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"/who/ Cares?" podcast on Series 11: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz80wZ00_JjSaS2ZRrno1Pg

File: 4b10183140eba6a⋯.jpg (91.64 KB, 530x700, 53:70, 4b10183140eba6a54c62616205….jpg)


Why has nobody made a new thread yet edition

Full - >>211123


Remember to not reply to him. The thread can go perfectly well. Let's make that happen.


How do we "fix" Let's Kill Hitler?



11 shows Hitler the error of his ways and Hitler has a redemption arc


File: ba19c12cc4de2d5⋯.png (169.63 KB, 438x445, 438:445, spirit animal.png)

Reposting for the new thread.



Stop provoking them.



I just thought, since I spoiled the image last time, that I should post it again. Not trying to make anyone mad. It just took a bit of effort to make that.



You consistently show no willingness to actually fit in here, and instead continually provoke people more and more.


Thoughts on how they could progress 13's character in Series 12?



starts with R



Literally no one here cares about the "effort" you put in to photoshop Pickle Rick onto a cartoon of Adam Connover, itself a reminder of the time you photoshopped Pickle Rick onto a dox picture of yourself, which you reposted with face not that many threads ago. You show no willingness to actually fit in here.



What would "fitting in here" look like, honestly?



>It just took a bit of effort to make that.

lol why do you think anybody here would care

do people on your discords care about that? maybe go there



Doing that at this time means you're just going to bring up the exact same discussion that was happening at the end of the last thread.

It's not exactly a style of humor that matches with /who/ either.



there is a certain /who/ser I would like to fit in


He needs to just be banned already, for his own good as much as everyone else's. It's clearly not going to work out. It hasn't gotten any better. It's only gotten worse.



This. It's just painful at this point. Surely there are better communities for him than here.




Inclusiveness but we pick and choose

>but not you mr Trump



Inclusiveness but we pick and lerick



Fuck off Judy, literally nobody is talking about Trump.


Hunter you need to fucking leave, you're clearly not listening to anyone here, kind or otherwise.




We've had "owl-posting", "taiga-posting", "GAMERS RISE UP" posting, "nilso-posting" and its variations, plus jokes about Captain Marvel…all were not Who-related memes (tho they were /who/). Why are you picking on only Hunter's memes?





literally what the fuck are you talking about



I'd be willing to listen if you were to give me another option besides "leave."



>picking on

GI, Hunter constantly derails threads to be about himself one way or another, and posting photoshops of Pickle Rick no one else cares about, and most people know from him infamously photoshpping onto a dox photo of himself, is not something people are going to take to. He's been told this dozens of times. It is not comparable to /who/sers communally laughing at gamers.



>people already forget the earlier days of 8chan /who/



I'm not someone who's picking on hunter, I'm just stating that pickle rick photoshopped onto a cartoon adam isn't something that will cause many people here to laugh



Stop writing off the option.



What is so unthinkable about leaving? People do it all the time.



it is called saiga,

capibaras and raccoons

but owls?



If your barometer for /who/ is some obscure meme from here that literally nobody else remembers, you're not exactly much of an authority on the humour here.


It's actually a bit sad that people don't remember owlposting



"Hunter's memes" diagnoses the problem - they're only used by him, they don't resonate with anyone


A Target for Tommy / A Second Target for Tommy is back on the Obverse website, guys!



This. He's like in his own little world constantly hitting /who/'s and neither likes the interaction.



Why ignore me?



Hunter, we don't talk about tommy here




Or saiga-posting. (i got the name wrong)




I asked you a question Hunter, why did you just completely ignore it?


File: 35dfd036726405b⋯.jpg (73.74 KB, 756x574, 54:41, K8xeREA.jpg)

>owlposting? what's owlposting?



It's not saiga-posting, it's very occasionally Neo will sometimes use a saiga as a reaction image when it made sense in context. That is not comparable at all to Hunter spamming memes he makes that nobody else ever responds to, and that flat out tell him to stop doing.




We can talk about it…just only discuss LEGAL options of buying, like Hunter did.

I remember liking Target For Tommy



there was a time that was not that occasional


Look what his presence has already done to this thread. It is not working out for him or for here. I know for a fact he is part of at least one community that genuinely likes and accepts him, on Discord, and that talks about obscure DW stuff all the time. That is the place for him. Not here.



You're not the janny and don't get to tell us what we can talk about.



He's staying on-topic, I think.



The janny has never banned people for not talking about Doctor Who, this place has always been open to talking about whatever. He's not winning any points for ignoring anons asking him legitimate questions.




What? No I didn't. Literally not the faintest fucking idea what you are talking about.



>You told me

uhhh do you understand how the whole 'anonymous' business works

it's not all the one person hunter……



Thought you were >>211926



I asked you a legitimate question. Why is leaving /who/ so out of the question for you? I am genuinely asking you this. Ignoring me says a lot more about you than it does me.



…why would you think that



Why do you always ignore this point: >>211933

>he is part of at least one community that genuinely likes and accepts him, on Discord, and that talks about obscure DW stuff all the time


Thanks for the great thread Hunter!



Like the solitract?


File: 08e96d8d3eef46e⋯.png (4.94 KB, 251x100, 251:100, ClipboardImage.png)

When was the first Hunter post?


File: 7525dfd009ad53e⋯.png (294.67 KB, 829x663, 829:663, 7525dfd009ad53ef5084960076….png)

Janny banned 3 entire countries already

Just to inform I am using South Korea's now


Any filming updates?



Because I don't want to. Simple as that. I want to enjoy the discourse of everyone's differing DW opinions, but people here make it a little bit difficult pretending that I'm some sort of transphobe. I don't, however, think it's TOO difficult. I've learned how to navigate.


Wasn't there a post a while back about having me branch out? You must have missed that one.

Now, back to Doctor Who stuff. What's the worst Series 3 episode and why is it 42?



Not that I know of, I think they're still in south africa so there aren't exactly many people around to take set photos



One option that allows you to stay here would be to stop using a trip. If people aren't informed by your posts being labelled, they're much less likely to immediately react and derail the thread because of you.



You do realize it is actual trans people telling you they find you transphobic right? You don't get to decide that you aren't offending, irritating, or hurting them.



err… Fear her?



This would be a good compromise.



That's Series 2.



>What's the worst Series 3 episode and why is it 42?

Ahh man. I like 42, not least because of the "Martha calls her mom while floating into the sun" scene.



oh fuck



You could even argue using a trip immediately, even at all, as he has demonstrates an unwillingness to fit in here. His style of brute forcing whatever he likes or feels when people here clearly don't respond well to it is the crud of all the issues.



What is your opnion on Sandifer?



…you are basing your entire dismissal of people genuinely pointing out you are part of communities that are a better fit for you than here in every single way in one post that may have once happened, that nobody else can remember.



He always fixates on single posts as authorities for some reason. But not when they're from trans people. Wonder why.



Many people here don't want you here. You are never going to win them over. You putting yourself above all of them is selfish.



Isn't Lazarus Experiment considered a bad Series 3 ep? (I remember reading comments from rationalists who were into "anti-deathism" and using cryonics to extend life were pissed at the scene where Ten condemns Gattis' character for trying to "unnaturally" be immortal.)



All I know is that Sandifer had a podcast with a friend of mine, and that she doesn't like the EDAs. I should try getting into more Sandifer stuff.



The Daleks 2 parter don't work for me at all



>friend of mine




It works for me, but that's because I can tolerate cheesiness.


File: 98c3fdb639f2f36⋯.png (1008.16 KB, 1100x615, 220:123, ClipboardImage.png)

A doctor with this style


S3 has a lot of bad episodes and is more fondly remembered than it should be because of a few episodes in the second half



yeah, if you like s11, you would like that

but I havent watched it since first airing


They're estimating around 500,000 cattle killed in the recent floods



Having "Human Nature" 2-parter made the whole thing look better.



What percentage is that?



AOC approves



What fucking braindead kind of post is this



MLA says the last count was 28 million in QLD so about 2%. Some farms lost everything. The cows either drown in 2m of rain or die of hypothermia in high winds and below 20 celsius temperatures



her green plan was to exterminate the cows, to reduce pooping



Fuck off Judy.



I misread. 11 million in QLD closer to 20%



Are our food supplies going to be fucked now?



We're in for a world of pain over our next few decades. Fortunately our government denies climate change.



They'll be voted out pretty soon at least



The 28 million was for all of Australia. It's only going to fuck the farmers since each cow is worth hundreds of dollars.



The ALP is better but hardly our saviors. It's so fucked.


I wish the Greens were less lib and more focused on rural areas as a green party could really do a killing in the years to come.


File: 7596b6d598ce568⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 2655x2849, 2655:2849, 1550105660065.jpg)



File: d4444600dc75827⋯.jpg (70.46 KB, 800x558, 400:279, 1550111130652.jpg)

she's right you know


File: d84b231be91266f⋯.jpg (446.31 KB, 720x810, 8:9, 1509945596514.jpg)


File: f127b2279c443e2⋯.webm (2.72 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, simpsons memes.webm)



Husband admitted he’s been paying for nudes. Is this normal? (self.relationship_advice)


Why hasn't Moffat made a Weeping Angels movie yet?



Do you like Trump tweets?


File: 070d70825be19be⋯.png (109.92 KB, 607x621, 607:621, rato wall.png)

Do you like Cruz tweets?



I don't like any tweets


Hey guys. If any of you are interested, a few people I know very well made this charity anthology. It includes tons of short stories by well-known DW authors, and orders have been open for a month or two. Friday is the final day to get a copy. Check it out: https://unboundadventuresintimeandspace.bigcartel.com/



el chapo go on chapo



Stop advertising.



You didn't respond to direct questions I asked you last time you were in thread. Why?




whats wrong with twitter

it has redpills





I just wanted to help a good cause. I don't see why that's a bad thing, advertising a book some friends made.



I use twitter to read tweets I'm interested in but I don't like or retweet




Why are you ignoring /who/sers trying to have a conversation with you? Why do you think you're better than /who/?



Why are you using a tripcode?



I remember when he promised to stop using it. That didn't last long.



I'd rather talk about Doctor Who on /who/ rather than myself.



Then why use a tripcode



then why are you using a fucking trip hunter


File: 6dcd9965fa507de⋯.png (14.56 KB, 527x309, 527:309, trips.png)




Okay, that made me laugh. Good job.



I wasn't asking for your congratulations, I was asking you a legitimate question which you're continuing to ignore.



why are you using a trip if you dont want any discussion about yourself

you could make this ALL GO AWAY if you stopped using a trip




I can think of a certain "rah".


File: 44757ecc04a49cc⋯.jpg (32.97 KB, 309x450, 103:150, 297553.jpg)



>I'd be willing to listen if you were to give me another option besides "leave."

>people suggest another option: dropping his trip (>>211951)

>Hunter doesn't respond


File: 708c19d3b1e365d⋯.png (788.99 KB, 798x866, 399:433, trump golf simulator.png)

guess whos a gamer!


>it's revealed just how committed she is to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after starring in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame later this year

>the Oscar-winning actress has signed a seven-picture contract so that means she's lined up for at least five more movies after the two mentioned above. It's no great surprise that Larson has been asked to commit to the role for the foreseeable future because Marvel Studios always locks people in for the long haul.

>Something that surely helped is the fact that Larson has netted a cool $5 million for starring in the origin story which hits theaters on March 8th. That ten times the amount Robert Downey Jr. scored for Iron Man in 2008 and $3 million more than what Chadwick Boseman landed for Black Panther despite the fact he'd already starred in Captain America: Civil War.

Are you prepared for nearly a decade of Captain Brie Larson?




Tells you all you need to know.


Neo very openly flirting with Eden for Valentines' Day


I ship it.



I'll consider the option. I just have to weigh everything and make a decision.



What is there to be weighed?



What is there to weigh? Does posting with a name add anything of positive value to your discussions here?



Just drop the fucking trip and end all the drama. People won't associate your past transphobia and bizarre politics and terrible memes with future posts you make if you just don't feel the need to attach your name (your REAL FUCKING NAME I might add, and i'm not even mentioning youve posted your real fucking face in association with that name here before) to every thought you have here like it's that fucking important.



You said your reason for being here is you want to see another side of Doctor Who discussion. Using your trip here actively stifles that discussion, as you can see by what you do to a thread literally every time you post with the trip.



A certain /who/ser's pretzel gut


File: f935347024e1e9a⋯.jpg (46.29 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ohmyword.jpg)

>i wonder how /who/ is doing now




The OP image is an accurate representation of the thread



omfg that's cute as hell



>almost clicked like in appreciation of the quite sweet and somewhat forward romantic gesture

>realize just in time that I can't let /who/ know I'm on twitter, let alone what my twitter handle is

wew lad


The Hunter Redpill: It's still going to be obvious which posts are his even with his trip off.



He would at least have a chance of blending in



It'd still be worth it.



It's undeniable it would improve things for him and for us though, even though a post now and again would be obviously him. He'd get so many more ontopic replies, and the people verged by stuff he's said wouldn't have the reason to rage.


File: aeba888f73e79ca⋯.png (8.41 KB, 745x190, 149:38, aeba888f73e79ca7c92fcb4c3e….png)




Let's take a step back in time. When I first got on /who/ I was an anon, but people kept trying to impersonate me or make fun of my awkwardness. I donned a Trip to make it so my posts did not get made fun of or ridiculed. Now, no one's impersonating me, no one is trying to slander my name. They all stopped. It worked. I think that, if I were to become an anon again, it would just circle back into never-ending drama. It would be much worse than what's going on now.



You don't know that and in fact I can assure you that would not happen.



Everyone just wants it to end now. You were a novelty back when that happened, now you are an active frustration. Nobody will want to resurrect that drama and the few that do will be ignored. The way forward is to drop your trip, it is the closest thing to making everyone happy that is possible. You get to stay on /who/. People get to be not reminded of your past posts.



>When I first got on /who/ I was an anon, but people kept trying to impersonate me or make fun of my awkwardness.

You were not an anon at all, you used a name. What we're proposing is that you use no name at all.


>I donned a Trip to make it so my posts did not get made fun of or ridiculed

But that has still been happening, even with your trip

>no one is trying to slander my name

How do you feel about the constant accusations of transphobia?



>I donned a Trip to make it so my posts did not get made fun of or ridiculed.

You cannot seriously be implying that that is working. The trip experiment has failed Hunter, it has made everything worse. It is time to try something else.



>When I first got on /who/ I was an anon

No you weren't, you were a nameanon. The point of what people are saying you should do is that you would be entirely anonymous, which is the expectation in chan culture and the default here.

>I donned a Trip to make it so my posts did not get made fun of or ridiculed

Jesus Christ, clearly that is not working man

>no one is trying to slander my name.

Because you constantly drag your own foot in it. You constantly say shit people fixate on and it doesn't go away because it is ALWAYS attached to that name and tripcode next to ALL of your posts.

>I think that, if I were to become an anon again

You never even gave it a decent shot in the first place.

>It would be much worse than what's going on now.

You are the very last person to be able to say that. People are telling you what is best.



>I donned a Trip to make it so my posts did not get made fun of or ridiculed.



Prediction: Hunter will begrudgingly drop the trip, but keep using the Big Finish flag, effectively changing next to nothing and prolonging everything about the current drama.

Hunter when people say go anon they mean nothing in the name field, nothing in the flag field. Anonymous.


do you condemn tripism?




you like tripping



unrelated to current thread direction but thoughts on >>212038 ? would you consider providing flowers


Say what you will about Skelly but he is always anonymous and does listen to suggestions people make of him. He wouldn't ignore such a multitude of posts, replies, points like Hunter is doing.



>would you consider providing flowers

I would be honored.



That's true. Like the time he made a Twitter at our insistence.



t. Skelly



he would recognise broken logic and hypocrisy if pointed out to him and change his behaviour accordingly, just like hunterf is NOT doing with >>212043 >>212045






I honestly commend Skelly for that, his tongue-in-cheek humour on his Twitter is very funny and admirable.



I really, really hope this post isn't Hunter doing this: >>212047



you ship it? good

/who/ could do with something fun and positive like that again



That wasn't me.


im het



I would reread the post that anon linked and really consider it. Remember I can see what you post. I do not out people posting with or without trip or anything like that. If you take the advice of the many UIDs advocating you drop the trip and flag, I will not "out" any of the posts you make anonymously in future. I would seriously consider what people are advising you to do.


File: 991819b22aed79e⋯.jpg (41.54 KB, 750x726, 125:121, DzUdv53U0AAc4vV.jpg)

>tfw been in the old thread this entire time



I'll consider it. I'll be back in a bit, just one sec.



kino desu


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>I'll be back in a bit, just one sec.

uhh was anyone asking



are you dilb? how are you taking the whole valentines debacle


File: 05b6b42600a9d75⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1280x1313, 1280:1313, HjgUCHF.png)

mfw hunter might actually be dropping trip, name, and flag



this is the best news /who/ could get outside of new /who/ cares


/who/ cares Angspecial 01: ft. hunter



UID change



Hunter, "why are you using a trip" questions are a rite of passage for many trip-users. I went through, Cats went through, and so have many others. Ignore the questioners, and stay on-topic.


I am totally ready.



GI you are not helping things, you are enabling him and making it worse.



Okay skelly.



>"why are you using a trip" questions are a rite of passage for many trip-users

Actually they are legitimate questions being asked of him legitimately and trying to dismiss them all as some tradition nobody should think about is really reductive and the wrong move to make here, Immigrant. He is doing the mature thing of listening and considering what people are saying. You are doing the immature thing of telling him to shut out any opinions he doesn't immediately like, and to keep doing what one wants to do even if it's actively causing distress for one's self as well as others.



"Why are you using a trip" isn't some mindless tradition, it's a genuine thought process that anyone who considers using a trip needs to go through. The answer should never be "because I want to and I don't care the impact it has on the thread".



This, and treating it like some crazy ranting from anons really annoys me. Skelly is an anon. Broken Mirrors is an anon. Deadlocked is an anon. Dilbert is anon. MOST /who/sers are anons.




Having a trip wasn't against the rules even on 4chan, nor did it need justification.



>the rules

MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE THE MODS OF THE SUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



"Not being against the rules" is the worst fucking justification for anything because it admits there is no actual defence.



What's the "offence"? What's wrong with someone having a trip, if they just choose to? Many of our current trip users started that way.



The only current trip I can think of who started tripping apropos of nothing - other than Hunter - is Kinda. Kinda has his moments but that's hardly the most glowing company



If you use a trip, everything you do that annoys people will be associated with that trip, because you are constantly choosing to go against the default and identify as your special self with all those past posts identified with you instead. Every time Hunter posts the thread is reminded of his transphobia, his bizarre politics, his forced memes, the way he derails threads, etc. It doesn't matter if you think every single one of those things are invalid and that Hunter is great, the point is they are always associated with that name and that trip. Using a trip privileges all that over regular /who/ discussion.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

which /who/ser?



The issue isn't the concept of a trip, the issue is the baggage of the identity behind it. Let go of the identity, and he lets go of the baggage. Trips aren't a positive thing for everyone.


Favorite Twelfth Doctor moment?



This. Honestly the threads and /who/sers in general aside, it's the best thing for him himself. The environment will unironically be more positive for him if he stops signalling every time he's in it.



Punching a racist



>"Every single time, you lose… even on the moon!"

the look of joy on his face as he aims the Sonic up in the sky is fucking beautiful



just realised that he was also a het. BASED


wyd if you eatin out pregnant pussy and the baby kick you in the mouth



I like the way that Twelve's last few stories focus on his resilience, even in the face of death.


I'm honestly sorry Immigrant, I know you're a nice person and you mean the best but I believe that in this situation you're focusing on an idealist principle rather than considering the greater context of the situation to determine what would actually be best.

Losing the identity would benefit Hunter as well, his identity has far too much baggage and it's been demonstrated that no matter what he does to try and make amends, people's minds have been set and aren't going to change. He can't win them over, the best he can do is try and stay undetected. Encouraging him to keep the trip in the face of this just causes an escalation of combativeness that will only dig the hole further until things blow up even worse.



We don't know whether or not the racist had a secret boyfriend, or nonbinary lover.





UID check please?






I don't like doing this, and please don't ask me to do it often. They are 3 different UIDs. Why do you ask?


you guys are really overthinking this whole "is it okay to have a trip thing". if you dont wanna see someones post just filter them or ignore them lol



Absolutely this


You're not helping and it's nearly concluded anyway mate, please don't exacerbate it



I agree. Just filter or ignore if you dislike a trip.



potentially based, if you are a k3^ woman.


File: 7ae585bf2282870⋯.png (153.38 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1550048624775.png)


It's settled then!



Why do you hate certain people so much? Honestly, the amount of hate you pour onto and into threads sticks out more than hunter does. Are you a sociopath? Did you have a touchy uncle? Do you do it because you are sleeping tonight out on the streets and need something to keep your mind off how cold it is? Regardless, I hope you can learn to chill the fuck out.



I think you mean to direct this at someone else



What the fuck






>Did you have a touchy uncle?

fuck off you piece of shit



Suspiciously quick change of topic among the otherwise disaffected masses.

I would have just shouted "SAMEFAG" but at that exact moment I didn't have a keyboard plugged in and had to construct that post by copy-pasting letters from other posts.


File: ba2aedd71c3f631⋯.jpg (97.48 KB, 1080x1331, 1080:1331, 1549934626060.jpg)

>one trip code please


All this time I thought skelly was the one always trying to prolong things for drama

but maybe it was kinda all along


File: 7873514f1271a58⋯.png (886.68 KB, 819x850, 819:850, 1550090048385.png)

>actually wanting to see Brie Larson in a bathing suit

good call



i do post on anon for a laugh infrequently but i havent done that in like a month, i'll willingly consent to a UID check to confirm



i wasnt implying that lol and i dont want the janny to check, i think they feel overstepping when they start confirming too much shit



I wouldn't want the "bathing suit", but a reference to the lightning-bolt design would be nice.



>i think they feel overstepping when they start confirming too much shit

yeah im with you on that. ruins the whole point of a chan imo.


This isn't Papers Please, you all don't need to worry about me checking your UID papers or anything like that. If someone asks me to confirm something and it wouldn't be a big deal, I will occasionally do that, but I am never going to undercut the whole point of the culture here.



good thats the best way imo, sometimes its fun/funny to show us a bit of stuff but yeah in general the way things are done here is good. its like 4chan but better designed and no corrupt jannies.



How many UIDs in this thread?



16 so far. 40 in the last thread. They go up when timezones switch over.


I really dislike people who have cartoon avatars of themselves, you can tell which type of person they really are


File: ae743d2b7fa14a9⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.7 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1548398200592.webm)

>20 give or take people per timezone

>atleast half of those are trips or streamfriends

what does this mean?



You mean the youtubers who use a clean cartoon drawing of themselves instead of their real face?



A thread earlier this week reached 59 UIDs. Sometimes the same person will have 2 or 3 UIDs in a thread, presumably from posting on their phone aswell, but that is relatively rare.



What's the most active timezone?


I don't completely understand why or how, but certain users and discussion topics bring a lot more UIDs when they happen. I am not sure if they inspire lurkers I can't detect as UIDs to post, or people not currently in a /who/ thread are somehow alerted to them or if it's something else.



Around 11-12 hours from now is when threads are usually most active. You can draw your own assumptions from there.


Alright, so let me make sure I've got this right: the only way I can get people to stop ceaselessly claiming I'm a transphobe is if I assimilate into the group of anons on here, and never return to a Trip again. Before I make a decision, I just want to know if I've got everything right.





The only way you will stop derailing threads and having people fixate on things you've done in your past is to stop constantly signalling your association with those past posts, yes. This includes transphobia, your politics, your general bizarre posts (remember when people thought you were a parody user when you first started posting here?), and so on. The solution is do the normal expected thing here and be an anon, like the majority of us.



Hunter, tell me now–what do you feel about trans people?



That's right.



Actual trans people have explicitly condemned him and what he's said. It doesn't matter what he says he feels now. He doesn't get to decide he isn't upsetting other people.



File: 96e48894f7ab972⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 245x170, 49:34, FirstCarefulHornshark-size….gif)


this is you



Thoughts on Jews calling ilhan Omar an anti-Semite?



You have at least one friendly Doctor Who Discords were using your name is the normal and expected thing and people actively like you and your posting there. Stick to using your name there. On here, yes, anonymous is the way to go.




There were many Jewish people defending Ilhan Omar too, proportionally more than those calling her an anti-Semite. Hunter hasn't had a single trans anon defend his actions, only slimy cishet men like Immigrant.


Hunter… I let you go.



cringe post but the correct choice. stick to it.



Is this pure undistilled kino?



So if 40 percent of trans people are offended by something, so long as the other 60 percent defend that person, the 40 percent are invalid and don't get to be upset?


How do we unironically fix s7? or at leats make 7a and 7b flow better



Make Clara straight, white, attractive, and submissive instead of "spunky".


File: 5750dd2784435d9⋯.jpg (198.16 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, sadcalp.jpg)



kill off amy and rory in ep 2 for a mega surprise then flesh out clara earlier.



What do you want the takeaway of this conversation to be?


File: eafad548264aef4⋯.jpg (14.47 KB, 739x415, 739:415, images(8).jpg)


I for one support /who/'s latest het coupling



respond to me pls >>212145


Just be careful neo, you know what happened last time…




Let's just say we should all hope eden doesn't get into reylo



she already has 50 percent of those


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Okay it's definitely time for this



? wdym



I'm sure there's something on the wiki about it



Ia like Series 7, but the answer I'd give is:

>keep Amy and Rory's S7 arc, but do better focus on Amy's emotional arc

>make S7b's companion the Victorian character originally meant for Jenna Coleman, as in Beryl

>make Trenzalore a whole series




>do better focus


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: cd2dbb3756b10b3⋯.png (144.27 KB, 800x800, 1:1, s9NR21p.jpg.png)

:') threads are looking up


doctor who game when


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

celebration music


File: b6e8e50cac21190⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1024x680, 128:85, SDOPLR.png)



redpill me on this or i will put on your flag and pretend to be bi





you already got him to leave, theres no reason to continue posting about it.



? im just happy its valentines day



You are the only person bringing him up again, and for the record, it was explained to him why being anonymous was a good idea for everyone - including him -, not that "he was made to leave". Stick to the comedy kinda.



idk I haven't played it yet, I've been waiting for a special occasion yet


File: 1d0ac470e3ae233⋯.png (312.33 KB, 552x426, 92:71, 1550061453818.png)


thoughts on this?






maybe one day


In one of my classes the other day, one of my classmates was doing a presentation on college life. At one point he jokingly said something along the lines of "being successful in college means many nights with little to no sleep and breakdowns" and the entire class and the professor thought that was hilarious and everyone laughed it off. And I was sorta just sitting there wondering why we, as a society, think its perfectly fine sacrifice our physical and mental health for academic success.

I mean, is it really so absurd to believe that college kids should always be able to get a full eight hours of sleep? Maybe I'm overreacting, maybe not. What do you think /who/?



It's just been normalized, I guess over time they started pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable until we arrived at the position we're in now


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I don't understand why that is though. Can you illuminate it for me?



At least for me the big difference is having time you're on and time you're off. At precisely 5:30 I'm done and unless there's some sort of emergency I have every night totally to myself. In college you were never really done because there was always at least some project or reading or homework assignment looming over your head. So even if you took a night off it just meant you had to make up the time later. You were micromanaging your time 24/7 rather than 8/5 and that's a big difference.






I don't like these sorts of answers. What's the alternative, Venezuela? I just don't want to be overworked all the time.






What? You sound like an imbecile.



Academics often want to teach as much content as possible in the timeframe. "as much as possible" means pushing the boundaries. And like >>212178 says since there's no structure of when you're meant to do work, there's a much larger portion of the day where you're allocating things to



The alternative could include better scheduling of classes, a restructuring of labor laws, or even teaching study skills more so, and creating an environment where overworking is not a need for success.






I think it depends on how you define "successful" I haven't met anyone at university who has to have little to no sleep and breakdowns to get through it all.

it might also be a culture thing, americans (which im assuming you are) seem to place so much worth on higher learning compared to other countries, there's also the fact that most US students seem to move and live at college, meaning they need to get a job and work very regular hours while living as frugal as possible to get by, along with the looming debt of loans that isnt as present in other countries.

I dont know how it works for you, but if its possible you might consider doing less classes per semester, theres nothing wrong with extending the length of your degree to be more comfortable while you're getting it, you're probably only going to be going through this once so you might as well try to make it as bearable as possible.



What are you complaining about happens because capitalism is an amoral, inhuman system designed to enrich the few over the needs of the many and our culture is a heavily work valuing capitalist one where working yourself to unhappiness to enrich your superiors is considered normal. Because of our culture this is normalized basically.


i love living in a society where the entire premise of education is "work really hard and if you're lucky, you'll be able to work even harder when you grow up!"



>just fiddle with le education system a little and it'll all work out

As centrist as ever, Immigrant.



Of course I am American?

I'm not going to do less classes than my friends, I'd seem too different. I just don't understand how this is the norm.


Fuck off.


This all sounds excellent. I really agree with this.


I agree with this too. I hate my professors. None of them make any effort to teach it in an appealing way.


>society society society

You know what you sound like right?



>Fuck off.




>Of course I am American



File: 57e3a1bb9e7e90f⋯.gif (1.88 MB, 230x250, 23:25, 1493896653351.gif)


>of course I am american

>I'm not going to do less classes than my friends, I'd seem too different.



How about actually respond to my points instead of just repeating me with that stupid face? Fucking loser.






Never said it would all work out. But there are clear changes that could make things better–adding laws and regulations that could stop unrestricted capitalistic forces can make things better.

(We know this because the regulations already in place keep things from getting as bad as they could be.



holy shit



>unrestricted capitalistic forces

Cry me a fucking river. At least you made sense with your last post. I don't want to live in a socialist hellhole asshole.


holy shit this is wild



has there ever been a more verged user on this general?


janny is this a LARP?


File: 2a65b11b9f8080e⋯.jpg (16.52 KB, 210x232, 105:116, 2 huff.jpg)



The UID in question is not a frequent poster but has a decent sized history here. I would assume not.


That said, I have known more regular users to sometimes have a separate UID, perhaps at a college wifi or phone or something, they use for shitposting style posts, so it's always possible it's a LARP. But there are no other posts identifying them as a trip or user very uncharacteristic to these posts.



Nothing to say asshole?


I'm talking to the one.



Fuck off LARPer.


The issue is that most people only want to be in tertiary education for 3-4, so they have to cram enough information into that time period so that by the end of it you know enough to be able to get a meaningful job in that field. If they reduce the amount of content, you'll know jack shit at the end of it and the whole thing would have been completely useless.



I'll cause hell in your "hole", if you know what I mean >:)





you seem tired buddy, you should get some sleep, dont wanna fail that class do you?


janny i know its a slur but please dont ban them right now, give them a few more posts to get even more verged, its entertaining



>I'm not going to do less classes than my friends, I'd seem too different.

I went down to part time study after my first year and completed my 3 year degree in 4.5 years so I had enough time per subject to actually get value out of it, rather than rushing from deadline to deadline. Nobody cares, everyone has a different study path and you're with different people in most classes.



What's your K number?


File: a276b9ad25f5449⋯.png (119.37 KB, 800x581, 800:581, 2pain.png)



I would normally be inclined to ban after a user using that slur, twice no less.



If the classes reduced the amount of content, you'd be missing out on information that is considered necessary.


I'm conflicted

I want janny to ban because he's a homophobic asshole

But it's also funny seeing him verge



That's not my problem, I'm the one paying for it.


Fuck off and die.



You misunderstand. It's restricted vs unrestricted. Restricted capitalism means that I have to pay a provider for Internet. Unrestricted capitalism means that if you want to use the Internet for more than your allotted 30 minutes a day , you have to pay 100 dollars every additional 2 hours.



> I'm the one paying for it.

for the rest of your life no less.



That IS your problem. Why are you putting so much money into tertiary education if you don't care about the information you'll gain from it?


File: 03ae0fe2fd32fd2⋯.jpg (35.32 KB, 509x536, 509:536, 2look.jpg)


Is this by any chance the nazi from yesterday?



Blah blah blah. Useless communist cunt. You're not going to get any of my money and we're going to have four more years.




It's what everyone does and I'll get a job at the end of it.



The problem is that even the content is often designed in bite-size chunks in high school to help overworked teachers, so the quality isn't always the best.



Unlikely, both UIDs had some previous history here.

Also I am really inclined to ban given "fuck off and die" is basically a death threat, but will prolong it a few more posts if people wish.



>I'll get a job at the end of it.

You think a job will just be handed to you because you have a degree? Ever thought about the interview process?



I didn't know there were still unironic Trump supporters on 8ch /who/. How long you've been here?



>"fuck off and die" is basically a death threat

I've never understood that logic, I've always considered wishing death on someone to be pointedly different to saying you'll kill them yourself. They're both harsh and heartless but still different things


Okay I'm banning them after their next post.



What industry do you want to work in?


File: acfe78418c01aff⋯.jpg (15.72 KB, 275x326, 275:326, 2jamiebig.jpg)




suck your dick or your asshole? which is it? OwO



>I'm sorry, were we talking about your stories?

...Wait, you've been here enough to know that I write fanfic, but still unaware enough to randomly start spouting right-wing memes?

I think this is a clever ruse/





I hope your mom kills herself.


Jump into traffic asshole.


You're a stupid piece of shit and nobody here actually likes you.



It's pretty strong dedication for a guaranteed ban




lmao good luck getting a job if you don't stand out


File: 3cc3481ff1b425e⋯.png (148.99 KB, 400x363, 400:363, 2ayyy.png)



>complaining about a problem you can easily fix yourself


checks out.






Kill yourself you gay pieces of shit.




but I like being gay



What are your thoughts on Kerblam!?





File: 2d2b4ad73240915⋯.jpg (118.58 KB, 1388x382, 694:191, 2eggs.jpg)


File: eaf12ad2d8cf9fe⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 359x184, 359:184, 1547090472228.gif)

Literally gif related is me when I saw there were like a 100 new posts in the thread during a usually dead time of the day and I thought the podcast had dropped or something but it was just some shitposter



darkest before the dawn. it's coming sooner rather than later according to my source


How can one janitor be so based?


File: 0e8cf1fa24426b3⋯.png (118.73 KB, 318x504, 53:84, L A T E.png)


>Coming soon™️



come to think of it neo hasnt posted yet

hard at work perhaps


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>No it isn’t true, I’m still working on the trilogy. With all due respect to the movie bros, who I’m sure are lovely kind bros with good fraternal intentions.



Wait who is this

Someone that's been asked to make a twitter but claims they dont have one


reveal yourself




either dilb or broken mirrors





boogie1488 being very normal



I take it he's not handling the divorce well



What the fuck?



Remember when he defended the holocaust? Or threatened to cut some prostitute's labia off?




>But please don't confuse this with actual harassment. I would never do that.


File: d2c8156f1c1c2c3⋯.png (345.53 KB, 786x438, 131:73, dLfPsSw.png)


Breaking news: deadpan humor doesn't land if people believe you could say it genuinely


Breaking news: hair is meant to be washed



skelly is agreeing with u dumb fuck






tad rude




i dont give a FUCK


deadlockeds here


deadlockeds based, more at 7


File: 80de8f67f1b53e5⋯.jpg (41.98 KB, 280x445, 56:89, d85by4l-dcec976d-e544-47c0….jpg)



Everyone on /who/ has been really rude the past few days



surely it's time for everyone to come together and do exactly what I say!




File: ac18bd4c55fdce1⋯.jpg (108.05 KB, 1773x1272, 591:424, DzTC9JSWsAAjO3P.jpg)

would you have liked gareth's unmade episode /who/?


skellys here

skellys queer?


File: 7f4fdf949dc249d⋯.png (192.97 KB, 412x368, 103:92, tony.png)


now im over here!!!







american titles are the canon titles



blah blah blah



rah rah rah


File: 0ef03bc8e74afe4⋯.jpg (76.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)




he looks like hes about to conjure up an epic sjw defeating spell







pick a lane cullen, pick a lane!


File: b6242b319266736⋯.png (24.04 KB, 580x162, 290:81, ClipboardImage.png)

what if chib tweeted stuff like this about us



>worst legs of any star wars movie ever, merchandise sales plummeted lower than ever

It was just totally just the manbaby incels that didnt like rians star wars!!!!!




>It was the RUSSIANS!

>It was the ALT-RIGHT!

>It was the RACISTS!

>It was WHITE MEN!





>It was /POL/!

>It was /TV/!

>It was 4CHAN!

>It was REDDIT!


>It was DC FANS!


>It was BOOMERS!








>It was INCELS!




>"People hated Empire back then, too!"

>"Dividing the fanbase was intentional!"

>"It did something DIFFERENT!!!"

>"I love how it subverted expectations!"

>"It made me rethink my views on life!"

>"It was an 'intellectual' film!"

>"It made some people uncomfortable. GOOD!"

>"It was expected to not make much money anyway!"

>"lulz it's just a movie turn your brain off!"

>"China doesn't matter anyway!"

>"B-but muh sexist MRA cut!"

>"It makes some old white men angry online, but they're always angry anyway."



File: 2d00335cda09c3f⋯.png (126.88 KB, 909x322, 909:322, ClipboardImage.png)

whats the doctor who equivalent? does it even count if doctor who has been going for 10+years consistently again?



I know it wasn't, but Disney's evisceration of the brand almost feels intentional in how effective it's been.



I think it was intentional in so far that they copied the successful capeshit formula and forced it into star wars, but for a multitude of reasons that obviously didnt work at all. I dont wanna think theres people with actual disdain for the IP there but at this point i wouldnt be surprised


File: 7b93b4753882d12⋯.png (328.76 KB, 843x476, 843:476, sandifer no.png)

this reminds me of possibly the daftest thing sandifer has ever said



>merchandise sales way down

maybe making all of the sequel spaceships "X-Wing 2: Electric Boogaloo" wasn't such a bright idea after all



She has some truly excellent writing on doctor who but a lot of her writing on other series is very poor and ill founded and more a case of her working through some position she thinks would be interesting to have rather than anything really drawing from the text at all



Yeah it's clearly not actually "LE SJW CONSPIRACY" or anything but they have just genuinely mishandled it with incompetence and a very off the mark style. They are course correcting so fucking hard with The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars that I imagine they'll win a lot of people verged by TLJ and Solo (and TFA to a degree) back, but some damage is irreparable to a brand. Star Wars will never be magic again.


The Manda/who/rian


File: a826ad1524a8195⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 270x270, 1:1, luke dirt off your shoulde….gif)



on gif related:

>It’s the most mind-wrenching and genuinely astonishing shot in all of Star Wars

it seems like El really responds more to the script and story and less to the image, which is, in a nutshell, why this current crop of star wars movies seems so "off", and why TLJ in particluar is so divisive

it's a fine enough script taken on its own terms, but subverting plot expectations is really one of the least interesting thing you can do with a star wars film; the script should stay out of the way of the images


remember the "yo mama" joke in TLJ



It didn't even subvert expectations in any meaningful way in the end, that's what causes so much verging imo. The movie ends as it began. Kylo is an insecure bad guy doing bad things. Rey is a super strong good guy doing good things. No allegiances shifted. We're still in the same "small band of rebels fights big team of evil british baddies" set up that we've been in since fucking 1977.


File: 013f7fbcefcd957⋯.jpg (158.91 KB, 1200x854, 600:427, placeholder-title.jpg)


File: 58ee09c77bbd6cd⋯.png (769.62 KB, 774x517, 774:517, 1550133610479.png)

every fucking time


File: 0e0a5b8be5b5c1f⋯.gif (670.54 KB, 1476x1524, 123:127, clownball.gif)


File: 27511c0557c9f43⋯.png (288.9 KB, 305x464, 305:464, jimbocake.png)


>I've watched a little bit of Manga



>why can't there be white men in movies anymore


the radiophonic workshop is based, delia derbyshire is based, brian hodgson is based, tristram cary is based, musique concrete is based



all good points. unfortunately however, your post is not based.


I love marigold’s music for into the dalek, but the scenes inside the dalek would be so much better if they used old radiophonic workshop recordings



well that’s why we have your posts :)



you dont know who ia m


Philosophically it might be interesting, the idea that suddenly the world is devoid of something that defined your career and the life of many others, like if suddenly Michelangelo never existed, what would you do as a painter/sculptor? What SHOULD you do? Should you say that they came from some other artist you can't prove actually existed? Should you give your money to a charity? Would you be able to create something on your own? Would you feel like you have become derivative of someone who does not exists?

How would such a story "end"? Will the movie give it a dream copout? Will the real Beatles reappear or something? What is the morale?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Forgot link.


The fact that



dont do it



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thoughts, /who/?



is this one gonna be a musical too? it looks a bit more action-ey



Definitely, but looks more an adventure movie too.

Tell me your thoughts on Elsa.



i dont really have many thoughts on her, what are yours?




Will the third one be set in summer?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

probably been posted already but GET FUCKING HYPE



You know what I'm asking you.



…the first movie was set in summer.



that's silly, then why was there so much snow?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Have you seen the movie?



When it was new, I forget a lot



it's a 3D model brother.



Come on.



Its a cold summer cause elsa crazy powers and some shit


I love marigold’s music for into the dalek, but the scenes inside the dalek would be so much better if they used old radiophonic workshop recordings


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You know I’m right



the dalek city music is beautiful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fewiHTKKpXo

sounds like something by grouper



dilbcore post




tristram cary is a name i really ought to hear more

are there any dvd featurettes about him?



I hope you've also having a happy Valentine's Day Dilbar.



thank you

and incidentally, happy valentine's day to all you readers at home



Not that im aware of, I know he did the music for The Ladykillers which is a kino film


another day another dollar


why is janny a slur? It's their job


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Reminder that this is when doctor who music peaked






I have a gift for you. Would you like to see it?



just don't forget to spoiler tag it, you don't want to get banned



i'd love to




Churchill IS a villain, but he's the villain in the first act of a shounen anime who the protagonist teams up with in the end



This is the most skelly post I've ever read.



it'd be more skelly if instead of saying shounen he said shounen-ai



Glad you liked it!!! 😊



brussels broadcasting corporation



You like Elsa feets.


File: 3b57a9364de8630⋯.jpg (308.95 KB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, MV5BNzVkMjlhMzktMWEwMS00Nj….jpg)

forget frozen 2, THIS is the only ice-related movie I want to watch!!!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

it's out!!! sesska when???


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

its out

and its LONG


someone please post the 'dr who will kill himself' thing from the 70s




okay, this is epic



how can you have that much to say about series 11



Is it time to check out the stream?



Some of you guys are alright. Don't watch the video.



>imagine watching this person for 1h13m


finished watching the sesska video on 60x speed and WOW those comments on trump… yikes!





we're streaming this now apparently




She's trying so hard to phrase things positively but you can tell that S11 doesn't resonate with her


sesska the centrist


>we can't judge 13 yet, we haven't seen her full run!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thread theme


sesska is worse than hunter and you should be ashamed to watch her




She already has better S11 opinions than Hunter so your point is invalid



Not seeing through her disguise


yaz, why are you there?


son……. im sorry…. for the things…. ive done…… to you….. . ive made…… a microwave…….


sloaths there


File: ca69e29886bc977⋯.jpg (147.12 KB, 561x767, 561:767, dh651pmpbrf21.jpg)


File: c1a1e578c858533⋯.png (286.05 KB, 1787x1746, 1787:1746, pagaSquirt.png)

>I still don't know how I feel about the fucking frog


File: bb32b8051ded3e7⋯.png (8.85 KB, 322x122, 161:61, dilbar.png)


>why can't they (13 and Graham) have a talk about grandkids with like, you know, Susan and Ryan

Well there's another thing to add to the list of shit RTD or Moffat would have thought of doing in their sleep but Chibnall didn't even go near


File: 60483743d8dcfe2⋯.png (10.51 KB, 639x77, 639:77, gigbert.PNG)



Callbacks and payoffs for long term watchers aren’t allowed in a recruitment year



Love is in the air! Happy Valentines Day /who/;/who/sers!


This gap year is so stupid. All Chibnall had to do to maintain hype is split the season into late 2019, Christmas special and early 2020



happy valentines day cloister, hope you and belle have a good one!


Did the default font size on 8ch get slightly bigger, or am I tripping out?



And based on the crop of new writers, that's all 2020 is!



Can you imagine Tsuranga as a mid-series finale



Thank you! Will endeavor to do that! You too Anon!


File: fbfb727eccecc1a⋯.png (52.37 KB, 581x910, 83:130, cut off.png)


something's definitely wrong, things anchored to the right side are getting cut off and refreshing doesn't fix it. Is this happening to anyone else?



Hope you enjoy yours, Cloi



We all know you won't be enjoying yours.



rude but based



Mine is fine. Maybe you are tripping out. Man.


You too!


Not nice sir or madam.


File: 3ff3ce8d7d01615⋯.png (11.94 KB, 365x231, 365:231, mm.PNG)



fake news




did you zoom in accidentally?





there is a certain /who/ser that makes me slightly bigger



>its out


>and its LONG

Thanks, it's just good genes I guess, I – oh, you meant a video.


Is Chibnall doing another new years day special for 2020? Or will the next episode be the premiere, whenever that is


File: 0f7c8cbdb7c2916⋯.png (7.48 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)


File: e382322eac373a9⋯.png (17.07 KB, 725x166, 725:166, ClipboardImage.png)




mirrorscore post



I'd take St. Valentine to a steamy car date in the Lincoln Park garage in Chicago.


File: 3d52917ea226056⋯.jpg (253.37 KB, 1174x1600, 587:800, young_Stalin_1.jpg)


young stalin




Can you DM me this thanks.



On Twitter or the stream?



he probably wouldnt even buy you dinner


Who do you find the most attractive, but the person is on the complete opposite side of your political compass?



we'd steal it from some kulaks






chris pratt



File: 56e5b7fe09f2f02⋯.png (3.15 KB, 293x31, 293:31, nneo.PNG)



but Peter is not




File: 0e09d9a2e0952a3⋯.mp4 (2.71 MB, 400x400, 1:1, 51656381_750882165285498_3….mp4)

Het mating procedure circa 1980





Some masseuses may disagree. Also, wig.



Why is John Travolta gyrating his hips at David Bowie?



Imagine being John in that scene and having to be all like damn, David Bowie, you fuckin' fine


Churchill was a villain and is burning in hell with Thatcher and Savile.


File: e8f3f4c5d5b57d9⋯.jpg (76.12 KB, 660x490, 66:49, NeoCletus.jpg)

Unfortunately, the /who/ cares special epzode about Resolution had to be cancelled, because, you see, Neo himself is #cancelled



>I like woman





Neo was a villain and is burning in hell with Thatcher and Savile.



>Yeah I had… Bill's end

Jesus christ, Neo, that's beyond the pale.



>25th Amendment trending on twitter


>gay porn in the stream



We were just watching it as a joke. I'm k1. IM K1


im k1


File: de37f29f9aca91b⋯.jpg (15.9 KB, 302x19, 302:19, neo explains that women be….jpg)



inspect element

fake news



wow you can actually inspect element in cytube


He glanced up from the book—something had jostled a memory loose. After a half-hour’s worth of digging through stacks of decrepit magazines and paperbacks, he found the little programme guide, now jaundiced with age, and turned to a page that some reader in the 20th Century had earmarked:

“AA(2) Unreleased; filmed ca. April 1966?


Writer: Elbridge Bain (presumed pseud.)

Director: None listed

Regular cast: see W above, minus Hartnell

Story: We should first emphasize that “The Shadow Planet” isn’t considered canonical by a section of Doctor Who fandom, which argues that the serial is most likely a 16mm fan film, made sometime in the 1970s, and wrongly considered a “lost” Hartnell-era story. To the naysayers’ credit, there is the following to consider. No reference to “Shadow Planet” has yet been found in the BBC archives. There are no scripts (the scriptwriter credited on the episode, “Elbridge Bain,” doesn’t seem to exist otherwise), no casting information, no budget allocations, no Radio Times notices. There are no press photos, John Cura tele-snaps or audio recordings. And the First Doctor, William Hartnell, notably doesn’t appear in the surviving episode footage (Ep. 2 and sections of Ep. 3).

That said, Steven Taylor (Peter Purves) is quite obviously in the surviving footage, looking much as he did in “The Gunfighters” or “The Savages,” serials hailing from the same period in which “Shadow Planet” allegedly was produced. The sets, costumes, sound effects and musical cues are in line with other 1966 Doctor Who productions, with some keen-eyed fans noting props reappearing from 1965’s “The Web Planet.”

Given that only 30 minutes’ worth of footage has surfaced, it’s difficult to summarize the plot of “Shadow Planet.” The surviving episode 2 opens with Steven and Dodo (Jackie Lane) at a conning tower on an unnamed planet, repairing a console so as to communicate with “Helix Base A.” The Doctor is on the TARDIS, mysteriously taken ill; the companions are trying to contact the base to get a physician. It must be said the pacing is glacial even by Hartnell-era standards—there’s a five-minute sequence in which Steven and Dodo try to coordinate a series of lights on the console.

(An aside: Lane was shown this episode in the 1990s but claimed that she wasn’t in it, pointing out that Dodo is always filmed from behind or shown in long shot, so that another actor or actress could have portrayed the character. Lane’s voice is quite obviously dubbed in, but she claimed she had no memory of doing voice work for the episode, which she found “disturbing.”)

The episode’s legendary reputation is owed to its final minutes, in which a character called Haruman, evidently the conning tower operator, appears. The actor, who has yet to be identified, seems under the influence of some psychoactive drug—he has trouble hitting his marks (the camera regularly has to move to keep him in frame), fumbles dialogue and apparently improvises some lines, including “there is no outside, Mr. Taylor, it’s all inside,” “death beyond the red hand!” and “there are 15 in the tower: have you seen them?”

The surviving pieces of Episode 3 (two roughly five-minute sequences, one of which is the cliffhanger lead-in) were not shown publicly until the late 1990s. These were found in a car boot sale in Surrey and their questionable provenance has inspired another theory—that the Ep. 3 fragments were a fan’s response to seeing Ep. 2 (so, a possible fan fake inspired by a possible fan fake). But again, the production values, music, camera angles, lighting and Purves’ physical appearance seem “correct” for the era.

The fragments find Steven (no Dodo here; no explanation why) having reached Helix Base A with Haruman. There are some 10 extras, apparently playing the surviving base members, who spend the first fragment hurling props at Steven, who’s taken cover in a ruined control room. Purves’ performance, which moves from bafflement to rage, is worth noting.

(Pay particular attention to the extras in the far left of the shot—a man and a woman, dressed identically. As reviewers have noted, the woman looks horrified, is quivering with fear and is making a repeated hand gesture.)

The other fragment finds Steven being converted by Haruman (“take the shadow, Mr. Taylor! Accept the shadow!”) via some type of sensory manipulation machine, but this fragment is in rough condition, consisting mainly of blurred images and white-outs, due to apparently overexposed film. Purves consistently has refused to comment on the serial. Rumors that Episode 4 also survived, and was once shown at a cinema in Hull to unsuspecting viewers, appear dubious.”

Had he seen Episode 4 once? Who did play Haruman? He thought for a while, then resumed reading his original book…



men be like rah rah rah



This! So much this.


Whenever there is a reddit post about if people would accept mechanical upgrades, do you think of the Cybermen? I always think of the spare parts scene in Tenth Planet



saw a man with a bionic leg and tackled him from behind screaming "TELOS - SEALED YOU INTO YOUR ICE TOMBS. VOLGA! CANARY WHARF! PLANET 14! EVERY SINGLE TIME, YOU LOSE… EVEN ON THE MOON" while I punched the ever living fuck out of the back of his head


neo be like bah bah biker




Okay, this is epic.



Nah, because to me the cybermen arent really post-humanism: theyre not slowly replacing body parts in a human. Even spare parts is careful to tread the line between the father, who has an artificial heart, and becoming a cyberman, which is a process.

To me, replacing human parts with mechanical ones is an inherently temporary solution: it will fail. Becoming a cyberman is then an inherently permanent one: cheat death by throwing away your humanity. Mondas/Telos has the technology to make you live forever, and in a hot take if you choose to die does that mean you are suicidal? Where is the line for choosing when to die? When is it cruel, when is it kind? Those are the questions of the Cybermen and that's where they're arguably the most effective; especially more so than as a piece of posthumanism.



>because to me the cybermen arent really post-humanism

But they are. They are basically human to start off and then they change themselves, evolve with the circumstances to develop a new human. The Cybermen



Yeah, but posthumanism to me is about the line between humanity and technology. The cybermen jump that line wholeheartedly and are more the reverse of posthumanism- they arent asking if its ethical or moral to be robots, because they already are; theyre robots asking if its ethical or moral to be human and exist, which is inherently more of a humanist question than posthumanism.



File: 168ad62312a7283⋯.mp4 (649.54 KB, 640x640, 1:1, DAatWmN.mp4)

to Nilso


Rigsy looks/sounds like the worst part of Doom Patrol by quite a significant margin.


File: 21d73d976d32a93⋯.png (434.83 KB, 334x500, 167:250, ClipboardImage.png)

Cybermen are without a doubt the best DW villain



t. nilso



only the mondasians


File: 9c466940bfb915c⋯.png (518.24 KB, 642x499, 642:499, ClipboardImage.png)


Wrong, all cybermen are loved equally



not you Cybus


File: 805899f8c897a69⋯.png (329.94 KB, 636x402, 106:67, ClipboardImage.png)


did I fucking stutter?


File: bf0d18d2c1b963b⋯.jpg (34.47 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Handles_DWF.jpg)


Cybus ite domum!


File: 4935d5aaf2ea32b⋯.png (933.76 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

>tfw you'll never run around the house pretending to be a cybershade



What is this sorcery?



status overrides name on twitte llink


threads dead

Hunter you may return


Hunters dead

thread you may return





who is deader?


File: 9bc9ec269f6b73a⋯.gif (291.57 KB, 500x700, 5:7, cybermen_neon.gif)



that's really cool, I like it


File: 66cabf83bcdf68e⋯.gif (84.94 KB, 500x440, 25:22, oie_0vWk6o4Xb76n.gif)


got that too

don't have any fucking idea why adipose are listed as villains




but nuwho only

is pleb


File: 760c6935fb133dd⋯.png (18.58 KB, 606x628, 303:314, tfw the drum beat is fire.png)



yeah, but maybe that's precisely why it's so well done

don't know where it come from, found it in a random gif collector


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



This is sick


Love is not an emotion. Love is a promise.


And he will never hurt her.


I will burn.


This is not a good day. This is Earth's darkest hour. And look at you miserable lot. We are the Fallen. But today, we shall rise. The army of the dead will save the land of the living. This is not the order of a general, nor the whim of a lunatic. This is a promise. The promise of a soldier!


I miss Death in Heaven.



underrated and wrongly maligned episode



I agree.


I miss Doctor Who.



it was also truly based for literally making SPLINK canon out of Danny's corpse


Why is there no Doctor Who episode about mental health problems yet? It feels like an obvious topic.


I guess Heaven Sent and Hell Bent are to some extent about mental health problems, but it's not central theme.



We haven't had a showrunner brave enough to take it seriously yet.



>implying people who wrote all the obstentatious obscure over-edgy pieces of dw fiction and the ones who like them don't qualify

and btw Relative Dementias was all about Alzheimer


Torchwood spoilers:

Owen's wife in Fragments has alzheimers at very young age. John's son in Out of Time has dementia.


Ohh and I just remembered Vincent and the Doctor, how could I possibly forget



Vincent and the Doctor



There's Jubilee too



The Edge of Destruction



Wasn't there a SJA episode that tackled Alzheimer aswell


Hunter come back

You can blame it all on me

I was wrong and I just can’t live without you



Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith




another proof that S5 is the GOAT



Mmm, there are certainly *themes* surrounding mental health, though, at the very least. How would you make one work as a *central* theme though? Vincent and the Doctor comes to mind, which worked very well.




I bet you are Happy Valentines Day!



HUHU I knew I could count on you to catch that <3 Happy Valentine's day, gramps~





File: ec6d687799c4a18⋯.gif (788.64 KB, 230x196, 115:98, idli.gif)


didn't load my pic, weird


File: f06e9df3014a517⋯.jpg (91.9 KB, 800x484, 200:121, 800px-Tripfaggots.jpg)



abloo bloo bloo



did you even read the last panel?



Somehow daddy seems worse



No, reading is for pussies. Is there an audio version?


No that's always preferred title.


he's gay


File: 24bd835998bc44a⋯.png (6.01 KB, 619x80, 619:80, Screenshot (65).png)

Well then…


Imagine if there was a /who/ser who had a fetish for overweight indans


File: 5295736c8290dcb⋯.gif (450.69 KB, 214x183, 214:183, whittaker_thumb_up.gif)


File: a67bb1f78d0df1e⋯.png (465.39 KB, 1120x586, 560:293, fun zone.png)


File: 07bb2e5cdb9c42a⋯.gif (1.74 MB, 357x357, 1:1, FUCKINGCATBOOKS.gif)



How to make TUAT GOAT-

Imply that the organization that is taking people's confessions before death are using the same technology that Missy used in Dark Water and death in heaven so as to tie everything up and make 12 entire run into a giant continuous Arc


How to make TUAT GOAT-

change nothing


File: 58e080357896cdb⋯.webm (2.58 MB, 576x1024, 9:16, Neo leans forward with in….webm)

Happy Valentine's Day



Found the patrician


File: c35e267f5479b4a⋯.jpeg (269.11 KB, 1242x1807, 1242:1807, IMG_3831.jpeg)

>one of the few times Jenna posts on social media is to share something with Peter in it

l-lads ;~;







12's run is already a giant arc

as announced in Deep Breath, it is about the Doctor settling all his accounts:

- in Listen he attends his old fears

- in Death in Heaven he attends his earth status

- in the s9 opener he attends his relation with Davros

- in Hell Bent he attends his secrets

- in Heaven Sent he finally attends Gallifrey to end the Time War, and he attends his relationship with Clara

- in TWORS he attends his relation with River Song

- in the Zygon episodes, he obviously attends the Zygons but also the way he feels about the Day of the Doctor events

- in s10 as a whole he attends his relationship with the Master

- and finally in TUAT he explains that since he has used that bonus incarnation to settle most of his life, he would rather die now as he was prepared to do in Time of the Doctor, and break the cycle.

Except the whole episode's message is that by settling all this the doctor get finally convinced he is a good man, and even a better man. So wanting to end it all now would be aborting a bright future.

So finally 12 decide to settle one final account, namely with himself, and indulges in his future with all the good he has finally reaped from his past

Now one beautiful idea would be to have the Valeyard coming back from the future AND past precisely now that 13's path seemed finally cleared in both ways



*swapped Heaven Sent and Hell Bent, sorry



genuinely surprised that Moff never did a Valeyard arc. Although I guess he kinda did his own take with War


Apparently there's a midnight announcement tonight

Get hyped I guess



Jamie Stone directed two episodes for S12.



In 2 hours British time



Google says that Midnight is in 23 mins in UK, is it wrong?



Handling the Valeyard is really itchy for many reasons, even in Classic Who

At some point I was convinced the Moff had handed him out to BF so they can settle him, but finally not, they even reinforced him!

Maybe he has thought to use him at some point (we were strongly supposing this when River Song talked about the Doctor's future) but finally the Moff had to deal with the Time War Arc which was not satisfyingly closed by RTD, and the Valeyard looked somewhat shallow compared to that. Plus War (and even Missy) can get redemption, the Valeyard is just pure evil.

Turning him into a meaningful villain is not easy, I don't expect the Chib to do it, even when he'll finally agree to bring back classic foes




So, I take it the Hunter hate hasn't died down?







It's a rumor. Someone posted about it on reddit.


3 minutes until big news


It'll probably be Macra Terror related, if its real.



2 minutes to Barrowman's next play**


ITS OUT!!!!!!!!!


Jodie Whittaker will reprise her role as The Doctor in a new animated interactive VR film called ‘The Runaway’ 🚀✨

Fans will get the chance to help her on this exciting adventure as they find themselves at the centre of the action facing a deadly threat…👀 #DoctorWho



written by Victoria Asare-Archer, writer confirmed for S12 writers room



File: a3215759f12af5f⋯.png (676.35 KB, 900x488, 225:122, ClipboardImage.png)



Huh. Animated 13 looks cute.



doctor who videogames!!!



Pretty neat actually, let's hope they can pull it off well. Would love to try it if I had VR :(



I kind of like the time rotor / crystal more here. idk why, but the texture looks nicer in this game than in the actual set


directed by some actual VR games director

what if it's going to be kino



>what if it's going to be kino

can u imagine if 13's best story was her equivalent of the adventure games? fucking based


>interactive story

So why not commit a murder?


>Includes original music from Segun Akinola



>VR games director

that just means he knows how to make theme park setpieces that make you look around 360 degrees


i actually fell for the VR meme and bought a headset so ill give /who/ the rundown when its out.


Note that they're calling it a "VR film", they're emphasising on the story so the interaction will be minimal besides some novelty things about the fact it's VR



do a let's play



>Featuring new original music from series composer Segun Akinola, Doctor Who: The Runaway has been written by Victoria Asare-Archer and directed by Mathias Chelebourg, whose previous VR films include Alice, the Virtual Reality Playand The Real Thing VR. 

There's Asare-Archer then. So is she still doing a s12 ep or is this what she's doing?


File: 0aa52572edfed44⋯.webm (499.16 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, mattFloss.webm)

I'm mostly excited that we'll get a 13 model



this looks like some arthouse thing, it isn't a product you can buy and there's no videos of it on youtube besides the trailer



He does a lot of brand partnerships, and all of his VR things definitely seem narrative focused rather than gameplay centric


tfw no vr for mac



And if I'm understanding right, this will be the first time he'll release a VR thing publicly rather than just touring it around film festivals with small audiences.



use bootcamp


>The Favourite 1080p WEB-DL is out

fuck yes



based, thanks for the heads up


File: 8e086be4fb16435⋯.jpg (39.7 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

kinda be like



File: 193b314d5a0dcb3⋯.png (848.79 KB, 750x873, 250:291, ClipboardImage.png)


Where were you when sesska was #cancelled?



It's a fantastic movie



What happen



she profaned the chib


>Sesska talking about how she doesn't really celebrate valentines day

more like celibate lmao



said she thinks social justice types do more harm than good

said she's hard right on some issues and hard left on others

said there are occasionally moments in doctor who that are too politically on the nose for her

likely a trump supporter



Her husband is on deployment



>Lewis Capaldi song with based Capaldman in thumbnail is trending



File: 8e53964f7242bc9⋯.jpg (105.42 KB, 315x437, 315:437, 1386126750654.jpg)


>marrying a soldier



I assumed something like this was the case when she got verged every time the doctor would talk shit about soldiers


File: bed7ce3b45b9755⋯.jpg (84.29 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doctor_who_2005.9x12.hell_….jpg)

This has to stop.

One of us has to go.


File: 4ba1cd395d23f7e⋯.jpg (62.04 KB, 250x361, 250:361, 1466196117225.jpg)







more like de-soy-ment


File: 620179bab949a51⋯.jpg (278.88 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at ….jpg)

>Gatiss is in this



File: f7d174b9ff61e72⋯.png (163.25 KB, 358x356, 179:178, 1484758992038.png)


>anon expects us to know what "this" is


File: 091929d370d2bbd⋯.jpg (261.43 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at ….jpg)


the favourite



okay this is based


Mark Gattiss just plays upper class people because he hates the other classes



it's true


Broken mirrors




Nilsos whole mind was destroyed


nilsos gay


File: b325af6abacf210⋯.jpg (38.86 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Hedon.jpg)

unironically how i picture mirrors


Putting Nilsos mind back together


/who/ cares trailer 2 when


Your whole Valentinelime could be erased



start of the next thread



Rip off Pussy Hallard even more?


File: fb6b138896324c9⋯.png (340.67 KB, 960x572, 240:143, bhn1mhhf6pm01.png)

Which /who/ser?


File: e2e9624efb6ed90⋯.png (382.7 KB, 507x676, 3:4, P6XsOn9.png)

pic related is here to move you all to the next thread



still too het tbqh


File: c312b94c00fe38a⋯.png (249.06 KB, 699x477, 233:159, 1467375765120.png)


When this thread runs out:





File: ff7316d39ba0d8f⋯.png (728.41 KB, 960x500, 48:25, ClipboardImage.png)

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