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"/who/ Cares?" podcast on Series 11: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz80wZ00_JjSaS2ZRrno1Pg

File: 0e843d72983b910⋯.jpg (258.96 KB, 998x1019, 998:1019, chobnoll.jpg)


Exactly 2 Months Since Resolution Aired edition




we're 1/6th through the hiatus

how does this make you feel?


File: 492118d2cc697e7⋯.png (757.54 KB, 754x819, 58:63, 1549070189.png)

>hit reply limit just before I could post the link in the last thread



File: 5d02baefad9d803⋯.jpg (283.67 KB, 1335x2000, 267:400, 13149155-low-.jpg)

Hate is always foolish, and love is always wise.


Who is a subjective pronoun, it should've been whom. I don't really care but it's a bad look when someone styles themselves a writer…



nobody uses 'whom' in the current year lmao okay grandpa



Just because you list reasons doesn't make it non-bigoted, and anyway, that has nothing to do with the mental effect of a whole onslaught of jokes about killing a class I, and others, a part of.


Words to live by, I say.


Immigrant is a hero for getting unreasonably verged about anti-het posting. It gives us some entertainment during the hiatus year.


>just found out Hunter was banned

can't believe I missed that


Het is always foolish, and LGBT+ is always wise



Even "some of which" would've been more correct




File: e2f8644332d8cb1⋯.jpg (297.4 KB, 486x486, 1:1, 1501235813718.jpg)

Why does this look like cropped porn?


>4. Bigotry is not tolerated.



Can you stop posting this, it's not exactly a fun story






This is the first time I've posted it. I have no idea what the context/source of it is



Fair point, altho linguistic drift means that "some of who" is basically acceptable now, I think.




Immigrant is justifiably bothered by the aggressive and violent sentiments of certain users and has stayed well composed while discussing them. The people who lash out at him show far less control of their emotions, they are the ones who can more accurately be described as verged.


Distinctions between stuff like 'who' and 'whom' is something for editors to worry about, aka fucking nerds. Chad writers shouldn't care.



choke, het



You sound upset



Thank you, anon.



You should PM them non stop for months even when they ask you to stop multiple times.



holistically bad


File: 9dcbf40f349947d⋯.jpg (189.76 KB, 676x695, 676:695, 1520499337795.jpg)

>unironically being heterosexual



I legitimately feel bad for them.



Please don't say that…it hurts me so much……..that you don't realise how it makes you look when you act like this phrase has some special property.



>misogyny, patriarchy, toxic masculinity

None of which are caused by heterosexuality, and none of which would be solved by abolishing heterosexuality. Correlation and causation are very different things.



It has the special property to make you reply, that's all the power it needs


File: 178c37cb72c4db9⋯.png (357.17 KB, 490x503, 490:503, 1443537268502.png)


>None of which are caused by heterosexuality


Technically, /whom/ cares more grammatically correct.


The hilarity of skelly and kinda thinking their moral objections are some crushing judgment verging people, instead of absurdly funny redditness



The fact you think desperation for attention is some kind of gotcha is ahahaha oh no no no



You s-s-still replied though! I win! Negative attention is still attention!!!!



Prove that they are



Imagine going to a doctor who discussion board to talk about how much you hate certain groups of people and wish they were all killed







How do you function in real life when you meet a het?


The irony of a person who takes their trip off to use slurs…being so verged to become an absolute mess and try, shapiro style, to own /who/ with MORAL JUDGEMENT


fuck offerino




I've been offline for a few days, what did I miss?



Kinda had a breakdown out of people making fun of hets and has condemned people here - not him of course - as evil, etc



It is empirically evil to discriminate on the basis of identity.



You should report it to the mods!



I agree, therefore kinda is evil for using slurs



What makes you so certain you're above the mods?



??? What reddit nonsense is this



Just checking.



Using a slur for a mentally impaired person is nowhere near as bad as actively wishing death on the majority of the population.



Do you play a lot of football?



Lol do you think it was just those words



Have you kept a list?


Yeah we need that podcast.


There is zero moral legitimacy in getting offended about jokes at straight people's expense. (At the absolute most, there are certain conversational settings where violent and disturbing imagery such as "I want to drop all heterosexuals into a thresher" is inappropriate etiquette. A general on a chan board where people happily mingle with outright racists and paedophiles is not one of them, and posturing about how threatened you personally feel by such a comment is as preposterous as basically anything Hunter has ever posted.)

Sometimes women indulge in edgy humour about slaughtering and mutilating men. Sometimes black people joke about starting a race war. Sometimes working-class people fantasize about putting all rich people to the guillotine. This is one of many expressions of how it feels to be, indirectly or otherwise, at the receiving end of a society built upon layer after layer of institutional inequality. If you really can't take that on the chin and your immediate response is lofty, self-righteous tone policing, you should ask yourself what you're doing with your life.



>people happily mingle with outright racists and paedophiles

I seem to recall multiple instances of racists and paedophiles being exiled



You can search keywords through a tripcode search both here and on a4p



Excellent post.



>Kinda had a breakdown out of people making fun of hets and has condemned people here - not him of course - as evil, etc

That's so funny. Do you have a link to the thread?

Also, I love the concept of the guy who supported immigrant children and infants being forcibly separated from their families calling others "evil" for being mean to hets lmao



Yup. It's literally just a case of them being able to give it but not take it.



absolutely based



Don't know about Kinda, but I don't think anyone here is "evil." I'm sure they have justified reasons, as a minority group, to feel aggreived by hets overall. I just feel like their "anti-het" posting has started to create a toxic environment, even if it started as letting off steam caused by being a minority.

Imagine there were a group of people in a forum jokingly saying "kill all dog-owners." Even if they had legitimate reasons, perhaps having been treated badly by several dog-owners and oppressed due to not being a dog-owner, hearing "kill all dog-owners" jokes in jest might become disturbing eventually, as a dog-owner in the forum.



You should call the mods of the sub about it!


kill all dog-owners



But I do my best to not "give it", and apologize when I do, yet I'm still taking it.


File: 22ee6aed0c4f3a3⋯.webm (2.34 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Cats gets verged.webm)


Shit he's goin fuckin sicko mode again lads



I'm more trying to have a community discussion.


Me as a bottom who, due to only ever dating other bottoms, was forced to top but now I'm trying to change my ways:

>But I do my best to not "give it", and apologize when I do, yet I'm still taking it.



File: 30a865ee7cab775⋯.png (546.72 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 8think.png)


But cats, aren't you a filthy communist dog?



Okay, this is based.



The mod should make a stickied megathread for it, and flair it with modflair!



The fact you think owning a dog is in any way comparable is just…


There comes a point where things that started off as a joke begin to dominate the conversation, to the point where it impairs the ability to maintain functional discourse. This is further muddied by people who like to claim that they're not joking when they say violent things, whether it's the truth or not. It creates an environment of hostility and unwelcomeness.

75 posts into the thread, and approximately 2 are actually about doctor who. Reaction images don't count. The rest has been an argument that stemmed from acting hostile for an edgy joke.



People who complain about there not being ontopic posts while making no ontopic posts of their own are absolutely insufferable. Nothing is stopping you from starting a Doctor Who discussion. Nothing is stopping you from posting ontopic. By whining and crying about other people not catering to you by making posts you like, you are literally contributing to the very thing you're throwing a tantrum over.


Who are you?




File: cef93478c64b7b2⋯.png (286.58 KB, 682x530, 341:265, cd.png)


Shame, really.



I made >>219957, an attempt to start a doctor who related discussion.

it was completely ignored because people are far more interested in arguing.



How does it make you feel anon? Sometimes, gasp, it takes more than 11 words to start a conversation!



the derailment is actually because of hets like you getting verged


>skelly after posting two dozen posts in an argument

people ignored my first, ontopic, post!


Look through any recent thread, count the amount of replies on-topic posts get compared to off-topic posts.


File: 881d7b2dba3b599⋯.jpg (35.21 KB, 581x458, 581:458, 817688c2bdd9b62d169b65983f….jpg)


stop being gay



>post things specifically designed to make certain people upset

>wow wtf why did they get upset? it's not my fault





it's not designed to make anybody upset. they're just facts, anon



imagine being this upset



I guess you don't have to ;)



"hets should all be killed" isn't a fact, it's an edgy opinion specifically phrased to be provocative



It's true though.



Opinions are independent of the concept of truth



Personally I don't personally approve of it, but it absolutely is a true fact. They should be. I just don't approve of it personally.



Anti-het posting is bad, but anti-gay posting is worse than anti-het posting anon.



Is that how you justify the hair?


File: 112274d2f6c1caf⋯.png (341.2 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 16f65eb4dcf823a00f506479ef….png)


Your opinion is false and reversed.



>"hets should all be killed" isn't a fact

yes it is



I can think of a certain sexuality I'd like to reverse.



"stop being gay" is less offensive than "kill all hets"



That's real gay of you.



Ah, I see. You too are a fan of omnicide & the fall of the human race.


File: 735315fd8e40c13⋯.jpg (2.9 MB, 1941x2391, 647:797, 1520499337783.jpg)


>"stop being gay" is less offensive than "kill all hets"





I can think of a certain virgin.





File: 40d46cf162c54a4⋯.jpg (104.92 KB, 500x601, 500:601, d13-11t-045.jpg)

I mean, how does gay sex even work? You can't put a dick in a dick.



yes you can it's called docking



I am very sad you have missed my reference.


File: 233d4c01b2b779b⋯.jpg (206.56 KB, 720x719, 720:719, 3d5884bd15b7b51acd58bfa9f5….jpg)

What's a plot thing you wish chibnall would do in S12 but know would never happen?

>graham's cancer comes back and he accepts his death rather than getting a space cure



I just hope he actually does some plots this time. The cancer thing is something I was expecting in S11 though, ever since the first episode.



more space sexism



13 regenerating, all the companions leaving



13 dying/regenerating, either works



thirteen leaving


File: d9d4cdedb61607e⋯.jpg (329.29 KB, 665x559, 665:559, d13-11w-152.jpg)

is this clayton hickey-men in this photo?



Not many baldies in /who/ production, so maybe.





Absolutely baffling that anybody thinks the show would somehow improve if Jodie left. Chibnall would still be responsible for writing 14, folks!



It's at least another roll of the dice, whoever replaces jodie might give a better performance



It's rolling some tiny dice that has no bearing on the actual problem, which is Chibnall. It would be a distraction and nothing more.



Yes, she can't act.


Concerning Thirteen, I've often seen the argument that 13's behaviour (being less arrogant, less sure of herself) tied into stereotypes about women. I think that's the unfortunate side effect of the Doctor after 12 being the first female Doctor.

Twelve's arc was about letting go of his angst, as well as his arrogance. People say being a "dark, arrogant" person is part of being a Doctor, but a lot of that in NuWho Doctors seemed to be part of having lived through the Time War. A lot of 12's arc is about coming to terms with that, and leting it go.

This makes Thirteen, as having gone thru character development from 12, be less arrogant, less "Time Lord Victorious", but that also means she's also has less of the "masculine" attributes. It's an unfortunate coincidence with having the first female Doctor, but having the 13th Doctor be as arrogant and "Time Lord Victorious" would possibly be a reversal of character development of 12.


File: b2cdaf879aabb21⋯.mp4 (4.13 MB, 1920x960, 2:1, pting.mp4)


>the actual problem, which is Chibnall

Chibnall is one of multiple problems



Given how chibnall made no attempt to address the past, I would question how much of that is intentional beyond the meta "people didn't like 12 because he was old and grumpy so let's make 13 youthful and cheery"



Having Chibnall cast Fourteen as the Doctor increases the chance that Fourteen will be cast as a woman. Once 2 separate Doctors are women, then 13 won't be the "token" female Doctor.

Zawe Ashton would probably make a good Fourteen. I'd also like Ruth Negga, but that's probably less likely when she's Irish.



This is just an excuse for your rampant heterosexuality. We all know the real reason why you like 13. She's an attractive woman - just your type no less - with (paper-thin) lesbian subtext with Yaz that is just enough to make your lil Immigrant hard.

There are of course valid reasons to like 13, even though I don't personally agree with any of them. Het men have no excuse though. Nobody het has anything to say to me today!



Are you proud of this post?



13's not even really my type, desu, and I don't really ship 13 with Yaz.



Sure, het.



it's demonstrable that biscum are more likely to ship 13/yaz



>Having Chibnall cast Fourteen as the Doctor increases the chance that Fourteen will be cast as a woman.

What makes you think that? After watching S11, it's pretty clear that Chibnall casting Jodie wasn't due to his politics. It was a marketing ploy. "The 2nd Female Doctor!" won't bring in audiences or make headlines. At the most, Chibnall will cast the first non-white (but probably male) Doctor for 14.



shut up skelly



hit a nerve?



Go wash your hair with hydrochloric acid.


File: 59c575609db9625⋯.jpg (257.22 KB, 1200x1580, 60:79, rose-leslie-in-stella-maga….jpg)


Do you still stand by your Rose Leslie wishes? Thought that was an interesting pick of yours, would like to see it as well.



I'd much rather laugh at your instability thx



>After watching S11, it's pretty clear that Chibnall casting Jodie wasn't due to his politics. It was a marketing ploy.

Just because Chibnall didn't take full advantage of 13 being a woman in the plotlines doesn't mean he didn't honestly think it was a big step. If anything, the fact he rarely drew attention to it is in line with his "there's nothing inherently male or female about being the Doctor" ethos. You may disagree with that or think that it's too "centrist" of an opinion that maybe ignores patriarchal elements of past Doctors, but there's no reason to think he was being dishonest about that.



wow laughing at other people's instability? you are a holistically bad person



Yes! I definitely do. Rose Leslie could probably play a colder Doctor that would work well after 13. Actually, a pirate-themed Doctor might work with Rose.



>Just because Chibnall didn't take full advantage of 13 being a woman in the plotlines

I'm not referring to that at all, and it's a bit odd that you assumed I was. I think not making a big deal about the Doctor's gender change is the best thing he did with 13.

I'm referring to the fact that Chibnall's era is noticeably less left-leaning than the previous eras, with shockingly pro-capitalist episodes like Kerblam!.



>I'm not referring to that at all, and it's a bit odd that you assumed I was.

Ahh, I thought you were going with Neo's and Giga's critique.

>I'm referring to the fact that Chibnall's era is noticeably less left-leaning than the previous eras, with shockingly pro-capitalist episodes like Kerblam!.

Well, this is also the era where Rosa Parks and the India/Pakistani conflicts had eps, plus one Chibnall-cowritten ep had the Trump analogue be the villain, while another ep written by Chibnall had a pregnant man be treated respectfully without him being seen as a joke. Kerblam! is economically conservative, but note that the villain is literally an angry white man. Also, The Witchfinders does humanize King James, but doesn't forgive him.


S11 is superficially political, while past series were more fundamentally political




Series 11 does have Thirteen not approve of villains, but it doesn't quite give her a chance to do angry condemnations in the finales of the eps. I think that's the writing team's attempt to avoid having "tidy bows" that seem somewhat…unrelistic, but it makes 13 seem ineffectual. Maybe they want to avoid the usual "angry Time Lord" moments of previous Doctors, but haven't figured out what to replace it with.

Actually, some of S11's faults feels like they want to do something new, but haven't figured out what that new approach should be.



Fucking hell Immigrant, your takes are so hot it sends my head spinning.

>plus one Chibnall-cowritten ep had the Trump analogue be the villain

The absolute height of liberalism is thinking loosely basing a bad guy on Trump is somehow scathing indictment. The episode has absolutely nothing to say and the "Trump analogue" doesn't even lose.

>while another ep written by Chibnall had a pregnant man be treated respectfully without him being seen as a joke

It's treated as "Gosh, aren't aliens weird?". It's very clear that Chibnall isn't aware that men giving birth is something that happens right now in reality. His ignorance of trans people caused him to stumble into writing something mildly supportive of trans people, that doesn't deserve celebration.

>Kerblam! is economically conservative, but note that the villain is literally an angry white man.

Now this is the take that had me reeling. What on Earth could you mean by this? That an anti-capitalist revolutionary being depicted as an insane villain is someone progressive just because he's a white male? What?

Rosa and actually setting a historical episode in a country that isn't white were decent, but hardly make up for the rest. I bet you think Chibnall constantly introducing gay side characters only to have them immediately die was good LGBT representation too.



>the "Trump analogue" doesn't even lose

This was pointed commentary on reality in chib’s mind



>with shockingly pro-capitalist episodes like Kerblam!.

Although I dislike Kerblam!, I can easily see why Peter McTighe would have gotten to write as an ep, considering that he's a true blue Who fan. And "the CEOs weren't actually evil this time, just miscommunicating" sounds good as a twist, and even works with the theme of "people working together will save us" that somewhat underlines S11. Honestly, it's Kira's (Charlie's crush) death that truly messes up the ep's themes, along with the clearly horrible working conditions in the companies, and the "2 months off, two weeks paid leave" line at the end.



>wanting to get rid of the only good thing to come from the Chibnall-era

how about graham cancer comes back but becomes Space Cancer that leaves Graham and is caught by Ryan/Yaz/Thirteen which causes them all to die/regenerate at the end of the series


File: 5ff52c9d8ca82f5⋯.jpg (235.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at ….jpg)

>David Bradley and Jenna Coleman are both in the first Captain America movie for 30 seconds each

does that improve haley atwell's chances



>Kerblam! is economically conservative, but note that the villain is literally an angry white man.

You're right, Charlie is totally a progressive inclusion in Series 11. I mean, just look at these lines!

>CHARLIE: Ten percent? They want us to be grateful that ten percent of people get to work? What about the other ninety percent? What about our futures? Because without action, next time it will be seven percent, then five, then one. I am stronger than you. I am not going to stand by and accept it. People like me, my generation, we change things. We make things happen.

No boomer-tier conservationism here, no sir! Lovely progressive take on a character.


File: 79de285a5e0f368⋯.jpg (152.63 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1518845201308.jpg)


>People like me, my generation, we change things. We make things happen.

pete literally had the doctor thank and bless the boss shitting all over his young innocent girl workers, and made the most cursed boomer tier character of a millennial ever, right down to scraping by with a shitty job while complaining about how society should be different, the villain. CURSED


File: fe276eda0f1b25a⋯.jpg (40.56 KB, 600x411, 200:137, Gaiman showrunner and an A….jpg)


Oh it's happening alright.



used to be for her for 13 but eh i think id like an older dr next desu. we'd never get helen mirren but someone with that sort of take would be GOAT. stern no nonsense doc.


>one Chibnall-cowritten ep had the Trump analogue be the villain

holy shit, a tv show made fun of trump? how brave. s11 truly is the height of progressivism. is chib radleft after all?


radleft is crigne


s11 is so fucking shite lmao it truly boggles the mind. id rather watch s22 over and over again than rewatch any of this again



Full of holistically bad people too!



>Now this is the take that had me reeling. What on Earth could you mean by this? That an anti-capitalist revolutionary being depicted as an insane villain is someone progressive just because he's a white male? What?

Actually, I should have explained this better. My bad. "White man says 'X is taking my jerbs", where "X" is immigrants, women, black people, is a constant rightist trope, especially when those white men use that to justify violence. Based on 13's "The system isn't the problem, you're the problem", Charlie is supposed to be seen as one of those white men, where "X" equals robots.

Of course, that metaphor fails because:

1) "X' is in this case an unfeeling robotic system that may be a metaphor for Capitalism. So basically, "Charlie's saying "Capitalism took my jerbs!"…and based on the ep, he might be correct.

2) Part of the reason "X took our jerbs!" rhetoric is so poisonous is that "X" is never what lost them the job. But the ep ends with humans getting jobs back from the robots which…makes no sense with the rhetoric.

3) 'X", being Kerblam! robots, killed Kira.

So, yes, I get why Kerblam! doesn't critique "X takes our jerbs" rhetoric well. But I also think McTighe was trying to do so.

>It's treated as "Gosh, aren't aliens weird?". It's very clear that Chibnall isn't aware that men giving birth is something that happens right now in reality.

Thirteen doesn't treat it as weird, and admonishes Ryan and Graham for judging. And by the end of the ep, the companions and the narrative aren't treating the pregnant man as weird. It isn't explicitly a pro-trans narrative, but it's clearly a "don't judge people outside your comfort zone or what you're used to" , and I'm quite sure it's meant as a metaphor for, say, a cisgender encountering a trans person for the first time.

>The absolute height of liberalism is thinking loosely basing a bad guy on Trump is somehow scathing indictment. The episode has absolutely nothing to say and the "Trump analogue" doesn't even lose.

The Trump analogue is seen as a coward who hides behind his gun, would kill a defenseless animal, and leaves people to die. And yes, he wins, but it's not seen as a good thing at all. (Also, the entire ep's plot is literally caused by industrial waste.)



>The Trump analogue is seen as a coward who hides behind his gun, would kill a defenseless animal, and leaves people to die

holy shit trump is finished

chib is brave as fuck



>It isn't explicitly a pro-trans narrative, but it's clearly a "don't judge people outside your comfort zone or what you're used to" , and I'm quite sure it's meant as a metaphor for, say, a cisgender encountering a trans person for the first time.

you are a cis person congratulating another cis person on how deftly they implemented a supposedly pro-trans story. utter utter cringe



Tsurunga is incredibly heavy on the fucked up adoption-shaming and it isn't a fucking delicate pro trans story lmfao


The fact Immigrant equates "extremely goofy character with a highly unusual biological trait" immediately to some lib trans narrative is extraordinarily telling.



It's not adoption-shaming, it's abandonment-shaming.



It is adoption-shaming you greasyhaired fuck. I am adopted and the sanctimonious dialogue treatment of Yoss was absolutely fucking shameful and specifically casting aspersions and judgement on adoption. Yoss wasn't going to fucking drop the baby on some bywater randomly.



I never said Chibnall was radleft. I said his casting 13 as a woman was sincere progressivism. Again, Chibnall may be not as far left as you would like, but that does not mean his current leftism is insincere.


Well, I do see your point there.


Would Hayley Atwell actually make a good Doctor?



>a cisgender



Chibnall is not a fucking leftist you twit lmfao. Are you American? Do you understand what a liberal is?



>Would Hayley Atwell actually make a good Doctor?

I don't know, have you filled her fap sub on reddit with creepy comments like you did MEW's?



Casting a woman in a traditionally male-held role - especially after years of in-story setting up of a woman taking that role - is not some triumphant applause-worthy great work of leftism. It is liberalism to the core. Do you think Marvel's 30th film having a woman in the lead for the first time is some gloriously leftist practice too?



It didn't make any statement about people who do the adopting afterwards, it was focused purely on whether yoss would keep the baby or not. Stop searching for things to be offended by.



That's what he means you fucking dunce

It's shaming people who put their children up for adoption



Oh fuck off, you're clearly arguing in bad faith.



…are you intentionally missing his point…


YOSS: Yeah. In honour of you both, I wanted to call him… Avocado.

RYAN: You what?

GRAHAM: Avocado?

YOSS: Yeah, after the ancient Earth hero, Avocado Pear.

GRAHAM: No, no, mate, that is a fruit.

RYAN: No, it's a vegetable.



>GRAHAM: No, no, mate, that is a fruit.

>RYAN: No, it's a vegetable.

how does s11 even exist


File: 1a51554367100f1⋯.png (194.61 KB, 873x471, 291:157, owo.png)





steve and tony fuck


owen and inato fuck



>look we're so progressive they're bisexual!


we need a pillar of fuck in these times



and that pillar is peter capaldi!



>triumphant applause-worthy great work of leftism

Again, it's not about "applause". It's about sincerity. I was arguing with "Chibnall just cast 13 as a woman as a marketing ploy." I think that he thought he was being progressive. You may think that he didn't go early far enough. That's fine. But I'm saying that his intention was to sincerely take a step in the direction of progressive direction. You may think his effort laughable. But his effort was sincere.

(By the way, the fact that the so-far rumored writers for S12 are also diverse is a point in my favor.)




go on. please, i need this



peter capaldi plays malcom tucker who says the word 'fuck' a lot



>By the way, the fact that the so-far rumored writers for S12 are also diverse is a point in my favor.

Upvoted my good sir! Now would you prefer Reddit Gold or Reddit platinum?




Actually, please ignore the tone of the last sentence if it came off as too snide. I didn't mean it that way.



I wonder if in s12 we'll find out whether avocado is a fruit or a vegetable


Which Doctor wins the internet for today?



>(By the way, the fact that the so-far rumored writers for S12 are also diverse is a point in my favor.)

jesus fucking christ immigrant



lmfao you dont get to say that

you thought it

you wrote it

youre an adult and you chose to post it

there are no take backsies in real life


if you aren't as progressive as me you're even worse than if you weren't progressive at all



Do you play much football?



Avocado is…………umsang



No one ever changes their mind



You don't get to choose for people to not react to something you did earlier if you decide later you wish you hadn't have done it.


an upvote in my favor


Don’t say anything I dislike or I’ll have twitter #cancel you.



You absolutely get to say when you misspoke, and reasonable human beings take that into account.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Got bored of oreos?



It's highly convenient when people decide they misspoke. Seems to always come after they start losing an argument 🤔



No, I just noticed you're quite good at moving goalposts.



You never said something hotheaded that you didn’t actually mean?



Not since I was a teenager, no. I'm an adult and I owe it to the people around me to act like one.



I mean, I don't disagree that the rumored writers for S12 add to my argument. I just think that the way I said that was too smug and self-satisfied.



I mean, you win the internets for today sir. Anne Frankly, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!



>adults are never allowed to misspeak and if they ever do they have to abide by whatever their original words were interpreted as even when they make it clear it's not what they believe



You'll get judged by what you do and say even if you wish you hadn't done or said it later. That's the way the world works bucko.


i shot a guy but i wish i hadnt done it later. that brings him back to life right.



Are you familiar with the concept of an apology?



Sounds like toxic masculinity that prevents men showing or admitting fallibility


According to Doctor Who Stalker Reports, the first ep of S12 might be a spy drama ep, called "Negative Zero." There was apparently filming of a car chase at some point.




Username checks out! The real LPT is always in the comments!



You sir are a gentleman and a scholar! Now is someone cutting onions in here?



I wonder if it'll be like the car chase in Resolution where it turned out to be 5 seconds of a car speeding through traffic


>being familiar enough with reddit culture to passive aggressively shitpost with it



I can't fap to this. But I'll allow it.



…You actually use reddit, don't you?




I sure do, scott_pilgrim_fan! Oops, that escalated quickly! RIP my inbox.


That is a good questio…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL GIMME THE BALLS AHHH………………………………………….



Your sentence is reduced if you show remorse dumbass



oh, THAT'S how the guy gets resurrected then


absolutism is peak cringe, prove me wrong






Do you understand the conversation is about how people react to your actions and not the actions themselves?



>two episodes in a row with car chases

is this going to be chibnall's stock "exciting thing" he whips out for trailers?



do you understand rian johnson ruined my childhood?



do you understand that I see you as a nazi?



If your childhood was star wars it was already ruined


File: 0c12484cea157d7⋯.gif (128.2 KB, 900x280, 45:14, dt190301.gif)

dilbars here!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

And y'all need a plan

And y'all can't be playin'

Do you understand, what the fuck that I'm sayin'?

Do you understand, yeah, yeah, what the fuck that I'm sayin'?


This blew up.



This just brought a thought to me that I find amusing, but some others will probably find terrifying: Eventually, Who will be made by people whose childhood reference for Who is the Chibnall era.



>a car chase at some point.

holy fuck, chib era: REDEEMED. I honestly didnt see this coming



For many, many reasons, I doubt it.



The Foreman subreddit is 66% Immigrant posting lol


EAT–THE–RICH's here!



maybe at one point there'll be a scene IN the tardis :OOOO



The spy drama point might be more interesting.


One rule of Who is that the eras you think are crap will be beloved by at least some fans. Even Warriors Of The Deep has fans.



>One rule of Who



I can guarantee you there will never be an era of the show born of admiration and formativity over Chibnall's run.


rule 1 the doctor lies xD


File: 8e4a79140988516⋯.jpg (176.81 KB, 1404x998, 702:499, 1514469673736.jpg)



Ah, they finally got 12 and Clara together for a big finish audio I see


ho do we



Hmm, I wouldn't be too quick to write the whole era off.



Good luck with that.


It's only been ten episodes, and one special - it's too soon to judge.



2019 is not the year to criticise this!


we haven't even had one full series of content yet, stop judging! you wouldnt judge series 9 before seeing heaven sent and hell bent would you?


You can't judge an era by its first series. This is true of all eras of doctor who.


File: 666bc98355adf8b⋯.jpg (58.92 KB, 450x358, 225:179, chib on a lead.jpg)



Never underestimate people's capacity to be utterly fucking boring.

The fact that there isn't anything bizarre or ambiguous about ChibWho is probably its biggest selling point to the higher-ups at the BBC, as well as much of the public: "finally, a Doctor Who that won't have any demographic scratching their heads!" They probably think they've finally "cracked" the show and made it tame: "the least embarrasing Doctor Who yet!" It's going to be an uphill battle to get a version of the show made with any degree of risk again.


I for one think we should wait 10 years before judging. We can't really say what the impact of the era will be before then. Any judgement of Chibnall within this decade is ill-founded. I wouldn't be too quick to write the whole era off!




Judge S11 all you want. But think about how much Moffat grew just from Series 5 to Series 8. Chibnall may very well grow and change as he hears the critiques of S11.



Series 5 was already fucking kino you dunce.



s5 is arguably moffs best series lmfao, if chibs s11 is his equivalent then that's not "a point in your favor"



Functionally, the ratings descended to Capaldi level, and then the special tanked even below that. Now we're in a gap year. I think you'd be surprised what the BBC thinks of this. Note they still have multiple projects in development with Moffat.




I agree that having "mediocre serviceable" Who is the worst thing that Chibnall Who can become. But ITYA gives me hope.



File: 6cc73efc5b3c2a8⋯.webm (412.98 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, bear.webm)

Ah yes, ITYA.



>Chibnall may very well grow and change as he hears the critiques of S11.

Do you understand that Series 12 was already written beforehand? And that the sort of reception Chibnall is likely to see, the general press consensus, was very positive?



Look at the top of the page.



It took ages to finally get the pedo to fuck off anyway, and Judy still pervades threads now and again without people caring much, despite all his "mudwashing" "blackie" etc comments.


the thing about having hope for s12 is, chibnall thinks s11 was a success, he has no reason to change up what he did.



What's more is that it was fucking written beforehand primarily. Even if s11 had catastrophic reception it wouldn't be that salvegable.



>I wish a chibber would


More of Ryan having fun

Some kind of character arc



>Do you understand that Series 12 was already written beforehand?

Scripts can change close to production time, and lines even get changed with edits in post-production. Block are still filming, so there's still time even now for scripts to change.



nah, recruitment year man



Yes, I'm sure Chibnall will be dictating last-minute very transformative changes to scripts based off that highly negative feedback he's been getting.



>lines even get changed with edits in post-production

Yeah, like how the gay-death line was ADR'd into Resolution. Chib has a great track record with this one.

Honestly the fact you think S11esque flaws are fixable in post is just…lol


File: 64a70d0593dab32⋯.png (21.6 KB, 686x173, 686:173, lesbian.PNG)

Immigrant trying to invade a lesbian space on Reddit. This is what het men are like.



why the fuck would he even comment there

>Um, straight man here




>Now this is the take that had me reeling. What on Earth could you mean by this? That an anti-capitalist revolutionary being depicted as an insane villain is someone progressive just because he's a white male? What?

I could see a take on Kerblam where it's actually about a mass shooter, and the corporate setting is totally incidental


a non lesbian going over to a specific sub for lesbians is like boardies doing drivebys here, it's dumb. i wouldnt go "lol wassup" on some forum for belarus citizens, its not my place.



And I could see Mirrors jerk off to Graham making a sandwich, but I don't feel the need to write it.



We aren't mingling with other boards, we've gone out of our way to stay hidden from them



The janny did that unilaterally. You didn't. /who/ as a whole didn't. It was a good decision but don't act like it's some brownie point for the board.


Immigrant walks into a lesbian bar like "Um, straight man here. I'm not gonna hit on any of you, I just want to learn more about lesbian culture. I mean we all like girls here, right? ahahaha. If y'all ladies want to throw me out, that's okay. …would be kinda hot actually."



>I wish a chibber would

Focus on how 13's an all-new Doctor, unsure of herself, and trying to redefine herself. Find an arc for her that isn't "the Doctor becomes darker/more manipulative/loses hope". Take seriously that she's a "Doctor of Hope", and show both how hope can inspire, as well as testing her optimism in the face of evil, and actually show her prevailing. Create a new way for 13 that isn't a rehash of the angsty Doctors before, that can be a new baseline for future Doctors.

Focus on Yaz more. Give her more of a character arc. Overall, give all characters more time for depth. Give them more conflict.

Feel free to get weirder with plotlines and stories.

Actively think about the politics of the stories.



Why is it okay for Neo and Eden to flirt, but not for Immigrant to comment on lesbian lifestyle subreddits?




Avocado pears are berries



>calling a sexuality a lifestyle







Yeah but is the timeless child a berry?



>not making an argument



The absence of any argument against my post proves my assumption is correct and therefore that he did nothing wrong.




Wash your hair.


The point that the original post tried to make was that excessively violent rhetoric was tolerable in this environment because we put up with racists and pedos, but that doesn't actually happen - /who/ does draw a line and makes a point of separating itself from a 4chan/8chan style 'anything goes' culture.



not every post that uses 'yikes' is skelly



There's plenty of love for the Pertwee and Saward eras in RTD and Moffat Who and those eras are every bit as bankrupt as the Chibnall era.




Not an argument.




I, no joke,once saw an unironic '90s fansite saying how Warriors Of The Deep was a deep metaphor for the Cold War that should be praised. It wasn't just one page–it was a whole site extolling that ep's virtues.


File: 74427244de24d37⋯.jpg (90.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, lozjodiechibnall.jpg)

File: b85ff2efba7a5d5⋯.jpg (121.42 KB, 500x500, 1:1, lozjodiechibnall2.jpg)


Well yes, but I was trying to speculate about the executives, mostly; I thought it might seem to them like they'd be fixing it by simplifying it beyond all reason. Now that the declining interest is proving them wrong, the trouble is that they might think the issue is that it's "too PC", not that it's too dull.

After recent rumors I have a horrible preminition of Doctor Who going full Time Tory in the 2020s with Gareth Roberts as showrunner writing absolute bile, yet whenever I come into contact with any of it a small part of me goes "but still, you have to admit it's far more watchable than it was under Chibnall!"


ITYA still had the Doctor go over exactly how she felt about the bizzare bits so there was no ambiguity whatsoever.


Tsuranga had blatant adoption shaming, there is absolutely nothing wrong with adoption, people think that you have a "bond" with your biologic parent but you don't, my mates were confused when I said I didn't want to meet them, and they shouldn't have been



Dammit, how did you find out about the opening to the Resolution tripcast?



But that was sunday's fault! going back to saturday nights will fix it, just you wait!



You're reducing the entire post down to one point when it made many, and you are still wrong on that specific point. You've literally ignored a post pointing that out >>220223

Multiple people defended GWAAD. Some occasionally still defend Judy. And you're deluded if you don't still think there is racism here.



Ah I understand you. I think I'm on the same page as you in fact. Seeing the press reduce S11 criticism to that point is worrying.


Same here pal.



Why do you call it a tripcast when the majority of people who've been on aren't trips



Because regardless of the explicit use of tripcodes to identify members of the board, /who/ cares is still tripfaggotry of the highest caliber. It's the veneration of discreet, unique poster identities and celebration of their opinions and reputations.

Whether that's good or bad depends on how you feel about /who/ culture as a whole, but that's what it is.



>It's the veneration of discreet, unique poster identities

There aren't even introductions of any of the guests, it just gets right into discussion, then ends when the discussion does.



Looking at it another way, very few of the people who've been on /who/ cares use tripcodes to post on 4chan or 8chan, but would you say that any of them are "anonymous"?

Have there been any anons on /who/ cares? Or whatever Eden calls them in her notebook?



Mirrors, Tomtit, Morphant, Kode, Nilso, Dilbert, Looms, Nacho, Skelly


and Ingiga obviously








That's the point he's making. You know all of those people by a name that they already had prior to the podcast. It might not have been a trip but none of them are actually anonymous.


I just read that sock pooping story someone posted last thread. That was wild.


Female cashiers find it really hot when you hand them a 24 pack of toilet paper.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I always think it's weird when guys feel grossed out buying pads or tampons for their significant others but don't have any problem buying toilet paper.

I had a pretty serious crisis in early adulthood when I looked at how much money I spent on toilet paper every year and realized I was literally flushing it down the toilet.



Well you could always shower after instead of wiping


File: e64c825c00b485d⋯.jpg (68.48 KB, 960x960, 1:1, boyfriend game contract.jpg)

your partner gives you a doctor who blu ray but it comes with a contract like this, how do you respond?



And how exactly is Neo or Gig meant to contact someone who is completely anonymous? I've seen Neo try it before here and the anon verge at him for doing it.


File: cce0cfbde1d71f7⋯.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, Why I can't play D&D anymo….png)



I'd never heard of some of those anons beyond how they were credited in the description for the casts.



Saying you’re just flushing it down the toilet is a bit silly. You’re not just pouring shampoo down the drain either.



Oh my god all the money on shampoo…



That's why I always use my sleeve



What I want to know is, who the fuck would put up with this? Why do so many relationships have fucked up power dynamics like this? It's like they're completely transactional and about what you can get from the other person rather than you being close/best friends who actually enjoy each other's company while you're not having sex



Just never wash your hair like me!



I'll give you a hint, it starts with H…



That's exactly what it is! Because they're largely emotionally immature teenagers or adolescents, whether physically or mentally, and they thus cling to each other because what they're getting out of the relationship is not a holistic love but instead something particular, such as a sense of belonging, or sexual satisfaction, or social capital.



It's actually even simpler than that.





1 and 1 and 1 is 3…



Got to be good looking 'cause he's so hard to see?


File: 4c2db09ddfc3dd9⋯.jpg (27.37 KB, 420x350, 6:5, wife is always right.jpg)

OMG it's so relatable XD [tags husband]



This is why I think the correct response to hets isn't so much laughter as pity. They got a real rough go of it.


Married At /who/rst Sight: A ground-breaking social experiment


File: d8d62653c691cf7⋯.jpg (71.7 KB, 750x537, 250:179, the hets are not okay.jpg)


Keep in mind, compulsive heterosexuality has remained a powerful force to this very day. Whenever we feel pity for hets trapped in loveless relationships by the societal forces around them, we should always spare a thought for whether or not they are in fact het to begin with.



If you extend this joke to include a certain couple, I'll know you are incapable of refusing >>220240

and therefore >>220246



Excellent point.




Not an argument.



I'm not the one you're arguing with and kindly decline, sweetie



I'm not arguing with anyone in particular. I'm noting nobody here can refute the point I made and therefore it is correct.


Furthermore, isn't shipping Neo and Eden "toxic heterosexuality" your kind is so like to criticize?



Neo and eden ship themselves



Then are they not heterosexual? Why do they escape criticism? Why is no one describing ways to murder them?



It's queer heterosexuality so it's okay



What does that even mean? You don't get to just invent terms to support your argument.



They are automatically included in 'kill all hets' posts



Then why do they not argue against those posts?



A trans person who is heterosexual is a queer heterosexual, this is simple math, child, try to keep up.



Because they have het guilt


>het relationships with trans people aren’t real het relationships



File: 46a42bd10d437b0⋯.png (89.8 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 1505838797308.png)


>this is simple math, child, try to keep up.



Fuck off.



dumb boomer


>trans people aren't queer if they're in het relationships




How is two het people being in a het relationship possibly not het?



the person in question is obviously still queer, but the relationship itself is heterosexual.


It's lgbT+het, but that still means it's het, just that one of the two people is LGBT. A bisexual person can also obviously have a het relationshop.


Bis in het relationships get the wall first, to send a message to the pure hets



Fuck off.



>hating on other lgtb people to own the hets!


Skelly's biphobia speaks volumes about him.


woah… so this is… bi fragility…



>if i say offensive things, people get offended!

Woah you've really levelled up working that one out.


Bis be like “I’m not het, I’m part gay!”




If you really can't take that on the chin and your immediate response is lofty, self-righteous tone policing, you should ask yourself what you're doing with your life.



They are bisexual. It is its own discrete category. l g B t. They are LGBT.


>kill all hets

>unless they're trans, then they arent het for some reason



LGBT people are discriminated against you twit, so the entire point of that post is incompatible with it. You'd know that if you read the whole thing.


>This is one of many expressions of how it feels to be, indirectly or otherwise, at the receiving end of a society built upon layer after layer of institutional inequality. If you really can't take that on the chin and your immediate response is lofty, self-righteous tone policing, you should ask yourself what you're doing with your life.




Are you trolling by making these same two posts?



Gay people face more institutional oppression than Bisexual people, most of which ultimately blend into general society with long term heterosexual relationships.



LGBT people are institutionally discriminated against. If you want to play the Olympics over to what degree for whatever reason, that reflects quite poorly on you.



how is that trolling? one is an actual statement and the other is taking the piss out of an anon for saying something stupid.


Still nobody has refuted my argument. >>220240



>no you can't be more specific that's not fair!



I noticed you abandoned arguing your last pushback against that post. Why was that?



What are you referring to?






Why have none of you refuted my argument?



because i wasn't one of the people that got mad about immigrant posting on that reddit



because I don't care about it


Refute this





Neither of these are arguments.




So you admit I am correct?



*sprays air freshener*


File: adfb831645f5314⋯.jpg (34.79 KB, 600x350, 12:7, Closer than you ever wante….jpg)



It's a complete false equivalency, to engage with it directly is to legitimize it



not an argument



Every time, like this, that you fail to engage with my argument, you are admitting you cannot.


It is surprisingly easy to expose the intellectual vacuity of this place. Literally nobody in thread has even attempted to refute my argument.



It's not an argument.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

which /who/sers?




Can you refute my argument?



no, I concede, you're 100% correct and have no reason to bring it up again



How am I correct?


File: a34902729212ecb⋯.jpg (30.04 KB, 600x559, 600:559, kden.jpg)


Do you think the word argument would be better if it were spelled arguement?



I'm sure I don't need to tell you that



eden's cousin?



If you don't elaborate, you expose yourself.






want me to post nudes?



kden, the cousin of eden



kek that's good


skelly is not allowed to talk about anyone getting the wall, least of all bi people, it's cultural appropriation of left-wing language



A certain het relationship having trouble in paradise.




It's been the subject of the last dozen or so posts.


Between his hatred of bi people in het relationships, trans people in het relationships, and Neo and Eden, it's time to accept that Skelly is just sexually and romantically frustrated.



It's as though he's forced into celibacy against his will, involuntary you might say.






>trans people in het relationships

I wasn't part of that discussion at all and the bi stuff is just funposting because it's such an easy target to make them upset



What’s the cure?


File: 9e941eb47df12dd⋯.png (376.89 KB, 639x506, 639:506, The-coon.png)

Literally Kinda






A certain /who/ser has just the medicine for that, I believe.



He needs to take his medicine



>deriding a minority group is fun!

You're disgusting.


inksel oh inskel


>skelly flat out admits he's biphobic because he finds it funny

that makes it worse not better lol



oh no, you poor minority group that easily blends into het society :^)



What's wrong, you give it but you can't take it?



im not homophobic



I will pull your hair out, wash it and feed it to you.


I wonder what a certain cleaner thinks of a user admitting they consistently troll with bigotry.




You mean saying that you wish violence on a particular person based on their group identity?



I notice you've abandoned your last two points against that post. Why is that?



You won't find it kinky when you're coughing up hairballs




If nobody can refute >>220240

within six minutes, I will adopt a trip I will use permanently.



>two episodes in a row

in Chib's defense they'll air a full year apart

and also no one will remember anything about resolution long before that point anyway



do it I dare you


File: 965a472aa61e8af⋯.webm (3.82 MB, 720x404, 180:101, incels.webm)




holy shit this is incredible



>encouraging violence and hate

now where have I seen that recently?



You can't even refute my argument you moron.



That episode was wild. It ends with them sending the incel to gitmo for terrorism.



>openly browsing BlackPill4U.com in the middle of a Starbucks in broad daylight

how did sherlock holmes figure this one out



Which argument was that, again?



Let me rephrase, I wasn't being clear, that scene ends with them sending the incel to gitmo for terrorism, the episode itself is actually much stranger.



Is BlackPill4U a real site? I wanna find Skelly's account.



it is okay, you win



Because Neo and Eden consent to flirting with each other and lesbian communities do not consent to Immigrant visiting them. I didn't realize you needed someone to tell you that.


>A place for discussions for and by cis and trans lesbians, bisexual girls, chicks who like chicks, bi-curious folks, dykes, butches, femmes, girls who kiss girls, birls, bois, aces, LGBT allies, and anyone else interested! Our subreddit is named r/actuallesbians because r/lesbians is not really for or by lesbians–it was meant to be a joke. We're not a militant or exclusive group, so feel free to join up!

>LGBT allies

>We're not a militant or exclusive group

uh oh!



did you seriously have that on hand for anybody who attempted to "refute" your argument?



Was he attending in his capacity as an LGBT ally?



I have evidence for the other relationship in question being unsavory too, need I release it.



No, the post just made me look it up to see what they actually said about non-lesbian users posting


Don’t get me wrong, fujoshi are based.




>Because Neo and Eden consent to flirting with each other

Nice evidence you have there. Oh wait. It's non-existent.


>lesbian communities do not consent to Immigrant visiting them

I refuted you here >>220407


File: 88ca76bc621b52b⋯.jpg (116.17 KB, 400x800, 1:2, pug reading.jpg)



This, but het men who objectify lesbians should be eliminated.


File: 1515d73d8b84501⋯.png (89.77 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, index.png)


I have multiple instances of evidence. This is the first.


File: 9cd664025d61f23⋯.png (23.78 KB, 508x285, 508:285, ClipboardImage.png)




>not using someones preferred pronouns






someone needs to take their medicine



File: 54131604665df4e⋯.png (193.4 KB, 498x350, 249:175, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 4e926a9756c1714⋯.png (104.51 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, index.png)

Exhibit B.


Balding Doctors


File: 96e6a3829dd7dec⋯.png (94.17 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, index.png)

Do I need to go on? None of you are proving capable of refuting my argument.



I'll need to see examples of them flirting with each other directly on twitter just to be certain



I'm not here to provide you titillation and I don't think you even grasp the argument I'm making. I'm arguing their relationship is exclusionary. It is unfair to /who/ for users to do this as it can cause jealousy. On a personal level I find this substantially troublesome.



of course relationships are exclusionary, that's the point of them



It is unfair to have them if you're on here.



t. Mcganon



/who/ is not a polyamorous fuckroom



I'm not going to use the smear word but there are multiple of us here and it is deeply unfair to shove success in our faces.



just use an app honey


whats mcganon up to these days, she cant surely still be posting nothing but reylo shit right



I tried and failed.



all of the apps?



I don't remember her twitter name to look up



I tried Tinder and got hate on it because of my bio.



post your bio, we can help fix it



No, you will criticize it as well. I don't believe in holding back my views to potential partners. If that means no partner is available, then that is my lot in life. Perhaps one day the matter will be fixed at an institutional level. I try to stay healthy just in case that happens at the end of my possible lifetime. It's important I live long enough.



what whoser are you



Constructive criticism is a good thing, anon



I am not willing to be with anyone who finds my views unsatisfactory.



that's okay because I'm not trying to get with you



The ideological slant here is not in line with my views anyway.



That's how I treat it.


Smoke on the water.



Wait what? Are you talking about ‘they’?



does neo go by they/them pronouns?



Has Neo expressed any objection to being referred to as ‘they’, which is generally accepted as a way to refer to somebody of any gender unless they specifically DISlike it?



Neo has stuck up for the singular they before I remember.



Imagine Moffats Sherlock taking on the incel community



>Focus on how 13's an all-new Doctor, unsure of herself, and trying to redefine herself.

>over a year after regenerating

>STILL trying to find herself


File: 9c641b3fc65cbb9⋯.jpg (112.71 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, 1519147690430.jpg)

A new dawn!



Right after that very long night.


hey, no ins and outs!

you come out and your shit is gone


doctor who episode about momo






Implying that doesn’t mean it’s exactly the sort of thing chibnall would do



whats momo



a creepypasta that's blown up into the normiesphere and has parents freaking out about hidden messages in peppa pig videos on youtube scaring kids into self harm by threat of doxxing despite no actual examples or proof of these videos existing. The mass publication of the story will probably cause copycats and actually create a real problem out of a fake one.


File: 199fac02ecdcb7f⋯.jpg (184.25 KB, 1242x1552, 621:776, 30d978d.jpg)

Chibnall should do an episode about this in S12


File: 1d8cb56a067e27a⋯.png (44.23 KB, 261x217, 261:217, verge.PNG)




Dumb technology causing harm by not understanding human nuances? Sounds like a Moff episode tbqh.



I can think of a certain few /who/sers


blackpill: no matter how much effort neo has put into the podcast, it won’t live up to the hype


File: f2182134a15835c⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 160x200, 4:5, You ain't seen nothin yet.gif)


Doesn't that rather presume something about the hype?



you might want to find something to hang onto


S3 or S4, /who/?

Hard more: exclude the finales



S4, it's more fun



elab or ill do something legitimately terrible



10/donna banter makes even the bad episodes entertaining



donna kinda old though lol dont you think?



companions aren't for sexual




it's deeply disrespectful to indulge in sexual fantasies about someone without their permission




how would you feel if you found out someone was masturbating to the thought of you?

doesn't feel so nice, does it?



Fun fact: all of the Lucie Miller stories for the Briggs Finish 8th Doctor range were recorded in the same basement as Patrick Troughton's television stories. After the death of the new eighth doctor adventures line the basement was actually torn apart so as to never make a doctor who story in it again but was recently partially reconstructed to record the new Lucie Miller Adventures box set coming out this year.



I'd take it as a compliment



Series 3. I prefer most of the episodes and I prefer Martha over Donna

The thing I hate most about series 3 though, is how 10 is constantly an ass to Martha




S3 displays all the worst parts of heterosexual relationship dynamics


10/Donna raises Series 4 up as greater than the sum of it's parts


I'd like to raise a certain /who/ser up and cum in their "parts" if you know what I mean.



File: 947d475468314ed⋯.jpg (35.26 KB, 500x740, 25:37, watson tells sherlock to D….jpg)


It's already about one



It's really quite interesting how popular the Tennant era is since a lot of it is godawful


File: 347441dc3c2bec1⋯.jpg (20.3 KB, 460x521, 460:521, 38072142_1320568374746769_….jpg)



Who are you talking about?


Tennant's run has plenty of good episodes but I still just viscerally dislike something about all of it for some reason.






Tennant is insufferable and RTD's style gets maddening.



I don't like Tennants portrayal and I can't stand 10/Rose which ruins quite a lot of the episodes for me



>how much money I spent on toilet paper

Goddamn savage. Get a bidet. What's wrong with you.


/who/ be honest. Do you use the cardboard in the centre of the toilet paper when you run out of paper?



I always check beforehand to make sure there's enough toilet paper, and restock if there isn't


>My God. Whoever you are, OP, my dear stranger, you have perfectly put my thoughts into words. When I watch DW, I'm just… glad. I'm happy to be watching it, and more often than not, it's what gets me through the week. I don't sit there and criticise every minute detail because I have nothing better to do, or because I'm praying for the show to fail. I simply sit down, push all my troubles aside, and enjoy a full hour of my favourite TV show.

>With regards to so many other 'fans' (and I use that term charitably) being disappointed in S11 and Jodie's performance before she'd even started… First female Doctor notwithstanding, I feel like it's the whole feeling of 'Oh, this person simply isn't the right fit for the Doctor' taken to it's logical conclusion. I feel like every NewWho Doctor's first series (with the exception of Eccleston, who started strong and just got better, and Smith, whose first season was arguably his strongest) is a bit bumpy, and Jodie is no exception. I love this show with all my heart (if only I had two…), it has truly changed my life and I cannot wait to see what the future brings. I have high hopes for Series 12.


>I enjoyed this past season. I’m not sure why so many people shit on it honestly. And complaining about the writing? People, this is a show about an alien in a time traveling box. Are we really expecting A + writing here? It’s fucking sci-fi. Just sit down and let yourself have fun with the show.



>Confession: I genuinely loved this past season, and I can't figure out why it feels like I'm the only one.

>I'm really struggling to figure out what's going on with this whole thing, to be honest. Like, on one hand, I think maybe I just watch Doctor Who in a legitimately non-critical fashion. As in, I honestly don't care what I'm watching - I'm just happy I'm watching DW. So maybe if that's the case then I just have a cognitive barrier to the very concept of "a bad episode" of Doctor Who. I haven't ruled this out, but then I think about episodes like Robot of Sherwood or (I think this was the one) Sleep No More, and then I second guess myself on that point, because those were bad, and they annoyed me by being bad.

>Then I think maybe I'm just a big enough fan of Whittaker or just the fact that they changed up the Doctor in the face of whiny sticklers, and maybe I'm just letting my fandom of this Doctor get in the way, but then I notice that the two episodes I just listed as being terrible were both Capaldi, and I ADORED him as the Doctor, so it can't be that.

>It's not like I don't get bugged by poor story telling or bad scripts. By all rights, Fortitude should have been AMAZING, but I couldn't get past the plot holes, B+-at-best dialogue and story decisions that I thought were cheap and deceptive, so I really didn't like it much at all.

>I honestly don't know. I didn't finish a single episode of this season feeling cheated or even less than pleased. I enjoyed them all. At worst, I was satisfied with the time I'd spent watching the episodes. At best - specifically Demons of Ranskar and The Woman Who Fell To Earth - I was genuinely impressed and rapt by the experience.

>I feel like this season had some slightly artificial limitations placed on it (nothing from previous canon, monsters-wise, etc, though that was obviously lifted for the holiday special) that may have contributed, and part of it may be simply that the change from Capaldi to Whittaker is just too jarring when combined with the wholesale changes in every other part of the show. I mean, I've read people complaining that this season's writing is so terrible compared to the last few seasons, and I'm POSITIVE these are the same people who spent most/all of Capaldi's run howling against the "terrible writing" of his seasons…

>I just don't get it. I really liked this season, and I'm really excited for what's coming in the future.



is it just me or is this "just sit down and let yourself have fun" attitude secretly super self-degrading? like you think you don't deserve something that challenges you or inspires you. any old garbage is good enough as long as it's "fun"


File: 55d25cffa91d342⋯.jpg (233.22 KB, 987x946, 987:946, storvins.jpg)

Just turn your brain off.



Sometimes people genuinely just want some content for their eyes that distracts them for an hour and allows them to empty their mind. There are a lot of shows that are better suited to that purpose though



I can't even wrap my head around it. How do you watch something without thinking about it



>Robot of Sherwood of all things is apparently terrible

Gatiss BTFO

also this:

>I've read people complaining that this season's writing is so terrible compared to the last few seasons, and I'm POSITIVE these are the same people who spent most/all of Capaldi's run howling against the "terrible writing" of his seasons…







Robot of Berwood?

But I agree 100%, it's comfy as fuck, Gatiss's best IMO. I sort of took it for granted on a first watch but I appreciated it a lot more on my post-S11 rewatch.


>As I stated in other responses, TV is for fun.

>Well, unless you’re watching the news.



I can't do it. I understand people who do though.

For them TV isn't something to understand. Thinking about the text and subtext and themes and production and so on. It's literally just background noise to switch off and keep your brain occupied after work or school.

I'm fine with people having that mindset, I just want it to stay far away from things I like. Which unfortunately it rarely does since those people are the majority and its all about the money



That's what things like The Chase, other gameshows and 1 series bbc dramas are for.


I'm telling you, it's a lack of confidence. People get turned off by thought-provoking television not because it's too smart for them, but because they think it is. And they're content with background noise because they think they're entitled to ask for anything better.


File: 9c11de2c7b1b5a8⋯.gif (833.59 KB, 498x213, 166:71, tenor (1).gif)


>A bad heterosexual relationship between a white guy and a black woman written by a white gay guy.




I don't disagree but I also think it's laziness. Well laziness isn't the right word but they don't want to have to think. Watching TV is intended as a form of leisure and they genuinely don't want to put in any effort while they're relaxing at home.

I've tried for many years to get my parents to watch some interesting things because I know they'll enjoy it and when I can get them to pay attention they do, they just don't want to enter into it in the first place because they'd prefer to sit back on the couch and watch the pictures on the screen.



I don't understand , even if i'm watching the pictures on the screen I'm still focused



I don't even get it though, how is watching something like you or me do effort? I don't feel like it's any effort, it's still all passive. I watch something but my brain isn't off.


For me it’s let’s plays - I need some kind of content that offers zero intellectual stimulus and allows me to empty out my mind because otherwise I would constantly be thinking of work and my mind stays too active to go to sleep.



You sound like a beta soyboy numale bugman NPC cuck.



Do you never find it hard to go to sleep because your mind is too active thinking about things you’re working on?



No, I pray for about half an hour after I've finished everything I was doing that day, then I'm all calmed down and sleepy.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

its out



>solution to not being able to sleep is to not try to sleep



>if I wish hard enough I’ll suddenly be able to go to sleep

The whole issue is that even lying in bed you can’t just magically stop thinking about things unless you go though a process to empty those thoughts out. You’d understand if you were a creative type.



>You’d understand if you were a creative type.

Your trolling is indistinguishable from your real posts Skelly.



I used to think all this posting was just a weird obsession with a girl on the internet

But I caved and I understand now. Seeing her react to the Moffat era was exactly how I reacted to it in my head at the time. It was like getting to watch it all again for the first time

I've not seen any of her other stuff and I have no inclination to, but I get it now



>even lying in bed you can’t just magically stop thinking about things unless you go though a process to empty those thoughts out

Yeah try working an actual job for a day and see how long you can resist sleeping.



It’s all by design, you’d understand if you were a creative type ;^)


File: b7b593023346134⋯.jpg (135.23 KB, 408x848, 51:106, s11.jpg)



Skelly did the production for a play or some shit for a few months,I'm sure that was pretty hard



>my job is more valid than yours because it’s physically draining!



Do you have a lil Discord chat with him going, Kinda?



Still don’t get where you got the idea that that’s what it was



There are two /who/sers that work in theatre and neither of them are Skelly.



I'm pretty sure I remember you saying it was a production of some kind and I know you said there was an after party thing at the end of it. Narrows it down.



I want a job in theatre, which /who/sers are you talking about?



Never said production






I can literally see your Discord account from the former /who/ server.



Neither are the type to talk about themselves and I'm sure both are annoyed that I even know at all.


Was Keys one of those stories where Hartnell went on holiday?



Yup. It's so funny when he just abruptly decides to go and get the last key, leaving everyone else to get the others and then meet him there


I can think of a certain key.



I mean, are you looking for advice Anon?



You're on my iPad



I wouldn’t say ‘hate’ so much as ‘doesn't understand very well and makes obvious mistakes’



go on..



>He's called Susan, and he wants you to respect his life choices

Do you see the problem with this line?




Fuck off.



RTD celebrity cameo kino

always love it when they'd get real life british personalities in doctor who



redpill me on these people


File: 03e48a59dce8354⋯.jpg (297.4 KB, 1700x1080, 85:54, 17321767-low_res-years-yea….jpg)

>RTD releases a drama concerning the dangers of rallying around a maverick-led breakaway party with no actual values

>right after the formation of The Independent Group

okay if RTD saves the UK from TINGE/the tory majority it aims to perpetuate, he will quite literally have done more for the good of this country and its inhabitants than quite literally any other Doctor Who writer ever. How can Moffat compete?



Kind of, I'm moving country so it's basically a fresh start and I know there are some around the area


File: c12ea73f9a34e26⋯.webm (269.11 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, moodlights.webm)

thoughts on this shot?



lmao shut the fuck up



Timely post anon!



You sure showed that ten hour old post who's boss.




shut the fuck up



You stupid bitch. You stupid fucking bitch. I can't believe how fucking dumb you are.



i've never been verged enough to go to the effort of enabling and disabling a verged flag just to say someone is verged


File: 84e242729cd74a0⋯.jpg (45.97 KB, 262x302, 131:151, Paul-Cornell.jpg)

parnell or cool parnell?



File: a3b72901540a36b⋯.webm (249.85 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, bear.webm)



series 11 gives me a headache when i look at it can you stop posting it?


File: 617ed3507656743⋯.jpg (180.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Somethings Coming[Full HD,….jpg)



Series 12 isn't for a while


wanna fuck that dilb


File: 852293f8db04955⋯.webm (7.88 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, gideon and matrix at xmas.webm)


is this better



yeah thanks


File: fca0fda17ed070d⋯.jpg (113.42 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, DvbR5dbXcAAAe3S.jpg orig.jpg)



Dilb make an anime face


we've got to make an effort to stop shaming people for replying to old posts. what if i need to say something



the conversation is over and you look like a dweeb for trying to get the last word hours after all the posters in question were talking lol, its a classic dilb move


I support of replying to old conversations but only if your reply is more than 2 lines long or contains an insight that justifies reviving the exchange.



i'm going to kill myself in real life because you said that


File: 51ae0d27b35717f⋯.jpg (27.4 KB, 720x1013, 720:1013, FB_IMG_1551457810784.jpg)

oh no no no no



I believe this is originally a Bertrand Russell quote.



File: 862ad947904be2c⋯.png (62.41 KB, 701x538, 701:538, ellard.png)



Is 10 Rose's gay best mate?




he's so on the money it's unbelievable

Andrew Ellard politely DISMANTLES series 11



No but he's definitely Donna's


14 years later, the words "Rose… I'm trying to resonate concrete…" still occasionally pop into my head and I chuckle to myself like a retard. idk why but it's still so fucking funny to me. none of Moffat's other innuendos have had that effect on me, but the resonate cincrete line still gets me, and I have absolutely no idea why



it's interesting that 10's feelings for rose are completely repressed right until the end of series 2, and even then he doesn't finish the sentence

i'm sure the writer's tale had some interesting stuff about this but it feels really vague at the moment.. something about a gay man having feelings for a woman? i can't remember. 10 doesn't literally seem gay but it feels like there's some kind of influence there



it's like from rose's perspective her love is unrequited until the end



He previously directed Clara and the TARDIS



>something about a gay man having feelings for a woman?

That definitely sounds like RTD. It's the premise of his show Bob and Rose.


File: 51f5bb31d56f4f0⋯.png (12.86 KB, 285x174, 95:58, gray-alien.png)

has the doctor ever encountered the greys?







Fun fact: in one of the target reprintings of Spearhead's novelization, RTD mentions going out and buying the book as a kid, and that he saw a girl buying the book and was so smitten to know there were female doctor who fans that he wanted to marry her on the spot.

I dunno if that foreward was written before he came out or if it means hes just morr bi than he lets on but its pretty funny now.



Grey urban legends are a post-hypnotic imprint caused by the Silents.


Thoughts on The Sensorites?



Search for it, there's been recent discussion on it and you are just baiting for a race discussion about it



as if, I watched it for the first time yesterday and I wanted thoughts



The Silent design is great. Simultaneously looking like what greys are supposed to look like, while also looking like men in black.


File: 64993e319485e24⋯.jpg (99.56 KB, 750x909, 250:303, D0l49IbXgAI5NW-.jpg)


File: ae6224697e71407⋯.png (522.53 KB, 500x669, 500:669, auurghh.png)


Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena

Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegria y cosa buena

Dale a tu cuerpo alegria, Macarena

Hey Macarena

Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena

Que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegria y cosa buena

Dale a tu cuerpo alegria, Macarena

Hey Macarena


File: f4b40db6deb6a33⋯.jpg (24.54 KB, 480x270, 16:9, CoXjbw5XEAEnVIY.jpg)



File: 06a694d856f3a87⋯.gif (966.15 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 7th_doctor_ignoring.gif)

>mfw taking all sexuality-related post ironically


File: 3d1d245ad6c07b2⋯.jpg (272.92 KB, 1075x1075, 1:1, ahahahahah holy shit.jpg)

File: 8b576b99b0e6902⋯.jpg (127.41 KB, 612x612, 1:1, hey you.jpg)

File: a7b3616f152bf6b⋯.jpg (370.69 KB, 1081x1080, 1081:1080, oooh shit m8.jpg)

File: 2067fb4bbff9412⋯.jpg (270.83 KB, 916x916, 1:1, oh christ.jpg)

File: 662a712d165c6e9⋯.jpg (446.48 KB, 1079x1077, 1079:1077, ugh.jpg)



gigs here



What is the story?



Binro was right



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

actually the ratings are fine, because people will watch series 11 this next year


>I must also point out that I watched the Sarah jane adventures when i came home from school and i like a tv show called charmed which has three women as the leads so i do like tv shows with a female lead so it isn't that I don't like women in a lead position the show always had female leads

Literal zoomer lmao



most of us here are that age



i love them. it's funny that my favourite kind of alien is the most uninspired traditional kind. made me really hyped for the silence.


I miss Hunter



me too

he did nothing wrong

just a couple of off mark jokes



>did nothing wrong

OK, that’s going too far. I only meant as lolcow. He’s still a transphobic Lib.


Hey Judy?



but he is bi, that is half egg


Hey Molly?



This is one of your worst posts yet judy



Do people actually think he's genuinely transphobic or was it just to pester him into leaving?



Boomer thinks SJA was recent LMAO



He consistently made posts with fucked-up takes on trans people. He should have just shut his mouth about it but he kept putting his foot back in and in and in again. He literally made the equivalence between using a tripcode and having gender dysphoria as his final post.



He made a few ‘assume gender’ jokes, called nb people ‘silly’, and compared his ‘struggle’ of being forced to stop using a Trip on Chan board to having gender dysphoria while trying to argue that he was an ally.



he liked old meme, just that

like the "assume my gender"


File: ec50937529bf5f1⋯.jpg (127.68 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, D0l6lPbWsAEHTad.jpg)




>his ‘struggle’

mein kampf is always harder than your kampf, dude





Hunter never used his Twitter, in the end






who is cuter



>my favourite kind of alien is the most uninspired traditional kind

Yeah, I bet is. Uninspired. Lazy poop. Fuck you. Gonna strangle you. Choke you.




Idk maybe if webcomic anon ever delivers we’ll see.



Frazier Hines taking a nice photo with his Doctor Who phone case.



this has given me a stiffy



I misspelt Frazer, this cannot be forgiven.


What is equivalent "Slabs and Flowers" of Neo / Eden



Saigas and Notebooks, maybe?







I've decided to watch Dreamland for the first time since it aired in on Cbbc


I've opened your mind - and now I'm coming in!


File: 7359387ce4f2b31⋯.jpg (73.44 KB, 802x428, 401:214, Viperox_Battle_Drone (1).jpg)

Petition for the Viperox to appear in S12


why does the resolution dalek do those rapid fire laser bursts when it kills people, when most daleks do a longer blast? rusty did it radpidly too but he'd gone mad. or at least madder than usual daleks.



Sja references, feelsgood


Kyle 😎 Kulinski 😩 cock 🍆 and ➕ ball 🏀 torture 😖







Kyle 😎 Kulinski 😩 cock 🍆 and ➕ ball 🏀 torture 😖



it's cool that the alliance of shades appeared in SJA after this. i guess nowadays the 'watch it in any order' producers would be too worried about confusing people


>no one has the right to destroy an entire species

>But Doctor they destroyed my town



Started watching the recon for The Faceless Ones earlier and I'd forgotten that they didn't switch to the Troughton theme until Part Two



It's worded a bit differently, Russell said "Hatred is foolish. Love is wise." Overall, I think Bertrand Russell's philosophy is a really good summation of 12ths motivations. A very pacifistic socialism, with very inconsistent levels of moralistic justification. Almost nihilistic at times but always maintaining some level of moral attachment to humanity.



The 12th doctor is what you get when you combine fabianism, shitty punk rock and midlife crises


Are the comics at all worth reading? The only supplementary shit I've taken any part in has been a couple Big Finish adventures and the spin off shows. I used to be a bit of a comic buff, but I don't know how well who translates to comic form



All of his missteps can be attributed to the fact that he was heavily autistic and lacked the ability to understand the implications of what he was saying. There was no genuine malice, but he continually made mistakes because he wasn’t capable of assessing how other people would perceive what he said.



Wait, he was actually autistic?



Yes, and not in a meme sense



Yes, he disclosed that himself.



could you seriously not tell?



it's difficult when you are reading 5 word sentances



didn't really help that every time he tried to apologise he'd be hit with 'UHH YOU DON'T GET TO DECIDE I FORGIVE YOU' and then he'd just keep making it worse for himself

i hope he comes to realise for himself that /who/ just wasn't right for him



You couldn't tell that from his posts and voice?




when was that?


File: 640c9da206e7467⋯.mp4 (2.6 MB, 960x1706, 480:853, Ag9p78m.mp4)

doctor who equivalent?



He's on the /who/ cares for ranskoor av kolos


File: fc66a211df94a93⋯.webm (768.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, crisps.webm)



I think there is a bit of ableism involved with not giving more leniency to someone who has a medical condition which means they have trouble with social communication and interaction.

He was also bad at making judgements though, part of the reason he wanted to go back to tripping was because he was getting a sensory overload from all the changes happening in his life (this is around when he’s starting college I think) and /who/ offered some stability, but the things he said showed that it was super unhealthy and it was better to intervene.



What’s the innuendo in that line?



>his voice

Do I sound autistic?



I would wager that you have milder autism compared to Hunter, or at least are older and experienced enough that you've learnt how to tame it



Ok, fair enough. Ty.



You sound kino



There definitely is a lot of malice surrounding it, people here would completely overeat to his posts whenever he said something stupid (almost like he cant respond well to social queues or something…) and then berate him for not completely understanding what he did wrong.



I don't know, you never went on /who/ cares



This desu


I got the new thread


new thread new thread






fuck how long's it been since that key to time stream?



grilled lungbarrow

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