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Years & Years, from the mind of Russell T Davies

File: 509de0cc9141793⋯.png (2.48 MB, 960x960, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Kino from Briggs Edition

Chib lore





I don't understand.




Inside No9 is getting a new series this year


File: 2ef86f513f5dedb⋯.png (3.21 KB, 334x45, 334:45, drunk neo.png)




I'm sorry, I don't really keep up to date with Brigg's Finish. Why is Jack in 6's coat? What's happening?


Does anyone have links to War Master: Masters Of Callous audio series? Thanks in advance.



When the Sixth Doctor falls dying into his arms, Jack must carry on in his place. Is the universe ready for a whole new kind of Doctor?



What? How? Is this canon?



Weird at least

since BF did the definitive death of 6



It's literally just another Big Finish "character meets other character because both actors were available at the same time" gimmick story, I don't see what's confusing.



Both forget everything by the end




Obviously, this is a fake-out where Six either pretends to be dead, or is a clone. Nevertheless, "Jack-in-Six's-place" could be really interesting.


Thoughts on Sandifer's takes on Smile and Thin Ice ?



Sandifer doesn't interest me much.



Did she ever write any dw fiction?


Candidates for the "final boss of Doctor Who" award:

Dead Romance

Alien Bodies


The Natural History of Fear

Heaven Sent/Hell Bent

Any other nominations?




Hello Jimbo




Terror Firma


Only Human





She wanted to write for BF at one point. Titan Comics as well, I think.


I basically agree with her Thin Ice essay. Not sure whether Dollard's eps can't be read as "genderless", though.



Last Of The Time Lords 2-parter?



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Ashildr after completing her character arc





Killing Eve

Russian Doll was kino



And now he's back

Like he never left

(Like he never left)



>Russian Doll was kino

Sell me on Russian Doll. I'm interested but it annoys me that netflix has so much of my eye time.

Natasha Lyonne is an old favorite of mine from the gay comedy "But I'm a cheerleader".


Are these lyrics?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

finally someone cries properly at Clara's death


im deactivating i csnt dothjs



It's pretty great. Acted directed and written all by her. It's a mix of dark comedy and emotion that Netflix is getting really good at (reminds me a lot of Maniac in that way). Would rec


If Moffat wrote The Beast Below in 2019 would it be called Starship UKIP?



>Are these lyrics?



File: bd2fa894d83d332⋯.png (79.41 KB, 252x269, 252:269, moffhater.png)


DWE of someone egging scott morrison and the egg bouncing off his skull?



Fine. Damn it. Starting it now.






First episode was good. Great sound track.👍


Hunter's black


I am the real Hunter. I am posting from my phone because my ban has yet to expire. Please ignore the Twitter account, as it is not actually me. Someone is playing a very rude prank on you all.



Glad you liked!



Hunter's whack?


They call me Hunter block evader, Hunter tripcode alligator, Hunter "I'm a transphobe and I'm banned still so I'll see you later"


They call me Nilso closeted, Nilso sperm deposited, Nilso let me tie you up and fuck you on my water bed


They call me extra chromosome, Niki's broken microphone, Hunter's not a transphobe so you'd better all leave him alone


They call me Hunter pocky sticks, Hunter get my shitpost fix, Hunter tweet me at oh seven nine zero one three one six



I'll continue tomorrow. Short episodes which is nice.






They call me Cloister this forum is my oyster, I choose to ignore these posts made by disingenuous foisters. So should you avoid this and engage in /who/'s regular roister.


They call me Cloister fuck the scheme, I'll break off my own routine, I'm the only one who knows what "roister" is supposed to mean




That's 8th grade, private school in america vocabulary word. So is foister, though later in the year. <3


File: c582d64f28357e1⋯.webm (6.4 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, derry girls doctor who.webm)



I've heard on twitter this is a good show. I can't suggest to watch it in my home without a raised eyebrow and a "Really? smirk however.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I watched this whole video waiting for them to trip over something while rambling at their phone and all they talked about was doctor who. Very disappointing.



>As a trans woman, I feel threatened by you replying to me this aggressively.

This just comes off as gaslighting. As if anyone can actually feel “threatened” by hunter saying “practice what you preach”.



Just looking for a reason to make fun of an autistic dude even after he leaves. Eden knows that it's bullying too, because she had no actual comeback to him voicing his grievances with the unprovoked bullying and said she'd stop bullying him "for now", as people do when they realize they're in the wrong but still want to feel like they're in control. followed by the classic "don't want to debate my existence" despite hunter not saying anything even remotely to the contrary.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

such a busy life! you go kinda!





why was that written now?




>she wanted to be the next egg boy, only even more epic by doing it to the PM

>she couldn’t even smash an egg right, it didn’t break

>instead she caused an innocent old woman to fall over

>and gave the PM a photo op to help the elderly woman up and take the moral high ground (while associating the attack with unions to push his agenda with emotive rhetoric that resonates with undecideds)

>got charged with assault, while egg boy didn’t when he actually smashed the egg

Only S11 can describe a comical backfire like this



It was unironically a false flag.



Wouldn’t surprise me

Do you have a source?


Yeah I support the NHS:




I also support the National Health Service.



the source is that it looks bad for the greens so it cant be true


From Little Things, Big Things Grow - a song about many things, but due to the latter clause we can decisively rule out it being about Nilsos penis



how do you feel when you think about nilsos penis?


File: ba5f13c1f6fce9a⋯.jpg (70.29 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doctor_who_2005.2013_chris….jpg)

im deactivating i csnt dothjs


File: c82082759f89e3f⋯.jpg (37.41 KB, 522x522, 1:1, 1515339983717.jpg)

>In this country we have violence-free elections. People are allowed to protest peacefully, but anything approaching violence is unacceptable.

>If this protester thinks she will get sympathy or support from me, she couldn't be more wrong.



you know when you think about atoms and quarks and strings and stuff, and how far down it all goes? the feeling of awe at just how small things can get? yeah i feel like that






quite a few penises make me feel horny but nilsos is most certainly not one of them. quite the opposite in fact



When is series 12?



january 2020 new years special, then another 6 months so they can make sure everything is just right!



>neo's response




ded thread


dead dilb



More than just a fairytale. At least it will be if he doesn't finish that TV show soon


dilbar make twitar


According to Awards Circuit, Doctor Who has made its official submissions to the 2019 Emmy Awards:


>Drama Series

>Drama Actress – Jodie Whittaker

>Drama Supporting Actress – Mandip Gill

>Drama Supporting Actor – Tosin Cole, Bradley Walsh



>>Drama Series



Do they not get to submit an episode?


Resolution will be streamed in 22 hours




22 hours

Multiple whosers already confirmed attendance


God, s18 is just pure comfykino


Google "biden 2020" and click on the first non-wiki non-news result



it's either drama or comedy




>not embedded



did you mean vertical



uncalled for, eden.



Yes, I forgot which was which and decided to hope I was right.


Why is Neo doing the onionsface?


File: 84ccc2962e3b14a⋯.jpg (52.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doctor_who_2005.9x12.hell_….jpg)

>I will not let Doctor Who die.

>It's been dead for half the lifespan of the universe!




Some bad reporting in this - the BBC was originally very clear in saying "Series Returns 2020", series being the operative word here. They never actually ruled out the possibility of a 2019 special, so there's no sign that this is actually a backtrack.



hell bent is very underrated


what stories play with mythology in a really interesting way? apart from obvious ones like satan pit



The last 3 episodes of S9 are such a wild ride when you think back on it.

>the companion dies

>an entire episode of just the doctor killing himself billions of times

>the fucking Time Lords show up

How can any other series even compete



The last 2 episodes of S10 is some valid competition



Death in Heaven implies that the entire concept of an afterlife throughout human history was created by Missy's interference.



at the end of the episode he goes to the prom wearing a tom baker scarf, it was quite cute

this episode aired in the same week as an alan partridge episode where alan makes fun of his doctor who fan friend too


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




god damn it pikachu is so god damn cute i love that little soy face he does when he dips his head




dilbar make twitar


actually wobbuffet is the best pokemon alright


id like to eat from stormys "buffet"


dilbar make twitar




dilbert this is fucking urgent. make a twitter NOW


stormy pouring honey on dilbertwho's dilbers


honey wrestling round 1: stormy vs dilbar


Dilbert until you make a twitter i will rain hell on /who/ and every whoser you love


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

good scene


detective pikachu has a marginally lower average rating on rottentomatoes than the battle of ranskoor av kolos (6.24 vs 6.3)



RT is useless for television shows


just who is captain with no memory


just hwo are angstrom and epzo


Just who are Umsang and Andinio?


her name…. was Umsang


You are a couple of awesome Ux.


Just who are Durkas and Astos?


File: 40bcf05bb502602⋯.png (814.63 KB, 845x430, 169:86, kinda.PNG)

dam kinda ur a freak 😳😳😜




File: 642db602b3ff297⋯.jpg (75.42 KB, 960x706, 480:353, mfrmckbk6zv21.jpg)


He's getting more action than all of us.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

i give up, it's better than heaven sent



based & redpilled


File: b2fb040f53e3126⋯.gif (3.63 MB, 375x210, 25:14, image0.gif)


File: c74d0fa72a3627d⋯.jpg (59.51 KB, 1024x1004, 256:251, cat.jpg)

what are some doctor gu episodes




happy new year everyone!


reminder that in a week we'll have some brand new murray gold music


ahh, decisions, decisions. would it make a difference?





it would make your dilb tweet.


don't you want somebody to love






I'm Dilbert's twitter. I create myself. I take the words, I scatter them in time and space. A message to lead myself here.


skelly post pics of your concave hair


skellys got long hair as a guy and you know what that means…



all the whosers standing around skelly in a circle chanting EGG EGG EGG as eden approaches him with an estrogen-filled syringe



Speculating about someone being an egg is rude and makes the environment more uncomfortable for any actual eggs who might be around.



are you skelly?


yo skelly have you ever worn a messenger bag?


hes not gonna answer that because he knows what i'll say when he says "yes"


And I got her Nilso… grocery bag


Favourite quote from 12?


Dilbert, please make a Twitter account.



Go tell a pig about your moral highground




Is intellect connected to morality?



It would explain why Nilso and Skelly are the least moral whosers


Intellect is also connected to sexuality. Hets are inferior


>yfw we'll probably be the last generation to die


File: e79f297bd341133⋯.png (7.23 MB, 3079x2053, 3079:2053, 2fgzu0000001000.png)




more like the last generation to LIVE lol





At least it means that Nilso will never have children even if he is miraculously able to Have Sex.


>I'm not transsexual, I'm transhuman!



imagine harbouring so much arbitrary hatred for some other guy on the internet



Imagine harbouring a cock in your arse (this is something you like to do because you are gay)


>nobody cares about longevity research to the point that they have to crowdfund FDA trials

>Elon Musk is the only person who even wants a space colony anymore and everyone hates him

>it's all too late anyway because of global warming

why live



we live for the prospect of dilbar finally making a twitar



Gimme a C…gimme an A…gimme a P…



Artificial intelligence is our only hope because it's the only thing that's commercially viable. Maybe an AI will come along, start full steam ahead on all the avenues of attainable progress we've missed because we're stupid, and save us all. But that would require us to actually give power to the superintelligent AI; and it would require us to make an AI to be actually smart rather than just writing shitty Faction Paradox fanfic ideas for Twitter


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



skelly plays children's music games




n-no! they're actually really hard and complicated!!


that greasy-haired incel who smells like monkey feces wearing headphones and playing rhythm games on the train


that video-game-ost-listening fudanshi-being shat-himself-at-the-ice-rink type of weeb who comes up to u like "you want a pocky?" holding out a glorified breadstick in his pale hands that have never seen the outside of his daggy tracksuit pants let alone the sun


skelly shat himself at engadine ice rink in 1997


Enough. The police have been called.


i want to know the truth about what happened to skelly at engadine ice rink in 1997


some say the shit fell out of his pants and froze on the ground, where it is still a part of the ice rink to this day



since when is there an ice rink in engadine?


File: 9ea958b77b0060b⋯.jpg (556.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at ….jpg)

what did we deserve to deserve such kino, lads



it's a play on the meme about scomo at engadine maccas in 1997


imagine harbouring shit in your pants at an ice rink



I’m out of the loop on that, oopsies


i cummed and shidded



at the ice rink?


Imagine even being alive in 1997. Skelly you are such a boomer



wow rude

imagine being this much of a zoomer


skellys one of those 30 year olds who thinks hes still a twink


skelly's approaching 30 but he plays children's games and types like a child too.


Any age under 30 is approaching 30



What the fuck, how young are you?



Imagine being old enough to remember 9/11 when it happened. stupid boomers


>>where did pokemon go???

>don’t worry about it go to school


I don’t know who created Doctor Who, but I want to figure out how to get them to have Doctor Who’s coming to the polls!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



no way




You really missed a trick not making "doctor" the operative verb there, given it's a Clinton quote parody no less. How about

>I don't know who created Doctor Who, but I'd sure love to find out a way to Doctor Who's voting this election!



Morph Exclusionary Orthodox Whoser



Morph Inclusion and Appreciation Oriented Whoser


Dilbert, if you don't make a Twitter then I'm going to do something that can't be undone.


checking out my timeline on the skellywho twitter account and seeing gay porn sandwiched between /r/animemes posts and liberal party ads


dilbert runs @skellywho


If you vote Labor, your bills won’t shorten!

(authorised by the liberal party, sydney)


skellywho more like smellypoo


File: e256fe1e5685221⋯.jpg (6.96 KB, 636x358, 318:179, 11660432-0-image-a-20_1553….jpg)


so, chernobyl was…


chernobyl …

chernobylwaskindakino 😳


Resolution stream?



In ~3 hours.


File: 5b24a89c61bacfd⋯.jpg (44.82 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 1557303605049.jpg)

What are some Doctor Who related multipills?



chads who like RTD and Moff damn near equally.


File: c11b7d61f62b3bd⋯.jpg (53.22 KB, 570x855, 2:3, doctor who christian shirt.jpg)


File: a226013b5d1faf4⋯.jpg (198.35 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, greggs pastry.jpg)

popping down to greggs, do you want anything?



nilsos future, deep-fried



Vegan sausage roll


File: 7a0b6eaf304e956⋯.png (393.86 KB, 604x453, 4:3, bean.png)

so what's the consensus on mr bean

is he an alien sent to earth to understand our ways, or did the aliens dump him on earth to get rid of him, or was he a normal person who was abducted by aliens and had his brain addled?

or is he just the rowan atkinson 9th doctor in exile after being chameleon arched?


dilbar make twitar


stormy and dilbertwho naked honey wrestling with lots of jiggly dilber action



I'm thinking option 2 but it's still nicer if we don't know.


File: 1005157ecdd696b⋯.jpg (16.4 KB, 324x360, 9:10, 1274966374325.jpg)

>the fucking weather outside right now


File: e43d48787d253a3⋯.jpg (331.89 KB, 1011x1500, 337:500, 91 -bO-SzEL._SL1500_.jpg)

INT. THEONCOMINGSTORM and DILBERTWHO at the breakfast table. Dilbertwho is pouring himself some Cheerios.

TheOncomingStorm: Hey Dilb, save some of those for me!

Dilbert: No chance Stormy… You know I love Cheerios!

Dilbertwho picks a single Cheerio out of the bowl and licks it sensually. TheOncomingStorm watches him intensely.

TheOncomingStorm: Those Cheerios look awfully… dry. How about I make them wet for you?

TheOncomingStorm pours some milk in the bowl of Cheerios.

Dilbertwho: Oh thank you Stormy! That's just what I needed!

Dilbertwho takes a spoonful of Cheerios and puts it to his mouth.

TheOncomingStorm: But wait Dilb! You're missing the best bit!

Dilbertwho: Huh? What's that?

TheOncomingStorm pulls a pot of honey from underneath the counter, complete with comically large dipper.

Dilbertwho: Ohhhh… Honey! Geez Stormy, that honey dipper looks very big.

TheOncomingStorm winks at the camera.

TheOncomingStorm: I bet it does. Now let me just drizzle this honey all over your Cheerios…

TheOncomingStorm leans over the counter, knocking the pot of honey over in the process. It spills all over Dilbert and himself.

Dilbertwho: Oh no! You got honey all over my big fat dilbers! And your toned body! What are we gonna do?



I really can't wait for you to discover masturbation



Maybe when you discover your sense of humour.


coming 2020: mr bean's alien abduction: an origin story



so is this a cheerio ad or a porno? im lost




You speak as though these things are mutually exclusive.


Subtitle: The Porno That Brings A Whole New Meaning To The Words "Honey Nut"


Look out for the exciting sequel, Honey I'm Homo


(starring Nilso)


File: 7c5dda3ad8e1641⋯.png (88.52 KB, 645x853, 645:853, ClipboardImage.png)


make Who related things, this is fucking hilarious



Womp womp


File: 6075969f26f3a70⋯.png (66.57 KB, 639x473, 639:473, ClipboardImage.png)

shit trips will now be automated





>Multiple whosers already confirmed attendance

oh no no no no no no


File: 02cee21faa24873⋯.jpg (180.27 KB, 818x1246, 409:623, Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at ….jpg)




looks like he's dressing to play War six years too late


selling chibnall by the pound



Watch the cartoon series, it's either the 1st,2nd or last



File: 762071e8a1c90ee⋯.png (910.02 KB, 1020x772, 255:193, Doctor Who Companion Ranki….png)

File: 88653552f9d91e2⋯.png (246.82 KB, 1020x432, 85:36, Doctor Who Doctor Rating.png)

File: e890bd070be5f03⋯.png (145.92 KB, 1020x323, 60:19, Doctor Who Master Ranking.png)


>The Third Doctor is having fun in a cave with several cave creatures, including a cave lion.

Didn't know the bot was made by Malcolm Hulke.



>these attachments

what the fuck, I removed those


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ok. I think kinos coming



This looks fucking great.


File: 806f836feaafb3b⋯.jpg (183.99 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Watchmen _ Official Tease ….jpg)

File: 173f8ef686314a4⋯.jpg (144.22 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Watchmen _ Official Tease ….jpg)

the anti chib resistance vs the chib defenders

which side are you on


File: f2229b3daa6fe3b⋯.png (645.45 KB, 512x512, 1:1, FEAR ME.png)


File: 2c947cc5970d57a⋯.jpg (18.89 KB, 700x400, 7:4, utopia.jpg)

I am child of the slitheen, and this is my hunt!


File: c6d293a0c9f45b2⋯.jpg (293.6 KB, 720x719, 720:719, 20190508_203256.jpg)

File: 5aa8a68112f30a5⋯.jpg (293.91 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 20190508_203237.jpg)

File: c59fedee7ae59a6⋯.jpg (277.32 KB, 720x715, 144:143, 20190508_203202.jpg)

kinda's about to head off to school! I hope he has a nice day!


File: b543b487bdc4117⋯.gif (46.3 KB, 321x252, 107:84, 1556827365796.gif)


File: ecf656b30044225⋯.mp4 (3.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, qnFFb2IYzDlsYVP-.mp4)


File: 2dfa353d611d949⋯.png (2.37 MB, 3016x1200, 377:150, ClipboardImage.png)

finnish anon, redpill me on this guy


File: 3f52e7ad5726266⋯.jpg (120.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Watchmen _ Official Tease ….jpg)

Tick tock goes the clock,

And what now shall we play?

Tick tock goes the clock,

Now Summer's gone away.


pretty cool year for hbo

chernobyl, watchmen, years and years… and of course, the epic conclusion to game of thrones ahahahahahahaha



I wrote a shitty sci-fi fantasy novel in fourth grade with Vainamoinen as the Merlin/Gandalf/Dumbledore stand-in. One gag I remember was that, with his extreme age and his magical voice, he accidentally created the Milky Way galaxy by crying as a baby, which somehow led to the expression about crying over spilled milk. Not quite sure that one holds up.

Regardless of all that, the Kalevala is definitely more interesting than either of the Eddas. I first learned most of that lore from a very-beat-up but beautifully-illustrated book in my local library, which I remember also had a very imaginative description of myrmecoleons that literally had the head of a lion and the body of an ant, with the catch being that they can't digest any of the food they eat. Unfortunately I've been completely unable to track down the book based on those two scant memories, so that's always rather haunted me.


Dilb just make the fucking twitter.



Is this loss?



holy shit, based response. he should appear in s11



>he should appear in s11

anon… doctor who was cancelled after twice upon a time



nah theyre gonna make a s11 one day… one day…


Dilb I'm serious



I'd love to see some non-Norse Scandinavian mythology in general, for sure! It's bizarre to me that it's so underemphasized in pop culture. Eg fun fact: every high school English teacher can talk about Beowulf for months, but nobody ever mentions how all the same characters show up in Danish, Swedish, Icelandic, and even Norse sagas from completely different perspectives. Sure, Beowulf gets the plus for being written in Old English, but modern English is as dissimilar to Old English as it is to Old Norse etc. Baffling.



>twice upon a time

What's that? The last episode was The Doctor Falls


File: 82b38c4dfdd8375⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1301x1080, 1301:1080, 12 smile.png)


But tuat has Capaldi, therefor it IS canon.

But has Whittaker, therefor it is NOT canon.


Dilbert, I am going to make your life a living hell. I am going to turn your life into a fucking nightmare. Unless you make a Twitter.



>(s)he doesn't like TUAT

um…… ur cancelled sis


I can think of a certain tuat.


power bottom


Something is coming.


File: 7c8bd314cc9b371⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, E0F99680-A90F-49B5-9A4B-ED….gif)






LegoK9 here. Fucking panicking right now. Please someone give me a question to answer.



What should dilbar make?



Who should make a twitar?


How the FUCK can I share ideas with Twiter /who/res if I can't tag Dilbert on Titter? HOW the FUCK


One downside of inactivity is how obvious it becomes when one schizophrenic /who/ser makes 5 posts back-to-back over the course of 20 minutes



with reddit down, the big fat dilbo will have to make a twitter


imagine openly admitting you use reddit


imagine openly admitting you (dilb) (don't) use twitter


cats don’t you have a lecture or something to go to?


And I will strike down upon Dilb with great vengeance and furious anger when he attempt to avoid and not make a Twitter


ford make twitord


skelly make twitty



What the fuck?

How did you know? Not quite a lecture but I did have something similar to go to.



How did I know a uni student had a class to go to on a weekday? hmmmmm……



I don't have classes at this time on a Thursday though. It was something else. you really freaked me out for a second there



I freaked you out because I said you had something today, even though the something specific I said was wrong?


Let's kill Ford! 😈



what i went too could be loosely described as a lecture so it wasnt really you being wrong



I didn’t know Socialist Alliance had a rally today


I could spook you in six words. Just six.

Don’t you have somewhere to go?


That it's I'm Bored-igist of Skelly's posts! :)



holy based


File: ba5f13c1f6fce9a⋯.jpg (70.29 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, doctor_who_2005.2013_chris….jpg)

im deactivating i csnt do thjs


File: 7278cd79bc101fa⋯.jpg (788.3 KB, 1327x1327, 1:1, 20190509_132346.jpg)



who is zephy?



Mate of Erino's.



>Dead Romance


>Doctor Who

well technically…

anyway, on single-story level, Mortimore is the Truest Edge Lord. if Campaign is accepted it wins by very far, if not it would be TNHOF, except if it's too doctorless, then it would be Scherzo.

but you could also interpret "final boss" slightly differently, and then it would definitely be The Gallifrey Chronicles since it's the ultimate nexus culmination of VNAs, MAs, PDAs and EDAs (and even some comics).


The Terrible Zodin


File: 1a96860010c7959⋯.png (2.02 MB, 2048x1247, 2048:1247, ClipboardImage.png)

oh dear


active shooter in the classroom episode when?



it is School Reunion, but in Columbine


File: 2041f5474c5a465⋯.jpg (23.7 KB, 430x702, 215:351, TallGoblin.jpg)

in that ep where the master made tennant get really old, the makeup was really far ahead of its time



in the parallel universe where doctor who is american, there are multiple shootings in series 8, and the main villain of class is just a moody teen who found an alien weapon and feels like an outsider



It is literally Kerblam in another setting


File: 18e7bc6ccea4f12⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1365x746, 1365:746, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 126d3a42217ba64⋯.jpg (116.31 KB, 418x417, 418:417, 20190509_161554.jpg)

>Hahaha! I have integrated with the matrices of the arkangel network! I now control the media!!! stupid goyims!!!!

What did Russell mean by this?



he likes the way she smells


File: 751867a933419fa⋯.jpg (333.55 KB, 2048x1557, 2048:1557, belt_remix.jpg)


Campaign, TNHOF, and Blood Heat: Director's Cut are the trilogy of peak Jimbo-core. Jim Morti-core? He's almost done with the Director's Cut of Beltempest, as well, so that should be fun. Not quite sure what he'll be doing after that, but he's mentioned doing (another) new edition of Campaign with a different ending to lead into his "quantum collapse universe" setting from the other DCs.

Good take on TGC btw!


How long until Jimbo overtly writes his frustrations about Doctor Who's "disenfranchisement of the white community" into a novel and we stop being able to enjoy his new work separately from his increasingly unhinged politics?



Mercifully he hasn't posted about politics on FB in a while. Lately he's been advertising his FB group with the byline

>It doesn't matter what size, shape, colour, sexual identity or species you are. If you like Dr Who, I want to write stories for you to read.

So with that in mind… I expect at least one rant about freeze peach in his next novel



Why are they all cyber leaders?


Will Arthur Darvill play ProJared in the inevitable biopic?



Colin Morgan as PeanutButterGamer. Matt Lucas can play JonTron.



ultron only goes for the best


refresh the page



Very annoying.


I love browsing /doctorwho/ in user-hostile mode!



make it nice again please



But the entire site is doing it!

No really this is a site bug that has nothing to do with /doctorwho/ specifically.


File: 2f5968d3de1d537⋯.mp4 (8.1 MB, 384x480, 4:5, raccooncorgi.mp4)

oh my god kinda is finally rising up against the monarchy


Also the site is fixed, refresh again.




what was wrong with it? everything looks normal to me desu


File: 011ab715bec9c29⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1024x898, 512:449, ClipboardImage.png)

dwe characters?





the pool…





the poo…




Pointing out that a funny quip made by the hero of a children's TV show isn't actually profound wisdom is what passes for intellect with people like Gareth.


please release some doctor who content chris chiabnl


royal monkey to the S


Still amused by the Dr being all moral relativist with the bacon sandwich analogy and the very next episode punching someone for being an offensive dick. Make your mind up dearie.



if gareth wasn't a moron he'd realise that the joke in the episode was the doctor contradicting what he'd literally just said about not having the luxury of outrage


shayla liked heaven sent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adx1q7oSC8o

it's so satisfying to see people loving series 9


thin ice is like a series 11 episode done infinitely better


File: a7411c3b2ed4ff8⋯.jpg (148.51 KB, 1220x768, 305:192, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at ….jpg)

and now nobody tells him to write anything!



It really is. It's got all the basic beats except with significant characterisation. It's even got the Doctor delivering a pillar of hope speech.



This. It honestly blows my mind how much some clowns lack even basic storytelling literacy. That's assuming they've watched the actual episode though. Maybe more likely they're just vergeing at a description or screencap or webm of something they haven't even watched.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>dae s11 wasnt good hehe

honestly just FUCK OFF already, /who/ isnt about shitting on shit we used to love the show in 12s era what the fuck changed?? its still dr who i just come here to talk dr who and everyones randomly shitting on the last season and it fucking pisses me off, stop being so trendy and contrarian, s11 was kino


big emotion





I really want her to love Hell Bent, she probably will because shes a huge 12/Clara fan but there are an awful lot of people who love Face The Raven/Heaven Sent but loathe Hell Bent







I💩 on series 11



>we used to love the show in 12s era what the fuck changed??




Imagine anyone talking about The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos in 2022



lol that was moff right

i remember him talking about how he'd tell his editors to cut the show like the trailers



S9 but it has the same color grading and aspect ratio as the trailer


Dilb but he's made a Twitter



>And Clara played Bucky’s date in The First Avenger, but what sort of who fan would willingly want to think about Clara?




which /who/ser was it? own up



I thought I was going mad when I saw that, no-one else I was watching with thought she had a part in an MCU film


dilb i will destroy you if you dont make a twitter



Maybe write him a song to the tune of Seven Nation Army




File: 013b32f07eb64f8⋯.jpg (125.33 KB, 1080x1279, 1080:1279, karengillanofficial_594366….jpg)

File: b0a5a5ef82c40c7⋯.jpg (117.91 KB, 1080x1279, 1080:1279, karengillanofficial_599215….jpg)

File: 499e34b01e6bfdb⋯.jpg (149.91 KB, 1080x1279, 1080:1279, karengillanofficial_587754….jpg)


File: 2b640b3ddceee67⋯.jpg (123.85 KB, 1100x550, 2:1, TWE-Arnotts-Chocolate-01-1….jpg)

hets out

chocolate lovers… in


Remember brexit?




its electric blanket season again auschads :))) comfy


post comfy youtube channels like this guy and his pet cockatoo



the kino tasting

by chris chibnall



>A Busy Birdy Making A Mess

reminds me of a certain /who/ser!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I'm so glad aquabatloveranon made it over here!


File: 91f18161caa5acb⋯.jpg (36.12 KB, 480x640, 3:4, kinda and cats.jpg)

Do you two want to explain yourselves?


god Planet of Giants is so based. That must have been mind boggling to watch in 1964


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Okay, this is epic



Who’s gay now? Hmmmm?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Least viewed /who/solution segment?


File: 68fc18dfbc5b08a⋯.png (17.73 KB, 890x325, 178:65, ClipboardImage.png)

oh boy


File: 67ca1b9de48af01⋯.png (254.06 KB, 294x294, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Someone is hanging with the wrong crowd


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



What shit are you buying



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

which DW showrunners has this happened to?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.







>all the flags are in alphabetical order except the last 13



> last 13



File: dc362c029e2ff67⋯.png (34.96 KB, 542x602, 271:301, 1493290109563.png)

>still no uncensored jodie leaks


kill jester



Post what you have


File: f73060f6167c10d⋯.jpeg (185.59 KB, 486x840, 81:140, C63A093D-981B-49A5-A9C6-A….jpeg)


This website is interesting


File: 966893330829232⋯.jpeg (194.26 KB, 640x898, 320:449, A4DA2E84-4312-465D-A0DB-3….jpeg)



I looked into the Tardis. And the Tardis looked into me



the r34 thread got deleted so i'm scared to get banned if I post what I've got



Could it have just 404d naturally, I imagine it was very old.


post on /b/

and post thread number




I'm fairly certain I remember there being a JNT-era anecdote about this sort of thing.

Anyways, for NuWho, it has to be RTD. Moffat would have thought it out the first time around and even after the problem was explained to Chibnall he still wouldn't get it.

Actually, now that I think about it, this *did* happen to Moffat with the "treeborg" thing.



Doctor Who Stalker Reports is officially dead


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Thank God, now we can save all the surprises and goodies for when we actually watch the episode, as intended!



>Russel T. Davies once said when asked about fans watching filming and discussing spoilers, "It'll be a sad day when nobody turns up to watch us filming.".



No one's found the secret ending yet


kill jester


kill /who/



You can't kill what's already dead



well wurf it mate well wurf it



more like wearing lots of layers in bed season for me


Doctor Who is tyrannised by continuity. I don't mean in the sense usually thought. It's not slavishly obedient to lore. The opposite is usually true. I mean continuity in the sense of continuance, the idea of itself as a continuous story. It is chained to the conceit that the job of new Doctor Who is to be the latest installment in the life of this character. All new Doctor Who has to be 'what happened next'. The show has convinced itself to never go back and reconsider itself as a text, and to foreclose on anyone else's ability to do that.

This is a problem that is noticeably absent in the case of, say, Sherlock Holmes, which is noteable by the multiplicity of different interpretations and reinterpretations which exist and continue to proliferate. Properties that fall in weird halfway houses are illustrative. Batman, for instance. The comics are notionally giving us a continuous and unfolding story, but alt-versions and isolated continuities are allowed, and the various movies reinvent the character periodically. It would very healthy is Doctor Who could become something like Batman, i.e. an archetype with certain rules. It would be possible to create reinvented and reinterpreted versions that didn't need to fit in with each other.

There is, of course, an extent to which Doctor Who does this when it transitions between lead actors, lead writers, producers, etc. Current Doctor Who is always a reinterpretation of previous Doctor Who. Arguably this is key to the show's unusual longevity. But it doesn't go far enough. There are still the prison bars around the concept which are comprised of the idea that, in some sense, Jodie Whittaker is meant to be playing the same character William Hartnell played, the events of her life in a sequence with the events of his. It's ironic that a show which, arguably more than any other, is capable of and based on reinvention, is actually hemmed in by a principle of stasis. It's the strange thing that happens sometimes where extra freedom creates more inhibiting parameters.

The show needs to be able to go back and rewrite itself completely. It needs to be able to treat something like The Daleks not as a prior event but as a text worthy of reinvention and rewriting, the way Sherlock Holmes treats A Study in Scarlet. When I watch old Doctor Who, more and more what I think isn't "I want to see more stuff vaguely like this which is notionally a sequel to this" but "I want to see this re-engaged with, recreated, reinterpreted, rewritten, redone." This is in no sense a slight on the old stuff. The original is still there, no matter how many times it is recreated. The text of Great Expectations is still there, no matter how many times it is filmed or rewritten. It is the rewriting that shows the original has life still. It is actually the impulse to leave the old stuff untouched and just keep on making sequels that shows it the most disrespect. It tacitly sees the old stuff as worthless, as dead, as unusable, as a mere stepping stone.

Ironically, Steven Moffat's approach is closest so far to what could be done if the show was freed. He tried to rewrite the past of the show. It seemed obnoxious because he was doing it from inside the established continuity. But the impulse was good in many ways. When the Doctor talks in Into the Dalek about how his first encounter with the Daleks changed him, this is reaching for that rewriting of the old texts that needs to happen. I don't know if it was right or wrong to position the revived show in 2005 as a continuation of the continuity that lapsed in 1989. Probably it was right simply for pragmatic reasons. But even as it worked, it created a prison the show needs to get out of. You can look at Moffat's entire project as testing the soundness of the prison bars, but half-heartedly, almost wanting to find them too secure to shift.



The ITD thing is basically just canonising something the fans had already decided on. There are so many headcanons about Hartnell's run in particular that the stories have practically already been rewritten in the collective imagination.



revive /who/ so we can kill /who/


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Let /who/ die. Kill it, if you have to.



Ironically, Yates' Doctor Who movie is the closest thing to the described thing. Do you think it could've actually freed Doctor Who from the continuity trap?


because laws of time are mine, AND THEY WILL OBEY ME!


by the way what upcoming movies are you excited about?




>centering on a mother-daughter assassin duo played by Gillan and (Lena) Headey

Always excited to see Amy making it big in hollywood



Men In Black ie the franchise from when i was a kid, with the 2 actors i wanna fuck. It'll probably just be fine, but it's got Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson


what dumb shit are we arguing about today?


Big Bang Theory ends this week. It started in 2007 and has had 12 seasons.

How can Doctor Who possibly compete?



idk, what do u wanna argue about?


Chris Chibnall is a necessary evil to make moffat more appreciated


>>The Russos believe that Captain America lived his life in a branched timeline and later came back to the prime timeline to pass his shield onto Falcon, while the writers believe he was always part of the prime timeline and was Peggy’s husband all along. So, choose your own ending.

brilliant writing



endgame spoilers



i do really like that



what qualifies as a companion. the brigadier, captain jack, and river aren't companions.



River is an implied companion in adventures that we never see on-screen. In her on-screen capacity she isn't a companion.


If you don't have your own room on the TARDIS, you're not a companion.



river used the doctor's room


File: 8fd3505aaf8a09d⋯.gif (731.52 KB, 268x180, 67:45, 1443834728211.gif)


File: 69821fdf9457168⋯.jpg (72.42 KB, 540x792, 15:22, 1468495283443.jpg)



what is the censored word meant to be?





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I hate you Nilso.



me or the episode



begone, het



suck my weewee


File: b20aa72e2ebd2b9⋯.png (164.69 KB, 540x337, 540:337, kinda.png)



can u atleast edit it to have a photo of me in it


kinda post insta



i only have personal insta


kinda cried when he heard the news about projared



I believe the latter, just on a storytelling level, but the former is how the world seems to work.



cried from laughter


Remember hoodie? Fuck I'm old.


File: 30715dd271bd195⋯.jpg (20.3 KB, 300x300, 1:1, thoodie.jpg)


What happened to the cunt, by the way? His Twitter has gone.



remember prog?


File: 70c959668dca449⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.54 KB, 385x385, 1:1, 61dCi8P0NtL._UX385_.jpg)


Remember shadap? I briefly remember them from the stream, seemed just another of the sjw chibnall defenders.



Sounds like a question that would be asked by someone who should fuck off.


HBO just uploaded all of Big Little Lies' first season to YouTube. Not even regionblocked, and it's intentional and thumbnailed and everything. Could this newfangled marketing strategy be employed for Doctor Who?



Imagine all of Series 1 on YouTube. At last Eccleston would get the respect he deserves



>yfw they release S11 on youtube to promote S12

would they leave the comments and likes on?



The RTD era blurays aren't even in print anymore in Australia, and surely impacting home release sales would be the only reason NOT to do this? It's a great idea and natural evolution of the Twitch stuff imo, which I really enjoyed, being a zoomer and all.


File: e160e96d0ce861f⋯.jpg (70.57 KB, 887x960, 887:960, 59984804_10156349316957291….jpg)

Which /who/sers?



Not even kinda posts about this show lol skelly, you're literally the only one. Everyone else tapped out of Chris Lilley years ago.



All that, said

1 - N8

2 - Kinda

3 - Eden

4 - Neo

5 - Sloath

6 - TOS


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Oh shit



I am genuinely fascinated to see how they manage the Doctor-companion relationship in light of Megan being Luke's girlfriend but Luke no longer playing the Doctor (but still being the director).



YASMIN: Ranskoor Av what?

DOCTOR: Kolos. Roughly translated, means Disintegrator of the Soul.

GRAHAM: Oh, another cheery one.


PALTRAKI: Paltraki. My name is Paltraki.


GRAHAM: Who's the girl?

PALTRAKI: Her name… was… .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Umsang.


GRAHAM: Sniperbots!

RYAN: How did they get here?

GRAHAM: He's built an army of them!

RYAN: No. No. More of them! We're trapped!

(The two groups of robots take aim at the pair in between them.)

RYAN: Duck!

(And the robots shoot each other.)


DOCTOR: You are a couple of awesome Ux.



(so sad)


it's impossible to overstate how bad s11 truly was, i cannot remember any lines from the thing and i forget the characters names half the time


Why was Tzim-Sha using Sniperbots, which at that point were outdated technology from over 3000 years ago?



Remember duckfuck?


File: 2dcda85a1bcddd4⋯.jpg (5.72 MB, 4961x7016, 4961:7016, haago5sgxex21.jpg)



amazon updated the preorder page to stay preorders for the infinity saga complete bluray come with this exclusive poster

im so excited


File: 49a1c703b042173⋯.png (328.9 KB, 446x251, 446:251, Shut up, Duckfuck.png)



Happy times


File: 47991d8cce9d173⋯.webm (1.39 MB, 960x540, 16:9, silence.webm)

Is there a better single moment of sound design than this in all of Doctor Who?



can't even tell if it's real or not



I can't think of one, it's kino as fuck


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'd be willing to say it's in the top 5 all time TV cliffhangers. Alongside related.


It can't be real, it acknowledges Ed Norton.


File: 72a8fc670108e4d⋯.jpg (108.82 KB, 1170x612, 65:34, Truth.jpg)


Acknowledge this 🖕



I don't know, frankly I don't care, I thought it was just a way to have a feel good ending. I thought about none of these things after I saw the season. I didn't even think it was controversial, I thought everyone would join me in the Chibnall lovefest lol.





File: 9ba9734de78d03b⋯.png (540.44 KB, 614x755, 614:755, ClipboardImage.png)












Can you imagine if they worked together. How utterly based would that be



Fringe had some kino moments.


What's RTD's next series after The Years and Years?



Doctor Who S13


Years and Years in 3 days









Make the Twitter and nobody has to get hurt.



what a great ending. fuckin toby haynes man. just noticed he did the reichenbach fall for sherlock too.






holy shit




I literally had no idea this existed until just now. Holy shit!







Neo hasn't posted lately because I've been holding him hostage. The only condition I will release him under is you making a Twitter. Otherwise, he gets the bullet.



i dont believe you. send us his finger so we know its really neo



Eden will know right away.


eden knows all



kill jester


9: fantastic

10: allonsy

11: geronimo

12: based


clara. am i based


everybody listen

we're part of the solar system


Everybody listen

Just listen

You're always going to be afraid but that's good gotta keep moving

Because fear is a superpower


File: fa86053198b122e⋯.png (103.71 KB, 327x339, 109:113, whoops.png)

Everybody listen

The problem isn't the system!


A refugee from the planet skaro


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

new dwpoop just drop




File: e5183e963c0fc7f⋯.gif (148.9 KB, 360x202, 180:101, a v o i d.gif)


Alyssa Milano is appropriating volcel culture



File: 0e04e0b6c6492c0⋯.jpg (544.6 KB, 1400x650, 28:13, morptesco.jpg)








YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Arguably, Who already includes both approaches. It has a continuity, but no real "canon", and several contradictory continuities that co-exist, to the point where there are already stories that are doubles of each other (the 2 versions of Human Nature; the Nick Briggs Doctor's version of "The Mutant Phase" and Fifth Doctor's version)

That being said, the day Doctor Who goes public domain will be a day to see. That is, in essence, what Jack Graham wants.


Yates' movie would have been probably been a weird hodge-podge of what people think Doctor Who, rather than the actual thing.




The fact that Luke's series exists, with so much work put into it, is actually worth congratulating. Re: Jack's comments here: >>237863, I'd love to one day see an analysis of how Who fan series that run several eps with their own continuity, like the Rupert Booth Doctor* series, or even the Doctor Who audio dramas* interact with the main show.

*Btw, Rupert Booth now is on FMV games, like "Strange Case Of Doctor Dekker".

**Also, how fan eps that clearly are "inspired by" actual Who eps end up accidentally doing that re-contextualization.


In today's age, copyright should last no more than 50 years. I think my dream would actually be copyright that lasts 15 years, but after which the author/publisher could pay a small fee ($25) to extend it for another 1-5 years, with the fee increasing each renewal. That way if something's profitable the creator can continue to benefit, but books from the 40s that have been out-of-print for 50 years can be legally scanned and archived rather than rotting on the shelves. Disney can keep Mickey Mouse forever without holding all society hostage.



I still hold that, eventually, Faction Paradox should be released to public domain.



You got the two Cushing movies, what more do you want?


File: c06b54bb146f034⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 2014x1650, 1007:825, sonic11.jpg)

Title this episode.



Whys is there so much blue shit in the background? Even in the games he doesn't move THAT fast.



It seems that in the movie he's basically The Flash.



If it isn’t clear already, they don’t care about being accurate to the games. This is the Hollywood executive ‘follow the formula’ take on sonic


Jim Carrey y/n?



Now, imagine if Yates did that for his Doctor Who movies.



Doctor Who legend Terrance Dicks leads an army of famous names providing new adventures for the Target Storybook

For some time, the Doctor Who Target Storybook has been the subject of mystery. It’s been listed for release, but without absolutely nothing about it known. Now, not only has a list of authors been revealed, but a description giving us a taste of the content.

Rather than a direct novelization of any given episode, the Target Storybook is poised to provide a selection of shorter tales. But, in the Target tradition these stories with expand on, and deepen, elements of television episodes. Target books would often include whole new chapters unseen on television. Now the new Storybook will seemingly give new insight into the worlds and people of episodes new and old.

Confirmed by BBC Books as writing entries for the story book is Terrance Dicks. Dicks wrote 35 episodes of Doctor Who across three decades, as well as serving as script editor from 1968 to 1974. Even more significantly he wrote an incredible sixty-four of the original Target series. Alongside Dicks will be Gareth Roberts, who wrote six episodes of Doctor Who, including favourites The Shakespeare Code, The Lodger and The Caretaker. Joining them are novelists Simon Guerrier, Jenny T Colgan, Una McCormack, Steve Cole, George Mann, Susie Day and Mike Tucker.

Even more actors and writers from the world of Doctor Who have yet to be officially confirmed

Although unconfirmed by BBC Books, some vendors such as Amazon are also listing additional authors. The extra list includes the actors Colin Baker (The Doctor) and Matthew Waterhouse (Adric). These sites also name television writers Vinay Patel (Demons of the Punjab) and Joy Wilkinson (The Witchfinders) among the authors. Finally, writers Matthew Sweet, Jacqueline Rayner, and Beverly Sanford are similarly named but as yet unconfirmed.

Doctor Who: The Target Storybook is scheduled for released on the 24th of October, 2019. It can be pre-ordered from Amazon now. As always, Blogtor Who will keep you up to date as more details emerge.



>Doctor Who: The Target Storybook

>We’re all stories in the end…

>In this exciting collection of all-new stories, you’ll find unique spin-off tales from some of your favourite Doctor Who episodes across the history of the series. Prequels, sequels, letters and first-hand accounts from favourite characters, including selections from the Doctor’s 500-Year-Diary (and 1,200-Year Diary, and 2,000-Year Diary).

>Each story in The Target Storybook expands in thrilling ways upon a popular Doctor Who adventure. With contributions from show luminaries past and present, the Target Storybook is a once-in-a-lifetime tour round the wonders of the Whoniverse.



Authors listed for it on Amazon:

>by Terrance Dicks (Author), Matthew Sweet (Author), Simon Guerrier (Author), Colin Baker (Author), Matthew Waterhouse (Author), Jenny T Colgan (Author), Jacqueline Rayner (Author), Gareth Roberts (Author), Una McCormack (Author), Steve Cole (Author), Vinay Patel (Author), George Mann (Author), Susie Day (Author), Mike Tucker (Author), Joy Wilkinson (Author), Beverly Sanford (Author)




so it's a short story collection??



aaaaaaah shiiiiit that sounds great




>gareth roberts













>Colin fucking Baker

Jesus christ


>each entry is based on an existing story

Does that mean Vinay is going to be writing something to do with Demons?



i feel like i want to pre-order that book…..




>The Shakespeare Code


>Hardcover: 320 pages


It’s like a shit trips done by actual doctor who writers


omg what if gareth's story is a lodger/closing time sequel



oh boy i can't wait to read about the thrilling adventures of how craig got sacked from his job for simply using his freedom of speech to criticise transgender name choices


Gareth's entry is about female genital mutilation. He said he was alright with making it about any episode as long as it could be about female genital mutilation


I'll pirate it if reception is good for some of the other stories, but as if I'd fucking pay for something Gareth has written, least of all in the present.



So, Unicorn and the Wasp confirmed then?



That depends on just how based the writers get–are they writing "basic New Series Adventures" level, or full on "VNA-level dark"?


what clara told you in the cloisters



>what's that stormageddon? craig keeps calling you alfie? you shouldn't deadname your baby, craig



what if clara just farted in that scene haha wouldn't that be se- funny haha


Which episodes are ‘the extended cast all get killed off one by one’ kino?



Horror of Fang Rock


why the fuck would the BBC un-delete gareth from doctor who


File: c36809a7c689935⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1620x2160, 3:4, clivedead.jpg)

reminder that book


File: acf84a0b8e3e59f⋯.png (865.73 KB, 586x760, 293:380, 1378843299788.png)


>like father, like son


Also, anybody else here read Scratchman? 4 meets 13.



i guess it's implying that his dad died while investigating the paranormal and clive continued his work



i'd say 5 should have been a woman, but then again people would just use her as a scapegoat for the series going to shit

i'd say 13 should have been a woman, but


File: 58808a6a3b99616⋯.gif (2.71 MB, 284x208, 71:52, 1384254673722.gif)



>like father, like son

Did the original episode mention that his father died because of an alien thing, or was that all a book addition?




Next question.


Communism isn't the problem, the way dictators use and exploit communism that's the problem


Someone say something bad about five so I can use the gif I just made.


5 is boring


File: 13810c17fec5bce⋯.gif (2.49 MB, 284x208, 71:52, 1384254673723.gif)


Saving the image destroyed the quality and I can't figure out why



Oh fuck it's even worse than the preview was.



how’d you pull that one off



The absolute state of 5 fans.


File: 2ed2d3f94b9ad2c⋯.gif (888.31 KB, 301x212, 301:212, 1382425816415.gif)


I don't know, it's my first time editing a gif.



my brother watches stormy bathing in honey on youtube and when I enter the room he quickly closes the tab as if it were porn


iCarly with Sloath, Eden, GarethRobertsFan and Neo


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


can chibnall be gibby but he screams CHIBBAAY



What are the implications of this? I don't know the characters.



they might be deranged and leftists but that doesnt mean they're wrong!



Neither do I!



What about the people who call it SJW feminist propaganda?



Deranged and leftist makes you inherently wrong.



Ever heard of bowlestrek?


File: d5ae57883ad5a04⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 214.45 KB, 368x363, 368:363, 20190512_081618.png)

i spotted a certain /who/ser on public transport… can u guess which one it was?



>n-no don't b-break my narrative!!!


are we gonna be "/rtd/ - Years & Years General" for a while?



we can only hope


Will there be a Years & Years podcast?




Post the original and I'll fix it


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

skelly made a mario level!


Forgot my flag!



who are you



Someone posting from beyond the grave.


I am the lost tape.


I am dead. And I am so much more.


File: 70df884aab21383⋯.jpg (233.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dilbert_dead2018_feature.jpg)

My name is Dead Dilbert. This is the story of how I died.


Chibnall… Welcome to your tape


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Another #EPIC Series 11 moment. Wonder what will be next


Morph's gone.



👀 holy based



>first minute of the video is unrelated to the scene described in the title

why not just put that in its own video "The doctor talks about her family"? It'd probably get more views because of lorefags



Voyage of the Damned xD



This but unironically



Might be interesting to track the view counts of these compared to clips from Smith, Tennant etc.




The actual clothes getting part takes up 30 seconds in total.



Why did Ryan try to strangle himself at the end?


Roland Emmerich episode when?



In the book version of the scene where Rose meets Clive, he shows her UNIT and Torchwood files and reveals that his father was one of the soldiers killed in Remembrance of the Daleks. I don't think it's made clear if he was any particular soldier, but I haven't really tried to work it out.

The book version of Rose is so good it converted me to RTD-chaddery, and it took the pure unrefined kino of the book version of Day of the Doctor to convert me back to Moffaggotry.



All the guest cast was white not just the villain, which was really cool.



Series 11 had redeemable elements so far (Yaz, Ryan's gags, Arachnids in the U.K, Pting etc.) and we just had a brilliant episode. So yes I am defending Series 11 especially since we have four episodes yet to come. Because it was a really good episode for once in Series 11. Should've been a moment of celebration, was ruined by autistic commie nitpicking.



>Dilaudid and norcos every few hours

You haven't even been given the good stuff yet and you're running at the mouth like leukoplakia. Get ahold of yourself (wo)man.

Happy Mothers Day american /who/! Call your mothers and tell them you're sorry. For what? There must be something.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This video is actually based as fuck, this guy made an effort of inviting JOE AHEARNE (director of Dalek, Father's Day, Boom Town, Bad Wolf and Parting of the Ways) to provide an insight for his directorial choices. I recommend it






its the first time ive watching anything from this channel, idk



How're the puppies big chap




File: c4f1555a594cda7⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 0509192036.jpg)


Growing like weeds, and I don't know if I mentioned it on the twitter, but there are in fact 10 rather than 9. She was hiding one apparently. I'll be taking pics later today after taking my mothers out to eat and I'll post them on twitter. Here's one that's handy.



can we name them?



I've kind of already named them after deserts and candies. That's sweet tart, there's oreo, strudel, pie, turtle, peep, brownie, sundae, hershey, and twix.




why not naming them after /who/sers?



Good names



Potential doggy moms and dads don't know /who/



Oh and a turtle is a confection made from pecans caramel and coated in chocolate.


I would like to confect Nilso with a coat of milky chocolate





Gareth Roberts truthers are a thing now, everyone. This guy is insisting that Gareth's twitter can't be really his because it's not verified


>You see it that way I see but I see the reasoning for believing it IS his account is very weak and it’s not about wanting to think the best of someone who once worked on a show I like,this last year I’ve learned a lot about spotting fake accounts


just an absolute fucking master detective here pals


What other kinds of truther are there in Who


File: f114c4726d0de91⋯.jpg (183.13 KB, 1229x1063, 1229:1063, tosinkillme.jpg)

When I think about the BBC trying to revive the NuWho fanbase from the dead for Series 12, all I can do is laugh.



Nation Estate truthers; those who believe in the urban legend that the BBC is contractually obligated to show Daleks on TV once a year. im a believer



the idea that the imposter has gareth's partner fooled is hilarious






oh noooooo



File: 4d41b5bd8088032⋯.jpg (191.62 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, D6Y-nTrWsAE2ubw orig.jpg)


who cares desu



Yaz looks like she gets killed off this series and is really upset that this is one of the last times she'll get to be with Jodie



You're analysing one facial expression more deeply than Chibnall thought about any of Yaz's scenes.



That's because, unlike Chibnall, I can discern people's emotional states from their facial expression.


File: 2d261aa4e0d41bc⋯.jpg (13.65 KB, 451x485, 451:485, 1276788015672.jpg)

Can you fucking imagine if any of the current companions get a third series?



trying to mentally prepare myself for all 3 of them returning

jodie surely won't do more than 3 series though right

fuck i really hope we're already 1/3 of the way through


basically been in the chib era for a year and a half now

at this point in moffat's era, they'd got off to a flying start and we'd be a few weeks into series 6


rtd and moffat must just be really really self deprecating, although maybe they're also being unfair on their own hugely talented producers, if they think the chibnall era has been any fucking good at all and actually comparable to their own



It's too early to cast judgement on Chibnall Who.



is it too late to cast necromancy on good doctor who


we've established that TUAT is the most INFP doctor who story. what about the other MBTI types?


At the time, did anyone argue that curse of fatal death was canon?



Fear her for INTP, apart from the social autist who can't stop being creative, it's also a shit episode which contrasts those cursed with intp



holy based


I'm starting a movement for S11 truthers. If you believe that what we watched in 2018 wasn't the real Series 11 and there's a massive hoax being perpetrated by the BBC, you're welcome to join.


Kris Marshall is the REAL thirteenth doctor, but his series was too kino for general audiences so they got Chibnall and Jodie instead


Did the BBC ever verify series 11 was series 11 of doctor who?



series 11 didn't win the viewer's favourite moment bafta for rosa. i guess i would be happy for them but i don't want guileless bafta bait to get validation

nicola shindler who produced most of rtd's shows got a special recognition award which is great



Lib Dem campaigning in a nutshell


File: 5eb0a0d6a9abc0d⋯.jpg (171.35 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, russelltdavies63_58411022_….jpg)




>Jodie staying on as Thirteen because RTD wants to prove the character can be pure kino and utterly based with a decent writer in charge

>13 episode series with Christmas specials every year

>Moff, Gatiss, and Whithouse return

>Moff brings in Mathieson to be RTD's Moffat while Moff is busy with Dracula/Time Traveler's Wife as well as some other Moff-era writers/directors

>Spin-offs return

>Torchwood brought back, in Cardiff where it belongs and as annual 5-episode miniseries ala Children of Earth

most importantly

>/ourgirl/ Julie returns as executive producer

and most importantly

>Marigold returns, having build up a stockpile of god-tier themes in the time since he left the show (which is why he's been too busy to release the fucking Series 10 soundtrack)





can someone send this thread to gareth?


So, I skipped last season's finale because the show was really, really depressing me by that point and I just couldn't bear to watch anymore. I checked out Resolution and it was at mediocre, which is an improvement. I finally went back to watch The Battle of Bullshit today, and fucking hell I had to pause 15 minutes in because it just reminded me of why I dropped the show in the first place. So much clunky exposition and predictable, cliche writing.

>graham explicitly tells the doctor that he wants to kill Tim Shaw and she explicitly tells him she doesn't want him to do that, because that is something that absolutely has to be stated through dialogue and not something the viewer has already fucking picked up on from the way he reacted to seeing him again earlier

Didn't christ chibnall win an award or something for being a Good Writer? What happened?



Anyone familiar with Chibnall's career can tell you that, talent aside, he is at least capable of writing stuff more interesting than S11. It honestly comes off to me like he wilfully half-assed it.

And if you think the first 15 minutes of Battle are bad, oh boy, you've got some real fun ahead of you.


graham should have been a tory. it wouldn't have improved the series by much but some conflict would have been good. a series for these divisive times, where we just have all the characters agree with eachother all the time



Well his Who writing was historically mediocre as well. Does he just not like this show or is he just exceedingly bad at it?

I paused it to complain about it 2 hours and 10 minutes ago. I am fifteen minutes in. Here I fucking go back into it I guess.


I feel like distinctive flaw of Chibnall is his clinging to genre / higher authority thing. He wants to make a copy of abstract mainstream spacey sci-fi thing instead of doing something of his own. In the Torchwood Declassified episode for Adrift (which I consider to be his best episode of anything), he says something like "people might not like this episode because it's not usual torchwood". And it ends up being one of the best. What he considered to be the worst, ends up most thought-out thing he did.


>I love wellies

>In fact, I think I half invented them

fuck OFF


I know I shouldn't care what people think, or let nasty comments about me or things/people I like get to me, but does anyone else get really mad or hurt when they hear other people say nasty things about Jenna?

Maybe it's just me being a butthurt, overly-defensive fanboy, but I really can't stand it when someone mentions in the comments of yet another screenshot/GIF/clip of her topless scene from "Room at the Top" that her boobs are "disappointing", "saggy", "look better clothed" or (as in one forum on Digital Spy) a contender for "worst boobs on TV". Nor can I stand it when people criticise her for wearing a push-up bra or whatever.

I can't stand that, when pap-snaps emerged of her holding a cigarette (not even seen actually smoking it, just holding it), there were people calling her "unlikeable" and "stuck-up" or making comments that "little miss perfect [wasn't] so perfect after all".

It's even worse when you stumble across these things on a closed thread/comments section, because then you can't even post a reply defending her.

It'd be different if the comments were legitimate critiques of her as an actress or something, but comments like these just seem to be coming from some really nasty places, whether it's jealousy or just nasty for the sake of nasty.

This stuff gets me really angry and I KNOW that's petty, this is probably a TOTAL over-reaction, but I'd just like to know if there's anyone else out there who gets equally defensive over our Jenna. I can't be the only crazy person, can I?


At the start of this episode they did that thing where they showed the sonic being useless, and I thought YES, get rid of that shite

Five minutes later and she's waving it about like a magic wand again



>The sniper bots kill themselves

fuck OFF




Quite liked this part



Quite like this part but can't actually remember if it happened



I remember when the Pting broke the sonic and then it just switched itself back on conveniently as soon as the plot required it again


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Was it kino?



Yes except for Karen's wig.



It happened, lol. The main issue with it is that Jodie says "thing, I like thing" way too often, and she LITERALLY just said exactly that about something else ten seconds before the wellies line. Out of context it isn't so awful



We really need another Visitation where it just gets fucking destroyed again. But then of course she can just make another one apparently.



It's also an exaggerated Eleven trait, not one of her own


File: fe9fda664eb0fec⋯.png (30.56 KB, 952x704, 119:88, 1543012746259.png)



You'd appreciate reading this when you're finished, trust me https://gigawho.wordpress.com/2019/03/28/chibshow-10-ritual-of-the-stenza/


File: 5b680d37060a034⋯.png (9.06 KB, 114x36, 19:6, Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at ….png)


>when you're finished

It's been three and a half hours



You can do it anon, we all believe in you.


File: 4c242bfc28752d0⋯.jpg (67.71 KB, 399x460, 399:460, scrench.jpg)


>that sheer consistency for all of RTD's era that immediately gets fucked to hell in 2011 and never comes back



As someone who likes Thirteen, I'll agree that Thirteen's worst moments feels like someone trying to write the platonic ideal of the Doctor, like someone wrote a checklist of what the usual NuWho Doctor's qualities are, and stuck to that. You get the feeling that the Thirteenth Doctor is quirky and jubilant, and loves hope, and hates weapons, but the writers may not quite get why. Thirteen's best moments, on the contrary, are where her desire for hope and cheeriness is contrasted with her increased vulnerability and fallibility, or when her openness gets contrasted with her ability to use pretense to use people's arrogance against them, or when her seeming passivity means she knows when to not act or get involved.




Also, I forgot to say: Thirteen feels like the first Doctor as made by someone whose template for what the Doctor is comes from "NuWho." I suspect that's less due to Jodie's lack of experience with Classic Who, and more that the newer writers have grown up with "NuWho" as their template for the Doctor. On the other hand, so did Jamie Mathieson and Sarah Dollard (and one ccitique i've read of Mathieson's scripts is that they're very competent NuWho eps, but his showrunner skills might be hampered by only having NuWho as a reference.


File: cdba13d869e580d⋯.png (590.99 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at ….png)

I'm trying to watch the finale but the brightness seems all fucked up, I can't see a thing. Does anybody have a link to a version I can watch that isn't incredibly fucking dark for no reason?



it's better with the brightness all the way down



Just adjust your screen


File: e0941b3b0bbd9c4⋯.jpg (100.99 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, Doctor.Who.2005.S11E10.The….jpg)


I'm so sorry anon, but that's just how the episode looks



it's a Moffat trait. 11 did it, 12 did it, Clara also did it a lot. I'm p sure Missy did as well.

Jodie definitely got the "I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry" bit from Tennant, who I assume was the only previous Doctor she watched. Maybe if she watched more than that she'd realize that everyone made fun of him for saying that and Moffat brought it back in Day of the Doctor as a joke at Tennant's expense.



12's version was "I hate _" instead of "I love _".

>I hate gardening.



yeah I think that's how it looks. Honestly looks fine to me, it's not like this season's Game of Thrones where even the highlights are darkened and daylight scenes look like there's a massive black cloud over everyone

look at the bright side, if it's too dark you don't have to see the awful set design



>post yfw Chib made the episodes dark and hard to see on purpose to justify his dialogue style






>Look at the bright side

The entire image is dark af there is no bright side




Dropped your trip Immigrant?


I can't describe how much this Gareth truther thing cracks me up, it's an absolute gem of insane absurdity


Gareth? Or Liquid Gareth?



File: 02b4b0076415242⋯.png (891.94 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at ….png)

>Planetary genocide

Eh, The Pirate Planet did it better, for all its faults

>You're breaking every known law of the universe




>1. thou shalt not steal planets and put them in plastic looking crystals

>2. thou shalt not stick teeth on your face

>3. thou shalt not deliver endless exposition when no one else is in the room listening

>thats it


New thread when you're ready:





File: 1df8cca76f9aa1b⋯.png (313.61 KB, 461x496, 461:496, Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at ….png)

How does pointing the sonic at her neck allow her to talk to the Stenza? Did I miss something? Probably




The funniest bit about that is that she seems to care more about him breaking imaginary laws of the universe than the fact he's destroyed five civilisations, and expects him to also care



She has a microphone thing on her throat and if she sonics it she can ring him, I guess.


>3. thou shalt not deliver endless exposition when no one else is in the room listening

kek, I thought it was stupid how he just kept on talking after she left



Really shows the writing/acting disparity if you compare this directly to Tom Baker's brilliant "what's it FOR?!" from Pirate Planet


>Targetin Earth to make the threat relatable to the audience at home, on Earth



*Earth 3,407 years in the future


>The codebreakers take a while to work

Now they do. In the scene that literally just happened, they were fairly instant. Unless Graham is lying because he wants to fuck up Tim


File: 55537a1466ef0c1⋯.jpg (107.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, p01jrzj1.jpg)

>The Ux… I've never met a race like them. They can change the shape of the universe by thought!

I know it's been over 4 billion years but have you really forgotten about the Logopolitans?


please don't use the sonic on the neural balancers to solve the plot please don't use the sonic on the neural balancers to solve the plot please don't use the sonic on the neural balancers to solve the plot please don't use the sonic on the neural balancers to solve the plot please don't use the sonic on the neural balancers to solve the plot please don't use the sonic on the neural balancers to solve the plot please don't use the sonic on the neural balancers to solve the plot please don't use the sonic on the neural balancers to solve the plot please don't use the sonic on the neural balancers to solve the plot


Reminder there's a new thread







just lol


File: cd90d975fd02810⋯.jpeg (120.88 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, 3D3E604E-F43C-4EAE-9A7F-C….jpeg)


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