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"/who/ Cares?" podcast on Series 11: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz80wZ00_JjSaS2ZRrno1Pg

File: 54a463061c97350⋯.png (2.29 MB, 1350x1080, 5:4, capal popcorn.png)


sunday night popcorn edition

last one >>164004


somehow completely missed that a very english scandal was an RTD show. anyone see it? i do remember people trashing murray gold's score on twitter

also fuck me how did he do the second coming, mine all mine and casanova while also preparing doctor who?



it was gayno

the people trashing marigold's score must have been expecting some kind of dark moody drama and completely missed the actual tone


File: 1b6babe7aa19590⋯.jpg (58.98 KB, 538x342, 269:171, Doctor Who Tardis Extensio….jpg)


I think they just did that design because it was cheap and cost effective

I'm not sure at what point pic related was made, perhaps it was an initial concept before they ultimately went with something that was less budget intensive



I figured that was the case. I love that design though, it blends a lot of elements of the Coral and Copper consoles. Would have fit in perfectly linking the two.



oh yeah i assumed that'd be the case, people still say the same shite about his work on doctor who.

recently become really excited about watching rtd and moffat's old shows. definitely want to watch press gang, queer as folk, the second coming and casanova.



I haven't seen RTD's Queer as Folk in years, but I remember series 1 being significantly better than series 2, and both are a hell of a lot better written than the American remake. The Doctor Who shoutouts are fun too.


File: e8f90de2cd9c8c5⋯.png (415.28 KB, 838x723, 838:723, south park amazon.png)




Not Kerblam, that's for sure!



>no chalk


>I reckon sex drives a lot of thinking and writing, for everyone. I do think being creative is immensely sexual. I think that's true of a lot of writers; they just don't talk about it. It's not just a passive, funny, 'I fancy Mika': it's a very vivid image of him. Oh, in every detail! Just very real. (A visual imagination is a great help here.) All those thoughts about sex are really, intrinsically, part of the process - an equal and steady beat underneath Penny's mum, alien hunts, and housing estates. The job is actually sexual. I really believe that.



loz said it was trash by a bitter sad man

actually sounds good. i will watch chalk. i'm also going to watch dark season


File: 9fcad52883e8ebe⋯.gif (856.65 KB, 177x167, 177:167, 1543975524704.gif)


If Mark still wanted to do a Sleep No More sequel for S10 even after its reception, Steven wouldn't have had a problem with that would he?


>There's a funny thing happening, too. This is what's really going on in my head. Yesterday, Julie, Phil and I get into the lift. We all turn to the mirror, fuss with our hair, we all sigh, and then hoot with laughter at ourselves. But then Phil says, 'I've got something terrible to tell you. Have you watched the very first Doctor Who Confidential recently? From 2005?' No. Oh God. 'You should see us,' he continues, 'all three of us —we look like children.' Ohhhh God! 'We look so young and happy.' And then he looks at me, and says, 'Russell, you're sitting in that old flat, and your hair looks good, and you look beautiful.' Ohhhh. And we're falling apart with laughter, clutching each other in the corridor, but that loud crack you can hear is my vain old heart.

the writer's tale is such a joy so far. why did i wait all these years to read it? well, i'm glad i've got it to read now anyway. becoming obsessed. rtd, moffat. they're wonderful.


I am a gamer

and I always will be


kitty so cis



funny thing is, it's all because of chibnall making me appreciate all of new who in a completely new way. dwe for this feeling, by the way, is the graveyard scene in death in heaven. the doctor suddenly profusely thanking missy. that's what i'm doing with chibnall.




File: eec9190d0970908⋯.jpg (39.27 KB, 640x484, 160:121, 1544085079516.jpg)



what's wrong with phil

i vaguely remember him from doctor who confidential



also i have a crush on julie gardner now, i didn't when i was younger, no idea how i didn't see it


classic to russel to strevens



he's just such a pleb and backs up rtd's worse impulses

genuinely think julie is the best producer in the history of the show though, shes goat


oh there it is

silly old skelverse

the more i reply to it, the more it needs replying. its a treadmill!



i bet that 'you looked beautiful' comment set rtd on a path of insecurity which led to him leaving the show. fucking phil.



who are you by the way, i really enjoy your posting style and opinions and can kinda recognise your style


File: 012367d36f833a6⋯.jpg (53.27 KB, 976x549, 16:9, youknowwhoiam.jpg)


File: 7cbeb67e9da88d7⋯.jpg (47.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, missy.jpg)


also i want to say that i love gomez's face here, feels like missy is almost anxiously awaiting the doctor's reaction



gomez related blackpill she is one of only two master actors to be genuinely great actors doing a great performance. the other is not delgado or jacobi either.






agreed on gomez, and agreed on jonathan pryce as the curse of fatal death master.

and eric roberts which i assume is who you really meant



kek i meant beevers


File: d9aa122fb7d1fe8⋯.jpg (34.86 KB, 650x365, 130:73, teeth jodie.jpg)

>In fact, the Yssgaroth were so blatant a force of destruction that it's questionable whether they really were a species at all. Their source was extra-continuual, but evidently other universes are nowhere near as romantic a concept as many people believe. The world of the Yssgaroth wasn't an "alternate dimension" or a "parallell timeline", but an alter-matter state so alien that its structures and protocols were completely inimical to those of the Spiral Politic. The universe of the Yssgaroth itself seemed to hate the known continuum, which has led to speculation that rather than being a true form of life the Yssgaroth were simply side-effects of the collision between two continuual strata, symptoms of a timeline which had already started ripping chunks out of its own flesh.

<the anti-zone was created when the Solitract made contact with N-Space and contained hostile monsters for no discernable reason

yfw there actually was a Great Vampire episode in Series 11



er i knew that. but eric roberts is the best


File: 8d624091dd0f4be⋯.mp4 (1.3 MB, 360x360, 1:1, angry cat.mp4)


the asian child


>great men are forged in fire

>wait no that's not what i meant at all



why are you quoting this


File: fe89db076a732e4⋯.jpg (53.61 KB, 698x394, 349:197, Whatisyourname.jpg)



takes one to.. snow one


File: 64a3eeee1f5208e⋯.mp4 (10.4 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Closer Look Episode 4 - ….mp4)



what the utter fuck

but that means





chibnall inspires such unbridled rage in me…. seeing his face………




now how did you know it was me


File: ce6ee3131bc30c0⋯.png (589.89 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, idrecogniseyouanywhere.png)


File: f26af3853daf505⋯.jpg (806.97 KB, 1002x1206, 167:201, chibbysmiley.jpg)


Good, use your aggressive feelings, anon. Let the hate flow though you!


File: 318dc26e01ece55⋯.png (50.49 KB, 216x244, 54:61, nadroll.png)



>what do you think you know


File: d17d21dfc96adaf⋯.jpg (206.25 KB, 1876x970, 938:485, imnotstoppingnowanyquestio….jpg)



i will strike him down with all my hatred, and my journey towards the dark side will be complete



I really liked it, very tight and witty mini-series, goat performances all around


I can think of something else that's very tight.


File: 22540b8e77ca5b0⋯.png (377.62 KB, 813x469, 813:469, bill....png)



haven't seen this episode and won't bother to do so, but a world where south park criticises capitalism more than doctor who is a fucking nightmare



Anyone on /who/ ever attempted lucid dreaming? What was it like? What worked best for you?









you would know



i'm bill. short for…






billy o traecy





are you hype for believe tonight

100% promise it is happening



billbert. well, couldn't very well keep calling myself…



holy shit what the utter fuck genuinely my mind was blown

i was developing a crush on you and everything

i have very confused feelings right now



oh no it's happening again


this is very disturbing


god this is like the paradigm shift i had with contra all over again


File: 7cbeb67e9da88d7⋯.jpg (47.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, missy.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





i hope you like it too



File: 7d51b1440122b38⋯.jpg (521.34 KB, 2222x3600, 1111:1800, Ruth-Wilson-F-2832291.jpg)

Post best future Doctor



in light of recent events

I can't get no, oh, no, no, no, hey, hey, hey

That's what I say

I can't get no satisfaction, I can't get no girly action

'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try

I can't get no, I can't get no



rest in peace cat(s)



what happened?



was it the missy stuff or something in my writing style that led you to this



are you asking why i thought you were a woman


i have no idea what's going on



t. Chibbz



t. jodie in any scene


anyone watches chibnall classics (day one, cyberwoman) with commentaries yet?





doctor who

doctor wh

doctor w












doctor w

doctor wh

doctor who


File: e582879c49a2724⋯.jpg (614.21 KB, 999x1154, 999:1154, dc4yrxt-fa47a4be-2fc2-4c20….jpg)


File: 2273d981935f06a⋯.jpg (63.6 KB, 640x391, 640:391, ratings.jpg)

Something tells me that I'm dreamin'

I can see us there

Waving unaware

Of problems that have a tendency to keep

Keep the truth confined

Far from our minds



I have! I was fully prepared to hate his guts but he actually seems enthused and like he cared about making the good, he even makes a few serviceable jokes. Bizzarely he seems really proud of Cyberwoman and slightly ashamed of Day One, when it should be the other way round imo. He also said he hates writing "second episodes" which should lend some context to The Ghost Monument. Basically the commentaries I've heard so far have reinforced my suspicions that his heart just isn't in the DW showrunner job.



update this







yes, and i'm thinking i should have kept it up for longer



He said storytelling wise he thinks there's something inherently difficult about an episode 2. He probably thought other writers would have just as hard a time, or an even harder time, than he does.


Rumour about Colin Baker growing his hair

Apparently Chris Chibnall asked him for a 8 episode series to be aired between s11 and s12.

It will be set between classic series 23 and 24.



i dont think theres any potential non embarassing ways to put this. rest assured its essentially a compliment. uh. the humour. the relaxed lowercase typing. the missy stuff yeah. also you inadvertently referenced some things i mistook.


So he's essentially blasting The End of the World, Into the Dalek, etc.? Fuck him. Fuck him to hell.


File: 9c662be575484ce⋯.jpg (42.72 KB, 650x485, 130:97, chrischibnall2.JPG.gallery.jpg)

Imagine you were dying. Imagine you were afraid and a long way from home and in terrible pain. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, you looked up and saw the face of the devil himself.



Fuck the Valeyard.


(To the tune of Rock the Casbah)

JNT don't like it

Fuck the Valeyard

Fuck the Valeyard


File: 7ae32d888061b82⋯.jpg (12.86 KB, 185x273, 185:273, index.jpg)

Every **ing day. Every single **ing day this little [word that Morph uses but I don't] just sits there and gives me this stupid look on his face.



I think Cyberwoman was always regarded as good stuff among production team, RTD said it's a gamechanger for TW or something, director said it was a great episode to work on etc…

I'm really excited to watch these. Have you watched End of Days yet? That's the messiest episode by far, I wonder what his thought are.



>gamechanger for TW

its like the 4th fucking episode lmao


File: 1fa893c03cc9321⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 500x280, 25:14, 12 in tardis.gif)




I keep mistyping today



He doesn't speak on End of Days.

He is on They Keep Killing Suzie though.


dilbert finally cured my greatest character flaw

i have joined nilsos ranks


Chibnall to write next series of Sherlock



that's hilarious, but i feel guilty. i am so sorry.



now that you're qualified to answer: cutest (male) doctor?






did you "cry" for adric?


File: 1a7f569e87f2a73⋯.jpg (11.27 KB, 219x276, 73:92, parnell.jpg)


He's a cutie



for dilbert



fenians btfo


oh you type, just like a woman

but you break just like a little dilb


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this thread


File: 3af9f5aad53ac4f⋯.jpg (3.03 MB, 3552x2000, 222:125, WP_20150602_032.jpg)


Petite posts

Feminine thread

Sounds like a lady when he's typing' in the chan



>[word that Morph uses but I don't]




I'm not going to repeat it but it's a derogatory slur frequently used on chans.



Hint: Neo can now use the word after discovering his feelings for dilb



Is it chibchad?



You scumbag you maggot, you cheap lousy Morphposter



If liking dilb makes me a [redacted], then im the biggest [redacted] on earth!!!


File: 159b3aa11c20041⋯.gif (858.9 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 159b3aa11c20041496bedb5a85….gif)



It's more like liking Dilb gives you a pass to say it


File: 2519fe29897fd4a⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1151x863, 1151:863, amitavinay.png)



lol boomer


(choose the person youre more attracted to on the picture above)


File: 166165c3f0d3690⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 960x720, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

enjoy morphposting fagbugs



I sound like Neo here but Vinay looks cute in this image


Now, this is what a man sounds like when he posts.

but this is what that dilb sounds like when he posts



i love vinay on every level


mm, get me a bit of that vinay dark. table for two, save me a bite.


File: cf88ca8ac842d26⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 281.02 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, morph nude.jpg)



Pete is better


File: 57bc30cc9d11218⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 484.02 KB, 650x400, 13:8, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 2fc57897cc0e374⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1022x862, 511:431, vinaypickaxe.png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Astro, yeah

Curtains down, camguy show

That's how we already t., it's Nilso

My dawg would probably do it for a pretzel piece

That's just all he know, he don't know what to eat

I tried to show 'em, yeah

I tried to show 'em, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Goin' on you with the pick and roll

Young Padre, he in Nilso mode



They had a character leading a workers strike who was outright quoting marx

the episode ended with a cliffhanger of a war mounting between the workers on strike lead by a communist and the undead employees taken from the mall nobody goes to anymore who were being brought in to replace them

I would be very surprised if it doesn't end next week with "capitalism is bad but communism is worse, shit's just fucked" just like how the manbearpig episode ended with "climate change is real but it's too much effort to stop it now so shit's just fucked"


File: bc8b1a1bbf74e32⋯.jpg (43.77 KB, 854x480, 427:240, snapshot.jpgsnapshot.jpg)


i don't know where i am. i don't know where i am. i don't understand. i don't know where i am! i don't understand. i don't know where i am. where am i? i don't know where i am.


File: 89cf612de535272⋯.jpg (48.26 KB, 641x499, 641:499, lc42sl5t6g221.jpg)


doctor? doctor, help me. i… i don't know where i am. i don't understand. doctor, help me, please. i don't know where i am. i don't know where i am! i don't know where i am. doctor, please. please help me. please help me. i don't know where i am. i don't know where i am.


DOCTOR: The thing with anti-matter is you have to either find it or generate it. That's what this bit does. Particle accelerator.



god i fucking hate this line. those things apply to literally everything in the universe. i'm so mad


Inskel oh inskel



sung to the tune of lollipop lollipop ooh lolly lolly pop


the thing with kino is you have to either find it or generate it. that's what this bit does. kino generator


>You’ve never had a spanner like this thrown in you! Chew on me till your teeth crack. Grind me up till your gears lock. I’m the nail in your tyre, the potato jammed in your exhaust pipe, the treacle poured in your petrol tank. I’m the banana peel beneath your foot, the joker that ruins your straight flush, the coin that always comes up heads and the gun you didn’t know was loaded—

>I am the Doctor!


File: 4bccb1af1bbf5dd⋯.jpg (36.44 KB, 500x380, 25:19, moffatt.jpg)


you forgot the pic


The RTD TARDIS set was changed so it'd look good in HD. The Matt TARDIS set was changed so they had a 360 set. All other changes are now arbitrary, they genuinely should've kept the Capaldi set. Changing the lighting and decoration is enough to vary the set between Doctors.


File: 7e8a53b15b39319⋯.jpg (63.1 KB, 500x498, 250:249, вцу.jpg)




id like to change something. the current status of your mortality



How was the coral tardis changed for HD? Wasn't the HD switch with planet of the dead?



Sorry, I meant changed it [to the Matt TARDIS]



>All other changes are now arbitrary

Technology and budgets have improved to the point where it's possible to create imaginative sets and change them entirely every few years, so the logical conclusion is creating vastly different interior designs for each doctor to reflect who they are. And that's a good thing.



how's that working out for you



one misstep does not a bad formula make


jodie suits 12's tardis even less than she suits the crystal tardis


>one misstep does not a bad formula make



glad you liked my wordsmithery =)



Just scatter some lego around the place and that's that


tomtit v dilb



the worst gladiator match in the history of the world


tit of tom vs dilb of ertwho


The Grandfather never actually existed, and has now never actually existed for over two-hundred years.


File: aa573d37a37a2c2⋯.jpg (129.55 KB, 1440x720, 2:1, baffled.jpg)


tos favourite doctor is 11


>The name of the founder is rarely taken in vain by those members of the Faction who do exist, not because of religious veneration but because it’s still considered possible that to speak the name too often might summon the Grandfather into being again… an inconvenience which the Grandfather probably wouldn’t appreciate.

Loz telling his fans not to worship him here


File: 3c48895d437bdb1⋯.gif (497.42 KB, 300x177, 100:59, teotw.gif)


this may or may not be true


File: e43e1079fe67cd9⋯.png (10.36 KB, 291x75, 97:25, hunter and judy.png)



>Hunter won't even tolerate Judy


File: 5d282c26f98c5ee⋯.jpg (258.74 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, zhukov.jpg)

dr who and the death of stalin crossover


>That they still refer to themselves as “Lords” says a lot about the deluded, almost pathological nature of the Celestis: to the rest of the Spiral Politic they’re so monstrously corrupt that even when they try to manifest themselves in relatively human (even supposedly beautiful) forms there’s something distinctly sickly about them. Like Faction Paradox, the Celestis are children of the Great Houses who fell from grace, “fallen gods” who rejected the protocols of the Homeworld in the face of the War and created their own base of operations outside normal-time. But whereas the Faction might be considered to have an agenda, a justification for rebelling, even a sense of humour, the Celestis represent nothing but self-interest taken to its most perverse extremes, to the point where they’re barely even recognisable as life in the accepted sense of the word.

Actually this is a better fit for Big Finish, i'll have to rework my wave thinking


reminder that hunter likes ahegao porn


6x08 The Death of Hitler



thats not a bad thing, the bad thing is he likes ahegao on WOMEN



Let's Save Stalin


File: 2cd6b2138465912⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, sloath.jpg)

cant wait until pic related gets to watch CoE


DWE of Theresa May not getting her brexit deal through parliament?


sloaths here


TOS is a gamer

and he always will be


File: e8e91436fc387f6⋯.jpg (31.64 KB, 620x374, 310:187, simm.jpg)


i will never stand with the gamers


TIL that before Nilso was born, gamers were just called 'mers'


prime minister Simm >>> s10 simm > skelly hobo simm



Do you have a copy of The Book of the War that allows highlighting? Or are you just typing this up? The only copy I have is an exclusively-image scan of it.


File: c12f946937edeec⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 400x228, 100:57, LUL.gif)

adore this scene tbf


financial solution… deleted!



listening to commentary now, it was supposed to be later in the series. chibnall also said that in retrospect it might fit as episode 10


File: 49a85edf1cb6617⋯.png (280.68 KB, 640x480, 4:3, drwhofallout.png)

was it hartnell? it has to be hartnell


File: 9ce6eb1bf5998a5⋯.mp4 (2.49 MB, 1272x632, 159:79, where did they gew.mp4)

>looking for quality 4chan threads



I bet you do.


File: d9d8ca318b11ae1⋯.jpg (121.08 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 41454247_10155820644916588….jpg)

9 September ·


We are excited to at last now be able to tell you that there is a major project in the pipeline to bring K9 back as the standalone hero that he deserves to be.

We have entered into a partnership with a major US/UK company and are currently now developing a new multi Million Dollar series/s which will establish the K9 "brand" prior to the release of the feature film.

A K9 film would have been a one off, but with now having a new series to investigate, (which will be set in Space akin to Guardians of The Galaxy etc) we will be establishing our own universe on a much grander scale than we could do before.

OMEGA will still play a part and we haven't dismissed the ideas of other characters such as The Axons, however we are very keen to establish new adversaries and alien creatures for K9 and his new associates to face.

The project will look to appeal to both new and old audiences and there will be more news in early 2019 so watch out on our social media.

Bob and Paul would like to thank #K9fans for their patience while the original plans developed into this far bigger opportunity. K9 will be back with you soon!


eight should've been the war doctor













File: f6912c88f23767b⋯.jpg (88.45 KB, 838x483, 838:483, missy.jpg)


Vale Unus





But it's pronounced like "Coriolanus"


(which will be set in Space akin to Guardians of The Galaxy etc


somehow completely missed that a very english scandal was an RTD show. anyone see it? i do remember people trashing murray gold's score on twitter

also fuck me how did he do the second coming, mine all mine and casanova while also preparing doctor who?


You know, at least if chibnall were making Doctor Who as a procedural, it would be good. This is not procedural who.


File: 532b6541042864c⋯.webm (1.58 MB, 1920x958, 960:479, avesJack.webm)

which two /who/res?


File: e0b65302b02207d⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1895x917, 1895:917, bbc.png)

which one /who/re


you infected me dilbert


File: 7a1f611ed13b15c⋯.jpg (195.98 KB, 900x439, 900:439, dt170514.jpg)

With the virus of climate skepticism!


File: e78b96d6946704a⋯.png (30.11 KB, 403x404, 403:404, dilbert.png)


File: c90b0950582f075⋯.gif (115.57 KB, 900x280, 45:14, dt181201.gif)


File: bae8a13d9121ae5⋯.gif (40.16 KB, 560x174, 280:87, Absolutely No Homo.gif)

Dilbert reaction to Neo's discovery


File: d20d9167a38a3d5⋯.gif (29.1 KB, 560x169, 560:169, assume the position.gif)


File: ca5bfd7eccf9a53⋯.gif (114.89 KB, 900x280, 45:14, dt140207.gif)


File: ed9aecb377bd85b⋯.gif (118.01 KB, 900x280, 45:14, dt140208.gif)


File: 0607f52a16be6db⋯.gif (33.44 KB, 560x172, 140:43, camwhore rejection.gif)

File: 87911743951a333⋯.gif (43.15 KB, 560x239, 560:239, dog rape.gif)

File: 7d0048f2d7a457f⋯.gif (33.72 KB, 560x174, 280:87, Dogbert hates furries.gif)

I'll be honest, I've been a dilbert fan since I was a kid so if we're just gonna be posting dilberts now I got tons.


garfield > dilbert


is dilbert anime any good


now where could my kino be


File: 6528bb4d441bb7b⋯.gif (39.89 KB, 600x175, 24:7, October_06,_1979.gif)


File: 4b18191569b40f6⋯.webm (1.74 MB, 716x540, 179:135, dilbertProof.webm)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

now where could my kino be


File: dd3a2eaf412d032⋯.gif (126.42 KB, 1200x350, 24:7, garfield 1990-05-30.gif)



this aged poorly



It's actually fucking genius.


do any/many of you have surround sound systems


The Doctor sighed happily as she lay nude next to her sleeping companion. It was always nice to bang an eathlying. oes 13 have a feminine penis?



not me



youare tomtit


has link articlr burrunjpr - anti male jokes why male suicide rate so high?


series 12 has episode written by noel clarke how do you react



and doesn't that verge you to death


i like jodie a lot, but i wish the first female doc was a ginger.



not me



lol i've just had that playing for the past 10 mins, i thought it was part of the spanish arthouse film i was watching, kek


neo sits in his fuherbunker, listening to 5.1 mixes of dadrock


so its basically almost confirmed nwo unless theres another british scifi show with aliens

gridlock and the doctor's wife director is doing s12 ep



kino, i like him! Night Terrors is very well directed.



holy lmao i unironically do this kek i have a bunch of special formats of shit like rumours and dark side of the moon mixed in 5.1



yea night terrors is very pretty and overall I like this episode, wish it wasnt this disconnected with s6 flow though



no joke, it actually is. proper nightmare fairytale stuff - i remember the urine cloured yellow lights



jealous, that sounds cool. I've always wanted to hear Remain in Light in 5.1


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>I know this place is still a secret

>And I don’t think you’ve ever been

>It’s kind of hard to find the entrance

>You need some juice

>But you’ll love it once you get in

>This special place is in the basement

>You have to work your way around

>The place is hot and then it’s pumping

>So are you ready to go down?

DWE of this Britney Spears song about anal?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Neo's christmas cards for Chibnall


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I had no idea this was based on a real song.

It's the DWE because of Alan Cumming.



holy lmao


File: d37e26d1bf9296d⋯.jpg (187.25 KB, 780x520, 3:2, 95cb5261-ab47-4ee0-8a6f-56….jpg)


I only found out yesterday that "hallmark movies" are an actual thing and not just a dismissive insult for any formulaic christmas romcom

it's like they have their own big finish conveyor belt but it's just christmas movies


do you think Chris Chibnall has seen Twin Peaks The Return



I don't even think he saw Twin Peaks to begin with, I think at most he saw the Killing, and based Broadchurch on that.


ahh noo i'm losing my timelord penis!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

hallmark fans (hallmarkies) have their own /who/ cares!



he defs has, he mentions it on Torchwood commentary and it's obviously a landmark work in chibnall's realm of tv detective fiction



look at this image and tell me all mayoids dont look the same



He has a wikipedia-level understanding of it. He's sub-Donahue in his understanding of it.



they go out of their way to pick a specific type of conventionally attractive middle aged mayoid so it appeals to their target demographic of single mothers



yes and i bet hes the type of 'fan' to read frosts books too




Chris Chibnall's the type of Twin Peaks fan who says "Don't watch Fire Walk With Me, it sucks."



Hey now, let's not take this too, far, Neo.

You cannot like Twin Peaks and also dislike Frost's influence on it. It is an irreducible part of the equation. Of course, without Lynch's influence it's garbage, but just as you can't have Twin Peaks without Lynch, you can't have Twin Peaks without Frost.


File: ed50d0734151088⋯.jpg (486.11 KB, 685x2784, 685:2784, 1536012428958.jpg)


got boobs in my latest regen! wooo!



i love frost and think hes underrated but you cannot deny chibs the kinda guy to recommend the final dossier to people



Chib's the type of guy to recommend Twin Peaks as "Oh, it's great, it's about this guy who kills his daughter and an FBI agent comes to investigate it."


chibs the kinda guy who plays ep17 and ep18 of the return at the same time


aaah screamed the doctor as his ageing black balls split into a salmon-pink neo-vagina. I don't want a cunt



Chib's the type of guy who would wonder "why we're wasting time with this teenager bullshit every episode."


File: 6c9ad77ba78ef65⋯.jpg (46.31 KB, 601x611, 601:611, Dtm_HEpWwAEEQoS.jpg)




chibs the kinda guy to fast forward through just you



tits and bair grew as the docotr gained a new accent


File: cad758a95dedce9⋯.jpg (430.71 KB, 1181x1200, 1181:1200, the doctor meets topical p….jpg)



It is acceptable to do so if one has seen the episode before.



lol linehans's son wasn't born with certain parts of his skull



I have an epub. I'll post it at a later date once my internet isn't fucked. Can't even upload to 50% of a 5mb file without giving up today



actually that was conceived


does anyone have a copy of the current/2019 annual


Why do I get better dreams during a 6 hour sleep than a 10-12 hour sleep?



do you know that it exists?



Everyone's conceived without a skull. We're conceived without everything.


And while we're on the subject, we're all born without pieces of our skull too, the plates fuse together over childhood.


Hey Neo, I have a question for you.



are you canadian?



is a /who/re no entitled to the sweat on his brow?




>😮Do children like this? It seems slight & slapdash to me, with just one strip story, far too many puzzles & quizzes.

The only worthwhile content is the back-story about the previous Doctors.

>The strip isn't a bad story, but it's crudely illustrated, with barely recognizable characters (except when obviously copied from photos) & colouring that bears little resemblance to the TV show, e.g.

a blue Bessie!

>The children…and the show…deserve better than this.



yes ive seen the coevr and physical book for sale


File: bed77328163bbec⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, amazing.png)



i kinda like the 'ransack av klaxos' is prequel to ghost monument theory


i kinda like the 'tos is actually [redacted other user of /who/] theory'



stealth prequels are based in general



fav ones?


tos is prog



Mind Robber - War Games - Greatest Show in the Galaxy



so cis


The Daleks' Masterplan episode 1 "The Nightmare Begins" is a stealth prequel to Nilsos future



Dalek > The Parting of the Ways

The Dalek didn't self destruct, he teleported.



now that you asked I can only remember prometheus to alien

im sure theres more just cant think of any on the spot

for stealth sequels, dr who series 1 finale



Does Time of the Doctor count as a stealth prequel?






Matt's era is the aftermath of the Seige of Trenzalore. But, because of the bootstrap nature of the whole conflict, Time of the Doctor is also a stealth sequel. It's a mobius strip special capping off a mobius strip era.



you are tomtit



don't FUCKING remind me



it absolutely is a stealth prequel thats why the silence will fall line works so well



Yea, i'm sure it counts


theres a great example of stealth prequel in DW no one mentioned..

but i dont want to say it

cuz its a spoil

the effect lost if u know its a stealth prequel


man door hand hook car door


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



3 or 4 hours until BELIEVE


File: d5b750e3b879006⋯.jpg (16.1 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1Nilso.jpg)


a /who/re wins the Paul Stragg competition

there is a character named Nilso

he is gay

Nick Briggs narrates it with inflection



can you repeat that spoilered part



>Davison isn't as bad as people make him out to be

>The Tenth Planet isn't very good

>Death to the Daleks is fun but doesn't need the Daleks - The Cybermen would fit better

>Timelash is good but not great

>Tomb of the Cybermen isn't a 10/10 story and neither is Enemy of the World (both are 8/10 at the highest)

>Silver Nemesis is fun but doesn't need The Cybermen

>Most historicals are a drag to sit through but some are really good

>There wasn't a properly good Dalek story since Evil

>There isn't a properly good Cyberman story. All of them have their good elements but also have some serious problems.

They're the only ones I can think of right this second.


Furthermore I am gay



its not a classic who opinion though



irrelevant blogpost



>Androzani is a good episode, but not a good DW episode

>Hell Bent is fine

>Into the Dalek is fanwank

>Early showrunner Moff was far from perfect

>Moff ditched some kino possibilities

>Nilso is het


Davison isn't as bad as people make him out to be, at least he brought some long-needed eye candy to the show.



but ultimately true


File: 637b850b7ccc0b7⋯.png (262.48 KB, 640x633, 640:633, ClipboardImage.png)

Post your Spotify Wrapped 2018


File: ff261e689ca18d6⋯.jpg (166.82 KB, 1129x2015, 1129:2015, Dm1cw53WsAAR3YG.jpg)


File: 2843fb459ac6995⋯.png (4.24 MB, 1364x2048, 341:512, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4fc2ff58ec76b82⋯.png (955.19 KB, 695x575, 139:115, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1ea7ef257662857⋯.png (45.19 KB, 702x194, 351:97, mainstream.png)



There was a big transcription project last year but it's full of typos and formatting fuckups so it hasn't been widely distributed yet. Shoot me an email and I'll send it your way


I'm onto you Bumblebee anon



mine was 105%






It must be counting tracks listened to rather than minutes, because I know for a fact the "top artists" it lists are not the ones I spend the most time listening to and a lot of the things I listen to have long runtimes



mine don't sounds 100% correct as well

probably the twas made to fit normies only



I had to look up one of the artists it listed for me because I didn't even recognise them, I know I've saved songs from them, but they are definitely nowhere near a top listened artist in terms of tracks or runtime. There were far more deserving artists that could have been listed instead


Top 5 Artstis

Lil B

Lil B featuring Lil Wayne

Lil B featuring YG

Lil B featuring Mazz

Lil B featuring Turk


51,534 minutes listened





I believe that deliberately don't save some playing information to pay less to the artists

some songs counting would be 100x for sure


2 objective truths. No Doctor Who is good and I say that as a fan


if you most listened artist is not "DOCTOR WHO"

and your most listened album is not "SPARE PARTS"

you are not a fan


if ur a leftist dr who fan ur not a dr who fan


>here's a playlist of music from genres you don't like!

umm no thanks sweetie



Is Sun Makers leftist for saying banks are bad or rightist for making the bank owner a jewish stereotype alien?


This Spotify discussion goes over my head. I only listen to OSTs of anime, video games and doctor who episodes I like on youtube





The actual "your top songs" playlist seems to be a bit more accurate, just the 5 artists they chose to showcase in the summary weren't really the ones I would consider the top






I think they are the most listened complete albums' artists



Maybe, I often listen to full discographies and I know a few of the artists in that list either have a lot of albums and/or a lot of shorter songs

Although there's still one that stands out that I really don't think I listened to very often at all



Cold take, stealth prequels are the single best way to write a successor to an episode. I would take a stealth prequel over a sequel 7 out of 10 times.


I've been trying to t..? that BotWposter anon forever, don't "…" me

Btw something something www.fakemailgenerator.com/


This would make sense. "Doctor Who" is one of my top 5 artists but I think I've only listened to one audio this year. That said, I only used Spotify for 40k minutes anyway.



mine was 6k only




I basically listen to music any time I'm on the computer, I can't get anything done without music setting the tone



what if we let an album looping all night long for the whole year?


I'm noticing in the "your top songs 2018" there's a lot of the first tracks in a playlist, wonder why they would pick that one when there are other songs in the playlist that would have been played just as much


File: 35205c9c054c759⋯.png (287.32 KB, 600x314, 300:157, ClipboardImage.png)



t. Neo



Music doesn’t appeal to me that much. I like the tracks that make me cry



File: bae521899210f1d⋯.png (765.75 KB, 1080x1079, 1080:1079, ClipboardImage.png)



i was gonna ask if u have any idea where i could ilegaly get ebook of 2019 annual

its not on VK or mobilism or libgen



What did you get for "Oldest Song"?

>Charles Mingus - Track A: Solo Dancer (Stop! Look! And Listen, Sinner Jim Whitney!)" (1963)



i like kpop but i dont listen to male bands, i like red velvet, blackpink, twice, etc.


File: ed74a53828cea63⋯.png (309.43 KB, 600x314, 300:157, ClipboardImage.png)



Whitey's On The Moon by Gil Scott Heron



Strawberry Moon

by Anita O'Day



File: 5bd36ba84855679⋯.png (6.23 KB, 245x206, 245:206, 5bd36ba84855679fc741acbd31….png)


<I'm Poppy




stop replying to yourself judy


how do i see these spotify stats



Nilso uses deezer


Can you see somewhere what genre spotify classifies different artists as? My top genres list doesn't even look accurate but I listen to a lot of stuff that wouldn't be considered conventional genres



say please



Mars Argo chads rise up


81000minutes listened


Reminder you can use filters in spotify





and combinations

year:2018 track:"control"


File: 065408c7cadf31f⋯.jpg (33.06 KB, 460x276, 5:3, Neil-Gaiman-001.jpg)

Back in black

I hit Chib's sack

It's been too long, I'm glad to be back



what more


Neil gay man. Why did his parents name him such?





which one u wanna hear



or to themselves


Nilso Hetman



top 5 songs

oldest song


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

is his /ourguy/?


File: bb92be9b9520d70⋯.mp4 (134.83 KB, 336x234, 56:39, DtrjZa_W4AEJtxM[1].mp4)


I wish I could see the raw stats of play counts because I have no idea how every single one of my top songs managed to be from Galneryus when I can think of several other artists and songs that I have listened to many more times than those



Mine was "Singing in the Rain" (RIP Gene)


Hmm. I checked a few other places, and it's not on there yet, but I'll keep an eye out and let you know.





Shit Mirror

The Fireman

The Landing

Theme and Variations: The Prince and the Ugly Maiden (1955)



thank you. i have something cooking you see and it requires the annual in the pot.


Am I a butterfly dreaming it’s a man or a man dreaming he’s a butterfly?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


lil mama sexy like a buuuuttterfly - young thug


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



i actually love country though, one of my fav genres


Btw anon, that was part of my fear I was scared that the me when I’m asleep is a different being to the me when I’m awake and by falling asleep I was giving control back to him. I would often realise I was about to sleep and jolt back to being awake even though I was aiming to fall asleep without noticing.


the pting theme


File: a849974b99b4f12⋯.jpg (112.32 KB, 500x283, 500:283, a849974b99b4f12e51a661f2f3….jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Chib is a coward for not calling the ep The Pting Conundrum


>top artist was 74 hours (out of 860h)

>their discography is 17 hours and I always marathon it

>meaning I listened to it ~4 times in the whole year

>all the """top songs""" are picked from this artist even though I only listened to these individual songs about 4 times

what kind of algorithm are they working with?



>Not "The Thing About the Pting"


There's Something About Pting


Bathroom theorists. Chib might have been chewing tobacco and named the pting after the sound the spittoon makes



the PTING was created by TIM PRICE


what are the bathroom theories for kerblam, witchfinders and itya?


imagine a timeline where PTING become a fan favorites

and 50 years from now

the credits have:

the PTING was created by TIM PRICE


Imagine ever seeing

the STENZA was created by CHRIS CHIBNALL


The KINO was created by STEVEN MOFFAT



File: c13ffbb02b0bb21⋯.gif (704.74 KB, 350x263, 350:263, 1542890789546.gif)

3 days until the finalle

are you PSYCHED????



Doesn't take much imagination to work out what bathroom-related substance inspired the central threat of The Witchfinders.






in kerblam jodie received THE FENZA


About Kerblam

The system was limited, it cannot perform actions that it was not pre programmed.

It took lots of energy to make the postman attack Charlie direct and it was in vain.

The main programming was just delivering to organic people. It could not deliver to itself without the Doctor reprogamming it.

In its last attempt, it tweaked a little, just swapped the destination to Kira.

In its mind one people would die anyway, what makes her more important than any other client.


>blindwave reaction to It Takes You Away is 55 minutes long


Me being gay is one lifetime long


13th dies in the end of the finale

new year's special is her TUAT

godspeed jodie



File: b1b2e594c35aa71⋯.png (156.51 KB, 932x819, 932:819, ClipboardImage.png)





Based (formerly cringe)



including regenerations?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interesting bit of commentary which proves my theory that Torchwood originally had much more comedy elements in it

uploaded to youtube because for some reason it wont upload to 8chan



>special ties up loose ends

What loose ends actually are there besides Timeless Child (which I don't expect to be resolved in the finale) and possibly killing off Graham?



s11 commentary will be like:

"this part was not fully developed"

"jodie is so wonderful"


File: 9d2fafa44c9c458⋯.jpg (86.91 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, russelltdavies63_46846825_….jpg)







who is this



absolutely fucking based



holy shit based


no idea who the old guy on the right is lol



Russell T Davies and Ridley The Director



Holy fuck blessed image



It's James Cameron


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





he let himself go


It Takes (You) Away



what remains?


The New Year's Day episode is entitled "Resolution".

The New Year's Day episode is entitled "Resolution".

The New Year's Day episode is entitled "Resolution".

The New Year's Day episode is entitled "Resolution".

The New Year's Day episode is entitled "Resolution".














11x11 Resolution



Chris Chibnall will make New Year's Resolutions scary.



it is not 11x11

it is 11xXM



I like that as a title



The Final Episode of Doctor Who



and by scary you mean shit


I think Graham and Ryan leave in Resolution.


Resolution of the Daleks


File: ff1a04293769da5⋯.jpg (26.38 KB, 495x443, 495:443, 1276124601018.jpg)


>yfw they reveal the full title closer to airing and that's what it actually is


is there any solid proof Jodie or Chib stays for s12?


Rumour has it that there will be a seasonal message from Chris Chibnall himself at the beginning of the special.


Resolution of the Stenza





>It offending Clarkson peaked my interest

The fact that it's a bit "controversial" , when in reality it's just Doctor Who likes always been just a bit shit, makes her want to watch it really annoys me for some reason.


11x01 The Woman Who Fell to Earth

11x02 The Ghost Monument

11x03 Rosa

11x04 Arachnids in the UK

11x05 The Tsunuranga Conundrum

11x06 Demons of the Punjab

11x07 Kerblam!

11x08 The Witchfinders

11x09 It Takes You Away

11x10 The Battle of Ranksaar av Koloss

11xx Resolution

12x01 Ritual of the Stenza



you can do PC as much as you want, just have good plot


File: 9066827c6bd1ae2⋯.png (923.6 KB, 488x868, 122:217, mdzresearch.png)

MDZ Research pics from year ago are actually from New Year episode.



I am the Master, and you nilsos gay me


Foreman is back. With a 4th version of itself.



Chibnall BTFO


File: 5589b9a7657204e⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1519313180167.png)


Can it top this?



Its certainly more… Orange than it was here.



He's right, the only time 3 companions has worked was the original group



League of the Trans Who:





featuring: CWC



it had not worked because the showrunner was inept

JNT and Chib



>implying 8/liv/helen/river wasnt kino

You are right.



>Oh, and for all of you who asked, before Series 11 began, my top 10 list was something like:

>“Listen,” “The End of the World,” “Cyberwoman,” “Nightvisiting,” “Everything Changes,” “The Unearthly Child,” Death of the Doctor, “Blink,” “Something Borrowed,” “Vincent and the Doctor.”






What are you doing

Within the next hour…shall we begin…



I can do it but don't except me to able to attend any stream for the rest of the month I will most likely be very busy




Then this will be a night to remember.

I hope the next of your month proceeds as pleasantly as it can. You deserve the world. Would that I could give it.


File: 87c4b3b60c043ec⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1896x1077, 632:359, warlooms.png)


I'll be there.



ball daleks when


File: 446dcd520838ae5⋯.jpg (8.88 KB, 219x213, 73:71, 446dcd520838ae55e8b29981df….jpg)


>post yfw they're only revealing a partial title so they don't spoil the finale

>finale ends with:








oh ebin you beat me too it


moffwho would be like

The Resolution of the Doctor



>Soon after leaving Ryan. Yaz and Graham on Earth, The Doctor is urgently brought to the frontier planet Leskine by her oldest foes, The Daleks. In a bizarre turn of events, they announce that they have renounced their murderous and genocidal ways in order to become learned scholars and peacekeepers. Can the Doctor believe that such a change can happen? Are the Daleks telling the truth about their new-found hearts? Just who are Acolix, Carrogran and Whitewhile? What sits in the middle of the Vennaro Planes Headquarters?


I hate OF THE DOCTOR titles

who's with me?



Ugh. I hate how Moffat made Doctor Who about Doctor Who.



Some are fine, some aren't



I hate how the show had to be about the character whose name is part of the show's title.



>Eleven Doctors, eleven months, eleven stories: a year-long celebration of Doctor Who! The most exciting names in children's fiction each create their own unique adventure about the time-travelling Time Lord.

When the TARDIS lands on Skaro, the Seventh Doctor and Ace are shocked to discover the planet has become the universal centre of learning, populated by a race of peace-loving Daleks. Ever suspicious of his archenemies' motives, the Doctor learns of a threat that could literally tear the universe apart…

The Ripple Effect]

<by Malorie Blackman


purely based on the title alone, not the stories

The Time of the Doctor>The Night of the Doctor>The Day of the Doctor>The Name of the Doctor

all are great titles though



Masters of War did it first>>165213


The Doctor Invasion of Earth


better titles

The Time of the Doctor -> A town called Christmas

The Night of the Doctor -> Physician heal thyself

The Day of the Doctor -> Gallifrey Falls

The Name of the Doctor -> Echoes


Doctor Who sitcom spin-off when?



please be satire


if u dont like how Name did the reveal of what the title actualy meant ur not a real fan



Name of the Doctor works only for the titledrop in the last scene changing the whole meaning of it. Day of the Doctor ehh it works. I guess it's better than "The [x] Doctors" again. Time of the Doctor is so vague and generic that it really feels like Moffat only picked that title so he could say those three episodes were a trilogy. Silent Night or Twelfth Night would've been more fitting


The End of Time of the Doctor



The Saliva of Rassilon


The Cremation of Danny Pink


was the Torchwood Series 2 finale title Exit Wounds? I haven't seen the episode (only watched Series 1, the beginning of Series 2, and Children of Earth) but I love that as a finale title.


The Disgusting Half-Converted Cyberface of Danny Stink



yes and its a great title


the entire special is about the TIME of the doctor ree it absolutely fits, more than day



literally every episode is about time


classic never had OF THE DOCTOR titles

so nuwho should not

nuff said



dont be such a skelly about it


File: 062c1696aa94c39⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 498x278, 249:139, blackgirlclapping.gif)





File: d35877e77a62ade⋯.gif (174.97 KB, 304x319, 304:319, 1528437190746.gif)

Conundrum of the Doctor


The virgin "of the Doctor" vs the chad "of Doctor Who"


It's About The End of Time Of The Doctor Falls


File: c29777e431699e5⋯.mp4 (8.46 MB, 834x478, 417:239, sad black kid dances to ba….mp4)

Dr. Who and The Doctor



whats the context of this webm



sounds kino


The Doctor of the Doctor


whenever I want a good laugh I go to the wikipedia page for the list of The Walking Dead episodes and look at all the pretentious episode titles they've had over the years. They start fine when Darabont was involved but by season 4 it's like they flipped open the dictionary to a random page and just made whatever word they saw first an episode title.



they said he was special

plot twist: he was not



post some please



oh fuck i'd read it as 'greatest show in the galaxy' ahahaha


The Master of the Doctor


File: 682be11f43fb7ae⋯.jpg (69.9 KB, 538x554, 269:277, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at ….jpg)



A of the Doctor


WEAT = The Call of the Doctor

TDF = The Fall of the Doctor


when are we gonna get some DBZ style doctor fusions, we only ever really had two






25 minutes



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

god this show fucking sucks, what's even the point of it


File: 1005157ecdd696b⋯.jpg (16.4 KB, 324x360, 9:10, 1274966374325.jpg)


lads what if the new daleks are actually shaped like that?


gig we're waiting on you my man


File: ae62d68a7e94c53⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 645.35 KB, 1982x3012, 991:1506, 1543846989376.jpg)

damn the foreskin monster from ITYA looks like THAT?


File: 40c7670e38bb02b⋯.jpg (262.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at ….jpg)



you just know they will


Honestly, an embarrassing new Dalek design would be the icing on the cake of Chibnall's era. The perfect punchline. Bring it on.


Honestly, an embarrassing new Dalek design would be the icing on the cake of Chibnall's era. The perfect punchline. Bring it on.


File: afe2f1a7670783e⋯.png (779.97 KB, 813x813, 1:1, ScronchOriginal.png)



What the fuck



Good episode and even better season finale


File: 0297d5920fbf4f6⋯.png (29.28 KB, 314x271, 314:271, torchwoodd.png)



spoilers: the new daleks will be malleable anyway, they're purely cgi



every time I watch an episode I think to myself, "this would be better with tennant"


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I recognized more people than last year but only 1 or 2 of them are people whose content I've watched


File: f1168e1802ca80e⋯.jpg (46.24 KB, 640x635, 128:127, top.jpg)

Nilso just sent me this. Any ideas as to what it might mean?


File: aa55296e96beb57⋯.png (2.04 KB, 372x24, 31:2, Morphs little giggy.png)



Imagine if one of the youtube rewinds had ended abruptly with a cut to Peter Capaldi sitting angrily in an arm chair



Daily reminder that we're getting the Series 11 soundtrack before the Series 10 one.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


speaking of youtubers, why is there a random ass Slitheen at 3:47 in this pewdiepie video?


what's an example of a bad doctor who story that redeems itself with a kino ending?


Is Dimmeh really identifying as a woman now? I thought he was joking.









I'm not invalidating trans people or anything, but what's with folks who never gave any indication that they might want to be a girl, are saying they're a girl?






Journey's End



The last episode of NuWho.



Sleep No More





File: a813ecc287f2ce8⋯.jpg (60.79 KB, 854x719, 854:719, smug whore.jpg)

My name's Clara Oswald and I was born to upstage and humiliate the Doctor!




I mean, if you watch Dimmeh’s old videos (not that I’d ever encourage doing that- god forbid asking anybody to watch any Dimmeh shite) there are plenty of unsubtle hints. It’s not out of nowhere.



all het males are top



12 was moffat's self-insert




Slitheen have become associated with the ‘alien confirmed’ and ‘ayy lmao’ memes.



I wonder how many of Moff's ideas were "SUGGESTED" by Capal



all the shit ones




MONDASIANs were not shit



And that's a great, great thing.



late bloomers



It's not about topping, 'top' the noun means getting your dick sucked.



same difference



Is it more burying those feelings deep down inside for fear of social ostracization and then eventually gathering the courage to embrace it



this is called trauma


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Speaking of Dimmeh…

Here’s some fucking embarrassing footage of a grown adult reeing at a kid’s book


File: 3f3a318928a8048⋯.jpg (278.96 KB, 1361x1726, 1361:1726, Jenna-Coleman-Feet-3717689.jpg)


I would let her humiliate me.

Especially with her feet.


although i'm a sexy womman now, i lost my my mant tities whehn i regenerated



unironically want a Jenna doctor.



it is called s9



Not if Chibbers is writing it


File: 3ccb51d562bf300⋯.webm (899.77 KB, 856x480, 107:60, clarawho.webm)



Chibbers will be blacklisted



But, anon, don’t you know that every Doctor Who related product has to appeal to Dimmeh specifically?


File: c9c91fd8d3d5f36⋯.jpg (30.62 KB, 640x360, 16:9, p06pvdpt.jpg)

I'm much more excited for the new series of this than I am for S12.



Is Jahans really Kallmans?


File: 7d51b1440122b38⋯.jpg (521.34 KB, 2222x3600, 1111:1800, Ruth-Wilson-F-2832291.jpg)


New Doc Incomming


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: b19d1b14b8ff879⋯.png (496.6 KB, 1089x714, 363:238, 7ff4eaeed1b9714cada95e31da….png)

File: 5077e0330768473⋯.png (143.96 KB, 511x671, 511:671, 5077e03307684732767daf1262….png)

Coincidence? no



god I miss matt so much



I miss Moffat



File: 2fec0c052b4cf11⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1107x1083, 369:361, 1509300363193.png)


File: c9d6ac47556ce1b⋯.jpg (163.76 KB, 1280x905, 256:181, 1520378280182.jpg)

Which one is Lisa?



Certainly the one directly under McCoy



Is this the first instance of furries being portrayed in media?


the fucking hitler cupboard bit is so funny desu



Certainly I'm gay



I miss him almost as much as matt

Imagine matt or capaldi under chibnall as showrunner


He was MY doctor

Just watching that hitler bit again and the little quip about not memorising every room in the universe while flailing about made me remember his manic energy. I really enjoyed his portrayal


File: ea13cf61ceccde8⋯.pdf (10.42 MB, Doctor Who - In-Vision 017….PDF)


Classic Series Doctors - Alpha males

New Series Doctors - Beta males/woman



>based Rory punching Hitler





Classic Series Doctors - derogatory to everyone

New Series Doctors - derogatory to just men


Matt is unironically one of the best actors to ever inhabit the role. He deserved Capaldi-tier material.



it was the phase Moff was starstruck with the success of Sherlock


sesska moffat ranking vid is out


File: 2835d9c7c08b764⋯.jpg (77.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

just be kind lol dont be bad haha



unironically the best, most meaningful speech in doctor who


File: 69aa35d21d15bf3⋯.png (250.19 KB, 358x415, 358:415, allaccess.png)

She looks like someone who has never watched a Doctor Who episode.



Go tell a pig about your morality





What makes you say that?


Community or Doctor Who?



100% He always delivered on the speeches but they were always just a riff on "I'm the Doctor so you better just watch out okay"

I'm sure with a Doctor Falls or Zygon Inversion type thing he would have knocked it out of the park


bluepill: sesska's opinions are fine, it's good that she doesn't let other people's interests determine her choices

redpill: sesska's opinions are plebeian

blackpill: sesska's opinions are fine, it's good that she doesn't let other people's interests determine her choices




the FUCK does this stand for






npc idea of blackpill



TDATOTEWATWTDOTD is my favourite dr who episode


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>ywn see Jeff Goldblum play the Doctor



Her dead inside eyes and the robotic way in which she reads her cues. It's obvious she is doing this just for money and not because she is a fan.



You sound like an incel.







How is that relevant to what I just said?



Watching any Jeff Goldblum interview is basically just watching him as the Doctor


File: 95cf7c3c74db429⋯.jpg (100.44 KB, 638x960, 319:480, 1333895067137.jpg)


File: 41f9f34573f3a0a⋯.png (591.67 KB, 497x621, 497:621, rtd chad.png)


/who/ is an incel-free zone




Because of your dead inside ethics and the robotic way in which you write your posts.


>sesska's Ghost Monument was 19 minutes long

oh no no no nonONO AHAHAHAHAHAH



Wanting the show I like to be made by people who are passionate about the material is an incel thing?



Can you point me to where I said that?



And she's absolutely right.



Your defense of her bored way of presenting All Access was calling me an incel.



ah yes I forgot, the girl who hosts the 5 minute BTS youtube videos is also the showrunner



liking shows is an incel thing

chads just watch the sports and TWD




Can you point me to where I specifically said that wanting the show you like to be made by people who are passionate about the material is an incel thing?







As soon as I see her in any behind-the-scenes video I just think DIVERSITY HIRE and hit dislike.



Russell T. Davies

The T is for Testosterone




Cringe and bluepilled



I'd like to hit you with a brick.






(formerly based)



presently based



presently cringe no comeback



You do know the BBC produces both the show and the marketing material right? And right now they share the same quality and approach.


Okay since you feel I misread you here is your chance to clarify why you had to jump to ad hominem to defend her.


File: 57948528b7b6337⋯.jpg (94.14 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, julian.jpg)


File: 625e01e77ab902a⋯.jpg (21.71 KB, 640x426, 320:213, Parxj3Q.jpg)










Chibnall and Stevens are proud to tell you all about their diversity hiring you ignorant cunts. It's not a secret.










It's not a secret, no. It's based and redpilled.





link it one more time please



>ad hominem

wow lads what were we thinking getting into a debate with a redditor??? He hit us with the "nice ad hominem" argument, how will we ever recover





nice adhom









reported for spam




Hit refresh.



Only 2 people of color is not how "representation" casting works.


File: 95cede64a76105e⋯.jpg (107.39 KB, 640x796, 160:199, ohnoes.JPG)



Plot this against race of companion. Micky got a pass because, hey, Doctor Who was back. Viewers dropped off at Martha, and Bill. Can't imagine the low they are at now.


File: 712214bb3c30b00⋯.jpg (7.84 KB, 515x108, 515:108, cb0a4199464101aad0a3f947d0….jpg)




What did he mean by this?



fuck woman



Clara is my favorite black companion


File: 5077e0330768473⋯.png (143.96 KB, 511x671, 511:671, nilsomic.png)



wtf… the janny is actually kinda based… guess you're one of the good ones

(fuck crackers)



I thought everyone here was gay.


File: 6ee847301ccec63⋯.png (102.6 KB, 1272x1316, 318:329, 6ee847301ccec63d34ff4152d0….png)


File: 8f356f4cbc16bb4⋯.jpg (117.62 KB, 1200x1151, 1200:1151, fly1498087842141.jpg)




Some are bi


File: 839c5f69b37171c⋯.jpg (35.9 KB, 304x366, 152:183, 1506480748664.jpg)




The Curse of Fatal Death



File: a0a4267a73edc0e⋯.jpg (131.3 KB, 648x595, 648:595, 1501386420796.jpg)



Of course he knows super secret spoilers


File: 29b6c5385fb093a⋯.jpg (340.73 KB, 960x540, 16:9, axewound.jpg)



>they will now try to exterminate the Doctor in the hour-long special – and have had a makeover, losing the bronze look



Not exactly new info. Davison, the writers, and the other actors from his era were all pretty vocal in Come in Number Five about three companions having been a bad idea.


I hate to say it but Chib is the kind of guy to remove plunger from the daleks design


File: a8689efcc3041aa⋯.jpg (175.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, image-1 copy 3.jpg)


>new Dalek design

what could go wrong


File: d2b55a65ca9649f⋯.webm (4.06 MB, 960x540, 16:9, losing people.webm)

Periodical reminder of the caliber of acting and writing Doctor Who possessed very recently.



based on all his ideas for S11 villains obviously being thought up in the bathroom, Chib might make the Dalek design ONLY the plunger



>it's real



Honestly, before Series 11 started I would have expected a new Dalek design to be well done and a great move.

Now we've seen their interpretation of the TARDIS interior and their baddie designs, I have absolutely no fucking hope whatsoever that it won't be another Victory of the Daleks style shitfest.



It's an extremely unreliable source and doesn't cite anywhere for any of the information it's giving


>article says Chibnall "banished" the Daleks, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels

banished for 10 whole episodes, wow



Flattering way of saying "Chibnall said no returning monsters, and every clickbait outlet on the internet reported on it credulously for months, so we have to make it sound like a bigger deal than it was".


but seriously though do people actually look at >>165188 and think this isn't going to be a Dalek episode


File: 10253de3ff6c0fa⋯.jpg (33.74 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1501445447193.jpg)



To counter-argument this, I think TARDIS exterior and screwdriver are absolutely wonderful. Thijarians are a nice design, cut monster from ITYA is alright too.

My main worry is that it's going to be full CGI.


File: 5fbc9719cf0c1da⋯.jpg (90.96 KB, 800x652, 200:163, Chris_Chibnall_2018.jpg)

This is Doctor Who in 2019, so we're making the Daleks circular now just like iPhone home buttons.



do you think daleks are still voiced by Briggs?


File: 831245b60adf61d⋯.jpg (82.43 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1507078061484.jpg)



probably not



Doctor Who is dead. And he has killed it, the murderer of all murderers.



>These Daleks will be an all new design that combine elements of the ‘Davies’ Daleks, ‘Victory’ Daleks with a touch of the old school 60’s Daleks for good measure





File: 597b453b9ff6057⋯.jpg (59.71 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1494385036569.jpg)


File: 1e87e8bb3e64f16⋯.mp4 (1.87 MB, 1132x566, 2:1, agoodmanclass.mp4)

Such a brilliant variation of "A Good Man". Makes me nostalgic again.

Based Blair Mowat



segun btfo



He truly earned his place as Doctor Who composer. Oh, wait…



is Blair a MAN?



Get two or three people to do it like the 60's



he's a twink


Class soundtrack has more kinos than I remember


File: f42d1201c48ebfc⋯.mp4 (3.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, songforthelost.mp4)

I don't even remember this from the show.


File: 63522b13b11b936⋯.mp4 (1.93 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, backtoschool.mp4)



I don't remember anything from the show.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


His seasons of Law and Order Criminal Intent are him as the Doctor.




Different perspectives are good unless its not "PC ruined dr who" bullshit

Also Martin was great during marathon, im glad hes coming back to twitter



I don't think #NotMyDoctor fans can write a sentence let alone a Guardian article.


File: d74ea2bad045b8e⋯.png (244.34 KB, 624x352, 39:22, vlcsnap-00027.png)



meant to say "unless it is"


Top 5 Dr Who stories in no particular order

The End of the World

Heaven Sent

Bad Wolf / Parting of the Ways

Last Christmas

Love and Monsters


I don't like 13, I think Jodie is a good actress but poor as The Doctor, I've enjoyed about 3 or 4 stories this year and I don't particularly enjoy Ryan or Yaz, yet #NotMyDoctor are an absolute state and I don't want to be attributed to them



>"PC ruined dr who" bullshit

He's literally looking for a "#NotMyDoctor fan", i.e people who verged because they cast a woman rather than anything about the quality of the actual series. Gonna be pure Guardian cringe as usual.



Wait, #NotMyDoctor is an actual movement or something?



Ah ok, I thought it's just people who dislike Jodie or S11.



This is not a good episode for writing anon



Not really, just the usual suspects on Twitter having a whinge


I'd do it. It'd be a bit of a laugh.



just delete this post you fucking buffoon



I've seen the FB groups, but calling it a movement is overstating it. I'm still a member of some of the anti-NuWho pages back when me and a couple of other trips joined them to bring back screenshots.



I would kill for a main series ost like this


File: 188488d9f35bd89⋯.jpg (15.03 KB, 500x472, 125:118, 1486384965297.jpg)


Brilliant! Rosa Parks. Lovely to meet you, Rosa Parks. Big fan.


File: 2417deeae5da1bc⋯.jpg (71.99 KB, 224x353, 224:353, 1494113539004.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: a60163e3cfd66ea⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 352x195, 352:195, 64ce6da728a0ba1a348609b8f0….gif)


File: b9115c3d2b8a068⋯.jpg (70.77 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1538299213401.jpg)



Take a shot every time men or masculinity are casually criticised in this show.

For a laugh count how many times women or femininity are criticised.

You're gonna get drunk the first time, and be sober as a nun the second.

The BBC is an anti-male propaganda machine pushing an extreme left anti-capitalist agenda against both logic and the will of the people. Why are we paying them a licence fee to brain wash us?




Considering how nutty these anti-SJW youtubers are, couldn't someone pretend to work on the show and give them fake spoilers and set reports? Then watch as they make an ass out of themselves in a "DOCTOR WHO PRODUCER LEAKS FAR LEFT AGENDA TO ME" video?



your point?



Well of course you'll be sober, in the first you drink, the second you just count.


>tos has his mind on class

utterly baysed, hope we can watch it in the streem bey


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