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Shit Trips 2.5 NOW AVAILABLE! https://mega.nz/#!Uf4EDaLT!bIa_JP_rbyl7Pl9NKq8tLopyOzXJFhlSu6Z4VZnt4Uk

File: 8be0a2e916d1d33⋯.jpg (53.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, australia.jpg)


Australia! edition

criminal colony: >>18317


The Pilot is the best Capaldi opener and is in top3 S10 eps



the pilot cannot be a top 3 ep when world enough and time, the doctor falls, extremis and oxygen all exist




You can have 'best Capaldi opener' though, assuming we don't count The Witch's Familiar.



It's one of the best directed episodes of the entire show.


File: cc0537af0651ee1⋯.jpg (346.28 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, clala.jpg)

Imagine spending over 100 quid each on these



The Clara one reminds me of something. Maybe a Slitheen.



Hi Neo,

I'm Anon



File: 77a24dadbec4ae9⋯.png (2.65 MB, 2674x1527, 2674:1527, good.png)

>The bad Doctor is in the Vault and he can't leave. Write it in your diary.



What if 13 has her own Vault under the police station? What would it contain?



Time Tampons



Hello, Neo. I've written the first chapter of the framing story. I was wondering if you'd be willing to write the rest? (you can take it in whatever direction you want.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Who needs Sesska anymore



Sounds like a lot of fun!



Are you being serious, or meming? I don't wanna be pushing a whole bunch of work on you.


File: fe87efd462fef2a⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 540x230, 54:23, annaeflaugh2.gif)

nth for Jodie.


EOT in the stream


Sorry, I know I get wrapped up in irony sometimes but I was being 100% legit. I'm genuinely really into the idea and looking forward to it.



Alright. I'll PM you a copy of the first part of the framing story. Do you mind if I Discord PM you?



Have fun never winning another election after alienating any possible voters you can at any opportunity just because they don't agree with you, you bourgeois fucking faggot



stop spamming your whores


File: 4dc7707f7782963⋯.jpg (14.67 KB, 340x255, 4:3, 2f718d1e806ab323da98901634….jpg)

Say happy birthday to 8th best girl, lads



Speaking of which, we have surprisingly few companion-centered stories in ST2.5.



I can log onto there if you want but I'm in the stream atm too if you just want to do it there


I'm gonna try churn out a story starring Bernie Wilson. Dunno how it'll go yet, Maybe he'll meet 9 instead of Rose


File: 74dff92052a7b5a⋯.webm (1.14 MB, 960x540, 16:9, jodiefoff.webm)

end my suffering



horrific faceposting, lym



Sounds interesting.


Lym, how's story going?



The fuck offerino bit was good though



i do not claim to be good at what i do



That boy ain't right



Is this what I'm going to see when I die?



all of the other stuff was good though - did you fix the meshes for 12's hands?


File: 43df23d5c3cfd80⋯.png (3.97 MB, 1741x1193, 1741:1193, 1467047251147.png)



File: efc3a40cd272000⋯.jpg (15.61 KB, 640x854, 320:427, 1lKzphA_d.jpg)


>le wacky black dinnerlady

>monster of the week was lesbians

What an awful hour of television, at least it set my expectations appropriately low. Smile and Oxygen were the only enjoyable episodes.


Jodie a cute, shame they will cover her up and make her completely asexual



Nobody cared or asked about your shit taste anon.



two fucking pleb opinions in one post


File: 9d1c2f61fb2a4e0⋯.jpg (32.8 KB, 600x904, 75:113, jodie2.jpg)


'Pilot' was literally the writers spunking all over the screen over how progressive they were and had to make sure you knew she was a black lesbian by making it the plot of the episode, with some trite and forced """"""""feels"""""""" thrown in


Enjoy your series 10 peak moffatshit lmao, and if you wouldn't give Jodie a good dicking I don't know what to say my dude.



>Hates Series 10 and is also a jodiefag

Kill yourself seriously


File: 50182708e99daf6⋯.png (232.41 KB, 461x447, 461:447, 1515615941023.png)


File: dbe2d7a0b8c4167⋯.jpg (35.67 KB, 515x668, 515:668, jodie3.jpg)



Are you samefagging or does this board just have garbage taste? Series 10 was borderline unwatchable. Series 1-4 was the peak of nu-who, 5 was alright, 6 was pure fanfiction and 7 onwards was atrocious with some alright episodes tucked in there. Convince me otherwise.

Also wanting to fuck Jodie doesn't mean I approve of the casting choice. I just want to nut up inside her.



This. When did Doctor Who stop being fun?


reminder that neo has literally admitted to trying cocaine


let me know when they make soy cocaine



Taking off my trip to say, let me know too.





Sesska is out. We'll be watching it in the stream in about 25 minutes.



>Anyone that disagrees with me is samefagging!!

>Series 1-4 was the peak of nu-who, 5 was alright, 6 was pure fanfiction and 7 onwards was atrocious with some alright episodes tucked in there?

Come on man I just about to take you seriously until you posted this, at least put some effort in your bait.

I thought we got rid of all the low effort retards when /tv/ banned us?

Anyway take this (You) and fuck off to whatever shithole you came from.


Jodie looks a bit like a gnome. She looks gnomish.


File: c64d4c2e1e6cb21⋯.jpg (48.22 KB, 574x543, 574:543, IMG_8043.JPG)


>Series 10 was borderline unwatchable.

Why? explain yourself so people can understand you.

>Series 1-4 was the peak of nu-who,

No it wasn't.

S1 is the only good RTD season.

Series 2 had only 2 good episodes

Series 3 is forgettable

The only good thing about Series 4 was the relationship between Ten and Donna everything else was bland and forgettable.

>and 7 onwards was atrocious with some alright episodes tucked in there.

Why is it atrocious? How can tell us to convince you when haven't done the same thing.



fuck off with your gay memes, 2oda




File: a4db486c8e26405⋯.jpg (79 KB, 740x1110, 2:3, 740full-jodie-whittaker.jpg)


You haven't given me a single reason why i'm wrong. Season 5 onwards is a completely different team with different production codes and Moffat as showrunner. It is a soft reboot that was slipped under the rug as a straight continuation. That's why the quality declined rapidly.


>Why? explain yourself so people can understand you.

Left-wing BBC bias ruining whole episodes (Thin Ice, Pilot, Empress of Mars), boring three-parter (the monks are just not the interesting to merit three episodes), The Master being wheeled out to do fuck all, and flat out badly written episodes (Eaters of Light, Knock Knock). It doesn't leave much to love. Nardole and Bill are both annoying and tiresome. Also the dumb fucking vault is recycled from Sherlock Series 4 because Moffat is a hack with a hard on for crazy chicks with guns.

>Series 2 had only 2 good episodes

New Earth, Tooth and Claw, School Reunion, The Girl in the Fireplace, Rise of the Cybermen, Age of Steel, The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit, Army of Ghosts and Doomsday were good. Only Fear Her and Love and Monsters were shit.

>Series 3 is forgettable

Gridlock, Human Nature, The Family of Blood, Blink are all very memorable.

>The only good thing about Series 4 was the relationship between Ten and Donna everything else was bland and forgettable.

The best episode (Midnight) didn't even have Donna in it.


File: 77caf03e77f37bc⋯.jpg (316.38 KB, 1906x2048, 953:1024, eqjlkq0tybp01.jpg)



snake companion when


Neo. When are you collecting your LABO?


File: f1642c8c77b0590⋯.png (330.99 KB, 1920x930, 64:31, 6b6f505260948b918d06e1a4fe….png)

File: 865b88474389dca⋯.png (217.09 KB, 559x511, 559:511, 6c3486217ba52c852071cdb20d….png)

File: 7c749b3e6ebd2e4⋯.png (211.5 KB, 559x511, 559:511, I'M ACTING!!!!.png)


Nilsocore in the stream


taking /r/s for fuck offerino webms featuring eleven, twelve or thirteen



all three of them emerging from the back of a giant "t.nilso" and giving the middle finger while "Fuck Offerino" lowers from the top of the screen



hmm no.5 seems quite familiar, don't know where I've seen something like this before…




Is gnomes the hot new memememe?



nope - downvote!



Gridlock was memorably shit.



What's shit about Gridlock?



t. miller



Cat people.



What about Worgen?


If Moff couldn't have gotten Tom for the 50th but still wanted to do something like the Curator, what do you think could have been done?



He'd probably wheel out another future Clara



An aged up version of Tennant or Smith, or just Capaldi.



Sean Pertwee as the Third Doctor or The Woman from EoT.


Is there a public-ish gdrive for NewWho?


File: 15e945b9a714b9a⋯.webm (1.87 MB, 960x540, 16:9, finna t.webm)

It occurred to me that the Matt model isn't actually rigged so have this instead





File: c769998ccd8764e⋯.webm (1.81 MB, 960x540, 16:9, finna t 2.webm)

Wait a minute, far superior version here



You, sir, win the internet for today


Is Sesska gonna be able to make it through Kinda and Snakedance?



Kinda, yes. Snakedance, probably. It depends on whether or not she watches the CG version or not.



She won't make it past Four to Doomsday


File: 0bbf8b737c1536e⋯.webm (1.98 MB, 960x540, 16:9, foffsigns.webm)

Giving me these tools was a horrible mistake.





Try the new cereal


soy milk recommended


File: efe64dfc0ea07d6⋯.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, 40:71, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 3b904084dc96b67⋯.jpg (88.67 KB, 1365x767, 105:59, Twelve_and_Davros.jpg)


it was pretty good but come the fuck on


File: 87d3f09309d5678⋯.png (287.12 KB, 507x550, 507:550, 1477131621380.png)


>the pilot

>in top 3 of the best season

it is capaldi's best opener, at least. but that's by virtue of the others being bad, not the pilot being good


File: b810bad9b4185d7⋯.gif (1.31 MB, 299x223, 299:223, 1384253806581.gif)


maybe davison, since 5 is moff's favourite. the whole tone of the scene would have to change though, because treating davison as something that can be revealed and treated with awe would be bizarre. they'd have to do something pretty drastic with his appearance too because he hasn't aged enough



If they'd shown Davison at that point as the big triumphant moment of the anniversary, I'd have done a 360 and walked out the cinema


File: ac940a53da09b82⋯.webm (1.86 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, tardisFoff.webm)


>the magician's apprentice




yeah, that's what I mean by them having to rework the entire scene. honestly I'm not sure if it's even possible to find the right tone for that without it feeling super forced.

actually, I've just cracked it:

>doctor standing in the art gallery

>crunching sounds from the corner

>sees davison leaning against the wall munching on celery

>"ehhh, what's up doc?"



That's much more graceful. How about Bradley as 1 instead?



I don't think 1 munching on celery would have the same impact but I guess


how about nilso slurping on soy milk


He's a naughty boy with a

bad habit

bad habit for soy


Help, I'm putting way too much effort into this next one.


File: 032a725163fc9f2⋯.png (673.97 KB, 911x546, 911:546, 1492840874026.png)

>Something's inhibiting my enzymes…


/who/ these days

you'd have to be a foo these days

to want to go to /who/ these days

/who/ these days


File: 29b9b9262130ff5⋯.png (417.42 KB, 798x657, 266:219, Untitled.png)

mechs and bugs and mechs and bugs and mechs and bugs and mechs and bugs and



This is the original content we deserve.


File: a7e1c6a262c9ea3⋯.jpg (165.32 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dark-universe-nologo-14954….jpg)

Should Doctor Who become more like Universal's "Dark Universe" film series?


Uhh the "About the Author" section at the start of the Rose novelisation has a fuck-up

>Russel T Davies is one of the UK's foremost writers of television drama, creating ground breaking shows such as Queer As Folk, Bob & Rose, Casanova, Cucumber, The Second Coming, and in 2018, A Very English Scandal for BBC One. He has been Head Writer and Executive Producer of Doctor Who since it returned to the BBC in 2005 and has written many of the new series' most memorable episodes. He was awarded an OBE in 2008 for services to drama. He divides his time between Cardiff and Manchester.

>He has been Head Writer and Executive Producer of Doctor Who since it returned to the BBC in 2005





t. Nilso



That's not a fuck up. Russel's the puppetmaster behind Moffat. He's the Shadow Showrunner


File: 0b52a6c69f3397c⋯.jpg (223.68 KB, 1331x762, 1331:762, Timelord.jpg)

We post t. Lawrence

We post

We post t. Lawrence


File: c1275c299e65c58⋯.jpg (95.33 KB, 976x549, 16:9, Sycorax.jpg)

We post t. Lawrence

We post

We post t. Lawrence.


File: 886e76dbc486c96⋯.jpg (22.56 KB, 700x398, 350:199, GiganTARDIS.jpg)

We post t. Lawrence.

We post

We post t. Lawrence



File: 8e304b37f79f391⋯.png (194.39 KB, 300x330, 10:11, ClipboardImage.png)

We cuck Lawrence

We post

We cuck Lawrence



>fucking up the rhythm this hard

oh no no no no no


File: 51ff12c807bb052⋯.png (2.6 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Untitled.png)

We shag his waifu

We shag

We shag his waifu


File: 8fc263fde32701c⋯.png (188.6 KB, 500x785, 100:157, childhood-is-idolising-bat….png)

Childhood is idolising Loz

Adulthood is realising Jim makes more sense


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Has any other Doctor had a moment as based as this?


File: 820becbbb7f8675⋯.png (790.05 KB, 600x1009, 600:1009, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 0255a9e45019a5c⋯.png (186.19 KB, 371x494, 371:494, 1466948269015.png)




with the background this image is just like Brap on Brap


/tv/ filters the word soy now



the new doctor is based for not appearing in any content so far


File: fd293f4913b2bc0⋯.png (535.01 KB, 704x528, 4:3, cowardice.png)


>I'm the Doctor, whether you like it or not!


>I'll grow on you, Mel. I'll grow on you.







lack of background I mean. The brap is barely visible.



is it a site wide filter or just /tv/ and /pol/?



couldn't tell ya



you gotta work for it, the days of being handed braps on a silver platter are over


They can filter soy, but can they filter s0y?


Doctor Sóy



there's lots of derivatives they did filter but there are workarounds, like alternate o characters



It's embarassing they made it filter to "basedboy", like they took it personally



they also changed soyboys to basedboys



my peaches have been well and truly melted by this shocking censorship :(



I don't care



t. Nilso



t. basedboy

i was also being facetious



I know




File: e350e66e0d86970⋯.png (196.67 KB, 500x656, 125:164, 1510921524762.png)


Hiro here, the soy wordfilter was a personal request from the one you call "Nilso".










File: 1b49a6880be4e88⋯.webm (2.63 MB, 800x334, 400:167, 1524295261445.webm)






Hiro would never speak in such fluent english





File: 6f4c663072e949d⋯.webm (3.72 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, aaaa.webm)

I sacrificed an entire night of sleep for this. Enjoy



>pointing Smith




i looked everywhere for the other one but I couldn't find it at all


File: 687b391f2db3d06⋯.webm (228.14 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, mattGiraffe.webm)


good job lymmy


Putting some fresh cold based milk on my cheerios this morning


File: fdce9b19392c784⋯.png (637.69 KB, 580x661, 580:661, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm not even sure if the original version used on this is online



Absolutely based.


yeah Lym's based but what about Nilso


I want to fucking BE Nilso.



This real shit you feel me

Yeah we feeling like this,you know, Trapped in BasedWorld, you feel me, ugh

You feel me, uuh, damn, aah, aagh

You know it you feel me all I got - damn

BasedGod, MMMMMMMMM Damn

You feel me

Ugh, Agh, Swag BasedGod

Urgh, you know all I got is you feel me, aye bruh

I'ma tell you this man: I'm down for anything

I'm really Waterfront bruh, we down for the 50

Bruh down for 20, bruh doing life

You god damn right, I'm forealuh

Ask them about me bitch, they tell you bout me

Fucking what it B bitch I'm still one deep

Send you 40 feet bitch, the game gets deep

10-43, I'll be back on the street

I ride for the bitch, I'ma tell you what it do

Fuck what you think bitch, my game off the street

Fuck what you think bitch, I'm rich off the street

Now I'm legit and I'm connected to the police

Fuck what you think pussy I'm still bout that smother

Fuck what you think bitch, I'm rich and I'm home alone

I'm rich bitch with 12 phones, bitches suck my dick with the lights on

Fuck what you heard bitch, it's Based for life pussy, you feel me

You know all I - all I got is every - all I got is everything

All I got is, all I got is BasedGod

Ugh, swag, MMMMMMMM Damn


Ocean's Eleven, I fucks with the 7

I'm in 7th heaven, got lines to Mac 11's

Got lines to the grenades, I'm playing a dirty game

I don't give a fuck, I fucks with the cut

I'm dealing with the work

Got faces on my shirt

I'm still what it is, them bitches kiss my ass

I dress like Al Green, I funk with the beam

I'm down for the team, don't fuck with Lil B

Ah, You feel me, aye bruh all I got is one -

Nah, you know I got everybody man

We Based man

Protect Lil B, Protect the BasedGod


BasedGod, whoop whoop whoop s-s-s-s-swag



Avant-garde, some might say.



Hey, have you heard about that Mario guy?


Him? You mean?


Yea, the one with the mushrooms




You know, the one jumping around in the forest


Yea, yea, I know him, I know him


Yes? Okay, hey check it out!

[Verse 1]

Super Mario RPG

It is the only one just for me

When I play the game, I get lost in a phase

Then I find out I'm stuck in Geno's Maze

Gimme Frog Coins!

Gimme Mario!

Gimme Frog Coins!

Gimme Mallow!

Gimme See Ya!

Gimme Geno!

Gimme Cookies!

Of course, we will get you that Mario

We need to mute that stupid voice

I need to get those damn frog coins


There are many secrets in this game!

Many of which drive some peeps insane!

Why we try to cheat in a really good game?

Just sounds like crap and it makes you look lame!

Exiting the forest is super simple:

All you do is follow these path turns

For the rest of your gaming life

[Verse 2: Exor]

Gimme Star Eye, gimme Cookies, gimme See Ya

Gimme Great Guy's Casino gimme everything I need


My name is Exor, I'm the rappers angel

Travelling Blade with the Axem Rangers

Why should lamers like Mario with his Party of

A bunch of retarded Joes

Fix a Star Road, I don't think so


Geno Whirl!


I don't blink slow


Let's do this!

[Geno & Exor]

Cause every time I drive and rhyme a rhyme

I damage my right eye more than nine times ninety nine

[Verse 3: Mario]

Lately's been a boredom and lack of interest

Little cats call us fags and incestuous

Italian guy, gotta buy some time to blast right past

Rescue the captive princesses

Koopas and Gombas, them I laugh at

I'ma hit "A" to raise the level of attacks

Don't fight the poverty, but hey! Kids that are lonely can

Drop it and play my game to get their bodies to act glad

[Verse 4]




My name is Croco


Gimme, gimme







[Grate Guy]

Oh Hello!


Gimme, gimme


Oh, it's a little creepy up here


In the end of the game

[Grate Guy]

Yeah, it is




I'm a little low on hit points




Gimme, gimme


You have any refreshments?


Something rare

[Grate Guy]

Yea, you can take this mushroom



[Verse 5: Peach]

I am just a princess, please help me!

Booster is scary

I've heard rumours he's taking me to Marrymore

But I don't wanna marry more I wanna marry Mario

Gimme Frog Coins!

Gimme Mario!

Gimme Frog Coins!

Gimme Mallow!

Gimme SeeYa!

Gimme Geno!

Gimme my frying pan and parasol




Fuck off 2oda



>implying 2oda is old enough to remember that vintage banger


My Sweet Nilso:

My Nilso


My Nilso

I really wanna see you

I really wanna be with you

I really wanna see you, Nil

But it takes so long, Nilso

My Nilso

Ooh, Nilso


I really wanna know you

I'd really wanna go with you

I really wanna show you Nilso

That it won't take long, Nilso

(t. Nilso)

My Nilso

(t. Nilso)

My Nilso

(t. Nilso)

My Nilso

(t. Nilso)

I really wanna see you

I really wanna see you

I really wanna see Nilso

I really wanna see Nilso

But it takes so long, Nilso

(t. Nilso)

My Nilso

(t. Nilso)

My Nilso

(t. Nilso)

My my Nilso

(t. Nilso)

I really wanna post you

(t. Nilso)

I really wanna stream with you

(t. Nilso)

I really wanna show you, Nilso

That it won't take long, Nilso

(t. Nilso)


(t. Nilso)

My Nilsoy

(t. Nilso)

My my Nilso

(t. Nilso)

Mmmmm Nilso

(Kino Desu)

My my Nilso

(Kino Desu)

My Nilso

(Desu, Desu)


(Kino Kino)


File: f0ace80d3ef4e80⋯.png (202.98 KB, 500x656, 125:164, 1510921524763.png)

Please clap


File: 4adf5127ee2891a⋯.png (8.76 KB, 254x60, 127:30, groda.PNG)



Paul McCatsney

John Lymon

Giga Harrison

Nilso Starr


Neo Ono



A disgusting mental image. Delete this post please.



File: bb2c1e15aef0010⋯.jpg (7.99 KB, 249x249, 1:1, x22.jpg)

>at uni

>in a film appreciation class

>it's the first day so everyone has to introduce themselves and say their favorite TV show or movie

>some absolute autist says Doctor Who

>uncomfortable silence as everyone contemplates how much soy could possibly be in just one man

>I break the silence by running up to him and screaming "BOUT TO FINNA DAB ON THIS DUDE" as I dab pretty violently in his face

>everybody laughs, hear girl whisper to her friend 'he cute'

dumb autsists revealing powerlevels bet he was a fuckin /who/re too lmaoooo



I was waiting to see who'd fuck up that meme here first





File: e7e334cb1fc82b7⋯.png (1.99 MB, 3400x1404, 850:351, last jedi.png)

How can one Claudia be so based!?


File: 0f772db4a73bd3b⋯.jpg (28.91 KB, 526x295, 526:295, eraserhead-still-526x295.jpg)


oh no no NO NO



why would you release a review this many months after release?



Why reply to a comment this many seconds after it was posted?


File: c3a0549bc5ae8d2⋯.gif (1.07 MB, 382x215, 382:215, 1380040490926.gif)



Just ask Nilso regarding Love & Monsters.


File: bb2c1e15aef0010⋯.jpg (7.99 KB, 249x249, 1:1, x22.jpg)




I unironically had a dream where I held hands with Nilso



because the comment was made recently enough that my response was relevant. You don't see me replying to a post made a month ago back when we were on /tv/.


File: 7c749b3e6ebd2e4⋯.png (211.5 KB, 559x511, 559:511, I'M ACTING!!!!.png)


anon please



Was it a wet dream?



You wish, Nilso



You know people still talk about movies that were released years ago, right?


File: 008defd7e963dc1⋯.png (209.12 KB, 500x656, 125:164, 1510921524764.png)

I'm going to keep adding to it until one of you fucking nerds validates me.


File: 2b82ae3fb14ff71⋯.png (3.58 KB, 222x111, 2:1, nilso.PNG)

Definitive proof that Nilsoposting ruined /who/ forever.


File: e44ad15b0f4ff17⋯.jpg (1.53 MB, 940x1500, 47:75, Shittripsvol2point5nobrad.jpg)

Last consensus on the "deadline" for Shit Trips 2.5 was April 22nd, aka tomorrow for most people here.

Is there anyone who wants any further time? Does anyone have any ideas for stories, or unfinished stories, that they think more time would be helpful for? Did anyone intend to write a story for ST2.5 but feel they have left it too late?

If so, or anything like that, please do tell. The reason for a deadline at all is just so the set can get released, as presumably most of the people intending to write stories for the collection have written them by this point, but if literally anyone, even just one person, really would like to finish a story and feels they need a bit more time, please say so.

In related news, when the "deadline" does hit (whether tomorrow or later if anyone would like further extension), it will take me a week to assemble the pdf (I can do other formats too if anyone would seriously like an azw3/mobi/epub or anything) and for the framing story to be completed.

It's great to see how creative people have been with this idea, and I look forward to everyone reading each other's stories soon enough. I'd thank people for submitting but that really isn't my place; instead I'll just say I hope everyone's proud of their efforts. I'm certainly impressed by /who/ every time we come together for projects like these.

Again, if you have any concerns or feel you need more time still, please say so. And as always, the brief is a collection focusing less on main Doctors and instead more on companions, alternate Doctors, spinoffs, and other bits of obscurity even more obscure than, well, Shit Trips.



What was wrong with the original 'gets booted out the window' punchline?




i laffed, anon



I did that originally >>18830 but then I thought it'd be funny to just have Briggs pointing in his face, so I made >>18855 and then I realised the 3-panels perfectly fits the BF slogan.


File: c8980ec24d1c77b⋯.png (77.39 KB, 326x197, 326:197, 1499963259636.png)





I spoke to you yesterday in the stream about this - If I'm going to hand in anything it'll be nearer the 27th/28th because I'll be in a place without any internet for a while.



>Lana Del Rey

>Shawn Mendes

>Taylor Swift

nilsos gay



What the fuck


File: 1b3dfd6ca0b834a⋯.jpeg (35.91 KB, 620x374, 310:187, paul-mcgann-books.jpeg)

>Eight's my favourite Doctor! :OOOOO



File: 0cb74258a923128⋯.png (309.49 KB, 694x648, 347:324, nilso.png)


File: e4411db202908e5⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Really? I genuinely do not remember that conversation, perhaps I was inactive/afk when you were saying so, or it was with Immigrant instead of me? If it really was me I'm dreadfully sorry for somehow forgetting. Another ~week sounds most agreeable, looking forward to your stories if you get them done.



Based quads



Different anon here. Next week is perfect for me too



Eightedditors BTFO



Ah, bugger. I thought you were Immigrant for a moment because of that image you posted.

I'm moving into a new home in a few days and I'm going to be without internet until the end of the week so I can't sub any stuff during that week + the stuff I have atm isn't finished - I should be back by the 26/27th




I'd appreciate another week too.





No wakkas guys, looking forward to your stories.



Don't get too excited buddy


File: 735315fd8e40c13⋯.jpg (2.9 MB, 1941x2391, 647:797, 1520499337783.jpg)


>not being >>18889


File: 4bf8cb05774f11d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.97 KB, 351x333, 39:37, The God of Tempered Expect….jpg)


I will pray to the god of tempered expectations then



oh fuck you 8chan for including an aborted post as part of my new post and embarrassing me in front of my internet friends


File: f1642c8c77b0590⋯.png (330.99 KB, 1920x930, 64:31, 6b6f505260948b918d06e1a4fe….png)


File: dc3843bc1415ba5⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1564x1140, 391:285, edge of destruction.png)


Finally finished my first story for the new ST. I know it's gonna be disappointing



add jokes and say it was meant to be comedic all along


Lads, should I pay 30 quid a month for 6 months (or 16 a month for a year) for a copy of Lungbarrow? I intend to keep it in a sealed plastic bag in a drawer and sell it years later, or if I ever need the money.



why would there be incremental payments for a book?



Well I was gonna debate paying the 179 outright, but there's an option for instalments with PayPal.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Was it a Utopia moment?


I wish I knew which Doctor Who books were rare. There's been a couple of times when I've seen a collection of them at secondhand bookstores but I never know what to look for



>I wish I knew which Doctor Who books were rare

Good ones



I wish I knew which Doctor Who books were good



It's not hard to find out. Just look at the prices of certain VNAs on the internet, and if you don't trust them, try and think about which writers would sell the most therefore making copies rarer (such as RTD and Platt).


File: a5c95f86d0bbe2c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.68 KB, 350x561, 350:561, Good Book.jpg)


This one


So, Nilso, tell me why your name rhymes with Dildo



File: 386016f8eac5e14⋯.jpg (941.94 KB, 748x1200, 187:300, mad dogs and englishmen.jpg)


this one



Has there been some friction between you and Nilso?



Who are you talking about exactly?



The gay one.




The gay who? Glittergun?



The gay streamfag.



I don't know who you're talking about sorry



You can learn more about him here:



File: 576521be9ede586⋯.jpg (322.37 KB, 916x728, 229:182, 1491704248511.jpg)

I hope none of you are actually unironically straight. Like, you're just memeing, right?



t. ingiga


File: 71fb7cbe3f39138⋯.gif (3.94 MB, 636x248, 159:62, p3ckqustcyxztxjuwbwn.gif)


I'm straight when it's useful.


File: 9b59a3852cac2b7⋯.jpg (214.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, NuLZaps.jpg)

This triggers the Nilso


I love the idea of Gatiss picturing Peter Cushing or Jon Pertwee as Nightshade.



I can't help it, it looks so fucking stupid



>>18930 (cont)

Why go through all of the effort to make one of those Daleks then fuck up one of the most important aspects? Did they even look at a fucking picture beforehand?



Was that your attempt at describing this? https://www.twitch.tv/nilsoy



What's supposed to be wrong with it? The blue light in the eyestalk? Because they always add that to classic Daleks for consistency's sake.




It looks like cgi. At least, the lighting on the balls is very weird


epic sneed



you'll have to be more specific sweetie



Oh, no, anon. It's the ear lights. I like the eye.



Oh, no, anon. It's the ear lights. I like the eye


File: 491333a2d855d07⋯.png (8.53 MB, 2260x4238, 1130:2119, corn.png)


we back yet fags?



I'm back, but by "fags" I'm assuming you mean Nilso. Unfortunately he passed away during the downtime.






I watched this episode with someone and they laughed at this shot


Adopting a trip so you'll all stop making fun of me.





Fine guys. I'll trip. Just stop mocking me






nilso just confirmed in stream that this isn't him btw


Thirteen is gonna spend her first episode wearing no bra and in old man undies. That's gotta be uncomfortable.


How do we stop Series 11?



Why would you want to do that?



By making our own.



Why do you not want to do it?


If they bring back the Rani they should make her a Sidney Gottlieb type character. I strongly feel that's the only way to make her character not shit. Have her work for the CIA. (The Doctor Who one, obviously)



Thirteen will spend her first episode trying on sandals

Source: I read about it in a dream



I'm looking forward to it. I want to see Jodie's take on the Doctor. I want to see how the TARDIS team dynamics unfold. I want to see what's new.



You support Jodie's casting?



By using deepfakes.



Yeah, of course.



You support Chibnall as showrunner?


he’s a cuck and he knows it

he wants to drink all the soy


I like Lym's observation that at least some of us will be "I like the Doctor, but the writing sucks!" types by the end of S11



Chibnall is in a completely, utterly, entirely different class than Moffat.



I'm sceptical yet optimistic, probably in vain. I'm more excited for Jodie than I am for Chibs.


File: bd872bef626765f⋯.webm (1.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, goodfriends.webm)





And That's A Good Thing because we'll be right



>when he had the doctor offer the master a chance to rove around the cosmos together

When did that happen? Is he talking about the Doctor's plans to keep the Master as a prisoner aboard the TARDIS?

I wonder what rewatching Shalka would be like now. When I first watched it I only knew the new series



>If they bring back the Rani

why would they ever do that



The special features on the Shalka DVD are worth tracking down, Goss and Cornell and the producers are all very open about it and its failings.

Also it's at the end of LOTL isn't it?



For the bants. It'd be worth it if the character was reimagined imo, while keeping the core scientist thing.



>Goss and Cornell and the producers are all very open about it and its failings

Based. Do they talk about the awful sound mixing? That's all I remember. Everybody mumbling and then the creatures SCREECHING

>Also it's at the end of LOTL isn't it?

When the master's dying in the doctor's arms and the doctor says he's going to keep him as a prisoner? Yeah. That's not exactly what I'd call an offer to rove the cosmos together



It's in EOT



it would never be worth it because she's a literal who. may as well just create a new character at that point



Every single one of us know who she is. Even casuals know. The joke about "X is actually the Rani" is such a widespread thing.



>Chibnall is in a completely, utterly, entirely different class than Moffat.

Their chiffoniers certainly are.


File: 8483635d73b8b0a⋯.png (102.49 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1443539113830.png)


>casuals know who the rani is



I can't remember offhand but probably, I remember they go into a fair bit of detail of the actual technical side of the animation.


Republican soy orgy in the stream




Knowledge of the Rani is common currency among pseuds. Usually the people who unironically clamour for her return are people who haven't seen her actual stories so they don't know how shit she is, they just know her through autist folklore.


File: fb48eafd2a80bdf⋯.png (903.69 KB, 1036x1688, 259:422, jeb.png)

What is the doctor who equivalent of pic related?



oh when you said casuals I thought you meant the majority of the audience, not "niche group of fans that is not as niche as us"



>it would never be worth it because she's a literal who. may as well just create a new character at that point

You mean they can do whatever they want and still get the fan/marketing bonus of her being "the return of an old Time Lord with a long history opposite the Doctor".



The non-fan majority of the audience probably didn't know who the Master was either. And a bunch of other way more obscure shit I could mention. We got the Mondasians back just two episodes ago.





>In a thread for normal people


Neo soying himself over Trump videos in the stream reminds me of a 'straight' man watching gay porn for the 'production values'.



>fan/marketing bonus

that's nothing. a rani reveal would cause more confusion than it would marketing


>We got the Mondasians back just two episodes ago.

"MONDASIAN CYBERMEN!" was one of the worst, most absurd lines in years. the doctor falls was a fantastic finale and S10 is probably my favourite season, but "mondasian" means fucking nothing to the viewers and accomplish anything

appealing to fans is how you kill the show



Thoughts on Occam's Razor?



>a rani reveal

If it was me handling it it would be a "le ebin reveal" moment, she'd just be a supporting character



None. About the same amount of thoughts you use to form your political opinions.



Fuck, meant to say WOULDN'T be that



Nicely worded.



wow, btfo




t. Cletus Culler



The answer is none. None more thoughts.




Put your trip back on cats, accuse him properly you coward


File: 369b51ddd0d70d0⋯.jpg (4.73 KB, 225x224, 225:224, download.jpg)



It could feasibly have been another person in the stream but I really don't want any witchhunt drama over it; there's nothing wrong with someone having a go at me.



>a rani reveal would cause more confusion than it would marketing

They don't have to play it as a reveal, you can introduce an old character in the exact way you would a new character except have a couple lines indicating the Doctor knows them already.



>gay porn for the 'production values'

If you're going to be watching porn exclusively for production values gay/lesbian made porn is or was better. Most straight produced porn is pretty slapdash. They don't make them like they used to. They aren't making "Sodom and Gomorrah" or "Behind the Green Door" anymore.


aussie comedy kino in the stream


File: 0e3650ae1730d6e⋯.png (13.41 KB, 774x209, 774:209, 1467375765110.png)

where were you when neo got BTFO



Whats the BvS of gay porn?




I'm not going to come up with anything better than that. >>19004


File: 75a7c3e65ca5770⋯.gif (1.43 MB, 367x233, 367:233, b4e82f4a1ad33448df8a51be5b….gif)



Batman x Superman, of course?



Call me queer, but I unironically enjoy Ben Affleck. I just wish he'd get back on the sauce.


File: 1208637fa01742a⋯.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 601:508, fuck.jpg)


File: a5a9db0ddf3de40⋯.jpg (218.85 KB, 1280x705, 256:141, justice-league-reshoots-be….jpg)


He's great when he's used well. His state of mind during BvS worked great for the character (awful for the man of course, and eventually it fucked up as hard as it did). Christ, just look at him now.



He was the bomb in phantoms, yo! I winced and cringed when they announced him as Batman, but he did better than I expected. It's hard imagining the guy that used to sleep on Kevin Smith's couch as batman. Kind of like if Jay Mewes was cyclops or something.


File: b8d3bf1914ec6db⋯.gif (2.03 MB, 500x214, 250:107, bvs2.gif)



Mewes was on the Flash TV show the other day I heard, if that counts for anyhing



>Flash TV show

>counts for anyhing

I think we both know it doesn't.


nilsos rotating on an axis and he's powered by soy


File: 5773d5379c2cd76⋯.gif (567.05 KB, 500x250, 2:1, tumblr_nre39bRyFq1s6a2abo1….gif)



I winced and cringed reading an old man say "yo!"



I winced and cringed at the thought of someone physically reacting to something so minor.



le r/cringe!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Shit, wrong scene.


File: 2acf0710b01cc54⋯.jpg (72.13 KB, 458x708, 229:354, call_of_cat.jpg)



File: 0c3a1b957134f75⋯.png (193.32 KB, 333x425, 333:425, 1492840874021.png)






>Not Cat-Call of Cathulhu

Shit title.



Neo's already sent some people to your house to kill you.


File: 0c21cc22ed23443⋯.png (339.4 KB, 559x511, 559:511, 1492840874022.png)



The cringe was us all along!



t. Neo



Hey man, I just didn't want to see Ben Afflek end his career in capeshit. It should be in a Kevin Smith movie.



Starring in a Kevin Smith film today would end his career once and for all alright



I think he'd be great in Tusk II electric boogaloo unironically.


File: fe159134cad8885⋯.jpg (105.13 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, DbOAdqYW0AAPrMV.jpg)

Peter Capaldi in a Williy Wonka or FreeJack reboot/new adaptation when?



looks like the Kandyman


File: d3d60128f93ed8a⋯.png (562.55 KB, 1024x820, 256:205, alignment.png)

Which Doctor are you most interested in?


File: dac9c72f4582384⋯.gif (478.4 KB, 300x169, 300:169, 1376928098977.gif)

The End of Time is good.

Apart from the ending, of course. 10 should have regenerated at the bottom of the radiation chamber.


File: 857785086905aef⋯.gif (396.59 KB, 245x160, 49:32, tumblr_nae90oKzUD1ql39cwo1….gif)


It's unironically one of my favourite RTD era stories. It has many flaws and even more excesses but it's eminently entertaining and there are some great ideas in there.



Chaotic Good/Lawful Evil/Neutral Evil/Chaotic Evil/Lawful Neutral/Neutral Good/Lawful Good and then unspecified True Neutral who may or may not be based on Bowie or someone else


File: 1f474c15a6a8c86⋯.png (156.24 KB, 357x336, 17:16, 1443656863889.png)


Is it really? Because I feel very validated. I've always felt it was in the "bad but entertaining" category but I just rewatched it for probably the fourth of fifth time and I unironically enjoyed it more than I ever have. The Doctor/Master and Doctor/Wilf conversations are good, and it's surprisingly lowkey when you really think about it. Like obviously it's bonkers and action-packed but the pace is actually sort of slow and revolves around a small cast of characters talking to each other in different places. Moreso than later finales. I even don't mind 10's selfish rants about regeneration anymore, it's at least something that hadn't been done before.

The goodbye tour is the only part I can't really justify. Rather than add to the emotion of the episode I think it just kills all momentum. The Doctor going into the chamber is far more emotional than any scene that follows it.


File: 20523adbd361eff⋯.jpeg (50.94 KB, 698x395, 698:395, 2f7260je0az1000.jpeg)

So, did anyone pick up the Doctor Who records today? If not you'll have to pay the scalpers tax.


>Big Chief

>We love conning people


Wtf did they really go to Australia to film that scene?



>Wtf did they really go to Australia to film that scene?

Doctor Who has always been filmed in Australia, they just use sets and special effects to make it look like the UK.



You'd probably enjoy RTD's book The Writer's Tale, especially the segments on EOT - it actually evolved out of an idea he had quite a bit earlier about 10's regen episode being super cheap and lowkey and basically him on a little spaceship with 2 random aliens he'd end up sacrificing himself for. Later he had the idea of the radiation chamber, and you can see some of the skeleton of the two alien spaceship thing with the Vinvocci, but EOT as we got it is a much bigger story what with the Time Lords, Master, Naismith stuff, etc. I agree you can feel the kind of lowkey spirit in it at points though. Definitely the least lowkey episode of NewWho at other points though.

>it's at least something that hadn't been done before.

100%. It was ballsy and I really loved that approach, though I've seen many great posts on why people dislike it.

The victory lap might be the ep getting a tad too meta with marking the end of the RTD era in general. Say what you will about Moff but I think TUAT was fiercely un-meta, moreso than I would have liked even. Moff says regular viewers don't know who he is and don't know/care about who's running a show so he had no desire to make a deal out of it or parallel it in the narrative.



>You'd probably enjoy RTD's book The Writer's Tale

I've read most of it, maybe all of it, in 2012 or 2013. I had a PDF on my kindle along with a few of the scripts that I must have pirated from somewhere. It is interesting stuff. I should buy a physical copy someday, along with Larry's guide.

>100%. It was ballsy and I really loved that approach, though I've seen many great posts on why people dislike it.

Yeah, I understand hating it. I've argued against it plenty before. But I think as a one-off thing it works, it fits 10. If it became the standard, that would be horrible. I also love how Moffat played with it in The Day of the Doctor, adding the implication that 10 could have been thinking about Trenzalore when he said he didn't want to go.

>Moff says regular viewers don't know who he is and don't know/care about who's running a show so he had no desire to make a deal out of it or parallel it in the narrative.

I think a part of that's gotta be the circumstances too. Whatever you think them, Moffat's & Capaldi did not make as much of an impact as RTD & Tennant did. The BBC gave RTD 2 hours for his finale for a reason


I can't watch Doctor Who anymore. The feminist/social justice cancer has ruined it. It was bad enough during the Jack Harkness episodes, but the thing that fully murdered it for me was Capaldi claiming that Jesus was black and that "history is a whitewash." By the time Nurse Who showed up, I no longer cared.

Why must everything be ruined by these pieces of shit? Comics, games, movies, television, etc. Nothing I love has been spared from their evil.



what boardie thread did you copy and paste this from



That's a fresh one.



This is why I exclusively infosorb only pre-revival Who. They can't go back in time and fuck all the classic episodes, books, audio stories, comics. And there's plenty of material to keep me going.



This. When did Doctor Who stop being fun?


Rebirth of the /who/nger games when?



Only if it gets its own thread so the rest of us don't have to suffer through it like we did on 4chan



Don't cry, anon



Thank you, I needed that



Thoughts on the extended special editions of Battlefield and Curse of Fenric? Are they superior?



Not seen the Battlefield one but the Curse of Fenric one is great.



I was watching extended CoF last night actually. Just watch episode unless you're doing a "lets watch doctor who" with your mates. I got bored half way through and had to guess where a cliffhanger would be so I could pause it and watch the rest later.

I think the movie version has extra special effects with the viking lettering glowing


File: 8a737395e9e656e⋯.jpg (13.14 KB, 260x202, 130:101, IMG_0823.JPG)


What are some Doctor Who episodes with acting?

inb4 Cloister lusting after Sophie Aldred



Quite a lot of the time I can understand why deleted scenes are removed from the story, whether they be cut for time issues, they reveal certain details a bit early or they just don't work.

The expanded CoF works quite well because instead of just putting back in the deleted scenes they rejig some of the scenes and as a result they therefore fit better. In the original, the soviet arrival is split into two scenes (First dinghy going missing and them shortly after docking on the beach) but the film version plays the scene out in one go without any cutting. There are loads more examples of this but that's quite an instantly obvious one.



Battlefield has some GOAT shit acting

>Evil knight guy's maniacal laughter

>Sylvester psychically communicating with Morgaine

It's such a shitty 80s action movie, I love it.


File: 9f7c948e9392006⋯.gif (676.45 KB, 240x197, 240:197, 1392725481105.gif)



That reminds me that for whatever the reason, the version of The Deadly Assassin I saw in my first through watchthrough of the classic series wasn't episodic, it had been editing as one continuing video. Which is bullshit because it meant I couldn't enjoy the full-force of the series most notorious cliffhanger.


new thread when again?


File: f1642c8c77b0590⋯.png (330.99 KB, 1920x930, 64:31, 6b6f505260948b918d06e1a4fe….png)

>tfw no extended Ghost Light release ever


Torchwood. Outside the government, beyond the police.


File: 5215ab9ac9c977d⋯.png (939.61 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, image.png)

>Something's inhibiting my boom…


New Thread




File: 3eed4c89944f772⋯.jpg (154.55 KB, 500x376, 125:94, 1493714590852.jpg)


File: 6c3486217ba52c8⋯.png (309.91 KB, 559x511, 559:511, 1492840874024.png)



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