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"/who/ Cares?" podcast on Series 11: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz80wZ00_JjSaS2ZRrno1Pg

File: 98351e195a14cfc⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 4300x2867, 4300:2867, 12.jpg)


reminder that witchfinders leaked on amazon but nobody cared enough to buy and share it edition

last one - >>153070


File: 65d19f863824b27⋯.jpg (363.05 KB, 1887x1080, 629:360, camargo cumming.jpg)


remember what frame anon?


File: c410292e3f559c9⋯.gif (2.53 MB, 540x270, 2:1, arrested development 1.gif)

File: cd2e41c986626a4⋯.gif (2.53 MB, 540x270, 2:1, arrested development 2.gif)

File: 1c2393c0004a6ee⋯.gif (2.93 MB, 540x270, 2:1, arrested development 3.gif)


>kidnapper: we have your granddaughter

>graham: i don’t have a granddaughter

>kidnapper: then who just asked for warm chocolate milk and made us cut the crusts off her sandwich?

>graham: oh my god, you have the doc

is this from the leaked episode or did that anon just make this up? it's actually pretty good, which makes me think some anon just made it up. Very Moffat-esque



that was me, sorry to get your hopes up. I just really like the idea of 13 being an absolute child




also i didnt make the dialogue up, I took it from a twitter meme.


File: db83cf3a25da06d⋯.jpg (118.54 KB, 786x719, 786:719, 2c1ac50cf7dc311affe18adc8e….jpg)

Truly sad times, friends.


>Early Moff: Love, sex, friendship

>Late Moff: Addiction, suicide, betrayal

What the everloving fuck is Bearded Moff going to write about monkaS?


File: 4338e4fc115b006⋯.png (252.88 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, 645893CE-2BEA-4FBD-B16B-A7….png)



Does this correlate to when he got divorced?



I thought Moff was happily married with a kid?



2nd marriage



Is lil moff (forgot his name) a product of the first marriage then?



oh no nevermind the divorce was in the 90s. both kids are second marriage


nilsos a ho


File: a81d1d8f9de132d⋯.mp4 (1.78 MB, 520x404, 130:101, brush your teeth.mp4)



>I just really like the idea of 13 being an absolute child

Same. It's the most fun part of her character. I think the best ones so far are her claiming to be a doctor of LEGO and when she gets all huffy when they won't let her ride the conveyors in Kerblam warehouse.



really? i like the idea of a childish doctor but i thought both of those bits were laying it on a bit too thick



No but possibly when he had his affair with Caro Skinner.


File: 28249e948e9a9ea⋯.png (157.67 KB, 441x423, 49:47, moffbeard.png)


I like the idea of Moffat becoming gradually more despair-ridden and nihilistic over the course of his career until he's basically Ligotti.



Yeah, the childishness is


File: 27e6e16f09f7e4d⋯.png (243.15 KB, 391x346, 391:346, 27e6e16f09f7e4d7ad022483ec….png)


Yeah, the playfulness/impishness is the one thing unique to her and the one thing she does really well. I hope they lean into it next series because the "inspirational" stuff is woeful, no bite to it. fully acknowledge that i'd probably like the playfulness a lot less if she wasn't so cute



>paying for Jodie Who

No way.


File: 436420efe5ec07b⋯.jpg (190.46 KB, 560x420, 4:3, 1519508076905.jpg)



File: bef6dc2387578c9⋯.jpg (55.33 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 44820222_203520130566586_2….jpg)

Do you hear the Whispermen? The Whispermen are near.

If you hear the Whispermen, then turn away your ear.

Do not hear the Whispermen, whatever else you do.

For once you've heard the Whispermen, they'll stop and look at you.


Is there a way to see all of the videos of Matt and Peter's Doctor Who Experience stuff?


Is there a way

Nilso could not be gay


Imagine how deliciously shit Thirteen's regeneration speech will be.


Imagine how deliciously shit

/who/ would be if

Our Nilso liked clit

And didn't like dick


File: efb1c524be1442f⋯.jpg (155.38 KB, 737x719, 737:719, d a m a g e d.jpg)


>mfw she says the word "hope"



Well, YOU would, wouldn’t you?


File: d576f1276db016a⋯.jpg (159.13 KB, 1200x921, 400:307, Dsrm9vNUwAAT8CE.jpg)

Chad Pertwee



No guest stars? Pity… I had hoped there would be stars…



you just know


How many times did the capaldi era have household name guest stars?



that nilsos gay



- Frank Skinner

- Nick Frost

- Maisie Williams

- Reece Shearsmith

- Matt Lucas

- David Suchet

I think that's it.

Ones I consider minor guest stars, or at least based actors who should be more well known:

- Michael Smiley

- Clare Higgins

- Paul Kaye



Fuck off.




Because your continual unapologetic homophobia is not welcome here.



Actually I'm gay and this is the first time I've Nilsoposted in weeks.



Being gay doesn’t mean you can’t be homophobic. Your projection of homosexuality onto a straight man, using it like a punchline, is disrespectful and sickening.



>Going on 8chan

>Being offended at 8chan things

How could this happen?



Okay but nilsos still gay



We use this site out of necessity, not because we want to adapt their values. Or are you okay with people who misgender or use racial slurs, too?



Stop. What do you think is the humour in repeating this phrase incessantly?



nilsos gay



Not that anon but probably the context of Nilso's personality combined with the fact that the lack of apostrophe makes it found like a fucking Spanish noun.


File: e70bc2a9a70fb7d⋯.png (387.19 KB, 680x708, 170:177, stop.png)

>Stop. What do you think is the humour in repeating this phrase incessantly?


Doctor whos dead


Doctor whos het



Why is the thought of nilso being gay funny? Just because he’s conservative?



I would add these, at least to the second list

- Chris Addison

- Sanjeev Bhaskar

- Rufus Hound

- Rebecca Front

- Donald Sumpter

- David Schofield



The fact that such a childish schoolyard insult (complete with low-effort schoolyard punctuation) causes Nilso to throw a fit is incredibly amusing.



This chap ain't me, I'm eating lunch



You've thrown a fit over this meme several times in the past and will continue to do so in the future.



Falseflag, Im gay and I only eat brunch



This is the only 8chan board I feel comfortable using.



When has nilso thrown a fit over it?



Apart from the fact that I've just told you it isn't me doing this



In bed at night



Falseflag again, stop giving him attention



Forgot my flag!



>being offended by gay jokes

>using the word ‘retarded’ as a pejorative



Falseflag, but also I agree



File: 07fc5c5b7044b44⋯.png (448.15 KB, 658x370, 329:185, nilsos.png)


nilsos gay, verged.com, cam shows et cetera are to Nilso's posts what Sneed is to comfy Simpsons threads - and that's a good thing!



Flaseflag, but so are the posts you linked.





Sneed has never been funny


Nilso's at work lol, it's 11:37am on a Friday


File: 4ec8c2b7294e27f⋯.jpg (13.84 KB, 262x234, 131:117, moe cringe.jpg)





Real flag


Realer flag



This is equally not funny. You’re just mindlessly repeating a phrase, there’s no intelligence involved. The best memes always involve transformation and appropriating a concept to a new context, constantly making new content that reapplies the same core idea.


File: df65db820c7ff52⋯.gif (5.89 MB, 358x198, 179:99, nightmare opt.gif)










Judy passed away in her sleep last night




If only



This is the only place in the entire internet I feel comfortable using desu





File: a4990113f1ad977⋯.png (57.47 KB, 468x260, 9:5, ClipboardImage.png)

There's one thing I always meant to ask Nilso. Back in the old days I wanted to know about that Neo of his. All those times in the thread when there's no sign of him, I wanted to know why not. But I don't need to ask any more. I know the answer now. Sometimes Neo must look at this general and turn away in shame. I'm posting this in case anyone, in case anyone ever finds it, so you can see. You can see how /who/ ended.






Okay now this is epic



Epic Gamer Moment 😎


File: 0bae62b0567ec2d⋯.png (87.23 KB, 291x236, 291:236, ClipboardImage.png)


Judy left a note. I think we should all read it and have a moment of silence.



What is Nilsos flag even meant to be?


File: 05862b2bd6c399c⋯.png (1.15 MB, 750x1146, 125:191, ClipboardImage.png)



a priest's collar. Like padre nilso, a hispanic priest



a catholic collar, inspired by padre nilso



…do I even want to know what padre nilso is




File: abc35be2a049f50⋯.jpg (421.1 KB, 1300x1080, 65:54, Padre-Nilso-Motta.jpg)



What's the point of "nilsos gay" posting when nilso doesn't react to it?



Forgot my flag!


>3. Someone takes a bit of a shine to Ryan.

It's the King



Nilsos gay


I want to mating press Nilso!


morphs gay


the secret trip discord used to record /who/ cares has a channel for posting nudes, frequented by gig, morph and cats. neo comments but doesn't post anything himself.



Nice try, but I happen to know for a fact that /who/ cares is recorded on location in front of a live studio audience



Too late, it's already been confirmed



>1. ‘Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live’; ‘Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law?’; ‘I will carry out great vengeance on them and punish them in my wrath. Then they will know that I am the LORD, when I take vengeance on them.’

>2. Nilso talking to Skelly

>3. Agreed with the anon who said it was King James

>4. Actually a pretty funny line desu

>5. Dialogue seems p. good, tentatively hype

>6. The Doctor gets accused of being a witch and they try to hang her - hence ‘hangover’, it’s a pun.

>7. Listen. Since the lesson of Listen was to learn to face up to your fears of the dark and unknown, I assume the witches will either turn out to be benevolent or feed off fear, so the solution will hinge around not being scared of them.

>8. Probably something to do with a ‘Witch Doctor’ idk.

>9. Better not be the fucking Stenza

> 10. Kino

11. Ezekiel 25:17, Clarke’s Law


Offer on Dalek stories for those of you who actually want to give Briggs money for some reason


Password is ‘FANTASTIC’


Do you think Capaldi will ever get a starring role in a movie? It seems he's never had one.



dracula telemovie written by moffat



There won't be a speech




offscreen regen is what 13th deserves


Judy here, I'm alive






post pic for proof







post a picture of your big toe with a timestamp




judy samefagging with himself for attention is hilariously pathetic. who would even do that?



When are you gonna be on /who/ Cares?



waiting for invite


Lol keep him waiting please


File: 1c551ee0dd7644d⋯.png (1.06 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


I don't know how to use skype



That's okay, we use discord. I'll have a word to neo and let you know what he thinks. Just a warning though, morph might protest and not let you on because you aren't left wing enough.



Fucking based



and thats why morphs based



It's not good manners to brag about yourself in third person, morph.


all the bolded letters from the teaser:




/who/ cares with only Morph and Judy when?









for the finale when nobody else cares enough to want to talk about the episode


/who/ cares with all the nilso false-flaggers but no nilso himself when?



worth the wait!



We've already had that episode.



It's a french phrase which should mean Shame on him who thinks evil of it


When did morph became the top commie over Catas?





When he picked fights with anyone remotely right wing without any hint of joking or irony in how he confronted them



You mean nobody on /who/ likes you very much? I wonder why…



Sounds based


You understand that I see you as a Judy, right?



it is problematic


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Left Wing:




Right Wing:






Who is radical centre?


File: 431b5e2469e7a53⋯.png (146.03 KB, 540x268, 135:67, 1542906910984.png)



You might as well as add "90% of anons" under left wing






he is alt right


Skelly's libertarian right


File: 57265a50857a005⋯.jpg (267.16 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, 1542979651187.jpg)

cats and morph



are they fucking?



Why, would that be funny? For two men's love for each other being used as a punchline? Fucking homophobic trash god damn, this general has lost its way.


File: 4026e3cf6c917cd⋯.png (160.31 KB, 365x486, 365:486, craighubnell.png)

I can't believe how generous Chibnall and the BBC have been. First they trimmed off those excess episodes to really give us ten full blooded, meaty adventures. Then we got that fantastic first look at Kerblam! during Children in Need that just defied all expectation. And now, without any prompting from the fans, we get a six second anniversary microsode to tuck into. We really are lucky to have him… I can only imagine what treats are in store for New Year's and beyond!




Skelly's all about moral relativism, that's centrist rhetoric.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I was making a bestiality joke but ok



>posting a video after she said doctor who was taking a break until december

what the fuck?



And they say 90% of anons are left-wing smh my head



>Sesska put more effort into a 55th anniversary special than the BBC did

fucking hell


File: 1ac2aa559f7f04c⋯.mp4 (6.03 MB, 720x720, 1:1, 1542920026.mp4)



>shake my head my head

good job moron



>smh my head

I will always read it as "so much hate".



>state of this reply

There has to be a name for this specific method of making yourself look like a dick


New book out yesterday, nobody gave the fuckest



what the wtf



Almost as if that was the joke



>tfw when someone is this internet illiterate



which book?



Combat Magicks



"hahahaha I made the mistake on purpose to own the libs"


File: 7fb8b373809f37a⋯.jpg (48.56 KB, 305x475, 61:95, IMG_1125.JPG)

Anyone here read this? It's… something. I think I liked it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



"smh my head" is a meme



>this is technically a 55th anniversary video


haha I'm a waste of skin




like thot


ATM machine




yes, exctiting right?




Yeah, I don't think that's gonna save you moron


she looks like she plays with lego



LegoK9 > BBC



not me, I'm defending anon, who used a phrase I've seen all over the net, moron


File: c2d941041f6941d⋯.png (1.91 MB, 869x1200, 869:1200, Dsr4wlGWwAAf6GT.png)


cannot be real

she would go crazy around those amounts of lego



Legok9 > wtfbbc



>save him

Are you a gamer? Is he in danger?


more than half of known /who/res are gaymers



And doesn't that scare you to death?


File: 945e7f9205d1b85⋯.png (622.04 KB, 720x600, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)


File: a9c952773c50d52⋯.jpg (203 KB, 1448x2048, 181:256, DrRE5nmW4AcyBoh.jpg)


File: 7f2119e2aaa1cd4⋯.jpg (261.95 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, jodielego.jpg)


How did you get a lower resolution version of it?



I went on the wiki, searched for jodie plays with lego, and then copied/pasted it.


I can't believe Jodie playing with LEGO is canon just like Meeps.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



55 years? Time for euthanasia.



Cuter than Sesska





we memed a good s11 and we got shit



but at least we memed lego!



I saw a few of her videos before. Does she just hate everything? When I don't like things I usually end up forgetting about them. Has she made positive reviews?



A lot of people memed how shit it was gonna be, how there would be no christmas special etc…



she liked Last Jedi but she said there were a lot to improve



Her goal is to be funny. Usually there's more comedy to be found in poking fun at bad things, so that's what most of her videos are. There are some that are positive and some that are more neutral and focused on making funny observations.



We memed "Fuck Pete" and look what happened


if you found a genie, and he said to you could pick 5 people to be your IRL waifu forever, who would you pick?



Important poll about the Doctor. we need to prove this once and for all



Best episode ever?



does bottom count as non-virgin?


File: a6f6a49663104d3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 302.22 KB, 2518x1024, 1259:512, ClipboardImage.png)



he is gay now



Maserati 5 times, but like in Multiplicity where they're all different aspects of her personality.

If that's not allowed…


Natalie Mars

And then three others, idk.



I reckon bottoming is still a sexual act. I'm using the broadest definition, of any sexual act



5 - too beta

8.5 - too busy with time war

13 - asexual



Fuck off, judy



>implying 13 doesn't lez it up with yaz



you've been penetrated, that's sexual



One fuck his wife

Two fuck Jamie

Three have UNIT orgies

Four fuck Romana II

Five fuck Turlough

Six virgin

Seven virgin

Eight fuck all the time

Warrior virgin

Nine fuck people offscreen, probably Forest of Cheem

Ten fuck Madame de Pompadour

Eleven and Twelve River

Thirteen virgin



>wears bright colors to stand out, is ignored anyway

this one made me laugh at least



not me


7 isn't a virgin. He's probably a rapist.



War Doctor probably didn't have the time and 5 is too pathetic. Every other Doctor has fugged, even 7.



I'm starting to write a story (that might end up in shit trips) where it's a yaz centric neo-noir for 90% but the end, the "climax" if you will, is a several page orgasmic kiss between thirteen and Yaz that solves the mystery, defeats the bad guy, and saves the day while also making Yaz gush like a busted faucet.



Thanks, I won't read it



BASED. I can't wait



theres probably a VNA, beloved by reddit and nilso, where 7 has to rape 1000 people to save 100000 more from being raped



>7 has to rape 1000 people to save 100000 more from being raped

Oh, you've read it?



>strawmanning a book series

Time for a rest!


File: 136b82f60a2e399⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1600x702, 800:351, ClipboardImage.png)

Ok so The Mona Lisa was Clara, does that mean that Scaroth was a Jennaposter?



Not super convinced that the breath exchange in End of the World wasn't an on-screen sex scene between 9 and wood girl



t. assblasted Nilso



Seismically based post.



No but I falseflag occasionally.



The idea that Scaroth met one of the Claras is kino









Does this also retcon Da Vinci into being a canonical fucking hack?




The scene will mostly be from 13's POV with her telepathically communing with Yaz through the kiss, and partway through she worries she's erasing Yaz's mind by accident only to realize there's nothing up there but lust for the doctor anyway.


Nilso left 6 months ago, it's been falseflag after falseflag since then



Meeps are canon.



Because big finish canonized them

and that bloody retarded penguin


File: e5c0941330c21e8⋯.jpg (87.97 KB, 887x548, 887:548, monalisa.jpg)

Really captured Clara Clutterbuck's ugliness very well.


File: 5dbc6a9f4b8d7f0⋯.jpg (55.93 KB, 620x421, 620:421, Scaroth.jpg)

Scaroth reporting in


File: dcf0b896a998b2c⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 146.08 KB, 640x578, 320:289, 2534179C-6BA6-47B1-8D4E-6….jpeg)



will you draw a picture though?






This also means that K9 murdered an alien Clara in Mona Lisa's Revenge



as long as 13 has a penis it'll be fine


File: 63093193f7b8bfe⋯.jpg (97.38 KB, 500x980, 25:49, 1542983196875.jpg)



Even more canon than that. Rose references Justicia from The Monsters Inside in Boom Town. The Monsters Inside references Meeps. Meeps are as canon as any televised NuWho story by proxy of Boom Town making The Monsters Inside canon.


File: 2d3d6f2387db526⋯.png (377.74 KB, 974x542, 487:271, ClipboardImage.png)



Meeps are only canon to the canon bubble that boom town is a part of



Oh no no, I'm no good at drawing, I'll bite some cosplayers to take pics for it.


If I get the right cosplayer, definitely.


who voted for 12 being a virgin and why?



Coz he's oogleh



because he's old ewwww



he repelled amy

but river must have pegged him



I thought it would be funny to vote 12 considering there's literally a televised story all about him getting laid for decades.


So was Goss never writing the Scratchman novelization? Was it always Tom himself who was writing it? Why hasn't Big Finish adapted it? I'm sure Tom wouldn't mind it. It'd be fine for the 60th or 55th anniversary



Actually it’s Sydney Morning Herald



this is 11th


12 fugged River during 26 years



Gossed out


>For a long time, Scratchman was forgotten, until a script was found in 2006. It was donated to the British Film Institute by former Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner before his death in 2002.

JNT was the Doctor all along





that made me lol out loud


what about a mid season regen right now?


File: e370092d194c2f7⋯.png (1.24 MB, 725x736, 725:736, ClipboardImage.png)

>Returns from Venezuela, I'm like



Wait, how did he donate something that wasn’t found yet?



he's the doctor, he has a time machine





he donated a pile o trash, they took 4 years to sort it out


in JNT collection, it was found the cummed underwear of each of the 6 doctors


Neo's not here at the moment because he's still recording the special 120 hour /who/ cares special.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Paul McGann



RTD on set today, recording some kind of podcast with Neo and Gig.



I heard Josh Bowman will be there in character racistly commenting on everything


File: 50b5bd6190b6e7a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 67.38 KB, 250x188, 125:94, 250px-Sneed's_feed_and_see….png)


kindas a demo main



Nothing wrong with that, Demo is fun


File: acfef34d280ff64⋯.png (1.18 MB, 720x960, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

Never seen with the telephone box ripped off




i am a demoknight main


Nothing wrong with being gay, Dick is fun.


File: 5ab23544a829600⋯.jpg (85.54 KB, 500x288, 125:72, Doctor Who - Titanic.jpg)

What does this look like on the outside? We see more of the titanic here than the height of the police box


Concept: 'Rosa' but Krasko is a replaced white supremacist Captain Jack. He's got grey hair and he's bitter now. And he's taking it out on minorities.

Would this make Rosa better, or worse?



reminder that RTD was to use the real titanic but changed his mind



Worse because of the consequences to captain jack's reputation




Jack would try to bang Rosa and MLK


Concept: 'Rosa' but Krasko is a replaced by able bodied supremacist Captain Jack. He's got grey hair and he's bitter now. And he's taking it out on disabled children.

Would this make Rosa better, or worse?



>white supremacist Captain Jack

Just say 'Skelly'.


I remember being amazed that they actually showed blood from alonso's gunshot wound in voyage of the damned



White supremacist who likes asian twinks?



Yes. He wants to top them so it's perfectly compatible with white supremacy.


File: c6082d3025f39bf⋯.png (14.85 KB, 512x391, 512:391, titanic.png)


File: f222bf3a7c99459⋯.png (28.74 KB, 556x679, 556:679, 23.png)



Chris Chibnall has banned blood. He's also banned the word "bloody" because it acts as a reminder of blood.



including the episode about 13th's first period



Yeah it's cheaper to use cgi than to retrieve the hull of the titanic from the seafloor and smash it into the set.


File: a49acaf09f5931f⋯.jpg (62.37 KB, 638x360, 319:180, dfsadfasd.jpg)



see difference?



thanks Moffat



wait what the fuck, did they use a different cgi model between children in need and christmas?


File: 3954d8b20e278ce⋯.png (649.66 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)




yes, that is what I was saying

it was not supposed to be space titanic

it was to be the real one



oh I knew that that was the case in terms of how the special was going to be written, not the cgi thing though. interesting



Time Crash and Voyage have the same model. Last of the Time Lords has the other one.



l-loser? uWu


neo thinks we can’t tell when he posts without his trip



neo doesn't post without his trip… apparently


File: 990ab9c057c06f2⋯.jpg (157.45 KB, 640x660, 32:33, cliff 1.jpg)

File: c74124f9b712a8a⋯.jpg (228.69 KB, 640x660, 32:33, cliff 2.jpg)


reminder there was supposed to be a cybermen at the end of journeys end but someone from DWM talked rusty out of it because he thought it removed the emotional impact of the ending.

that would have been so fucking funny if it happened

>10 being moody and depressed

>cybermen appears behind him


File: 9919b43f91bb166⋯.jpg (74.38 KB, 500x372, 125:93, tumblr_nb7gubOyCb1tvhev2o2….jpg)


that did happen



nope it was deleted



it's in the director's cut



no such thing


The Capaldi books came today and for £6 pound I'd say it's worth, on the front there is a sticker that says £41.94 and it makes me flinch



I'm ok with misgendering people because if I do they'd just correct me and move on, and using slurs because this is an anonymous image board if I wasn't ok with it I wouldn't be here


File: 727a90ce9e338ba⋯.jpg (37.03 KB, 300x270, 10:9, Chris_Chibnall.jpg)

would you forgive him if he brought back torchwood?




he could ressurect Lis Sladen and I wouldn't forgive him



I would



He'd bring back Torchwood with only Captain Jack and a completely new team who are all just weaker versions of the original



well then he knows what to do



series 11 boring

call me when sil movie is released


Sil movie > K-9 movie



Series 11 > K-9 movie


The Unfortunate Adventure of the Brothers Sil, Nil and Dil



too far



your post > series 11


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

thread theme


I remember someone posted screenshots of a Cyberman in the Torchwood cells, what was that from?



I don't care for Torchwood much so I guess okay if he did okay if he didn't





It was at this minute, on this day, that Doctor Who first aired, 55 years ago. 17:16:20 GMT.



piss all I messed up the caption, next year I'll time it



File: 39cf77548874466⋯.jpg (111.83 KB, 601x1000, 601:1000, DsrJxidXcAAyMC-.jpg)

Davison looks like a prick in this picture


File: 8492026419688e0⋯.png (792.51 KB, 940x626, 470:313, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 831e026558bbab5⋯.png (841.75 KB, 940x626, 470:313, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9f4e88b653993cb⋯.png (564.34 KB, 940x626, 470:313, ClipboardImage.png)



holy shit pat troughton looks like a cross between matt and paul



Hartnell looks like he's about to steal your girl but Troughton and Pertwee look like they've seen some real shit. McCoy looks like he'd rat you out to the teacher for the smallest thing.


So no one has a link to the leaked episode?




no one cared enough to get it kek



jodie could use a younger one


File: b11c67b74ce3afd⋯.jpg (126.28 KB, 1280x739, 1280:739, dalek 1.jpg)

File: 43a7c161e91ce99⋯.jpg (155.7 KB, 1280x712, 160:89, dalek 2.jpg)

File: d43f516dae672f5⋯.jpg (182.55 KB, 1280x714, 640:357, dalek 3.jpg)

File: 9c3954112b11373⋯.jpg (195.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dalek 4.jpg)


File: 18a92c24af20ea2⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 268x268, 1:1, tucker 1.gif)

File: 8eaf6181dd8d55e⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 268x268, 1:1, tucker 2.gif)


Imagine Jodie regenerating without meeting Daleks Cybes Master Davros


File: d21ac002bcfbf2b⋯.jpg (134.72 KB, 1161x1200, 387:400, capaldi art 1.jpg)

File: 081d90061cedbd0⋯.jpg (87.24 KB, 900x853, 900:853, capaldi art 2.jpg)

File: acd4be1faa95606⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 620x413, 620:413, capaldi art 3.jpg)






Unit Revisitations




ahahaha he wants to listen to Unit Revisitations oh nononononno



I want so much I would pay for it



>that young McGann

>that young Hurt

>that young Eccleston



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

check the title


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



how has Tom Baker looked like an old man his entire fucking life



it was the war







We never talk about

Jason Haigh-Ellery


File: fcb1cdb851472fd⋯.jpg (86.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, young man in an old man's ….jpg)

File: 64aff01dcc598ee⋯.jpg (66.96 KB, 1010x699, 1010:699, old man in a young man's b….jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

happy 55th i guess lol



Moffat: Make a 75 minute special!

Chibnall: Just update a Youtube Video


Chibnall intro text is off centre



this trigger my nilsies



>Chibnall is going to be in charge of the 60th




Pete's 60th will be the best



I garantee he will not





YAZ: Doctor, I want to be with you. Be with you night and day.



Fuck the lion king fag simba


File: f2270ca0cbd8054⋯.png (136.63 KB, 720x540, 4:3, chibnall era.png)

So what does /who/ think about the rumors about Jodie and Chibbers leaving after S12? Honestly I hope they're true, but I'd say there's about a 50/50 chance that they are



it is true

we memed it



It terrifies me.




Why? Are you actually enjoying this mess



Not looking forward to another new show-runner so quickly. There's also the possibility that we get someone worse than Chibnall. It may not seem like it could be possible, but anything can happen.


God, no. Other than Arachnids and Kerblam! I've not properly enjoyed an episode so far, although I'm hoping that Witchfinders / It Takes You Away are good/great. I'm just a bit hesitant to see who we'll get to take Chibnall's place.



>possibility that we get someone worse than Chibnall

lets roll, he had his chance



>Liking Arachnids



> Arachnids and Kerblam




It's literally The Green Death. I like The Green Death, so is it so bizarre that I would enjoy Arachnids?



Dear god if there is any hope for humanity, no one could be worse than Chibnall


It's literally a big Dildo. I like a big Dildo, so is it so bizarre that I would enjoy real cocks?



But The Green Death is competently written.


>How's this for Greenness and Death



>Do you think Capaldi will ever get a starring role in a movie? It seems he's never had one.

I remember him saying in some interview (but can't remember which interview) that he gets more royalties from one episode of Poirot that he appeared in (because Poirot is repeatedly broadcast in loads of countries), than for anything else he's ever done (incl Doctor Who).

He could probly retire now quite comfortably, if he wanted to.



>There's also the possibility that we get someone worse than Chibnall.

At this point even Gatiss would be better.



David Suchet must be loaded



>At this point even Gatiss would be better.

At this point even Immigrant would be better.



It's alright, lads. I'll take one for the team and do it for a few years.


File: 3f4101e3226d6c3⋯.png (90.13 KB, 658x409, 658:409, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b3fd1342ffc2242⋯.png (76.63 KB, 655x415, 131:83, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 9348dfd78723b04⋯.png (83.99 KB, 843x292, 843:292, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 164ee53edfbb893⋯.png (139.75 KB, 832x288, 26:9, ClipboardImage.png)

oh boy


File: f6de3eca7ab1937⋯.png (508.76 KB, 853x480, 853:480, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 087eb5530c4f3e5⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1600x918, 800:459, ClipboardImage.png)


what elements would you return to the show?




>what elements would you return to the show?

bring back plot


are these net worth estimates even remotely accurate?



Infamously not.



I thought so. They don't seem to line up properly with what I'd expect


What would happen if one day Elton went out to do something and died in a car crash? Would pavement girl just rot away in a corner of his house? Or what would happen if someone was looking through his things and found her? How would she explain her existence? still the best episode of S2 tho



7 is not a virgin

also i have a clear vision of a battle weary war doctor having one night of passion with a beautiful shobogan

3 is a chad but it's hard to imagine him fucking. 2 probably is a virgin. 13 DEFINITELY.



>How would she explain her existence?

hyper-realistic fleshlight



> How would she explain her existence?

Just tell the truth desu, not like they’re gonna call bullshit on a talking paving slab.



who is also the TARDIS in human form



>14th Doctor female / 15th Doctor male / 16th Doctor female

>QT alien companion

>Continuation of a tri-sided Dalek Civil War (Fanatics, Revolutionaries and Loyalists)

>New Orleans episode

>Urban Legend/Cryptid Episode

>American Midwest episode

>Episode with The Holy Roman Empire

>Make Saward look like a pacifist

>3-Part Finale

>Episodes similarly styled on DOOM, The Thing, The Mummy and IT etc

>Bring back The Drahvins, Drashigs, Orsirians, Terileptils, The Mara

>DON'T bring back The Cybermen or the Silurians


Elton's already dropped her and she cracked. She's dead now




2 fugged jamie






who was top and who was bottom?




is there a term for this?



Clara is?





File: 51bcfa078106897⋯.jpg (147.67 KB, 425x785, 85:157, 36421810142_87861b6837_b.jpg)

File: 9943a1fdf98714c⋯.jpg (114.74 KB, 403x761, 403:761, 36543931406_722ba8be3e_b.jpg)


The problem with doing that is that any meaningful reoccurance of Fenric would have to be done the same way it was done on TV and in Big Finish. Doing the same thing for the fourth time would be quite boring but that never really stopped Terry Nation so anything's possible.



nobody cares about BF

just do it



Would you hire me as consultant?



Nobody SHOULD care about BF. Unfortunately, a lot of the fans really, really do.



just make good enough

there was not rage over Human Nature



if you're a doctor who fan and you listen to big finish you're not a doctor who fan



I enjoyed the Fenric arc in Big Finish a lot but I hate that it could've been so much better if Briggs hadn't been such a money-grubbing bastard.


Depends what you'd consult me with


>tfw 50/50 literally fucking never


File: 59be4a29b504460⋯.png (82.27 KB, 639x226, 639:226, Screenshot from 2018-11-23….png)


Absolute baller



he gets royalties every time someone buys a bow tie



because clara is the mona lisa, and the mona lisa is surrane jones who is idris



he owns sherlock. Anyone who even utters the phrase "elementary my dear watson" has to hand him a fiver



ah okay, I thought it might be some bizarre obscure VNA/EDA reference


File: ddd8469ef5a079e⋯.jpg (14.09 KB, 350x235, 70:47, capn jack.jpg)

File: 37545e50f087c37⋯.jpg (197.83 KB, 1200x1263, 400:421, happy bradders.jpg)


>stick the show inbetween Countryfile and Strictly, so at the least 5m old people who can't be bothered to switch channels will watch



Based and I say that as a fan.



Moffat probably made more money with those 12 episodes of Sherlock than he did writing Doctor Who for 13 years.



who did it better?

>Do you think that I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?

>Did you guys really think I would leave you hanging for the anniversary?


FWIW the author of the anthology "Twelve Angels Weeping" is doing an AMA on r/doctorwho. He namedropped "Alien Bodies" and said he did a lot of his research on the Tardis Wiki, which are always nice things to hear.


Big Finish will never do anything as ballsy as "Zagreus" ever again and it fucking hurts


Ain't it fucking bizarre? It's literally nowhere. We've officially reached S7 levels of apathy.



Witchfinders actually seems pretty Kino though.



who did it better?

>I suppose one more lifetime won't kill anyone. Well, except me.

>Yes, I am doing 31 videos for you. But what's 32, am I right?



yeah im actually looking forward to Alan Cumming as King James



what exact?



if you know what I mean



Any hopes for Witchfinders / It Takes You Away other than them being good episodes?



sounds pretty kino ngl

Everyone post what they would do as showrunner

>Cast William H Macy as Dr. Who

>Lady companion from the past

>Male companion who's obsessed with conspiracy theories and definitely not a self insert

>At least one episode with a completely different format from the rest of the show

>Episode with Alexander the Great

>Arc involving ancient aliens and secret societies



Mad lad casting choice, even if I can't see it working myself




what exact aspect of witchfinders seems kino to you?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Everyone post what they would do as showrunner

Cast Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Who

Have a season of Rehashing the best BF / VNAs




File: 06670b9e047e98a⋯.jpg (63.31 KB, 1079x659, 1079:659, DnujEFGWsAEn7Jl.jpg)





I keep getting MrTardis and Dimmeh confused desu.



Fuck off judy



I'm just hoping that Witchfinders doesn't make the witch trials justified, and that Chibnall lets "It Takes You Away" be as creepy as it has the potential to be.



I anticipate It Takes You Away to be the best s11 ep.




>cast Jason Flemyng as 14 (although I'd rather have Sam Rockwell but he ain't British)

>companion is a young journalist who wants to do a story on the Doctor and he can't be bothered to sit and answer questions so he decides to take her along with him on his adventures to show her instead

>Cast Sean Harris as The Master (who is trying to "atone" for turning good as Missy by "making up for lost cruelty" in his words) or as The Valeyard idk

>King Arthur episode (with Cybermen maybe?)

>Feudal Japan episode with Sea Devils

>"Exodus of the Daleks"

>Christmas Special that's a semi-retelling of The Nutcracker



Imagine having to wake up every day of your life as judy.



I really hope it is. I wasn't expecting something like that to be part of Series 11 and I'm glad that its synopsis got released recently. We had a good idea as to what we were in store for through location filming so to have something come out of left field like an episode in NORWAY is brilliant.



oh yeah, I forgot to mention that another idea would be to combine the King Arthur episode with the Christmas episode and have a retelling of the Sword in the Stone with the Doctor in the role of Merlin



>Jason Flemyng as 14



File: 5bd36ba84855679⋯.png (6.23 KB, 245x206, 245:206, 5bd36ba84855679fc741acbd31….png)



>>"Exodus of the Daleks"

already kino



I like the idea of having Flemyng in Who but I think he'd be better suited as a villain


File: bde97ded3e41444⋯.jpg (124.79 KB, 923x1200, 923:1200, DpFwqh5WwAEqWY_.jpg)

File: 38ccc78f436fbc7⋯.jpg (82.7 KB, 901x1035, 901:1035, DpFwqh6WkAAdsW4.jpg)

Reminder that Penis Nose got cut



look at Yaz's hair, it's from It Takes You Away


File: 17fc705221376e6⋯.jpg (69.22 KB, 596x411, 596:411, 35919832780_39d66cdbac_z.jpg)

>create one of the more interesting monster designs of the series so far

>cut it out


comfy af watching stolen earth rn





oh fuck they circumcised him?



the original Infinity War desu

also much better than IW



>being judy



>retelling of The Sword in the Stone

>Doctor as Merlin

>get Mark Gatiss to voice the owl

would be pure comfykino



Stolen Earth is shit and still better than IW


File: 763a0dd170f87ac⋯.gif (839.77 KB, 480x271, 480:271, macy scream.gif)


I'll never stop shilling for him as the Doctor


Sounds very kino ngl



File: 3ed4d22c5f7251d⋯.gif (927.76 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1497725010331.gif)



Who snitched on the talk page?





File: e33e6b3f5fa8c81⋯.jpg (315.19 KB, 1200x821, 1200:821, George_Goodwin_Kilburne_A_….jpg)

File: 8aa8ff57895e500⋯.jpg (535.52 KB, 1800x1013, 1800:1013, daniel_1800.jpg)


>Richard Wilson as comfy old man Doctor

>Male regency era companion who longs for an escape from his uptight existence

>Female alien companion from a low-tech jungle planet that has been ravaged by industrialists

>Bring back Haemovores, Axons, The Rani, the Dream Lord and Raxacoricofallapatorians

>Lots of historicals

>Series arc with Omega, big reveal being he is being manipulated by a Faction Paradox style sect of bonkers Time Lords

>Series arc with completely original concept, nothing cribbed from anything before

>Series arc with the Valeyard, the whole series being a set of orchestrated moral dilemmas meant to push the Doctor to the edge of his own morality

>Final episode is the Doctor recounting the events of the what happened at Skull Moon, but he is an unreliable narrator and there's no way to know if the story is true



Queen Nilso



That sounds great too. God why can't /who/ write the show instead of Chibnall



>Be me

>Inadvertently given control of Doctor Who

>Female doctor, big attitude, snarky sense of humor

>Cute girl companion from contemporary London

>Or is she?!

>Start a UNIT spinoff, allow new writers to cut their teeth, accept spec scripts to discover fresh unknowns

>Open invitation for prior showrunners to submit scripts

>Try to develop new iconic monsters

>Recurring Human villain in the "present" that the Companion has history with

>Get political as shit every so often

>Crossover episodes with the spinoff

>Turns out the companion is chosen by predestination and has an important role to play in Grand cosmic events and also she's trans

>Ending of finale is them cuddling together talking about the universe and life and stuff

>Christmas special is a romp through an automated toy factory developed by robo-santa in the 30th century

Other ideas for future seasons:

>Sneaky pure historical via Scooby-Doo fake-out

>Multi-doctor story with a future, unspecified Doctor

>the companion tries entering a car or a building or something only to discover it's a TARDIS and the kindly Mister Aeght has a shocking secret

>Bring back doctor-lite episodes

>Lots of femdom implications

>Use trickery to hide a surprise regeneration at the end of a series



>it's gone


Who chose to side with the Daleks during The Time War?


Whoever snitched is a massive fuck


What is Jodie's favorite Who episode? Do you think she's watched Classic Who?



Highly doubt it



Basically I think the reveal in the Time Meddler is the one big trick from the classic series that the new series has tragically failed to rip-off so far.

Well, that and the Rescue.




File: 2a78bb2263e912c⋯.jpg (252.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at ….jpg)

>watching the video diaries from Series 5

>Karen recorded one after filming the scene where she gets swallowed by the ground in The Hungry Earth

>clearly just been crying because it was too claustrophobic

I forgot how cute Karen was in Series 5. I mean, she was cute in Series 6 and 7 as well but in series 5 especially


File: aad6b813546dd7c⋯.jpg (78.9 KB, 970x758, 485:379, Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at ….jpg)

File: 2805ccf591af311⋯.jpg (67.01 KB, 820x716, 205:179, Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at ….jpg)





Who THE FUCK snitched. Identify yourself, coward!




Ok what the fuck



I thought they still had the halloween colours up but no, they've actually gone for an orange and blue theme



Maybe the Deathsmiths of Goth or the Black Sun, as a matter of convenience. On some higher level, the Black Guardian and the Gods of Ragnarok I suspect, though the Daleks would probably not be fully aware of it. Allied not by choice would be the bulk of their bitches from the classic series, as well as probably the War Lords.


File: 3875e50679ca552⋯.gif (626.32 KB, 245x240, 49:48, comfy who times.gif)

What serial are you watching to celebrate the anniversary, /who/?



thicc boi


If I took over as showrunner I'd honestly keep Jodie on for one more series and "reboot" Thirteen to have her own identity and have some depth to her character. Might nick Moffat's idea for Series 5 if Tennant stayed on by having the series premiere start with Thirteen looking rough and seemingly about to regenerate, only for her to leave and "come back" earlier in her time stream and completely healthy



I don't know. What should I watch?



>fakeout regeneration in the first episode



>the companion tries entering a car or a building or something only to discover it's a TARDIS and the kindly Mister Aeght has a shocking secret

Fuck I had a similar idea, except it's the Doctor who fixed the Chameleon circuit. desu I just thought of it because I imagined the part of the Capaldi interior with the police box doors but with a car door awkwardly halfway up the wall.



Someone Snitched


I'd like to imagine that there was quite a lot of people using The Time War to their advantage to steal, plunder and vandalize.



I might watch Survival or The Ambassadors of Death later. Either that or the 2nd Cushing Dalek movie





nah it wouldn't be a fakeout, it just wouldn't be the full regeneration. One of those "pregenerations" or whatever when the Doctor's hand starts glowing and they suck it back in like snot hanging out their nose


Whoever snitched and got that soy page deleted is a TDC shill



File: 4f3821d49c287c0⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, classickino.png)

I'm just a traveller.



It was me



Fuck off


Which Doctor would a scared child be most comfortable around? I'm thinking 2, 4, 5, 8 , 9, 10, 11 or 13. Probably 2, 4 or 13 the most.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


presented without comment



Never even considered 12 which is really stupid on my part. 4, 12 or 13 for sure.



Four would be way too fucking intense to deal with if you were a scared child. Same with Seven. They'd def make things worse (even if it was unintentional on their part).

Eleven was always the best with kids. Thirteen gives me kindergarten teacher vibes so I suppose she would be alright



Clara desu


bring back Russel T Davies and Steve N Moffat


so is that updated compilation of the title sequences all the producers had planned for the 55th Anniversary? fucking hell, they couldn't at least have had John Smith do modern remakes of all the old ones?



Why are people acting like they've ever done shit for 5-year anniversaries?


10th Anniversary - The Three Doctors

20th Anniversary - The Five Doctors

25th Anniversary - Remembrance of the Daleks/Silver Nemesis

30th Anniversary - Dimensions in Time

35th Anniversary - The Infinity Doctors

40th Anniversary - Scream of the Shalka/Shada/Zagreus

45th Anniversary - Forty-Five

50th Anniversary - The Day of the Doctor

55th Anniversary - updated theme compilation



they did Rememberence and Silver Nemesis for the 25th and the Infinity Doctors for the 35th


File: 03b30fd3bd1f181⋯.jpg (141.07 KB, 632x836, 158:209, Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at ….jpg)

>acting like all they did was update the title sequence compilation video

they retweeted this as well


>The Three Doctors

>The Five Doctors

>The Two Doctors

>Time Crash

>The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

>Day of the Doctor

>Twice Upon a Time

rank them, /who/


Why the fuck is Mickey doing a Ricky voice in Journey's End



The Five Doctors is one of the worst things broadcast on television.


File: 4026e3cf6c917cd⋯.png (160.31 KB, 365x486, 365:486, craighubnell.png)

Is everyone just forgetting the six second micro-sode and the Supermovers special that we got? I swear this community is so entitled and ungrateful. We should be thankful Doctor Who is even on the air…



>Curse of Fatal Death

>Day of the Doctor

>Twice Upon a Time

>Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

>Time Crash


>the rest



Curse of Fatal Death is honestly a fucking masterpiece and has aged incredibly well for a red nose day sketch from 1996



Do we have to?



That'd be a perfect gift for the 60th



Very comprehensive list. Only missing

>15th Anniversary - Tom Baker, Mary Tamm, and Carol Ann Ford appear on "Nationwide"

>60th Anniversary - Doctor Who is cancelled

>70th Anniversary - Big Finish shuts down after last Classic actors die

>80th Anniversary - BBC sells Doctor Who rights to Disney

>135th Anniversary - Doctor Who enters the public domain



>80th Anniversary - BBC sells Doctor Who rights to Disney

>135th Anniversary - Doctor Who enters the public domain

pick one


File: c2335cca51d232e⋯.png (129.61 KB, 272x274, 136:137, 1493231590065.png)


>disney ip becoming public domain


Listen | Heaven Sent | From The Doctor To My Son Thomas



Oh shit I remember those biker dudes, sort of liked their design weirdly enough


File: 32e37392c122973⋯.mp4 (1.84 MB, 1440x720, 2:1, itneverstops.mp4)


I liked your anniversary special Chinballs.



I'm just your fellow Doctor Who fan Craig Hubnell, but i'll pass your congratulations on to Chris.




Based. Honestly one of the funniest things I've ever seen, and it's freaky how much it predicted about nuwho



>Three Doctors

>Fish Doctors

>Day of the Doctor

>Time Crash

>Five Doctors

>Twice Upon A Time

> I haven't seen Two Doctors



Two Doctors is one of the Sixth Doctor's better stories. Not the best but top 3 IMO



Uhhh ok

>Cillian Murphy as 14th doctor

>Charles Dance or Anthony Hopkins as Master

>Companion is a lad from the 1920s, real barfighter type

>a episode of another show airs, its a documentury about post-war Japan, but the Doctor keeps cropping up in it, whole plot would be in that format

>first season would be a relaxed one, no real arc, last episode would set up the next season arc

>arc of the second season would be a cult trying to unmake the universe, turns out it was The Master trying to get the Doctor's attention

>episode with kaagh the slayer

>fixed sontaran designs



Yeah I've heard it's good, I'm just not up to it yet on my watch through of the classics.



Hopkins will never happen but I can see Charles Dance agreeing to do an episode or two.



Charles Dance as the Master is a perfect casting. I don't like the idea of the Master returning so soon though.



Also one last thing, make League of Gentlemen and Alan Partride canon to the whoverse



It will never ever happen, but Willem Dafoe as the Master would be ultra kino, although I agree that they shouldn't come back after TDF.


File: 5269baab92fb66c⋯.jpg (131.45 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, web-peep-show-ch4.jpg)


The Lodger style Peep Show crossover when?



>thinking one of the most important characters in the mythos, one of the greatest villains/characters the show has, and a part that can be recast with very little handwaving won't come back because they died


As much as TDF was a great end for The Master, there's no doubt they'll be back. Whether as another Missy or back to male, whether the Doctor's friend or foe, whether an incarnation after Gomez or before Jacobi, the Master will be back.


They'll just say that there's a few incarnation between Simm and Gomez or between Roberts and Jacobi. Either that or they'll do the worst thing possible and have MacQueen do it


File: 42e16318a33a265⋯.jpg (440.96 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Dst9GQLU0AI-jch.jpg)



Yeah I have no doubt they'll be back either, I'm just saying that they shouldn't ever return, as they had a perfect ending.


What would be so bad about Macqueen?



I can't stand MacQueen's Master.



Haven't heard any of his audios desu



Sure, the Master will be back, but why would you bring the Master back for a third time so soon when you could bring back the Rani or Omega? Or something new? It just smacks of no creativity.


Can't see Macqueen without thinking of The Thick of It.



They already voiced characters in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.



So did David Bradley



>Nicholas Courtney was already a character in The Dalek's Master Plan! He can't be this 'Lethbridge Stewart' fellow!

>Hang on, Colin Baker? Maxil? He can't be the Doctor!

>Wait a second… Peter Capaldi was in that Pompeii episode, he can't be this 'John Frobisher' guy!

>And Karen Gillan was in that episode too! Who's this 'Amy'?

>Didn't David Bradley voice those Shansheeth things in SJA? What's he doing on this spaceship with these Dinosaurs?

>Oh, and now Capaldi is the Doctor too?

>You're kidding me. David Bradley is also the Doctor?

>Bradley Walsh! He was in SJA too! This is ridiculous…

You, I imagine.


File: 656e3d5c32fdad3⋯.png (319.43 KB, 912x515, 912:515, 246df9cd0bc3c4cddbe4384072….png)


What is the best title sequence? I like Tom Baker's first the most.



has anyone else seen witchfinders yet? i'm about to start watching it right now



My favourite SEQUENCE is probably the McCoy intro or the Capaldi intro.



This also makes me realize how flat Jodie's era theme sounds. It lacks all fanfare and sounds like one of those Youtube videos where a pop song is played with "under a pool party" effects.



I quite like the newest intro theme but the visuals aren't really my thing. I get that it's doing a callback to the Pertwee intro but if it's going to do the idea it might as well do it right. I think the theme's a bit too short as well.



Soy milk, I assume.



I like it more than anything from Moffat Era both visually and aurally. But it just feels wrong without the cold open. Some episodes like Kerblam! and The Tsuranga Conundrum even have cold opens, all it would take it a quick snip to place it before the intro.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Agree, shame the Capaldi theme is so shit



Wow watching that made me remember how weird it was seeing for the first time 'David Tennant' where 'Christopher Eccleston" used to be when Xmas Invasion aired.

But favourites are 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th's Trial one. Worst is definitely 11's first one.


>I'd always got on well with Lawrence. I remember playing cricket with him, where his bowling, a sort of overhead lob, was really quite effective. I saw him being an absolute arse to other people, but he was clearly very talented, and it was mostly himself he was harming. It was kind of like watching me happening all over again. I saw Steven Moffat try to take him under his wing, as he'd taken me. It didn't work out so well. -Paul Cornell



Where did you find it ?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"/who/ Cares?" is a podcast this week featuring Nilso, Kode, Morphant, Broken Mirrors, and myself discussing "Kerblam!", feat. Cats, Ingiga, and Kindanonymous.



oh boy



I love Capaldi's theme, easily top 5



Absolutely based.



>1 dislike already



bet it was skelly



it was the snitch


File: 5b38e2c37814b42⋯.jpg (39.35 KB, 600x456, 25:19, Angry React 1.jpg)


s o m e o n e s n i t c h e d



friend gave me it




share please if this isn't bait



I don't see any cringey holds up spork shit so no it's not Krail.



Based intro



No he’s fucking not



Yes, he is, ban him




Don't samepost.



Oh (soy)boy



I like Collin's a lot. I think the time vortex tunnel in the McGann/Eccleston/Tennant/Smith is the quintessential title sequence visual for the show. I was sad when it was dropped with the 2nd Smith one and Capaldi's titles. I like the CGI on Whittaker's a lot, and the design is alright, but every time it starts to turn into what looks like a tunnel at the end (after the camera passes the "DOCTOR WHO") I always wish they just did that for the entire sequence.


File: 84418250db26efc⋯.jpg (76.63 KB, 926x516, 463:258, Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at ….jpg)


>the virgin snitch



File: 4cab644557dc7fb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 517.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-2018-11-23-23h34m1….png)


it's not bait, but i'm too stupid to understand copyright law and i don't want to get them in trouble by me sharing it



How would that even work? just put it on mega dude



i don't know, that's why i said i'm too stupid to understand



How did your friend get it?













had access to it when it was up on amazon, and ripped it i suppose


>8 separate people involved in the podcast in some way

Is this the /who/ equivalent of The Five Doctors



The recording I was a part of was just Kode, Morph, BrokenMirrors and Neo. Cats, Gig and Kinda weren't there for that.



This is the real 55th Anniversary celebration.



what's the file size? you can just upload it to mega, and if you're that paranoid, delete it after a few /who/res download it and either we'll reupload it or we can just watch it on the /who/ stream


>want to listen to /who/ cares

>every single time I have no idea who's voice belongs to who and give up after a few minutes

lads I think you need to introduce each person at the start of each podcast


is this the first time Neo has posted on here since Kerblam! aired?


>the judy references

Okay, this is based.



If you can't keep track of 5 separate voices how is slapping names on them going to help.



All the Australian scum sound alike to me with their absolute garbage tier accents



1 adopted Vicki after everyone she knew was dead and consoled her over Barbara killing her pet. She might be played by an adult but the character is meant to be a child or teenager



I'd like to "slap something (not a name) on a certain /who/re if you know what I mean.



could just watch it on stream i suppose, if people want to



>"hi, I'm Neo"

>"I'm Morphant"

>"I'm ga- I mean, I'm Nilso"

>[murmurings of "t. Nilso" from everyone else]


otherwise you're stuck having to use context clues or hoping someone asks someone something and uses their name when they do


the gay sounding one is nilso



nilso is the bulkiest voice



narrows it down



just upload it fam, nothing will happen



Kek you got b8ed I don’t have it


File: 072f37e3a2356bd⋯.gif (2.9 MB, 384x288, 4:3, 3fuckit.gif)



don't listen to the lies



Wow, you sure showed him. Now he's going to have to wait 2 days to watch it like everyone else!



that wasn't me, and i'm sorting things out so the ep can be streamed



Based, I had homework I'm supposed to be doing thanks for distracting me from it



can you post a screenshot of the video file as proof at least?



There have been no less than 3 gay sounding ones over the episodes



which are?



They already did up here. >>154389



oh, they know



that's from the TV trailer



no I mean the mkv file or whatever format its in, not a screenshot



>*screenshot from the episode


File: 73dfd3a9acc3b13⋯.png (645.8 KB, 1297x772, 1297:772, ClipboardImage.png)


No it isn't. You might be thinking of this, completely different, still.


File: dd8c5c8e80d97b8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1006.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-2018-11-24-00h33m5….png)

File: 2adbf41fad3d0e4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 856.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-2018-11-24-00h33m1….png)

File: dd8c5c8e80d97b8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1006.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-2018-11-24-00h33m5….png)


there are, of course, spoilers in these images


File: 25f2254fa424ef5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 867.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-2018-11-24-00h33m4….png)


oh shit uploaded two of the same sorry. meant this one



You realise a screenshot of a fucking mkv file in windows explorer could be faked 100x more easily than a frame from the episode, right



>Verifiable hat kino



File: 164bc11f7e60898⋯.gif (252.87 KB, 160x165, 32:33, clala thumbs up.gif)

hope that was adequate proof, i'll let you know when it's finished processing so we can stream



When was it first uploaded? Processing can take 6+ hours, for some reason google drive is slow as fuck compared to youtube



really? awful. this one'll take a while then. i was swapping it over to my drive but i guess i can just use the other link then



I recommend making sure that whatever drive it's uploaded to, it doesn't have your real name attached to it. Anyone with the link to see the episode will also be able to see your account info.



sweet. How big is the file? out of curiosity


How soon will we get the Season 13 and 14 Blurays? I want to complete my DVD collections of those but if they are releasing them in 2019 I will just wait for the Blurays.



guys stop bullying judy he's on the verge of tears



oh, thanks for the reminder. the alternate link i have is on a drive with my friend's name, so i guess i shouldn't use that after all. we'll have to be patient.


1.66gb. how long do you reckon it'll take to process? it's been at it for 40 mins already



GB says 10, 18 and 26 are next year.



If Series 10 and 26 really are the next ones along that'd make 1 Pertwee boxset, 1 Tom Boxset, 1 Davison Boxset and 1 McCoy Boxset. Seeing as how there aren't many full runs of Hartnell or Troughton left intact, I'd guess that the next boxset after 10 and 26 would probably be a Colin Boxset. Out of the two series I'd probably wager that Trial of a Time Lord would be the most likely outcome.


Or this.


So what exactly was the deal with the Stenza and the Timeless Child? Was the latter really just a throwaway line, and the former just a weird reference in Ghost Monument?



Part of chibnall's "you can watch it in any order" vision means that there can't be repeated mentions of an arc throughout the series without any escalation

They will probably both appear in the finale without any buildup, unless chibnall is so big on those two plots that he's saving them for his next series



dunno, depends on your internet connection I think. Although I've always found google drive very slow and my internet speed is fast as shit. Mega.nz is pretty fast in my experience



the upload was fast, it's the processing that's slow, which i think all happens on their end anyway, right?


The only advantage of google drive is that it can be streamed, but the file itself can be downloaded before processing has finished. Mega is more anonymous which might be worth considering as well.



It'll be an era long arc instead of a series long arc.


File: e811f759a1b779a⋯.jpg (17.11 KB, 476x348, 119:87, sad hartnell.jpg)



So you're saying it will be wrapped up next year?


File: cf157e68f38066e⋯.jpg (73.05 KB, 540x538, 270:269, doctor_who_2005.2013_chris….jpg)

>the way Kinda was incorporated into the conversation

>Mirrors going nuclear with the receipts near the end

I love this episode



>red hat that tennant wore in the 50th

unironically tears from laughing



Bummer, I just want them to complete the Robert Holmes era while both Tom Baker and Hinchcliffe are still alive and can provide interviews. Behind the Sofa in particular is a really cool idea.

I guess I will just continue buying the DVDs for 13 and 14.


If Chibnall seriously tries to neatly tie up both The Stenza and The Timeless Child arcs in 50 minutes after not mentioning them for a good 3/4 of the series while also do a serviceable finale he's more fucking stupid than I thought he could ever be. How the fuck would he even do it?


Yeah, probably. It'll end up being babby 1.


File: 669cd4c3b0911a3⋯.jpg (12.97 KB, 220x220, 1:1, fgyjcfghdfgsdrrg.jpg)

>1 and a half series?

Time for a break!


File: e8384a0d00ce8e5⋯.png (274.83 KB, 596x411, 596:411, AAAAAAA.png)

>RTD brings back Fenric at the end of Series 1 instead of the Daleks and makes "Bad Wolf" related to The Wolves of Fenric



Honestly at this point I'm thinking they were just weird throwaway lines. Surely if they were an actual arc there would've been some mention of them in the past 5 episodes?



You'd think so, right?



But then you wouldn't be able to watch them out of order!


File: 2dd588ad64deeb9⋯.gif (2.28 MB, 257x186, 257:186, sad 12.gif)


>mfw the New Years special is about the Stenza unraveling time and one of the TARDIS crew becomes the Timeless Child


Fuck Chibyou incompetent fucker. Bring back Stephen or Steven.


File: 0289517aa17e608⋯.gif (3.4 MB, 450x302, 225:151, 13's sonic use.gif)




im acting


>i was too indecisive to join the podcast

>they mention gridlock



File: e16e2d08a8f5fb9⋯.gif (731.44 KB, 370x274, 185:137, 1laugh.gif)


>the jolt into action after she does it



God damn that pose makes me cringe in to the astral realm every time she does it



Why does she swing her arm like she is casting a spell in Harry Potter?



It's so fucking unnatural and not in a fun way.






because this is her first fantasy action role and she's overcompensating


I was one of the people who was completely fine with jodie having not seen the show, it doesn't bother me at all. but shit like this >>154460 would never happen if she just watched one series of each nuwho doctor. it's so stupid



Did Jodie even follow the show at any point before she was cast in the role? She seems to have no idea how her predecessors did things.


Reminder that the villain of kerblam was a literal luddite.



we were spoiled with Capaldi's completely unenthusiastic use of the screwdriver


remember when RTD wrote a werewolf episode 2 episodes after the Bad Wolf arc "ended" and didn't tie them together at all

but then he brought the phrase back anyway to name a beach after it lel


Reminder that it was correct to make charlie the villain and the solution to automation is not stagnating technological progress for fee-fees




At least Matt Smith went and watch some classic Who to get an idea of what he was getting himself into after getting cast. Imagine if he'd watched Curse of Fenric instead of Tomb of the Cybermen.


You're cast as the Doctor but told you need to come up with a unique way of holding/pointing the sonic. What do you choose?



I'd use it upside down to annoy people.


File: 425fa008f779b20⋯.jpg (82.73 KB, 680x682, 340:341, Revolver Oceleot.jpg)

Revolver Ocelot



She's said 10 was her favorite, and I imagine she hasn't watched much other than him, which says a lot about her performance.




She also worked closely with david tennant for years so she has an obligation to say that



I guess the way 9 does when he's trying to resonate concrete. Is that unique?



I hold it like a pencil.



We went from an actor whose childhood dream it was to be the Doctor and obsessed over the show to an actress who took the role as a favor to her screenwriter buddy.



I'd probably hold it like a pen as well


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>PC NPC SJW third wave feminist shitshow

imagine using this phrase unironically



I give it a slow twist everytime like a real screwdriver.



I bring it up tightly under my chin like a smug little gremlin and keep it in place while turning it





I know what the abbreviation means but I have no idea what it means in this context. Someone bother to explain?



I think he's trying to say that the target audience of S11 is NPCs, and/or it's being made by NPCs



IIRC Matt hadn't really seen the show when he got cast, but as soon as he got the part he watched as much Classic Who as he could and got really into the Troughton-era.

desu I wouldn't really have a problem if Jodie hadn't seen any Classic Who (even though there definitely should be some "required watching" for new Doctors with the important Classic Who episodes) but has she actually not even seen any nuWho? That's really weird. 10 series of 12-13 episodes isn't even that much to watch, you could do it in a month or two easily. I genuinely can't wrap my head around why she wouldn't at least watch nuWho. She was cast like almost 2 fucking years ago too, and they didn't start filming Series 11 until last November. It's not like she didn't have time to at least google "best modern dr who episodes" and at least watch the best/most popular ones on fucking iTunes or whatever



I'd make the screwdriver look like a pair of sunglasses that the Doctor can wear.


>‘There’s always gonna be naysayers, I’ve seen a couple of things that are absolutely preposterous. I mean, slagging off the series for doing an episode with Rosa Parks, which I thought was the most powerful bit of young people’s telly that I’ve seen ever! The conversations that would have sparked all over the country…’



didn't she also work with Eccleston too?



Like actual soulless people? He can't believe this seriously.



On some stageplay, which would have been a shorter amount of time relative to 3 series of broadchurch




desu Jodie's performance as Thirteen doesn't strike me so much as an imitation of Tennant's performance as Ten, but more like what someone who has never watched a full episode of the show thinks "David Tennant's Doctor Who" acted like



You know how "cuck" turned into an interchangeable term for anyone who doesn't participate in far-right culture? It's that, but specifically from the minds of gamers, and with an even broader reach that can accomodate for any thought pattern you don't like.



press it up against everything I use it on, as if it were a real screwdriver. That includes people and creatures. Scanning the companion for whatever reason? Poke them in the head with the Sonic



NPC is basically a new meme term for sheeple, people who share the opinions of a collective without applying critical thought

His argument is that "left wing" people like chib and jodie are mindless sheep who care more about diversity quotas and representation than producing something good on narrative merits



do you have a clip of this? I can't remember what it looked like



Its pretty much just held like a pen



get rid of the sonic entirely and give her a lockpick





>no companions

series saved



Basically anyone that just thinks what the media tells them to think without questioning it

>le orange man bad



What sort of hat do you have in mind?


File: f89b5e9756913df⋯.jpg (127.11 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1500635218917.jpg)



But he is.

>trump tards can't even come up with actual rebuttals to the garbage trump does daily so they just meme instead





Perhaps he is, perhaps he isn't, but the majority of anti-trump people would have no idea what they're talking about if you ask what you don't like about him. Most people just go with the flow of popular culture without questioning anything for themselves.



gr8 b8 m8



Provide examples of the garbage he has done in the last week - at least one example per day.


File: ac20136020577e7⋯.jpeg (166.6 KB, 1137x1022, 1137:1022, BEC534E0-2EDD-4543-BD43-E….jpeg)



no b8 m8 don't h8






Very true, lots of right people are NPCs themselves



That's a very NPC thing to say anon



It does get mentioned though.



Everyone is an NPC. Free will doesn't exist.



Perhaps we're all NPCs OK siri send a thinking emoji


File: 0c0d2ac1ffcf569⋯.jpg (17.08 KB, 649x488, 649:488, 12ec0f798c8e625129359e1008….jpg)

is there anything she cant do?



His handling of the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.



>doing something unpopular but in the best interest of international stability is a bad thing

One example is far from the "garbage trump does daily" you asserted. Almost as if you're regurgitating rhetoric you heard from other sources without applying critical thought to its validity, hmm…



be attractive



>but in the best interest of international stability


imagine licking the governments boots this much



Do you want to try again but with an actual argument?



>muh oil



Every president in recent history has sucked up to Saudi Arabia to get oil, it's a sad truth but it's how it be


>These really are hard times for women, if we're not being drowned we're being patronised to death


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