239078fa9e0….png)

Remember that bit where Ryan gets the facts wrong and it's a joke that actually lands and then it's instantly undermined by him explaining how informed he actually is because black people can't be seen to be ignorant, it's like this series wants to sabotage itself at every turn


File: 295bcf79886f558⋯.jpg (58.23 KB, 751x497, 751:497, by malorie blackman and ch….jpg)

*record scratch* *freeze frame*

You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.


If it were an RTD or Moffat episode the bus would've had a monster on it or Rosa would've been from the planet Blackonius

and it would've been more fun



RTD and Moffat would've had the intelligence not to write it.



If it were an RTD or Moffat episode they would've stopped this episode at the pitching stage.


honestly I thought it was the best episode of S11 so far

change my mind



That bus driver who got baited by graham into literally trying to stop the blacks from rising up must be a descendant of the guy capaldi BTFO'd. Why was it only Russell that could avoid the cartoonish racism? Why hasn't he come back yet bros?


File: 5b80a7cb53fc21f⋯.jpg (159.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, somethingblandaf.jpg)



it was, but that's not much of an accomplishment



So much modern writing feels schizophrenic like that

>tell a good story

<but make sure it ticks all of these boxes that aren't conductive to good story telling

>write good characters

<but also write them in a way that no one gets offended, thus making them boring

>be edgy

<but be safe


We're getting Gandhikino soon


Krasco effectively gets written out of the story

we don't know where he ended up, ryan could have sent him to instant death for all we know


File: d396b2bb33f151e⋯.jpg (317.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at ….jpg)






You being right doesn't make it subpar at its absolute most.



*more than subpar



did jenna get into coke or something right before they started filmign Series 8? she lost a lot of weight



The Capaldick was pretty big, but Jodie's dick is bigger






This was chibnall's attempt at an "educational" episode

He really is using the hartnell era as his main source of inspiration


File: d007eb93c8432b2⋯.jpg (307.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at ….jpg)



well we know for a fact that Matt's was big too


File: c720c550544e1a6⋯.jpg (27.29 KB, 551x77, 551:77, and chris chibnall.jpg)

The words that kicked away a thousand kinos.


File: 01ebd59fa1cc1af⋯.jpg (200.67 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DqE4zvjW4AAXJI2.jpg)


File: 7046082a6ce780a⋯.jpg (535.35 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, GUAAAARD.jpg)





I forget, did Graham and Yaz talk this episode?



no they've yet to interact


I haven't seen it yet but…now here me out, what if we forget this episode happened?

I mean, Chibbers said you can watch the episodes in any order, so leaving this out of the series wouldn't be a bad idea, right?

Unless it has major character developments that would be jarring going from TGM to Spooki Spiders :/


Here's a list of more people who changed the universe



Oh, look! It's a The Americans Try To Pretend That People Outside The US Were As Horrible To Black People As They Were episode!

Rosa parks had literally 0 influence on anything that happened in the UK, and I don't know why the BBC is trying to pretend she did.


File: ee22816fb04de2d⋯.jpg (147.06 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, doctor.who.2005.s11e03.108….jpg)



Rosa was such a powerful episode. Seeing what life was like back then, the struggle and the sheer importance of the moment Rosa Parks remained seated on that bus… It was magnificent!


File: 563fbc86e1625fe⋯.png (20.49 KB, 580x286, 290:143, this is the future.png)


File: 0473a67058aeced⋯.jpg (125.51 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, doctor.who.2005.s11e03.108….jpg)

dont threaten me



It should be easy to, I doubt any of the events that happened in this episode will ever get mentioned again outside of a passing reference to having met rosa parks


File: a5aa97757f44521⋯.jpg (62.91 KB, 586x607, 586:607, a5aa97757f4452158e98a984dd….jpg)

>3 weeks until /ourguy/ Vinjay Patel singlehandedly saves Series 11 and ushers in the Curry Age

get hype, lads



thank fuck for that. I really don't want to watch it. Considering dropping New Who completely desu.

It's just so boring .-.



She's not even trying is she. I get the script is shit but what the fuck is she even doing


Weren't they gonna do a Gandhi kino in Series 4 but RTD turned it down in favor of Agatha Christie kino?



We live in a fucking society. RFS confirmed shills



>RTD's explanation in The Writer's Tale was that he didn't want to film in India because "Christ, imagine the smell!"

jesus, Rusty



Why not? I've already decide i'm not watching TWWFTE on rewatches.


I also have no idea how this fits in with Moffats blackwashing of history where minorities were everywhere including in positions of authority.



They've been shills for years.


doh thretan me



Bollywood Doctor Who would actually be more fun at this point. Can we rent them the license?


File: 4beb87b623be35d⋯.mp4 (815.4 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, rosa audio.mp4)

listen to this fucking audio job

you can hear the background noise cut in and out as rosa speaks

why didn't they ADR it?



The show never said she affected the UK. But the ep makes clear that people like her are what fight racism everywhere.

>The Americans Try To Pretend That People Outside The US Were As Horrible To Black People As They Were

The UK were bad in their own way to African and other colonial people. It took a while to get where we are now.



holy fucking shit



I liked that line. 13 overall is more matter-of-fact than the other Doctors have been.


File: 705546e6202642a⋯.jpg (66.76 KB, 679x717, 679:717, doctor_who_2005.9x05.the_g….jpg)


>tfw KNOW hype is a bad idea, but so desperately need Vinaykino to be real because it seems so tantalisingly possible

I'll settle for an episode that's just okay at this point! As long as it doesn't devolve into a shitfest like Rosa and is better written than The Ghost Monument, I'll chalk it up as a win!




Well the US civil rights movement helped inspire the northern irish civil rights movement, giving disenfranchised catholics the chance of equality, especially when MLK mentioned "no irish" signs in one speech. This was one of many factors in the troubles which led to bombings in mainland britain (so not just NI). Years later, islamic terrorist groups copied the techniques that the IRA developed, and ended up also using them on the UK.

Therefore in the long run, Rosa Parks should have been arrested by the UK police for the many UK citizens who died indirectly as a result of her actions.



Where are we now?




Are there any good Who podcasts?



yeah the line itself is fine but jodies delivery is awful



All because a lazy tart couldn't stand up smh.


episode should've been about claudette colvin desu


>cheap and nasty time travel

literally stealing dialog from moffat



I felt her delivery of that line was weird. She's usually a pretty good actress though. I do like her matter-of-fact-ness


File: 563e5edb0679e38⋯.gif (573.14 KB, 320x200, 8:5, confusedblackadder.gif)

>mfw the entire asteroid sequence at the end

what the fuck was that



I change my mind, up rosa and up the fucking ra


There is still hope lads, don't give up just yet. 3 chances at kino blown, but seven more yet to come.

1x4 (Arachnids in the U.K) (Guest starring Shobna Gulati and Chris Noth)

1x5 (The Tsuranga Conundrum) (Guest starring Brett Goldstein, Lois Chimimba, Suzanne Packer and Ben Bailey Smith)

1x6 (Demons of the Punjab) (Guest starring Amita Suman, Hamzah Cheetoah and Shane Zaza)

1x7 (Voyage of the Druids) (Guest starring Phyllis Logan)

1x9 (Night Shift) (Guest starring Lee Mack and Julie Hesmondaugh)

1x8 (The Witchfinders) (Guest starring Alan Cumming and Siobhan Finneran)

1x10 (Finale)


She turned into an asteroid




I mean, didn't we want the NuWho Doctors to be less dramatic? That's how Jodie delivers her lines–simple, without fanfare. That line delievery reminded me of Nine more than anything.


13 confronting Krasco in the warehouse at night is currently the definitive performance of her era



It's what happens when you don't have the fortitude to talk honestly about real change in the world, because that's complicated and messy, so you substitute in something utterly pathetic because it sounds flashy.



yeah she basically is responsible for ISIS. (thinking about it, imagine doing something so notable that you can draw lines of influence throughout history. Mine were ridiculous though, and barely make sense)



>1x4 (Arachnids in the U.K) (Guest starring Shobna Gulati and Chris Noth)

>1x5 (The Tsuranga Conundrum) (Guest starring Brett Goldstein, Lois Chimimba, Suzanne Packer and Ben Bailey Smith)

These are both written by Chibnall. They're going to be The Ghost Monument tier.



Her efforts are remembered and memorialized years and years into the future, despite the hardships of her life. That was the point.



Lee Mack episode's gonna be before Mark Addy episode.


File: 304d82696b98044⋯.jpg (137.19 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mpv-shot0027.jpg)

what the fuck is going on with the gallifreyan text on the step? Why is it only partially lit up? It looks like the light is coming from the light bars under the floor, and there's no effort put into intentionally lighting up the gallifreyan text despite it being semitransparent to allow for light to shine through



That's not just nondramatic, it's devoid of life, Immigrant. It's a completely dry take.



I really liked her delivery on this, actually. Might be the first time she's gotten actually serious and not meme serious. God i just want a fucking good writer for her, please MOFFAT JUST DO ONE EPISODE



I like Doctor Who: The Writer's Room.



I was okay with it, but then I got curious and googled the cost of naming an asteroid after yourself, and it's honestly cheaper than a park bench where im from.




I love this one.

A couple of rotating hosts, you can write 250 word reviews they read out after they give their scores.

They're reviewing:

Classic (near the end of Pertwee already)

New (going on to The God Complex)

Audio and some comics



/who/ cares











we should do other episodes once we're in the off season



I'm telling you, The Tsuranga Conundrum will be okay. There's no massive sets from the looks of it so Chib can't waste the whole episode with the cast just walking to the next thing like Ghost Monument. It's not a bottle episode but the scope looks to be much smaller.


Like this perhaps? We won't get Witchfinders straight after Demons of the Punjab I don't think.

1x7 (Night Shift) (Guest starring Lee Mack and Julie Hesmondaugh)

1x8 (Voyage of the Druids) (Guest starring Phyllis Logan and Mark Addy)

1x9 (The Witchfinders) (Guest starring Alan Cumming and Siobhan Finneran)

1x10 (Finale)



>The show never said she affected the UK.

Didn't Yaz say that it was because of Rosa's actions that's she able to be a police officer now?


File: 2f4fca842d2c506⋯.jpg (132.73 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mpv-shot0030.jpg)

So is this meant to be a LED screen in the actual tardis, even though it has a flowy gas graphic on it?

The bill clinton footage is superimposed on with a digital scanline effet, but you can still make out the LED grid from the physical screen separate to that



>Graham realizing that he's the one that Rosa gives up the seat for

Come on, that's a well-done, almost VNA-ish twist. Forcing him to compromise his values to keep time together.



It's a fucking rock floating in space. Is that really the best way to show her legacy in advancing civil rights?



honestly that moment of moral ambiguity was probably the best part of the episode


File: bd2f693b27ed6a9⋯.jpg (146.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at ….jpg)


Bradders is 3/3 when it comes to being the best thing about each ep



No. People keep misreading the phrase. She said "people like Rosa."



>you can still make out the LED grid from the physical screen separate to that

the LED screen could have maybe worked with Tennant's TARDIS, but filmed in such high definition, the pixels are easy to see



Yeah. We know that 9 is The Witchfinders, so it follows that Chibbs is a hack and we're getting Present/Space/Past in order for the whole series.


It's clear that 13 and Graham have the best chemistry, so when do they ditch Ryan and Yasmin who are basically just extras?



Maybe not, but it showed that she was remembered. A Year 3000 "Rosa monument" might have been better, though.


Agreed. I also liked how the TARDIS team worked together well, and even Yaz got some moments to show her chemistry with the cast.


Yep. I liked Ryan's scenes in Ep 1, though.



seeing that time rotor in motion makes it look like its in pain, its clearly too heavy to go up, but fucking plummets when going down.



Actually, I think the team worked well together in this ep. Ryan and Graham work great, as do Ryan and Yaz. 13 and Yaz just need time to hang out.



Relegate Ryan to Adam tier pseudo-companion who comes along for some adventures. Recast Mandip as the Rani.


File: bde191deb75eba8⋯.mp4 (5.05 MB, 1280x640, 2:1, rosa asteroid.mp4)



god that time rotor is even more fucking phallic because of the way it moves now.







Are there any uploads of the new TARDIS instruction manual that was released the other day? I have the book, but there's some really lovely images of various console rooms in it, and it'd be nice to get HD pics of those to post.


Honestly haven't felt this empty since Asylum of the Daleks.



this, PLEASE



Fuck AAAAAAAAH this must be one of the worst ways any episode has ever ended. It's so divorced from any human reality.


File: b5730d0d9699a31⋯.mp4 (8.05 MB, 1280x640, 2:1, rosa racism.mp4)

>"terrorist" on the way home from the mosque

>"terrorist on the way home from the mosque"

which was it?


What would have been a funnier pop song to end on?

I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO

Hero - Enrique Iglesias



for you



Glorious - Mackelmore




>*party rockers in the house tonight plays*



Have you seen the pictures, anon? I think the images of the older (and more exclusive) console rooms are reconstructions using 3D modelling, but they're really well done. There's one of the TVM interior that I was particularly excited about because it's from an angle not often seen in the production photos, and certainly not in HD. There's also an image of Missy's TARDIS, which was posted here a couple of threads back… kind of surprised it was included, seeing as it was never shown on-screen (or even built), but it's really nice.



ive seen a few, im really hoping for a pdf.



Damn…this is the "Eleven shows Van Gogh his paintings in a museum" moment of the Chib era…powerful stuff.



Requesting an edit of that scene where Rosa gets arrested where the song is replaced with Mackelmore instead. Make it happen /who/



>Bradders dabs


>I loved the scene. The acting is extraordinary and that is what I think has powered this series. I’m also proud of a line – I’m very rarely proud of anything I write – but I’m proud of the line ‘Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?’ because I got obsessed when I started to write this that Cybermen have no emotion, so it starts with Clara unable to find a way to say I love you and ends with Danny unable to find a way to say I love you, there are two phone calls that book-end it, and in the middle, the cracked old Caledonian gets it exactly right, he says I love you perfectly. […]

>He’s surprised he has to say it. That’s the truth about him, he says lots of horrible things all the time, that’s because he assumes all the other stuff is taken for granted and it’s only in that moment Clara realises just how much he’s assuming is taken for granted, absolute monomaniacal devotion to her. He absolutely loves her.

just make it, really



As soon as I find a link, I'll post it here, along with the images. It's a good book, I didn't expect it to go into as much detail as it does. Obviously, it's mostly made-up technical gibberish, but I do appreciate the attempts to go into particular detail about things.


File: a30d8581f60cf48⋯.jpg (206.67 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mpv-shot0026.jpg)

why is ryan being so mean?

he has moments of endearing childlike playfulness, then he completely shuts out whenever graham tries to connect to him



ive been searching too, so ill probably post if i find it as well.



Excellent! Hopefully with at least two of us looking, we'll be able to find it… assuming it's been uploaded, of course.


4chan seems to hate it just as much as we do, but for different reasons



>Ryan tries to fistbump a racist

>refuses to fistbump the progressive Graham

Wait……. that's not….. could it really be….. KRASKO!?


found this link claiming to have a pdf, but sadly when trying to gain access, the email failed to sent to the host, you're free to try though: https://www.google.no/mymaps/viewer?mid=14vZg0ff-yY2vItugFzJ0yE8Px01eFdXY&hl=no


File: d895bbffbeb5027⋯.jpg (629.64 KB, 1330x1601, 1330:1601, rosacontinuity.jpg)


god I heart this bloody programme



a pdf of what?


File: f54c59a8f6f3cbe⋯.jpg (292.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at ….jpg)

>mfw listening to comfy marigold tracks


>episodes start with the theme intro

>three companions

>mostly historicals

>slowish plots

They're trying to be modern Hartnell era aren't they?



The new tardis manual that was released



Don't forget that they're trying to be educational with all the fact spouting about rosa parks



the episodes are slightly racist




The BBC has apparently decided that hartnell was also a Space Racist so they're giving his era a redo



At some point Krasko and Ryan switched. That's why "Ryan" had no problem sending "Krasko" to the past, because he's actually a cosmic racist with no morals.


I fucking hate that there aren't any cold opens. Very high on my list of grievances this series.


File: 678cf5b78cfd61a⋯.mp4 (13.24 MB, 1280x640, 2:1, rosa rise up.mp4)


File: 4e3b371f9ea14d3⋯.png (507.26 KB, 557x503, 557:503, sssssssssssssss.png)


>tfw driving home on the empty roads at 4am from the night shift as you blast Fear with the windows open as the cool fall air rushes in

Tears and goosebumps every time



>episodes start with the theme intro

I keep expecting the cold open to end a few minutes in and the theme tune to start



Now replace the music with Glorious



I was really hoping for one, because I love the screech that always plays during the stinger. It really doesn't fit at all with the new opening though and is only being played in the credits.

>ywn again get someone saying something shocking

>closeup of the doctor's face looking really shocked or confused

>EEEEEWWWWWW dundundun, dundundun, dundundun, dadada, OOOOOOOOWOOOOOOOOO



Anyone have that (fake?) book cover where it said "Analysis of the Capaldi era's nihilism and how it ruined the show" from a few threads back?



I mean Moffat already decided that he was a Space Misogynist back in TUAT.



So are they saying Yasmin is accused of being muslim by racists or she actually is muslim?



who nose

if yasmin was muslim, surely they would be promoting that for brownie points



they're saving that for the demons of punjab


Just realized we've had two episodes in a row in which people aren't allowed to hurt anyone (Race rules and Krasko's chip). Seems like a weird plot point to reuse.



>tfw Ryan sent Krasko back in time

>as far back as it goes

>Krasko lands in the Stone Age

>An Unearthly Child begins

Are we really sure that the Doctor was the man we saw in TUAT?

Are we really sure that David Bradley was playing hartnell?



the spiders arent allowed to hurt anyone. Neither is the foetus monster, the carrionites, lee mack, or the muslims. This is so that the final episode is shocking when the stenza kill a fuck ton of people


chib thinks someone not being able to kill someone and having to send them through time is clever


File: 5cfe5d110506964⋯.jpg (111.07 KB, 751x1200, 751:1200, 20f747fbcf3befccafc2da8012….jpg)


>it's the ending of Sometime Never all over again




Arguably this is chibnall's populist pandering in effect.

Demographic data would show that there are more white people in the audience than black people, so to create a story that would have emotional resonance in the largest quantity of people means putting focus on the how the white characters react since the audience identifies most with them.

Note that yasmin and ryan were also in the same position as 13 and graham so it's not as simple as a "white people" thing, although I don't think yas is seen after the pop song starts. The focus is definitely put on 13 and graham, but there is a moment of ryan connecting to rosa as well.

I don't think that them introducing a moral dilemma into the story should be considered a bad thing, it was the first time this series there's been any real attempt of adding depth.


So..just finished it. That was something.

>tfw I had a star named after me when I was 8

I didn't even have to get arrested.



There's a star out there named Cloister???



Where is the Cloister Star?




I don't recall where the plaque thingy is, but you can have one too for the low low price of $55.00.



I have a friend who owns a piece of the moon. I don't know how much value it has anymore, since the moon turned out to be a fucking egg. Imagine having a certificate stating you owned a piece of an egg


File: 6d30ba8023d5124⋯.jpg (148.09 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mpv-shot0016.jpg)

this was such a horribly framed shot

why would they position the camera so you get HALF of the gallifreyan text on the steps? Why didn't they just move the camera slightly so you either didn't see the step or saw the whole step?



File: 9bcfbcdd5a239f5⋯.jpg (962.22 KB, 2153x2919, 2153:2919, Brigadier Poster - Doctor ….jpg)



Maybe that would have attracted the attention of Time Agents, completely displacing a significant historical person from their time? It honestly seemed like a game Krasko was playing, seeing how little he could nudge history for the biggest impact.



>3 episodes in

>can neither recognise or bring to mind ANYTHING from the soundtrack except Krasko's Jaws theme

>marigold is gone forever and will never come back



Rosa would have been better as an episode of Hustle, prove me wrong


Rank the episode so far


File: dfa370f9e57b091⋯.jpg (147.4 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mpv-shot0019.jpg)

can I just point this out again

they have so little faith in their audience that they make "whites only" glow bright in the middle of the day, just to make sure there is zero chance of anybody missing it (assuming they're not looking at their phone)



3 > 1 > 2


File: 764ffc88142812f⋯.gif (912.42 KB, 450x253, 450:253, 1367113919881.gif)


>tfw you will never experience the pure euphoria from Marigold's music matched with Moffat's writing again



File: 03469de5d17c9d0⋯.png (35.07 KB, 1137x288, 379:96, ss (2018-10-21 at 10.34.23….png)



File: d9ce6319482fac5⋯.png (293.62 KB, 544x362, 272:181, 1511527609410.png)



>that reprisal of Mad Man In A Box



desu I look at my phone a lot of the time during Chibnall Who.



I'm 3>2>1 as the plot for Ghost Monument didn't feel as drawn out and pointless. Though that isn't saying much



I must have missed that, I'd love to see it too


File: 5e63dc2ffb5a349⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1501558778108.png)




ghost monument had way more "this is dumb" moments which dragged the episode down for me. Woman kept me moderately engaged for its whole duration, but TGM lost me multiple times




Fucking Hbomb telling casuals that Moffat was bad.



Someone should make a "THE END OF DOCTOR WHO" pic with Chibs' head and RTD and Moff on the shore.



i hate that retard so much


File: a8f783c4d032206⋯.mp4 (1.72 MB, 1280x640, 2:1, krasco theme.mp4)




I've built up a tolerance for Moff fans and Russ fans fighting each other, but I never really thought about how there'd be Chinballs shitting on BOTH of them. I'm seething



>the score softly swelling when he starts getting emotional about the time war




File: 651c49a1da4ad25⋯.jpg (50.99 KB, 768x511, 768:511, 651c49a1da4ad252b53e8b9013….jpg)

>tfw you aren't living in the timeline where RTD and Moffat team up and unify their vision to deliver kino to us all

It's like having a foursome with three smoking babes and the two that were super into it have gone to get cleaned up and you're left drenched in sweat with the one who isn't really all that into it and will only half heartedly wank you off while you watch Netflix.



When I was younger I didnt understand why everyone seemed to hate Rusty. When I got older I fuckin hated the weird side-taking.

Now I might just be beginning an era I actually dont like…… y i k e s


File: bd089a1d491241f⋯.jpg (774.97 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at ….jpg)

>ywn see quality acting in Doctor Who again



im sure we can all relate to that


File: 5e309bb3a89a1b6⋯.jpg (982.88 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at ….jpg)


>"I'd say I'm sorry but I'd just do it again."

fuck I forgot how good Coleman was in this episode. I've always said she gave the best non-Doctor acting performance in the show by far but I always think of Series 9 as an example of that. She was great in Series 8 too, especially in Dark Water/Death in Heaven



I think this shot would actually look fine in 16:9

like it was shot before they made the decision to change the aspect ratio to 2:1, so the cameramen weren't using the right guide frames?



>Jodie trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, graduating in 2005 with the highest prize, the Acting Gold Medal.

>is great in black mirror among other things

>*chibnall teleports behind her*

>psssh….. you thought you were going to be allowed to act?



Especially not with Jodie



I hated this episode and was kinda losing interest in the show (especially with the Ponds as companions) but Amy's final scene still made me full-on ugly cry when I watched it



they're using anamorphic lenses this series, which means they're filming natively in 2.39:1 and cropping it to 2:1. It looks like fucking shit and I don't know if that's the reason (and this is coming from someone who absolutely LOVES the look of anamorphic lenses) but it's something I've been thinking about. The directing and editing in general has been awful, so who knows



Fuck off.



Dark Water is so fucking good goddamn


File: 97a67f3230c73d7⋯.jpg (234.84 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0031.jpg)

rorys gay


File: 073e27c04167a1b⋯.jpg (858.38 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at ….jpg)

>Moffat/Talalay visuals


>the Valeyard should be showing up at any point now

>he isn't

Moffat should've just bloody done it in season 9 or 10, because Chinballs will NEVER touch it. Le Too Confusing For New Audiences


File: d252cf5346f1dae⋯.jpg (351.9 KB, 1289x725, 1289:725, childnall.jpg)


>Chibnall/Childs edition



eh… it's fine.



it's painful because it's true. literally every close-up in S11 so far is……. uncomfortably close up


Chibnall who is all the camp of the RTD era but without any of the self awareness


File: 40f3db7989dfc39⋯.jpg (57.29 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mpv-shot0021.jpg)


I don't know what you mean



>We get the camp of RTD back

>But not on purpose

what a price to pay



>what a price to pay





>That one shot where Jodie takes a step back and the camera completely goes out of focus

Who the fuck is doing this to the show?


File: bbf650776eaa1d2⋯.jpg (120.68 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mpv-shot0018.jpg)

jodie's sleeves have pink lining


Monsters of the chibnall era

>tooth man

>a floating rag

>a fucking white male



she's so cute somebody please get her some good writing


Next up: spiders and an Indian Ghost


don't forget each Doctor is meant to be a mirror to the previous one. Ten was cool but he didn't think so, Eleven was "cool" and he really thought so. Then you have the old, grumpy guy as Twelve and the bubbly Thirteen.


what's krazco's backstory? what made him racist? what made him kill so many people?



i had forgotten about that



twelve wasn't grumpy



He was a /pol/poster who stole a vortex manipulator. I really think that was the extent of his backstory



But 12 was sarcastic and introverted. 13 is bubblier, and much more socially and emotionally intelligent.



he was based and redpilled





speaks for itself really, chibnall has mastered show dont tell



You can't criticise series 11 or else the police will lock you up


they told me i couldn't sing the doctor who theme song

i told them "doo wee woo"


I tried to talk. I want you to remember that. I tried to reach out, I tried to understand you, but I think that you understand us perfectly.

And I think you just don't care. And I don't know whether you are here to invade, infiltrate or just replace us.

I don't suppose it really matters now. You are cletuses. That is the role you seem determined to play. So it seems I must play mine.

The man that stops the cletuses.

I'm sending you back to /pol/. Who knows? Some of you may even survive the trip. And, if you do, remember this. You are not welcome here. This board is protected.


I feel glorious, glorious



>you are not welcome here

Wait…. that sounds….. was 12 a Cosmic Racist?



The boneless were killing people maliciously





File: 195570f4a82db8f⋯.png (32.83 KB, 801x285, 267:95, ClipboardImage.png)



File: f07bdd3a460c40c⋯.png (59.88 KB, 869x328, 869:328, ClipboardImage.png)

everything about this comment is fucking hilarious


Why have none of chibnall’s character writing skills from broadchurch carried over to doctor who?



>and it was incredible

>t. Krasko



I honestly felt the episode did a good job making the racism feel like an important element of the plot.



i agree with you there



Hot take: the moral dilemma of needing to be implicit in racism for the greater good makes for a far more interesting climax than just playing a black power moment straight



>every white person is cartoonishly racist

>the bus driver abandons his fishing trip to stop the blacks from rising up, "NOT ON MY BUS!"

>English people care about rosa parks

>the really forced conversation behind the bins

I've no problem with a show confronting racism but hopefully next time we get a good writer to do it



Have you seen the video of the white dude screeching about a black woman sitting next to him on a plane from a few days ago? Would you describe that as cartoonish?



he was british too



>people are racist in real life so that means if people are racist in our show, that means it's really good



>English people care about rosa parks

>Ryan didn't really care THAT much at first ("she's American!"), though he got star-struck once he met her, and MLK. Also, getting slapped in the face and threatened for lynching by a 1950s racist tends to make one care about civil rights really quick.

Graham cared due to Grace, who did seem the type to care about that. As someone who grew up in the colonial times in India, having Rosa as a role model makes sense.

Yaz cared because she found Rosa's struggle inspiring.as a Pakistani woman dealing with racism.

>every white person is cartoonishly racist

>the bus driver abandons his fishing trip to stop the blacks from rising up, "NOT ON MY BUS!"

That's how people of that time and place generally talked and thought.

>the really forced conversation behind the bins

The lines were a bit wordy. But the delivery was good.

Overall, I think Yaz had much better time in this ep than the previous ones.



>>people are racist in real life so that means if people are racist in our show, that means it's really good

…Yes? When trying to depict actual racists in a show, the fact that it correlates to racist behaviour in real life is a good thing, generally.



You're moving the goalposts. You said it was cartoonish but that's how racists behave in real life outside your bubble


Yep, Immigrant's here to obsessively defend Series 11 again. What, if anything, have you actually disliked about these episodes? Are you capable of admitting anything negative about them?


Is Yaz Pakistani or Indian?

Did they just make her have heritage from both to tick more boxes?



The song at the end of Ep 3 felt intrusive. Krasko kinda either needed a chance to talk about his motives, or should have explicitly been cut off mid-sentence. The asteroid should have gotten a cameo in the beginning (maybe while the TARDIS was flying) to prepare for it showing up in the finale, or maybe been replaced with a "Rosa city" in Year 3000.

Yaz needed more to do in Ep 2. Yaz needs a chance to chat with 13 and/or Graham solo, though Ep 3 supplied us with better Yaz scenes with around the same amount of time, so maybe Chibnall just needs to step his game up with Yaz.

Ryan's dyspraxia could be used more in the scripts, or at least mentioned. Might have been nice if in Ep 3, Ryan's hands were jerking around while he was using the temporal locator device, causing him to miss Krasko at first.

Ghost Momument should have had more time with the Remnants (the rags), or at least did a better job foreshadowing. And done more detailing on Epzo's decision to tie at the end. Make it clearer why he made the choice. Also, save the TARDIS reveal for later, rather than starting with it.

As an overall critique, I think Chibnall's not quite so good at plotting as he is with characters, but technically both Eps 1 and 2 were introductory eps, so I'll save real judgment for Ep 4.


Pakistani, according to TARDIS wikia.



India and Pakistan are right next to each other, you mayoid. Not only is it perfectly reasonable for someone to have both Indian and Pakistani heritage, we literally have an episode dealing with Yaz's ancestors and the Partition of India coming up this series.



It may be even worse than Rosa



It will be the first episode in the series that doesn't have chibnall with a writing credit, that alone puts it in a good position to be the best of the series



But Rosa was good.



Oh my god what is wrong with you?



It wasn't a "bad" episode, and it's easily the best of S11



See, had I said "Rosa was super shit" you wouldn't have replied to me like that, I think.



It wasn't artistically bad in the way TWWFTE was, but the way it sidelines Rosa's struggle for the Doctor/Graham's white guilt is downright reprehensible.



No, I wouldn't've, because it is super shit.



Agreed. It's a solid piece of Who, which is a pretty cool feat considering the subject matter.


Alternatively, it focuses on how the Doctor and Graham do nothing, and lets Rosa have agency, with the final interaction between Rosa and the TARDIS team happenning between 2 black people smiling at each other.



>solid piece of Who

Just end it



It doesn't sideline her struggle at all. The whole purpose of the pop song while rosa gets arrested is to make a dramatic moment out of her rising up.

The fact that they include the guilt of the other characters for doing nothing doesn't nullify the rest of what's happening.





>The fact that they include the guilt of the other characters for doing nothing doesn't nullify the rest of what's happening.

It's such a perfect moment top, because "doing nothing" both characterizes Graham, while also letting Rosa play out her story without inteference. The fact that she assumedly never realizes what the TARDIS Team was really doing makes it work–sometimes doing the right thing means "not playing the hero" and "not trying to be a saviour", but just steeping aside.



>outside your bubble

>tfw Le Evil Krasko kills around 2000 people, were given absolutely no reason why he hates blacks




I mean, he says it. He thinks he should be allowed to be superior to black people. As a criminal in Stormcage, he probably feels pretty impoverished.



I didn't like the episode so much but the actual moment itself shone through. I was wondering whether Graham was going to have to be the bus driver because Krasko kept fucking with the actual driver. I wonder if that would've been better or a bit too far.


File: 6cea28d779debe9⋯.jpg (69.05 KB, 548x536, 137:134, 12 flare.jpg)

File: d87d9e03417b461⋯.jpg (140.99 KB, 749x749, 1:1, tumblr_ovvunlKydL1qz52vwo1….jpg)

File: 1325117e961c898⋯.jpg (60.58 KB, 640x480, 4:3, tumblr_ox5ns8h0W81qz52vwo1….jpg)

File: 2d8cd211a5c2bb6⋯.jpg (57.25 KB, 640x480, 4:3, tumblr_ozc1qeQMqf1qz52vwo1….jpg)

File: 2e85bb433fb1356⋯.jpg (82.83 KB, 705x721, 705:721, tumblr_pglyyg4GCi1qz52vwo1….jpg)

reaction dump



It might have made the moment too much about Graham himself, per se. The way they did it made Graham implicit as a bystander, without taking too much focus away from Rosa.



Is “negro” considered offensive, or is it just an anachronism that tends to only be used by people who apply it in a racist context these days?


Is "mayoid" considered offensive?



Nobody even uses "mayoid" irl. It's like calling someone a roastie or an NPC in public. People aren't gonna think it's offensive and will only think you're weird.


Anyone else naked right now?



>mayoid is an insult people use unironically

Maybe Krasko wasn't so wrong after all



Beyond all the heavy racism, the story's fucking boring. Episode 3 is nothing but Steven and Dodo trying to sit on chairs. On the surface, you think "Oh, a weird, Alice in Wonderland-style story where the Doctor's forced into a game of wits with a god-like being", but when you watch it, nothing stands out except for that one time a character says the N-word.


File: f0aaaa1fe686335⋯.jpg (282.95 KB, 1177x819, 1177:819, schedule03.jpg)

Is 40 min + 6~7 hours from now a good time for the Torchwood stream?



An American trans woman with a PhD in Doctor Who.



I can easily see her Rosa review as the moment where some of her followers will start turning on her, and see her as an out of touch white woman trying to speak on topics she doesn't fully know.



>it's been weeks since that one anon asked Sandy where all of her non-white writers were

>they still haven't showed up



I'm not sure. Her critique of Rosa will, from my guess, will be about how Rosa doesn't grapple with systemic causes of racism, and instead has a (credit to Cats for this part) almost "Rosa-is-an-indispensable-great-woman-of-history-who-helped-kill-racism-forever" theme that's far too ignorant of history, and is how centre-leftists pat themselves on the back.

I don't agree with the above analysis–I think the ep is more nuanced than that–but that sprt of radical-leftist critique really works with Eruditorium's crowd. I'm sure Jack will have a similar take.

Can anyone who has already read Sandifer's review confirm if I'm on the right track?




There'll probably be a shitstorm once the review goes public, as there was over her response to DMW about Talons a couple months ago. It'll blow over just like that one did. She's too good and specific a critic to ditch over one questionable take. (Admittedly I haven't seen the Rosa review yet.)



she's had 2 pretty shit takes so far



Sandifer was already lukewarm about 13's era, though. There wasn't really that excitement to it.



>It'll blow over just like that one did.

Not really. She blew up her friendship with Robert Shearman over it.


all i remember from the ghost monument

>both on ships

>they crash

>go into tent

>go to ruins

>call of duty

>cloth monster


>go into last tent

>go into tardis

how the bloody hell did that fill up 50 minutes???



If it weren't for the overseas filming, I would have thought TGM was the budget saving episode.



You missed the "Epzo monologue". It wasn't really that busy of an ep, though.



Oh yeah, fair point. There doesn't seem to have been any real impact on her Patreon or the size of her audience though.


Rosa - 6.39m




I actually have an inkling of a suspicion that Sandifer might fall out of love with Who over this, or become much more critical of the show in future reviews. I'm just getting that vibe.



>The Cry (5.32 million)

i wish the cry had more episodes so it could take over who and vindicate the claraChads



It will hurt in the long term though. Part of the appeal in the Eruditorum books was her getting to interview Doctor Who writers like Gareth and Shearman. With both of those bridges burnt, all she has are outliers like Orman and Harness.


>fall out of love with Who over this

Now that would fuck her patreon. Most of the Eruditorum's non-Who articles get only a fraction of the comments and audience. Unless she genuinely thinks she can get by on Jack's rants about capitalism, she cannot afford to take off that Who leash.



Losing Shearman is a big one. Hopefully she can mend that bridge in time.



Sandifer's never seemed like someone keen on fixing bridges. She has an almost Loz-level ability to stir shit and not notice that could piss off some of her friends or acquaintances.



Wasn't Neoreaction a Basilisk the best-selling political-philosophy book in the US for a little while? Not that that's necessarily saying a lot but.


Sandifer is the Digibro of the Doctor Who community.



based and redpilled



Really? Because I'm having a hard time believing Neoreaction sold better than The Prince or any old Thomas Paine book. And I checked Amazon. It currently sits at 303rd place in political philosophy books on Kindle.


I think part of what hurts the radical-leftist critique of Rosa is that, despite the truth in snarling at liberal back-patting about how "After President Obama, racism is finally defeated, unlike back in the 1950s!" , …black people really do get more opportunities than they had before? Like, I can go to a school alongside white people, and if a black person in the Southern US gets lynched, there's a good chance that many people, even in the South, will be horrified. Pointing out that systemic racism still exists on a sometimes masive scale does not negate the progress already made, even if people sometimes try to legislate it back, or find other ways to keep opportunities from minorities. And yes, people like Rosa on both sides of the pond fought for that.


She seemed really hurt and confused about losing Shearman as a friend, though.


It was funny watching Sandy gets all antsy over Talonsgate and accuse her critics of acting like Ian Levine, when she spent that entire day calling for people to get fired over inane bullshit and burning bridges. Shit that Ian Levine did.



I saw her tweet about losing Shearman, and it sounded more sarcastic than anything. Especially the "Sheer shock, man" part. If she genuinely felt hurt, she's not good at expressing it.



Well, when people actually feel hurt, they aren't always coherent. Shearman was one of her favorite writers, I believe, so it was probably genuine at least in some part.



And I think Shearman was hurt at Sandifer's words, especially her accusing all Talons fans of being racist when he was a Talons fan. Not to mention that he probably keeps in touch with Marcus Hearn and the rest of the DWM staff. Enough that hearing someone calling for their unemployment would probably piss him off.


Shearman is friends with Nick Briggs, Marcus Hearn, and quite a few other people Sandifer's attacked. His annoyance at her criticizing his friends was going to reach the breaking point some time or another.



Oh, I'm not saying Sandifer was necessarily right, just that she was shocked that Shearman didn't agree with her, and probably didn't want it to end that way. I think you're probably right about Shearman's side as well.



He's a bloody clone of Fu Manchu, sans the moustache and slanty eyes.

Unintentional my arse.




Maybe it was just for that day/week, I'm not sure how Amazon's bestseller lists work. But yes, it seems to have been a real thing that happened.



>she was shocked that Shearman didn't agree with her

It doesn't take a PhD to know that a generally friendly person who's mates with Tom Spilsbury and Marcus Hearn isn't going to take it kindly if you attack Tom Spilsbury or Marcus Hearn.



Wasn't there a scene in Talons where one of the characters refers to Greel as a Celestial? That would point towards the racial terminology at least being known to the writers of Celestial Toymaker, even if it was already old-fashioned then.



Been a while since I saw Talons but probably


I rate Rosa "I'd rather be watching Meglos than this shit" / 10




Maybe, but The Celestial Toymaker writers weren't even involved with Who when Talons was made.



>that last paragraph

But that was the point of the episode. That evils like racism will still exist in the far future, and the Doctor's actions can only take us slightly closer to a better place than immediately show us a utopia.



Also, there's an implication, based on him being a Time Agent, that it's the lack of racism that makes Krasko want to go back and make racism last longer.

>They just as easily and justifiably could have hurled racist abuse at him in The Woman Who Fell to Earth. They’ll be perfectly able to next week. The fact that this is unthinkable (regardless of whether it’s a good idea) tells us a lot about how limited a confrontation with the brutal materialism of racism this is.

Ryan literally says he gets pulled over more than his white mates, and Yaz straight up says she's called a Paki and a terrorist!



if doctor who can do nothing for civil rights but advocate for petty incrementalism, it should just keep quiet. this is a fantasy show, it's perfectly capable of building utopias from the fucking nightmare that is the present



I kinda feel that creating a utopia sort of engenders a complacency? Whereas incremtalism points out "No, these problems are deep. We need to always be working at it. Even though things are getting better, there may always be people like Krasko. But that's okay, because there will always be people like Rosa Parks too."


However, I do appreciate Sandifer pointing out it's just her personal take, and being happy for people who got something from it.



Genuinely based opinion


rosa is a story that embodies chibnall's "pillar of hope" perspective, because hope is just waiting for someone else to do something. hope is the idea that there are a hundred more rosas to come, each performing a little civil disobedience, nudging the overton window a little further, and maybe, maybe, in 100 years, if we have hope, there will be a better society. but doctor who in 2018 shouldn't be about hope, it should be about action. why focus on civil rights achievements of the past when it could show how to advance them in the present day, or into the future?



>if doctor who can do nothing for civil rights but advocate for petty incrementalism, it should just keep quiet.

Cringe and bluepilled. Bad shows give us utopias. Good ones show us how to build utopias.



>focus on civil rights achievements of the past when it could show how to advance them in the present day, or into the future?

Well, that's how you do it. You take action, and you're inspired. Rosa sure wasn't just hoping in this ep–she was taking action on that bus.



utopias are not built through incrementalism.



but the episode was structured around the doctor and friends and their hope in Rosa, rather than Rosa herself. the only thing we hear about Rosa inspiring others to take action is that yaz becomes a police officer because of her. A POLICE OFFICER. that more than anything else in the episode makes my blood boil.



Based and despairpilled



>back to capaldi figures after 3 episodes

oh no no no no no no



You're thinking of Capaldi figures after an entire week. This is just the overnight




Ratingsfags BTFO yet again

The episode was pretty silly tho.



I fucking hate digibro

i knew of him when he first started off making my little pony reviews, and I have no fucking idea how he managed to recover an audience after his “edgy OC who has a smoking fetish” phase completely destroyed him in that fandom



Consolidated usually only adds a million or so doesn’t it?



>he doesn't know how ratings work



Not only that, but he's got a wife and lives in Boston these days. Don't know how he got that far.


I actually thought the episode was okay?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It could have been worse. It could have been an episode where 13 and her friends become close friends with MLK and want to stop his assassination, but find out his death is a fixed point in time so they can only stand there and watch as he dies.



I'm so sorry, m8, but you are WRONG






Based as always, Cats.



>episode where Krasko stops Emmett Till from dying so he can't become a martyr and 13 needs to kill Emmett to keep the timeline in check




from what i hear, he's also a self confessed lolicon and almost guarenteed to be a fully fledged pedo.

anime youtuber get's into lolis, becomes a pedophile, many such cases!



>many such cases!

Are there? Because that Gigguk guy is pretty normal and has a cute GF. So is Mother's Basement.



That would have actually been better. At least there'd have been no C O S M I C R A C I S T


>all this "we should show Rosa in schools" talk on Twitter

If you were a teacher and against better logic, wanted to use Doctor Who episodes/books/audios in your syllabus, which ones would you use?



Well, if we may dip into full fantasy world for a second and forget the fact that most if not all of the students in the entire school won't have a clue what's going on, Deadline would be an interesting story to analyse.



If it was a film class, maybe Heaven Sent. And I'll use Lym's telesnap version too to show the kids how much film matters as a visual medium and the difference between watching a movie and only hearing it with brief snippets of photos.

If it was just a regular ass English class, Campaign to hurt their brains.



That's the Unbound Deadline


>it was a fine episode and the best of the series

>but I hate it because trump is doing something that is abstractly related to it and the episode didn't inspire me to fight against him



Kill the Moon



I hate Trump as much as she does, but Sandifer's got a mad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.



I haven't looked into this recent drama in detail, what has trump actually proposed regarding trans issues?


>why even tell Rosa's story if there's still racism today?


Rosa took a reformist stance rather than a revolutionist one, so obviously the hard revolutionists are upset. Doesn't make them correct.



i was just memeing, i like gigguk and i've followed his girlfriend for a while too.



"A feeble rehashing of the safest civil rights narrative ever is not an adequate response to the current world" is an entirely valid line of criticism.



i would also like to know


File: 929a6ef7401956a⋯.png (836.35 KB, 1168x1126, 584:563, 1539596484386.png)



What duty does it have to be a response to the current workd?


okay from what i've seen, some are saying they're changing the definition of "gender" and some are saying :"sex", which is it?


>In the episode’s most fascinating sequence, the Doctor and company are forced to engage in active complicity with racist discrimination in order to accomplish their goals. Rosa’s arrest is portrayed as something awful and unpleasant to witness, not as an act of glorious heroism. That’s smart, and puts this several cuts above most of its genre.

Will neo change his mind now?



shut the fuck up skelly. all you can talk about is how you are free from bias and dogma unlike the unwashed 'politically polarised' masses.





The text of the law itself uses the word "sex", but in answering questions on this FAQ page it refers to "gender".


It's childish on Sandifer's part to demand Doctor Who portray a world where racism is a thing of the past.


skelly is a politically effete weakling who won't even decry the most blatant attempts at dehumanising trans people by the trump administration, because maintaining neutrality and avoiding conflict - however righteous - is all he's good for.



Picking a side means standing for something, and Skelly can't even stand to take a piss.


of course, "neutrality" when one side wants to erase trans people from existence is not neutrality at all



Wasn't she demanding that doctor who portrayed a world where racism was a thing of the present, as opposed to relying on the past as a "safe" place to portray racism?



>doctor who portrayed a world where racism was a thing of the present,

But it did portray racism as a thing of the present. Ryan complained about getting called over by cops. Yaz said she's been called a paki and a terrorist several times.



Apparently doesn't count because it was telling instead of showing


I just think it's not okay to treat people who liked it as NPCs and monsters who will lead the world into totalitarian dystopia.



Strawman. You're making this about your own defensiveness instead of trying to understand why the episode might make people feel disappointed and angry.


>watch Rosa

>wake up next morning with bad migraine, have to take day off work

There is no doubt in my mind that those two things are connected.



>asking jodie if she prefers curly or straight and she says curly

Yasteen is here to stay


I am literally looking up the work literally to see why everyone is using the work literally.


File: 890b56edd54d2d4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 175.41 KB, 904x795, 904:795, 4b013c3ec86b65bac14dd93c21….png)



Then I am going to check the difference between work and word


>Tim Shaw teleports away before we see him die

>Ilin, Epzo and Angstrom teleport away at the end of the race before we see the end

>Cosmic Racist is teleported into the past

Is this a trend that's going to continue with the spiders?




Wow… everyone's favourite part of Inferno…




Jon Culshaw (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart)

Daisy Ashford (Liz Shaw) (her daughter)


File: 06670b9e047e98a⋯.jpg (63.31 KB, 1079x659, 1079:659, DnujEFGWsAEn7Jl.jpg)


>Tim Shaw


>Jon Culshaw

I wonder


What would make someone from the 79th century turn into a racist? That era would be far more diverse than we could possibly imagine, with so many alien species around that surely something like the skin color variance between humans would be meaningless.

Why couldn’t they have explained his motivations? All they did was establish he was racist and a murderer. Did he commit black genocide, or is he just a racist who also happened to kill a lot of people?



when did he explictly say he was a racist

the stream skipped some beats


File: 106c00069a8446d⋯.jpg (42.97 KB, 640x503, 640:503, 1540209280878.jpg)


are we back?



He tells Ryan "your kind should have stayed in your place" or words to that effect



I can't post images for some reason but other people don't have that issue


File: 06fdfce4dd45298⋯.png (283.41 KB, 500x608, 125:152, 06fdfce4dd4529862e7e8695f0….png)

How would the Capaldi era have handled a Rosa Parks episode, if it was written by Peter Harness in S10?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



The Doctor would've made a big speech about racism and then would forgive Krasko.



s10 had Bill, so it would be easier to Handle



we are talking about s10

Doc would punch Krasko


File: af39ac453f65271⋯.png (105.38 KB, 979x237, 979:237, ClipboardImage.png)


Michael Rosen episode when?



I am yelling Timber



Dorney, quit doing trad stories. You're so much better when you're weird. Solitaire was fucking GOAT, and I loved how non-linear Fairytale of Salzburg was.



The Ghost Monument got 8.67m final ratings



I wondered that too - perhaps he's the part of some cult or organisation which desperately clings to the past. I don't like it being left so vague, but I guess you can imagine that.

Fun contuinity bit to speculate about fucking nightmare of a future - Krasko's weapon set to 79th century, we can assume he literally is from 79th centure, I looked it up –

>The Third Great and Bountiful Human Empire flourished in the 78th and 79th centuries. The Eleventh Doctor characterised it as "neither great, nor bountiful, nor overwhelmingly human".

It's random as fuck to draw a connection there, but still a small justification – maybe third empire was shit and racist organisations had a renaissance there.



Can someone contrast this with, say, S5, or S2, in terms of how many viewers were lost between the premiere and episode 3? I can't tell if this is normal or not.



With a lot more elegance.


File: 0e72ee01e33564c⋯.png (60.17 KB, 991x79, 991:79, ClipboardImage.png)


File: f0c8be34a0a694b⋯.png (59.75 KB, 1044x70, 522:35, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4f20999eb32f95a⋯.png (59.6 KB, 1008x76, 252:19, ClipboardImage.png)



>using final figure for ep 1 but overnights for the next two




im just stealing these from the 4ch thread



It could get a more tragic but not accidental dark.

Maybe if some aspect of black DNA was the reason some disease killed many people in the feature.

Because if they made a powerful planet that only had black people it would be racist as well



>citing a 4ch thread

You fucked up.






>peter harness


all of his episodes have political analogies that he didn't even intend



They really should have elaborated on that. A 79th Century man with 20th Century values sounds bizarre. It's almost like if a guy now yearned for the Mesopotamian days and wanted to change society to fit that vision.


The overnight may have been shit, but with the amount of praise it's getting, it'll see a huge surge of iPlayer views. I'm betting the final rating will be 9-ish million.


The new thread is here when you're ready






Isn't verging about ratings dumb? We all know the only way the show will die is if the show's ratings even with iPlayer goes below 2 million anyway.


Didn't watch Rosa yet. Semi disappointed on the lack of the Doctor's thought process. You used to see more of the thinking and interplay getting the Doctor to an idea. Now it seems that the Doctor just starts doing shit and explains it to the companions later. A little early to judge and hope it gets better.





Look at the charts for a relative perspective.

Jodie/Chibnall: 1, 3, 5

Capaldi/Moffat: 2, 9, 10

Matt/Moffat: 3, 10, 11

Tennant/RTD: 9, 10, 12

Based Chibby has evelated Who from a top 10 show to a top 5 show.



damn, I actually liked the episode and really didnt expect that


but this feels like Chib forcing drama and not realising that it wasnt needed. I took it for granted they were all gonna stay so it was really odd that it became a climactic moment



We're in the new thread: >>125907

This one was just late being unstickied


File: 69b5dcd1dcf560e⋯.jpg (182.57 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 75.jpg)

>Yes, I am a fan of Doctor Who (((2018)))



They're catering to the millenials who believe they are einsteins



M8 we all left this thread days ago what are you doing here?




Also the post you replied to is from MONTHS ago



While also making sure they're the centre of attention.



Dead thread

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