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'/who/ Cares?': Years & Years podcasts

File: 087645fe34d1dc7⋯.jpeg (66.85 KB, 709x546, 709:546, William Hurt.jpeg)


William Hurt edition.

RIP Grandad:





Party like it's >>19990


Why do you guys like Sandifer?




Doctor Who will undoubtedly be a main attraction as excitement builds for the new season, which will include Jodie Whittaker as the first-ever female doctor in the series.

Titan has already renewed their licensing agreement for the U.S., Canada and UK for figurines, apparel and gifts/novelties. In addition, in the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, Funko has renewed their licensing deal for “Pop Vinyl” figurines, “Rock Candy” figurines and novelties. Meanwhile, Lady Sandra, who has brought to market incredible home goods for the brand, including comforters, pillows and more, has renewed for U.S. and Canada. Also, home decor licensee Rabbit Tanaka has renewed in the U.S. and Canada for various home goods, including lighting, mirrors, clocks and wall décor. Further new deals for Doctor Who will be announced in the coming months.

With over 55 years of history as the world’s longest running sci-fi television show, Doctor Who is a hit global franchise, watched in over 239 countries with hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide and nearly 70 long-standing global licensees including Character Options, Penguin Random House, Winning Moves, Eaglemoss, Kokomo and Brand Alliance. Recent launches for the brand that have proved an immediate success include Penguin Random House’s collection of Dr. Men books and with RP2 Global’s UK launch of Dr. Men figurines.



>More funkos

Thank god I was worried there. Any news on the Kawaii desu figurine line?







reminder that was only 9000 posts when /who/ was banned



Lym! How are you?


Also, just so I can get an idea, how many people are still writing?


File: 7b840a5e9c23409⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 124.64 KB, 512x512, 1:1, nilso face reveal.gif)



what is this, a image for ants?


File: ef1aa43a17549a7⋯.jpg (598.69 KB, 2000x3008, 125:188, venuspressconfnosescrunch.jpg)

nth for Jodie.


We post, we post…Cathartic.


lol i speak baby!!!! xD



his name is susan *3*



dance like drunk giraffe!!!!!!!!!! :OOOOO



run like penguin with fat arse!!!!!! :D


is doctor who ever gonna get new lore characters? It seems the only new recurring characters we get nowadays are just companions.



>no Hasbro Doctor Who Legends series

fuck's sake, even Mattel would be an improvement over this shitshow.



It's the "angel" greentext, no idea why it's a thumbnail now. It used to be full size.

I've noticed some other issues with images lately. One pic's thumbnail just stopped rendering after a page it was on (I wanna say… Let's Kill Hitler?) was updated. I tried downloading and re-uploading the image but it didn't fix it.



There's no Face of Boe equivalent in Moff's era is there?

NuWho is so irritatingly light on new lore in general. One of my wishes for S11 is that it's 100% new stuff but Chibnall wouldn't pull that off in a million years.




I feel like the church of Silence was supposed to go in this direction. It's there if you look back and imagine things to fill the gaps, but that's as close as we got.



the general


>tfw you forget you left your meme trip on



Also Ohila



There's usually a space between Cletus and Culler.



not according to the wiki page



Yes according to the archives



"Cletus Culler" is not canon



it is. that's how you say xer name.


File: c7debefda61e1b4⋯.webm (5.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, chalk offerino.webm)



based as usual


where to get asian gf


nilsos vibrating


hes just vibrating. we cant stop him


File: ae6844a1a1dd43d⋯.png (280.74 KB, 1000x562, 500:281, ClipboardImage.png)





I wish Nilso would vibrate inside me.


Why is /who/ so thirsty for Nilso?



I like a man with an exotic name.


We are so lucky to be on the same website as Nilso.



guys Chris Chibnall just announced that Series 11 is a part of the MCU



13 will meet Kilgrave haha


nilsos still vibrating


stop it nilso


just stop it



oh my god he's vibrating towards that cliff edge


noooo nilso nooooooo


he was so young


getting a little bored of nilsoposting desu



That's why we just killed him off.



I have one short idea I want to get done. It should only be a page or two so it shant take long


Its Squealin' Whelans birthday today, In celebration we post fake spoilers in this thread


Imagine Nilso returning in a week to a /doctorwho/ that doesn't Nilsopost about him. He'd appreciate it so much.



t. neo



>Nilsopost about him

So we can Nilsopost as long as its not about him? :^)




are gay 4 Nilso


I'm so glad there's been no Doctor Who news recently because it lets us talk about Nilso a whole lot more.


File: 032a725163fc9f2⋯.png (673.97 KB, 911x546, 911:546, 1492840874026.png)

>Something's inhibiting my Doctor Who discussion…



Neo pls read based Terry and Neil's Good Omens, if you ever get the chance http://aswamedha.com/pdf/novels/GoodOmens.pdf



It's one of my mum's favourite books, I'll swing a read before the show starts.





File: 58d1b592154e7dc⋯.jpg (14.74 KB, 800x423, 800:423, yruhrdzae38x4vxmhkox.jpg)

It's time for the 13th Doctor to end.



File: fa0ec69df5eb42e⋯.jpg (356.33 KB, 1728x2880, 3:5, GsxX8Yv.jpg)

Reminder that book


It's time for Cloister to wordfilter Nilso. Nilso would probably appreciate it.



>Stormy loves RTD so much he puts the cumlens filter on all the pictures he takes

I'm teasing you from a place of love Stormy, you're alright.



Filter it to Cats.


Filter Nilso to Nilsoy


Filter Nilter


If Cloister wants to filter Nilso to something I propose a 24 hour grace period where we can Nilsopost to our heart's content.


File: 33786c97ae05506⋯.jpg (110.9 KB, 799x1200, 799:1200, 1524553533973.jpg)

i support of a twink companion



He looks sickly and he has an asymmetrical face. This is your worst one yet.



GWAAD btfo


File: 1cf7861cbe16dcf⋯.png (234.62 KB, 790x503, 790:503, gg.png)

I support of multiple twink companions



u wild for this one cats


If cropped yaoi won't wake /who/ up then I don't know what will.



Cropped yuri?



Someone get Immigrant on the case.


File: 66c38e60930c625⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 802.47 KB, 919x629, 919:629, ClipboardImage.png)



Thanks Immigrant, but you haven't cropped it enough. I can still see a bit of boob.



It only becomes censorable when you see a nipple.



I understand you're an expert on this subject, Immigrant, but you and the Cloymod may not see eye to eye- er, eye to areola.



He can just spoiler it if it's too much.



it's a shame nilso isn't here, he would love this image


i like how the idea of filtering nilsoposts gets discussed and people instantly go to posting cropped pornography instead


I want to talk about Doctor Who, it's too early for porn. When's Neo coming home from work?


File: 3fcc1fc536ff784⋯.jpg (75.63 KB, 500x376, 125:94, 1377343660318.jpg)


>I want to talk about Doctor Who




yeah, why did we stop the pornposting?




Aren't we on 8chan?


Just got home, gonna have an early night tonight though.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Should Doctor Who become more like VENOM?



Neo, opinions on >>20073? I know neither one is black, but which one's you and which one's Ingiga?



Miss me with that shit.



>We…. are CGI

what did they mean by this



Ingiga's on the verge of tears now.



You should be extremely afraid.


File: 2919acc5d00249d⋯.png (180.11 KB, 352x546, 176:273, nigga.png)


Neo x Ingiga


Nilso uploaded a new vid https://youtu.be/mtoGIDlivr4



I didn't know Ingiga was black. I thought Immigrant was our token black man.



He said it on the CuriousCat ages ago. Catch up on your trip lore.


If Nilsoposting is suppressed I will begin Ingigaposting. And if you suppress Ingigaposting I will Neopost. Be prepared to filter every trip and streamfags name.



There's at least 4 /who/res of african lineage.





hey neo do you have those google drive links?



i am not at liberty to discuss how many posts in the past few hours have been me. only cloister knows for sure.


File: 7336f67b13672af⋯.png (3.48 MB, 2699x1421, 2699:1421, cats.png)






The absolute madman


File: 5c929a544bb8303⋯.jpg (624.2 KB, 2736x1824, 3:2, meme.jpg)

There's only room for one Whitaker in Doctor Who, and he had his time.


Kino in the streamo


File: 1270ff412665463⋯.jpg (71.25 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, neomorph-covenant-1024x576.jpg)

Should Doctor Who become more like Alien?


File: fbdd6b9fbf008f1⋯.jpg (89.27 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, jodiecoffee.jpg)

news/announcement when


File: 8ec70dab490855c⋯.png (747.36 KB, 767x606, 767:606, 1466948269016.png)


I beg to differ, sir.


File: f49e0b5cfa6c580⋯.jpg (24.98 KB, 400x283, 400:283, Doctor-Who-Interference-vo….jpg)

What is the Doctor Who equivalent of pic related


File: 51b6190bb4e1141⋯.jpg (58.35 KB, 361x576, 361:576, The_Ancestor_Cell.jpg)

*cucks your loz*


I can't stand how claustrophobic the show's directing is sometimes. It can get frustrating watching two people have a conversation where you never see them in the same shot and only ever get these weird close ups of their faces.

They do it with visual gags too sometimes, where you don't see the movement properly because the camera is so close. It's like the directors are allergic to wide shots.






TWORS honestly makes me laugh how terribly it does that




Just kidding. I can't think of a conversation example because it happens so often. Almost every single conversation feels like it's directed in that way. I get shot-reverse-shot is a standard way to film a 1-on-1 conversation but there's just something about it in Doctor Who that drives me crazy. Sometimes it's difficult to even tell where people are in a room in relation to each other.

As for the action one, I'm rewatching S5 currently so recent examples are in The Beast Below when they do that gag of Amy looking at the crying girl on the monitor and then suddenly the Doctor, who was standing right next to her, walks into frame. They don't cut to a wide shot once that happens to show the Doctor's absence in the console room, instead Amy just looks at the screen for awhile going "Doctor?" and then leaves the TARDIS. Another example is in Flesh and Stone, the Doctor taps Amy's head when talking to her for emphasis and the close-up is so extreme that you just barely see his hand enter the frame.

They sound like petty things, and they sort of are, but it just feels like a basic method of visual storytelling that is being completely left out for no reason whatsoever.


I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it when I get there. It started bothering me during RTD's era and it seems like it hasn't gone away.


File: 0c3a1b957134f75⋯.png (193.32 KB, 333x425, 333:425, 1492840874021.png)




File: fb175a3b2d3f44d⋯.jpg (25.18 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1497990680785.jpg)

>tfw you can't afford a real orchestra and the default samples sound shit so you kill two birds with one stone and use a mellotron instead




Did someone kill themself again on 4chan?






Thoughts on this movement? Did something in particular prompt it? I've always hated the wiki as much as the next N8 but just wondering why this has cropped up now.



sounds idiotic



If you want to see some idiocy, look at the TARDIS Wiki's page for the Master



>Did something in particular prompt it?

Probably some obscure editing dispute, god knows those happen frequently enough.

I support anyone who wants to make an 'alternative wiki' since TARDIS Data Core is run by absolute clowns. There is no reason there should be an orthodoxy when it comes to Doctor Who information archival; in fact, it's much more in the spirit of the show for the opposite to be true.

(It will fail though because no-one can be arsed.)



Sandy is no stranger to wiki drama either



I've been asleep this whole time.


Cornell wasn't involved with that.



Can anyone shed light on how TARDIS wiki disrespects marginalised groups?



If you have to ask…





That was Nick Hurran, right?



Jeremy Webb for TWORS. He did Curse of the Black Spot as well.



God no, Nick Hurran is based



Do you have to ask?


File: 070c71ec4b6642e⋯.jpg (51.15 KB, 640x426, 320:213, DIY-frame-Naive-Curious-Ca….jpg)



>curious cat

Is this a message


Why does Neo always radiate such an aura of smugness?


No it's a picture



Why do you always radiate such an aura of s e e t h i n g


File: 4d2c6892a5f2fc5⋯.jpg (23.43 KB, 653x343, 653:343, AdorableBlackCatLookingAtC….jpg)



No it's a picture



Why do anons radiate such an aura of creepiness and obsession?


File: 8727fb3fd131852⋯.jpg (899.2 KB, 2446x3262, 1223:1631, Sandy-Is-A-Curious-Cat.jpg)


Hi /who/. I have a ten page essay due tomorrow about how TARDIS wiki disrespects marginalised groups, does anyone think they could help me out?


File: dd13605f1fd8c22⋯.jpg (92.56 KB, 696x800, 87:100, 073dc4be1eecb56a4af5a05084….jpg)



How is me saying someone seems smug when they post in any way creepiness or obsession?



seethe harder anon




Why is he always so… inspecific?



Its the typical thing attention seekers do. Be vague so someone will ask for more



Reminds me of someone…



I saw an implication somewhere else on twitter that they may have refused to create a list of LGBT characters? That could be what's being referred to




thank you for shedding light


File: b197bffc0bb6956⋯.png (44.68 KB, 300x136, 75:34, ClipboardImage.png)

Sometimes when I'm sad, I remember that there are huge fans who are devoted and have tumblr blogs about a non-canon spinoff book series of a spinoff book range of a spinoff movie of a cancelled children's television show and I piss myself laughing.


File: 4cbf6bcbecdf310⋯.gif (2.92 MB, 287x204, 287:204, Jon Pertwee.gif)

>4chan is broken





File: f1dc57a2f96692d⋯.png (321.02 KB, 1818x1170, 101:65, blocksyourwiki.png)



I think a block may be in order here





>the absolute state of halfchan


Neo is problematic.


nilsopostings problematic


Finished chapter 10 of DotD novelization. Absolutely enjoying it so far.


File: 00b004ec38de213⋯.webm (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ,,,.webm)


Her reaction to the Brigadier is so cute!







>tfw it will be fucking ages before she gets to Classic Who and reaches the Brig's appearances



>tfw brig's first appearance is missing



Refresh my memory, was he actually ranked Brigadier yet in Web of Fear?



Nah, not until The Invasion.


Missing episode recovery when?



It's all because fans went autistic over a rumour that the episodes had been found so a private collector went and bought the important episode


For reasons completely unclear to me, "tumblr" is wordfiltered on the wiki. This means no pages link to the page we have on tumblr.

I have no idea why or how or when this happened. I'd almost suspect the Doctor Who General himself of doing it, but I'm willing to bet he would have no idea how.


How do we revive /who/?


File: c48a391a8636e01⋯.png (198.27 KB, 268x540, 67:135, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

And he'll never know…



Have a show on the air, and a general on /tv/.



wtf stop ruining ingiga


File: 3753060cea862a2⋯.png (80.92 KB, 154x309, 154:309, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)



I would think most of us are quite cultured, well-read, intelligent - so what is it that attracts us to Doctor Who? On a psychoanalytical level, why do you, an adult potentially with a job and a relationship and bills, love Doctor Who so much?



It's emotional pornography.



As a person with Asperger's Syndrome, the constant differences between eras really helped my accept life's changes, and I feel very grateful for all the show has offered in terms of insight, storytelling and eccentricity. I wouldn't be the same without Doctor Who.





Well, I guess I'll have to make one more post correction.

*acceptance of



Whats the Doctor Who equivilant of this?



As a brainlet, I'm drawn to the funny, quirky characters and imaginative and variable plots



Very well put, and although I'm not diagnosed as autistic I feel entirely the same way. I'm glad I got to grow up with Doctor Who on air.


File: 0f972af6ecbd645⋯.webm (2.28 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, multi doctor special.webm)


File: 7170229bd088599⋯.png (126.34 KB, 323x349, 323:349, 1276875121508.png)




File: 74fd577d1178f69⋯.jpg (232.07 KB, 532x545, 532:545, 1494587128290.jpg)

>tfw you spent half a day in >>19991 this thread, thinking that 8chan was broken just like 4chan was broken at the time

>tfw only just thought to look at the catalog and figured out that it was not the actual thread everyone was in



What makes you think that 8chan and 4chan are in any way related? Why would they both go down at the same time?



I didn't think they were broken for the same reason, just that they both happened to break at the same time.

8chan had just gone down right before with a 503 error so it wasn't completely unfounded that something was broken


Aye lads I've been gone for so long I've aged several years. What's /who/ with everyone?


Is Faction Paradox canon?



no, sweetie



Do you know about nilso




Cory in the House is my favorite anime




>posts curiouscat

>doesn't answer questions

what did he mean by this



I'm not Edge



shit I mean Storm



No idea. I can keep track of writers but I've never paid attention to directors. Talaylay is the only one who I could name her episodes.


I use gopros and make sure all my episodes are tinted dark blue

who am I?


File: 8bb5c70fc58bc4c⋯.gif (890.08 KB, 224x169, 224:169, 1493628846725.gif)



I'll never forgive the few seconds of gopro footage in Jodie's first scene. I don't understand how it got there because I didn't think Talaylay directed that part of the episode.

Also anybody else worried that S11 might have a subplot of the TARDIS rejecting the Doctor because of the gender change? What with her pressing a single button and then getting fucking YEETed out of the console room

That would be awful but it would be SHEEP if the implication was that the TARDIS is sick of the Doctor blowing her up when they regenerate



I'm not worried about that because I don't believe it's even conceivable

pressing a button and getting ejected feels like typical "newly regenerated doctor crashes the tardis" fare



I don't think it's likely either because so far Chibnall seems to be handling the gender stuff well and I have hope. It is quite different from the usual crashing though, it does look potentially intentional the way the TARDIS tips at 90 degrees and opens its doors suddenly.

Does anybody have a gif of 13 pressing the button? I love that bit so much. The way Jodie shakes her hands in excitement first is perfect



Personally I think it's just one step above what happened to 11

I don't have the webm sorry



>Also anybody else worried that S11 might have a subplot of the TARDIS rejecting the Doctor because of the gender change?

>That would be awful

i think it'd be hilarious



If the TARDIS acted like all the cletus viewers? Why would that be hilarious



the idea of this mysterious machine built by near-gods - so technologically advanced that it appears to be sentient - being sexist is pretty funny


it's pretty problematic though. i don't expect chibs to do it



you should articulate your points without using buzzwords like "problematic". Using buzzwords is a sign of not thinking for yourself.

>it would be pretty ill conceived



ill conceived and problematic are not the same thing. i see it as an idea that has both merits and downsides, ergo it's problematic. sorry if a perfectly normal word offends you so much



Maybe if you use a different term like "problem causing" so I don't get upset



I'm not upset.

Reality is that there are words that have become associated with certain ideological extremist groups, and using those words associates you with that group and discredits your point as being ideologically driven and not a free thought worth discussing.

"problematic" and "toxic" are examples of this.


'nilsos gay' is a problematic meme. On one hand, it encourages /who/ to think about their prejudice towards gay people by falsely revealing that one of their most beloved stream users is queer. On the other hand, it turns homosexuality into nothing more than a punchline.



you're a fucking dummy lol



Really makes me think



For similar reasons, it can be argued that the trip OC 'GlitterGun' is problematic. You have a bunch of straight men pretending to be gay because they think it's funny or "dank". This too turns gayness into a punchline. However, the GlitterGun identity is also a way for closeted users (such as Neo) to express their homosexuality freely, without fear or judgement.




I have never seen "problematic" be used to describe something that is morally ambiguous, only outright immoral - the fact that it's immoral is the problem, hence problematic




Darling, please.




The "nilsos gay" meme and its derivatives are more concerning because someone finds it funny to force a sexuality onto someone. Either it's a het guy who thinks being gay is a punchline, or it's a gay guy with an unhealthy obsession that's manifesting in a way that would be considered sexual assault if it were in real life.

I believe many glittergun posts are made by actual gay guys and not just a het who likes pretending.



>I have never seen "problematic" be used to describe something that is morally ambiguous

i see it used that way a lot in a social justice context. e.g. describing the character of jonah in summer heights high - lilley uses him to critique racism, but he does so wearing brownface. it can mean 'immoral' too, but that's a simplification of the original social justice definition, which is much closer to what it means in an everyday context




fuck off CC



It could be a gay guy who thinks being gay is a punchline.



Is brownface inherently bad?



> I don't understand how it got there because I didn't think Talaylay directed that part of the episode.

She did. Chibnall specifically asked for her.



It's not sexual assault because Nilso doesn't give two shits about it. It's like that friend everyone had in high school who used to touch your crotch and pull down their pants when you had a sleepover but you didn't care because they were a friend and it was just joking around haha.



wtf why didn't I have that friend


>you will never be boomed by Ace



Oh, cute. He should've taken away her GoPros though.



not necessarily, but it is almost always coupled with racial stereotypes, which are inherently bad. even without them you could argue that it's a white person taking a role that could be played by a POC


File: 25d4a02d259d027⋯.jpg (71.51 KB, 568x570, 284:285, 1443539726583.jpg)


>not necessarily

tfw cats isn't as woke as you thought he was



What is your opinion on personality stereotypes in media, like jocks and nerds? Do you consider them to be in a different category to racial stereotypes?

> you could argue that it's a white person taking a role that could be played by a POC

What are your thoughts on casting historical figures as a different race?



A role that probably doesn't want to be played by a colour.


File: 76bf205a21dff44⋯.jpg (34.9 KB, 509x643, 509:643, 1383411020952.jpg)


>a colour



*person of colour, sorry.



Nerds and Jocks don't have a history of being unable to get jobs or property specifically because of them being a nerd or jock.



what makes blackface inherently bad is the history of minstrel shows and white people playing POCs as racial stereotypes. the same goes for yellowface. there isn't a tradition like that for brownface, largely because there are so many different 'brown' ethnic groups rather than a unifying stereotype to make fun of


S5 isn't actually that good. Like the general atmosphere and changes and stuff are all fine but the episodes aren't mindblowing.



>no no no, you misunderstand. this brown makeup on my face is meant to be imitating a BROWN person's skin, not a black person's skin!

>oh thank god, I thought you were a racist :)




there is a whole culture surrounding blackface that has (fortunately) not developed around brownface. it does not carry the same historical weight


it is interesting to note, though, that Doctor Who contains quite a few examples of brownface - e.g. the enemy of the world, the war games and probably more that i'm forgetting. whereas there are definitely less examples of blackface.



The point you are making is not that blackface is inherently bad, but that it has a history that makes it impossible to use without being associated with its historically negative usage



Dalek Master Plan has people trying to retcon Mavic Chen as 'blue face' and pretend he's one of the new series blue people



he's browned up in colour pics, but i think he's meant to represent an east asian stereotype, hence the vaguely Chinese name



i suppose you could argue that it's not inherently bad either, but it will take a long time for it to lose that historical association. for all intents and purposes, you cannot morally use it in today's society


File: 2def22565c005b2⋯.png (876.14 KB, 899x523, 899:523, 1497935641045.png)

>I'm a Time Lord, you're a big fish. Think of the children.

What did Whithouse mean by this?


File: 1ec77316aa73d34⋯.gif (2.84 MB, 540x275, 108:55, buttonpress.gif)


I got you phampai.


Also, the way I read the post-regen scene is that the TARDIS ejected the Doctor to save her, considering how the console room became a cataclysmic inferno as soon as she was dumped out. I almost got the impression that the TARDIS was panicking as it was tipped on its side trying to shake her out.



Probably something transphobic





That's a good interpretation.

I hope S11 starts with her waking up in a field or something, without the TARDIS. I think if it replays the console scene first it would set a really weird tone, especially for new viewers. A mysterious woman who wakes up in a crater, who at the end of the episode reveals she has her own timemachine, is far more compelling.



>I hope S11 starts with her waking up in a field or something, without the TARDIS. I think if it replays the console scene first it would set a really weird tone, especially for new viewers. A mysterious woman who wakes up in a crater, who at the end of the episode reveals she has her own timemachine, is far more compelling.

I didn't realise how bad I want this to happen. I'd love to have an opener focused just on 13 wandering around and meeting people. And getting arrested (which probably really happens). Full clean state, just a myserious woman being mysterious.



File: 735315fd8e40c13⋯.jpg (2.9 MB, 1941x2391, 647:797, 1520499337783.jpg)


Yeah, I feel really strongly about it too.

I rewatched The Eleventh Hour the other night and it's bizarre seeing the Doctor hanging from the TARDIS as it screeches through London, screaming and almost getting his genitals blasted by the tip of a cathedral, before cutting to Amelia praying to Santa.

Would've been far more interesting if the first time we saw 11 in the episode was him popping out of the TARDIS in her backyard. They even treat it as a big reveal, as if we didn't just see his face a minute ago.

Assuming the viewers have never seen Doctor Who before and letting the Doctor be part of the episode's mystery is the best thing Chibnall could do imo



>I rewatched The Eleventh Hour the other night and it's bizarre seeing the Doctor hanging from the TARDIS as it screeches through London, screaming and almost getting his genitals blasted by the tip of a cathedral, before cutting to Amelia praying to Santa.

That was quite a late addition and is even credited as such.


What could possibly be even more amazing?

Remember that short clip revealing Jodie? What if 13 lands in a forest and just wanders, learning about her new self, then eventually reaches city, gets arrested at night and so on. Structure the opening episode like a little road movie, wouldn't that be nice?



>credited as such.



this is funny and everything guys but jodie's first episode will be structured exactly like Rose/Smith and Jones/The Eleventh Hour and there's nothing you can do about it. it's not going to be a leisurely plotless road trip where the first 20 minutes are just her wandering around



The opening scene, which was released on BBC Red Button, was actually a pick-up. Not originally included in the final shooting script of the episode, it was written months after principal photography had wrapped on the episode. It technically had its own script, subtitled "Opening Sequence". At least two drafts were written, with the second being dated 17 December 2009. The sequence was in fact its own production. Unlike the episode proper, its producer was Nikki Wilson, its director was Jonny Campbell, and its director of photography was Tony Slater-Ling. Wilson received a credit of "special thanks" in the end credits.




That explains it. Why'd they add it? It only detracts from the episode.


>a leisurely plotless road trip where the first 20 minutes are just her wandering around

Pretty wild of you to interpret "I hope the episode starts with the aftermath of the fall, rather than replay the fall itself" like that. Especially funny to say that it's going to be structured exactly like Rose since that's exactly what I'm hoping for. Rose, and to a lesser extent Smith and Jones, treats the Doctor as a mysterious stranger that we gradually learn more about.


File: e4263fc50f41e7a⋯.png (190.43 KB, 1394x866, 697:433, Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at ….png)

reminder that grant



>if you must



this will be an entertaining comment section



Grant's argument doesn't make sense

If he's upset because of the "they're just caving into diversity" angle, why is he okay with casting a doctor of any race? What makes casting a female any worse than casting a black man?

someone should ask him on the discord if he still thinks this way


Nil Sandifer



>Why'd they add it? It only detracts from the episode.

because they had to reassure the stupid viewers that it was still their wacky and exciting Doctor Who by picking up exactly where the last Tennant episode left off. If they had opened with the slow journey through Amelia's garden there was a risk of people going "NOT MUH WHO" and switching off.







That involves going to the Discord though. Noone deserves that kinda punishment



>What makes casting a female any worse than casting a black man?

he's probably afraid of women.


On GB, somebody linked to another forum where burrunjor posts, and it made me realise that he's an utterly deranged, redpill MGTOW type.

It's probably why Hoodie loved spamming his shit here.



This is news to you?




you're going to have to give me a quick rundown, I've never heard of this person before



wowza xd



what the fuck



shopping as a hobby is a red flag for poor money management


The absolute best thing about being here is that we don't get underage rejects from the reddit discord coming straight to us anymore.


We been knew. Even the actual post Hoodie was spamming had ingrained incel logic.


File: 444a6484c5cca21⋯.png (713.83 KB, 677x628, 677:628, 1443537268487.png)

I only JUST made the connection that Chibnall took Moffat's episode titled "The Doctor Falls" and had it end with 13 literally falling




>who is hunter



He's such an utter retard.



I mean apart from the ones who turned up before we moved, obviously.


File: a147fd65784469d⋯.jpg (103.81 KB, 1440x750, 48:25, chris-rock-bigger-and-blac….jpg)





jodie appears in twice upon a time, not the doctor falls


File: aaf5d376c190c7f⋯.jpg (66.26 KB, 700x401, 700:401, 1443580880687.jpg)


I lived very briefly in a world where I literally forgot TUAT existed and you decided to yank me out of there and force me back into reality?



TUAT is a good epilogue


When is someone going to make the fan edit of TDF that skips TUAT entirely?


File: 1f474c15a6a8c86⋯.png (156.24 KB, 357x336, 17:16, 1443656863889.png)



Literally made on Christmas Day, search for it on youtube



that sounds SHEEP





>includes the speech





based Moffat making Capaldi's final scene so boring that it makes Chibnall's first scene even more enjoyable by comparison



A large chunk of the scene was suggested to Moffat by Capaldi


File: bd775cb0c409de3⋯.jpg (464.48 KB, 846x933, 282:311, 1491703554864.jpg)




based Capaldi sabotaging his own final scene for the sake of the series


File: f53e7a49280eb72⋯.png (971.54 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



Why is it so profoundly easy to tell if someone has barely interacted with women in their life


When you go to a wedding don't go and get married to someone over 30 years your junior. Children are for children!



This is not very well done. It literally cuts directly from 12 going "wherever it is, I'm staying" to him literally, literally doing the exact opposite by leaving. That comes across like a gag. And were they really any in the "The Doctor Falls should have been the regeneration" camp that adored the TUAT speech enough to want it included? Even though the TUAT speech is screamingly endemic of all the ways TUAT was not like The Doctor Falls? I just don't understand the target audience for this edit. I think the neater edit would have been something around him screaming "no" fading into just the regeneration as is, though I don't think that could be cleanly done since the shots are too differently situated.


File: 21ea8d819c8b717⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 245x250, 49:50, 1494132814915.gif)


>When you go to a wedding don't go and get married to someone over 30 years your junior. Children are for children!


Hi Neo,

I'm Anon


File: 13a2665a45046e1⋯.png (335.83 KB, 494x494, 1:1, 1495460257584.png)

>S5 takes 7 episodes to get to an episode that's really good



File: 0291730713e5bee⋯.jpg (207.69 KB, 494x494, 1:1, 1493531164275.jpg)


>s5 overtook s9 as best series in the 2017 /who/ ranks who




>When you go to a wedding don't go and get married to someone over 30 years your junior. Children are for children!

Holy fucking based



>pretending The Eleventh Hour isn't a really good episode

deplore this fucking meme

>pretending The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone isn't an excellent two parter

despise this fucking meme



Political correctness gone mad. MAGA



the rtdbad menace. however we'll be doing /who/ ranks who 2019 on here, which acts as a significant pleb filter. maybe s9 will return to its rightful place


S5 is great; I love The Enemy of the World.






The Eleventh Hour is easily top 20 (personal top 10) material



>tee hee I substituted the classic series for the revived series! :^)

low effort humour



S5 is shit though and Enemy is the exception



HOLY FUCK, how can one man be so based? XD



doctor who episode about monsters that kill you on sight for having incorrect thoughts when?



Go easy on him. He's Australian




what about fury from the deep?


>be neo


File: 4cf9c36ef4542fb⋯.jpg (187.68 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 96829516.jpg)

We need to stop the Left from getting into power in the UK.



home already, nilso?



who the fuck unironically likes sargon



It's great but it's complicit in the formula that makes S5 shit as a whole



Imagine commissioning this.



I would say the only shit season 5 serials are Ice Warriors and Wheel in Space, the others are all above average


Describe your "love life" with the title of a Doctor Who story.



File: 0bbc43f68344f2a⋯.jpg (804.33 KB, 1920x1441, 1920:1441, s7T4ahH.jpg)


You're just jealous of logic, reason and evidence.


Reminder that chris chibnall has never written a good doctor who story before



>The Power of Three




Boom Town.


>Silence in the Library



I'm gonna use two titles if that's ok. Midnight Snakedance



But he's going to make doctor who fun again



twice upon a time



Twice Upon A Time



The Seed(s) of Death



Fear Her






based groupthink



The Dominators






The Left-Handed Hummingbird



the hand of fear



>Father's Day



Edge of Destruction


File: 4903efca40dcdc9⋯.jpg (388.82 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, Otakuthon_2014_(1485072827….jpg)


Tooth and Claw


File: d516ebe0f96f7b7⋯.jpg (109.09 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 18lp3s54cbki8jpg.jpg)


flesh and stone



The Greatest Show in the Galaxy



The Natural History of Fear

No Man's Land

A Big Hand for the Doctor



The Sun Makers



The Girl Who Never Was


File: 7197f19c1febda9⋯.jpg (113.52 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, srm6r14cuos01.jpg)

Count Dankula is a martyr. Together we can stop the Left.


Make a new thread, Nilso



Nilso's not here.



The Girl Who Died



You do it then.



City Of Death



We've started letting threads hit 500 posts, not 300, first.





Nilso's no longer here. You are stuck with me!






Let's stream something tonight, in memory of Nilso


In a few days we'll be witness to Nilso: The Return



Let's put on some Sargon and Count Dankula videos. MAGA



Shut up with this Nilso garbage. We post t. Ingiga now.



t. Ingiga



t. giga









Praise kek


File: c7c7154f05fb244⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 640x365, 128:73, we post t nilso.gif)

we post t.giga

we post t.giga


Wow lets just talk about all the trips all the time wow

Fuck Doctor Who


File: bdd1eefa963979b⋯.jpg (606.76 KB, 2048x1399, 2048:1399, SIyzata.jpg)

If there's anything the Regressive Left loves so much, it's the police.



Nilso and Ingiga aren't trips


File: 5ded3f457f14b4f⋯.jpg (141.82 KB, 778x768, 389:384, GIa8yneypbf3t-gWf8iQYF7P3m….jpg)

Nilso left us this message






They're better than trips.


guys turn on BBC

poor tom :(


One thing I like about Ingigaposting is that I can say "gigas gay" and have it be true.



Fuck that guy, Dankula being fined for making a joke is far more important.


gigas gay


Sucks that I can't walk down the street yelling about how the jews run the world, it's just a prank bro


File: f4579fcbc30b73f⋯.jpg (17.33 KB, 835x469, 835:469, Nilslogo.jpg)


guys turn on BBC

poor giga :(



What's this about Ingiga's BBC?



If you do believe that all jews should be murdered in cold blood, I will respect your right to say that.


File: 28636ec200f9d97⋯.png (327.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)




Link to the generator for this?


We should have just accepted that Hitler had differing opinions to us and there never would have been a World War II.


File: 5fc5db81b1b9279⋯.jpg (53.99 KB, 503x676, 503:676, nilso.jpg)


File: 174ed11494d63bf⋯.jpg (285.55 KB, 1920x1600, 6:5, 1524362944926.jpg)

mfw Nilso enters a thread at peak Nilsoposting



Didn't the americans understand that the Japanese were just making a joke when they bombed Pearl Harbor? Stop taking it out of context


I like Gigaposting!


It's time for the white race to end


File: c2e67ac0e51995f⋯.png (715.39 KB, 591x701, 591:701, 2 incredulous.png)



This but unironically.


File: c25e72ecbe06351⋯.jpg (244.83 KB, 960x718, 480:359, EFYF5NEwzgnBK7_jdXpaUBcUvR….jpg)

Fuck that Communist Stalinist Obama.



Actually looks pretty based.


File: 812317b3ba7ceca⋯.jpg (57.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DWLG1_RlVDSyBPRkZFUklOTw.jpg)


File: 5e6d2ea5877cb8d⋯.jpg (59.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DWLG1_RE9DVE9SIFdITyBJUyBE….jpg)



The Bell Curve, probably


File: cbef2dd28ebcc4d⋯.jpg (156.67 KB, 1200x827, 1200:827, PvfOCnW.jpg)

Conservatives are facing their own segregation.


File: cf52571e9313241⋯.jpg (102.62 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, DWLG1_SG93IGRvIHdlICBmaXgg….jpg)


File: bcec1457d3cce8e⋯.png (134.53 KB, 766x431, 766:431, gigas.PNG)


File: 2dd0854e30d337f⋯.jpg (41.48 KB, 1199x848, 1199:848, DSKaBBtWAAAUV6O.jpg)

>what could have been


Logos that stack are objectively worse


Would you support the show officially changing its title from "Doctor Who" to "Doctor Who?"


File: 43d1e488dd47f67⋯.png (140.64 KB, 766x430, 383:215, fix.PNG)



You are fucking wrong.



It's more sophisticated without the question mark.


File: 81c013fd4432acf⋯.jpg (24.18 KB, 480x467, 480:467, u565tcywwbs01.jpg)

Neo has this as a poster on his wall.



Make me submissive instead of spunky


File: 5dcb4471d2f659b⋯.png (14.19 KB, 562x140, 281:70, ClipboardImage.png)

>moffat was so mad that a first-time writer and first-time director delivered the best episode of his debut season that he erased them both from doctor who



I can do that for you.



What about the show changing its title to "The Doctor"



t. Damian Ruhland



>not making him both. Do you even dom?


File: 180dae719090c9e⋯.jpg (127.48 KB, 949x800, 949:800, VAaW3mz.jpg)






Reports of my religion have been greatly misinterpreted.



Really? I thought you were a Buddhist.



>Do you even dom?

I don't usually, but I would do anything for Neo



Oh it shows, Mary.




That sign said Christian.




Ew, women!


File: f2f64208f214d14⋯.jpg (230.96 KB, 944x625, 944:625, gLx9ZNx.jpg)



Could Doctor Who work with a male Doctor?


We live in a society.



Nilso liked this post.



Nilso's without internet for a few days. Maybe he's currently not in a society.


File: 4992c1b12d69459⋯.jpg (130.73 KB, 960x997, 960:997, zKfrpeAcNwepxG-gFwWVKLNrcc….jpg)


File: ed17be1ef09e20d⋯.png (396.25 KB, 655x559, 655:559, ClipboardImage.png)

Do they ever use the viewing screen from Amy's Choice again? It's SHEEP.



stop using that word



Neo liked this post.



Imagine your identity being built around video games


File: 4c65c4f2d81bc7d⋯.jpg (17.48 KB, 300x300, 1:1, CyyRG5PW8AAGUM0.jpg)


They targeted gamers.


We're a group of people who will sit for hours, days, even weeks on end performing some of the hardest, most mentally demanding tasks. Over, and over, and over all for nothing more than a little digital token saying we did.

We'll punish our selfs doing things others would consider torture, because we think it's fun.

We'll spend most if not all of our free time min maxing the stats of a fictional character all to draw out a single extra point of damage per second.

Many of us have made careers out of doing just these things: slogging through the grind, all day, the same quests over and over, hundreds of times to the point where we know evety little detail such that some have attained such gamer nirvana that they can literally play these games blindfolded.

Do these people have any idea how many controllers have been smashed, systems over heated, disks and carts destroyed 8n frustration? All to latter be referred to as bragging rights?

These people honestly think this is a battle they can win? They take our media? We're already building a new one without them. They take our devs? Gamers aren't shy about throwing their money else where, or even making the games our selves. They think calling us racist, mysoginistic, rape apologists is going to change us? We've been called worse things by prepubescent 10 year olds with a shitty head set. They picked a fight against a group that's already grown desensitized to their strategies and methods. Who enjoy the battle of attrition they've threatened us with. Who take it as a challange when they tell us we no longer matter. Our obsession with proving we can after being told we can't is so deeply ingrained from years of dealing with big brothers/sisters and friends laughing at how pathetic we used to be that proving you people wrong has become a very real need; a honed reflex.

Gamers are competative, hard core, by nature. We love a challange. The worst thing you did in all of this was to challange us. You're not special, you're not original, you're not the first; this is just another boss fight.



Does it bother you because /who/ inside jokes make you feel left out?



Is it really an inside joke if only one person uses it?


What if there was a Doctor Who episode where the Doctor went into a video game? I think this idea could work very well



To my knowledge, SHEEP is an approved /who/ acronym.

So honking excellent everybody's pleased.


I've used it a few times.



bing bing wahoo


File: c5a67345b301d76⋯.png (18.17 KB, 416x265, 416:265, 1386353744120.png)



It's been a part of /who/ for longer than you



Is it even considered a meme anymore if it hasn't been used in three years?



It has been used. You're just new.


File: 3f04e1b21d36e24⋯.png (35.99 KB, 525x417, 175:139, 1386353744122.png)



>hasn't been used in three years

That screenshot is the very first time it was used, not the last.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Should Doctor Who become more like VENOM?






Venom is ripped off from Alien Bodies, don't give them money



t. N8



t. Hunter



Has someone redubbed this with his bane voice yet? You can hear his throat spasming trying to hold that cadence and accent.


File: 0541cc461c3fc22⋯.jpg (130.57 KB, 1305x985, 261:197, mLDhf5T.jpg)

Should Doctor Who become more like pic related?



You want a black woman as Jodie's companion?



I mean, didn't already last christmas?


What if Murray Gold was replaced by Autechre?


File: 62d7c8ad74f3dd5⋯.jpg (37.96 KB, 750x729, 250:243, colour.jpg)

what colour is this shoe, /who/?



honestly? no



honestly? no




















File: 29df535c16f4b18⋯.webm (920 KB, 720x404, 180:101, android.webm)

s11 leak



honestly? no










>tfw colourblind

I don't know who to trust.



talalay-tier direction at the end there with the coat



Colour is subjective, anon. It's whatever you see it as


File: 1c9f8828e69901f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.56 KB, 622x637, 622:637, C2TmZPHjVTriAirADeIYFOloeL….jpg)

Deleted scene from The Satan Pit



What if I prefer the image on the right?



The Devil doesn't come from with a pointy tail, he comes from the sky



please stop posting this picture it makes me feel so lonely


File: 2820df793005783⋯.jpg (9.33 KB, 275x183, 275:183, watch the throne.jpg)

any doctor who episodes about champions of justice?



The Sun Makers


File: 91f285005f87729⋯.jpg (40.85 KB, 920x470, 92:47, Deepfakes_Daisy-920x470.jpg)

Could deepfakes be the key to making Doctor Who fun again?




why is fake porn daisy hoter than real daisy, is the future finally here?





why are you all so fucking boring today



Her entire top row of teeth is just one long single tooth



this, when did /doctorwho/ stop being fun?



Nilso going has left a hole in /who/



Whenever you turn up, funnily enough


File: 1c84e22447567d9⋯.jpg (51.71 KB, 612x380, 153:95, 1524530919030.jpg)


wow that is pretty weird.


I support of a Kinda ban.




I support a nilsoposting ban



If you knew how much Cats shits the place up as anon you'd want him banned too.



t. cats



Say what you want about cats but at least he didn't celebrate /who/ getting banned



;) t. Cloister


kinda tries too hard to be neo



i support /who/ being temp banned to increase quality.



He's even more smug than Neo.



Then why aren't you attempting to increase quality?



this isnt /who/



That's a horrible excuse. You should leave.


I hope Chibnall brings back Yartek


I hope Chibnall passes the torch over to Gareth.



and burns him to fucking cinders


Honestly I kind of admire the TVM theme for taking how tonally adrift the middle 8 is with the rest of the theme to the logical conclusion and making it set the tone for the whole thing. I don't like it but I respect it.


post yfw chibnall brings back the middle 8


File: 0cd1b6b35ce6173⋯.png (209.79 KB, 286x342, 143:171, almost soy.png)


File: 449ef330a1c84f7⋯.jpg (99.8 KB, 720x960, 3:4, thumbsup.jpg)



asking someone if you can take a photo but not actually including yourself in the photo is such a powermove. i can't imagine a more awkward thing to do with a celebrity


File: c93621e03cfb209⋯.jpg (398.26 KB, 3504x2336, 3:2, eLNEGEW.jpg)


pic related


Neo, get the new thread.



i still to this day cannot believe this image exists, its pure cinema


Imagine Kinda



What if I like this thread



We've started letting threads hit 900 posts, not 500, first.







I've been mostly away since we were banned. Has there been ANY news or leaks of any kind for the new series since then?




have you seen that vine of somebody asking mark ruffalo if he knows what vine is? it's kino




Fuckin ell. Chibs must be an absolute madman.



i havent actually, anyone got a link?


Will Chibnall have the first new series doctor to regenerate without the audience knowing which episode it happens in?



no, that has never happened and is frankly a stupid idea


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



kek thats great



just referring to a celebrity by their first name is so powerful


Pirating Briggs Finish is such a power move, it completely stuns Nick Briggs


File: c8980ec24d1c77b⋯.png (77.39 KB, 326x197, 326:197, 1499963259636.png)


watch it, consumer


Imagine having a beer with Briggs.


File: 8984a9141f7e30d⋯.png (56.48 KB, 1200x718, 600:359, ClipboardImage.png)

I found Neo's favourite revision control software.


Imagine being me, about to make the new thread.



Imagine being Briggs.


File: 12bd92db878f2dd⋯.jpg (68.25 KB, 431x767, 431:767, mBuydMdGfnffhiZZTBdqnosgtK….jpg)


>It's good because it wasn't what you expected

>You ordered a premium steak and I served you pic related - it's actually really good and clever, because it wasn't what you expected. If you don't like it, it's just because you aren't smart enough to get it.




Well most nerds are fat.


Kek, as if that's gonna happen.

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