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"/who/ Cares?" podcast on Series 11: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz80wZ00_JjSaS2ZRrno1Pg

File: cb5823138e94def⋯.jpg (157.38 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, doctor.who.2005.s11e05.108….jpg)


Pting is love, Pting is life edition

cha ching: >>138408


If Matt had been in The Tsuranga Conundrum, it would have played exactly the same. Only Matt would have saved the script by his acting.


How about all of the companions are murdered and we get nuclear Jodie, Doctor of vengeance?


13's design is way better without the grey jacket, in other words her design during Rosa after she rips it and gives it away.


Is Pting the most convincing CGI creature we had in the show?





Sabrina is an objectively better show than Series 11.


Spoiler for series 12

>Krasko as the companion

>Doctor shows him around the universe to cure his racism

>They fall in love



File: 0e155b82a6ad934⋯.png (2.49 KB, 367x18, 367:18, morph.png)






I want an episode where Graham shrinks and he has to drive a tiny car away from 13 who's chasing him



This sounds like kino, Chibnall should hire you



That's not a high bar, but yeah, I'm 3 episodes in so far and the difference is night and day, it's so much more entertaining than S11 in every regard.


File: a9c952773c50d52⋯.jpg (203 KB, 1448x2048, 181:256, DrRE5nmW4AcyBoh.jpg)


At this point, would a Netflix Doctor Who be better than Series 11?



yes and that's a very, very, very bad thing



Netflix seems to taylor their stuff to pander to the specific audience, but they would pander to 10th audience probably, not us

I wish we would get 2 series, one dark and one light


>By the way, all of you reading this at work, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Yes, you. And you. Holding it under the desk doesn’t fool anyone, you know. And for heaven’s sake, put it down, Chris, you’ve got far too much to do.



>Chib followed Moffat's advice, put down the book, and remained completely oblivious to the kino within

Is this what gave us S11?


File: be30b475ff90038⋯.jpg (128.07 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, DrBB-X8WwAUx4g4[1].jpg)



>The Bodyguard star



I've never heard Nilso Snr so furious about an episode of Doctor Who than Tsuranga



Fucking hell, how did I not recognise her in the headscarf?



Such a qt



>there's an L in her first name

What the fuck I never noticed.


Anjli >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mandip



About to watch Arachnids for the first time.



Best episode



Her fully comprehensive confession at the end of Bodyguard we kekicious. She'd twirl her moustache if she had one.



She has somewhere else



Surprisingly it wasn't even about the mpreg which I'd assumed would be his biggest gripe. He said that he'd felt as if he'd spent the entire episode waiting for something to happen then the credits started rolling. He also said it's the first episode he's watched the whole way through and it felt like a CBBC children's program in comparison to what it's been in the last few years. He liked the Pting somewhat but he hated absolutely everything other than the mpreg man and Bradley Walsh.



No please don’t do it



Pretty based desu



>I wish we would get 2 series, one dark and one light

or one that somehow manages both


Dear Chris Chibnall,

I am extremely furious at your continued failure to digitally recreate dead actors for me. I hope you die, and change your mind.

Best wishes,

A TRUE fan.

PS Please make more episodes of Open Air.

You were good then.



A swift death would be better than Series 11. Either for the show, for Chibnall, or for myself, I’m not fussy.



Am I a normie? I just saw a spider on the wall and the first thing I thought of was "Is there a massive one here" from AitUk



What more could you want from television?



light and dark simultaneously is just series 4.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



What more could you want from television?


File: b12c21d51930614⋯.png (132.78 KB, 360x240, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)



true. If it wasn't for that finale, I'd think Series 4 was almost the pinnacle of Doctor Who


File: c1019acd11bb487⋯.jpg (49.71 KB, 970x582, 5:3, Best Female Doc.jpg)

She would make a better female Doctor than Jodie, calling it now.



too fat



Matt would've at least made it entertaining and visually interesting with how much of a physical performance he always gave



The Atraxi from The Eleventh Hour



I didn't. The very thought of doing it pissed me off so I'm watching Louis Theroux's new doc instead.




Atraxi was far from convincing



not in my heart


File: 85f97fc03d40fdd⋯.jpg (18.88 KB, 644x250, 322:125, 1539134298.jpg)


How is the non-Chibnall half of the series going to be compared to the Chibnall half? About the same? A little better? Even worse?



dont worry, he'll edit the kino out of them. you'll never know it was there in the first draft



Rosa level


File: eeb59e89e523924⋯.jpg (66.97 KB, 614x584, 307:292, imdb.jpg)

falling down and down and down and down



Victory of the Daleks isn't even that bad


Ghost Monument is the best of s11 so far.



Rosa was okay. good by s11 standards



nope, 2nd worst



It's actually pretty good outside the power of love ending and the fat ass daleks.



Rosa, though imperfect, is by far the best.


Rosa > Arachnids > TWWFTE > TGM > Tsuranga



>Exodus of the Daleks


File: ab35019058ff803⋯.jpg (74.68 KB, 500x484, 125:121, ayyyyyy.jpg)


>Love & Monsters anywhere near most of those episodes



Desolation of the Daleks



Dilemma of the Daleks



Age of the Daleks



Damage of the Daleks



Crisis of the Daleks

Devastation of the Daleks

Partition of the Daleks

Initiation of the Daleks

Damnation of the Daleks

Dynasty of the Daleks

Sovereign of the Daleks

Ambassador of the Daleks



Leviticus of the Daleks

Psalms of the Daleks

Acts of the Apostles of the Daleks



Demons of the Daleks



sounds kino


Who loved you?



Saviour of the Daleks


Hope of the Daleks



Night of the Daleks

Way of the Daleks

Scream of the Daleks



night of the living daleks



Apartheid of the Daleks for an audio surrounding the civil war in Remembrance.


I like the sound of Ambassador. I'm imagining a human obsessed with the ways of the Daleks, carrying out their bidding etc. with a fascism message to the story. Sounds Torchwood-esque.



Pillar of the Daleks


Armistice of the Daleks


nilsos gay of the daleks



Who loved you ?


File: 4ab20fae3f6309c⋯.png (23.34 KB, 144x936, 2:13, ClipboardImage.png)


Assault of the Daleks

Assignment of the Daleks

Birth of the Daleks

Bodysnatchers of the Daleks

Burning of the Daleks

City of the Daleks

Dawn of the Daleks

Defector of the Daleks

Destroyer of the Daleks

Dream of the Daleks

End of the Daleks

Enemy of the Daleks

Extinction of the Daleks

Fall of the Daleks

Father of the Daleks

Fear of the Daleks

Flaw of the Daleks

Game of the Daleks

Ghost of the Daleks

Hell of the Daleks

Inferno of the Daleks

Lord of the Daleks

Love of the Daleks

Menace of the Daleks

Mission of the Daleks

Night of the Daleks

Nirvana of the Daleks

Operation of the Daleks

Order of the Daleks

Paradise of the Daleks

Paranoia of the Daleks

Pathogen of the Daleks

Plague of the Daleks

Price of the Daleks

Pride of the Daleks

Prison of the Daleks

Quarantine of the Daleks

Renegade of the Daleks

Return of the Daleks

Revenant of the Daleks

Revenge of the Daleks

Shockwave of the Daleks

Son of the Daleks

Stand of the Daleks

Survival of the Daleks

Tower of the Daleks

Trail of the Daleks

Trap of the Daleks

Trial of the Daleks

Triumvirate of the Daleks

Virus of the Daleks

World of the Daleks



didn't attach an image there, lol


File: f03d5e25e207d18⋯.mp4 (559.12 KB, 1196x948, 299:237, jimmyhamster.mp4)




>City of the Daleks

>Enemy of the Daleks

>Plague of the Daleks

These are all real, iirc.


Betrayal of the Daleks


File: f73979315d4d499⋯.jpg (526.37 KB, 1417x1417, 1:1, occupation.jpg)

listen to occupation baby with me



Yeah I was bound to cross over with some


File: b9a5a406e94d359⋯.jpg (107.78 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1das.jpg)

yeah she doesn't know what she's missing



Condition of the Daleks

Crimes of the Daleks

Cry of the Daleks

Peace of the Daleks

Revolt of the Daleks

The Final End of the Daleks


File: c84b401361061ba⋯.jpg (60.09 KB, 440x732, 110:183, books.jpg)

Reminder that books



Up your game, anon. You should know Fear, Order, Prison(er), and Return are all real Dalek stories too.


I hate the "Noun of the Antagonist" episode formula and always have



*title formula


Jam of the Rat



Comfy cover, ignore everyone who says otherwise



>Revolt of the Daleks

I feel like Revolution of the Daleks is similar enough and rolls off the tongue better


Chomp of the Pting



What bout "The [Noun] of [Noun]" or "[Concrete Noun] of [Abstract Noun]"?


File: 780175a68a67dbf⋯.jpg (49.1 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, Doctor.Who.2005.S11E02.The….jpg)

Whisper of the Remnants


Boogie of the Sensorites



It really depends on the title to me. Same with the "___ of the Doctor" titles. Name of the Doctor made sense, and Day of the Doctor makes sense in the real world context of that story since it's the 50th Anniversary, but in-universe there's nothing to explain that title at all. Time of the Doctor makes no sense in-universe and in the context of the episode. Moffat should've just gone with Silent Night or Twelfth Night since either of those would work with the Christmas setting as well as bookend The Eleventh Hour plus set up Twelve with the 2nd title


File: d163d5532cd9802⋯.jpg (90.54 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, doctor.who.2005.s11e03.108….jpg)

Racist of the Cosmos


Assault of the Benefactors


Curse of Fatal Death



It's the fact that the formula I mentioned is just a way to namedrop the villain that bothers me.



>Cry of the Daleks

Nice. I like when the X of Y titles at least try to go for a double meaning.


Death of the Crap Oldie


hot take: The Doctor Falls is a shitty title and makes no sense in the context of the episode. I don't know how Moffat can go from "World Enough and Time" to something so fucking generic and then back to titles like "Twice Upon a Time"



>makes no sense in the context of the episode

were you paying attention to anything in the episode whatsoever


File: cf4af20425d330e⋯.mp4 (1.77 MB, 390x214, 195:107, the good place.mp4)




Eh, it doesn't bother me as long as it's not meant to be a secret like in old Terry Nation scripts when he'd keep trotting out the same old episode one cliffhanger of a Dalek appearing like it's supposed to shock anyone.



Was this the inspiration for Yaz's case files?


Deletion of the Huntergrant


What are some episode titles that are underrated?



The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar


File: d2788182edceba3⋯.jpg (903.66 KB, 2525x1421, 2525:1421, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at ….jpg)

>"In fact, I'd call it a genesis. Specifically, the Genesis of the Cybermen."

absolute kinography



What exactly was the conundrum of the Tsuranga?



Flesh and Stone



You know what, just ctrl+f "Delunter". I can't keep reposting the funny bits, the whole thread is pure fucking gold


>"In fact, I'd call it a conundrum. Specifically, the Tsuranga Conundrum"

absolute kinography



Is this show any good? I saw that two episodes were nominated for Hugo Awards along with Twice Upon a Time and one of them won, but then again Game of Thrones is nominated every year



>Wew. Someone's a smitten kitten.

Instantly iconic line and a legendary moment of /who/.



gets good in season 2, but you have to get through season 1. s1 isnt bad though, its ok



It's pretty good yeah.


In fact, I'd call it a woman. Specifically, the Woman Who Fell to Earth.

In fact, I'd call it a monument. Specifically, the Ghost Monument.

In fact, I'd call it an arachnid. Specifically, an Arachnid in the UK.


File: 4e91c3012acc7bb⋯.png (583.83 KB, 508x678, 254:339, delunter.png)

Act natural, Morty.


No, we're not like that. I just really like the idea as a joke.



stfu hunter, leave.


hunter, switch back to your 'neo' persona


File: 378916f5f2753d5⋯.jpg (127.7 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Dn3Wgi5XUAEJ9g5.jpg)

*saves Series 11*


Assault of the Benefactors is a better title than any Series 11 title. Prove me wrong.


"Hope is a terrible thing" - Hell Bent


Broke: #noun# of the Daleks

Woke: The Dalek #invasion_synonym# of #location_or_concept#


Seriously, could you imagine Moffat forcing his ideas in every episode like Chibnall does, but only one idea, repeated in every episode?


What 'concept' would have Moffat forced?



Arachnids in the UK is a good title if the episode itself gave it a double meaning. Making it just literally about spiders in the UK takes away any possible cleverness the title could have


File: 40a1e4ea0bf7eae⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 1944x2592, 3:4, 1481662577983.jpg)

Hourglass and Ashes to Ashes/Dust to Dust are all kino titles desu




>caught in the mysterious Chronolock Guy's trap

>Chronolock Guy

what is this, a Chibnall episode?



>ep 11 and 12 summaries were spot on


>Who loved you?



reminds me of how utterly kino the titles Heaven Sent/Hell Bent were. They rhyme, they have the concepts of heaven and hell, and they're not just made up bullshit - Heaven Sent and Hell Bent are both real phrases people use day to day. And in Hell Bent, the doctor is actually hell bent to save Clara



that's because it was totally real


Chibnall made the Stenza. But who made Chibnall?



Pip and Jane



what's this from?



"That's the trouble with hope… it's hard to resist" - 12th Doctor



The Doctor Falls.


Who loved you?





In the lead-up to this midterm election, I tried getting out there and educating myself on the candidates and their beliefs. I refuse for this to be yet another election where I shrug my way into the ballot box and vote the party line. I'm tired of not making educated decisions. But there's such a swamp of conflicting information and misinformation that I think it's literally impossible to sort it all out and make an educated choice. So I did vote, but only on the simplest issues, that I felt sure about. I left most of the spots blank.

Meanwhile, people on Twitter have been saying all day that "It's ELECTION DAY America!!! The most important day for the rest of your lives!" The … ``most important`` day? For the rest of my life? Jesus Christ, it must all be downhill from here. That was tweeted by Rihanna.

I get that it's important for everyone to vote. That's been drilled into me from a very young age. But … is it ``really?`` It was hard to educate myself on the few issues I picked; based on my personal experience, at least, I'm pretty sure most people aren't doing a fraction of that research. So when they go and vote, what's making up their mind? Blind loyalty to their political party? Whatever pathos-laden TV ad they saw last? Hindsight enables me to admit that that's how it's been for me, in past elections at least!

I'd almost rather that the only people who go and vote are the ones who care enough to educate themselves about the topics, who care enough to register before the literal day-of, and who care enough to get out and vote without needing Google logos and Rihanna tweets to remind them.

I dunno. Does that make me a bigot?





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this vid brings back 2014



I'm English you stupid fuck


>How long was the Doctor trapped in the confession dial?

>We think, 4.5 billion years.







Based moff making 99.999% of the doctors ENTIRE existence revolve around Clara, drastically if you were to take a guess at what the doctor was thinking about at any point in time, it's Clara.



no im the real nilso



Stop false flagging as me this isn’t funny this is serious!






The absolute STATE of FaleNilso






where can i keep track of this election nonsense







I miss Tennant.



Classic thread



agree, although im moffchad i still have a soft spot for tennant and RTD, this series is making me miss series 3


For all of RTD's faults as show runner it's never been as fucking boring as Chibnall's run so far


Chibnall's era has made me start unconsciously grouping RTD's and Moffat's together.






He knew how to make Doctor Who fun. Even when he was shit, it was still interesting to watch.



Yeah i've noticed this too, especially to normies the last 2 eras will merge together and people will start being just as fond of the moff era as some of the RTD era. the difference between series 10 and 11 is so much fucking bigger (and worse) than 4 to 5


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Like how people group all of Classic Who as one narrative instead of seeing it as thematically eight to ten shows.


You will NEVER experience the week between Stolen Earth and Journeys End as a ~10 year old again



The Murray Gold era



It was a crazy time



Or just the Moffat era since he wrote for s1-4 as well


Imagine getting into Doctor Who after 2008 and watching Journeys End directly after watching Stolen Earth. Or getting into the show after 2013 and watching Asylum of the Daleks without expecting Clara to first appear at Christmas



>Imagine getting into Doctor Who after 2008

My first live episode was Planet of the Dead, so this was me. Who wasn't advertised well in the states for a while.



imagine not being spoiled on the s10 simm thing


File: 9530c737070c5e5⋯.png (3.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, christel.png)



I've got all of those VHS tapes except Dilemma, Web Planet and Androzani



Make your version of the pic


>sub 80 AI for tsuranga



File: 3b73ddbd30f9c1e⋯.jpg (37.01 KB, 290x500, 29:50, The_Five_Doctors_1990_VHS_….jpg)

Good decision on the cover, let's print it, nothing's gonna go wro–



Moff was pretty careful with how he transitioned the show; S5 takes the superficial appearance of an RTD series while smoothly changing all the inner workings. And then even in his later years, when he had total creative domination, he was still engaging with, referencing and subverting RTD stuff. The result is that his era feels like a natural sequel to RTD's, and it's all a lot more cohesive in retrospect than it perhaps felt when it was airing.



Oh really? Thats fucking bad



>sesska's mates blurred out the name credits at the start of DotD

>sesska didnt expect billie piper to appear til she did

>sesska didnt expect David Tennant to appear til he did

>sesska wasnt spoiled on john simm, cybermen, regeneration or basically anything about the s10 finale



It joins Rose, The End of the World, Love and Monsters, and Sleep No More as the only sub 80 AI episodes in the new series.




first live episode was bells of st john dont @me


Jenna turning up in Asylum was a genuine shocker for me



Same, I audibly gasped.


File: 449512a0949c1a1⋯.jpg (41.11 KB, 499x499, 1:1, comf.jpg)

>tfw first live episode Eleventh Hour

but s1-s4 were "live" for me too in a way that I didn't know a single spoiler or a plot detail for every episode before s5



The Blind Wave guy did something similar. He started saying something about how difficult it would be to drive on the left side of the road to distract the others from noticing Rose is credited in Turn Left opening titles



>that long period after the end of TDF where she was just fucking speechless after Bradley turned up


First live episode was Rose but I'd already seen a sizeable chunk of Classic by then



Took Moffat 5 years for a sub-80 ep. Took Chibnall 5 episodes.


Imagine not watching all of classic who as a child and being able to remember your reactions to it




I had some genuinely wild choices of which episodes I loved as an 8 year old. I remember thinking The Sontaran Experiment was brilliant and I'm pretty sure that Death to the Daleks was my favourite story.



GB are saying it as well and some of them are on the AI board.


Doctor Who is fucking shit now lads. What happened



Chibnall fucked it, harder than your b– nah, low hanging fruit


File: 8cde0fe17aa2e7a⋯.png (17.48 KB, 1563x157, 1563:157, Screenshot_1.png)


You tell me, mate.



This (unofficial) website suggests that three S11 NSAs take place between Rosa and Arachnids.

Thoughts? I guess all Yaz development happens in the books.




what exactly is going on here



What of the Daleks?



Tsuranga was the most dire story of the series so far





I agree, but the fact that it was still nothing more than a 7/10 and was the only "good" episode this series is what led me to say Doctor Who is fucking shit now


3 > 4 > 1 > 5 > 2



Nvm I thought you said best. Why do you think it was the worst? Worst seems to be the consensus, but how can that be in a series that gave us Rosa and the fucking Ghost Monument?


4 > 3 > 5 > 2 > 1



ooh yea




Rosa, Ghost and Arachnid are in a different category to TWWFTE and Tsuranga




I think I actually came when i heard him say that

It doesn't make any sense for him to say that in such a knowing way within the context of the universe, but man it's such a delicious meta nod



Stream chat was fucking hilarious, never seen so many images of goats spammed so quickly


File: 57d1887e50527d6⋯.jpg (31.93 KB, 300x366, 50:61, 1488825525532.jpg)


>not totally sold on Smith before Series 5 airs

>wasn't a Tennant fanboy but I thought Smith was too young and an attempt to appeal to teen girls

>Moffat winning me over more and more with each passing minute

>mfw he seals the deal with the "Basically, run." scene

Series 5 is such a brilliantly paced series. Moffat really nailed it with the episode order, knowing when to focus on the main story arc and knowing when to pull back and do smaller scale stories. Character-based episodes like Amy's Choice and The Lodger, big returning monster two-parters like the Angels two-parter and the Silurian one (even though that one was kinda meh). All building up to the best finale the show had until that point (and was only ever topped 4 series later). Series 6 started like it was going in that direction but I think splitting it up in the middle fucked up how Moffat paced it or something because you have absolute kino with one or two meh episodes in the first half, and then mostly meh episodes with one or two kino ones in the second.


Anyone else find it really difficult to rank S11 episodes relative to each other? I feel like my scale has been completely thrown off by how middling they all are. I'm fairly confident that Arachnids is my most liked, but past that I have no clue.



best memory in the /who/ stream was the night /who/ died and since we didn't have the discord yet or this board the only back up place to go was the stream, so fucking everyone was there while the stream was playing fitting Marigold tracks for the ocassion. Somehow it got perfectly synced up where the thread finally hit bump limit as the Singing Towers music from Husbands of River Song was playing, and just as it crescendoed the thread finally died. Right afterwards the comfy flute music from Four's regeneration in Logopolis played. You really couldn't have scripted a more perfect moment, even in such shitty circumstances



>lighting changes from shot to shot

I notice bad shot continuity so much now and it really annoys me, I never used to. I wish I could go back to just enjoying stuff



every time I try to do it I always end up forgetting 1 of the episodes and have to go back and check which one I missed. It's never the same episode either, it's been The Ghost Monument, Tsuranga, and today it was Arachnids.


File: b2cdaf879aabb21⋯.mp4 (4.13 MB, 1920x960, 2:1, pting.mp4)

Just take a minute to analyse how each of the people in this scene portray "look at the hologram then act confused about the name pting"


File: d0119c142da6e70⋯.webm (1.12 MB, 700x700, 1:1, jodiePting.webm)

Then take a minute to laugh at jodie specifically



>tfw last image posted on /who/ was of best girl

That night was an absolute shitshow, I think the Logopolis OST was almost perfectly timed for then the threads died


It's time to admit Jodie is just a bad actress, and doesn't suit the part at all.





The entire history of Doctor Who music was a preparation for the death of /who/.






Are you familiar with the term "parasocial"?


File: 82464e230c83fef⋯.jpg (89.28 KB, 959x960, 959:960, 1519277226040.jpg)

>tfw you remember Michael Pickwoad died and Who will no longer have sets built so well the director doesn't even have to worry about blocking the scene to look visually interesting because the set design does half the work for them



Not a good actor. I don't care how good she was in stuff like Broadchurch, she obviously cannot adapt to playing this sort of role.


File: c01b41a6e503313⋯.png (464.63 KB, 509x471, 509:471, 1417913609509.png)


>It's solely the writing that's letting her down, Jodie is a fantastic actress and has to deal with what she's been given!!


Imagine if Neve McIntosh was cast instead of Jodie.


File: c2d609b332ca604⋯.png (79.34 KB, 190x220, 19:22, the joke was on me.png)

Post yfw 13 regenerates by surprise in the New Year's Day special.



Fine, get me on the pod bitch



I think she's so caught up portraying "alien action hero" that she overcompensates way too hard and does weird shit like staring at a hologram with exaggerated faces and doing an anime pose whenever she points the sonic



100% this



I still don't mind Jodie. This particular scene is more of a director's fault, and even then it's a pretty minor thing, but its pretty bad yea



daisy ridley tier



Only woman over the age of 55 can act.



Maybe it's even simpler than that and she's just got it in her head that Doctor Who is a kids' show so she should play it like she's on CBBC.


File: 8d57fb8000f9e0a⋯.jpg (25.69 KB, 570x401, 570:401, epoch doctor.JPG)

When is the epoch doctor going to show? Finale?



God fucking dammit why does she do that shit with the sonic

I think Matt did it once or twice but she does it every single time


File: 8671b7ef0f10e1b⋯.jpg (170.78 KB, 1921x1081, 1921:1081, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at ….jpg)


I'm sure other actors could get more out of the material she's given but it'd still be just "okay" at best. No actor could make Chibnall's scripts for Series 11 good. A better writer could do wonders with Jodie as Thirteen. Fuck, Moffat could probably get /who/ to do a complete 180 and love her as much as we loved Capaldi in 1 script. Look what he did for Tennant in The Girl in the Fireplace.



honorable mention to yaz looking above the hologram because they didn't convey to the actors the size of the area they were meant to be looking at


File: ad74cbfb55e9851⋯.gif (988.22 KB, 377x225, 377:225, ad74cbfb55e9851fe003f7e15c….gif)



The Epoch Doctor was code for The Timeless Child during production. You know how Chibbs is with spoilers.


File: c9046bdffa3f6a6⋯.jpg (150.31 KB, 734x792, 367:396, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at ….jpg)



>Epoch Doctor





Why did she scrunch her face up in confusion before the name "pting" was said? She recoils her head when she first hears pting, but she was looking confused before then



cuz tennant did it



Watched him in the Get Shorty series and he was fucking great



bad direction of the scene


File: 35c22f99205bd6f⋯.png (316.39 KB, 475x419, 475:419, ClipboardImage.png)


>mfw Michelle Gomez in Sabrina

uber comfy, feels like a tiny piece of capaldi's era survived and escaped


File: 2e06ad87048a6e6⋯.jpg (56.16 KB, 980x980, 1:1, Why_live.jpg)

>the Doctor will never find out that Missy turned good




without witness, without reward.



literally shakespearian tragedy tier writing, it was so depressingly perfect



He might have done, if you interpret her firmly grabbing his hand before she left as letting him feel the knife she was holding.



imagine binging the series and immediately going from the doctor falls to TUAT to fucking series 11 lol



oh fuck that's an interesting idea


File: 6c836160be9c4ca⋯.webm (3.82 MB, 960x540, 16:9, sesskatdfending.webm)

legendary moments of youtube


TUAT is a functional epilogue, fight me


The Master(s) killing themself/selves was utterly beautiful. The Doctor Falls could have been a satisfying finale for all of Doctor Who, a satisfying ending for both the Doctor and the Master. But we will probably never get a finale


File: baccf0dde9edffa⋯.jpg (160.41 KB, 1921x1081, 1921:1081, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at ….jpg)


goddamn you're absolutely right



imagine going from Heaven Sent to Hell Bent to Husbands of River Song and then to fucking Doctor Mysterio lol



It's true



That was kind of the whole point of missy's arc - she did turn good, and she got to live out the mantra of "without hope, without witness, without reward". Absolute fucking characterkino



It's an alright epilogue but watching it as just an episode after the epicness of TDF was a total letdown, it could have been a much shorter webisode or something






You mean imagine watching four kinos in a row?



the music in the series 10 finale is so absurd at times, it makes the mood in the episode so sombre, i love it. series 10 OST when



i love that moment, can't tell exactly what she meant by it but any interpretation is fucking kino


File: d40449964eac766⋯.jpg (98.06 KB, 601x583, 601:583, sesska shit trips.jpg)



What would her favourite story be



The show has to resume normal service before it can kill itself for the second time in two consecutive series


More like poon'ting


File: 523e14dd9f7b759⋯.png (19.93 KB, 322x291, 322:291, ClipboardImage.png)

>red guys chances where literally 1 in 8 or something an hour ago

lol.. just lol



What the fuck, after all the doomsaying it's still a 50/50 that repubs might keep the house?


File: 9a253336c26c863⋯.png (21.14 KB, 362x305, 362:305, ClipboardImage.png)

>2016 is literally happening again

my sides have left orbit






I'd prefer something like Hell Bent as a finale if anything. Having the show end on the Doctor essentially completing his character arc after building towards it for the past 2 series and still having the door open for future adventures. That moment with him catching the new Sonic in mid-air and then snapping the TARDIS doors shut is a perfect way to go out.

I don't want the show to end with the Doctor dying. It's fucking depressing and if the show has lasted this long and survived getting cancelled once before, then to give it such a firm ending imo goes against its core nature. It's neverending. It changes, it gets better and it gets worse, but it keeps going.








It's still pretty early in the night, there's enough uncounted votes for everything to flip



kinda go on /pol/ and leave us be



Still a bit early in the evening but it does feel like such



The polls accurately predicted who would get the most votes in 2016 but that isn't particularly useful when they don't go off just the most votes.




most states don't close the polls for another 35 minutes Kinda. And all the ones that have closed aren't flip states anyway


okay ill stop its just fucking hilarious lol



Race is getting interesting in Florida/Texas, the gap closed between O'Rourke and Cruz drastically



Want to jump into the stream and shitpost there instead of here or are you done 100%


kinda do you condemn fascism?



You set him off now Kinda lmao




oh nononono



oh no don't let morph hear you!



i condemn everything that isn't compatible with a constitutional monarchy



i condemn everything that isn't compatible with a constitutional monarchy DESUNE




fucking 8chan, told me first one didnt post



Are you a righty?


kinda post a selfie with your maga hat


YoungTurks are absolutely seething



Wait what the fuck, when did cenk get put back on TYT? Didn't he get fired over things he said 10 years ago?



Fired by Justice Democrats, not TYT afaik



i don't think the master has to come back after this, and especially don't think they should have it so simm regenerates into gomez

i love that the missy incarnation's birth was by her own hand, an act of redemption. missy was destined to be good for her whole life.



I hope The Master never comes back. Mind you I said the exact same thing after The End of Time, so what do I know?


MASTER: You see, Missy, this is where we've always been going. This is our perfect ending. We shoot ourselves in the back!

How long until chibs fucks it up?


File: e49c2711808528e⋯.jpg (214.69 KB, 1921x1081, 1921:1081, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at ….jpg)

>Telos! Sealed you into your ice tombs!


>Canary Wharf!

>Planet 14!

>Every single time, you lose… even on the moon!

I don't care if Chibnall is the result of the monkey's paw that gave us the Moffat era, it was fucking worth it



he cant fuck it up because the show has canonically ended.


Krasko was the Master



>sesska loses rick grimes and 12 in the same week






Rick didn't die and he's getting 3 feature length films in the next 2 years - she said that when she saw the news she jumped around the room hollering



it's like the episode was full of crazy fan service, but it doesn't feel forced because the themes back it up

(funny that the doctor referencing events in his own life, a perfectly acceptable thing for him to do, would be construed out of universe as fan service though)



hope the movies are accessible, i havent watched in ages but id definitely go see the movies



I agree. But I think after Hell Bent, I'd be left wanting more, feeling that I was missing out, whereas TDF gives me closure in a way. Especially for The Master and The Cybermen, who if they never appeared again, I'd still be happy, because I feel they've been done perfect justice. But also for Capaldi's Doctor, and his justification of why the doctor does what he does. He might not save everyone, and maybe not for long, but that's not the point. He does what he does because it's kind. Because it's the right thing to do. (I also loved 2's justification to the timelords as to why he does what he does, and coincidentally think the war games kind of makes for a great finale.)

Having said all that, I do agree, on your point about it being depressing to watch the Doctor die like that. I would have it be followed with something similar to Twice Upon a Time…. none of the depressing suicidal stuff, but an epilogue to the era, where the twist is there's no evil plan, no villain. The whole story would be different, but at the same time be a simple low stakes story that acts as an epilogue. At the end, the Doctor wouldn't need to regenerate, and would be ecstatic with joy for the next great adventure. That's how I would adjust the ending of Series 10 for the ending of the series anyway. And a pure fluffy happy episode after the sombre two parter preceding it would feel earned as well.



When did you jump off?



end of series 4, i might have watched a couple of series 5 but not enough. the last thing i remember clearly was them being stuck inside that truck at the end of the series


File: dcb6f537767b5fe⋯.jpg (84.19 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 45546557_1856154684506325_….jpg)

Just saw this on Facebook



Series 5 and 6 were absolutely brilliant but 7 and 8 shit the bed seriously which is a shame since that arc is one of my favourite arcs in the GN bar Woodbury/Prison arc. Series 9 has been great so far





>using Star Wars font


Are the walking dead games better or worse than the show?


File: 08ca32911c53cc3⋯.jpg (2.03 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, kinoparallels.jpg)

>rewatching Hell Bent

>still noticing subtle kino like this





Better supposedly but I don't think that means much lol



It depends what you want to get from them really. If you're a fan of the TV series more than the GN then you may not take much from them but vice-versa you'll probably appreciate it a hell of a lot more.

Series 2 / Series 4 (so far) / Series 1 / Series 3


How are they even going to end The Walking Dead in a way that won't suck balls? They haven't found anything close to a zombie cure. Killing off everybody will make people think they've wasted years of their lives on nothing. What? Is it just going to be them finding another human sanctuary, except this one will definitely implode on itself like all the other ones?



1 > 4 > 2 > 3 for me, personally



Daryl won't be interesting enough to carry the dwindling ratings, AMC won't want to pay him as much as they do, he'll walk and then the ratings will tank and they'll cancel it or reboot it on their inevitable streaming service.

Honestly I've been "boycotting" the show (I put boycotting in quotes since I wouldn't be watching anyway) after finding out about how much they fucked Frank Darabont over in Season 2.



Glad we can universally understand that Series 3 sucked so much, I had no interest in anything other than keeping Clem alive


They're getting into introducing their new antagonists The Whisperers for this next half of the Series but we're not getting THAT scene until the finale at this rate which is absolutely brilliant pacing wise


TheYoungTurks ragequit their stream


Yeah Darabont got fucked so badly I really feel sorry for him but his vision for the show wanted to implement talking zombies so I don't know how bad I can feel about it



Eh I think shot-reverse-shots are bound to look similar bro



They're back now, never mind



Why are they verging when dems are still forecast to (narrowly) take the house?



>All the while Shepherd Boy plays

I get goosebumps just fucking thinking about this scene


File: 7a9e9ba0c0996d0⋯.jpg (101.69 KB, 800x652, 200:163, IMG_1053.JPG)

One year? Time for a rest!



wasn't Kirkman's plan to never end it? just have Rick eventually die and have Carl take over as the protagonist?

But then the actor who played Carl turned 18 and AMC realized they'd have to pay him more so on his 18th birthday, the day after he signed a lease to move into a new place in Atlanta to film the show, they fired him and killed off the character. I'm so glad I lost interest in the show after Season 3 because if I was still a fan of the show I'd be fuming after all the scummy shit AMC pulls on a regular basis. Even Rick's death they couldn't do in a straightforward way and had that copout survival in order to set up 3 fucking spin-off movies after spending all year talking about how his character was dead and he was leaving the show. Also apparently that was Lauren Cohan's last episode? I don't remember any fanfare about her leaving, just Andrew Lincoln. Isn't Maggie a main character as well?


pls no /pol/ talk lads



They changed their lineup and Kasparian's no longer there so I think they took it down temporarily to let them readjust



I love that parallel, and I'd love to see others posted here. Moffat/Talalay/Capaldi/Coleman/Gold were a kino combination, the likes of which we might not see again. You really get the impression that everyone is working as a team as well. Talalay isn't just doing random shit, she's sensitive to what the script intends. For the most part Murray Gold is careful with his music, knowing when to enhance the scene, but equally importantly, when to let the actors pull the scene on their own. (all the 12/clara stuff in the cloisters is a great example of Gold knowing when to be subtle) and Capaldi, as great of an actor as he is, he knows when to let Jenna Coleman have centre stage as well. (I felt sometimes Matt Smith would chew the scenery a bit, and that it would sometimes mean that other actors couldn't shine as much. Capaldi seems a more generous actor)

It's like the stars fucking aligned.



That was probably Andrew Lincoln's last episode (fingers uncrossed) but Maggie's going next episode. Chandler Riggs got totally shafted and he didn't deserve that at all; I'd have been more ok with Rick leaving if Carl was still in the show because they can play the legacy angle



Kirkman finally said issue 300 could potentially be the ending. Also the decision about Rick's "death", while obviously done in part to make more money, was also a compromise made for Andrew Lincoln who wanted to keep playing the character but didn't want to move overseas away from his family for months at a time every single year. Movies allow him more time with his family while also allowing him to remain with the character



This was Maggie's last episode this season, primarily due to schedule conflicts since she is now the lead on another drama show. But both her and showrunner say they want to fit her back into the story whenever they can figure out how to work out her conflicting schedules




Considering that Issue 148 comes out today and they get through 12 issues a year (unless they potentially go back to the 2 a month thing like they did with All Out War) TWD is gonna stick around for a long time yet. I wonder what's gonna happen in Issue 200?



forgot to remove >>139508, ignore that


I read somewhere that TWD series takes up 9 months of Lincoln's time while the films would take up 2 at the most? I wonder what he was getting per episode/season.


>the 9 seasons of TWD are meant to be 2 years in-universe time



>Kirkman finally said issue 300 could potentially be the ending.

>300 issues written by one guy

Because that worked wonders for Dave Sim.



Quite a lot of stories take place at the same time as each other.

>Series 1 takes place over a few days

>Series 2 takes place over a few months

>Series 3 takes place over a fortnight

>Series 4A takes place over 3 days

>Series 4B takes place over a week

>Series 5A takes place over a few days

>Series 5B takes place over a fortnight

>Series 6A takes place over a single day (with one flashback)

>Series 6B takes place over a month or two

>Series 7A takes place over a fortnight

Not sure about the rest but it's pretty close to what's come before it



Issue 185, actually



Fuck, I even checked earlier as to which issue it would be. I don't care for The Commonwealth arc so far.



What about the child actors who have gone through all of puberty?



Rick's death is the current biggest guess for issue 200. It's gotta be fucking huge, and Kirkman's pretty much stated that Rick's death is a when, not an if. He fully intends Carl to take up reigns as main character



All stories should as close together as possible to fuck with big finish


How do the comics and the show relate to each other? Is the show a retelling of the comics, or are the comics and the show separate canons? Where do the games fit into it?



Chandler Riggs aged pretty well alongside the show and never had the awkward voice-break period covered. There was a baby at one point but it had 16 actors IIRC over a few series.


The show is an adaption of the comics but with some changes here and there. The games take place in the comic universe and has a few cameos from characters from the GN throughout the series.

Graphic Novel > Games > TV Show


>4 in 9 Chance Republicans win control of the House (46.6%)



I can't believe Jeb! won the entire senate and house



Must be his strategy of giving out little turtles to all those who voted, what a kind old man


guys stop morph is on the verge of tears


File: d8bdaf92c10d088⋯.png (494.9 KB, 680x626, 340:313, ClipboardImage.png)



do you understand that i see you as a nazi?

and do you understand that, in seeing you as a nazi, I refuse to participate in conversation with you unless i feel obliged to?


File: d4c909bb63abfee⋯.jpg (56.39 KB, 770x1026, 385:513, 1404747950504.jpg)

I wish Capaldi grew out his beard for his final few episodes like he let his hair grow out. Bearded & floofy punished 12 at the end of his run would be pure fucking kino



Seconded, Beardpaldi and Floofpaldi at the same time would be defining.


Cenk's going berserk



>fox just called the house for the democrats even though it's still so early into vote counting

what's going on?



Still pretty early but if there's a Blue Wave it's not coming in just yet


File: 66e95f87d5548fa⋯.jpg (2.66 MB, 5184x3880, 648:485, 1541558291134.jpg)


I don't get why fox of all places would be the first one to call it. Are most of the uncounted seats safe blue ones? Why do the other prediction algorithms still have it around 50/50?




Apparently they couldn't explain this position and they're stumbling for an answer.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>politics posting in /who/



Would you rather talk about series 11?


I thought /who/ was majority Brits/Aussies. Why are we talking about seppo shit?



Because it's interesting to spectate



Nothing better to do



Have we polled for demographics here recently?


>genuine discussion about the Walking Dead and American politics

>Vidya posting the other day

I love how series 11 is so goddamn underwhelming that we've just started talking about literally anything else. The gap year is truly gonna be a test of our community



2019 will be interesting



unironically Fox trying to get people still on line on the West Coast to think they don't need to vote. Fucking Hannity was on stage with Trump last night, they're just state propaganda at this point. Not that the network had any credibility beforehand, but it's dumbfounding that people continue to watch them jerk themselves off for being the most watched "news" network and at the same time spout out the same "mainstream media" fearmongering as if they aren't the very defintion of "mainstream media"



It’s almost like those countries base their identities on reacting to better countries like us


File: 3e2d3086008ca1a⋯.jpg (51.01 KB, 645x627, 215:209, 1541554035179.jpg)




its 10 PM EST and 3 AM in the UK. Most of the people posting right now are probably the American posters



It's 2pm in australia



Don’t forget the ausneets!


File: e853061b71a27f7⋯.png (160.12 KB, 331x331, 1:1, 1541511328829.png)

>tfw didn't vote

>tfw still gonna complain openly about the results


File: 274c978c3e4f59b⋯.png (248.81 KB, 1014x1106, 507:553, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at ….png)



would unironically love to see him take on Doctor Who. TLJ was kino, and even if you didn't like it at least you can say it's a step up from Chibnall


File: 81f33c28c026225⋯.png (620.42 KB, 976x549, 16:9, 1520963822110.png)




What Doctor Who episode had the biggest subverting of expectations?



Hell Bent



Hell Bent


File: 8bc5929b1b10422⋯.gif (744.94 KB, 268x268, 1:1, 1520909809901.gif)



Hell Bent,


File: c753591c07c8ff3⋯.png (357.48 KB, 532x571, 532:571, ClipboardImage.png)



San Diego comic con



Hell Bent


Subverting expectations is good when Moffat does it! Me hate the last jedi


File: 82452133f42c8a7⋯.png (195.64 KB, 730x400, 73:40, ClipboardImage.png)


Anyone else sad that guy doing youtube reviews of the VNAs gave it up to do old Nickelodeon shows instead?


File: 7651b11d5c48b52⋯.png (20 KB, 318x309, 106:103, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at ….png)

No! This can't be happening! I'm in charge here!


Beto just got killed by the Zodiac Killer


File: 65d35646ebfd38e⋯.png (73.6 KB, 221x303, 221:303, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at ….png)


how embarrassing


File: 58754420677a881⋯.png (34.26 KB, 730x423, 730:423, ClipboardImage.png)



What kind of tard can't wink properly



is /pol/ having a meltdown



omoshiroi OwO



They seem to largely still think it's possible for the GOP to win, given how the 2016 predictions were wrong

Never mind that the tables had turned by this point in the 2016 election.

It doesn't look like the blue wave is happening though, it'll be a slim majority


Only one more year of drumpdf :D


Also floating the idea that a dem majority house for 2 years will highlight how deranged they are and would work in trump's favor in 2020



GOP have the senate, he's not going to get impeached



And a Trump presidency won’t highlight how deranged he is?


Cruz officially wins over O'Rourke



With a few key exceptions (wall and healthcare), trump has largely delivered exactly what his voters wanted from him.


unsurprising. Despite everything, Cruz has an (R) next to his name and Beto has a (D) next to his. It's Texas, he had no chance of winning. The fact that he came as close as he did is a major accomplishment tho.


>blue guys win house

>Trump gets to blame democrats for obstructing instead of his own incompetence

>wins 2020

Oh nononononono



No he hasn't. Employment dissatisfaction's still a thing. He hasn't done a thing to lock up Hillary.




>Gatiss, Moffat, Cornell, and Shearman in a cafe all working on their scripts for Series 1 in 2005





he hasn't delivered on any of his promises (not that I'm complaining), but what he has managed to do is convince them all that he has. The cult of personality around this man is absolutely insane.


File: 9e08f07caed8b0c⋯.jpg (6.24 KB, 225x225, 1:1, really.jpg)



Unemployment is at its lowest rate and the economy has been continually successful. It's far enough in his term that those can't be attributed to obama anymore.


File: 931f034264b5903⋯.jpg (99.91 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, R423EONER5EF5GPNQK2WNGA6YQ.jpg)


>what he has managed to do is convince them all that he has

Just look at the signs at his most recent rallies


Atleast based Mueller will finally tell us about of all of drumpfs collusion now



Why are you posting this here


I love that every state is intricately divided into sections and then there's Montana/ND/SD/Wyoming just being a complete fucking slab



Would you rather talk about series 11?



You're right let's talk more about the coming 2019 hiatus and how shit Chibnall Who is



It's just depressing to wake up, check /who/, and see yet again it's Kinda and Nilso jerking each other off.



Alright you got us there.



For what it's worth I can't even see flags right now


File: 4b2cb8ec585a8f9⋯.jpg (169.13 KB, 467x734, 467:734, Kek.jpg)


>Neo so verged he got btfo by the gap year he's become completely crabby

oh nononono



Bit tetchy there big man


File: c8c2c4ef0cade0e⋯.png (385.69 KB, 600x429, 200:143, 1541562162148.png)



Also ive only made like 2 posts in the last 2 hours total




Don't let me stop you. Go ahead, keep posting about American politics.



Thank you for this, this is supremely cozy



You're awfully defensive. Want to count your posts about American politics together?


By all means, don't let me stop you. Keep posting about American politics Nilso.



You've made such a stink I'll stop


File: f137ad71a2d19a4⋯.jpg (61.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1492310811910.jpg)






How can one hate Gatiss, even if they abhor his scripts, with stuff like this? Such a fun guy. It's a shame Shearman never returned for the show but he sounded supremely uncomfortable with writing TV and Dalek had a lot of reworking from RTD anyway. Imagining an actual TV direct adaptation of Jubilee would be crazy though. I wonder what series 1 script RTD reworked the most. Maybe Unquiet Dead desu, from what I've heard.


Is neo ok?



Be nice to him, his last ounce of sanity was hinging on the hope that Chibnall wasn't so grossly incompetent as a human being that he'd allow another gap year. Now that No Who in 2019 is all but confirmed, Neo's psyche has completely fractured as it looks like our future is, quite unironically, a fucking nightmare.



No Who in 2019 is a good thing one way or another, I don't have any reason to watch Chibnall's take on the program for a year, and it's not a good sign for his stewardship of the show. Well, he'll be in charge of Who "longer" even if he does only do three series, but at least we'll get spared for a year.


Funny, Reddit is taking the exact same article we did as pointing towards there NOT being a gap year. I don't see how, given the turnaround on S11. I wonder how different the writer pool for S12 will be.



>No Who in 2019 is a good thing




Would that Big Finish took the year off as well.


Literally nobody actually wanted this post mate.



The costume designer's wording was ambigous and could be interpreted that filming just exists in 2019, not that it doesn't start until 2019. I think we figured out yesterday that S11 filming started in november, so theoretically it's possible if filming is imminent that they aren't actually behind schedule. It's all speculation really.



No, he's been on his period for the past few days.



we could have just searched your trip for this?



That's true. We're coming very close this year if the special is for Christmas, but I've always been intrigued by the idea of staggering out a series' premiere so the finale legitimately was the Christmas special, ie the last non-special episode of the series was a week before Christmas.



i-it's not over… d-daddy trump could still w-win!



Christ Kinda, this is embarrassing. It's over mate, just accept you got btfo


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fuck politics. Who /redman/ here?



>4 seconds in

I am now.


File: 330dcc6cb44742e⋯.png (249.1 KB, 2048x4096, 1:2, jodoggPose.png)

people prevail… hope prevails!



When Chibnall said series 11 would be about hope, I didn't think he meant he would have characters just literally say it's about hope.



I've never listened to Big Finish and don't have much of an interest in getting into it, but what's Jubilee like? I know it's a Dalek story, but what's it about?


File: 9b225aeae845f66⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1002x1069, 1002:1069, chibs head.png)



I consider it a bad thing really, I'd rather the Chibnall era be over as soon as possible, i.e he does his obligatory three series and he's out, and we can have a new showrunner for 2021. A gap year just fucks things up and extends how long we have to wait to get another showrunner's take on Who.



Listen to it and find out.


You gotta be a boardie if you think a gap year is a good thing.



Or you're just completely broken by Chibnall's shit era that you're actively looking forward to not having to watch any of his episodes for a year



It's about Dalekmania, the nature of fascism, what the Daleks returning ever again and again in Doctor Who means. It follows the Sixth Doctor and his elderly history teacher companion Evelyn as they end up in an alternate universe's England.


That's true, and contorting it as "well this means X-who-I-want-to-be-showrunner can line up all their ducks" would be sad (not anyone, including me, has even done that yet, but I could see it happening). I think there's some merit to it as a respite year and it makes for quite the contrast to RTD and Moffat's abundantly triumphant second years, but in the actual sense of years yes it does unfortunately extend his reign.



A gap year would only delay the inevitable. Just get it over with quick instead of prolonging the pain.






Seems Chibnall hasn't watched the S9 premiere, because he's not showing us any mercy.


File: b021e5997931228⋯.png (47.42 KB, 800x800, 1:1, file_0.png)

You know I kept telling myself that I wouldn't care how the Chibnall era turned out because I already got my perfect version of the show during the Capaldi years, but honestly it's kind of fucking verging me how terribly his vision for the show clashes with mine. And like I get for some people they are absolutely loving this new take but the concept of getting supreme enjoyment from this shithole of a series is so alien to me that I just feel like a defeated, tired old boomer. I couldn't have envisioned it would be this bad. Haven't felt this low about Doctor Who ever. Bravo to Chibnall for shattering my expectations, I suppose.



Hope returns. Hope prevails. Resistance is futile.


File: 618a39e5585c6a9⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 2834x2834, 1:1, 618a39e5585c6a9595dd4040f0….jpg)

In light of the volume 3 news lately, I'm posting these again if anyone has been enticed.

The First Doctor Adventures: Volume 1

The Destination Wars


The Great White Hurricane


Behind the Scenes (Volume 1)


The First Doctor Adventures: Volume 2

The Invention of Death


The Barbarians and the Samurai


Behind the Scenes (Volume 2)


The 1DAs are interesting because they're like an AU take on starting Doctor Who, not just an emulation of Hartnell era. Going more alt-universe is more interesting and has more creative longevity as there comes a time where basically everything BF can mine from an actual era is mined.

>None of these actors [in the 1DAs] are doing impersonations of the original actors. What they're doing is playing these parts as written. And, you know, we've written them - our brilliant writers, you know, Matt Fitton [sic], John Dorney, and, uh, Andrew Smith, and, uhm, Guy Adams - sorry Guy, how could I forget you, I'm just old and forgetful…uhm, they've written these greats scripts that the style, very much in the style of the First Doctor Adventures, and the cast are coming to it, ah, and playing the parts as written. Written in that very faithful way. So, you know, you're not going to listen to it and think 'Goodness me, I thought that was William Hartnell' - no, you'll hear someone playing the First Doctor character, uh, s-perhaps a slightly different i-interpretation. And with all the other characters as well! I think there will be moments when you think 'Oh yes, yes, this is exac-I recognise that', but this is the sort of new way of looking at it. We just thought it'd be fun and exciting thing. We've been trying to do it for ages but, as it gets mentioned in interviews coming up in future podcasts, David Bradley is so busy, really, uh-th-so we were trying to do these even before, uhm, the Christmas special was mooted. Was, you know, just a coincidence! When they t-, when the BBC finally said 'ooh, and David Bradley is gonna be in the Christmas special, tis top secret', we said 'Oh? You're g-oh! We were already going to do something like that', but anyway, it all worked out very nicely.

>Briggs: "What's fascinating about the cast and their performances is that they're not impersonating William Hartnell and his TARDIS crew. They're playing those parts as written in the scripts. No one can replace the brilliance of those original performances. What we're presenting here is a kind of reinvention of that era, completely in the spirit of the original. They are new but entirely faithful interpretations of these characters."

Oh, and regarding the Invention of Death -

>no real villain

>genuinely interesting SF concept the whole story revolves around

>explores original alien society in detail and with great consideration to societal differences

>extremely comfy moments (Ian/Barbara chemistry, 1/Ian/Barbara/Susan campfire singalong)

>resists doing continuity references that would have been extremely easy to indulge in

>capitalising on Ian and Barbara's jobs in ways to evolve the story

>entire story is interconnected, the climax/twist a natural evolution of the worldbuilding

>1 in full experimenter/inventor mode

>doesn't shy away from sex

>very memorable premise all round

yeah, it's GOAT.



I'll listen to Destination/Hurricane/Invention tomorrow


>resists doing continuity references that would have been extremely easy to indulge in

Not that it's a bad thing, but there's a really subtle Sarah Jane Adventures reference.



Ooh, I've forgotten it if I ever noticed it, can you remind me?


Oh yeah you haven't heard Invention yet - I think you'll love it. Hurricane is an extremely comfy pure historical and it's neat in that it's not a celebrity historical, it's more working class iirc. I did not enjoy Destination but there is a lot to react to about it.



After getting critically injured, Barbara is injected with something that will prolong her life, and the cast wonder if it might slow down her aging as well. In SJA, it's said Ian and Barbera are still the same age as they were in the 60s.



Hurricane being a pure historical is really nice and I'm looking forward to it. What's your opinion on these First Doctor boxsets consisting of 1 pure historical story and 1 non-historical story?


File: 8d9a095effd551d⋯.jpg (297.07 KB, 948x1500, 79:125, Molten-Heart.jpg)

Reminder that this comes out tomorrow.



Ryan looks like he's shrugging his shoulders, going "It's a living."



Chibs should embrace his baldness



probably right



The Invention of Death is amazing and The Barbarians and the Samurai is a great little historical. I've always liked the idea of going to ancient Japan. Never finished The Destination Wars (I don't think I was in the mood). What is The Great White Hurricane like?


File: 3a3c61bef5d9478⋯.jpg (130.29 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DrXREM5X4AIjF8H.jpg)

File: f8be8c0872da17c⋯.jpg (13.82 KB, 240x265, 48:53, 240px-Leanne_Battersby.jpg)



Chin up mate, happens to the best of us


What everyone forgets is that the last time a midterm didn't flip the houses was in 1982.

It is entirely historically expected and overwhelmingly likely at midterms to take the house and senate from the incumbent party. This happens every single time. What's happening tonight is actually a terribly scathing indictment against the Democrat party but nobody will say it, because it doesn't fit the (((narrative))).

They were expected to have taken a 20+ seat advantage in the house and take a small lead (3+ seat) in the senate. This is a historic norm.

The fact that they're losing senate seats and going to scrape by a tiny house majority is insanely damning against the left. But let's not put anything in context. Let's just scream BLUE WAVE LOL WOOOOW. Fucking retards.



Oh, that - I didn't think that was that subtle! I hate that SJA thing so I'm glad it was only a suggestion on the part of both stories.


Seems a good thing to me as it guarantees a pure historical every set.


Hurricane is very comfy and about an interesting historical event I had no idea about, this huge hurricane that enveloped New York in 1888. It concentrates on the cast's attempts to survive it, and a host of side characters and their own little stories during it too.



>no one will want you now you look like that Doctor Who bitch



i wonder, does the curse apply to jodie? or will she ALWAYS be known as "the first female dr who" regardless of how long she stays?



wot curse


File: 3f2e385d6932469⋯.jpg (39.99 KB, 570x318, 95:53, 12showdown.jpg)







except we actually got the showdown between the doctor and rassilon and it was absolutely kino


File: 25922e9084055de⋯.png (52.38 KB, 152x148, 38:37, crumpetshow2.png)

>Jimbo will never adapt Campaign for the 1DAs because he's a cuckoo anti-vaxxer




Every actor has had the curse. McGann didn't even get one season, and everyone just sees him as a Doctor.






I know about that one, I just didn't know how it related to what Kinda was saying about Jodie always being seen as "the first female dr who"



im saying if jodie were to leave at the end of the series, would she still be typecast as the doctor for the rest of her career due to the significance of her being the first female doctor.


how would you react if thirteen affectionately referred to herself as a "timeslut"





>Rumors that Obverse will cease the Faction Paradox range due to low sales

>Chibnall Era will outlive Faction Paradox

Where were you when Chib slayed the last remains of Loz's legacy?



how can you typecast someone in a role when they've had no notable characteristics in said role?



I'd drop trou and get to work if you have even the slightest idea what I mean


I feel like Matt broke the curse anyway. He was one of the most popular Doctors and his career is arguably better now that he's left the role with his performance as Prince Phillip (complete opposite of his performance as Eleven) receiving tons of acclaim after both seasons of The Crown, and now he's gonna be in Star Wars with Withnail. Took a while with Tennant but Broadchurch got super popular by the end. Capaldi is too early to tell but he was already fairly well known for playing Malcolm Tucker before he took the part. Eccleston is the outlier but he's such a bipolar cunt and isn't afraid of slagging people off (RTD, BBC, Marvel/Disney) that he's burning any bridge he sees anyway.


History of Faction Paradox throughout the NuWho eras:

>RTD era: Mad Norwegian loses Faction license soon after Series 2, Random Static publishes Newtons Sleep, the Magic Bullet audios come out

>Moffat era: Obverse picks up FP. Aside from co-editing Romance in Twelve Parts, Loz has completely abandoned Faction Paradox. City of the Saved range starts.

>Chibnall era: Faction Paradox dies



>he's such a bipolar cunt



>she's northern and working class, what could go wrong? - Christopher Eccleston on Jodie Whittaker

well lads, what could go wrong?



Eccleston is a narcissist and only values other people in terms of how they resemble himself.


>BBC only has a 30 million pound annual budget

surely that can't be right, can it? I'm reading their 2017-18 annual report and unless I'm missing something, that's what it says their funding is.

30 million to fund all of their programmes, fucking how? The Crown Season 1 cost $100 million to produce and that was just 10 episodes of 1 show. Am I just reading this wrong?



File: 94fee08e71bff23⋯.png (465.01 KB, 865x752, 865:752, 94fee08e71bff23d72896d5baf….png)


I'm a timeslut me. 'Oppin about through the time-stream, trying all the different tackle. You've never lived until you've tried King Henry the First! Or was he the fifth? Can't remember… what about you Yaz, any historical willies you want to try? Maybe you don't like willies, eh? Not to everyone's taste. Well let's make it easy, Pleasure Moons of Pakros, they've all got a set of both there - plus extras! Why you all looking looking at me like that? Graham? Ry? 'Ave I said something wrong?




Chris Chibnall


File: 7ad095ebd2fb65b⋯.jpg (158.84 KB, 1818x909, 2:1, 13readsyourpost.jpg)


>Yoko Taro will never make a Doctor Who game


File: d70b41a3220c805⋯.png (447.6 KB, 822x615, 274:205, d70.png)

File: 01ebfb394af9ea8⋯.png (337.52 KB, 829x586, 829:586, 01e.png)

>we want the thot audience










a doctor who game by too kyo games would be more kino



>Danganronpa Doctor Who

I'll pass.



zero escape doctor who being the more desirable of the two



>tfw no Arkane Studios DW Game


Still verged they never asked Obsidian to make a Doctor Who game back when Chris Avellone was working with them.


>a good doctor who game comes out

>it's written by chris chibnall and set in the 13 era



Relative Dimensions because it's written for a Reactor audience



That's not true, he also really values money



He's not a good enough writer for video games.


Imagine chibnall trying to write a story with any kind of branching paths


File: 309d7db9fed51f3⋯.png (123.51 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 309.png)


Pting is me before I've had my morning coffee LOL #mondays



In Memory of the Daleks



Apocrypha of the Daleks - A story where Daleks who have been erased from the timeline come back to reek paradoxical vengeance against not only the Doctor but their canonical counterparts.



Okay, this is based



Redpill: This is what the Dalek Civil War actually was


File: 6f0682d3197f508⋯.jpg (273.58 KB, 940x720, 47:36, Dream_Lord.jpg)


>You've never lived until you've tried King Henry the First! Or was he the fifth?

Well, he thought he was the first…



Obnoxiously colored pill: Ditto Victory of the Daleks




How is their first reaction "Q betrayed us" rather than "Q isn't real"?



>we never got the dreamlord return in the capaldi era with Bowie playing the dream lord.


has Moffat ever addressed why he didn't include Rassilon in the 50th? I can understand the Master if he already had Missy planned, but it's always felt weird to me that he introduced the new character of the General in a role that seems like a substitute for Rassilon. Don't the Time Lords even mention him at one point?



they mention that rassilon is currently attempting the thing we see in end of time



this, russel already had him booked



Boomers don't understand that people can make things up on the internet.



For all the talk of fake news and shills, they're still a bunch of retards who wholeheartedly believe anonymous posts on the internet.



wouldn't that mean during the events of Day of the Doctor that Gallifrey is at one point teleported above Earth? Since that would have to take place before the Doctor uses the Moment, right?




> In Hide, we visit the remains of Omega's original pocket universe and Omega is notably absent. Remember Hide is set in 1974, and Omega's original pocket universe was destroyed in 1973. The dates can't be a coincidence.

I don't have enough red string and pushpins for this


oh no! you've been kidnapped by the BBC and forced to make a terrible choice!

The BBC has run out of storage space and can only afford to keep one of the following episodes, the rest will be erased from existence, and it's your choice to pick the sole survivor!


>The Christmas Invasion

>The Eleventh Hour

>Deep Breath

>the Woman Who Fell to Earth

who are you saving?



Eleventh hour



Deep Breath



11th Hour



Eleventh Hour lmao it's not even a question. The only other possibility is Rose for historical significance, and losing it would mean losing 7.7% of all 9th Doctor episodes, and losing 15% of all good 9th Doctor episodes



what 9 episode don't you like?


File: 96657413651e436⋯.jpg (338.94 KB, 953x953, 1:1, lehappybusdriver.jpg)

>post yfw based Bradders records a commentary track for each episode in Series 11 and makes every one of them not only watchable, but enjoyable



That's a good point about Rose's contextual qualities.



Between the three Rick TWD movies and the Jesse BB movie, is it time for another DW telemovie?


Tomtit, Looms, etc, thoughts on the recent announcement?


File: e1dac261c8cd8ae⋯.png (96.73 KB, 750x585, 50:39, 1541573511678.png)

REMINDER: Chris Chibnall did better than Davies and Moffat in his first episode.



>all these Trumpfags still trying to make a victory out of this

He lost more congressmen than Bush did.



The Master has always been a character aware of the medium and the storytelling going on around them, much as the Doctor has, but the Simm Master especially so. Remember, he's the one who hears the baseline to the theme song in his head 24/7.



Trump strengthened his lead in the senate, and relative to the first midterm of most other presidents in recent history he didn't take that much damage in the house, even though the majority was lost. It's not as simple as a pure lose or win.


Do you have faith in Big Finish Simm Master or Missy?


File: ef1ba1cb548a63b⋯.jpg (51.31 KB, 640x638, 320:319, the doctor and her compani….jpg)


>Do you have faith in Big Finish



probably missy, i doubt simm would want to stay in that role for long with briggs finish



I'd be more willing to put faith in literal fan fiction.



The BB movie? I've never had less idea what to think about anything, I mean, christ. Will it interact with the future scenes in BCS at all?

Maybe this is a sign that Gilligan and Gould are each going their own individual ways with the Breaking Bad universe, which is probably a good thing. BCS S4 was very Gilligan-lite and it was probably the best so far.

If a Jesse story has to exist then I'm glad it's a film rather than a TV series. I don't need a whole mythology surrounding Jesse's post BrBa life, a standalone """adventure""" is easily preferable. But like I said I still have no idea how to feel about the concept at all. Walt's story got tied up in a neat little bow and now Jesse's? The Gene scenes in BCS sort of suggest to me that these characters' worlds are completely desolate after what happened to them, and I love the sombreness of that, but if Jesse is around having epic adventures then that whole narrative space is kind of diminished. Fuck it though, I'm sure it'll be a well-made film. And I'm glad Aaron Paul will be keeping busy after the role of a lifetime.

That's if it is about Jesse, who fuckin knows really

I was watching an episode of Better Call Saul with commentary and Vince namedropped Doctor Who, it was fucking weird hearing him say it in that folksy accent of his.



>And I'm glad Aaron Paul will be keeping busy after the role of a lifetime.

Yeah, he's been pretty much in the witness protection program since Felina.



Additionally, if this is getting in the way of Vince working on original stuff then I'm somewhat against it for that reason, I want him to make something new.



Rose, fucking obviously



Fuck, that’s a relief. I thought some dumb fuck had posted /who/ to KYM for a sec, and we’d have to go through the whole wiki thing again. It’s just a normie meme, thank Lord Sutekh.



Accidental false flag left it on kek



This. Historical significance matters when archiving episodes.



Kino title, anon



even if I wasn't considering historical significance my answer would be the same



Thanks. It was the name of a fan-fic I was writing about the war doctor.

It's also a good potential alternate title for Dalek.


dilberts dead :(


File: ef9c41877fd08a1⋯.jpg (104.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)






>spends months talking about how great the new series is going to be

>gets pissy at people for criticism it

>tweets about how great it is every week

>suddenly hasn't tweeted anything doctor who related other than "i haven't seen it yet" over a week ago

oh nononono


berts under dirt



I didn't believe it when I first read it. It sounds like the sort of thing clickbait buzzfeed-like websites come up with.

Granted however if it maintains the same level of polish as the rest of the BB/BCS universe then I'm very interested. If it was any other show I'd be worried about a sequel so many years after the main story had ended but I trust Vince has a story he wants to tell.

What are the odds it ties into the Gene segments from BCS even in a minor way?


File: dccdf8c5b6042d8⋯.png (17.36 KB, 586x139, 586:139, ClipboardImage.png)



>a score this low after only a week or so of voting is rare. In fact DWTV hasn’t seen this happen since 2015 with “Sleep No More” (which scored marginally higher)! And if we look at the score in the wider context of all of the episodes in the revival, this episode did very poorly.

LJL (lol just lol)



I gave it a well deserved 1



honestly i think i like it more than 42


Chib coal era



After enough time we'll look back and it'll be seen as great?



No it will only look good if youre faced with immense pressure to like it



File: 143c81ab4c8de66⋯.jpg (115.48 KB, 500x713, 500:713, new vegas.jpg)

File: a2a6a639594cc62⋯.jpg (24.65 KB, 271x377, 271:377, fallout 76.jpg)

MoffWho VS ChibWho


So are they bringing back 11 and 10 for another run of titan comics after they've settled 13 in?


>Obverse stops making Faction Paradox novels, Chibnall picks up the IP and makes it a spin-off show like Torchwood with characters from it interacting with the main doctor who tv show and Yasmin becomes a member of the Faction at some point


File: cb21d74a0cacd88⋯.png (279.99 KB, 594x509, 594:509, ClipboardImage.png)

normies gonna think this is bad until he's better than the vast majority of the cast



This is essentially a “Rory is the Master” rumour


File: 5a5822e52127a84⋯.png (478.27 KB, 634x564, 317:282, midterms soy.png)



File: e41338bbb6feefd⋯.jpg (100.68 KB, 768x507, 256:169, merlin_146450436_204a95c6-….jpg)

>people prevail! hope prevails!



Is the book before this worth a read?



I wonder if Chib thought that line was going to be iconic to DW


>doctor of hope




worked for the BBC as a brand assistant on various doctor who things for ages and left when moff did, is also usually very vocal about the show.


File: 7f2119e2aaa1cd4⋯.jpg (261.95 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, jodielego.jpg)

>doctor of lego

was it meme magic?



He is here.



Don't you think it's in any way funny that a random 4chan user saying "she looks like she plays with lego" ended up being correct?



It was him


File: 2a1a7883e0ce0d2⋯.png (53.82 KB, 908x219, 908:219, ClipboardImage.png)



peak sensationalism

surprised they waited until half the series was over to do it



Haven’t the ratings been about the same for the past three episodes? Each had around 6 million overnight watchers and it’s understandable the first episode of the female doctor got a lot more from people that wouldn’t usually watch doctor who wanting to see the spectacle



>The first female Time Lord's debut last month attracted an average audience of 8.2million but that plunged to 6.1million on Sunday.

this is the sun, after all.



They're mixing up the consolidated with the overnightly for peak manipulation


>episode 9 ends on a cliffhanger of Capaldi arriving and calling Jodie a false doctor

>episode 10 revealed to be written by Steven Mofffat

>directed by Talalay

>scored by Gold

>Mark Gatiss plays Capaldi’s companion


File: 7698d7b3c2f1e93⋯.gif (1.76 MB, 268x180, 67:45, How will Doctor Who get ou….gif)




Yeah, I feel silly taking BCS as a fluke since I like it tonnes more than BB so I should have some faith in Gilligan doing ANOTHER spinoff, especially if it's just gonna be a self contained movie, and Jesse is the only really workable character for that (I detest the idea of a Gus prequel movie). I really disliked the Breaking Bad finale but I can't decide whether that makes me feel more or less enthused about going beyond it (the Gene stuff doesn't count since it's so clearly its own thing, you know?). I really don't know how to take this, I feel like I should be happy because Gilligan has proved himself and I kinda like the idea of just a selfcontained movie (as long as it doesn't set up future sequels), but the whole thing kind of disquiets me, I don't feel good about it right now. Looking forward to being proven wrong. I really agree with your point about how the world should feel sombre afterwards though…if Greenbier isn't an adventure and more of a psychological thing that'd work but I don't see AMC bankrolling a non actiony BB movie.

What was the context of the DW reference?


I feel the same basically.


File: 0cb728512739d33⋯.jpg (63.07 KB, 518x461, 518:461, image.jpg)


>pick a Moffat episode

>decide how Chibnall would re-write it


>pick a Moffat episode

>just watch that instead



Just watch it really


ok so basically

im have pet monkey




The comparison to Pertwee's era is so offbase, reotractive, and illfounded. Really think Andrew Ellard is cornering the "critic doing intelligent analysis of S11" market, much as I adore her other work. When we're in Harness' era hopefully the distance of years will give clarity and focus to her work on Chibnall's era, the same way her approach to Capaldi didn't crystallise until 2016.


File: 1c2f34f62d96d93⋯.mp4 (43.2 KB, 244x124, 61:31, mfw chibnall who.mp4)



It's very well founded.



She really wants to like this series huh



>it’s at least consistently an hour of fun every Sunday that’s capable of surprises. I’ve said for years that this is all I wanted from Doctor Who



El's explained before that she sees it as, not so much a moral imperative as a certain step forward. Being willing to like something even if it's not actually very good means you get to like more things in the world. Certainly helps justify an ardent lefty embracing Harness's consistently right wing and often paranoid work.



I mean if you want Sunday popcorn viewing sure, but doctor who can and has consistently been so much more than that


File: 7cb366456861863⋯.jpg (540.57 KB, 1349x387, 1349:387, 1541591398510.jpg)




Moff and RTD chads realising neither side is better



Go on. Keep posting about American politics


When reading the wikipedia article about the pting, it's implied that people have tried to domesticate it before, thus revealing people in-universe know the pting is cute


newfag here, can someone please explain the "Assault of the Benefactors" meme?



Its not a meme.



there's a wiki article about it



It's the name of series 9 episode 10.


Why did Dr Who get angry with Ian in the end of the Sensorites?



There was a fake leak for series 9 that said Face the Raven would be titled Assault of the Benefactors. The joke is implying that the episode was really called that, despite all evidence to the contrary.



Forced drama to make a cliffhanger


That weird-ass part where the doctor realizes they're on a space ship is where they would have put a part one cliffhanger in the original series.



I thought you were talking about the cliffhanger from the Aztecs to the Sensorites for a moment.


Series 11 stories should've been serials with the episodes we got being part one and two with more episodes to have something interesting actually happen.



Part 2 cliffhanger: Pting roars

Part 3 cliffhanger: pregnant man's internal fluids are broken



I would pay someone to edit in a scene where it's the guy being like "Oh no, my water's broken!" and then the sting hits and then it cuts to the Tom Baker credits



Its real in the Marshall Universe. Along with the God Phone


File: 2b5156b6b75de87⋯.jpg (14.52 KB, 326x326, 1:1, distressed communist.jpg)



McCoy's era would be funnier

YOSS: Uh, is now the best time to mention that my water's just broken?

*zoom in on 13's face as Mark Ayres destroys his Yamaha keyboard*



I see, thanks.


One of the better takeaways from this era is that Segun's score is so quiet that anyone wishing to do a fan re-scoring will have an easier job


Why can't we be Mandela effected into the universe where we have a Gatiss showrunner?


File: 456a46ea25c362e⋯.mp4 (6.17 MB, 640x800, 4:5, Karen Gillan (karengillano….mp4)


File: 53efc03826dfb14⋯.webm (1.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Amy Pond's day job.webm)


>Chibnall era is like Pertwee era: style over substance!

WHAT STYLE??????????



Not like the Pertwee era was a complete structural and foundational shakeup of the show either, nope, it was just business as usual but more boring day-to-day. Exact same type of storytelling as the Troughton era for sure. Nothing about the show's premise was altered at all.


Has anyone been following the Cartmel comic? How is it?


Hi Neo,




File: 5708496ba22954c⋯.jpg (191 KB, 943x655, 943:655, twmr028_sargasso_1417_cove….jpg)

>tfw TOS isn't around


File: acb7acedb88bb25⋯.jpg (8.73 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

stop this thread!!



>What was the context of the DW reference?

Vince was praising Terry McDonough and specifically mentioned "that Doctor Who movie he made a few seasons ago". That was the only other work of his he mentioned actually.



Neat. Have a (You)!




DW equivalence of cute but dangerous?



We have been discussing it in the thread already friend :D



this dick



Bad movie in the works? I didn’t need a news article to tell me that



Oh I thought it was all BCS related so I didn't read those in case of spoilers


Having not watched any Star Wars movies since Force Awakens, can I watch episode 9 just for Matt and Richard E Grant and still somewhat understand what’s going on?



yeah, empire rebels shite simple



From the source's logline, everyone is assuming it's a Jesse sequel following the Breaking Bad finale which is the only thing that sounds reasonable atm.


100% yes.


If episode 9 is a stealth Palpatine biopic then it could be salvagable



Jay jay.


File: ff7d16bbafa59d7⋯.webm (8.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, UpTown Spot.webm)

>jesse be like



this is hilarifying


:oooo do you think the robots will remember the abuse and turn on the masters :OOOOO



Chib's sexy reinvention of K9!



>Neo is impressed by a preprogrammed routine.



Plenty of your posts impress me, don't they?


How do you feel that the show will never reach

>Missy and the Master shooting themselves in the back

kino ever again?



This is it, the show's perfect ending. It shoots itself in the back.



Ive had a while to get over Doctor Who peaking in its first season




We post here at the behest of the king of /who/


I miss Moffat's Shakespearian dialogue.



It was beautiful. And it was sad. And it is over.






File: eec630e77dc6757⋯.jpg (76.82 KB, 712x538, 356:269, sleeping-kitten-TS_1606263….jpg)

>no innuendo posting for hours



wtf…. redpill me on whatever this is



he's still crying over democrats not winning the senate, making their house majority effectively useless



Have you never seen Spearhead From Space or Terror of the Autons?


What's the consensus on The Snowmen?



Very pretty, my favourite Christmas episode and Matt Smith episode



>my favourite christmas episode




An Auton. Morph is quite fond of Rhys being auton.


Go suck off your monkey, nobody wants to argue with you right now you inskel.


Nice but a bit kinoMoff on autopilot.



Not OP but that's my go-to Christmas special whenever Christmas comes around.



Consensus is "its good" but im not a fan of this one



>christmas episode


Did Andrew Ellard analyse Doctor Who before? I'm really enjoying what he has to say, I feel I'm really getting the perspective of a professional



Just #tweetnotes things



>An Auton. Morph is quite fond of Rhys being auton.

Well I mean, I knew that. But every now and then I find out something about the torchwood audios (I'm not following them, maybe one day though) and it's totally weird and unexpected. Like, Rhys being an auton or whatever. So much more weird and interesting sounding than series 11



"Special" is a derivative of "episode", the two are not mutually exclusive concepts. If it were a code structure, Episode would be the parent class and Special would be a child class.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Utterly based.

>Hang on I thought we were getting acquainted?

>Those were the days.




so there's no tweetnotes for Capaldi's era? gonna cry



When you call it a "special", it's a special what exactly?



That audio isn't out until next year but does sound pretty interesting. And yeah they are definitely going into weird and creative spaces, unlike something else. I really love them, markedly more than the TW show too fwiw.


Doctor Who will never be good again guys why are you even watching Series 11?



Serious talk, this is the first time since I've started watching in 2010 that I find myself bored while watching the episodes.



Patel, McTighe, Wilkinson, Hime



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In all seriousness, Doctor Who is such a big part of my childhood, and it's one universe I've always liked to lose myself in… It would take a lot for me to stop watching. I'm watching each episode the day they come out, usually later because it suits me more. If the season doesn't improve, if writers like Patel etc aren't at least writing something worth watching… I'll probably still watch series 12 if I'm honest with myself. But like, 6 months after airdate all in one go when I'm really bored. If series 12 was as shit as the first half of series 11, that'd be it for me I think.

If I'm honest with myself, part of me would just hold out for at least another season no matter what happened because I'd want to like the show so much. It would take something truly shit to make me stop at this point, and I'm worried we've actually reached that point.



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No Anon I had my expectations for this season next to dinosaur bones. I was mildly surprised by the first two. it gave me a false sense of hope.

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