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"/who/ Cares?" podcast on Series 11: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz80wZ00_JjSaS2ZRrno1Pg

File: fbd43388c1d24fc⋯.jpg (58.74 KB, 604x511, 604:511, Dy4BFK2X0AAPA96.jpg)


Interesting opinion edition

Uninteresting >>208181





File: 8757bfdbc4cef14⋯.jpg (37.16 KB, 798x420, 19:10, Captain-Marvel-Movie-Set-P….jpg)

What are some controversial whokinos?



The Krotons



Rosa. You know it's true.



Forgot my flag!


File: 3e6d055011391cb⋯.jpg (40.99 KB, 500x489, 500:489, ldtr10uz2ue21.jpg)

>/who/ regards capaldi who, 2019


that peter capaldi music video comes out in like 2 hours right?



I moved on in 2015




The stream should have moved on from 2015



What kind of opinion would be "interesting"?


File: dd94753b90cd060⋯.png (2.52 KB, 262x34, 131:17, ddd.png)

What are some hypocritical whokinos?








only 10 pls, i want to show mirrors these cause he loves 10's arc and characterisation like that


File: 3924d07de3ef94a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.3 KB, 538x546, 269:273, joker reflection.jpg)


Oh Neo, didn't you know? I thought you were the man with the magic eyes.



It's not hypocritical to present yourself as your ideal self if you're actually making efforts to change.



Also, the more hypocritical 10 is the more kino the episode, generally speaking.


File: 5ac5143b8f29585⋯.gif (497.99 KB, 245x191, 245:191, tumblr_ls43uoiM8n1qfi1hwo6….gif)



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ITS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




(it isn't)









File: 2bfd8f28d82273b⋯.png (3.42 KB, 311x35, 311:35, ddd.png)



I'd like to do Dilb on purpose if you know what I mean.



Anyone got an mp3 of the one with Goldberg?



*Neo lent mirrors some of dilb's cum to freeze into a Zooper Dooper but mirrors contracted herpes from it and successfully sued Neo for $10,000 AUD


File: ea1692f9aad8dee⋯.png (5.13 KB, 327x59, 327:59, reddit.PNG)



That's not actually true, I sued him because he elected Detroit: Become Human as RPG of the year


I am your mommy

I will always be your mommy



nnhhhh yes mommy


File: bd0fef9c537be26⋯.png (14.54 KB, 490x184, 245:92, 9b83f93feeb20b6c9719fcec2e….png)


File: 55e72e0915e7c5a⋯.png (17.8 KB, 819x273, 3:1, ddd.png)

File: f5d25c1ab825b3f⋯.png (67.4 KB, 259x194, 259:194, redpill.png)



we skipped to seth meyers' nilsoposting


File: 50c5be6b4b90596⋯.png (67.28 KB, 259x194, 259:194, bluepill.png)


File: 3ff058898a7c249⋯.png (348.55 KB, 1182x468, 197:78, LC.PNG)


lewis capaldi in stream


Star Wars is produced for children under 10 years of age to sell useless pieces of plastic.



Everyone seems like a child under 10 to you.

Shame that GWAAD isn't around so I could tag him in too



Here? No. Just edgy teens.



Awwww, neo, you missed the capaldi video


File: 1ea2bd5a6595a19⋯.png (701.05 KB, 1732x627, 1732:627, ClipboardImage.png)

>tfw the stream ends and cuts off the music video halway through

>tfw never gonna give you up was queued next coincidentally

>tfw /who/ just got genuinely rick rolled in 2019



>tfw the stream ends and cuts off the music video halway through

That didn't happen, someone hit skip. Dilbert was asking people to skip so he could queue the non-premiere version so I imagine the skip tally was just high enough for one more person to push it over th eedge.



oh i guess it was a self own then


Some good potential reaction images in that capaldi vid



I'm a brainlet, was the story that capaldi's dying wife donated her heart to that mother?




Paul Magrs (formerly cancelled)

Paul Cornell (formerly cancelled)

Sylvester McCoy

Sophie Aldred

Tom Baker



>Paul Cornell (formerly cancelled)

Wtf why'd you uncancel him



he's been putting a lot of effort into getting more diversity in stories and his politics generally seem to have changed



I don't forgive.



Seeing him cautiously tweet about voting Labour in the next election while being careful not to make it look too much like he actually supports Corbyn is quite funny.



I hadn't seen those tweets but knowing that I'm moving him to pending, his take of Venezuala should be the decider



no Judy



File: 8126be64703031a⋯.jpg (37.09 KB, 702x1024, 351:512, Dy4w17RWoAYPB0p.jpg)

Don't do it Peter


File: ea789eeaea5bbea⋯.png (805.34 KB, 527x648, 527:648, ClipboardImage.png)




oh no he has his earbuds in he can't hear the train!!



The chalk in listen



if he dies, he will become a woman, no



File: f9b40936bc40816⋯.png (723.14 KB, 920x648, 115:81, pn.png)


scongo is the best villain


File: ebc24937f2d7275⋯.jpg (60.84 KB, 1536x1024, 3:2, 1549607216511.jpg)

And with this picture a dozen posts Dilbert loves was spawned.


File: caffa84338ba953⋯.png (2.42 MB, 1913x1074, 1913:1074, ClipboardImage.png)


File: fd0a1acd7a20553⋯.jpg (121.11 KB, 626x922, 313:461, fd0a1acd7a205537e68163f71e….jpg)


the kids from Knock Knock have more character than the current TARDIS crew


File: f6549926082f2ee⋯.jpg (227.71 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1549644284174.jpg)

>Hey bro, nice to see you again! Hurry up, take off your shirt and join us! We're gonna watch Man of Steel.



Jacob Dudman


File: e52dd0d2598c0f1⋯.jpg (77.03 KB, 560x806, 280:403, e52dd0d2598c0f129f781cc4ca….jpg)

Post the best couple


never noticed that was photoshoped

I think they never met


File: 46124d59bde41f6⋯.jpg (218.43 KB, 1200x1084, 300:271, ef28b38b371b5835676ad98b70….jpg)


we could do a chart crossing all docs and companions that met each other or not



so clala is not a womanlet


rbf ^2


File: 8bf8413dd40f6c7⋯.mp4 (3.78 MB, 640x640, 1:1, WhirlwindMinorCrocodile-mo….mp4)



have you never put something into something apparently smaller?

what if he has dyspraxia?


Go tell a pig about your moral highground.


Try cracking this code.

10000110000 01010111 10001000010 01111000 10000011000 10000010011 10000011101 00110101 10000101011 00110011 10000010111 10000110111 10000110101 10000010000 00111101 00111101



do you know the answer or want the response?



I made this code. I want to see if you can find out what it says.



ok, will try



Here are some hints:

Flip. Salad. Nintendo, 1996. Comrade. 1s and 0s.



Oh, and it should have been "Salad, 10."


what the deal with the diffent lenght sizes



For the binary? It's just how it came out when making the message, don't ask me.


Well, just tried to translate the binary and it looks like I made an unsolvable puzzle. Whoops.


trolled :(


Explain the het mind to me



craving vag 24/7



Why are hets so ludicrous


Alright, here's some incentive: Solve that code to get 10 of my Doctor Who books for free. Also I will never come on here again if you solve it.






File: 26389f8f8266c13⋯.png (470.19 KB, 853x480, 853:480, mercedes.png)

now - tea or coffee?



hello dilb


File: 392115013acc87e⋯.png (4.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

oh noes



i'm not dilbert.



very funny


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

choose dilb





i am not him!!!!!!



act like him



there's dilb



Oh good, so I'm free to reply to 209030 to set off a lengthy chain of political argument?



you could still do that if he was here, though i wouldn't like it either



I would never hurt Dilb.


File: ef605d803d03d56⋯.png (87.02 KB, 199x254, 199:254, ClipboardImage.png)

I want next doctor to looks like and wear a costume similiar to Colonel Sanders


and there were no more catholics left



the fuckin boomer's bust man



theres a dilb i know


there's a man i kneow



who is your bust person?




dilbs o k-4 a /who/user






i know who neo's bust man is



File: fc33f47a44ccfd2⋯.gif (4.03 MB, 480x270, 16:9, YXibb6c5Xsnt5JBDrc.gif)



File: 7a02ec52fa53b51⋯.png (66.67 KB, 1440x418, 720:209, 20190208_184857.png)


File: 3ae681c22238e9c⋯.jpg (42 KB, 576x716, 144:179, pnqixbedcna21.jpg)



Which books?


File: cadb1b09f1ce100⋯.png (408.39 KB, 618x634, 309:317, 1549047386688.png)


File: 52a0f1995fc7385⋯.jpeg (236.88 KB, 640x538, 320:269, 3A4997AD-5218-47BB-A5A6-1….jpeg)




Did she mean a succdem?



Idk, but it’s a clueless fucking statement either way.



Either it’s just plain wrong, or she doesn’t understand political terminology



Lmao people are actually surprised by this? Fuckin Libs, man.



she does not understand math


You couldn't make Doctor Who these days.



You unironically couldn't make anything like Season 26 these days.


File: 478d8b9988c57a3⋯.png (398.61 KB, 791x950, 791:950, fabvfbf.png)

You unironically couldn't make anything like Season 1 these days.



What is it with Amerilards and not not knowing what the word socialist means?



this triggers the snowflake generation


File: 5bd36ba84855679⋯.png (6.23 KB, 245x206, 245:206, 5bd36ba84855679fc741acbd31….png)





Celestial Toymaker is Season 3.






Yes Judy you sure did fuck up with that post didn't you?


File: 1e7f85946d9c22e⋯.png (31.69 KB, 817x891, 817:891, 1e7f85946d9c22e3364422dc3d….png)


File: 4c8c7a505656762⋯.png (11.33 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 4c8c7a5056567620e7887fe7e5….png)



you're the only one who posts that toymaker image, and you're the only one who posts by copypasting what someone else has just said because you're so hopeless with the English language



That person is banned for life


File: c9d6ac47556ce1b⋯.jpg (163.76 KB, 1280x905, 256:181, 7th_doctor_cheetah.jpg)



furries are mainstream now


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Seems like someone already put 12 and Clara clips to the Lewis Capaldi song.


File: 6965e9b5217c018⋯.jpg (43.46 KB, 450x600, 3:4, dalek_new_paradigm.jpg)

File: 3d77510696fc09a⋯.jpg (122.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dalek_new_paradigm_3.jpg)

File: 22de7a125746c2f⋯.png (2.87 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, dalek_new_paradigm_vs_time….png)

I unironically like them


File: 042e4ad88032729⋯.jpg (14.26 KB, 311x308, 311:308, stormmine.jpg)

When you set out upon a journey, kill everyone you happen upon: kill your friends and your parents and your children, should you meet them on the road. Kill the topmasters, the firstmasters, and the holy men; only that way can you become free. Only when you have killed everyone will you become truly enlightened.



Then all that's left is to take the natural next step and [redacted]rself.


File: 30a9e0965cbe3ab⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 90.41 KB, 487x569, 487:569, lozpaulblock.png)

> But most of all, this is where I tried to put to rest the idea that the great Who writer Lawrence Miles and myself were at odds. I asked him what he wanted to write, and, wonderfully, he came up with a board game. I recall how, as the New Adventures were gathering speed, Lawrence was very much part of our gang. I even played cricket with him. He bowled a sort of lob which turned out to be tremendously effective. It was like being hit by a meteorite. When Virgin lost the licence, Lawrence came into his own, and became, well, the BBC Books version of me. And he made a lot of my mistakes. He wasn't great at building communities, because I suspect he wasn't very interested in doing that. He alienated people. But I am in such a glass house when I hold that stone in my hand. We kicked open a lot of the same doors, and they still need to keep being kicked open today. I don't know what he's doing now, but I keep thinking, and hoping, that suddenly he'll write the great SF novel. I wish him enormously well. I'm sorry I didn't help him more. And I'm delighted we got to play together again at Christmas.


File: 5df236e69ed4095⋯.jpg (100.54 KB, 750x728, 375:364, Dy6gI2YUYAA4QVZ.jpg)




File: b2becd8ccc27ee0⋯.mp4 (522.49 KB, 640x640, 1:1, --hBao0xg1qQ5rAB.mp4)

which /who/sers?



Everyone vs Judy



When Nilso was in verge of tears because of Neo's prank



but who is who?


File: 955ccccff10c40c⋯.mp4 (7.02 MB, 406x720, 203:360, theshepherdsdance.mp4)

>tfw listening to Marigold again instead of the Series 11 soundtrack


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: c86344dd07efa37⋯.jpg (142.42 KB, 761x1200, 761:1200, macra terror art.jpg)



File: f31f441b8acd27c⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1331x751, 1331:751, ClipboardImage.png)

heres your 1 hetpost for the month

now chose /who/!!!!






I'm really looking forward to this, animations are great and more should be made. The colours look better than PotD but i think i'll watch it in b&w


File: 4e2fdc1e7d3ece1⋯.jpg (50.57 KB, 700x450, 14:9, 63bb9500b3b26eab8ad08234c9….jpg)


> :/

why? it looks so much better than this



It's going to be the cover art and I don't really like it. Maybe it'll grow on me.



It will grow on you, I think it's one of the best they've had in a while


When you run with the Doctor, it feels like it will never end. But however hard you try, you can't run for ever. Everybody knows that everybody dies, and nobody knows it like the Doctor. But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark, if he ever, for one moment, accepts it.


File: 34d7a2ec2c496c3⋯.png (140.19 KB, 296x316, 74:79, 1499082095098.png)


oh god oh fuck

who is lewis capaldi? what is this




fuck someone already did the joke



>Lawrence was very much part of our gang. I even played cricket with him. He bowled a sort of lob which turned out to be tremendously effective. It was like being hit by a meteorite.

This is so funny because it sounds like Larry was harnessing his nerd rage and just repeatedly pitching the ball as hard as he could at Cornell.


>we have the same ass

What did Larry mean by this?



It was in response to a tweet about Loz handing Cornell's ass to him



lewis capaldi is related to peter capaldi (lewis's dad's second cousin or something)


File: 25d4a02d259d027⋯.jpg (71.51 KB, 568x570, 284:285, 1443539726583.jpg)


>capaldi will never be your dad's second cousin or something

why live


File: 2a79f406e205128⋯.jpeg (35.82 KB, 519x307, 519:307, 1500273194123.jpeg)


>why live

Typing this made me realise I'll never be able to respond to this question with Season X of Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi again, and Capaldi's departure hit me harder than ever.


File: b021e5997931228⋯.png (47.42 KB, 800x800, 1:1, file_0.png)


>tfw will never be able to go back to the S8oDWwPC days when everything was wonderful and hype and magical


Why die?



series 12





File: c51c14f8e6eb8c1⋯.jpg (48.97 KB, 526x524, 263:262, 1467379360482.jpg)



Okay I think it’s grown on me



Forgot flag


File: 6207b523da1cf26⋯.jpg (63.31 KB, 645x767, 645:767, wwc51t2wuff21.jpg)



File: 2d98b1d17d88787⋯.jpg (99.69 KB, 750x501, 250:167, life comes at you at cruis….jpg)




Aren’t we past this now? All of my friends are fine talking about their feelings and being emotional

Boomers will die soon enough



Soon, but not soon enough.



we're not past it, men are and always will be the most oppressed group on the planet



But this is self- oppression, the same way some women think they can’t wear the same outfit twice




>men are and always will be the most oppressed group on the planet

thats a funny way to spell gamers





They targeted gamers.


We're a group of people who will sit for hours, days, even weeks on end performing some of the hardest, most mentally demanding tasks. Over, and over, and over all for nothing more than a little digital token saying we did.

We'll punish our selfs doing things others would consider torture, because we think it's fun.

We'll spend most if not all of our free time min maxing the stats of a fictional character all to draw out a single extra point of damage per second.

Many of us have made careers out of doing just these things: slogging through the grind, all day, the same quests over and over, hundreds of times to the point where we know evety little detail such that some have attained such gamer nirvana that they can literally play these games blindfolded.

Do these people have any idea how many controllers have been smashed, systems over heated, disks and carts destroyed 8n frustration? All to latter be referred to as bragging rights?

These people honestly think this is a battle they can win? They take our media? We're already building a new one without them. They take our devs? Gamers aren't shy about throwing their money else where, or even making the games our selves. They think calling us racist, mysoginistic, rape apologists is going to change us? We've been called worse things by prepubescent 10 year olds with a shitty head set. They picked a fight against a group that's already grown desensitized to their strategies and methods. Who enjoy the battle of attrition they've threatened us with. Who take it as a challange when they tell us we no longer matter. Our obsession with proving we can after being told we can't is so deeply ingrained from years of dealing with big brothers/sisters and friends laughing at how pathetic we used to be that proving you people wrong has become a very real need; a honed reflex.

Gamers are competative, hard core, by nature. We love a challange. The worst thing you did in all of this was to challange us. You're not special, you're not original, you're not the first; this is just another boss fight.



>bragging about destroying things out of frustration

Are gamers really like this?



This but unironically. I've been told by people here that I'm not bisexual because I've said I don't understand aspects of being gender nonbinary, and yet even if I was bisexual, I'd still be transphobic for not being attracted to trans folks a lot of the time (mostly because, like I said, I've never experienced such feelings). Saying I'm not bisexual or LGBT in general because I hold certain views is very generalizing and is like saying "conservative people who are LGBT, such as Caitlyn Jenner, aren't real LGBT people." It's a No True Scotsman fallacy.


Shut the fuck up Hunter



Conservative people who are LGBT may still be LGBT but they're definitely not people.


*Conservative "people"


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Prison gays aren’t true bisexuals


KTT here is my idea for a dream hip hop song. The next up coming white rapper who has a really bars and gets respect from old heads gets an official N PAss in the form of a song.

It goes like this, the respected black rappers all hop on a track with the white rapper and each rap a verse on how the said rapper has earnt his place in hip hop and say how white rapper has respect to get the N pass within there verses. so it might go

Verse 1: Kendrick

Verse 2: Jay Z

Verse 3: Kanye

Verse 4: Joe Budden

Verse 5: the prodigical white rapper spits and full use of N word in vocabary *now legal and accepted*

and the because the weight from such a respected black rappers the whole community obliges and accepts and regards the N pass track as an official and legal form of documentation and no shade is thrown toward the white rapper at all

what do you think KTT??



Hey I think you posted this in the wrong place



surely a white guy's permission to use the n-word should be based on how good his rig and k/d ratio are?


File: 64d42ab8deb1e28⋯.jpg (207.45 KB, 1200x770, 120:77, bidmead interview.jpg)


so how do we feel about the concentration camps


And I thought they smelled bad… on the outside!


File: c727d133036ec95⋯.gif (3.1 MB, 366x366, 1:1, 12grin.gif)

File: 7cf771c3424e0e3⋯.gif (1.29 MB, 386x232, 193:116, 12happy.gif)

File: c65f06e5bbdf8f4⋯.gif (2.87 MB, 299x200, 299:200, 12sad.gif)

File: d8cf2b323727557⋯.gif (1.38 MB, 376x218, 188:109, 12sadsmile.gif)

File: 5c393349a90fff0⋯.gif (2.21 MB, 326x219, 326:219, sonicearbuds.gif)


File: 0b08fa1c53a1078⋯.gif (2.79 MB, 457x240, 457:240, 12flowers.gif)

apologising to a certain /who/ser / /who/sers be like



screenshot the shirtless bit


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bidmead is cancelled


Do you think S12 will have a brexit analogy episode?


Rosa won a BAFTA



For what category?



nice try, the baftas aren't until tomorrow



Visionary Honour for Show of the Year



a single episode won show of the year?




Making an episode about rosa parks makes you a visionary?



Yes. It's the best episode since The End of Time.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

David Tennant on his podcast, Doctor Who, Theresa May and more



(it was mostly 'and more')



Richie's kind of a knob isn't he



>Oh, that was the Big Finish, was it



which one was richie



the knob



Shoe girl under Prisoner Zero/Miller



>I interviewed Gordon Brown. Was interesting to interview a politician I wouldn't necessarily vote for, but uh, you know, Theresa May's busy.



was he the pig fucker or was that the other one


what classic who cartoon would be made next if you had he power to decide that?




youre thinking of david cameron


The Gay Nilsos Organisation was an organisation for gay nilsos.



Ah, right.

Though, let's be real, it's very likely gordon brown fucked a pig too.



oh definitely



>Only thirteen of us who've experienced what that is, and three of them are no longer with us.

War Doctor btfo



he was actually disavowing capaldi



>three of them are no longer with us

It has to be a dead Doctor.



i get that it's confusing to say 14 because you'll almost definitely be asked for clarification, so you have to go through that whole rigmarole every time, but he was in the episode with john hurt so he shouldn't forget him



It is possible he was so fucking blackout drunk that he completely forgot he filmed the 50th and that it guest-starred John Hurt as another Doctor.


File: 0859d7f79a114b5⋯.jpg (142.18 KB, 759x422, 759:422, 1549701893193.jpg)

My my. Quite an interesting film for celebrated social activist Brie Larson to have made. What a shame it would be if pictures of it to resurface.


Oh, and in case I wasn't clear - #cancelled!



File: 835855ac272297a⋯.webm (880.99 KB, 960x540, 16:9, pacific rim 2.webm)

Doctor who episodes with this aesthetic?





holy shit remember flash based webpages?



>contains an audio recording of queen victoria c. 1883 explaining why torchwood is necessary

woah actual original lore content



The audio quality is shit but yeah it's a neat bit of old content. Unfortunately the old Torchwood game on the website (with specially recorded in-character videos from the cast) seems long lost.



>The audio quality is shit

almost as if the audio recording is meant to be from 1899



Yeah have a listen to it and get back to me on that.



i did listen to it



I listened to it and immediately thought 'oh cool they made it sound like a primitive audio recording since the technology was just new then'




Cool, that perspective makes sense. When we listened to it on the TW marathon I capped the script for it from the site since it's pretty indiscernible at points. It's strange/frustrating/exciting thinking of lost little bits of media like that on the old websites; I'm sure there's stuff for Doctor Who too.


Marvel's Doctor Who


File: 2c947cc5970d57a⋯.jpg (18.89 KB, 700x400, 7:4, utopia.jpg)

Bwahahahaha! I am a child of the Slitheen, and this is my hunt!


stormys here



wow how do you figure these out


whos on the cancel list for today





cancelled BEFORE her big movie is out? surely this is a new record!


I can think of a certain show that needs to be cancelled.



In our hearts it already has been.



I want a new target Kinda. Please provide one.



vic mignogna




the green new deal



Reddit exploded with mass vergeance over that because AOC didn't coo and fawn over nuclear in it. Has anything happened since then about it?



i saw something about telling people to store their piss and use it for their morning cofvefe but thats about it



ah wait i appear to have gotten trolled, that wasnt real




very normal posts ;)


File: 82d399f7b6c2a5a⋯.png (110.17 KB, 306x306, 1:1, sipping frog.png)


File: 48c4ec0fa6fada5⋯.jpg (71.72 KB, 686x635, 686:635, Dy7yvHqUUAIW1Bg.jpg)

Well, /who/?




















>no option for nuts

0 points


Does stormy eat honey? Does it help with his tones?



>he doesn't eat nuts

Cringe beyond comprehension.







I'm not Kitty, I'm Ford



beans are kinda evil and i dont like ketchup


i hate honey



I have a mild allergy to them, you enormous wad of faeces.








i would eat honey roasted cashews even if it killed me



If I even eat a chocolate bar with peanut butter in it, the inside of my mouth and throat begins to feel like it's being scraped with small knives.



damn, that's nuts


File: 5cf8a2a47807896⋯.jpg (172.7 KB, 1111x507, 1111:507, stormyshere.jpg)


File: 5761ddcda8dc7ac⋯.jpg (96.81 KB, 931x947, 931:947, Blank _62ed846639ae28cadd4….jpg)


Kinda's joining a polycule.


there is nothing wrong with polycules


File: 50f0983796b993a⋯.jpg (330.28 KB, 1134x914, 567:457, kindashere.jpg)




That just sounds like too many people to live in one house desu



i feel like most analogies that involve changing the subject matter to food is going to end badly



>first guy talking about love

>polycule dude interprets it as him talking about sex



Polycules are destroying the sacred institution of marriage… And That's A Good Thing!




Guys I may have just worked out how to solve all of the current /who/ drama…


but did you know some animals have MULTIPLE PARTNERS? checkmate!



omg. a polycule


Currently in house:

Husband A

Wife A

Girlfriend A1 (Husband A)

Girlfriend A2 (Husband A)

Girlfriend A's Husband (A1 or A2 not specified)

Girlfriend A3 (Wife A)

Child 1 (parents not specified)

Child 2 (parents not specified)

Child 3 (parents not specified)

Child 4 (parents not specified)

Child 5 (parents not specified)

Child 6 (parents not specified)

Child 7 (parents not specified)

Child 8 (parents not specified)

Child 9 (parents not specified)

Moving in house soon:

Girlfriend A4 (Husband A)

Girlfriend A4's Husband



Oh kincel you trad little man




Everywhere you look, everywhere you go

There's a heart (There's a heart), a hand to hold onto.

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go

There's a place, of Somebody who needs you

Everywhere you look.



no you don't understand, if I only want to be in a relationship with one person it has to work that way for everyone else too!



What affect do you think this has on children's minds? Will they grow up thinking relationships are more disposable if they see their parents also going through new girlfriends every month?


File: bd0fef9c537be26⋯.png (14.54 KB, 490x184, 245:92, 9b83f93feeb20b6c9719fcec2e….png)

A poly/who/le would settle the Problem of Dilb.



Wash your hair.


I'm willing to share Dilbert if you are.



parents not specified


neo and gig each get one of dilb's milkers



>parents not specified

good title for a documentary on the topic.



Maybe they become staunch monogamists as a response to their parents.


File: c65c07f0cc4e641⋯.jpg (18.93 KB, 783x111, 261:37, verge.JPG)


I don't even particularly like that pre-exclusive dating style, I can't fathom a flatout polycule. But I'll do it for Dilb.



Yes skelly, everyone grows up to be the exact opposite of their parents. Says a lot about your upbringing.



I can think of something else you'd do for Dilb.



Elab. He's k4 and I'm "k1". What could we possibly do?



We don't all have the same parental privilege as you.



Did your parents wash their hair every day?



a k1 and k4 could have a "special k" moment if you know what i mean







some milk will be poured, if you know what i mean





File: 27ed156b532948e⋯.jpg (36.16 KB, 598x436, 299:218, 395081-snack-bars-kellogg-….jpg)


a certain /who/ser will reveal their "chewy bar" with nuts attached


kindas a feeder and seeder



should i have heard of kombucha before



? u lost me


sneeder chuckpaldi


File: b4fbdba080fca4b⋯.jpeg (624.79 KB, 2365x2365, 1:1, 04b910b6-6792-42a1-ac76-b….jpeg)

i can think of another source of protein



Kombucha's nice, I drink it all the time, not for the pseud MUH IT CURES CANCER reasons but just cause it's tasty. It's like a fermented tea thing.


amy kombucha


File: 3c8d7ae7007f3b5⋯.jpg (39.25 KB, 330x355, 66:71, 61JuErvxksL._SY355_.jpg)

File: 236fc2d197c67ec⋯.gif (934.54 KB, 413x331, 413:331, anigif_enhanced-buzz-14561….gif)

neo be like: dilbs so quiche


is Goss cancelled?


Is Philip Pussy-Hallard cancelled yet? I unfollowed him the other day


File: 921f73cf128257d⋯.gif (525.25 KB, 245x210, 7:6, tumblr_mdo7bkPZbY1r6w7e0o4….gif)


Because love is not an emotion, love is a promise! And he will never hurt her. PE, catch!


blueface baaaby


Because love is not an emotion, love is a steak!




do you think your bacon sandwich loves you back




there is no way youre not dilb

so respond to >>209241


Tom Baker and McCoy are the only non-cancelled Doctors



Didn't you hear about McCoy's racist tirade?




you can each share ONE of my dilkers


Because [redacted] is not an emotion, [redacted] is a promise.



Neo's greedy, he'll just cut them both off for himself before Gig even gets a chance


matt smith canceled for adultery and playing prince philip


give me the rundown on capaldi


A Repeated Meme is just an idea. And that's all they are, an idea.



I completely forgot about Capaldi but for now I'd be him in the unkown territory with McGann and Whittaker



He's been on 4chan before


Habbo /who/tell


File: 5d9cfacf96362d8⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, ccon.jpg)



We're breaking some serious #cancelled here boys!



Goss and Jodie are now #cancelled



smh look at this M/F/M polycule


File: 8abd47173fa0ed3⋯.jpg (129.93 KB, 580x398, 290:199, marvel-shirtless-scenes-ra….jpg)

i present dilb an offering


Cons are where people go after they get cancelled



not into it



not milky enough?


How do you cancel Briggs who lives off of cancelled actors


File: fe318b299fc7dbf⋯.png (105.46 KB, 429x299, 33:23, maryteotw.png)

now that's more like it



You don't like Hemsworth's milkers? They're pretty fulsome…


soul: >>209289

soulless: >>209294



i don't like milk neo faked that screencap


I'd want a certain soul



I guess you'd have to uncancel all of his food sources


File: d486e4fe5079684⋯.jpg (202.43 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Daj5z04UwAAEsFO.jpg)



not my type i feel no hype from the mcu in general, especially not the forthcoming avengers endgame


File: 20f51dcc1a11579⋯.jpg (32.31 KB, 509x501, 509:501, 213n6ftbpiw01.jpg)



Male gaze



oh fuck



That Tom ass was photoshopped, I'm sorry to have to let you down like this but his butt doesn't bubble that much to start with.


File: 69770af26aada2f⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 450x540, 5:6, ben affleck naked.gif)

File: 3ae7969ebdd675b⋯.jpg (35.03 KB, 600x450, 4:3, justice_league.jpg)

File: 49496c11e3ac215⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 500x220, 25:11, original.gif)

File: c0963184a77af41⋯.jpg (115.88 KB, 640x694, 320:347, sasasaaaa.jpg)

File: 53605f51f36ace3⋯.jpg (207.76 KB, 1188x1028, 297:257, rf.jpg)


File: 87b4c040f5d232b⋯.mp4 (1.3 MB, 384x480, 4:5, 2_4_M.mp4)

What is the DWE of this video?



the /who/ equivalent would be this: >>66927


File: d96c9f3fadbc366⋯.png (16.22 KB, 576x144, 4:1, pg.PNG)


phils gay


thoughts on phil ford






Hey, I haven’t seen my falsenamer in a while, thought you’d stopped doing this! How wrong I was…



File: 0e3588ad93296bd⋯.webm (2.93 MB, 720x404, 180:101, wew.webm)

File: 86f46e72aff0f4f⋯.webm (2.5 MB, 720x404, 180:101, tom5.webm)

File: 87ce059d6cfe72c⋯.webm (2.92 MB, 720x404, 180:101, tom6.webm)

here's a DWE for you



The Waters of Mars is anti-refugee. Aliens coming to us by water = boat people



Sneezed too loudly once.



Bidmead is not cancelled


File: 70c46e87ed4b6be⋯.jpg (55.58 KB, 496x411, 496:411, IMG_20190209_140934.jpg)

Reminds me of a certain /who/ser learning about this word for the first time



are you calling me a boomer



You are to me.



>ahegao face

Technically that's a redundancy similar to "PIN number", as the 顔 in アヘ顔 already means "face"!



hair shampoo



>I hate to be indelicate, but is that semen all over her face?

omg this fucking video


The first face this face saw.



wait, it's real??



Yes and it's CURSED, one of the boomers likes it and tries to do it


File: dc9eeab31ed6e6f⋯.png (212.23 KB, 373x319, 373:319, ah.png)



File: 99fc9f070eeb56d⋯.png (767.63 KB, 1170x606, 195:101, ha.png)





oh fucking hell now these are going to be posted over and over until they're indelible from our minds


embed it now neo


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

in exchange for the embed, i offer another video that neo will enjoy



make it worth my while



I know where I got this face, and I know what it's for!



didnt like that one


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Loved it, thanks! Here's the embed.


In the garden of eden honey

dont you know that I love youuu


File: 2965bbe3c2b550e⋯.png (181.64 KB, 378x371, 54:53, ha.png)

File: d33d44cf05df150⋯.png (182.53 KB, 338x425, 338:425, c2.png)

File: 57a00b6dc63abc4⋯.png (190.06 KB, 378x423, 42:47, c3.png)




>when someone tries to impersonate you on /who/


File: c28dcbec6fa1d1c⋯.png (397.8 KB, 585x280, 117:56, Capture.PNG)


forgot image



okay some of these are pretty good reaction images desu


I never forget a face.


File: bec398f60aab038⋯.png (339.99 KB, 471x315, 157:105, Capture.PNG)


Ahegao is cringe in 3d



There are two superfluous words in your post. Can you guess what they are



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



late stage capitalism



That’s the joke!



>it's okay if it's ironic!

both lego movies are absolute shite


File: a136d7f4aa2d568⋯.png (672.85 KB, 512x512, 1:1, original_result.png)




You haven't even seen the second one.



and i only saw about 15 minutes of the first one!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This [redacted]'s gonna get stuck inside Dilb's-

This [redacted]'s gonna get stuck inside Dilb's-

This [redacted]'s gonna get stuck inside Dilb's [redacted]


File: be06dd5544f1a81⋯.png (532.94 KB, 512x512, 1:1, The Doctor With No Eyes.png)

The Doctor With No Eyes



Watch Clone High



The Doctor With Two Breasts



this song is seriously about 10 years too late to be considered conventionally catchy, down to the t-pain feat. - what on earth were thinking?



>not making it a 10-hour loop


File: 6fe27554dfe1714⋯.png (415.37 KB, 512x512, 1:1, ten.png)



Tonnes of kids were singing it as I walked out the cinema.



notice the YT view count



The film quite literally came out today.



The song was uploaded last month.



The film quite literally came out today.



As a rule of thumb, if a film soundtrack single is released some time before a film comes out, and it isn't popping when the film actually comes out, it won't be a hit.


File: 057e0781cc88cfb⋯.jpg (15.85 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 70415a084870a05f090d136b3b….jpg)


Remember what this guy's for?



File: 2273d981935f06a⋯.jpg (63.6 KB, 640x391, 640:391, ratings.jpg)

very normal graph


you didn't explain what the dog was for



They had the comic license at one point



and doesn't that just scare you to death



Do you think S12 will get a boost from the show coming back after having been away so long? Or will it just flop because nobody cares anymore?


File: 1e9a3a42ac5fbd4⋯.png (135.93 KB, 512x384, 4:3, bart.png)


>a boost from the show coming back after having been away so long


File: 4b51e65d1d734b6⋯.jpg (95.4 KB, 750x500, 3:2, rr-composite-capybara.jpg)


File: 4c2f2d419a00c54⋯.jpg (80.2 KB, 1024x752, 64:47, tubbies1.jpg)


File: 7946b5c8bc77124⋯.jpg (14.38 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1445562096950.jpg)

Now watch me dilb (yuh)

Watch me nilso (okay)

Now watch me dilb, dilb

Watch me nilso (alright)




File: 04b2f0c61165370⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, let it fucking end.png)


>tfw get steamroll'd by Neo so many times you start to seriously reevaluate your own intelligence


File: c3a2d244298cf53⋯.gif (2.56 MB, 540x304, 135:76, 1549726170544.gif)

>Mum, I feel kinda funny wearing white. I mean… Milhouse…

>Oh, Milhouse doesn't count.


File: 38c68d2694b0172⋯.jpeg (131.47 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 98E88CDD-CD4B-4D95-B600-2….jpeg)


Remember when Big Finish covers didn't all need to have the guest actors' faces plastered on them?



Yeah, they're way better now


File: c54ea1c7a16c530⋯.jpg (201.87 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, DWMR014_theholyterror_1417….jpg)

Sometimes I remember that The Holy Terror, one of the best Doctor Who audios ever made, was released with this as its cover artwork.


File: e0e631933074fef⋯.jpg (82.58 KB, 730x1095, 2:3, 61314e8ae6f0fdffeb0e1e1d8a….jpg)

bark water


The first Doctor Who audio I listened to was The Renaissance Man. I'm in the minority that thought it was really good.



What are you trying to suggest?

that's better than some recent releases.


File: 66154d3869a0627⋯.png (422.38 KB, 1081x532, 1081:532, unknown.png)

hi /who/ i replaced my eyes what do you think?


File: b6188be63e9e307⋯.gif (984.43 KB, 245x184, 245:184, 6th_doctor_Frobisher.gif)


what's the problem? Frobisher contributed greatly in making that story so great

plus it make it look like it's a comedy which makes the conclusion even stronger



Frobisher and Iris are the fucking shit

Ricky Morty Tier feces



shut the fuck up Judy



triggered pal?



Absolutely fucking cursed


File: 80385a3a4f4a916⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 1535x1535, 1:1, 35 - ish.jpg)

File: f77c8232523a6fc⋯.jpg (54.22 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 26 - primeval.jpg)

File: 2dba2cc621011b5⋯.jpg (438.86 KB, 1417x1417, 1:1, 36 - The Rapture.jpg)

File: c6c570474b63321⋯.jpg (823.74 KB, 1425x1415, 285:283, 61 - faith stealer.jpg)

File: 8368c288a4144d0⋯.jpg (390.43 KB, 1417x1417, 1:1, 88 - Memory Lane.jpg)


a few examples of Big Finish old covers masterpiece, before they used that band which led to infinite shit fanart


Mandip is such a nice person. Listening to her episode on Brett Goldstein's podcast.


File: eda3bbf3cfc999a⋯.jpg (61.74 KB, 600x600, 1:1, dwmr052_scherzo_1417_cover….jpg)

File: 323cc20d7f65a20⋯.jpg (83.78 KB, 600x600, 1:1, dwmr054_thenaturalhistoryo….jpg)


The divergent universe covers are all good examples of stuff you'd never get on a nu-BF cover. Too minimalistic, not enough actor photos.



"The Natural History of Fear" holds for me the record of the largest pre-listening discrepancy between the cover and the title.

As if Mortimore wasn't already such a mind blower.




What's the worst BF cover?


I just found out some cursed information. View spoilered text at your own risk. Apparently there's a new fetish that involves sticking your cock in a watermelon and I'm a bit disturbed.


File: f5286ad3ee0ce6c⋯.jpg (40.19 KB, 318x315, 106:105, 13 - The Shadow of the Sco….jpg)

File: 4291e50cb958aa0⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 106 - the dark husband.jpg)

File: 4a8e07fd57ab911⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 108 - assassin in the lime….jpg)

File: e951492ce1abde0⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1417x1417, 1:1, 171 - The Seeds of War.jpg)

File: e8403ffb48c78b9⋯.jpg (481.62 KB, 2400x2400, 1:1, 1x05 - Phobos.jpg)


make your choice

that's from the range covers which are expected to be original.

I didn't include all the boxset covers which are basically lazy photoshop lining up of guests



the shadow of the scourge cover is fucking god-tier


File: 7212df0e8214181⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 111 - the doomwood curse.jpg)

File: c1f6ac4c6cf44f9⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 1417x1417, 1:1, 77 - Other Lives.jpg)


oh and there's those ones too (with charley getting brown hair here only for no fucking reason)

and of course there's 6's blue coat and hair which keep changing shade and length respectively, including during the same trilogy



honestly it is very well aligned to NA covers

the problem is : those were utter shit from the start



Nothing can get worse than the The doomwood curse




I actually think it's not bad and that it is perfect for Doctor Who



all the main range covers between 104 and 116 are the shittest. BF must have been really short of money at this time.



desu The Early Adventures for example have very good covers. They're also way better audios than the MR.



>this level of secrecy for something that was spoiled in marketing material a week before the episode aired



Isn't Big Finish just MR, eight doctor and Tennant?


File: 319c8b0f68617ba⋯.jpg (156.77 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 001_domain_of_the_voord_co….jpg)


Looks good


File: a13616a20741eb2⋯.jpg (133.65 KB, 600x600, 1:1, dwea0504_thecrashoftheuk20….jpg)


seems that doesn't hold anymore


How do you go from this >>209413 to this >>209414







>Buying Big finish


File: b484413ecd47774⋯.gif (997.08 KB, 245x280, 7:8, b484413ecd47774489350cc6c5….gif)


this noob


buying plastic



Maybe since it's in colour?



Might be the perfected logo



♫ it's fantastic 🎵


File: cfca4ac0734a59b⋯.png (16.56 KB, 176x170, 88:85, asdasd.png)


I only buy anti-plastic


File: 7791e99c5f3d434⋯.png (173.71 KB, 318x318, 1:1, DW111.png)



File: d0ef0b84ce86880⋯.jpg (161.11 KB, 600x600, 1:1, dwea0201_theyesmen_1417_co….jpg)

File: 9f4a9e523fe2c0c⋯.jpg (172.81 KB, 600x600, 1:1, bfpdwea09_age_of_endurance….jpg)

It's definitely the colour



So are you going to buy now annuals?




Yeah, I think I will. The Invasion from Space arrived today. $250 well-spent.


Doctor Who? More like Doctor Poo!!!


interesting opinion


File: 1a7cf12ea01b120⋯.gif (1.03 MB, 245x280, 7:8, 1549751009cas.gif)



fucking BASED (and redpilled)


Thinking about getting the following Main Range CDs as a bundle from a friend:

Absolution, The Mind's Eye, The Girl Who Never Was, The Bride of Peladon, The Condemned, The Dark Husband, The Haunting of Thomas Brewster, Assassin in the Limelight, The Death Collectors, The Boy That Time Forgot, The Doomwood Curse, Kingdom of Silver, Time Reef, Brotherhood of the Daleks, Forty-Five, The Raincloud Man, The Judgement of Isskar, The Destroyer of Delights, The Chaos Pool, The Magic Mousetrap, Enemy of the Daleks, The Angel of Scutari, The Company of Friends, Patient Zero, Paper Cuts, Blue Forgotten Planet, Castle of Fear, The Eternal Summer, Plague of the Daleks, A Thousand Tiny Wings, Survival of the Fittest, The Architects of History, City of Spires, The Wreck of the Titan, Legend of the Cybermen, Cobwebs, The Whispering Forest, The Cradle of the Snake, Project: Destiny, A Death in the Family, Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge, The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories, The Crimes of Thomas Brewster, The Feast of Axos, Industrial Evolution, Heroes of Sontar, Kiss of Death, Rat Trap, Robophobia, The Doomsday Quatrain, The Silver Turk, The Witch From the Well, Army of Death, The Curse of Davros, The Fourth Wall, Wirrn Isle, The Emerald Tiger, The Jupiter Conjunction, Protect and Survive, Black and White, Gods and Monsters, The Wrong Doctors, Spaceport Fear, The Seeds of War, Eldrad Must Die!, The Lady of Mercia, Prisoners of Fate, Persuasion, Daleks Among Us, 1963: Fanfare for the Common Men, 1963: The Space Race, 1963: The Assassination Games, Afterlife, Antidote to Oblivion, The Brood of Erys, Scavenger, Moonflesh, Tomb Ship, Masquerade, Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories, Revenge of the Swarm, Mask of Tragedy, Signs and Wonders, The Widow's Assassin, Masters of Earth, The Rani Elite, The Waters of Amsterdam, Aquitane, The Peterloo Massacre, And You Will Obey Me, Vampire of the Mind, and The Two Masters.


File: 40143b923dfad52⋯.png (3.66 MB, 1097x1360, 1097:1360, s-l1600.png)

File: 47d84cece6eedf1⋯.png (3.98 MB, 1163x1600, 1163:1600, s-l1600 (1).png)

>just bought this on ebay for 3 dollars

hell yeah




You can get anything nuwho book related on eBay for £3 and quite a bit more than just 1 book



Nobody cares



/who/ cares?


File: 3d98fe2e7e8dc82⋯.gif (238.02 KB, 485x422, 485:422, 1549655112886.gif)



I got this book when I was a kid

Does it have anything special in it that I should pull it out for?


See you on the TRAIL, Chibs!


File: 968cebc1e4a8ea1⋯.png (436.34 KB, 512x512, 1:1, WE CAN GO EVEN MORE SCRONC….png)


File: e74cf3ff4f6040f⋯.jpg (111.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, DW.606.720p.x265.yourserie….jpg)

How did you feel at this exact moment?


6B was when I clocked out of doctor who, and even though I kept watching out of obligation I didn’t feel any emotional investment again until Name



My young mind was blown as I had always went into it blind apart from reading the info in What's on TV



Confused, but excited.

Tbf its far from the greatest DW twist for me, but still pretty cool



Based! I wanted this book for ages



utopia moment


same desu


sea devils in s12


im pickle rick!



What will be the pickle rick of R&M S4?




hello doctor who


File: 716591e407eac70⋯.jpg (153.93 KB, 749x987, 107:141, 1544580304679.jpg)

File: f96cb4de6662210⋯.jpg (134.5 KB, 750x891, 250:297, 1544486646422.jpg)




this is fucking kino



if only the real movie would be this kino


fuck it, my dick stink

so what?



wash your penis


File: 5a80c5380d8a164⋯.jpg (99.54 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 1544487900611.jpg)





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


why is /r/relationshipadvice always about people in the most fucked up scenarios



Normal people experiencing normal things don't ask Reddit for help.


I [24/M] caught my fiance [26/F] drinking toilet water and it is effecting our relationship






i (30M) stole my girlfriend’s (26F) phone while she was sleeping (do not upvote)



File: aa4ade1a7dac771⋯.jpg (193.36 KB, 1167x1500, 389:500, s18.jpg)

If Series 11 were to get a "The Collection" style home release, what would appear on the cover alongside the Doctor?



tim shaw, the pting, rosa, and fucking rags



The Thijarians, a Kerblam Man, a frog on a chair, and King James.

Fuck Chibnall and fuck his episodes.


pornhub got me wanting a stepsister lowkey


My [39/M] girlfriend [32/F] doesn't believe that Trump colluded with Russia, and it's affecting my feelings for her


File: 06fdfce4dd45298⋯.png (283.41 KB, 500x608, 125:152, 1519092100135.png)


& that matters, why?


My [14/M] boyfriend [42/M] posts on a Doctor Who imageboard, and it's affecting my feelings for him



I read the thread and it was a self-admitted troll


File: d95dd87fc220673⋯.jpg (257.17 KB, 420x420, 1:1, bestmovieever.jpg)


File: 7f6cb54378032a9⋯.jpg (168.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0018.jpg)




imagine taking shitposting cues from Hunter


File: 510786749eeef98⋯.jpg (19.6 KB, 420x418, 210:209, 1508304738979.jpg)


Any excuse to bring out the hamster


File: a4c4e8917ffa302⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.43 KB, 800x600, 4:3, endme.jpg)

Found some cringe.


carl wheezer the penis squeezer


File: 0e60fb6c0dbe5fc⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.94 KB, 597x960, 199:320, Blank _be0459de2d13874da3b….jpg)




File: 02400291aec1e00⋯.jpg (489.39 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, p1.jpg)

File: 8bc0dccbf7f8d7a⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, p5.png)

File: a0dbf5e94dc1e6a⋯.png (3.21 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, p6.png)

File: 3d0fb41b620f5c9⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1696x1080, 212:135, p7.png)

NotD is kino


File: 811c3f1969ea5f8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.71 KB, 800x600, 4:3, fml.jpg)




Does this rainbow OC have a name?



Leave this general and never come back.



Uhhh… yes… the deviantArt account that posted these lists it as… ahem… Yaoi Totoro… I feel like I may have fallen down a rabbit hole.



i just momentarily unhid a hunter post and god i instantly regretted it so much


hunter the hedgehog



We don't respect anime around here.


File: e3b1cb64a3fe029⋯.jpg (131.74 KB, 800x873, 800:873, d49g2a4-501cfd25-32c5-415b….jpg)


File: 49a116352a4a795⋯.jpg (69.09 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, hunter_the_hedgehog_by_don….jpg)


File: 468365e82794121⋯.png (26.56 KB, 699x671, 699:671, dclxbnz-e7422fa3-33fb-42df….png)


File: e0fdfa72605d549⋯.jpg (115 KB, 320x475, 64:95, 18280-hunter-the-hedgehog.jpg)


File: 3c9a35154d611fc⋯.jpg (21.81 KB, 510x380, 51:38, transcoder.jpg)



>Rules are meant to be followed

genuinely picturing Hunter saying this unironically



Just wait till /who/ Cares Series 12 and beyond. It'll be my catchphrase.


Hunter post your shelves again



I will once I get more of them. The only new one in my collection is The Invasion from Space.



>rules are meant to be followed.

did the creator think this was edgy when he wrote it?




Hunter make your sonic OC so we can add it to the chart


Hunter make yourself in the Family Guy character creator



It can sometimes be edgy. Look at Tenya Iida's demise in the Stain arc of BNHA.



Imagine male Louis. There you go.



>Boku no Hero Academia

Cringe beyond comprehension



lol u have a sandwich nose?


File: 589725f37ebf96c⋯.jpeg (216.38 KB, 941x1180, 941:1180, 5DC91BA3-4230-4FF1-9063-A….jpeg)

One time a girl in my second grade class drew me as Sonic. Just found the drawing after 12 years of looking for it, and at just the right time.

It aged poorly.



As far as sonic recolors go, you can do a lot worse


File: cd18e3222d50d3a⋯.png (538.51 KB, 487x862, 487:862, Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at ….png)

Throwback to when I made the best meme but no one cared since it was pretty eclectic.


File: 4cb39fd6786c1bf⋯.gif (472.17 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 4cb39fd6786c1bf5e3ebe30881….gif)



I made that gif, also thats me tonight



doesn't it hurt your neck to lie down like that?



I switch positions every now and then. Most of the time I sit back but if I'm kinda tired I'll lie down.



I had the chair perpendicular to the bed and angled the laptop so I could lie on my back and watch. It's hot most months so I'd also use my doona as a large pillow



>tfw it's hot but you try and use the doona anyway because you like the weight of it and end up all sweaty in the morning


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Wrapping tea towels over ice packs fresh out of the freezer to hold to yourself while watching doctor who


Let's Kill Hitler is bad.


Let's [redacted] Neo



Let's "elab" a certain /who/ser with a giant concrete slab



I want to [redacted] neo until he's run out of [redacted]




I think you get the picture



Colour in the lines.


File: 93884bac61e5f6e⋯.jpg (124.59 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 74fa5b46543078274a4dd67ea5….jpg)


>William Russell mentioned at a con that he’s most likely done with Big Finish (as much as he loves doing it), though he is certainly open to maybe doing more if asked. It was noted that it’s an exhausting process for him though and at his age, it’s just simply rather difficult, which is certainly understandable. (Someone noted that doing a simple convention panel took it out of him).

>Claire Vousden is playing a role as the ‘Leader of the Sensorites’ in an upcoming story. Furthermore, going to her website indicates the story is called “Susan’s War.” The fact it’s directed by Lisa Bowerman indicates either a Companion Chronicle or Early Adventure (I’m going to guess the former though, and to make a wild guess wilder, I’m going to guess that this is the story with William Russell).

>The Season 18 Boxset has been delayed by two weeks, meaning it'll be out in March. One day a boxset will come out on time.

>Eccleston's biography is now available for preorder

>Terry Molloy recently recorded some stuff, most likely for a Blu-Ray set. But which season? 21? 22? 25? (Chris Chapman also confirmed that every boxset for 2019 is being worked on, with pre-production being done on 2020’s set. Sadly, there’s fairly minimal banking of special features though).


we got teh foam!!!



I was "foam"ing at the mouth after enduring Chibnall's latest series.


Bluepill me on Kinda.



It's the best Davison episode!


File: ec1571bb859fb0a⋯.jpg (306.28 KB, 636x649, 636:649, marco polo disc.jpg)


File: d1ed50e973ed2ce⋯.png (131.38 KB, 271x259, 271:259, 1500179618983.png)

>tfw have never seen the doctor who episode titled "Kinda"


File: 85b26820e433e38⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1253x874, 1253:874, porg.png)



I'm still verged


File: 98f77e6d1fac6f8⋯.jpg (447.61 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 1509257403676.jpg)




Marco Polo should always be missing as a symbolic cancel for the white people dressed up as asians



Just like Us! She gets the (single) scoop!



Who is the target audience for this type of messaging? Who is actually impressed by politicians doing such trivialities in an artificial "look they're acting just like a commoner" photo op?





but ping cho


? why. its kino and i say that as not a davison fan.


>Chris Pratt is cancelled

fucking finally, he was always a creep


File: b833c284d09c2e8⋯.jpg (99.72 KB, 451x650, 451:650, 1549761620337.jpg)

>up against shazam and hellboy

>i-it totally wont b-bomb!

tick tock marvelstans



Why is he cancelled? Did the fact he's always been devoutly religious just get found out by the wrong person?



>? why. its kino and i say that as not a davison fan.

just havent gotten around to it. i'm not avoiding it for a meme or anything



Yeah people have finally started verging at his Hillsong-iness, in the context of Hillsong being homophobic.


File: 3de6986a32cea6c⋯.jpg (176.04 KB, 1022x767, 1022:767, madp1goz2kf21.jpg)

The MCU totally isn't misandrist!



Hillsong is one of the less homophobic churches though, they're big on being progressive and accepting and don't go out of their way to target gay people (they still don't allow actively gay people to work for them but I don't think you'll find many churches that do)



That being said it's still fair to be upset at that stance, but it's going into "religion can't exist/has to change" territory and good luck with that



Is that really a hill to die on skelly? Normies are lapsing in celebrity worship because they're thinking about what it means to worship someone promoting an anti-LBGT institution. My position here has less meaning and endevability than yours but any instance of celebrities and Christianity being critically examined by normies is a good thing in my book.




I'm not attempting to die on anything, I just think it's an unwinnable battle because thanks to the concept of religious freedom, the framework for challenging religious practices like that doesn't exist



People aren't asking Chris Pratt to change Hillsong's stance, they're mad at/disgusted with Chris Pratt for being okay with it/implicitly promoting it (perhaps more than implicitly, based on some rumours). Was getting churches to recognise interracial marriage an unwinnable battle?


>Carl Lentz, who leads the New York branch, came under fire for saying in 2015 that homosexuality is a sin

would this not just cancel all Christians by default then?


>Pratt attends Hillsong Church, which other celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber have also flocked to.

new targets



There's a difference between your Christian aunt who belongs to a religion that dictates homosexuality is a sin, and a Christian leader explicitly stating it. And yes it's silly for people to forget the fact in the first place, but normies waking up to it and getting mad over it is not a bad thing, it's literally the opposite.


Doctor Who: Dark Fate


File: 155e4ef6336eefa⋯.jpg (32.87 KB, 659x463, 659:463, gvR2OhL.jpg)

File: 939e91332cd182b⋯.jpg (129.82 KB, 612x459, 4:3, DakkzC4.jpg)


File: 59cbf8c65ae1389⋯.png (74.37 KB, 201x194, 201:194, ClipboardImage.png)

when the new 11th doctor funko pop you ordered arives



I'm not well read on the issue at all, but I've never heard of a part of the bible that suggests interracial marriage is a sin. Looking at the wikipedia article about it seems to suggest that it was just religious people being conservative and racist rather than something actually backed up by doctrine. So it's easier for those cultural convictions to have been worn down over time compared to something people have actual religious convictions over.


That's what I'm mostly trying to get at. I don't see a path for christians to change their deeply held bible-driven beliefs (even if other interpretations exist that attempt to nullify it) - or other religions, for that matter. When what's understood to be an explicit condemnation exists in their fundamental doctrine (especially on an issue like sex which a lot of religions have strong convictions about and consider to be some of the most important rules), there is no path for that to be changed without methods that they will retaliate against and won't work.


>There's a difference between your Christian aunt who belongs to a religion that dictates homosexuality is a sin, and a Christian leader explicitly stating it

I don't see a meaningful difference when it ultimately comes down to the fact that they both still believe it. Even if it's hidden in private, you still assume and/or know it's what they think.

There are varying degrees ranging from "I respectfully disagree but you do you" to "fags deserve to die" though.


File: 65ca41f8f018f42⋯.png (412.26 KB, 488x461, 488:461, ClipboardImage.png)

who was in the wrong here?


the political nihilist strikes again!



ryan for not making a funnier face



>they both still believe it

There are many, many Christians who do not personally believe homosexuality is a sin. Yes you can rules lawyer about them belonging to a religion that does and therefore they do institutionally or whatever, or that it's cowardly or nonsensical or however else someone non-religious might take a person belonging to a religion with views contradictory to their own is, but it's the truth for millions and millions of Christians. I am not defending Christianity. I hate Christianity. I think remaining part of an institution that is anti-LBGT while not being anti-LBGT yourself is problematic in so many ways. But it's the truth for a very significant portion of people.

>I've never heard of a part of the bible that suggests interracial marriage is a sin. Looking at the wikipedia article about it seems to suggest that it was just religious people being conservative and racist rather than something actually backed up by doctrine. So it's easier for those cultural convictions to have been worn down over time compared to something people have actual religious convictions over.

Look, skelly this just doesn't seem to be an institution you really understand or have much knowledge of. It is not impossible for churches to change their views to accommodate change socially. There are plenty of things to doomsday about organised religion but 'it can never change because of [rules lawyering] and therefore Hillsong deserves some defending' is a very incoherent one.


File: 4071002f8ba158a⋯.png (14.94 MB, 1825x2145, 365:429, om7di3mydmf21.png)

Would you buy it, /who/?



>Classic Who in general, while enjoyable, doesn't hold a candle to NuWho. There's loads of interesting stories and the performances of the Doctors are usually great, but the acting from everyone else (often including companions) is regularly dreadful and the episodes themselves are so padded out it's almost unbearable at times. I can overlook poor effects as that's undoubtedly part of the charm, but poor acting and pacing makes it really difficult to get immersed in or stay engaged with the story.

Well, /who/?


File: 82d71b48b7097e4⋯.png (52.52 KB, 808x521, 808:521, kek.png)



Classhit Who is only worth watching to relive childhood nostalgia.



The N8 didn't get into Doctor Who at all until 2013. Now he's watched all of Classic Who. What's your judgement?



Lets kill reddit


dwe of the dorito pope?



>There are many, many Christians who do not personally believe homosexuality is a sin

I would argue that they're a statistical minority and most those ones are 'not true christians', using their interpretation of the bible to back that up.

It's not just rules, it's their fundamental beliefs and way of life. It's the culture they live in, and they perceive any attempts to change it as an attack on them that they will resist and fight back on. The issue isn't "this won't work because that's the rules", it's "this won't work because they aren't open to change because they have strongly held convictions defined by old static text". They see people trying to adjust or change their beliefs as enemies, a lot of them probably interpret it as literally satan or demons influencing people to stop them in their quest to spread righteousness in the sinful world. The method to break that narrative doesn't exist.

The best chance is younger generations becoming disengaged with religion even if they were brought up in it (statistically I think that is what's happening), but even that is a slow multi-generational thing that won't change anything short-term.


File: f34696f0aabffb7⋯.jpg (30.12 KB, 500x355, 100:71, captainmarvel.jpg)

Kept you waiting huh



Waiting to be entertained, and it never happened!



It sounds like they just described nuwho desu



most believe those ones*


dwe of captain marvel? the MCU one.


File: d5d4f3919e2b2cf⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.45 KB, 960x540, 16:9, unspoilerme.jpg)



what was behind 11's door

because it was retconned and people accepted it


Will the poly/who/le see the Captain Marvel (mcu one) together?




Which ship is this?


File: 9bdbcd3a4d14bec⋯.jpg (22.05 KB, 432x612, 12:17, bertolt-brecht-pic.jpg)


>makes it really difficult to get immersed

insert relevant jack graham rant



All of them. At the same time.


File: fd52e8430c75a2e⋯.jpg (407.3 KB, 963x768, 321:256, mirrorsliveshere.jpg)

American 'culture'…



>McDonald's Restaurant

as opposed to a McDonald's…?



McDonald's Restaurant | McCafe


File: 162b2cffe58aab2⋯.jpg (206.3 KB, 1200x802, 600:401, trump mcdonalds 1.jpg)

File: 5a576d894b96bf7⋯.jpg (180.6 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, trump mcdonalds 2.jpg)


Back in 1971, we opened our first restaurant in the Sydney suburb of Yagoona. Today there are over 97000 McDonald's restaurants across Australia.


Reports indicated that McCafé outlets generated 15% more revenue than a regular McDonald's and, by 2003, were the largest coffee shop brand in Australia and New Zealand.


File: bfd35b160dd61a3⋯.png (53.53 KB, 774x256, 387:128, hahahahahaha.png)




>half of one percent

did that ever get renegotiated?



The whole 'history' there is an incredibly absurd twisting/reduction of the bitter treachery and fighting between Kroc and the brothers.



I’ve never had coffee in my life



So fucking stupid and wrong but I shan't rise to clickbait!!!


File: cb10bcd2a5701d7⋯.png (107.64 KB, 268x402, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


have you seen pic related? the whole story is really interesting



Yeah I really enjoyed it.



Needed more exposition! t. saward


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Another good telling of the Kroc story



I imagine he got into it to better understand the community and eu content. I can't judge since I enjoy both of those a lot



How do we "fix" N8?


Scifi = bad

Fantasy/Drama = good



Generally this.



A redpill yes, but by no means a hard one to swallow.


File: 0327d5dfa7d7244⋯.png (45.49 KB, 259x194, 259:194, bluepill.png)


Game of Thrones: The Long Night | The Witcher | Amazon's The Lord of the Rings: Adventures of Aragorn | His Dark Materials | The Wheel of Time | Gormenghast | Before the Kingkiller's Chronicle | The Broken Earth



Name 3 extraordinary scifi episodes



Flatline, World Enough and time, Tsuranga


File: db5de7a60bf2419⋯.jpg (36.13 KB, 763x435, 763:435, Christopher_H_Bidmead.jpg)




Warrior's Gate


dilbs milkers

tits tits



Tit's k0 and doesn't appreciate such tomfoolery.



turn that k0 the other way around and it becomes "ok", meaning "yes it's ok for you to say those things"



um actually it becomes 0ꓘ which is meaningless


what exactly do we mean when we talk about his milkers



It would be more specific to say "milker" in the singular




It looks like they photoshopped her face to be smaller on her head, like Smallfat.



Basically true.


hello EU? we’d like to renegotiate our brexit agreement thanks




I actually do live there, in fact, I live in the back of that quiznos


Right that confirms it. @MrJohnDorney Is my favourite @bigfinish writer. Divorced, Beheaded, Regenerated was *amazing*. Audiodrama owns my heart. 🎶I'm Henry the 8th, I am, I am🎶 🤣


North America, online. United Kingdom, online. France, online. India, online. Pakistan, online. China, online. North Korea, online. All systems locked and coordinated. Launching in ten


File: 6e58fa249e8266f⋯.jpg (57.47 KB, 768x423, 256:141, 1549642216799.jpg)


Could the Doctor touch an Empty Child since he's not human?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For a certain /who/ser.


File: 57c9932bcc20e96⋯.jpg (111.65 KB, 800x533, 800:533, bacon-egg-and-cheese-grill….jpg)


whos actually defending liam neeson? i feel like thats prime opportunity for some new cancellations



How many years ago was the incident?





Sorry, Mirrors can’t come to the thread right now.


Oh, ‘cause he’s dead!



mirrors’s gay


mirrors' here





I've always been here. So have you. We've always been trapped in this general.


File: 58ee71c285b8704⋯.jpg (94.97 KB, 1011x1024, 1011:1024, k3-kussen-k3-40x40-cm.jpg)







What’s a girl you’re attracted to?



my It's Complicated.


File: 84d7cfa5c8374f0⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1160x861, 1160:861, 1549791939388.png)









>sugar milk


bright syrupy treats

bright loud cartoons

happy happy happy


File: 1e69a90d172ceb1⋯.jpg (396.89 KB, 1889x1889, 1:1, soy milk.jpg)


me happy

watch cartoon man say the funny line

but weed cos i an adult lol


colourful candies and cartoons

no bad feelings no bad thoughts

laugh laugh laugh


File: 4b645ec0e9d2022⋯.jpg (175.03 KB, 1080x1798, 540:899, 48051470_10218423389642863….jpg)




I thought the people who watched rick and morty were constantly mad because there's female writers.


File: fee7f6b16d0e742⋯.jpg (139.04 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1543988232824.jpg)


*deep breaths*

Excuse me…

*ting ting*

*feedback sounds from microphone*

Ahem….. Ladies and gentlemen….

*clears throat*

*audience quiets down*

….. /who/sers of the board…..

*grabs microphone in one hand*

…..Thank you, I just have one thing to say….

*adjusts tie*




>he thinks that ‘soy boy’ is an insult because they’re calling you a hipster



File: 84e744152898652⋯.jpg (111.05 KB, 1791x932, 1791:932, 1549771784034.jpg)


You're listening to a Big Finish pro-cuck-sin.


Choose Who

Choose GallifreyBase, Reddit, 8chan and hope that someone, somewhere cares

Choose looking up old RTD episodes, wishing you’d done it all differently

And choose watching history repeat itself

Choose your future

Choose Chibnall, Scratchman, Big Finish

Choose a 4 hour box set, a guileless monthly nostalgia tour of shite

And choose the same for your kids, only worse, and smother the pain with an uninspired dose of an uninspired script made in somebody’s bathroom

And then… watch Deep Breath

You’re an addict, so be addicted

Just be addicted to something else

Choose the ones you love

Choose your future

Choose Who








File: 9212aec2771e5f8⋯.mp4 (6.73 KB, 224x112, 2:1, ttt.mp4)


File: c29777e431699e5⋯.mp4 (8.46 MB, 834x478, 417:239, sad_black_kid_dances_to_ba….mp4)

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