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File: 1d0e7c52dd8fa13⋯.png (552.8 KB, 591x701, 591:701, ClipboardImage.png)


Cloistercore edition.




I will save this thread later tonight.


I like these longer threads. They feel more like journeys.


File: 013986771bdee0f⋯.jpg (56.23 KB, 560x423, 560:423, Fantastic_Beasts_Eddie_Red….jpg)

Doctor Who's skin must be smooth.



t. Ingiga


Whats Ingigas type


If the Chibnall era fails, it will become known as 'The Five Year Plan', similar to the Cartmel Masterplan.



fuck OFF I would choke on a dozen cocks before nominating that pissant matt smith impression to play Dr Who


File: e373f5f1384f433⋯.jpg (129.51 KB, 640x640, 1:1, Fantastic-Beasts-and-Where….jpg)

Is this man not the only feasible choice to succeed the last real Dr.?


File: c8453b56a61af5b⋯.jpg (17.48 KB, 480x360, 4:3, stalilso.jpg)


You know who else had a Five Year Plan?



we need a twink Doctor not discount Matt Smith


remember when immigrant tried to defend whoflix? good times



Hi Giga



That feels appropriate since it would be just as much of a distortion of reality.


<BBC Worldwide has said outright, in the context of selling the show, that it has a five-year plan. This will refer to the marketing of the show and may proceed even if Chibnall crashes out early.

<There is a counter-rumour about Chibnall having a five year plan, but this was actually misinterpreted from a comment that one of Chibnall's friends and (non-Doctor Who) co-collaborators made in a talk, that taking on the show was "a five-year job". This off-hand comment was transmitted across multiple sites via chinese whispers until it was distorted into the rumour about Chibnall having a five year plan.

<Chibnall has probably not actually planned out five seasons of the show in advance, as nice as that would be.



No that's just someone who concurs with my opinion. I mean about the discount Matt Smith bit, not the twink Doctor bit. (I'm more in support of a twink companion than a twink Doctor. But a twink with some meat on his bones and not that delicate Japanese figure skater that always gets posted.)





Hmh. I'm disappointed.



That's nothing. Wait till you actually watch his run!



This is a very me post. I'd like to know what prompted it.



my balls hurt


What was the longest gap between RTD hinting something and it paying off later? I'm trying to think what was the most extreme case of him actually managing to plan ahead, since he did a fairly reasonable job of setting up certain small things way in advance. I feel like there's a massive one and I've forgotten what it is.



Ah, a /who/re talking about his balls. It's like our texting.



His first episode had a garbage bin burping, which hinted at the final line he wrote in the garbage episode End of Time: "I don't want to go"


how the fuck is Sesska 30 years old



>It's Sesska Friday tomorrow


How? How can this be possible?


File: d3f1a751a4070c0⋯.png (72.91 KB, 612x847, 612:847, help.png)

Reminder that Foreman had fucking ridiculous amounts of lore in its Series Bible and has still not managed to shit out the first episode of its first serial.


File: 599788017556c99⋯.jpg (46.73 KB, 640x427, 640:427, Matt and K-9.jpg)



That's a cosplayer right? Forehead seems a bit off.


Mickedy Mick Mickey, nice to see ya!


Imagine: Torchwood is coming back to TV. The only people from the original team are Jack and Gwen. Who would you cast as new members?



Yes, it's Matt Elliot, an 11th Doctor cosplayer (and lookalike)


File: e8389008a8ca7f9⋯.jpg (119.29 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 21147729_268982450262330_2….jpg)


File: 34381f0f644f251⋯.jpg (52.13 KB, 318x471, 106:157, Infinite Quest book.jpg)



You people are sick


File: 58d4b8b2c96ea9a⋯.gif (3.9 MB, 592x567, 592:567, Sesskino.gif)


File: 424e7c86f910735⋯.png (715.83 KB, 1280x652, 320:163, jh.png)


Fiona O'Shaughnessy

Sacha Dhawan

Andrew Leung

(the first two are just my aborted next Doctor fantasies)


How long can I keep doing this, Clara?

Burning the old me…to make a new one?


File: bff5cea63aa0149⋯.jpg (125.45 KB, 1280x655, 256:131, sessmanhattan.jpg)

Surprised there aren't more Sesska webms, desu. Especially now we have sound.


It’s funny.

The day you lose someone

isn’t the worst -

at least you’ve got something

to do.

It’s all the days

they stay dead.



Thoughts on 6IX9INE?



Whenever I see a picture of him I wish I hadn't.



That's because you're a stupid fucking het.



Ironically, it is precisely because I like men that I'm so offended by his busted ass appearance


Sesska periodically drowning in gifts again (this is not this week's Doctor Who reaction)



File: 4d712916bb1fc77⋯.gif (3.41 MB, 416x320, 13:10, ezgif-2-9ccfec1d78.gif)



Good old V28



I've actually heard that Chibnall's contract is only for 3 years / series, so yeah.


This is probably more a case of Moffat-style "reusing ideas and themes" rather than "deliberate foreshadowing", but I'm gonna guess … the "You Are Not Alone" being foreshadowed in the Doctor Who Annual 2006 (released Sept 2005).



All the shittiest parts of the lore, too.

>Koschei of Oakdown



Was there a Mr Saxon reference somewhere in S2 before that arc 'officially' started in S3? Or am I thinking of a Torchwood reference?



Ooh, good thought – "Vote Saxon" fliers show up in the Torchwood series 1 finale, three-ish months before the start of Doctor Who series 3. But Saxon was first referenced less than a week earlier, in "The Runaway Bride":

>COMMANDER: Orders from Mister Saxon. Fire at will!

Come to think of it, that line doesn't really make much sense in the context of Saxon's ongoing campaign and all. But then again, maybe I'm just not understanding UK politics.

That does remind me, though, about the hand picking up Saxon's ring in "Last of the Time Lords". That wasn't resolved until "The End of Time" over two years later, so I think that's gonna be our definitive answer!


File: b4b7bd1115c4f0d⋯.jpg (214.22 KB, 1454x962, 727:481, Tunguska.jpg)


>harmless plasma pulse



That wasn't planning ahead, though.



It at least indicates that he had the idea of Saxon's followers reviving the Master early enough to put in that little scene, even if he didn't have the specifics nailed down.



was saxon an independent or a MP from one of the major parties?

If it's the latter, perhaps he had some ministerial position giving him the authority to command strikes like that



He left it for another writer to use, as far as he concerned it was the Rani. It was only when he decided to wrap up his whole era that he thought to go back and do it his way.



Yeah, I'm dumb; "The Sound of Drums" specifies that he's the Minister of Defense, which also explains how he was able to design the UNIT helicarrier and the Archangel Network. He was an independent, though, so I don't know how that would've worked.


To be fair, that's how it goes with all the best Doctor Who connections, isn't it? Just one of the perils of writing for an indefinitely-ongoing series alongside hundreds of other creators.

Forget the hand … what about the drumbeat? It was introduced two episodes prior to the mysterious hand, but resolved in the same episode, so that'd be the other nominee, right? The Time Lord heartbeat connection is surely just too good to be a coincidence that RTD thought up later …



Didn't he basically split from his party and take a load of people with him when he went independent (and later killed them all)?


Taking off my trip to say Ingiga check your CC


File: 1f65a8e39fbf0ab⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.33 KB, 687x698, 687:698, gattis otters.JPG)

>mfw still no Day of the Doctor ebook


File: 6a80e3ef0c35ad1⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1018.81 KB, 390x215, 78:43, the search for gallifrey.gif)



>The Christmas Invasion novelisation is still only available through, you know, normal means. What gives?

show us your abnormal means



The entire point is that it's a heartbeat and also the theme tune.

In Series 3, the Master is crazy because he's aware that he's the villain of Doctor Who.


>Sesska's going to listen to Briggs Finish


What are you like?





VK has an audiobook of The Christmas Invasion if anyone wants to suffer through that. They've also got Rose ebook.


you just know



fire, and ice, and rage



intelligent, nihilistic and a wicked sense of humour



kinda pathetic


File: f32fcc766c73199⋯.jpg (172.87 KB, 1024x724, 256:181, sylvshockyplant.jpg)



Is this Meglos 2: Electric Boogaloo?


What's /who/ with you?



Easily amused.


I'll wait for the ebook, whenever it comes. I did kind of want to have it to read tomorrow though. Oh I finished the Rose novelistaion, I should put up my thoughts on that soon.



I thought you already did your thoughts on Rose earlier.



Nope, but while I was reading it I defended it a tad. But my actual notes on it are all handwritten so I know I haven't typed them up yet lol


File: db018d9937714ac⋯.png (147.39 KB, 1264x718, 632:359, lungbarrowsmith.png)

what John Smith said unironically



They're not even the best thing in Lungbarrow.



I'm not sure Looms can even be counted as a thing that 'happened to Who' unless some petty fan disputes count.


Every room resets - must be Christmas


File: 2dc5c813500692c⋯.jpg (78.91 KB, 450x375, 6:5, Loom_(Supremacy_of_the_Cyb….jpg)

File: 089b0d2d2ca256e⋯.jpg (6.04 KB, 290x174, 5:3, loomaporter.jpg)


File: d8ff8e656a467a8⋯.png (119.41 KB, 1440x474, 240:79, aut.png)




This pasta should be integrated into the page


>Series 11 airs in 5 months



Sandfags BTFO.


File: 1e768d9d1d64edf⋯.png (463.91 KB, 625x909, 625:909, ClipboardImage.png)

reminder that cats called this artist based



Dubs for blackface.



You Fucking Stupid Retard Fat Ugly Neck-Bearded 4Chaner-Using Assfucking Dickwanking Cockscrewed Cobbling Asinine Shithead Motherfuckering Degenerative Dirty Little Shitty Cuntbags I Will ASSRAPE For You All Are Writing And Reading This HATED Page Mark These Words, So Fuck You! Alright Good Glad We Understand Each Other On This Also Fuck You Again!!! WOW WAOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOPE NOOPE NOOOPE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Yes :) :- Dicks ( WHAT the hell is any of this -> It is Crap but Awesome)




>RTD and Moff saying don't forget to subscribe at the end



You Fucking Stupid Idiotic Retard Fat Ugly Pathetic Meat-Headed Neck-Bearded 4Chaner-Using Assfucking Dickwanking Cockscrewed Cobbling Asinine Annoying Obnoxious Unfunny Asshat Shithead Motherfuckering Degenerative Perverted Evilly Dirty Little Shitty Cuntbags I Will ASSRAPE You Little Bitch's And Kill You All For You All Are Writing And Reading This HATED Page Mark These Words, So Fuck You! Alright Good Glad We Understand Each Other So No More On This Oh Also Fuck You Again!!! WOW WAOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOPE NOOPE NOOOPE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Yes :) :- Dicks ( WHAT the hell is any of this -> It is Crap but Awesome)



t. tardisposting



More like t. retardisposting amirite?


File: 4ebd06271dc0bc2⋯.jpg (103.69 KB, 309x432, 103:144, use only when neo isnt aro….jpg)

>kinda plays fortnite



how do you know?



>still no part 3 of the christel dee interview



On Discord, it says what game he's currently playing



oh no no no no no


File: ef7e3849b40813e⋯.png (123.62 KB, 502x568, 251:284, kinda.png)



what does that character portrait mean? Is that kinda's character in the game? does kinda play as a girl?


I know one place where Kinda definitely plays as a girl ;)



I hope you just mean being a bottom and not roleplaying as a girl, because gays who do that are a huge red flag



Red flag for what?



There's only one reason why someone would play as a girl and that's to attract horny men. Kinda's gay.



Being transgender. If you consider that something worthy of a "red flag"



for being someone you should avoid



but what about the "I would rather see a girl's butt" defense?


File: a19881ca14fa74f⋯.jpg (138.06 KB, 827x486, 827:486, sneed.jpg)


What if he just likes the girl character and it's not some sexual thing, you fucking virgins



Shut up Kinda



t. assblasted Kinda


See how disappointing Doctor Who is now?! You guys just don't see it. Why don't you all trust me?! Why is everyone liking Moffat?! He made such depressing episodes in the past era. Why did he had to change the show?! Doesn't he know what continuity means?! Why do you want this show to change?! Why?! See how in "The Day of the Doctor" when the effects department had to modify a toy to get John Hurt a sonic?! That's so lame! Why don't you see this?! Is it because you're blind?! Is it that you're deaf?! What is wrong with everyone that's liking this crappy series Moffat made?! Everything! Why is everyone not seeing the point completely?! Is it because Moffat is this huge attractive guy that says he's bigger than life himself?! You all have to get a life! Why is everyone liking Moffat? Moffat is just one lubricant, dubious, diabolical bitch himself!

And why are you all liking Clara? Clara is so fucking diabolical and lubricant that I wish she could die! Clara is always whining! Why is the whole world liking this shitty series?! It's not even for adults anymore! It's made for kids! As Ian Fleming said it best:

"It should be made for retrospective adults, not for schoolboys and under-age-girls."

See how childish Doctor Who is now?! Doctor Who is more darker, more natural, more exciting than what we have here today?! And to rip-off Agatha Christie's book "Murder on the Orient Express"?! OH GIVE ME A BREAK!

I know I'm sounding dubious, but you guys have to trust me on this. Doctor Who is going to the kids, and if you true Whovians want to join me to fight against the BBC, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO!


*see's some thing norty*

11: YOWSER !!






An ancient youtube comment. We had a good laugh about it back in the day.



File: a298ec175543f1e⋯.png (59.69 KB, 628x483, 628:483, mentally ill doctor who fa….png)


Oh my bad, that's a picture for ants.


whovians rise up


Nilso is a massive fucking faggot.



File: 2ab17a9fbd71636⋯.png (55.4 KB, 595x498, 595:498, domson2.png)

File: 98c39a91ac6dec2⋯.png (48.69 KB, 602x464, 301:232, domson3.png)

File: 140d8b1ae0a6a81⋯.png (59.25 KB, 557x537, 557:537, domson4.png)


File: fa46ea890a1c478⋯.png (60.57 KB, 552x530, 276:265, domson5.png)

File: d40f01d0675b5dc⋯.png (27.34 KB, 561x264, 17:8, domson6.png)



>it's not a kids show! Please, for the love of God, let me shut up and follow my own opinion!

was it bait all along?



I would take the fact that he's complaining about Matt Smith whilst having a Matt Smith profile picture as a yes.



>And why do you abuse my dream of becoming a film director? Is it because you're the devil himself? God's letting me follow my dreams.

>Look, you just don't see it, okay? Amy's bad, Rory's bad, River's now bad, and Clara's bad. MOFFAT can't even grasp the true elements of a companion.



He didn't complain about Matt Smith, though, just literally everything else.


File: f53b67a15f57e7f⋯.jpg (141.7 KB, 548x525, 548:525, 1524702275346.jpg)


File: 832d68676620898⋯.png (1010.25 KB, 948x1138, 474:569, sesskalibrary.png)



why do you play as a girl?



it doesnt let you chose, it's different every game unless you buy a skin. (also i dont think the icon is indicative of what you're playing)



sandifer claudia drama

someone unpack this mess



what the fuck, really?


the absolute state of video games



yeah theres like a rotation of 3-4 base characters which is random each game, or you can select a skin you have unlocked.

games not that bad, usually just use it as a timekiller while talking to mates.



oh god the memes are colliding

>you gaslit my friend.

can someone translate this into english?



Gaslighting is basically when you lie or distort the truth to try and make the person you're talking to come off as crazy/irrational.



what does that have to do with the concept of a gaslight? "dogwhistle" I can understand the metaphor behind, but "gaslight" I can't see the connection

>Honestly? Drop it, accept that there's a segment of queer fandom that's dismayed you got ahead while they're still unknowns, and enjoy your new gig.

why should it matter that some people are upset they didn't get the gig? Of course not everybody can get the job, that's an inherent part of how life works

>Or go "shit, if someone thinks I gaslit them that means I was hurtful and abusive regardless of my intentions, I should accept that and apologize instead of asking for more documentation." Then drop it, move on, and enjoy your new gig.

if someone has their feelings hurt, why should it be automatically assumed and considered that they were right to feel that way and have to be appeased?



the series 9 soundtrack is actually so good, honestly worth the wait



Sorry I plebbed out, should have linked this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gas_Light


File: ec0c1620c1fffc6⋯.png (647.46 KB, 1638x2048, 819:1024, 31697357_1518632194949947_….png)

What is the doctor who equivalent of Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences?



DotD novelisation

Blood Heat: Director's Cut





File: 527377070c20b6b⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 34.95 KB, 640x274, 320:137, largemoff.jpeg)


>Is it because Moffat is this huge attractive guy that says he's bigger than life himself?!


File: a06e53ea88f10c7⋯.png (106.15 KB, 639x476, 639:476, Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at ….png)



I'm going to have to side with Claudia here, sorry El.




What the fuck?


File: b260ead71f63c7e⋯.png (62.72 KB, 609x242, 609:242, Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at ….png)




Claudia was the one who inserted herself into the conversation here because she can't handle the fact some people don't like her for her bullshit behaviour a few years ago. (Claudia from that era was the exact sort of person /who/ despises, I feel it's worth pointing out).



She's hot tho, you can't deny that


File: bec0d29796c55ea⋯.png (22.28 KB, 588x81, 196:27, Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at ….png)




liz has a grudge against claudia because claudia said something at some point that offended a friend


this was a response she made to it at the time, I don't know what the actual original comment was.

claudia claims that she was just making a comment about doctor who and the friend took it as a personal attack, which she cannot be held responsible for since that was not her intentions

liz and this samuel maleski kid are claiming that that is "gaslighting" because it is framing the situation in a way that makes the person who was offended look like the one in the wrong

I'm on team claudia



It's probably worth understanding back then that there was sort of a huge war on Tumblr over the #moffat hate tag and people/stuff being posted there, which Claudia was a prominent figure in and which Sandifer got embroiled in on multiple occasions, so it's not just like one incident.


t. assblasted sandifer


Gotta hand it to liz, she really has the 'acting like a girl' thing down


NEW SESSKA JUST UPLOADED AHH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoD6ly1p8cA





>(Claudia from that era was the exact sort of person /who/ despises

But /who/ has changed, and from what I can see so has she a bit. She's not nearly as incendiary as she used to be. I'm probably incredibly biased against sandifer though so feel free to discount my opinion in the matter.



it's so bizzare to see that sandifer now has the 'ability' to call people "bitches" and the like without getting hounded, like—wow… it's that easy?


File: 3578f90bec6af19⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.09 MB, 650x360, 65:36, gaslight.gif)

leaked footage of sandifer taking a gaslighting from claudia


File: 9437ae31b3d98d6⋯.jpg (379.29 KB, 1111x597, 1111:597, 1514219233628.jpg)



>What has queer fandom got to do with it? I'm not there because I'm queer. I'm on the team because I love Doctor Who.

>If I say you're hurting me right now, means you need to apologise and change, does it? Think about what you're saying.

Identity politics and trigger culture absolutely BTFO… by Claudia Boleyn. I never thought I'd live to see this day.


File: e05ef8e0e71500d⋯.gif (1.14 MB, 500x208, 125:52, BatwingKiller.gif)


Holy shit, worlds colliding, the stakes have never been higher

Also been Twitter and Tumblr's layout I literally cannot find the drama-provoking post in question where Claudia did or did not gaslight someone. Gaslight them about what? What was even the topics? These sites are nightmares to navigate


The greatest gladiator match in the history of progressive Whovian twitter…scion of Moore versus daughter of Anne


I am on El's side insofar as the moffathate tag itself and share El's thoughts very closely on Moffat hate in general.


That's true as well, but you cant unmurder the civilians as they say.


Man Claudia has had quite the slow crystallisation over the years


File: 50784c945e8437c⋯.jpg (19.83 KB, 306x306, 1:1, 79e0f76f22f429dc6a79ebbe8f….jpg)

Does anyone else pull a massive pic related face internally whenever they see/hear any sentence starting with "Doctor Who is about"?



Doctor Who is about running, its always fast paced



>where Claudia did or did not gaslight someone

No one's been able to provide the post, Sandy just linked the accusation which is basically the same thing, right guys?



A little, unless it's an inclusive statement rather than an exclusive one. So "Among other things Doctor Who is about this, this and this" I would accept, but not "Doctor Who IS STRICTLY ABOUT this, this and this".



I can't really formulate an opinion if the post in question isn't anywhere. Perhaps that's partially the point…


I can't fucking take it in any form, I don't know if it's even a Doctor Who thing because I groan massively at "Star Wars is about" too.


Neo hates Doctor Who and it's his latest obsession to figure out what it's "about"



It's more bearable with other franchises that don't become completely different shows every few years


One way or another I do think Claudia kinda "won" with this tweet https://twitter.com/ClaudiaBoleyn/status/992383912130248704 Even look at the reply. It's good critical thinking to synthesise someone's talking point with your position and kind of throw it back at them.



What's wrong with sandyfur?



Every time someone off-handedly makes sweeping assertions like that as if they were obvious without providing any evidence.

It's the main reason Sandifer's writing actively repels me.



Taking an interesting idea and reshaping it into a more palatable formula to appease the masses?

insert doctor who-related thing here, this is just an Arrested Development opinion post. I haven't seen the remix yet so I'm sure it's decent, but as someone who liked Season 4 I'm a little cold on the whole idea. As long as the original's still available it's fine I guess.



Shut up Nilso


I'm unironically a claudia fan as of today

sorry I took so long



t. Nilso



would that I were nilso


claudia is based


File: 99fa95e2ad32feb⋯.jpeg (168.65 KB, 596x959, 596:959, eruditorum cover 2 back.jpeg)




the only "what Doctor Who is all about" hot take I really have time for is this bit on the back of the Eruditorum books

the only time the actual content of the writing really lived up to the blurb was the Logopolis essay though



I used to get genuinely annoyed at the person/persons who would spam that I hated Doctor Who; it's the one thing /who/ has done regarding me that's ever bothered me. I'm amused by everything else but god, I really hated that. I don't know if it stopped bothering me first, or they stopped doing it (I know it did die down a lot after I tried to hash out why Hell Bent was reconstructive, not deconstructive, to one of the folks saying it once), but it and I've been much more chill since.


That's true. I think stuff having a more set authorial vision helps too, like if someone tells me LOTR is about X, well, they're probably pretty right since it's the product of one guy's mind (more or less) and it's easy enough to map onto it what you will, but stuff like DW and SW are inherently expansive and it feels both exclusive and gatekeeping to insist they're about so-and-so.


In Eruditorum itself I give it more of a pass since that's being written more like an essay/work with a distinct view and inherent insistence on its own arguments, but when she's just talking casually on Twitter yeah, it's an unbearable, arrogant attitude.


Season 4 is a hugely interesting experiment, sure it failed in many ways but it did something truly interesting with TV structure and was a true iteration for AD because of that, moreso than S3 which was hitting diminishing returns. The remix sounds interesting though and transformative in its own right.


File: 3575598aa490168⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 24bff1f9d0f9fed⋯.jpg (46.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 903_21949.jpg)




Don't say that or that poster >>24088 >>24090 will call you a Nilso.



Yeah I do think there's a bit of distinction between descriptions that hit "the show can do anything / is about anything" and saccharine stuff like "the show is about love / helping people / trite lesson about morality that can be found in literally millions of other stories but is somehow unique to you because you watched Doctor Who first or something and so you tack onto that more than any of the defining elements that are genuinely unique to the show / yadda yadda". It's like when someone says Star Wars taught them to forgive or whatever. These are moral lessons baked into culture for thousands of years, they're reflected out of art like SW, acting like Lucas is some sort of moral mastermind instead of reflecting on the received moral wisdom of society is for want of a better word, immensely cringey to me. Doctor Who didn't save these people, because millions of other stories could have told them the same lessons, the stuff that's unique to Doctor Who is not whatever Aesop someone fixate on because of their circumstances. Well that's my opinion anyway, maybe it's overly formalist.


8 weeks until Sesska reacts to Heaven Sent. (That's June 29th).


Nilsostein Alba



I honestly can't understand the (relative) backlash against Season 4, it has so many memorable moments and the structure was really satisfying to me. Sure, there were a small handful of lesser episodes but I kind of expected that due to the format. I've only seen it once though, maybe if I re-watched it I'd see more flaws?



You have to admit Underwater Menace is shit


Please get out of my mentions Neo.

I think a block may be in order here.


File: 3a4af87606cb4cf⋯.jpg (14.41 KB, 720x404, 180:101, doctorwhomummy084.jpg)


I suppose, but I imagine sandifer probably has a body count too.


Mine is more like


Far too verbose for my tastes. I can't into analyzing minutiae it's a slippery slope into full blown autistic rage for me. When she was a he, they identified as a "male feminist" while simultaneously getting into a pissing contest with a for lack of a better term, chad. Something I really think anyone self awareness describing themselves as a feminist would have the decorum and forethought not to devolve into alpha male primate shit. I actively bristle at the term virtue signalling, but I think it applies to sandifer being a fucking lighthouse of hypocrisy.



If AD Season 4 = Doctor Who Season 4, will AD Season 5 have literally every episode (bar one) be exactly the same?



I don't think it's as consistently great/entertaining as S1/S2, but I think it was better than S3 (where the show was running on fumes a bit, although its finale was magnificent) and I applaud Hurwitz for taking all the obstacles he was presented with - like not able to wrangle the cast together on a show fucking built off that cast interacting - and trying to turn them into strengths. I really admire him as a showrunner and think AD is a legitimately fascinating show that gets overlooked in some ways because its a comedy (yes its a very well-known and celebrated comedy but structurally and in terms of writing its genuinely masterful).

If you rewatch S4 I think you would enjoy it a lot more actually, I certainly did. You can appreciate what exactly the show was doing with its structure and gags there. God I love that show.



good post, agree with all points made


File: ff3ca9268e948fa⋯.png (119.29 KB, 418x441, 418:441, lozlessons.png)


your post reminded me of something Lawrence Miles deleted back in the day


When did you realise just how incestuous Doctor Who fandom was?



When I realised how many trip ships were canon.



It's uncanny to read something that feels like it could have tumbled out of your own mind. I feel so completely in tune with Loz sometimes. Is this how N8 feels all the time?



Its main detracting points are the lack of interaction between the core cast (which is a large part of the appeal of the show) plus the plot being about all the characters becoming the worst versions of themselves, which can be more depressing than funny. You can say it works as a character study but it's not what people 'wanted' out of a new season



Learning about Ian Levine's involvement in the Colin era was the tipping point for me.



He's not wrong.



S4 ended on possibly the most characterkino moment in the whole show imo (I know you're explaining some disliked S4 instead of arguing those points yourself) and I think it was very AD to try doing comedy in a new way instead of coasting off the manner and structure of comedy it perfected. Although I do wonder, if the cast were able to work together at once, whether S4 would have continued S3's downward trend or not. Hm. Limitations really do stoke creativity.


This whole Claudia~DWM~Christel~Sandifer~Dudman thing the past few days has me reeling a bit too, it's a bit surreal. Nothing like the early days, like you say, though.


When did you realise Neo is Loz's incestuous Australian lovechild?


File: 9d215c2f974a734⋯.png (157.25 KB, 429x620, 429:620, lozlessons2.png)

File: 37a5686e679db13⋯.png (155.03 KB, 425x613, 425:613, lozlessons3.png)


rest of the post



Jesus Christ, I fucking love Loz. Why on Earth would he delete this.



>Although I do wonder, if the cast were able to work together at once, whether S4 would have continued S3's downward trend or not.

I guess S5 will tell, I believe they were able to get everyone together for it



This could be the autism talking, but that's hitting the nail on the head. The more I read what he writes the more I like the man. He pegged Gareth right certainly.



Favourite Loz story?


>He pegged Gareth


File: 3a8e45637e11dab⋯.png (118.66 KB, 418x434, 209:217, lozoftherings.png)


the common taste only goes so far

he loves the Star Wars prequels though, oddly enough



Get your mind out of the gutter sir or madam.

<Larry on Gareth.

>Man whose vision of Britain is essentially 1970s "Coronation Street" thinks "Bev" is a more common name than "Chelsea" shock.



Oh yeah, it's so weird S5 is actually done and dusted and dropping soon. I wonder if it will do that Lucille murder mystery stuff the end of S4 set up.


I've only read Alien Bodies.


My younger self would hate me for this, and I grapple with wondering to what degree it's born of genuine self-reflection after the sequels and to what degree it might be born out of contrarianism stemming from the sequels, but I've become much kinder to the prequels over the years. I so dearly wish Lucas had done…so much differently, but I can't deny they were singular visions born of a mind telling the stories it felt like telling.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thanks whoever linked vid related, it's insanely based, what a fantastic video


File: ae6ee4eb5c40067⋯.jpg (3.06 MB, 2377x3504, 2377:3504, Doctor_Who_Magazine_282_ (….jpg)


I wonder when Larry went from liking Babylon 5 to despising it.

>Speaking as someone who walked in on the middle of Babylon 5, I think there's an appeal in being lost in that kind of labyrinth.



Geeze RTD is a big guy.



For you.


File: 33aa4d44a35944b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.59 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, lucille 2 ded.png)


> I wonder if it will do that Lucille murder mystery stuff the end of S4 set up.

I just started watching the remix and pic related is shown as foreshadowing at the end of the first episode - they added lucille 2's body to the staircase when it used to just be a blood smear. I was hoping all along they would pull a "she's not actually dead, she just faked her death for x reason" but now I'm not so sure. It has to have been made more explicit for a reason, I don't know if it's just to dumb it down for the audience or if there's some greater plotting behind it



it's because they're kino, but fans can be massive wankers

Star Wars is too big for this sort of argument to blow over after a while, so the complainers won out in the end


File: f0c5e4625c042da⋯.png (81.48 KB, 416x294, 208:147, lozrots.png)



One thing's for sure, Star Wars can easily send so many people babbling about their viewpoint for endless amounts of time. It certainly invokes passion easily.


There are going to be some really interesting articles written (I hope) about the nature of a "remixed season", it's such an interesting idea, part retcon, part transfer, part do-over, what an interesting idea it is. I think I'll actually rewatch S1-S4 before watching it, so I can notice what's changed the most.

Did you ever watch "Project Hot Mess"? It was a fan remix of S4 that came out years ago. It was really quite good and accomplished a lot with little resources (none of the B-roll or new narration or new footage the remixed S4 apparently uses). Also didn't do the "cut back down to 22 ~18min episodes" traditional thing the remix did, but played more with episode lengths in interesting ways. I recommend it, although I know watching three versions of S4 is insane.


I am genuinely baffled how little the Star Wars fandom discusses the external politics of the films - sure, the Bushism of the prequels is hard to miss, but all the Vietnam content in the first film especially is basically completely unremarked upon by the modern fandom. TLJ was the apotheosis of what I see as the defiling, autofellic subversion of a series built on synthesising such a vast amount of different sources into something special and new, into something endlessly self-referential incapable of change (let alone invention) beyond the superficial.



i thought that had happened already with TFA

and most of TLJ's problems were carried over from there

not that the approach TLJ takes is ideal either



You're completely right, I just reflexively shit on TLJ first (and the way it's championed as iterative when TFA isn't leads me there), but you're absolutely right.



>Did you ever watch "Project Hot Mess"?

I was aware of its existence but never watched it


more like fart wars


I hate you Nilso


File: 5f367cdd834e524⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1524x666, 254:111, star-wars-poe-farts.png)




File: 3ed601129779ced⋯.webm (1.59 MB, 540x700, 27:35, 4.webm)



god i miss confidential so much


File: 897682b39ed8bdf⋯.png (644.93 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4e77e410c933c3c⋯.png (615.54 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



>BBC to the left of DOCTOR WHO

this somehow looks even messier



well fuck me







it doesn't help that BBC is so bold and stands out, while doctor who is a relatively thin font and the only text on the image that is orange (which is darker than white)



It's just a fucking design disaster from every angle.



>meets Baker

>Fucking Roberts is back

Genuinely excited, and I don't even know why






Oops left my trip on hehe


bobe spundge










File: b62ea5353bff86f⋯.jpg (48.45 KB, 600x418, 300:209, 31711086_1275967369173716_….jpg)

What is the doctor who equivalent of pic related?




I like this one! ヽ(・∀・)ノ





whats your rationale?





Their chemistry










Help I'm about to have a meltdown over how ugly and bland the new logo is and the fact it's getting slapped on the entire franchise months before it's even been featured in a televised episode.






File: c170dee031f982f⋯.jpg (7.08 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 0e5ce5daa85b7865964df714c2….jpg)



I could understand the TheOncomingJikan (pretty sure that's canon) or 12Wraith alone, but putting them together? You absolute madman.


File: 270690e7371f4de⋯.png (1.1 MB, 940x939, 940:939, whodrama.png)

what's the status on the liz/claudia drama? is it still going?


You Fucking Stupid Idiotic Retard Fat Ugly Pathetic Meat-Headed Neck-Bearded 4Chaner-Using Assfucking Dickwanking Cockscrewed Cobbling Asinine Annoying Obnoxious Unfunny Asshat Shithead Motherfuckering Degenerative Perverted Evilly Dirty Little Shitty Cuntbags I Will ASSRAPE You Little Bitch's And Kill You All For You All Are Writing And Reading This HATED Page Mark These Words, So Fuck You! Alright Good Glad We Understand Each Other So No More On This Oh Also Fuck You Again!!! WOW WAOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOPE NOOPE NOOOPE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Yes :) :- Dicks ( WHAT the hell is any of this -> It is Crap but Awesome)



No it stopped.







A classic.






Still no good Doctor Who ASMR









A win for diversity



The "The" isn't for TheOncomingStorm, it's for TheOther





You're gonna have to draw a diagram for this one.


TheOncomingSexStorm (Oncoming + his true love, RTD)






skelly's gay right?







skellys gay


sesskas lesbian






Oncoming and Jikan like each other, Jikan also likes Cats, Cloister likes Cats and Jikan, TheOther likes Cloister, Cats likes all of them except TheOther


This is cancer.







Sounds like TheOther's a bit of a fifth wheel.















He gets frustrated when people think the "The" is for Stormy, for sure.





























Nilso BTFO




File: 1f474c15a6a8c86⋯.png (156.24 KB, 357x336, 17:16, 1443656863889.png)

you memeing bastards spoiled infinity war for me






Anne FrankWizardMiller


My thoughts on Chibnall showrunning Doctor Who: https://youtu.be/abOxrx8gfUk





it's been done




Stefan Burnilso





does it count as a spoiler if you didn't know that it was from IW until you saw the movie?


Mr. Giga






Ingiga, I don't feel so good.




Mr. Sinx0da


Mr. Sinxesska


Wikiafroglach Miller








greg nilson















Lucy Billson






what frame anilso




Matt Sloath






YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What is the Doctor Who equivalent of vid related?









Neter Davison


Who is the most diabolical and lubricant character in Doctor Who?



I'm refraining from watching anything more from this movie for the off chance that the movie could actually have something worth not knowing beforehand





Looks bad desu




no, /who/ made me aware of exactly who said the line in the movie, and combine it with all those disintegrating memes ive been seeing i figured out what would happen




Cloion Baker




Nilvester McCoy



I went to the cinema today and was genuinely surprised to see Star Wars advertising in the lobby because i forgot (again) that this movie was coming out


Paul McGanon


Catstopher Eccleston




David Tennedge


Willneom Hartnell



This but unironically





Reminder the film is called "Ranger Solo" in China because the Star Wars brand literally lessens sales there




And you don't seem to understand


Matt Smotherist



>the Star Wars brand literally lessens sales there

Is it known why?


Peter Capiller





catharticspurious + miller



because china isnt a nerd





lads I'll be honest it's a bit weird getting shipped





Unironically t. Nilso





I can't tell whether you're Cathartic or Ingiga.







I wish Cathartic was still around, he'd be perfect to ship with Ingiga!





I wouldn't participate in this circlejerk if you paid me.



The new films coast heavily off nostalgia which is not present in Asia. I've noticed it here as well. If all the Star Wars you've seen is TFA, TLJ, R1 and you have absorbed none of the culture around it (even kids have some knowledge of the toys and characters even if they haven't seen the OT and ST), it'd be fairly impenetrable, especially when its a series that rides so much off other things. Also out-and-out SF isn't as big a thing in China, "urban" fantasy/SF a la the MCU does much better.



when it's only in the capacity of coming up with these names it just a funny novelty imo

if it gets more in depth then it gets weird





that's the intended effect







names are silly and fun but I really hate when it goes anything beyond that


Thegiga May




When is Cats going to put his fucking trip back on?








I agree



pretty much 50% of nilsoposting until recently




2onald Reagan




Kats Marx



>tfw responsible for the good 50%

I am based


Ayn Immigrand




Granty Johnson


Ian Levineo


Jillso Stein




Lil Bilso


Lawrence Millser


Gallifye West






Chat Nilsoir


Jillian Lawrence Miles


Millerculous Ladybug



At this point it's more of a wordplay competition.


Year of the Snilso


Kinda is responsible for the sexual Nilsoposting







This is plausible now that we know he's gay >>24019






it was established that fortnite doesn't let you choose your character, though


Kindalizabeth II






Shut up Kinda you gay Nilsoposter



Pulling a GWAAD fishing reel on Cats' ex are we?


Team Fortresska 2



Gallif-reel in-igrant





File: fa69755bbfa146b⋯.png (268.67 KB, 453x453, 1:1, asian clara.png)


Who's the Rick and Morty of the trip world?




Who's the Chuck and Sneed of the trip world?


Who's the Oak and Quill of the trip world?



no streamfags?




Who's the Donald and Ivanka of the trip world?


Who's the Morecambe and Wise of the trip world?


Who's the Lenny and Carl of the trip world?


Who's the Simon and Garfunkel of the trip world?




File: 9a641fd3ecb22c0⋯.jpg (53.11 KB, 440x782, 220:391, 1518842389771.jpg)

i support of a twink companion






Who's the Clara and Danny of the trip world?


Goddamnit I've been shitposting without my tripcode for so long that my form recovery plugin has lost it. Now I have to find where I wrote it down.



cats and culler


File: dd1ee7ca7e80524⋯.png (2.98 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1517512787308.png)

El be like



cathartic because he's missing





Who's the Gareth and Clayton of the trip world?




t. tits



Judy and 2oda



t. Hunter


I'm so glad Moffat is gone and Jodie is here. To go from Moffat constantly reusing ideas and story beats every story to having a completely new kind of Doctor is extremely refreshing



I hope you never do.



You don't even know who I am



Tired bait



>a completely new kind of Doctor

A feminine Doctor is not going to make up for the stories being uninspired drivel





Who's the Jodie and Chibnall of the trip world?



I don't fucking need to, frankly.


I have a trip but I've not revealed it to you people yet


Burning the old me to make a new one…

Must be Christmas.



>I hate all the trips :OOOO

I'm going to ship you with… Nilso!


I have a trap but I've not revealed it to you people yet



I like good trips, I'm just not inclined to think one who takes their trip off to shitpost for extended periods of time is likely to be one.


nilsos a trap



You would be wrong.


Who's the Jekyll and Hide of the trip world?



Discussion Contributor Neo and Shitposter Neo.


Neo > Cats > Kinda




What the fuck?



you've got it the wrong way around


File: 5335d23a702e979⋯.jpg (142.01 KB, 959x482, 959:482, 1467375765109.jpg)



t. Kinda


A forest in a bottle in a spaceship in a maze…

Must be Christmas.


I support of a realistic police box exterior


I'm glad Kinda's found a man who appreciates him for what he is.



Cats > Neo > any anon > > > > > > > Kinda


Please get out of my mentions Nilso.



(This storeroom with a hexagon shaped hole in the flagstones, and chalked arrows pointing in towards each side. He touches the sand in the bottom of it.)

DOCTOR: It keeps coming, Clara. Wherever I go, it follows. Why? Why does it do that?

BLACKBOARD: Wrong question.

DOCTOR: Always the teacher. What's the right question, then?

BLACKBOARD: Not why. What?

DOCTOR: It's following me. Wherever I go, it's tracking me. Slowly though. Scary lurching. Scary. These screens, everywhere. It's showing me exactly where it is all the time, how far it's got, how near. Because it's trying to scare me. Putting its breath on my neck. That's the point. That's what it's doing. This is theatre. It's all about fear. Working hypothesis. I'm in a fully automated haunted house. A mechanical maze.

(A copper pan hanging up rattles.)

DOCTOR: It's a killer puzzle box designed to scare me to death, and I'm trapped inside it. (laughs) Must be Christmas.


Kinda isn't a bad trip


Simply touch one wire against the other and that's it. The Daleks cease to exist. Hundreds of millions of people, thousands of generations can live without fear, in peace, and never even know the word Dalek.

Must be Christmas.



I __agree



It's not christmas without mrs babbagy's pudding



>Cats > Neo

nah. I'd say t. Cats but due to special circumstances I'm 100% sure you're not him



t. GlitterGun


DOCTOR: I adjusted the time frame, only by a couple of hours. Any other day it wouldn't make any difference, but this is Christmas 1914, and a human miracle is about to happen. The Christmas Armistice.

(The Captain puts his pistol away.)

CAPTAIN: Wounded man here!

(He blows his whistle and stands up.)

CAPTAIN: Wounded man here! Wounded man!

DOCTOR: It never happened again, any war, anywhere.

CAPTAIN: I say, wounded man here. Wounded man!

(Stretcher bearers from both sides go out into no-man's-land.)

DOCTOR: But for one day, one Christmas, a very long time ago, everyone just put down their weapons, and started to sing. Everybody just stopped. Everyone was just kind. Must be Christmas.



also Kinda isn't that bad. it's good to have some gay trip representation on /who/. For diversity


Post actual doctor who dialogue

<It's December 25th…

<Must be Christmas.


In the mid-twenty first century humankind starts creeping off into the stars, spreads its way through the galaxy to the very edges of the universe. And it endures till the end of time. And it does all that because one day in the year 2049, when it had stopped thinking about going to the stars, something occurred that make it look up, not down. It looked out there into the blackness and it saw something beautiful, something wonderful, that for once it didn't want to destroy. And in that one moment, the whole course of history was changed.

Must be Christmas.



Was the Armistace that organic that that you could have been killed an hour before it started?



statistically speaking, lgbt people are overrepresented - and that's a good thing


I'm already planning what to do with the trip OCs next, and let me tell you, it's gonna be a whopper.


JACKIE: Mickey!

MICKEY: Jackie, it's the Tardis!

JACKIE: I know, I know, I heard it. She's alive, Mickey. I said so, didn't I? She's alive!

MICKEY: Just shut up a minute.

JACKIE: Well, where is it then?

(The Tardis comes out of the vortex in mid air and bounces off one block of flats, a second and a third before avoiding a post office van and finally crashing into a set of waste bins. The Doctor opens the door, still in t-shirt and leather jacket.)

DOCTOR: Here we are then, London. Earth. The Solar System. We did it. Jackie. Mickey. Blimey! No, no, no, no, hold on. Wait there. I've got something to say. There was something I had to tell you, something important. What was it? No, hold on, hold on. Hold on, shush, shush, shush, shush. Oh, I know! Must be Christmas.



I'm not going to attend a trip oc wedding, cats


With all this talk of trips, I'm getting nostalgic. Put it back on for a sec to ask this: Where am I rated on the Trip Scale?



you don't even make the cut to be on the scale



t. hunter


Please get out of my mentions Hunter.



meant for >>24428


Get off my mentions.






How did you know?


rank all trips and streamfags by how funny their names are



I too ship Giga x Hunter



>The Doctor walks over to the monitor, pondering on the fact the Veil is tracking him. He realises that the Veil is trying to terrify him, as the monitors are set to show him where it is at all times. The castle and the Veil are a killer puzzle box designed to scare him to death. Smirking, the Doctor comments that it must be Christmas - this is exactly something that would be on his list.



>secure tripcode

You're a jerk.



SOLDIER: Spread out! Get down!

(Straight in from the previous, three biplane buzz soldiers with quivers on their backs, but it fires laser bolts not bullets. One soldier aims an arrow at one as it flies off, then turns to see a young boy running in the opposite direction, into the smoke. A siren sounds, then another soldier runs up.)

SOLDIER: What's wrong?

KANZO: Was that a child?

(The boy is breathless, but still running.)

KANZO: Hey! You there, stop! Stop running!

(The boy stops.)

KANZO: It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you. Just don't run.


KANZO: I'll catch up.

SOLDIER: There are clam drones two miles away.

KANZO: I know. I'll be fine. Just go.

(The soldier runs back.)

KANZO: What are you doing out here, huh? Did you get lost?

(The ground ripples.)

KANZO: Stay still. Stay absolutely still.

(Kanzo gets out a small hand-held scanner.)

KANZO: I'm just scanning the ground. I think we've got company. Do you know what hand mines are?

(The boy nods.)

KANZO: Well, in that case you know you've got to stand absolutely still. Right?

(Another nod.)

KANZO: Have you ever seen a hand mine? (nod) Where?

(He follows the boy's gaze to his own foot, which has a hand from out of the ground clamped around his ankle.)

KANZO: Okay. It's okay. Everything's going to be fine

(Whereupon Kanzo is suddenly pulled underground. Then more hands come out of the mud and turn around. They have eyes in their palms, and stop when they see the boy.)

BOY: Help me! Someone, please! Help me! Help me!

(A sonic screwdriver flies through the air and lands at his feet.)

DOCTOR [OC]: Your chances of survival are about one in a thousand. So here's what you do. You forget the thousand, and you concentrate on the one. Pick it up. I said, pick it up!

(The boy obeys.)

DOCTOR [OC]: I'm straight ahead of you, about fifty feet. Can you see me?

(The smoke clears to reveal the Tardis and the Doctor.)

DOCTOR: The device in your hand is creating an acoustic corridor, so that we can talk. Do you understand?

BOY: Who are you?

DOCTOR: Oh, I'm just a passer-by. I was looking for a bookshop. How do you think I'm doing?

BOY: This isn't a bookshop.

DOCTOR: No, this is a war. A very old one, going by the mix of technology. Which war is this? I get them all muddled up.

BOY: It's just the war.

DOCTOR: Where am I? What planet is this?

BOY: I don't understand.

DOCTOR: Well, neither do I. I try never to understand. It's called an open mind. Now, you have got to make a choice.

BOY: A choice?

DOCTOR: Yes, you have got to decide that you're going to live. Survival is just a choice. Choose it now.

BOY: If I move, they'll get me.

DOCTOR: I told you, you have one chance in a thousand. But one is all you ever need. What's your name? Come on, faith in the future. Introduce yourself! Tell me the name of the boy who isn't going to die today.

BOY: Davros. My name is Davros. Hello? Are you still there? Please, you've got to help me. You said I could survive. You said you'd help me. Must be Christmas.



beb, nothing christmassy, jerk



It was discussed in an earlier thread.


File: 72fbddefe9e28c8⋯.jpg (7.25 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 72fbddefe9e28c84b183367493….jpg)



What about Ben


File: 2a79f406e205128⋯.jpeg (35.82 KB, 519x307, 519:307, 1500273194123.jpeg)

>tfw you've been a regular on /who/ since 2013 but if you adopted a trip now everybody would treat you like you were new



t. newfag



This is why you start as a streamfag and establish your seniority. You can move into tripping afterwards.



you don't need a trip, anon

don't be that guy



No they wouldn't


File: a69d13fabdd0ef5⋯.jpg (12.86 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)



File: e92ecad666a94f9⋯.gif (972.62 KB, 190x149, 190:149, 1376456600098.gif)


>wasting baker get

and this time it was me



>Must Christmas Be

fucked it up you clown



>not having a wiki account that proves your seniority



>Must Christmas be?

Woah that's deep


I wouldn't feel comfortable as a trip unless I felt I had something really unique to contribute which I completely don't



>The Doctor notes that the monitors allow him to constantly see where the Veil is and how close it is. The Doctor realizes that the creature is trying to terrorize him and the entire castle has been created to do the same. He says, “It’s a killer puzzle box designed to scare me to death, and I’m trapped inside it. Must be Christmas!” Does he mean it must be Christmas because he often faces similar circumstances in the Christmas special, or is he referring to his love of puzzles? We’ll never know.


if I had a trip I'd barely use it since being anonymous has advantages



Try roleplaying as a trip OC and see if you like it.



it's pretty clear it's because it happens to him often


I'm not scared of Hell. It's just Christmas for bad people.


And I'm gonna explain to you how I survived. I can't wait to hear what I said. [breaks the fourth wall, glancing at the camera] I'm nothing without a Christmas!

(It's literally true since that regeneration only exists because of "Christmas")




as an avid trip-bully myself, I wouldn't be able to handle being bullied by anons





I'll try it out as a name so I don't have to commit too much


File: d972239d2aeb922⋯.jpg (162.19 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 4f3c58a5-7807-4560-9a0f-e9….jpg)


SARA: Whatever was that place?

STEVEN: Oh, I've no idea. I'm glad we got away.

SARA: What were they doing?

STEVEN: Your guess is as good as mine. Let's hope we never land there again.


DOCTOR: Here we are.

STEVEN: What's this?

DOCTOR: Well, we so rarely get a chance to celebrate. Must be Christmas.

SARA: Is it?

DOCTOR: Don't you remember? The police station? Christmas?

STEVEN: So it was, yes.

DOCTOR: Here's a toast. A Happy Christmas to all of us.


STEVEN: Same to you, Doctor. Sara.

DOCTOR: (direct to camera) Incidentally, a Happy Christmas to all of you at home!



fuck off I don't care about knowing which posts were made by you



A jerk with latitude and gravity.




I contribute less than anyone and it doesn't stop me.


Bullying is just a form of flattery. Like sticking a girl's pigtails in your inkwell. You're seeking attention from and making time with the person you're bullying.



You don't really mean that



Don't listen to the haters, Bullykun! Embrace your true potential.





Somewhat accurate, if you really want to know who people hold in contempt, look to who they don't mention or talk to/about at all.


It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas



EveREEEEEEEEEEEEwhere you go


He's beginning to post a lot like ____


File: 7c8c16c6cb0431c⋯.png (529.69 KB, 591x701, 591:701, 2nd doctor incredulous.png)


Righto Hate isn't the opposite of love. Apathy is.



Toys in every store.


File: a69d13fabdd0ef5⋯.jpg (12.86 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

You Are Not Anon



I want to bully Clara so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into the tardis pool. I want to take her leaf and eat it in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with burnt souflees, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the adventure. I want to mock her inability to make a souflee by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to cook by herself.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of Danny until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into the tardis pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.


What could Doctor Who learn from Shrek?



how to blast ass


People only stopped watching because the writing got shit, not because he's old.



Having a thicc companion in corseted gowns



This. When did Doctor Who stop being fun?



1 January 2010



The day any last vestiges of masculinity were wisped out.



2 January 2010



30th November 1963



The Writing

Thrwre Wrigntihg

Tiewjihofhewewhe Wwwifeirgtuimgnirgtnittgnnggg


I miss when the writing didn't have odd sexual jokes


Chris Chibnall cast a woman as The Doctor.



Prove it


We live in a society


I like Eccleston because he's secure about his masculinity, unlike me.





When did /who/ become overrun by mofflets?


File: cf2031ba52ca695⋯.jpg (963.33 KB, 2048x1588, 512:397, CpWThHeWgAAtNaE.jpg large.jpg)

RTD knew that it's all about the writing.


I'm off for ~a week lads, keep writing those ST2.5 fics if you're keen!


there's a pretty banger Who thread on /tv/ right now lads

Some interesting discussion going on


Rose is a fantastic book and is almost as good as DotD

Lots of new stuff actually, second part of the book about the actual auton invasion is almost entirely new and it's brutal and gory and probably autons at their scariest. Loved the backstory on Clive and Mickey's gang, Clive's death is sadkino and pretty much all scenes with Clive are fantastic.

It's obvious that RTD wasn't sure if he was going to write another one so he added lots of continuity thingies to celebrate his era of Doctor Who and it's all nice and sweet.

Although it does feel a little different from the episode, for example Clive has LOADS of Doctor Who lore in his shed, and it's kind of interefering with the mysterious person showing up in random photos throughout history from the episode. The Doctor also tells Rose about Time War straight away. It's all very interesting and fits commemorating past showrunner's eras but it makes it lose subtlety and mysterious aura of original ep

Still enjoyed it very much, recommending to everyone.

Also I doubt if I will read Christmas Invasion and TUAT, books are expensive and I'm not super excited about them. Maybe I'll pirate.


Reminder that when /who/ returns to /tv/, it will constantly be raided by boardies who think we're new.


File: c51c14f8e6eb8c1⋯.jpg (48.97 KB, 526x524, 263:262, 1467379360482.jpg)

>tfw you were excited to finally try out your new prostrate massager tonight and even did an enema but now it won't even turn on



At this point I don't think it's even worth going back.



Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without June's gin and tonic. That's my wifey!



this desu /doctorwho/ has gotten better on McGannChan



That's true, but I don't think /who/ as a whole can ever return to its former glory.


File: 0c21cc22ed23443⋯.png (339.4 KB, 559x511, 559:511, 1492840874022.png)









seriously though I spent money on this thing and I didn't even get to use it once


File: 497d77b8dc3127d⋯.png (136.11 KB, 315x492, 105:164, war lord.png)

File: 9f47992579d7465⋯.jpg (321.83 KB, 1399x2131, 1399:2131, 81VStYnDGrL[1].jpg)

Does anyone else think the War Lord looks disturbingly like Steve Jobs?


File: 04d467bafe1b64d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 581.41 KB, 576x758, 288:379, f34d036cd6b377b6705e32516b….png)



Are you Neo?



No it's ya boi Nilso back from his weekly hiatus


Dice rollRolled 1 (1d6)

even number = nilsos gay

odd number = nilsos straight


Dice rollRolled 12 (1d13)

O die of decision, whomst is the best doctor?


Dice rollRolled 8 (1d13)




Dice rollRolled 5 (1d26)

O die of decision, which classic series is the best?


Dice rollRolled 8 (1d10)

O die of decision, which NuWho series is the best?





Dice rollRolled 47 (1d237)

O die of decision, which Briggs Finish monthly is the best?


Dice rollRolled 39 (1d237)

O die of decision, which Briggs Finish monthly is the worst?







Acceptable, I think it's great.



Gareth BTFO


Dice rollRolled 80 (1d155)

O die of decision, what classic story is the worst?


Dice rollRolled 69 (1d155)

O die of decision, what classic story is the best?


Dice rollRolled 1 (1d13)

who is the best dr who



I think it's worth going back during on-season, to revive the culture and (dare I say it) meet new lifelong friends. McGann will still be here if it becomes too much of a mess.


Dice rollRolled 69 (1d155)

O die of decision, which classic story is the most "meh"?




Make your FUCKING mind up


Dice rollRolled 89 (1d155)

O die of decision, which classic story is the most racist?



>Green Death is both GOAT and meh

I feel like I can almost agree with this.


Dice rollRolled 28, 35 = 63 (2d97)

O die of decision, which missing episodes will be found next?


Dice rollRolled 81 (1d97)

O die of decision, let me try that again



>Fury From the Deep p1




Stupid fucking post. Fuck halfchan entirely, we have it better here.












What is this fucking gay shit and why is it on my board?




Is the juxtaposition in this post intentional



What makes you think otherwise you fucking noodle?



>everyone I dislike is plog

stupid fuck


who /joncker/ here



What did she mean by this? Can someone who read the TUAT book clarify?



What Moffat says 7 minutes into >>24126

TUAT was overrunning and they had to cut stuff, Cornell's novelization is based on the full version.


It's weird seeing boardies on 4chan being somewhat open minded about Jodie desu.


How many of you actually go into boardie threads when they crop up?



I do, primarily to annoy that one guy.



Who are you referring to?



I avoid them desu



There's a guy in every boardie thread that relates the downfall of /who/ or it having a low quality, due to trips. I don't post until he does.



Is 'The Trips' the /who/ equivalent of The Writing?


Reminder: Only the Capaldi era is canon. This will continue to be true throughout subsequent eras.


This is our 36th general since the /who/locaust. How far we have come.


boardie thread is ded



>thread with no trips

>bitch about trips



Where are they all today?



gangbanging Nilso



Neo's on a week long sabbatical starting today. Nilso just got back. Cats was here this morning, as for the rest I haven't really a clue.


Cats' silence on Kanye's slavery comments/meltdown speaks absolute volumes



Cats not saying anything about Lil B standing by Kanye made me laugh


binro was right

taking my trip off to post this.



this is fact, not controversy






So, who does Neo never talk abou–



Where is everyone?

I wanted to ask Neo about his editing.



>not controversy

considering modern political climate this statement can be disputed


Could Binro, like Mozart, still be alive?

Putting my trip on to post this



You can tell transwomen are real women because they won't shut up, think we want to hear them speak, and don't know what they want.


redpill me on Sandifer being trans. When did this happen?



Around a month ago, although I think she was considering it for a longer time.

Frankly, I'm happy for her.



Here's the accused instance of gaslighting:


and Sandifer getting involved:


and then tons of responses to anon Claudia fans. A sample:




Sandifer has always loved getting sloppily involved in fandom shitflinging.


>pic related




Loz has always detested the idea of having any kind of following, but he still wants to share his opinions, so he hits the middle ground by posting opinions and then deleting them, sometimes within minutes. He did it on his blog; he does it on his twitter; and back in the Tavern days, he actually handed out a few already-shredded issues of his zine. (Of course, that just means that the only people who read the opinions are those who bother to dig them up, aka fans, so YMMV on how well that plan worked.)


Hello, N8. How are you?



>I am genuinely baffled how little the Star Wars fandom discusses the external politics of the films - sure, the Bushism of the prequels is hard to miss, but all the Vietnam content in the first film especially is basically completely unremarked upon by the modern fandom. TLJ was the apotheosis of what I see as the defiling, autofellic subversion of a series built on synthesising such a vast amount of different sources into something special and new, into something endlessly self-referential incapable of change (let alone invention) beyond the superficial.

I suspect this is, in large part, because some fans are afraid of those politics. They don't want to broach the subject of how anti-authoritarian and anti-American the films are. When I say "Anti-American", I mean in terms of the American empire, the military industrial complex, the government in general and the right in particular. In this respect, TFA and TLJ actually do carry on the tradition of the series, politically, they just do so in a more personal scale than the original and prequel trilogies. If the original trilogy is about how America was evil in the 70s and the prequel trilogy was about how America was evil in the 2000s, then the new trilogy is about how America is evil in the 2010s.


gonna masturbate for 12 hours and when I'm finished I'm going to write something




>gonna masturbate for 12 hours and when I'm finished I'm going to write something

Not sure how those 2 things are related, but ok.



I'm okay! It's … okay. How are you?



Shoulda been a wikifag. Like me.



writing gives me masturbatory powers so the inverse must also be logically true


File: c8601f4c173cd18⋯.jpg (64.64 KB, 640x640, 1:1, mary_winstead_wistful.jpg)


>writing gives me masturbatory powers so the inverse must also be logically true

That sounds incorrect, but you'd know better than me.


I'm okay. I'm working on a fan script for someone's 13th Doctor fan script series, and editing my latest Shit Trips submission, the one with Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the Doctor.

I'm hope you're actually alright. I heard things got busy.



There's an entire wiki page about it.


Hop on grindr and get someone to fill in for it.



Sorry. Just calls them as i see em. <3


>MEW Doctor

Does she wreck the home of a happily married former jedi, junkie and motorcycle enthusiast?






>Frankly, I'm happy for her.

idk, I find it hard to be supportive of this kind of thing when it's someone I've long suspected is actually insane to some degree. Like, I trust most people to know themselves and what's best for them, but Sandifer…



Cloister….sigh. Being a MEW fan is sufferring. I can't even start a MEW thread on /tv/ without people calling her names.


i man herzog shooting solitaire

no hands savoir nova shaka glare zulu somnambulist lair



>Being a MEW fan is sufferring

I'm just meme-ing. I think alot of /tv/ had MEW as their waifu and put her on such a high pedestal that they forgot she's human. Also I think they may have identified a bit with her ex, made them think they had a snowball's chance in hell or something. IDK, they turned on her though. Her potentially being a homewrecker makes her more interesting IMO anyway. While being cute she, to me was always kinda bland personality wise.



>Also I think they may have identified a bit with her ex, made them think they had a snowball's chance in hell or something

I agree. Riley was, in their words, "/ourguy/", so seeing them break up was a gut punch to a lot of their fans. It's brought up a lot of misogyny, despite the fact that:

A) It's her life

B) We don't know the full story.

C) Sometimes people grow apart.

D) It's her life.

>your spoiler

Mary was never bland REEE

Honestly, I think her acting skill sort of balances the possible initial blandness.

>they forgot she's human

Pedestals are never good.



it's almost as if there's a good reason to call her a homewrecker…



But it's annoying when it happens every single thread.


>no Neo

These threads might get quiet for a while. Unless Nilso can save us…






just going to bed, brb in 9/10 hours

sorry fammers



Okay Nilso.

How's everyone's Shit Trips 2.5 progress? Share funny stories, any writing struggles, or questions who may have?



>whether you're Cathartic or Ingiga.

Like Cathartic posts here. Probably doesn't even know this place exists.



Also, Sandifer transitioned because performing "masculinity is untenable under Trump"



I think Sandifer's transitioning was from thoughts and feelings before Trump, not necessarily just a reaction to the world.




File: 9d638ba8375a0ce⋯.jpg (77.01 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, winstead_happy.jpg)


See, this is a ship that makes sense.


Reminder that May 5th is Free Comic Day, so we'll get our first look at the Thirteenth Doctor in comic form.



>"my starting point was, frankly, that performing masculinity under Trump was untenable."



claudia did literally nothing wrong



Claudia's done many things wrong, but this wasn't one of them.



Can you really not spot a tongue-in-cheek comment when you see one?



Today was my last day of classes at uni. That's also where I've been over the past few months. My Capstone Research really kicked my ass, but I'm all but done with that, so I should be more of a regular presence again now.



are you an ausfriend or are capstones done elsewhere too?



Nah I'm from Burger Land. Capstone's can be done anywhere AFAIK.



that sounds pretty gay



Any chance for more writing? (Also, congrats on Uni!)



Not before the deadline. I still have one more paper due on Tuesday, and my oral defense is on Wednesday. Commencement is on the 12th; after that, my time will really open up.



Yes, can you? This is not what a tongue-in-cheek thread looks like.



File: b4f136bd8e4f6bf⋯.png (710.59 KB, 802x825, 802:825, ts.PNG)

What are some Doctor Who episodes about being based?



lack of empathy is a far-left personality trait



because conservatives are just bursting with empathy for minorities and the working class eh?



conservatives are willing to respect the existence of differing opinions



don't mistake empathy for sympathy, anon


File: 13a2665a45046e1⋯.png (335.83 KB, 494x494, 1:1, 1495460257584.png)


>conservatives are willing to respect the existence of differing opinions



>I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

which political party does this phrase represent?



like the opinions of the Stoneman Douglas survivors?






isn't reddit full of deletion of unapproved opinions?



"Moderate" conservatives who only ever offer this defence to more extreme conservatives


lack of empathy is an extremist personality trait, for both far left and far right





File: a626762d621a281⋯.jpg (12.13 KB, 250x250, 1:1, pepe.jpg)





>you guys are bad

>no u


File: 110ec4b938f3510⋯.jpg (212.63 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DLe5wj3UEAArXbG.jpg)



Shouldn't you be watching Rick and Morty?


What's /who/ with everyone? I'm listening to The Ravelli Conspiracy. I like Machiavelli so far, he's deviously enjoyable.



fuck off cats

the notion that one side has to be correct is idiotic and juvenile


File: 50bd53fa8990a9a⋯.jpg (101.65 KB, 1024x421, 1024:421, 1491486201261.jpg)

Post images that Nilso loves to see



>the notion that one side has to be correct is idiotic and juvenile

t. centrist



one side is morally superior



I don't think Nilso loves to see that image, though.



what makes your opinion the correct one?



You would know.



where did i say correct






I just find it really tiresome to see people argue about which political party is 100% assholes and which is 100% saints. If you're going to shit up the thread with politics at least discuss the issues.



morally superior and correct are interchangeable in this discussion


sure thing, sweetie

would you be willing to provide these facts?



>I like Machiavelli so far, he's deviously enjoyable.

Would you say he's delightfully devilish?

Or delightfully

D E V I O U S ?


File: f1fb92f12f45dbc⋯.png (1.49 MB, 2435x1623, 2435:1623, 1504397466648.png)




>lack of empathy is an extremist personality trait, for both far left and far right

You forgot the center. The center also applies here, very dramatically so



Are you suggesting that because centrists aren't emotionally motivated on the same issues as you, they must lack empathy?



>lack of empathy is a personality trait common to every part of the political spectrum

Is this some kind of 4-D horseshoe shit?



The only things that "emotionally motivates" centrists is weed and free uni for white people.



Neither of those are centrist.



you're either bait or completely out of touch (a textbook example of a far-left extremist who lacks the empathy to actually understand different points of view) if you think racism is a centrist trait



Excuse me sweetie? Have you seen South Park?



I would argue that legalizing weed comes under the "live and let live" aspect of centrism


What's /who/ with you?



Centrists aren't openly racist they're just all white and they don't think about other races.


File: 9be5c988cc5a387⋯.jpg (45.51 KB, 330x330, 1:1, 1443536309524.jpg)


>far-left extremist



waiting for any news on S11 desu


What's /pol/ with you?



God, dial down the defensiveness? I'm saying that a lack of empathy can occur wherever one is on the political spectrum. People like to pretend extremism is only possible if you are at a "far" end.



Ugh, same. Is anyone else excited for the River v Masters theme for DoRS?



I've heard that we might get filming pics within the next week. Also, the 5th (today/tomorrow) should give us a preview of 13th Doctor comics.


I'm so ready.



>Is anyone else excited for the River v Masters




I wasn't being defensive. The way you worded your point read like you considered centrists as inherently extremists like the far right and far left, which is silly. If you had specified you meant radical centrists, I would have agreed (and do now)



I hope this is true.




File: 8464c4bb9e3e816⋯.jpg (869.96 KB, 1000x2566, 500:1283, doors2.jpg)

/who/ SHOULD be able to solve this



it doesn't matter which you pick because they rearranged them randomly for some reason



You can pick either one. A "new door which hasn't been opened yet" could still be the one you selected earlier because it didn't get opened.




saying "you can pick either" doesn't answer the question

which of the two unopened doors would you choose to open?



The left one.



the answer has no meaning though. they rearranged the doors, which instantly makes everything before that irrelevant

why did they add this step to ye olde goat door question



Be happy with your goat. You're going to have to pay the sales tax, and licensing fee, insurance and personal property tax with the car. Goats are fucking awesome. Fuck that shiny car. Give me both goats.


File: dded494431b32fd⋯.jpg (796.72 KB, 1000x2000, 1:2, doors.jpg)



these edits that make it even more nonsensical are great


You swap to the other door for a 1/2 chance instead of 1/3


im dancing with nilso



But "swap" doesn't exist in this context - the original choice has been discarded and is no longer part of the scope of the question

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