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"/who/ Cares?" podcast on Series 11: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz80wZ00_JjSaS2ZRrno1Pg

File: f4b4d08043cdf19⋯.jpg (215.13 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, big spid.jpg)


Arachnids in the UK Edition

Who hype for tonights exciting adventure?

Upgrade complete >>128854


fuck chinballz and fuck wh*te people


File: ae282cfbc4e5af0⋯.png (480.3 KB, 1002x1069, 1002:1069, scary chib.png)


>a “don’t-think-about-it-too-much” monster romp.

>Best enjoyed as more of a mindless monster romp. It’s unlikely to win any awards, but after last week’s weighty historical, it will serve as a fair respite.

Reminder that this is reviewer speak for "it's absolute dogshit"

worst episode of the series (so far) incoming


File: 0e155b82a6ad934⋯.png (2.49 KB, 367x18, 367:18, morph.png)



File: 38c367e36e68a14⋯.png (4.15 MB, 2016x1512, 4:3, monkey.png)

First for skelly's monkey


Reminder that Graham is Omega


File: c4f5dd217b25264⋯.jpg (206.16 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, wannatry.jpg)



Power of the Stenza






File: ce04f7b0e038dd6⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1200x826, 600:413, ClipboardImage.png)

series 2 reference in chib who… epic.



Wow. Didn't think Chibbo would remember that far back


cam show



you mean series 28?





Season 1.

Doomsday was the first finale :)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I remember in some interview they mentioned that in the spirit of 13 they were going to flip the male and female roles in the dance. I don't know enough about dancing, did they actually do this? She still gets lowered down by the man which I would have thought is the traditional female role.



>More Doctor Who? How can that be bad?


Jair Bolsanilso


File: 9d6aee622d61c5a⋯.jpg (39.45 KB, 505x505, 1:1, briggsday.jpg)

How long will he wait to recast the classic doctors when they die?



at most: a year

at least: a month (maybe)



he'll just go back to impersonating them himself



Minus one year.


I C Wiener?





File: 80c2d12e82944c5⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 4300x2867, 4300:2867, DWS11GuestStarPix5.jpg)

Go tell Mr. Big about your moral highground



"I" would like to "C" Weiner if you know what I mean



one day until a special big finish sale on all their stories. two days until recasting. three days until an announcement. five years until the recasted doctor actually sees action due to big finish's release schedule


File: 0e15cd4c603803d⋯.jpg (44.68 KB, 600x600, 1:1, pig.jpg)

hi anon, you were going to say something to me?



*"I" would like to "C" your "Wiener" if you know what I mean



Enjoying your kronkburger? Because it had a mummy and a daddy.



Yeah, you're gonna die.



Would you like to learn about my moral high ground?


File: 86950d3b4c7aaed⋯.png (97.32 KB, 408x128, 51:16, chibnall.png)

Go tell a wig about your writing highground.


Love is always foolish, and hate is always wise


So is a Kronkburger a composite meat made of two animals, a synthetic meat, from a cow and marketed as Kronk meat or from a fictional animal?


Can someone redpill me on being a pescetarian? It makes no sense morally to eat fish but not land animals, and most fish tastes pretty bland. Why not just go the full hog and become a vegetarian?


Chibnall is always foolish, and Moffat is always wise.



Based and redpilled



mammals are smarter, fish are dumb so who cares if they're killed

something like that



>most fish tastes pretty bland

I'd say "in your opinion", but knowing the type that like to argue here, it'd devolve into an excruciating cacophony of very logical questioning.


Salmon's cool though and who doesn't love fish and chips?



I assume the second. The Long Game's future did not look like one sustaining cattle.


Oh look god has spoken

Neo says fish don't taste bland so suddenly we'll all start eating fish



Yes. Theres elements of struggle for theatricality's sake, but you can tell the female is doing many of the leading moves about a minute in. The push away move is usually done by a female dancer, spins are usually done by female dancers and you can sort of see where she starts leading him in the dance from a technical perspective. In that regard its pretty impressive.



It could also be a completely different thing like a vegetarian option, cricketburger or something else that's trendy


Fish is my least favorite meat(?) but it's still nice every now and then.



why can't Kronk just be a brand name? are you the type of person who thinks there are five men working at the counter of every Five Guys' Burgers And Fries?




That's also a good guess, anon



That's true. I like to think it's something born of that cyberpunky crowded future, so either synthetic or yeah something weird but efficient like crickets. It just being a brand name for beef is boring!

Fwiw it is from a comic, RTD didn't make it up.



nilsos conception was a unique one in that his father was actually attempting to fuck his mother's urethra but missed


The Thirteenth Doctor mentioned that she was craving a kronkburger whilst looking for a restaurant on Gatan. (COMIC: The Warmonger)



Oooooh they sound like crabs then!


Is there a possible way for normies to realise S11 is shit?


Anyone on /who/ ever eaten an insect? Willingly I mean, not finding a weevil in your Weetbix.



I've never eaten crabmeat before. Would anyone ever recommend it?



What kind of insect? How was it served? How did it taste? Did you enjoy it?



If you've ever had lobster it's like that but cheaper, it's pretty nice.



It was some fried crickets I ate as street food in Thailand. I did not enjoy it that much but it was a fun enough experience for the novelty. They didn't taste that bad but I'm sure a lot of that was down to the frying. Kind of nutty if anything.


I eat delicious fish fresh out of the Great Barrier Reef



>As the episode goes on though, the fear factor lessens, and the resolution is perhaps a bit too silly for its own good.

The resolution is gonna be bare cringe lads. Hope you're prepared



Anything that puts off gunfags is a positive



place your bets lads


Uh-uh. Sorry. Dark Souls, man. I've trained for this.



You, and Chibnall, won't have much cause to say that eventually.


Uh-uh, Sorry. Super Mario Sunshine, man. I've trained for this.



Drumpf goes full supervillain and is destroyed by his own creation



Defeats them with the power of love or kills them all with a giant newspaper / bug-zapper / can of Raid


If the resolution is some hokey reference to Australia, I swear to god…


Drumpf is just going to be a cartoon “my profit and reputation is more important than anyone’s wellbeing” capitalist rather than an interesting take on trump himself



literally my first thought was that she's gonna send them all to australia, with some EPIC joke from yaz about how she could NEVER live there given all the spooky creatures.


The Woman Who Fell to Earth by Chris Chibnall

The Ghost Monument by Chris Chibnall

Rosa by Malorie Blackman and Chris Chibnall

Arachnids in the UK by Chris Chibnall

The Tsuranga Conundrum by Chris Chibnall






Why did he choose to do this?



Chib thinks he is as good as RTD and Moffat.



File: d081d4debba84de⋯.png (935.47 KB, 1200x960, 5:4, paulpaul.png)






I should note that the actual webpage https://fuckofferino.wiki/wiki/User_blog:NeoCLSTR/Torchwood_(Neo%27s_Archive) is still kind of necessary for the order (depending how you do it) as, while all the episodes/interludes/audiodramas/everything-that-gets-streamed are filed and organised in those series folders correctly, all the other content (comics, novels, Declassified, etc.) are in their own folders.



Just tested myself and I can just barely recount all the episode titles in S2 from memory (nearly forgot Idiots Lantern), but not the full order.



Oh my fucking GOD, BASED


Now that Chib has deleted(?) pre-title teasers, cliffhangers in Doctor Who are more dead than ever. RIP excitement.


Steven "Moffat"



IMO the show should adopt a case-by-case approach to cold opens. Some eps are better with them, some without.




Or, happy medium, they could do an Ambassadors of Death-ish thing. Run the title sequence at the beginning with no episode title and then after a key early scene flash that big title card "THE GHOST MONUMENT" or whatever episode.

I think it'd look good, anyway.


Heaven Sent would be better with no title sequence in it at all.






What could that possibly train him for?


File: 8f14b0bcdc874ca⋯.png (1.03 MB, 860x1080, 43:54, 71b30d1ba76d3c74e5d83e4377….png)




what could it not train him for?


Uh-uh, Sorry. Pikmin, man. I've trained for this.


oh shit it's tonight? this is literally the first time i've ever forgotten about doctor who being on. first time in series 11 i'll be watching it as it airs i guess too.



Community service cleaning graffiti?


File: 349f3121bd59c46⋯.png (299.51 KB, 368x462, 184:231, sharpen.png)



Uh-uh. Sorry. Tsumi to Batsu 2: Sora no Kokeisha, man. I've trained for this.


Uh-uh. Sorry. Gone Home, man. I've trained for this.


Uh-uh. Sorry. Hitman, man. I've trained for this.


At least Chibnall used the name of an actual video game. The writer of Age of Steel just had Mickey say Playstation


Uh-uh. Sorry. Zero Time Dilemma, man. I've trained for this



human point two!


Uh-uh, sorry - Depression Quest, man. I've trained for this.


Uh-uh. Sorry. Rapelay, man. I've trained for this.


Uh-uh, sorry - Slab Laying Simulator 2018, man. I've trained for this.


Uh-uh, Sorry. Shrek Super Slam, man. I've trained for this.


Uh-uh. Sorry. Team Fortress 2, man. I've trained for this.

*crabwalks away*


Uh-uh, sorry - Curious George, man. I've trained for this.


Uh-uh. Sorry. Shower With Your Dad Simulator, man. I've trained for this.


Uh-uh. Sorry. Katamari Damacy, man. I've trained for this.


Nuh-uh, sorry - the Torchwood ARG, man. I've trained for this.


Uh-uh, Sorry. Half-Life Deathmatch, man. I've trained for this.

*implausibly bunnyhops and crouchjumps around*


File: 6ae11f23910a8be⋯.jpg (35.76 KB, 600x338, 300:169, Cassandra_closeup_The_End_….jpg)

My face is the front of shop.

My face is the real shopfront.

My shop is the face I front.

I'm real when I shop my face.


Uh-uh. Sorry. the Faction Paradox pornographic visual novel, man. I've trained for this


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>the gang gets trapped inside the TARDIS, the doors are stuck

>Uh-uh. Sorry. Counter-Strike, man. I've trained for this.


Uh-uh. Sorry. Cluedo, man. I've trained for this.



Looks like Pertwee


Nuh-uh, sorry - Doctor Who: Infinity, man. I've trained for this.


Uh-uh. Sorry. QWOP, man. I've trained for this.



He was so excited after casting a female Doctor that he did all the coke BBC had stored and wrote two series in advance himself, leaving only three or four episodes for token minority writers.



Have you played?


Uh-uh. Sorry. Chess, man. I've trained for this


Uh-uh. Sorry. Shogi, man. I've trained for this


>How are we going to get to Vegas in time to stop the Stenza? And why does this bus keep pulling to the right?

>I'm sorry, doc, but after that cosmic spider attack I can't move me arm for at least 8 hours. It pains me to say this, but I can't drive this bus for you.

<Ryan steps forward, a smirk already on his face



That would explain the state of the scripts.


Uh-uh. Sorry. Sonic 06, man. It's no use.


Nuh-uh, sorry - Yakuza Kiwami 2, man. I've trained for this.


the show was bad but the memes were good


Nuh uh, sorry. Corruption of Champions, man. I trained for this.





>Arachnids in the UK

Uh-uh. Sorry. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on the PS2, man. I've trained for this



chance to start again






The key to killing a Stenza can be found in one of the microgames from WarioWare: Twisted


Ryan is going to jump on a Stenza’s head like its a goomba, killing it instantly


[drac]-Hella Talalay


Ryan thinks New Vegas is the best Fallout game.


>Drat! We'll never be able to chase the Stenza up their infamous Neverending Staircase!

>Ryan assumes the BLJ stance


File: 83a039ae2164a3e⋯.png (23.91 KB, 250x156, 125:78, ClipboardImage.png)




I'm not gay, but I'd let you go full Harkness on my ass, sir.



Would you let him Owen your Ianto?






ryan would be correct



Fallout 4 is fun if you treat it like a sandbox instead of a super serious story



Enjoy, ~50GB of basically all the Torchwood goodiness there is (man, those new audios next year are gonna be an issue since they'll spill me over Mega's filelimit).




Can't wait for Fallout 76 to disappoint me more than S11



NV and 2 were much more fun sandboxes imo, 4 does have its merits though and I certainly think it's better than 3, both as a sandbox and in general, but Bethesda have done a lot better.







Not sure about 2 and NV, that depends on what you're looking for in a Fallout game.


I'm literally crying right now at how deeply we, the most oppressed minority, have been able to connect with Ryan. Gamer representation matters.


File: 33481015d04b397⋯.png (507.22 KB, 1070x601, 1070:601, haha funny wojak man.png)

tfw no Curie synth gf



Ryan meets cat people and immediately assumed they are drug addicted



>Monkey Island 2



>Monkey Island 2

Solid choice



Avellone says 1 is better than 2 and I agree with him, it's much more cohesive and the worldbuilding is much more focused. 2 is a lot of fun but much more theme park (like the Bethesda games in that way I guess).

3's story is an absolute joke and given how Bethesda make their games I think the more varied setting (let alone colour palette…) and gameplay of 4 worked better than 3. Part of it was I'd also just gotten over how Bethesda had changed Fallout by then though.

Have you played BOS? Trust me, Shelter is better.


What do you do to stop your toe cramping?





*solid snake voice* "doctor who?!"




Most of development of 1 was spent on creating the system and the engine, while in 2 they were able to go beastmode on the lore and the world.

Shelter gets minus million points from me for becoming "pay-to-progress" after a certain point.


Chris Chibnall only hiring Vinay because he wants the gamer perspective

Chris Chibnall confused when the script he receives is about India and not gamers

Chris Chibnall inserting gamer jokes for Ryan to make



>Sup Vinay, just wanted to check, Prince of Persia is set in India right? No reason just wondered



That beastmode was fun, but wasn't as grounded and connected as 1's, which I preferred.

Yeah pay to progress is the worst but trust me even free time-stalled playing on Shelter is better than the abomination of BOS. Wish I could unplay that POS.





File: 99128e0b2fa873f⋯.png (121.56 KB, 550x550, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)




I’ve only played Skyrim


Morrowind - S1

Oblivion - S5

Skyrim - S11



Skyrim's great, I really enjoyed it, the ones I rank higher are great too but Morrowind and Daggerfall are probably too dated for zoomers now, although Morrowind could be modded not to be.


The thought of a zoomer trying to play Daggerfall is hilarious though.


File: 6a3d2f3280c9468⋯.png (28.62 KB, 161x162, 161:162, tenninch.png)

>tfw your favorite fallout/elder scrolls games match up with neo


i play arena on 1.5x speed


list of Doctor Who writers who regularly play vidya:

Steven Moffat

Jamie Mathieson

Vinay Patel

Is there a pattern…?



Swap Oblivion and Skyrim


File: 25fc1eba5151ae0⋯.png (141.98 KB, 1193x601, 1193:601, basedpete.png)


>five Chibnall episodes

>token black writer

>token asian writer

>token woman writer

>random guy who wrote two episodes of Skins

Pete McTighe will save S11, Wentworth is fucking brilliant and Pete actually likes Doctor Who.



Wasn't Douglas Adams an early gamer?





Great to see someone else being invested in S11 writers. Token discourse is so bullshit though.



Reminder McTighe put Who refs in the titles of his Wentworth episodes.



>tfw the episode won't even be half as entertaining as this is



>Hell Bent

>Fear Her

>The Girl Who Waited

>The Long Game

Absolutely based


File: 4fb8e2ccfcc53f9⋯.png (218.46 KB, 640x396, 160:99, ClipboardImage.png)


turn u into an unyun


This is something that came into my head. I was thinking about a card I have which gets me free bus rides which may be damaged and was thinking if the driver would understand. Whenever I thought of a driver not understanding I instantly thought of a black driver. I feel bad about this. I thought about my attidues in the past and some of were pretty bad. I don't want these thoughts but they are there. It adds to my insecurities about my place in the world. Do you think I can still watch Doctor Who for example? (there are other things bothering me in relation to this but I would like it answered)? I feel so low with not just this but everything else I'm dealing with similar to this and other things. I don't know if I should carry on with life. I don't know what to do. Thanks.






Maybe the episode did do some good in the world!



Three episodes in and Chibnall Who is already making people suicidal.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>a card I have which gets me free bus rides




I know here if you have a disability you get one


Can we stop pretending that NuWho is simply a continuation of Classic Who?



Classic -> RTD -> Chibnall



>Great to see someone else being invested in S11 writers.

I am hoping that Chibnall will redeem himself with The Tsuranga Conundrum but other than that you sort of have to hope the other writers will pick up the slack.

>Token discourse is so bullshit though.

I have no problem with diverse writers but it seems obvious what's happening here. Malorie Blackman doing an episode about black grievances, Vinay Patel doing an episode about indian grievances, in all likelihood Witch Finders will lean into the woman angle. It's hard not to resent it when it seem like they are writing for themselves rather than writing for fans. If Vinay Patel and Joy Wilkinson end up writing some solid Doctor Who that doesn't feel self-indulgent then i'll happily concede the point.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0:17 and 1:21



>Witch Finders will lean into the woman angle




It's hard not to resent it when it seem like they are writing for themselves rather than writing for fans. If Vinay Patel and Joy Wilkinson end up writing some solid Doctor Who that doesn't feel self-indulgent then i'll happily concede the point.




>I have no problem with diverse writers

How tolerant of you!



most people accused of being witches were women. So I think there was definitely a misogyny aspect there


What will be playing in the next Torchwood stream?



First bit was meant to be greenarrowed


File: 872231b8856bed3⋯.jpg (203.93 KB, 1177x819, 1177:819, schedule05.jpg)




If we're getting witches are we getting serious witches or allegories for another event


I wanna see an episode where 13 drone-strikes a school bus full of Palestinian kids to save an Israeli tank driver.


so is this not happening anymore? it's weird that it was announced only a few months ago and now he's doing Dracula instead. I'm not complaining, just find it odd




>It's hard not to resent it when it seem like they are writing for themselves rather than writing for fans.

speak for yourself. GOD I hope Patel's ep is just fanfic about his grandparents, that would be more passionate and interesting than any fan pandering shite.



We knew about Dracula long before TTTW. He's doing both.



Dracula was announced over a year ago.



>so is this not happening anymore?

Why do you think that? Both will happen. It's a lot of time from a greenlight to airing.



I thought the Dracula show was announced first, so he should be making it first


File: 80c2c2ae9a1089b⋯.png (873.04 KB, 620x783, 620:783, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d4573e89ee93489⋯.png (373.67 KB, 725x435, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)




So is Doctor Who not happening anymore? Apparently Moffat's making this 'Sherlock' programme?



>So is Doctor Who not happening anymore?

If only.



I agree.




no, why should writers write something interesting and personal to them, when they could mindlessly pander to what they think the fans want?



Forgot your flag!



I'd just rather Chibnall never write anything again



*I'd rather have



I dont know if you knew about this, but it's funny imo: his latest successful theatre play is LITERALLY a fanfic about how his grandparents met and fell in love.



Just guesswork, considering witches seem to have become symbolically infused with feminism.



It's not fan pandering to want some decent sci-fi from a sci-fi show. I don't want to be some writer's unpaid therapist, it's just selfish. But like I say, we shall have to see how capably it is handled (or not).



>to want some decent sci-fi from a sci-fi show

I'd take a thousand Chibnalls over types like you.



Bit rude




beep meep



We should have seen the hiatuses and split series coming.




unironically based and redpilled



I know someone who's meep I'd like to beep, if you catch my drift



>the Doctor tries to work out a two-state solution

>says fuck it by the end of the episode and just uses the Moment on them both

only reasonable outcome desu




just found this on the old /x/ dump with paul mcgann narrating


File: 9e08f07caed8b0c⋯.jpg (6.24 KB, 225x225, 1:1, really.jpg)


>on them both


When will Doctor Who cover the 1916 rising?



A Who episode set near Chernobyl would be aesthetically pleasing to me, anything with the STALKER visual style is kino


mcgann did chernobyl


Are there any historical events you'd prefer Torchwood to tackle, over Doctor Who?



If the churchill episode is anything to go by, 13 will take the british side.

>So you see gang, these rebels are traitors to the british empire, and we're going to change history for the better!



the writer could use the high amount of radiation there to actually be the reason why an alien is secretly hiding there (since it gives off lots of radiation as well and would thus be undetected). The time limit/countdown aspect of the Doctor and his companion only able to safely be in the area for a certain length of time would work great for building suspense too



Torchwood is modern day tho



origin of AIDS


So I guess Hoodie didn't like Who Cares?




Maddie McCann


Dilbertwho are you around



no he's a straight



she fell through the rift



he's definitely not straight


File: e78b96d6946704a⋯.png (30.11 KB, 403x404, 403:404, dilbert.png)



Wtf this is actually based for once. Oh well, broken clocks and all that.


dilb if you actually are around can i PM you in the stream


Is the new episode gonna be on CWS?



Is the new "episode" gonna be on "CWS"?




wtf I love Who Cares even more now



Plenty of the audios aren't, and even some episodes managed to do the past.



Which honestly surprises me to a degree, I mean I thought he'd like the intro if nothing else, and the ep he seems to have listened to (the first one) is quite critical.



It wasn’t MRA enough.



>the audios

Oh, so not real Torchwood?



Was Hoodie the guest that fell out for the last episode?



It was three men though, and one of us was even het!


does anyone have a link to PCJ's gallery



Whos on this week?



It's a surprise, but I'll give you a hint: the link between who's on this week is relevant to the episode.



so a bunch of terrible, uninspired guests?



How far in advance is it planned?



How do you do the podcast thingy? Do you just make a room or whatever over skype? Appear.in? When you're not one of the featured guests are you still facilitating, or presenting? Will it always be "well known" /who/sonalities or will anons be participating. Thoughts on expanding to outside series 11? Are you hosting these on /who/tube, or will they be hosted on their own section on the wiki? Do you or any of the participants have or take issue with the podcast being shared, or perhaps even promoted outside of /who/?


how long until the new episode?


Neo is the /who/ equivalent to Christel Dee



1 bong 9 bings



I've heard rumours he uses D*sc*ord



Wtf I thought it was like 5 mins



How dare you. Neo is <3.


Ew, gross.


how many bings until spider time



TOS, how do I get the vid to play on stream again? Dont you have to do something special


File: f88c5091e8772b7⋯.gif (467.46 KB, 500x250, 2:1, billandted.gif)


69 according to>>129870



Have you seen this? A genuinely spoopy McGann-narrated documentary about ghosts on the London Underground. Great soundtrack too.




When the time is come, you click on the "embed" button and then click on the player. Live broadcast doesn't require tampermonkey script or something like that.



1 bong, 3 bings



Thought it aired at 6:55



It's 7:00 this week



what the fuck. Doctor Who is dead.



Which is…now



Nope it's 6 over there.



Something has gone very wrong with time



If only there had ever been an episode where the doctor and companions were in danger from high radiation…



Cheating because this is a fan fic idea I'm working on, but the shrinking of the British Empire in Africa and Asia over the course of the mid-20th century.



It's not. I'm watching the ep.


File: 76d30e6e1721ce6⋯.png (195.67 KB, 570x383, 570:383, more_confused_nardole.png)



>tfw time travelled ahead one hour

Well this is fucking lame for my first trip



timezones dont actually send you to the future



Couple of weeks usually.



A program with similar capabilities to Skype is used.

I always make the intros but the voice of who announces the title of the epzode is who hosted+edited that epzode.

There were two anons on the last cast, and all the weeks planned out currently have anons in them as well.

I have planned an epzode for the week inbetween the finale and the Christmas special, that's gonna be quite a good one. Beyond that, while I understand and appreciate the enthusiasm some have in thinking of offseason content, there are a myriad of reasons why I don't think that would work. However, it may end up happening in limited fashion - we will see. We're still only 3 epzodes into what will definitely be 12 epzodes of content, covering the series, a very special epzode, and the Christmas special.

They are hosted on their own YouTube channel and that is doing nicely, but a wiki article at all is a good idea, I just made this in response to that https://fuckofferino.wiki/wiki//who/_Cares%3F

I'm just one man, but I personally have no issue with the podcast being shared beyond /who/, in fact one of my greatest joys with it so far is a random YouTuber that stumbled along the podcast and has responded enthusiastically in the comments sections.


neo get back to stream for a sec



oh that looks great thanks, been looking for spooky things all afternoon


i am



I really rather enjoyed the first two. Haven't listened to Rosa yet, but I'm going to get around to it. I wouldn't mind seeing an eventual expansion to other series/seasons or even "Special" or infamous episodes that get talked about often. Any plans on adding a visual element? like clips? or I personally wouldn't mind seeing "Anons" masked or filtered video conversation. i know that will never happen, but it makes the friendship simulator aspect a bit easier to immerse in. Occasionally on other sites I see people ask for DW related podcasts and it maybe just me being a proud papa here being invested in you guys and all but they're the most interesting and easiest ones i've ever listened to. thanks for the dm btw <3


If we get an episode covering Grahams heritage can we get all the Irish /who/res together to scream about Guinness and the IRA?


I missed the original thread, why is Beep the Meep a meme again?


I was directed here for DW discussion, hoping for a good read after AitUK



Neos current character arc involves him being triggered that Briggs threathened him using Beep the Meep



Who fucking sent you?



How will this play out in the /who/ cares series finale?


Don't pirate big finish.


Honestly don't even bother with Big Finish, unless it's pre-2012.



Glad you enjoyed!

I've thought about adding clips or similar sorts of visual elements but desu I'm finding it best to keep the workload as low as possible on these since ostensibly it's for fun and editing the audio alone can take a while.

LOL, while lord knows I don't mind putting myself out there in general, most of the folks who come on definitely would mind.

Hoodie has already "advertised" the podcast outside of /who/ on his Twitter, I certainly wouldn't mind anyone else doing that but it'd be worth getting the thoughts of someone else who's been on too, Ingiga since he's the other one doing the most of the work at least. Everyone on them has agreed to being on them, which are public YouTube videos though, so it is what it is really.


I was just thinking today that if there's an Irish episode how much the cast writes itself!


It's not a meme, it's a legitimate threatening and invasive overstep on Big Finish's part. Obverse: https://www.bigfinish.com/news/v/beep-the-meep

Even setting aside the fact the BF post in question makes a complete mockery out of the customer base, it concludes with "Pre-order now. Or I'll have to turn nasty…. ", an outright threat towards the customer and arguable case of extortion/coercion. It's not a pleasant state to be in when a company you've supported for years, through thick and thin, decides to start mocking you ("advertising" an overpriced 5CD audio drama set following a comicbook cat by spamming the same word over and over and over as if Doctor Who fans are happy to eat up that slop and lack any critical faculties for discerning the presence of even a logline for a story) then outright threatening you (the line you're referencing). I do not feel safe anymore, and "Meep" is the sole reason why.



Oh sweet, a Chris&Roz boxset and Andy Lane is doing one.


How do Big Finish customers even justify continually shilling out £40 every other month for sub-par audios?



>Even setting aside the fact the BF post in question makes a complete mockery out of the customer base

How is this a bad thing

>as if Doctor Who fans are happy to eat up that slop and lack any critical faculties for discerning the presence of even a logline for a story

>as if



I have never bought a single audio from BF and have no plans to unless they do a 12 boxset



They like them. Or they pirate them.



I am not alone in taking a stand on this issue. I am surrounded here by friends that feel the same way even if they don't, and never will, express it.



seriously though what is wrong with the BF post, it's hilarious, how the hell else would they advertise Beep the fucking Meep


Spiders Rise Up in 15 bings.


Are we getting a Metebelis 3 reference or are they unrelated giant spiders?




If I threatened to kill someone, would that be hilarious? I would never do such a thing because it's vile.



You should do that to promote the podcast


File: 25e07cfb7343bdd⋯.png (448.17 KB, 769x768, 769:768, AAAAAAAAAAAAA.png)

>tfw all the people who would deserve to have their own audio range for Big Finish are either dead, too old or not well enough to do it




And do you actually think that anyone would think Big Finish is seriously threatening to murder someone in a post written in character as a fuzzy alien dude? I hope you're meming fam



>I hope you're meming fam

And the penny finally drops.



"Join us next week on The Demons of the Punjab where we'll be beating Nilso to death with a pair of croquet mallets!"


Stream is up, get in CWS to watch episode live!


File: 94ce1caf8f1a7b1⋯.jpg (490.24 KB, 2048x1534, 1024:767, drwhoep4.jpg)


Just popped in where do I watch

I am the ultra newfag




BBC one at 19:00




press "embed" then click on the player



Look at those dubs tho

Help a literally few second old newshit out

Unless you dont want to let strangers in to not get the stream sniped





I did not see your posts tyvm


Is the stream visual meant to be stuttery while the audio is clear?



Keeps cutting in and out for me


Lags this week again. Hope it gets better, but no guarantee.

The only time it worked perfectly well was Ghost Monument.

Sorry lads


Oh its working now, nvm


File: 31b29eb728004dd⋯.png (830.47 KB, 760x659, 760:659, shagger.png)

>that vortex



You lads ever sniffed a good coat?


File: d30ed59cc97ff86⋯.jpg (96.39 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, MandipGillAMA.jpg)


quick math


This is basically a pure historical.


How to deal with the Giant Spider

The Doctor: Let's let it suffocate really slowly while staring at it and saying sorry

Robertson: Nah lets shoot it dead and kill it instantly


Robertson: Fuck off you're stupid I did what needed to be done. Get out of my fucking hotel you retards.

Graham: God help us, what a madman

Noth did noth-ing wrong at all.


Lmao for once I'll admit the American was talking sense


File: f7aca706e3d9fbf⋯.jpg (279.11 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, mandipheyreddit.jpg)

for future use


"The Green Death but with Spiders and Donald Trump clone"


Legitimately the best episode of the series thus far.


Noth unironically did nothing wrong


I can't watch it till later. Quick rundown on whether or not it was shit please?


Neo's gonna have a hashtag problem with this ep



Nilso liked it.



it was bland as fuck. I dont even remember what happened to all the spiders. I preferred Rosa, at least Rosa was slightly interesting



It's the Green Death with Spiders and Donald Trump. My favourite episode of the series so far as well. The CGI was really well done, but Neo's gonna hate the ending for several reasons



Kinda shit but watchable shit



Mediocre, but it's somehow the best episode of the season so far.


I literally just watched it and already forget the resolution. They lured the spiders in to a room with rap music and then something else happened right? They wouldn't possibly leave it on just that right?



Nah, just stored them in there so they could slowly die



Nothing happened afterwards.



She let them suffocate slowly over weeks instead of putting them out of their misery for some reason. Because it's… kind to let over 30 giant spiders… suffocate to death?

But yeah, Chris Noth's an evil man for wanting to put them out of their misery, right? #GunsRBad


What would be a good episode from 12's era to show to someone who hasn't seen the series before, to give them a good impression? I specify 12's era because this particular person, I think, would like him best and they're in need of convincing.




Noth did literally nothing wrong. They act like he's a terrible person for leaving the spider waste there (as if the CEO would know what's going on with every client), and then for killing the animals which would kill any of them without a second thought



Mummy on the Orient Express?


File: d12563130950535⋯.jpg (82.62 KB, 1072x1202, 536:601, Oh shit.jpg)


>episode is actually blackpilled by having Noth be completely in the right and says guns are actually humane




I would say Robot of Sherwood (I love it but ik some people don't), or Under The Lake/Before The Flood if they want to sit through a two parter. Of course I'd say Heaven Sent but then that kinda ruins everything for them since they know Gallifrey comes back


File: cda97f9e0760ded⋯.png (53.72 KB, 608x468, 152:117, cda97f9e0760ded9c63b797563….png)


>Comfy series 1 vibes, could've been an Eccleston story especially with the ending with the mother spider dying

>Yaz gets some much needed characterization

>Humour actually lands for once, laughed multiple times

>Ryan gets another funny schlocky scene with the grime music

>Robertson not a total caricature, actually a fun character

>Jodie feels like the Doctor finally, really came into her own here, less angry than previous Doctors

>CGI on the spiders was pretty impressive

>Emotional moments didn't feel forced or overstay their welcome

>Some nice visuals, the promotional material really hid that the episode takes place mostly in a hotel

>Yaz/Thirteen teased


<Tanya Fear's acting was atrocious and she served little purpose except for exposition, should've been cut

<Too much effort put into explaining why the spiders were acting weird. Could've just said "lab experiment" and we would've understood

<"Guns are bad" even on mindless spiders…?

<Yaz / Ryan teased

Best episode of S11 thus far, quite enjoyable indeed. Quite a triumph considering I thought this would be WOAT tier.



Now that we've had the blackpill when are we getting the BLACKEDpill?



Mummy seems like the safest choice. Good story, single part, minimal arc but still has characterkino…



What about the rap music?



Listen is self-contained enough to make sense to someone who's never seen any episodes from that era, plus the fact that it's told through Clara's eyes while still being a great episode for 12's character is perfect for them to start with. Also it's kino



Heaven Sent, Listen, Blink and Midnight are all awful recommendations to new viewers because even though they are great episodes independently, they are so unlike the bulk of stories.


I liked it. It works because of Ryan. If it was some generic pop I would've rolled my eyes.




>for someone who has never seen Doctor Who before

>an episode which literally ends on a Hartnell reference

Also has the Blink/HS problem of being great because it's so different from the norm, hence setting expectations wrongly for a new viewer.


What's more humane, letting us slowly suffer through this shit hole of a series or having Chris Noth fucking put a bullet in our heads and end our misery now?



Actually started off well. There were multiple storylines going on, interesting environments and camera work, a somewhat scary monster.

Then it all goes to shit at the exact time that the Doctor arrives at the hotel. The show literally became 'four independent strong woman who don't need no man shout at the white cis male pig and also guns are bad even though we blatantly show them to be a merciful than what the Doctor suggests' The storyline became incredibly predictable, just the

>big bad companies dump trash into landfill

>insects grow huge due to radioactivity

story we've seen time and time again.

Then Ryan plays some shit grime music so that the UK black youth have their little representation(it was almost as bad as the CoD shit in episode 2) and I honestly don't even remember what happened after that because suddenly we're back in Yaz's flat and everything's fine again.

4/10 best episode so far somehow




True. It's a really good episode, I think they'd enjoy that one. Nothing too confusing for new viewers, and a solid story. Thank you!


Listen is kino, but it might not be ideal for someone totally new to the show, and the character stuff is great but best appreciated with full knowledge of who the Doctor is.


Robot's a good suggestion, but I don't know if this particular person would get the best impression of the show via it as their first episode. As for Lake/Flood… I haven't seen that in a long while, so I'll probably avoid suggesting that. Heaven Sent feels like it'd be a little bit too nonsensical to a new viewer. Or, at least, the general storyline of it makes sense but the context/ending of it would just be confusing.



Setting up a potential sequel where the spiders escaped.


I'll defend the call of duty scene and the grime music scene. They're stupid, but in a self-aware way that makes them really funny to me.


I'd love for Noth to come back as a recurring character but I'm sure that's just me


I'm honestly really confused by some of this. What happened to the spiders? Did the Doctor find a planet for them to live on? Did she call UNIT? Is her plan for them all to suffocate or starve or something?

I'm still wondering about last week as well. The Doctor was happy to just zap that nazi dude back to the stone age.



They said in the episode that they were just going to lock them in the panic room to suffocate/starve instead of giving them a quick death.



>ep1: Just let the guy blow up his own brain, dont even tell him you swapped the bombs

>ep3: Just zap the fella back in time, let him fend for himself on his own, in presumably prehistoric North America

>ep4: Just let the spiders suffocate really, and berate the guy who gives them a quick death

I'm noticing a pattern here. I can't think of one for episode 2 though, because the Doctor didn't actually do anything in that one




It would be kino if Thirteen is revealed to have a cruel streak who really doesn't care about mercy, but I think we all know this won't happen.



13 believes in just desserts. You reap what you sow, and all that.



>guns bad

>programming a technovirus that causes my enemy to suffer a thousand deaths within their own mind before exploding good

Getting really tired of the utter absurdity of the Doctor's gun phobia. How they handled it made sense in the classic series. Things should be solved peacefully, if they can be, but once the gloves are off, a gun is as good a weapon as any. Modern Doctor seems pretty happy to kill, but is snooty about a particular method of killing, because it isn't intellectual enough.



>It's the Green Death with Spiders and Donald Trump

Stolen take



I endorse the take fully. I can't remember who said it, so whoever said it said it first



I was mostly joking, but I said it first. I'm NightmareofEden.



What would your reaction be if Ryan played 'Rise Up'?


I hated how they ran around as seven people. TARDIS is already very crowded, why did they need Jade and Yaz's mom? It's not like very developed or suited for different tasks though, they are just part of the crowd, sometimes throwing needed exposition.



I would've hit the dab.



God, I wish.



13's gonna go back in time and nuke eisenhower


is there no mega link yet?



I wish Chris Noth would tucking shoot me dead. I can't go anymore with 5 whole fucking years of Chib.



I wanna see a remake of Protect & Survive, but with Ryan and Yasmin. Would suit 13





What episode was the virus thing?




Jade and Yaz's mom could have easily been fused in to one character


File: 2e1ae595d123aec⋯.png (1.08 MB, 800x800, 1:1, 2e1ae595d123aecbc89d653aca….png)

How did we go from Dinosaurs On a Spaceship to Spiders in Trump Tower?


Is Tosin Cole really bad actor?



Friendly reminder to imagine this as an RTD era ep with Nine and Rose running around with Jackie instead of Yaz's mum and this episode becomes pure comfy kino


File: aa84104e56d92a6⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1050x1043, 150:149, yasryan.png)


I would do the sidebar as well but I don't have that font.


>Dont shoot the robots, blow them up

>Dont shoot the spider, let the spider die in agony

What's next?

>Dont shoot the nazi, let the nazi shoot you

>Dont shoot the spaceship to blow it up, press the button to blow it up



this is GOAT. I love it.



Don't do this to me. Stop reminding me of Kino I'll never experience.



I might do a mockup through the template Lym left if you want.



>Dont shoot the nazi, let the nazi shoot you

13's a Neoliberal, I see.



but is it okay to punch a dalek? Doesn't that make you as bad as a dalek?


This is an episode that'll become better on a rewatch. Still doesn't mean I'm looking forward to watching it before TTC



File: bcc8b9c1059454c⋯.jpg (62.86 KB, 640x800, 4:5, arachindscrew.jpg)



Who are the two randos in the back?



The 14th Doctor and his gay lover.




Gotta have all those strong independent women so the big bad white man gets owned again and again

I can already imagine all the fucking Tumblr gifs being made at this very moment



White man believes in euthanasia. White man wrong. Let's not actually explore whether Euthanasia is right or not though. Death in Heaven did a better job



Lmao this whole series has Tumblr gifs written all over it


Was okay, cringy gun dillema aside this was the most competent episode so far. I even laughed a couple of times. Prolly like a soft 6 or a hard 5.5;

Also, Yaz and 13, it's fucking happening, right?

It's either that or Donna-like "everyone thinks they're banging"


>"How's this for fire and fury"



I want to go back to THE MAN WHO ALWAYS WOULD



fucking hell


File: ac33e4017fa5bc5⋯.png (1.99 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, graemedriver.png)



oh god I forgot that


Am I the only one who thinks Arachnids in the UK is racist af?



kino shot ngl



Are we not gonna talk about how they're doing the Bill's mum thing again?



The spiders represent migrants and the hotel represents the UK.



Write an essay on it.


File: 972882ea025af4f⋯.jpg (202.26 KB, 1280x887, 1280:887, tumblr_n31sd0Dcyx1ql9lj0o8….jpg)



This whole series is racist and sexist against white men.

Imagine if black men were conveyed as every single white man (other than Graham) has been portrayed in this series so far. The npcs would be going fucking apeshit crazy.



> Pointless US Politics rhetoric that adds nothing to the episode.

> Angry white American angry that British people aren't aggressive gun lovers

> Angry white American shoots and kills bad guy

> Angry white American "future president of the United States"

> Black person likes black people music

I'm not done watching yet.



based. Especially how the spider was suffering til the american came in and shot it


Thoughts on the ending from a character perspective?

I almost feel like it's supposed to be negative, like Graham is running away from confronting his problem and Yaz is just taking a vacation from life. Do you think they'll develop the characters in that direction?


File: 123cbc07726b9a1⋯.gif (762.73 KB, 288x218, 144:109, ohohoho.gif)

post YFW Roth comes back in S12 as the president


That was one of the worst episodes I've ever seen. Closer to Sharknado than Doctor Who.



actually would be an interesting bit of continuity. Especially if he had a gun again


Chibnall could've used the spider dilemma to give a deeper insight into the Doctor's morality by having her acknowledge that, whilst the direct act of killing is generally a very bad thing, sometimes it's far crueller to not act at all. No matter what happened, those spiders were going to die. There were two options: long, slow, painful suffocation/starvation in a tiny cramped room, or a quick and (if done properly) painless death.

Even though the Doctor had previously stated her dislike for guns, it would've been more interesting to see her have to struggle with the moral dilemma, rather than refuse to compromise, maintaining a clearly specious opinion. Previous Doctors have acknowledged that sometimes the direct act of killing is a necessary evil, because for all that violence is something to abhor, it can sometimes also be the method by which suffering is eased. The Doctor's moral stance is basically just "above all, kindness" and sometimes that kindness can take unique forms, in unique circumstances. The character's stance has never, and should never be "no violence, no exceptions" because that's such a narrow view of the world, incompatible with situations exactly like the spiders, where she *should've* chosen direct mercy, rather than passive cruelty… but Chibnall's definition of compassion seems to be very limited, very superficial, and ultimately just leads to the Doctor appearing all the more cruel for it.

This episode could've been a layered and interesting insight into morality and mercy, and it could've elevated the story from a generic, shallow "monster romp" to something actually worth thinking about… but nope. Guns bad. Spiders die. On to next week, lads.


holy shit the blocking in the opening scene is so fucking amateur looking, where does Chibnall get these directors?




No episode in particular. That's just an amalgam of things the Doctor tends to do now.

>lol, I reprogrammed your computer, and blew up your ship

>lol, I kicked you into a black hole so you can suffer for all eternity

>lol, I used anti-plastic to try to kill this plastic lifeform

>lol, I threw vinegar at you and made you explode

>lol, I had a sword fight with you and kicked you off a space ship

>lol, I had a sword fight with you and cut off your head

>lol, I manipulated some space-time anomaly to wipe out your race again

>lol, I drowned you in a hole

<guns are bad


Does anyone know how much censorship is happening over on reddit? I haven't been on there since last season (I deleted my reddit account) but it seems like both main doctor who subs share similar moderation teams and both seem to overwhelmingly like this episode.


File: 4e4590b49b61c3d⋯.mp4 (13.92 MB, 1920x960, 2:1, Series11NewTimeVortexHD.mp4)

new time vortex



The /r/gallifrey thread is extremely negative


The black man companion :

>grew up with no father

>likes rap

>is good with guns

So progressive


File: 1c4a197a497d1ed⋯.jpg (258.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at ….jpg)

>experience time travel for the first time

>all of their reactions are just "huh, weird"

I understand Yaz because Chibnall keeps forgetting to give her a personality but Graham and Ryan just lost their wife/grandmother, you'd think they'd at least ask if they can fucking go see her again via the time travel they just experienced



I should clarify that I fucking hate guns, and I agree wholeheartedly with the Doctor's stance in a real world sense, but this wasn't a real world situation. Besides, guns didn't have to be used. They had the spiders all locked up, they could've found an alternative way of dealing with them humanely, but as far as the audience is aware, they were just locked up and left to slowly die… which makes it all the more baffling that they gave us a scene in which we were supposed to feel bad about the mother spider suffocating and dying. All they were doing was showing us exactly what was going to happen to all her children.

After letting us see that, are we supposed to feel happy about how the rest of the spiders were dealt with? Better yet, they used that scene to juxtapose the Doctor and the American guy's contrasting views, with the suggestion that the former was right and the latter was wrong. Perhaps in that very specific situation, yeah… but not when you consider the surrounding context. I don't know. Maybe I'm thinking about this all too much, especially when that early review warned us not to. It really just becomes frustrating when you dig into it, like all of Chibnall's episodes so far.



It's balance because he's a spacker too.



god sometimes I wish that /who/ wrote S11 instead of Chibnall



Hating guns is silly. A gun's just a tool. unnecessary violence is what you should hate.


File: 85580c08cc62eda⋯.jpg (53.1 KB, 620x413, 620:413, 16617987-low_res-doctor-wh….jpg)

>Don't kick the guy I just detonated 5 bombs inside of off a crane.

>Don't shoot those robots I'm about to blow up in a minute.

>Don't shoot that spider that's slowly dying in enormous pain


>Every episode I hate everyone else likes

>Every episode I like everyone else hates

DWE for these feels?





Yeah, you're right enough, anon. I think it's more accurate to say that I hate what guns represent, at least in society's current view.



I'm the one that was ranting about the morality issues in this episode… aside from that specific thing, I did enjoy this one. But to paraphrase Ten: it could've been so much more.



Nah Chibnall is just winging it


File: b3d6372b25685b9⋯.webm (10.57 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ryans music2.webm)



- Sheffield shots are nice

- Good CGI

- Some development for Yaz

- Doctor Who got some nice scenes

- I like how the new vortex works, otherworldly and spacey

- Spiders motif is nice, i liked music in this one

- Chris Noth was good

- Too many characters. They run around as seven people, it feels too safe

- 13 being this opposed to guns always feels very clunky this series, today is no exception. It made much more sense and was played better in early RTD

- Frankie character

- The resolution, how they just left the spiders in that room to die or something

- Ryan's line delivery is very poor, maybe I just don't get it

ranking: 3 > 4 > 2 > 1


Someone in the r/gallifrey thread compared it to Primeval and I I think he's right, even though I have the Primeval DvDs I could not tell you what happened in each episode apart from the really good bits just like this episode



Great post. Chibnall is putting barely any thought into these scripts



>Ryan's line delivery is very poor, maybe I just don't get it

That's because Tosin Cole is the worst companion actor since Mark Strickson




What was the original song again?



Her performance is getting better but her character is just getting more shit. 13 didn't deserve this


13, Graham and Yas would be a fine trio.



There needs to be glorious edits of every episode, they make me kek every time



I hope 13 gets called out on it, otherwise its very weird and just feels straight up bad writing


Inside No 9 live is going fucking terribly.



didn't know they were doing that.



Redpill on this?



They were doing an episode live but the sound kept cutting out so now they're just repeating an old ep.



nvm it's a trick they're trying to spook us


File: f0f77adca0df6d5⋯.jpg (176.96 KB, 2250x584, 1125:292, Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at ….jpg)

>go to /tv/ to see the state of the /who/ thread there

>see this

the mods should never have let it come back


>Bradders: "He's running for president in 2020"

>Noth: "I haven't declared my intentions yet"

so how the fuck would a guy from England know enough about American politics to know that some businessman is going to run for president in 2 years when he hasn't even announced it?


File: 375de2ba4e8e2ac⋯.jpg (158.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at ….jpg)


jesus christ


Reminder that the Timeless child or whatever it's called is Kaagh The Slayer


>RTD hits the ground running with his first episode

>Moffat hits the ground running with his first episode

>Chibnall hits the ground, is 0/4 so far

fuck me


How do you even think of trying to turn a romp about giant spiders into political commentary about Trump?

What the hell is the link between those two things?



The Writer who fell to Earth



Wait, what's all this about? Redpill?


File: 73abca56109fa7e⋯.png (3.4 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, screenshot_20181028_171938.png)

Bold move doctor. Bold move.



The Ghost Monument 2/10

Rosa 5/10

Arachnids in the UK 3/10


What I do like, regardless of quality of episodes, is how local every adventure is. No universal threats, no end of the worlds, no fracturing time itself. I don't mind all these things, in fact in love them, but it's genuinely nice and refreshing having this different perspective.

Even Rosa ep, which could feel more, you know, apocalyptic, is played quietly, providing almost no evidence that Krasko is a big deal that really knows what he's doing. For what the viewers knows, both Krasko and Doctor Who might be wrong about understanding time the way they do.

I wonder if inevitable big moments will feel more impactful because of this tone.



The Woman Who Fell to Earth - 3/5

The Ghost Monument - 3/5

Rosa - 1/5

Arachnids in the UK - 1/5



I was looking forward to that tomorrow oh well



Wait what's going on with that?




The biggest prank pulled on UK televison.



Bigger than Ghostwatch? OK you're gonna have to redpill me on this one.



Actually letting us see the door this time. Brave move


What's with the whole running away and avoiding the subject being apparently a great way to deal with grief?



Started off as a live episode. Then the sound cut off as if it had fucked up. Then the BBC 2 announcer cut to an earlier episode which also stopped working. Then the BBC 2 announcer got killed. Then it cut to cameras on the set as the cast and crew slowly got killed as well.



Sounds kino.


Based Pipes


I don't understand how Chibnall can be so bad at writing dialogue. I don't remember his past episodes being like this. The Power of Three is only as good as it is because of the character interactions in it, yet he's 4 episodes into the new series and has yet to write a single scene that's not awkward and stilted. Is Broadchurch like this too? I thought that show got rave reviews? but then again, so has Series 11.


I predicted today's episode.




Omg how did I miss that


File: 005f8e694196ee9⋯.jpg (162.32 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at ….jpg)

>points to sign saying KEEP OUT DANGER OF DEATH

>"look at this: KEEP OUT DANGER OF DEATH"

this is worse than visual big finish


Yas and Graham still aren't on speaking terms


The grime thing with disabled nigger dude was funny af



Arachnids in the UK was not that bad, it was a solid 2/5



Yaz is hot I'd bone her any day


Knock Knock looking like a masterpiece rn



Sorry the political rhetoric killed it for me. It was a 3/5 up until the last couple of scenes.



>Is Broadchurch like this too?

Kind of. At times. It's more "character expressing what they feel out loud" rather than "character reading stuff from the floor out loud".



>Sorry the political rhetoric killed it for me.

daily mail comments section is that way, cletus



Uhm, why? It's pretty common sense politics, 'bad rich dude doesnt care about regular people' is a pretty common trope that most people who aren't bootlickers accept.


at least when Moffat episodes were bad I was still engaged with what was happening and the episode made me feel something, even if that feeling was negative. This is the 4th episode in a row where I'm so fucking apathetic to everything going on. I can't even hate it, I just don't care at all about any of it. The only two scenes to come close to invoking any emotion in me were the Call of Duty scene and the scene in todays episode with Ryan playing Stormzy, and that was only because the first scene was so absurd I had to laugh at it and the music in the 2nd one caught me off guard.


Is Yaz lesbian/bi? Why does her own mother immediately assume that she's in a relationship with the Doctor? Is it just because Chibnall was trying to replicate RTD's signature "Doctor argues with companion's mother" scene and he didn't bother to edit out the bit where the mother assumes they're fucking?


File: 91451c168cba34f⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1246x698, 623:349, choices 1.png)

File: 33da4787e2485b1⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1247x698, 1247:698, choices 2.png)


Rewatching some Capaldi episodes, and… huh. This scene illustrated the sort of thing that I said Chibnall should have explored. Obviously, the circumstances of Mummy were different to tonight's episode, but the issue of impossible choices is always a fascinating one, and there was a lot of wasted potential with it in Arachnids.


>'bad rich dude doesnt care about regular people' is a pretty common trope that most people who aren't bootlickers accept.

not if you've convinced yourself a NYC billionaire who inhereted his father's fortune and literally has a gold fucking toilet in his penthouse is somehow a "man of the common people" because he talks like a fucking moron which apparently means he's "not afraid to say what people are thinking" as if that: A. matters & B. is in any way an accomplishment



I think it's just because she's never gotten laid.

I really hope they don't make the only Muslim character a faggot. Also her sister is such an annoying bitch why does she exist.



Good response but please learn to reply newfag.



Lesbian Muslim won't sit well with some people. I personally couldn't give a single shit.



Ryan looked proper hyped



>wants to travel in the TARDIS as a way to cope with his grief and grow as a person


>doesn't want to have to go back to work


>doesn't want to go home to her family, who we just met and are all nice and friendly people

fucks sake Chibnall just drop the dead weight and have it just be 13/Graham



Yaz's family seemed really nice. Ryan's just a lazy sod. Graham has a good claim.



Nah her sister's a bitch and a twat.




>more likeable and entertaining within 5 seconds of showing up on screen than Yaz and Ryan have been in the past 3 episodes combined

Based Hakim should travel with 13/Graham too desu



Trump is a wake up call for the left. He's a classless loutish buffoon who makes off the cuff remarks every day. And yet he still won because he was the only person willing to address certain issues people had. If you choose to ignore issues that you don't think are important anyone can come and fill that vacuum, even somebody completely implausible like Trump.



Yaz isn't confirmed muslim, her remark in Rosa can be read multiple ways. I suspect if she was her mother would not have even intimated rhat she was a lesbian.


Seems like her mum and dad put a lot of pressure on her to help out and her sister is a right nosey cow. Can see why she wants out.


File: 21dcf0a1dd89488⋯.jpg (165.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at ….jpg)


oops forgot pic




Not the original guy, but you don't need to like Trump to think that the political aspect of the episode was badly written. It was literally the most basic "Trump bad" stuff without the smallest hint of subtlety. I'm not going to give shit writing a pass just because I agree with the broad point it makes, otherwise I should also like The Doctor's Daughter ("war is bad", who can disagree with that?).



That's a strong condemnation. What's the reason for being so… vocal?



I'd rather have a series 11 consisting entirely of Ryan being a dip. GOAT



everything about the episode was badly written, I don't see why two or three lines of dialogue that are vaguely "political" are worse than every other (non-political) line of dialogue being just as awfully done, if not worse


>Robertson hates Trump but acts like Trump does, owns hotels like Trump does and is generally rude like Trump is

>According to Graham and Ryan, Robertson is apparently running against Trump in 2020 despite Robertson saying that he's not announced anything yet

Is Robertson a Republican running against Trump in the Primaries ala Cruz, Rubio, Paul and Bush, Democrat or Independent vying for a third-party position?



>has a secret bunker filled with """""entertainment""""""

He's one of the elites




Yeah, I heard that the elites enjoy their "entertainment".


File: 69100721b1498d7⋯.mp4 (2.62 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, toddlerrun.mp4)

are the villains for episode 5 going to be bad on-set lighting? also why the fuck is Jodie running like that



I don't think it was worse than everything else, though it did get even more in-your-face at the end.


I don't think Chibnall gave it that much thought. The strongly pro-gun stance does make it more likely that he's a republican though.


File: 92055c1e9004f54⋯.jpg (78.3 KB, 660x900, 11:15, Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at ….jpg)

>the bumbag is literally never addressed in any way

imagine if 11 just showed up with the Fez in The Big Bang and no one questioned it at all, how does Chibnall manage to take any idea he has that could in any way be interesting or fun and do absolute fuck all with it?


so were they just big Earth spiders? and are they just still around? Noth shot the big one but its not like that spider was controlling the others, it just happened to be bigger than the rest. Why didn't the Doctor try and find out anything about them? why did she just leave after the big one died? what the fuck was this episode



Yeah, that is a bit of a giveaway.



Jade said the big one was the Mother. So the implication was that no more new mutant spiders will appear. And I suppose they locked the majority inside the room, leaving just 1 or 2.



Don’t forget “Eleventh Hour”.



Am I a pleb if I think this looks ugly as shit?



>Please don't say that name



>ghost monument

>literally the most boring episode of doctor who ever written

>everyone walks in a straight line to the tardis for an entire episode

>theres literally no stakes because its episode 2 and theyve written themselves into a corner

>side characters are:mr. Evil but gives winners money for the rest of their lives; mary sue purity who does stuff selflessly for her family and le ebin angry white man over how hard his life is

<anon believes this is a 3/5 episode



It really wasn't that clear cut, the rich bad dude was running BECAUSE of Trump.



She just acts like an asshole and she looks like a bimbo also Yaz is waifu material



0:00 to 0:09 are great

0:10 to 0:15 seriously ruin it

0:16 to 0:19 are great



I didn't even notice it kek



That seems like a you problem, not a character problem.



That was actually the collective voice of the fans telling Chibnall not to go there.




Can't wait for Neo to eviscerate the last 10 minutes



Well yeah I'm not saying she's a badly made character, I'm just saying she's a character I dislike.

I think the slitheen are bad but that doesn't mean they're badly made, they're supposed to be bad, they're villains!


File: cdb4b8d92d8e7da⋯.jpg (702.36 KB, 1695x659, 1695:659, Series 11 so far.jpg)

>went through the rest of the episodes, crossing off all the ones with Chibnall writing and directors from Episodes 1-4 returning

>gave the director of next week a red question mark because the next time trailer didn't look promising visually

>gave Vinay a green one because he's our only hope

>dunno about the rest of the writers or how much of Rosa Blackman wrote so they got black question marks

how do you fuck this up as badly as Chibnall has?



McTighe seems to be a Who fan. Mind you, so is Malorie Blackman and we know how that turned out.



Put a green next to Pete McTighe, he's /ourguy/ and the other stuff he's done is very good. I'd wager it'll be better than Demons of the Punjab.



Wait, THIS was the bumbag episode? Christ I legitimitately didn't notice it at all. Could have made for some cute dialogue a la the fez. Fuck's sakes Chibnall



>After letting us see that, are we supposed to feel happy about how the rest of the spiders were dealt with?

it's just bizarre. they have this big comedy scene where ryan attracts the spiders to their deaths with grime music, but then it's meant to be really sad that the mother spider is dying?

the doctor could still have the moral grandstanding about guns if chibnall just focused her anger on robertson's flippant attitude towards using them. then again, what message is that sending - guns are ok, sometimes, if the intent is good? maybe that's a bit centrist. i dunno. imagine thinking this much about such a nothingy episode.


Can we have Jade McIntyre / Yaz's dad/sister turn up again at some point, or are they going to get Memory Holed?


capaldo, cheet, with me



This is a good point. If 13 had been mad at how easily and without remorse he killed the Brood Mother I'd have maybe excused the scene, but 13's big-brained "Let's let this giant Brood Mother suffocate to death slowly while we all stand around and say 'I'm so sorry, this shouldn't be happening to you' " plan leaves a lot to be desired.

Is 13 just stupid or does she have a latent sadistic streak she doesn't even know she has?



we still dont know anything about mctighe or hime's episodes, do we? or the finale, but best not get our hopes up. there's two episodes we've apparently seen nothing of, and one with mark addy/julie hesmondhalgh.



Hesmondhalgh episode is the Lee Mack episode as well. As far as anyone can surmise it's set in the modern day in a warehouse.


File: d7b97cad80b8ba7⋯.mp4 (9.42 MB, 1920x960, 2:1, Series 11 Time Vortex Fixe….mp4)



did a super quick edit getting rid of that middle bee hive looking part, I agree that part looks really weird. Might try to see if I can edit this into the title sequence without it looking shitty, I suppose its worth a try



That looks a million times better.


File: dbff1b259183d26⋯.png (404.21 KB, 540x735, 36:49, 1519605632604.png)


>mfw watching it back now I can't even tell where I made my cut because the whole thing is such a visual clusterfuck



I love that she uses the exact same phrasing as in episode 1 when she says "I'm sorry that this is happening to you." If she keeps using it it'll become insincere, when we were praising it originally because it was more thoughtful than Tennant's many "I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry's". The only grasp we seem to have on 13 is that she's much more considerate about people's feelings, and it's the only way we can conceive potential flaws appearing in her nature.



10's delivery of the line was duller than 13's, and its frequent use throughout 10's run made it seem less honest every consecutive time. 13 has said "I'm so sorry" in three of her four episodes so far, so make of that inference what you will.


File: 9466b49be03ef52⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1220x546, 610:273, Screenshot from 2018-10-29….png)



This comic was a big fucking mistake.


>Tzim-Sha teleported away

>Ilin teleported away

>Krasko was teleported away

>Robertson walked out of the room

>The Spiders were locked in a room

Bar The Remnants or The Brood Mother every monster/antagonist has avoided their fate.


File: 9ed40fbb0c7f9f2⋯.png (70.63 KB, 229x220, 229:220, ClipboardImage.png)

>im your nieces wife sir

is this really the representation people wanted?


is it too much to ask for the fucking cameras to stay still for a second? im so disconnected from this series. I can't get immersed at all


>less than 12 hours after the episode airs

>no /who/ thread on /tv/

It's dead, Chibnall did what we always wanted


>Imagine what a DARK FUTURE America might have if this bloke who SHOT a SPIDER gets into the White House! Dark times ahead guys, you don't know how good you have it right now



I actually thought this was the first ep so far where the direction wasn't a severe step down from the average Capaldi episode. (Although the blocking in the first scene with everyone standing 20 feet apart from each other was shit.)



"God help us, the person shot and killed a suffocating Mother Spider instead of doing the humane thing and letting it suffocate to death slowly in agonising pain!"


For a moment I thought 13 would throw herself in front of the spider.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>that song Ryan plays

Why not this one?



okay I spent 30 minutes trying different ways to make it work but its impossible with the title sequence having just no vortex in it at all. Plus the vortex clip is such a fast paced visual mess that it's impossible to slow it down even a tiny bt without it just looking like 5fps stuttery shit


The scene of the spiders marching along to the grime music belonged in a better show than this. It was very Attack the Block-esque.



>single handedly kill a giant monster spider before it can escape and wreck havoc on Sheffield

he's gonna win in a landslide lol, dude doesn't even need any platform aside from "I saved the world with only My Second Amendment Rights™"



yeah i just started watching it so i might agree after i finish, that post was a reaction to the first scene inside the tardis.



no because that would be interesting


My fam, team tardis


>2 episodes in a row where someone uses the villains gun that 13 spent the whole episode reprimanding them for to save the day while the Doctor just stands by and does absolutely nothing

is this gonna be a recurring thing now



You mean her getting shot and regenerating into Kris Marshall?


File: 06fdfce4dd45298⋯.png (283.41 KB, 500x608, 125:152, 1519092100135.png)

>"hey it looks like the spider is going bald just like our showrunner maybe it means it's stressed out because it's hungry or something"

>Chris Noth shoots it 5 seconds later

>Thirteen is mad because she heard that womans theory and the spider is definitely good now? even though it could've been hungry for humans?



How's the Marshallverse fairing by now? I thought for sure they'd be suffering with the blander Doctot but I'm not so sure now. And at least they have Okita fap webms every episode



Jodie isn't the problem, though. Chibnall is. RTD and Moffat could've made 13 an interesting character in less than 5 minutes of screentime. Chibnall has had 4 whole episodes and has yet to give her any characteristics whatsoever. It's insane. If you asked me to come up with a word to describe each Doctor, I'd have no trouble coming up with several. With 13 I can't even think of one.


File: b71d716ced49a39⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 226.44 KB, 500x299, 500:299, h4A7ECE46.png)


>that spoiler



remember when this show was good lol


haha we make character like drumpf but then subvert dumb audience expectations by name dropping trump in the same scene.




I wasn't alive back then


File: 74d4ab940fb7126⋯.gif (2.71 MB, 540x248, 135:62, thirteen.gif)


I think 13's really lovely, I enjoy her and I enjoy Jodie's portrayal, but she is a very generic Doctor. Nothing about her is unique, or makes her markedly different from the others (aside from the obvious, which… of course, isn't a personality trait) and you'd think that would've arisen by now, four episodes in. She does and says things that have a lot of *potential* to make her distinct, but Chibnall never capitalises on it. It comes across as more of an unforeseen quirk rather than something deliberately planned, like her weird focus on the "no guns" thing despite a situation plausibly justifying their use, or the way she seemed to get some sort of thrill out of her encounter with Krasko where he tried to kill her but couldn't. All of these things don't necessarily make her distinct, but there's the potential for them to. Like, you could make something out of the fact that the morals she seems determined to stick by often conflict with what might be the "right" thing to do, or with the Krasko situation, it could be (as has been mentioned a few times before) that she's a bit of an adrenaline junkie, taking risks to get a high that's harder and harder to come by now that she's so old and has seen so much. Right now, she doesn't really have any discernible flaws, which I think is what makes her so generic. She has all of the recognisable traits of the Doctor, she has all the good stuff… but pretty much every incarnation has at least one "flaw" (or, deviation from the expected norm) that helps to define them. The core of the Doctor is always good, but the way that that personality is presented to the universe may be imperfect, and it's the imperfections—contrasted against the purity of the core—that define each incarnation.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


My go-to theme. This is canon for 7's Big Finish audios as far as I'm concerned.


>Chibnall went with the overly literal of "Arachnids in the UK" because there's literally nothing else to the episode other than there are spiders and they're in the UK



the first 10 seconds sound awful but after that weird bitcrush part its fine. Kinda gives me '90s PC game vibes


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The theme is slightly extended at the start. Video attached is what it'd look like with a title sequence behind it.


spiders running along to grime embodies this series perfectly


Only two weeks til vinay kino lads



filtered through a Chib net



Unexpected and fun? It's everything S11 isn't.



>Directed by Jamie Childs



Oi rudeboy, shut up.

That was great fun.



One moment that's enjoyable surrounded by 50 minutes of content i should have been asleep for



Okay, that makes more sense.



Chibnall aside, I think making her a great Doctor is always going to be an uphill struggle. She just seems so bland and ordinary. She doesn't have that alien vibe that you ideally want from a Doctor. Michelle Gomez looks and acts like an alien. Jodie looks and acts like someone's mother.



If you don't mind answering, what are the flaws of the NuWho Doctors?


I wan't series 12 to consist of episodes that are 50 mins of Ryan being an absolute spaz interspersed with based bradders.



not him but

>9: PTSD

>10: sensitivity and vanity

>11: Overconfidence

>12: lack of empathy


we're 40 percent of the way through the series, that's 4.8 episodes of a normal 12 part series.

That would mean we're basically at the equivalent of having just watched time heist, now think about the characterization at this point in each series, they've done fucking nothing of worth with any of the characters, ESPECIALLY the doctor.


When was the last time we heard the Cloister Bell?


Would you change the colour of regeneration energy? If so, what to?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

28 seconds in you can see that Chibnall is reusing ideas



Add manipulation to 11 as well


Vocaroo embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


TDF or TUaT?


White lightning, Christopher Lambert style.



I would say 11's is immaturity and refusal to face reality. He has a huge all-encompassing arc about this which is completed by Time of the Doctor.



I'd probably dial it right back to something more like the original series. Regeneration being more of an arduous, metamorphosis, and not a mad explosion of energy.



I like to imagine that the Time Lords streamlined Regeneration into an explosion of energy during the Time War to turn any regenerating Time Lord trapped behind enemy lines into becoming walking time-bombs - when they finally regenerate they destroy everything in their surrounding environment, be it Daleks or any manner of smaller antagonistic players in the War.




You beat me to it, but yeah. I think it's probably wrong of me to use the word "flaws" because things like 9's PTSD and stuff, describing them like that is insensitive at best, but I'm not sure how else to put it. Aspects of them that shatter perceived perfection? No idea. Like most characters, if you just took the basis of them and stripped away all the aspects that inspire conflict (internal or external), they would stagnate pretty quickly. You need something in there to deviate from the norm, or you'll just get more of the same. The Doctor is recognisable in all their forms not just because of the shared history, but also because of the shared traits and beliefs. What makes each incarnation distinct is anything that differs from the expected, and that can often (but not always) manifest in flaws. At least, the things that invite the most conflict and therefore, the most story potential, tend to be things you might perceive as damaging that perfect ideal of the hero figure. So, for 9, his PTSD isn't a personality flaw so much as something he's dealing with that degrades the perception of the Doctor as infallible, whereas with 10, 11 and 12, those are issues with their personality directly. You could probably expand on the list a little for each (which I see some anons have already done), but those are the core problems they deal with, and things that they have to overcome throughout their tenure, because they're things that naturally invite conflict either within themselves, with their companions, or with the people they encounter. 10 is a bit of an outlier, in that I'm not entirely sure he ever did overcome his vanity, it kind of followed him through to the end, didn't it? But I've not watched his stuff in a while, so maybe someone else could comment on that.

The problem with 13, I think, is that she doesn't have any recognisable personality flaws, and anything you could twist to say *is* one (though there isn't much)… it's either portrayed as something quirky and fun, or seems to be entirely unintentional. This would be generally okay, if there was some external conflict that existed to affect her on a personal level, but so far there isn't. There have been plenty of situations that offered the chance (see: the whole moral dilemma with the spiders), but it's never capitalised on. Four episodes in and we don't really *know* the Doctor in her current form? Hm. It's not bad, it just might become a little boring. At least there's a chance to understand her better as an individual with the whole Timeless Child thing being brought up, whatever that may be, but I'm worried that Chibnall's going to fumble with that one too, and not really deliver on whatever potential there is.



The meeting of opposites is a big thing I associate with the 11th, Being equal parts young and old, genius and ridiculous, harmless and dangerous. I guess that factors into the wacky young man persona being a way to run from who he really was underneath.



Fucking love this theory


File: 84f00e8b28a70ec⋯.jpg (77.64 KB, 694x448, 347:224, 1axhef.jpg)

>I eat danger for breakfast!

>I call people dude now. Get used to it.

>I'd love a flat. I'd have a sofa, that'd be great.

Great dialogue, Chimpwell



Does it strike anyone else like he's writing 13 like she's 11? "I'd love a flat, I'd have a sofa etc." sounded EXACTLY like plagiarised 11 dialogue.



At least those first two are attempts at humor, as lame as they are. The sofa comment is so fucking useless.


Genuinely laughed at the idea of ST 2.75 rewriting Series 11 into something actually good. The fact that we're saying "Hey let's rewrite this series of Who because we'll do it better than the SHOWRUNNER!" shows how little faith we have in its current form.



13 is just a very shallow imitation of what people liked (or what Chibnall thinks people liked) about 10 and 11. She's




>she's thrilled by mundane things like hats or sofas, or slightly unusual names

>she HATES mean people and guns )^:<


This acceptance of mediocrity, safe and soft-edged storytelling is such a fucking joke it's almost unreal.


oh i id love x, can you imagiine ME with x?, actually i used to have x once but - *interrupted by companion*



Her dialogue being so similar would be somewhat okay if there was anything outside of it that made her distinct, but there really isn't.



I knew that 13 was a raver.


This is the first episode of S11 that matches what I expected S11 to be, which is "barely adequate". At least the resolution wasn't fucking off-screen this time.



>Oh, I'd love a cock, can you imagine ME with a cock? Actually I used to have a cock once but it fell right off! Amelia Earhart didn't seem to mind all that much but that's just Amelia for you, really. She always was a naughty girl, up for anything at a moment's pinch.


Sesska's gonna freak out about Walking Dead in her next reaction video if anyone wants to see that


File: 46d354500a14274⋯.png (198.39 KB, 746x510, 373:255, crybabby.png)


>tfw no more Rickino

Fuck I'm as cut up as her


Reminder that this is supposed to be the same show that gave us The Edge of Destruction, The Mind Robber, Logopolis, Kinda, Ghost Light, The Parting of the Ways, Midnight, Amy's Choice, and Listen.



Saw THE clip, she's gonna flip her shit so bad



>putting Ghost Light on the list

based and Plattpilled



It's too shaky but otherwise looks cool



Not even over yet. Next Sunday is gonna be fucking intense. I'm expecting Eleven's regeneration levels of raw emotional sesskino



I was specifically going for ones that are a bit more artsy or rad than the usual. (Picking one for Eccleston was really difficult, I suppose Fathers' Day could have gone there?)



> I suspect if she was her mother would not have even intimated rhat she was a lesbian.

Her mother could be one of those progressive muslims because they're more relatable to regular audiences than a devout conservative


File: d743d9ad3fc81f4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 625.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, TheWalkingDead_100.jpg)


The little trailer for next week looks great, I wasn't expecting a homage for image related


purplish maybe? whatever the color of the main titles/new vortex is. That's only if I had to change it though, its perfectly fine as is


File: fceb519484a9d5e⋯.jpg (98.62 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mpv-shot0008.jpg)

Did anyone else notice ryan doing shadow puppets in the background during the scene at the university lab?






Yeah, glad they're going all out with next ep, gonna be Shane and Hershel cameos as well I think. And one hell of a final kino performance from Lincoln as too, no doubt. I hope they make it feel like an ending to the series almost if you choose to step off with Rick Grimes



There's also a cameo from Sasha confirmed, I wouldn't be surprised if Lori or Carl turn up.



He's by far had the best moments out of the cast the entire series. Shame the actor is lackluster, but even he has fun with some of the entertaining hijinks they give Ryan



please post the clip, i havent seen TWD since season 4 but im curious as to what happens



jump into the stream


Do you think chibnall literally just wrote the script as if it were donald trump?

Because if this was actually chibnall's interpretation of trump's personality then it's embarrassingly shallow.



No. Chibnall doesn't have the fortitude to do anything beyond a totally harmless pastiche of Trump's most superficial qualities which is also blended with general "dumb American"-ness.


>My company is too big for me to oversee everything personally, so I hire people to do the overseeing and I can't be held personally responsible when things go wrong that were their responsibility

Isn't he literally correct in saying that though? That's how big businesses work?


File: cc312edde7df0e1⋯.jpg (24.26 KB, 474x465, 158:155, 1536856777652.jpg)

>How's that for fire and fury?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>I'm trying to imagine the answer to the question, but I can't quite see the solution

absolutely gripping trailer dialogue


Arachnids in the UK - Subtle, not overbearing, beautifully put together like a tapestry with various moments of emotion and excitement interwoven. 8/10 (Same score as every other episode prior).



That's almost everyone's interpretation of Trump, tbf. No one cottons on to the fact that he's a pretty intelligent, but slightly autistic man, playing the role of a cartoon billionaire, because it works in his favour as a business man, and a brand.



>based Noth shoots the shit out of the spider while saying this corny ass line

wtf i love his character now

I don't think this is what Chibnall was going for.


>when you try to own the drumpf but end up portraying him as morally in the right at the climax

oh no no no no no no


No prize for guessing 13's stance on euthanasia then



didn't the producers royally fuck over the actor who plays Carl[spoiler] last year? I don't see why he'd come back after that, especially if it was just a cameo that'd require him to fly all the way out there and AMC will most definitely not pay him for. I haven't watched the show since S3 but if [spoiler]Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan are both leaving this season, is it just gonna be the Daryl show from now on? He's the only character from S1/2 left right? also why are they killing off Rick in the middle of the season, you'd think they'd make that the finale or something


Graham's "God help us" line is meant to be an audience indicator. We're meant to hate Noth's character. Wew.


>Noth's character is an obvious Trump stand-in

>have him namedrop Trump and say that he hates him

I don't get it



He's a trump rival. Same ideology but is mad that trump got in power when he could have



He obviously only hates Trump in the sense of being a competitor in the same field who's jealous.



Yeah on second thought I don't reckon that individual will come back. If we're being ultra-literal, Daryl and Carol are the only original group left from S1-2, but if you want to give it a bit of leeway either side I think you might be able to include Michonne since she was in 1 scene right at the end of S2.


File: 28249e948e9a9ea⋯.png (157.67 KB, 441x423, 49:47, moffbeard.png)


>Capaldi era is full of sympathetic takes on suicide and self-destruction

>Whittaker's era advocates forcing people to endure slow, painful deaths because it's more "dignified"


>you had no right

>guns are bad always no exceptions

>mercy killings are bad, it's better to let them die a slow and agonising but natural death

what's the label for chibnall's political views?



cringe and yellowpilled


>portray Noth's character to be a blustering coward person who lacks the strength to do what's right and shows that under his rough exterior hides an afraid man trying to prove something to himself

>have him threaten to shoot the Broodmother before he realises what's happening to it

>Noth can't bring himself to pull the trigger

>13 takes the gun off Noth and does it herself

Would it have been better or worse


12-13 crossover

>capaldi points a gun at someone for muh clala

>"no! no guns, not ever"

>"go tell a pig about your moral high ground."


Why does yasmin hate her family? Her sister's a bit of a dick but her mom and dad are both nice and show a moderate, healthy amount of interest in her life. They aren't overbearing at all and never do anything to warrant how much she apparently hates her family



Based but you've made me sadly realise how insufferable 13 would be in any multi-Doctor story.



She doesn't hate her family, she just wants some space after living with them for 19 years



File: 763df72fe3f538f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 383.51 KB, 853x480, 853:480, leak.png)

Leaked pic from episode 10.


File: a7833d79c2cb4e0⋯.png (10.52 KB, 786x64, 393:32, 6d5b5554e7df45661e8d797b41….png)

Juno Dawson taking one for the team and getting this stupid quip out of the way so that it'll never be mentioned on TV or in books ever again


>all of the LGBT representation in S11 so far has been lesbian couples with a dead partner

bravo chibnall



He set up Yasteen in this episode. Yasmin just needs to admit to herself and her family that it is happening


Reminder that any time 13 brings up a past adventure as a non-sequitur, it was a previous incarnation



He spent even more time teasing yasmin and ryan


Anyone got an opinion on PROBE?



I dunno, I think Yaz's sister looked a bit thirsty for Ryan and might get in there first.


I was expecting the worst episode of the series but instead got something functionally mediocre



Alright lads, it isn't even funny anymore. I'm not even gonna expect anything other than mediocrity from Chibbers episodes, all he does is play stuff safe, throughout all of the episodes so far I haven't even really been interested in what's going on, even RTD or Moffat at his worse you were at least interested in what happens next


The best scenes in Arachnids were just the regular character interactions before the actual plot started - graham grieving and tea at yas's



ikr, it's just so boring


File: c98abc90893364e⋯.jpg (32.75 KB, 674x582, 337:291, moff dab.jpg)


Other than make 13 a woman, has Chibnall even done anything brave with this new series? Everything is just him playing it safe and copying every other generic BBC show. Moffat took risks, they didn't always land of course, but when they worked the friggin worked


File: 25b7658b4fed62a⋯.jpg (124.67 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, mpv-shot0011.jpg)

What do the different holes represent? Isn't the time vortex just meant to be travelling through time rather than location?


Oh yeah forgot to post this here, but about a week ago I was over at my gran's and my mother was there too and we were watching The Ghost Monument and my gran who hasn't really seen the show before kept mentioning how 13 is annoying. Then she made me spaghetti and meatballs, based gram i love you



>it's a recruitment video, that's all this year is!

What will the generation of fans "recruited" by S11 be like? How will they react if they watch previous seasons of the show?



File: 2e1ae595d123aec⋯.png (1.08 MB, 800x800, 1:1, 2e1ae595d123aecbc89d653aca….png)


>mfw I realize 10/11 fangirls look at the classic series the same way 13 fangirls will look at the Capaldi era


File: 705546e6202642a⋯.jpg (66.76 KB, 679x717, 679:717, doctor_who_2005.9x05.the_g….jpg)


Lads…is this how NuWho-hating Planet Mondas boomers feel all the time?



HAHA you're getting older, eventually you'll become a person your younger self would hate, probably with a passion. Just wait until you catch yourself saying something your parents said to you. It gets sooo much worse.


File: e77ee76b78a557a⋯.webm (2.38 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, REEEEgeneration.webm)


After so many years of defending the Moffat era… We have become what we hated most



Reminds me of that one EDA where Fitz shoots someone but the dude doesn't die, and Fitz realises what he's done and regrets it, so 8 takes the gun from his hand (and sends him into the TARDIS so he doesn't have to watch) then shoots the dying guy point-blank in the head to end his suffering. There's more to it than that, justifying why the guy couldn't be saved and why he had to be shot in the first place, but still… The Doctor taking the act of a mercy-killing from someone else who wasn't able to pull the trigger, or at least to spare them the pain of direct reponsibility.


Did they ever release the consolidated ratings for rosa?



I know my younger self would hate me, but that's OK, I hate my younger self



what's there to even be a fan of other than the fact that she's a woman now? and even that hasn't been relevant at all. I actually kinda wish it was brought up more instead of Chibnall just writing the character as a bland genderless nothing, at least then she'd have some characteristics to make her standout from other Doctors


File: e2bd8c0b9e85d5f⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 298x399, 298:399, mcganncoffee.gif)


God damn I really gotta read the EDAs



Elaborate on how, in practice, 13 could be written "as a woman" and how it would improve the stories that have been told



>what's there to even be a fan of other than the fact that she's a woman now?

I wish I knew anon… I wish I knew


reminder there are people touting Rosa as "the best episode in years" and even "the best episode ever"



Well, best of S11 sure but four fucking episodes prior was the show's best episode ever



Oh you're not the only one. I should have gotten my ass kicked sooo much more. I legitimately feel sorry for anyone that may have encountered me before age 21. I'm lucky I wasn't killed out of mercy and frustration by a loved one.



>The Doctor Falls is only separated from Arachnids in the UK by 4 episodes

oh no no NO NO



I don't know if it's my parents' fault or my own for wasting my whole childhood on the computer, but I despise all three of us for it. All the times wasted, and all the cringe I've said. God I wish I could do it all over again



Has there ever been a faster dip in quality in TV?



>at least then she'd have some characteristics to make her standout from other Doctors

Thank you.



Yeah, it's actually a shame that so few people have read them, because once you get over the initial few misses, it's just pure book kino. Great stories and characters.


Why was Moffat so obsessed with elevating his companions to god level?

The most down to Earth one was Amy and she becomes mother-in-law to the Doctor after giving birth to a Time Lady baby

Clara becomes functionally immortal with a Tardis of her own, joined by another Moffat character who's lived till the literal end of the universe and longer than any Time Lord and even the Face of Boe off ridiculous technology

Bill, who's a lesbian if you didn't know, hooks up with a chick who's become a God, who has merged with something more technologically advanced than the Tardis, becomes immortal and can travel anywhere and everywhere and manipulate matter however she sees fit



Caves to Twin Dilemma is probably still the record.



fam 10 literally calls Donna the most important person in the universe




Heaven Sent to Hell Bent



File: d74508b972ba633⋯.jpg (508.54 KB, 2000x1334, 1000:667, chibnall and strevens.jpg)

4 episodes in and the only alien creature we've seen is a blue man with teeth on his face and a ball of tentacles, and both were in the premiere



fake news



Don't forget flying rags!



In the years to come everyone will realise this was part of what made Moffat based. So many people complain that NuWho makes the Doctor too special, but considering that's practically unavoidable, what better way to counteract it than to have other characters reach comparable power levels? The Doctor doesn't need to be the only batshit crazy immortal running around fucking up the universe.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>US audience sees more of next week's episode than the UK audience does




You could maybe give yourself a week or two into Twin Dilemma where you delude yourself into thinking it might get better but Hell Bent was awful in its entirety on the first night



My mother indulged alot of my bullshit and worst attributes, however sometimes forced me not to succumb to them. I can't imagine the energy alone it took her to motivate me to do the things that I was lucky enough to do. Everyone says cringy things, and luckily you probably remember them more vividly than anyone else would. I can't say that I'd do it any differently, because I'm happy now, certainly more than I deserve, but there are a few moments that would probably give me pause. It's your parents fault, and if they wouldn't agree then doubly so. You're old enough to be aware that it's not what you've wanted for yourself, so do what you would or whatever makes you happy now.



You could maybe give yourself an exit from this board right now.




>implying this isn't punishment


File: 2e229669b164fac⋯.jpg (91.04 KB, 315x437, 315:437, le neo face.jpg)


File: 282c32d6f368820⋯.jpg (346.91 KB, 1499x1079, 1499:1079, hell bent gallifrey.jpg)


I won't object if you complain about Clara not dying but saying there's literally nothing good in Hell Bent is the most bluepilled thing imaginable



god damn why are strangers on 8chan more supportive than my actual friends. Thank you, I wish I could give hugs over my computer


What happens when skelly's monkey grows up and rips his face off? Many such stories!




>rose becomes the god of time and the leash holder for genocide doctor

>martha starts a super religion around 10 to warp reality then becomes a super spy while already being a doctor

>jack is an immortal powerful enough to survive inside the vortex unprotected(which gave him his immortality) through all of time with his own show

>donna becomes a human doctor, the most powerful character in the ahow according to the doctor himself




The Doctor burying his own dead body on an asteroid at the edge of the universe with the corpse of Laika buried next to it before blowing up the asteroid.




Anytime anon, and because we're here mostly to talk minutia about a 50+ year old childrens television show. There's no shame here in waxing philosophical and giving attaboys and back pats. Happy to help.



No because it's too early.

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