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"/who/ Cares?" podcast on Series 11: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz80wZ00_JjSaS2ZRrno1Pg

File: d69e14d141be342⋯.png (6.09 KB, 271x186, 271:186, images.png)


last time 172837



that thread was so gig.


nilsos gay

hunters bi

every day

i wonder why



It'll only get gigier.


File: 4b5b81b2aea5751⋯.jpg (29.68 KB, 408x612, 2:3, Jillian Miles.jpg)


unsticky and delete this thread, hunter just posted in it


File: 6dbbbf2de454f1a⋯.jpg (64.05 KB, 442x523, 442:523, Peri2.jpg)

Demons of the Poon-Jab.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





Neo likes you.


File: 26c1a58438e3c8f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.07 KB, 389x586, 389:586, illi.jpg)

File: d3f59a925bfeaff⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.73 KB, 376x654, 188:327, brewh.jpg)


File: 9c111e9e6a529f2⋯.png (283.78 KB, 503x339, 503:339, ClipboardImage.png)




That's nice, I like him too


Okay, so it's pretty evident /who/ is shit now and almost every anon agrees. But I've found a solution. There are a few steps as to how we actually salvage this shithole.

>Rename /who/ to /dwg/ - Doctor Who General

It's clear to see that the /who/ name is now permanently associated with shitposting and memes. Bringing a new identity will stop this. I'm not saying get rid of the memes entirely, but perhaps make new memes more related to discussion topics.

>Stop all "meme" thread headers.

Instead, I suggest we focus them on discussion, posing them with a question or a talking point. Maybe we could have episode editions right from An Unearthly Child up until today. In addition, we could append this to thread headers to get newbies to follow our new etiquette.

>Make threads focused on Doctor Who.

/who/ should be about Doctor Who (/dwg/ moreso, another reason to change the name), and it should not be a personal blog for discussing your life, nor should it be a place to discuss Star Wars. There are many, many other places to talk about those things - the countless Star Wars threads on /tv/, and /soc/ for socializing.

>Remove all the trips.

Even if a few people filter the trips, there will still be a majority of people who see their posts and discuss them, making them a net loss for /dwg/. The best way would be to make them so uncomfortable that they have to leave. Yes, it might f*ck up a few threads in the process but it will be worth it in the long run to have a drama-free environment.

>Close down the stream.

All the stream does for this place is bring even more identity drama. I don't think you can make streams anonymous, so the best way to stop it would be to remove the association or the stream itself.

>Stop posting links to the wiki.

The wiki is another one of those things which is so closely associated with the /who/ identity that it's nothing but drama. Just remove the 4chan association and make it a separate thing that all the tripfags and memers can go to.


Nicola Bryant's natural speaking voice is so nice, it's a travesty they made her do that accent


One of the many reasons why this wiki doesn't always 100% match /who/ is because /who/ changed a lot during the past year, more than anybody seems to acknowledge. The descrepencies between this wiki and /who/ are not, in fact, exclusively the Redditers' and Facebookers' fault, though they didn't help. When I first joined /who/, less than a year ago, lots of different people came with lots of different ideas. Since then, its userbase, opinions, and conversation topics seem to have been shrinking, and this wiki has lots of old articles that sometimes reflects what /who/ used to be like and what its users used to talk about. In all fairness, the change is not entirely anybody's fault. The Revived version of the show was on for twelve years, so it's no longer event television, so fewer people are invested in it. It was only a matter of time until /who/ began to weaken. To counter this problem, we should probably move it all to the forums or the Discord, which are both more easily accessible to new recruits, so that it would gain new blood and some fresh, inspired memes.






I can think of a certain user's porn I'd like to cop.




it makes you think of cinema instead of television



he likes to pop corn up his bunghole and fart it across the room like some sort of deranged shot-put champion


I can think of a certain Doctor who I'd like to have a series of eleven encounters with.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I wonder if he will try to associate Doctor Who with blockbusters every series until the end of his run


I can think of a certain aspect of Chibnall I would like to "bust". Perhaps he would run while I attempted this. He would certainly meet his "end" by the end of it.


Petra Harniss


Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars?


Jamie Mithiesin


File: 9c11de2c7b1b5a8⋯.gif (833.59 KB, 498x213, 166:71, tenor (1).gif)


>tfw someone thinks fuck off cats is a legitimate expression of anger and not the continuing meme sentiment that cats is cancer that it has meant for years

>also fuck off cats


Go tell a pig about your moral highground.


Go tell a pig about your moral highground.


Go tell a pig about your moral highground.


what drama happened?



Cats, what else?



Cats just needing to fuck off, honestly.





It literally had nothing to do with cats lmao what are you smoking



Forgot my flag!



It had nothing to do with Nilso and was multiple users reacting to what Hunter was doing.



>not thinking cats forcing memes until they're dead into the ground since the matt smith years isnt literally the cause of 90% of /who/ drama directly or indirectly

The dude posted under the name marthas crooked teeth for years just trying to force his own unfunny meme. His post style is instantly recognizable. Its really easy to tell when things are and arent cats.




File: bdc59e763a848d0⋯.mp4 (3.08 MB, 320x400, 4:5, 47172817_294713251186354_4….mp4)



How paranoid can you get? I replied to nearly every Hunter post last thread and I'm not fucking Cats.


File: b54156e42235c1e⋯.png (24.68 KB, 784x112, 7:1, verged.png)




didn't he say that about series 11



Eden = Cats gen 2



>implying you were the only one


what Hunter did?



Keep moving them goalposts bud.



Just read the last thread, nothing was removed.



did not find any thing that dramatic



Then there was no drama. That's all there was.



>cats shitposting causes drama

>but i shitposted too

>cats shitposted too

>youre moving the goalposts!

Okay, this is epic.


File: b54156e42235c1e⋯.png (24.68 KB, 784x112, 7:1, verged.png)



>the mere act of talking to Hunter is shitposting

Fuck off and stop starting drama.


Remember when some Shit Trips writers would post absolute novels of multiple posts commentating on their own stories that nobody read.


File: 93b9f453267b88b⋯.jpg (35.65 KB, 504x343, 72:49, srsly.jpg)



nobody read the posts or the stories? oh wait both


are Pink Daleks relly gonna be a thing now?



That’s fair.



Why not


>pink daleks

okay this is het


put doctors on the kinsey scale



1 0

2 5

3 2

4 2

5 1

6 1

7 2

8 3

W 1

9 1

10 1

11 2

12 1

13 4




Thanks i did screw the link up



He actually did it. The absolute madlad. Wew


File: dd1ee7ca7e80524⋯.png (2.98 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, block.png)


n8 likes hunter because theyre both transphobic


the resolution of the daleks are 320x200

that is the twist

they are low res


File: abc6d51a5b3a15b⋯.jpg (80.49 KB, 735x610, 147:122, 1544374749552.jpg)



this yaz is strangely white. the artist needs to get better at colouring poc


File: 9b5131d8e34e55c⋯.png (429.6 KB, 720x418, 360:209, vlcsnap-00017.png)

come swim with me, anon



I think it is River

who is the 3rd?



It looks like Amy. I hope it isn't.



I thought the one on the right was Yaz and the middle is River




The drama in the last two threads had nothing to do with Cats.

Source: it was me (but I’m apparently Cats gen 2 anyway)


File: 5125cdde1609f7c⋯.png (179.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, D78C09C2-2A78-400A-9F49-E4….png)


soo i just remembered hets are a thing kek



Imagine unironically being het




we exist

we like pussy


seriously guys

who here was born male and don't crave vagina 24/7?



Fuck off



non-hets can like pussy too




have you ever tasted v-sauce?


File: cdc671bcd01ab4e⋯.jpg (4.77 KB, 167x225, 167:225, 11522303_hi.jpg)

Why is it curved?



most cocks are



that's not a cock


File: 055900cde3f27c9⋯.jpg (415.92 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_20181215_134922.jpg)

Presented without comment


File: a813ecc287f2ce8⋯.jpg (60.79 KB, 854x719, 854:719, a813ecc287f2ce82276abcdbef….jpg)



severe lesbian under representation on /who/



it's not even black


>hets are a thing

oh no no no NO


museof fire


Remove het.


non femoid lesbs don't exist







File: a76d8e839911d9a⋯.jpg (96.48 KB, 1080x722, 540:361, mofff.jpg)



we are the chad resistance

boink the all the thots


File: df2a81c1c9bfc7e⋯.jpg (236.62 KB, 1500x750, 2:1, df2a81c1c9bfc7e625e2eb4b56….jpg)



>hes het



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 15c0fa644664e5d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.55 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1540513859031 - Copy.jpg)


File: b19d1b14b8ff879⋯.png (496.6 KB, 1089x714, 363:238, 7ff4eaeed1b9714cada95e31da….png)

they put soy on the water to make all frogs gay


File: c3b101ecfb6602b⋯.png (651.49 KB, 767x431, 767:431, ClipboardImage.png)




File: 2b2164fa1b6e8e4⋯.jpg (330.95 KB, 1024x746, 512:373, gettyimages-73950813-1024x….jpg)


kittensy scale


File: eccc0d50c3892fe⋯.jpg (61.9 KB, 700x878, 350:439, 1540592388328.jpg)



That just redirects to the ‘Wiki Reclamation’ page


Idk if this kind of post is allowed but just wanna ask if anybody knows about this parody wiki. I can't seem to find it in Google search. Basically, it was full of memes about the show and referenced 9th and 12th as GOAT Doctors. I can't remember the exact name of that wiki. Or was it already deleted? Shame, some of the contents were pretty funny.


File: d0c73c6149277c7⋯.jpg (111.29 KB, 615x655, 123:131, blue.jpg)



see history


I would love to see the doctor before William Hardnell. The first doctor we see on the tele isn't the very first doctor. I would like to see a doctor who lives in the Victorian times and crashes his TARDIS into Earth. There he meets new companions who are actually the ancestors of Rose. Turns out the Doctor crashed his TARDIS because he was very nervous… The Daleks were hunting him. The Daleks then invade London and Hollywood can have fun with a Dalek invasion with a high budget. The Doctor then fixes his TARDIS and travels to multiple time eras, trying to stop the Daleks from ever existing but ultimately fails and gets captured. Then the movie ends on a 'to be continued'. I would like this Doctor to be played by a black actor so they can be the first black doctor. This would be interesting because this doctor will have two major problems: the Daleks and the omnipresent racism of the Victorian era. This movie could be the origin of the doctors understanding and acceptance, he understands the pain of the people who don't fit in because he once was the one who never fitted in


File: 2be53c650d148f6⋯.png (918.5 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, Cwej anthology is happenin….png)


It really is that easy to get your own Doctor Who spinoff boys and girls



The Hartnell Doctor is the first incarnation of the Doctor. See The Time of the Doctor and Twice Upon a Time. Likewise, the Doctor's first encounter with the Daleks is The Daleks. So your idea doesn't work with the established continuity of Doctor Who. At all.



Is she trying to smile or did she smell a fart?



>The Hartnell Doctor is the first incarnation of the Doctor. See The Time of the Doctor and Twice Upon a Time.

But he isn't - see "The Brain of Morbius".

>Likewise, the Doctor's first encounter with the Daleks is The Daleks.

But according to "Hell Bent", the Doctor was aware of the Hybrid prophecy, which it seems that everyone else on Gallifrey believes to be about the Daleks. Was there even a Dalek in the cloisters in that story?

This is Doctor Who. There are no right or wrong answers. At all.


File: 86e996ca93a16e0⋯.jpg (8.47 KB, 189x250, 189:250, Travis Oliver02.jpg)



Isn't he what's left of the Other? Part of the trio that took over Galifrey with Rassilon and omega?




It's Parnell.




wait what






Some Aristocrat gets the memories of Pythia. Wants to get revenge.




File: 4bd6d4a4bf4589a⋯.jpg (29.17 KB, 462x350, 33:25, pertwj06.jpg)

So, when are things going to get better?


File: 3a801f963f66a0f⋯.jpeg (40.25 KB, 740x135, 148:27, 58E3E960-2CCE-45EF-8F8A-9….jpeg)

Which link Nilso clicks the most?




File: a2a9cfb24e1fb12⋯.jpg (40.04 KB, 380x534, 190:267, pertwj08.jpg)


All the good lore about previous incarnations of the Doctor comes from the New Adventures novels, where there are lots of hints but the only explicit stuff gets said in "Cold Fusion" and "Lungbarrow".

"Cold Fusion" explains the "Brain of Morbius" faces by showing that there were incarnations of the Doctor before his first incarnation, he was married and had kids and grandkids, but he forgot about that following his regeneration into the Third Doctor (which in-universe might be a reference to series 6b but out-of-universe is a nod to how the Doc's background was very up-in-the-air but got pinned down in "The War Games"). Susan is the Doctor's actual grandchild, from the biological children he had back then. Also important is that I think he was called "the Doctor" even back then, though I'm desperately due for a reread of "Cold Fusion".

"Lungbarrow" explains the "Brain of Morbius" faces by explaining Looms and the Other. The Doctor has strange memories of being one of the founders of Gallifrey, as alluded to in "Remembrance" and "Silver Nemesis", and this is because the mysterious third founder of Time Lord society (alongside Rassilon and Omega) committed suicide by throwing himself into a Loom and his biodata got reworked into the Doctor. Other parts of the EU imply that this biodata actually got split across a bunch of the renegades of the Doctor's generation, so it's misleading to say "the Doctor is the Other". Biological children don't exist on Gallifrey, or at least they haven't existed since the time of Rassilon.

In arguably the only trash scene of Susan is revealed to be the actual Other's grandchild, and the First Doctor randomly flew back to her and picked her up, completely contradicting the description of the First Doctor picking up Susan in "Cold Fusion". Both books were apparently being workshopped at the same time and the authors didn't know they were each tackling similar territory. So you really get to pick which one to "believe", or feel free to ignore them both.


Knock knock who’s there doctor doctor who haha



Doctor who got cancelled



The audio for Cold Fusion is pretty good but without prior knowledge about certain things the ending seems a bit strange and out of left field.



What if I choose to accept neither for the sake of being fair to everyone?


File: c0bf66ada240b12⋯.jpg (77.57 KB, 1060x592, 265:148, ptu8ph82rt4z.jpg)

>tfw Big Finish will never adapt Lungbarrow



They will never adapt the six vs pie either


I wish BF would adapt the Stranger by Portia, starring Paul McGann



Chibnall will adapt Lungbarrow for s13








Coming 2021



Yeah, it was okay. I didn't like how they neutered the conflict between 5 and 7. Might have been too Fifty-Fiftyish for Briggs' tastes.


File: b323ed3283519c2⋯.jpg (172.83 KB, 926x927, 926:927, BfVqZbD.jpg)


Why does Briggs always nix and neuter such kino takes



He fucked bill baggs too many times


Is there a place which documents how each incarnation views the other?



How each nilso see each other?


Australians mentioning snow or cold around Christmas in songs is so cringe



It was meant to snow here today but it just rained instead



There is a certain /who/re I would like to snow over, if you know what I mean



what do you mean?



Me neither


File: 352a0ff0e99d9d6⋯.jpg (26.01 KB, 480x339, 160:113, 02.jpg)




>best episode



File: c257a67719526b4⋯.jpeg (1.72 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 7A52648A-7FD4-4383-BF3D-7….jpeg)


YOSS: She's brilliant, but I need some men with me.


I hate how Durkas looks exactly like 21st century dude in Tsuranga Conundrum


>RANI: Leave the girl. It's the man I want.

>YOSS: She's brilliant, but I need some men with me.



File: 5cfb8b1dae0d2d0⋯.jpg (280.74 KB, 1888x932, 472:233, doctor-who-pregnancy3.jpg)


I looked it up. This season had mpreg? Wtf?



Mpreg Nilso when?


I imagine 7 would have a way higher potential of being casually misogynistic to 13 than 1 would.

>It seems my future self has fallen prrrey to the simpllistic moral codes of the Time Lords, Ace. Such are the weaknesses of the fairer sex…

>Oy, Professor!



That's strange, since I'm fairly certain that 7 would be one of the incarnations that couldn't give a shit about something like that. I imagine that an utterance like that would come from an incarnation no later than 4 like 3.


File: 17bb5e504e5bb02⋯.jpg (48.28 KB, 500x327, 500:327, curse-of-fenric.jpg)


But how does communism repel jews?



13th is week as fuck

7th would bulldoze her



Google Babi Yar



A massacre without bodies. Because they were put in a mass grave, then burnt to ashes. Ah, those Soviets and their wild tales. Always burnt to ashes.



That may be, but I think 7 would get along much better with 3 than 5 or 8 or 13. In some of the novels he's a real asshole, significantly worse than pre-audio 6. In any case I would love to see a 13x13 matrix of each Doctor's reactions to / attitudes towards the others.



Yeah, I absolutely agree with the idea that 7 would react better to 1-6 than he would to 8-13. I'd be interested in doing a grid which explains/details how they see each other but my knowledge on the subject pretty much extends to how 1-5 sort of feel about each other from The Three/Five Doctors, 8 being one of the only Doctors to pity The War Doctor and the New-Who stuff from the 50th anniversary



> 13x13 matrix of each Doctor's reactions to / attitudes towards the others.

"Be the change you want to see in the world"


File: beaadfd7aa09c44⋯.jpeg (43.71 KB, 748x405, 748:405, 9FA635EB-1A35-4F9A-887D-E….jpeg)


File: 871e622db369b8d⋯.jpg (20.54 KB, 414x375, 138:125, lmao.jpg)


I know a certain female doctor that would like to "fok" a "nig" if you get what I mean



Dunno what ya mean




File: abce1e8be624521⋯.png (445.98 KB, 2568x2042, 1284:1021, 02CBA5CB-FACA-4498-9189-63….png)



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


File: 74bab87518f2f52⋯.jpeg (110.07 KB, 540x960, 9:16, FE7927EA-45C6-426E-9AFA-8….jpeg)







I’m beginning to look a lot like gay


nilsos het



Chibnall removed the best part of Christmas

Now I will just turn my phone off and fuck off mysenpai



Only for Theresa. He's like Ianto with Jack.



Yet virgin


I don't know what sexuality Nilso is. I barely know anything about him. I know his job, I know his politics, I know he's English, I know his voice, I know a lot of his tv opinions. But that's all. He could be any sexuality. How would I even know



If he cut the soy he would be a chad



That's a big if



How does it feel to have posted the most based and redpilled post of the year?



That is up to him

He lives in Birmingham

All those Yazes around




Theresa is Harriet Jones




Nilso likes the ghost monument


Nilso likes lintern


Nilso loves pussy

But he does not it

Never tried


It is a Molly posting drunk from the Irish pub thread


Nilso loves me

Hey Gina

Where the fuck did Christmas go


Was Rosa the best looking episode this series?






Comparing shit to feces here



I do genuinely like The Ghost Monument but that doesn't mean that there's no problems with it as an episode


It's all really bizarre since Jodie/Bradley/Tosin and Mandip have a fantastic relationship in the behind the scenes stuff and the silly little videos but once they're all on screen together they're all so fucking wooden.


I'm a filthy fucking het, I'm sorry


Yeah, Lintern's alright. I don't think I've spoken to him 1:1 but I'm sure he's a nice person.


Probably. The colour palette has been out of whack this year. Either that or Demons



Tell us about your sex life



Don't make it political. We've heard enough about Theresa May



I want facts




Post your own crotch


So is Fenric the new years villain?



A certain /who/re’s wet dream



Because it's Hastur, only without the cool shit? Goat Men disguised as Arabs in turbans to hide their horns. Midget Tibetan cannibals. The Yellow King.

Not really suitable for monster of the week.


One word to describe s11



File: ab9b16e8efb26e9⋯.jpeg (221.06 KB, 750x923, 750:923, 0DF6CC2D-6E53-4E32-9B5A-9….jpeg)


Rank the openers.

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar

The Eleventh Hour

Deep Breath


The Pilot

Partners in Crime

The Bells of Saint John

Asylum of the Daleks

Smith and Jones

New Earth



Rank Nilso’s BFs



>sign on the wrong side


Put Bells above Rose and The Pilot beneath Partners



Top 5 BF's in no particular order

>Night Thoughts

>Fanfare for the Common Men


>Protect & Survive

>The Barbarians and the Samurai



>>The Barbarians and the Samurai

I have no clue what the general consensus of that one is, but I highly enjoyed it. Not as much as The Invention of Death though.



The Eleventh Hour


The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

Deep Breath

The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar

Partners in Crime

The Pilot

Smith and Jones

The Bells of Saint John

Asylum of the Daleks

New Earth



All of the BF pure historicals are GOAT and feel as if they've been plucked from Series 1, we're truly blessed with them. Admittedly, I've not listened to the non-historical stories yet but I'm sure that with the exception of the one with The Master they're good




The Eleventh Hour

Smith and Jones

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

Partners in Crime

The Pilot

The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar

Deep Breath

The Bells of Saint John

The Woman Who Fell to Earth

New Earth

Asylum of the Daleks



oh shit i forgot about the s11 opener



oh shit same lol

put it at the bottom i fucking hate it



The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon

The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar

The Pilot

The Eleventh Hour


Deep Breath

Partners in Crime

Smith and Jones

The Bells of Saint John

Asylum of the Daleks

New Earth

The Woman Who Fell to Earth



Fuck off asylum is amazing



amazingly shit, you mean.



There is nothing wrong with it

God damn it



There is everything wrong with it.


Some sort of saving grace for Asylum is the surprise Oswin appearance, genuinely surprised upon first viewing



Oswin = niwsO

Oslin = nilsO



There aren't actually that many multi-Doctor stories where they meet and interact.



I mean, it took /who/ about 3 hours to fill out the full trip ship names matrix. But if we were going to actually elaborate on a straightforward matrix might be a bit inadequate. Rn I'm tossing a spreadsheet together with one tab for each Doctor and one row within each tab for each other incarnation, if that makes sense.



I remember hearing the rumour beforehand that it'd be Clara's debut but I completely dismissed it for being too crazy.



Your ass is full of shit but she still pegs you everyday



Asylum > into the dalek

And you all can suck my feminine penis



Thanks for doing some sort of spreadsheet for that, I've been looking for something similar for a while now, and if anyone's gonna fill it out correctly it'd probably be you. While we're mentioning Asylum, what's your opinion on the New Who idea of making Dalek Duplicates have eyestalks coming out of their foreheads?



Duplicates should not exist


Asylum is based.

Forehead eyestalks are based.

Dalek Oswin twist is based.

11 manipulating Amy and Rory is based.

Nick Hurran is based.



Are Dalek Duplicates androids with synthetic skin or made from a biological compound like The Flesh?



They are lazy plot devices


Like my foreskin


What's the comfiest Troughton episode and why is it literally any of them



because of 2 and Jamie






Oswin is cool but I hate eyestalk dalek slaves and it the story just doesn't connect with me that much



But Jodie is worst



Best 2nd book?



I don't actually think I have any 2nd Doctor books



No, I just checked and I've only got The Mind Robber, so probably that.


File: 87c76cc8d221dba⋯.jpg (2.31 MB, 5305x3537, 5305:3537, 87c76cc8d221dbabea7f360588….jpg)


Skelly wants brexit to happen because he thinks it will mean less whiteys and more pakistanis


Nilso wants brexit to happen because he doesn't like muslims, and he thinks muslims come from france


Kinda wants brexit to happen because he hopes to make New South Wales an independent country, and he thinks brexit will inspire a New-South-Wexit


Neo wants brexit to happen because he's fucking done with Doctor Who, and he hopes the economic troubles will kill the BBC


TOS wants brexit to happen because Neo told him to believe that


File: 379ee822b55644e⋯.jpg (59.47 KB, 390x500, 39:50, pertwj27.jpg)


Hunter wants brexit to happen because he's trying to fit in


Judy wants brexit to happen because the fearless leader of his country says it is the way the west must go


Ford & Miller both want brexit to happen because they think it will trigger the unification of Ireland


Immigrant doesn't want brexit to happen


>I suggest you check out the Big Finish audios. Sylvester McCoys gone on to do some the best stories in those, something that was hardly afforded to him on-screen.



Based but bluepilled


What was the benefit of brexit meant to be? Was it just about the concept of independence? If it was actually negotiated properly and in a way that the leavers got what they wanted, what was meant to change?



McCoy's done more audios than TV stories so it'd make sense that some of the better McCoy stories are audio based ones.




this anon wants brexit to not happen to spite me



I agree, we need to stop going off topic and stick to the true purpose of this board, me being gay with my dad!


brexit happening is the accelerationist preference


>"What's this? The thread is discussing things?! I've got to put a stop to this and turn the thread into a shithole for the 5th thread in a row!"



Yeah, that sounds like me, alright.


How hype are you for /who/ Cares About Ranskoor av Kolos?

>people on Youtube are saying its Presscast-level dark

>eviscerated chibnalls

>Trip like creatures

>Doctor Who gives gig a "shock of his life"

>'Is the show he's watched so long really kino after all? Is it even watchable?'

>"This might be where you can argue that the new approach is, for the first time, seen uncluttered by any of the old approach."

>terrible finale

>Mirrors said the ending scene with Nilso and Hunteris his favorite scene in the Series

>Neo said on Discord thst /who/ cares(name of series) was going to stick around 'for a long time, I promise you' implying the show is GOAT

>Gallifrey Immigrant insult in episode

Its going to be GOATER than GOAT.


File: 5cd9d3d19e9dec0⋯.png (465.51 KB, 842x595, 842:595, ClipboardImage.png)


File: a2332d3c3d5d682⋯.jpg (313.92 KB, 571x790, 571:790, 3rdd.jpg)



I can tell that 3 is more than likely your favourite Doctor. What about him is it that you find so appealing? What's his best/worst stories? Best companion?



I love Austin Powers, they should make another one


Not having series 11 tackling Brexit would be weird if Chibnall was nbot as ballsless


Remember that preview that gave like "10 words to describe episode 1" and one of them was "brexit"? What the fuck did they mean by that, was it a ruse?



I really want to know what that meant. It can't have meant the New Years special right?



No it was from someone who'd watched the TWWFTE preview screening.



I'm even more confused because TWWFTE definitely doesn't mention brexit






There was probably a really dumb joke like "Woah there's an alien, do you reckon it's got something to do with Brexit?" and Chibnall went "Even for me that's a shit line" so he took it out



>What was the benefit of brexit meant to be?

less Doctor Who



you can have that without brexit. look at 2019!


File: 7fd84920e8ff64e⋯.jpg (134.58 KB, 1024x1820, 256:455, jenna_coleman__46930853_60….jpg)

based Jenna bringing us /comfykino/ for the holidays



You'd think that she'd be able to get a beter tree than that


File: 947685c6f9433ac⋯.jpg (66.16 KB, 607x873, 607:873, happytwee.jpg)


Nearly everything, really. The clothes, gadgets, the action, his attitude and how the hypocrisy that seems to hit him comes out sometimes. I just find it incredibly engaging, even if some of the stories during his tenure can veer off into being a little meh and on the nose.

In terms of what else you asked:

>Best Companion?

Jo Grant. Second best is the Liz Shaw/Jo Grant team-up.

>best/worst stories?

By season and my opinion/enjoyment of them, they are:

S7: Ambassadors of Death

S8: The Mind of Evil

S9: Curse of Peladon

S10: Frontier in Space

S11: Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

Right now I'm trying to make my way through all of the novels, comics, and whichever BF stories I can get that relate to him, so I apologize if my list is a bit basic.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


this is for you, anon


File: e2ce3b877f25c5f⋯.jpg (90.35 KB, 2048x1137, 2048:1137, 140ce81702b536c06db2f505cc….jpg)


>worst Season 7 story


No one ever appreciates Ambassadors


File: 41d1acde752280e⋯.jpg (124.41 KB, 665x1000, 133:200, 41d1acde752280e710bfef9e20….jpg)



Oh, shite. I completely went about listing my FAVORITE stories. Let me put in my worst.

S7: Doctor Who and The Silurians.

S8: Colony in Space.

S9: The Mutants. (Cotton can't act for shit.)

S10: Carnival of Monsters. (Least liked out of the entire season, really.)

S11: Death to the Daleks.



She does

But just because she likes small states

And EU is an abomination



>small states

It's hard to fuck up a big union. it's easy to fuck up the small countries



Each one with its own problem



russia should be 28 small countries first.



Fuck them



It’s easy for a big union to be a design by committee mess that benefits nobody


File: 20dcc7350d7d323⋯.jpg (28.1 KB, 636x480, 53:40, WTW-18-IMG_Darkplace_22.jpg)

Who said that? Was it you, missy? Get this into your pretty little face. I said 1 year.

"But" nothing. Women like you are the reason Series 12's late in the first place. You'll be lucky to get any of my lovely Series 12 if you keep up this kind of behaviour.

God damn. Son of a bitch.



I'm aware. It's also easy for USA and Russia to bully a small country than to bully a Union



The smarties paying for the dumbies

We know

Small states make them think more before spending when big mama can bail out


Remember how we found out in episode 5 that Ryan went through the most traumatic shit ever of finding his mum dead in the kitchen at age 13



who the fuck is ryan



kinda is it true you are a proponent of New South Welsh Independence



only in the event that the rest of the country tries to become a republic and new south wales votes no, in that scenario i would also support qld/wa independence



how do u feel about CANZUK union?



cool but only because i think a political union spreading across that much of the world would be interesting, also i hate america


Today I found out it's possible for someone to almost cry at The Tsuranga Conundrum. Is liking or hating Series 11 basically just down to how many barriers to immeddiate empathy you have



I don't think America would care / they're not a commonwealth country anyway



I almost cried through most of series 11, but I suspect not for the same reasons as the person you're talking about



they'd care if they werent able to push canada around anymore without pissing of it's other key allies.


i cried at the anti matter scene because it was so epic



based. I wanna see an Aussie world superpower


Rank the nuwho dalek episodes (not including Day, Time, or The Pilot)

Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways

The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar


Into The Dalek

The Stolen Earth

Asylum of the Daleks


Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks

Victory of the Daleks

(power gap)

Journey's End



Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways

The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar



Victory of the Daleks

Into The Dalek

The Stolen Earth

Asylum of the Daleks


Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks

Journey's End



Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways

Into The Dalek

The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar


(power gap)

The rest


What would you say is the best thing about Into The Dalek?


>/who/ has become so contrarian that they think Dalek is bad and Into the Dalek is good

oh nonoNONONO



>Capaldi being a total fucking bastard

>interior Dalek scenes

>Michael Smiley being Michael Smiley

>Spaceship sets

>Retro design of the Miniaturiser Machine



fortunately Immigrant is so contrarian now he's back to the concensus to balance us out


i like into the dalek and you cant stop me!



Didn’t he say that his dad only left after that

Meaning his dad being absent is only a recent thing in the last 5 years for him? And graham had been around for the last 3?


Something might be waiting for you at the start of next thread.



That would be genuinely horrific



ryan's not good at maths he's got dispraxia


Did that anon ever get DWM 408? If not here: https://vk.com/doc-5742320_115995807?hash=5d500d5a6837cff448


Sesska lookalike on the pub 🤔


Worst story of s11?



The finale.




I failed him in this task and I apologise



Ghost monument


Just saving my place


>genuinely well directed action

>genuinely good looking spaceflight

>12 at his most acidic

>insanely well directed

>that traversing the barrier sequence

>that prime Moff school romcom

>i bet you did

>there must be more than that, there must be more

>based surreal disruption of the missy scene

>based character stripdown of the doctor

alright alright lets look at dalek, surely it cant be that ba-

>le lets repeat the daleks can climb stairs thing

>that got old in the 80s



I know it was posted as a meme but the stream really should be shut down. All it does is foster drama and make personalities bigger than they should be. TheOncomingStorm can you please just stop any mention or link to it here and keep it as its own completely side thing if you must keep it running at all.



t. miller because no one wants to watch Gridlock/The Last Sontaran on a permanent loop



Fuck off. You post about Trump all the time because you love it deep down. You want to be dominated. Fuck. Off. You don't fucking hate America. You can't even list any actual reason you would.



the battle of ranskoor av kolos


this is americaguns in my area


Judy/Molly? can i ask u a thing


File: 2fd791c24b08457⋯.jpg (127.09 KB, 484x664, 121:166, All smiles.jpg)

>Neo finally coming around to realize series 8 is the GOAT

Nice. Now if we can only get him to appreciate Time Heist



I bring it up only when someone asks or when eps are being broadcast



Neo could you check your DM's?


kittys here


We dont need fucking trips here, why do we still have people tripping



Time Heist is literally the "switch your brain off lol" episode of a run that demands you keep it switched on at all other times.



the thread's not inhospitable yet





And you are a good man?



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Saw this earlier. It's a fairly well balanced argument. It's not the cataclysmic end of the world that certain people (none of whom are kids) are making it out to be. But it's not a great thing either.


File: 5fd6bf35150f838⋯.jpg (87.19 KB, 497x700, 71:100, 5fd6bf35150f8381f4260a3d3f….jpg)


>foster drama

Everytime I read about any sort of drama on here, or the wiki. I'm left wondering how the fuck that keeps happening, how does drama spring from any of this?



the only drama that comes of it is the responses to the post itself



kids survived years between Harry Potter books just fine. complete nonissue. only triggered neo gives a shit then the dozen who copy his opinions.



Just saving my heterosexuality.

Oh wait too late


why dont they just keep the same slot as s11 episodes but show repeats of dw on it next year?


I can understand that the ways filming/shooting, actor availability/contracts, budget cuts, writers, set/prop designers blah blah blah etc can change over the course of more than a decade. Plus sometimes there are things that just go wrong, unforseen accidents and problems.

But still, RTD handled it well. We got 14 episodes a year consistantly. And when he decided to leave, as did Tennant, and the reigns were being handed over, we still got a year with 4 specials dotted through it. Moffat managed it for his first year, then began to play around with it by splitting up the series (like 2 months between parts 1 and 2 of series 6) but still, we got 14 episodes. Then series 7 was split across 2012/13 but we also had a big event with the 50th and Smith leaving. Then starting with series 8, we went down to 13 episodes a year. 2016 sucked with only getting a rather shit xmas special, but then we got another 13 episodes last year.

Chibnall has baffled me. Really baffled me. I was dubious with only getting 10 episodes a season (plus xmas mas assumed at the time) but that was quelled with each episode getting an extra 10-15 mins to breathe…..but from what I saw and have heard about this season, those extra minutes have done next to nothing.

He didn't want the showrunner job, yet took it anyway, cannot seem to write a great story or encompassing arc and now claims 10 episodes a year is just unfeasiable. What. The. Fuck.



blackpill *nilso constantly starts drama with his insane willtheywontthey shit with cats and by always doing troll opinions like his lists and liking ghost monument and whatever else**



>troll opinions

Genuinely curious as to what you think are troll opinions



ive always assumed the lists you post are trolling right?



Fuck, 12 as the Doctor who had to be taught to become kind and took it so deeply to heart that he died for that cause reaches unspeakable heights of kino.



Entirely depends on what list you're talking about


if chib cant even do 10 episodes how the fuck do the yanks do 24 episode seasons



Because those shows don't film every episode in advance. Plus, they have a better pool of writers than an average series of DW.







oh no no no


better written



more episodes = more budget

AMC and The Walking Dead are so fucking guilty of this it's awful.



your top/bottom 15 tv stories

i thought it was parody of boomer taste



All of them


more dick = me likey




No that was genuine, sorry to disappoint


Most American shows have writer's rooms that are writing the next few episodes while the current episode is being filmed. When a writer needs to be on set, acting as a producer, the other writers can keep churning away. In the rare American show that's written like Doctor Who is (or used to be, anyway) written, where there is one main writer who is also the showrunner and producer (the only one I can think of off the top is The OA) the production schedule is much, much slower… simply because ALL the scripts have to be finished before the first camera is turned on because one person can't write all the scripts at the same time they're being an on-set producer.

Why Chibnall, who was supposed to be implementing an American-style writer's room, can't accomplish more than 10 episodes every 2 years is puzzling.


"In fact, Chibnall disclosed that he came close to rejecting the offer, since he already had plans in place for new writing projects post-Broadchurch, and was aware of the enormous impact that doing Doctor Who would have on his life.

"Chibnall admits that he took a long time to commit: “I finally said yes because I love the show to my bones. I resisted it for a very long time, and [the BBC] really had to woo me.""



you are drama llama







Yes I am gay, sorry to disappoint any femoids in the general


I'm gay for Cats.


I'm gay with my Dad



I think S12 will continue the trend of commiting to long overseas shooting and this stuff takes a lot of time to be arranged. I also think delay has something to do with Walsh's accessibility.






Writing is actually f***ing hard. While I want doctor who every year I’m not going to imply writing is anything but difficult.

Ideas, characters and dialogue seem so easy, but they aren’t. You have 60 damn years of ideas already taken, you have a rabid fanbase, an insanely strict budget and after that you have to write coherently.

Try writing 60 pages, one episode and make it NOT seem like shitty fan fiction. Even the most experienced writers have huge problems making something seem professional.

I hate this attitude that creative arts is an easy job. Its a great job to have for sure but it is not easy.



Lad, what's a streamchad without the stream? I'd never want the stream took down.

But you did make me chuckle, now who wants to watch the Last Gridlock?



>I resisted it for a very long time, and [the BBC] really had to woo me

Oh it shows.





Any old white man gets me going really



Sure its not easy, but its been done for the last 13 years. If he isn't up to the task he shouldn't have accepted



This. Chris Chibnall isn’t a FanFiction.Net writer. He’s in charge of Doctor Who. He’s “””””qualified”””””” for the position. He shouldn’t be so shit at fulfilling its basic requirements.


Ralwenos here



Why did you censor the 'fuck' word?



>Even the most experienced writers have huge problems making something seem professional.

Amateurs maybe. But we’re dealing with professional writers here.

It’s tautological that a professional writer be able to produce professional writing.

We’re not asking for War And Peace. This is not someone sitting in a garret working on the greatest novel for our time, hoping to get published. This is a group of people who write professionally, and are being paid to do a job.

It’s one thing to crank out half a season and have one go bad, it’s entirely something else to write four episodes for the series and have none of them really work.

At that point, it may be time to rethink the day job.

Creative work is hard to learn, professionals learn to do it consistently. That is the job description. Professionals don’t get to wait for a muse, they have to be creative on demand, with consistent results.

In my own area of illustration, I’ve had more than one art director say that the job of an artist is to solve problems. The technical part of creating a piece of art is assumed. It’s the ability to form that into a solution that works that the ADs are looking for.

Likewise, by the time someone becomes a professional writer, the technical part of writing should be a given. It’s the ability to form that, on demand, to the requirements of the project that differentiates writers.

And it’s something that I have not seen in evidence this series.



I was actually referring to budgeting out the most episodes they possibly can then siphoning off at least 60% of that money for themselves. AMC cut corners all the time - so much so that one of their stuntmen got killed a few years ago because AMC did minimal work on their part




How's this, FUCK you you pedantic cunt



*his F***ing job


I was actually referring to myself being gay


A lot of blame for the last cancellation seems to go to the scheduling and the changes in format. I feel like we're seeing it again



Wilfred: It's happening again.


grahams a shit character his arc is complete shit his acting is competent at best and all of these things only look good (to some people) because the other characters are so much more half-assed in comparison



Seems absolutely pointless that we have been given both a soft reboot (S10) and a hard reboot (S11) and they still feel the need to take a year off. With a reboot, you should be going into it with your best foot forward and getting more people interested in the show.

S11 has had polarising reviews and now taking a year off. Casual viewers are going to ditch the show or forget about it and long term fans may have already ditched it due to one or several of the the issues surrounding the show right now.

The BBC wouldn't dare ditch the show after S11, mostly because it would have people saying they were right about it being a woman/diversity/identity politics issue, I knew even if S11 was universally hated we would see a s12 (though probably with a much smaller budget) but this feels like the Colin Baker years all over again- long wait between seasons after a major shake up in the style of the show, then given a last minute stay of execution and then just dropped quietly.

In a way, I think it might be a good time to leave the show again. Let it rest (for a good long while) Enjoy Big finish, and come back during the 75th anniversary or something. That or take the weekly version of tv and do a handful of 8th doctor movies with Mcgann and pop them on on over public holidays once or twice a year.



Cringe. What does this have to do with Doctor Who?







Cringe. What does this have to do with Doctor Who?



>Enjoy Big finish




Fuck you



Everything. Unlike you I always stay on-topic.



mean :(



I know something I think will verge most people here but sort of think it needs to be shared



go on then



broken mirrors is a cute innocent boy who doesn’t swear



Reported for ad hominem



do it itll be funni




Series 11 wasn't bad. It was okay. Some eps weren't great. Most were pretty good. It was better than series 2, 6, 7 and 8. The negative circlejerk about here is literally only Neo and the posters here that are determined to copy his opinions on everything for reasons I'll never understand. And that says a lot about why he maybe shouldn't be allowed here but I'm not getting into that.


ok so basically

im have pet monky






he has one constant companion









when clive comes, hes there


why did Cats stop using his trip/flag and go anon


when rose comes, hes there



okay this is epic


when the doctor comes, hes there



>The negative circlejerk about here is literally only Neo and the posters here that are determined to copy his opinions on everything

fuuuuck you



Replying just to laugh at someone else's post is pretty off-topic. It's also rude. I expected better from you, Nilso.


Over the course of this series there have been countless threads and conversations on this sub about the lack of character development and personality in the companions and in the Doctor. I thought it might be interesting to take a minute and play a little bit of fantasy Dr Who. Just to play at giving an idea of what you think these characters should be like, given what we know about them. Heres my go:

Ryan - I think he has the possibility to be the most interesting of all, but he's too bland at the moment. I think he'd be a bit more engaging if he was cocky and a bit brash but secretly using personality to cover up for the insecurities he has as a result of his disability. We should see him sometime failing at simple tasks, which puts the crew in peril, and not coping well with that failure. He should get angry and frustrated at his own limitations, and come across as selfish to the others, and his character arc should be that he builds resilience and levelheadedness over the course of the series and of course, softening towards Graham.

Graham - I see Graham as a sort of Wilf character who gets to actually travel with the Doctor. His internal struggle should be that he is trying to balance his grief with trying to deal with all these new experiences and be a good grandparent to Ryan. He's actually pretty close to that already but I think we could see a little bit more emotion awe from him about all the amazing things he's seen like both Rose and Wilf had in earlier seasons.

Yaz - She should have been shown as constantly trying to prove herself in the Police, as a Rooky and a young woman and that spills over into constantly trying to prove herself to the Dr too. It would have been interesting to see her latching on to the doctor a bit and trying to be girlfriends (in the platonic sense) bit the doctor doesn't get it since she's still learning how to be a woman. There could be some real interesting dynamics where Ryan is being cocky and disregarding something the Dr has told him, and mocks Yaz a bit for being a goody two shoes. Her who arc could be to stop defining herself by how others see her.

The Doctor - Should, as always be an absolutely towering presence on screen. She should always be three steps ahead of most of the enemy of the week characters we've had this season. If you're going to make her a woman after thousands of years of being a man then make that difficult. Make her identify more with Graham, even as Graham finds it a bit akward to be best mates with a young looking woman, make her a bit fatherly to Yaz, when Yaz just wants to be mates, causing some akward interactions etc. And give her gravitas. Make her the moral centre on screen at all times. Not just using quippy one liners or "and in 30 years she'll meet Obama" schoolteacherish stuff. But more like how Tennant was moral. Give her a code and have her stick to it, and make that the thing the other characters respect about her.



Sounds very much like a (you) problem


im gay



>on this sub

fuuuuuuuuuuuck you


Inskel oh inskel


Nilso, if you had to cut down every series into just 6 episodes how would you do it?



You're hired



Your continued presence on /who/ is becoming an everyone problem. Clean up your act and stop going off-topic all the time.



If series 11 were cut down to TWWFTE, Rosa, and the four non-Chibnall stories, I'd probably find the series as a whole more watchable and enjoyable.



Still sounds like a (you) problem




File: 32f07acfc6f3bf7⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, skaro.png)


>It was on the planet Skaro that my old enemy the Master was finally put on trial. They say he listened calmly as his list of evil was read and sentence passed. Then he made his last, and I thought somewhat curious, request. He demanded that I, the Doctor, a rival Time Lord, should take his remains back to our home planet, Gallifrey.

>It was a request they should never have granted.












Based as always, movie prologue poster




Not me.


Assuming 6 episodes + Christmas Special:

Series 1: Rose, Unquiet Dead, Dalek, Father's Day, Empty Child, Doctor Dances (finale),

Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways cut to one and rewritten as Christmas special with regeneration.

S2: Tooth and Claw, Girl in the Fireplace, Impossible Planet, Satan Pit, Rise of the Cyberman/Age of Steel cut to one (ends with them invading our world), Army of Ghosts and Doomsday cut to one (introduces Torchwood, forget the Daleks, Rose still gets trapped),

Runaway Bride.

S3: Smith and Jones, Shakespeare Code, Human Nature, Family of Blood, Blink, Cut Utopia and Sound of Drums into one episode.

Last of the Time Lords as Christmas special.

S4: Partners in Crime (not a huge fan but you need to reintroduce Donna Fires of Pompeii, Unicorn and Wasp, Midnight, Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead (wipe Donna's memory from her time in the computer?),

The Next Doctor

Year of the Specials (keep em).

S5 (hardest to get to just six IMHO): Eleventh Hour, Beast Below, Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone cut to one, Vincent and the Doctor, Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang,

A Christmas Carol.

S6: Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon cut to one, The Girl Who Waited, The Doctor's Wife, The Rebel Flesh/Almost People cut to one, A Good Man Goes to War, Let's Kill Hitler (at the end, Doctor meets the Tessalecta and solves the problem of his apparent death in montage).

The God Complex (with Christmassy rewrite; ends with Amy and Rory leaving the TARDIS)

S7: The Snowmen (minus the Christmas stuff, just make it winter), Bells of St John, Rings of Akhaten, Hide, Journey to the Center of the TARDIS, The Name of the Doctor,

The Day of the Doctor.

The Time of the Doctor.

S8: Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, Listen, Mummy on the Orient Express, Flatline, Dark Water/Death in Heaven cut to one.

Last Christmas.

S9: Magician/Witch cut to one, Under the Lake/ Before the Flood cut to one, The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion cut to one, Face the Raven, Heaven Sent, Hell Bent,

Husbands of River Song

S10 (must air in Nov/Dec): The Pilot, Smile, Oxygen, Extremis (end with the doctor simulation using his self-awareness to stop the Monks then and there), Eaters of Light, World Enough and Time,

The Doctor Falls (make the village level Christmas-y) as Christmas special.

I'll leave S11 alone though I have an idea how to fix some of its issues.


If your dick was cut down to remove the foreskin, I'd probably find the penis as a whole more sexy and enjoyable. I love Israel



jesus what is it with you and lists



yikes imagine thinking series 11 is better than series 8

how does someone get to the point where they think that’s a valid assessment on any metric



Impressive effort for a falseflag



Do you want to know how I can tell you're one of Neo's sycophants?



Your games grow tiresome Cats.


File: dfdc82efd5f1017⋯.jpg (26.79 KB, 534x401, 534:401, 10 fireplace.jpg)


My dear Moffat. The show has never seemed more slow, and yet I fear I am nearing its end. Reason tells me that you are unlikely to write Doctor Who again, but I think I shall not listen to reason. I have seen the world inside your head, and know that all things are possible. Hurry though, my love. Its days grow shorter now, and it is so very weak. Godspeed, my lonely angel.


I didn't even write that list but I agree with it for the most part anyway, get fucked



Not Nilso, but

Series 1 = 9/10 - Dalek - The Empty Child - The Doctor Dances - Boom Town - Bad Wolf - The Parting Of The Ways

Series 2 = 6/10 - School Reunion - The Girl In The Fireplace - The Idiot’s Lantern - The Impossible Planet - The Satan Pit - Doomsday

Series 3 = 9/10 - Gridlock - Human Nature - The Family Of Blood - Blink - Utopia - The Sound Of Drums

Series 4 = 9/10 - Partners In Crime - Silence In The Library - Forest Of The Dead - Midnight - Turn Left - The Stolen Earth

Series 5 = 8/10 - The Eleventh Hour - Amy’s Choice - Vincent & The Doctor - The Pandorica Opens - The Big Bang - A Christmas Carol

Series 6 = 9/10 - The Impossible Astronaut - Day Of The Moon - The Doctor’s Wife - A Good Man Goes To War - The Girl Who Waited - The God Complex

Series 7 = 6/10 - Asylum Of The Daleks - The Power Of Three - The Angels Take Manhattan - The Rings Of Akhaten - Cold War - Hide

Series 8 = 9/10 - Deep Breath - Into The Dalek - Listen - Time Heist - Mummy On The Orient Express - Flatline

Series 9 = 10/10 (PERFECT) - The Magician’s Apprentice - The Witch’s Familiar - The Zygon Invasion - The Zygon Inversion - Heaven Sent - Hell Bent

Series 10 = 9/10 - The Return Of Doctor Mysterio - Thin Ice - Oxygen - Extremis - World Enough & Time - The Doctor Falls

Series 11 = 6/10 - The Woman Who Fell To Earth - Rosa - Demons Of The Punjab - Kerblam! - The Witchfinders - It Takes You Away


>ask question

>respond one minute later with a vast paragraph

yeah not a falseflag at all



Cringe and off-topic. Stop starting witch hunts against other /who/res and start discussing the actual show.



I have different opinions to neo and bring it up with him often





Not me but I agree with the sentiment.



>cut the end of the world but keep unquiet dead

Interesting. Could you explain the reasoning? I think TEOTW has much more important character beats and story points (time war introduced, rose reevaluates her life decisions after watching her planet burn, last of the time lords scene etc)



Me, but I disagree with the sentiment.


Guess what? I'm still gay!



Not me but I agree with the sentiment.


aeiou will become like uzz


I've been going over this in Microsoft Word for hours but think I'm finally ready to post it all. Look, some people have been positively apocalyptic in their discourse about this season. I won’t pretend that Series 11 has been an unqualified slam-dunk, it’s definitely got its problems, but I feel like, by the time we got to the last couple weeks the overwhelming negativity of a lot of the commentary, much of which was from people whose opinions I really respect, was starting to color my own peceptions.

But when I actually broke it down and thought about it more objectively, the story-by-story percentages of “ones I liked,” “ones I didn’t” and “ones that are just ok” ultimately shake out to about the same as Series 2 or Series 10 really. And I’d say my overall impression of the season is definitely more positive than Series 10. So for all its faults, and they are there, I’d still be hard-pressed to call this the worst season of Doctor Who or even my least-favorite. And there’s really quite a lot I’m very excited about with this era. (And I’m one of those people for whom the Moffat era was pretty much my platonic ideal of Doctor Who.) So this write-up is my attempt to crystallize some of my own feelings more coherently, to highlight the moments where the show absolutely thrilled me this year as well as acknowledge where it failed to do so. I’m useless at rankings, but I’ve still attempted to sort the episodes into vague groupings of how much I liked them.

The Good Ones!

It Takes You Away- This is the episode of the season that really hit all the marks for me. A perfectly weird, unsettling and ultimately touching science-fairytale. This felt like an episode that follows on aesthetically from the Moffat era while adding its own spin, in much the same way that a number of Moffat-era episodes felt like a logical evolution of the RTD style. I loved that we got not one but two genre-swerves, starting in rural minimalist Scandinavian horror and ending up at Douglas Adams-esque absurdist fantasy.

Ribbons of the Seven Stomachs (possibly the best name since Shockeye of the Quawncing Grig) was the most genuinely creepy adversary we’ve seen in a while. That whole sequence felt like something out of a Guillermo Del Toro movie in all the best ways. I predict a generation of kids watching Doctor Who for the first time will be rightfully traumatized by the flesh moths.

Jodie finally gets a perfect moment of classic Doctor grandstanding with her pledge to dive in and spend the rest of time in the alternate dimension to save everyone else. I was tearing up at that point. And I think it’s important that her ultimate solution of saving two universes from exploding by “making a new friend” is a solution that could not have come from any Doctor but this one. If there’s one episode this season I’d be tempted to call an instant classic, it’s this.

Demons of the Punjab- Well, ok, or this. I’m not the first to observe that while the sci-fi episodes this season have been hit-and-miss, the historicals were on fire, and this was probably the most on fire of them all. This really feels like returning to the well of Season One John Lucarotti-written Hartnell historicals. The time when historicals were all about exploring the environment and the people of a given time period.

The Doctor and team were somewhat marginal to the proceedings, and I get why some people might be frustrated by that, but I think it totally works for what this story is trying to do. The intimate character drama between Prem, Manish, and Umbreen was so incredibly affecting. All three characters, but especially Prem, were extremely well-written and immaculately performed. The final confrontation at the border between Prem and Manish is one of the most powerful scenes in a Doctor Who story in years. The things this story has to say about borders and prejudice and the radicalization of the disadvantaged for the interests of the powerful is the best and most effective example of this season’s renewed contemporary social conscience.

And I didn’t feel like the Thijarians were extraneous at all! I liked them as a concept; a reformed warrior race seeking redemption through ritual honoring of the dead feels nicely poetic. I thought they added just the right amount of a magical-realist flavor to the scenario that justified its being a Doctor Who story rather than a straight drama. I felt their appearance at the end to bear witness to Prem’s death, rather than detracting from it, actually elevated the emotional heft of that moment into the realm of the mythic. After Prem has faced his demons, in his final moments he is watched over by angels.



Based and trueflagged


The Witchfinders- This one was just a lot of fun! It demonstrates a totally different approach to the historical than we see elsewhere in the season, but just as effective, combining the Modern Who standard of the genre romp featuring a historical celebrity with Series 11’s social conscience and attention to character. There’s a really interesting tonal tension going on here between the atmospheric folk-horror creepiness of witches and forest-dwelling mud monsters with the overt broad comedy campiness of Alan Cumming, but the episode actually strikes a nice balance and neither one ever really overwhelms the other.

It was also pretty refreshing to get a celebrity historical where the celebrity in question is basically just the villain, or at least secondary villain. King James is just a straight-up jackass. He’s an extremely entertaining jackass, but a jackass through-and-through and, despite the Doctor’s best efforts, remains a jackass right to the end. It’s a nice contrast to how the show handled, for instance, Churchill. Also, Alan Cumming was in Doctor Who.

Becka Savage was yet another of Series 11’s actually quite compelling nasty human antagonists. Getting ducked as a witch felt like a level of extremely visceral physical jeopardy that we haven’t seen the Doctor in for quite some time (since Heaven Sent maybe?) which made her escape, predictable as it was, still pretty satisfying. Basically, this episode set out an impressively diverse array of notes to hit and managed to hit all of them. Also, ALAN CUMMING WAS IN DOCTOR WHO.

The Tsuranga Conundrum- This may yet prove to be a fatal hill for me (after I’ve already taken some pretty debilitating damage on the hills of Rings of Akhaten and The Space Museum) but goddammit I enjoyed the hell out of this one. Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, it’s just really satisfying for me to simply kick back and have Doctor Who throw a whole bunch of really weird shit at me in 45 minutes with little-to-no explanation, and this absolutely provided that kick for me. Trying to wrap your head around why on Earth a sweet but schlubby pregnant man, a little green spaceship-eating goblin, and a medical melodrama would all be in the same story together is truly baffling. For some people, I’m sure that’s a bug. For me, in the right mood, definitely a feature. From the characters’ perspectives this seems like Yaz, Graham, and Ryan just finally getting dumped headfirst into the deep end of the goofiest, most Invisible-Enemy-y corner of the Whoniverse, and the Doctor is too busy problem-solving to explain any of it.

Speaking of which, I think this is the episode where Whittaker’s Doctor really solidly clicked with me. I finally saw who this Doctor is both within the long legacy and in contrast to it. Her interactions with the various people on the Tsuranga station showed us a Doctor with all the cockiness, experience, and quick-thinking of the other Doctors, but with an attention to personal relationships and interactions that wasn’t there before. This Doctor has people skills. Her having Yaz arbitrarily choose a number and then giving a gushing monologue about that number was delightful. Her solution to the titular conundrum was neat. The ending, with the Doctor joining in the funerary incantation for General Cicero felt to me like the first truly character-defining moment for Thirteen. Whittaker was just on fire throughout this.

And I loved the Pting. It’s so ugly-cute. I would love to see more Ptings in the future. I want one.


Rosa- So, with any new era of Doctor Who, what I’m looking for is for it to justify itself. This sounds harsh, but what I really mean is that I’m looking for what this approach to the show has to offer that previous eras couldn’t or didn’t. In a show about evolution and new ideas and change, I want that change to mean something. This was not a perfect episode, but it was the first episode of the season to show off what this era can do that’s genuinely new. Specifically, that final scene on the bus, where the Doctor and companions are directly involved right in the middle of a very real atrocity but forced to do nothing except silently bear witness (noticing some themes emerging?) and come to terms with their complicity, was like nothing I’ve ever seen on this show before. The closest is something like the Massacre, but even that kind of hinges on the Doctor and Steven being pointedly not a part of events. This was something wholly new and brave.

There’s been some criticism that Krasko was weak as the villain of the story, but it seems to me that structurally, Krasko isn’t the villain of the story. The institutional racism of 1950s Alabama is the villain of the story. That’s what’s consistently putting our heroes in jeopardy. That’s what our spotlight guest star is fighting against. Krasko is just a plot device for the Doctor to have someone to snark at. In this way it (once again) felt very reminiscent of those early Hartnell historicals, which were mostly about how Earth’s past is just as much of a hostile alien environment that wants to kill you as the irradiated jungle on Skaro.

And speaking of the Doctor snarking, her hostile confrontation with Krasko in the warehouse is another of my favorite Jodie scenes this year. Loved that peek at this Doctor’s darker side, her reckless, almost childish taunting and petulance. It felt very Troughtony. More of that, please. And can Malorie Blackman please write an episode on her own next time?

The OK Ones.

The Woman Who Fell to Earth- Not the stand-out of the season but did a perfectly fine job of executing everything it needed to do, which frankly, with everything that was riding on this premiere, is pretty impressive in its own right. There was so much pressure here to not fuck up. And it did not fuck up. As a Doctor intro episode I’d probably put it about on a par with something like Robot. Definitely watchable, entertaining, and effective, but you can tell they’re saving the really good stuff for later. I’ve seen it three or four times and I’m never bored by it.

I think my favorite aspects of it are the bits where it really leans into an aesthetic of naturalist drama, which, based on Broadchurch, was one thing I’d kind of been really anticipating and looking forward to with his Who. The character work with Ryan, Graham and Yaz is really excellent in this episode and one of the things that has kind of disappointed me with this season was that we didn’t get nearly as much of it going forward as this set us up to expect. There’s moments, but very little of the depth and detail that we get here with scenes like Yaz’s handling of the parking dispute, a distraught Ryan’s holding back the tears on his bike, or Graham’s unpleasant but realistically unpleasant snapping at Ryan about “blaming his dyspraxia.” (That was a really interesting less cuddly side to Graham we saw there! Whatever happened to that?)

All in all, Woman made a solid first impression for the Chibnall era. Unfortunately, not all of its promise has been fulfilled, but that doesn’t change the fact that the promise is there. Salad man lives.


The Ghost Monument- This is one that I pretty much really enjoyed on the first watch but that really didn’t hold up the second time. It looks really good, it’s got some nice moments, but ultimately none of that can erase the fact that the story here is “The Doctor, her companions, and two side characters take a walk to the TARDIS.” If Demons and Rosa felt like updated Hartnell historicals, this feels like updated Terry Nation. Just a new perilous set piece every couple of minutes with no real dramatic throughline or theme. Like I said, it works the first time, when you don’t know where all this is going, but there’s no real re-watch value in it. Which is weird for a series that was sold as being based on a streaming model. I think this one intrigued me the first time through because, to be fair, “galactic race across a perilous landscape for a fabulous prize” was a stock plot we haven’t seen done yet in Doctor Who. But thinking it over, maybe just because it hadn’t been done doesn’t mean it needed to be done? I really liked Angstrom and Epzo as side characters, but their sudden uniting at the end to resolve the plot felt very abrupt. I’d have liked to see something weightier.

However, the denouement where the Doctor finally reunites with the TARDIS almost entirely justifies the existence of the whole episode. The swelling music, that sweeping aerial pan over the Police Box on the mountaintop as the Doctor runs to it, which may be the single most beautiful shot of the TARDIS ever recorded, the sheer adoring love in Thirteen’s eyes as she gazes at the box…it’s just beautiful. I’ll forgive any number of sins for the way she caresses the Police Telephone sign. So overall, yeah, this one was fine.

The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos- Okay, yes. This is probably the weakest season finale in 11 seasons of modern Who. That doesn’t mean I hated it! As you can see in the heading above, it was okay. But there’s an inescapable sense that this is the disappointing Last of the Time Lords to Woman Who Fell to Earth’s promising Sound of Drums. Where the premiere displayed a lot of Chibnall’s greatest strengths as an author of Doctor Who, this, unfortunately, provides a counterpoint, showcasing a lot of his worst.


The Crap Ones

Kerblam!- Talking about this one makes me feel like Chris Eccleston reading the newspaper at the beginning of Boom Town. “And I was having such a nice day.” Never has an episode squandered so much good will so quickly as this did in its last five minutes. Up until then it was a really enjoyable satirical sci fi caper! The pacing was excellent. It felt retro without being dated. All the leads were getting good material. It had maybe my favorite of Segun Akinola’s scores this season (and all of those were great). And then…

Sigh. Look, a lot has been written on the politics of this episode. And I won’t lie, that aspect upset me. But what upset me more than the politics themselves was the way I feel like the episode cheated to get there. And cheated by betraying the show on a fundamental level.

There’s lots of viewers I know who feel like we don’t know the character of the Thirteenth Doctor very well or feel she’s undefined. I disagree. As I’ve tried to lay out in my calling out of certain highlight moments, I do feel like I know who this Doctor is, and I cannot bring myself to believe that this Doctor (or really, any Doctor) would see a computerized assembly line murdering dozens of innocent people and TAKE ITS SIDE, brush it off and say “that’s what it’s supposed to do,” She should have been deeply, deeply hurt by Kira’s death, by all the deaths. She would have tried to appeal to Charlie’s better nature and help to redeem him, not scold him and shrug and leave him to die. But apparently Pete McTighe had an axe to grind on behalf of Amazon, and decided to do it by fucking over the character of the Doctor harder than anything since that infuriating scene in Lie of the Land, which incidentally is the only other thing in the entire 55-year history of the show that I can even begin to compare this to.


Shut up and let me be gay, Morph


Arachnids in the UK- Once again, I was more or less enjoying this at first. I think a lot of that was down to Sallie Aprahamian, who kicked ass on this episode and even more on The Witchfinders and was by some margin my favorite director this season. But the energy started draining out even around the halfway point as we’re just meandering around a hotel with Mr. Big griping about stupid things. And then it turns out that we’ve built up to a reveal of pretty much nothing, as what looked at first to be giant spiders and a pile of garbage turns out to actually be…giant spiders and a pile of garbage, with no further depth or information added. I mean, we find out Mr. Big is responsible for it, except he’s not really? Because he didn’t know? And nobody really holds him to account for it for very long. There’s nothing interesting or surprising here. Everything is exactly as it appears to be on the surface, and on that level it’s not even anything we haven’t seen a thousand times before.

And then the Doctor comes up with half a plan, and before she gets to the second half Mr. Big shoots the spider, walks off with no consequences, and the episode just…stops. There’s no climax. No resolution to anything. There’s half a third act and it fades to black. Are the spiders still all just trapped there? It’s like I walked out and missed the ending and am just coming back after the last commercial break.

This felt like watching a first draft. And I mean a real first draft. The one NOBODY is meant to see. The one you hide from the world in shame like Gollum. The one you rewrite three more times before putting the words “first draft” on the file and sending that one out for feedback. None of this hangs together. None of it says anything. None of it has any point. Why put a fake Donald Trump who is explicitly not the real Donald Trump into a Doctor Who story in 2018 if you’re not going to have the Doctor go Harriet Jones on his ass? Why set up and not follow through on that catharsis? For so many reasons, this is absolutely the weakest script Chris Chibnall has given the show to date.


So, a mixed bag then. Hardly the first mixed bag of a season in Doctor Who history. Jodie Whittaker is delighting me as the Thirteenth Doctor. She feels like a total breath of fresh air but equally the logical culmination of the Twelfth Doctor’s character arc. She’s expanded the possibilities for the character just as much as each of her predecessors has.

I really like the “fam” even if I want more from them. Graham is delightful as the granddad of the universe. Ryan is supremely loveable, and Yaz is just a natural Doctor Who companion. I also want more development for Yaz, and it is genuinely frustrating that the first series of Doctor Who with a female Doctor still gives the most character development to the oldest, whitest man in the vicinity. But I want to follow these characters. I want to see them grow.

Chris Chibnall I would certainly classify as the most workmanlike of the Doctor Who showrunners. He’s not the kind of mad visionary that Davies and Moffat were, and that’s okay, but I want him to play to his strengths more. It’s clear what those are: ensemble character relationships, especially among families and colorful high-concept ideas. It’s been clear that those are his strengths since Dinosaurs on a Spaceship at least. He just doesn’t always allow himself the space to make them sing. Of the guest writers, Hime, Patel, and Blackman are the clear standouts. They’re the ones who are making the show sing and I’d love to see what any of them will do next. I’ve got no complaints about Joy Wilkinson either. I’m begrudgingly willing to give McTighe another chance, if only because I want to believe that episode was maybe a fluke and he can prove he’s not a total fucking sociopath. He’s at least got a good sense of the shape of the show?

So the Whittaker era is off to a somewhat wobbly start, but it’s hardly the first era that’s true of. “About as good as Series 2 or Series 10” does not spell doom for Doctor Who. It spells room for improvement. And the show has proven that it’s still absolutely capable of moments of dazzling brilliance. I’m still on board. Besides, if his Twitter is anything to go by, Paul Cornell’s been liking it. Am I gonna argue with Paul Cornell?





What are the closest artistic analogues to the relationship between Series 8 and Series 9?

I mean pairs of works where the first one is incredibly tightly structured and concise, then the second one is sprawling, freeform, open-ended, and perhaps deeper.


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I have a theory about Chris Chibnall and why he is obsessed with ensemble casts: it's his way of hiding the fact he can't actually write a character with any depth to save his life. Sure, he can write "characterisation" as much as the next writer can: it's not a hard task to just "write characters that have specific traits." The season opener is gratuitously peppered with minor characters that spend way more time on screen than they needed to considering the way they just die: the guy whose sister was killed who kidnaps Tim Shaw, salad guy, the granddad.

If I then look at Yaz, I realise I don't know her any better than the granddad who FaceTimes his daughter before getting killed offscreen. The "premise" of her character is summarised in that one scene in the car, and it's the fullest development of who she is as a person that we get through the entire season, even though it's literally just a character pitch. "This is who I am, this is my struggle. I'm Rose but a policewoman."



You know, I never thought that was possible. Dying well. Who wants to die well? Surely the aim should be not dying well?



Yeah, >>174024 was from Reddit too. They didn't even bother to change the phrase 'on this sub'.



Ah ha. The nice thing about life is, however bad it gets, there's always one last option available. Dying well!


I don’t hate 13, but i’m definitely completely underwhelmed by her and she stands as the weakest of all incarnations - which is such a shame for both the actress and the status of being the first female doctor.

First and foremost; I do respect that she is The Doctor, but there’s nothing really there. Yeah, she’s kind and compassionate, but so is every other incarnation and those qualities, at least to me, feel like the bare minimum requirements of the character.

13 starts off in episode 1 as very confused, still finding out who she is, but overall giving off an aura of kindness, some sort of warped fairness, and childish naiveté. Episode 2 pretty much continues that trend up until the finale; ie: it still felt like 13 was “discovering” herself for far longer than any other Doctor - and if you compare her first series to Eccleston, he had a full arc, development, and tonnes of memorable scenes and lines. For me at least, I can’t remember a single line 13 has said that wasn’t some riff of a Matt Smith or Tennant style-line. I’m not saying she’s a copycat, because obviously incarnations share qualities, but a lot of her comedic lines feel like they were written for Matt Smith and I don’t think Jodie has the delivery skill to make them funny.

Anyway, I can understand why some people like 13 but for me she is very much a hollow and one-note character. There is no central POV to the show anymore; with 12 we were watching it from his perspective before Clara “dies”, and then Bill’s. With 11 it was very much from Amy’s perspective, same with 10/9 and his companions. With 13 and her era however, I don’t feel like there is a central character the audience can anchor onto - I love Graham though, don’t get me wrong, he’s far more developed than 13.

Some may say that 13’s “characterisation” echoes that of the Classic Doctors’, being that she’s just a traveller and the stories aren’t really focused on her. But again, I disagree - in Hartnell’s first season he went from an near-antagonist to a mostly kind Grandpa figure, and this character arc was only furthered in his later seasons and then every other incarnation. Even when the Doctor’s development wasn’t at the forefront, the Classic serials nearly always had memorable monsters and other elements to keep viewers hooked; while S11 is lacking both in villains and a truly likeable set of companions (other than Graham) - on a tangent; I think Ryan has promise but the acting is wonky, while Yaz might be the weakest companion in 55 years, I don’t know what the point of her is and she has barely any character and screen presence.

So all in all, I think 13 is very hollow and one-note, and I think a lot of the praise of her being “kind but hiding a darker side” is just an excuse for inconsistent writing regarding her morals (which make no sense whatsoever).

Sorry if this post rambled - i’m interested to hear your thoughts, especially TheOncomingStorm.



This is also from Reddit. Somebody is impersonating Mirrors and Morph to b8 /who/ with shitty Reddit opinions. Honestly pretty good b8.



I do believe that the approach of writing a kinder doctor is the right choice after 12's development. However it lacks a proper focus in any of the narrative that makes Jodie's doctor feel very hollow. The consequences of her actions are brought up in the finale but it's not properly explored. Again due to a lack of focus.

That's why I am yearning for Team Tardis to actually break up. Having multiple companions is harming the series. By going back to one companion, they can be more attention spent on characterization. Or maybe have longer episodes. That might be wishful thinking as I don't see the BBC actually doing that.



Look at you! What an amazing team! You'll be able to handle anything that Time throws at you. Oh, come on! Cheer up! It's not that hard. It's no harder than all these exams that you have to take these days. Except for Media Studies. It's going to be harder than that.



I think that part of the problem is the difference between The Avengers and Justice League. With the former, the MCU took the time to properly develop the characters. We understood why they were a team even though they didn't immediately get along, because there had been plenty of groundwork laid. We had time to understand their characters individually before they started playing off each other. With Justice League, three of them were just thrown in and that was that. We had to learn about them in a hurry, which led to weak characterisation.

This is the same thing that happened with the new TARDIS team, for me. Because we got them all at once – there was effectively a TARDIS team of five people introduced in the first episode, before one of them was killed off – none of them had the space to grow. We didn't get to learn about them except in the broadest possible strokes: Ryan is black and dyspraxic; Graham wants a relationship with his (step-)grandson (and is weirdly pushy about it, just sayin'); Yaz is a Muslim policewoman. This would have been OK if there had been continued development, but they never really developed beyond these initial setups. (Graham is, as ever, the closest to being an exception, but his arc was still pretty textbook.) It was like Chibnall said, 'We'll explain these characters later' in the early episodes, and then, 'What do you mean, explain these characters? You know them by now. They've been travelling together for weeks!' in the later episodes. That includes the Doctor, which has done a disservice to Thirteen (and Jodie Whittaker too). It's hard to describe anything they do as particularly out of character, because their characters aren't really developed enough for there to be an out.

Compare this to other recent TARDIS teams – Amy, Rory and River, for example – and you can see the value in letting the characters have their own arcs before bringing in the rest of the team.



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File: 350a6e4323a1089⋯.jpg (22.86 KB, 468x366, 78:61, sun makers.jpg)

>Ah. The revolution's getting nearer. What's the Company policy on that?


I haven't even watched Ranskor av Whatever yet, due to the lack of excitement. Knowing that we're facing another gap year doesn't help either, because I feel like my time is better spent getting into Big Finish.


File: 2bc8841372fe93e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Ghost.jpg)

How to improve The Ghost Monument:

>We aren't told from the start it's the TARDIS (because it isn't)

>Some of the natives of the planet appear

>They were saved from the Stenza by a Doctor-like figure

>We finally get to 'The Ghost Monument', a large stone statue of a man

>It's him!

Would it have been better than what we got?


File: 8238c2474fa9eec⋯.jpeg (31.29 KB, 620x374, 310:187, image.jpeg)






Who THE FUCK keeps doing this?



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Man of Steel & Batman Vs Superman



Yeah, I know who you think it is. Trust me, it's not them.


File: 1903a38be9a219f⋯.jpg (1.79 MB, 2412x1634, 1206:817, colin.jpg)

>In all my travelling, I have battled against evil, against power-mad conspirators. I should have stayed here. The oldest civilisation. Decadent, degenerate, and rotten to the core. Power-mad conspirators. Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen. They're still in the nursery compared to us. Ten million years of absolute power. That's what it takes to become really corrupt.





Yaz: "You know I had a bully at school who was kind of similar to a Dalek."


Graham: "Grace was twice as strong as all the Daleks put together."


I'm not too sure whether it's the definitely the writing or what but in the past the doctors have seemed to have so much more depth/personality to them, seen either through their actions, speeches or interactions with other characters… This doctor has so much potential but they don't seem to be giving any depth to her?

Then we have the companions who I feel can hugely enhance a season.. in the past there's been a lot of good ones with their own thoughts and opinions on things unlike this series. There was another post on here literally wondering why Yaz is even in this series because she has such little impact on it.

Admittedly Graham and Ryan are getting better with their own things going on, and we actually saw Graham voice an opinion and argue with the doctor in the latest episode (Didn't really enjoy the episode as a whole but It's making progress I guess).

Maybe the fact there's 3 companions rather than 1 or so is diluting the impact they have but There has been more than one at once before, Amy and Rory for example were great IMO.

Everything seems so much more simplified this season that it's not only making for some pretty naff episodes (with some exceptions!) But actually making the Characters seem so…shallow(?) With no real personalities of their own..

In all the past seasons I've gotten very attached to the Characters but not these.

What is everyone else thinking? Who knows I may be the only one thinking this.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

DOCTOR: You lot, working together. An alliance. How is that possible?

WHITE DALEK: The cracks in the skin of the universe.

GENERAL STARK: All reality is threatened.

CYBERLEADER: All universes will be deleted.

DOCTOR: What? And you've come to me for help?

STARK: No. We will save the universe…from you!

DOCTOR: From me?

CYBERLEADER: All projections correlate. All evidence concurs. The Doctor will destroy the universe.

DOCTOR: No, no, no. You've got it wrong.

CYBERLEADER: The Pandorica was constructed to ensure the safety of the Alliance.

WHITE: A scenario was devised from the memories of your companion.

STARK: A trap the Doctor could not resist.

WHITE: The cracks in time are the work of the Doctor. It is confirmed.

DOCTOR: No. No, no, not me, the TARDIS. And I'm not in the TARDIS, am I?

WHITE: Only the Doctor can pilot the TARDIS.

DOCTOR: Please, just listen to me!

WHITE: You will be prevented.

DOCTOR: Total event collapse! Every sun will supernova at every moment in history. The whole universe will never.. have existed, please, listen to me!

CYBERLEADER: Seal the Pandorica.

DOCTOR: No! Please, listen to me; the TARDIS is exploding right now and I'm the only one who can stop it! Listen to me!


File: 5fc690dfb3f1430⋯.jpg (71.21 KB, 620x620, 1:1, kate bush the dreaming.jpg)

File: 3f0db7ede609857⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 500x494, 250:247, kate bush hounds of love.jpg)


I've been re-watching series 1 lately, and it's astonishing how well RTD managed to organically introduce 5 companion type characters (Rose, Mickey, Jackie, Adam, Jack) and cycle them into and out of episodes as they were needed. They are all deeply flawed people in a way that makes them so much more real than the current companions seem.

Take Boom Town for an example (average episode overall, but some great character moments) - the emotional conversation Rose and Mickey have about him trying to move on from her and dating Trisha Delaney, then her being hurt but initially trying to to hide it, then delivering a huge emotional outburst - all of it is fantastically acted and makes you feel pretty shitty about Rose and horrible for Mickey, and Rose sees the hurt she's caused him once he breaks down after their confrontation.

You just don't have that in the current series - the companions are bland carboard at worst, and literary caricatures at best. The fistbump/grandpa arc is the sort of writing you'd expect to see from a 12 year old, and boy did I cringe hard when Ryan said grandpa - because yes it was the series finale and therefore the designated time to say it as the writing dictated, but hell no I did not believe he'd been on enough of a journey to have gotten there. It didn't help that the delivery was awfully acted.

Anyway I'm rambling. RTD was the character master. Moffat wrote characters that were a bit too 'large for life' - always the same sassy/7 quips per conversation personality types, but at least they were often wildly entertaining to watch. Chibnall has given us more characters than he knows what to do with, practically within episodes, and arc/development wise.



Station to Station / Low



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He despises Rosa, I don’t



Utterly bluepilled. I bet you actually like the MCU



Totally agree. Even though I generally prefer Moffat's arcs (well…mostly series 5, I think that's easily the best new who series imo) RTD era will always be my favourite because for me the show is more about the characters than it is about all the sci-fi fighting aliens stuff. That's why I'm having trouble liking the new series…the characters don't really do anything. I think Tsuranga is a good example; they literally had to write in the pregnancy side plot just so Graham and Ryan have something to do. Martha and Donna both only had one series but I felt like I knew them much better than I know these three. Likewise, I felt I knew Amy and Rose much better after their first few episodes alone. I don't know what it is about Chib's writing but I just don't feel invested.

I loved RTD's era because of the characters, I loved Moffat's because of the stories/arcs, and Chibnall's just has…Nothing? I'm far from hating it but it just doesn't have anything to it that makes it uniquely good compared to previous seasons. A lot of people say it's because it's a soft reboot etc etc but I think series 5 was essentially a soft reboot too and it was an incredible, cohesive series.

I think earlier the characters were all very well written and people liked/disliked them based on personality traits, e.g. people disliked Rose because she was clingy and jealous, hated Clara because she was bossy and aggressive at times, etc. This time around, I feel like there's not even enough substance to the characters to judge them based on that. To me it's 99% based on the writing. I don't hate Yaz or Ryan, they just literally don't do anything, there's no depth to them at all. Also, unpopular opinion, but I don't think Graham is that great either. He reminds me of Wilf but less anxious. In his typical fashion, RTD managed to get me invested in Wilf with a few episodes and short appearances alone compared Chib who had an entire series to do it.

I hope Chib makes next series better, the characters obviously have potential but the writing just isn't cutting it this series.


You are aware that this is the same person talking to himself, right?


File: 90318ca11e019e2⋯.jpg (82.38 KB, 1600x896, 25:14, The Doctor Falls.jpg)



I liked the Doctor and think Jodie is doing a phenomenal job. But other than her, I think Yaz is my favorite. Ryan doesn't do much of anything and I hated him in 'It takes you away'

And Graham… Oh don't get me started. I hate him more than I hated any companion before him.

"The Doc", "Hey Doc"

It's DocTOR you demented idiot. I seriously, SERIOUSLY hope he dies either on new years or in season 12. He hasn't got one redeemable quality and he does nothing.

Bring back Wilfred Mott!



Yes, they're reposting stuff from Reddit.


File: d1144e239b7e8c2⋯.jpg (105.33 KB, 620x413, 620:413, 4kino.jpg)


skelly hates neo


Yaz is smart, loyal and all round a great character.

Yes I hate Graham for that but for other reasons too.

He says Doc. It's not doc. It's doctor. I like to think if 12 was still the doctor, Graham would have gotten strangled or had a evil looking gaze directed his way, to which I would have laughed.

He doesn't do anything.

He keeps bringing everything back to his wife. 'this isnt what Grace would have wanted' 'I told your nan I was going to look after you'

Stop making everything about yourself and your dead wife.

And the final reason I hate him, he's played by a demented old man who hosts a game show. He thinks he's still 24 when he'll probably be dead in a few years.




Series 18 kino


>tfw enter a forum thread about S11 and respond to someone's random S9 question by casually pointing out the fact that the cold open for TMA has the Doctor make Davros his "apprentice" by passing over his "magic wand" (sonic screwdriver) and the cold open for TWF has Missy fashion a "wand" (sharp stick) making her an example of a witch - just to flex on the total fucking lack of symbolism and interpretative layers in S11


do you ever just stop and think about how fucking based it was of Capaldi to just dress in a variety of casual-to-formal outfits and not particularly worry about his "costume" at all


File: dd4d6362b427d5e⋯.jpg (36.08 KB, 560x327, 560:327, comfy.jpg)

there are only 3 dr whos in this image


Twice Upon A Time there was a new Doctor, who regenerated into an incredibly lively and warm character. This Doctor, to be more specific, is known as the Thirteenth Doctor travelling the Universe with friends who love a little bit of adventure in their lives! You may have heard of her and her companions? Yeah, that Doctor! The funny, energetic, speaks a hundred miles an hour Doctor! Isn’t she the greatest friend you could ever wish for to guide you around the universe?

A new Time Lord not only comes with a distinct personality but also a brilliant new appearance. The Thirteenth Doctor’s refreshing wardrobe includes a long, hooded trench coat, rainbow striped top, mustard colored braces, cropped wide legged trousers, laced up boots and last but not least, TARDIS blue striped socks.

These are far from boring socks. The Thirteenth Doctor’s Socks help make you walk with purpose! Hurtle across space and time wearing these cozy striped lounge socks made from a luxurious blend of heavyweight cashmere and cotton for long lasting wear.

Did you know that these comfortable socks are made by Corgi Socks in Wales, UK? They are the original makers of the actual socks worn by Jodie Whittaker in the Doctor Who TV Series, Season 11. We know how important it is to you to own the most accurate replica socks so this time around we went straight to the source! Wearing these socks you’ll now be able to walk undetectably amongst villains and creatures thanks to Corgi Socks using a traditional manufacturing method called hand linking. Their toe seam is almost undetectable achieving a beautifully comfortable sock! See? No ordinary socks here.

Don’t look any further, you’ve found the original Thirteenth Doctor’s Socks right here! Now its your turn to walk in her shoes (well, in this case her socks) and own a pair for yourself to take part in your very own thrilling and uplifting adventures full of drama, delight, scares and bags of fun!


do you ever stop and think how easy it would be to stop the threadshitter


>the S11 soundtrack is cheaper to buy as a physical CD set than as a download

How the fuck does this work? Is this normal for music these days?


Can we just ban whoever is reposting Reddit threads here?


he's reposting stuff from previous threads now.


File: c621391beee90e6⋯.jpg (20.13 KB, 320x544, 10:17, haie.jpg)

matt's 7b hair is extraordinarily het


Let's Ban Hitler


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Don't you realise what anon is trying to do?


its hoodie



Don't give a shit, as long he's banned,


>It’s a Dalek. A creature of hate and resentment who wants to harm everyone who isn’t like itself.

>Like a posh version of my high school bully!


anyone got that photoshoot image of peter and jenna lying on the floor next to each other?


Still mindboggling that Resurrection of the Daleks is the one with a revelation and Revelation of the Daleks is the one with resurrections.



"Resurrection" probably would've been better had Saward NOT had more time to revise it once it got pushed back.



maybe you should be helping him hmmm?


I just honestly think it's a shame that some of the better writers of S18/19 gradually stopped working for the show by peak-JNT/Saward/Levine. I still don't fucking understand why Andrew Smith was never rehired under JNT.



That was Peter and pearl


File: ecc4aa17a64e0d8⋯.jpg (671.93 KB, 1519x1241, 1519:1241, matt jenna.jpg)


ah fuck, that ruins this parallel then


File: f05b6d0023a0935⋯.jpg (76.3 KB, 736x736, 1:1, s10.jpg)

File: ceea124da8c71da⋯.jpg (125.15 KB, 980x1041, 980:1041, s10 peter pearl.jpg)


The joke in Curse of Fatal Death where the Doctor regenerates a half dozen times was designed to "burn through" the remaining "canonical" regenerations so the BBC could say they'd done it and thus didn't have to make the series any more. Which… Is pretty stunning from multiple angles.


File: e6570efe3798878⋯.jpg (11.9 KB, 236x173, 236:173, the good ol days.jpg)


The Morbius doctors are clearly the production crew in silly outfits. Which simply means that before the First Doctor, there was at least one regeneration cycle where the Doctor incarnated as all the significant members of Doctor Who's production crew throughout the history of the show, who cooperated together to ensure the show's and therefore their own existence. They escaped into our universe using a meTARDIS.



Imagine if in Human Nature/TFOB they'd done a modern spin on Morbius and had scrawlings in his journal depicting RTD, Moffat, Julie Gardner and Euros Lyn as mysterious Doctors or something



>"burn through" the remaining "canonical" regenerations so the BBC could say they'd done it

Doubly ironic given what Moffat ended up doing with Smith's run.


File: be0c88853dfbb38⋯.jpg (498.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dracula.jpg)

we /drac/ now


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

i am DONE


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

doctor npc


In hindsight, adding "under my protection" to the duty of care arc would have been a really nice tweak.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: 4081d2fa0086ad9⋯.jpg (16.76 KB, 236x334, 118:167, 4.jpg)


Anon is spamming the thread so we get to the next thread earlier so we find out whatever this post was referring to



How do people feel about all the "This planet is protected!" shit the Doctor says in NuWho? (Not the spammer btw this is a legitimate question.) Just came to mind since they're bringing it back for New Year's.



fuck, you got me









Can we ban this spammer? He's killing our comfy!



>can we ban the dissenting voice! that will make it go away!

This is why President Trump won and why you will lose the next election as well.



It's a bit superhero, but it's in line with the Doctor as a character now and has usually been pulled off quite nicely – it was also parodied in TUAT which gives it some weight of self-awareness at least.


How do people feel about all the "This planet is protected!" shit the Doctor says in NuWho?



I'm not running in the next election.


>This planet is protected!

>This plane is protected!

Pick a lane, Doctor! Pick a lane!



fuck off



Do you get tired of losing?



Fuck off.


File: 4dc13348b4b5b16⋯.jpg (11.93 KB, 340x255, 4:3, 7 dominion.jpg)



Beto O'Rourke is not going to win sweetie.



Fuck off.


File: 08ea700b1997592⋯.png (330.55 KB, 493x467, 493:467, 11 and 12.png)




File: 390151b9c982246⋯.jpg (627.58 KB, 1860x2472, 155:206, familiars.jpg)

Challenge: work out why there is a blue line from Davros to Sarff, and a purple line from Missy to the Daleks.



Your liberal candidate is.


>tfw not even sure which posts are the spammer's anymore



holy shit this is based




Missy tricks the Daleks at the end with her clever idea?



Did you make this?


Insert a song into an episode, e.g. Lady Stardust in Hell Bent


File: 2c03fe3caf9283e⋯.jpg (370.87 KB, 686x1024, 343:512, 2511029466_7496a40d6c_b.jpg)

dont disturb broken mirrors hes working on the upcoming Health album Vol. 4: Slaves Of Fear



>ywn lay on the floor with Jenna




Broken mirrors is Native American


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 78ce1de8f2ca1e9⋯.jpg (137.04 KB, 926x1200, 463:600, DoWo3unU4AA2etL.jpg)

>mfw reading through the thread



I am not doing any of this and disavow the spammer



you hate neo


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Im skelly. Im het


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: bb84cf84dbee13b⋯.png (82.45 KB, 312x296, 39:37, 1304763173001.png)

>thread updates

>no new posts





Wash your hair skelly


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Let's Kill Doctor Who


You think skelly takes showers with his pet monkey?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 2a65b11b9f8080e⋯.jpg (16.52 KB, 210x232, 105:116, Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at ….jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bill and Heather's theme



>sung to the tune of Wash My Hands Shorty - The I.L.Y's




lol imagine being too ugly for youtube and having to use a cartoon avatar


That's a good monkey… Rub the soap right there… Yes…



skelly hates neo





noo, 100 posts all right!








neowl x lintern shipping is utterly deranged and fucked up


File: 6b858816ac038ba⋯.jpeg (17.99 KB, 203x255, 203:255, image.jpeg)

>The absolute STATE of this thread


>The absolute STATE of skelly's hair


File: 5125cdde1609f7c⋯.png (179.17 KB, 600x600, 1:1, image.png)


nightmareofeden is 0 on kinsey scale


eden so het, sigh



Cats up to his usual tricks



Fuck off.



Put your flag back on Nilso.



it's curling up at the ends a bit today I might straighten it



you hate neo


File: 0767f54006fc9ff⋯.jpeg (166.37 KB, 1137x1022, 1137:1022, image.jpeg)




Worst thing I've ever been accused of, take that back immediately



eden so cis


File: 51f3570eda17ce2⋯.jpg (151.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dream2.jpg)

I hope I see all of you next thread. Every one of you.


skelly and eden hate neo


File: 7bf436d644e67d5⋯.png (40.27 KB, 761x319, 761:319, mongo.png)

blast from the past



Who are the ones that aren't Cats, Cloister, or FNA?


File: d57b7be215d5d64⋯.jpeg (46.23 KB, 432x768, 9:16, image.jpeg)



Honestly? I haven't the fucking faintest. Mongo was known for being convinced that certain random people were part of a /who/ conspiracy.


eden likes girls


is eden het?


File: 77a46780af7b10c⋯.jpg (242.36 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, chibbah.jpg)



Honestly? I haven't the fucking faintest. Anon was known for being convinced that certain random people were part of a /het/ conspiracy.





Based post



File: 83f6b71a8fef085⋯.jpg (188.13 KB, 640x896, 5:7, 447f19_65218a927dfa45f7b2a….jpg)

Will you be reading Clara Oswald: The Untold Adventures, aka the only true sequel to Doctor Who (1963-2015)?





File: 009abfdbf675449⋯.png (18.55 KB, 89x120, 89:120, image.png)

>having a shit day

>go on /who/ to shitpost and unwind

>thread currently being spammed



>kinsey 1.5



Eh, I'm more a 4, I'd say.


What happened to Shit Trips 1.5?



wtf i wasn't even aware of its existence



which /who/ user u want fuck?



that's because it's a fan project akin to Devious not an official spinoff



Why the postage stamp quality image?



its fanfic

but all written by women

kinda cool



Certain /who/re




I've just very briefly skimmed the website, it could be kino. The fact it's written entirely by women is great. I'm interested


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


/D E V I O U S/




spill the bans




(Formerly Cuck)



Steamed Hams (formerly hamburgers)


is the spamming going to stop once we reach the new thread?



File: 6d6ce9b22337d15⋯.jpg (85.06 KB, 315x437, 315:437, neo smug.jpg)



My dick is curling up at the ends a bit today I might straighten it



i have to sleep now , so it stops anyway

i hope you enjoyed my selections from reddit

i will not be back on until Wednesday



ohh noo that sucks



Maybe, who nose?


File: 8238c2474fa9eec⋯.jpeg (31.29 KB, 620x374, 310:187, image.jpeg)


cletus deletus


File: 6b858816ac038ba⋯.jpeg (17.99 KB, 203x255, 203:255, image.jpeg)


File: 84ccc2962e3b14a⋯.jpg (52.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doctor_who_2005.9x12.hell_….jpg)



Thank Christ.


File: 0767f54006fc9ff⋯.jpeg (166.37 KB, 1137x1022, 1137:1022, image.jpeg)


File: d57b7be215d5d64⋯.jpeg (46.23 KB, 432x768, 9:16, image.jpeg)


File: ba09247d7cf3861⋯.png (255.44 KB, 962x450, 481:225, 1515815748524.png)

I've been gone for a few months, what did /who/ think of S11 and is making fun of nilso still a bannable offense?


File: 009abfdbf675449⋯.png (18.55 KB, 89x120, 89:120, image.png)



It was shit and no.


>tfw not sure which posts are the spammer's anymore

I could be the only other person here for all I know



S11 was shit and making fun of Nilso is now encouraged




why doesnt nilso just use a trip? the falseflaggers would just look pathetic then since itd be so obviously pointless



He doesn't use a trip because trips are for straight people.






his official excuse is that he doesnt understand "the system" but thats difficult to credit



Delet the clet


File: 31130c34fffd7d0⋯.png (133.28 KB, 514x427, 514:427, 1467375765117.png)



>making fun of Nilso is now encouraged

Thank god. Has cloister left or did he just come to his senses?



Who's she?


File: 29b9f21649f26d5⋯.jpg (37.84 KB, 792x445, 792:445, Coal_Hill_Secretary.jpg)

What was her problem?



He passed the torch


The stuff with the little kids in ITFOTN is better television than almost anything involving the four main characters in S11


I bet you were.








Now that's a fucking bong if I ever seen one


File: 7af67791212731b⋯.png (235.91 KB, 806x752, 403:376, fake news deception.png)




Assuming this is genuine and not just the spammer, you picked a bad time to return, let me tell you that one free of charge,


File: 7a40d1141a1d225⋯.png (593.49 KB, 626x599, 626:599, 1443536253681.png)


>tfw cloister passed the torch in your lifetime

Who to? Neo?


File: 130a0de66ddd4a4⋯.png (1.39 MB, 803x896, 803:896, 130a0de66ddd4a449a198f86d3….png)







Nobody knows.



I know


>tfw almost at the end


File: bdbc58dbb896064⋯.jpg (82.59 KB, 960x716, 240:179, 48365224_2257551310923156_….jpg)

add an arm for doctor who!


File: d0ab73f1c281607⋯.jpg (220.67 KB, 1921x1081, 1921:1081, who else.jpg)


File: e3a21428a8eed67⋯.jpg (20.53 KB, 330x330, 1:1, FUCK chibnall.jpg)

fuck chibnall


File: 53266ac3269bbf4⋯.jpg (373.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at ….jpg)

i wanna fuck her mouth desu


YOSS: Oh, I'm not fit to raise a kid. Besides, dark times right now. Turbulent worlds. I'm not sure I'm his best option. I can't even operate my oven.


i cant post is the site broken


File: ea1d617508b3b65⋯.jpg (25.12 KB, 500x375, 4:3, diane.jpg)

Diane, it's 2.30 a.m., approximately 15 minutes since the last nilsopost that opened a whole new can of worms. I see no sign that this should be slowing down any time soon, and I'd like to get ahead of the game a little more.


I love it, conceptually and actually




this is fucking based

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