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File: 22cd31451c9e349⋯.jpg (2.66 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, resmap.jpg)


Map edition

Uncharted >>228689


I'll get the old thread.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Would you believe there's not one, but two James Corden Mueller Report song parody videos?




yes desu


the russia thing was a ploy by the uk government but thats a good thing


inb4 the mueller report is "people surrounding trump have been very naughty but we found nothing on the trump campaign colluding with russia in the 2016 election"







This is a subreddit for memes and discussions about Special Counsel Robert Mueller III, and his ongoing investigation of the Trump administration's ties to Russia.


File: 1eb338d1a08586b⋯.jpg (89.81 KB, 1200x608, 75:38, Dlh3XAwVAAAyBaj.jpg)

FAKE Russian GEL


russia hacked the mueller report!!!!!


File: 825b8cb8559259f⋯.jpg (59.82 KB, 565x719, 565:719, drumpf.jpg)




You just need to then turn Republican opinion against Trump



>Republicans control the House.

no they dont



I would assume they meant senate


A few turning on trump to make a simple majority is possible, but good luck getting the supermajority that's actually needed



ya but you dont need the senate to impeach someone



Doesn't it have to go through both of them?


File: 07f5503b80b4915⋯.png (34.77 KB, 627x293, 627:293, ClipboardImage.png)



Not Really. surely if the dems felt that there was enough evidence they'd just impeach him whenever they wanted right?





Remember when Pelosi tried to dismiss the idea of impeachment by saying ‘he’s not worth it anyway’?



It's publicly available information so i found a source that explained it roughly in a paragraph. what do you want?



REEEEEEE but then politics isnt like my comic book movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



h-harry potter isn't a comic book movie, it can still be like that!



How did anyone even think this?


What would Robertson be impeached for?



ITYA is an okay episode and would be pretty fun if it was in any other era



*sips tea while writing Arachnids in the UK*



File: ca90d3ec9a849c3⋯.png (22.66 KB, 748x398, 374:199, thanoskillscaptainmarvelat….png)


# i love my new showrunner


These days, regeneration is very dramatised, with big goodbye speeches and great closure. In the classics it wasn't always as dramatised but it was still enjoyable and fun to watch. My issue is that in the new series, regeneration went from keeling over and changing faces to shooting hot lava energy from every limb and exploding shit as they go. This doesn't make as much sense, it creates inconsistency. In the classics the Doctor never blew up the TARDIS by regenerating. It's just annoying how the writers deciding to go for wow factor just makes inconsistencies and confusion. Anyone care to share their thoughts?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



If the classic series had the budget to go extravagant they would have done it too


In series 11 I felt that there were simply too many political subthemes-The white guilt in Rosa, the Trump figure in Arachnids in the UK (I forget his name, he will always be the Trump guy), the Muslims in Demons in the Punjab, the BBC complaining about Robots taking our jobs in Kerblam!. I am sure that I missed some from series 11.


>Well, later in that episode [Let's Kill Hitler], River remarks of her new regeneration that she might take the age down a bit "just gradually, to freak people out." Most people thought that was to account for Alex ageing in the role, but since she gets younger every year, that's clearly unnecessary. No, really, it was to let you know that Time Lords can control their own ageing, to a degree. You will note, that all the Doctors have had the good manners to age in sync with their companions. No, really, go back and look - the work we've put into that!

we didnt deserve moff


>CAITLIN SMITH asks: Your run of Doctor Who has a lot of really long and slowly developed arcs (that are brilliant). How far in advance do you plan things out to get both the factual and thematic continuity right?

>STEVEN MOFFAT answers: Oh, it's basically seeing distant spires rising through the mist. You know the big stuff you're heading for, but the actual path, and the scenery along the way, those often come as surprises. And should, really - you don't want to get bored of the journey. What's interesting, though, is you can get quite lost in the final stages. To switch metaphors, I was in Paris once, and I decided to walk to the Eiffel Tower - and yes, what a breathtakingly original tourist I am. At first it was easy, because I could see it, looming over the city. But as I got closer, buildings rose around me, and I couldn't find it anywhere. I remember turning a corner, and there, gloriously, was this huge iron leg! Yes, it was a GIANT ROBOT!! Terrified, I resolved never to return to Paris.


>I love writing the Doctor, probably more than any other character, but here's the thing - he's the cleverest man in the universe, and he arrives in the story in an impregnable time-travelling fortress, that can go anywhere, and escape anything. Exactly how do you get him into trouble, and keep him that way? I was having a writer moan at Russell T Davies the other day. And he clearly had a pang of memory and sighed, "Oh God - why don't they just go back to the TARDIS?" Well, quite. Having said that, once you've cracked that problem, you know you've got a story.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dilbers on a Spaceship



what the utter fuck












remember that time kinda made 10 off-topic posts in a row in under 6 minutes and didn't even have the decency to include a "DWE?" in a single one?



Thanks for the 10 (You)s.


File: ea5943bb9224e6b⋯.png (46.6 KB, 714x532, 51:38, m.PNG)




kek yes



literally 3 of those are mine


File: 9e37e874208090a⋯.jpg (147.84 KB, 1178x1158, 589:579, Drw3OUMU8AArwZd.jpg)

File: 535b71c3dee684c⋯.jpg (213.74 KB, 1112x946, 556:473, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….jpg)



that doesn't mean the other 7 aren't



7 of those are not mine



Pertwee's era was the least political


File: 8b607e29b134b45⋯.jpg (105.37 KB, 720x717, 240:239, D1-EqlFWwAABZzf.jpg)


File: ad15609e0bdc0e7⋯.png (971.59 KB, 703x913, 703:913, ClipboardImage.png)


File: e27eac8414d1f93⋯.jpg (51.68 KB, 720x788, 180:197, 54278712_2687437541283333_….jpg)



File: 6c7325b3a45e5cd⋯.png (224.83 KB, 747x595, 747:595, ZNF9sKM.png)



which /who/ser is most likely to do their own epic lore heavy review show?


imagine the narrative of /who/ cares but live action



I…kind of feel like we already know who….


>white linkara neo ranger

okay… this is epic


libs won the nsw election. guess this means nsw labor needs to move further to the right next time!



How fucking incompetent does labor have to be to have lost this one? It should've been easy




Since she won't cover big finish anymore, you should


But Chibnall Who? Nah. I'm done.


/who/ cares SLAMS big finish with NEO and GIGA




Did Australia have a new election today? Did the Republican or Democrat equivalent win?



yes, republican equivalent



misread 'new' as 'nsw'. It was a state election, not national


Are the libs just being kept alive by clueless boomers? The only young people I know who support the liberal party are wannabe entrepreneur types with parents in upper management positions



I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you all make it through the next few years ok.



They've been in power for 8 years already, it'll just be more of the same privatising public assets and spending on projects that most of which nobody asked for and nobody besides party donors will benefit form



labor didnt excite anyone this time so people voted for meme parties like keep sydney open


File: 00d4a6844a2de3a⋯.jpg (140.17 KB, 1210x2015, 242:403, FB_IMG_1553336564480.jpg)




chibs foreskin monster



NDWE: Moffat

CDWE: Holmes



Resolution is just a half step away



The Tivoli



typical reaction

>I think most of your writers and stories are bad

OK, that's an opinion

>you have been involved in overplayed scandals about fictional LGBTQ characters, and you are just a bunch of disgusting conservative white cis men, so obviously I will boycott every single one of your future releases

the shallow qualifying about "I could change my mind" fails to hide the verging

btw those lines could have been applied to Steven Moffat (replacing LGBT by women) and yet she didn't stop reviewing him



Wait, shit, there's endings I missed.



>replacing LGBT by women




moffat has been involved in equivalent scandals over his portrayal of women in the show



so "replacing LGBT with women" then



i guess, i didnt make the post


wwydi Melissa McCarthy companion?



remember all the endless rows about Moffat supposedly being crypto-sexist because of his unusual approach of some female characters, and some of his rather disturbing takes about women in general


yeah, sorry



it's the same thing with her attitude towards the start of s11, she's basing her reviews/opinions largely off the context surrounding the stories, be it good or bad, rather than the actual content of the stories. That's fine if you wanna review that way but personally I look for a little more substance than that in reviews of media.



It's not a review blog



yet they do reviews.



The fact you think setting aside context and evaluating stories based on "internal" merit is the style of criticism that has more substance is very telling.


I can think of a certain tell




The captions are from the positive path



>she's basing her reviews/opinions largely off the context surrounding the stories


>TARDIS Eruditorum is a critical history of Doctor Who and, more broadly, of British history starting in the latter half of the twentieth century.

>Its goal is to tell the story of Doctor Who as a cultural phenomenon.

>It is not primarily a blog about how good a given episode is or isn't, although such opinions may creep through. Its primary goal, however, is to tell one particular history of a half-century of British culture through the idiosyncratic but terribly useful lens of an at times ropy but always clever sci-fi program.



>neo's comment

liam cahill on /who/ cares when?



That's not what I said, looking at both is optimal, but blinding yourself from either the context of the stories (like normie reviewers do) or blinding yourself from the narrative itself doesn't lead to a good review or overview of the quality of a piece of fiction



english major wank



You definitely sound like you know what you're talking about!


Methinks someone has maybe, sorta, kinda taken off their trip ;-)


I'd like to see Kinda take off more than just his trip, if you know what I mean.




just as typical

>you are just a bunch of disgusting conservative white cis old men so obviously I unilateraly declare that you're no more part of DW and British culture as I see them


If the author didn't intend it, it's an invalid analysis


File: 6faeed0a61d03a0⋯.gif (2.39 MB, 268x230, 134:115, 9th_doctor_verged.gif)


forgot to add this



Yes, that's absolutely what these are all the essays are about. You'll absolutely be able to provide evidence to back up that view. Tell you what, show me quotes from 50%, actually no, I'll make it easier, 20%…you know what, fuck it, 5% of the Eruditorum essays that prove your point, and I'll venmo you 100 US dollars.


And then we got back to the threesome we were having.



>you are just a bunch of disgusting conservative white cis old men so obviously I unilateraly declare that you're no more part of DW and British culture as I see them

the fuck are you talking about, have you ever even read erud? sandifer WORSHIPS at the feet of david whitaker, alan moore, etc.



>show me quotes from 50%, actually no, I'll make it easier, 20%…you know what, fuck it, 5%

Why did you type this like you were speaking out loud?




I'm only talking about her position on BF and more precisely the way some of her arguments against them may perfectly be applied to other guys. It's all about coherence, something many reviewers lack



For the third time this thread, Eruditorum is not a review site.



$100 is on the table! It could be yours today!



Interesting you singled out one and a half positions from her website when she listed over ten. Why do you think you did that?



just as >>229535 reminded me, conversion does not make it worth



jesus christ fuck everything about big finish today, fuck em



Your loss! 100 US dollars is up to grabs to anyone who can do it! Only 5% of essays needed!



> When Big Finish began offering digital download purchases over ten years ago, we implemented a pricing policy for our overseas customers at a 1:1 conversion rate. For example, if a UK customer paid £12.99 for a download, a US customer would pay $12.99 for that download

this was a stupid idea in the first place



big finish being stupid? how odd



How many essays is 5%?



Hey hey, the work is for you to do! Earn that $100! They're all listed on her site.



but they do reviews.



Allow me to do a review: your posts are repetitive and boring. Find some new material.



I summed them up. And all those arguments put together don't manage to justify total boycott



I'm not the one you're talking to, just wondering what quantity that would have to be. Eruditorum's been going for a long time and all



The sad thing is, most of their loyal customers would happily pay $50 for a single Big Finish story if they needed to. This won't backfire on BF's sales at all.



Surely if "you are just a bunch of disgusting conservative white cis old men so obviously I unilateraly declare that you're no more part of DW and British culture as I see them" is typical as anon described, it shouldn't be difficult to find evidence!



says the person who posted "Eruditorum is not a review site." three times despite the fact they do reviews.



>don't manage to justify total boycott

>This is not, to be clear, some sort of protest on my part whereby if Big Finish makes some definable changes I intend to reconsider my position. Although I reserve the right to someday change my mind, I'm not doing this as a symbolic or material pressure tactic on Big Finish. I'm doing it because, frankly, the issues outlined above overwhelm any other considerations that might come up when writing about Big Finish's output, and I've run out of new things to say about them. I do not think that further essays on Big Finish would be good or interesting. They would be unpleasant to write and not much good to read.

You know she is still covering the Doctor Who and the Pirates promised essay too right?



I didn't post it three times, I posted it once. It was posted in thread three times.


There is nothing wrong with demonising conservative white cis old men. They are scum and should be wiped from the Earth.



That doesn't answer my question



thats literally true though, reviews make up the absolute minority of content on that website. most of it is el and jacks longrunning essay projects.



Perform some maths to answer your question. The essays are all listed on the Eruditorum page already linked in thread. You can add them together. Then work out what 5% of that would be. Then find evidence from that number to substantiate ""you are just a bunch of disgusting conservative white cis old men so obviously I unilateraly declare that you're no more part of DW and British culture as I see them" is her typical approach. Then I give you $100.



I have a job, I don't need $100



snarky comment inbound, you better be ready :)


Money talks anons, money talks.


The fact you mention you earn money is very telling.



Absolutely. I stuff from other countries online all the time and I've never thought "Gosh it's unfair I have to have to pay the same price as people who live in that country".

Imagine if Big Finish was a Japanese company and their old policy had you paying 1,200 of your local funbucks just to hear Paul McGann lose control of his life and career for four 25 minute chunks.


This offer is open indefinitely by the way and absolutely anyone is free to fill it out. I thought it'd be easy since anon sounded so confident about it :/



oh yeah that audio released in 2003, totally recent BF

>the issues outlined above overwhelm any other considerations that might come up

she definitely says that her instant opinion is by default supposed to stay valid. such a balanced view. you're guilty now and will be in the future unless proved otherwise


One good Morph is worth a thousand nilsos



Even if there theoretically were enough essays to prove anon's point, the amount of time it would take to go through all of them would make that $100 well below minimum age



When did recent Big Finish come up? Pirates is relevant because of the book she is writing.

>she definitely says that her instant opinion is by default supposed to stay valid.

She literally said the opposite lmao and I literally quoted it. How about you trying quoting evidence this time?



Ahh of course, it's just a matter of money. $1000 it is then!


Wait, so do we have to prove 5% of the eruditorum is anti-kyrarchy, that 5% is a literary critique of Doctor Who as a reflection of British History, or that 5% of the eruditorum is not one or both of those things?



That 5% of Eroditorum exemplifies a 'typical' approach of "you are just a bunch of disgusting conservative white cis old men so obviously I unilateraly declare that you're no more part of DW and British culture as I see them". Then you get a grand.



File: 25424856ec5152b⋯.gif (704.37 KB, 320x176, 20:11, 9th_doctor_evil_laugh.gif)

yfw they're making a paid contest about a single word taken out of context







>a single word

can you count



What do I have to do to earn $1000?



Death to the Daleks, Genesis of the Daleks, Twin Dilemma, that Terry Nation post-apocalypse show, The Book of the World, The End of Time. Give me a thousand dollars.



That's not 5% and I don't see any quotes.



if I'm right it's about proving the line can be called "typical", with anon interpreting that single word to refer to the eruditorium site context, which was not



50 years of cam show donations



Also the last essay of Miracle Day, for that matter.

And Silence In The Library l, which by wordcount pushes us well past 5% and reiterates thr basic premise, give me a thousand dollars. It doesn't have to be two thousand, even though I proved it twice.



>pirate Big Finish for removing an exploit that made things slightly cheaper for you than everybody else

Why was this even a thing to begin with?



Oh no :( Anon changed their mind?



Ask 1,000 people for $1



i'm thinking you're verged



I think you know, Nilso.



you'll have to ask a lot more than that, most people would tell him to fuck off



This post isn't even a complete sentence and we're expected to engage with it meaningfully? Pathetic.


what australian is gonna pay $40 for 4 stories

that's $10 per hour


wait no thats current price lmao, it goes HIGHER in april!?!?!?



That's about the price of a movie, seems fair to me!


If I was a certain /who/ser who is often rumoured to be gay, you know who I mean, and I really enjoyed attention - as this certain /who/ser does - then I would jokingly come out of the closet on April Fools and enjoy all the tweets and posts about me that would ensue.



movies are at least 90 min these days

and have visuals

and cost millions of dollars to make

and you get to see them in a big room with a big screen

theyre not two washed up has beens moaning about darleggs for an hour




What are you talking about? Day of the Doctor got a theatrical release.


Aw. My best friend is a Problematic Person now, I see. Go to hell you pompous arse. *BLOCKS*




It's a good thing that's never gonna happen then isn't it?



what are you talking about? im talking about the BF price hike



im morph not nilso



How did you know I was talking about you? Do you see yourself as an attention-seeking person?






Let's be honest here, you'll be more entertained by a Big Finish Experience than the formulaic movies hollywood spits out these days! A price hike seems totally fair actually


File: a82da75785e9089⋯.png (2.7 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, a82da75785e90893bbdde4f129….png)





>theyre not two washed up has beens moaning about darleggs for an hour




Avoiding the question, I see. You are right to think of yourself as an attention-seeking person.



Says the anon bringing it up continually



I have made enough on-topic posts during my time on /who/ to bring up whatever topic I like. Nilso, a frequent derailer and baiter, cannot say the same.



yeah good point, it's entirely nilsos fault that you guys unrelentingly call him out without provocation for epic funnies and maymays



It is his fault. We are merely reprimanding him for his terrible behaviour on this general.


File: 16ccd08fbe93da7⋯.png (767.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

>I have made enough on-topic posts during my time on /who/ to bring up whatever topic I like




oh nononononononoNONOAHAHAHAHAHAHA


File: 2d2b8e5cb0fc125⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 500x245, 100:49, who can tell the differenc….gif)



if you're a much better poster than him, name yourself. We've all seen nilso make dozens or on topic posts and frequent contributions but we only have your word to go on for being such a perfect user.



Alright. I'm N8.



It's a fact. I frequently discuss Doctor Who, whereas the only thing Nilso bothers to discuss are his own Photoshops, which are decidedly off-topic.



Name yourself.


This isn't Reddit, nobody here is more qualified to post because of things they've done. Think about what you're doing when you continue arugments like this. I'm never going to intervene because one user or another thinks the other is bad because they did X or don't do Y.



File: cc14692a3b2ff8e⋯.jpg (109.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, lucille libtard.jpg)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>It's a fact. I frequently discuss Doctor Who, whereas blah blah blah


>unironically falling for the bait



Stop pretending to be the janny, Nilso. We see through your pathetic disguise.



this is a bad look dude, stop taking the bait



if it's not reddit then why is an r/doctorwho mod trolling us?!?!?!??



You know I'm serious Cats. Kinda should as well.



I am not Cats.



I am not Kinda.


I am the only thing stopping Nilso from overrunning this thread with off-topic spam like Rutherford did in the days before we got booted off 4chan.


File: 5671140171b286b⋯.png (119.68 KB, 606x205, 606:205, doctor who unused capaldi ….png)

Was it kino?



No, they should have changed the design up after Smith's era to give each individual era their own distinctive qualities for their intros.


Neither of you are breaking any rules or anything and again, this is Reddit, I'm not looking to spank your asses, but…look, nothing is ever going to come of you trying to punish other users for meeting X criteria or not meeting Y criteria. No one of you here now has more of a right to be here. You know where communities like that are if you prefer them.


I meant "this isn't Reddit". A certain /who/ser has rubbed off on me.



They did, they got rid of the emblem



Yes, and I'm gay.


Stop pretending to be me.



Put your flag back on Nilso. Then put on a pride flag and come out of the closet.



But the Smith and Capaldi intros use a very similar typeface


File: 830de1b450e239d⋯.png (154.13 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, cats sesska.png)



Me and Skelly use a very similar sexuality.



reason 1. reliving the experience of watching an episode for the first time

reason 2. seeing the effect of moffat's storytelling on others

simple as



makes sense. i believe you.




The logo was a derivative of the smith era one, but the rest of the style guide changed. Different fonts for credits, different aesthetic for toy packaging etc. I'm okay with a logo per showrunner rather than a logo per doctor



makes sense. i believe you.



No it wasn't, skelly.


>i said their name!!! that'll show 'em!!


I can't help but notice that Skelly has never confirmed or denied whether he is gay or not. Something to hide, Skelly?


skellys het


File: da2ac512501ac7d⋯.webm (2.96 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, shitposters_vs_janitors.webm)





bit old but somehow still relevant



It's pretty clearly just to show you I can see the UIDs and know the first UID was Cats and the second was some long-standing English UID that I've never discerned a name for, Kinda.



I see what you're saying. It's not the first time that two Doctors have used the same logo styling (1/2, 3/4, 3/8(ish), 5/6, 9/10)


Show "him", rather.


Him in marks for emphasis, not suspicion.




>4. Bigotry is not tolerated.





(to the mirror) I see what you're gaying.



mirrors is bi



I'd like to "screencap" a certain /who/ser, in the sense that I would like to use an X-ray machine to screen them for any bottlecaps they may have hidden up their anus.


Nilso's posts have killed the thread again.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Big Finish gleefully hires viciously transphobic actors and their writers constantly seem to be getting into twitter fights when anyone raises how absurdly dominated by men it is (among other things). This company has control over a bizarrely huge chunk of the Doctor Who property, they get to make new media with the actors of all your favourite Who stories and they occupy a seriously prominent position in the franchise. Ignoring them is like ignoring an infected wound.



No one watches these anymore skelly.




>that 21-year-old boomer who still watches greg videos



>their writers constantly seem to be getting into twitter fights when anyone raises how absurdly dominated by men it is (among other things)

I cringe every time Dorney (and it's always Dorney isn't it) gets involved in these, because it's so obvious he's camping on BF search terms on Twitter because often @BigFinish isn't even tagged in the conversations.



I thought you liked that user.



>,they get to make new media with the actors of all your favourite Who stories and they occupy a seriously prominent position in the franchise

this ticks me off, theyre the default for the TV-to-EU pipeline. i wish someone else could have a go. i miss BBV, or even when BBC did more of their own actual cast audios


Next you'll be telling me nobody watches Adam anymore, how absurd!



how do you know which two users were posting those?




then theyll try to say nobody watches doctor who anymore…. lol



i got no other shows running this october, im game to do the s12 watch properly


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





>this october





> Doctor Who and the Pirates promised essay

That should be based



oh uh n-nothing



Yeah I'm looking forward to that one.


OK lads,

TCE or Laser Screwdriver?



Laser screwdriver. Who'd have sonic?



Hey Sandifer, do you know what other Who spin-off has a really good history of hiring LGBT writers and going out of its way to correct gender imbalances? Hey Hey Sandifer?

but I know she'll never see FP as a major enough cultural force or whatever to qualify for Eruditorum :(



You could try posting that in her comment section, you never know.



Perhaps others could cover it.


It's simple. If you attack the only Doctor Who showrunner who cast a trans actress, I consider you a nazi.


n8s got "Pee" in his tripcode lmaooooo


n8s so stinky. PeeU!



Nate, Nate, you know we love you, right? You know in your heart that it's true.



I know, it's HUMILIATING but I'm stuck in that position between "if I change my tripcode I should use a generator to make it say something cool" and "I don't care enough to install a generator"



Don't worry. I love you too



You can't explore out secure tripcodes



Hmm. Quite right. Well then, I'll just see what I can get.



Plus when you settle on a tripcode you kinda get stuck there



Lololol n8!!dickjoke



They seem to cast a lot of the same actors desu, is it hard to break in there?



What, if anything, could possibly be the dwe?



>uploader not available in your country

the dwe is trying to watch iPlayer but being blocked because you forgot you're not in the uk


File: f7b598b897a4fb8⋯.jpg (273.43 KB, 860x904, 215:226, NSA-Ninth-9th-Doctor-Novel….jpg)

Are any of the Titan Comics good? I read the 9 miniseries and thought it was okay, reminded me of the early New Series Adventures books with Nine, Jack and Rose.



I liked The Weeping Angels of Mons. I've only read that and "Four Doctors", which I thought was a bit shite tbqh


File: ddda0b4aa1dd938⋯.webm (794.3 KB, 640x360, 16:9, venusian aikido.webm)

I loved this scene in The Doctor Falls


File: e0b073b69678e3b⋯.jpg (285.3 KB, 1000x1517, 1000:1517, 17_08.jpg)


Was that the one where they had some evil version of 12 or the one with Cyber Rassilon? Both pretty crap desu.

I liked them showcasing just how powerful the Doctor could become if he stopped giving a shit but it felt poorly executed, like some kind of Injustice: Gods Among Us take on the Doctor.



That is so fucking goofy



They could do so much more


File: b721f60ecf43a07⋯.png (1.58 MB, 741x1056, 247:352, 1515537793949.png)

>After he let's Wilfred die, Ten goes on a farewell tour, murdering his old companions one by one.

Jesus Christ…



The is the timeline Miranda comes from, right?



that's…. that's not a real line, is it?


Any political discussion here is

>I'm young so my opinion it's better

No wonder politicians ignore us



t. boomer


File: 6ab225ad4bec861⋯.jpg (183.25 KB, 1000x534, 500:267, IMG_20190323_142204.jpg)



The best part is he gets assassinated by a Slitheen. It's like RTD kino in printed form.



That probably isn't the only reason politicians ignore /who/


File: 2d8cd211a5c2bb6⋯.jpg (57.25 KB, 640x480, 4:3, tumblr_ozc1qeQMqf1qz52vwo1….jpg)



pretty fucking based and raxocoricofallopotorious-pilled



that's a fucking jacked slitheen.



BF started by making Bernice audios.

For many years all their character spin-off ranges (bar Jago & Litefoot and I, Davros) had female leads, and now a bit more than half of them still are.

But I agree after finally getting 4, the new series license, 10 and recasting 3, they're really acting like the monopoly maniac they know they've become. Now in short BF is really the 3W afterworld company for DW actors.



"We've got you lined up for a lovely base under siege later."

"Base under siege. You have base under siege?"

"We have Frazer Hines!"


If the Time Lords are so powerful, why are they hiding at the end of the Universe like a bunch pussies?



presumably they're not so powerful any more + the daleks kicked them into next week



If you get kicked into next week enough times you end up at the end of the universe



if they get kicked once more they are royally fucked


I think that's really hard to do anything interesting with the time lords now. I mean, they've been destroyed like 4 times, we've spent years in VNA/PDA/Gallifrey/NuWho exploring every aspect of their society and showing how corrupted they are, before and during several Time Wars. Even BF will explore every aspect of the Last Great Time War still left behind at some point. What more can they do then?

The first attempt of post-war Time Lords was the Hybrid menace, except not really. It looked fairly weak because its only purpose was to allow the Doctor to finally tie up all loose ends of the Time War after being brought back by Rassilon, even though that was precisely the only logical thing not to do for him.

So now the Time Lords are back. After 15 years of re-telling the same story we've finally got beyond the point where the EDAs were when they got cancelled. That means now authors and showrunners have no choice but being truly original.

Maybe the Gallifrey range will scrape it out by showcasing the reconstruction. But what will Chibnall do with the Doctor?


File: 41be7ef35ca1abd⋯.jpg (204.87 KB, 700x933, 700:933, rus1509724113312.jpg)


i really like the idea that the daleks could wipe out gallifrey now that its weakened, but wont even check the end of the universe, because theyre terrified to go too far forward, lest they get caught up in the end of everything. It makes sense to me for such small minded xenophobic creatures to be so terrified they wont check the end of the universe


File: b76f2cf7c209b47⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1278x1939, 1278:1939, t1508618631991.png)



That’s my theory!


Though if you think about it too much it kinda relies on you interpreting the LGTW and WiH as the same, so YMMV.


I’ve said this before, but the status quo of Gallifrey now should be made as different as possible from the status quo of Classic Gallifrey. My favorite idea right now is a Gig-style political revolution against the Time Lords, resulting in the Sisterhood of Karn returning en masse to fill the power vacuum. Take Gallifrey back to its pre-Rassilon days of blood magick and shit.

Now I type it out like that, it seems kinda naff, but at least it’d be different goddammit.


File: 6ccf3f1d003febe⋯.jpg (174.82 KB, 1075x1613, 1075:1613, time lord name.jpg)

apparently the official DW facebook posted this

>when you see it



I can't help but notice they've recoloured Rose's hoodies much in the same way they recoloured the S7A titles



hey cutie


Remember when Moffat just referenced the Chelonians in an episode. Madman.


File: 7387ba63757fee6⋯.jpg (93.02 KB, 444x444, 1:1, happy.jpg)


Classic Gallifrey feels like the perfect setting for a story about how liberalism is inept at fighting facism, apparently Big Finish do something similiar in their Time War boxset but it's written by a lib so I don't have high hopes.



Well actually there's the Minister of Chance which is also some sort of post-war Time Lords, although I don't know it very much. Redpill on it?


>K - Lungbarrow

>P - Redlooms




thanks for doxxing yourself



I was literally thinking about that like two hours ago, wtf



Jesus fucking christ this is gold





All of these are from the Faction Paradox series, and none of them have been ever mentioned in any story licensed by the BBC.

(Mirraflex and Dvora are also Faction Paradox originals but were name-dropped in BF audios)

Thank god for Tardis Wiki inclusion debates



yeah, my second name somehow has two initials, not very common



I have to assume this stuff happens because the people running minor things like the social media accounts etc are so ensconced in the fan ecosystem. It's like the Yaz Case File for TGM secretly containing references to every episode title from The Daleks.



Having Time Lords being weird and strange would be really nice but I think too much has been done to normalise them as either "dusty old senators" or something the Doctor fondly remembers because he's been apart from them for so long.



Yeah, it makes me wonder. The list of Great Houses is pretty much directly lifted from the list on the Tardis Wiki, alphabetization and all, but I have yet to find any rhyme or reason in that Time Lord names list:

Tubal Cain from the DWM Eight comics (listed twice?); Valentine from “Death Comes to Time”; Apeiron from “The Infinity Doctors”; Ertikus from “Omega” in the BF Main Range; Ruath from the VNAs; Thorac from GR’s Shada novelisation; Antimon and Wynter from the BF Gallifrey range; Karlax and Grayvas both from “Engines of War”; Griffen, Jodelex, and Rema-du from Moore’s 4-D War arc; Marnal from “The Gallifrey Chronicles” (GOAT). Ratisbon is from a Tewwance PDA. And Madrigor is from a Third Doctor annual, of all things!

All the rest are from TV. I didn’t mean to turn that into an exhaustive list, but it is. Oh well.

Rather impressively, “Overpriest” is a pull from “Neverland”, where Rassilon is called “Overpriest of Dronid”.


Imagine if back in 1969 they'd revealed in The War Games that The War Lords is an extended branch of The Time Lords and the Doctor fled from them because he hated what they stood for



I like it.

Maybe the War Lords are what Time Lords once were/would have become if not for Rassilon, Omega, and the Other. Their awareness of Time Lords and interference therein is the interference that the Second Doctor is being executed for at the end of the serial.

The fact that the evil equivalent of the Time Lords has been in canon longer than the Time Lords themselves and yet has had almost no Deep Lore related to it is pretty fucking galling, honestly.




What if… dovetailing from the Sandifer Master of Fiction theory, the War Lords were the ones who created the Land of Fiction, and the Doctor's escape from it is responsible for the creation of the Time Lords?


I hope the war lords have nothing to do with the Time Lords



Buddy, it's been three weeks shy of 50 years, they've had nothing to do with Time Lords this whole time.



Yes, but it's the people above that want it changed for no reason




well they get erased as soon they're introduced, so…

actually Timewyrm: Exodus is a sequel to The War Games where Terrance Dicks himself give all the lore about the war lords and yes, they're nothing to do with the Time Lords



>>229743 is just a "lol what if _" post and that's all it is


It always seemed weird to me that Doctor Who didn’t do anything more with the “___ Lords” idea. In “The War Games” the implication always seemed to me to be that there was a long list of Lords, including but not limited to the War Lords and Time Lords. Always seemed like a missed opportunity that nobody picked up on that. Except maybe Lawrence Miles’ Kings of Space in “Dead Romance.



Word Lords, maybe?



Already done by BF. It's BASED and GOAT.


My Dixie wrecked.




IKR. Yikes!



excuse me

care to elab?



Oh, duh. Obvious example there.





My Dixie, she's wrecked.






pics of dixie


File: dc9b9b4bf80fdff⋯.jpg (87.72 KB, 452x600, 113:150, ChrasChabnall.jpg)

He's gonna get you.


Maybe the War Lords were aspirational. The Time and Word Lords have immense powers, but the War Lords seemed to be making theirs happen on the ground floor. Maybe The War Games was a covert act of sabotage against some potential Great Power.



beware of the dogs



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jamelia Doctor when



Not if Neo gets him first.


Remember that episode where Amy just straight-up fucking killed someone in cold blood as an act of revenge? Then later on she said she wished she could talk to the Doctor about it, but it never ever came up again.



just another moffet pothole


File: 5e28b479d84002b⋯.jpg (298.07 KB, 1108x1270, 554:635, Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at ….jpg)

fucking BASED Moff and RTD trying to take down the BBC and save us from Chib


File: fa86053198b122e⋯.png (103.71 KB, 327x339, 109:113, whoops.png)


>that sardonic caption

>Moffat being self-aware about the fact that the peoples vote protest is a meaningless piece of middle-class theatre that will do nothing and does not get at the root of the problem



What is that lady's name? I recognise her from something but I can't remember what it is




Every scene in the TARDIS or other set where the actors have to throw themselves around the room to create the illusion that the room is being shaken back and forth.


File: b9b96d770a8906f⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 5th_doctor_wrong_command.gif)


Ground contr/who/l to mister Moff

Ground contr/who/l to mister Moff


I remember thinking that chibnall was going to bring back tardis bedrooms







lol same


The David Tennant Catherine Tate podcast is so fucking good.

>So you're not watching the new series then?

>I mean, I never watched it when I was on it so why start now?



>actor in Doctor Who hasn't watched every single episode in the shows history, read all the VNAs, written their own fanfic, and shitposted on GB

wtf im shakign


File: 391f970710cec9b⋯.jpg (41.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, peele.jpg)

What version of Doctor Who canon are you even in?



sue vertue, she's a producer and moffat's wife


shake thos dilbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


dilbar dilbar



You laugh, sure, but we ended up with someone like that as showrunner



We've had at least 3 superfan ~showrunners.


The original version of Dilbar is the fourth-highest viewed video from T-Series.




File: 1afde1f11aac247⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1116x1283, 1116:1283, ClipboardImage.png)

>at the march people were heard singing "where is jeremy corbyn" to the tune of Seven Nation Army

he doesn't give a fuck about any protest, does he?




the fact is those showrunners who did read the wilderness stories just kept plundering them

And it's welll known Chibnall was a DW teenage geek so I think he've seen every (or so) episode of the TV series



how does "Where is Jeremy Corbyn" fit to the tune of SNA?



lmao fpbe liberals on the verge of tears



fuck me lmao I thought they were doing it to the whole song, not just the opening bit



Whatever you say.



>singing "where is jeremy corbyn" to the tune of Seven Nation Army

Stupid Blairites can't even come up with their own protest songs and have to crudely modify pro-Corbyn ones. Sad!



He doesn't give a fuck about hanging out with Tories, Tingers, assorted centrists who've spent the past several years trying to destroy him/are still trying to use this to do so, and generally people who think Brexit is the be-all and end-all of politics, at a march organised by war criminal Alastair Campbell.

By contrast, he was openly supportive of the climate strikes that were happening the other week.


i'm only gonna say this once: the third doctor is not a tory.





That would be so fucking hilarious



I would love to see a radical take on Three


Dilbert. Is. Not. Dumbledore.


Didn't Cornell write a comic with Three where he talked about hanging out with Pol Pot?


which /who/res have you been inside? which ones have been inside you?


Also who was it that first established that Three was some sort of fascist dictator in the Inferno-verse, was that Cornell as well?








imagine doing any chant at any protest that was a full song though… verses and choruses and all



Timewyrm: Revelation first mentioned it, and Cornell wrote that, so yeah.



yeah he did. what the fuck was that line about?


Remember Cornell stanning for the Iraq War? lol


paul cornell?

more like waur criminell



It works for drinking songs, that's about as complex as you can make it

Do you know how many verses are in Drunken Sailor? A fuckin' ton of em.



Cornell is daft


I'd always assumed that Drunken Sailor was a template song to go with anything.



Where have all the flowers gone works too, but it's also very simple


dracula and vtmb2 early next year

why couldn't new who do a cool vampire story

'ahh sexy vampires, but actually.. they're fish aliens' ???????



shut up nerd


i'm glad all of big finish is retroactively cancelled because honestly there's just too much. i've got enough shit to watch, read and play, and while i felt an obligation as a doctor who fan to listen to big finish i just cannot devote that time to it



I just wait to hear about really really good reviews. I havent listened to any in a while though


I don’t know what more you could want from television!



Could you imagine being Steven Moffat, and going to the ludicrous effort of writing gaps into the timelines of all your characters, and reminding your actors that they always have work at Big Finish, and then to have then turn around and make something like the Bechdel Test? My god.



>Chibnall went on live tv to shit on Pip and Jane Baker to their faces after Terror of the Vervoids aired despite having never seen an episode of Classic Who

wtf based Chibnall?


>William Hartnell didn't watch a single episode of Doctor Who before taking on the role

>he didn't even know what a Dalek was

pathetic desu



Honestly, the canon of BF Doctor Who stuff that qualifies as essential is (and has always been) VERY limited. And it has not significantly expanded in the past 7 or so years.

I'm thankful for the Evelyn arc stuff, the Shearman stories, a fair few of the Companion Chronicles and stuff by Simon Guerrier, some Lost Stories adaptations, and a gaggle of other really good ones for 5/6/7/8 dotted about the years. But I can't say I'm gagging to hear any more or consider BF nearly as important as I used to when I was a newer fan.



Don't forget setting up a mysterious off-screen encounter between Clara and Jane Austen where it's implied they did some heavy snogging, only for BF to interpret it as the most defanged and chaste thing ever. Moffat is so horny he must have fucking hated that



This. When we hearken for "the glory days", it was a short-lived time that was falling away as it was happening, and we're only remembering the cream of the crop as it was back then.


BF are full of gay writers too, I don't know why the straightwashing is so prevalent.


At least Capaldi took a stand and subtly, gracefully pointed out how EU stuff "ruins the magic" or some such.


Have you sunk your dilbers into Vampyr?


uhhhh https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/shazam 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀



considering the great dialogue kingston and gomez got to work with in the series, i wonder if they're aware of how much of a downgrade in quality it is to go from moff to big finish's current writers


>Have you sunk your dilbers into Vampyr?

looked kind of dull to me, did you play it?





File: 95e8caf60942d8a⋯.png (185.93 KB, 958x281, 958:281, holywow.png)

>Every part of this adventure is tethered to that idea, even as Henry Gayden’s clever script gradually turns it inside out; everyone feels taunted by their own potential, even as no one has the ability to fulfill it on their own. There are any number of movies about the magic of family — whether it’s the ones people are given, or the ones they find for ourselves — but each time Billy yells “Shazam!,” we’re reminded of something that Thaddeus hears on one of those godforsaken elevator TVs: “Family is more than just a word.” A lot more, it turns out.


>Shazam! embraces the the absurd gaggle of elements in Billy Batson’s origin story — subway rides; wizards; a mixture of figures from Christianity, Judaism, and Greek mythology; a hero who wears a marching band cape — and succeeds by never spending a moment acting like anyone would consider them absurd at all. I would argue that it does this in an even more compelling way than Aquaman, despite the fact that Shazam! has to juxtapose its fantastical elements with downtown Philadelphia.


>Shazam! is an unapologetically buoyant triumph of a superhero movie.


>That’s the subtext resting beneath Shazam!’s broad humor, fun spirit, and scary monsters. The film suggests that wish fulfillment will only get people so far, and power alone can’t change what’s damaged inside. Captain Marvel (or Shazam, or Thundercrack, or whatever you call him) might be one of the simplest superheroes ever created, but Shazam! both gets what makes that simplicity so appealing, and understands the complications stirred by the common wish to grow up too fast and assume powers you don’t know how to control.



File: 22d47d1e1993e60⋯.jpg (317.23 KB, 640x380, 32:19, crack_2.jpg)


The Doctor Who EU is so extensive that it's hard to tell if there's any kind of cosmic hierarchy like a lot of sci fi unvierses, Marvel for one.

Personally I like to think the Doctor Who Universe is more of a "winner takes all" kind of setting and there isn't some omnipotent God like the One Above All. I mean there are so many aliens in DW that have god-like powers, even the TARDIS blowing up destroyed at least the whole universe.

Point is, I imagine the Time Lords were the ones to establish dominance over the other races, despite not being around as long as certain ancient races. I like the idea of a race that has technology fearsome enough to challenge omnipotence, though it seems modern Gallifrey are pretty useless by comparison.



It's about family, really.


DC chads never lose.



If they care enough I imagine they can tell but hey it's very easy money, a lovely lunch, and a bit of fun. I can see why so many actors do it. Show up basically in your pyjamas for a few hours, get paid, get lunch, have a laugh. Only people like Freema (not that attached, not that around, and concerned with the forward trajectory of their career) and dorks like Capaldi (concerned with the "magic" and unreplicability of an era) seem to flat-out refuse.

I hadn't played Vampyr but I liked what the devs did with The Life is Strange so I was interested.



Do you reckon Mike will enjoy it or not



i just don't give a fuck about vampires if i can't bust some moves in a goth nightclub https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIEIqrxfmHo



i didn't realise they'd asked freema and she'd refused

i bet coleman never does it either


File: edbc662a894acfc⋯.jpg (16.06 KB, 640x480, 4:3, sddefault-2.jpg)



I've never read the Nth Doctor but apparently that explores the different ideas they had for the TV movie/Revivals plot, one of them being similar to what ended up being adapted into the Gallifrey Chronicles.



Did the Bekdel test actually acknowledge the reason for its name at all? Is it trying to be “””clever”””by having a character named Bekdel? Any jokes about the similarity to Bechdel? is it just big finish boomers thinking they’re making a clever ‘wink wink’ reference?



He'll adore it, Jay will be cool on it.


When are you gonna start your vmtb replaythrough for 2? When is 2 actually out?


Jenna has an actual career lol, she won't do it. Maisie, mayyyyyyybe one day depending how her career goes.



In the behind the scenes of The Bekdel Test Jon Morris mentions that the one thing you shouldn't do when River and Missy team up is have them just talk about the doctor. He immediately abandons that thought and talks about why they would talk about the Doctor.



Why is it called ‘the bekdel test’ instead of ‘the bechdel test’?



Because it exists in-story and Morris thought he was being clever geeking it up into a sci-fi term. I guess he thought he was being very clever by lampshading the central failure of his story?



been meaning to replay it for ages already, just gotta get a new keyboard cos my shift key's been fucked up for like a year

2's out in march 2020 according to steam

>He immediately abandons that thought and talks about why they would talk about the Doctor.

does he have any self awareness at all or does he just not give a damn

i mean, why should he i guess



Is the bekdel test in-story the same thing as the bechdel test irl?



No, it's a place in the story. It really is just Morris winking at what a lil shit he's being.


He might just find it funny. This is the guy who wrote Flip-Flop; he knows who he is.

March 2020 isn't that far away, I like this trend of games not formally releasing ages in advance anymore so much. Still can't believe they have the dream team together PLUS Avellone, fuck me.



>No, it's a place in the story. It really is just Morris winking at what a lil shit he's being

smug boomerism has gone too far



Careful, say that too loud and Dorney will come jump down your throat about how progressive he is.


In actual seriousness, what would it take to instigate a meaningful protest against big finish and get the BBC to consider licensing other creators? Find controversial things they’ve made (content of the stories or the people behind it), summarise it in shareable images and post it on Twitter with a catchy hashtag like #bigfinished ?


Big Finish: the shit trips adaptations when?



I don't think it'd happen, BF are too entrenched, especially in the last year or so where the BBC have finally relented to Briggs and let him include the BBC logo on the covers as a show of a good relationship. They've a swarm of boomers and zoomers alike that drool over any shit they put out because the Doctor Who logo is on the front. Places like here and the erud circle are an absolute aberration in finding them lacking.



It would take them actually publishing some insanely crazy shit or having a major creative figure go into a full on racist meltdown for enough people to care.




Also BF is very niche, and people disliking it for those reasons are a small minority within an already tiny group. There's probably not even a 1000 of them.


Does big finish even sell enough to break even? It’s such a niche thing and they make absurdly disproportionate amounts of content. Is it just super cheap to make?



Ever heard of a little movie called 300?



Them price hiking yesterday would suggest their current position was untenable, but stuff like Missy and River get coverage in more mainstream geek websites and I assume fund some of the less popular ranges which still do capture some whales. Their amount of output seems to be an attempt at maintaining whatever audiences they can grab steadfastly. It doesn't strike me as sustainable but they have been sustaining it for a fair while. BF is considered a sort of rite of passage for a lot of Who fans, but piracy is high and convenient enough that a lot of that is offset.


Don't forget there are enough boomers that buy near everything to give them a nice consistent revenue stream. These are real people and you can go look at them on Gallifrey Base.


It's just crazy. Imagine if someone tried to buy every single Doctor Who book? You would literally never see anyone attempt that.


can you imagine the big finish thing turning into a full-on culture war where every smug wannabe comedian and incipient nazi in who fandom rallies behind them against the evil feminists



big finish must owe a lot to the absolute deification of them i saw on /r/gallifrey in like 2012



>Imagine if someone tried to buy every single Doctor Who book? You would literally never see anyone attempt that.

Only because that would be extremely difficult due to the printing circumstances. If all the books had been as available as BF audios have been, you would absolutely hear of people buying all of them.


What were those leaked financial statements again? Saying something like the company was only worth a dollar and that was split between two stakeholders or something?



There's more pushback against that these days, including by a mod I forget the name of iirc (not N8 but it's either a poweruser or a mod), but still not much. I know thisoldcan had some type of breakdown or something and stopped shilling/reviewing them like they used to all the time.

I do consider "unadulterated BF stannery" a fairly common phase in the evolution cycle of a superfan. I know I'm not alone in having gone through it.


Nobody has ever attempted such a thing. You can't seriously tell me you've ever seen anyone attempt to hunt down all the books.



I remember Briggs saying multiple times that BF doesn't sell as much as people think



Oh no :'( They better change nothing besides increasing their output even more then, that'll help.


even if 50/50 would have cost more than the average bf audio to make, surely it would have also sold a bit more



but pirates would listen to it!!!!!!!



See, you talk about busting moves in a goth vampire club and I start thinking more about this sort of thing




Without clicking, is it Matrix Reloaded or Blade?





I rest easy in the knowledge "ear story" snobbery protected me from their predatory practices.


Blade, of course.




After all, they only go to the vampire club in The Matrix Revolutions.


Shitting on Big Finish doesn't make you cool.




Remember a couple of years ago where that was that hubbub about Snipes meeting with Feige? Whatever happened with that



But it does make you right!



People have been making specific points why they dislike Big Finish for literal years upon years here. Getting verged about people having different opinions and insisting they must just be some performance instead of valid is pretty sad desu.



It makes you right

Who outside of high school gives a shit about coolness lmao




Bumping this, does anyone remember the thread?



It was an overblown joke, there's nothing abnormal about them being listed like that because the company isn't looking to sell.



Didn’t the start the statement still contain operating costs and profit or something like that? I remember it showing more than just the value of the company




Even if the UK agreed to do a second vote, would the EU allow them to delay leaving again for it?



I think they said some stuff about how some of the contingencies that might merit a further delay would be a referendum or an election.



Yeah, it probably would


how are the angry nerds spinning this one? They could get away with saying Wonder Woman only got good reviews because it was the first female superhero movie, same with Black Panther and (somewhat) Captain Marvel & Spider-verse. Shazam! is about a straight white guy and (afaik) the cast is mostly straight & white.



What did I miss, are the Shazam reviews good or bad?



I'm seeing some MCU fans insist since WB owns the company that owns RT or some such, that the critics were paid off.



97% on RT, and higher than nearly every MCU movie on Metacritic.


>no! how can this be happening! why are they enjoying a movie that plays with the superhero formula in a new way!



I thought the people who wanted WW/CM to fail were also rooting for Shazam to succeed?



>new way




I think a mainstream satirical superhero movie is a new thing for the current era of superhero movies



Along culture war lines yeah, which is the big one, but MCU vs DC has its own fan wars too.



and then deadpool walks in


File: 70ac1b45a29e984⋯.jpg (23.71 KB, 320x483, 320:483, a78b503baba2a5efcc28b2617a….jpg)


UK Government=Vogons



Litteraly "Trump is Voldemort xDDDD" level thinking



But that doesn’t count because reasons


File: c17d676f3cbdc6f⋯.jpg (83.74 KB, 532x640, 133:160, xrz84kds00111.jpg)



Weren't Vogons actually based on British politicians though?


First wholesome non-edgy superhero satire of the current mainstream superhero movie era


File: 1e43f00a64708a7⋯.png (199.59 KB, 268x402, 2:3, 268x0w.png)


First fun DC movie


First satirical comedy in the DCCU



It's DCEU.





verges me

'extended universe' in every other franchise means supplementary comics, video games, shit audio dramas etc




🤷That's just what they called it. Johns tried to rebrand it as DC Universe or some such last year but then he got the boot and intertia seems to have kept it as DCEU.



Leaked scene from Harness' first series as showrunner.



The DC Extended Universe Expanded Universe is the name for the comics and whatnot.



I see "DCU" used on official social media refer to the TV shows specifically (it's also the name of the streaming app the shows are on) so that must be where it went.



they should just not give it a name, it's already a bit of a mess so why not embrace it

maybe we don't know if any given film will tie in with another, and then suddenly joaquin phoenix joker appears in The Suicide Squad (this example probably should not happen)



I quite like they make no pretence of connecting the shows like Marvel do, they're totally discrete with their own Superman and shit.



They were going to basically gently lose the connected universe stuff, but then Aquaman (which, hilariously, isn't even canon to the theatrical cut of Justice League) was super successful and they decided to keep it running basically, and now Shazam has outright little winks and tie-ins to the JL and whatnot. I doubt we'll see any crossovers anytime soon (JL was their lowest grossing movie lmao), but the universe ain't gonna get smashed with a big hammer. People made a big talk over a producer saying The Suicide Squad is "a total reboot" but unless it explicitly is incompatible with the events of the first film I imagine it's just a case of producers using the word "reboot" weirdly, as they've always been wont to do (don't forget TFA and the like get described as reboots too by some of these sort).

I'm interested to see what happens with Leto. Looks like the Gotham movies - and there are a lot coming - are just not using the character.



>isn't even canon to the theatrical cut of Justice League




The principal photography/Snyder version of the Aquaman convening at the dead king's throne, and the (not shown in the theatrical/Whedon cut) scene of Aquaman conversing with Vulko and Mera for another time, are all referred to in Aquaman, the first in a way incompatible with the theatrical version's chain of events. It's a very minor thing, and who the hell cares enough about Justice League to notice (me), but quite funny.



File: ca90d3ec9a849c3⋯.png (22.66 KB, 748x398, 374:199, sipping.png)

The post that defined an era.



WB has never used "DCEU", it was just something fans came up with because BvS and SS both had extended cuts or something. Either way it doesn't matter cuz Warner Bros straight up said a month ago that the whole shared universe thing was done. Joker, Gunn's Suicide Squad, Reeves' Batman are all their own things. The only ones "continuing" from previous films are WW 2 and the Harley Quinn movie, but Patty Jenkins is trying to distance that movie from the DCEU so much that she straight up tried to say that it's "not a sequel" because it tells it's own story? Has she never seen a James Bond or Indiana Jones movie? or any of the pre-Batman Begins Batman movies?


File: 45f80db997ba8ca⋯.jpg (146.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1419196833649.jpg)





That's literally not what's happening, Aquaman outright secured their faith in not shattering the DCEU. The Elseworlds films are their own line, and when it comes out in 5849035 we'll see what Reeves' films are.

>it was just something fans came up with because BvS and SS both had extended cuts or something

No it wasn't, it was coined by Entertainment Weekly, Keith Staskiewicz specifically, and WB's refusal to adopt official terminology saw it gain widespread usage throughout the industry and fandom.

>The only ones "continuing" from previous films are WW 2 and the Harley Quinn movie

Shazam has explicit references to Justice League. Birds of Prey continues from the apparently "completely rebooted" Suicide Squad.


File: a74f409287fb5b1⋯.jpg (95.97 KB, 750x545, 150:109, lsrN5zZ.jpg)



File: eedebcfa4097b28⋯.jpg (142.97 KB, 610x537, 610:537, ed8d1f459304917f66623c78ec….jpg)



>laugh with it

At what moments?


>I eat danger for breakfast. I don't, I prefer cereal. Or croissants. Or those little fried Portuguese… Never mind, it's not important.

Why aren’t you laughing?



>Never mind, it's not important.




love how rtd and moffat can listen to a line as blatantly witless as this and still shower chibnall in praise





dilbar dilbar brother of the joker



I guess if we're sharing maps, here's my Twine/html map with all the video links and brief descriptions




👍 how's your twine thing going



oh god that's on such a back burner

i have parts of it mapped out, and something like 50 different passages written, but it sprawls too much for casual progress. i'd have to sit down and really focus on it as a priority, which is hard when i have coloth + ebook of the war + a dozen tumblr drafts on my plate. the basic idea for it is, you're a Doctor Moreau style biodata experiment created by Father Stendec in the zoo underneath the Eleven-Day Empire, and your escape is roughly structured after the map of the London Underground + the game "Mornington Crescent". You encounter various creatures in the zoo, or at least you will once I write that part, and eventually escape aboveground and encounter the parade described in Mags Halliday's deuterocanonical "Tour of the Eleven-Day Empire". We'll see if I ever get that far though; it doesn't seem like the sort of thing Stuy Dougs would be eager to commission yknow.


Chiastic Feats: The Crimes of Chibnall


n8 stuck twine through his mouth and pulled it halfway out thru his arse

and now he's gonna do an extended version of the spaghetti nose trick

go n8!



sounds very ambitious, interesting, and enjoyable, and probably wouldn't get half the interest from those up top that it deserves because of that :(


Has anyone here ever played Fallen London?



We all will in a couple of weeks, amirite!


File: c41e1670fb42506⋯.jpg (57.13 KB, 620x413, 620:413, 123017.jpg)

Uh-uh. Sorry. Donut Ghost House, man. I've trained for this.



No, but I played The Last Court, which the developer also made. It was loaded with microtransactions and the story was bad, but maybe they were saddled with EA strictures 🤷



Us gamers!


File: aa7dc2c5ca85503⋯.png (433.91 KB, 689x512, 689:512, nbgns.PNG)

Uh-uh. Sorry. Nilso's future, man. I've trained for this.


File: cf797027e1e2e33⋯.png (384.96 KB, 882x605, 882:605, web of fear anti-semitic c….PNG)

Uh-uh. Sorry. Harry Potter, man. I've trained for this.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Which doctor who actor would most likely star in one of these?



which Lizzie McGuire characters are which /who/res


File: 8d3f1320251fa6a⋯.jpg (253.41 KB, 573x572, 573:572, moffdealwithit.jpg)

>The BBC's showrunner for long-running science fiction TV show Doctor Who has denied claims by Harry Potter director David Yates that a feature film starring the Time Lord is being developed. Steven Moffat told Entertainment Weekly that talk of a movie was "all some weird fantasy going on somewhere".

>Moffat, who is lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, said: "There isn't a film. I can assure you definitively that was all nonsense. The BBC own Doctor Who and, for the moment, I run it for them. I can say that with authority because, as far as the BBC is concerned, I'm the voice of Doctor Who. So if I say it, it's true."

>He added: "I don't think [Yates] was ever signed to it. I never signed him, so he's not."

david yates getting [ERASED FROM DOCTOR WHO] so brutally by Moff will never never stop being based


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>we're not going to do anything about it for another five to seven years

>2019 marks seven years

no… but it can't be!



wait what, was there actual truth to it and moffat vetoed it?


File: 52777e8053eae94⋯.jpg (52.19 KB, 500x582, 250:291, 9g0wg1curciz.jpg)

I'm healthy weight-wise. You're healthy weight-wise.



I can't remember if that's an orford quote or not


What is that from, is that from something?


Doctor Who is dead


In the midst of the Chibnall era I'd welcome a weird Hollywood Doctor Who with open arms, it would surely have to be more interesting than the show


imagine if, after all of moff's talk about "no showrunner would allow two separate doctor who universes at the same time", chibnall actually does it because of how much he romanticises doctor who being cinematic



Did you think he was joking lol? It was an immensely verge-worthy, but real, thing gestating, that Moffat got to at least stall. That fantastic tweet Moff made mocking the ordeal…

>Announcing my personal moonshot, starting from scratch. No money, no plan, no help from NASA. But I know where the moon is. I've seen it.


>DW fractured into separate TV and cinema series

>Moff runs the movies


How clearly do you remember your immediate reaction to The Woman Who Fell to the Earth?



God I miss Moff Twitter



I remember thinking it was way too long and checking Twitter a couple of times



Such a shame it wasn't archived or something :(



I remember being underwhelmed at just about every aspect and then having this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach near the end because somehow I knew that this wasn't just a rough start, this was just how Doctor Who is now



How do you feel about the general positive reception to the series?



Disappointed but not surprised. The same way I feel when I see most boring, vapid pieces of media received positively by the general public. The type of disappointment that makes me feel like a pretentious twat.

I'm glad people are enjoying it, but it's not very good. Every point of praise it's received is at best basically the bare minimum of what a good television show in 2019 should be doing and I don't think we should be praising that. Not to mention the things that are outright bad.

Also I might just be incredibly bitter about how maligned the Moffat era was in comparison



I remember watching it in the stream and seeing people go slowly crazy


File: f2517b7ea51ee50⋯.png (4.75 MB, 2048x3000, 256:375, harry_potter_6_colour_corr….png)


I'm not crazy about Yates directing style, the later Potter movies were okay but they cut a ton and the tone was more akin to some gritty art house short film, colours were super dull and the magic became less flashy, wands became guns. Overall it was too dark and grim, obviously the series matured as it went on but it was too gritty.

Azkaban had the right balance, it was more mature and like a dark fantasy but the world still felt animated and magical, something about the world felt so dead in Yates films.


File: 90a052d9b4b1fec⋯.jpg (9.55 KB, 400x225, 16:9, The-Eleventh-Hour-Screenca….jpg)


I wanted it to be good because if it wasn't that wouldn't be a good sign for the rest of the series. It wasn't really shit but I found it pretty dull, like the most dull regeneration episode of nuwho imo.

Frankly I'm just sad we have to suffer through another series of Chibnall blandness, unless it suddenly improves, I really just want the show to move on, either with a new showrunner, or just completely start over with the 14th Doctor.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: 4044613ff67fff0⋯.jpg (127.48 KB, 858x1029, 286:343, sza.jpg)

>when a new nintendo switch game comes out



I'm pretty sure FB2 didn't even have a shot of the Eiffel Tower. Yates doesn't just not have a sense of magic, he doesn't even have a sense of place.



File: 0b904ebc6207b0f⋯.jpg (82.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0022.jpg)


I was always a fool for my Moffy

For the one they call Moffy writer


nilsos gay


File: 00fdbc95c2ea019⋯.jpg (240.5 KB, 1362x1448, 681:724, no.jpg)

>when they still havent released the title for the next star war


File: c14a0e948fa94f5⋯.jpg (16.52 KB, 364x504, 13:18, un.jpg)

When you are in a rut, but the show keeps sucking


Is The Battle of the Ranskor av Koloss, dare I say it, 'kino'?



I liked the visuals, I definitely fell for the cinematic meme. I liked Jodie in her more manic moments, doing straight comedy beats like "Not anymore!" And the nose thing.

The ending really felt dreary and lame, with the notable exception of the cliffhanger which was actually pretty cool.

Overall, I liked it less than any other regeneration story but I thought it had potential. Of course, looking back, I was wrong.



> I liked Jodie in her more manic moments, doing straight comedy beats like "Not anymore!"

Neglecting giving Jodie a chance to play impish, and sticking her into her moralising rut, was such a bad, weird decision.



It deals with deep concepts like religion, man. La Bataille de Ranskoor av Kolos confronts us with the depth of human despair in a desolate wasteland of the soul.



This is why I can't dislike the Banksy joke in Rosa, not despite but because it's so fucking inappropriate for the situation.


File: 0156ffae4361785⋯.jpg (94.68 KB, 686x689, 686:689, thick.jpg)

Who the fuck signed off on this


File: f019ec0b14544bd⋯.jpg (213.5 KB, 1095x937, 1095:937, cross.jpg)


>It deals with deep concepts like religion, man

eh, I think you're reaching there. I just don't think the author intended that kind of interpretation



>Sinister windmills against the sunset




I maintain that Resolution was well-directed, and that Arachnids and Witchfinders weren't terribly-directed.




Wait a minute… Isn't it still daylight out when they go to GCHQ?



File: eedebcfa4097b28⋯.jpg (142.97 KB, 610x537, 610:537, ed8d1f459304917f66623c78ec….jpg)




File: 20042776b74a9c5⋯.png (33.4 KB, 720x407, 720:407, Capture _2019-03-24-02-33-….png)

Spoilers for the next season of Who Cares


Arachnids and Witchfinders were the only S11 eps that felt "in on the joke" to me; i.e. Aprahamian had the wisdom to have Chris Noth and Alan Cumming play their parts as they did, and lean into that.



Probably just bloody Wayne Yip using Night-for-Day


It's hilarious how bringing back not even one of the top of the line Moff directors, but just a regular one, increased the kino threshold so much. It was a mistake to cast aside so much of the crew.



I can't decide how Chibnall and Childs feel about Tim Shaw because he's such a flat character who the Doctor rightfully treats as a joke but his scenes are always directed to make him look like such a looming badass.

Compare with how Tim Shaw would have been handled in, say, the Graham Williams days.



How would you like to be handled?



it still mildly verges me how a random side character got a better shot tardis introduction than the companions/audience did



You will never know.


File: 22a540ef2b48f14⋯.png (565.64 KB, 602x640, 301:320, 22a540ef2b48f145c3a04af402….png)



He's supposed to be the audience surrogate, as the holiday special aren't supposed to be written for longtime viewers

That's the theory anyway, seems like the best ones are but what do I know



you just know



none of series 11 is written for long time viewers


Don't you wonder sometimes

'bout Chibnall's vision?



shoulda gone to specsavers


File: f6d8b030afffaf6⋯.jpg (131.14 KB, 1216x678, 608:339, thebestthingsinlifearefree.jpg)

Is there any better sight?



>the end credits after a chris chibnall episode

I'm not sure there is!


Written by Chris Chibnall

and Chris Chibnall


File: 7a4ebaf4d539566⋯.png (58.3 KB, 460x513, 460:513, bbc.PNG)


that reminds me of something i took a screenshot of about 6 months ago. I think it was from a DW related youtube video or something, i cant remember. but it genuinely had this at the end


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

we didn't deserve him



> in the last year or so where the BBC have finally relented to Briggs and let him include the BBC logo on the covers

Since 2013



It was the "in collaboration with BBC Worldwide" thing turns out I was thinking of, which Briggs mentions in the December 2018 podcast as having explicitly signified a closer relationship with the BBC.

>Briggs explains that the reason why the wording on the new Gallifrey press release says “in collaboration with BBC Worldwide” (or variations like that), as well as the use of the BBC logo on boxset covers, is simply because of a change of relationship. Apparently Briggs had been wanting to use the BBC logo for a while as they felt it was a sign of friendliness due to the fact BBC retains the rights, and eventually the BBC allowed it.


>ear stories


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 7d6c52582d79686⋯.png (1.65 MB, 764x1081, 764:1081, ClipboardImage.png)

still fucking annoyed at that lil curve above pertwee's head



I'd be more annoyed at the different head/body job behind him


guys…was s11 kinda kino?



nice try GI


i…i think ranskoor's kinda kino…


ranskinor av kinos


wtf…i love ranskoor now…


wtf…i am gay now…


File: a4897a0211c8daf⋯.jpg (703.96 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, 10 the battle of ranskoor ….jpg)

When the squad's on point


File: aa1606f94343805⋯.jpg (600.64 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, 10 the battle of ranskoor ….jpg)

Using the negative space for that intertitle while slowly zooming in to obscure it when the shot is filled with the tardis set…yeah, im thinking ranskoor is kino


File: 548ee3664e58e46⋯.jpg (870.38 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, 10 the battle of ranskoor ….jpg)

taking cue's from snyder's style of ultra subtle religious imagery = yeah, im thinking ranskoor is kino


File: 6db72a7d7b557bf⋯.jpg (682.45 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, 10 the battle of ranskoor ….jpg)

now heres an episode to sink your…teeth into


File: 4a4abb7fabfb9ee⋯.jpg (904.13 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, 10 the battle of ranskoor ….jpg)

moff hadnt done actual world-ending stakes like this since, what, 2014? it felt fresh and exciting to actually have the world be at stake again


File: 14b49840245f18a⋯.jpg (974.81 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, 10 the battle of ranskoor ….jpg)

this helpful graphic reminded me it was earth too, id actually forgotten a mo earlier


File: d8bd7420cf081b7⋯.gif (1.56 MB, 250x186, 125:93, 3_Drugs_1.gif)



i rewatched WEAT/TDF/TUAT first to get the "whole story" in one go

the sudden drop in quality was like crashing into a brick wall



Compare/contrast Caves/Twin Dilemma



I had a similar experience, watching Reslution back to back with Dalek. The contrast there is like night and day, especially regarding the performance of the lead actor.



Ashens is based


File: b6c7baad7eee4e9⋯.png (18.44 KB, 286x146, 143:73, b6c7baad7eee4e952ca908d6c0….png)






"It was piss."



honestly, I see Chib Who as a separate thing from New Who, they just seem like two totally different universes, I can't imagine Captain Jack or Missy interacting with Yasmin or 13.

So honestly it's

>Classic Who 1963-1996

>New Who 2005-2017

>NO Who 2018 - ????

The companion montage at the end of TDF makes a lot more sense now, it really was the end of an era


Classic Who: 1963 - 1996

New Who: 2005 - 2017

Poo Who: 2018 - 20??


File: d383595694416da⋯.png (175.87 KB, 240x324, 20:27, 1553422513550.png)

Wow, Jodie really let herself go.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: 28e7cdf7dd834fd⋯.png (47.95 KB, 145x220, 29:44, 8think2.png)

What does the TVM feel like more to you guys?

classic or new?

I'm conflicted. I really want to group it with classic, but that doesn't feel right.


File: 79d9a118d7b83aa⋯.png (10.13 KB, 289x164, 289:164, ClipboardImage.png)

wait what?


File: 72e79382291c418⋯.png (296.5 KB, 439x557, 439:557, ford prefect.png)

Ford…short for Orford…

Couldn't very well keep calling myself Adam, now could I?



10 - Accessible for new audiences

9 - In keeping with the classics

8 - New villains

7 - Alan Cummings

6 - It demanded attention and got people talking

5 - Inclusivity and diversity

4 - Rosa

3 - Best production values yet

2 - Bradley Walsh

1 - Jodie Whittaker


File: 282154d48e9892c⋯.png (142.57 KB, 188x266, 94:133, ClipboardImage.png)

Wow, Jodie really let herself go.



Things I would remove from s11



I don't group it with new or classic really, but it feels like it has more in common with New. Something about that Americanised sensationalism.



I group it more with classic because it's from before I was into who. But I guess it's really neither.



>none of these points actually address the quality of the stories overall



Personally, I don't think it really matters. It being its own thing is alright.



You see… I'm healthy, weight-wise… you're healthy, weight-wise also…. this is where we've always been going…this is our perfect ending!


Would you unwatch s11, if you could?



We watch each other from the back!



only one of these I would say is both true and a good thing, and it's pretty sad when the only good thing about your series is a single actor playing a character in a single episode






Do you think the Watcher was just Adam Orford having gone back in time to harass Tom Baker, but covering his face in white shit to avoid a paradox? Because I'm fairly sure that's the most likely explanation. They probably just decided to write him in because of that



10 not really.

9 I'll give that to 'em

8 Again, not really.

7 yep, that's good

6 not a good thing

5 just a talking point, not really a good thing

4 not handled well, so no.

3 yeah… no.

2 best thing.

1 could've chose better.



No. As much as I never want to watch it again, it's still an important experience to go through to understand the state of the programme.


File: 231e0441315131a⋯.png (115.48 KB, 986x177, 986:177, watcher.PNG)



Heh, funny.


I hate the guardians



Black and White Guardians, right?


I can't believe the Doctor racially profiled the Guardians, and assumed the white one was good / the black one was bad. It's probably not a coincidence that all the doctors apart from Davison are white


Hot Take

50/50 with Tom and Davison


File: 5b662a459fc235c⋯.jpg (83.23 KB, 720x479, 720:479, d8c396b11f7ca1dbac24372b39….jpg)


I didn't want Doctor Who to end but honestly it felt right finishing the series with Capaldi. Moffat fucked with the regenerations but had he not done that, 12 should have been it, like full circle, he started an old man and now he's back there again.

12 truly was THE Doctor, he'd been through the midlife crisis that was 10 and 11, he felt fully matured and complete by Twice Upon a Time. 13 feels like a massive regression for the character, should have just rebooted if they were going to pull that.

And if they wanted to continue the series at some point after 12, they should've pulled some sort of timeline divergence bs, or something more creative than just giving the Doctor more regenerations, which was pretty predictable by Moffat standards imo.


File: b8357f7722a8b88⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 500x600, 5:6, 1542573397696.webm)

File: eb6a60643088e72⋯.webm (553.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1510096554212.webm)

File: 029c33164f56f50⋯.webm (1.82 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 1493292934354.webm)


File: 2b74b5210b2d4a4⋯.jpg (194.99 KB, 1222x948, 611:474, 2b74b5210b2d4a420a89540502….jpg)

File: b7eb570da067aa6⋯.jpg (391.95 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, 1501897686396.jpg)


File: b7071aa23f5a51e⋯.jpg (351.06 KB, 3504x3526, 1752:1763, cover.jpg)

Idea: a Doctor's final series and regeneration revolves around them slowly succumbing to the Time Lord equivalent of Alzheimer's.



i've been thinking, eventually we're gonna have a ridiculous number of doctors. the 19th doctor. the 28th doctor. sounds fucking weird, doesn't it

and i always thought there has to be a turning point where the role sort of becomes perfunctory and the actors no longer seem that significant… i think that was with 13


File: b22f358fc74540c⋯.jpg (113.37 KB, 841x1024, 841:1024, b22f358fc74540cc360bdc3625….jpg)



File: 7d9189259c1bcb5⋯.png (16.7 KB, 884x56, 221:14, ClipboardImage.png)





[source needed]


Mcgann has more BF stories than the number of Classic Who serials



must be interesting to be this guy


Doctor Who was a planned 1967 radio series that was to star Peter Cushing as a character called Dr. Who


File: e5ba162859e4bc7⋯.jpg (14.57 KB, 350x196, 25:14, The_Doctor's_Death_sentenc….jpg)



I've always been into the idea of a regeneration story where we don't actually know who the Doctor is, has that been done? So we jump forward a few months, the Doctor has lost his memories entirely and we the audience don't know which member of the ensemble cast is the new Doctor.

Anyway, I would've made 12 the final incarnation, no extra cycle bs. But the Doctor dying is something the TARDIS wouldn't permit, and they are connected, so I imagine it would've used it's power to retcon the Doctor's death or create a new universe, something bizarre and intriguing that would lead into a new series and really give the show an interesting jumping off point, not just what series 11 gave us with the complete reboot.

Then you could have the repercussions of that, with a group of time lord agents arriving in the newly created universe in search of the Doctor, have new perils in this universe, maybe it's unstable or something. There's a billion ways you could take it for a series arc and beyond.

>TL;DR Human Nature on steroids with time lords or some time kind of time agent faction hunting the Doctor and TARDIS for creating a new universe/rebooting it by accident.


did steven moffat mention heaven sent being inspired by games like myst or did i just imagine that?



The movie is like NuWho in that they both grew out of the Wilderness era.

Since Chibnall is the first NuWho showrunner without any significant interaction or involvement with non-TV Who – his era is the first to be uninfluenced by any Wilderness media except the TV show – there's a case to be made that series 11 marks the first true end of the Wilderness era.



>there's a case to be made that series 11 marks the first true end of the Wilderness era.

And oh, it shows.


>HALF-FACE MAN: Then we will destroy you.

>DOCTOR: No, you won't. You're logical. You have restraint. You killed to survive. You're not a murderer.

>CLARA: He's not a what? This is a slaughterhouse.

>DOCTOR: And how does that make it different from any other restaurant? You weren't vegetarian the last time I checked.

>BILL: Why? Is everything out here evil?

>DOCTOR: Hardly anything is evil, but most things are hungry. Hunger looks very like evil from the wrong end of the cutlery. Or do you think that your bacon sandwich loves you back?

>BILL: She's a murderer.

>DOCTOR: Enjoying your bacon sandwich?

>BILL: Why?

>DOCTOR: Because it had a mummy and a daddy. Go tell a pig about your moral high ground.

fuck u meat eaters, or should i say murderers


File: 7d5a829eb93583a⋯.jpg (41.66 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 155.jpg)

File: 77a31ad548f544a⋯.jpg (39.61 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 133.jpg)

File: a369403533a5faf⋯.jpg (46.84 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 122.jpg)

File: ad14e345385a0ec⋯.jpg (38.04 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 11.jpg)



I'd like to power Jenna's seat if you know what I mean


File: 336d3f2b14c16cf⋯.jpg (63.11 KB, 637x612, 637:612, incellarge.jpg)






Every time the Doctor caught Bill eating a bacon sandwich he would find some way of making a quip about it. This happened more than 200 times.



and then he would eat meat himself



pretty fucking based, ngl


File: b7850a2dca87434⋯.png (150.54 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1547402865104.png)


>fuck u meat eaters, or should i say murderers

I really do think you misunderstood The Doctor's point he was trying to make.



i understood it, i was being flippant


File: b74ee99e2731716⋯.png (1 MB, 840x1465, 168:293, mondasian virgin.png)



the virgin fish and dairy eating millenial vs the chad vegan boomer


File: 9ea5863cc649b2c⋯.jpg (241.55 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 1520218685291.jpg)


File: 9b8162ed49350a3⋯.png (509.27 KB, 718x605, 718:605, 1519311260081.png)


how are u?


File: 378c16affdf63af⋯.jpg (38.69 KB, 322x550, 161:275, Peter_Capaldi_Doctor_Who_H….jpg)


File: 853c26a66876acd⋯.jpg (143.18 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, ugh.jpg)


File: 71584a613eadb23⋯.gif (2.48 MB, 650x366, 325:183, world enough and time.gif)



Which Doctors do smoke IRL?


File: 74bf59957f1eca0⋯.jpg (225.73 KB, 938x497, 134:71, alcoholic clara.jpg)



probably the first 4, right? just because of the time they're from



None, since the Doctor is a fictional character and doesnt exist in real life



what the fuck


File: dd68d800f81339e⋯.gif (2.82 MB, 393x217, 393:217, chinball.gif)


File: de1a3e3d0d59306⋯.jpg (116.03 KB, 1200x750, 8:5, de1a3e3d0d5930650bf989a712….jpg)



Is this what the Doctor after McCoy would have been like if classic wasn't cancelled


Is S12 gonna stay in its August release slot in the Marshall timelime or are they having a gap year too?



wtf we missed out big time


File: 4c13cf45b46a4a7⋯.png (142.74 KB, 641x840, 641:840, 1514243717489.png)


Marshall is very dark.

He got pissed up with Chibbz and punched him in the face on set.


Kris punched Chris in the left tit and walked off. Production has crashed and Pete has gone back to the drawing board


File: ac3a209382e49b7⋯.jpg (297.95 KB, 2048x1338, 1024:669, BHJq1l0CMAADWQ1.jpg large.jpg)

s12 has 10 episode

1 two parter for each 5,6,7,8

and the two parter finale is essentially Zagreus


Genuinely, what was the point of Tasha Lemsip?


Lym is the new Nilso



alex kingston wasnt available




I've rammed them both from behind



Same as the point of Barnable. The story is a microcosm of 11's life; we meet situations and characters that reflect the various experiences he tended to have, while not actually being the same ones. Patterns repeating themselves.



Lym's album when?


Lym a cute !!!!


7 days until you need an ID or VPN to access porn from the UK… DWE?



big finish subscriber stories


File: 695d7834e87d1dc⋯.jpg (240.03 KB, 1134x1279, 1134:1279, IMG_20190324_014704.jpg)

File: ca3305c38c7c0c9⋯.jpg (57.69 KB, 600x420, 10:7, folderthumb.jpg)

The Macra Terror comes out tomorrow, are you going to watch it in colour or not?



What's the motive behind doing this? Are brits such prudes that they think "porn is responsible for the downfall of society"? Don't most of the younger generation use nudes sent to each other instead of websites anyway? Are nudie mags still legal for the boomers?



>muh kids

that's pretty much it



The Tories, their voter base and their donors are principally comprised of weird old people. This explains basically everything about them.


Nobody except fucked up perverts will mind that porn is gone, I'd assume barely anyone uses it



But kids naturally start masturbating anywhere between 10 to 12, and blocking mainstream sites will mean they find all the weird obscure depraved shit first. They're going to turn a whole generation into furries if they're not careful


But on the other hand, lots of mainstream porn has fucked up abusive power dynamics and establishes unhealthy expectations that carry over to real life

It's a lose/lose unless they encourage "good" porn



Theresa May should lead the way forward by directing and acting in a series of government-funded-and-approved positive pornos


imagine the daily mail front page

>corbyn unbans PORN

>the marxist wants your kids looking at this FILTH



How the Id system will work?



you hand your credit card details over to a porn site for confirmation



what about 4ch?



They'll probably just use it as excuse to block the site like other countries have already done with other things




actually there's a whole lore of guardians (beyond the white and black) and time creatures but much like the time lords they never interfere

if you're not afraid of MASSIVE spoilers this based site sums it all up:




File: e18ff7c0acbd27e⋯.png (430.27 KB, 568x400, 71:50, ClipboardImage.png)

the library underneath the vatican that the public isn't allowed access to read anything is real, but it doesn't look very stylish. I guess Moffat must have found out about it and decided to incorporate it into extremis



Well it's more like the end of the WildeRehash era (>>229724)

Hopefully plagiarism will disappear from DW now



It's just going to start plagiarising capeshit and Netflix originals instead, there's no reason to get excited.



that's a common trope

Angel & Demons is basically based on that



what sort of texts are down there?



I guess I'm not very exposed to that genre.


basically a couple of millenia of knowledge collected by the vatican. I reckon they're secretive about the contents of these books because some books might contain stuff that causes people to stop believing



or the opposite, with proof that science is fake and dinosaurs lived alongside humans



you seem to underestimate the level of plagiarism in NuWho before s11. it's not about claimed inspiration or similar style, it's about complete ideas/set-up/stories being silently converted in so-called "original" episodes, mostly by the more popular writers btw.



would they not just release that?



the Catholic Church is actually employing physicians to examine cured people (a nice paradox) in order to detect miracles. the conditions are reportedly extremely selective.



Tsuranga Conundrum

Arachnids in the UK

The Battle of Ranskoor av Kolos

To a much lesser extent Demons of the Punjab


File: 77a31ad548f544a⋯.jpg (39.61 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 133.jpg)



Cursed ducking website. Dude doesn’t actually cite any of his sources, just says “this bit comes from audio” (completely unhelpful), so it’s impossible to check. As a result, huge swaths of it are completely made up / speculation. Don’t trust it.


Hey, n8, are the Guardians related to the Loa?



ripped from what?





The modern church is pretty pro science now. They have their own observatories, believe in ETs, etc. Their miracle detectors are very skeptical and the object of such investigations are usually found to be pious deception.




1. Make a list of 5 things that have been plagiarized rather than just being inspired

2. Wouldn’t you rather the TV stories be based on actually good stories in the EU rather than based on shit stories?

3. Honestly who gives a fuck, every single thing is plagiarized in one way or another




The Green Death

The Pirate Planet (I think the lack of scope by definition makes it less of a rip-off of the Stolen Earth/Journey's End than other people do)

And to a much lesser extent Father's Day, which could just be down to similar themes taking the same shapes when pushed into the same pacing



well most of the information can be found on the TARDIS wiki if you want, but on a very less tidy form.



Someone's gonna link the Lawrence Miles page, I just know it.


jesus episode when?



It kills me that the writers who would be best suited to it would also have never done it and don't write for the show anymore.



M epiisode when?



Last of the Time Lords



Ohhh don’t ask me that. Any question about the Guardians or Eternals means I need to think about Craig Hinton’s whole little cosmology, which endlessly bores me. The Eternals only work as archetypes.

I’ve always gone with the understanding of the loa where they’re just the laws of biodata+temporal physics interpreted through the eyes of the Faction. Eg Lolita making a deal with the loa in “The Shadow Play” is just a symbolic/metaphorical explanation of her breaking the protections on the Empire. When Faction members do a crazy ritual to create a loa, it’s just like they’re putting together the pieces of an engine to achieve some effect, except with rituals and stuff because it’s a time-biodata-engine or whatever.

… but I’m not really sure what the current state of affairs is, since the extremely-cursed “Spinning Jenny” went against all of that and said the loa are giant leviathans floating between universes?!

So maybe the answer is just that the loa are whatever you want them to be!



Aha! Caught you with your trip down!


Even if there are some obvious similarities, saying or even implying that any NuWho writers outright plagiarized other Wilderness stories is objectively a really bad look for EU fans and should be avoided at all costs.

Besides, it’s literally never as neat and tidy as one-way influence. Questions about specifics always dissolve into arguments about “How can we even know the later writer read that story?” and “Was that even an original idea when that story did it?”, the answers to which are always reliably “we can’t” and “probably not”.


Most innovations in Who have come via stealing from other genres and series. I said it. Lawrence Miles is a Morrison wannabe. Paul Cornell is no better. Kate Orman really just wants to be writing gay smut, much like another Dr Who showrunner I can think of. And Moffat… well, I think it's pretty clear what Moffat's influences are.


kate orman for showrunner



Here's the most blatant examples:

The Doctor's Wife = The Axis of Insanity (itself an overt re-writing of Arc of Infinity) plus the very unoriginal idea of a human TARDIS

Empress of Mars = Destination: Nerva = Imperial Moon

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances = Illegal Alien

Silence in the Library = Fear of the Dark (and a bit of The Genocide Machine)

Bad Wolf = Time of Your Life

World Enough and Time = Aquitaine


And of course there's all the Mad Larry ideas…


talking about individual stories, legally that's always up to interpretation in the end. of course we're not judges. but you can't stop people from noting strange resemblances in stories hosted in the same fictional universe…

For example it is well known Moffat had a long story with Mad Larry and finding most of the latter's ideas being used in the first's run is puzzling at least



They're all identical books of numbers written by different people at the same time.




Watching PotD in colour really dampened the experience.

Also it was shit



So glad I never knew it came out in colour, I'm going to watch it in B+W aswell as 60s who animated in colour seems wrong.



I'm always bothered by this question: if you could propose to directors from the B+W era, including big names from the cinema, to instantly colorize their work, how many would accept?



The trash ones would, the true kinographers would refuse. Imagine trying to colourise The Seventh Seal? It would be fucking lunacy


>Mueller, however, did not explicitly exonerate Trump of obstruction of justice in his report, and instead chose to present evidence "on both sides of the question."

Mueller would be the perfect companion for 13!



I think many of them would. If it were really clean colourisation of the original I wouldn't mind as I could watch it after the original but an animation is different.



>Series 12

>13 shows up at Congress as they attempt to come to a decision on the obstruction question

>"The justice system isn't the problem…"



not sure about kinographers. even for them B+W was a technical constraint which couldn't always be acknowledged with artistic choices.


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